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New Beginning

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Chapter 12

The week flew by for the Frasers gathered in the small rooms of the tiny inn. Murtagh and Fergus in one of the rooms while Claire, Jamie and baby Brianna shared the other. For Jamie this was one Hogmanay he would never forget and one filled with both joy and yet so much sorrow. For now he had his wife, wee lassie as well as young Fergus and Murtagh here with him he also longed to see his sister, Ian and their young family. For now he knew that he would be unlikely to see them again, the very thought ripped out his sole. Hogmanay was usually a time for family and celebration, for large gatherings of the clan and now what was left of the clans broke his heart.

Still he would sacrifice that if it meant being here with his Claire, Brianna, Fergus and Murtagh. He was grateful that he had them here with him, that Murtagh unlike so many of his other friends, his family, his blood had lost their life at Culloden.

This time it was Claire who found her husband lost at the window, Brianna sleeping snuggly against his chest.

“Jamie?” She placed one hand over his own softly as it covered their daughter protectively.

“Aye Sassenach?” Glancing up at her he brought her down so that she could join him and Brianna in the window’s alcove.

“You looked lost Jamie”. She had just woken from a good sleep, she was thankful that Brianna had given her a couple hours rest.

“I was just thinking of home Sassenach, of Jenny, Ian and the bairns ya ken?” He wrapped his other arm around her then, bringing her closer so that her head fit against his chest.

It hit her then, that usually this would be a time of so much celebration for the clans.

“I’m sorry that we can’t be with them for Hogmanay Jamie? Maybe once we make it to America we can settle, get land and make a home”.

“Aye lass I’ll build us a bonny home, with tenants to man the fields, to rebuild what we have lost”.


A few months later.

Claire had never thought she would have seen her husband quite so eager to get on a ship as he was so now. Yet she supposed they would no longer need to hide in a small inn, the sooner they made the sailing the sooner they could set up their own home without hiding in the cottage, away from the fears that they could still be found, for Red Jamie and his wife would be believed dead now and no one would believe to look for them in the new world. Still she could tell that he was worried of the long journey, of the sickness he had no doubt would come to him.

“Are ya sure we can cope with him for the next few months?” Murtagh whispered to Claire as they watched Jamie stand with Brianna at the foot of the ship, young Fergus having already ran on board the vessel that belonged to Jamie’s cousin Jarred.

“We will think of something, still it will be worth it once we get there”. Smiling at the kinsman before she made her way to her husband’s side. “Jamie?”

“Aye?” Looking up at his wife his finger still rested in Brianna's tiny fist as their daughter looked up at them both with her father’s eyes.

“Come Jamie we must go now”. Walking with the pair of them up the gangplank on board, it felt like boarding the ship to France all over again, yet this time she knew they would not have a rebellion to stop, an when the rebellion did arrive to the United States they could stay on the side of America, they had the chance to be on the right side of history.

“I dinna ken, how I will make it Sassenach”. Jamie muttered as they got on board.

“You will, you’re stubborn a bhalaich”. Murtagh mumbled from behind them, his palm batting the back of his head. Claire laughed softly as she reached for Brianna to hold, that her husband certainly was.