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Star Damaged

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His body was burning with heat as strong as volcanic lava, burning burning BURNING, and the only one who could save him, was the Alpha before him . . . 

He clung tightly to heated skin and muscle, Omega instincts submitting immediately to a fresh wave of pheromones, losing all resistance as the Alpha took as he wanted . . . .

Pain was all but forgotten as pleasure slowly but surely took over, rising and setting off like fireworks in his mind, a constant rhythm of rising and sinking, rising, sinking . . . . .

And a low voice growling in his ear, rumbling, “Mine—”


“—Hey, wake up! You shouldn’t sleep here, you could catch a cold!”

The sudden sensation of someone shaking his shoulders caused Midoriya Izuku to snap out of his daydream, his disoriented eyes sliding up to meet the Beta nurse’s concerned gaze. In an instant, his guilty conscience made his face blush. He wished he could crawl into the nearest trash bin as he avoided the nurse’s eyes in shame.

Damn, although his heat was over and done with months ago, that hot night he had with Shouto kept popping up in his dreams from time to time. Thanks to his heat, he didn’t remember much from that night. Otherwise he wouldn’t know how to face Shouto...

The nurse could see that he was wide awake and handed him some papers. “You forgot to take your pregnancy results with you. Dr. Chiyo would like you to visit again next week!”

Izuku took the report and smiled sweetly at her as he carefully placed them in his backpack. Shouto was still working overseas, but he was coming back tonight. Thinking about the meeting tonight, he unconsciously tensed up.

Since the area where Shouto was located was secluded and confidential, it wasn’t until Izuku was well into seven months of pregnancy did he finally tell the Alpha. Recalling the shock in his voice once he knew about the pup’s existence, Izuku was a little nervous.

Was it because of the pregnancy that he was feeling overly sensitive? For some reason, Izuku felt like the Alpha wasn’t as happy as the Omega was...

The doctor reassured him, saying that some Alphas were like that with their first pup, their mentality would take some time to change! But it couldn’t be that, he knew that the Alpha was looking forward to fatherhood. Shouto would be the best father for their pup... and marriage?

What about marriage? Don’t tell the Omega that Shouto expected Izuku to propose?

He absentmindedly ran his fingers over the bite mark hiding underneath his collar. Although it was proof that they were mates, it didn’t mean much to society without legal documents. Just how much longer would he have to wait?

Izuku struggled to support his waist as he exited the hospital. By the curb, he was about to call for an uber when a loud engine caught his attention. In his peripheral vision, he saw a dazzling red sports car racing towards him. His heart flinched at the sight.

He took a few steps back, only to hear a loud screech as the car stopped right in front of him, just brushing two feet from his belly. That nearly caused his heart to jump right out of his chest. Tottering further back while protectively covering his unborn pup, he looked up to see a familiar figure stepping out of the vehicle.

“Itsuki—” He gasped in disbelief. How could she be so reckless? “—Are you crazy?!”

Itsuki Midoriya smirked at him before bursting into giggles as she started to walk towards him. Crossing her arms to hold herself upright, she swayed her hips as if she were on a catwalk, attracting a few eyes until she stopped right in front of Izuku. The difference between them couldn’t be any more obvious.

Her green hair was silky smooth and straight, pulled into a side-ponytail with the ends slightly curled, her red eyes accented with the perfect smokey eyeshadow, clear skin glowing with youth, adorned in a brilliantly red bodysuit that hugged her in all the right places and showed off her curves. She was already naturally taller than her elder brother by two inches, but that wasn’t enough for Itsuki as she took advantage of her high heels to look down on him arrogantly.

In stark comparison, Izuku sported some very messy green hair, similar to bedhead, a wild tangle despite his best attempts to tame it. He wore no concealer, eyes lightly ringed with shadows, and a smattering of freckles across his face. His old-favorite, oversized All Might hoodie, ratty jeans and stained red high-top combo didn’t compare to her very expensive outfit. Izuku felt pathetic from comparing himself to her.

“What? Scared that I’ll kill the bastard in your stomach?”

Subconsciously, Izuku crouched to protect his abdomen, taking another step back and baring his teeth at his younger sister. “Don’t you dare, Itsuki!”

“Dare? There’s nothing that I wouldn’t dare to do!” She snarled back, matching him step-for-step. “After all, everything’s all your fault! You’re the one who went into heat and did it with some random Alpha and got pregnant AND tried to trap Shouto-nii into marrying you! Tsk, tsk . . . Izuku-nii, you should be ashamed of yourself !”

“Wait . . .” Izuku froze, his head swimming with this unknown piece of information, “ . . . What are you talking about?”

“Hey, don’t tell me that you really believe that the Alpha who slept with you that night was Shouto-nii, did you?” Itsuki laughed maliciously, tilting her head back to share her glee with the world, before leaning back in to whisper spitefully, “Always saying that you grew up with Shouto-nii since you were kids with every other sentence, constantly claiming that you’re ‘childhood sweethearts,’ and yet you don’t even know what his figure is like?” 

Izuku grew paler as he listened, and despite the blindingly sunny day, his entire body felt cold. 

Yes, the Alpha from that night . . . he had only thought that Shouto was fitter than he had imagined after growing up. Now, with Itsuki’s cruel reminder, he suddenly remembered that other than the body, the Alpha from that night was indeed very different from Shouto . . .

“I’ll just tell you everything that went down that night! At the hotel while you were preparing for your heat, I held Shouto-nii back and distracted him long enough before he could join you. Out of the kindness of my heart, I found you two random Alphas to help you out. But who would’ve thought that another Alpha would arrive at the scene and kicked the other two out!”

“You, who kept yourself pure for so long just for Shouto-nii, gave it up to some wild Alpha instead!” Itsuki cackled in disgust, her true nature finally out in the open as her voice softened but remained as ruthless as ever, “And yet Shouto-nii was too kind-hearted, he was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to accept the truth, so he said that it was him last night!”

“Why, you . . .” Izuku trembled with anger. He had been patient with his sister, enduring all her nonsense up until this point, but enough was fucking enough. He couldn’t hold back any longer and grabbed onto Itsuki’s wrist. “Why would you do this to me? Why! Haven’t you tortured me long enough already?!” 

Itsuki had her eyebrows raised challengingly at first, ready with another poisonous retort on her tongue and about to push her brother away, when she noticed Shouto standing ten feet behind Izuku. Inspiration struck and she switched gears, changing her expression to a sad and pitiful one, pleading, “Izuku-nii, I know I was wrong. I understand if you’re angry, so take it all out on me and please don’t blame Shouto-nii!”

“What are you even–?” Izuku stiffened, bewildered by this sudden change in attitude. Suddenly, his sister threw herself to the ground, positioning herself . . . as if he had pushed her. 

“Izuku! What did you do–!” A scolding tone rose from behind the Omega. He turned around and to his surprise, saw the Alpha heading towards them with a cold, unhappy face.

“Shouto–” Izuku opened his mouth to greet him, but Shouto ignored and brushed past him in favor of helping his sister up. “Itsuki, are you okay?”

She practically pushed all her body weight onto the Alpha, releasing distressed pheromones and crying, “Shouto-nii, I’m s-sorry! I didn’t do it on p-purpose, I-I know what I did was wrong! I-I was just trying to a-apologize to Izuku-nii for causing all this, b-but then he-!”

“Shhhh,” he soothed her, rubbing comforting circles onto her shoulders as Izuku gaped at them in shock. “It’s okay. I’ll take care of everything.”

The Omega’s mind was completely blank as he watched Shouto help his sister into the car before turning back to Izuku with a serious expression on his handsome face. Watched as his mouth opened and closed. He talked for a very long time.

The Alpha spoke of their time together as childhood friends, of his struggle when he fell in love with Itsuki, of his anger when he found out that she had betrayed her brother, of his shock and guilt when he learned about Izuku’s pregnancy . . .

He spoke of how he accepted Itsuki’s apology . . . .

Finally, he said, “Izuku, I’m sorry but I cannot marry you. It’s not because of the matter of that night or this child, you know that I would love this pup as my own, but it’s because I . . . I don’t want to let Itsuki-chan down. I don’t want to deceive myself or my feelings.”

During these past few months, he had been taking Itsuki with him overseas, and after getting along together day and night, it became even harder to separate one from the other. Even though he was the one who had lied to Izuku for being with him during his heat for the sake of protecting the Omega’s heart, in the end, in the Alpha’s heart, Shouto had already chosen Itsuki.

So after knowing that Izuku was pregnant, he couldn’t bear to keep the secret any longer and as soon as he had returned, immediately went to the Midoriya family to explain everything to their parents, and to finally reveal the truth to the Omega.

“Then . . . . Shouto . . . . you knew all along that Itsuki ruined our one chance to be mates? For the sake of protecting her, you told—lied to me that it was you that night?” Izuku finally recovered his voice, only the barest trace of anger in the air as he looked at the ever cool and calm Shouto.

“Izuku, Itsuki-chan already apologized. She didn’t do it on purpose, she’s still young and impulsive–”

“Then what about me?” Izuku cut in, finally raising his head to look at his ex-lover, face full of pain and despair as he finally released his emotions. “Did you ever think about me, or how I would feel? Not even for a little bit?”

The Alpha didn’t answer right away, and after a long while, he reached out to the Omega. “The sun’s too bright here, let’s just go home—”

“No, don’t touch me—” 

Izuku pushed away Shouto’s hands and turned away, little gasps escaping his mouth. It sounded like he was on the verge of tears, but to the Alpha’s surprise, he suddenly threw back his head and laughed. Laughed with tinges of hysteria intertwining with his voice.

Living up until now, Izuku felt like his life was a joke.

In order to live in the same city as Shouto, he had poured all his brain-power into studying to get into a university close by. In order to please Shouto, he had given up his dreams of acting. In order to match his upbringing and background, he had abandoned his adoptive parents to return to the Midoriya family, clumsily trying to please those stuck-up, so-called distinguished figures...

And in the end, what did he get? What powered him through whenever he wanted to cry during tough times, wanted to give up? What did he get for all of his struggles, all of his hard work, all of his hopes and dreams?

In the end, all he got was one sentence: “I don’t want to let Itsuki-chan down.”

Midoriya Itsuki, not only had she stolen his identity, his biological parents, his dreams, but now . . . . she had even stolen away his childhood sweetheart!

Itsuki was still young, so her mistakes could be forgiven?

Then—who would take responsibility for Izuku’s life?

Who would take responsibility for his pup?

He even—he didn’t even know who that Alpha was from that night!

Izuku laughed, covering his face as tears fell in torrents, body shaking fiercely as he was swallowed up into the depths of despair. He walked off on his own, uncaring where he was heading. The Omega would rather be anywhere, anywhere but near these callous two who had viciously ripped apart his seemingly perfect future. 

Shouto watched as Izuku stumbled towards the road carelessly, as if he was stuck in a trance. He took one last drag of his cigarette and tossed it, just about to chase after him, when someone grabbed onto his sleeve. He turned to see Itsuki, who had a forlorn expression on her pretty face.

“Shouto-nii, where are you going?”

He opened his mouth to answer her, and in that instant he hesitated, a loud noise rang out.

Izuku, who had been last seen crossing the road, was on the ground curled up and clutching his abdomen. The driver immediately abandoned his car, running off into the distance with a few brave civilians chasing him down. 

“Hey you! Stop right there!”

“Help, help!”

“A pregnant Omega was hit—”

In the glaring light, Izuku could see two blurring figures, two oh so familiar faces he once loved from the bottom of his pitiful heart. Now, he could no longer stand to see them any longer. The cramping pain from his belly took over, pushing out his consciousness bit by bit.

He blinked, and fresh blood flowed into his eyes as the world turned black.

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Five years later . . . 


Inside a bar, in a corridor on the empty top floor, Izuku stopped in front of a pair of doors with a splitting headache. He had been drinking for the most part of the night, accompanying some investors. With his mind pounding up a concert in his head, he searched for somewhere nice and quiet to sober up, but to his surprise his manager had followed him.

He could only gather up the last dregs of his energy to ask her: “What is it, Mineta?”

Mineta Minoru sniffed self-importantly before stating, “Izuku, did you sign up to audition for the movie [Zero to Hero]?”

“Yeah, I did. Why?”

“You’re not allowed to go tomorrow!” The sound of his manager’s shrill voice only made the ringing in his head even worse. Although purple multi-bun headed annoyance was his manager, she was, ironically enough, trying to prevent him from auditioning for a role in a promising block-buster movie, something that all the other major entertainment companies were competing for.

Izuku tried to step away discreetly, but his manager stuck to him, as persistent as a fly. Fine, this was bound to come up eventually. Might as well deal with it now. He sighed, attempted rub a few soothing circles on his temples, and went, “Reason?”

“You went to sign up without checking with me and you still want a reason?” She scoffed indignantly. “Didn’t you know that Golden Age Entertainment already made arrangements for Itsuki to audition?”

“Then tell me, in what way does my decision to audition clash with our company‘s arrangements?” he asked, waiting a few beats for an excuse. His manager fumbled for words, to which he responded, smirking, “That’s what I thought. Itsuki sent you to me just to say that? Don’t tell me that she’s scared of me, a nameless, useless nobody, and that I just might end up stealing her precious role?”

“What, do you think that you have the ability to steal Itsuki’s role? You’re still dreaming!” Mineta retorted, shocked at his nerve to talk back at her. “I’m telling you, don’t waste your time trying. The Midoriya family invested 30 million into this movie, so Itsuki’s practically guaranteed that role!”

“Then why so worried?”

“I’m your manager, so you’re supposed to listen to what I say!”

“Oh, wow,” he drawled, leaning against the doors, “Tell me something I don’t know?”

“Okay that’s it, Izuku! Since you won’t listen to me, don’t blame me for this!” 

Suddenly, his manager charged at him and pushed him through the doors. Taken by surprise and still enduring the backlash of his headache, Izuku couldn’t react in time and fell into the storeroom, his phone clattering to the floor. She quickly scooped it up and left, slamming the doors shut behind her with a bang.

Some manager she was. Izuku sighed and laid there on the cold floor, listening to her footsteps fade away. Once he was sure that she was gone, the Omega gingerly picked himself up and half-heartedly tried the doors. He wasn’t surprised to find out that they were locked.

He didn’t bother to shout for help, knowing that it’d be useless. They were on the top floor after all; who’d even hear him? Leaning against the door, he slid back to the floor with an indifferent expression, taking this time to reflect on his journey up to this point.

When he had first entered Golden Age Entertainment, Itsuki had showed some restraint and only made Mineta choose villain roles at best. However, as time went on, she couldn’t hide her sinister nature for long and grew bolder with every increasing attempt to ruin Izuku’s career. 

Well, at least he didn’t fall for them every single time. Just some times, moments like this. Izuku couldn’t believe that they had managed to pull off such a childish trap. Was this the best they could come up with to stop him from auditioning? That was sad.

Sad that it actually worked this time. How much longer would he have to endure her vile schemes?

If he failed to get a role this time around, then Izuku would have to find a way to leave Golden Age for good, which would be a pity. His hero and role-model used to work there after all . . .

Amidst his messy thoughts, a small noise managed to find its way to his ear.

What was that? Was there a mouse?

Izuku followed the sound, looked over—and was shocked.

There was a little pup hiding amongst the boxes. He looked to be about four or five, with sandy blond hair, round pale cheeks that the Omega wanted to squish, and dark amber eyes filled with fear and caution.

Would someone like to explain to Izuku why there was a pup in the storeroom of a bar?

Surely there couldn’t be a customer irresponsible enough to bring their pup to a bar of all places, right?

“Hey, there little one. How’d you get in here?” Izuku slowly approached the pup, curiously asking questions, “What’s your name?”

“Did you sneak in here to play?”

“Did someone lock you in here too?”

“Do you want some gum?”

The pup remained silent, but he started shaking and releasing warning growls, gradually intensifying with every question. Eventually, the Omega ended his quizzing spree once he ran out of questions. If the blond pup didn’t want to answer, that was fine. It really wasn’t any of his business.

Thus the two of them, adult and pup, peacefully coexisted with each in their respective corner.

However, it was in this moment that the light bulb above them chose to flicker unsteadily, giving one last brilliant shine before going out with a soft pop. In the darkness, Izuku could vaguely hear a strange clicking sound. After focusing on the noise, he realized that it was actually the sound of teeth chattering.

He laughed out loud in spite of himself and turned towards the pup to ask, “Scared of the dark?”

The chattering sound paused for a moment before resuming once more, increasing in volume. Poor little thing. Izuku took a moment to brush the dust off his clothes, then he slowly made his way towards the pup once more.

The blond pup flinched at his approach, face going pale and eyes widening before squeezing shut, bracing himself for whatever the adult had in mind. But to his surprise, Izuku took a seat next to him and did nothing. Slowly yet cautiously, he opened his eyes to see the Omega fast asleep.

Izuku had a tough night, pushed by Mineta to drink with those smelly Alpha investors, received a headache, got trapped in the storage room by his horrid manager, and ended up with a pup who refused to speak. He figured that no one could blame him for wanting to take a nap.


After a while, Izuku woke up, feeling slightly better. For some reason, the side of his leg felt warm. Lowering his head, he saw that that the pup was asleep, having at some point snuggled up to his leg. One of his little hands was even holding onto the corner of his shirt.

A soft laugh escaped his lips, unbidden. He really was a cute pup.

He reminded Izuku of a cat he used to own in his childhood, back when he lived in the countryside. It was very skittish and afraid of people. However, the Omega learned a thing or two about this cat after observing it for so long.

As long as he didn’t pay too much attention to the cat, it would gradually let its guard down and understand that Izuku wasn’t a threat. Once that happened, it would sneakily snuggle up to his side, even daring to climb into his lap to sleep sometimes.

The young pup seemed to have sensed his gaze, for his eyes soon opened blearily. His little face blushed a bit in embarrassment at being caught by Izuku’s side, but this time, there was no panic in his eyes. Instead, his big eyes were filled with curiosity.

He really was just like that cat. Even his eyes were the same. 

Izuku’s lips curved up, and his hands longed to pet his adorable, fluffy hair. He soon gave up on resisting and reached out—

With that one touch, the Omega’s face changed to distressed, understanding at last. He’d thought that it was strange for a pup to emit that much heat. No wonder his body was so warm . . . he was burning up!

“You have a fever!”

Mineta would probably keep them locked up until the audition was over, tomorrow at the very least. If the pup continued burning that long without medical help, it’d be too dangerous!

As Izuku worried about time, he noticed that something wasn’t right. The light bulb from earlier had burnt out, so why was there still light in the room? Raising his head, he noticed that there was a small skylight, and that light was falling through the window from the corridor. That’s it! That was going to be their way out!

The Omega searched the storeroom, looking for anything he could stack and climb, and eventually located a step-ladder. It was tall enough for him carry the pup up to the window and reach over to drop him off on the other side. Once the ladder was in place, he called to the pup.

“Come over here, little one! I’ll help you get out!”

The blond pup finally responded to his words, glancing hesitantly between Izuku and the window, but firmly shook his head in refusal. Izuku understood the stubborn look in his eyes, but smiled and pinched the pup’s plump cheeks, chiding, “That’s very brave of you, but you can’t stay here with me. And I can’t go with you because the window’s too small for me to fit through. You’d be my hero once you get out and find someone to save me!” 

Watching him continue to hesitate, Izuku sighed and scooped him up, carrying him up the ladder. It was time for him to use his last resort, something that he’d spent his whole life practicing, something that only his adopted parents and brother had heard before being sworn to secrecy, something he’d never thought he’d be desperate enough to use to encourage a pup—

As he lowered the pup down, he met that nervous gaze and told him, confidence radiating off his body: “ Don’t be afraid. Why, you ask? For I am here !”

The pup’s eyes widened, from his encouragement or the cheesy reference, Izuku didn’t know, for a wave of dizziness overwhelmed him and caused the slackening of his grip. Hands slipped away from the other as the Omega lost control of his legs and fell backwards from the ladder.

Seems like there were still traces of alcohol in his system. A few boxes softened his fall, but not by much. Soft whimpers drifted through the skylight as the pup released another distressed scent. 

“I’m fine,” he called out, counteracting with his own soothing pheromones. “Go on, little one, go!”

Listening to tiny hands and feet picking themselves up and pit-pattering away, Izuku was alone with his thoughts once more. 

He was no longer that ignorant countryside, bumpkinheaded Omega who took kindness for granted. However, what use was that now?

Izuku smiled bitterly and closed his eyes. Looks like this was the end of the line for him. It was too bad he wouldn’t ever get to exact his revenge. 

At least he did one good deed, right? With the help of an All Might quote no less, to his amusement. Once a big nerd, always a big nerd it seemed. He wondered if the pup even knew who All Might was. Was he old enough to like superheroes? 

Right, the pup. If his own pup had survived the incident back then, he’d probably be around his age. Maybe they could’ve been friends . . .

After the car accident five years ago, the Midoriya family sent Izuku away to some obscure college in America, far from the prying eyes of their social circles, and left him there to fend for himself. 

He withdrew the college application and entered the University of South California instead, almost going crazy in his pursuit of all kinds of knowledge in acting. He was going to make up all those years he spent chasing and waiting for Shouto to finally pursue his dreams. All for the sake of defeating Itsuki and taking back everything that rightfully belonged to the Omega! 

Or at least, that was still on the to-do list. His dream of becoming the number one actor was far more important.

After returning to Japan, wearing a new mask and withholding a solid foundation of acting skills, he was spotted by Mineta and successfully entered one of the industry’s most famous companies, Golden Age Entertainment.

Izuku should’ve had a bright future from the start, but Itsuki found out and stalked him into the company. She took advantage of their manager by bribing her into carrying out demands and blocking Izuku from standing out. 

Now it looked like she had finally succeeded....


Meanwhile, inside the reception room of the bar, the atmosphere was tense.

The owner of the bar, the managers, security and all related staff gathered together, murmuring amongst themselves and sneaking glances around the room. All of them wore similar expressions of despair, helpless before the disaster that was about to end them.

For the Bakugou Corporation’s little prince, Bakugou Katsuki’s precious son, had gone missing in their bar.

Reclining on the sofa, Bakugou Katsuki’s face was fierce as always, no room for a single iota of pity for the staff as he brooded in silent anger. Although he didn’t say a word, the mere presence of the Alpha was enough to make everyone weak to their knees, sweating up a storm as they bore the heavy pressure on their shoulders, struggling to breathe with the stifling scent of furious pheromones in the air.

One young blond Beta knelt before him, his face full of tears and snot as he cried, “Bakubro, I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have brought Katsumi here! If anything happens to him, then I–”

Whatever he was going to say, they would never know, for he was interrupted with a kick to the chest. Everyone winced at the sound of a thick sole landing heavily with a loud thud as the Beta flew back a few feet from the force. No one dared to say a single word, only frantically putting more effort into hoping and praying for a savior to get them out of this situation.

His second-in-command, Kirishima Eijirou, frowned and hurried over to help him up. “Take it easy on him, Bakubro!” The red-head scolded his superior as he dusted the blond off. “You know that he didn’t mean for this to happen.” 

Kaminari Denki clutched at his chest and thanked all things holy that Bakugou was feeling merciful enough to let him off with just a kick. After he had caught his breath, the Beta immediately threw himself forward once more to kneel face down in submission. 

The Bakugous were still overseas on a holiday, and had yet to receive the news of their missing grandchild. If they were to find out, then forget about a simple kick from Bakubro. Knowing Bakugou Mitsuki, she would probably flay him alive. If only there was someone

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. The owner, who stood closest to the door in preparation to bolt as soon as things got bad, risked meeting Bakugou’s eyes to ask for permission to open it. The ash-blond Alpha raised an eyebrow, a voiceless command to do so, and the owner wasted no time getting the door open.

To their surprise, there stood the very pup they had spent the whole night searching for.

“Katsumi? Thank God you’re okay!” Kaminari sobbed as he raced over to pick the pup up. Kirishima beat him to it, having no injuries, and whirled the unimpressed pup in the air. “Where have you been this whole time?”

Everyone else in the room simultaneously released a sigh of relief. Crisis averted. They still had their jobs. Thank God indeed. 

Bakugou finally rose to his feet and walked to the door. He grabbed onto the red-head’s collar and tossed him out of the way to rescue his son. His livid crimson eyes stared down at his pup as he growled, “What happened?”

After finally escaping the clutches of his uncle, Katsumi whimpered and grabbed onto his father’s hand, anxiously trying to bring him outside. As the Alpha picked up his son, he smelled the strong scent of alcohol from his body. That didn’t surprise him; he probably hid among the crates or barrels of wine or something.

What did surprise Bakugou was the other scent the pup had. It was similar to Katsumi’s but not as strong, rather a subtle fragrance of an Omega. Not the usual sickly-sweet of artificial candy, more like . . . fresh pine and cool rain and . . . It smelled inexplicably familiar to him, to a point that his heart skipped a beat for a moment. 

Seeing that his father was frozen in place, the pup whined again, using one of his hands to tug on his hair impatiently while the other pointed out a certain direction. This time Bakugou obliged and followed his son’s demands. Everyone else exchanged looks before deciding to follow the pair.

Five minutes later, a group of people stopped in front of a storeroom on the top floor. 

Katsumi twisted his body and bit his lip, staring straight at the doors worriedly. He was scared that the Omega wasn’t going to make it.

“What’s going on, Katsumi?” asked Kirishima. “Is there something you want inside?”

Bakugou ordered expressionlessly, “Open the door.”

“Yes, yes, of course! Right away sir!” The owner of the bar nodded and turned to one of his beta managers. “Well, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and open it!”

“Uh . . . O-open the door?” The female Beta stammered nervously. Oh no! That Omega was still locked in there. She promised Mineta to keep him inside at least until the very next day! However, with Alphas from the Bakugou family and her boss waiting, and with her job on the line, how could she refuse? She could only tremble and pull out the key to unlock the door. 

Once the door was opened, a man lying unconscious on cardboard boxes came into their sight.

“What’s going on? Why is there a male Omega in there?!” Her boss raged.

“I . . . I-I don’t know! T-there wasn’t anyone in there the last time I checked!” lied the Beta, trying her best to hide her guilt.

“Fine, whatever! Let’s just get that person out of here!”

Just as someone approached Izuku’s side, the pup immediately threw himself onto the Omega’s body. His little face held a ferociously protective expression, looking exactly like his father, daring anyone to come near.

“Mr. Bakugou, this–” The owner of the bar was confused. He had no idea what was going on.

Bakugou’s gaze narrowed in on the Beta manager, whose guilt was so obvious to everyone. Then his eyes looked down to see a ladder on the ground, swept up to the skylight that was just about the size of a small pup, and was able to figure out what had happened.

The Alpha raised his hand, a silent order for everyone to back off, and personally walked over to pick the Omega up. The distinctively cool fragrance he had smelled earlier became more prominent in his arms. His inner-self rumbled in approval.

Seeing as his father had already gone and picked up Izuku, Katsumi didn’t try to stop him. However, his cute pouting face revealed his unwillingness to accept this.

If only he wasn’t so small. Then he definitely would’ve carried the Omega himself.

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It was the next morning when Izuku woke up. 

The first thing his sleepy green eyes saw was the attractive Alpha sitting in the chair across from him. The blond didn’t seem to have noticed that the Omega was awake, thoroughly engrossed with his phone. Izuku took advantage of this moment to give him a once over.

He was lounging comfortably with his long legs crossed, wearing a dark fitted tailored suit that clearly displayed his broad shoulders and slim waist, though he wore no tie and a few of his shirt’s buttons were carelessly undone. Under the morning sunlight, there was something familiar about his ash-blond hair, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on why.

Then the Alpha finally detected his gaze, for those intensely crimson eyes abruptly rose up—pinning Izuku in place. 

That menacing stare was a bit too aggressive for the Omega’s liking, as if the blond was examining him like a menu. As if he were a meal to be devoured. It made Izuku uncomfortable, not being used to this sort of attention and scrutiny, so he broke their eye contact and looked down to examine the hospital bed he was laying in. 

However, try as he might, he couldn’t ignore the stranger forever, so he finally tried the awkward silence of the room and asked, “Excuse me, sir, but can you tell me how I got here? Oh, right, I guess that really doesn’t matter right now. Um, have you seen a young pup earlier? About four to five years old, doesn’t really like to talk? He has light blond hair, a little dull maybe, but he’s really cute!”

Cute . . . 

The Alpha raised an eyebrow at Izuku’s attempt to describe the pup, shifting his eyes to the right of the hospital bed and asked gruffly, “You mean Katsumi?”

The Omega followed his line of sight and, to his relief, found the pup sleeping soundly in a cot next to the bed with an IV attached to the back of his hand. 

“Yes, that’s him! His name is Katsumi?”

Izuku finally felt at ease, tension leaving his body as he reached over to test the pup’s temperature. Thankfully, his fever had gone down overnight. He had been worried about sending the pup out to search for help. He was so young after all, and had a fever to boot, so the Izuku was afraid of the sick pup collapsing before someone found him. What if something had happened to him as he tried to make his way through the maze-like bar?

The Omega turned back to face the Alpha, “And you’re this pup’s—?”

As the words fell from his mouth, Izuku immediately wanted to swallow them back down. They were just like two peas in a pod. That ash blond hair, those narrowed suspicious eyes, it was obvious they were related. 

Sure enough, the ash-blond answered, “Father.”

“Hey, look who’s up! How’re you feeling, stranger?”

Suddenly, a cheerful face popped up from the side, smiling and adorned with familiar-looking spiky red hair. “I’m Katsumi’s godfather! Thanks for saving him last night by the way. It’s nice to finally meet you!”

Izuku instinctively flinched and scooted back until he had a good look at the newcomer. Wait, wasn’t that—?

“Kiri-Kirishima Eijirou?” he exclaimed in disbelief. 

This man was the Bakugou Corporation's second-in-command, Ground Zero’s spokesperson and representative! He was well-known in the entertainment world, making more appearances in headlines and magazines than most celebrities and artistes due to his eye-catching appearance and friendly personality.

There was no mistaking that toothy smile.

So if he was Katsumi’s godfather, and the blond stranger was Katsumi’s father . . . 

Then didn’t that make the grim-looking Alpha, Kirishima’s boss, Bakugou Katsuki?

Bakugou Katsuki, the myth, the legend, the one and only head of the Bakugou Corporation. There wasn’t much information on this infamous yet extremely private person on the internet, only of his successful business deals and—the fact he had a pup out of wedlock.

Who knew that Katsumi turned out to be that very mystery pup?

Bakugou scrutinized the Omega sitting up on the bed, determining whether his surprise was genuine or not. After a long while, he seemed to believe that Izuku didn’t have any sinister notions regarding his pup’s identity. He then stated, “What do you want?”

“Uh, what do I want...?” The greenette repeated hesitantly. He didn’t understand what the Alpha meant, asking out of nowhere like that!

“What Bakubro means to say is that he wants to thank you for saving Katsumi!” explained Kirishima, looking as if Izuku had just won the lottery. “So he wants to know if there’s something he can do for you.”

Hearing this, the gears inside his head began to spin as Izuku answered cautiously, “Oh, you really don’t need to thank me. It’s true that I saved your pup, but he also saved me in return. If it weren’t for Katsumi going out to call for help, I’d probably be stuck back there right now, so we’re even.”

Even though he did help save a young master, how could he dare to demand a reward for it? The more money someone held, the more vulnerable they were to paranoid delusions of people wanting their money. Furthermore, this was the Bakugou family he was dealing with, one of the wealthy, top-class elite of elites. 

Izuku was already lucky enough that they didn’t suspect him of being the mastermind behind the whole incident. Look how guarded Bakugou was as he glared at the Omega. He was probably better off if he didn’t make any unreasonable requests.

The greenette thought that there was nothing wrong with his answer, but the somehow Alpha’s expression became even uglier, causing his heartbeat to speed up in terror. Did he say something wrong?

Why was his expression so scary?

“Bakubro, stop doing that with your face! If I didn’t know that you were trying to return the favor, I’d think that you were here for revenge!” Kirishima did his best to remedy the situation and to calm down the frightened Omega. “He doesn’t like to be in debt to others, so don’t be afraid to ask for anything!”

The corner of his mouth twitched. “It’s not that I’m scared or anything, but there’s really no need for you to do this for me. What I said was the truth, and if you don’t believe me, you can go back and check—”

“No need.” Bakugou cut him off, his sullen face beginning to show hints of impatience. 

The red-head jumped in again, “There was a security camera outside of the storeroom. We’ve already seen the footage; Katsumi clearly ran inside by himself before you got there. As for you, that Beta manager already confessed that she locked you inside, so we know that you’re a victim as well. Since we have proof that you did save Katsumi, I’m begging you, please just ask for something!”

Great, they’ve made a full circle, right back to where they started!

In the end, Izuku had no other choice, unless he wanted to reveal his nerdy adoration of All Might memorabilia, to which he’d rather die than admit in front of these two. Under ash-blond‘s increasingly angry glower, the Omega gathered up all his courage and cautiously ventured, “Then . . . I guess you can give me money...?”

Usually, all rich people like to solve their problems with money, right? That means that Bakugou Katsuki also followed this sort of philosophy, right? If he didn’t ask for money, then wouldn’t they think he was eyeing something else? He really didn’t want to give them any ideas....

Just when Izuku thought he said the right answer, the Alpha’s expression turned for the worse, full-on scowling now. 

The greenette was on the verge of tears. What did he even want Izuku to say? Why didn’t he say anything? Would a few words kill him?

The translating machine, Kirishima, rubbed his nose as he responded, “Bakubro believes that giving out money like that is offensive.” 

That’s fine by me! Izuku’s heart cried internally. Feel free to stomp all over my pride! I don’t care, just get me out of this awkward situation!

Having the Bakugou family in front of him was just too much for him to handle. The Omega couldn’t think clearly, his mind spinning and whirling at speeds too fast for him to catch up, and figure out what was an appropriate reply. Just as they arrived at this crucial point of their standoff, the Alpha opened his mouth—

“Marry me.”

Izuku lost his soul for a second there, before coming back to his senses and coughed fiercely, almost choking himself back to death. There . . . there was no way he actually heard Bakugou say that, did he? 

Was he dreaming about all this happening? Maybe suffering from head trauma after that fall? But no, the intense burning of his lungs from coughing so hard reminded him that this was reality. Still, he had to make sure that he wasn’t overthinking things again.

“Um . . . What did he say?” the Omega asked, turning to Kirishima for help. But to his surprise, the red-head seemed to be just as stumped as Izuku was. “What do you mean by that, Bakubro?”

Together they stared him down for a few seconds questioningly, the ash-blond stubbornly holding onto his formidable expression, giving nothing away. 

“I guess he means exactly what he said.” Kirishima said helplessly, throwing his arms in the air.

Then a lightbulb went off inside Izuku’s head. There was only one reason why Bakugou would suggest such a thing. He spoke up hesitantly, “Is it because I saved your pup that you’ve decided to repay me with your life?”

Bakugou tilted his head, contemplating his words before suddenly breaking into a startling handsome grin. It was dangerous, wicked, taunting of unspeakable promises. “You could say that.”

Izuku felt light-headed at the sight of it. That sort of smile was fatal, powerful enough to bring any Alpha, Beta, or Omega to their knees in reverence. He covered his reddening face in embarrassment at the sudden warmth within in his belly, and asked weakly, “Doctor . . . is there a doctor nearby? I think I’ve damaged my brain from the fall . . . nothing is making any sense . . . I must be hallucinating or something-!”

From the side, Kirishima had an amazed expression on his face. “I think I’m gonna need a check up right after you! I can’t believe this....”

At this moment in time, no matter how strong Izuku’s heart was after getting abused a million times over, never in his wildest dreams would he be able to accept that this was happening right before him. All he did was save a pup, and now that very pup’s father wanted to repay Izuku with his life?!

If this were someone else, then it would’ve been fine. If they were just a little bit good-looking, then he would’ve taken it as a lucky chance of fate, maybe even possibly romance. But this was Bakugou Katsuki right in front of him, Ba-ku-gou Ka-tsu-ki of all people!

When it came to looks, Izuku supposed his own weren’t that bad, having attracted his fair share of suitors, but what kind of person was Bakugou Katsuki? Surely the Alpha had seen countless beauties in his lifetime. He could literally have anyone he wanted, not that they would ever refuse him, so why would he want Izuku?

If he had only taken a liking to the Omega, Izuku wouldn’t be as shocked. If this was only just a passing interest, a possible fling, he’d still understand. Having green hair was a bit of novelty after all. However, what Bakugou had placed on the table was not that, but marriage.

That in itself was already terrifyingly worthy enough to be reproduced into a horror movie, but more importantly . . .

“I heard you had a vasectomy done!” Izuku blurted out without thinking.

Pfffffft—!” Kirishima was caught off-guard by the accusation and fell over, laughing his head off. The ash-blond Alpha’s face darkened immediately, instantly filling up the whole room with furious pheromones wafting off his skin and causing the greenette to shrink back in fear. 

After a long while, the red-head finally managed to hold down his laughter. “I-If Bakubro did vasectomy, then where did Katsumi come from?”

“Uh, surrogate pregnancy and artificial insemination?”

“Okay, that’s fair. Fine, if Bakubro was sterile, then why would he offer you his body ?” Kirishima did his best to hold a straight face as he carefully emphasized the last word, just to make a point clear to the Omega.

“To cover up the fact that he’s sterile? I mean, he does have a pup already—” 

Pffffffffffft—!” Kirishima couldn’t take this seriously anymore, once again bursting into laughter. “Ahahahaha—Bakubro, I-I don’t think there’s anything I can do to help you anymore....”

“....I’ve also heard another rumor regarding the two of you...” Izuku began slowly, green eyes shifting sneakily between the two Alphas, “....and how you’ve been . . . secretly together.”

Ack—!” It was the red-head’s turn to choke at his words, laughter dying off instantly at the horrific thought. “Oh, no, we’re strictly in an employer and subordinate relationship. And I’m interested in someone else....”

At this moment the center of the storm stood up, his long legs making their way to Izuku. “Eijirou, take Katsumi outside with you.”

“Huh? Bakubro, what are you doing?”

The ash-blond slowly fixed the cuffs of his sleeves as he released more heavy pheremones into the room, his fearsome red eyes pinpointing the greenette in place as he rumbled, “Proving my fertility to this Omega.”

Seeing the Alpha’s dark expression, with a gaze that wanted to completely devour him, Izuku panicked and hopped off the bed. He dove behind the pup for protection, green eyes peeking back up at Bakugou as he thought about retreating further under the bed. 

“Ah, Mr. Bakugou, it wasn’t me who started it, that was just some random gossip I’ve read on the internet! It was my fault for bringing it up, but if you’re this concerned about it, then maybe you should go and directly address these sort of rumors? Or you know, shut it down completely from the source? Also, you really, really don’t need to thank me, but if you absolutely, definitely want me to give you an answer, then my answer is please don’t ask me to ask for anything from you!” 

Izuku took a deep breath, a quick rest from his rambling when he noticed the clock on the wall behind Bakugou. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, but I have this very important audition that’s gonna start in an hour, so I really should get going right now! Uh, and about that reward, how about we discuss that another time—?”

He mumbled his excuses and prepared to make his escape, only a few steps away from freedom, when a spine-chilling voice asked, “Did I say you could leave?”

The Omega’s knees went weak at the sound of that question, body quivering right before the door, his instincts obediently listening to his dismay. His legs trembled as he slowly turned around, fervently hoping for a quick end. 

Looks like this was how he was gonna die. Good-bye, cruel world.....

But to his surprise, the Alpha was holding out a pen and a sheet of paper. The greenette turned towards Kirishima quizzically, awaiting one last explanation. 

“He, uh, wants you to write a note for Katsumi,” the red-head answered, gesturing at the pup who had somehow slept through their ruckus, “so that the little rascal won’t worry about you when he wakes up.” 

That’s . . . That’s all?! Izuku released a silent sigh of relief as he took the stationery to get started. That was a close one!

“Yes, yes, yes, of course I will! No problem, I’ll write as much as you want!” 

Once he finished, he quickly handed it over to the Alpha before rushing off in agitation. He had wasted five minutes on that exchange, five whole minutes that could’ve been used to leave the hospital by now. He feverishly prayed in hopes that he’ll be able to make the auditions on time....

Watching the Omega leave, the ash-blond held a deep expression, as if he were watching prey that had already been collared. As soon as Izuku left the room, Kirishima slid up to his side and began bouncing on his toes, wide-eyed with curiosity. 

“Bakubro, pinch me if I’m dreaming. Do you really like that Omega? He’s a cutie! I’m so glad you haven't lost your touch yet! Man, I can’t believe you’ve been single this whole entire time! Even me, your own best friend, thought you were an ace! I mean, you already have Katsumi, but still who would’ve thought that—”

Shut up.” The Alpha stared daggers at his second-in-command, daring him to say another word.

“....’Kay.” Kirishima beamed, knowing that this was Bakugou Katsuki’s limit. 

Still, he had so many questions he wanted to ask! Keeping all of this curiosity inside was going to kill him!

Chapter Text

It was already bad enough that Izuku was late, but the fact that the rush hour had just started by the time he left the hospital only served to make things worse. He arrived an hour late, just as the last of the auditions were wrapping up. 

Itsuki and Mineta were smiling ear to ear as they stepped out of the audition building. Instantly, they were surrounded by an adoring crowd armed with supportive banners and shouting congratulations. As Itsuki met the green eyes of her sweat-drenched, disorderly older brother, she gave him the exact same look from five years ago.

She looked at him as if he were nothing more than an extra pebble in her path.

Izuku watched his sister climb into her van, arrogantly driving away with a trail of dust left behind. However, he didn't have the time to see her off, darting right away into the building. He wasn’t too late; there was still enough time for one more audition.

Suddenly, he burst into the auditorium just as the last person on stage was bowing at the end of their performance. All eyes turned towards him in various forms of surprise and amusement. Usually, no one would bother to come inside if they were this late in arrival.

“I’m sorry I’m late!” The Omega bowed deeply in apology for his rude entrance.

A few of the casting judges exchanged looks amongst themselves, frowning and murmuring their annoyance. No one liked people who were late. The assistant director kept a straight face: “The audition’s already over. Why do you even bother stumbling in at the last minute? I swear, youngsters these days are so disrespectful!” 

“O-Oh, uh, but I’m not here for the lead role!” Izuku protested, firmly standing his ground.

“Hm? You’re not here for the lead role, Le Million?” the scriptwriter, Horikoshi Kouhei asked curiously. “Then who are you auditioning for?”

“I’m here to try out for the role of Deku! As far as I know, you haven’t found anyone suitable for this character from the last couple of auditions, so I thought I’d give it a shot.” The greenette smiled sheepishly. He still didn’t have his phone, so he was unable to let them know ahead of time.

The panel of judges took another moment to share a couple of whispers. They literally held the gateway of whether or not the Omega was allowed to try his luck or not. Finally, the director, Aizawa Shouta, held his hand up to silence their chitchat. He then asked, “What’s your name?”

“Midoriya Izuku.”

“Midoriya Izuku, huh. From Golden Age Entertainment, right?” He flipped through a stack of papers, finally finding Izuku’s application at the very bottom. “So it’s another Midoriya. I thought you looked familiar. Fine, I’ll give you a chance, so get yourself on that stage. Do the best of your abilities and show us why you deserve to be Deku.”

As Izuku made his way to the stage, he reviewed the general storyline of the character once more inside his head.

[Zero to Hero] took place in a world filled with superheroes, their powers aptly named ‘Quirks’. Every person lived their daily lives with these Quirks, all except for an unfortunate 10% of the population. Deku, the character Izuku was trying out for, turned out to be one of the unlucky few. And yet that was all he ever wanted, to have a Quirk of his own, to be just like everyone else, to be a hero. 

He tried so hard to gain one, just any Quirk would've made him happy, training and pushing himself to the limits, took notes and observed the heroes he respected and adored so much, all for naught. No one believed in him, not even his own mother after she had brought him to a doctor to check things out.

Yet he didn’t give up, not when everyone in his class made fun of his efforts, jeered that his name was a synonym for useless, and the whole world seemed to hold a grudge against his very existence.

But there was only so long he could cling onto his dreams.

The final straw was that fateful day when he recklessly jumped into action to save someone who was in danger—not exactly a friend since they’ve grown apart, but someone he knew from childhood—when all the other heroes were hanging back and waiting for someone to take charge. He thought that he had finally done something good for a change, something heroic that everyone would have to acknowledge, something that proved he wasn’t useless. 

The day he finally came face to face with his idol, All Right Rabbit, (who may or may not have been a parody or rip-off version of the Omega’s favorite hero All Might) was the day Deku turned his back on his beloved heroes for good. 

For this number one hero did not support a dreaming, Quirkless fool. Instead of the praise Deku had expected, had craved so badly, he received admonishment and a lecture. Instead, words of ridicule rained down upon him, of how he should’ve known better than to dive headfirst into the scene without a Quirk to protect himself. Instead, he was advised against the path of a hero, with a careless laugh that left no room for hope for the useless Deku.

But he still refused to give up. 

Eventually, he was found by All Right Rabbit’s arch-nemesis, All Wrong Worm, and chose to join his band of misfits and those who found faults and refused to fit within their society’s status flow. Even though he did not have a quirk, All Wrong Worm was willing to give one, two, or five to Deku as that was his particular Quirk, to take and give away Quirks as he pleased.

Over time and under All Wrong Worm’s guidance, Deku climbed up the ranks and took over as All Wrong’s successor, replacing his adopted son: All Too Handsy. He met new people along the way and made a few friends, one in particular who commented that his name, Deku, sounded more like ‘You can do it!’ rather than useless. 

However, even with those kind words, Deku decided to abandon the silly name due to the painful memories it carried. From then on, he was no longer Deku. Instead, he took on a new identity. 

From then on he would be known and feared with a new name: Disaster.

And Disaster was more than willing to carry All Wrong Worm’s evil plan to steal all the Quirks in the world, but with his own twist. Not only would he take everyone’s special Quirk, he would also ensure that no one else would ever have a Quirk in their lifetime! That way, everyone would learn and understand what he went through, what life would be like with everyone as Quirkless as a Deku!

Of course, he wasn’t really going to get away with it in the end according to the script, and would ultimately be taken down by the up-coming true hero of the story, the protagonist, Le Million! However, from the very start, Izuku’s goal was to win Deku’s role.

Even though Deku wasn’t one of the main leads, there was something about his character that resounded within Izuku. Not that he was conceited enough to believe that the role was tailor-made specifically for him or anything like that, but more like for some reason, he felt as if he could relate to the character's backstory, as well as Deku’s determination to prove himself to those who doubted him. 

Therefore Izuku spent the last three months learning the ins and outs of Deku’s character. He did his best to understand and embody Deku, what he liked and disliked, what mannerisms he used, and how he would react in certain situations. Now was the moment he showed the results of his hard work. This was it. All or nothing.

And so he stood in the middle of the stage, waiting for the director’s cue. Aizawa cleared his throat. “You will be doing three scenes in total. Each scene will be timed for one minute, then a buzzer will tell you when to stop. After the buzzer goes off I will tell you which scene to do next. You will be allowed 30 seconds of rest in between scenes to adjust your emotions if you need it. Your first scene is Scene 5. Start!”

Izuku closed his eyes for a few seconds, revisiting Scene 5. The first hero fight scene. Got it. 

Slowly, his green eyes blinked open, head tilting to the side as he seemed to hear something in the distance. “Wait . . . is that a—?”

He slowly took a couple steps forward, as if he were making his way through a crowd of people. “Excuse me, coming through, pardon me...” he mumbled softly but loud enough for the judges to hear, keeping his eyes forward on something that seemed to hypnotize him. Eventually, he came to a complete stop and gaped up at the ceiling. “Oh, wow, a robbery this early in the morning?”

He turned to the side to ask “Um, do you know who’s fighting?” then nodded in understanding.

K-Kami Woods!” he cried out in delight, eyes glazed in awe as he 'watched' the hero in action, eyes darting as he followed the hero's movement, “The young and talented rising star! I have to get this down...”

Playing his part as a fanboy, Izuku mimed whipping out a notebook and pretended to scribble frantically. He paused for a second, as if listening to someone else speaking to him, blushing a bit.

Ah, well, I really admire heroes. I’m hoping to become one after I graduate!”

His eyes snapped back to the front, his body bouncing on his toes as he yelled excitedly, throwing one arm into the air: “Oh, look! Look! Here comes his signature move! Pre-emptive . . . Binding . . . Lacquered Chain Prison!”


“Scene 14!”

Izuku didn’t even flinch at the buzzer, switching to the next scene and immediately fell to his knees. His hands went up to cover his head protectively as he quietly protested: “H-Hey, guys, s-stop it. I-I may be Quirkless, b-but that d-d-doesn’t mean tha-at I c-can’t be a hero!”

He flinched and threw himself back, scooting away as far as he could from the ‘bullies’. “I-I kn-know that I do-on’t stand a-a chance against ev-everyone, b-but I don’t ca-are wh-what you gu-uys s-say! I’m g-go-ing t-to be a hero no-o ma-matter what!” His body pitched forwards, as if someone had kicked or decked him from behind. The greenette slowly picked himself, tears starting to roll down his face. “I’m-I’m gon-na s-save p-people w-w-with a sm-smile!” 

His glassy eyes were filled with despair, every quivering inch of his body embedded with fear. The perfect victim. He cringed as imaginary classmates loomed in upon him, ghostly hands fighting to deliver the last blow—

I-I . . . I—!” Izuku wheezed, struggling for air as he allowed gravity to pull him down, raising his arms in an attempt to fight off his tormentors, “I-I’m not useless!” 

He curled up into a ball, rocking himself back and forth as he denied their taunts. “I’m not useless, I’m not useless, I’m not useless, I’M NOT USELESS!” Izuku screeched one last time before dissolving into a puddle of tears, whimpering, “I-I’m not...”


“Scene 23!”

Here it was. The last scene. Izuku had a feeling that they would throw this particular scene at him. It would be a true test of his abilities. The turning of Deku’s loyalties. The Omega allowed himself to use the 30 seconds to calm himself down, wiping away the tears and intense distress that had possessed his mind.

There weren't people screaming insults at him, nor were they laughing at his every mistake. That was over now. It was difficult to extract himself from those dark days, but he needed every bit of his sanity to pull off this last scene of the day.

Aizawa counted down the 30 seconds on his watch before calling out once more: “Start!”

Izuku took a deep breath, closing his eyes. Here goes nothing.

Suddenly, his eyes snapped open, no longer carrying the naivety of a dreaming child, nor the torment of betrayal from the classmates he once wished to get along with. Instead they were hard, cold and guarded emeralds. His posture was slouched, as if he were leaning against a wall, and hands were shoved into his pockets. 

So? Mind telling me what’s going on?” His voice was light, careless, and lazy, coiling around the air and settling into ears. He seemed to have seen all the world had to offer him—and failed to be impressed by any of it. He paused for a moment, listening to an unseen person speak. 

And why did you even bother to put these restraints on in the first place? I’m Quirkless, didn’t you know that?” He grinned, all teeth bared at his faceless captor. 

Unless you’re scared of a Quirkless nobody? Ha, now that’s a fun thought. It’s been a while since someone took me seriously. Or actually, try nobody. Then again, it really doesn’t matter what I do because in the end . . . I’ll always be at the bottom.”

He rolled his eyes, sighing: “Why did you bring me here? Just letting you know in advance, I’m not in the mood for any bullshit today.”

Silence. He raised an eyebrow challengingly. “What am I supposed to be afraid of? You?"

Another pause. Izuku took his time, smirking at imaginary rambling. “Sure, but you wouldn’t. It’s not worth it. There’s nothing satisfying about beating a bunch of idiots who are much weaker than you. Just look at me: I’m Quirkless.” He mocked himself, throwing his head back laughing maniacally. “Q-U-I-R-K-L-E-S-S!”

Then he stopped, suddenly dropping his head. Silence.

Slowly, he raised his head to glare straight at his audience. Everyone held their breath, too far gone and wrapped up in the action. Izuku had them hooked as his emerald orbs shattered like glass, revealing a haunting chill as he declared his concluding line: 

“And I don’t care if I have no ability. I stopped caring about that a long-assed time ago. Before coming here, I’d already decided that I’m gonna do whatever I can to live the way that I WANT.”


The sudden blaring of the alarm jolted the judges out of their reverie. What a powerful illusion. It was as if Deku was standing right in front of them, defying and awe-inspiring. They exchanged impressed looks, enthralled after seeing his final performance. Aizawa stood up and slowly clapped his hands, indicating to Izuku to step off the stage. “That’s a wrap. Thank you for coming all this way to audition. We’ll let you know in the next few hours if you received the role.”

“Thank you for your time!” Izuku bowed, returning back to his usual demeanor. As he made his way off the stage, his ears couldn’t help but overhear the conversation they excitedly held right in front of him. 

“So that's Midoriya Izuku . . . even though he doesn’t seem to have enough experience according to his application, who would’ve thought he’d try out for Deku?”

“I know right? Even though he’s kinda plain, there’s something oddly refreshing about him!”

“When I first read the script, my initial impression was nothing like the way Midoriya portrayed him. But now after seeing him, I feel like he might be an unexpectedly perfect match for Deku!”

Horikoshi nodded in total agreement with that statement. “Exactly! I mean, this last batch wasn’t too bad. I was just about to settle for Mikumo Akatani, but now that I think about it, his portrayal of Deku was a bit too depressing. Plus, his hair was practically screaming for a haircut! Everyone else was either an airhead or a childish brat throwing a tantrum when they said Deku’s lines! I was this close to screaming back at them!”

“Haha, don’t be mad. Haven’t you finally found the Deku you’ve been waiting for?”

“We looked all over for the right actor, and he ended up finding us instead!” 


Meanwhile, back at the hospital . . .

The VIP hospital room where Bakugou Katsumi awoke in was currently in a state of chaos.

At that very moment, the little pup was huddled on the edge of the windowsill, one short leg dangling perilously outside. He was extremely upset, screaming wordlessly at the top of his little lungs. No matter what the doctors and nurses said, he wouldn’t come down.

Right across from him stood Kaminari, who did his best to sweet-talk his nephew into his arms, but it couldn’t be helped that his efforts were completely ignored by the other. When that didn’t work, he called Kirishima over in hopes that the sight of a familiar face would calm the pup down. No dice.

Finally, he had no choice but to beg Bakugou to return, who had stepped outside a half an hour ago to take a phone call. Katsumi was just too out of control for them to handle.

“Bakubro, you’re finally here! Katsumi was just fine a minute ago, but then he suddenly started going on a rampage!”

“What happened?” Bakugou questioned in low, irritated voice.

“I really have no idea. When Katsumi woke up, he started looking around the room. I thought that he was looking for the Omega, so when he asked me about the empty bed, I told your pup that he already left earlier. After that, he started throwing this tantrum.” The Beta sighed, scratching his head in puzzlement. “He seems to like that Omega a lot, but I didn’t think they were together long enough for him to get this attached!”

After all, the two of them couldn’t be blamed for failing to predict this from happening. It had been a long time since the ash-blond pup had shown such intense and turbulent emotions. Now with a better understanding of the situation, Bakugou slowly approached his son.

Finally noticing his father’s arrival, the pup ceased his wailing. However, he refused to leave the window, hiccupping and clinging onto the shutters stubbornly. His watery amber eyes clearly revealed his despair and anger. He wasn’t moving until he knew why the Omega was gone without a single goodbye.

The ash-blond Alpha stopped two feet away from his pup. In a calm and steady voice, he stated, “When your Uncle Denki said the Omega left, he went home right away. He didn’t die while you were asleep, not like that time your great-grand Alpha left and never came back. There was nothing wrong with his body, so he had to leave early for work. Do you understand?”

It was perhaps only in front of his son that Bakugou would bother to be patient enough to explain so much. Kaminari gaped at the pup in shock. “Are you kidding me? I only said ‘He’s gone’ and his imagination went that wild?!” 

Honestly, Katsumi couldn’t be blamed for assuming the worst when the Omega was nowhere in sight. He had seen the greenette’s arms slip back through the skylight, had heard the thud and fall of the Omega’s body on the ground. Had known the height the Omega fell from, had known the Omega was just holding onto the last of his energy just to save the pup. The trauma from witnessing all that happening was still inside his little head.

After listening to his father’s explanation, the ash-blond pup seemed to calm down at last. However, he still remained seated upon the windowsill, curling up and burrowing his head between his knees. Seeing this, Bakugou pulled out his final trump card from his suit pocket. 

“He left something just for you. Should I give it to you?”

Katsumi’s body went still at those words, smelling the familiar scent wafting from the notebook. Like a switch flipped within him, he quickly raised his head and opened his arms, indicating that he wanted his father to pick him up. Everyone else was speechless at the sight.

Seriously? They were almost driven to insanity, trying to come up with ways to calm the pup down and avoid possible lawsuit charges for their failure to handle their patient, only to have everything settled with a simple piece of paper? 

Kirishima had originally thought that asking the Omega for the note was unnecessary, but now he was secretly impressed. Bakubro was so manly, thinking ahead like that! Kaminari simply wished to disappear. He wasn’t even needed in the first place, so why did he bother to come in the first place? Oh, right. For Katsumi’s sake. 

Who turned out just fine, happily seated on Bakugou’s lap and reading the note he had snatched from his father’s hand. The pup had learned to read and write a while ago, his eager eyes tracing the words the Omega had written just for him over and over again.

[Baby, thanks for saving me! You’re my hero!

–Midoriya Izuku]

Looking at the words on the note, and the little heart drawn at the end of it, the ash-blond pup’s glowing eyes were sparkling. His face held a slight blush, and he smiled widely, puffing his cheeks up as he took in the comforting scent. His expression was undeniably adorable. 

Kirishima and Kaminari were dumbfounded at his cuteness. “What the–? Is it just me, or is Katsumi actually smiling?” 

“He is!” the red-head confirmed, his eyes widening. “I can’t even remember the last time I saw him smiling like that! What did that Omega write for him?”

The two of them tried to sneak a peek, but the pup immediately hid the note in his pocket, glaring at the duo much like a baby dragon protecting a precious treasure. However, Kaminari’s sharp eyes had already caught a glimpse of it. It looked like an ordinary message, but it was able to cheer up the pup this much? 

Just who was this Midoriya Izuku?

Bakugou gazed at his son warmly, satisfied that his pup was done with fussing. He stood up and began to make preparations to bring Katsumi home. He also made a few more calls to postpone his work at the company so he could spend time with his pup.


That night, back in the Bakugou Residence: 

In a large, tense and cheerless dining room, two figures—one big and one small—sat at the table facing each other, their faces just as tense. The piping-hot meal set in front of them was left untouched.

Bakugou Katsuki glared at his willful son. “Eat your food.”

Bakugou Katsumi turned away, refusing to take a single bite.

“I’m saying this for the last time,” he growled in frustration. “Do you think that this childish hunger strike will work against me?”

The ash-blond pup continued to ignore the fuming Alpha. Not hungry, not hungry, don’t wanna eat, not gonna eat!

The duo continued to challenge each other to eat first. 

One hour later . . .

In the end, Bakugou gave in, texting Kaminari: [Send me Midoriya Izuku’s address]

Okay, so maybe hunger strikes did work on the Alpha. But he didn’t have a choice, his pup had to eat dinner one way or another! Surely he hadn’t been that stubborn as a pup, Bakugou wondered as he waited for a response. Was that something Katsumi had inherited from his mother?

Kaminari worked fast, immediately sending Izuku’s address with directions. Following that was a horde of questions trying to satisfy his gossipy nature, which was completely ignored by Bakugou. 

This time the Alpha didn’t even need to say anything. The moment his pup saw Bakugou leaving the table to pick up his keys and jacket, his eyes lit up in anticipation and he left his seat right away, shadowing his father’s footsteps closely.

Bakugou helplessly studied his pup’s excited expression for a moment, before scooping him up to carry him over to the car.

“There won’t be a next time, you hear me?”

Chapter Text

Meanwhile, Izuku was just leaving the supermarket with ingredients for tonight’s dinner.

After his audition, he had to get rid of his stress and worries about his performance somehow, so he opted for a long workout at the gym. The Omega knew that his acting had made a good impression on the judges despite his lateness, but he had no idea what his competition was like. In order to resist his urge to scope out everyone who had auditioned before him, he lost his mind in the steady rhythm of exercise instead. 

Three hours later, he remembered that he still didn’t have his phone. So right after showering off his sweat from the workout, he headed straight to his workplace. Izuku wasn’t surprised to find his phone inside his company locker. At least his rat of a manager still had some knowledge of common decency.

The first thing he did was to check his inbox. Spam, a text from Copycat, more spam, an advertisement on horoscopes, a text from Kota, and oh! A message from UA Productions! The Omega tapped on the message, squeezing his eyes shut just before the words popped up on the screen. This was it! The moment he had been waiting for! Slowly, he opened his eyes to read: 

[Hello Midoriya Izuku, 

As you know, today we held auditions for the movie [Zero to Hero]....

You have auditioned alongside many others.....]

Izuku rolled his eyes as he forced himself through the formalities. Just get to the point already! Eventually, the words he’d been looking for appeared right before his eyes: 

[We’re happy to announce that you will be joining our crew, playing the role of Deku!]

Izuku screamed with excitement and did a happy dance. Finally! He made it! He finally scored a major role! He finally beat Itsuki at her own sick little game! But of course, this was only the start of their battle....

With his cheeks aching from smiling so wide, he immediately sent back: [I’m looking forward to working with everyone!] Then he set his phone down and took a moment to contemplate how he’d celebrate this victory. 

Traditionally, after accepting a new role, the greenette would treat himself to a bowl of katsudon. But somehow, katsudon didn’t seem like it was enough to commemorate this particular role. This was the biggest role the Omega had scored in a long, long time. So Izuku decided to go all out and make hotpot at home instead.

It wasn’t until he was counting out his change to pay for the ingredients, side dishes, and beer did he realize how sad it was for him to be eating such a large meal alone. Really, it was practically the ultimate level of loneliness. At least he was used to it from being a loner most of the time. 

At his apartment, he waited on the ground floor for the elevator, his arms too tired to carry all his groceries up the stairs. As he watched the numbers go down, he absentmindedly overheard the chatter of the Betas working at the front desk.

“Hey, hey, did you see that handsome Alpha earlier?”

“Of course I did! You’d have to be blind to not see him walking through those doors!”

“I know right?! Almost gave me a heart attack when I saw him!”

“And the pup he brought was super cute too! They looked so alike, they must be father and son!”

“Who do you think they were visiting?”

“Who knows? I don’t remember any of the residents having a mate that attractive!”

“All I know is that I’m definitely taking the late hours so I can see him again!”

“Hey, that’s not fair!”

As he entered the elevator, Izuku quietly laughed to himself at the teenaged Betas who were working themselves into a tizzy over this ‘handsome Alpha’, and good-naturedly wished them good-luck. Ah, to be young and in love again.

Once he arrived at his floor, the Omega noticed two figures waiting by his door, one tall and one short. His freckled face frowned in confusion. Visitors at this time? Who could they be?

As he came closer, their faces slowly but surely became recognizable, until he finally came to a stop a few feet away in shock. On his doorstep stood Bakugou Katsuki in a neat suit with a dark outer coat. Katsumi was being carried in his arms, and the pup was holding a fruit basket in one hand while the other waved excitedly at the sight of his green hair.

. . . Just what were these two doing at his place?

“U-Uh, M-Mr. Bakugou?” Izuku stammered as he called out to the Alpha, eyeing the ash-blond duo nervously, “M-May I ask why you’re here? It’s pretty late for a visit....”

“To check on your health.” Bakugou bit out each word curtly.

To . . . To check on his health?

Bakugou Katsuki personally came over to visit this late at night to check on Izuku’s well-being, going as far as to bring his pup with him? Surely the accident wasn’t that big of a deal. The Omega had been working out just fine hours earlier. 

“A-Ah, how kind of you. Um, please come inside. Sorry about the mess, I wasn’t expecting anyone to drop by....” Izuku fumbled over his words as he unlocked the door to his apartment, speedily rushing inside to tidy up as much as he could before they could see the state of his living/dining room, picking up trash off the couch and throwing his clothes into his bedroom.

“Feel free to sit wherever you like. Would you like something to drink? Is green tea and milk okay?” The greenette busied himself with putting away the groceries as he did his best to entertain his unexpected guests.

“Sure.” Bakugou nodded his assent, his expression looking as if Izuku was a weatherman reporting the forecast of the week. Izuku could only blink away his bewilderment as he started the water boiler to prepare a cup of tea for the Alpha and poured a cup of milk for the pup.

As Izuku waited for the water to boil, he took a peek at the two to see how they were doing. 

Bakugou looked awkwardly cramped on the narrow couch with Katsuki sitting next to him. Not only did the father and son pair look alike, but they also shared a similar expression: pinched, glowering faces as they examined at their surroundings. As if they disapproved of the Omega’s living quarters. They were also silent, neither seemed to be in the mood for conversation. 

The atmosphere was incredibly tense and awkward around them.

Izuku didn’t know if he wanted to laugh or cry at the sight. Really, what did these two come here for?

For the sake of breaking up their cold war, Izuku casually asked as he handed over their drinks, “So, um, have you two eaten dinner yet? I was planning on having hotpot tonight . . . would you like to join me?”

“Sure,” Bakugou agreed as Katsumi nodded eagerly, his amber eyes twinkling in expectation. The greenette took a moment to stare at them sceptically. He was only trying to be polite, and yet who would’ve thought that they’d actually accept his offer?

One was a bigshot CEO, while the other a little prince. What kind of expensive delicacies have they not tasted before? And yet they were more than willing to partake in a commoner’s hotpot with this Omega? Izuku felt a bit embarrassed at his meager offering.

But there was no taking back his words. He already invited them to a meal, and they had accepted. So all he could do was roll up his sleeves and tell them, “Then I’ll get to cooking. It should be ready in half an hour.” 

Back in his kitchenette, Izuku absentmindedly hummed to himself as he brought out various spices and ingredients he planned to use for the hotpot. As his hand hovered over one particularly spicy mix, he remembered that he hadn’t asked the two if they could handle spicy food. Thinking that it’d be best if he knew their preferences, he turned around to go ask—

Only to see two pairs of amused eyes watching his every move. 

The greenette flushed in surprise, looking much like a strawberry. Just because they had nothing to do, that didn’t mean they should be watching his every move. He cleared his throat, attempting to will away his fluster, and said, “Um, the soup base I have is a bit spicy. Will you two be able to handle it?”

“No problem,” answered the ash-blond Alpha as he stood up and set Katsumi onto the counter. His piercing red eyes looked over at the mass of ingredients picked out for hotpot. It looked like a lot of work. “Need some help?”

“O-Oh, really?” Izuku was taken back by the unexpected offer. “Actually, that’d be great. Can you prep the vegetables?”

“Mm.” Bakugou shrugged off his coat, rolled up his sleeves, and immediately got started with washing the produce. The Omega couldn’t help but watch in awe as Bakugou wielded the knife just like a pro, chopping up everything in mere seconds. He had no idea that the Alpha could cook, but then again, there were a lot of things he didn’t know about him.

Katsumi quietly watched the two adults work in sync, happily giggling to himself. They worked well together, as if a missing piece had been found...

In the end, it wasn’t until the hotpot was just about ready when Izuku realized that Bakugou had taken over the cooking process entirely, even making the soup spicier than usual. The greenette eyed the red bubbling concoction nervously. It wasn’t that he doubted Bakugou’s skills or anything, he was only worried that he wasn’t going to be able to handle it. It smelled extremely delicious though!

After setting up the table, they dove straight onto the meal like hungry wolves. Bakugou unofficially placed himself in charge of cooking the meat and for the most part served the other two. On the other hand, Katsumi seemed to love spicy food as much as the adults did, stuffing himself silly and occasionally sticking out his tongue from the spiciness.

“...Is it okay for Katsumi to be eating this much spice?” asked Izuku, feeling concerned after watching the pup rapidly gulp down his milk. He worried about the possible consequences if the little prince got sick after this meal. 

“He’s not that weak.” 

“Oh, okay....” The Omega decided to take his word for it. They ate in silence for a moment before the Alpha decided to speak up once more.

“How was the audition?”

Izuku paused, his cheeks stuffed with perfectly cooked cabbage. He hadn’t expected Bakugou to remember that he had an audition today. Quickly chewing and swallowing, he answered, “I was victorious! Since I got the role I tried out for, I decided to make hotpot to celebrate!”

Bakugou raised his glass. “Congratulations.”

Izuku blinked at him in amazement before clinking his cup against Bakugou’s. Who would’ve thought that the first person to congratulate him would be Bakugou Katsuki?

“Thanks!” the greenette responded with a small smile, shyly shifting his eyes away to sip his drink. There was something about the curve of those pink lips that made Bakugou’s heart tremble for a few beats.

After that toast, Izuku turned to the pup who was watching him drink. “I’m especially grateful to Katsumi for rescuing me last night. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to attend in the first place. Baby, cheers to you!”

Katsumi looked at his cup of milk, then at Izuku’s raised cup. Looking a bit reluctant, he copied their actions and lightly clanked his cup with Izuku’s before throwing his head back to chug down the rest of the milk. 

The Omega couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the pup’s serious attitude. So he already knew about the adult ways of drinking shots? Who even taught him that?

Even though Izuku had bought more food than he had planned to eat that night, between the three of them, they managed to finish everything down to the last bite. He leaned back in his chair and sighed, rubbing his stomach in satisfaction. Food was a lot more enjoyable with company. Albeit uninvited company, but company nonetheless.

And speaking of uninvited company . . .

Izuku stood up and subtly glanced at the ash blond pair who showed no signs of leaving. As he began to clear off the table, he said a bit awkwardly, “Hey, um . . . it’s getting pretty late, isn’t it? Shouldn’t you two start heading back—?”


Lightning flashed outside his window, and was followed quickly by the loud booming of thunder. Soon, heavy winds began to fiercely shake the trees outside. “Wha . . . What’s going on?” Izuku gaped at the sudden change of weather.

“The weather forecast predicted heavy rain and a typhoon tonight.” Bakugou commented offhandedly.

Izuku watched the oncoming storm outside in dismay. It’d be dangerous for the pup if they were going to leave at a time like this... He could feel their stares drilling into his back as he continued to observe his apartment’s surroundings and pretended to not know their intentions.

Eventually, he couldn’t ignore them any longer and gave in: “Since the weather’s pretty bad right now, why don’t you two wait out the storm here?”

Damn it, his Omegan nature had taken over again, wanting to be generous and tend to the needs of an Alpha and his pup. Well, it couldn’t be helped. He was only trying to be courteous, assuming that there was no way Bakugou would agree to spend the night at his shabby apartment. There had to be a hotel or two nearby, right?

The result:

“Sure,” the ash blond conceded, Katsumi gleefully bouncing on the couch at the prospects of a sleepover. Izuku fought the urge to facepalm himself as he washed the dishes. Why did he have a feeling that the Alpha was going to accept his offer again? Why was this happening to him? 

He really needed to take better control of himself...

Just like that, father and son duo were going to stay the night.

The apartment Golden Age Entertainment had arranged for Izuku was not that big: only the basic necessities of a kitchenette, a bathroom, a bedroom, and a living room that also served as a dining room. 

“Mr. Bakugou, you can sleep in my room with your pup. I’ll take the couch, so give me a minute to change the sheets—”

“It’s fine. I’ll stay here and you can sleep with Katsumi.” Bakugou interjected, his overwhelming demeanor silencing any argument the Omega had.

Izuku felt like he had failed at being a good host for his guests. Not only did he end up letting the great Bakugou Katsuki cook dinner, but he was also making him sleep on a sofa that was too small for the Alpha. Really, if Bakugou had showed up at his place alone, then even if the world was ending outside, Izuku definitely wouldn’t invite him to stay the night. A single Alpha and Omega alone together clearly screamed danger.

But Bakugou had brought his son, so Izuku didn’t have the heart to throw them outside. Besides, it wouldn’t be that bad since Katsumi was here, right...?

“...Then I’ll go see if I have anything for you guys to borrow. Feel free to use the shower,” the greenette mumbled, heading to his closet to check for any clean clothes. Sure enough, he did, but he felt reluctant to bring them out. Ah, well, what did it matter? They were bound to find out eventually, he reasoned to himself as he took down the clothing from their hangers.

For Katsumi he had a child-sized All Might onesie that he had bought on a whim for a younger cousin, though he supposed there was still time to find another present for that particular cousin. It was a bit challenging to pick out clothing for Bakugou, but Izuku finally settled on an brand-new oversized All Might hoodie he had only worn once and a pair of black sweats that Kota had left behind from his last visit.

Just looking at his brother’s clothing dimmed down the Omega’s mood a bit. Ever since Izuku reunited with his birth parents, he couldn’t bring himself to go back and visit his adoptive parents, feeling guilty over the fact that they had spent their time and money to raise a pup that wasn’t even their own. He barely kept in touch with them and mostly stayed in contact with Kota instead.

Izuku shook his head, scattering these negative thoughts and sighed. Now was not the time to be depressed. He tiptoed up to reach for the spare blankets and sheets, silently reprimanding himself yet again for forgetting to buy a spare futon for visitors. Kota had teased him about it, after showing off yet another growth spurt that had him towering over Izuku. The greenette had sworn to buy one as soon as he left, but promptly forgot that promise a few hours later. Oh well.

He returned to the livingroom and helped set up the sofa. At least it didn’t have any armrests, so Izuku was able to add a chair to one end to lengthen it. After placing the clothes on top of the pillow, the Omega scurried into the bathroom to help Katsumi wash himself. He was impressed by how obedient the pup was, staying perfectly still as Izuku gently scrubbed his ash blond locks, and how he managed to put on the onesie all by himself. Once his hair was dried, Katsumi instinctively headed for the bed while Izuku ran another bath for Bakugou.

Izuku gave himself a quick once over to make sure he was decent before walking out to let the Alpha know the bath was ready. “We’ll be going to sleep now. If there’s anything else you need, don’t be afraid to ask!”

“Mm.” Bakugou made a small noise of acknowledgement, his crimson eyes appraising Izuku’s appearance. He had a feeling once he saw the hoodie the Omega had left for him and the onesie his son had pranced outside wearing, but his suspicions were confirmed once he saw the All Might themed pajamas Izuku wore. And the fact that he had peeked inside the nerd’s bedroom while the other two were washing up, but that’s not the point.

The Omega was definitely an All Might fanatic.

Setting that particular bit of information aside, he focused on the sight in front of him instead. A freshly washed face, freckles dancing across flushing, tender skin. Besides the conservative sleepwear, there was a towel around his neck as Izuku attempted to dry off the rest of the water clinging onto his green hair. Bakugou watched as one droplet of water dripped off an emerald lock, falling right on the side of his face, sliding ever so slowly down to the curve of his neck, and even lower below his collar—

The Alpha had to force himself to turn away from the tempting sight.

Too bad he wasn’t allowed a single bite. 

Izuku entered his bedroom—and stopped in his tracks at the sight of the adorable smol Might waiting for him. 

He stood in a daze for a moment, remembering all events that led up to this point. Ever since that night, a lot of unexpected things had developed beyond his expectations. Switching off the light, the Omega snuggled up by the pup, cooing, “Let’s go to sleep~”

Wide amber eyes blinked back at him, not a single trace of sleepiness within them. Izuku sighed and scratched his head wearily. “I’m guessing you want me to tell you a story?”

A soft rustle echoed through the room as the ash blond pup nodded hopefully. Izuku closed his eyes helplessly and forced his sleepy brain to think. “Mm . . . I can’t think of any stories right now . . . How about I sing you a song instead?”

Even more nodding. 

Thus, Izuku softly caressed the pup’s fluffy blond hair and quietly crooned: 

Rocky Mountain, Rocky Mountain, Rocky Mountain high

When you’ve climbed that Rocky Mountain

Hang your head and cry:

Do-do-do-do, do remember me

Do-do-do-do, do remember me


Sunny Valley, Sunny Valley, Sunny Valley low

When you’ve reached that Sunny Valley

Sing it soft and slow:

Do-do-do-do, will you remember me?

Do-do-do-do, will you remember me?


Stormy Ocean, Stormy Ocean, Stormy Ocean wide

When you’re in that deep blue sea

There’s no place you can hide

Do-do-do-do, please remember me?

Do-do-do-do, do remember me


Do-do-do-do, will you remember me?

Do-do-do-do, please remember me...

After singing the song a few times over, Katsumi’s eyes gradually drooped shut, finally falling into a deep sleep. Izuku was glad that the pup was asleep, but now he was left awake from all that singing. Raising a pup really wasn’t as easy as he thought!

He suddenly felt admiration and respect for Bakugou as a single father. That being said, Izuku wondered who Katsumi’s mother was, or why would she leave the pup and choose not to stay with Bakugou?

Was it because her status was too low for the Bakugou family to accept? Or maybe she and Bakugou had fought about something? Or maybe, maybe...

With his mind whirling over the possibilities, Izuku eventually fell into an uneasy sleep.

Chapter Text

In the early hours of the morning, Bakugou Katsuki was woken up by a sudden racket.

Slowly opening his eyes, the Alpha stared at the unfamiliar surroundings. He tensed up for a second, before relaxing shortly after recalling where he was. Right, at Midoriya Izuku’s apartment. He laid there for a moment, breathing in all the sweet, soothing scents that permeated the air of the apartment. It had definitely been worth the trip coming all the way here.

Another sound caught his attention and he sat up, noticing the light coming from the kitchenette. He silently got up from the couch and made his way over to the doorway, where he saw the Omega pouring himself a glass of water. One hand rested on his stomach and his freckles were starkly prominent from the paleness of his face.

Bakugou was immediately by his side in seconds, concerned eyes examining the shorter closely and wondering what the greenette was doing up so early. “Are you okay?”

Izuku startled at ash blond‘s sudden appearance, almost dropping his cup. “A-Ah, Mr. Bakugou. Sorry for waking you up. It’s no big deal, I just felt thirsty.”

The Alpha’s sharp eyes missed nothing, noticing the boxes and bottles of medicine on the counter. “Does your stomach hurt? Is it from—?” 

He thought back to last night’s meal, recalling the exact amount of spice he had put in. He hadn’t taken the Omega‘s preferences into consideration, cooking the food as he usually did for Katsumi and himself. “Fuck, . . . I’m sorry.”

Izuku‘s eyes widened in surprise at his words. “Oh, no, no, it’s fine! You don’t need to apologize. I’ve been meaning to increase my spice tolerance anyways...” The greenette weakly attempted to laugh it off, cringing as another wave of pain twisted his upset stomach. 

“Allow me.” Bakugou took the box of medication, briefly skimming through the instructions before opening one of the bottles and counting out the right number of pills. “Take these with cold water.”

“Thanks.” Izuku quietly expressed his appreciation for the help as he reached for the medicine. Feeling those small, cool fingertips lightly grazing his palm, Bakugou was tempted to yank the vulnerable Omega into his arms, to warm him up from the chilly air, to go even further— 

But those were dangerous thoughts. As he watched Izuku take his medicine, he knew that he should leave and give Izuku space, but his inner self persisted in staying, to do more and soothe the Omega in discomfort. Words were spilling out from his mouth without him thinking about it.

“Are you feeling any better? Do we need to take you to the hospital? Fuck, I’m so sorry, I should’ve asked you first—” Izuku watched in amazement as the Alpha rambled on and fumbled over his words. This was the first time the greenette was hearing the ash blond say so much. To think that he was originally worried about Katsumi eating too much spicy food, but in the end should’ve been more mindful of how much he ate himself! Well in this case, he only had himself to blame for being such a glutton for good food. 

“Like I said, it’s fine!” Izuku insisted. “I don’t need your apology—actually, it should be me apologizing for not being able to handle your amazing food! Besides, I’ve already taken the medicine, so I should be right as rain in the next couple of hours.”

The two of them didn’t say anything for a while, allowing this moment of silence to calm their minds before Bakugou spoke up again. “Then allow me to apologize for dropping in on you out of nowhere. The little rascal wanted to see you again.”

Izuku was surprised to hear that. “Katsumi wanted to see me?”

“Ever since you saved him from the storeroom, he’s been stuck on you.” Bakugou explained, though the greenette couldn’t tell if his tone sounded fond or not. But the Omega could see that the Alpha’s features were softer as they talked about his pup. He didn’t seem as scary as he did earlier in the day. 

“So that’s why...” Izuku nodded, understanding at last. So they weren’t trying to drive him into insanity. The little pup simply missed him. 

Seeing how relaxed they were around each other, the Omega finally gathered up the courage to ask a question that had been bothering him for awhile: “Speaking of Katsumi, I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but does he not know how to talk?”

Even up until today, Izuku had never heard the pup say a single word, only communicating through the nodding or shaking of his head. He was curious about that.

“It’s not that he doesn’t know how to talk, he just doesn’t want to,” answered Bakugou.

“So it’s a psychological issue?” Izuku frowned apprehensively.

“Pretty much.” The Alpha stated simply. He wasn’t hiding anything, but he didn’t give out any details either.

“I see...” Izuku had thought as much, seeing how unusually quiet the pup was. 

As to what had caused Katsumi’s trauma, no matter how curious the greenette was, he didn’t try to pry for any further information. It was probably a family secret that was none of his business. Most likely the sort that followed the lines of: ‘I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.’ 

And Izuku valued his life very, very much.

“Mr. Midoriya—” Bakugou suddenly unleashed the full force of his scorching stare on the Omega. Izuku froze like a deer caught in the headlights, feeling like he might combust and burst into flame under that gaze. Somehow, it managed to excite and exhaust him simultaneously. 


“Have we met somewhere before?” questioned the Alpha.

If these cheesy words were said by someone else, Izuku would without a doubt assume that the other was hitting on him using a ‘timeless yet classic’ pick-up line. But the person asking Bakugou Katsuki, and those blazing eyes were honest, yet serious.

“I don’t think so,” he replied sincerely. “Even if we had met before, I don’t think it’s even possible for me to forget someone like you, Mr. Bakugou.” He was firm in his answer. With his low social standing, there was no possible way for the Omega to meet an Alpha at Bakugou Katsuki’s level. That would still be the case even if he was technically the Midoriya family’s eldest son.

“Why do you ask?”

“No reason.” Bakugou shifted his gaze, his eyes downcast. He seemed a bit gloomy. The greenette sensed that the mood would go downhill if they continued this particular line of conversation.

“Mr. Bakugou, if there’s nothing else, then I’ll be going back to bed...” Izuku said carefully. 

It was as if the Alpha had seen right through him. Bakugou gestured to the sofa. “I still have questions. Take a seat.”

What? He still had more questions? Izuku silently lamented to himself as he made his way to the couch, perching himself on the very edge of the other end of the couch, setting his cup on the table. The early morning trip to the kitchen hadn’t been worth this confrontation...

Bakugou watched in amusement as troubled emotions played out on the Omega’s face. Leaning back on the sofa and resting one arm behind his head, he asked with a smirk, “You’re scared of me?”

In the dark of the night, the ash blond Alpha seemed to be even more devilishly dangerous compared to his reserved self in the day. 

Izuku shook his head vigorously, then nodded slowly, his green locks shifting and flying everywhere. “N-No, no, no of course not—I mean, yes! No wait . . . ah, I mean...” His emerald eyes shifted downwards, choosing instead to examine his wringing hands as he mumbled, “Well, you’re practically a king, aren’t you? Isn’t it more like there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t be scared of you?”

“So because everyone is scared of me, you should be too?” Crimson eyes narrowed roguishly. He reached over and snagged Izuku’s cup, running a finger along the rim as he asked, “Then, why don’t you marry me since everyone else wants me?”

This question terrified the Omega to the point that he almost fell from his corner of the couch, but he managed to steady himself. He thought that he had already dodged this bullet already, but clearly he had been too naive. Bakugou was more persistent than the greenette had given him credit for.

How was he supposed to answer such a loaded question?

Izuku trembled as he raised his hand, “Before I answer this question, can I ask you one first?”

The Alpha thought that his fear was cute, so he casually answered, “Sure.”

“Why me? Surely there’s someone else out there who’d be a fine mother for Katsumi? Unless it’s because he idolizes me? I think that it’s only temporary. He’ll be fine once his emotions settle down. I mean, even if he doesn’t, you don’t have to...” Izuku faltered, distracted by the attentive warmth and mischief dancing in the ash blond’s eyes. 

He forced himself to push on, his voice growing softer, “...You don’t have to . . . stress yourself over this...” 

Balugou set the cup back down, his ruby eyes staring straight into emeralds, “Izuku—” the Omega shivered at the sound of his name “—I thought I made myself clear: because you saved Katsumi, I will give you my life. I want to protect you both.”

Izuku stared back at him in astonishment, his mind flipping in cart-wheels. Just what kind of reasoning was this? Didn’t this kind of scenario happen only in movies and dramas?! The greenette couldn’t believe this was happening to him.

Well, he had to admit, it did make some sense, but—

“Mr. Bakugou, I really do appreciate your generous offer, but I’m not the type who believes in marriage, so...”

He raised a perfectly arched blond eyebrow. “So you don’t want to marry me, but would rather fuck me instead?”

“Yes, that’s exactly right—Wait! No, no, no, that’s not what I meant!” Izuku choked on his words, on the verge of keeling over. Just how big was this guy’s ego? They both knew that the Alpha was attractive, but did he have to make fun of the Omega like this? 

“W-well, when you put it that way, you’re not wrong either, I suppose, but then . . . Ah! No, no, no, I didn’t mean to—”

“Too bad. I don’t accept premarital sex.”

Izuku couldn’t help but roll his eyes at that statement, muttering under his breath, “Who’d believe that...” Says the one who had a pup out of wedlock!

Bakugou finally looked away from the greenette, choosing instead to watch the city life scenery outside the window. “Katsumi was a mistake. Even I don’t know who his mother is.”

“Oh.” What an Alpha.

“Are you judging me because I have a pup?” Bakugou suddenly demanded.

“W-wha-? No, of course not!” Izuku protested incredulously. What did it matter to him if the other had a son. “You can ask anyone—they would do anything to be Katsumi’s step-mother!” 

“Then why not you?”

Judging by the way the Alpha was staring at him, Izuku knew that Bakugou wouldn’t let go of this topic until he gave a satisfactory and reasonable reply.

The Omega sighed and lowered his head, rubbing his temples to keep himself awake. After taking a few deep breaths and sorting out his thoughts, he began, “Mr. Bakugou, marriage is not a game. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in debt to someone, or any other reason you might have, but it still doesn’t change the fact that we’re practically strangers to each other. We’ve only met due to a coincidence. Do you know what kind of person I am? Do you know my past?”

“The one I want to marry is the you right now. I don’t care about your past; it has nothing to do with me.” 

Of course this was his answer. Typical Alpha. It was as tyrannical and overbearing as Izuku had expected. 

Veridian eyes became serious. “Even so, my past is still an important part of me. I can’t cut that out of my life, nor can I hide it away from you. Mr. Bakugou, clearly we aren’t compatible together. I sincerely beg that you take back your proposal.”

His retort was followed by complete silence. Izuku became nervous by the lack of a response, unconsciously releasing a grassy distressed scent. Maybe he had been a bit harsh while refusing the ash blond’s offer...

Right when Omega thought that the Alpha was about to fly into a rage after the rejection, Bakugou finally opened his mouth and answered in an unusually calm voice, “Alright, I got it.”

Izuku‘s tightly wound up nerves relaxed at this confirmation. Thank God he finally got it, the greenette thought in relief before saying, “That’s good. Then, I’ll see you in the morning.”


Bakugou watched Izuku flee into his bedroom, shutting the door right behind him. He smirked and laid back down on the couch, nuzzling the area where Izuku sat moments before. It was still slightly warm, and imbued with his refreshing scent. His eyes narrowed in lazy contentment before sliding shut. 

I’m not giving up that easily...

The next morning, Izuku was awakened by the smell of . . . pancakes in his apartment?

He got up to investigate and opened the door—only to have his view filled up with a lot of skin.

“Oh!” he squeaked.

The Omega stared at the sight before him, eyes widening pools of emeralds. Bakugou was shirtless, talking on his phone while pacing around the apartment. The greenette’s eyes couldn’t help but trail across the steamy, glowing skin and muscles. It seemed like the Alpha had just finished taking a shower, judging by the dampness of his ash blond hair. 

He swallowed harshly, feeling his face heat up. The impact was too much.

Bakugou didn’t seem to mind Izuku’s ogling, backing away from the door to the couch where his clothes were neatly laid out. He ended his call and reached out for his shirt. While buttoning it on, he said, “There’s an emergency situation at work, I have to go now. I borrowed your kitchen earlier and made pancakes. Can you help Katsumi get ready to leave?”

“Oh, okay.” Izuku tore his eyes away from watching Bakugou dress himself, turning back towards his room to wake up the pup. Who was already awake, looking up at the Omega questioningly. He turned to his father and watched him put on his coat. The pup seemed to be unhappy about something, scowling adorably.

“Katsumi, go change your clothes. After you eat breakfast, we’re going.” The Alpha ordered his son.

What he got in reply: BANG!

The bedroom door slammed shut. Seconds later, the door knob jiggled and a small click was heard. 

How ruthless. 

The two adults exchanged a look before hurrying over to the door. Bakugou tried twisting the door knob. His brat had locked it. He turned to Izuku with an apologetic look. “Do you have a key?”

Izuku shook his head awkwardly. “I do, but it’s inside my room.” 

Bakugou pinched his brow as he spoke irritably, “I’m giving you five minutes before I break down this door. Don’t you ever think of coming back here if you don’t come out by then.”

“U-Um, Mr. Bakugou, this apartment belongs to the company,” the Omega reminded him timidly, “...and I can’t afford to pay for repairs...”

“Fine.” The Alpha turned away from the door in a huff.

Five minutes later, the door was still shut.

“Bakugou Katsumi! If you’re going to wait for me to force you out, then I won’t be as nice as I am right now!” the ash blond fumed, infuriated by his son’s childish antics. “Don’t think that I’m not about to do it! I can and I will!”

Not a single peep sounded from inside after his ultimatum. The pup was really testing his father’s limits.

How merciless.

Izuku was watching the comedic duo and silently fought to hold back his laughter. He knew that seeing this shouldn’t seem so funny to him, but he couldn’t help but think that it wasn’t everyday that he woke up to top-class comedy first thing in the morning. The Omega had a feeling that this wasn’t their usual morning routine. After calming himself down, he finally spoke up, “I have to work later, but it’s okay if Katsumi wants to stay a little longer.”

“It’s fine. I’ll call his psychiatrist,” Bakugou grumbled as he pulled out his phone. Izuku watched him speechlessly. Although he knew about Katsumi’s particular condition, it seemed a bit extreme to be calling a psychiatrist over a small problem like this. 

Izuku coughed lightly before venturing, “Um, why don’t you let me try?”

Tired eyes flicked towards greenette before the Alpha sighed heavily and moved aside, “Go for it.”

Izuku leaned against the door and began with a soft, gentle tone: “Katsumi? It’s me, Izuku. Can you come outside?”

Silence. He hoped that the pup was listening as he continued, “I’d love to have you stay, but I have to work later. I can’t take care of you, so be good and go home with your dad, okay?”

A creak sounded from his bed. That was a good sign. Izuku continued, “I have an idea. How about this: let’s exchange phone numbers! That way, we can talk anytime you want! We can even facetime! How does that sound?”

Sounds of wavering footsteps made their way to the other side of the door.

“You know, my boss will be very mad at me if I’m late for work.” The Omega sounded pitiful as he slowly backed away from the door. He yawned and managed to squeeze out a few tears. “He’s very mean and he’ll yell at me! Waaah! Waaaah! I don’t want to see him, I want to see Katsumi-!” 

The door unlocked with a click and was flung open. A smol Might crashed himself into Izuku’s waiting arms, whimpering apologetically. Bakugou looked on in amazement as the two cuddled and scented each other. He had been prepared for a long war, but Izuku actually managed to coax his pup out peacefully.

If only they had known each other from the last time when Katsumi locked himself in the attic. His entire family of four, his best friend, all the butlers and servants, the psychiatrist, and even a negotiation expert who had been hired as a last resort, all had failed to talk his son out. In the end, they broke the door down and Katsumi ignored everyone for a whole month.

Of course, Izuku had no idea about this, thinking that the pup was pretty obedient for the most part despite his tragic past. He picked Katsumi up and continued to scent him as he carried him over to the table for breakfast. Seeing how sorry the pup was, Izuku didn’t have the heart to scold him. Instead, he said, “I know you didn’t mean to make me cry. Honey, don’t worry, I forgive you!”

Katsumi looked happier from hearing those words, and passed him a note before starting to eat. Izuku unfolded it to see a string of numbers. 

“Oh, is this your number? Yay! I’ll save it right now, and when I’m not busy, I’ll definitely give you a call when I’m free, okay?”

Bakugou felt like something was off. His son didn’t have a phone, so what did he give to the Omega?

Using his height to his advantage, he looked over greenette’s shoulder to look. That was his phone number. 

Not bad—as expected of his pup!

Chapter Text

Inside an office of Golden Age Entertainment, Mineta was fuming with rage. “Izuku auditioned and managed to snatch the role of Deku!”

“Deku?” Itsuki frowned at the news. Something about that name sounded familiar. She picked up her copy of the script and began to flip through it, looking up Deku’s role. “Didn’t you follow our plan to hold him back? How was he able to make it on time for the auditions?” 

“I know right? I had to go investigate it myself, and it turns out that stupid Beta let him go even though I hired her to lock him up until the auditions were over! I should’ve asked for a refund, what a waste of time and money...” Her manager muttered irritably. 

“And then, right after we left when the auditions were ending, somehow he managed to convince the judges to give him a chance even though he was late!” Mineta shook her purple braids in disgust. “Who knows which one he slept with to get the role!” 

She stopped herself from saying anymore after that. Although Izuku’s looks were more on the plainer side, they could be considered appealing enough to snare any unsuspecting Alphas who were into short, green-haired, freckled Omegas. Mineta wouldn’t be surprised if that actually did happen.

Originally, back when she first signed Izuku into Golden Age Entertainment, she had planned to raise him as an actor. Although he didn’t stand out that much, his passion and acting skills made up for it. However, out of nowhere, Itsuki came into the picture. One was a talented rookie lacking reputation and support. The other was practically a celebrity with an important family background. Between the two, the choice was obvious.

The entertainment circle was not a place where one could survive purely on talent.

Itsuki was pissed. “Even if he isn’t one of the main characters, this is still a huge production! And Deku’s the biggest role my idiot brother has won so far...”  Her maroon eyes narrowed dangerously, deep in thought. 

Mineta could tell what she was thinking, but had to inform her: “I don’t think we can steal the role from him. Golden Age already invested a lot into this movie, and the boss is pleased that two of our artistes have been casted successfully. If only we could somehow replace him with someone else from our company, but the judges are stubborn in keeping him as Deku.”

The greenette seemed to have thought of something and stilled. A deadly calm aura surrounded her before she suddenly laughed. “Fine, if he wants to play a useless, Quirkless extra, then I’ll let him have it! After all, the role suits him so well!”

Then Itsuki paused, tapping a perfectly manicured finger on her chin. “Actually, now that I think about it, Izuku-nii’s name could be read as ‘Deku’ as well . . . Ah, how nice! I have a new nickname for him now! Too bad I didn’t come up with it before!”


Izuku soon received a text from his manager, reminding him that he had a shoot today. It was a fairly simple scene, where Deku got beaten up by his classmates after school for saying outrageous things in class again. At least, he thought it was, seeing as it was supposed to be only five minutes long.

However, in reality, filming those five minutes took about two hours instead. The actors who played as his classmates were inexperienced and had to be yelled at repeatedly by Director Aizawa because their expressions didn’t match their actions. That meant Izuku had to be beaten up over and over again, rolling around the dirt underneath a blazing hot sun.

Honestly, he wouldn’t be surprised if Itsuki was behind this. Both Golden Age and the Midoriya family made significant investments into this movie. It was no wonder why his sister would allow him to keep this role. She had plenty of opportunities to mess with him. Izuku bore through it all patiently. He’d show her that he wasn’t that easy to break.

Once the two hours were up, he tried to take a shower afterwards, but was told that all the water was shut off to fix a water leakage. So the Omega was forced to head home covered in dirt, attracting a few odd looks from bystanders. After washing off all that dirt, Izuku collapsed on his couch, exhausted from his first day of work. 

With nothing else to do, he went on his phone, looking through recent news articles. One in particular caught his eyes and he stopped his scrolling finger to read it. The report seemed to be about some kind of important business deal. Izuku studied the figures shaking hands on the cover image.

That ash blond spiked hair, those broad shoulders, a firm butt and long legs, that height and ascetic temperament . . .

Wasn’t that Bakugou Katsumi’s father, Bakugou Katsuki?!

He scrolled down to read the article, curiosity peaking. The reporter seemed to be excited as he announced the successful collaboration between Bakugou Corporation and the Italian BJ brand; entering the European market would possibly double the company’s stock value. 

After finishing the story, Izuku finally realized that he had time to call the little pup!


Back at the Bakugou Residence:

Bakugou’s parents had finally returned from their trip. The family of five were having a reunion over dinner, celebrating the recently successful business deal. This particular deal that had taken around three years to settle was finally set in stone. This put Bakugou Mitsuki in a very good mood, at least to the point to give her son a few rare praises. Even Kaminari received some credit.

However, near the end of the meal, she brought up a crucial issue that Bakugou Katsuki had been avoiding for the last five years. Although work was very important, her precious grandson came first before anything else!

“I know that you’ve been busy with work lately,” she nagged as she piled vegetables into her grandson’s bowl, “But you can’t just neglect Katsumi like this! Now that you’ve finally gotten that deal signed, you should have more free time to spend with your pup!”

Masaru nodded in agreement. “But if you’re going to continue with being this busy with your work, you might as well consider finding someone to take care of him for you.”

“Your father is right!”

Kaminari subtly tossed his Bakubro a look. See, they’re worrying about your single status again.

Bakugou ignored them all, focusing entirely on the meal in front of him. Back in his younger days, he would’ve blown up and screamed at them to get off his case, but over the years he learned that got him nowhere but a one-way ticket to a free headache. So he let his old hag and man’s words bounce off him as they harped as much as they wanted to their heart’s content.

Katsumi mirrored his father, staring intently at the phone cradled within his tiny hands. 

Mitsuki watched the ash-blond duo, unsettled by their silence. “Are you even listening to me, Katsuki? Also, what’s wrong with Katsumi? He hasn’t eaten anything all night! Why is he holding onto your phone?”

Kaminari answered her as he chewed on his food, “He’s waiting for a special call!”

She raised her eyebrows, intrigued. “From who?”

He wiggled his back at her, saying mischievously, “You don’t have to worry anymore! A certain someone already found someone he likes!” 

His parents shared a surprised yet pleased look. 

“What? Really?”

“Brat, you’d better not be lying to us!”

“I’m telling the truth!” Kaminari set his bowl and chopsticks down to hold his hands up innocently. “If you don’t believe me, ask him yourself!”

Three heads swiveled over to the Alpha who was still eating, the fourth still watching and waiting for the black screen to receive a call. “Katsuki, is it true? Do you have someone you like?”

Bakugou took his time answering, chewing slowly and carefully, stretching out his silence for as long as possible. He eventually swallowed, met their expectant eyes slyly, and said: “Yes.”

Mitsuki’s lungs were on fire, seeing as she had held her breath for so long just for a single ‘yes’. “Brat, care to elaborate? Honestly, talking to you these days is like talking to a wall!”

Bakugou brushed off her words carelessly. “Fuck off.”

Amazing, so he could say more than one word. 

Seeing as his wife was on the verge of exploding, Masaru took over and asked, “This person you’re interested in . . . what’s their gender?”

The Alpha’s face darkened, his teeth gnashing together as he spat out, “Omega.”

Kaminari cracked up at their faces of relief, laughing, “Of course it’s an Omega, and an adorable one too! Katsumi likes him so much, he’s willing to skip dinner just to hear his voice again!”

Bakugou’s parents exchanged pleasantly surprised looks from unexpected news. Seems like they were celebrating more than just a business deal. Mitsuki recovered first, firing off questions: “Which family is he from? How old is he? What does he do? Why didn’t you tell us anything sooner—!”

“Aunt—” Kaminari hurriedly cut in, “Aunt Mitsuki, calm down! There’s nothing going on between them yet! We didn’t tell you guys because this development is still new, and very fragile. We didn’t want you guys to butt in and mess up everything!” 

If they did a background check on Midoriya Izuku and found out about his less than stellar reputation, as well as the fact that he worked in the entertainment world, they’d surely be against the idea of the Omega joining their family. 

Masaru spoke up pacifyingly, “Since Katsuki likes this person so much, he must be decent. Don’t worry, we won’t do anything.”

Mitsuki nodded in agreement, relaxing at last. “That’s right! Since this picky bastard’s standards are so high, this Omega he wants definitely isn’t subpar. What’s even better is that even Katsumi likes him!”

Suddenly, the phone in the pup’s hands rang for the first time during the meal.

This was Bakugou’s personal cell phone, used exclusively for friends and family. Not just anyone could call this number. 

“Is it him?” Mitsuki demanded excitedly, as if they were going to do introductions right away.

Kaminari rushed over to check; it really was the Omega’s number! 

He gave her a thumbs up before reaching over to help Katsumi answer the call. He assumed that his nephew wasn’t really familiar with cell phones. Bakugou had bought him one for his fourth birthday, but he hadn’t been very interested and threw it out somewhere. Who knows where it was now.

Immediately, the entire table was focused on Bakugou’s phone, scooting as close as possible so they could listen to the conversation. Katsumi rolled his eyes at their antics, putting the phone on speaker and setting it in the middle of the table. He’d rather have the Omega’s voice all to himself, but if everyone was going to crowd him like this, then he’ll be willing to share for the sake of space. Just this once.


Izuku had struggled with himself for the longest time as he debated whether or not to call, pacing back and forth in his apartment. In the end, he gave in and dialed the number.

After the incident five years ago, he wasn’t too fond of pups, and even avoided getting close to any. They only brought up agonizingly painful memories and reminded him of the pup he had carried and lost long ago... He couldn’t help it . . . he was jealous of them.

His pup had once carried his hopes for the future, but also represented his dirtiest past.

But for some strange reason, he wasn’t uncomfortable around Katsumi at all. In fact, the more he saw the ash blond pup, the more he liked him, and couldn’t help but want to get closer to him. It was a really weird feeling for the Omega.

The call finally connected, and Izuku waited a few beats before saying hesitantly, “H-Hello?”

There was no answer, but he could hear breathing from the other end. Izuku knew that it had to be the pup and chuckled lightly, “Is this Katsumi? Sorry, I’ve just finished my work and remembered to call you right away.”

He knew that Katsumi couldn’t answer him, so Izuku wracked his brains for things to talk about. “Um, have you eaten dinner yet? You’re a growing boy, so make sure that you eat lots of food, okay? You can’t be picky with your food, or else you won’t grow up to be big and strong! Ah, but you’re already cute just the way you are right now...”

“Oh, right, I saw your father on the news just now. He’s incredible, so can you help me congratulate him?”

After hearing those words, Katsumi slid off his chair and raced out of the room. Kaminari exchanged a look of confusion with his aunt and uncle. Where was he going?

Their unspoken question was answered moments later, with the pup rushing back with a tablet in his hands. They were surprised to see him scribbling something before flipping it over for them to read:


Masaru and Mitsuki were moved to tears at the sight. Of course, they knew that their grandson could read and write. However, he had not written anything in a very, very long time.

Because he had no desire to communicate.

Bakugou had overheard the Omega‘s words earlier, but when he saw his son’s writing, his usual mask of calm was broken by a rare smile as he rubbed his pup’s head. He leaned forward towards the phone and murmured, “Thanks.”

Izuku jolted at the unexpected voice in his ear. He had just gotten used to talking to himself. “O-Oh, you’ve already passed on my message? Thank you, Katsumi!” The Omega glanced at the time. It was getting late, so he said, “Anyways, I need to go now. I’ll call you again when I have time, okay? Bye-bye!”

As soon as the call ended, Katsumi reached for his chopsticks and promptly began to stuff his face. The Bakugou family watched in amazement as he ate energetically. The pup was even eating the carrots he hated so much!

Masaru’s happy face was full of gratitude. “Just one phone call from this Omega can already do so much. The results are even better than one year of working with his psychiatrist.”

“That’s right!” Mitsuki grinned widely. “Did you hear him? He seems to be the shy type. Katsuki, you’re going to have to work hard to win this Omega over!”

“I know.” Bakugou answered dismissively.

She gave him a disgusted look before turning to her nephew, “Brat, you’d better help this bastard out. You know how useless he is at flirting and you’re the only one who has any experience between the two of you.” 

“Now you know how to appreciate my old flames!” Kaminari smirked knowingly. “Don’t worry about it, I’ve got his back! But—” his citrine eyes narrowed at the overly-excited couple, “—You two better stay out of this! Nothing kills the mood faster than nosy parents, okay?”

“Fine, we get it,” they agreed. “We won’t do anything!”

After dinner, Kaminari followed Bakugou to his study, looking exactly like a puppy begging for treats. An imaginary tail wagged side to side. “Well, well? How’d I do, Bakubro? Wasn’t I awesome?”

The ash blond Alpha reached into his pocket and threw something small and shiny at him. The Beta caught it in one hand, noticing the jingling sounds the cold object made. “What’s this?”

Taking a closer look at it, his eyes widened comically. It was a key. Specifically, the key to the 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Really Awesome Electric-Powered car that he’d been eyeing forever. The only one in existence! 

“Woah! Thanks Bakubro!” He gaped at the treasure in his hand before breaking into a victory dance. Bakugou had never given in no matter how many times he begged to drive it before. Who knew that the Alpha would throw the keys to him after saying some things to calm down his parents.

Looks like that Omega held a higher place in Bakugou’s heart than the Beta had thought!

The more Kaminari thought about it, the more scared he became, stopping his happy dance immediately. “Hey, Bakubro, are you serious about Midoriya? Do you really want to marry him?”

“Yes.” His firm tone left no room for any dispute.

Kaminari sucked in a deep breath. Looks like it was time for an intervention. “Then, let me tell you as a man, it’s not that easy to chase a mate these days. Let me see, how should I explain this . . . oh, I got it! Chasing mates is a lot like a videogame! Wait...” he paused and gave Bakugou a look of concern. “Do you even remember what video games are?”

The Alpha glowered at him. Kaminari laughed and continued, “Right, of course you do. Anyways, just like in video games, there are different levels: Easy, normal, hard, and hell mode. If you look at Midoriya, he might look easy, but I have a feeling he’s the hard-to-get type. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned out to be a hidden hell mode! 

“Everyone has a weakness, but Midoriya’s in a tricky place. You won’t win him over with money. Even if he’s going through rough waters with his job, he’d probably won’t appreciate it if you try to support him. He might get offended if you give him expensive gifts.” 

He dramatically pulled out a thick folder filled with information on the Omega. “You want to win over his feelings? Take a look at all his ex-lovers! They’re all over the entertainment industry, each one more impressive than the last! Even I was impressed by the people he was with!

“You want to try and impregnate him? Good luck with that! He never forgets to take his heat suppressants and always wears scent-blockers on the go! I wouldn’t be surprised if he carries his pills and wipes on him at all times! He’s completely focused on his career right now, and rumor has it that he hates pups. Well, we know that’s not true, but still...”

Kaminari sighed, head whirling from all his brain vomit. “Even if I were to go for him, I’d still have a 90% chance of ‘Game Over’ with him.”

Bakugou‘s expression turned ugly. “100%”

The Beta shook his head and laughed helplessly, “Okay, okay, it’ll be 100% GAME OVER for me. Don’t sweat the small stuff, okay? Anyways, I have a feeling that Midoriya’s like me, someone who doesn’t want to be tied down and have pups. The type who’s a love skeptic, and values freedom above everything else! If you just want to mess around? Easy, no strings attached. Marriage? That’s a no go.”

“Says the one who has never met someone he wants to bond with and have pups with yet.”

Kaminari stared at his Bakubro in awe. “Wow, being in love really does make you a different person! But I guess you have a point. So, what’s your game plan? I can help—”

“No thanks,” the Alpha dismissed his offer, flipping through the folder.

“No, no, no!” Kaminari protested in dismay. “You definitely need me! I can already tell that you’ll only come up with ideas that’ll scare Midoriya off for good if I don’t help you! I’m telling you, winning over Omegas are completely different from business deals! I’m the best coach you’ll ever have—!”

The Beta was doing his best to promote himself when the door suddenly opened with a soft click. Two blonds turned in surprise to see Katsumi standing at the doorway.

What was he doing out of bed?

Everyone knew that the pup prefered to be isolated. Normally, he would hide away in his room between and after meals. The household staff were instructed to stay out of his way and to return to their rooms right after completing their duties. All of this precaution was set in order to avoid provoking Katsumi’s temper; the slightest unnecessary noise or sound could set him off easily.

The elder Bakugou’s had tried interacting with him before, bringing up snacks and presents to his room, but the tyke didn’t take their lavish intentions too kindly and resorted to locking himself up in the attic... Thus, although his grandparents loved him so, the pup refused to live with them.

Yet at this late hour, Katsumi had actually taken the initiative to come out?

Not only that, but he ran straight towards Bakugou—and hugged his leg?!

Kaminari cracked up at the strange sight. The grumpy pup wasn’t the type to do things like that. This was new. “What’s Katsumi doing? Does he want something?”

Bakugou took one look at his son’s face and knew what he wanted right away. He answered without missing a beat, “Don’t even think about it. You already went there last night.”

Katsumi then stared pointedly at his phone.

“You already had a phone call during dinner.” His father refused once more. 

Watching the two interact, Kaminari finally understood what was going on. So the pup was missing Midoriya again...

Seeing that he wouldn’t be able to get what he wanted from his father, Katsumi switched tactics and tackled his uncle’s leg instead, reusing the same move. Kaminari was both overwhelmingly flattered and horrified, wagging a warning finger at the determined pup. “Oh, no, no Katsumi! Don’t you do this to me too! You know that Uncle Denki can’t win against your cuteness!”

While Katsumi was normally impassive, with a small dissatisfied scowl resting on his face at all times (a bad trait he picked up from his father, no doubt), whenever he wanted something, he knew exactly what to do and turned the charm all the way up. 

Wide, glittering amber eyes filled with hopefulness and a cute trembling pout, head tilted up just right as he looked up underneath his soft, ash blond fringe at his soon-to-be victim. His cuteness level was so high, one could not help but want to pet his fluffy hair and promise him all the shiny stars in the sky. Anything he wanted at all.

The only person in the family who was immune to this particular move was Bakugou Katsuki.

Kaminari threw his hands up in the air, shrugging as he cried helplessly, “Aughhh, why do you have to be so cute! I don’t even remember Bakubro being this cute when he was your age! I’m sorry, Katsumi, but even though I want to help you, I can’t! You know that I don’t stand a chance against your dad!” 

The pup let go of the Beta’s leg immediately.

How coldhearted.

He looked like a Romeo being forced to stay away from his Juliet. Kaminari laughed at the pitiful sight for a few minutes before softening up once he noticed the tears welling up in his nephew’s eyes. He bent down to wrap a reassuring around his small shoulders. “Aw, don’t be in such a rush, Katsumi! Just wait until Bakubro marries Midoriya, then you’ll get to see him everyday!”

The pup froze at his words as they slowly sunk in, before shrugging his uncle’s arm off and stomping out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Looks like his both cute charm and pitiful act had failed to win them over. He turned to Bakugou questioningly. “What should we do now?” 

“It’s fine. He ate a lot tonight,” replied the Alpha, completely unfazed by his son’s response. What he meant was that the pup couldn’t use a hunger strike against them this time. The Beta relaxed at his reassuring response.

However, they had underestimated Katsumi.

Even if he was only a pup, he didn’t need any tricks or tactics to get his way. Only one word: Chaos.

Just as the Beta released a sigh of relief, a loud BANG could be heard from behind the closed door. Bakugou froze for a moment before immediately bolting for the door, Kaminari right on his heels. Looking down from the top of the stairwell, the sight of a demolished living room greeted them. 

The sofa and armchairs had been knocked over, cushions yanked out and thrown amuck the room. Valuable knick-knacks on display were knocked off their shelves. The flipped over table was missing its decorative runner, which had somehow found itself hanging off the chandelier. Feathers were flying everywhere and starting to settle onto the ground. 

Their eyes followed the trail of feathers to the pup standing next to the shattered remains of the giant ornate vase. Katsumi did all this? How was he able to wreak so much havoc in such a short amount of time?


Kaminari flinched at the furious roar, knowing that Bakugou only used his son’s full name with that tone when he was past his breaking point of patience. The dam of calm had finally reached its limits. There was only so much that five years of anger management classes could do for him. If the Beta couldn’t stand the heavy pressure by being right next to the Alpha, how could his pup take it?

Katsumi began to tremble at the sight of his father’s enraged expression, but he didn’t back down from the challenge at all. Instead, it only worsened his agitation. He began to scream wordlessly at the top of his lungs, racing out of the room to destroy anything he could get his little hands on.

Bakugou released wrathful growl and rolled up his sleeves before rushing down the stairs to chase after him and shouting expletives at the top of his lungs. Kaminari could only sigh and trail after them, keeping a careful eye on the broken shards of glass on the ground. 


After watching the ash blond duo chase each other all around the house for a good twenty minutes, the Beta finally broke down and pleaded, “Bakubro, we can’t do this all night. Why don’t we just call Midoriya to come over—?”

No, we don’t need him!” Bakugou hissed over his shoulder as he caught a falling plant.

“Come on, Bakubro!” Kaminari tried again, making his way around another broken vase, water pooling on the marble flooring. “He’s just a pup! Your son, not one of your employees! There’s nothing wrong with giving in to him every once in a while—”

Don’t tell me what to do!” 

It seemed like today was going to be the day he was finally going to discipline his son’s bad habit of throwing tantrums to get his way all the time. No matter how destructive it was or however long it took. 

Kaminari could feel the beginnings of a headache as he watched the father and son pair wreck widespread destruction upon the house. If things turned for the worse and the elder Bakugous found out, the fact that he brought Katsumi to a bar would be exposed once they started investigating. And then they’d kill him for sure!

God, please send someone to save him!

As Bakugou hunted down his unruly pup, Kaminari retreated to the stairs to make a desperate phone call to a certain Omega . . .


Back at Izuku’s apartment, the greenette was reading his script while idly chatting with a friend online.

Copycat: iz when r u gonna finally change ur stupid username? 

Copycat: its so lame!

#1AllMightFan: And yours isn’t? 

Copycat: whatever. i’m coming back next month. 

Copycat: u should come pick me up at the airport

#1AllMightFan: No thx. I’m busy

Copycat: i said come pick me up!

#1AllMightFan: And I said I’m busy!

Copycat: are you coming or no? 

#1AllMightFan: *throws you a dog*

Copycat: fuck your dog

#1AllMightFan: *dog feels violated by a needle*

Copycat: . . . .

Copycat: what the actual fuck iz

Copycat: whats wrong with you!?!!?

Copycat: and what ru tryin to say about a needle?!?!!

#1AllMightFan: Nothing. You started it

#1AllMightFan: Can’t talk now. I still need to go over my script

Copycat: its just a small role iz 

Copycat: whats the point?

Copycat: besides we used to date

Copycat: r u really not going to meet me at the airport?

#1AllMightFan: I’m sorry

#1AllMightFan: But I don’t remember 

#1AllMightFan: Which number are you again?

Copycat: . . . . .

Copycat: iz u litTLE SHIT


Copycat: I sWEAR TO GOD—

His phone continued to ping with incoming messages, but Izuku simply closed the messaging window to concentrate on his script. Finally, some peace and quiet.

However, that didn’t last long, as his phone rang moments later. Giving it a quick glance, it wasn’t Copycat but an unknown number. He worried that it might be from the production crew though, so he picked it up right away. 

“Hello, Midoriya? Save meee!”

“Wait—” Izuku frowned as he tried to place the somewhat familiar voice, “who’s this—?”

“This is Kaminari Denki! We’ve kinda met before, but that doesn’t matter right now! Something’s happened to Katsumi!”

“What?” Izuku’s heart tightened at his urgent voice. “What happened to Katsumi?”

“Just know that it’s an emergency—” he could hear other noises coming from the other end, “—BANG—Please hurry!—CRASH—B-Bakubro! Calm down!—THUMP—He doesn’t know any better, go easy on him!—BOOM—No, Katsumi, you can’t break that! Don’t do it—Ahhhhhh!—”

Kaminari sounded seriously terrified, and the sounds of things falling and shattering in the background made Izuku even more worried about what was going on. He raced over to his closet to grab his jacket, calling out, “I’m on my way!”

“Thank you!” the Beta sobbed through the speaker, gratefulness spilling through his voice as he said, “I’ll text you the address and tell security to let you through!”

The Omega didn’t know what had come over him, but once he heard that something had happened to Katsumi, his instincts wouldn’t let him stay still. He had only known the pup for only a couple of days, and yet somehow he had managed to worm his way into the greenette’s heart. And Izuku wasn’t about to let go of this connection, no matter how unusual it was.

The address that Kaminari sent him was pretty far from his apartment, and taking a car would take up to forty minutes. The greenette opted to use his motorbike instead. It was very fast too, cutting down a forty minute trip down to ten. The security guard at the gate let him in after giving his name, and a maid waited outside the Bakugou residence to bring him inside.

Izuku yanked off his gloves and helmet, allowing his veridian curls to pop free as he tossed them aside on the lawn and stormed into the double door entrance. He walked in just in time to see Bakugou Katsuki standing in the middle of the living room, holding Bakugou Katsumi in the air by the collar and snarling at him. The little spitfire was growling back at him, a fierce expression on his face as he frantically squirmed and struggled to free himself from his father’s death grip.

Katsumi—” the Alpha glowered at the wiggling bundle of anger in his hand, “—Did you really think that I’m not about to—”


A flash of green smelling of a forest fire dashed past him and snatched the pup away. 

Bakugou blinked in disbelief at the sight of his now empty hand. Who dared to intervene and steal his son? He whirled around, infuriated, ready to fight whoever it was—

Only to stop in his tracks at the sight of fierce, hostile emerald eyes challenging him.

Seeing his appearance, Kaminari almost couldn’t stop himself from whistling.

Midoriya Izuku held Katsumi in a protective crouch, clutching the trembling pup tightly to his chest as he glared aggrievedly at the fuming Alpha, completely unafraid. Baring his teeth at Bakugou, he looked ready to lash out if anyone dared to get any closer. They’d heard stories of Omegas going feral to protect their pups, but this was the first time they were seeing it happen right before their eyes.

Moreover, this particular pup wasn’t even his own.

“Mr. Bakugou Katsuki,” Izuku began seethingly, “I know that I don’t have the right to say anything as an outsider, but let me just say this one thing—” his voice sharpened, “—There’s something wrong with the way you’re raising him. Pups at this age need love and warmth, even more so with Katsumi since you know he’s going through major trauma AND doesn’t even have a mother by his side!” 

He pointed an accusing finger at the ash blond, raving at a higher pitch, “You of all people should be more patient and understanding with him because he only has you! You, you’re his father! Don’t you see how scared he is? And yet you were going to raise your hand against him!”

Viridian eyes went wide and darkened with fury as he roared: “APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW!”

The Alpha opened his mouth, angered by the way the Omega dared to talk back at him, but to his astonishment, nothing came out. He stared at that commanding gaze helplessly, struggling with his aggravated self and his worrying instincts that demanded that he surrender before the shorter’s will. Finally, all he could do was swallow down his pride, present his neck in submission and concede: “It was my fault.”

Kaminari breathed a sigh of relief to himself and thanked all things holy that they were still alive. Hearing Bakugou admit his mistakes cheered up the Beta considerably. He was only slightly put out that the Alpha had chewed him out earlier for criticizing his strict educating methods, but accepted it so easily when Midoriya pointed it out. 

Izuku finally relaxed his defensive stance and carried Katsumi over to go sit on the couch. The pup stuck to him like glue, amber eyes never leaving the Omega’s face. He looked like a puppy who had found his owner at last, instead of the ill-tempered lion cub he was impersonating just moments earlier. Izuku scented and stroked his soft ash blond hair reassuringly, cooing, “Good boy, everything’s okay now, I’m right here...”

There was a moment of silence as everyone struggled to recover from the sudden turn of events. Gradually, the greenette calmed down and returned to his senses, asking placidly, “So, what happened today? Wasn’t he doing just fine this morning?” 

“What do you think?” Kaminari sighed and scratched his head exhaustedly. “Katsumi missed and wanted to see you again, but Bakubro stood up against him because he didn’t want to bother you again. So he threw another fit and destroyed this whole entire room! Bakubro finally had enough of spoiling his son and was trying to stop this bad habit, which led up to them being at a stalemate when you came in and saw them fighting...”

“Really?” Izuku sceptically raised an eyebrow at his explanation. He took a moment to survey the room, green eyes widening at the amount of destruction inflicted upon their surroundings. He hadn’t noticed due to his haste earlier, but now... 

“He did all this just to see me again?” the Omega questioned in amazement, internally cringing at all the damage. Bakugou had told him before that the pup was reliant on him, but he didn’t think that he had this much of an impact on him?

“What else could the problem be? You’re seriously underestimating your influence on him!” cried the Beta. Seeing that Izuku was still clueless, he went on, “Remember the first day you met Katsumi? Well, after we found you, Katsumi wouldn’t let anyone come near you. In the end, Bakubro was the one who carried you the hospital!”

He subconsciously glanced at silent Alpha, who met his questioning gaze in an eerily composed manner, unruffled by the statement. Bakugou Katsuki had personally carried him to the hospital?

“And after you left the hospital, Katsumi woke up and thought you’d died when he didn’t see you there. Then he went on a rampage and almost jumped out the window!” Izuku gasped at the mental image of the pup in his arms dangling out the window. The hospital room they had rested in was on the fifth floor! Kaminari nodded in agreement. He had pictures to prove it.

“Luckily, he calmed down after Bakubro gave him the note you wrote and scented for him. Last night, Katsumi threw a hunger strike to threaten Bakubro into bringing him over to see you. As for tonight, he wasn’t able to use his super effective starvation trick this time because you called earlier and reminded him to eat, so he decided to trash this place instead!”

Izuku gulped nervously as the Beta’s words sunk in. So because of his phone call earlier, technically, everything was actually all his fault? 

He looked down at the pup, who was glaring at his traitorous uncle. “Katsumi—” the ash blond pup immediately turned to attention at the sound of his name, “—did you break all those things because you wanted to see me?”

Katsumi nodded, pleased with himself. His eyes seemed to be saying: And it worked!

Izuku frowned, “Don’t you know what you did was wrong?”

Katsumi shook his head slowly, confused. What did he do wrong? He didn’t know.

Izuku finally understood why the Alpha was so strict towards his son. This pup had probably been spoiled to the point that he thought that the whole world revolved around him. His emerald gaze turned serious. “Then I will tell you now, what you did to your home was wrong. Only bad pups do that, so promise me that you won’t ever do this again, okay?”

Katsumi nodded in agreement. I promise! 

Bakugou’s expression became complicated. Although his son was unruly, if he nodded to a promise, he would keep it without fail. Psychiatrists had tried everything to end Katsumi’s bad habits of starvation, isolation, and destruction to get his way all the time, but they never worked. His parents were against the more forceful methods, only persisting halfway before giving up in the end to their precious grandson’s tantrums. 

The Omega’s influence on the pup was better than he thought.

“Alright then,” Izuku checked the time, internally wincing at how late it was, “Looks like it’s about time for baby to sleep! How about I sing you a new song tonight?”

Katsumi nodded happily, wrapping his arms back around the greenette’s neck.

“His room is the last one down the hall, on your right,” the Alpha informed him, watching the pair cling tightly to each other.

Izuku carried the sleepy pup in his arms as he maneuvered his way up the stairs, softly singing:

A duck walked up to a lemonade stand

And he said to the man running the stand

"Hey! Bum, bum, bum! Got any grapes?"

The man said:

"No we just sell lemonade. 

But it's cold

And it's fresh

And it's all home-made. 

Can I get you a glass?"

The duck said, “I'll pass."

Then he waddled away.

(Waddle waddle)

'Til the very next day.

Bum bum bum bum ba-bada-dum~!

Kaminari wanted to crack up at the Omega’s song of choice. He thought there was no way his nephew was going to sleep with that kind of silly song, but to his surprise, Katsumi was fast asleep when Izuku placed him on his bed to tuck him in.

Izuku stretched his arms after walking out of the pup’s room and closing the door behind him. “Thankfully he fell asleep with just that song. I really don’t know that many lullabies...”

“You call that a lullaby?” the Beta guffawed in horror. “I can’t believe he actually fell asleep to that! Don’t you know any other songs?”

“Other songs?” the greenette frowned apprehensively. “Every other song I know is definitely not pup-friendly!”

“Oh really?” Kaminari was curious. “Haha, are you serious? Can you sing one for me?”

Bakugou glared at chatty Beta, who shrank back fearfully. “On second thought, nevermind...”

“Were you in the area just now?” questioned the ash blond.

“No, I was at my apartment. I sped all the way here on my motorbike! Pretty fast, right?” Izuku grinned proudly. That explained his outfit. He was wearing a dark heavy jacket, the sort one wore while riding motor vehicles, a white T-shirt that read ‘T-shirt’, and a pair of gray sweatpants. Had he hurried over in just his casual wear, too anxious to change his clothes before leaving?

“That’s dangerous for an Omega,” said the Alpha disapprovingly, although his impressed face said otherwise. He resumed glowering at Kaminari for calling the Omega over in the first place.

“No worries! I have my license and there wasn’t much traffic either.” Izuku waved his hands offhandedly before yawning, “Looks like it’s about time for me to go since Katsumi’s fine now!”

Just as he was about to walk out the front door to freedom, Bakugou suddenly spoke up to stop him. “Mr. Midoriya, I have an outrageous request for you.” 

He looked away, sighing heavily, “Although I’ll understand if it’s too unreasonable for you to accept.”

Since Izuku had expelled all his anger and rage through his rant earlier, he was perfectly calm as he answered, “Mr. Bakugou, feel free to ask. I’ll listen to whatever you have to say, and as long as it’s within my abilities, I’ll do my best to grant it.”

Bakugou glanced at his son’s room. “It seems that back when the two of you were locked in that room, it traumatized Katsumi more than I realized. Since you are the only one who can comfort him, I hope that you’ll be able to live with us until he recovers.”


“W-Wha-?” Izuku looked at the ash blond incredulously, stuttering nervously, “Y-you want m-me to move in a-and, u-uh, live here?!”

“That’s right.”

“Um, but, isn’t that a bit much?” the greenette began to tremble at the suggestion and warily tried to compromise, “If Katsumi wants to see me, I can come over anytime!” 

Bakugou frowned as he explained, “There are too many unknown factors involved here. Even more so if there’s an emergency in the middle of the night. It’d be too dangerous if you had to keep speeding all the way here from your place.”

“You do have a point there...” Izuku admitted reluctantly. He’d been lucky that there hadn’t been any traffic tonight.

“Furthermore, because of my work, I don’t always have time to bring Katsumi over to visit you either.” the Alpha sighed, all his energy drained off from all the events up to this moment. “I know that this is asking a lot from you, but I’m asking as Katsumi’s father. I hope you can agree.”

“Uh...” The Omega‘s head began to throb from overthinking. He knew that the Bakugou family held a great amount of influence in both respectable and underground circles. It would be easy for someone like Lord Explosion Murder to end his career at the snap of a finger.

He definitely would’ve left if Bakugou had threatened him to stay, but the Alpha hadn’t. He didn’t seem to be thinking about using his position of power, only of his identity as the father of his pup. It was almost impossible for him to say no to such an earnest and pleading handsome face!

Kaminari watched the pair facing each other off, his eyes shining with admiration as he silently gave a thumbs up. A-Amazing! Who would’ve thought that Bakugou was capable of using such a high level skill, turning a negative situation into a positive outcome that was sure to win the Omega over!

Katsumi’s existence was no longer the Alpha’s weakness; instead his pup became his greatest advantage!

Just as Izuku was about to make his decision, there was a loud sudden Bang! Everyone turned to see the pup quivering at the doorway to his bedroom, fearfully scanning the hallway. Once they spotted the Omega, Katsumi shot over like an arrow, lightly whimpering as he raised his arms for the greenette to pick him up. Izuku quickly bent down to do so. “Baby, why did you wake up?”

The pup didn’t answer, choosing instead to immediately bury his face into Izuku’s neck, his little hands trembling as they clutched the Omega’s shoulders in a death grip. Don’t go, don’t go, his body seemed to plead as he shook and whimpered, tightening his hold.

“Shhh, don’t be afraid, it’s okay. I’m here, I’m here...” Izuku murmured softly as he lightly patted Katsumi’s back. He could smell the pup’s sweet honey-like milk scent souring from distress. Izuku’s feelings became conflicted. It pained him to see the fear in those amber eyes.

Usually he avoided pups as if they were life-threatening diseases, so why couldn’t he bring himself to dislike Katsumi?

Izuku carried the pup back to his bed and coaxed him back to sleep. This took about twenty minutes: ten used to scent and reassure the distrustful pup that he was going to stay, two minutes to look up the Duck Song since he forgot the lyrics, and the last eight to sing the song over and over again until Katsumi fell asleep.

As he softly closed the door behind him, he noticed that the mess in the living room had already been cleaned up. As expected from servants of the Bakugou family; not only were they fast and efficient, but they were also well-trained. They seemed to be aware of the Omega’s arrival, and might be dying of curiosity to ask why he was here, but none of them approached him. They all left quietly after finishing up their work.

Bakugou was waiting for him outside, leaning against the wall. He watched Izuku expressionlessly, not saying a word and keeping firm control over his pheromones to avoid putting pressure on the greenette.

Izuku looked hesitant, biting his lips nervously. Then he recalled the terrified expression Katsumi had made when he thought the Omega was gone. Determination fueled him as he took a deep breath, looked at the Alpha straight in the eye and said firmly, “Alright, Mr. Bakugou. I’ll accept your request. You can consider it as payment from Katsumi for saving me last time.”

Bakugou’s tense face visibly relaxed. “Thank you.” 

“Katsumi might wake up at any moment now, so it looks like I’ll be staying here tonight, but I didn’t bring anything with me...” 

“That won’t be a problem, I’ll have someone bring some things for you.” Bakugou summoned his butler and made arrangements as he spoke.

Kaminari, who had watched all the drama unfold before his very eyes, blinked in amazement at how quickly the situation had escalated. So, . . . they were now living together, just like that?!

“What are you doing?” The Alpha stared pointedly at the unwanted lightbulb.

“Uh... I’m going! Going bye-bye!” The Beta fled through the front door. 

Kaminari thought that the Omega was going to be a force to be reckoned with, but Bakugou wasn’t a weakling either. He finally realized that Bakugou wasn’t clueless when it came to chasing omegas. It was just that for the past 31 years of his life, he just wasn’t interested in anyone else...


Bakugou led Izuku to the room next to Katsumi’s. “For now on, you can stay here. I’ll find someone to redecorate it for you later—”

“Um, that’s fine!” the greenette cut in before Bakugou could pull out room decor catalogues, “I’m only staying here for a few days, not like it’s going to be permanent or anything, so redecorating would be too much of a bother for you—” 

“It’s not a bother,” the Alpha answered firmly as he took a large ring of keys from the butler and passed them to the Omega, “These are all the keys to every room of the house. You can enter any place you like. The main entrance uses a passcode, which is Katsumi’s birthday printed on the house key. This is the key to the attic, you should keep it with you since it’s Katsumi’s favorite hiding place. This is—”

“Wait, wait, waitwaitwait, hold on for just one second!” Izuku hurriedly interrupted the ash blond, seeing as he was about to hand over every key except the one to his safe, “Mr. Bakugou, aren’t you being a bit too reckless? Aren’t you scared that I might rob you blind?!”

“What do you want? I’ll get someone to help you move it,” asked Bakugou in all seriousness. It seemed like he wasn’t joking around.

Ack—!” Izuku coughed a few times, feeling overwhelmed by the cherry on top of this information overload. He frantically tried to explain, “I was just kidding . . . it was a joke...”

Bakugou nodded and tossed him yet another key. He seemed to have gotten addicted to giving them away. “It’s not easy to catch a cab in this area, so you can drive this car instead.”

Izuku stared at the shiny car key in his hands in dismay.

What the . . .

He was only going to stay for a couple of days, so why did he feel like a mistress or something..?

Wait, no, that’s not right. He firmly shook his head in denial. If he were a mistress, then he should be kept far, far away from the Bakugou residence . . . What kind of sugar daddy would give a mistress his precious pup and all the keys to the house...?

No, clearly, the Omega shuddered in horror as he arrived at this conclusion, almost dropping the keys, clearly this was the feeling of being a newlywed couple.

His mind went back to when he first met Bakugou, and how he had proposed to him out of the blue...

Izuku thought that he had met every type of Alpha out there, but the one standing before him was like a computer program with a top-notch firewall that he just couldn’t hack. He couldn’t tell what the ash blond was thinking, let alone what he wanted from the greenette in the first place.

Glancing back to the keys in his hands, Izuku couldn’t help but recall a story similar to his situation. 

The Legend of Bluebeard . . .

Izuku didn’t know if agreeing to stay due to one moment of weakness was going to lead to fortune or a disaster...

Ah well, he thought to himself as he hurried to answer the cries of the panic-stricken pup, Stop overthinking everything. Let’s just take this easy, nice and slow, one step at a time...

Katsumi’s frame of mind that night was rather unstable, so as a precaution, Izuku slept beside him on the same bed.


Later that night...

The bedroom door was pushed open silently.

Soft footsteps made their way to the side of the bed, and a tall figure knelt beside the Omega.

Under the warm glow of the nightlight, Izuku slept peacefully. It looked like he had been patting the pup’s hair before drifting to sleep, his breathing shallow and expression serene. His full lips were like summer cherry blossoms, slightly parted open as if in an unspoken invitation...

After a moment, a dark shadow abruptly fell over the warm patch of light as figure‘s silhouette drew closer and closer to those beckoning petals...

He was only a breath away—just a bit more, and their lips would touch. But abruptly he stopped himself, choosing instead to land a warm kiss on the Omega‘s forehead and to take a greedy whiff of his calming scent. 

Midoriya Izuku, we have long days ahead of us.


Chapter Text

The next morning:

Izuku had thought at first that he wouldn’t be able to sleep at an unfamiliar place, but to his surprise, he had an unexpectedly good night’s rest. Not a single dream or nightmare to haunt him either.

He discovered that Katsumi had woken up before him, curled up next to him while reading a book quietly. He was clearly a well-behaved pup, yet the Omega really couldn’t imagine how bad it could be when he exploded...

“Good morning, honeybun~!” Izuku greeted him warmly, pulling the pup into a cuddle.

Katsumi looked up happily from his book, pleasantly surprised. Although he didn’t say anything, Izuku could tell that he was in a good mood from his expressive eyes. They glittered brilliantly under the morning light.

Amused, Izuku reached out lazily to flick an unruly lock of ash blond hair away from the pup’s forehead. His bed head was almost as bad as the greenette’s. “I don’t have work today, so I can stay with you all day long!”

At these words of good news, Katsumi became visibly happier, practically vibrating with excitement as the corners of his mouth curled up into an enchanting smile.

Izuku almost died from all the cuteness. He couldn’t resist reaching out and giving those round cheeks a squeeze, laughing, “Honey, you should smile more! You’re too cute when you smile!”

After washing up, they went downstairs where breakfast had already been prepared. The Omega didn’t see Bakugou, and none of the servants mentioned anything about waiting for him to eat, so he assumed that the Alpha had gone to work earlier.

When they finished their breakfast, Izuku was worried because he didn’t know anything about taking care of the adorable pup. It wasn’t like anyone had left him an instruction manual to follow. What he should do if he couldn’t keep Katsumi happy...?

In reality, it turned out that his worries were all for nothing. 

During the whole morning, Izuku lounged on the sofa in the living room as he looked through his script, while Katsumi was sprawled out by the table by his side, alternating between reading and doodling. They didn’t speak, but the atmosphere was peaceful between the two of them. The servants only appeared every once in a while to deliver snacks and water, carefully tip-toeing around the ash blond pup. 

It seemed that they were afraid of disturbing the little monster.

Peeping at them from a corner, the butler, Iida Tenya, observed the pair relaxing in the living room as he ‘reorganized’ a nearby bookshelf. He noticed that the Omega wasn’t acting as he assumed the greenette would do. Instead of desperately trying to do anything to win Katsumi over, he didn’t even try to get close to the pup at all, focused instead on reading and taking notes during the entire morning. 

Meanwhile, little young master was spending his morning as he usually did, reading his books and drawing. It looked like there was nothing out of the ordinary, but upon closer observation, Iida noticed that Katsumi would sneak a peek at the Omega from time to time.The expression on his little face was both vibrant and content.

Iida felt worried from the moment he saw the greenette, the very first to be invited to stay at the Bakugou residence. Although he seemed to be very plain and docile, that could just be a cleverly crafted mask. From what Iida had seen so far, the Omega hadn’t done anything to cross the line, but he could just be waiting for the right moment to strike...

There were so many people who desired the position of Mrs. Bakugou, trying to think of all sorts of ways to become Katsumi’s step-mother. There was still the memory of that terrible incident two years ago because of this, and little young master almost...

So he had been on the edge ever since he saw his boss give the Omega all those keys, that Master Kaminari had specifically called him over last night, and that the little young master seemed to adore him so much. He couldn’t help but remain cautious and stayed on his guard.

Two hours passed by like a breeze~

Izuku was just about done going through his script when Katsumi tugged on his arm. He lifted his head to see the pup presenting his drawing. His emerald eyes widened. “Is that . . . me?”

It was a toss up between that or a tree, so Izuku took a stab at it and guessed that the doodle was of himself, judging from the wild, curly green poof of hair, wide round eyes, and a sprinkling of freckles just above an open beaming smile. 

Katsumi nodded nervously, biting his lip while holding up the picture, scared that the Omega wouldn’t like it.

“It’s . . . amazing! Can I take a picture of this for my phone wallpaper?” asked Izuku, feeling flattered. This was the first time anyone had ever drawn him. He wasn’t trying to sweet-talk the pup, he genuinely felt moved that the ash blond chose to draw him.

Katsumi pressed his lips together shyly and shoved the drawing into his hands. Izuku took it and pointed at himself. “You’re giving it to me?”

Katsumi nodded, looking away as he scowled in embarrassment, turning slightly pink. 

“Thank you! I love it so much!” The Omega hugged the pup and kissed his soft cheeks. 

Katsumi was stunned for a moment before his already pink face was taken over by a fierce blush. His amber eyes shone with liveliness and joy as he grinned widely.

As they happily played and interacted with each other, Izuku heard footsteps from overhead. The greenette raised his head and looked up to see Bakugou Katsuki sauntering down the stairs. He was dressed casually, in a navy tank-top and black sweatpants, and his hair was messy, sticking up in all directions as if it were an explosion. It looked like he had just woken up.

Although Bakugou Katsuki’s usual appearance was usually very striking, as if he were a model for a magazine, the difference between his usual crisp image and his current disheveled look was too much. How was it fair for him to still look so fine no matter what he wore? There was no helping it, he looked—

Izuku felt dazed for a moment before coming back to reality. “Mr. Bakugou, you don’t have work today?” 

“I took the day off,” he drawled lazily. God, even his morning voice was spine-tingling.

Izuku nodded and thought it was understandable. The Alpha had just signed a major deal that had taken years to accomplish. It seemed natural to take a break after that. So even the great Bakugou Katsuki was the type who slept in every once in a while... Suddenly, he seemed to be a lot more human than the Omega had thought.

Bakugou noticed the drawing in the greenette’s hands, noting in slow surprise, “That’s the first time I’ve seen Katsumi draw a person.”

“Really? Then it’s quite an honor!” Izuku exclaimed in awe.

“So then what do you want for lunch?” asked the ash blond. It seemed like not only were his living expenses were covered, but meals were as well. Izuku wondered if the Alpha was going to personally cook another meal for them. He looked like he was contemplating his possible options. Just as Izuku was about to reply, his phone rang.

It was Mineta calling. He looked apologetically at Bakugou before answering it. Did she arrange yet another minor role for him?

“What do you want, Mineta?”

“Izuku, [Zero to Hero] is holding an opening ceremony at noon at the Grand Pearl Hotel. Don’t be late.”

“What? Noon? Today at noon?”

“That’s right. Today.”

Izuku checked the time. “ . . . Why didn’t you tell me earlier? It’s already almost eleven!”

“What do you mean by earlier?” sniggered his manager. “I’m letting you know one hour in advance, right?”

“Just one hour might be enough time for me to get there, but I don’t have time to get ready and find something to wear—!”

“That’s your problem, not mine. Stop bothering me, I’m busy right now, so I gotta go!” As soon as she finished talking, the line was cut off.

“Mineta Minoru...” the Omega quivered in anger for a moment before furiously shrieking, “You little shit!” 

Rearing his arm back, he was about to smash his phone on the ground when he noticed two ash blondes staring at him, frozen in place.

Izuku sweated nervously, stuck between hating himself and wishing that the ground would swallow him whole. He had been too impulsive and lost control of himself, forgetting that he was not at his place and that there was a pup right next to him.

He hadn’t planned on acting like a demure Omega in front of Bakugou Katsuki anyways, but it wouldn’t be good if he was a bad influence on Katsumi. 

Izuku coughed and cleared his throat awkwardly, “Um! Katsumi, let’s pretend that you didn’t hear anything just now! You can’t copy me and tell other people that, okay? Because the one I was talking to doesn’t even count as a human being!” 

The pup blinked curiously, and nodded as if he understood.

A flash of amusement flickered in Bakugou’s eyes as he asked, “What happened?”

Izuku gritted his teeth, clearly resentful as he answered, “The opening ceremony for [Zero to Hero] starts today at noon. It’s almost eleven, but my ‘manager’ only told me about it just now. It’ll take at least an hour to get to the Grand Pearl Hotel from here. Am I supposed to show up looking like this?” He gestured at himself in mock-horror.

Bakugou lazily appraised his appearance. “Why not? You look good just the way you are.”

Izuku was stunned for a moment, feeling his face heat up. He hadn’t expected the Alpha to be this smooth. Shaking his head in embarrassment, he answered, “I’m flattered, but for this sort of public event it’s considered protocol to be dressed properly. Most importantly, I don’t have anything to wear because I wasn’t prepared for this, and there’ll be a lot of paparazzi there and—Oh!” Izuku collapsed back on the sofa in despair, “What am I going to do?!”

“Hold on.” Bakugou held up one hand indicating for the other to wait, and used the other to fire off a text on his phone. 

Ten minutes later, a cheerful bubbly voice could be heard walking through the front doors. “Baku-baby! I’ve got everything all set up! Do we start now?”

Izuku was shocked to see this familiar figure. That pink hair, signature poppin’ neon animal print, and glowing golden eyes, this could only be Ashido Mina! Ground Zero’s Alien Queen, the personal stylist of Hadou Nejire, the goddess of films! The Alpha who had taken the fashion world by storm with her daringly defiant styles and designs!

What was she doing here?!

“T-this is...?” the Omega stammered, staring as if he couldn’t believe his eyes. 

The Alpha raised an eyebrow. “You don’t know her?”

“Of course I know her!” Izuku burst out indignantly. “That’s Ashido Mina! Everyone knows her! But what is she doing here...?”

“To style you,” Bakugou answered nonchalantly.

Izuku’s expression darkened, lowering his voice as he whispered furiously, “D-Don’t you know that I’m an artist under Golden Age Entertainment? Ground Zero and Golden Age are dead rivals, okay? Do you really want Ashido-san to style me?!”

“So what?” Bakugou Katsuki responded like the domineering CEO he was.

S-so what?!

The greenette felt like facepalming himself. “Mr. Bakugou, do your employees know that you’re using them to help out their enemy?”

Evidently, they did not. Ashido Mina definitely didn’t recognize him, seeing how unknown and lowkey he was, or else she would’ve said no to helping him out without any hesitation. Izuku almost wanted to bow before the ash blond’s confidence.

Ground Zero was a subsidiary of the Bakugou Corporation at the very least! Although Kirishima Eijirou was the face and representative of Ground Zero, with the occasional appearance of Kaminari Denki, the ultimate boss behind the scenes was Bakugou Katsuki.  Five years ago, Bakugou Corporation stepped into the entertainment scene when they bought over Ground Zero, and managed to build up an entertainment empire that was able to compete directly with the oldest and prestigious entertainment company, Golden Age Entertainment.

The current rivalry between the two companies was very intense. All employees from either company, from the artists and managers to the stylists and assistants, never got along. If there were employees from both companies on the same set, they were guaranteed to inevitably clash and send sparks flying from competition, sometimes escalating to dangerous heights...

Bakugou glanced at his watch. “The minivan is all ready to go outside. Mina will style you on the way there. Whether you go or not is up to you.”

Izuku clenched his jaw determinedly. “I’m going!”

Seeing as Bakugou Katsuki wasn’t bothered about it, then Midoriya Izuku wouldn’t care either!

As he walked out the front doors to the awaiting vehicle, he was surprised to see that the Alpha had followed along behind him. “You’re going too?”

“Who else is going to drive? Besides, Katsumi wants to go with you as well.” Bakugou spoke matter-of-factly, as if the Omega was being silly by questioning the obvious. The ash blond pup nodded eagerly, emphasising this point.

In the end the four of them, including Ashido Mina, climbed into the minivan. Bakugou didn’t even bother to change his clothes and took his place at the driver’s seat. Ashido and Izuku sat in the back, while Katsumi watched them over the shoulder of the passenger seat. The stylist appraised Izuku’s face as she pulled out her tools of trade.

“Wow, your skin’s pretty nice. What kind of occasion are you going to today, darling?” She pulled out a tablet and skimmed through her options. “I need to make sure that I’ll choose the perfect outfit for you.”

“U-uh, it’s just an opening ceremony for a movie...” Izuku mumbled, deathly terrified of what the Alpha would do to him if she found out that he was from Golden Age. Luckily, Ashido didn’t pry, only chattering about recent gossip as she touched up his face and took his measurements. 

They made it just in time. Izuku was ready to go just as they arrived at their destination. Bakugou parked the car and turned around, placing his arm on the back of the seat as he looked at the Omega’s completed makeover.

“H-How do I look?” Izuku asked nervously as he fiddled with his tie.

“Not bad.”

It was no easy feat to have someone like Bakugou Katsuki to say such seemingly simple words. Moreover, Katsumi was looking at his appearance with an expression of awe and wonder. That gave Izuku more confidence, and he reached out to hug the pup apologetically. “Katsumi, I’m sorry that I couldn’t keep my promise, but as soon as I finish work I’ll return to you as soon as possible!”

The tiny ash blond clung onto him, reluctant to let go but he knew that the greenette’s work was important. So unhappily he had to release his hold and wave good-bye. Watching the father and son pair cheer him on, the greenette felt something warm him up inside.

After battling life as lone soldier for so long, it was the first time in a while for Izuku to feel so supported in the work he loved.

As soon as Izuku left, Ashido finally couldn’t hold back her curiosity and immediately began firing off questions: “Bakugou, who was that Omega just now? Is he one of the new recruits of our company? He’s so sweet! Why haven’t I seen him around before?”

To think that her boss actually had an Omega by his side after being alone for so long. This was mind-blowing news!

The ash blond rested his chin on his shoulder, watching Izuku walk the red carpet as he answered, “An actor from Golden Age.”

“What the—?!” she screeched in alarm, betrayal written all over her face. “You’ve gotta be kidding me?!”

To think that her boss had her help style the enemy? What was he thinking?!

Even Denki knows better than to date someone from Golden Age, okay?!

If it had been just the two of them, Ashido definitely wouldn’t hesitate to curse her boss out. However, since his pup was present, she could only hold her tongue and silently vent internally instead. 

Something that she had a sneaking suspicion of, but tactically chose not to ask was whether or not this no-name Omega was someone Bakugou planned to court. 

After all, this was someone who had managed to tame the Alpha’s nefariously bratty little prince.

Things weren’t as simple as they seemed . . .


At the opening ceremony of [Zero to Hero]:

The cast and crew members were all present and assembled, casually talking amongst themselves as lights flashed one after another, the paparazzi frantically taking their pictures of arriving stars posing as they walked the red carpet. There were even large groups of fans who hovered outside the outer fringes of the event, fired up and hoping for a chance to meet their idols.

Most of the social media outlets were surrounding the female lead, Itsuki Midoriya, and Leo Koenig, who was playing as the main male lead Le Million. One was Golden Age’s precious sweetheart while the other was a famous star who had won an Oscar. Such a good-looking and striking pair naturally drew everyone’s attention.

“Itsuki! We all know that you will be playing as Le Million’s love interest! This will be your second time acting as a couple with Leo on screen. Would you also give your heart to an Alpha like Leo in real life?”

She grinned and giggled, “Oh, Leo is a very attractive Alpha, but I don’t think so! We’re only good friends, and I don’t have any space left in my heart for him!” 

All the reporters drove themselves into a frenzy at her words. Just last year, Itsuki had publicly announced that she had a boyfriend. Everyone had desperately scrambled to find out more information, feverishly dug around for insider news and eventually found out that her boyfriend was the son of the CEO of Todoroki Corporation, Todoroki Enji’s heir: Todoroki Shouto. He had status, money, and mouth-watering good looks to boot. Shouto was undeniably perfect no matter what angle he was looked at, and everyone else couldn’t help but feel envious.

Although many fans were saddened by the news, these days they were a lot more understanding compared to those of the past who would overreact and get upset over their idols dating and getting married. The majority nowadays wished for their favorite stars to find good partners to shine with forever more together.

Itsuki’s popularity hadn’t suffered in the slightest even after she revealed her relationship status; on the contrary, she maintained her fame through frequently popular topics of discussion like “Handsome Rich Boyfriends” and “A Winner in Life”.

Leo, who stood right beside her, was good at following up and played along, clutching his chest as if it pained his heart to hear her say such words. “Miss, how ruthless of you when this hero has already given his heart only to you!”

The reporters laughed good-naturedly as they continued to tease the pair with a warm air. After seeing the leading actor and actress, the next person everyone looked forward to meeting was the actor who played Deku, the only one who had yet to arrive! A few reporters began to crowd around Aizawa Shouta questioningly.

“Director Aizawa, where’s the actor for Deku? Will he be here today?”

“Of course he will,” he answered blandly.

“Is it true that you rejected Mikumo Akatani because he wasn’t attractive enough when he came to audition for this role?”

Obviously, they were trying to stir up trouble with the rumor wheel by asking such suggestive questions. But Director Aizawa wasn’t new to this game, and his response was faultless. “Although we do take looks into consideration when selecting our cast, it’s definitely not the only standard we were looking at. Mikumo Akatani’s appearance wasn’t the issue, he just unfortunately didn’t have the aura we were looking for.”

“I heard that the actor for Deku is a newbie, is that true? Your standards for the role of Deku were so high, are you sure that this rookie will be able to meet all your expectations?”

What was going on today? Why all the sudden attention and concern? Had someone paid these reporters off or something? For some reason, all their questions were getting oddly specific, focused directly on Deku’s actor. Something felt off about this . . .

“That will be up for you to judge once you’ve seen the film. Any other questions will have to wait until then.”

But they stubbornly clung onto the subject and continued, “Tell us, tell us! Is the actor for Deku more of a total knockout compared to Mikumo Akatani?”

Midoriya, a total knockout? Director Aizawa didn’t know if he should laugh or yawn at the thought. He supposed that the Omega could be considered attractive depending on one’s tastes. Each to their own, as the saying goes.

“Everyone has their own merits, you’ll find out once he gets here...”

He was starting to get annoyed by all these questions. When were they ever going to end?

Just then, as he gazed over the heads of the reporters for a distraction, anything to get these nosy people off him, he spotted a figure just arriving at the start of the red carpet. Sighing in relief, his mouth stretched into a wide maniacal yet pleased grin as he informed them, “Speaking of the devil, there he is! Now go bugger off or something...”

As expected, once the reporters turned to look in the direction where the director indicated, they were all stunned . . . silly.

This . . . this was the actor for Deku, Midoriya Izuku?

A no-name rookie with no experience worth mentioning? 

This . . . wasn’t he a bit too plain?!

There was no other way around it, he really fell short of their expectations. Did this unknown newbie really out-act Mikumo Akatani during the auditions? Now they realized why Aizawa’s expression didn’t look right when they were pestering him just moments before. It was ridiculous to ask whether Mikumo Akatani or Midoriya Izuku was more attractive.

It was obvious that Mikumo Akatani had the advantage over the greenette with his dark and mysterious aura. The ravenette had seemed to be a shoo in for the role of Deku.

Still, they had to wonder what it was about Midoriya Izuku that the casting judges had liked about him. They watched as he walked down the center of the red carpet, waving at the cameras and taking a few stances to pose. Although this was Izuku’s first time walking the red carpet, he managed to find the right angles. After signing his name on the wall, it was time for the interview. 

The reporters found themselves put on the spot. They initially had prepared questions like: ‘Do you think you’ll be able to play an imp like Deku with looks like that?’ or ‘Who do you think is more handsome, you or Mikumo Akatani?’ or ‘Rumor has it that you were specially picked outside of official channels, was there a reason for that?’

Now it seemed a bit harsh to be asking degrading questions as such, especially while he was waiting patiently for them to begin, gentle and innocent. Anyone who wasn’t blind could tell that nothing had happened behind the scenes—just one look at his honest plain face was enough evidence! 

Thus the reporters had to spin up questions on the fly. One with particularly sharp eyes narrowed in on Izuku’s clothing and asked, “Mr. Midoriya, if may I ask, is the suit you’re wearing a customized piece from Bakugou Masaru? Specifically, from his limited edition spring line of this year?”

Izuku struggled to keep a straight face, keeping himself from looking down at the suit he wore. What the . . . this was personally designed by Bakugou Masaru, Bakugou Katsuki’s father?! He had only thought that it was surprisingly comfortable, admiring the silky, soft material, but had he just casually put on something worth millions?! He really should’ve been more suspicious when Ashido Mina had asked her boss for permission to tailor it for a better fit...

Just what was Bakugou Katsuki thinking?!

But what was more terrifying still had yet to come, when the same reporter who had successfully named the origins of his clothing then asked, “Were you styled by the Alien Queen?”

What the heck? You can even see that? Izuku thought in amazement, as he tried to discreetly examine himself for Ashido Mina’s signature. What kind of eyesight did this reporter even have?!

“Wait, nevermind, I must be mistaken...” Luckily for the Omega, the reporter took back her question before he could attempt to reply. Izuku was an artist from Golden Age after all, so how could he get the one and only Alien Queen to style him when she was the personal stylist of Ground Zero’s Hadou Nejire? Shaking her head at the impossibility, the reporter figured that he was most likely wearing an imitation of Bakugou Masaru’s design and had been styled by a fanatic of Ashido Mina.

Izuku heaved a huge sigh of relief. Terrified that they would continue this line of questioning, he quickly spoke up to change the topic. “Today is the opening ceremony for [Zero to Hero]. Everyone, please feel free to ask questions directly related to the movie!”

“Then, Mr. Midoriya, is this your first time acting in a movie?” asked someone else in the crowd.

“Of course not. I’ve been acting way back since my days in university, but they were small roles and short scenes, so I wouldn’t be surprised if no one recognizes me,” Izuku answered honestly, not minding at all that his resumé was rather lacking. The media could easily dig out that part of his past, so it was best to be upfront and open about it.

“What kind of roles have you played before?” 

Although it was a normal question, the type that one should be expecting and prepared for with little-to-none reputation and fame, it still caught him off guard. It was a bit awkward for Izuku to answer, but he couldn’t ignore the question either.

“I’ve acted as—” Izuku started to list out all the roles he had played in America and since his return to Japan. During his time studying overseas, he had spent nearly all his free time acting. He had held a few roles in quite a number of well-known skits, dramas and films. Having a resume like Izuku’s really wasn’t easy considering how most movies didn’t like or have a need for foreign actors. That, or they were prejudiced against Omegas.

He carefully touched on his experiences abroad, tactfully avoiding any hints of his relationship history overseas. Although he hadn’t done anything immoral and dated normally, the identities of his exes were all a little too eye-catching...

What Izuku needed the most right now was a role that he could publicly and proudly claim that he had starred as. If his debut was surrounded by rumors and gossip on his exes, having the public focused on his personal life might receive enough attention for him to become a hot topic overnight if he was lucky. While that would give him a moment of popularity, it could stunt the potential growth of his career.

Izuku did his best to recall all the roles he had done before, but the reporters were somewhat speechless at the list.

“—wizard, rabbit hybrid, bookstore keeper, bystander #5, fairy, barista, student-teacher aide, villager, scientist, foreign prince #7, a fox spirit, NPC #31, a stalker, brain-dead zombie #96—”

It made sense that a rookie like himself would play such roles, but why did he look so happy as he named them?

Eventually, someone asked, “Why are all your roles unimportant extras? Or more specifically, of the villainous variety?”

Izuku obviously couldn’t openly blame his manager, so he answered rather cheerfully, “Actually, I’ve never noticed. Acting is what I love the most, and every character, every role has its own charm, whether they be big or small!”

Following that, the reporters continued their questions. Without skipping a beat, Izuku answered them confidently, charming them with his simple and easy going demeanor. Hizashi kept nodding in approval as he watched from the side, “Midoriya is really something! With his charisma, why hasn’t he made it big yet after one year?”

Aizawa sighed heavily and answered meaningfully, “Either the upper echelons of Golden Age are blind, or...” he trailed off and gave his mate a knowing look. Clearly, someone in Golden Age was purposefully limiting Izuku’s exposure. 

Hizashi looked sympathetic, his face full of pity and regret. “What a waste of perfectly good talent!”

“It’s fine. He has us now, doesn’t he?” 

At that moment, Itsuki’s nails were digging into her palms, her face twisted as she fought to keep her composure at this intolerable scene on the red carpet. When she had Mineta deliberately notify her brother of the event just one hour before it started, Izuku was supposed to be unprepared, late and made into a laughing stock at the opening ceremony. 

Instead, somehow he pulled off a fashionably late entrance, stealing her spotlight!

And where did he even get those clothes? If it really was designed and made by Bakugou Masaru, how in the world was he able to afford them? His clothes could possibly be rented or counterfeited, but then who had styled him?

To think that she had underestimated that country bumpkin!

“Itsuki!” She turned to see another reporter pointing his microphone at her, “Seeing as Izuku is your junior, is there any thoughts you’d like to share regarding his acting abilities?”

Itsuki instantly returned to her elegant demeanor as she replied, “He has the skills to accurately portray Deku’s character, and I trust Director Aizawa’s eyes when he made the final decision for the cast, so I believe that my junior definitely won’t let us down!”

When asked about Izuku, Itsuki was filled with generous praises and compliments. Those who weren’t in the know would assume that she was trying to support him, but Izuku knew what she was up to. His sister wasn’t trying to help him—if anything, she was setting him up high on Jenga blocks, yanking out all the safe pieces just so the fall would be all the more satisfying to see. 

By singing Izuku praises up to heaven, she was sneakily raising up everyone’s expectations of the rookie so that later on, the smallest of mistakes would be seen as the biggest disappointment.

Izuku-nii, enjoy this while you can, she thought sinisterly, silently challenging his emerald with her granite, Wait until I push you down in front of everyone. You won’t ever be able to pull yourself back up!

Unfortunately for Itsuki, Izuku wasn’t about to let her get away with pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. He had stockpiled an entire arsenal of acting from the past five years he spent in America, and he had the confidence to back up every single one of her ‘fawning’ words.

You just want to put me at a disadvantage in front of the media, don’t you? 

Let’s wait and see if you'll succeed!


Chapter Text

Once the interview segment was finally over, Izuku finally relaxed and headed backstage, preparing to take a short break. Unfortunately, he ran into his manager, who immediately confronted him right on the spot. 

“Izuku—” he cringed at the sound of her ear-splitting voice, “—Just where did all this come from? Don’t you think for a second that the company will foot the bill! You’re only a side character, so what makes you think that you could steal Itsuki’s spotlight light like that, huh?” 

Izuku mock-pouted as he fiddled with his tie, taunting her right back, “I didn’t mean to . . . It’s just that someone told me about the ceremony at the very last-minute, so how is it my fault that I ended up like this?”

“Why you...” Knowing that there were people around them at the moment, Mineta could only keep her voice down and snapped, “You’d better behave and follow the rules when we go out to eat later! Don’t you dare do anything that’ll embarrass Golden Age. Itsuki doesn’t have a high alcohol tolerance, so remember to help her out with the drinks—do you understand?!”

“So you want me to play the white knight and receive the toasts on her behalf?" Izuku couldn’t help but laugh in disgust. “Mineta, have you finally lost your mind? She should count herself lucky if I don’t pour the drinks right over her head!”

Izuku already knew that Mineta had been bought over to Itsuki’s side, so he knew better than to trust her words. She could beg and scream all she wanted, but Izuku wasn’t buying it. Besides, he also knew that she was a coward, so even if he refused to play their games, there was only so much she could do with her position as his manager.

“Midoriya Izuku, who do you think you are?” She sneered at him. “You’ve only scored small supporting role, and you’ve already got yourself thinking that you’re all that?!”

Izuku was finally done with the conversation and turned to leave. He didn’t have the patience nor the drive to fight for the last word, and he really needed that break.

“Izuku, stop right there!”His manager screeched at his back. “I’m not done talking to you!”

“Stop?” he scoffed, rolling his eyes, “Why should I? I’m done with listening to your bullshit...”

Izuku continued walking without a care for her orders, turning at the corner to search for a quiet place. Mineta watched him go, feeling a strange sense of awe and panic simultaneously rising within her. For some reason, she had a premonition that she couldn’t rein him in any longer...

No, no, this won’t do! She shook her head, dismissing the silly thought. I need to take a firmer hold on this bastard. He must be stopped from surpassing Itsuki!



After the opening ceremony, there was a dinner banquet. All the cast members and everyone related to the production of the movie gathered together, merrily eating and drinking as they got to know each other. The atmosphere was very lively and relaxed.

Once Izuku had arrived, Horikoshi Kouhei the screenwriter was the first to stand up and greet him, speedily dragging the Omega over to sit at the empty seat beside him. Everyone could tell how pleased he was with this actor. 

The assistant director also noticed, and loudly announced, “Speaking of which, has anyone noticed that two of our cast members come from the same company, are under the same manager, and even have the same last name—Midoriya! What a coincidence, am I right?!”

How observant of you, Izuku drawled silently as he sipped his glass of water. What a coincidence indeed. However, their conditions were completely different.

One was a star of Golden Age, while the other was clawing his way up from the very bottom.

As they were speaking, the directors and producers all stood up suddenly to welcome someone who was walking in from the entrance. The biggest sponsor of [Zero to Hero], the chairman of the board of directors of Midoriya International, Midoriya Hisashi had arrived.

“We didn’t think that Chairman Midoriya would have the time to come to our little opening ceremony!” Mineta greeted him enthusiastically. Director Aizawa nodded in agreement, adding humbly, “It’s an honor to have you here.”

“Come, sit over here Chairman Midoriya!” The assistant director pulled over a seat so that he could sit next to Itsuki. 

“It’s fine,” Hisashi chuckled, “There‘s no need for you to go through the formalities. I’m only here to see my precious daughter.”

“Oh, Dad,” Itsuki smiled bashfully, “You spoil me too much!”

“You know, Itsuki’s always so busy, she never has any time for me! Even as her father, I have to personally make a trip here just to see her!” Although he sounded angry, his expression was anything but that, looking tenderly at her.

“Hahaha, she’s always so hardworking, you should be happy,” said Horikoshi encouragingly, “However, Itsuki, no matter how busy you are, you should always make time to visit your parents every once in a while!”

“I know, I know~! Dad, don’t be mad, I’ll be home for dinner tomorrow night!” Itsuki cajoled as she tugged on her father’s arm.

“Would you look at that! I need a director to help me talk to my own daughter before she agrees to come home for dinner!”

Daaad, there’s so many people here! At least let me have my pride!”

“Yes, yes, you’re my superstar! I can’t stay mad at you anymore!”

What a loving display of a father and his daughter, Izuku sneered internally. He thought that his heart had toughened itself over the years, but it still foolishly ached and tightened to the point that he felt like suffocating from the sickening sight. Seeing them together only reminded him of what he’d always longed for, but never received...

Although he couldn’t control his heart, he kept a calm mask on his face as he discussed the script with Horikoshi, as if he didn’t care about them. He was good at pretending and ignoring his own feelings, but other people could not do the same. Midoriya Hisashi’s gaze was like a knife stabbing right through him, as if Izuku was something shameful and disgusting.

As if he were an embarrassment just by being there.

In the end, Izuku couldn’t take the silent pressure any longer and excused himself to the restroom to escape increasingly stuffy room. He walked to an open window at the end of the corridor for some fresh air. Yanking out a cigarette and lighter from his wallet, he absentmindedly twirled them within his fingers, contemplating the pros and cons, before decisively shoving them back into his pockets.

He was still in the middle of quitting smoking. Today was the first time in a while he felt the urge to have a cancer stick. At least the cold night breeze blowing on his freckled face made him feel a little better.

Just then, footsteps sounded behind him. Izuku tensed and sniffed the air curiously, before his eyes flashed at that familiar repulsive scent of dill and hollyhock. The greenette steeled himself, face stony as he spoke up blandly, “What are you doing here, Chairman Midoriya?”

The other said nothing, looking down at the shorter disapprovingly. He didn’t seem to be too happy, releasing thick, hostile pheromones into the air.

Izuku looked down and smirked scornfully. Alphas. “Heh, Chairman Midoriya, back in the other room, you were also staring at me like this. May I ask why? After all, aren’t you afraid that everyone else might misunderstand your intentions towards me—?”

In the eyes of others, the Alpha was a sponsor with power while the Omega was a wannabe rookie actor. It would be very easy for outsiders to get the wrong idea about their relationship, and even easier to spread false rumors around them.

“You bastard, what the hell do you think you’re implying?” Hisashi was immediately enraged by Izuku’s shameless and disrespectful attitude towards him. It was a total 180 compared to how he treated Itsuki.

Izuku frowned, lifted and dropped his shoulders helplessly, carelessly. “I’m only stating the obvious—”

“You—!” The Alpha suddenly raised his hand and swung it at the greenette—

Only to have it stopped in mid-air by a smaller, scarred hand. Cold emeralds challenged livid garnet. Did he really think that Izuku was just going to stand there and take another hit from him? 

Izuku didn’t think so. He had no right.

Hisashi violently yanked back his hand right away. “Humph! You’d better back out of this role immediately! Stay out of the public eye in the future, and don’t bring me any more shame by making a fool out of yourself!”

Izuku’s expression turned frosty. “Oh? I got this role fair and square, so tell me, in what way is that shameful to you?”

“Are you seriously asking me that? You’re just copying whatever Itsuki wants to do! Just look at yourself, you can’t even measure up to her! You were so eager to enter the entertainment industry, and look at how far you’ve gotten!” The Alpha glared at him, disdain written all over his face.

“Have you already forgotten all about your little dirty secret? Are you looking forward to someone digging up your shameful scandal? Looking forward to killing the Midoriya family’s prestige?” 

To this day, there were people who still remembered and joked about Hisashi’s pup who had drunk the lemon water meant for cleaning hands and worn a revealing nightgown to a banquet. If they were to find out about the incident five years ago, then how could the prideful Alpha stand to face his social circles with them knowing that?

Izuku shook with silent anger and gritted his teeth. 

That heat, that Alpha, his pup . . .

His Achilles heel.

The Midoriya family had covered up everything, and Itsuki never spoke of it to outsiders from fear of exposing herself despite blackmailing her brother with that knowledge for so long . . . but it was still his worst nightmare. Izuku supposed that was the kindest thing that the Midoriya family had ever done for him, even though it was mostly for their own pride, shame and embarrassment.

“I’m being generous by giving you this chance to exit the stage on your own. If you don’t want it, then don’t blame me for not putting our relationship as father and son into consideration!”

“Oh, to think that we still have something like a father-son relationship between us...” Izuku jeered mockingly, “I’m surprised you can say that with a straight face!”

“Dad? Izuku-nii?” They turned to see Itsuki watching them, concerned. “What’s going on?”

Upon seeing his beloved daughter, the Alpha’s expression went from aggravated to loving instantly, “It’s nothing, you don’t need to worry about it, ‘Suki.” 

He immediately walked over to her side, wrapping a comforting arm around her bare shoulders to shield her from the cold. “You know, I was just thinking Itsuki, that when you head back you should ask your company to find someone better to be Deku.”

Midoriya Hisashi was going to use his power as the biggest sponsor to have Izuku replaced.

Itsuki celebrated internally, but her face seemed anxious. “Dad, why? Izuku-nii was chosen to play Deku!”

“It’s already good enough that he’s been doing small roles and cameos, but what were they thinking when they let him have that role? I’ve invested 30 million into this movie, and I'm not about to let it go to waste just so he can fool around however he wants!”

“But Daddy, Izuku-nii worked so hard to get into this movie—”

“Itsuki, I told you to stop speaking up for him! You already gave him so much credit in front of those reporters! Does he ever thank you for that? He doesn’t even deserve any of it!”

“But Izuku-nii is still your—”

“Silence! Never bring that up ever again. I’ve said it before, you are my precious daughter!”

“Okay Dad, I’m sorry.” She shifted her eyes down, seemingly apologetic. “I won’t talk about it anymore, so please don’t be mad, okay?”

“Good. I still have business to attend to, so I’ll be leaving first. If you can, help me convince him to stop being so stubborn!” The Alpha gave Izuku one last warning glower, as if he were threatening him to accept his fate before turning to leave. 

One he was gone, the well-behaved expression on Itsuki’s face slowly melted away as she spoke, her words sickly-sweet: “Izuku-nii, you can’t blame this one on me. I was planning on giving you a chance to prove yourself, only who would’ve thought that things would turn out this way. What a pity...”

“Hah...” Izuku exhaled a harsh, dry laugh. 

Who could’ve possibly guessed that in the end, the person to ruthlessly destroy all his efforts and toss him heartlessly back into the dust would be his own biological father?

He had worked hard for so long, devoted countless hours, days, into preparing for the role, and even endured so many obstacles just to audition, but for what? All his efforts were in vain, apparently...

Just like that, everything was gone . . .


It was nearly midnight by the time the banquet ended. It seems like time flew by when one was having fun with food and company, even more so while drinking all your problems away. Izuku didn’t think that he had drank that much, but once he hauled himself onto his feet, he wobbled unsteadily and his head throbbed achingly. 

So of course there was only one thing left to slam the final nail in his coffin of misery.

“Todoroki Shouto!”

Beside him, the remaining cast and crew tittered excitedly as they expressed their surprise once they noticed the Alpha’s approach. That signature red and silver hair, that perfectly tailored sapphire suit, those proud heterochromatic eyes, that princely aura . . . who else could it be?

“Ah! It’s Young Master Todoroki! He’s so handsome!”

“He’s actually a hundred times better looking in person than his pictures!”

“Is he here to pick up Itsuki? Ah, I’m so jealous!”

“I know right? She has a great acting career, an impressive family background, and to top it all off, a handsome boyfriend!”

“As expected of a ‘Winner at Life’!”

“Pshhh, people like her were winners as soon as they were born!”

“Do we even have the right to be jealous of that?!”

Using the wall for support, Izuku watched the Alpha walk towards his girlfriend. The Todoroki family had been doing quite well during these past few years, and Shouto’s social status had risen accordingly. Izuku could no longer see any trace of the youth of their past in him.

That sickly pup who had been living in the countryside to recuperate from an internal family conflict, the warm and gentle youth who had once spent countless nights of reading him comic books of All Might — he had died within the passing of time...

“Shouto-nii, what are you doing here? Didn’t I say that you didn’t need to pick me up?” Itsuki skipped over to her man happily.

“I was worried. It’s raining outside.” He took off his jacket to drape it around her bare shoulders, appraising her appearance anxiously, “Why are you wearing so little?”

She was pleased. “Oh you! I’m a grown woman, I can wear whatever I like!”

Izuku felt like he had been jinxed today. Not only was he forced to watch Itsuki’s show of parental affection from earlier, but he was also treated to a lovey-dovey scene between her and his ex. His sister really didn’t hold back when it came to rubbing the truth of reality in his face.

But it seemed like she wasn’t satisfied with just letting him watch on, for she hugged the Alpha’s arm and purposefully led him over to her brother, saying warmly, “Izuku-nii, you seem to be quite drunk. Why don’t you join us? I’ll have my boyfriend drop you off on the way!”

Itsuki deliberately emphasized the word ‘boyfriend’, delighting in the pain reflected in his eyes. It was only after she had said his name did Shouto notice Izuku leaning against the wall. His heterochromatic pupils abruptly tightened upon seeing him.

Midoriya Izuku . . .

It had been a long time.

During the years the Omega spent in America, they hadn’t met even once after the incident. Even after Izuku had returned, the Alpha had only caught a few glimpses of him from afar whenever he went to pick up his girlfriend from the company. He was not prepared for what he saw, caught completely off-guard by the greenette’s appearance. Izuku had changed so much that Shouto almost couldn’t recognize him. Gone was the pup who wore his green hair in messy braids and liked to make flower crowns for them to wear, who used to stay up late at night begging to read just one more All Might comic... 

Instead, what stood before him was a blossoming Omega, unruly curls somehow tamed by a monstrous amount of hair gel, dressed in flattering suit that emphasized his shapely figure, raking his cold yet alluring emerald eyes over him disinterestedly...

As if they had nothing to do with each other. 

Noticing Shouto’s dazed look at her brother, a dark emotion flashed across Itsuki’s maroon eyes before she tugged at her boyfriend’s arm with a hint of impatience to break up this moment, “Shouto-nii, what do you say?”

The Alpha immediately emerged from his reverie and regained his senses. “Yes, let’s go together.”

“Izuku . . . Izuku-nii? Are you okay?” She looked at him mockingly, pretending to be caring.

He waved his hand at them nonchalantly and shook his head, instantly regretting that action as another wave of nausea rolled through his brain. The Omega ruefully held his aching head. Because of the alcohol, his mind was growing increasingly hazy and muddled, his heart was beating faster, and his blood was practically rushing backwards.

There was a beast roaring furiously inside, who wanted nothing more than to break free and rip up the two pretentious faces in front of him to shreds...

“No thanks...” Izuku turned and stumbled off towards the restrooms before he could lose control of himself in front of everyone.

Itsuki sneered at her brother’s sorry-looking figure, rejoicing in her victory before switching up her mask for one of hurt and pain to look at the Alpha, tears already threatening to fall. “Shouto-nii, I don’t think Izuku-nii will ever forgive me . . . I-I’m already trying to do my best to make it up to him . . . N-no matter what I do for him, h-he’s al-always like this. I really don’t know what else I can do...” She clung to her boyfriend’s chest, hiding her tearful face from the crowd.

“Don’t worry, that’s just how Izuku is. He just needs more time. I’m sure he’ll be able to forgive you.” He consoled her in a soft voice, oblivious that her trembling form was actually shaking in silent laughter.


Outside the hotel, the remains of the crew were excitedly admiring Shouto’s high-end car.

“I just looked it up, this Snow Apple Red Glass Cannon Speedster is worth at least 100 million, it’s so expensive!”

“Woah, I want a rich boyfriend too! How long do you think that’ll take?”

“Haha, keep on dreaming! It’s possible, but you’ll probably end up with one of those old, fat or gross Alphas instead!”

“The keyword here is handsome, H-A-N-D-S-O-M-E, okay?”

“Pshhh, good-luck with that! Itsuki really lucked out!”

As everyone chattered amongst themselves, they spotted Itsuki and her boyfriend leaving the hotel together. The picture of a handsome man and a beautiful woman walking side-by-side was simply a feast for the eyes. They all looked on enviously as Shouto held the door open for her, stepping into the luxurious vehicle and still wearing his jacket. They watched the shiny red car drive off into the distance, sighing longingly.

However, not too long after that car disappeared from their sights, the roar of an engine could be heard approaching them. They turned their heads to see silver-white sports car zooming past them and stopping right in front of the hotel. Their eyes comically bulged out of their faces.

T-This car . . . was too damn outstanding!

That handsome, low chassis, smooth body, shiny wheels and eye-catching scissor doors, it was practically a work of art . . . no, a masterpiece!

Most importantly, the price tag of such vehicle . . .

“What the—! T-That . . . I-Isn’t that a United States Smash Plus Ultra: Limited Edition?”

“But isn’t that the world’s most expensive car? It costs over a billion at least, doesn’t it?”

“Oh my God . . .”

“Just who is the owner of this monster?!”


Inside the car, Katsumi waited for a response for his text message, staring intensely at the phone he held as if that would bring what he wanted sooner. Bakugou unfastened his seatbelt. “I’m going in to take a look. Wait here for me.”

The pup immediately latched onto his sleeve, indicating that he wanted to go as well.The Alpha gave his son a contemplative look. “If he’s drunk, I’m carrying only one of you.”

Katsumi angrily puffed up his cheeks. He was a big boy now. He didn’t need anyone to carry him!

Bakugou’s expression darkened. “How unfortunate. After what you pulled off last night, my trust in you has hit rock bottom. Not to mention what happened just recently, do you really think I’m about to risk you getting lost again?”

Katsumi dropped his little head, looking disappointed. Realizing that he had been too harsh, he tousled his son’s ash blond hair reassuringly. “I’ll be right back.”

As the Alpha opened the door, he barked one last order over his shoulder: “Iida, bring the car to the underground parking lot.”

“Yes, sir.”

Under the curious gazes of the excited crowd gathered at the hotel entrance, one of the doors finally opened, the sobering scent of ALPHA smacking their faces. An ash blond stepped out, wearing a steel grey suit and his thunderous aura exerted a tremendous pressure. A wave of flabbergasted screams rang out once they recognized his handsome yet fearsome face.




“So he owns this car? That makes so much sense now. Besides him, who else could own such a car?”

“Compared to Master Bakugou, the Todoroki family is nothing!”

“Signature! I need a signature . . . uhhhh, SIGN MY PANTIES!”

“Haha, you’re hilarious—wait, are you serious? You’re actually gonna do it—?!”

“Oh my God, she’s actually taking them off—”

“Someone, stop her—!”


“He’s so hot! Even better looking than most celebrities!”

“Obviously! He’s an all-natural beauty!”

“And he smells so delicious!”

“If only he went into modeling or something!”

“Psssh, dream on! We’re already so lucky to be seeing him in person like this!”

Bakugou ignored their catcalls and swiftly entered the hotel. Even so, they continued their curious conversation.

“Doesn’t he usually have bodyguards to protect him? What’s he doing here all alone for?”

“Who knows? It’s not like he’s here to meet someone.”

“It’s a shame that an outstanding Alpha like him has no one by his side. I wonder why...”

“Isn’t it obvious? He’s an ace!”

“No way! If he’s an ace, then where did his son come from?”

“I have a theory! I think Bakugou Katsuki’s the sentimental type, and he’s still hung up on his pup’s mother. His feelings for her are so deep, he kept her secret this whole time!” 


By the time Bakugou arrived at the top floor of the hotel, he discovered that the rest of the cast and crew was gone, leaving the room empty. The group of people waiting outside must’ve been the last of them, but the greenette hadn’t been standing with them.

He tried calling with his phone as he searched the corridors. No one picked up. As he passed by the restrooms, he finally heard a phone ringing. 

A phone call is here! A phone call—!’

That was the nerd’s ringtone, no doubt about it.

Bakugou didn’t hesitate and immediately barged in, to see Izuku wasted out of his mind, pink-faced, sprawled out on the floor and leaning against one of the stall doors. The Omega must’ve been so out of it if he couldn’t hear his obnoxious ringtone echoing in the restroom. 

He had kicked off his shoes, one waiting by the door beside the entrance and the other found itself peeking out of one of the sinks. Somehow his perfectly gelled hair had broken free from its gel prison, hanging messily all over his freckled face. The drunk greenette looked completely different from the person Mina had styled earlier, the cheerful person who Bakugou had watched walk the red carpet happily just hours before.

A trace of sympathy flickered in the Alpha’s eyes as he went over to pick up Izuku’s shoes. After retrieving them, Bakugou put his arm around the Omega’s waist to support him up. He was about to help the shorter put his shoes on when Izuku suddenly grabbed onto the stall door handle. Glazed emeralds locked onto him and widened, filled with fear and caution.

“Who are you . . . ?”

“Bakugou Katsuki,” answered the Alpha.

“Bakugou Katsuki...” Izuku echoed, slightly entranced by his attractive appearance, before flipping a switch and abruptly bellowing, “You liar! Do you think I’m an idiot? What the hell would Bakugou Katsuki be doing here?!”

Bakugou Katsuki felt speechless. He was here to pick up this drunk idiot apparently. “I’m not lying.”

“Nooo . . . you’re lying...” the Omega warbled, curling up and trembling, “Not going . . . I don’t wanna go with you...” Drunk Izuku was like a frightened bunny, completely on guard against the ash blond. Seeing as Izuku was being stubborn and refused to leave, all Bakugou could do was put down the shoes and make an attempt to coax him.

“Then, what do I need to do to make you believe me?”

“Show me your ID!” Izuku demanded, eyeing the other suspiciously as if he were a cop inspecting a drunk driver when it was clearly the other way around. The edge of Bakugou’s lips twitched in amusement, and like a good civilian, he took out his wallet and handed over his ID. 

Izuku’s face scrunched up adorably as he shakily brought up the card to his line of sight, his eyes almost touching the printed lettering as he read, “Ba . . . ku . . . gou . . . Ka . . . zu . . . Ka-chu-ki?” 

He grimaced as he struggled over pronouncing the last syllables of the Alpha’s name, his eyesight going blurry as he attempted to read out loud. 

“Ka-bu-ki . . . Ka-zu-bi? . . . Ka-na-ki . . . Ka-tu-ki? . . . Ka-bu-to?”

Eventually, he gave up and asked rather sweetly, “Can I just call you Kacchan?”

“Kacchan?” Bakugou raised his eyebrows skeptically. That came out of nowhere.

“Yeah!” Izuku nodded eagerly. “You look more like a Kacchan than a Ka-tu-ti . . . Katana?”

“Sure, whatever you want,” answered Bakugou, feeling oddly satisfied by the childish nickname. Even though it was far more suitable for his pup, for some reason, the term of endearment sounded strangely appealing to his ears. “Can we go now?”

“No! I’m not going with you!” The Omega became even more agitated. “You’re Lord Explosion Murder! . . . Not going, not going, notgoing—”

Lord Explosion Murder...?” Bakugou’s face darkened. So that’s what the greenette thought of him? He thought he had treated the shorter nicely enough...

As the two were stuck in a stalemate, suddenly the sound of footsteps could be heard outside. “Midoriya . . . Midoriya, are you still here?” 

It was Horikoshi Kouhei, the screenwriter. Since Izuku was a rookie and wasn’t well-acquainted with anyone else in the film crew, only Horikoshi had noticed that he hadn’t returned yet from the restroom, so the Beta had came back to look for him.

Bakugou cursed under his breath, and quickly scooped up Izuku before the Horikoshi came in, rushing into one of the stalls and locking the door. The Beta entered the restroom and looked around. The ash blond could see the screenwriter’s shoes just outside the stall door as he struggled to contain the wiggly Omega in his arms. He quickly covered the shorter’s mouth with his hand before he could cry out in alarm.


The sound of their ruckus caught Horikoshi’s attention. “Midoriya?”

Hearing his voice closing in on them, Bakugou’s face darkened to the point that he could’ve been wearing a mask. It was at this moment that Izuku decided to bite the hand Bakugou had over his mouth, digging in with his teeth real hard. The Alpha bit his lip in frustration as he silently fought to hold back a stream of frustrated curses.

When was the last time he had been stuck in a situation more troublesome than this?

After taking a deep breath, Bakugou spoke up in an irritated, hoarse voice, “You little minx . . . What’s the hurry for . . . I’ll give it to you now...”

Horikoshi was just about to knock on the door when he heard that ambiguous voice. He froze for a moment, sniffing the sudden wave of Alpha pheromones before understanding the situation, face heating up in embarrassment as he rushed out hurriedly. The screenwriter hadn’t thought that he’d actually run into a couple doing ‘that’ in there of all places!

This place was a hotel, right? Why couldn’t they just get a room?

He really couldn’t understand other people’s preferences!

But if Midoriya wasn’t there, then where was he?

There was one thought that never crossed his mind: that one of the two doing ‘that’ in the stall was none other than the one he had been searching for, Midoriya Izuku!

Upon hearing the sound of footsteps receding from outside the stall, Bakugou exhaled sharply in relief. Crisis averted. His reputation was safe. He took a seat on the toilet and loosened his tie with one hand as he wrestled the struggling Omega onto his lap with the other, forcibly holding him down.

Stop being so noisy!” He hissed darkly, his scent instinctively rushing out in full force to envelope the room in his pheromones to subdue the other. 

Otherwise, he wouldn’t mind doing ‘that’ for real...

Seeing that terrifying aura, it ended up shocking Izuku so badly that he started hiccuping. Watery emeralds looked up at the ash blond accusingly as if Bakugou had bullied him. Seeing that pitiful expression, Bakugou could only try to soften his features, patting Izuku’s back as he tried to console frightened Omega. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have scared you...”

But that only seemed to make things worse, as Izuku trembled and tears started rolling endlessly down his freckled cheeks.

Bakugou Katsuki was dumbfounded.

How could this Omega be so much harder to coax than his own pup?

“T-Those fuckin’ bastards!” Izuku wailed, suddenly throwing a punch at the Alpha. Bakugou reflexively dodged, ruby eyes widening at the miniature crater made in the wall behind them with his small, scarred fist. Judging by the strength of that smash, it could’ve dislocated his jaw.

“I mean,” he went on as if he didn’t just attack the ash blond seconds ago, “Who do the fuck they think they are?!”

Bakugou raised an eyebrow, although thoroughly entertained, he was unsure whether he should reprimand the Omega for using such language or not. Although he was no saint himself, seeing as his vocabulary was very rich back in his younger days, Izuku looked adorable, all flushed pink as he swore and swayed drunkenly on Bakugou’s lap. 

“Those sh-shit nuggets...”

Despite his drunkenness, somehow his Omegan nature understood that the Alpha was being very warm and gentle, sensing no bad intentions. Gradually, Izuku let his guard down and relaxed, vaguely mumbling under his breath, “I-I’m just a-a little u-upset . . . hic . . . a-all my hard wo-ork . . . hic! . . . down the dra-ain ju-ust like that! . . . hic! . . . yo-ou think you can p-push me d-down . . . hic! . . . I-I could do tha-at if, if I wa-anted to . . . hic! . . . or else, or else . . . I’mmahic!I-I’mma go find a-ah . . . a big leg to hug!”

He looked up at Bakugou in drunken determination, nodding slowly. “I’m gonna . . . gonna go . . . find one—hic!—right now!”

The ash blond smirked down at him. Why did he want to hug someone’s leg? “Why don’t you just hug your own legs? They should be thick enough, right?” 

“Silly Kacchan!” Izuku pouted, tempting the Alpha with his jutting pink bottom lip, “T-That’s not how it—hic!—it wo-orks!”

Feeling bold, Bakugou picked up the greenette’s hand and placed it on his lap. “Then, what about mine?”

Izuku randomly squeezed the muscles of Bakugou’s toned thighs, feeling them all over the place, then abruptly raged, “No, it’s not! You lied to me again, Kacchan! They’re not thick enough!”

Bakugou deadpanned. To think that the Omega would dare to reject him just because his legs weren’t ‘thick enough’... Of all things to get judged on?!

What made things worse was that Izuku’s hands kept wandering and touched a place that shouldn’t have been touched, and even patted him there. “Hm? What’s this...? So annoying . . . it poked me...”

His voice was filled with disdain.

Bakugou’s face was darker than the pitch black of a moonless, starless night.

If he let the Omega continue like this, then the Alpha might do something he might regret...

Seeing as the intruder who they had been hiding from was already long gone, Bakugou quickly unlocked the door and carried Izuku out of the restroom, who blessedly made no complaint during the whole way down. Once they made their way down to the underground parking lot, they were immediately greeted by Kaminari waving at them from the passenger seat.

“Bakubro, you’re finally here!”

“What are you doing here?” Bakugou frowned. “And where’s Iida?”

“I went over to your place to look for you, but you and Katsumi weren’t there, so I followed your location tracker here!” The Beta said proudly. “And I had Iida drive my car back.”

“But Bakubro, what happened to our bro code? When did you even get this car? It’s even cooler than the one you gave me, and I didn’t even know that you had this!” He complained as he patted the dashboard, feeling resentful and envious.

The Alpha ignored him and carried Izuku into the backseat. Kaminari turned his head to stare at them, his citrine eyes zooming in on the pair’s disheveled clothing. A knowing look surfaced on his face. Could it be that they...?

“Where did you pick him up? And why did you guys take so long? Just look at Katsumi, he almost became one with the window!”

The pup immediately pounced on the Omega once Bakugou set him upright on the seat. He was initially concerned that Izuku would become rowdy again when Katsumi approached him, but the greenette only looked at the pup for a few seconds before scooping him up into his arms to cuddle Katsumi like a plushie.

Bakugou brushed off the Beta’s questions, methodically removing his tie and coat as he asked, “What happened today?”

Happy about Bakugou’s silent acknowledgement of his investigation skills, Kaminari immediately replied excitedly, “From what I heard, everything went smoothly! You even had Mina style him, so of course Midoriya successfully charmed everyone. The media’s comments on him are all positive!”

“Who did he meet tonight?”

Kaminari did his best to remember the list of names. “Um, besides the cast and filming crew, Midoriya Hisashi showed up halfway. Other than him, there was...” he snuck a glance at the silent Alpha before continuing, “Todoroki Shouto. I’m guessing that he got this drunk because he saw him with Itsuki, his rival at Golden Age . . . He must be hurting a lot inside...”

Even though the Beta had picked his words carefully, Bakugou’s face still turned black in an instant. He looked terrifying, as if he were a king about to enter a war.

“Uh,” Kaminari coughed nervously, “There’s nothing else that I can think of that could make him this drunk. Midoriya was never serious with the people he dated overseas; they were always flings. Once he’s done with his exes, he dumps them for good. But still, Todoroki is probably the only one he ever really fell in love with.”

It probably would’ve been better if he had kept his mouth shut after that. After his attempt to smooth things over, the ash blond looked even worse, like a serial killer on the verge of starting a murdering spree.

The Beta felt speechless at the sight, thinking exasperatedly, Hey, you two aren’t even together yet, so why do you look so mad?

He couldn’t help but grumble, “Bakubro, if you’re seriously planning on courting Midoriya, then at least bring him over to Ground Zero first. It’s not going to be easy as long as he’s signed with Golden Age! From what I know, he’s constantly being held back by Itsuki there!”

Bakugou Katsuki glanced in the rearview mirror with an unreadable expression to watch the Omega dozing off in the backseat. 

“It’s not time yet.”


Back at the Bakugou residence, another problem arose after they got out of the car.

Once emeralds locked onto the United States Smash Plus Ultra: Limited Edition, Izuku immediately threw himself onto its hood, clinging onto the vehicle as if he’d rather die than leave the car behind, with a starry-eyed expression as if it were made out of dreams and unicorn skin.

“Uwaaaaah! What a beauty! Baby, have we met somewhere before?” Izuku asked flirtatiously, running a finger over a windshield wiper in an ambiguous manner.

Bakugou’s expression went through several transformations, a prominent vein pulsing on his forehead as he watched the shorter tease and sweet-talk the vehicle.

He had gone through hell bringing the drunk Omega back, risking his reputation in the process, but Izuku hadn’t shown him a single inch of gratitude. He even dared to call him Lord Explosion Murder to his face. Now he was hugging the car and calling it his baby?

“Ahahaha! Bakubro, are you seriously getting jealous of a car?” Kaminari lost it at the Alpha’s unpleasant facial expression. “Serves you right for driving it. When Midoriya was living in America, he was a racing fanatic! He owns a motorbike, remember? So obviously he can’t resist the allure of the world’s top sports car!”

However, he soon realized that there was someone who was even more jealous than Bakugou Katsuki.

And that was Bakugou Katsumi.

Seeing that his personal nickname ‘baby’ had been stolen by a car, the little pup was on the verge of tears.

As for the one responsible for the ash blond duo’s unhappiness, Izuku was still running his hands all over the vehicle with an infatuated gaze. “Baby, why don’t you join me in looking at the moon and stars tonight? We’ll talk about poetry and the philosophy of life... I promise I won’t do anything bad to you...”

He moved away from stroking the sunroof lovingly and squatted in front of the car, staring right into the headlights as if they were eyes to United States Smash Plus Ultra: Limited Edition’s cold, dead soul, sighing longingly, “Ah, you’re too handsome, too dreamy... too irresistible! I really want to marry you!”

Bakugou’s knuckles cracked ominously, itching for some violence. The Omega had reacted as if the Alpha were a savage barbarian when he offered his own hand in marriage, but now the greenette was actually proposing to a freaking car?

“Glasses,” Bakugou growled murderously, rolling up his sleeves, “Bring me the sledgehammer. And the blowtorch.”

“Right away, sir.” Iida bowed before going off to search for his master’s requested items, completely unfazed by Bakugou’s intentions. But Kaminari Denki was.

“Ah!” He immediately stopped laughing and cried out in protest, “Don’t listen to him! Bakubro, calm down! This car is worth almost two billion! If you don’t want it, then give it to me! I guarantee that you won’t ever see it againwo0OAAAH!”

As the Beta petitioned to save the car (for himself), he didn’t notice Izuku creeping up from behind him until the wasted-looking Omega suddenly grabbed his arm and threw him over his shoulder. 


“You want to take my baby from me?!” His freckled face was full of nightmarish intent, similar to the night before when he nearly went berserk on the Alpha. Not entirely going feral, but frighteningly overprotective as a drunk just for a car.

“Good sir, please spare me...” Kaminari pitifully curled up and held his bruised body. He’d forgotten that Izuku was a stuntman before he became an actor, so of course he would know a defensive maneuver or two. He felt like he lost half of his life from that toss.

After successfully getting rid of the threat, Izuku dove into the driver’s seat and hugged the steering wheel, as if United States Smash Plus Ultra: Limited Edition had suffered a huge fright from the Beta’s careless words. “Don’t be afraid... Why you ask? . . . because I’m here, I’m here...”

“Master Bakugou...” Iida began uncertainly, stupefied by the spectacle he was witnessing. 

“It’s fine.” Bakugou could feel a headache coming on as he made a dismissive gesture, indicating for the butler to leave. He looked at his pup, who was in a daze as he watched his favorite person fawn over the car. “Katsumi, go to your room and sleep.” 

His son shook his head, stubborn as usual when it came to listening to his father.

Bakugou understood how he felt, but went on solemnly, “You know, Omegas don’t like it when the person they care the most about can see them at their worst.”

Hmm... Care the most about? Katsumi took a moment to consider that, before nodding decisively and following Iida back inside the house obediently. Kaminari’s eyes bulged out comically. “Are you serious, Bakubro? You’re even tricking your own pup?!”

“What are you still doing here?” The ash blond glared at the pointless extra.

“I want you to feel the wrath of this giant mega-watt light bulb!” Kaminari declared defiantly, starfishing himself on the ground.

That murderous glower pierced deep into his soul, a lifetime promise of death threats dancing in his crimson, gruesome flaring eyes as they screamed: LEAVE or DIE!

“Fine, I get it, I’m leaving...” The Beta got up reluctantly and made his way to the house, just stopping in front of the gate to look back. An Alpha, an Omega, and a sports car... as if nothing was going to happen between them, right...?

Heheheh, looks like that 63x optical zoom range camera I bought recently is finally going to come in handy!


“Wha-what do you want?” Izuku demanded guardedly, tightly gripping onto the steering wheel as Bakugou opened the passenger door and sat in the shotgun seat. “What’re tryin’ to do to my baby?”

“Heh, your baby?” Bakugou asked mockingly as he leaned back in his seat, his tone darkening. “I won’t do anything to your baby...”

Hah . . . what did he want?

It was best if the greenette never found out...

Bakugou felt overheated in his white dress shirt, his collar was too tight and constricting, threatening to cut off his air flow, so he violently ripped open the first button, then the next button, and then the next button...

Izuku was cautiously watching the ash blond the moment he entered the vehicle. Seeing the Alpha suddenly unbuttoning his shirt and revealing that fine, solid sculpted chest, the Omega became so entranced that he even forgot all about his precious baby, United States Smash Plus Ultra: Limited Edition.

Bakugou didn’t notice those emerald eyes on him, too preoccupied with seething and suppressing his ridiculous, unreasonable jealousy over an expensive hunk of metal as he yanked out a cigarette box and a lighter from his side pocket. To think that he had actually fallen so low!

He lit up the cigarette and fiercely took a long, deep drag, before exhaling a curling trail of smoke, muttering, “Thinking about this stuff gets me so annoyed...”

The moment Bakugou took out the box of cigarettes, Izuku was already past the point of resistance. He stared at the ash blond unblinkingly, the slight bob of his Adam’s apple, the white cigarette held loosely between his lips, and the smoke slowly rising from his mouth...

As Bakugou calmed himself down, he finally realized how quiet the inside of the car was, turning his head to see Izuku’s thirsty expression.

For a second, the Alpha was almost fooled by that ravenous look; then he realized that it was not him the greenette was staring so intently at. The Omega was ‘thirsty’ for the cigarette hanging from his lips.

The only thing Kaminari was good at was gathering information. Inside the background intel the Beta had sent him earlier, everything was very thorough and detailed, from the Midoriya family history to his hobbies—even the tiniest detail of him trying to quit smoking had been included. 

Bakugou instantly figured out that Izuku was having smoke cravings.

So he couldn’t match up to an old flame? He could deal with that. It was fine if a car was more attractive than him; that was completely understandable. But now . . . he had actually lost to a freaking cigarette...

Bakugou Katsuki wasn’t sure if this was the most frustrated or the most insecure he had ever felt in his entire life.

He slowly smoked his cancer stick as these thoughts churned unpleasantly inside his head. The red glow of the cigarette’s lit end was reflected in his eyes, giving them a sinister light as his low voice rumbled in the car, “Want some?”

Izuku nodded eagerly, unaware if he was attracted to the cigarette or the Alpha beside him.

Bakugou flicked away the ashes, and took one more drag of the cigarette under the Omega’s bold stare. In the next instant, he suddenly leaned over and firmly pressed his tobacco-flavored lips against the greenette’s own.

Izuku went wide-eyed as the scent of smoke and spice overwhelmed his senses, hot air flaring at his mouth before something soft forced its way inside, a puff of fumes flowing in unobstructed...

Taken completely by surprise, he choked and jerked away, coughing hoarsely from inhaling the smoke. Bakugou took another hit of the remaining half of the cigarette calmly as he watched the other wheeze until tears welled up in his green eyes. The shorter looked even more alluring with those glittering eyes, tempting the ash blond to tease him again.

“Want more?”

As he suffered through his sudden coughing fit, Izuku glared angrily at Bakugou as if he were a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It wasn’t his fault that he was distracted and unprepared!

“Heh...” Bakugou chuckled as he took amusement in his upset expression. He took one last inhale of the cigarette before stubbing it out on the ashtray, leaning in once more to crowd into Izuku’s face, hovering over his lips.

Izuku subconsciously tried to escape, only to be held in place by a firm hand gripping his chin. A low, rough voice spoke enticingly at the sensitive edge of his ear, “Relax, I’ll do it slowly this time. Enjoy it well.”

And before he knew it, another wave of brutal, almost savage smoke-flavored kisses flooded his consciousness. Izuku was kissed and kissed over and over again, his mind becoming a clouded mess from all of the attention. 

The only thing he was still aware of was that the Alpha before him was more dangerous than a nicotine addiction.


The seat behind him fell back, and Bakugou’s burning hot body followed him down. Izuku did his best to keep up, keeping his mouth open as the Alpha took what he wanted, resting his hands on the ash blond’s shoulders, but his eyelids drooped dangerously lower and lower, lower and lower, until he finally sank into the darkness...

Sensing a lack of a reaction from the body below him, Bakugou pulled back and noticed that Izuku had fallen fast asleep, even daring to snore a bit. The spark in his eyes died down and the flaming passion in his heart abruptly disappeared.

Was he going crazy? What was he doing, getting all serious with a drunk?

It had only been three days.

They’d only known each other for three days.

What was he in a rush for? His attraction to this Omega made no sense.

From the very first moment Bakugou Katsuki met Midoriya Izuku, he had a feeling that he had finally fulfilled his purpose in life when he picked the greenette up back in the storeroom, as if he had found the missing piece to the puzzle of his existence. His Alpha instincts immediately demanded that he take him right away.

To claim. To mate. To BOND

Yet for some reason, Bakugou was taking things slow, something that was out of his usual style, always thinking twice over every step of the way in consideration of the Omega’s feelings. Despite all of his efforts, Izuku seemed to be afraid of him, never once seriously considering the Alpha as a potential partner, and had always drew a line between them.

He would rather hug a stranger’s thigh than be Bakugou’s mate.

They say that if the old couldn’t be forgotten and left behind, then the new wasn’t good enough. Was that all there was to it? Izuku had gotten this drunk just because of an old flame who had left him?

If the Alpha didn’t want to lose his chance with the Omega, then his only option was to play the waiting game.

Bakugou retrieved a blanket and a pillow from the trunk, and adjusted the temperature of the air conditioning before lying down next to Izuku, breathing his sweet outdoorsy scent and pressing one last kiss softly on his forehead.

“Goodnight, my Omega.”




Chapter Text

The early morning rays of the next day tickled Izuku’s face. His nose twitched, and slowly emeralds cracked open, feeling surrounded by warmth. Raising one hand to rub his eyes, Izuku looked up to see patches of green leaves through the window above him. Bright and beautiful sunlight was streaming through the gaps in the leaves. There was even melodious chirping from the birds.

Um . . . Where was he?

Lowering his gaze to scan his surroundings, he was surprised to see that he was sleeping in a car. With a real nice-looking interior, he noted, and were those leather seats? Wow. He tried to sit up, only to to feel held in place. Izuku looked down to see arms holding him down. To be exact, those arms around him . . . belonged to Bakugou Katsuki!

What. The. HELL?!

Izuku frantically shot up and ended up smacking his head on the car’s roof hard. That did not help his impending hangover headache in the slightest, the Omega gritting his teeth as he hissed in pain. 

Himself . . . Bakugou Katsuki . . . in a car . . . alone together?

Damn it, what happened last night? Why was he stuck in a situation like this the moment he woke up? It was hard not to jump to conclusions after seeing the scene before him!

“What are you thinking?”

Izuku bit his lip anxiously, his mind in a mess as it scrambled and chased after possibilties that danced just teasingly out of reach, and answered subconsciously, “I’m wondering whether I and Lord Explosion Murder did ‘that’ last night . . . I don’t think so, but under those circumstances it’s clearly possible that it could’ve happened . . . and I was drunk, but I can’t remember what happened and—”

“Lord Explosion Murder . . . doing ‘that’...? If that was the case, do you really think that you’d still have the energy to jump around and let your imagination run wild the next morning?” From the man’s voice, Izuku could tell that he was gnashing his teeth as he spoke, just barely holding back his rage. 


It wasn’t until this moment did Izuku realize that Bakugou Katsuki was wide awake. He was so surprised that he jumped up and almost hit his head again. Luckily for him, Bakugou was prepared and swiftly used his hand to protect his veridian curls. Izuku stared at him, wide-eyed.

“Mr . . . Mr Bakugou...”

“Say my name.” The ash blond stared him down.

Izuku would call him Mr Bakugou when he was trying to distance himself, and sometimes called him Master Bakugou when he was scared of him. The Alpha didn’t like what he was trying to do.

“Mr Ka-Katsuki?”

“No.” He glowered. “Try again.”

“Ka—” The Omega gulped nervously, “Kacchan?” 

He immediately slapped a hand over his mouth after that slipped out, looking back at the taller in horror. What . . . was that? Did he really just—? Oh no. He was gonna die for real this time, wasn’t he? He was gonna die, gonna die, gonnadieee

Izuku squeezed his eyes shut and waited, but nothing happened. He cautiously cracked one open to see the other watching him with amusement dancing in his lively ruby eyes.

He wondered if it was his hyper-active imagination at work again, but it seemed like something about Bakugou Katsuki had changed overnight . . . Or maybe he should say that it wasn’t Ba-Kacchan who had changed, but rather that he had hidden it too well, and Izuku still had yet to find out about Alpha’s true self.

Emeralds unwittingly landed on the traces of blood on the back of the ash blond’s hand, and he couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Mr. Ba—K-Ka-Kacchan, w-what happened your hand?”

Kacchan glanced sideways at the circle of teeth marks, then looked at him with a hint of a sly smile. “What do you think?”

Izuku swallowed weakly. “Well . . . those teeth marks . . . do look familiar...”

“Good eye.” the Alpha smirked.

“Um, thanks...?” He coughed awkwardly, forcing himself to smile as he asked carefully, “I did that?”

“Do you think that I’m trying to frame you? You can take another bite and see if they look the same to you,” Bakugou suggested wickedly, holding out his hand as if he were challenging the greenette to have another taste.

“No, no, nonono there is absolutely no need for that!” Izuku cried and flailed his hands around in embarrassment. “I’ll confess! I did it! I’m sorry!”

He took a few breaths to compose himself before continuing, “A-Although . . . w-what happened last night? I can’t remember much, everything’s all tangled up and in broken pieces in my memory, and the last thing I remember clearly is going to the restroom. Everything else after that is a blur in my head. . . so how did I get here?”

“You passed out in the restroom. I found you there and tried to bring you back, but you weren’t having it and decided to bite me.” The ash blond’s answer was simple and concise.

“S-so you brought me here?” The shorter was appalled. This was the second time that Bakugou Katsuki had to personally carry him back, and again he was unconscious when it happened! Just how helpless was he that he needed the Alpha to carry him to places?!

“T-then why was I sleeping in a car...?” The Omega demanded feebly.

“Because you didn’t want to leave behind your ‘precious baby’. Don’t tell me you don’t remember any of that.” Kacchan emphasized those words in a dark tone. Izuku looked back at the car he had spent the whole night worshipping, and immediately believed his explanation.

“I’m so sorry...” Izuku apologized again. It was only the second night since he had moved in, and he was already causing so much trouble for Ba-Kacchan. Where in Hell did that nickname even come from? He felt bad about that. It couldn’t be easy for Kacchan to deal with all his problems...

The taller didn’t acknowledge Izuku’s apology, but instead threw him a curveball and asked, “Why did you get so drunk last night?”

Izuku went quiet and solemn, choosing to look down at his hands. Seeing that change in the Omega’s expression, Kacchan’s face darkened. The sleeping beast in his heart began to stir at his silently rising anger.

So it actually was because of that half-and-half bastard? 

Normally Izuku would never share his worries with others, preferring to hold them prisoner inside, but this particular one was just too painful to keep to himself. He slumped back against the seat, looking back up at the greenery above him as he mumbled, “It’s not like I was planning on getting drunk or anything like that, but I . . . I ended up losing my role...”

Crimson eyes widened. “What?”

“I know that there’s no way that you could ever understand because you’re a big shot CEO and all, and it’s only just a small supporting role, but to me, it was my everything.” As Izuku spoke, he could feel tears sliding down his cheeks. He raised a hand to wipe them away, hiding his face from the other. “You don’t know how hard I worked for this role, y-you don’t know h-how happy I was to receive this role, n-nobody knows!”

The Alpha had assumed that the greenette had gotten upset over Shouto’s appearance and had never thought that the cause of his unhappiness would be something else. So Izuku wasn’t upset about his ex. In reality, he was heartbroken over the loss of his role...

After reading the files Kaminari gave him thrice over, how could he not understand how important the Omega’s dream was to him? Otherwise, why would Izuku stubbornly continue to climb up those stairs of hard work, step by step despite being well-aware of those shortcuts he could’ve taken?

“I can’t stand to be treated like this, but there’s nothing I can do about it...” Izuku took a shaky breath, laughing hollowly, “Honestly, I should’ve known and learned my lesson years ago that everything would still turn out like this no matter what I do . . . but I still hate it . . . I hate those bastards...”

Bakugou pulled him into his arms, and Izuku allowed himself to be folded back in his warm embrace, taking refuge from his depairing reality. Patting his back comfortingly, he rumbled softly, “You did the best you could. Besides, you still have me, you know. I’m here, I’m here for you...”

So the culprit wasn’t Todoroki Shouto, but . . . Midoriya Hisashi.

The ash blond recalled the Beta mentioning that the Alpha had made an appearance at the opening ceremony to support his daughter, Itsuki. Seeing as Hisashi was the main sponsor for the movie [Zero to Hero], he had the right to make the final decision on the cast in the end. 

But no one was allowed to bully his Omega. Not even his own father...


After Izuku had finally calmed down, he realized that he had been crying in the Alpha’s arms for a half an hour. He blinked in bewilderment. What was going on with him? Other than the times when the greenette had to shed a few tears for filming, he hadn’t cried his heart out in five years..

“Uh, sorry about your shirt...” Izuku muttered sheepishly, feeling guilty about the wet, wrinkled mess he made out of the other’s branded clothing. Kacchan looked down, and the corners of his lips lifted slightly. “No, it’s an honor actually.”

Izuku stilled at that hint of a smile, heart stuttering from the deadly blow. He knew that Bakugou Katsuki was handsome, who would’ve thought that he would be this devastating once he actually turned up the charm? Izuku was jealous, damn it. Kacchan was better at it than he was!

“So, what’s your next move?” the Alpha asked, leaning back in his seat. “Finding a thick leg?”

“Um, excuse me?” He squinted at the ash blond, utterly lost by this sudden change in topic. “What are you talking about?”

Kacchan gave him a deep and meaningful look, his smile thinning as he spoke languidly: “Last night you said that you wanted to find a thick leg to hug. You even rejected mine, saying that it wasn’t thick enough.”

Izuku made a strangled noise in his throat as a vague memory popped up in his mind, with him feeling up a certain someone’s thighs and him screeching, ‘Not thicccc enough!’ 

Goddamn it, was there really no end to his ridiculous drunken shenanigans from last night?!

He stammered, “A-ah, Master Bakugou, please don’t take my drunken ramblings too seriously. I-I mean, how could your legs not be thick enough when they’re obviously the thickest in the capital! Ahahaha-!” Izuku choked as he realized there was an ambiguous air to his words...

Kacchan grinned, inconspicuously preening at the praise. “Then why aren’t you hugging them?”

“I . . . I . . . I—” The greenette gaped at him wordlessly. He was lucky that the Alpha let him get away with it the first time because he had been drunk. However, was the ash blond really inviting him to do it again? Izuku did not believe it for a second. He refused to believe it!

Bakugou decided to stop messing with the Omega, finally satisfied with his fill of teasing him, ruffling his unruly green curls. Cute. “Alright, that’s enough of that. Let’s go back inside, unless you’d rather stay with your baby?” He raised an eyebrow questioningly.

“No, no I’m good! Let’s go!” Naturally, the shorter was ready to leave.

After getting out of the car, Kacchan suddenly stilled, brows furrowing and nostrils flaring as he caught wind of an ever-so familiar scent. Izuku scratched his head curiously. “What is it?”

The Alpha strode over to the Bakugou residence’s surrounding greenery, singling out one bush in particular for some reason. Izuku followed and saw . . . Kaminari Denki sleeping soundly in the underbrush, with a huge expensive-looking camera cradled in his arms.

Izuku fought the urge to facepalm himself. He knew that besides Ground Zero’s management company, there were also well over a hundred media outlets at their disposal. As Bakugou Katsuki’s left-hand man, in charge of all their social media, the Beta could be considered the King of the paparazzi!

But still, wasn’t this guy going a bit overboard, not even wanting to miss out on his own boss’s drama?!

The corner of the Omega’s mouth twitched slightly in amusement as he said, “Um, Ba-Kacchan . . . we should probably wake him up. I hope that he doesn’t catch a cold from sleeping out here all night...”

The ash blond nodded, and without any hesitation he kicked the sleeping Beta. Kaminari instantly woke up and rolled around in the grass, crying out in pain. 


Once he noticed the staring pair standing before him, he immediately started wailing. “You’re so mean! I didn’t even get to see anything through those tinted windows, but you’re still gonna beat me up first thing in the morning anyways?! I get it if you’re mad, but I really didn’t see anything no matter what I tried! Stupid tinted windows!”

Kacchan looked down at his silly relative in a domineering manner. “Go to my study. There’s something I need you to do.”

“Fine...” Kaminari rubbed his eyes and dusted himself off as he climbed to his feet. His citrine eyes flitted back and forth between the two as he mumbled under his breath, “But why didn’t the car shake? Did I miss it? No way! With Bakubro’s stamina, it should’ve been rocking all night long...”

“Uh...” Izuku eyed the Beta strangely. “Why are you so familiar with his stamina and how long he can go for...?”

Seriously, saying things like that so easily can be so misleading, okay?! Unless the rumors were true after all...?

“Oh!” Kaminari looked at the greenette tearfully. “That’s because once he starts beating me up for real, he doesn’t stop until the sun comes up again!”

The Omega didn’t know what to say about that. Alright then, forget that I asked...


Back at the room Kacchan had arranged for him, once again Izuku was rendered speechless. In just one night and half a day, the guest room had been completely renovated. The original cold monochromatic and minimalist style of the room had been revamped with light blues, greens and whites, giving it a light and airy vibe. Not only that, but there was a full range of clothes in the closet, from casual loungewear to fancy foreign brands the he could barely recognize... 

And even further in the room beside the redecorated bed with stacks of pillows and blankets, there were bags filled with a familiar-looking red, blue and yellow wrapping...

This time Izuku gave in to the urge and slapped both hands on his freckled face, pushing them up to his head and running through his tangled locks, wishing that the ground would open up and swallow him whole. So they knew. Well, it wasn’t like he had been subtle about it back at his own place, but seeing all that merchandise sitting right before him was a bit of a mortifying experience for him. 

Whatever the hell was going on . . . was absolute madness!

“What’s wrong? You’re not satisfied?” The Alpha questioned, standing behind him.

Izuku’s hands slid back down to cover his face, slightly muffling his words as he muttered, “If only it were a matter of satisfaction...”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“Mr. Bakugou, I think—”

“Mr. Bakugou? Who’s that?” The ash blond smirked. “I think you should try again.”

“Okay, Ka-Kacchan . . . don’t you think that you’re being . . . a little too good to me?” Izuku asked hesitantly. He was treating the greenette so well that Izuku couldn’t help but feel like it would be too easy for him to get the wrong idea. This was starting to worry him...

So you’ve noticed... Kacchan gave him a profound look. “You saved Katsumi, and he may need your help for a long time. Is there anything wrong with me being good to you in the meantime?” 

He paused, raking his eyes over the Omega suggestively, “Unless you’d prefer other ways for me to show my gratitude?”

Izuku flushed hotly as he caught the Alpha’s drift, shaking his head rapidly. Turns out that he’d been overthinking again. “No, no, this is fine, I’m good with just this...”

Forget it, he wasn’t interested, definitely not interested...

Bakugou Katsuki and himself were from completely different worlds after all. He had no place in Kacchan’s life. If the ash blond ever found out about Izuku’s shameful past, he might block Izuku from seeing Katsumi ever again...

“Then you should get some rest. Breakfast will be ready in a few hours.” 


After Kacchan left, Izuku decided to take a shower to refresh himself. It felt a bit eerie to see his usual toiletries in a high class bathroom, but he chalked it up to Kacchan having an excellent memory despite visiting his place just a few days ago. Izuku had to admit that it was fun trying out new soaps and shampoos. 

Once he had dried himself off, Izuku sat up on the edge of the large comfortable bed and began to arrange the blankets, pillows and cushions into a vague semblance of a nest. Although his next heat wasn’t coming anytime soon, he needed something to keep himself busy. When it was finally completed, Izuku flopped himself down in the center, his mind still hyperactive as ever. The Omega had done his best to tire himself out, but he still felt wide awake.

How could he fall asleep when he was waiting for bad news?

Even if the directors were pleased with him, that didn’t guarantee that they would be able to stand up against their sponsors, especially at the risk of losing their funding.

Thus, one hour later of him just laying there, Izuku reached for his phone and typed out a message.


#1AllMightFan: Hey

He received a response immediately.


Copycat: arererere?

Copycat: to think that you actually have time to talk to little ole me?

#1AllMightFan: Can you lend me some money? Like 8 million?

Copycat: what happened?

#1AllMightFan: Don’t ask. It’s kinda personal...

Copycat: i can

Copycat: but not right now

Copycat: i just invested in something

#1AllMightFan: How long will that take?

Copycat: 3 days

#1AllMightFan: Thanks

Copycat: ohh? that’s weird

Copycat: isn’t this the first time you’re asking me for help?

Copycat: heheheh

#1AllMightFan: Oh right

#1AllMightFan: When are you coming back again?

#1AllMightFan: I’ll pick you up

Copycat: . . . 

Copycat: iz you bastard!

[Copycat has gone offline]

Looking at the last message Copycat had sent him, Izuku felt somewhat bitter. He didn’t want to owe anyone favors if he could help it, especially since this one in particular was one of his exes. They now had a pretty good relationship as friends, but Izuku knew that asking to borrow money from the other would still hurt his feelings. However, this time the greenette didn’t have a choice.

Izuku stopped having feelings long ago, and he didn’t want them ever again.

As for Bakugou Katsuki, he couldn’t bring himself to ask the Alpha. Izuku was already too involved with the Bakugou family, and the Omega didn’t want to complicate things even further with his money problems.


One hour later, Izuku’s phone rang. It was Mineta. Looks like the moment he had been dreading had finally arrived. He took a deep breath to calm himself before answering it.


“Don’t forget that filming starts tomorrow at nine. I have to look after Itsuki, so I won’t have any time for you. But it’s not like you even need me anyways, since you’re so good!” Mineta was as sharp-tongued as ever. The only difference was that her tone was particularly biting today, as if the Omega owed her eight million dollars.

“Wha-? Filming?” Izuku blinked owlishly, not believing his ears.

“Are you still sleeping? Wake up! You’d better not be late on the first day!” said his manager impatiently before hanging up.

Izuku was shell-shocked for a good minute before he finally came back to his senses, eyeballing his phone suspiciously. What was going on? Hadn’t he been replaced?

Izuku scrambled out of bed and paced around the room for a bit before gathering his courage to dial up Aizawa Shouta’s number.

“Hello, Director Aizawa? This is Midoriya. I’m sorry for disturbing you this early, but I had something I had to ask you!”

Midoriya?” the Beta drawled irritably, sounding like he had just woken up, “Do you have any idea how early it is? It’s not even ten yet!”

“S-Sorry...” Izuku stammered, feeling a bit guilty. Everyone knew about the director’s need for his legendary beauty rest, but the greenette couldn’t wait any longer. This was his future at stake after all!

Let me guess,” Aizawa yawned, the sound traveling audibly to his ears, “Is this about Chairman Midoriya trying to switch you out?”

“Yes...” Izuku’s heart clenched nervously. Looks like that bastard made his move already!

Well . . .” he sighed, “You know how satisfied Horikoshi Kouhei and everyone else was after we saw your audition. I did talk to Chairman Midoriya last night. He disagreed with your casting because he felt that you were too new. However...” 

Aizawa paused, dragging out his silence. The Omega felt like reaching into his phone to grab the Beta by his signature scarf and strangling him. Or at least giving him a very good shake. What was he trying to be all cool and mysterious for? Why couldn’t he just say everything all at once?!

However, you got very lucky. Another sponsor seems to be interested in you, saying that you should keep your role, so you better work hard!”

“Really?” Izuku’s spirits were suddenly lifted. “So the role’s all mine, right? No one will replace me?”

Yes, yes, yes, it’s yours, all yours,” said the director impatiently. “He invested fifty million, which is the total of the Midoriya family and Golden Age’s investments combined, so he gets to have the final say so.”

“Wait...” Izuku frowned. Something wasn’t adding up. “I thought that the only investors for the movie were the Midoriya family and Golden Age . . . So where did this sponsor come from?”

He came in at the last minute just as we were arguing over your replacement. You’ll find out later.” There was a faint trace of glee in his voice. After all, not only had his funding doubled, but the Beta also didn’t have to bow down to the whims of a nit-picky investor and swap out the actor who he held high expectations for.

So, what more do you want from me?

“That’s all I needed to know. Thank you!” Izuku chirped cheerfully and hung up. 

His door opened and the greenette looked over to see a sleepy-looking Katsumi. He couldn’t contain himself and squealed happily, racing over to scoop him up, swinging the pup around in the air and kissing his round cheeks fervently. “Oh honey, you’re my lucky star! You save the day for me everytime!”

Katsumi basked in the Omega’s attention, even leaning in a few times to return the kisses. Meanwhile, Lord Explosion Murder stood outside of the room, watching them rejoice. Why did his son get all the credit when it was clearly the Alpha who did all the work?

Whatever. It didn’t matter as long as Izuku was happy.

Kacchan strolled in casually, as if he had no idea what was going on. “What happened?”

Izuku continued to cuddle the pup, who looked bedazzled by his sudden display of affection. “Director Aizawa told me that I wasn’t going to be replaced! It turns out that the new biggest sponsor vouched for me to stay!”

“Oh? Then, congratulations!” The ash blond played along, putting on a decent act in a deliberately serious manner. 

Izuku rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he pondered, “But he never said who the sponsor was though. Well, I’m sure it’s someone with especially good taste and vision! Oh, and very handsome of course!”

“You think so?” Kacchan smirked knowingly.

“Obviously! Ah, but,” Izuku looked down at the pup in his arms worriedly, “Filming is going to take up a lot of my time during the day, and there’s a few night scenes as well. What are we going to do about Katsumi?”

The Alpha didn’t respond, looking at his son expectantly. After receiving Izuku’s hugs and kisses, Katsumi was in a very good mood. Even this piece of bad news failed to put a damper on his parade. He wiggled out of the greenette’s embrace and trotted back to his room purposefully. Izuku watched him go, feeling slightly nervous. Was the pup going to lock himself up in his room again?

To his surprise, Katsumi returned quickly, proudly holding up a tablet above his head. 

It read: [Ganbatte!]

Izuku was moved to tears. “Thank you, baby! You’re my guardian angel!”

The Alpha observed the two hugging each other, warmth rippling in his eyes. 

If things could always be like this...




Chapter Text

The next day filming began at an isolated location, where All Wrong Worm ran his headquarters secretly disguised as a bar. The first scene of the day was when Le Million and his friends first entered the villain's hideout in order to rescue a hostage. They had to rely on their wits and training in order to overcome the challenges the evil-doers threw at them.

As Deku, Izuku didn’t have to do much. All it said on his script that he had to sit by All Wrong Worm’s side and watch the mayhem commence in amusement. However, wearing Deku’s villain outfit on such a hot day was somewhat taxing. It didn’t help that there was no air-conditioning and his costume was more complicated than it looked, made up of a thick black jersey with white lined accents, dark skinny jeans, and black gloves, with cameo-green belts interconnected all over his body and a gas mask to complete the look. After one shot, the Omega was drenched in sweat inside his outfit.

As soon as the director commanded “Cut!”, Itsuki’s two assistants immediately rushed to her side, eager to attend to her needs. One handed over her hydro flask while the other fanned her face. Izuku didn’t even have one assistant. There was no one to give him water for his parched throat. He still had another scene in this costume, so he couldn’t take it off just yet. All he could do was remove the bulky-looking gas mask on his face for some air.

Everyone praised Itsuki’s performance, and Aizawa muttered a few words of encouragement for her acting as he played back the scene on the camera. However, he focused on Izuku’s place on the screen. Although Deku had no lines and only appeared on camera a few times, his expression was on point; he looked idle and bored, yet carried an air of contempt for the people around him, which was only to be expected as he was planning to destroy the world with his own two hands.

Good. Looks like his gut feeling wasn’t wrong after all.

At that moment, one of the assistants shouted excitedly, “Midoriya-senpai, your boyfriend is here to see you!”

Of course, by ‘Midoriya-senpai’ he meant Midoriya Itsuki.

Todoroki Shouto walked in, dressed in a refreshingly casual style, followed by two men who carried a large box with a familiar logo printed on the side. They opened the box and began to pass out ice cream to everyone on the set. Murmurs echoed around the room.

“Wow! It’s Häagen-Dazs!”

“Thank you for the treat Master Todoroki!”

“It’s only her first day of filming and her boyfriend is already here to visit!”

“She’s so lucky to have him!”

“They’re so lovey-dovey!”

“Gosh, even giving you guys something to eat isn’t enough to keep your mouths full!” Itsuki playfully protested as she snagged two packages of ice cream in her hands. She went over to where Izuku sat and gave him one of them. “Don’t be a stranger, Izuku-nii. Here you go!”

“Thanks.” He accepted it politely. 

His sister would always act like a perfect angel in front of others, especially when Shouto was watching. Even if Itsuki wasn’t sick of it, he certainly was by now. It was a good thing that acting was his specialty, so he didn’t mind playing along with her. Plus, who was he to turn down free food?

After returning back to Shouto’s side, Itsuki fidgeted in her seat looking as if she had something to say, but was unsure whether to say it or not. Eventually, she spoke up hesitantly, “Shouto-nii, I’m a little worried about Izuku-nii...”

“Why? What happened to Zuzu?” The Alpha questioned her.

“Remember the opening ceremony last night? Well, my dad dropped by earlier and saw Izuku-nii there. I don’t know what Izuku said to him, but he got super mad and said that he was gonna get someone to replace him as Deku,” Itsuki bit her lip.

“How did that happen?” Shouto frowned.

“I’m not sure either. By the time I got there to stop it, Dad was already furious with him!”

“Then what happened afterwards? It doesn’t look like Zuzu was swapped out?” He glanced at Izuku, who was still earnestly studying the script despite the sweat running down his face. Although he looked a bit pitiful being forced to wait at the same spot for the past hour of filming, his emerald eyes were steadfast and filled with determination. The Omega seemed to be unaware of his surroundings, entirely focused on his future lines yet mindful to not drip any ice cream on his costume.

Itsuki seemed reluctant to continue, but she went on apprehensively, “Dad called the production crew that night to make the switch, but yesterday someone anonymously invested fifty million into this movie, and their only condition was that . . . Izuku-nii stays as Deku. Shouto-nii, I’m worried that...” she trailed off suggestively, looking fearful about the implication.

Shouto‘s expression darkened as he listened to her words. Finally, he said in a low and heavy voice, “I know Zuzu. He would never do something like that!”

“Oh, Shouto-nii, don’t be so naïve! You know very well how the entertainment industry works. Name someone who hasn’t changed after they entered the entertainment scene?” Itsuki laughed with a hint of mockery before softening her voice and shifting her gaze to the floor. 

“For me, I’m lucky that I have Daddy and you to support me, but Izuku-nii is different. You know how bad his relationship is with our family, and he never wants our help no matter how many times we ask. Don’t tell me you don’t know what happens to a struggling Omega with no power or backing in the entertainment circle?”

The Alpha’s face grew blank as her carefully-placed words sank in, looking lost in thought.

“Midoriya Izuku, there’s someone looking for you!” The production assistant yelled then, with a weird tone. Everyone turned to look—and couldn’t look away. Because it was simply too eye-catching.

Red roses...

Hundreds of red roses were slowly being carried in, wave after wave of sweet-scented bouquets poured in until it became apparent that there was enough to drown the entire set in bloody petals!

By the time they finally got over their initial shock to react, the whole place had became an ocean of red, red, RED. Just looking at such a bright, vibrant color on a sweltering day like this only worsened their reaction to the heat. Izuku was given a card, and his face darkened unpleasantly as he read it to himself.

[Remember to pick me up at the airport~!


“Mr. Midoriya, please sign off the delivery here!” The greenette looked up from the note to see a clipboard right in front of him. Izuku tried not to grimace, doing his best to stay calm as he politely refused, “I’m sorry, but can you take this all back? I really have nowhere to keep all this, and it’ll only get in the way of filming!”

The delivery boy looked troubled as he answered apologetically, “I’m sorry, but this was all paid and prepared beforehand, so we can’t! Also, there’s no refunds for orders this large!”

Beside him, Hizashi hastily cut in, “It’s fine! Izuku, we can take them if you don’t mind. It just so happens that we have a scene that needs roses later on, so we don’t have to go out to get them if you give these roses to us!”

Since the producer said so, all Izuku could do was give in and sign off the flowers without a fuss. By this point, everyone else watching from the side started chattering with admiration on their faces:

“Oh my God! So many roses!”

“That’s so romantic! Who sent them?”

“Do you even need to ask? Obviously they’re from a potential suitor!”

“Heh, Omegas really are treated differently. Just look at how many they sent him!”

Mineta, who stood loyally by Itsuki’s side, sneered scornfully, “It looks like a lot, but it actually doesn’t cost that much to order that many roses!”

Just as she said so, another person came in looking for Izuku. This time it wasn’t a humble flower delivery boy but a posh-looking butler. It wasn’t anything elaborate this time; the Beta simply handed Izuku a small box. Everyone was dying of curiosity as they snuck peeks at the package, trying to figure out what it was hiding within.

He opened the box warily, carefully looking inside, only to see a huge sparkling uncut diamond the size of his fist nestled inside. A strip of paper accompanied the gem. It read:

[Long time no see. -S.T.]

Staring at those two particular initials, the Omega’s face was entirely pitch-black with anger.

What. The. Actual. Fuck?!

Izuku opened his mouth, about to ask the Beta about the gift when he noticed that the butler was long gone. He felt his irritation levels rising, head practically steaming with fury.

Were these two working together or something? He was just trying to keep his head down, so why did they insist on making things so hard for him? All he wanted was to keep a low profile. Was that really too much to ask for?

Seeing that Izuku had received not only one but two magnificent gifts, the whole production crew couldn’t help but burst into an uproar. 

“What the hell? Is that a diamond?!”

“No way! Are you serious?” 

“Just look at the size of that thing!”

“It’s so bright, I think I’m gonna go blind!”

“Izuku’s suitors are insane!”

This time Mineta had nothing to spit at the price, but still she whispered sourly, “Who even knows if that’s even real or not.” 

Izuku collapsed back onto his seat, looking as if he couldn’t stand to stay in this world any longer. He really should’ve known better than to open the box right in front of everyone. The roses couldn’t be helped, but at least they were going to be useful for the movie. What was he supposed to do with the gem? Sell it? Donate it? Or, he shuddered in horror at the thought, wear it somehow?!

Like hell he would. But there was no avoiding reality, so all he could do was apologize to the director. “I’m really sorry, Director Aizawa. I didn’t mean to cause a commotion...”

The Beta didn’t seem to mind, waving off his apology nonchalantly. “It’s alright, it’s only natural for an Omega like yourself to have an admirer or two. Besides, we’re going to use your flowers after all, which is going to help out the budget quite a bit...”

Ah, right. Speaking of the roses, they reminded Izuku that he still had to make a very important phone call. Mumbling a quick excuse, he rushed off to search for an isolated corner in order to do so.

Not too far away, Itsuki watched on, seemingly calm but actually harshly gritting her teeth. It was nothing short of a miracle that no one heard them grinding as she glared at her brother enviously. 

How could she not be jealous? That country bumpkin who was no better than the dirt he had been raised in could now receive extravagant gifts and effortlessly get the things she had to scheme to get herself. In fact, both his presents from his suitors had outshone Shouto’s generous treat to the whole crew! 

Struggling to compose herself, Itsuki turned to her boyfriend, tugging on his sleeve to get his attention. “See, Shouto-nii? He’s already changed so much! Do you still believe that he’s still the Izuku-nii you remember?”

“That can’t be...” The Alpha bit his lip, already concerned. “Maybe they’re just chasing after him...?”

“Heh...” She gave him a pitying smile. “Only Shouto-nii would pure-heartedly assume that they’re wooing him with ‘good’ intentions of becoming his mate. Isn’t it obvious that they just want him as a sugar baby? After all, who would genuinely want an Omega like him to be their mate?”

“Itsuki...” He gave her a warning look, but didn’t reprimand her for her careless words. Instead, he thought that perhaps it was about time he had a one on one chat with Zuzu...

From behind them, the gossipy crew became fueled by the pair’s conversation.

“You know, I originally thought that Midoriya made it through with his own skills...”

“Really? Did you see his so-called ‘acting skills’? He didn’t even do anything this whole time!”

“So is it true? Does he really have a sugar daddy?”

“Seems like it to me. Who else would send those kinds of gifts?”

“And maybe he’s juggling more than one. How can he handle that many Alphas...?”


Hello there, sweetheart. Did you receive my delivery yet?” A familiar yet snide voice greeted Izuku.

“Monoma Neito, you bastard! Fuck your—” The Omega gritted his teeth, mentally scrolling through the Alpha’s relatives before deciding to settle on one whom the blond bragged about the most often, “—uncle! You did that on purpose, didn’t you?!”

Ehhhh? Tsk, tsk, you’re the first to ever recieve my roses, and yet the one you want to fuck is not me but my uncle? You’re so weird, Iz!”

“Stop trying to change the subject! Tell me what the hell do you want!”

Nothing, I just wanted to remind you to pick me up at the airport. You already promised me!”

Haaah?! You still want me to pick you up?” Izuku asked menacingly, killer intent already dripping from his voice. “You know, I’ve just acquired this really nice knife set recently. Real nice and sharp, if you get what I mean. Aren’t you afraid that I might bring one or two with me to cut you a new one?”

Ahahaha, nice try Iz, but I’m pretty sure that the airport security will stop you—”

“Oh, but I’ll find a way,” the greenette darkly promised him, “You know I will—”

Fine, fine, do whatever you want,” the other cut him off, continuing coldly, “But are you trying to back out of your promise?” 

“My condition was that I would go pick you up after you lent me the eight million, but I don’t need it anymore. Didn’t I text you earlier explaining that?”

I don’t care, you promised me! Even though you don’t want it anymore, doesn’t it count for something that I agreed to help you out as soon as you asked? Eight million isn’t exactly pocket change, you know. Doesn’t this still count as a favor?”

Izuku held his forehead, pacing back and forth rather aggressively as he ranted furiously, “Fine, I’ll forgive and forget your little flower prank because it came in handy for once, but you do know that the news of your return has already been leaked, right? The media and all your fans will be flooding the airport! Do you actually think that I’ll go and pick you up? Do you want me to be trampled to death by them? Monoma Neito, I dumped you years ago! Does our friendship mean so little to you that you’d throw it all away just for the sake of petty revenge?! I’m telling you now, it’s not worth it!” 

Are you sure about that? I’m being generous, you know, giving you a free pass to fame just by picking me up. Something that so many stars want but will never get from someone famous like me!” 

“I. Don’t. Fucking. Want. It!”

Fine, whatever! If you don’t come, then I’m gonna tell the whole world that you dumped me!”

Izuku gasped in horror at the threat. “You wouldn’t dare—!”

Yes, I will! I don’t care if it’s embarrassing, I want someone to get justice for me!” the blond declared shamelessly.

“You little shit...” Izuku was so angry that he felt like his brain was about to explode from the stress. The stupidest thing he had ever done in his entire life was agree to go out with a troublemaking Alpha named Monoma Neito!

Do you honestly think I can’t handle your cheap tricks?

Izuku suddenly grinned mischievously, already thinking of possible countermeasures. “So you really want me to pick you up? Alright then, I’ll see you there. Just don’t regret your decision when that day arrives~!”

He decisively ended the call with a scoff, making his way back to the set. Actually, it wasn’t that hard for him to deal with Neito. That bastard was just unhappy about being dumped by an Omega for the first time, so he just wanted to make some trouble for the greenette. He would stop once he had enough. Izuku’s main issue was with the bastard who had sent him the diamond. Just where in the world did he get ahold of that kind of thing?!

Whatever, he would deal with it when the time was right... 

As he arrived back on the scene, once again he heard the assistant director call out for him once more, “Midoriya, there’s someone here for you!”

Izuku felt like running away as soon as he heard that voice asking for him. There was still more torture awaiting for the greenette? Who could it be this time?

Everyone in the crew was hyped for more gossip. Was there going to be something even more explosive this time?

Standing to the side, Mineta’s face was full of disdain. “His admirers seriously have no taste! They only know how to throw away their money and choose the tackiest gifts!”

“H-hello Mr. Midoriya!” This time it was a young, timid-looking girl. Seeing that the Omega’s face wasn’t too happy, she assumed that she had done something wrong and looked apprehensive. Izuku sighed and forced himself to relax his features. It wasn’t fair of him to take out his annoyance on an innocent bystander. “It’s okay. It’s been a long day. Why were you looking for me?”

“I’m here to make a delivery.” She opened a white cooler by her side, cool mist floating out from the sides. The lid was lifted away to reveal three glass bottles filled with red, orange, and green. Izuku eyeballed the drinks pensively. Maybe he’d been reading one too many drama plots recently, but he couldn’t help but suspect that they might be drugged or poisoned or something.

“T-this is...?”

“This was personally made by my little young master. There is watermelon juice, orange juice, and matcha tea,” the girl answered him politely.

“Um, excuse me, but could you remind me who exactly is your little young master?” Izuku questioned her curiously, wracking his brain as he tried to recall if he had offended any little young masters recently . . . who had juicing as a hobby?

She indicated that he should look at the note tied to the top of one of the bottles. The greenette slowly flipped it over to see the other side, eyes widening at that familiar handwriting enclosed inside a giant heart.


“Ah, so it was Katsumi...” Izuku realized, his face softening immediately. He could easily imagine how the sender must have blushed and pursed his lips as he drew that heart. Izuku picked up the bottle of orange juice and pressed it to his sweaty cheek, sighing in relief.

At first, the Omega had been stressing out about having too high of a profile at the start of his career, which could attract unwanted trouble and attention. But now that he thought about it, looking at Katsumi’s thoughtful gift, why should he care about the opinions of those who didn’t genuinely care about him? If Izuku continued to worry about what other people thought about him in this industry, then wouldn’t he eventually die from the exhaustion of overthinking?

Back then, Izuku had cared too much about what those contemptuous class elites thought of him as they sneered down at his origins. He had cared too much about his supposed biological parents’ attitude towards him, always submitting to their will. He had regarded Shouto’s existence too highly and trusted Itsuki too deeply, only to realize that in the end, they hadn’t done the same for him...

Everyone had meant too much to him, and he ended up as their puppet, dancing mindlessly to their whims and careless tunes, losing his confidence and identity over time...

He understood this pattern so well, but had ended up letting a small incident like this shake him up so badly? 

No, he wouldn’t! Izuku firmly shook his head, emeralds glinting with determination. All he had to do was be himself, keep a clear conscience, and one day, he will prove it to everyone who had looked down at him that they were wrong, using his own strength and abilities! 

He was going to fight for the sake of those who believed in him!

“Thank you for coming all this way! You can go after putting it down here.” As he singled out a side table she could set the cooler down on, he pulled out his phone to send a loving text message to Katsumi. 

While the people in the production crew looked like they were all busily doing their jobs, they were all dying of curiosity wondering what Midoriya Izuku had been sent this time. It looked like it was . . . just three bottles of drinks? That’s it? 

The first time, the Omega seemed to be annoyed by the roses. The second time, he hadn’t seemed to be very pleased with the diamond, like he wanted to toss it out of his sight. But now he had a look of blissful joy on his face after the third delivery, happily texting someone on his phone. 

Everyone had their own opinion to share on the matter:

“Sure enough, it’s not money that Omegas want, it’s the heart, the heart!”

“That’s right! Didn’t you hear her say that it was homemade? That’s so sweet!”

“I bet that he’ll end up with the one who sent the juice!”

“I second that thought!”

“Then I’m betting on the one who sent the roses!”

“Me too, me too!”

“Hello? Did you guys forget about the diamond? Why isn’t anyone rooting for him?!”


Meanwhile, Bakugou was at home taking a break from work to accompany his pup when his phone vibrated with an audible ding!

It was a message from Izuku. He opened it, and the corners of his lips rose slightly as he read.

[Baby, thank you for your juice and tea! They were super-duper delicious! Sarangheyo!]

Bakugou looked at it for a long while before beckoning his son over with his phone, who was motionless as he stared out the window blankly. “Katsumi, come here.”

His son ignored him. The Alpha sighed. “It’s a message from Izuku.”

Immediately, the pup speedily charged at him like a rocket, jumping up and down as he tried to snatch the phone. Bakugou cruelly held it out of his reach. “I’ll show it to you if you call me Dad.”

Immediately Katsumi’s face became unwilling, amber eyes sharply narrowing in refusal. It wasn’t until his face became as red as a tomato from the sheer stubbornness of holding his breath did the taller finally relented and handed the phone over. Even if the Omega had prevented him from throwing fits, the pup still found new ways to defy his father.

As he watched his son read the text with pure satisfaction on his face, there was a trace of concern in his ruby eyes. It was because there weren’t that many things in life that could trouble Bakugou Katsuki, so fate had sent him Katsumi to test him.

His pup was extremely capable; he had only reached six months old when he started speaking. Although he was more on the quiet side and never spoke much to begin with, ever since that happened, Katsumi had never spoken again.

Bakugou had missed out on too much of Katsumi’s childhood, and by the time he wanted to make up for it, it was already too late. He could only wait and wonder if his son would ever willingly cry out ‘Daddy!’ again...

Katsumi stared at the screen for a long time. It seemed like there was something that confused him. He poked his father’s leg and pointed at ‘Sarangheyo’ questioningly.

“Modal particle, there’s no special meaning to it,” the Alpha told him seriously.

“Pfffft! Oh Hyung, don’t try to teach Katsumi when you know nothing about pop culture! ‘Saranghaeyo’ means ‘I love you’ in Korean, okay?” Kaminari laughed in amusement as he bounced into the room, forming a heart with his hands.

After hearing this from his uncle, Katsumi threw his father a dirty look before hurrying off to juice more fruit. Of course Bakugou knew Korean. If Izuku had typed it out in Korean, then he would’ve gotten it right away. However, he had used English, which threw the ash blond out of his zone.

“Don’t you have anything better to do?” He glared at the Beta.

“Oh, right!” Kaminari saluted his boss respectfully before continuing, “Bakubro, I have breaking news! Earlier today, Midoriya’s suitors sent him presents while he was on set!”

“The fruit juice and tea Katsumi sent him,” Bakugou answered calmly. 

“I know, but before his drinks arrived, there were other gifts too! One sent enough roses to cover the entire set, while the other sent a diamond the size of his fist!”

A dark shadow fell over the Alpha’s face, providing a little shade to this summer heat. “Who were they from?”

“I don’t know yet.” Kaminari shrugged helplessly. “That’s what I’m here to let you know. Even with my connections and sources, I’m actually drawing up blanks of their identities. It looks like we can only wait for them to make another move before we can try again.”

But Lord Explosion Murder looked about ready to kill people on sight. Did the Beta really think he would be patient enough to wait for that to happen? Bakugou whipped out his phone and speed-dialed a number, stating menacingly, “I need you to investigate two specific individuals for me...”

“Woah!” Kaminari was surprised. “You’re gonna use your secret service to find out?!”

All of his connections combined couldn’t be compared to Bakubro’s intelligence network, which was ridiculously overpowered to the point that they could dig up anything on a person as long as they had the smallest clue to work with. 

“You see, Bakubro? I told you that Midoriya’s past isn’t as simple as he seems. You should have them look into him while they’re at it—”

“No need,” Bakugou snapped irritably. Everyone had secrets they wanted to hide. He had probably learned more about Izuku than the greenette would be comfortable with him knowing. The ash blond knew better than to shine a light on what the Omega kept in the dark.

If Izuku wanted to tell him one day, then Kacchan would wait for that day.


Chapter Text

Filming finally wrapped up at six o’clock in the evening.

The main scenes of the day had been all about the male and female leads. There weren’t that many shots of Izuku, but he still had to be present for the camera and pretend to be a detached doll. But being a doll was surprisingly exhausting work. The gas mask he wore grew heavier the longer he kept it on, threatening to break his neck, and his thick baggy costume was on the verge of giving him a heat rash.

At long last Izuku was allowed to shed those bothersome layers and changed his clothes, wiped off his makeup, and headed out to take the subway. He wasn’t famous yet, so nobody recognized his face. The greenette was more used to taking public anyways, not entirely comfortable enough to take the car Ba-Kacchan had given him. 

The Omega was about to walk down the stairs to the station when a Snow Apple Red Glass Cannon Speedster pulled up beside him. The car window rolled down, and Shouto smiled at him. “Zuzu, let me drive you home!”

Izuku stared at him speechlessly, too tired and done with his day to formulate a proper greeting.

Ex-boyfriend . . .

Why the hell was it another ex-boyfriend?

Seriously, why couldn’t they just leave him alone?!

“No thanks.” Izuku chose to turn and walk away from his unfair, disgustingly handsome face. However, Shouto refused to leave, driving slowly after him. The Alpha didn’t seem to care about the line beginning to stack up behind him. “Zuzu, can we talk?”

Izuku rolled his eyes. “What’s there to talk about? What, you want your share of the drama too? Want someone to take a scandalous photo of us right here and now, want to be in the morning news together tomorrow, want to give Itsuki yet another reason to whine to me about? Too bad you don’t have anything to gift me!”

Shouto frowned, a little unused to these harsh words and attitude from Izuku who used to listen and did everything he said before. “Zuzu, that’s not what I meant, I really do have something important to talk to you about!”

The Omega facepalmed, feeling helpless as he finally came to a halt on the sidewalk. He was afraid that they really would be photographed at this rate if they kept this up. The Alpha’s car was too outstanding after all. Looking around them, Izuku cringed at the long line of angry traffic behind Shouto. He quickly opened the passenger’s side and got in. 

Half an hour later, in a room of some restaurant:

Shouto summoned a waiter and ordered a large number of dishes, most of which he remembered as Izuku’s favorites. After the server left with the bill, he looked over at the greenette sitting across from him sentimentally. “Zuzu, it’s been a while. How have you been all these years overseas? I wired you some money, but it was all sent back to me, and you even changed your bank number without telling me...”

“Let’s cut the small talk and just say what you want to say,” Izuku drawled, resting one elbow on the table and reclining his head against his hand, while texting Katsumi to let the pup know that he would be coming home late. “Also, don’t you think that it’s about time you stopped using that childish nickname? Just how old are you again?”

“Zu—fine, Izuku.” Resignedly, he pushed a check at the Omega. Out of the corner of his eye, Izuku gave the check for eight million a quick once over before narrowing his eyes at his ex. “What’s this for?”

Heterochromatic eyes became cold. “Izuku, stop doing things that you’re going to regret.”

Izuku put down his phone, giving his full attention to the other. “Oh? Then tell me, what did I do?”

“No, you tell me—” Shouto slammed both his palms on the table and stood up, staring down at him, “—how did you get this role?!”

“Hm? How do you think I got this role?” asked Izuku indifferently, completely unbothered by his sudden outburst. 

It seemed like the Alpha finally ran out of patience, for he was unable to hold back his frustration as he roared, “Midoriya Izuku! You of all people should know better than I do of what could happen to an Omega like you in the entertainment industry! So why must you be so stubborn about diving headfirst into those rough, treacherous waters?!”

“Eh, an Omega like me? As if you’d know what it’s like to be me, seeing as you’re a high and mighty Alpha after all!” Izuku didn’t hold back, lashing out venomously, “Ah, but I wonder which identity Young Master Todoroki is wearing today, to be showing this much heartfelt concern over a pitiful Omega like me?”

If Izuku was the same pushover he had been back then, he would’ve broken down and cried from hearing such ‘tender’ words from the Alpha. Back in those days, Shouto told him repeatedly that he didn’t want his future mate to enter the entertainment circle. But when it came to Itsuki, he fully supported her desires. 

What. A. Hypocrite.

How dare he criticize Izuku for choosing how he wanted to live his life. After that happened five years ago, did Shouto really think that the greenette was about to let him back inside his heart that easily? Look at him now, still trying to dictate Izuku’s decisions.

“Zuzu, even though we’re over, you’re still family to me. I just want to help you, so could you please stop being so stubborn? Take this money, end your contract with Golden Age, and leave the entertainment industry!” The Alpha pleaded earnestly.

“Heh, are you sure about that?” Sharp emeralds glinted with an ominous light, narrowing menacingly, “Alright then, now that you’ve mentioned it, it seems like I do have something that Todoroki Shouto can help me out with! I hope Young Master Todoroki can help me tell the Midoriya family the truth and testify in court that Itsuki paid off two alphas to rape me...” 

Izuku trailed off, sneering mock-sweetly, “I wonder if Young Master Todoroki is willing to help me with this...?”

“Izuku, I...” His ex’s face turned deathly pale, “I-I can’t do that! If I did that, then Itsuki’s life would be over . . . and back then, what she did could end up charging her with attempted crime . . . You were the one who entered the wrong room and slept with someone else...”

Even though it was the answer the Omega had expected, his heart twisted painfully seeing how protective Shouto was over his sister’s wellbeing. He swallowed harshly, and continued, “So what you mean is that back then, the two of you did nothing wrong? It was my fault she got me drunk, my fault I fell into heat, my fault I went into the wrong room, my fault for getting raped, pregnant, and giving birth to dead pup! My fault, my fault, mY FAULT, EVERYTHING’S ALL MY FAULT?!”

Shouto winced at the shorter’s rising hysterics. “Zuzu, I didn’t mean it like that! Itsuki and I already apologized to you on this matter, and we’ve been trying to make it up to you after all these years, so why can’t you just let it go?”

“HAH?!” Izuku stood up, finally having enough of this farce. “You want me to forgive and forget? I don’t think so. Why don’t you try again after someone rapes your precious Itsuki and she gives birth to his bastard? After you shake hands with him and happily become a cuckold, then maybe I’ll think about it!”

“Midoriya Izuku!” The Alpha became horrified at the thought. “How could you say something like that? Apologize!”

“Oh? I’m just talking about a hypothetical situation and you’re already this worked up about it? How sweet.” Bitter words were pouring out of his heart in droves, “I can’t believe that you actually have the nerve to demand an apology for something small like that compared to what you two have done to me! Does that mean that whenever I do something wrong, whatever you do to me is completely justified? If so, you’ve never apologized for that. Like hell I’ll forgive you. I won’t give you that relief, that empty satisfaction you crave so much. You don’t deserve it!”

Izuku stormed out of the room, throwing one last retort over his shoulder: “I don’t know what the hell you guys want from me, but stop trying to make me into the saint that I’m not!”


The Omega continued to grumble to himself as he made his way home. That was a complete waste of his time. He should’ve made a break for it once he saw Shouto’s face again, but his stupidly weak heart had caved in and believed that things would be different this time. Yeah right

All he wanted now was to see his precious little honeybun~! 

Izuku fished out the ridiculous ring of keys Bakugou had given him to open the gate when it suddenly swung open on its own. Standing behind the gate was the purest, most adorable pup in existence. It seemed like Katsumi had stayed up and had been keeping watch from the window for the greenette’s return.

His soul was instantly healed from seeing his angel. Izuku immediately fell into their usual routine of scenting and a kiss on both cheeks. “Baby, have you eaten yet? I sent you a text earlier saying that you didn’t have to wait for me, and you should be good and eat first. Did you?”

Katsumi nodded happily. 

“Good boy!” Izuku praised him, kissing his forehead as a reward. “Just let me go take a shower first, then I’ll play with you, okay?”

The pup nodded again, taking his hand and leading him into the house. Standing by a window on the second floor, Bakugou Katsuki looked down at the scene below him, feeling somewhat desolate. He never knew that he was capable of succumbing to jealousy so easily. He was starting to envy his own son... 

Katsumi received all of Izuku’s love and kisses as soon as he came back, and all the Alpha could do was watch from afar.


The first thing Izuku did upon returning to his room was lift up his shirt, standing right in front of his AC unit. The beginnings of summer were sweltering to get through, especially since he walked the whole way back in this stifling heat. The Omega sighed in relief as cool air hit his sweaty body. Much better. Then the door to his room opened.

“Izu-” Bakugou stopped in his tracks upon seeing the sight before him. He already knew about the scars that encircled Izuku’s right arm and hand, but he had no idea about the ones that lay hidden underneath his clothing. They were extremely eye-catching, faded colors ranging from light pink to lilac, crisscrossing around his sides and back, the most prominent being the row of stitches underneath his bellybutton...

The ash blond obviously noticed them, his brow ridge rising in surprise. Izuku froze in that awkward position, too surprised to do anything but stare back. He hadn’t expected anyone to follow him in, but this wasn’t his place so he couldn’t blame the other for not knocking before entering, but still...

Luckily, the Alpha spoke up first, lightly coughing and backing out of the room. “Sorry, I saw that the door wasn’t closed...”

“Ah, no, it’s fine. It’s my fault that I forgot to close it...” Izuku deliberately acted calm and dropped the bottom of his shirt. Secondary gender aside, it really didn’t matter to the Omega if his body was on display, as embarrassing as it seemed. He was used to it due to his experiences in America, gender equality and all, but something about Bakugou’s gaze made him almost want to curl up and hide. Almost. He wasn’t some pity project, damn it.

It was already weird how well the other treated him, but he could only hope that it wouldn’t get worse after this. “Um, were you looking for me for something?”

“Why did you get back this late? Had a date?” Bakugou questioned him, seemingly casual but internally uneasy after seeing the message the greenette sent him.

“Ugh, what date? No, I bumped into a jerk, and we ended up playing catch up,” Izuku answered peevishly, scent souring at the reminder of his unpleasant encounter. Bakugou carefully examined his face to see if the Omega was telling the truth. Izuku didn’t look like he had enjoyed himself or had a good time. The Alpha relaxed considerably. 

“I left dinner for you, so don’t forget to eat after your shower.”

“Uh, I can cook for myself, you know...” said Izuku, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“It’s just one more person.”

“Okay, thanks . . . Kacchan.” 

It should’ve worried Izuku, seeing how fast it was for him to adapt to the nickname so quickly, but it instinctively rolled off his tongue the more he used it. Something about it made talking to the Alpha more . . . easy? Approachable, he supposed. There was also a small wiggle of delight from being the only one allowed to call the other by a cutesy nickname...

As soon as the ash blond left, Izuku speedily raced over to close and lock his door. He sighed and smacked his head a few times. It wasn’t like him to grow soft and forget that he wasn’t alone. He really needed to start paying attention to his surroundings from now on...


After having a shower and dinner, Izuku lounged comfortably on the couch in the living room and began to browse the latest news online, with Katsumi curled up by his side reading yet another book. The popular headlines started off normally enough, but as he scrolled further down, they gradually shifted to rather . . . suggestive topics.



[Midoriya Itsuki expressed her love for her handsome, rich boyfriend in public, award-winning actor Leo couldn’t hold back his jealousy!]

[Midoriya Itsuki looking stunning at the opening ceremony of <Zero to Hero>! (Photos)]

[Midoriya Itsuki praises junior, Midoriya Izuku, as the perfect combination of hardwork and talent!]

[Midoriya Itsuki - No.1 beauty in the entertainment industry!]

[First day of filming for <Zero to Hero>, Midoriya Itsuki’s handsome rich boyfriend pays her a loving visit!]

[Breaking down the number of upcoming actor Midoriya Izuku’s wealthy admirers, red roses piled up on set on the first day of filming! (Images)]

[Is Midoriya Izuku a secret sugar baby?]

[Whose coattails is Midoriya Izuku riding on?]

[Who is financing Midoriya Izuku behind the scenes?]

The Omega wasn’t surprised to see these rumors pop up, having mentally prepared himself earlier after receiving those unexpected gifts this morning. The tabloids used ambiguous wording and had no true supporting evidence, but if they kept repeating themselves often enough then people might buy into the gossip eventually, regardless of whether they were true or not.

He could only be thankful that no one had recognized him when he was out with Shouto earlier...

“Need some help with that?”

“Huh?” The greenette looked up from his phone to see Kacchan handing him a glass of milk. “Oh, thanks.”

Izuku sat up, carefully cradling his phone and notebook in one hand before reaching out to accept the beverage. “Are you referring to the rumors? Is Kacchan going to make them disappear for me?”

“Why not?”

“Hehe,” he chuckled, feeling flattered at the offer, “I appreciate the thought, but it’s not necessary. I want to prove them wrong myself!”

“I believe in you.”

Izuku was dazed for a moment before helplessly holding his forehead, “Kacchan, why are you so good at wheedling?”

“Wheedling?” The Alpha raised an eyebrow. He didn’t seem to be familiar with the term used.

“You know, like smooth talk. I bet that’s how you charm most of your sponsors!” Izuku explained, half-teasing him.

Kacchan smirked. “Does that mean you were charmed by me?”

With that, the atmosphere turned intimate. In an instant, the greenette’s cheeks were on fire. He had to look away, silently scolding himself. If only he could strangle his tongue. Bad mouth! Who said you could say that! That was dangerous, absolutely dangerous! 

Luckily for the Omega, Bakugou knew when to back off. “I’m turning in for the night. Don’t stay up too late.”

Izuku watched the ash blond go. “Good night...”

Although Katsumi didn’t say a word, his impatience was written all over his face: Hurry up and leave already. Stop wasting my time with my Izuku!


The next morning after Izuku left for work, Bakugou called Kaminari. “Send someone to watch the set.”

“Bakubro, are you seriously worried that someone might bully my future brother-in-law?” The Beta sighed, shaking his head helplessly, “To be honest, this is something that he’s going to have to go through by himself on the path to fame. If he doesn’t learn from it, then how will he be independent in the future?”

“He has me.” Meaning that the Omega didn’t have to go through all that nonsense the entertainment world had to offer.

Kaminari didn’t know if he wanted to laugh or cry over the Alpha’s overprotectiveness, feeling neglected from his biased treatment. That’s not what he said three years ago when he heartlessly threw the Beta into the hot mess Ground Zero was back then. He wasn’t allowed any help at all!

“You can take a week off next month,” Bakugou suddenly suggested.

“Wha—Are you serious?!” He couldn’t believe his ears. “You’re giving ME a break, and it’s for a whole week? You never give me time off. I haven’t taken a vacation in three years!”

“Don’t want it?”

“No, I do, I do! I’ll send someone to look after him. Don’t worry, no one will touch a single hair on his head!” Kaminari crowed happily before hanging up. As the Beta was about to resume filling out his paperwork, he stopped to wonder why the Alpha was being so generous out of the blue. That wasn’t like him at all...

Thinking back to their conversation, he finally realized that it was because of that one word: “Brother-in-law.”

Seriously? Because of something like that? This break he looked forward was making him feel happy and sad all of the sudden... 


“Master Bakugou, Dr. Tokoyami is here,” Iida announced after knocking on the door of the Alpha’s study. 

“Bring him in,” Bakugou instructed him. 

The ash blond had to admit he had his doubts when he first met the psychiatrist, wearing a bird mask, a dark cloak, and armed with a crow hand puppet named ‘Dark Shadow’. To be fair it was back in October, and Halloween had been just around the corner, but it was rather concerning to think that this Beta supposed to help his pup, not worsen his trauma. Yet the reviews on Help were overwhelmingly positive, devoted followers singing their savior praises after he brought them out of their cones of depression. 

True to their word, Bakugou was almost impressed when the Beta managed to get his stubborn son to acknowledge him after six months of interaction, and kept him on dial whenever his pup acted up.

Tokoyami walked in and set his bag on the floor. “What happened? Is young Katsumi not feeling well?”

“You can go see for yourself; he’s in the kitchen.” The Alpha informed him, reviewing the files Kirishima sent him earlier. 

“Hm?” The raven raised an eyebrow, and headed out to take a look. Moments later, he returned with a glass of water, pleasantly surprised. He took a seat and set his drink down. “When did Katsumi learn how to use a blender? He seems to be in good spirits. Did something good happen?”

“You could say that. A few days ago, I was held up at work, so Denki brought Katsumi to a bar of all places...” Bakugou began to reiterate the series of unexpected events that had occurred over the past week. 

Tokoyami nodded along as he listened, taking a few notes, “So young Katsumi has finally found the light at the end of his tunnel . . . That is wonderful news! I had warned you about this before, back when he reveled in darkness. If there were some driving force that could replenish his interest in life, then it would help his recovery greatly. Furthermore, this is an actual living, breathing person!”

Leaned forward, he took a sip of water, “Did you not keep the omega as a nanny or home tutor for Katsumi?”

“Nanny? Home tutor?” Bakugou frowned, mood souring at the thought. “No, he’s my future mate.”

The psychiatrist choked on his water at the unexpected answer. He took a moment to recompose himself, appraising the ash blond’s calm face. “Are you certain about this decision? Is this for Katsumi, or yourself?”

“It could be the latter,” the ash blond answered as he looked outside the window, contemplative.

“Does that mean . . . you have fallen for this omega?” asked Tokoyami, his excitement growing as he flipped to a new page, pen at the ready to record. What development his clients have accomplished since his last visit! “Tell me, does your heart race when you lay eyes upon him? Does your blood boil at the thought of him? Do you wish to be closer to him, perhaps . . . intimately?”

Bakugou smirked, thinking about it. “That sounds about right.”

He had once questioned the doctor about feelings, and the Beta gave him two responses. One was a scientific explanation, full of droning's concerning brain development, the human consciousness, and other things that the Alpha couldn’t be bothered with. The other was vague and simple: ‘You will know once you have met that person.’

Back then, he thought that the birdbrained quack was spewing more of his mystical nonsense again.

It wasn’t until he met Midoriya Izuku did he realize that the doctor was right all along.

“I see . . . Well then, congratulations! You are quite fortunate to find him, seeing as so many other asexuals may never meet the one for them in their entire lifetime!” Tokoyami raised a toast to his client.

Besides the various types of sexuality people discovered and identified themselves as, there was also asexuality: the lack of interest with intimacy in others. Because of this affliction, Bakugou Mitsuki bribed Kaminari to drug her son five years ago...

“I suppose this can only be a blessing in disguise. So when will I drink to your wedding vows?” 

A rare trace of unease flashed over the normally confident Alpha’s face. “I’m working on it.”

“Oh?” The psychiatrist raised an eyebrow. “So the reason you summoned me today was to work on this matter? I must say that although my practical experience pales in comparison to Young Master Kaminari’s endeavors, I am fairly confident in my abilities in terms of theory!”

Why did everyone want to teach him how to chase his mate?

Bakugou glowered. “No need. I only wanted to confirm the influence he has on my son.”

Tokoyami nodded, making a note of that as he continued with his verdict. “From what I have seen and heard, there are two sides to everything. Although this change can be good for young Katsumi, you also told me that he wrecked havoc just for the sake of meeting him again. Therefore, the most important matter for now is to carefully guide him on this new path. Whether it was out of selfishness or not, having the omega stay in your home for the time being was the correct decision to make.”

He looked over the rest of the notes he had taken during their session, steepling his hands as he intoned, “I would suggest that the next step to take is to ask that omega if he could occasionally take Katsumi outside of your home, perhaps bring him to school when the time is right, and slowly ease him into a normal life. He may be able to accomplish more than I have done over these past two years...”

“Got it. I’ll let him know.”


 At the studio backlot, everyone crowded around Itsuki, clamoring with curiosity. 

“Ne, Midoriya-senpai, are the online rumors about your junior true?”

“Yeah, you’re from the same company as him, do you know what’s going on?”

“I heard that he slept his way up through the production team in order to get his role!”

“Ugh, doesn’t Golden Age care about their people doing unsightly things like that?”

It seemed like the rumors had already made their rounds with the crew members.

Facing the crowd’s questions, faint helplessness appeared on Itsuki’s face as she sighed, “Everyone has their own ways of getting things done, so the company won’t care about what we do...” 

After saying that, she seemed to have suddenly realized that she said something wrong, for she clapped a hand to her mouth and continued rather hurriedly, “I mean, I can’t believe that my junior would do something like that! You can’t trust everything people say on the internet!”

However, it became even more suspicious the more she tried to ‘defend’ the Omega, which led everyone to believe that the rumors had to be true.

Just then, Midoriya Izuku walked onto the set. All the whispering quieted down in order to weirdly watch him head into the dressing room. In one corner, someone whispered, “Just look at him. He’s just a rookie and yet he dares to walk in just now? Even Itsuki-senpai came in before he did!”

In reality, Izuku wasn’t late at all; it was Itsuki who arrived earlier than usual to bask in the aftermath. 

“What are you guys waiting around for?” Director Aizawa demanded through a megaphone, exasperated by the crew’s idleness. “Get to work already!”

As soon as everyone dispersed to do their jobs, Itsuki’s innocent and helpless mask faded away. She called over one of her assistants to her side, inquiring in a low voice, “How’s the task I assigned to you?”

“Everything’s all set, Midoriya-senpai! I snuck in the itching powder in his makeup set when no one was looking.”

“Good, good.” Itsuki snickered. “I can’t wait to see the results!”


When Izuku entered the dressing room, he was taken aback to see Olixandra Vert getting her makeup done. The greenette had thought that she wouldn’t be coming to film. The role she obtained wasn’t a big one, just another one of All Too Handsy’s minions. Her character was also one of Deku’s old classmates, but didn’t recognize him after he became ‘Disaster’. They would have quite a few scenes together.

However, Olixandra was one of Mikumo Akatani’s fans, and she had been looking forward to acting with her idol. Imagine her surprise when it was announced that Deku wasn’t going to be played by the ravenette, but by a no-name, lowlife rookie Omega! 

Although her manager ended up accepting the role on her behalf, Olixandra wasn’t happy about it. She hadn’t even attended the opening ceremony, on the verge of threatening to boycott the movie. And yet here she was, allowing the makeup artist to apply blush on her face.

Izuku guessed that she had most likely heard about the rumors that the movie had received a large additional investment. It was now a major production of one hundred million after all, so she gave up the protest for the sake of fame.

Like Itsuki, she had a rich father to support her, so she always behaved arrogantly on set and was generally unpopular with everyone she worked with. It gave her a bad reputation, but thanks to her father’s talented people, they managed to twist the rumors to present her as a frank and straightforward person. They even went as far as to crown her as one of the top beauties in the entertainment industry.

As Olixandra looked at her reflection in the mirror, she spotted the greenette behind her. Immediately, she scowled at him with cold contempt and undisguised hatred, completely open with her loathing of the greenette.

“Oh, isn’t this the hotshot newbie in the entertainment circle? With so many rich sponsors supporting you, why are you coming to squeeze in with us little people in this dressing room?” she sneered mockingly. 

Only the main leads of the film received their own personal dressing rooms. Everyone else had to share this particular dressing room. Izuku didn’t bother to point out the obvious and found a chair to sit on. He pulled out his script and prepared to wait for his turn. 

If Izuku lived in the world of [Zero to Hero], he supposed that his quirk would be related to brain power, or concentration. Once the Omega was fully immersed in his thoughts, there were only a few who could affect his focused mental state.

Looks like today Deku was going to film Scene 35. How exciting...

“Midoriya Izuku, are you actually ignoring me?” asked Olixandra angrily, snapping the comb in her hands in half. He continued to read his script calmly. It seemed like he hadn’t heard a single word she said.

At last, the makeup artist decided to speak up. She coughed awkwardly and said, “He’s wearing earphones, so maybe he’s listening to music!”

It was only then did Olixandra see those infamous airpods poking out of his curly green locks. Her fury only worsened at the sight. This bastard dared to make her look like an idiot! Who knew if he actually heard anything she said, or if he was just pretending. Did he do that on purpose?!

Of course Izuku had done it on purpose.

The moment he recognized Olixandra, he pulled out his earbuds to stuff into his ears. Izuku knew about her habit of trash-talking, so he quickly came up with a valid excuse to ignore her. In any case, no matter what the reason was, it wouldn’t be good if he got himself involved in more drama. He had to avoid trouble wherever he could!

“Miss Olixandra, your makeup is done. Are you happy with it?” asked makeup artist carefully, well-aware that she was dealing with a difficult client.

“No, I don’t like it! God, can’t you do something so simple?!” Olixandra didn’t even look at her face before saying so.

“Then, may I ask which parts you don’t like?” she questioned with a hint of sourness.

“Everything! Put more on!” 

The makeup artist’s face was stiff with annoyance, but all she could do was pick up her brush and comply with patron’s command. Olixandra continued to rage inside after seeing his unflappable aura, so she took it out on the poor makeup artist, constantly finding something wrong with her face and demanding that she remove her ‘shoddy work’ and start all over again and again. She even had the nerve to ‘borrow’ eyeliner from Izuku’s assigned kit when her own ran out.

The makeup artist couldn’t talk back to Olixandra, so she stared resentfully at Izuku sitting in his corner instead. She knew that the actress was trying to give him a hard time, and she had only been dragged into it. As long as Olixandra wasn’t done with her makeup, the Omega would have to sit there and wait. 

In the end, it wasn’t until Olixandra’s manager came in to get her did the spoiled brat leave reluctantly. She didn’t forget to throw a glare at Izuku on her way out.

Now he could finally get his turn. The makeup artist noisily reorganized her tools, calling out in a loud and cold voice, “Midoriya, it’s your turn for makeup!”

“Sorry for the trouble,” Izuku answered her, picking up his things and making his way over. 

“Whatever,” she grunted, fingers hovering over brushes as she waited for him to take a seat. As the makeup artist was about to start applying his makeup, the greenette glanced at his assigned makeup kit and raised a hand to stop her.

“What is it?”

“Um, sorry about this—” Izuku looked at her name tag as he rummaged in his backpack, “—Maple, but do you mind if I use my own makeup? My skin’s a bit sensitive, and I might have an allergic reaction if I use other brands...”

“What? No, that’s not how we do things around here,” the makeup artist refused impatiently. She just wanted to get this over with, not in the mood to entertain even more unreasonable demands. “Weren’t you fine with it yesterday?”

Izuku brought out an envelope from his backpack and stealthily slid it onto her palm. “I hope you can bend the rules just a little bit for me...”

Maple checked its contents before coughing with an air of reluctance, “Fine, but if the director finds something wrong with it, you can’t blame me!”

“Of course,” he hummed sweetly, sitting back as she began to work her magic, “I definitely won’t get you involved!”

In this circle, enemies could easily become allies at the flip of a coin. After receiving a huge bonus, Maple’s mood improved and Izuku ended up looking better than he did yesterday. Once his makeup was complete, the Omega cautiously examined his awaiting outfit hanging from the changing room.

He took out a large magnet from his backpack and carefully swept it over the costume. Then he did the same to the shoes. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with them. Izuku put the magnet away, shaking his head and sighing with disappointment.

How unprofessional!

A needle or two should’ve been stuck into the clothes to prick and stab the body discreetly with every movement; an irritation so small that you wouldn’t be able to pinpoint what it was no matter how hard you look. Small thumb-tacks should’ve been embedded into the soles of the shoes. While you couldn’t feel anything while walking normally, there would definitely be more ‘pep’ in your step once you put more vigor into using your feet...

Although he couldn’t check the makeup earlier, Izuku knew that there was a high chance that it had been tampered with.

Unlike Itsuki, who had been protected her entire life and had no idea what it meant to truly suffer, Izuku had been fumbling about in the lower levels of the industry for years. He had seen every trick in the book, so how could he not suspect his sister of foul play?

By the time he finished changing into his costume, his dance instructor was already waiting outside for him. While everyone else was out filming their scenes, Izuku followed the instructor to another room and learned the steps for his next scene. He practiced the movements diligently, committed to perfect them by the end of the day. 

After the rest were done filming, Aizawa came over to check on the results. “How’s it going? Midoriya, I noticed that you have some experience in dance in your profile, so I assumed that half a day should be fine for you. If not, I can give you a couple of days.”

“I think I’m ready...” Izuku didn’t want to appear overconfident. 

The director looked at the dance instructor. “What do you think, Ms. Jessimine?”

She chuckled knowingly, “You’ll have to see for yourself later!”

“Alright then, let’s begin.”

[Scene 35: Deku’s Drunken Dance]

[Characters: All Wrong Worm, Deku, All Too Handsy, prospective allies, and minions]

It was in the middle of the night when All Wrong Worm held his banquet, inviting all sorts of hooligans and thugs to join his fight against All Right Rabbit and his students. He sat leisurely at the head of the table, commanding his underlings to come up and show off their Quirks.

All Too Handsy was one of the few to stand up and gave an outstanding display of his Quirk. Fellow villains murmured in awe and admiration at the sight of him rapidly decaying a bouquet of roses. 

Playing as All Too Handsy’s subordinate, Bloody Carrie, Olixandra gloated happily when her leader was acknowledged and Disaster was ignored. “See, I knew Boss was the best! Everyone knows it! I wonder what that loser has to show off. Who knows if he’s gonna stick around...”

Perhaps it was because of her actual distaste of the Omega playing Deku that Olixandra, whose acting skills were just above average, managed to pull off a persuasive act. Director Aizawa nodded in approval, instructing the next person to follow up.

Deku lounged at the bar, drinking wine and occasionally pouring drinks for the servers to pass out. His surroundings were bustling with lively noise and conversations, but he seemed to be distant from it all, in a world of his own as he tipped back another glass of red wine.

Soon, it was his turn to be called on and demonstrate his abilities in front of the crowd. Deku stood up from the stool, a bit unsteady from drinking. He still chose to finish off his drink, carelessly tossing the glass away to shatter on the floor. 

I won't just survive

Oh, you will see me thrive

Can't write my story

I'm beyond the archetype

He ambled to the stage, giving a short bow to the audience before turning to face a dart board ten feet away. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a dart and aimed, tossing it in an almost reckless manner. It hit dead center.

I won't just conform

No matter how you shake my core

'Cause my roots, they run deep, oh

Deku shrugged and turned, following a server to snatch another drink. The strong alcohol dribbled past his lips and down his neck messily. After downing it, once again he yanked out another dart and took aim, this time twice the distance from his original position. Again, he hit bull’s eye.

Oh, ye of so little faith

Don't doubt it, don't doubt it

Victory is in my veins

I know it, I know it

And I will not negotiate

I'll fight it, I'll fight it

I will transform...

This time he made his way to All Wrong Worm’s side, the furthest place from the board. His light and airy movements could be considered a dance, slightly swaying with drunkeness, but it looked more like a prowl, emulating a stalking panther.

Deku stood behind the evil-doer’s back, toying with a knife in his hands and staring at his head contemplatively. He could do it so easily, end everything right then and there. 

But it wasn’t time yet. 

Sighing, he closed his eyes and flung the weapon, knowing that once he opened them, it would be sitting securely between the two darts he had thrown prior.

When, when the fire's at my feet again

And the vultures all start circling

They're whispering, you're out of time

But still, I rise

He bowed to the applause, smoothly excusing himself after his exhibition. Once out of sight, Deku stumbled into the restroom. He turned on the sink and rinsed his hands, splashing water on his face. Then he paused and looked up, staring at his reflection for a moment. He suddenly smirked and raised his fist to smash the mirror into smithereens.

Don't be surprised, I will still rise...

Deku was determined to continue on his road to vengeance.

Once the scene was over, the director was the first to clap his hands, calling out, “Cut!”

He turned to each actor, acknowledging their hard work, “That was an acceptable take. Looks like I didn’t have to worry about you after all, Midoriya. I don’t need to mention you, Kole, but Olixandra’s face was exactly what I was looking for. Well done.”

Olixandra deadpanned, eyelids twitching irritably. How could her expression be off point? That was genuine disgust and hatred right there on her face. She raised one of her hands to rub her eyes again.

For some reason, they had been bugging her all day... 

All Wrong Worm was played by Kole Don, who often played tyrant roles and worked with countless actors. He couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “Director Aizawa, that wasn’t an act. I was honestly surprised to see Midoriya hit that target standing from behind me!”

“See? I’ve told you not to underestimate my junior!” Itsuki chimed in, watching from the side. However, she was pissed. What was going on? Clearly her brother had been wearing his makeup all day long, but there was still no reaction! She pulled her assistant aside to interrogate her.

“I-I sprinkled it in all the makeup: blush, eyeshadow, highlighter and everything! M-Maybe it’s a late reaction...?”

Itsuki glared at her. “I know that it says slow-acting on the bottle, but it should’ve taken a half an hour at most!” That was how she scared her brother off from using makeup at her birthday party back when they were pups. 

“T-Then could it be that he didn’t use any of the makeup?” the assistant concluded hesitantly.

“You’re so useless! Why didn’t you have a backup plan and do something to his costume as well?”

“I-I didn’t think of it. I’m sorry, Midoriya-senpai. Please don’t be mad!”

She harrumphed, rolling her eyes indignantly. It was just an unexpected mishap. There would be plenty of opportunities in the future. Maybe she wouldn’t even need to make a move herself; the look in Olixandra’s eyes revealed how much hatred she bore for the Omega. She would make an excellent tool...

Heh, Izuku-nii, did you really think I’ll let you rest easy in your role?

I’ll lift you up higher so that you’ll fall even harder!


Even though Izuku had proven his acting skills this time, his reputation hadn’t improved by much. Everyone saw how good he was, but assumed that he was just playing his true self, a sneaky fox! Vile whispers bounced off the walls.

Aizawa ignored them and informed the greenette, “Your partner-in-crime will join us next month.”

Izuku smiled warily. “Director Aizawa, I get that you’re keeping him a secret from the media to build up some suspense, but can’t you tell me who he is?”

“No can do,” the Beta responded curtly and walked away. His mate jumped in, grinning mysteriously, “Sorry, but we can’t risk anyone letting the cat out of the bag! The only hint I can tell you is that he’s a very big star!”

Olixandra was passing by when she heard this and muttered disdainfully, “If he’s such a big star, then why is he playing a small supporting role? Is he even up to par with our screen king, Leo Koenig? What do you think, Itsuki?”

Itsuki only smiled and didn’t say anything, but it was clear that she also thought that the blond was exaggerating.

Izuku took no notice of Olixandra’s sarcasm as he continued to badger the Beta, “Then is he handsome? You can tell me that at least, right? In the script he’s supposed to be so handsome that everyone injures themselves on purpose to receive a kiss from him!”

Seeing as this was someone he was supposed to be ‘intimate’ with, this concerned Izuku. This friend- yet-not-friend of Deku’s had a healing quirk that helped others speed up their recovery process with a single kiss. After Deku saved him from the slime monster, he was willing to give all the kisses Disaster needed whenever he got into another scuffle. Even when he went into medical school, he still chose to stand by Deku’s side. This gave the pair a rather ambiguous air . . . It would be a lie if he said he didn't care about something like this!

“Of course he’s good-looking!” Hizashi chuckled. “Just try not to faint when you see him!”

“Seriously? You’d better not be lying to me!” Izuku grinned, a trace of unease wavering in his eyes, “I’d might believe you!”

He could only hope that he’d be able to get along with his future co-star...





Chapter Text

Days passed by swiftly, and soon it was July in a blink of the eye.

Izuku had been living at the Bakugou residence for two weeks, and his relationship with Katsumi became better and better with each day. His work was also going fairly smoothly.  By now Itsuki and Olixandra had formed an alliance, and they would play pranks on him every once in a while. Although Izuku saw through their intentions every time, it was still draining for him to be on guard all the time throughout filming. He was waiting for the right moment to shut them up for good.

Yet something about it felt odd; the Omega couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but it felt like there was someone on the production crew who was helping him behind the scenes. There had been a few instances where he almost fell into another one of the troublesome duo’s traps, only to receive subtle hints whenever he looked over something.

It was most likely someone who had a strong sense of justice and couldn’t stand for Olixandra’s tyranny, so he didn’t think much of it.

Currently his biggest headache was going to the airport to pick up a certain, annoying Alpha tonight. That bastard had the nerve to call him to death while Izuku was filming on set, flooding his voicemail with irksome reminders. 

Oh, Izuku was most definitely looking forward to their reunion...


After work, Izuku returned to the Bakugou residence to pick up his secret weapon. Kacchan was seated on the couch reading a newspaper. He looked up to greet Izuku warmly, as if addressing a significant other. “You’re back. A new hotpot place opened nearby, and it doesn’t look too bad. Let’s go there tonight with Katsumi?”

The greenette was taken aback by his casualness. It was only just over half a month, but before he knew it, he was already used to the straight-forward way he and the Alpha got along. If you told Izuku two weeks ago that he would be on friendly terms with the Bakugou Katsuki, he would stare and laugh at you in disbelief. It really was astounding once he thought about it...

The two of them and little Katsumi, they really did seem to be like a family of three...

Izuku shook his head to get rid of those weird thoughts and answered a bit awkwardly, “Sorry, but I can’t go. Tonight I’m going to the airport to pick up someone, and I’ll probably be late. If Katsumi wants to eat hotpot, then why don’t you take him?”

“He won’t leave the house unless you’re with him.” Kacchan frowned.

“Oh, um...” Izuku hesitated for a moment before suggesting, “Then how about we go together next time?”

The Alpha closed his newspaper and set it down, looking interested. “Picking up a friend?”

“Well, you could say that...” he nodded hesitantly.


“Uh...” Izuku blanked out, staring at the ash blond. Was it just him, or was the Omega overthinking things again? It wasn’t that Izuku hadn’t noticed that Kacchan’s attitude towards him was different, but the Alpha always somehow managed to stop right at the line of friendly concern. If Izuku overreacted, then it would seem like he was assuming that Kacchan had feelings for him—that might not actually exist. And that would be awkward.

Thus, once Izuku heard this perfectly normal question, he replied nonchalantly, “Alpha, male.”

Kacchan’s ruby eyes narrowed perceptively. “Are you coming back tonight?”

Really, this line of interrogation . . . and all of these questions . . . just from listening to them, they were getting more and more...

Izuku used the best of his acting skills and pretended that he hadn’t noticed the ambiguous meaning behind Kacchan’s words as he responded perfectly calm, “I’m not so sure about that yet, so I’ll let you know later. It’s almost time for me to go, I’m going upstairs first!”

There were definitely going to be some unexpected situations popping up later. What if the greenette couldn’t hold himself back and ended up beating up that bastard, Monoma Neito, all night long? 

Izuku quickly scurried upstairs into his room to pack his gear into his huge yellow backpack before hugging the ash blond pup and kissing him goodbye at lightning speed. “I’m going now, Katsumi. Be sure to listen, behave and sleep early, okay?”

Kacchan watched the Omega practically fly out the doors in his haste. Could it be...?

Other than Midoriya Izuku, his son was completely uninterested in anything else, including his own father. However, upon seeing the Alpha’s dark expression, he wrote something on his tablet and reached out to poke his leg. Bakugou looked down to see that his pup had drawn a question mark. 

“Are you asking why I’m not happy?” He raised a brow, then paused in deep thought. Eventually, he said, “If one day someone important to you belongs to another, if he calls that person his baby, kisses him good morning, goodnight, and goodbye, and you are no one special to him, without the right to question or get angry with him . . . would you be happy?”

Katsumi looked dazed for a moment, and after those words sunk in, his expression shattered as if his world was ending.

And so, a certain Alpha felt a lot calmer after delivering his gloom to another.

With tears welling up in his amber eyes, the ash blond pup snatched away his heartless father’s phone to whine to the Omega. He sent him a crying emoji: [˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚]

Izuku, who was on his way to the airport in a taxi, saw it and assumed that Katsumi was upset because they weren’t going to eat hotpot. He immediately responded:

[Baby, what happened? ¿(๑ºㅅº๑)?]

[You’re not happy? Don’t be sad, if you’re sad then I’ll be sad too! 。゚(*´□`)゚。]

[I have to do something today, so tomorrow we’ll go out for hotpot, okay? ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )/]

[Xoxo! I love my honey-bun’s smiles the most! (ღˇᴗˇ)。o♡]

Reading the greenette’s text, Katsumi cheered up and his tears turned into smiles. He even proudly showed the phone to his deceitful father. Bakugou glanced at Izuku’s doting words and felt like he had been stabbed through the heart...


Two hours later at the airport...

Although Izuku had braced himself before arriving, he was still intimidated by the horde of rabid fans awaiting him, showing their support by waving their signs and flooding the entryway.

“AHHHHH-! Monoma Neito! Monoma Neito! Monoma Neito!”

“Hubby, look over here! I love you, I love you!”

“Let me have your pups, Hubby!”

“Monoma, Monoma, you’re the handsomest!” 

“Hubby, I’ll support you forever!”

“Monoma, you’re the best! I’ll always protect you!”

Most of them were young teenage girls, but Izuku also noticed some middle-age women and quite a few male fans as well. They were all screaming their hearts out, each vying to stand out from the crowd. All the security guards at the airport had been deployed, but they still weren’t able to control the situation.

“Hmm? What’s this I hear? Speak up, I can’t hear you!” 

A familiar snobbish voice sounded out before the crowd, alerting them of a certain Alpha’s presence. The fans went dead silent for one second before they burst out into wild screams that almost broke the roof. Izuku facepalmed. Of course the blond wouldn’t think about being considerate towards others leaving the airport and ask his fans to be quiet.

Didn’t he know that he was making things worse by riling up the masses?!

Izuku ducked behind a pillar and looked on from afar, his head enshrouded within a cloud of gloom. This bastard really did know how to hold a grudge so well. If Izuku really did go out there, would he even survive? He was definitely out to get the Omega killed!

That little shit deserved to be cut up by a thousand knives!

Lucky for him, Izuku came prepared.

He slipped away and entered a gender-neutral restroom behind him. Entering one of the stalls, he opened his backpack and pulled out essential items to implement his plan. Izuku changed his clothes, forced his wild curls into a wig cap, and applied a heavy amount of makeup on his face.

Once Izuku emerged from the restroom, he had transformed into a wrinkled, bespectacled old lady with grey hair.

His phone vibrated. Izuku took it out to check; as he expected, it was from Monoma Neito.

Copycat: Midoriya Izuku, I’m giving you five minutes to show up in front of me, or else I’m gonna expose our relationship to the public!

Damn that bastard! Izuku’s face darkened, but he hurriedly checked his makeup one last time before making his way to where the screams were the loudest.

He put on an expression of helplessness and anxiety as he coughed and attempted to make his way through. “Ahem, excuse me, please let me pass. Would you lovely young ladies allow this old lady to take a look at this fine young man?”

“Ah! Guys, stop pushing!” A kind fan noticed him and shouted for everyone to back off. “There’s a very old lady here!”

“Eh, granny, why do you want to see our Monoma? Are you a fan too?”

“Woah, Monoma Neito really gets them all, the young and the old!”

“Wow, a granny fan!”

“Guys, move out of the way and let this granny through!”

“Granny, how old are you?”

Izuku hunched over and patted his back, thanking them continuously, “Thank you ladies, thank you all! I’m eighty years old, and I, I really like this young man, because, because he looks just like my grandson. My grandson works somewhere very far away, so I only get to see him a few times a year...” 

After saying so, Izuku leaned on his cane and raised his hand to his face, a slight quiver to his movements as if he was wiping away tears. They easily bought into his act, and with warm and enthusiastic support from the fans, Izuku smoothly made his way to the front.

“Monoma, Monoma! You have a grandmother fan! Come see her!”

”Yeah, please meet her at least once! She’s quite pitiful...”

“Poor granny...”

Monoma Neito swept his blond hair back and lifted his sunglasses. A trace of suspicion flashed across his face as he questioned, “A granny fan?”

“I know right? She’s like eighty years old!”

“She came all this way just to see you!”

“She said she really likes you because you look like her grandson!”

“Uh . . . I look like her grandson?” The Alpha repeated dumbly.

As his fans finished speaking, Neito followed the path that the crowd made for him and spotted a short old lady waiting for him. He raised an eyebrow. Okay, this was unexpected. It wasn’t until he got closer did he recognize that familiar glint of emerald behind those glasses...

“Fuuu-” His expression twisted slightly as he swallowed down the rest of that f-word, glaring at that ‘old lady’ as if he wanted to strangle her to death. Of course, this all happened within a split second, so none of his fans noticed.

“Ah, grandson, my grandson!” Dashing forward with astonishing agility for an ‘old lady’, Izuku fell into Neito’s arms, clutching at his clothes as he wailed loudly for the crowd to hear.

Everyone began to weep from watching this ‘touching’ moment, the sounds of shutter clicks firing off as photographers captured the scene for the media. 

“Midoriya. Izuku. Just you wait ‘til tonight!” Neito gritted out as he whispered viciously into his ear.

 “Ah, grandson, my precious grandson, why are you so skinny? Granny missed you so much!” Izuku was fully immersed in his act, ruffling the proud blond’s hair into a bird’s nest.

Seeing that the star was on the verge of exploding in anger, his manager Kendou Itsuka hurriedly stepped in, “Everyone, please stand aside. This granny is very emotional, and her body’s weak, so we’ll be taking responsibility and escort her home!”

The Alpha kept up his warm and gentle facade as he waved his fans goodbye, but with his other hand he secretly pinched a certain someone’s shoulder as they left the airport.


Inside a black minivan, Izuku chuckled mischievously as he settled into the cushy seat, asking, “My good grandson, do you remember where Granny lives?”

“I dare you to call me grandson one more time!” The blond glared at him.

“Grand . . . SON~! I just did, so what?” The Omega smirked knowingly, “It makes your skin crawl, doesn’t it?”

“I . . .” Neito seethed, “I’m gonna kill you!”

“Come at me!” The greenette cracked his knuckles. “I thought you’d never do it!”

They pounced at each other, Izuku throwing the first punch.

“Ow! You damned omega, you actually hit me for real!”

The backseat rocked with wrestling sounds and war cries. Kendou, who was driving, was almost at a loss for words. “See Neito, I told you that you couldn’t outplay Izuku, but you didn’t believe me. Look at you now. Tomorrow’s headline is not going to be about getting picked up by beautiful ladies at the airport, but ‘Old Lady Picks Up Monoma Neito From The Airport’...”

Monoma Neito, who was currently being pinned down by that same ‘old lady’, was flustered and exasperated as he cried out angrily, “Shut up!”

She idly watched the progress of their battle in the rearview mirror. Although the Beta was used seeing them go at it these past few years, she still had to speak up, “Izuku, could you go easier on him? I’m begging you, he still has a film, a commercial, and a magazine cover to shoot this month.”

“Got it, Kendou-nee, I won’t hit his face . . . hold still, you little shit!”

“Ah! That was too close! Be more careful, you asshole!”

At this point, Neito had completely lost his handsome confidence and proud aura he had back at the airport. Somehow in the commotion Izuku pulled out a pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs and managed to lock both his hands to the headrest above him. Now the Omega was currently sitting on the Alpha’s stomach, happily beating him into submission.

Unexpectedly, the blond bucked up and swapped their positions, successfully trapping Izuku within his handcuffed arms and leaned in. Seeing his sneering face up close so abruptly, Izuku instinctively backed away before grinning daringly, “What, does grandson want to give his Granny a kiss? C’mere, sonny!”

As Neito got closer, he suddenly backed out at the last minute and turned his head away in disgust. Looking at all those pockmarks and wrinkles, he wanted to throw up.  “Erghhh...”

“Hahahahaha!” Izuku laughed so hard that he curled up to hold his stomach, “Isn’t Granny’s makeup so pretty today? Granny wants her kiss! Muah, muah~!”

Grimacing, Neito released Izuku from his make-shift prison and leaned back into the seat, tugging at his restraints uselessly. The Omega eventually finished laughing, sitting up as he gasped for air, “What, are you really that mad? Who’s bright idea was it to set me up in the first place! Did you really think that I wouldn’t retaliate?”

“Bastard, we haven’t seen each other in so long, and the first thing you do is beat me up! Didn’t you miss me at all?!” The blond stared at the shorter angrily, his periwinkle eyes somewhat aggrieved at the unjustified treatment.

Izuku smiled innocently. “Of course I did! I already told you at the airport, Granny missed you soooo much!”

“Whatever.” The Alpha rolled his eyes and raised his handcuffed hands, demanding furiously, “Just hurry up and get these things off of me already! Where the hell did you even get them?!” 

“Aren’t they cute? I just picked them up the other day!” Izuku giggled as he rummaged in his backpack for the keys, “They were on sale too, 30% off, $3.65! What a steal, am I right~?”

Silence descended upon the vehicle as Neito exchanged a look of concern with his manager as Izuku hummed cheerfully to himself, freeing the blond from his restraints. Was this another one of the greenette’s weird hobbies?

Worried that they would start fighting again, Kendo swiftly changed the topic. “We’ve already left the fans and reporters behind. Where are we going now?”

Neito pulled out his phone to examine his face, fixing his hair as he said, “To my villa in the outskirts.”

Izuku immediately sat up at this piece of news. “Then drop me off here, I’ll take a cab home!”

“Heh, did you really think you could run away tonight? I’d like to see you try!” The Alpha sneered as he locked the car doors. The Omega sweatdropped nervously. He knew this was going to happen, whether he wanted to or not. There was simply no way of avoiding it...

On their way, the further they traveled, the more Izuku felt something was off. Why was this road so familiar to him...?

“Hey rich boy, by any chance is your villa at . . . Just Platinum Hills?” he tried asking.

Neito harrumphed proudly. “It is, so what? Are you jealous? Hmph, you should bow down before me and call me grandpa, ahahaha!”

Izuku passed him an unimpressed look, feeling curious. What kind of coincidence was this, that Monoma Neito owned property there? 

For some reason, blaring alarms started sounding off in his head, giving him an ominous premonition as the minivan drove through the main gates. Watching houses passing by through the window, Izuku spoke up casually, “So which one do you live in?”

“Court of Clubs.”

The greenette shook a little upon hearing this. So it actually was the Court of Clubs. Just Platinum Hills was split into several tiers, the wealthiest being those who resided at the top of the hill in the Courts of Cards. The best one was undoubtedly the Court of Spades, which was Lord Explosion Murder’s territory. It took up the most land, with a large lake, an impressive garden, and even a personal golf course hidden behind a mighty castle. 

Following that was the Court of Hearts, where Kirishima lived, the Court of Diamonds, Kaminari’s place, and the Court of Clubs at the very end. Izuku hadn’t known who was the owner of that particular house, but who would’ve thought that it’d actually belong to this bastard of all people!

Seeing that Kendo was about to turn right, Izuku subconsciously opened his mouth to remind her, “Ah, Kendou-nee, don’t go this way, the road’s blocked...”

“How do you know that it’s blocked?” Neito stared at him.

Izuku’s heart thumped skittishly, but he managed to keep his calm as he gave the other a haughty look. “Don’t you see the warning sign right there!”

Actually, some rich heir had gotten into an accident there yesterday. Izuku had seen the aftermath as he passed by on his way to work.

The Alpha glanced at the sign on the side of the road and went, “Oh.”

Izuku secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Although he did have a reasonable explanation as to why he was staying at Bakugou Katsuki’s residence, just thinking about the series of events that led up to his current situation gave him a bit of a headache. It was too complicated for him to decipher everything at the moment, and Neito would definitely suspect him of having certain ‘intentions’ towards Kacchan even though he was perfectly innocent! Izuku decided to save that story for another day...

Once they arrived at their destination, he was feeling bitter as he snuck looks at the Bakugou residence. How he longed to sneak away and snuggle up with his little honeybun!

Kendou unlocked the car doors and got out, informing Neito, “I had someone keep this place clean while you were gone, so you can move in right away if you want. Do you want to stay here or at the apartment the company arranged for you? Living here could make it inconvenient for you to commute back and forth.”

Please don’t stay here! Izuku silently prayed in his heart. What if they accidentally ran into each other?

“I’ll think about it and let you know later!” Neito answered his manager carelessly as he took the keys she held out, waving her off dismissively.

Kendou sighed as she looked at the trouble-making pair, giving out one last reminder, “Don’t mess around too late, both of you. Neito, don’t forget that tomorrow you—”

“I know, I know okay?!” He brushed off her words and unlocked the front door, dragging Izuku in behind him as they disappeared into the villa together. The Beta shook her head helplessly as she got back in the minivan. She already knew that the two of them wouldn’t be able to get up early the next morning...


After they entered the house, the Alpha released his grip on the Omega’s hand and pulled on his fingers one by one, obnoxiously popping his joints. “Don’t bother listening to Kendou, Iz. We’re going all out tonight, for a hundred, no, a thousand rounds! Let’s see if I don’t get my revenge tonight!”

Izuku looked down on him disdainfully. “Come at me, loser. My record is still better than yours! I’ll make you call me ‘Granny’!”

“In your dreams! You’re gonna be the one calling me grandpa!” Neito snorted as he dug through his luggage. “I brought back the hottest game in the market all the way from America! You’d better thank me later!”

Lifting his head up, he cringed at the sight before him. “But can you not go and wash that makeup off already? Seriously, you look so gross, it’s killing my eyes! If that’s supposed to be a distraction tactic or something, then I’m kicking you out!”

“As if! Do you really think that I actually enjoy wearing this?!” Izuku demanded indignantly as he yanked off the sweaty wig. This darned double-edged sword!

The blond switched on the wide screen TV in the living room and began to connect the cables. “If it’s that bad then go take a shower. There’s clothes in my room. Just don’t take too long, because there’s no way you’re winning against me!”

The greenette stared at his excited appearance speechlessly. Most Alphas would go find some hot hookup upon returning home, and yet this guy . . . all he wanted to do was play video games all night long! What a simpleton...

Once Neito set everything up, he dug out some snacks and candy from who knows where and headed out to his wine cellar to pick out a drink, humming happily. He sat on the couch, watching the opening credits, and did a few warm-up exercises on his console. The Alpha was just about to press [Start] to familiarize himself with the game when the doorbell suddenly rang.

Instantly his good mood soured. Too lazy to get up and answer the door, Neito chose to pick up his phone and directly call his manager instead, ranting irritably, “Stop ringing my door! I already promised to be on time tomorrow, isn’t that enough? Everyday bossing me around like I’m some kind of pet, can I not take a night off to relax? Do you really have no faith in me?”

“What are you talking about? Ringing?” On the other end of the line, she was bewildered by his random fit.

He choked on his rage and paused for a moment to think. “...You’re not the one outside ringing my doorbell?”

“I’m pretty far away from your place by now, and I’m still driving!” Kendou answered innocently.

“Then who could it be . . . I didn’t tell everyone I know about this place...” Neito mumbled suspiciously.

“Don’t tell me your address was leaked! Be careful, and don’t open the door. What if it’s the media? Izuku’s still there!” she advised him worriedly.

He scoffed contemptuously, “So what if it’s the media? Who cares if they see him here!”

Kendou groaned, feeling the urge to slap his idiotic head miles away. “Neito, I’m serious. Even though you’re just trying to help him, he needs to accept it first! Izuku already said that he doesn’t want to get on your pirate ship—”

Neito immediately flared up, “What pirate ship? You’re a pirate ship!”

The doorbell was still ringing, at five-second intervals in a very precise pattern.

“Fine, whatever, I’m going to open the door! It’s already this late, who the hell could it be...?” The blond hung up and checked the cameras outside connected to his phone. He immediately paled, as if he had seen a ghost.

“Fuck, Bakugou Katsuki?! W-why is he here...”

At the main entrance, the ash blond could be seen in grey casual wear and carrying a few bags. Although his overall image wasn’t scary at all, a bored look on his perfect features as he focused on the doorbell, Neito could still feel himself breaking out into a sweat just from seeing him.

Like a deer who had spotted a wolf, he raced panic-stricken towards the door. It wasn’t until the doorbell rang twice more did Neito take a deep breath and finally opened the door. The moment he opened the door, his brash attitude earlier became cautiously respectful. “Uh, hey. What brings you here?”

“Visiting you,” answered Bakugou.

“Oh . . . then come in, please come in...” Neito quickly invited him inside.

The Alpha’s gaze casually swept over the game controllers on the floor, snacks and wine on the table, then took a seat on the couch. Noticing Bakugou’s line of sight, Neito coughed lightly and explained, “Um, work can be tiring, you know, so I was just relaxing with some games...”

Bakugou didn’t seem to care. Disinterestedly, he asked, “When did you get back?”

“Just an hour ago.” Neito rummaged around the kitchen for a bit, but all he could find was a few bottles of mineral water in the fridge. He snagged one of them and handed it to his unexpected visitor, feeling a bit awkward. “Sorry, I don’t have much to offer you. Is this okay?”

“It’s fine.” Bakugou passed over the bags he brought with him. “This is from your mother.”

“Thanks...” As he took them, he silently screeched at his dear mother, You could’ve just sent someone else over to bring it to me, why did you ask him to do it?

Why would she do this to him? Didn’t she know that he feared this man the most?

Fine, it was obvious she knew that and still sent Bakugou Katsuki over to check up on him...

“How long will you be staying this time?” The Alpha’s tone sounded like a strict instructor.

Neito sat up straight and answered like a good student, “If all goes well, I’ll be staying here for good. Even though a lot of people in the industry are pushing overseas this year, our local film industry has been expanding in growth over these past few years. Going abroad is a must, but I think I’ve done my time over there long enough...”

“Hm.” Unexpectedly, Bakugou gave a rare affirmative nod at his words. 

He heaved a sigh of relief, tension finally leaving his body as he asked casually, “So how’s Katsumi?”

“He’s doing fine.”

“Oh, right, I bought some toys for him and souvenirs for everyone else. I was going to visit you tomorrow, I didn’t know you’d be coming over so soon...” Neito quickly went over to bring out the gifts he had picked out.


And then . . . and then they were silent.

Thus, the sounds of running water from the bathroom could be heard clearly...

Feeling a bit awkward, Neito coughed and scratched his head. Naturally, Bakugou seemed to understand the situation and stood up at last. “I’ll be taking my leave. If you have time, you should go visit your mother.”

“Right, sure, sure! I’ll walk you out.”

Feeling as if he had been pardoned, Neito was just about to escort the ash blond out when suddenly a furious voice shouted: 

“Monoma Neito, just what kind of clothes do you own? How am I supposed to wear this with a hole in the front?!”

Bakugou Katsuki, who was just about to leave, stopped in place upon hearing that voice. A second later, he slowly turned around and shot a sharp fiery look towards the source.

Izuku was standing outside the bathroom door, his viridian hair damp and cheeks flushed from the hot shower. He looked utterly exasperated as he pointed out a huge chunk missing from the front of the oversized shirt he was wearing, revealing a hint of his scars.

Neito didn’t notice the Alpha’s stiff expression. He only felt like strangling the greenette. The man had been about to leave, why couldn’t that damned Omega just wait a while longer before coming out?

“I forgot to throw that away after I tore it while riding my bicycle. I have other shirts for you to choose from, so why did you have to pick that one!” Neito replied irritably. He turned awkwardly to Bakugou, feeling embarrassed as he began to make introductions, “Uh, this is my friend, Midoriya Izuku...”

After saying that, he finally noticed there was something off about the greenette’s face. Izuku was staring right at Bakugou Katsuki as if he had just lost his soul...

This damned Omega, even if Bakugou Katsuki was pretty good-looking, he didn’t need to look at him as if he had never seen an Alpha before, okay?

Feeling slightly miffed, Neito cleared his throat and continued with a trace of annoyance, “Iz, this is my uncle, CEO of Bakugou Corporation, Bakugou Katsuki. What are you just standing around for? Say hi!” 

In that moment, with his hair still dripping water on the floor and his hand still clutching the sides of the shirt together, the Omega finally found his voice, echoing slowly with a mystified expression: “Un . . . cle...?”

His tone was questioning, but to the ash blond’s ears, it sounded affirmative, as if Izuku was calling him uncle. Instantly, his face became menacing glower, emitting threatening aura. Within that strange silence, he said curtly, “So, the person you were picking up was Neito?”

Hearing this, Neito was shocked at his words. “Iz, you know my uncle?”

This unexpected situation was driving the greenette insane with fear. Izuku dragged his friend over and whispered in his ear, “I should be asking you that! How do you know Bakugou Katsuki?!”

Neito shrugged helplessly. “I just told you, he’s my uncle!”

Izuku took ahold of his shoulders, shaking him back and forth as he hissed, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!”

“You never asked!” Neito protested as he pried the Omega off of him. “Now it’s your turn. How do you know my uncle?”

His suspicious gaze alternated between the unlikely pair. The more he looked, the more he felt that something wasn’t right, but he couldn’t pinpoint where exactly. Why were they being so weird!

“It’s a long story...” Izuku held his forehead, feeling exhausted. Those four words were directed to both Alphas. Neito looked like he was dying to ask questions, but he didn’t dare to open his mouth in Bakugou Katsuki’s presence.

Since Izuku had just finished showering, a nice fragrance was wafting off his body. The large baggy t-shirt he wore showed off his shapely, toned legs, and one hand was still trying to cover up the hole in the shirt. It was an enticing sight that made the ash blond’s blood boil, but knowing that Izuku was dressed like this in another Alpha’s house made him want to destroy everything. 

As he silently raged a few times over in his heart, it didn’t go unnoticed, adding more pressure to his heavy silence. On the surface, his face was set into an unpleasant scowl as he glared at Izuku, biting out, “Are you planning on staying here, or coming back with me?” 

The words were said flatly, but carried unimaginable weight.

Neito managed to catch the underlying meaning, and looked at Izuku in shock and disbelief. What did he mean by that? What was going on between them? They didn’t just know each other, but they were also living together?!

Izuku looked back at the icy cold bastard, then looked at Kacchan, whose crimson eyes were lit with ire. He swallowed, feeling pressured from both sides as he made his decision. “I . . . I’ll go back...”

The heated air around Kacchan cooled down significantly. However, Neito lost his chill and suddenly grabbed onto Izuku’s wrist. His beautiful periwinkle eyes were filled with nervousness and betrayal. “But you promised to stay the night with me!”

As soon as he said that, the Omega wanted to send him flying with one punch. You idiot, don’t make it sound so misleading! Could you not make it look like there’s something going on between us?!

Izuku slowly raised his head to meet Kacchan’s eyes; as expected, that scary expression looked like he was reaching his limit, as if there was only one last metal bar on the verge of snapping before the beast broke free and rampaged...

The greenette yanked back his hand, carefully holding onto his patience as he placated the other, “Neito, I have work tomorrow, and didn’t Kendou-nee say that you have something in the morning? I’ll play video games with you another day when we’re both free, okay?!”

He tactfully emphasised ‘play video games’ on purpose. After speaking his piece, Izuku quickly grabbed his big yellow backpack and fled the scene, not bothering to change his clothes as he still held onto the hole in the front of the shirt.

The Alpha gave his nephew a meaningful look before leisurely following Izuku out. 

Watching the two of them leave together, as well as Bakugou’s taunting look in the mix, Neito was infuriated. 

Damn it, no wonder that damned Omega knew that the road was blocked!

Midoriya Izuku, just how much have you been hiding from me?!


Izuku trembled as he made his way back, feeling anxious. What was Kacchan doing there? How was Monoma Neito Bakugou Katsuki’s nephew? Just what was going on back there? 

As his brain nagged at him to solve the mystery, the greenette absentmindedly followed the road home. Suddenly, his hands were lightened of their load; Kacchan had taken his backpack. Then something warm and heavy settled on his shoulders. The Alpha had given him his jacket.

“Thanks...” Izuku said quietly.

Kacchan didn’t say a word.

It would’ve been better if the ash blond had reacted in some way. It was this kind of silence that made Izuku nervous...


Back at the Bakugou residence, the Omega returned to his room and changed his clothes. Once he was more comfortable with his surroundings and dried off his hair, he peeked into Katsumi’s room. Luckily, the pup wasn’t asleep yet. 

“Baby, I’m a little scared of the dark. Can I sleep with you tonight?”

Of course, he was very happy and welcoming about it, generously giving up more than half of the space on his bed to share with the greenette. 

“Thank you~” Izuku cooed gratefully, cuddling smol ash blond, “Good-night baby~”

My lucky star, hopefully you’ll keep me safe tonight...

Everything that happened today had spiraled out of his expectations, and his heart was still beating fast from all of the excitement. He could sense that after today, the thin hazy barrier between himself and Bakugou Katsuki had somehow been worn down to the point that it was fragile to the slightest touch. If it really did break one day, Izuku didn’t know how he would deal with that outcome...

With Katsumi as his sedative, Izuku eventually fell asleep. Some people could rest so easily, but one one particular person couldn’t sleep alone that night. In the middle of the night, the amount of smoke in the study had become so thick it was like a heavy fog. 

Heh, no wonder Denki couldn’t find out who were the two people who sent his Omega those gifts that day. It turned out that one of them was a ‘hidden traitor’...


Only now did he recall that in the family group chat, Monoma Neito used that nickname. He had looked over it and failed to make the connection before. As for the one who signed off as S.T. there were no leads as of yet...

In the dark, he stubbed out his last cigarette and walked out. He gently pushed open the door to the guest room, but there was no one inside. He raised an amused eyebrow and and checked the room next door. As expected, Izuku was sound asleep, hugging Katsumi. 

That was clever of him, but did he really think that things were fine like this? 

He walked up to the small bed, and gently removed his son’s hand from Izuku’s clothes. He swapped in a stuffed animal and carried the greenette out. Katsumi frowned as he dreamt and reached out with his little hands as if searching for something, then pulled the plushie into his arms.

After successfully fooling his pup once again, he brought Izuku to the master bedroom. He gently laid the Omega on the bed, then sat on the edge. With a slightly calloused hands, he lightly stroked Izuku’s unruly hair, his fluttering eyelids, his freckled cheeks...

Like a beast before his meal, he was patient enough to savor this moment before feeding, caressing those plush lips with his thumb. Finally, he sighed and leaned in, covering that soft mouth with his own, dipping in, exploring, and melding their lips together. He tasted as sweet as the Alpha remembered.

Then he moved down to his cheeks, his ears, and slipped down his neck, zeroing on his scent gland covered by a guarding collar...

In the past thirty-one years of his life, he had never felt this way about anyone. He supposed this was what most people called love—something he used to think was meaningless. For him, love was probably the most useless thing in the world. 

Did people really need love like they needed oxygen to breathe? Did it really mean that much for them, held that much weight to crave in their insignificant lives? He lived this long without expecting such a thing to happen to him; was there anything wrong with that?

And yet little did he know that it would unexpectedly open up its jaws one day and swallow him whole, flooding and drowning his very being in wrathful desire and possessiveness over this Omega of all people. He didn’t stand out much from the crowd with his plain, not unless you took the time to peel back the layers, to dive in beyond the surface. This youth, who was eight years younger than him, made him feel complete.

Now life was no longer about sinister plots and tricky numbers, but was filled with softness, warmth, longing, sweetness, satisfaction...

However, accompanying them were anger, ruthlessness, impulsiveness, desire, hunger...

Remembering the scene from earlier, the hidden violence in his heart leapt out of its cage, and he unconsciously bit down with his teeth. In the next second, the taste of blood bloomed between their entwined mouths...

Suddenly Izuku let out a small whimper, keening from the sudden pain. He instantly stiffened, pulling back to watch the greenette frown and lick his lips before turning over in his slumber. How heartless of him...

He traced those lush, red lips once more, desire flaming in his crimson eyes. 

Impulsively, he wanted to ignore the consequences and kiss his Omega awake...



Chapter Text

Izuku slept all the way to the next morning, and woke up naturally. He rested fine last night, but something was off. Why did his tongue feel so sore? Did he bite himself while dreaming? 

Was it too savage that he bit himself...?

Everything seemed to be normal at breakfast. Today Kacchan was impeccably dressed in his freshly-pressed business suit. It looked like he was going back to work after breakfast. The ash blond looked refined as he drank his coffee and read his newspaper. His face was perfectly calm, as if nothing had happened last night.

Izuku breathed a sigh of relief, wondering if he was being overly sensitive again. The Alpha might have some vague feelings for him, but it wasn’t to the point that he would get jealous over him . . . right? Especially with his own nephew.

Although Kacchan seemed to be fine, Katsumi was not.

The pup had been sulking throughout the whole morning, as if the world owed him something. Izuku passed him a bowl of oatmeal, asking gently, “Baby, what’s wrong? You don’t like it?”

Katsumi shot an accusing glare at his two-faced father, who was feigning that he hadn’t done anything wrong, and looked even angrier. But then he remembered that the Omega loved seeing his smile the most, so he worked hard to raise the corners of his mouth prevent the greenette from worrying about him.

I’m mad, but I need to keep my smile on!

Only then did Izuku finally relaxed and quickly finished his oats. “I’m leaving first. Enjoy your breakfast!”

Today was the day his co-star was finally coming in, so Izuku decided to leave earlier than usual to make a good impression on him. Just as he picked up his backpack and prepared to leave, Katsumu hurtled to his side and tugged instantly at his clothes.

“What is it, honey?” Izuku looked down at the pup curiously. Seeing that he didn’t understand, Katsumi looked like he was on the verge of tears, feeling wronged.

Izuku scratched his head and thought about it, but nothing came to his mind of what Katsumi could possibly want. At last he gave up and looked pleadingly at Kacchan for help. The Alpha glanced at the scene and reminded him, “You forgot to give him his goodbye kiss.”

“Oh, right! I’m sorry, Katsumi!” Izuku apologized immediately and bent down to do so, affectionately ruffling his ash blond locks before heading out. The Omega didn’t know when it started, but at some point they started a routine where he would kiss the pup everyday before leaving, and Katsumi enjoyed it very much. Izuku had been in such a rush today that he had forgotten all about it.

Izuku made sure to kiss and scent the pup thoroughly, enveloping him in a blanket of warmth. “I’m going now. Don’t forget to be good!”

Katsumi waved goodbye to the greenette, watching him disappear into the distance before turning back to his wicked father with a resentful pout. Don’t think that I’m letting you off the hook just because you helped me with this!

The Alpha acted as if he didn’t notice it, taking a sip of his coffee. “Sorry, I don’t know what you want. If you have something you want to tell me, then say it or write it down.”

The pup’s temper worsened upon hearing that. Even with Izuku’s help, he was only at the level of writing down simple words and sentences, with the occasional emoji. Katsumi wasn’t capable of expressing what he felt through writing, but he wasn’t about to start talking either. The Omega was also teaching him a few things in sign language, but there was no way he was sharing that with his father. That was their secret code!

Finally, the ash blond pup puffed up his cheeks and managed to write a single word in his rage, shoving the tablet in the adult’s face: [Thief!]

Bakugou calmly looked at the word and pretended to be puzzled. “What? Our home was broken into last night?”

Katsumi erased the word and scribbled out: [Deku is mine!]

The Alpha smirked in amusement. “His name is Izuku, Katsumi.”

The pup looked back at his writing before furiously scrubbing at the screen and made several new lines, putting emphasis on the last word: [MINE!!!]

His father raised an eyebrow at him. “I’m sorry to break this to you, but the two of you don’t match up. He’s eighteen years older than you. Don’t tell me that you want to make Deku wait that long for you to grow up.”

His son lowered his head and busied himself with drawing a sad face. [Σ('◉⌓◉’)]

“You know I’m right,” Bakugou teased him, watching his son dot tears around the eyes. He paused for a moment, then continued coaxingly, “But it’d be better if he marries me. Then he’ll be your mommy.”


Katsumi tilted his head as he thought about it...


The production crew remained unchanged even with the addition of a long-awaited actor.

A group of adoring cast members surrounded the main hero of the film, Leo Koenig, listening attentively to him recounting his glorious feats in his career. Olixandra and Itsuki huddled up together, gushing over a diamond bracelet her father just bought for her. Their current relationship was very close as they plotted to take a certain Omega down.

Only Izuku was a bit of a nervous wreck, casting skittish glances here and there in search of his co-star. After all, he was supposed to be Deku’s partner-in-crime, and the quality of his acting would reflect upon Izuku’s skills, regardless of whether they did well or not.

As Olixandra showed off her sparkling bracelet, she caught sight of him pacing in circles and snorted disdainfully, “Just look at how eager he is! Does he really think that an Adonis is going to work with him?”

Itsuki sighed and responded with a seemingly helpless air, “Oh you, don’t pick on him so much. It’s only natural for him to be curious after being promised for so long these past few weeks.”

“That’s right! They have all those kissing and fighting scenes together, I feel bad for the poor sucker for being stuck with him!” After saying so, she looked enviously at Itsuki, “Itsuki, you’re so lucky. Your boyfriend’s so handsome, and your screen partner’s handsome too...”

At this moment, Hizashi’s loud excited voice could be heard coming from the studio entrance, “Everyone, our miracle doctor, ‘Mokoto Hikaru’ is in the house! Come and say hi!”

There was a mixed response from the crew, but no one seemed inclined to take a look. Leo Koenig in particular was busy with reading palms, ladies fighting over who would go next. Olixandra tsked dismissively, looking as if she didn’t even want to stand up. Itsuki checked her face one last time before standing up and cajoled her, “We should still say hi at least.”

Reluctantly, Olixandra got up and followed her out.

Of course, Izuku had rushed over as soon as the announcement was made, craning his neck to catch a glimpse. Suddenly, his expression became outraged. That guy standing next to the producer with his smooth blond hair, those twinkling periwinkle eyes, that stupid cocky smirk... What was he doing here?

This. Couldn’t. Be. Happening...

At the entrance, a production assistant suddenly screamed as if he was being murdered, “Ah-AHHHHHHH—”

“What’s wrong with you? Are you crazy!” Olixandra glared at him. Then she started screaming too. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH—”

“What is it?” Itsuki asked her, somewhat concerned.

“M-Mo-Monoma . . . Monoma Neito! Look, look, look Itsuki! It’s Monoma Neito! It’s really him! OHMAIGOSHIJUSTCAN’T—” Olixandra sputtered unintelligibly as she squealed, clutching Itsuki’s arm with one hand and excitedly pointing with the other, bouncing on her toes.

“What?” Itsuki followed her gaze and was thunderstruck by who she saw. Hizashi walking ahead with a cheerful and welcoming attitude. Following behind him was a blond Alpha in trendy shorts and a T-shirt. One hand was stuck in a pocket, his face carrying a unique flair of arrogance as he looked around at the set. He flashed a blinding white smile at everyone.

Monoma Neito . . . to think that the miracle doctor was actually Monoma Neito... Even Itsuki was shocked to learn about this. The girls who had surrounded Leo earlier now flooded the entrance, scrambling to get to the superstar first.

“Woah, Monoma Neito? Is it really him!”

“Am I going blind? Someone pinch me!”

“He’s too handsome! I’m feeling weak...”

“My God, he really is sex on legs!”

“I heard that he even has granny fans!”

“Haha, even eighty-year-old grandmothers can’t deny his allure!”

“Stop hoarding the view, I need to see him!”

“Get out of my way, I must sleep with him at least once!”

“If I can’t lose my virginity to him, then there’s no point in living!”

Who was the current hottest young Alpha in the entertainment circle?

No matter who you asked, everyone would give you the same answer: Monoma Neito!

Olixandra was deep in confusion, still holding onto Itsuki’s arm to keep herself steady. “What’s going on? Did they make a mistake somewhere? What’s Monoma-senpai doing here, playing this particular role?”

Itsuki supplied helpfully, “I heard that Monoma Neito never takes the lead roles. Besides that, the main sponsor of this movie is Golden Age, so why would he be here as a Ground Zero actor?”

Even though Olixandra had just been making fun of the unlucky actor who had to work with the Omega, now she was working herself into a wrathful rage. “What the hell? What the fuck is going on! Monoma-senpai is mine, he’s supposed to be mine! Mineminemine-!”

Everyone else around them cautiously backed away and gave her sympathetic looks, unsurprised by her frenzy. That’s because although she was a big fan of Mikumo Akatani, they all knew that she was practically Monoma Neito’s number one diehard devotee. She supported him unconditionally, going to all of his screenings and buying everything he advertised. The brat even dared to publicly confess to him on her Hooter last year. The Alpha ended up ignoring it, but that didn’t deter her love for him one bit.

She would’ve been at the airport to give him a warm welcome back to Japan, but she had a prior family engagement. That was what the diamond bracelet was for, a last-minute bribe to keep her calm...

Aizawa used his infamous glare to shut everyone up before addressing the blond, “I’ve heard a lot about you, Monoma. You’d best keep yourself under control, because I don’t have the time nor the patience to protect anyone from getting their hearts broken by you.” 

Neito played along, laughing good-naturedly, “Weren’t you listening, Director Aizawa? They all just want to sleep with me, so you should be protecting me instead!”

“I don’t think so. Why don’t you get Deku to do it?” The Beta answered him flatly. “By the way, where is Midoriya? I remember him bugging us last month about your identity...”

The Alpha smirked knowingly. “Maybe he was scared away by me?”

“Who knows, maybe he’s one of your fans!” Hizashi laughed. “He’ll definitely be surprised to see you!

As they talked, Izuku managed to calm himself down and walked over wearing a professional smile. He held out his hand in greeting. “Monoma-senpai, nice to meet you. I’m Midoriya Izuku. It’s an honor to be working with you.”

Although they were around the same age, Neito had debuted in the industry before Izuku, therefore that made him the greenette’s senior.

“Likewise.” The Alpha reached out to shake hands, but a few seconds later he immediately wanted to throw off that scarred hand’s grip.

This damned Omega, he almost crushed all the bones in his hand!

Neito struggled to hold onto his cool composure, raising an eyebrow as he ‘realized’ something. “Oh, so it’s you Midoriya...”

“Eh? You two already know each other?” Hizashi piped up curiously.

Neito grinned meaningfully. “Of course we do.”

Hearing those ambiguous words and feeling everyone’s judging stares on him, Izuku silently trembled with anger. He really, really wanted to punch that smug bastard’s face. The Alpha was thoroughly entertained by his discomfort, and continued unhurriedly, “We worked together before in [That One Movie That Probably Doesn’t Matter].”

“Hm? Why don’t I remember Midoriya mentioning that?” 

Izuku sweatdropped, beating up that blather-mouth over and over in his head as he answered meekly, “Um, I was just a stunt double for another actor back then. I didn’t think that Monoma-senpai would remember me. And I’m pretty sure [That One Movie That Probably Doesn’t Matter] was listed in my resume...”

“So that’s how it is,” Aizawa nodded, understanding at last. “That’s great, since you’ve worked together before and know each other, I don’t think you’ll need to warm up. Let’s amp things up and start things off with an exciting confrontation scene.”

“Er...” Izuku blinked as he silently repeated each word. Exciting? Confrontation? Scene? 

Neito smiled amicably. “Sounds good to me.”

Staring at those shiny white teeth, Izuku felt like reaching into his backpack for his pliers to yank them out one by one...

“Just let me decide which one to test you two on,” Aizawa murmured as he flipped through the screenplay.

Izuku thought frantically: Please, please choose Scene 29! If you let me play that scene, I guarantee that I’ll act better than anything you’ve seen before!

That particular scene was where Deku caught Hikaru healing a hero. In a fit of anger Disaster proceeded to drag him off and beat the shit out of him in the back of an alleyway to teach him a lesson...

The Alpha took one look at the Omega and knew exactly what he was thinking. He cocked his head to whisper in his ear, “You just want an excuse to beat me up, don’t you?”

“Ugh!” Izuku shoved him away. “Don’t do that!”

Thanks to this bastard, everyone’s hate multiplied by the nonsensically astronautical number of fans he had! He could already imagine the storm awaiting him by the name of Olixandra Vert. Who knew what that crazy fangirl was capable of? 

His days were already distressing enough; this was only making them worse.

Izuku was doomed to be disappointed. As if the director would let him beat up his partner on his first day on the set. After much consideration, Aizawa announced, “We’re doing Scene 47. Everyone, get to your places.”

The greenette was already familiar with the script by now. As he thought back to recall that scene, his face darkened. Though it wasn’t a kissing scene nor a scene where he casually hung out with his screen partner, it still wasn’t any better. This was the scene where Deku tried to keep Hikaru by his side forcefully...

Hizashi called the two of them over and reviewed the scene with them. “Scene 47 takes place after Scene 44, when Deku admits to feeling something towards Hikaru. However, Hikaru misunderstands and tries to get Disaster to change his ways, to turn his back on the villains for good. That made Disaster mad, so he knocks out the doctor and drags him back to his lair...”

“Monoma, you know where I’m getting at, right? The main point is that the characters you’re used to playing tended towards stronger and active dispositions. However, this role is the opposite of that, so you’ll have to take careful note of the difference.”

As Izuku listened, he began to worry a bit. The Alpha was usually enlisted to play overbearing characters, like tyrants, school bullies, stuck-up princes and such. Was it even possible for him to act like an intellectual yet generally weak doctor?

Neito nodded, looking serious. “I got it. I’m like a damsel in distress, right?”

“Exactly.” Hizashi sighed, somewhat relieved. Actually, he was more worried about Midoriya than Monoma—worried that the greenette would go easy on his senpai and hold himself back.

“This scene was chosen to test the chemistry between you two. For most of the time, one of you will be playing a street-smart cynic while the other is supposed to be gentle and accommodating soul. As long as the two of you pull off this scene, there shouldn’t be any problems with the rest of them.” The Beta noticed their impatience and chuckled, finally letting them off, “Alright, that’s all I have to say. Go get changed!”


Izuku was the first to emerge from his changing room, all decked out in his usual costume. Hizashi gave him a few more words of advice, “Midoriya, don’t be afraid to go wild in front of the camera. Just let yourself go. The more roguish you are the better!”

“I don’t think you should be worried about that.” A condescending voice called out. “Instead, you should be worrying about me!”

The moment Neito pushed aside the curtains and walked out, the set immediately burst out into gasps of amazement. Even Izuku raised his eyebrows in surprise. After getting into costume, the blond’s temperament had gone through a drastic change. He looked like a gentle and handsome doctor, seemingly understanding and dedicated to his work, the type all nurses and patients would want to spend all their time with.

The Alpha noticed his shock and proudly smirked at him. “What do you think? Am I not the best-looking piece of work in this entire set?”

It was a pity that the illusion was ruined once he opened his mouth...

Izuku uttered three patronizing words: “An. Easy. Bottom.”

“Why you-”

“Me what?” The Omega stuck out his tongue, “I’d hate to tell you this, but I’m the ‘top’ of this relationship!”

“Oh yeah?” Neito tsked haughtily, “But I’ll show you a thing or two! After all, I can flip the tables on you anytime...”

Not too far off, Olixandra watched the unruly pair huddle up and whisper to each other from time to time, feeling so unhinged that she was about to lose her mind. Ever since the Alpha had arrived, he spent all his time with that showoff. He never looked her way even once, and she didn’t have the opportunity to greet him.

Standing by her side, Itsuki continuously offered her ‘comforting’ words. “Olie, don’t be upset. You know, our junior’s luck is pretty good considering that he gets to work with Monoma Neito of all people! I think that after this movie, he’ll be in the spotlight as a second-tier actor, maybe even first-tier in the future...”

“Tch, him being first-rate? As if! I’m not letting him off after stealing all of my Neito’s attention!” Her fair face became twisted with fury.

“Olie, don’t be like this,” Itsuki cautioned her, looking anxious, “Golden Age is preparing to invest in him after all. If you pick a fight with him, I’m afraid that...”

“So what if I pick a fight? I’m not scared of that slut who only knows how to seduce knot-brained Alphas!”

Looking at her fume, Itsuki smirked to herself. As long as she had Olixandra on her side, she didn’t even need to lift a single finger. She could sit back and enjoy the show, watching her minion do all the dirty work for her.

However, it seemed like her idiotic brother’s luck had been unusually good lately. Some precautions needed to be set in place...


“Where’s the rope? Are the props ready?” 

An assistant hurried over with a length of hemp rope. “Is this it?”

“Perfect.” Aizawa turned to the blond. “Sorry about this, Monoma. We’ll need you to get into position.”

“It’s no problem.” Neito laid himself across the four-poster bed, allowing the assistant to bind up his hands and feet to each pole. This was an exciting confrontation scene after all, how intense it was...

On the set, screams fired off all over place again. 

“AHHHHH-! Monoma in bondage play!”

“I’ve always wanted to tie him up and throw him on my bed in my dreams!”

“What are you getting so worked up for? You’re not the one going up there!”

“Ughhh, I’m so mad! Dammit, why does it have to be that annoying poser?”

“Seriously, it’s such a waste! Can’t Monoma ask for someone else to do it?”

“Ahem.” Aizawa cleared his throat pointedly to silence their complaints, then shouted, “Three-two-one, action!”

Izuku wasn’t too bothered by the surrounding chatter. Once the sound of the director’s voice died down, his eyes changed in demeanor, becoming a lazy, devil-may-care expression. Walking up to a door, he raised his leg and kicked it open. The camera then cut to Neito’s position.

A young man laid on charcoal bedsheets with his eyes closed, hands and feet bound to each individual post of the bed. The stark contrast between him and the dark room made a desolate impression. He looked pale and fragile, as if inviting onlookers to come up and ravish him.

Upon hearing the loud entrance, Hikaru slowly opened his eyes, blinking and wincing at the sudden light. He watched helplessly as Deku approached the bed, trying and failing to hide the fear in his eyes. Disaster sat on the edge of the bed, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a paper bag. “I bought some meat buns. Want one?”

Hikaru closed his eyes and turned his head away, doing his best to ignore the shorter. Deku ripped open the bag and took a bite out of one of them, craftily examining his prisoner. “Looks like you need some help. I can feed you mouth to mouth if you want~?”

“You-!” The blond opened his eyes, shimmering with anger and humiliation. “Just how long are you planning on playing these games with me?”

“Hmm?” Deku hummed noncommitedly over another mouthful of food, casting him a sideways glance and raising an eyebrow in amusement. Swallowing, he answered, “What’s wrong with my games? I like them, you like them, and we always have so much fun playing together!”

“No, it’s just you.” Hikaru’s face was filled with indignation. “You can’t spend the rest of your life like this! Why can’t you just turn yourself in? There’s a forgiveness program willing to accept you if you would just go—”

Deku was already used to hearing this exact lecture from over and over again, rolling his eyes. “I should be asking you that! When are you going to give in and join my side? I’ll treat you right~!”

Hikaru became infuriated by his carelessness, pulling uselessly at his restraints. “I’ve already told you, I can’t. Besides, my interests lie elsewhere!”

“HAH?!” Disaster looked at him incredulously, enraged by his nerve to talk back. He narrowed his eyes dangerously. “Mind sharing them with me?”

The doctor bit his lip and stared at his captor, defiantly refusing to respond. Deku humored him and engaged eye contact for a few seconds before reaching over to his side and pulling out a whip from his outfit. Yep, Disaster’s costume came equipped with a whip. He slid off the bed, making his way to the front. 

“Fine, if you won’t talk, then I’ll loosen your tongue for you!”

Disaster reared his arm back and let the weapon loose, lashing Hikaru over and over again. It looked impressive under the low lighting, but it was obviously faked, the prop’s plastic lining glinting menacingly. Special effects would be added to intensify the scene. He walked around and flayed his prisoner at different angles.

Finally, Disaster grew tired of it and tossed the whip away. Sauntering back to Hikaru’s side, he lifted the blond’s chin in a manner that was neither harsh nor gentle. His expression was like a cunning and naughty little fox. “Then how about this? In exchange for being good, why don’t you be mine forever?”

Hikaru was breathless, then there was a trace of worry in his voice as he stammered, “T-That’s impossible! Y-You . . . better stop dreaming...”

“Eh? What’s this? Hikaru, you’re blushing!” Deku looked like he had discovered a new world, scooting up until he was almost right up in the doctor’s face, grinning cheekily. 

“Say, you actually like me, don’t you?” Leaning in closer, he murmured suggestively, “Then why don’t we seal the deal?”


Everyone had been caught up in the scene, disappointment crashing in once Aizawa ended it right there. Why did they have to stop? They wanted to continue watching, they wanted to see the deal sealed!

Both actors were on par with each other and delivered excellent performances. Most were riveted by Deku’s actions, who drew everyone into the scene as he taunted Hikaru. Those who were against Izuku laying his grubby hands on their beloved idol were now fervently wishing that he would hurry up and do it. Seeing Disaster in action, it was just as exciting as if they were executing the deed themselves. 

Of course, after getting back to their senses, they were dismissive of the greenette as usual. They all surrounded the Alpha, showering him with concern and asking about his well-being while praising his acting, Olixandra being the loudest of them all.

From her previous miserable state, that position now fell into Leo’s lap. Initially he had held the highest position of the crew as the male lead, enjoying everyone’s pampering. Now that a bigger star had arrived, all the attention had been snatched away, leaving him out in the cold.

The rest of the scenes between Izuku and Neito all went smoothly. The two of them played off of each other so well, it was almost as if they had rehearsed their scenes a hundred times before. Which, in a way they actually had, seeing as Izuku would occasionally reenact his role with the blond back when he first received his script, completely unaware that the Alpha already had a copy of his own.

When they were about to wrap up for the day, Neito was swarmed by a group who wanted to give him a warm welcome by treating him to dinner. Izuku was packing up his things when his phone rang. The screen displayed Kaminari Denki’s name. The Omega had made sure to save his number after that fateful night.

What did he want?

Izuku separated himself from the noisy crowd to take the call in a quieter place. “Hello, Kaminari?”

M . . . Mi . . . Midoriya . . .” 

The Beta’s voice sounded hollow, as if he were steps away from death’s door. Izuku was somewhat amused at his theatrics. “What’s wrong with you?”

“W-what’s wrong with me . . . That’s what I should be asking you! What did you do to Bakubro last night?” He suddenly demanded.

“Huh?” Izuku was confused. “What are you talking about? I didn’t do anything to him...?”

If you did nothing wrong, then why is he in a raging temper today? We’ve been in a meeting since 8 o’clock this morning until now. It’s already been twelve freaking hours!”

Izuku felt wrongly accused. “Um, that’s your company’s business, and it has nothing to do with me, okay? Maybe it’s because he has a lot of work to do after taking a long break?”

No way, it has to be you! You did this to us!” Kaminari wailed, absolutely certain that the Omega was responsible for the whole mess. “He’s about to torture every person in the company to death!” 

“But I didn’t do anything!” Izuku protested indignantly. 

All he did last night was go to the airport to pick up Neito, took a shower at his place, and unexpectedly bumped into Kacchan there...

Was that really the reason?

No, that couldn’t be it. Kacchan seemed to be fine this morning...

Save me your excuses, I don’t care!” The Beta sobbed. “This is all your fault, so you have to fix him! Otherwise, when I die and turn into a ghost, I’m coming back to haunt you! Just now the chief of our finance department passed out from the pressure, he’s probably on his way to find you!”

Izuku was speechless. What the hell? What was this? 

What was he going to do now? How could he save them? 

Was this supposed to be some kind of joke?

As he worried to himself, the call ended and Kaminari sent him photos. One was of an unconscious man being carried away in an ambulance. Another was of Kirishima buried in paperwork, his red spiked hair barely peeking over the stacks of paper surrounding him. The final one was of the meeting room, with everyone wearing terrified expressions as if they were about to interrogated then executed on the spot. 

Lord Explosion Murder sat at the head of the table, as if he were Satan himself about to pass judgement upon those unfortunate souls...

Izuku could feel that deadly and fearsome aura through that last picture...

Alright, so Kacchan wasn’t in a good mood. Why should he go there if it was that bad?

Kaminari’s phone call didn’t make any sense!

Izuku was about to pay no mind to it, but for some reason, a teeny tiny bit of guilt rose up from the depths of his heart, pleading insistently...

Goddamn it! Why did he feel guilty?

Just when he was about to ignore this nonsense, the Beta sent him one last text. This time, it was a video. Lord Explosion Murder’s fierce stare sliced right through the screen, giving him a scare. After staring blankly for a while, he realized that the Alpha was glaring at Kaminari. 

Dimwit, you have half an hour to redo this proposal, now, right here. If you can’t get it done, go to the finance department to get your last paycheck!

Then the screen went black.

That video was Kaminari’s last cry for help...

Although Izuku knew nothing about business, he understood that it was impossible to redo a new proposal in just half an hour...

However, he really didn’t know how to respond to that! 

The gears in his brain slowly began to churn, and he flipped through a mental list of strategies to overcome this challenge.

Wait until Kacchan cools off? No, Kaminari’s ghost would come for him!

Subdue the enemy by capturing their leader? No, Lord Explosion Murder was their king!

Distract the soldiers by attacking their weaknesses? No, where was Izuku going to find something like that?

Unless . . . Honey trap? No, no, no! Izuku shook his head frantically. Definitely not!

Finally, the greenette came up with the perfect solution. Luring the lion out of his cave! Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Izuku dialed up Kacchan’s number...


Meanwhile, at Bakugou Corporation:

Inside the meeting room, Bakugou’s phone was connected to a large screen displaying internal company data. A group of senior staff was 10000% focused on the presentation. Bakugou would grill them afterwards. The tension was thick, and they felt like students again, waiting for the teacher to call on one of them...

Then his phone rang. Without looking, the Alpha picked up the call as he looked over the next slide. In the next second, a soft voice was transmitted through the speakers of the room—

Hello, Kacchan? Are you busy?”

Every single head shot up, stunned by this sudden revelation. What was happening? That was their boss’s personal phone, right?

Someone called him just now, in such a sweet tone, and even by a cute pet name too...

But they were even more shocked to see the Alpha’s instant change in temperament, his murderous aura cooling down significantly into simmering irritation. Kaminari, who had been bent over trying to complete the impossible proposal, was moved to grateful tears upon hearing the Omega’s voice. You came in just in time, brother-in-law! Thank God...

Bakugou’s reaction was only delayed for a few seconds before he recovered and disconnected his phone from the projector. Holding his phone up to his ear, not a single change could be seen in his expression as he spoke, his tone harsh and grating, “What is it?”

Hearing that thunderous voice from the other side of the phone, the Omega wanted to retreat, but steeled himself and managed to persevere. He mustered up his sweetest, gentlest tone to mumble hesitantly, “Um, are you coming back tonight? We promised Katsumi that we’d go and eat hotpot today!”

The ash blond remained stiff-faced. “I’m busy, so I’ll be working late tonight.”

After Bakugou disconnected his phone from the speakers, Kaminari couldn’t hear Izuku anymore. He could only guess that the greenette was asking him to come home. But listening to his cousin’s grim reply, he was filled with despair. No way! Even the Omega wasn’t able to soothe his wounded pride? Why didn’t his plan work? Was he really doomed to die here working himself to death?!

“Eh? But I’m scared of taking Katsumi out by myself. What if something happens?” Izuku’s voice shifted into a spoiled tone, on the verge of a whine as he pleaded, “Katsumi wants you to come with us too! Join us, okay? Please, Kacchan?”

The Alpha was silent for a while, before he finally answered, “Alright, I’m on my way.”

Feeling tears rolling down his face, Kaminari could practically hear angels singing above them. He had thought that his Bakubro wasn’t going to budge, but it turned out that he was only pretending to be annoyed, even throwing a childish temper tantrum! 

Once Bakugou ended the call, he announced, “Meeting adjourned.”

All his subordinates looked at each other blankly, not daring to believe their ears that they had been granted freedom that easily. Kaminari stuck his nose up in the air proudly. You guys should be thanking me, I saved all of you because you were stuck here with me!

As everyone escaped their prison of over eight hours, they swarmed the Beta, asking:

“Kaminari, who was that?”

“You should know! He got us out with a single phone call!”

“Seriously, does the Boss have someone by his side now?”

“Which family is he from?”

“You have to tell us everything!”

“Hmph, no way!” He scoffed at them. “You just want to try to take advantage of my future brother-in-law! I’m telling you now, as long as I’m here, you guys can’t even touch a single strand on is head!”

They felt disappointed by that. Couldn’t he at least answer one of their questions?


Back at the studio, Izuku sighed in relief. There shouldn’t be anymore problems after this, right?

The issue was completely unrelated to him, but he had been generous enough to even whip out his acting skills. Kaminari owed him one!

Just as he was about to leave, his phone rang again. It was the same Beta. The Omega answered it, somewhat annoyed, “What do you want now? Didn’t I do enough already?”

Oh, no, Midoriya, your honey trap was perfect! It solved everything and we’re all going home free!”

His freckled face darkened. “What honey trap? That was obviously me luring the lion out of his cave, okay?”

Whoops, I get it now! Anyways, I just wanted to thank you. I owe you one!”

Izuku stared at his phone after he hung up. Just what did this guy understand?

“Iz, what are you doing here? Let’s go eat!”

The greenette was startled to suddenly hear Neito pop out of nowhere. He hadn’t noticed the Alpha’s approach. He nervously scanned their surroundings to make sure no one could see them together. Izuku sighed and shook his head. “You guys go ahead. I have plans tonight, so I can't go.”

“What?” The blond gaped at him in disbelief. “But this is my welcome dinner and you’re my co-star! What do you mean you can’t go?”

“I know, and I’m sorry, but I really do have something important going on. It’ll be my treat next time, okay?”

“Not okay!” Neito remained unconvinced, eyeing him suspiciously, “Who are you meeting with tonight?”

Izuku pinched the bridge of his nose. “It’s none of your business!”

The Alpha’s face darkened as he recognized that tone. “You’re going to see Bakugou Katsuki, aren’t you?”

“So what if it’s him?” Emeralds glinted challengingly.

Neito facepalmed. “Iz, you do have a death wish or something? Don’t you know who he is? This is Bakugou Katsuki we’re talking about, Ba-ku-gou Kat-su-ki, okay! Aren’t you afraid of playing with fire?”

“What if I want to play with fire, huh? I can do whatever I want!” The Omega declared shamelessly.

“You little shit...” Neito stared him down, worry clouding his periwinkle eyes. “Iz, I’m being serious here. Do you really think that he’s the same as those weirdos you dated back then? I’m telling you, he’s in a whole other league of his own!”

Izuku rolled his eyes at him. “Do you think that I’m an idiot? Of course I know that much!”

“Then...” The blond forced himself to calm down. Deep down, even though he was well aware of the greenette’s reckless streak, he knew that Izuku wasn’t stupid enough to mess around with untouchable people. He took a long breath and asked, “Then tell me, what exactly is going on?”

Izuku also took a deep breath. Even though it was his co-star's fault for hiding his acceptance of the role, now wasn't the time to be mad at him. He slowly began, “It all started when I saved Katsumi...”

“You saved Katsumi?” Neito parroted, leaning against the wall. “What happened to him?”

“Last month, Kaminari brought him to a bar. In order to escape the noisy crowd, he hid inside a storeroom and accidentally got locked in by one of the employees...”

Neito’s mouth twitched. “That does sound like something my irresponsible uncle would do, but what does that have to do with you?”

“It was the night before auditions for [Zero to Hero], but Mineta locked me in the same storage room to stop me from going...” Izuku briefly summarized everything that had happened up until now.

The Alpha patiently listened until the end. “Okay, I get it now. So you met my uncle because you saved his son. The next step should’ve been the Bakugou family giving you a huge compensation as thanks, and then GAME OVER, the both of you going your own separate ways...” Neito eyeballed the shorter suspiciously, “So why the hell are you two still in touch? You’re even living at his place!”

Izuku purposefully left out the part where the ash blond had offered his own hand in marriage as repayment, so he explained, “Because Katsumi became traumatized afterwards, and I’m the one who saved him, he’s depending on me to comfort him. I’m staying there for his sake, okay?”

Neito’s confusion slowly faded away, but he still felt uneasy. “Are you sure that’s all? Do you have any idea how many people want to marry into the Bakugou family? And you just so happen to be in the perfect position for that? Are you sure that you’re not planning something?”

“Hmm, now that you’ve mentioned it, I do have an end goal in mind...” Izuku hummed thoughtfully, ignoring the taller’s glare. He paced around for a bit, before giggling, “I simply adore Katsumi! He’s too cute for his own good! I just want to take him home with me as my little sweetheart!”

Neito stared at him wordlessly, then shook his head. “Anyways, it’s good that you don’t have those intentions. Rich and powerful families aren’t all they're hyped up to be!”

Izuku snorted, “Like you know how I feel about upper-class families!”

He despised them the most, those who pretended to be civil facing each other one minute, then talked trash behind their backs the next. Those who flaunted their wealth and pretended to know everything when they had received a biased education. Those who insisted on wearing those stupid masks and pranced around like pea-brained peacocks they were...

It hadn’t been easy for him to leave the Midoriya family in the first place, so why would he be foolish enough to jump out of the frying pan’s safety and dive headfirst into the fire?

Seeing his disgusted face, Neito was finally at ease. After spending so many years by his side, the Alpha knew that the Omega hated being tied down the most. The Bakugou family was probably the only sea of monsters that wildchild dared not to cross...

“Alright, you’ve had your fun. Now it’s my turn to ask the questions.” Izuku crossed his arms.

Neito shrugged his shoulders as he pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. “What do you want to know?”

“Isn’t Bakugou Katsuki an only child? I mean, he does have cousins like Kaminari, but what makes you his nephew?”

He lit up a cancer stick and calmly answered, “I’m not related to the Bakugou family by blood. My grandparents were friends with his, and after they died in a car accident, they adopted my mom. So based on the order of seniority, that makes him my uncle!”

“I see...” Izuku responded slowly, staring and barely resisting the urge to strangle him. “I’m trying to quit smoking, so put that out already!”

“Why?” Neito drawled lazily.

“Do I need a reason to quit a bad habit?”

“Oh really?” The blond shot him an amused look, defiantly taking another drag, “Then who told me before ‘If there’s a cigarette, smoke it; if there’s alcohol, down it all in one go; and anyone who quits smoking and drinking is a wuss’...”

He made fun of the greenette as he stubbed out his cigarette and tossed it into a trash bin. “That’s all I have to say. If you need something else from me then—”

“'But wait, there’s more!'” Izuku mocked a cheesy advertisement, grabbing the Alpha by the collar and yanking him down to his eye level. “Tell me honestly, why did you accept Mokoto Hikaru’s role? He’s not even your usual character type!”

“Who said that? I just wanted to try challenging myself by taking on a role I don’t normally do, is that not allowed? Isn’t it boring to play the same type of character over and over again?” Neito looked at him innocently. “Didn’t we do great together? We had so much fun!”

“As if!” Izuku released him, wiping off his hands on his clothes in disgust. He was definitely going to suffer starting tomorrow...

“That’s enough from you. I need to head back now, I promised Katsumi that we’d have hotpot today.” The Omega hurriedly looked at the time displayed on his phone. Neito was none-too-pleased by his urgency. “Is my uncle going with you?”

“Of course, I can’t just take him out by myself! What if I accidentally kidnap him or something?” said Izuku half-jokingly, before continuing seriously, “Besides, I wouldn’t know what to do if something happens to him under my watch!”

The blond became infuriated. “So you do know how important he is, right? Katsumi is the center of the Bakugou family’s universe, the apple of his grandparents’ eyes! If anything happens to him, they won’t hesitate to bury you alive! Why would you even want to hold that hot potato?”

“Who’re you calling a hot potato?” Izuku glowered at him. “My Katsumi is the cutest pup in the entire universe!”

Neito sneered right back, “Seems to me that you’re just enchanted by a certain someone. All he has to do is open his mouth, and you’re willing to drop everything just to listen!”

“Fine, fine, whatever.” Izuku rolled his eyes, “I get it, okay? But if you were me, do you think you could say ‘no’ to his face? I don’t think so! Seriously, what can you do if you don’t want me as your grandma but your aunt instead?”

“A-Aunt?!” The blond was instantly horrified. He couldn't even begin to imagine such a thing!

“Good boy!” Izuku messed with his hair again as if the dumbfounded Alpha was a dog, skipping off after scoring a victory from their argument. Picking up his yellow backpack and explaining to the crew that he had prior plans and couldn’t join them, the greenette said his goodbyes and left. 

Watching the Omega leave, a thick layer of frost settled on Neito’s face...

Now that the nuisance was gone, Olixandra finally had the perfect opportunity to make her move. She sidled up to wearing a shy expression, asking sweetly as she took ahold of his arm, “Monoma-senpai, where are we going to eat? How about at That Totally Not Suspicious Hotel? My dad’s a member there, we can use the VIP room!”

The blond stretched lazily with waning enthusiasm, “Forget it, I’m too tired. I’m not going!”

“Eh?” She was taken aback by his refusal. “B-But it’s your first day on the set, we should go celebrate no matter what!”

His face darkened, and he yanked his arm back from her sticky grip, snapping irritably, “Who says that I need a welcome dinner? If you want to go there so badly, then just go by yourself!”

Everyone knew just how unpredictable Monoma Neito could be. If he was in a good mood, then he was easy to get along with. If he wasn’t, then...

Well, obviously he wasn’t in a good mood right now.

Tears welled up in her eyes. “I-I just thought that it was proper etiquette . . . Monoma-senpai, how could you say that...”

Damn it, just who the fuck are you calling your ‘senpai’?

From the side, Hizashi noticed that situation didn’t look good, so he tried to smooth things over by intervening, “Sorry Olixandra, but maybe some other day. It looks like Monoma wore himself out today, so we should let him rest. It’s our fault for asking him to do too many scenes to make up for his absence. Everyone, let’s go back and take the rest of the night off. There’s no rush to have that dinner party!”

“Okay...” After receiving a way out from that awkwardness, Olixandra nodded reluctantly. At the same time, a fresh wave of hatred surged in her heart. She blamed the Omega for hogging all of the Alpha’s time, tiring him out to the point that he didn’t even want to have dinner with her!

She lowered her head and swiped through a series of photos on her phone, a malicious smile rising on her lips.

Just you wait, Midoriya, I’m going to make you pay!




Next Chapter:

“Ah! Look at that father and son pair, they’re so cool! The Alpha’s handsome and his pup’s adorable!”

“The Omega walking beside them is cute too! Is the father taking the family out to dinner? Where’s the mother?”

Kacchan’s face darkened visibly upon hearing this...

Luckily, the woman next to them said, “What are you talking about? That’s obviously the whole family. The Omega is the Alpha’s mate, the pup’s mother!”

“No way!” They responded disbelievingly, “He looks so young!”

“What do you know? It’s just that they have a bit of a height difference. You can tell that’s an Alpha’s loving gaze at his husband!”

Izuku coughed awkwardly, “Um, that lady probably has some bad eyesight...”

Just as he said that, the man beside her nodded in agreement. “You’re right, it’s true! Look carefully at their pup, he looks a lot like his dad, but his eyes are actually more like his mom’s, especially when he smiles!”

“Uh, that guy’s eyesight might not be so good either . . . Maybe they should go to America’s Best together and get two pairs of glasses together for $69.95, ahahaha...” Izuku sweatdropped nervously, on the verge of collapsing. 

How could Katsumi look like him? Izuku wasn’t his mother!

Chapter Text

“Honey, I’m home!”

Back at the Bakugou residence, Izuku finally felt at ease surrounded by the familiar scents and colors around him. His fatigue from earlier was completely washed away. At the sound of his voice, Katsumi immediately hurried over to greet him with an ice-cold glass of juice. He did his best to avoid spilling any of it on the floor.

“Aww, you’re too sweet,” Izuku thanked him as he took it, kissing the pup’s forehead, “Love you!”

After draining it all in one go, he set the cup aside and took one of Katsumi’s hands and led him to his bedroom, humming cheerfully, “Let’s get you changed. We’ll be going out for hotpot soon!”

Bakugou Katsumi, who used to hideaway in the attic whenever he had to leave the house, obediently allowed Izuku to bring him upstairs and tried on one outfit after another.

“This one’s too plain, too tacky, too dark, so boring! My God, who bought these for you? Never mind, it was definitely Kacchan! Did he forget that you’re only five, not thirty-five?”

While Izuku mocked the Alpha’s taste, after rummaging around and tossing out almost half of the closet’s contents, he was about to settle for a skull tee when he finally found something suitable. “Wow, this one’s so cute!”

It was a soft white short-sleeved shirt with a bunny hood, wires hidden in the ears allowing them to be pointed in any direction. Izuku matched it up with a pair of blue overalls and finished off the combination with a pair of white sneakers. He stood back and studied the result, looking proud of himself. 

“I wonder who bought this for you? Maybe it was one of your uncles, or maybe your grandparents? Either way, it’ll look adorable on you!” Satisfied, the greenette nodded, then asked, “What do you think, Katsumi? Do you like it? If not, I can always find something else for you to wear!”

Izuku didn’t forget to ask the pup for his opinion even though he would always agree with the Omega’s decisions. Sure enough, Kasumi nodded eagerly, eyes bright with anticipation. So Izuku happily helped him put on the winning outfit.

While the pup admired his reflection, Izuku went to his room to change his own clothes. By coincidence or not, he had something similar to Katsumi’s clothes. He pulled out a white fluffy hoodie, and paired it with denim overalls. The hood didn’t have bunny ears, but Izuku remembered that Eri-chan had sent him a set of animal themed headbands last year for Christmas. After fixing the white bunny ears onto his unruly locks, Izuku walked out to see the pup’s reaction.

Katsumi’s eyes lit up upon Izuku’s return. He looked at the Omega’s outfit, then at himself, his little face filled with delight. He was very happy to be twinning with Izuku, reaching up to touch his bunny eared headband.

With the both of them ready, they headed out to the entrance. A loud rumble of an engine greeted them. Bakugou Katsuki had arrived. He got out of United States Smash Plus Ultra: Limited Edition and walked up the steps to the front. When his sharp gaze landed upon the pair wearing matching clothing, his gruff demeanor softened. 

Katsumi was naturally adorable no matter what he wore. As for Izuku, the cute rabbit ears and outfit made him look even younger; standing side-by-side, they looked more like siblings.

“We’re both ready, can we go now?” Izuku questioned him worriedly, having second thoughts and wondering if it was too much to copy the pup’s clothes.

Bakugou nodded, his eyes stuck on the Omega’s appearance before he forced himself to turn away. “Let’s go.”

Inside the car’s backseat, Izuku asked excitedly, “Hey, Kacchan, isn’t Katsumi’s outfit adorable? It took me forever to find it!”

“Cute,” answered the Alpha, but he was actually looking at the greenette in the rearview mirror as he said so. 

Izuku was pleased with himself. “Right? You should get him some more cute clothes!”

“Right.” At the next red light, Bakugou reached for his wallet and pulled out a black card, passing it over to Izuku. He blinked at the sheet of plastic in his hands, not daring to believe his eyes. 

This . . . this couldn’t be the legendary Infinity and Beyond Limitless Black Diamond credit card, right? He had only heard rumors of it existing and seen photos online, but was he really holding it in his hands right now?!

“Um . . . w-what’s this for?”

“Use it,” Bakugou ordered simply.

“Uh...” Izuku stared at the back of the ash blond’s head, feeling aggrieved. The card felt heavy in his unworthy hands. This wasn’t what he meant, okay? What was Kacchan thinking, giving it so casually? Practically slapping the Omega’s face with money? Was the Alpha really that busy to the point that he couldn’t be bothered to buy clothes himself? 

Izuku briefly considered persuading Kacchan to take it back, before shaking his head helplessly and safely tucking the card away. Forget it, he wasn’t interested in starting an argument he knew he couldn’t win. It should be fine as long as he just used it to buy cute outfits for Katsumi, right?

It was probably better this way; who knew what other horrors Kacchan would pick out for his son.

Once they arrived at their destination, Bakugou exited the car first and opened the door for them like a gentleman. He looked at Izuku in concern and asked, “Are you fine with this?”

After spending all this time with Kacchan, Izuku had gotten used to his curt words. He knew the ash blond was referring to appearing with them in public. The greenette smiled confidently, “It should be okay. I’m not that famous, and I doubt anyone will recognize me!”

Having said so, Izuku pulled out the same amber frames he used for his granny disguise and put them on, winking cheekily at the Alpha. “There shouldn’t be any problems with this!”

“Hm.” Bakugou nodded, feeling reassured at last, and the three of them headed inside the restaurant. Izuku had guessed right; no one recognized him. However, he had forgotten about who exactly he was with. The ash blond duo were too attractive, especially when they were together. They practically commanded everyone’s attention as they waited to be seated at a table.

Actually, Izuku was pretty eye-catching himself seeing as he wearing matching outfits with Katsumi. A couple of teens stood behind them in line, whispering to each other excitedly:

“Ah! Look at that father and son pair, they’re so cool! The Alpha’s handsome and his pup’s adorable!”

“The Omega standing beside them is pretty cute too! Is the father taking the family out to dinner? Where’s the mother?”

Kacchan’s face darkened visibly upon hearing this.

Luckily, the woman next to them tutted and said, “What are you talking about? That’s obviously the whole family. The Omega is the Alpha’s mate, the pup’s mother!”

“No way!” They responded disbelievingly, “He looks so young!”

“What do you know? It’s just that they have a bit of a height difference. You can tell that’s an Alpha’s loving gaze at his husband!”

Woah there lady! Take it easy now, how could she tell if Kacchan’s glare was any different when he looked at the greenette? Moreover with the eyes of a loving husband...?

Izuku coughed awkwardly, “Um, that lady probably has some bad eyesight...”

Just as he said that, the man beside her nodded in agreement. “You’re right, it’s true! Look carefully at their pup, he looks a lot like his dad, but his eyes are actually more like his mom’s, especially when he smiles!”

“Uh, that guy’s eyesight might not be so good either . . . Maybe they should go to America’s Best together and get two pairs of glasses for $69.95, ahahaha...” Izuku sweatdropped, on the verge of collapsing. Did these strangers have nothing better to do than talk about them? At least keep your voices down!

How could Katsumi look like him? Izuku wasn’t his mother!

Bakugou appraised the matching pair. In fact, there was a faint resemblance between Izuku and Katsumi. He had noticed before, whenever his son smiled, his features and cheeks were a lot like the Omega’s. And his eyes weren’t amber, but hazel, with a ring of light green around the pupils and flecks of peridot in his irises...

If only it was more than just a coincidence...

Eventually, they were led to a table away from everyone’s prying eyes. Izuku relaxed as he settled into his seat. “Ah, there’s nothing like having hotpot with the air conditioning on! Katsumi, I promise you’re going to love this!”

This was the first time the pup had gone out for a meal in two years. He was curious about everything, looking in all directions as he took everything in. However, he held onto Izuku’s hand the entire time, taking comfort in the greenette’s presence.

Izuku flipped through the menu, then asked them, “What should we get? Maybe we shouldn’t go overboard with spicy and get half mild instead?”

“You decide.” Bakugou shrugged off his coat, rested one arm on the back of his chair, and glanced at the menu casually. It was a perfectly normal gesture, but the way he did so exhibited so much confidence and masculinity that Izuku felt heated just from watching. For some reason, this was happening to him more and more often recently. Izuku didn’t know what was going on with him. His heart was in a tizzy over the simplest of actions!

Was Kacchan doing that on purpose or not? 

Their order arrived soon enough, and Izuku shoved everything to the back of his mind to focus on his appetite instead. Lord Explosion Murder ate hotpot in a rather fastitious manner. He had everything calculated perfectly, from the order of ingredients to enter the soup, to how long each one should be left to continue cooking. He took charge of serving the Omega and the pup regularly throughout the meal. It was incredibly meticulous compared to the last time they had hotpot together. 

Izuku enjoyed himself immensely. He didn’t have to do a thing, just sit back and eat. Every serving was cooked to perfection, whereas the greenette’s food would always end up either under or overcooked.

As they ate, the Alpha suddenly asked, “Are you working on [Zero to Hero] with Neito?”

Seeing as Monoma Neito was a hot young idol enlisted in Ground Zero, and he was also Kacchan’s nephew, of course the ash blond would know about that. Izuku nodded, adding on with a hint of annoyance, “Yeah, he entered the set this morning. Honestly, I was surprised to see him there. He didn’t tell me anything last night!”

Kacchan passed him a tofu cube. Then he continued casually, “Are you good friends?”

“Uh...” Izuku blanked out for a moment before saying, “Our relationship . . . is kinda complicated. We used to date, but that was a couple of years back, and we’re just friends now! But I’m pretty sure that’s going to end soon. Ever since that bastard came back, he’s been nothing but trouble. Seriously, if I don’t kill him off first, then one of his crazy fans will definitely come after me!”

Bakugou raised an eyebrow. “Let me know if he’s giving you a hard time.”

Izuku cracked up. “Hah, that won’t happen! I’m supposed to be the bully in our scenes together. As for outside of filming, well, if he wants to try and take advantage of me, I’ll just become his aunt and use my seniority to keep him in his place! Hahaha-...”

As his laughter died down, there was an awkward silence at the table. Izuku trembled, wishing he could go and end himself by slamming his head back against the wall. Or maybe one of those rabid fangirls suddenly barging in on them with a knife, that sounded really nice right about now.

Why. Couldn’t. He. Hold. Back. This. Dratted. Flirty. Mouth!

Shaking his head, Izuku quickly used his chopsticks and desperately passed Kacchan an oyster, “Ah, t-that was just a joke, please don’t mind it!”

The Alpha didn’t look angry at all; in fact, he seemed to be pleased, lips curling up into a smirk. “Good idea.”

The Omega was flabbergasted, swallowing thickly. H-He actually said that it was a good idea?!

“Izuku.” Kacchan looked at him with a serious expression. Being the focus of those warm ruby eyes made him nervous. 

“W-what is it?”

“When you change your mind, you can let me know anytime.”

Hearing this, Izuku’s heart thudded unsteadily. He knew the ash blond was referring to his proposal...

Although Kacchan hadn’t mentioned it again since the last time the greenette rejected the idea, Izuku could tell that Bakugou’s attitude towards him was different from the start. Furthermore, the air between them grew borderline ambiguous as they spent their days together...

The worst part was with his heart, which continued to thump out of his control...

Maybe Neito was right, and it was his biology talking again, Omegan instincts attracted to a capable Alpha?

After what Izuku had gone through five years ago, he thought that there was no hope for him to ever love another person again, to care and appreciate anyone as he blindly did before. He suffered through a long period of time with his psyche, emerging with a troubling psychological problem: Izuku found himself extremely biased and disgusted by Alphas, especially towards cheating bastards. 

Often times he would lose control of himself and become filled with the urge to deliver justice...

Even though his mental state had balanced out over the past few years, he still refused to get serious with anyone interested in him. Izuku was still plagued by old fears and insecurities, and he didn’t even want to think what would happen if he did find love and hope again, only to have that person to abandon him in the future...

Forget marriage, Izuku would be lucky to find a mate who’d be willing to accept as he was, haunted, marked, scarred and all.

But this ash blond Alpha in front of him, who always had a scary expression on his face, blood-red eyes that could almost kill on sight, and said so little, was still willing to stand by his word...


Once they finished their meal, Katsumi was all tuckered out from the trip and fell asleep in the car on the way home. Izuku hugged the little warm pup in his arms and couldn’t bear to let go of him, feeling conflicted. He realized the more time he spent with Katsumi, the more he liked him. It was getting to the point where if the Omega didn’t see him for a day, he would inevitably miss him.

If he didn’t hug the pup today, it would feel like he was missing something.

This probably wasn’t a good sign...

Izuku carefully carried Katsumi into his bed and settled him in for the night. Kacchan leaned against the doorway, observing with a warm gaze. “Thanks.”

He tucked the pup in, pressing one last kiss on his forehead before leaving the room. “It’s nothing, I like Katsumi a lot too.”

As they stood in the hallway, he hesitated for a bit before saying with a smile, “It looks like he’s getting better. Soon it’ll be time for me to go.”

The Alpha’s face abruptly darkened. “Do you want to leave that badly?”

Izuku took a step back from his sharp gaze, feeling the urge to cower but refusing to do so. “Well, you know that the plan was that I’d stay until Katsumi recovered, and he’s doing fine now. I don’t want to be a bother—”

“You’re not a bother.”

The greenette had no choice but to raise his head and stare right into those livid crimson eyes. “But I’ll feel trapped.”

“Trapped?” Ash blond brows knitted themselves tightly together.

“Yes.” Izuku took a deep breath before continuing, “To be honest, I-I’m not a good person. If I stay here, I'll always have to watch my language and behavior at all times...”

Kacchan deadpanned. “You don’t have to.”

Izuku face-palmed and said helplessly, “Okay, even if you don’t mind, I kind of need my privacy. Sometimes I’ll want to hang out with friends and have fun at bars or nightclubs. If I meet someone who’s my type, then I’ll want to bring him home—”

“Enough!” Bakugou cut him off. His face became unsightly the more he listened, and grew angrier with every word. He turned away and stomped off to who knows where.

The Omega watched him go before heading into his room.


Late in the night, Izuku lay in bed with a million thoughts running through his head. As if he would bring someone home with him. Anyone who wanted to mess around or sleep with him would end up being dragged out and beaten up in an alleyway. Especially Alphas with tattletale ring marks on their fingers, they were pummelled without mercy.

As for his sex life...

It was sad to admit it, but his one and only experience was that night five years ago. After learning about the truth of his first time, the trauma continued to shadow Izuku and he refused to submit to another heat since, sticking strictly to his suppressants and blockers.

There was no way he could’ve avoided pissing off Kacchan tonight. Izuku would’ve brought up the subject of leaving sooner or later—might as well get it over with now before things spiraled out of his control. It’d be better this way, distancing himself before his naked, ugliest parts were bared in front of Kacchan, before the ash blond Alpha could turn his back on him as well...

His messy emotions summoned all sorts of unstable nightmares to arise in his sleep. In the blurry dreamscape, various niggling voices screeched past his ears, all jumbled up like a broken record:

Izuku-nii, what makes you think you stand a chance against me? 

Other than the blood that runs through your veins, you’re just a good-for-nothing with zilch to your name!

There’s no point in keeping you around when we already have Itsuki!

Just look at yourself, you can’t even measure up to her!

What the hell are you trying to do!

Why can’t you be more like Itsuki!

Useless Omega, can’t even keep your primitive instincts under control!

Don’t tell me you’re planning to keep that bastard, give birth and raise him!

The pup was born premature and died as soon as he was born!

I’ve already taken care of the corpse, no need for thanks!

Zuzu, I’m sorry, let’s break up!

Although we can’t be together, I won’t stop caring about you...

Izuku ran and ran with all his might, trying his best to leave those malicious, taunting whispers behind, but they easily kept pace with him as he climbed up a twisted staircase. Covering his ears didn’t help, he could still hear them cackling on and on. Eventually, he burst onto the hospital roof and raced to the railing, staring down to the dark bottomless abyss below. 

It seemed to call out to him like a siren, empty with a promise of silence, to end all his suffering at last in one go. Like a magnet Izuku was pulled in, propelled forward by some mysterious force. He didn’t forget to close his eyes as he jumped in—

The moment he fell, the greenette wasn’t shocked awake as usual, but somehow fell into another surreal dream. This wasn’t another nightmare, but some kind of cocoon of strange warmth and gentleness...?

Izuku had dreams like this in the past, and they would always fill him with overwhelming fear and helplessness as he lay paralyzed, yet something seemed to be different about this time.

One by one, warm and reverent kisses rained on his forehead, eyelids, nose, lips...

For some reason, there was none of the disgust or terror he usually felt when someone gets too close, but instead, felt like he was being treated like the most precious thing in the world...

Who was that...?

Ah, that hurt...

Why did he bite so hard...?


As much as Bakugou tried to keep his temper under control, in the end his instincts won out and he stalked into Izuku’s room. He knew he shouldn’t wake the other up, but he couldn’t help himself and used more force. This Omega always pushed him to lose control of himself so easily!

“If I meet someone who’s my type, then I’ll want to bring him home...”

Those words ran on repeat in his ears, goading the Alpha to do something about it, to claim his rightful mate—

As his lips and tongue traced down that smooth and soft neck, he couldn’t contain the rising urge of possessiveness in his chest and bit down hard—

“Ow! Ah...”

The moment his teeth broke through the tender skin, Izuku’s weak voice resounded by his ear. Instantly, Bakugou froze, his face still buried in the hollow of the shorter’s neck. Izuku almost screamed from the sudden pain at the base of his neck, but somehow he managed to keep it down to a small yelp. Awkwardly, he coughed and said quietly:

“U-um . . . I was sleeping . . . b-but then you . . . y-you just . . . and it k-kinda woke me up...?”

Once Izuku realized what was going on, he was going to try and ignore it as some kind of wild fantasy, but when he felt that bite, he couldn’t stay silent and take it anymore. It hurt so much!

The Alpha’s eyes gleamed with a dangerous light. He raised his head slowly, locking eyes with the Omega as he held his chin. He stroked it gently with his thumb, using a low and leisurely tone, “Mm, you woke up. So what?”

Just as the blond finished speaking, he pulled Izuku’s hands above his head, before stooping down and kissing those beckoning lips without hesitation.

“Mmm...” Izuku subconsciously wanted to struggle free, but his hands were locked above his head and his legs were trapped underneath hefty knees. It didn’t help that his inner nature preened at the attention and was willing to go with the flow. 

What kind of lustful scene was this?

Maybe he was still dreaming and hadn’t woken up at all?

It wasn’t until Izuku almost couldn’t breathe from the lack of air in his lungs did the blond finally let go of his lips. He latched back onto the bitemark, laving his burning hot tongue back and forth across the wound, as if trying to soothe it. The greenette couldn’t help but feel horrified...

“Hey, Kacchan . . . Kacchan?” Izuku called his name a few times, but the Alpha seemed to have no reaction other than getting busy all over the Omega’s body. There was no trace of the usual restrained gentleman, and none of the gentleness he was familiar with. Those sharp teeth laced with desire slid down his neck to his collarbones, then back up his neck to his scent gland, sniffing and nibbling around his collar...

“N-no . . . No!” 

Dormant memories hidden in his mind rose up, overwhelming and forceful as they flooded his mind. They swept him along and threatened to drown him, causing his entire body to quiver and convulse uncontrollably. Instinctively, he lashed out, breaking out of the hold and shoving that all too heated body away from him. Izuku scrambled off the bed and dashed to the door, holding onto the handle and panting heavily, on the verge of hyperventilating. 

What . . . what was that? 

Cautiously, Izuku looked back at the bed. There was no sign of movement, just dead silence from the bed. That feeling of suffocation slowly faded away, leaving only blank confusion in its midst...

“Ka-Kacchan?” Izuku asked timidly, but there was no response. After waiting a few more minutes in the quiet and seeing that the blankets and sheets were still, he slowly crept back to the bed to bravely poke the body. Nothing. 

After shaking the blond’s shoulder a couple of times, Izuku tried to turn him over to his side. With help from the moonlight streaming through the window, he saw the Alpha lying there peacefully with his eyes closed, like a king in deep slumber, as if that terrifying beast just now wasn’t him.

What the hell, what was going on?

“Was he sleepwalking or something?” He mumbled to himself. That seemed to be like the only explanation that made sense...

But wasn’t Kacchan sleepwalking a bit weird? He came into the Omega’s room in the middle of the night and started chomping on him like a vampire. He even managed to hold a conversation with Izuku just now, as if he wasn’t sleepwalking...?

Bakugou’s breathing was long and steady; it seemed like he really was asleep. The greenette didn’t dare to try waking him, worried about accidentally unleashing the beast again. However, he didn’t feel safe leaving Kacchan here like this either. But who could Izuku go to for help?

After thinking it through, there was really only one person he could turn to. He picked up his phone to call Kaminari Denki. 

“Hey, Midoriya! Wow, you’re calling me pretty late at night! What’s up!” The Beta’s voice burst into the room loudly, as if he was shouting into his phone. At first Izuku had been worried about disturbing him, but there was no need for that. It appeared the blond was partying the night away.

“Kaminari, I need to ask you something!”

“Go ahead, ask away!”

“D-Does Kacchan—“

“Sorry, what did you say? I can’t hear you!”

Izuku spoke up louder, “Does your cousin sleepwalk?”

As he talked on the phone, he didn’t notice that the body next to him had stiffened from hearing that question. This was a random plan Bakugou came up with on the spot to get out of this awkward situation, but he didn’t think that the Omega would call his bluff by asking his cousin. If that brainless idiot gave his ploy away...

He would have to break his legs!

The noise on Kaminari’s end slowly died down. Seems like he finally found a quiet place to take the call. Izuku felt worried and pressed hurriedly, “Kaminari, does he or does he not sleepwalk?”

It wasn’t a big deal if it was just sleepwalking, but on the off-chance that the Alpha had some kind of illness, Izuku had to get him to a hospital as soon as possible! It was really scary that Kacchan turned into a werewolf in the middle of the night and then mysteriously passed out when the greenette pushed him away, okay?

“Uh, I just thought that it was weird of you to ask me. He actually does have a problem with sleepwalking. H-How did you find out that Bakubro sleepwalks?” The Beta answered, with the slightest hitch in his voice.

Hearing it straight from a reliable source, Izuku finally heaved a sigh of relief. He sounded relaxed as he laughed quietly, “It’s not a big deal, I went downstairs to get some water and saw him standing in the living room all stiff as he stared at a wall. It gave me a scare, that’s all!”

“Oh yeah?” Kaminari choked for a bit before clearing his throat and continuing seriously, “Don’t mind him and leave him alone. Be careful not to wake him up. He’ll go back to his room by himself later!”

“S-so, um, I’ll just leave him alone . . . and don’t wake him up? Then, uh, okay, I got it!” Anxious that the Beta would detect that something was off, Izuku hastily hung up the call. In despair, he looked at the body lying down next to him. If he couldn’t wake Kacchan up, did that mean he had to let him sleep here? What if he started sleepwalking again?

No way, that would be too scary. His heart wouldn’t be able to handle it!

Because of this unexpected development, the all-encompassing panic Izuku had experienced earlier had all but disappeared without a trace. He looked at the blond, feeling resentful that he got to sleep so easily and Izuku had to deal with the outcome all by himself. He reached out and poked and pinched that ‘completely innocent’ face to vent his worries.

“Baka Kacchan, you almost scared me to death...”

After prodding and stroking those perfect features, almost mimicking the Alpha’s actions from earlier, and seeing no reaction from the body, Izuku eventually stopped and withdrew his hands, feeling somewhat embarrassed about taking advantage of the blond’s vulnerable state. But an eye for an eye, as they say, so Izuku felt he was completely justified in his revenge. It was too bad that he didn’t have a marker on him.

It looked like all he could do now was wait for Kacchan to leave on his own. He had heard stories of people who were woken up in the middle of sleepwalking, they might suffer from a huge shock and could possibly drop dead on the spot... 

Wait. Oh shit, he didn’t accidentally kill Kacchan by pushing him away, did he?

Frantically, he checked the ash blond’s breathing and pulse once more before heaving yet another sigh of relief. Clearly it was Izuku who had suffered through a bigger shock though...

However, there was nowhere else he could go. He didn’t want to disturb Katsumi, or try sleeping in the living room for fear of being discovered by the servants (namely Iida, who would promptly deliver a lecture on proper sleep), and there was no way he was about to try and sneak into Lord Explosion Murder’s room when Kacchan could return there at anytime now.

So Izuku laid back next to that warm body and closed his eyes, waiting for the Alpha to leave so he could get some sleep. As he listened to that steady heartbeat, and despite the pulsing bitemark on his neck, he unintentionally fell asleep anyways...

Once Bakugou was sure that the greenette was fast asleep, he opened his crimson eyes at last, absentmindedly watching Izuku snore and drool. Then he reached out to smooth out his Omega’s furrowed brow with complicated thoughts racing through his head... 


‘A phone call is here! A phone call—!’

Hearing his ringtone first thing in the morning, Izuku’s first reaction was not to answer it but to raise his head and check the space beside him. Sure enough, Kacchan was gone. The throb of his bitemark was also a painful reminder that it wasn’t a delusional dream.

He dazedly groped around for his phone, fished it out of the covers, and accepted the call. A second later, Mineta’s annoying voice screeched:

“This is the last straw, Izuku! How many times have I told you from the start to watch your mouth and attitude, but look at what you’ve done! Golden Age’s reputation is on the line because of you!”

Now Izuku was wide-awake. “What happened?”

Angrily, his manager spat out, “Take a look for yourself!”

Izuku dragged himself out of bed and flicked on his laptop. He logged onto Hooter and saw that his account had exploded!

Normally, most social media accounts of artists were managed by their agencies, but of course Izuku didn’t receive that kind of treatment from his lazy-assed manager. He hadn’t bought any followers or launch any campaigns. On Hooter, he only had a little over 30,000 followers—he couldn’t even match up to a typical internet celebrity. Sometimes he enjoyed sharing random tidbits of his daily life, but each post never surpassed a hundred likes or comments.

But right now, at this very moment, thousands of mentions and comments had suddenly arisen overnight. After skimming as quickly as possible over his notifications, he finally realized what had happened. Izuku’s reputation had been dragged through the mud, and very miserably at that.

Last night, a popular gossip blogger published a long post titled: How A Calculative Twink Named Midoriya Izuku Cheated His Way To The Top—The Biggest Slut In Entertainment?!

The general content was that the Omega had slept with the director to get his role, hooked up with old, wealthy Alphas and even took advantage of Monoma Neito when they filmed together...

The post also mentioned that whenever he was on set his room door was always open so anyone could walk in and get a taste. It made Izuku out to be a loose, improper whore and was completely off the mark, seeing as everyone else shared that dressing room!

Still, as a result, Neito’s fans had exploded and banded together to stage a protest against Izuku being paired up with their idol. They angrily demanded that Deku’s actor be replaced with another, more reliable and clean actor instead. The comments on his Hooter’s most recent post were extremely toxic. It was practically brimming with abusive words and accusations. Their overall message was loud and clear: Midoriya Izuku, get the hell out of the entertainment industry!

“See that? You’d better post a public apology right now to redeem Golden Age’s image!” Mineta ordered.

Izuku sneered, “A public apology?”

Usually, whenever actors ran into situations like this, their agency would normally organize a special public relations team to shield the actor’s innocence and perform damage control. His manager, on the other hand...

As if Mineta wanted him to save the company’s reputation; she just wanted to discredit him completely. If Izuku apologized, that would mean he admitted to doing everything mentioned in the article...

“That’s right, I better see it online before eight o’clock tonight! Make sure it’s a video, it looks more sincere that way! Or else, you can just wait until they kick you out of the cast! Golden Age won’t do anything to help you by then!” After issuing these threatening demands, Mineta hung up. 

With that rude wake-up call, the greenette’s mind was instantly clear. He had anticipated this earlier, but it happened sooner than he had predicted. It looked like Olixandra was too impatient to even wait for another second. With Itsuki expertly adding fuel and fanning the flames, Izuku had been thrown into a raging storm overnight.

Very well. Bring it on!

He was starting to think that they’d end up playing chicken forever!

Izuku hopped off his seat and made his way to the bathroom. After washing up, he took out his cosmetic products and carefully began to layer on the makeup. Thirty minutes later, he critically examined his reflection before nodding in satisfaction. He looked pale and haggard, with dark circles under his eyes, as if he were on the verge of collapsing at any second.

Once he cleaned up the mess, there was a knock on the door. Izuku went over to answer it, looking up blankly at the figure standing before him. It was last night’s ‘werewolf’, Bakugou Katsuki.

After what happened last night, he felt awkward to see him right now...

The instant Kacchan saw the Omega’s deathly pale face, he took out his phone and scrolled through his contacts. Leaning up on his toes, Izuku saw his finger stop on the name ‘Jirou Kyouka’.

Jirou Kyouka, Director of Public Relations at Ground Zero, was infamous for resolving the scandals of many actors and successfully restoring their reputations. She was the model example for any public relations manager. As soon as Izuku noticed this, he reacted as quick as lightning and snatched the phone away from the blond. “Kacchan, what are you doing?!”

“Fixing a problem.” The Alpha’s face very ugly, obviously well-aware about the situation online. Izuku helplessly stared at his opponent, Lord Explosion Murder, who wanted to help him cheat his way out without talking things through. The last time Kacchan helped him out, he called Ashido Mina to style him. Doing that much was already shocking enough—luckily no one found out and they just assumed his stylist was copying one of the Alien Queen’s designs. 

If Ground Zero suddenly intervened under these crazy circumstances, Izuku was going to be labeled as a traitor who dared to be two-timing rivaling companies.

He replied lightly, “If I can’t handle this much, how else am I going to survive in the entertainment world? Kacchan, didn’t you say that you believed in me?”

“That was before you turned into this.” Bakugou scowled at him, his face pinched with worry.

Izuku was confused for a moment before he remembered that he had drastically changed his appearance. “Oh! This is all just makeup. Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? I’m not pretending to be strong or happy, I can wipe it off if you don’t believe me...”

As he spoke, the blond reached out and softly grazed his fingertips against Izuku’s cheeks, examining the powder he brushed off. Although it was only a light touch, to the greenette it was like a jolt of electricity. He couldn’t help but jerk away.

Kacchan noticed his reaction and pulled back, his arm falling to his side as he stated grimly, “Don’t push yourself too hard.”

Izuku grinned reassuringly at him as he gave the phone back, “I’m not. Trust me, if I can’t deal with it on my own, I’ll let you know!”

“Fine.” Somewhat pacified, the Alpha forced himself to relax. After getting that over with, Izuku scratched his head and looked like he had more to say.

“What is it?” Bakugou prompted him, as if he had done nothing wrong last night.

Izuku stared at him for a long moment, comparing him to the wild beast he witnessed. Eventually, he gathered his nerves and asked, “Uh, um, Kacchan, have you ever thought about finding someone to keep you company?”

“...What?” The blond’s jaw almost dropped at his words.

“Sorry, it’s just, I think that...” Izuku patted the taller’s shoulder sincerely, “I just feel like you’re too lonely. Sometimes, holding yourself back isn’t good for your health!”

Wasn’t there a saying, one dreams at night is what one thinks about during the day?

On the surface, the Alpha didn’t seem to be fazed by anybody’s charms, but judging from last night’s stunt, he seemed to really, really need it...

Bakugou glowered down at him. Damn Omega, who do you think did this to me? What do you fucking think is stopping me from claiming you right here, right now!

Izuku met his glare head on, matching him eye for eye with an equal amount of irritation. Whose fault was it that I couldn’t get a goodnight’s sleep last night and almost died from a heart-attack?!

Seeing that Kacchan’s complexion was slowly growing worse, Izuku laughed and quickly slipped away. 

“Gotta go kiss Katsumi before I leave! Bye~!”



Chapter Text

Just as Izuku arrived on set, a group of Neito’s fans who had camped out in the front immediately rushed at him furiously.

“Look, there he is! Midoriya Izuku!”

“That damn prostitute is here? Get him!”

“I can’t believe he actually had the nerve to show up!”

“Disgusting slut! Stay away from our Monoma-sama!”

“Hurry up and just get lost already!”

“Yeah, leave the entertainment circle, you dirty whore!”

“Midoriya Izuku, go to hell!”

There were only three words needed to describe the scene: Complete. Utter. CHAOS.

The crowd began to throw rotten eggs and vegetables at him. Only a couple of security guards protected Izuku as they made their way inside. The rest of the production crew merely stood back and enjoyed the show, pointing and sneering with laughter from time to time. Not one made a move to help him.

All the attention on him felt like needles jabbing into him, ravenous beasts at ready to tear him to pieces. Izuku couldn’t help but think about one movie star last year, who had stood at the peak of her popularity, but ultimately ended up committing suicide due to monsterous, ruthless rumors that spiraled out of control. Her last note contained one simple sentence:

[Gossipers are the worst.]

Spoiled produce continued to fly in the air. Someone even threw a rock, but it fell off-kilter towards the stylist, Maple, who was on her phone and wasn’t paying attention. Seeing that a sharp object was going to hit her, Izuku’s expression changed and he threw himself forward to block it with his arm.

In the next moment, a painful rose began to bloom on his bicep...

Once the hysterical fans noticed this, they all stopped raising hell, struck dumb at the sight. Maple was pale-faced, terrified with realization. Chilling emeralds raked across the crowd, bestowing critical judgement upon them.

“If you guys want to make a fuss, come at me. Don’t hurt innocent bystanders.”

“Y-you . . . stop pretending to be innocent!”

“Yeah, you hypocrite!”

“What determines whether I’m a good person or not? A blog post without evidence to back it up? Or a rumor based on groundless accusations?” Izuku knew that they wouldn’t care about what he had to say. There was only one person who could get through them: their precious blond idiot.

“Can’t any of you use your brains? Idols are the ones who have to pay for their fans’ behavior; everything you do and say represents your idol. I thought you guys were here for justice, and not to embarrass him?”

“You can’t tell us what to do!”

“Actually, I think he has a point...”

“Oi! The one who threw the rock, step out! Didn’t we agree that we wouldn’t use violence and eggs would be the limit?”

“Yeah! Who was it?!”

“Come out, you coward!”

“You fake fan!”

“We’re here to represent Monoma-sama, not to disappoint him!”

As the riled up fans began to calm down, Izuku took advantage of the temporary peace and squeezed into the production set. Hizashi noticed his arrival and immediately called him over. “Midoriya, you’re here! Come and sit down!”

“Director Aizawa, I’m so sorry for causing all this trouble for the production team.” The Omega’s face was full of guilt as he bowed deeply.

“It’s fine,” sighed the Beta, shaking his head. “With all that’s been going on lately, I know that it’s not entirely all your fault—”

“That’s right!” Hizashi cut in indignantly, “Just based on that line saying that you can’t act, that’s downright nonsense by ignorant outsiders! As for saying that you . . . uh, slept with members of the production crew, we’ve seen this accusation one too many times already! Shouta’s mine after all!”

“Thank you...” The fact that both the director and the producer were standing on his side made Izuku incredibly grateful that they believed in him. He resolved to not let any of their trust go to waste.

“But it’s been hard on you, Midoriya. You look exhausted. Why don’t you take a couple of days off to recover?” The blond suggested worriedly.

“No, I’m good! Director, I want to continue filming!” Izuku responded immediately. “My problems already inconvenienced the crew long enough—if it delays the production’s filming even more, I wouldn’t be able to relax!”

Seeing his determination, Aizawa nodded approvingly. “Alright then. If you need a break anytime, don’t be afraid to ask.”

As the greenette left the lounge, he was suddenly yanked to a secluded corner. Anxious periwinkle eyes examined his appearance. Even his signature golden locks seemed dull with worry. “Is your arm okay?”

“It’s fine. I already treated it,” Izuku answered carelessly, showing off his All Might themed bandaid. He had worse than this before; this was practically nothing compared to his old wounds.

Neito was pissed. “I was going to explain everything to my fans, but then Kendou changed my Hooter password and wouldn’t let me log in. She said that I’d only add gasoline to the flames...”

Izuku patted his heart in relief, sighing, “Thankfully Kendou-nee still has her common sense...”

“You ungrateful brat!” The Alpha looked hurt. “I was going to help you!”

“Fine then, I’ll give you a heads up next time,” Izuku said helplessly. “Right now, I need to act like an innocent bullied Omega, so I’ll need you to do something for me. If you can’t pull something this easy off, then our friendship is over!”

“Wait...” Neito blinked and rubbed his ears doubtfully, “What did you just say?”

“Our friendship will be over?”

“No, before that.”

“I’m going to act like an innocent bullied Omega?”

“Are you sure a good-for-nothing, violent misfit like you can be something like that?”

“Shut up!”

Coincidentally, most of Deku’s scenes today had Izuku acting as Olixandra’s adversary. As he reviewed his script under the shade of a balcony, a snide voice rang out:

“Eh? Isn’t this our big famous star? Midoriya Izuku, now everyone knows your name!” She snickered, gloating at his recent disaster. “You’re involved in all these scandals, aren’t you embarrassed to be here?”

As long as the greenette was kicked out of the crew, then they would bring back Mikumo Akatani back to play Deku. Or maybe she’d get to replace him and act with Monoma-senpai! One cannot completely decipher the thought process of a deranged fangirl...

Izuku bit his lip, his body trembling as he hunched in on himself, remaining silent with a pitiful expression. He looked ashamed of himself. Olixandra was pleased with his sorry appearance. She went to Neito and said coyly, “Monoma-senpai, you should stay away from trash like him, otherwise he’ll ruin your reputation! You’re already starting to lose fans thanks to him!”

As she approached the blond, he could smell the rankness of her natural scent. The Alpha scrunched up his nose in disgust. He really wanted to snap back at her, but then he remembered Izuku’s warning to not mess things up. Neito took a deep breath and forced himself to endure.

When Olixandra noticed that he was ignoring her, she assumed he was in a bad mood because of his co-star, so she decided to comfort him considerately, “Monoma-senpai, don’t worry! Director Aizawa will have to give in eventually and replace that loser sooner or later!”

You’re being noisy.” Neito had to exert all of his self-control to express all the profanity he wanted to say in just three words.

“Sorry, Monoma-senpai. I’m going now.” Olixandra left, looking rather miffed. She wasn’t happy about his cold attitude towards her, but after giving it some thought, she quickly got over it. Anyways, once she took over as Deku, she would have plenty of chances to win Monoma-senpai over.

She couldn’t help but feel excited, thinking about all those kissing scenes. 

Seriously, what was the point in keeping that lowlife around? What a waste of time!

However, she did quite like the scenes they were filming today. One of them was where she got to slap Deku on the face.

It was the perfect opportunity to humiliate the Omega!

So Olixandra took the rare initiative to ask the Beta for his opinion. “Director Aizawa, for this scene I think the effect would be better if I slap him for real. What do you think?”

Of course, he knew exactly what she was up to, answering dryly, “The main point is to use the camera angles. It’s fine if you touch his face, but only a little bit.”

“Got it!” Olixandra agreed verbally, but had absolutely no intent of actually obeying. She already decided to do a real slap, mess up the scene so they would have to reshoot it, and do several more slaps to let that bastard suffer some more. This wouldn’t be the first time she got her revenge through acting, and she had always gotten away with it every time.

Once everyone was ready, filming began.

Deku had just joined All Wrong Worm’s forces, and Bloody Carrie was irritated that he seemed to attract a lot of attention from their leader. It got to the point that it threatened All Too Handsy’s position, so she cornered Deku alone to teach him a lesson.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, newbie! You’re still in the bottom rankings, just like the rest of us. If you think that getting All Wrong Worm’s eye is going to help you, you’ve got another thing coming for ya—!” After reciting her line, she raised her hand to slap him...

The moment Olixandra made her move, Izuku narrowed his eyes and leaned slightly to the side, cleverly evading the camera and her hand. However, on the surface he seemed to have received a forceful blow, as his entire body was sent tumbling to the ground. He brought a hand to his mouth, but blood seeped out between his fingers...

“Midoriya—!” Everyone stood in shock for a moment before rushing over to check on him. 

“Olixandra, is this your first time acting?” Director Aizawa bellowed furiously. The Beta, who was normally cool-headed no matter what, was on the verge of losing his temper. He couldn’t intervene in matters outside of filming, but he wasn’t about to allow dirty tricks like this on his set!

“Don’t you know how to control yourself?”

“I . . . I-I...” The actress herself was just as shocked. Although she had deliberately used some muscle to try and slap the greenette, she definitely didn’t use enough strength to smack him to the ground and spit out blood!

Not only that, but Olixandra knew that the Omega dodged her hand; she didn’t get to hit him at all!

Thus, she cried out in protest and disbelief, “I barely did anything! I didn’t even touch him! He’s pretending!”

Unfortunately for Olixandra, her reputation was terrible in the entertainment industry, and she was infamous for her history of similar incidents. Combined with her undisguised antagonism towards Izuku . . . No one believed her.

“It’s okay, Director Aizawa. I just bit my cheek, it’ll be fine after I put some ice on it. I’m sure Olixandra didn’t mean to go overboard, so there’s no need to be angry...” Izuku spoke up weakly. He blinked, emeralds watering from the pain, his lips quivering as he looked up pleadingly, doing his best to bravely endure the injustice he had been unfairly served. 

Seeing that pitiful expression on the Omega’s pale face, everyone fell into sympathy for his unfortunate position. Their heartstrings twisted as they witnessed the actress bully him. It couldn’t be easy for him to deal with all the drama going on recently, even adding an annoying bitch on top of the mess.

Standing on the side with his phone out, Neito watched on, the corner of his mouth twitching crazily with amusement. So this cheap bastard really was capable of being two-faced after all...

As Izuku continued to play the crowd with his frail and delicate appearance, Olixandra exploded, “You liar, you bit yourself on purpose! You probably had a blood capsule in your mouth!”

“That’s enough from you!” Aizawa admonished her fiercely. 

Olixandra’s assistant panicked and pulled her back, pleading, “Just let it go already, Olixandra! We all saw what you did, so just apologize already—”

She clearly thought that the actress had done it on purpose, already used to it after working with her for so long and seeing events like this happen all the time. Olixandra whirled on her assistant, backhanding her across the face. “Shut up! Don’t tell me what to do!”

With a smack, the assistant toppled to the ground just as Izuku had. Blood also began to dribble out of mouth...

Extra staff members hurried to help her up, shooting the actress looks of disgust as they did so. Although the Omega had a messy private life, at least he kept it to himself. Olixandra, on the other hand, was a downright spoiled brat!

This was the first time Olixandra had been framed. Seeing that no one believed her, she was about to go after Izuku when someone spoke up—

“Olie, I know that you just wanted to impress the director, but you didn’t need to take it this far. Everyone who knows you would say that you’re dedicated to your career, but what about people who might misunderstand you?”

Of course, it was Itsuki. She didn’t need to come because she had no scenes today, but she came anyways just to see Izuku suffering. Little did she know she would be arriving just in time to see this spectacle. What the hell was her pawn doing?

They had the perfect setup—why the fuck would she mess everything up like this?

Seeing that everyone was about to side with the Omega because of Olixandra’s recklessness, Itsuki had no choice but to step in to help her out.  

“Itsuki-senpai!” Olixandra’s eyes lit up as if her savior had descended from the heavens, latching onto the greenette as she wailed, “I didn't do it! Help me!"

Itsuki gave everyone an apologetic look before dragging her minion away to an isolated area. “What happened? 

She gnashed her teeth angrily. “I just wanted to teach him a lesson, but I didn’t even touch him at all! He dodged and acted like I hit him really hard, even biting his cheek to spit out blood!”

Itsuki took one look at the crowd trying to comfort her brother, who was putting on a generous air, and easily figured out what he was trying to pull. She hurriedly tried to resolve the problem and said, “It’s not that I don’t believe you, Olie, but it’s not enough if it’s just me. Everyone else thinks you did it, so you should just apologize—”  

“WHAT?!” Olixandra stared at her, aghast at the mere suggestion. “Me, apologize to trash like him? No way! Itsuki, how could you do this to me!” 

This stupid brat was really starting to get on the greenette’s nerves. “Haven’t you seen how protective everyone is of him right now? Are you going to take this and let him get away with acting with Monoma-senpai?”

Olixandra hesitated for a moment, but refused to budge. “I don’t care! I’d rather die than apologize to that lowlife!”

All she needed to do was buy some trinkets later to shut these people up!

Itsuki saw that the actress wouldn’t give in, so she dropped the subject and hoped that her minion wouldn’t make any more trouble. No matter what Izuku planned and schemed, he could only play small tricks like this. How could that idiot possibly turn things around?

His reputation was already in shambles. It wouldn’t be long before that anonymous sponsor dumped her brother. Who would want a loose Omega who’d open his legs for anyone?

In the end, Director Aizawa decided not to redo the scene and kept the first take where Deku spat out blood after getting slapped.Thankfully, the next scene didn’t require as much action. It was all about the expressions and dialogue.

Disaster was crowned as All Wrong Worm’s successor, while Bloody Carrie was imprisoned on suspicion of being a traitor. All the evidence found in her room was actually planted by Deku. He paid her a visit to gloat and revealed his true identity to her. 

"Three, two, one, action!"

Inside a cold, dark room, Deku reclined on a wide, ornately carved throne, looking disdainfully down at the pathetic figure sprawled on the ground before him. He swirled a glass of wine in one of his hands as he spoke: "Do you know why I don't like you, Bloody Carrie? Why you deserve to be treated like this after all you've done?"

"You bastard!” She cried, struggling with the quirk-canceling cuffs she wore, “You're just jealous of me, jealous of All Too Handsy! You're jealous that All Wrong Worm likes us more because we're better than you!"

"Are you sure about that? Just look at yourself, crawling in the dirt at my feet when you can't even touch me!" 

Disaster threw his head back and laughed as if he had just heard the best joke in the world. "What the hell am I going to be jealous about, you stupid bitch? That old geezer's about to kick the bucket anytime now, maybe sooner if I slit his throat in his sleep..."

"Disaster, are you crazy? I-I'm gonna tell All Wrong Worm about your plan!"

"Who says that I'm gonna let you go?" Disaster shot a sinister look at her, cowing the maggot into silence. He suddenly smirked, sharp emeralds narrowing: 

"Hey, Carrie, do you know who I am? I wonder if you remember the name . . . Deku?"

“Y-you . . . you . . . you...” Olixandra fumbled with her words, struggling to finish her line as she helplessly stared into those hypnotising, glowing eyes...

“Cut!” shouted the director. “Start over!”

The second take:

"Hey, Carrie, do you know who I am? I wonder if you remember . . . the name, Deku?"

That severe, condemning stare slithered around her neck, on the verge of choking her like a hangman’s noose. 

“You . . . you are . . . are...”

“Stop! Do it again!”

The third take:

"Hey, Carrie, do you know who I am? I wonder if you remember . . . the name . . . Deku?"

With each take, Izuku upped the ante by intensifying the mood, like a wraith with murderous intent on taking her soul to hell. There was an unearthly, eerie gleam in his gaze as he slowly enunciated each word. Even the bystanders were affected, feeling pressured by his relentless torrent of anger and resentment. 

“Y-you . . . you’re Deku? T-that’s . . . that’s im-impos—” Olixandra was like a broken record. She had forgotten her lines again.

“CUT!” Aizawa finally lost his patience, throwing the screenplay on the ground as he thundered, “What’s going on, Olixandra? You can’t even recite such a simple line! Do you even know how to read?!”

Izuku’s face was on point, and they could’ve had the perfect take, but the actress just had to ruin it. 

Everyone else was scornful of her awful performance:

“Is she an idiot? Struggling so much over an easy line, even I could do it!”

“I know right? It’s just ‘You’re Deku? That’s impossible! Deku is dead!’”

“They say that Midoriya’s acting sucks, but they should see Olixandra in action. Then they’ll know what real acting is!”

“Actually, Midoriya’s a pretty good actor. Did you notice that up until now, all his scenes were done in one take?”

“You’re right! His only No Good scenes (NGs) were because of mistakes by other people!”

“I thought that Midoriya was just being himself, but he did a great job playing Deku yesterday! 

“Right? Even though he was teasing Monoma, for some reason I was okay with it.”

“Same here! I was so excited watching them flirt yesterday!”

“If someone else replaces Midoriya, it wouldn’t be the same!”

“It feels like he really is Deku!”

Itsuki hadn’t expected this to happen, mentally cussing out the actress as she pretended to look concerned. “Olie, what happened? Are you okay?”

Olixandra was on the verge of losing her mind. “I don’t know what the hell is going on! Everytime I look at him, I can’t say anything! It’s like I’ve been jinxed!”

“Really?” Itsuki didn’t actually believe her, assuming that it was all her own normally bad acting and laziness. She was trying to blame the Omega for her own clumsiness. Itsuki held onto her patient facade and comforted her, “Take it easy. I’ll go over the lines with you!”

They rehearsed the scene a few times, and Olixandra was able to say her lines without any problems. Itsuki smiled encouragingly, perfectly hiding her scorn as she said, “See, you can do it, right?”

With her confidence regained, Olixandra ran back to resume filming. “Director Aizawa, I’m ready now!”

This break helped the Beta cool off, his expression back to its usual calm as he nodded. “Let’s get started.”

However . . .

She still forgot her lines.

It was supposed to be an easy scene, and just a simple line, yet the two of them continued to film until night fell, and in the end they still weren’t done! Everyone wasn’t happy about this. They were supposed to be filming a movie, not a TV show. Did they have any idea how much film they had to use? Having that many mistakes was a total waste of time, manpower, and money!

By the 49th NG, Olixandra stilled for a moment, before transforming into a banshee as she furiously screamed and rushed at Izuku—

“You fucker, what the hell did you do to me! Why can’t I remember my lines! It’s all your fault! You—!”

Staff members tried to stop her, but the actress shoved them away in her raving state-of-mind, even raking a long bloody scratch on Itsuki’s arm when she tried to help.

This only worsened everyone’s opinion of her: 

“What a moron. Why is she blaming Midoriya if she can’t act?”

“Wow, is she trying to say that he stole her lines out of her brain?”

“That’s hilarious. She’s the one who’s making us work so late, and she’s not even feeling guilty about that!”

“Poor Midoriya. It sucks that he’s stuck with a diva like her!”

“You know, don’t you think what happened the other day was weird? This also happened when Monoma arrived!”

“If Midoriya gets kicked out, who’d be the happiest about it?” 

“Isn’t it obvious?”

They all shared knowing looks at that statement.


In the end, they were allowed to stop filming and packed up everything. After Olixandra’s temper tantrum, Aizawa ordered her to take two days off to get herself together.

Once Izuku had changed his clothes and his make-up removed, he was about to head out when Itsuki stood in front of his way to stop him. Her arms crossed and full of contempt as she looked down at him, scowling, “Izuku-nii, I had no idea you were such a schemer!”

“Who, me?” With a half-smile, he meaningfully eyeballed the impressive gash on her arm, courtesy of her minion. “I thought you were the brains of the family, picking out such a trustworthy pawn to deal with me?”

“You...” Itsuki gritted her teeth, her chest boiling with anger. How could she have known that Olixandra would be so stupid? His reputation was already in the gutters, but somehow he managed to pull a reverse Uno card on her!

Now everyone’s opinion of the Omega was starting to change. Izuku was sure to have something planned next. She had to prepare to counter his next move. No matter what, Itsuki couldn’t let him rise up!

After that short confrontation with his sister, Izuku headed out. His phone vibrated with a text message:

Copycat: ill wait 4 u at the front

He responded cautiously: [Go on without me. I’ll see you at your place.]

One hour later, at the Court of Clubs:

The greenette had just walked to the door when Neito immediately opened it and yanked him inside. He peeked outside and looked left to right as if they were filming a spy movie. The other day he hadn’t cared if people thought that there was something going on between them. Actually, he wanted everyone to know that they were acquainted, but after seeing what happened today, he couldn’t help but reflect on his careless behavior from earlier.

Izuku carelessly tossed his backpack to the side, threw himself onto the couch, and kicked off his shoes before resting them on the coffee table. He held his hand out and asked, “Did you get it?”

The blond stared at him speechlessly, taken aback by his lack of manners. Did this damned Omega ever treat him seriously as an Alpha? His shrewd appearance was exactly like how he was in the movie! 

“Who do you think I am? Of course I got it!” Neito grumbled as he handed his phone over.

When Izuku said he was going to be an ‘innocent, bullied Omega’, he already knew exactly what that imp was up to. He prepared himself to capture all the drama. Izuku pressed play and nodded approvingly. “Not bad. You get an extra drumstick!”

He sent the videos to his phone, then opened his Hooter to make a post. Of course, it wasn’t the apology Mineta demanded, but four simple words: [The truth always prevails.]

After posting that, he logged onto a side account and messaged a blogger who specialized in Ground Zero gossip, sending over a video of Olixandra’s bloopers.

As expected of two dead rivaling companies, barely ten minutes passed before the blogger immediately posted the clip, alongside a dramatic title: [Failing an Easy Scene 49 Times—The Number 1 Flower Vase Can Show You What Real Shit Acting Is!]

Neito watched Izuku at work, feeling unsatisfied. “You’re only using that one? What about the other videos? It wasn’t easy for me to film everything. I had to pretend that I was vlogging or taking a selfie the whole time!”

Izuku busied himself with reading incoming comments. “Nah, this should be enough to kick things off. We don’t need to do anything for the next step. Did you think that you were the only one recording and keeping track?”

“Why didn’t you do this sooner?” The Alpha continued to complain. “I had to deal with that brat for two whole days!”

Not one person in the studio understood why Olixandra kept slipping up. Only Neito knew exactly what had happened.

It was all because of Izuku’s deliberate ‘pressure acting.’

Pressure acting was something that only experienced actors could pull off. By purposefully raising the bar of their acting, an actor could place extreme mental pressure on their victim, scaring them to fall out of character, forgetting their lines, or in serious cases, leaving them with a lifelong psychological trauma that would haunt them for the rest of their lives.

There weren’t many in the entertainment industry who could use this technique. Most importantly, it was tricky to pick out because it was difficult to tell whether the user was secretly pressure acting or simply performing well. This was a skill that could be used without a trace.

Izuku snickered. “Nope. You deserved it!”

This method was a double-edged sword that could only be used under certain circumstances. For example, the scene today was perfect for pressure acting as it was one on one. However, it would hinder the process of filming, so the greenette wouldn’t use it unless he had to. 

Besides, he had already sworn to do the very best of his ability to make the directors proud, so he kept it down under fifty NGs. Luckily it was a short scene, so the amount of film wasted was minimal compared to an action-packed scene. It was a pity that all his OP moves always had some type of consequence to them...

Neito curled his lip upon recalling unpleasant memories. “Then I guess I should count myself as one of the lucky few to survive it.”

Back then, Izuku had also used the same trick on him, but he was tougher than that lazy actress; he managed to endure and overcame the pressure successfully. His acting skills even showed some improvement from then on. Then he suddenly remembered something, for determined periwinkle eyes fixed themselves on the greenette. 

“So, dinner? You promised to treat me after ditching my welcome meal yesterday. You also promised to play a few rounds with me before that!”

It was true that Izuku had been heartless these past few days by ignoring his friend, so he sighed and agreed helplessly, “Fine, fine, I’ll stay for dinner and play games with you, okay? Just let me text Kacchan to let him know.”

“Kacchan?” The Alpha frowned. Who was that? After giving it some thought, he figured that it was one of the nicknames Izuku had for the pup. He peered over the Omega’s shoulder to read:

[Baby, I’m busy tonight, so I’ll be home very late. Remember to eat dinner and sleep early, okay? Next time I’ll buy cute clothes for you! Love you! *.(๓´͈꒳`͈๓).*]

He became infuriated. “Why’re you being so soft to Katsumi? You were never this cute back when we were together! You always beat me up whenever I pissed you off!”

Izuku rolled his eyes, “Again, you deserved it. My honeybun’s so cute, you don’t stand a chance against him!”

Periwinkle eyes became icy. “Did you even like me back then? Or did you get close to me just to—?”

“What? No, of course not.” Izuku looked at him, surprised by the accusation. “You were an asshole back then, but I wouldn’t do that to you.”

“T-then . . . you...?” Neito was at a loss for words.

Izuku propped up his chin and grinned. “So, are you still hungry?”

“Yep!” The blond managed to grit out. He wasn’t about to let this bastard get the best of him!


Back at the Bakugou residence:

Kaminari curled up on the couch and hugged a cushion, watching Bakugou fill out paperwork. His imaginary tail was wagging up a storm behind him. “Bakubro, Bakubro, tell me, tell me, what happened last night!”

Due to the Omega’s thoughtless words from this morning, the Alpha was not in the mood to entertain the Beta’s imagination. He steadfastly ignored him, focusing solely on a new contract.

“Was it because you couldn’t stop the burning flames in your heart, lost control, and attacked Midoriya in the middle of the night? But then you weren’t being careful and woke him up before you got serious? Then you were trapped on the spot, so you just pretended you were sleepwalking?”

The ash-blond slanted him a dirty look. Was his one and only brain cell really wasted on garbage like this?

Kaminari grinned and praised himself, “My God, I’m too smart! Don’t you think that my coverup calls for a bonus?”

Seeing that expectant look on his face, Bakugou sighed and gave in, “One week extended to one month.” 

Excited, the Beta almost leapt up to do a victory dance when he suddenly thought of something: “You’re going to lose Midoriya at this rate. Why didn’t you take this chance to go all the way?”

The Alpha spared him a glance. “And what do you think will happen after that?”

“Hmm...” Kaminari rubbed his chin, noting, “You’ve always used Katsumi as bait to bring him in closer, but if you had tried to spring the trap last night . . . Midoriya would probably run for the hills!”

Bakugou said nothing, his face deeply shrouded in shadows. Although that was the truth, hearing an idiot say it out loud only made it worse. 

Actually, he had intended to go all the way last night regardless of anything, but the Omega’s extreme rejection and fearful reaction had forcefully cleared his head in an instant. What happened after that proved that his last second decision had been right, otherwise Izuku would’ve been scared off for good. 

Now he wanted to know why the greenette had reacted that way, what did he go through before...?

“Seriously, you’ve been on the edge this entire time. What’s going on?” Kaminari asked carefully. This was putting it mildly; all day the Alpha had been acting like a PMSing teenager, with an irritable and unstable temper. 

“The one who sent the roses was Neito.”

“Say what?” The Beta blanked out for a moment before jumping up in shock, “So Copycat is Neito! Didn’t he just come back a couple of days ago? I heard that he’s acting in [Zero to Hero] too!”

He didn’t know that his nephew had that kind of a relationship with Midoriya. He had thought that Neito’s return had been rather sudden, furthermore the movie he chose to play in just happened to be this one! This was a problem, seeing as he had a lot of kissing scenes with the Omega after all...

“Uh, let me think . . . Did he meet up with Midoriya recently? And you caught them together in an incriminating scene, no less?”

Bakugou didn’t have to say a word, the answer was obvious. Kaminari’s guesses were all on the money.

“Geez, no wonder you’ve been out of it!” He started pacing around the rug, “Who would’ve thought that we had a traitor in the family? Then what about ST, did you find anything about him?”

The Alpha glowered. “The beta who delivered the diamond vanished without a trace after leaving the set. The diamond’s origins couldn’t be traced either; probably smuggled goods brought in from a special channel.”

“Okay then...” said the Beta helplessly. “It can’t have anything to do with the main branch this time, right? ST . . . Is there anyone with those initials close to us? I don’t think so...”

Tsk, it was already too complicated for Bakubro to go on a simple date. Other people were unlucky enough to get stuck living with romantic comedy, but the ash-blond’s love life had to be unraveled like some kind of mystery!

Then Bakugou’s phone vibrated—it was a text from Izuku.

Upon reading its contents, the dangerous creature slumbering in the depths of carmine eyes threatened to emerge. Curious, Kaminari took a peek. “What is it?”

Why did the Alpha look like he had been cheated on?”

Bakugou stared at the message for a few more seconds before making a call. Izuku picked it up right away. “Hi Kacchan! Did you see my text? Did you show it to Katsumi?”

“I saw it. Where are you?”

The Omega glanced at the kitchen, where a certain idiot was busy trying to show off his culinary skills. He wasn’t bad, but he had nothing on Kacchan. The poor sucker forgot to heat up the pan before adding the oil. “I’m at Neito’s place. We’re having dinner to celebrate his return.”

“Got it. I’ll be there soon.” 

“Huh?” Izuku blinked in surprise. “Y-you’re coming over?!”

“Is there a problem with that?” The ash-blond questioned sourly.

“N-No, not really...” He answered meekly. The Alpha’s tone was too matter-of-fact that he couldn’t bring himself to refuse his presence. “See you later then. Bye.”

Seeing the greenette’s complicated expression after the call, Neito poked his head out and asked, “What’s up? Who called?”

“Kacchan said he’s coming over...”

“What did you say?!” The spoon in his hand slipped to the floor with a clatter, probably staining the carpet. He ignored it and pointed an accusing finger at the traitor, “Midoriya Izuku, you said that there’s nothing going on between you two. This was supposed to be just the two of us, so why the hell did you ask him to come over?”

“Calm down, you idiot.” Izuku snarked back, “I didn’t invite him. He asked me where I was, and I just said that I was having dinner at your place. Then he said that he was on his way here. Maybe he’s coming over because he wants to welcome you home as your senior? Isn’t that normal?”

“Ha! Normal my ass!” Neito scoffed. “Do you really think that Bakugou Katsuki is that kind of person? Even going as far as to have dinner with me? When my mother tries to invite him over for a meal, she has to be scheduled in, sometimes up to a half a year later! Distance is his middle name!”

Izuku picked up the spoon and threw it at him. “You ungrateful brat! Can’t an elder show you some concern? And why the hell do you keep putting me together with him?”

“It’s an Alpha’s intuition...” The blond grumbled to himself. “What the fuck would you know, you dense Omega!”

As they were caught up in another squabble, the doorbell rang. He gave a warning glare to Neito before walking over to open the door. In the next second, emeralds lit up with pleasant surprise, for Katsumi was standing right in front of him. 

Upon seeing Izuku, the pup threw himself at him with his short little arms wide open, like a little chick seeing its mama, as if they hadn’t seen each other in ages. Izuku’s heart melted as he quickly picked Katsumi up and hugged him, “Honey, you’re here too! I was just feeling sad that I couldn’t have dinner with you tonight!”

Neito looked at Izuku scenting the pup, then at his uncle, who watching them with an indulgent warmth in his ruby eyes. They gave off a distinct impression of being a family of three. He had never expected Izuku to be this close to Katsumi. After all, the ash-blond pup was an even more difficult existence than his dad!

As for Bakugou Katsuki, his attention towards the greenette was weird. 

Even if it was just for his son’s sake, knowing the Alpha’s temperament, there was no way he’d be able to stand living with a strange Omega...

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t forget about us! We’re here too!” Kaminari clamored as he made his way to the door, Kirishima bringing up the rear with two bottles of wine. Seeing the small crowd before them, Izuku gave Neito a triumphant look. See, you’re the one who’s overthinking. They all came over just to see you!

“Hey, Uncle Denki, and even Eijirou? Come on in, guys...” Although he wasn’t happy about it, all Neito could do was invite everyone to come inside. Really, what were they doing here for? He hadn’t made enough food for them!

After they all crowded inside, there was nothing left for him to do. 

Bakugou had a Michelin chef cook dinner, Kirishima brought the wine, Kaminari brought his magnificent self, and Katsumi took up all of Izuku’s attention. Thus, six people sat at the table with a strange atmosphere. Thankfully, Kirishima and Kaminari were there to keep things from getting awkward. They ate and chatted idly on and off.

The red-head held up his glass of wine. “Here, let’s welcome our big star home. A toast to you, Neito!”

“Thank you!” He gracefully accepted it.

“By the way, Neito, I didn’t get the chance to ask you yet. How did you meet Midoriya?” Kaminari asked, seemingly thoughtless as he tried to suss out information. The superstar didn’t look too happy after hearing this question. It seemed like he didn’t want to talk about this topic as he answered vaguely, “We attended the same university in America, and graduated from the same class.”

Kaminari narrowed his eyes and looked at him askance, then continued meaningfully, “It can’t be that simple. Don’t tell me he’s an ex that you chased and tossed to the curb after you got him? Everyone by your side, if they’re not family or your fans, then they’re your exes!”

Izuku snorted in amusement and gave him a thumbs-up. “Kaminari, you’re a genius!”

The Beta beamed proudly. “Hey, it looks like I got it right!” 

“You’re only half right!” Neito retorted miserably. 

“Huh? What do you mean?” asked Kirishima.

“He’s my ex-boyfriend alright, but he’s the one who chased then dumped me!” He glared at the greenette sitting across from him spitefully.

An imperceptible glint flashed across Bakugou’s eyes as he helped Izuku and Katsumi cut their steaks. Kirishima and Kaminari were both surprised, the blond even more so even though it wasn’t the first time he had guessed wrongly. He clapped his hands and asked excitedly, “Seriously? You’re joking! That doesn’t make any sense!”

Whatever Midoriya did while he was abroad, he couldn’t have been as insane as Neito, so he assumed that his nephew had initiated everything. Who would’ve thought that...

“Ask him if you don’t believe me!” Angrily, Neito stabbed a rib on his plate.

Why did this topic have to be dragged up again when everything was going so well? Izuku gave him a helpless look. “Come on, Neito. It wasn’t that bad!”

At first, Kaminari was asking on Bakugou’s behalf, but now he was fired up with this latest piece of information and dying to know more. “Then what happened? Tell me, tell me, tell me!”

Neito scowled at him. Didn’t he better things to do than care about his love life?

Izuku noticed and answered offhandedly, “It’s nothing special. He caught everyone’s attention back then, and I was just one of them. In the end, we broke up because I realized that I was being delusional and he wasn’t who I thought he was!”

It seemed like there was nothing wrong with the Omega’s words, but Kaminari had a feeling things weren’t that simple, otherwise his nephew’s face wouldn’t look like he had swallowed a lemon whole. He exchanged a knowing look with Kirishima. Looks like it’ll be up to them to wrangle the truth out of him, through the power of alcohol!

Since Katsumi was here, Izuku chose not to drink tonight. After he finished eating, he felt bored waiting for everyone to finish their food, so he announced, “I’m going to go play games with Katsumi.”

Bakugou nodded in acknowledgement. “Go ahead.”

The way he spoke to the greenette didn’t seem any different, but it gave off the feeling he was gentler with him than anyone else. 

Neito deadpanned. That was his game console, yet that damned Omega had the nerve to ask another man for permission and took yet another man to go play!

It was unacceptable, even if that man was only five years old!


Two hours later, Kaminari had sacrificed himself gloriously, but despite his best efforts, he failed to get Neito to spill the beans before passing out. Even Kirishima was starting to nod off from the amount of wine he had. At this point, Neito was also on his last legs, but knowing how determined his uncle was, he managed to hold on until the very end. 

He had an inkling that there was a reason why the Beta was being nosier than usual, stubbornly trying to figure everything out, but his brain was swimming in his head and he couldn’t think straight.

Bakugou was the only sober one left at the table. He called Iida over to bring Kirishima and Kaminari home. Then the ash-blond stood up and headed for the living room, where he found Izuku and Katsumi sleeping soundly on the sofa, the TV screen displaying the words [Stage Cleared!].

The Alpha lightened his footsteps. The Omega protectively held pup in his arms, snoring softly. That sweet sleeping visage made him impulsively want to give up his name and power, just like this, and accompany him in peaceful sleep for the rest of their lives.

In the dining room, in his drunken haze Neito saw his uncle slowly leaned closer and closer towards Izuku . . . His pupils shrank and he immediately jolted himself awake. Bakugou almost couldn’t help kissing that sleeping freckled face, but upon recalling his slip-up yesternight, he stopped himself and turned to wake up Katsumi instead. 

The little pup rubbed his sleepy eyes, his ash-blond locks sticking up at random places. With one particular tuft of hair in the air, he looked even cuter than usual as he tried to stay awake, slightly swaying. His father ruffled his messy head. “Ready to go?”

Katsumi nodded, letting out an adorable silent yawn as he did so. Bakugou smiled in satisfaction, gently scooping up Izuku with one arm and taking his son’s hand with the other. The pup obediently allowed himself to be towed along, without the slightest clue that anything was wrong.

Neito attempted to rub his eyes. He must be so drunk that he was hallucinating, right? Right?! That must be it!

What was Bakugou Katsuki doing?

He called the butler to pick up his best friend and cousin, woke up his sleeping son to walk himself back, but was careful not to wake Izuku up, and personally carried the Omega back...? 

In a daze, he watched the trio leave, unwilling to believe his eyes. Eventually, his eyelids slid themselves shut, his head slumping back to the table as he fell into drunken unconsciousness...


Back at the Bakugou residence, Katsumi wanted to sleep together with Izuku.

The Alpha gave him a look. “How old are you again?”

The pup held up five fingers, indicating that he was only five years old.

“Well then,” Bakugou smirked, “That means you’re old enough to be independent. Now go to your room and sleep by yourself.”

Katsumi: Σ('◉⌓◉’)

His father’s expression turned serious. “Do you want to be Izuku’s baby forever? He’s not part of our family yet. If I can’t marry him before he goes, he’ll leave you forever.”

Hearing this, the stubborn look on the pup’s face shifted into an unhappy pout. He looked wistfully at Izuku, turning back to look at him with every step he took until he finally reached his room.

Bakugou exhaled in relief. Although his son was his best advantage, he was his greatest obstacle as well. Luckily, he was easily pacified for the time being...

He carried Izuku into the green room, laying him on the bed before helping him take off his shoes. The movement managed to rouse the greenette somewhat, sensing that he was back on his soft bed. Dazed emeralds cracked open to see a blurry figure kneeling in front of him...

Drowsily, he reached out to that familiar presence, murmuring, “Mmm . . . Kacchan . . . are you sleepwalking again?”

Stunned at the sudden touch, Bakugou froze for a moment before taking his hand in his own larger, warmer grasp. “Yes.”

Izuku scrunched up his face at the confirmation and muttered, “It’s a disease . . . should be treated...”

The Alpha rumbled a low chuckle, bringing up the Omega’s hand to press a kiss at the center of his palm.

“Only you can cure me.”




Chapter Text

Late in the night, at the Public Relations Department of Ground Zero, Jirou Kyouka was hard-pressed over the latest scandal she had to deal with.

Hadou Nejire had been drunk driving again, and hit someone in her stupor, so the director was racking her brains for a solution when her phone suddenly rang. She was about to decline the call and toss her phone to the side—but then she noticed the caller ID. Sighing and pinching the bridge of her nose, she had no choice but to drop everything in favor of answering it.

For who was she to ignore a call from Bakugou Katsuki?

“Hello, President Bakugou? We’re working on settling this case right away. It should be resolved by tomorrow evening at the latest!”

“What?” The Alpha’s voice rumbled through the phone.

“Er, you know, Hadou-san’s recent accident?” She was taken aback by the lack of response. “...Or that’s not why you’re calling?”


Jirou immediately sighed in relief, feeling the load of pressure lift off her shoulders. She already had a lot going on her plate, and her boss had never taken an interest in Ground Zero’s matters. Even though this incident involved their goddess of films and was a big deal to the company, Bakugou Katsuki didn’t give a damn about it. This made her feel uneasy.

So what was he calling for?

“Then the reason for your call is...?” 

“Get Olixandra Vert to retire from the entertainment industry within 24 hours.”

“Olixandra . . . Vert? From Golden Age Entertainment?” She repeated questioningly.

“That would be her.”

Hearing those words of affirmation, the director’s face was full of surprise. That certainly came out of the blue. So this time it was Olixandra Vert, whose looks were barely above average, but had been billed by Golden Age as one of the top beauties in the entertainment circle. She wondered what the actress could have done to deserve this. 

“Yes, of course. As far as I know, recently she got into an argument with a male Omega actor in their company. Her opponent isn’t someone simple and gave us plenty of blackmail to work with. Olixandra managed to offend one too many sharks, so it shouldn’t be too hard to chase her out right away, President Bakugou.”

“And make it fast.”

“Understood, President Bakugou!”

After ending the call, Jirou immediately handed over current tasks to the deputy director before personally handling this order herself. This blessing was a welcomed break from Hadou’s issues. Really, it hardly posed as a challenge. Asking her to deal with it was like using a sledgehammer to crack a sunflower seed. The actor who was against Olixandra had already done about eighty percent of the work for her, so all she had to do was add the finishing touches.

Still, Olixandra Vert was just a basic, second-rate actress at best. What could she have done to evoke Bakugou’s ire? Maybe foolishly tried to flirt with him?

No matter what Jirou could come up with, never in her wildest dreams would she have guessed that the Alpha’s true purpose wasn’t to blacklist Olixandra, but to support the little Omega actor whose name she didn’t even recognize despite the recent drama...


Izuku was rather stupefied to find himself in his bed the next morning. The last thing he remembered was playing video games with Katsumi at Neito’s place until they tired themselves out and fell asleep on the sofa. How’d he get back here?


The Omega was startled to hear a loud knock outside his window. He scooted off the bed to check things out. When he opened the window, he deadpanned at the sight that greeted him. “What the hell are you doing here, Neito?”

That Alpha, who always cared the most about his image, was actually still wearing the same clothes from last night. His clothing was all rumpled, and his usually perfect hair was disheveled into a horrific mess. The blond glared at him. “Iz, get your ass down here! I need to tell you something!”

Izuku sighed, already feeling a headache coming on. He knew this would happen as soon as Neito found out where he lived. The bastard actually had the nerve to come this early in the morning to try and smash his window. How’d he even figure out which room was the greenette’s in the first place?

“Just jump already! I don’t care if you’re tired, you’ve done this a million times before! This height is nothing compared to [That One Movie That Probably Doesn’t Matter]! Hurry up!” 

Unamused, Izuku continued to stare back. Even if it was true and two-stories had nothing on the ten-story drop from then, could this guy at least try not to make it sound like he was encouraging the Omega to commit suicide?

Ugh, fine. Anything to shut him up.

Clambering over the windowsill, Izuku threw himself out and fell into Neito’s arms, who managed to catch him, surprisingly. After twirling the greenette around a few times and seeing that there weren’t any traces of nightly activities on him, the Alpha set him on the ground and asked suspiciously, “Did anything happen last night?”

Izuku’s head churned unpleasantly from being spun around, and he answered grumpily, “What the fuck is wrong with you? It’s way too early for this, couldn’t you have waited until later? I’m fine, what could have happened to me?”

Neito gave him an incredulous look. “Iz, are you kidding me? Don’t tell me you don’t know how you got back here last night!”

“I swear to God, I don’t know!” Izuku had an innocent expression as he shrugged helplessly.

The blond forced himself to take a deep breath to calm down. Gritting his teeth, he said, “You’re so stupid, it’s a miracle how traffickers haven’t kidnapped and sold you off for easy money yet! It was Bakugou Katsuki who carried you back!”

Izuku was a bit alarmed to hear this, but after giving it some thought, he objected, “So what? Katsumi must have asked him to bring me back!”

After all, that time when he first met the pup, Kacchan had carried him to the hospital. And there was also that night after the opening ceremony where he passed out in the bathroom, and the ash blond brought him back as well. He was starting to get used to everyone telling him that over and over again, so he didn’t see anything wrong with that.

Neito was on the verge of screaming out of frustration. “Can’t you be more aware of yourself? He obviously has a thing for you, okay?!”

Izuku heaved a long sigh, rested a hand on the idiot’s shoulders and stated solemnly, “Bro, I’m aiming for the stars, so I don't have time for any random love interests. That’s why even if you kneel down to cry and beg for me to become your Auntie Zuzu, I’m telling you to save your breath. Please stop being delusional, take a shower and go back to sleep!”

Hearing this, the Alpha’s mood became complicated. While he was relieved to see that the greenette was being honest, he still looked doubtful. “Are you really going live the rest of your life like this? What if you meet someone you like? Iz, I’m telling you, this way of thinking is dangerous and you shouldn’t be having thoughts like that, alright? Even though your career is important, for an Omega like you it’s—OW!”

Izuku couldn’t resist the urge any longer and kicked him hard. He raised an eyebrow at a sudden revelation. “Are you done yet? It seems like it’s been a while since I last beat you up, and you’re just itchin’ for more, aren’t ya?”

Neito gaped at him. “You just beat me up yesterday!”

“Then clearly I didn’t beat enough, if any, sense into you if you’re still talking trash like this...” Izuku rolled up his sleeves and stalked towards him.

The blond gulped and shuffled back in fear, but then he looked behind the greenette and shouted, “Uncle!”

“Uncle?” Izuku grinned darkly. “Even if you cry uncle instead, no one’s gonna come help you!”

Before the Omega could sink in his claws, Neito yelped desperately, “No, it’s my uncle!”

Izuku immediately stiffened in place. Mechanically, he turned his head to see Bakugou behind him. He was in workout attire, sweat rolling down his skin. From the looks of things, he had just finished his morning run. Caught red-handed on the scene, right about to beat the crap out of his nephew, Izuku’s brain was put on the spot. 

He managed to come up with something and pointed at Neito accusingly. “Kacchan, this guy was trying to break your windows! I just caught him right now and was about to beat him up for you!”

“What the hell?” Neito stared at him furiously. Just what kind of an excuse did he pull out of his ass this time?

Wait, Kacchan...?

“Don’t you try to deny it! I saw you!” Izuku continued his righteous act, leaning down to pick up a nearby rock. “Look! You threw this at the window!”

Bakugou chuckled lightly as he reached out to remove a leaf from those green locks. Then he ruffled them in a seemingly natural gesture. “That’s enough. Go inside for breakfast.”

“Yes sir, I’m going first!” Pleased with himself, Izuku made a face at Neito before fleeing the scene. His friend watched him go, feeling his veins pulsing on his forehead.

It’s not once, nor twice, but three freaking times! Bakugou Katsuki’s being so obvious, how can you not see it? Just how ridiculously overpowered are your rose tinted glasses!

He lets you call him Kacchan, for God’s fuckin’ sake!


After returning to his room, Izuku finally remembered something important. He still hadn’t found out how everything had gone down after releasing that video last night. It was all that blond idiot’s fault. Ever since he came back to Japan, he kept causing problems that the greenette had to deal with. Izuku opened his laptop and skimmed through the latest news. 

The video of Olixandra’s 49 NGs was already trending. The comment section was filled with criticism towards the actress, while the Izuku’s surprisingly good acting had gotten favorable complements. Gradually, one by one, people were starting to suspect that the post about the Omega sleeping around the set was untrue. 

Following that, there were several anons revealing that Olixandra had used the excuse of filming to act on private grudges. She slapped Izuku on purpose, slapped her assistant when she tried to help, and would cause all kinds of inconveniences and trouble for the people on set. All the artistes and staff members who couldn’t stand her joined in as well, reuniting underneath the flag of hatred and wreaking the fake image the actress put on for the public. 


MaybeitsMapleline: I didn’t like Midoriya at first, mostly because Olixandra always picked on him and get everyone else involved. For example, almost everyday she would find nonstop excuses for me redo her makeup over and over again just to make him wait longer. Back then, I blamed him for making things hard for me, but it wasn’t his fault at all. I know by saying this, people are going to come after me, but I’d feel guilty if I didn’t say anything. On that day when Monoma’s fans staged a protest at the set, if Midoriya hadn’t blocked a rock for me, my face would’ve been disfigured! Even though he plays as a villain, he’s my hero!

Nobody#3: Frank and straightforward? More like crazy jealous. Olixandra’s practically cancer on the set, always being stuck-up and bossy brat. She’s always late everyday, leaves early without saying anything, and tells us to do everything for her. Doesn’t she know that we’re human too, and have better things to do than listen to her annoying whine all day? 

Extra#57: I know right? I can’t even count how many times she makes me run all over the place. Does she seriously think that I’m her servant or something? Psssssh, last time I checked, she doesn’t pay my bills! As for Midoriya, he’s usually quiet and keeps to himself, but he’s anything but rude. Everytime we wrap up filming, he always thanks everyone for their work. Even though we were biased against him and ignored him, he still continued to do so everyday.

HappyBeingMiserable: It probably doesn’t matter what I have to say, but I’m just gonna say it anyways. It was only on the first day of production that people sent gifts to Midoriya. I’ve never seen him flirting around with anyone on set. Isn’t it normal for Omegas to have a few suitors? I don’t get why everyone’s making such a big deal out of it!

itakepictures: There’s nothing to criticize about Midoriya’s professional skills. He has a good feel for the camera and always knows the right position without any help. Usually, he does everything perfectly in a single take, unless someone else makes a mistake in the same shot. He’s the most easy going out of everyone else, especially compared to Olixandra . . . now she’s basically every cameraman’s worst nightmare! Is it my fault that she’s had too much plastic surgery and her nose looks weird? DO I HAVE TO PHOTOSHOP EVERYTHING FOR HER???

PresentMic: All the rumors about Midoriya are complete slander. That is not only an insult to him, but an insult to our entire UA production crew. At first we planned to wait until [Zero to Hero] started screening, but after seeing how everything escalated to the point of seriously affecting our filming, I’m going to show you guys some interesting highlights now. Everyone, take a look for yourselves! {video}

Eraserhead: To those of you who are curious about the latest 50 million in funding, saying that it’s from Midoriya’s sponsor, I obtained permission from the investor himself to reveal his identity. He is @Pikachuchu

Izuku had been expecting everyone on set to be on their last vestiges of patience towards Olixandra. Once a tiny pebble of complaint was dislodged, then everything else came rolling down like a destructive rock slide, unleashing mass destruction on the actress. However, he hadn’t anticipated everyone to praise him while throwing rocks at Olixandra. That was an unexpected bonus. It felt good to have his hard work recognized at last.

Although, Producer Hizashi’s hoot piqued his curiosity. He tapped on that name, Pikachuchu . . . and was instantly rendered speechless. 

That particular username was verified on Hooter as Ground Zero’s Head of Communications, Kaminari Denki! 

. . . Seriously? He’s a part of a bigshot entertainment company, but was still using a childish ID? What was he thinking? Not even a ten-year-old would choose something like that!

Who would’ve thought that the mysterious, last-minute investor would be Kaminari? This was beyond Izuku’s expectations, but still within reason. After all, this was Neito’s first big film after returning from overseas. It made sense that Ground Zero would unconditionally support him, living up to their reputation as the industry’s richest company by casually dropping fifty million on a mere minor role. 

All the misunderstandings were resolved through everyone’s hard-won efforts. Izuku’s reputation ended up cleaner than a participant in an Oxiclean commercial, and Olixandra was rightfully labeled as an arrogant, despicable and trashy actress. Everything up to this point had played out within Izuku’s predictions, but he had no idea that the best still had yet to arrive. 

Late last night, Olixandra’s manager, Oval, made a post on Hooter exposing the two-faced actress. She used her fans to defame the greenette, even going as far as to using a side account to infiltrate Neito’s fanbase, riling them up and using them to attack Izuku. Not only that, but Oval also revealed that Olixandra wasn’t a rich heiress, but a masquerading mistress! Her supposedly rich father wasn’t her biological father; in reality, he was actually her sugar daddy, with a mate and pups.

Oval’s Hooter post contained plenty of incriminating chat screenshots and scandalous photos. No matter what Olixandra tried to pull out of her ass, there was no way she was getting out of this. There was only one road left for her to take: retirement.

Even if she did plan on making a comeback, this was the entertainment industry after all, where everything and anything was by chance and infinitely unpredictable. Where the new was always replacing the old, her chances of coming out of retirement were virtually zero.

After violating the ethics of her profession by exposing the private life of an entertainer under her care, Oval’s career as a manager was over as well. Who knew what pushed her to cause their mutual demise? That was a mystery...

Once the issue blew up, Golden Age tried to delete all related posts, topics, and comments, but were ultimately unsuccessful as there were too many for them to handle at once. Also, this only made the netizens outraged. So, in order to appease the enraged public, Golden Age attempted to do damage control by releasing an official statement saying that they would launch a thorough investigation on Olixandra slandering Izuku. 

As for the matter of the actress being a kept woman, the company remained tight-lipped. They had released a neutral statement about looking further into that particular matter, but it was obvious that they were unwilling to give up on her, after spending so much time and money on her rise to fame.

Izuku didn’t have any scenes to film today, so he originally planned on spending it by relaxing at home. However, it couldn’t be helped that the situation had blown up so much. Right after finishing breakfast, he received a call to report right away to Golden Age, thus canceling his plans. What a pain.


Inside a conference room, Izuku met up with Itsuki, Mineta, and Olixandra, alongside with Golden Age’s Director of Public Relations, Mera Yokumiru. Olixandra had her head down, and there were huge dark circles underneath her eyes. The moment the Omega walked in, she jumped to her feet angrily. “Midoriya Izuku! You bastard! Are you proud of yourself now? I won’t let you get away with this!”

Izuku helplessly rubbed at his ringing ears; every single time, it was more or less the same line.

“Be quiet. Don’t you think you’ve caused me enough trouble by now?” Mera scolded her tiredly.

As unwilling as she was, Olixandra had no choice but to sit back down, feeling extremely disgruntled. When her sugar daddy had seen that their affair had been exposed, he immediately cut off all contact and ditched her in the cold. Now all she could do was wait for Mera’s verdict.

“Take a seat,” he said to Izuku, looking somewhat hesitant, as if he was trying to make a decision. Seeing how much he struggled to begin, Mineta spoke up, “Izuku, you already know what went down last night. Here’s the thing, Olixandra will post a public apology for slandering you. You will respond that it was also your fault, be generous and say that you’ve forgiven her.”

Following that, Itsuki added on persuasively, “Izuku, I know that you don’t feel comfortable about it, but it really was your fault for pushing Olie too far. You can’t let a personal grudge between the two of you implicate Golden Age! The only way to resolve this now is to minimize the impact!”

Izuku looked at his sister, who appeared as if her main concern was to protect the company, and replied passively, “But Itsuki-senpai, if my memory isn’t failing me, it was Olixandra who was always against me and spread those mean rumors. I did my best to keep Mineta’s advice in mind and always put Golden Age before myself. I endured everything and stayed silent, never once complaining about it; even while I was being slandered, I didn’t dare to speak up for myself. It wasn’t until a kind-hearted colleague stood up for me did everyone realize the truth!

“What everyone cares about right now is Olixandra’s identity as a mistress. Wasn’t it clearly Olixandra who acted out for her own personal interest without thinking about the consequences? She framed me, a colleague from the same company, and blew our silly little argument out of proportion. I never said anything and remained passive. Don’t tell me that senpai is trying to say that if a crazy bitch chases you down and bites you, but ends up falling into a ditch and dies, then it’s all your fault?”

If Izuku hooted about accepting Olixandra’s apology right away, then all his hard-won efforts to regain his reputation would be for naught at this last hurdle. To magnanimously forgive someone like Olixandra when everyone was out for her blood, did they seriously take him as an idiot?

Itsuki almost choked to death on her brother’s words. What kind-hearted colleague? It was obviously him who leaked all that blackmail material, and yet he had some nerve to say all that so innocently. Olixandra, who had just settled down moments before, instantly exploded, “Who are you calling a crazy bitch! I dare you to say it again, you little shit-!”

“Oh, Olixandra,” Izuku widened his eyes exaggeratedly in fear, “I-I wasn’t t-talking about y-you! W-what makes you think that? I was j-just using it objectively, of course, b-because a bitch is a female dog and it w-works in this s-scenario, b-but I’m not assuming y-your gender or anything and I-I’d never call YOU a crazy bitch—”


Just before the actress could go after him, Mera quickly interrupted her: “There’s no need to post a public apology anymore.”

“Really?” Olixandra brightened up, but then he continued, “You’re going to write a public statement explaining that you’re leaving the entertainment industry.”

“WHA—AT?!” she screeched disbelievingly, “You’re making me retire? Why should I leave?! I’m not gonna do it!”

He glared at her crossly. “By letting you write the letter yourself, this is the last time I’m respecting you as an actress. Don’t make me regret it!”

“What’s wrong with being kept!” Olixandra wailed indignantly, unable to accept this, “Everyone else in the entertainment circle has their sponsors, and they’re sugar babies too, so why do I have to retire?!” 

“Because you’re the only one dumb enough to let the whole world about it!”

“How’s that my fault? It was all because of Oval, that stupid bitch betrayed me! Why don’t you go and investigate her?!”

“How am I supposed to do that when she’s already reigned? Oval was the most easygoing manager in the entire company, so beside her, who else could handle your temper? It was already bad enough that you were always yelling at her, but when her son, Circle, had a high fever and needed to go to the hospital, you wouldn’t let her go no matter what. By the time she got there in the middle of the night, her son had to go to the ICU because he took a turn for the worse, and he’s still in critical condition right now!”

Mera listed her misdeeds one after another. It wasn’t just Oval, but even he was sick of cleaning up the brat’s dirty work. Olixandra didn’t think that she had done anything wrong and responded irritably, “But he didn’t die, right? The doctor should’ve been able to handle it, what difference would it make if she did go? Is she really going to throw everything away because of that?”

Even up until now, she still didn’t know why someone weak-willed like Oval would stab her in the back like this. She was divorced, and her son was a chronic invalid. Every month, she spent so much on medical expenses, so without her job as a manager, how was she going to pay for all that?

Little did she know that Jirou Kyouka would deal with a nobody like her personally. 

Mera pinched his brow, finally giving up on the brat. There was no point in trying to reason with this idiot. Golden Age had invested a lot of effort into supporting Olixandra, but there was no way for them to smoothly recover from this. No matter how great the losses were, all they could do now was discard the actress and move on.

Seeing that the director had made up his mind, she latched onto Itsuki, clutching her like a lifeline. “Itsuki, you have to help me! Let Mineta manage me! I promise to be good! I’ll even post a public apology!”

Hearing so, Mineta’s expression immediately became horrified. Let her manage a menace like Olixandra? There was now way she could take on a third artist! Itsuki wouldn’t do that to her, right?

Of course, Itsuki wasn’t on the same wavelength as her brainless minion. With a troubled face, she lamented remorsefully, “Olie, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, you know I do, but you heard what he said. Izuku’s not willing to cooperate. This decision is all up to Golden Age, so I can’t do anything.”

Once the situation had been blown out of the water, she knew Olixandra was done for, but she still wanted to use her pawn until the very end to drag Izuku down with her. It was a shame that Mera realized that an apology wouldn’t mean anything at this point and decided to give up on Olixandra. Itsuki had thought that the actress would be the perfect weapon to use against her brother, but who knew that the bitch was dumb enough to fall for the Omega’s tricks and even boosted him up along the way. Why should she waste any more time on a useless flunkey?

“Midoriya Izuku! You bastard! Bitch! Slut! Just you wait, even if I’m going to hell, I’m gonna drag you down with me!” Olixandra lost it once she realized there was no hope left for her and rushed at the greenette. Luckily, Mera had called security beforehand, and they barged into the room just in time to take her away. 

Watching his ex-coworker being dragged away, Izuku could only feel a prick of pity for her. Even up until now, she had no idea that she was only a mob character used as cannon fodder.

Mera turned to the actor, finally at ease now that Olixandra was gone. “Midoriya, just focus on doing your best in [Zero to Hero]. If you do well, Golden Age will acknowledge your development. Just don’t forget what Itsuki said. Keep your head down and stay out of trouble.”

From the initial outburst of slander on the Omega to the final clearing of his innocence, with Olixandra forced into retirement at the end, the entire sequence of events seemed like a perfectly executed PR plan. Although Mera suspected that someone was working behind the scenes, he couldn’t figure out the mastermind, so all he could do was assume that Izuku had been incredibly lucky. 

“Thank you, Mera-san. I will,” Izuku answered nervously, clearly ‘shaken’ over Olixandra’s death threats.


After exiting the meeting room, he headed over to an isolated area near the vending machines and turned around, unsurprised to see his sister behind him. She crossed her arms over her chest and glowered at him. “Izuku-nii, since you’re so good at digging up dirt on other people, aren’t you afraid that your dirty past will be discovered one day?”

Emeralds narrowed slightly, revealing a cold glint as they met her granite orbs. “Who doesn’t have dirt on them, in this industry? Don’t you have a few stains yourself, Eldest Miss Midoriya?”

He deliberately emphasised her title, then pretended to be suddenly enlightened. “Ah! Speaking of which, doesn’t Olixandra’s headline ‘fake daughter, real mistress’ unexpectedly fit you just as well? Do you think they’ll sue me for copyright if I reuse it to expose you?

This hit Itsuki’s sore spot, for she growled waspishly, “What ‘fake daughter, real mistress’? I’ve been in the Midoriya family since birth! I’m the only daughter Dad acknowledges! As for Shouto-nii, you’re the one who was useless and couldn’t keep his heart. Do you really think that anyone will believe you?”

Izuku sneered challengingly. “Then . . . why don’t we give it a try? Go ahead and expose my hideous past! There are so many people out there, the whereabouts of the two Alphas you bribed are still unknown. Maybe I’ll have better luck finding them with the help of a public announcement?”

This time Itsuki’s face transformed completely, on the verge of losing it as she shrieked, “Izuku-nii, don’t you dare, you crazy bastard-!”

She wasn’t afraid of her brother trying to compete with her for status or an Alpha. The only thing she feared the most was the Omega revealing everything in a desperate bid to drag her down.

“Hehehe~” Looking at how his sister’s face had become pale from fright, Izuku couldn’t resist a bubbling laugh. With a perfectly relaxed expression, he patted her shoulder and leaned towards her ear, “Aw, Eldest Miss Midoriya, don’t you worry your little head about it. I’m just kidding around. It’s not worth committing social sucide with trash like you...”

Speaking up to here, his indifferent gaze shifted with a hard edge. He lowered his voice, sounding soft yet ominously sinister, “But if you ever try to use that to threaten me again, I can’t guarantee what I’ll do once I actually lose control. To use the words of your pawn, ‘even if I’m going to hell, I’m gonna drag you down with me’! That bitch was full of hot air, but we both know that I’m different. I can make your worst nightmare come true, so you’d better choose wisely~!”

Having said so, Izuku pulled back and walked out with his head held high. 

Itsuki, who meant to threaten her brother, had ended up being threatened by him instead. As soon as he left, she stood still, reeling back and feeling disoriented. Then her face darkened and she kicked the door, furiously seething.

Damn it! As long as the Omega was still here, everything she had could disappear at any moment! No matter what, she absolutely could not allow that to happen!

She had to think of a way to completely destroy Izuku!


Chapter Text

After leaving the company, and realizing that he had nothing else to do for the rest of the afternoon, Izuku decided to go to the mall. He remembered that he promised to help Katsumi get some new clothes. The moment he thought of the ash-blond pup, his gloomy mood instantly became sunny and he happily set off to do some shopping.

Once the Omega arrived, he went straight to the children's clothing section. There were so many different types and styles of children's clothes, as far as the eye could see. All pumped up with excitement, Izuku simply dove right in, burying himself in stacks and racks of colorful clothes. He went even crazier than when it came to buying clothes for himself. 

Ever since he met Katsumi, his life had changed drastically. He used to make detours around stores that sold items aimed for pregnancy and pups, and other similar places. But now, he no longer thought of his suffocating memories as he looked at them, instead he thought of his sweet little honeybun.

As long as he saw something cute, fun, or interesting, he instinctively wanted to buy it for Katsumi. It was just like being in love again!

This particular mall only carried famous, branded-name products, so everything was generally expensive. It was the same case for children's clothing. However, because he was shopping for Katsumi, he was willing to splurge. He would just have to hold back on his own personal hobbies for a few weeks, that’s all.

Today, Izuku was wearing a shirt by an unironic designer that he liked. It said ‘Best-dressed’ and was framed by a green plaid button up and paired with ripped blue jeans. Although it wasn’t that bad as a whole, it couldn’t compare with a big LOGO. The shop assistants tended to judge their customers based on appearance, so they didn’t bother to greet him. Instead, they eagerly followed a woman dressed head to toe in Channel. 

Izuku didn’t mind it, preferring to be left alone and browse at his own leisure rather than to be stalked and feeling pressured into buying something. He walked around, mostly window-shopping, when finally something caught his eye. 

It was a little sapphire blue suit. The size was just right for the ash-blond pup, and most importantly, the little pocket square was emblazoned with an All Might logo. That reminded him, Katsumi still had that one All Might onesie Izuku gave him. Surely Kacchan wouldn’t mind if the greenette influenced Katsumi early on with his superhero craze, right? 

They could wear matching outfits again...

At the thought of ‘matching outfits’, Izuku’s heart thumped suddenly. He realized with a start that this feeling like love, where one would dote on their lover, was also very similar to how parents pampered their pups... 

With a complicated expression on his freckled face, Izuku sunk into silence for a moment before shaking his head, recovering his senses, and approaching one of the salesgirls. “Excuse me, miss, I’ll take this suit. Could you help me wrap it up?”

She gave him a onceover, looking doubtful. “It costs $1,200.” 

“I know, I saw the price tag. I said I'm buying it.”

Only then did her expression start to warm up as she took it down to show him, offering a polite smile, “Do you need it to be wrapped up as a present?”

Before Izuku could reply, a hand with a Tiffany bracelet shot forward and snatched the outfit away. “Oh, I like this. I want it!”

“Um, I’m sorry, but this gentleman already picked it out,” the shop assistant pointed out apologetically. 

The woman who grabbed the sapphire suit happened to be the lady wearing Channel. She frowned unhappily. “Then did he pay for it?”

“Uh, no, he was about to—”

“Since nobody bought it yet, I’ll take it! Give me the bill!” Channel ordered as if it were a matter of course. But right after she finished speaking, her hand became suddenly empty as the suit was back in the greenette’s hands. 

Chanel yelped angrily, “What do you think you’re doing, stealing my clothes!”

“What do you mean your clothes? You didn’t pay for them already, did you?” Izuku sounded even more matter-of-fact than she had. “I saw it first!”

“Why you...” She was about to throw a hissy fit, but then she suddenly stared at the Omega’s face in bewilderment. “Midoriya . . . are you Midoriya Izuku?”

As if she had made a jaw-dropping discovery, Channel yanked her companion over. “Waka-chan, look at who it is! It’s that bumpkin from the Midoriya family! He’s actually trying to fight with me over clothes!”

“What?” She looked at Izuku in surprise, sizing him up. Those familiar green curls, unsightly freckles and awful attitude, without a doubt, it really was that reject! Actually, his looks weren’t too bad, even back then. He just didn’t know how to dress himself and always looked rustic. Case in point, he wore for that banquet five years ago. The suit he picked had been a size too big, with a color that was out of style.

Not to mention that it had been a counterfeit, so that had made a lasting impression as well.

“So it really is him! He might have cleaned up a little bit, but he’s still inferior stock!”

“I know right? He hasn’t changed one bit after all these years, still looking as shoddy as ever!”

“Once a country bumpkin, always a country bumpkin! What’s he doing here buying children’s clothing? I didn’t hear of him getting married to anyone!”

“Who knows which wild Alpha the pup belongs to. Maybe it was an illegitimate pregnancy! Back then, wasn’t the reason why Young Master Todoroki dumped him because he cheated on him with another Alpha?”

As the two women gossiped back and forth between themselves, Izuku finally recalled who they were. The lady in Channel was Ueno Sumiko, and her friend was Yamazaki Wakana. They were famous socialites in the upper-class society and part of Itsuki’s circle of girlfriends. These two were also the ones who had mocked and laughed at him the most back then.

He remembered hearing Ueno had married well, and had successfully given her mate an heir in her first year. Thus, she became even more arrogant and stuck-up in her behavior. Yamazaki also had a fiance from a well-off family.

Izuku hadn’t thought that he’d run into these two bitches in the children’s clothing department. It seemed like they didn’t know about his latest drama, and he didn’t feel like dealing with them at the moment, so he ignored them and said to salesgirl, “Miss, the bill please.”

Although these two high-class ladies seemed like the type one shouldn’t offend, the greenette had picked the suit first, so she helped him ring up the outfit and swiped his card. However, an unexpected problem popped up. The shop assistant’s face twisted unpleasantly. “I’m sorry, sir, but you don’t have enough on your card.”

“Huh?” He blinked at her, confused. It was only then did he remember that just last month, he had changed the engine on his beloved motorbike for a newly imported one, taking a huge chunk out of his savings...

Seeing his conflicted expression, immediately Ueno cackled, “Ahahahaha! That’s hilarious! You tried to show off when you don’t have any money, what an idiot!”

Yamazaki also joined in, jeering, “I would’ve thought that he’d learn at least a thing or two abroad, but I was wrong. Like I said, once a country bumpkin, always a country bumpkin!”

Puffed up with self-importance, she smugly looked at the salesgirl. “Miss, can you give me the bill now?”

“Yes, ma’am!” As she said so, she tried to take the suit away from Izuku’s hands—only for him stubbornly hold on and refuse to let go.

Ueno began to rage, “What are you doing? You don’t have any money but you’re still trying to keep it? What are you acting so tough for? Do you think we’re in the country? Stop wasting my time!”

Still firmly gripping the outfit in one hand, with the other Izuku reached into his wallet to pull out a shiny black card. “Swipe this one.”

The Omega had been prepared to pay for suit himself with his own money, seeing as it was supposed to be a gift for Katsumi. However, he had forgotten that he didn’t have enough on him. But he really, really liked this outfit and wanted to see the pup wear it. The fact that a bitch was trying to steal it didn’t sit right with him. 

Therefore, he had no choice but to pull out the card Kacchan had given him to settle the bill.

Once Izuku had taken out his secret weapon, it was their turn to stare blankly at him. The shop assistant was very experienced and knowledgeable with her job, so she recognized that particular card in one glance. Ueno and Yamazaki had never seen the real thing before, but as socialites they were able to recognize it as the ‘King of all cards’, the legendary Infinity and Beyond Limitless Black Diamond credit card!

This unlimited card only existed in limited numbers in the entire world. The threshold for this card was extremely high, the annual fees shocking, but the service a cardholder would receive was first-class worldwide. As a result, it wasn’t available to the public, and it wasn’t possible to apply for it.

Only 1% of Platinum Milky Way Stargazer cardholders were selected and invited to hold this card, so even the wealthy couldn’t necessarily receive it. The only ones who could get that card were either important political leaders, multi-millionaires, and famous people in society.

Ueno’s face stiffened, but she still harrumphed disdainfully, “I-It’s probably a fake card. Miss, you have to be careful to check it properly!”

While the shop assistant had seen it before, it had actually only been once. She received the card gingerly and swiped it. Ten seconds later, she had a megawatt smile on her face as she gave Izuku a perfect 90° bow. “You’re all set. Here you go, sir.”

“Thank you.” He nodded at her before grabbing the bag and taking off. 

Ueno and Yamazaki stood there in shock, exchanging stunned looks as they watched Izuku leave, pale-faced as if they had seen a ghost. Ueno recovered first, stomping her foot and maliciously sneering, “What is he acting so proud for? He’s definitely some rich old Alpha’s slut! Does he really think that if he gives birth to an heir, he can marry into blueblood?”

“That’s right, his rightful mate will make him suffer for life!” Yamazaki echoed the sentiment.


After hightailing out of there, Izuku passed by the men’s wear section while heading downstairs. That one display looked like the brand Kacchan usually wore. It suited him, mainly in shades of black, white and grey, and looked aristocratic yet retrained. Once he had his fill, emeralds shifted over on a newer brand which had become quite popular recently...

Izuku rubbed his chin as he suddenly felt the urge to buy an outfit for the Alpha as well. After buying a suit for Katsumi, it would only be fair if he got something for Kacchan as well, right...? 

After a few minutes of intense staring and deliberation, the Omega bought the suit right off the mannequin, which just so happened to be in the same shade of sapphire blue as Katsumi’s clothes...


At the same time, in the CEO office of Bakugou Corporation, Bakugou Katsuki was listening to Kaminari’s report when his phone vibrated with two incoming messages. When he opened them, they were notifications from the bank notifying him of expenses made on his card. Izuku had used his card?

A satisfied smile arose on his usually grumpy face.

The Beta perked up after seeing it. “Is it a text from my brother-in-law?”


“Eh?” Kaminari frowned. What could it be then? 

He leaned over the table to take a closer look. What, it was just bank notifications, and expense notifications too, not income ones? Did Bakubro really like spending money that much?

No, but that look on his face was clear that he was thinking about Midoriya . . . Hm, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t relate to an Alpha’s obsession over mates!

In the evening, Izuku brought his purchases back to the Bakugou residence. He noticed the butler watering the flowers and greeted him, “Hello, Iida-san. Where’s Katsumi?”

Upon seeing the Omega, the bespectacled man gave him a short bow and answered politely, “Welcome back, Midoriya-san. Little Young Master is drawing in the garden.”

“Oh, he’s drawing? Then I won’t bother him for now. Where’s Kacchan?”

“Eldest Young Master is upstairs.”

“Okay, thank you!” Izuku happily bounded up the stairs. 

Iida watched him go, conflicted. In the time they had spent together, no matter how guarded he had been at first, he couldn’t help but end up developing a favorable impression of the greenette. An attractive Omega with excellent manners would be welcomed anywhere. It was easy for him to get into everyone’s good graces. 

What was unexpected and hard to come by was his solid understanding of proper behavior. Not once had he tried to cross the line with the eldest young master, go overboard with littlest young master, nor did he seem to care about his own image either.

It was easy to see if an Omega had intentions towards an Alpha. One might be able to hide it for a day or two, but certainly not for very long. Obvious indications would arise eventually, such as flirty behaviors. Likewise, it was also easy to tell if an Alpha held intentions towards an Omega. 

Other people might not see it, but after watching the two interact with each other for about a month, he was absolutely certain of this matter: Young Master Bakugou had clearly taken a liking to this particular Omega. 

After all, the guest room that Izuku was staying in had been personally designed by the Alpha. Even the bedsheets, curtains, the closet full of clothes and accessories, everything had all been hand-picked by him. Not only that, but on the first day he arrived, the ash blond had informed the kitchen staff about the greenette’s preferences and always had some food saved for him everytime he came back late. There were other instances as well, but there were too many for him to name at the top of his head, too many significant details to count...

Even if the Omega was Young Master Katsumi’s savior, Bakugou Katsuki’s meticulous behavior seemed to be a bit much.

If Iida didn’t know any better, he’d say that the Alpha was trying to court the Omega...

Well, as long as Izuku had a spotless background and could get along with the ash-blond father and son duo, it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. He was willing to support them if they did become a couple. Ever since the greenette moved in, the eldest young master had become more animated, and the little young master more cheerful with each passing day. 

The butler had watched the both of them grow up, so he was pleased to see these wondrous developments. Now, what he was worried about was not that the Omega harbored any terrible intentions towards the Bakugou family, but that he didn’t have any all...


Upstairs, Izuku couldn’t wait to show off his spoils of war, so he straightforwardly opened the door to the Alpha’s room.


The moment he opened it, his vision was filled with bared skin. Kacchan’s hair was wet and he wasn’t wearing anything on the upper half of his body. A white towel was wrapped around his waist, water droplets slowly slid down his tight, toned abs, dripping down to his mermaid line...

It was a scene you couldn’t turn away from, so Izuku’s first reaction wasn’t to close his eyes, but to open them wider.

Although he kept telling himself that he wasn’t interested, that didn’t mean that he couldn’t appreciate the beauty in front of him, right...?

Maybe the trauma after being betrayed that year had been too much; Izuku himself couldn’t pinpoint when exactly did he start to change. Five years ago, he used to be so conservative that he would have blushed on the spot from seeing an Alpha in a tank-top and shorts. He never spoke to any other Alphas other than Shouto, and didn’t even bat an eye no matter how handsome they were.

Five whole seconds passed before Izuku finally regained his senses. With a whoosh, he turned around and covered his eyes with his hands, still carrying the shopping bags. “I-I’m sorry! I forgot to knock! Sorry!”

Bakugou chuckled lowly, his voice somewhat hoarse, “My bad. I forgot to lock the door.”

In reality, he hadn’t forgotten; ever since the Omega moved in, he never locked his door again.

“Did you need something? Give me a minute to put on clothes.”

That short yet long look from Izuku had lit up his skin inch by inch. Fortunately, he had turned away just in time, otherwise his facade might have cracked. That uncontrollable reaction of a certain part of his body would’ve given him away...

He was about to open his closet to get some clothes when Izuku suddenly shouted from behind him, “Ah, wait! Don’t put anything on!”

The ash-blond went still, startled by this unexpected request. He stared curiously at the shorter’s back. Although he was more than willing to obey, that certainly came out of nowhere. 


Realizing that his words were too ambiguous, Izuku quickly corrected himself, “Please don’t misunderstand! I meant exactly what I said, nothing else! Uh, actually, the literal meaning is actually pretty suggestive as well. . . um, I kinda bought you some clothes while shopping today, do you want to try them on? If you try them on right now, that’ll save you time from changing your clothes and taking them off and changing them again. Aren’t I smart? Ahahahaha-!”

“You bought me clothes?” Ruby eyes widened, looking surprised by this unexpected gift. He thought that the greenette had only bought outfits for his son.

“Yeah, but, um, I used your card!” Izuku rubbed his nose awkwardly. “I was going to pay for it myself as a present for Katsumi, but I forgot that I bought a new part for my motorcycle, so I didn’t have enough, and that’s why I used your card! Then, on my way back, I saw another suit that matched the one I bought for Katsumi perfectly, so I couldn’t help but buy it!”

“So it was like that.” Even though Izuku hadn’t bought it specially for him, it was enough to make Kacchan happy. 

“I asked the salesgirl, you can return it if you don’t like it. Go try it on and see if you like it!” Izuku urged him, passing over one of the bags while still covering his eyes. 

“I like it.” Bakugou only gave it a quick once over before responding without hesitation. His mate had personally picked it out himself, and it was his first present. How could he not like it?

“You haven’t even tried it on yet!” Izuku muttered, fighting back a smile before taking a few steps forwards the exit. 

The Alpha raised an eyebrow. “You only bought clothes for Katsumi and I? Didn’t you get anything for yourself?”

Izuku laughed lightly. “It’s fine. I’d rather wait for my next paycheck before going shopping again.”

Just as Bakugou was about to say that he could just use his card, Izuku took it out of his wallet and held it out back to him. “Oh right, I’d better return this to you! Using this was just so cool! Today, it made a woman who was fighting with me over Katsumi’s suit almost crazy with jealousy! It was awesome!”

Bakugou could only sigh and say, “Just keep it. I don’t have time to buy stuff for Katsumi. If you find anything nice, just get it. It’s fine, I don’t mind if you buy me other things too.”

“Are you that confident in my taste?” Izuku asked sceptically, but didn’t refute his words as he put it back into his pocket. “Then I’ll give it back to you when I move out. I’ll let you get changed now!”

As the Omega was about to make his escape toward freedom, suddenly his once empty hand was now occupied with a larger, warmer one. He flinched in surprise, about to turn around when he remembered that Kacchan was still only in a towel, so he could only stay in that awkward position. 

“What is it?”

Taking a deep breath, the Alpha began slowly, “You know, Katsumi’s condition has improved since you’ve moved in. He’s not as clingy and he listens to you. He won’t bother you or disturb your work. He only wants to see you everyday and wait for you to return home. He’s really happy knowing that you’re right next door to him... I know that I can’t make you stay, but as his father, I haven’t done enough for him at all. I just want him to be happy a little longer...”

He sighed reluctantly. “Three months. That’s all I’m asking for, just more three months. If you want to leave after that, I won’t force you to stay any longer. You can treat this place like your own home and do whatever you want. You can swear if you’re angry, go out and party, drink at bars and come back late, I’m only asking for one condition. In these three months, don’t bring anyone home with you. Please?”

Izuku had almost been moved to tears from hearing his earnest speech, but at the end of it, he didn’t know what to feel. 

Why did it sound like Kacchan was the gentle, loving and virtuous wife, while the Omega was the scummy, degenerate husband immersing himself in debauchery?

He answered sullenly, “Kacchan, is this really the time and place to be talking about this? Why don’t you put on your clothes first?”

Otherwise, it would be extremely difficult to focus on the topic!

“Fine.” The ash-blond sounded behind him, finally releasing his hand. Like a pardoned convict, Izuku fled the scene in a hurry, still feeling that beckoning warmth lingering in his hand.

Really, Kacchan was a natural-born speaker. In just a few sentences, he managed to poke all his weak points, especially when it was about Katsumi. It was just that if he continued to stay here, and for three more months at that, he felt that it wouldn’t be appropriate...

As he pondered over the matter, a warm body pressed itself against his leg. Lowering his gaze, he saw that it was Katsumi, hugging his leg as usual and clutching a sheet of paper in his hands. Izuku bent down to hug him back. “Baby, did you finish your drawing?”

The pup nodded.

“What did you draw? Can I see it?”

He immediately passed the picture to the greenette. With one look, Izuku’s eyes were instantly filled with tears. 

As usual, he was the subject of the picture.

The colors were bright and dream-like. He was lying on a small bed with a storybook in his hands. Katsumi had drawn it from his point of view, as if he was lying down next to Izuku and looking up. The entire image radiated the pup’s happiness and contentment from being by the Omega’s side as he listened to a story being read out loud.

“Katsumi, it’s beautiful!” Izuku choked out. The balance in his heart was instantly tipped over to one side. He had to take a deep breath to compose himself before pressing a kiss on Katsumi’s cheek. “I bought some new clothes for you. Do you want to try them on?”

Hazel eyes sparkled with anticipation as he nodded eagerly.


After Izuku had finished helping Katsumi change his clothes, he was about to check on Kacchan when he walked out of his room himself. The Omega had been confident in his choice when he picked out the outfit for the pup, but wasn’t as sure with the suit he bought for the Alpha. After all, he had never seen Bakugou Katsuki wear anything that was not monochromatic, let alone a vibrant color like sapphire blue.

However, upon seeing the ash-blond wear the suit he picked out, all Izuku could do was stare.

He looked . . . looked too dazzling...

Izuku thought that it would look awkward or off-putting, but he hadn’t expected that it would work so well on Bakugou’s body. The suit showed off his wide shoulders, narrow hips and long legs perfectly. Most notably, his entire aura seemed a lot gentler...

Bakugou smirked knowingly at his awed expression. “How is it?”

“You look amazing, Kacchan!” Izuku all but squealed, clapping his hands excitedly. “All you need is a bride, then you’ll be all set for marriage!”

The Alpha raised an eyebrow in amusement. This nerd’s way of complimenting him was really something...

“Katsumi, don’t you think so? Isn’t your daddy handsome?” Izuku turned to the pup, a carbon copy of his father. Even though Katsumi didn’t care about his father that much, he had to admit that this version was a lot better than usual, so he nodded agreeably.

The greenette continued to chuckle to himself, feeling pleased. “Who knew my eyes were this good! Of course, Kacchan looks handsome in anything! I think you should wear bright colors like this more often; it’ll lift your employees’ moral and they’ll be sure to be more productive!”

Hearing ‘Kacchan looks handsome in anything!’, Bakugou’s lips curled proudly. “Sure, if you find anything good, just buy it for me.”

“Alright, leave it to me!” Izuku thumped his chest confidently. The more he looked at this ash-blond duo, one tall and one short, the more excited he became. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and pulled out his phone, demanding greedily, “Let’s take some pictures! Come over here . . . stand next to each other . . . get a little closer . . . closer . . . hold hands now...”

His every command directed their every pose, and they listened to his every word obediently.

The more pictures Izuku took, the more crazed he became. He ended up dragging them all over the house, out on the balcony, on the stairs, and outside in the garden. Once he had enough, they took a break to look over them. 

Bakugou hovered over the greenette’s shoulder and leaned in, offering generously, “They look pretty good.”

Izuku waved it off modestly. “My photography skills are so-so, and I used a phone to take them. But the two of you made amazing models, and all the backgrounds were breaktaking, so they all look like magazine shots! By the way, Kacchan, do you have a Hooter account? I’ll add you and send you all the photos!”

“I do, just look up my name.” He suddenly felt glad that Ejirou and Denki had set up an account for him.

“Hm, your username is just @BakugouKatsuki. That’s so like you!” Izuku teased as he added the ash-blond as a friend. The Alpha raised an eyebrow and glanced pointedly at the Omega’s username. As if a fanboy had any right to talk.

After sending out the best pictures, Izuku noticed him eyeing his account name. He began to sweatdrop nervously. Maybe Neito was right after all, and it was about time for him to change his username...

Bakugou rarely used his Hooter, so after logging in this time, he noticed a long string of messages popping up in the family group chat. It turned out that the old hag and man had been complaining to their friends that they hadn’t seen their adorable grandson in so long, because their stubborn son had finally found an Omega he liked and was currently pursuing him passionately. They weren’t allowed to disturb his progress at all!

Of course, they weren’t really complaining; in fact, they were actually bragging: Hah hah hah, our son is finally interested in someone! It’s an Omega! AN OMEGA!

He didn’t know whether he should laugh or explode at his parent’s words. To get back at them, he uploaded Izuku’s pictures to the group chat and waited.

A few seconds later, the group chat was on fire!

Everyone’s first reaction was surprised that Bakugou Katsuki, the King of Eternal Lurking, had actually made an unexpectedly explosive appearance in the chat. Secondly, dear God, this father and son pair looked like they had just stepped out of a magazine! They really wanted to cuddle Katsumi! Really, really wanted to give their children’s hands-in-marriage to Katsuki!

If modern society didn’t morally prohibit marriage between close relatives, countless members of the group chat would’ve killed themselves already from trying to make it happen.

[Oh, my grandson’s so adorable! What the hell, is that actually Katsuki?] Mitsuki was pleased to see Katsumi all dressed up, but extremely surprised to see her son wearing an identical outfit.

[Katsuki, who chose those clothes for you and Katsumi? Was it that Omega you like?] Masaru asked curiously.


[I knew it, you would never choose this style! Look how bright the color is, it looks so good!]

[It’s a miraculous change from your usual. Why, Katsumi looks so lively! There’s no doubt about it, your household really needs an Omega’s touch!]

[Were the pictures also taken by him?]


[Not bad]

Growing up, Katsuki had hated getting his picture taken, Katsumi even more so. Therefore, pictures of this ash-blond duo were extremely rare, and pictures of them together were even more scarce. Acting in unison, both Masaru and Mitsuki secretly saved all the photos.

[Heck, my future brother-in-law’s unbelievable! He can actually make you wear this color, and you even let him take pictures! Last time I gave you clothes like that, you just threw them in the trash in front of me!] Kaminari joined in, playfully whining.

Since the Beta showed up, calling the other party his ‘future brother-in-law’, everyone couldn’t hold back any longer. Questions began to flood the chat, trying to figure out which family the one that Bakugou Katsuki fancied belonged to.

The Alpha responded flatly: [None of your business.]

Meaning that it was his private matter, and they weren’t allowed to pry any further. Hence, not one dared to investigate rashly. After all, Bakugou Katsuki currently stood at the helm of the Bakugou empire. He was their leader, Prime Alpha, responsible for the glory and honor of the Bakugou family, and the respect and splendor they possessed. Without a doubt, his words were law.

At that moment, there was another person to tune in the group chat and saw the photos and conversation: Monoma Neito.

Was it that Omega you like?

He stared long and hard at those words before texting Izuku. [Iz, did you take pictures of my uncle and Katsumi?]

[Yeah, how’d you know? Did you see us?] The greenette recalled that as his costar, the blond also didn’t have any scenes to film today. Did that punk sneak over again while they were distracted?

[Huh, my uncle posted them in the family group! Everyone’s talking about them right now!]

Izuku responded cheerfully: [Hahaha, really? What do they think of my photography skills?]

Neito facepalmed, feeling the urge to throw his phone across the room. [Could you just focus on the main point here?]

[Then what am I supposed to be focusing on?]

[You little shit, I’m telling you...]

He was about to say that Bakugou Katsuki himself had admitted to everyone that the Omega he was into had taken the pictures for him, but then he remembered that he had already told the airhead three times in a row and yet he still didn’t believe it! Neito thought that the evidence probably wasn’t strong enough, so he decided to wait until he found undeniable proof to convince him.

Or else he might get beaten up again...

The blond changed the subject: [Tomorrow, we’ll be shooting together, don’t be late!]

[When have I ever been late?!]

[There’s gonna be a kissing scene. I swear to God, if I even get a whiff of garlic or durian from you before that, you’re dead meat, got it?!]


After dithering and surfing the latest news for a while, Izuku went to look for Bakugou after dinner. On the quiet balcony, the Alpha silently stood in front of him, patiently waiting for his answer. Izuku took a deep breath, looked up, and finally said determinedly, “Kacchan, I’ve thought about your petition. I promise I’ll stay for another three months, but after that I really have to go.”

Even if there was nothing going on between them, it would be suspicious for an unmated Omega like himself to stay in an Alpha’s home, and would easily create unnecessary misunderstandings. He didn’t want to intrude any longer than he had to, but it was only three more months. Then, he’d finally be free to leave.

For some reason, something in his heart twisted painfully at the thought.

“Thank you.” Bakugou exhaled a soft sigh of relief, yet a dark light flashed unnoticed in his eyes. “Are you filming tomorrow?”

“Yeah...” Izuku responded reluctantly, leaning against the railing and looking up at the night sky. Quick to notice his uncomfortable expression, the ash-blond asked in concern, “Is there a tough scene you need to shoot?”

The greenette cradled his chin, giving it some thought before saying, “I wouldn’t say that it’s difficult. It’s just a kissing scene, but with Neito. I’m just worried that I won’t be able to stay in character. What if I can’t take it anymore and end up punching him halfway through filming? It might turn into a blooper!”

Kissing scene ...

Carmine eyes narrowed dangerously at those words. Although he already knew about the kissing scenes in the movie, he had done his best to ignore that particular issue. He didn’t want to lose control of himself and do something that would make his Omega hate him.

Just then, Izuku suddenly thought of something and snapped his fingers. “Ah, speaking of which, Kacchan, there’s something . . . I need to thank you for.”

“What is it?” The Alpha asked a little distractedly.

“I found out that it was Kaminari who invested the extra fifty million, but you were the one who told him to do that so I could keep my role, right? So, thank you.” Izuku thanked him sincerely, shyly looking away.

“I’m glad you don’t blame me for doing that.”

“I’m not that ignorant, I know when to be thankful!”

“You’re welcome, it was just convenient.” The truth was, he had done it all for Izuku, but it was convenient for Neito as a cover.

“Even if it was just convenient for you, it helped me out a lot! But it’s not enough for me to just say thanks.” Izuku tried to do his best to convey what he wanted to say. “How about this, on my next day off, I’ll make something for you and Katsumi! Last time you guys had dinner at my place, but you did most of the cooking.”

He laughed quietly, thinking about possible dishes, “Actually, I’m not a bad chef myself. If I didn’t love acting so much, I’d probably end up cooking professionally instead!”

Bakugou grinned back, all teeth and filled with anticipation, already making plans for the next day.

“I look forward to it.”


Chapter Text

Upon arriving at the movie backlot, Izuku noticed a large group of girls near the film set. There was a head of blond hair in their midst as well. It was obviously Neito and his fangirls.

He was about to take a detour around them and make a break for it, when suddenly someone in the crowd screamed, “Ah! It’s Midoriya Izuku!”

Izuku thought he was done for and braced himself, raising his arms to protect his face. The last thing he expected was for them to line up in rows, bow, and speak in unison: “We’re sorry!”

After delivering their apology, the girls all looked at him with stars in their eyes and talked all over each other:

“Midoriya-san, we’re really sorry we misunderstood you!”

“Please don’t hate us! We love your acting!”

“No matter what, you must keep playing as Deku!”

“That’s right, that’s right! You’re amazing, and we love you and Monoma acting together!”

“I played that ten-second clip of you and Monoma on repeat all day yesterday!”

Overwhelmed from their enthusiasm, Izuku looked questioningly at the Alpha. Neito smirked knowingly as he explained, “Hizashi-san released behind-the-scenes snippets yesterday, remember? One of the clips shown was the bondage scene we shot the other day. After seeing that, they all joined your side! 

“Really,” he turned to mock-pout at his fans, “is everyone that happy to see me being pushed down?”

“Uh...” So that’s what happened.

Although fans were infatuated with their stars, very few of them would ever try to get into contact with their idols in real life, as their chances weren’t very high to begin with. Therefore, films and other forms of media became mediums for them to live their fantasies.

If a lesser star was going to perform with your idol, your first reaction might contain a little jealousy. Especially if the lucky one turned out to be a terrible actor, the fans would cry out injustice to their idol and riot in protest. But if the opposite was the case, fans would imagine themselves as the person acting alongside their idol and gain the ultimate satisfaction from an excellent performance. 

This was Izuku’s current situation.

“Monoma, I heard that you two have a lot of intimate scenes. Is that true? Is there going to be a kissing scene today?” A fan asked excitedly.

The blond raised an eyebrow at her. “How’d you know there was going to be one today?”

“AHHHHHHH—!” A wave of enthusiastic screaming arose from the crowd. They began to clamour all at once, “Can we watch? Can we? Can we?”

“The scene we’re filming today will be outdoors, so you could catch a glimpse from the outskirts. But it’ll be pretty far away, so you might not be able to see much from there.”

“That’s okay, we all came prepared!” They all rummaged in their bags before proudly showing off a must-have item for any fan stargazing: binoculars.

Izuku was rather speechless at the sight. With so many people watching, the pressure was going to be intense!


After excusing themselves from the well-wishes of the fans, he and Neito made their way to the breakroom, where the Omega couldn’t resist asking, “Speaking of the kissing scene, exactly which one was it again?”

There was already so much going on at once, and the order of filming was constantly changing. He only had a rough idea about where they were at in the schedule, but had not been informed of the specifics. Neito flipped through the script. “It should be the scene with the lanterns. I double-checked with Aizawa last night.”

“The Flower Lantern Festival?” Izuku immediately recalled the plot. “Isn’t that where Deku and Hikaru have their first kiss? Like an actual lip-to-lip kiss?”

“That should be it.” The blond raised his eyebrows as he cautiously moved closer to him and took a whiff. “Did you remember what I said yesterday? You didn’t eat anything you shouldn’t have, right?”

Izuku shoved him away. “Do I look that unprofessional to you?”

“Remember what you just said. If you’re lying, I’m going to tell Aizawa!” Neito stared at him distrustfully. He had been played multiple times by this bastard, and he didn’t dare to relax his guard at all.

‘Sensei, sensei! Midoriya’s bullying me again!’ ” Izuku mocked him in a high-pitched voice as he rolled his eyes disdainfully. “Seriously, just how old are you again? Don’t be so childish!”

Neito snorted and turned away to read the script. “I’m not talking to you anymore. I need to study on how I’m gonna act in this scene!”

Swinging his chair around, the greenette scoffed, “What do you need to study for? I’m the one who’s forcing a kiss on you. Now come here, I need to ask you something!”

The Alpha deadpanned. Damn it, couldn’t he at least research on how to get forcibly kissed then?

“What do you want to know?” he asked huffily.

“What are they gonna do about Olixandra’s role?”

“Of course they’re going to swap her out. Kendou said that her replacement is gonna be someone from our company. She’s a new singer, but she doesn’t have any acting experience at all!” The blond said disinterestedly, before leaning forward with a smirk. “By the way, did you hear about what happened to Olixandra?”

“What about her?” Izuku asked curiously.

“What do you think? Obviously, her sugar daddy’s mate found out. She got people to strip Olixandra out in public, beat the shit out of her, and ordered the bitch to scram out of the capital or else she would kill Olixandra the next time she sees her face!

“I was worried that she’d go after you, but now it looks like I have nothing to worry about!” As Neito spoke, he realized that there was something strange about this outcome. “Iz, why do I feel like everything happened way too smoothly?”

Izuku couldn’t answer, for then Hizashi’s voice sounded from outside: “Midoriya, Monoma, go put on your costumes! It’ll be your turn next!”


The night was starting to settle in, and the lighting was perfect. The stage was set by the props team, and all the actors were in their places. After changing into his costume, Neito began to feel pangs of nervousness, something that wasn’t common for him. 

Strictly speaking, although he had gone out with Izuku before, they had never held hands, let alone kissed. He hadn’t expected that their first kiss wouldn’t be back when they were in a relationship, but instead while acting in a film.

Just as he was taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, something whacked his back. Dressed in a dark green yukata, Izuku threw an arm around his shoulders haphazardly. “What’s the matter, blondie? Don’t tell me you’re nervous?”

“Get lost! Who’s nervous? I’ve shot more kissing scenes than you’ve eaten rice!” Neito pushed him off, feeling irritable. It was probably nothing, and he was overthinking it...

Hizashi approached them, looking worried. “We can’t clear the film site. Will you two be okay?”

Normally, the protocol for these types of scenes was to shoo away unrelated personnel from the set, in order to prevent actors from feeling too awkward and embarrassed to perform well. Izuku shrugged nonchalantly. “It should be fine. Monoma-senpai said that he’s filmed more kissing scenes than I’ve eaten rice, so he should definitely be okay!”

The producer laughed loudly at that. “Then we should be ready to start!”

No one noticed the mini fly-sized HD drones hovering above their heads, taking everything in. At a street corner parked about one hundred meters away, United States Smash Plus Ultra: Limited Edition was parked quietly. Within the vehicle, multiple video streams from the set were being projected from the backseat on a screen.

In his usual dark-colored suit, Bakugou Katsuki intently stared at the fully-costumed green-haired actor in silence. Behind him, Kaminari alternated between looking out the tinted window and at the cameras’ point of views. He looked confused. “Bakubro, did you really have Mei install all this overnight? Woah, that girl deserves a promotion. Seriously, I don’t get why you just keep her on as a maid. Her, uh, ‘babies’ are awesome!”

Afraid of the consequences of saying too much again, he lowered his voice and mumbled under his breath, “But are we really just gonna sit here and watch? And do nothing about it? We could’ve done this from home, you know. Are you sure you aren’t a masochist or something?” 

He had grown up with the ash-blond after all, and figured out his intentions already. The Alpha looked fearsome, arrogant, and seemed to desire nothing more than successfully acquiring more conquered territory, but besides that, he was scarily possessive of anything he marked as his own. Ever since Izuku appeared, Bakugou had shown him all his warmest and gentlest expressions, not that there was much of a difference from his usual attitude towards others. It was extremely subtle, but undeniably there nonetheless.

However, Kaminari knew that as long as there was something Bakugou wanted, there was nothing he couldn’t get. This was the patience of a beast on the hunt, but it was a thin facade and there was no saying when it would give way with a bang and be blown to bits...

If you’re not gonna explode in silence, then we’re all gonna die in silence!

These past few days, the Beta had been living with his heart on edge. After finding out that Neito had dated Midoriya before, Kaminari had sweated buckets for him. But seeing as the youngster was his nephew, he would have to find the chance to warn him later on. Otherwise, Neito wouldn’t know how he ended up in his grave! 

He had a really bad feeling about this...

Filming began:

Peddlers selling colorful lanterns and riddles lined both sides of the street, calling out and advertising their wares. People bustled about holding lanterns in their hands, visiting various food stalls and attractions, filling their surroundings with laughter and cheer. Deku had just dragged Hikaru out of the clinic, where the blond spent his entire day shut indoors tending to patients. 

The camera chased after the pair as they made their way through the crowded street. There were no spoken lines in this scene, primarily focused on the actors’ facial expressions. It captured them leisurely walking along the brightly lit streets, a moment beautiful beyond words...

Deku was full of excitement, eagerly pointing out the food and games he wanted to try. Hikaru had been reluctant at first, but was eventually infected by the villain's enthusiasm. After winning a couple of goldfish from a booth, Deku looked at Hikaru knowingly. Bringing the doctor outside for some fun had been the right decision to make, and he was pleased to see the blond enjoying himself.

After walking for some time, Hikaru seemed to realize that they had been holding hands during the entire time, and hurriedly tried to free himself. However, Disaster sensed his intentions and held onto his hand even tighter, stubbornly refusing to let go. His sullen expression seemed to say ‘this hand is mine.’ 

Hikaru frowned as he struggled against the villain's firm grip and said, “What are you doing? We don’t need to hold hands. Let go of me!”

Deku rolled his eyes as he answered matter-of-factly, “You nerd, what’re you gonna do if we get separated?”

“If we get separated, then so be it!” The blond was so annoyed and ashamed that he lashed out without thinking. 

“Hikaru! You . . . Fine then, do whatever you want!” Deku angrily tossed his hand away and plunged into the crowd behind them. As he watched that greenette disappear into the masses, Hikaru’s face gradually shifted into anxiety. He was bad with directions and had no idea where he was or how to get back to his clinic. 

He was lost.

Left with no choice, the camera followed the blond as he relentlessly searched through the crowd for Deku, asking random strangers if they had seen a person wearing a green yukata. No such luck. They either shook their heads no or pointed him in directions that had him going back and forth between stalls.

Just as Hikaru was about to collapse out of frustration and loss of all hope, someone tapped on his shoulder. When he turned around, there was a person wearing a grinning green bunny mask behind him. Deku spoke in a rather pleased tone, “Doctor Hikaru, were you looking for me?”

When he heard that familiar mischievous voice, Hikaru couldn’t help himself and pulled the shorter into his arms, sighing in relief. Disaster didn’t expect the usually conservative blond to initiate physical touch and froze in surprise, before folding into the embrace. 

The next scene was when Deku would initiate a kiss with Hikaru...

Fans who were watching from afar excitedly held their breaths, not daring to make a single sound as they fixed their gazes upon the pair before them. Just from their imaginations alone, they knew the first kiss between those two would be absolutely beautiful!

At the same time, there was someone else who also held his breath, but for a completely different reason. That person was Kaminari Denki, sitting inside United States Smash Plus Ultra: Limited Edition. He cringed and plastered himself against the window to stay as far as he could from those stifling, menacing pheromones the Alpha emitted. He was so scared that he even closed his eyes because he couldn’t bear to keep watching, no matter how badly he wanted to see how things turned out.

Kaminari didn’t believe that Bakugou would watch them so calmly without doing something about it. The temperature in the car had already risen beyond broiling when Neito held Izuku’s hand, and they had only just stepped it up to hugging. What would happen once they actually kissed?

Was there going to be a bloodbath in the next moment?

As hard as he thought about it, he still couldn’t figure out how his cousin would stop this scene from happening without making the greenette upset. The Beta cautiously peeked at the screen through the cracks of his fingers, only to see that Izuku slowly took off his mask, looked deeply into those periwinkle eyes and wrapped a hand around the blond’s neck to pull him down closer...

It was over now! Someone was gonna die—!

Right as Kaminari was mentally wailing in anguish, all the colorful lanterns in the backdrop were suddenly extinguished. It was as if the Alpha’s silently raging anger had put them out. The mere thought of it was terrifying beyond words.

“—What the hell? Why is it raining?!”

Cries of alarm sounded from the crowd. Since the lanterns were made simply of paper and glue and were placed out in the open, unguarded, they were instantly put out by the sudden onslaught of rain. 

Izuku, who had just been about to initiate the kiss, stopped himself in the act from this random interruption. He used his mask to cover his head, looking around curiously. “Why did it start raining all of the sudden? It’s not a part of the script, is it?”

“Ow!” Neito cried out, rubbing his head as something hard and cold hit his skull, “It’s hail! Hasn’t there been a drought recently? It hasn’t rained in months! Why the hell is it hailing on such a hot day?!” 

Safe inside the car, Kaminari was bewildered. It was raining? The weather was just fine a moment ago, how could it rain? He took a moment to look outside. Judging from what he saw and heard the thumps on the roof, it seemed like it really was raining, and hailing rather heavily at that...

He finally realized what was going on and swiveled his head to look at Bakugou speechlessly, who didn’t look the least bit surprised. “...Are you serious, Bakubro? Don’t you think that’s a bit of an overkill? For goodness sake, it’s even hailing!

Seeing that filming had stopped and everyone on the set was scurrying around like ants searching for cover, the pressure around the ash blond retreated at last. The Alpha smirked, allowing a single command to fall from his lips, “Drive.”

“Yes, Master Bakugou.” Iida started the car, and in the cover of the night, United States Smash Plus Ultra: Limited Edition silently left the area.

Aizawa clearly hadn’t expected this unexpected situation to strike. He sighed and shook his head, feeling disgruntled. If they had been able to continue filming from there on, it would’ve been a perfect take...

“Oh well, let’s wrap it up for the day everyone! We’ll get it next time!” Hizashi called out amicably. “But don’t leave yet, let’s have Monoma’s welcome dinner after this! Last time we couldn’t, but since we’ve finished early now, let’s make it up to him tonight!”

The production crew had been suffering from one too many setbacks recently, with all the drama that had been going on the set, so going out for dinner should help them recover their spirits. The staff, who had been disheartened by gloomy weather, perked up and cheered enthusiastically. Neito gave a lifeless shout in reply, clearly in a bad mood.

Izuku threw a towel at him, raising an eyebrow. “What’s wrong with your face? Are you that disappointed that I didn’t get to force a kiss on you?”

“Hell no! I just don’t want to have to do this all over again!” The Alpha glared at him, then continued warningly, “You’re not gonna bail out on us this time, are you?”

“Nope, there shouldn’t be any problems with tonight!” The greenette opened his Hooter to let Kacchan know as per usual. Neito snuck a peek at his phone to read his messages, then noticed something different. “...Iz, when did you change your username?”

His nickname had changed from #1AllMightFan to DefinitelyNotDeku. 

“Oh, it’s because of Kacchan,” Izuku responded nonchalantly.

Periwinkle eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. “Bakugou Katsuki made you change it? You changed it because he told you to? That stupid nickname you’ve kept for so long? The one you wouldn’t change no matter how many times I made fun of it because you were too lazy, but you finally changed it because he made you do it?!”

The Omega rolled his eyes at him. “Calm your tits, bro. Kacchan didn’t tell me to change it.”

“Then why did you do it?!”

“It’s because he added me on Hooter! I forgot to give him my main account, and accidentally friended him on my trash account instead. So I had to change my username to something socially acceptable.”

The blond deadpanned disbelievingly. Was that really all there was to it?!

Izuku didn’t feel like typing out a long message, so he used the voice shortcut instead: “Kacchan, I’m having dinner with the production crew tonight. Can you please let Katsumi know and tell him not to wait up for me?”

Seconds later, his phone vibrated with Bakugou’s answer, which was also a voice message. He opened it to listen, and the Alpha’s gruff yet calm voice came in loud and clear: “Okay, have fun.”

“Iz...” Neito hissed his name ominously. 


“Jesus Christ, you’re not only blind, but even your ears are going deaf too! Don’t you think there’s something wrong with the way my uncle talks to you?”

“...Monoma Neito, do you really want me to beat you up again?”

He gave Izuku a dirty look, but firmly decided to keep his mouth shut. Fine then, be like that. By the end of the night, I’ll get some undeniable evidence to make you believe it. You. Better. Believe. IT!


This time, practically every person in the production crew gathered at the dinner party. Even Itsuki and other actors who didn’t have scenes to film that day hurried over to join in. Everyone welcomed Neito enthusiastically, and the atmosphere in the room was warm. 

After three rounds of drinks, Maple suddenly picked up her wineglass and stood up. “Midoriya-san, I misunderstood you last time. I’m dedicating this toast to you, so please take it as my apology as well as my thanks!”

“You’re too kind, Maple-san!” Izuku returned the toast by downing the rest of the wine in his glass. Everyone cheered in agreement, and following that, quite a few of them toasted him as well. He didn’t refuse any of them and settled all the grudges by drinking. 

Seeing the Omega getting along so well with the rest of the staff, Itsuki put on a ‘pleased’ smile. “I told you that my junior wasn’t that kind of person!”

As the dinner was coming to a close, a slender figure knocked on the door and walked right in. Seeing this new arrival, the room erupted into wild cheers:

“Ah, it’s Young Master Todoroki!”

“Young Master Todoroki is here!”

“Shouto-nii, what are you doing here?” Itsuki hurried over to welcome him with an expression of joyful surprise. In one corner of the room, a drunk Monoma Neito immediately became alert, His eyes burned like dry ice as he stared at the man standing at the doorway, wearing a white suit and giving off a refined aura.

Todoroki Shouto! That was him?

The only man that Izuku was rumored to have loved?

As the perfect boyfriend, Shouto would always show up every time Itsuki needed backup. She clung onto his arm as he greeted everyone courteously, “I was eating here with some friends when Itsuki-chan told me that all of you were here too. Order whatever you’d like to eat and put it on my tab, this dinner will be my treat!”

The crew roared together happily:

“Wow! Young Master Todoroki’s too generous!”

“It feels like we’re always riding on Itsuki-senpai’s coattails!”

“Then we’re not gonna hold back!”

But then a cold disdainful snort came from the corner. “This is my welcome party, why should you treat me? I’m paying for this dinner!”

It was most likely because he was meeting another of the Omega’s exes, but once Shouto showed up, Neito hadn’t bothered to hide his hostility. Alphas were always sensitive to hostility from other Alphas. Shouto had detected the blond’s unfriendly attitude from the start. However, his face continued to hold a warm smile as he spoke calmly, “Since it’s Mr. Monoma’s welcome dinner, then by right, he shouldn’t have to pay for it at all.”
“That’s right, let us treat you! You can consider it as our duty as your hosts!” Itsuki supported him energetically. 

Neito deadpanned. What duty as hosts? I’m capital born and bred, okay? Why the hell would I even want you two to be my hosts?!

Just as he was about to use his drunken state as an excuse to throw a hissy fit, Izuku nudged him and whispered in his ear: “Are you stupid? He’s a sucker with more money than common sense, why not use him? Let him pay for everything!”

When the blond heard that, his face turned even uglier. “Hmph, are you sure you’re not standing up for him? That’s your ex-boyfriend right there!”

Izuku snarked right back, “Aren’t you my ex-boyfriend too?”

“Iz, don’t change the topic!”

As he thought about it, his stormy mood grew even worse. Even if he was Izuku’s ex-boyfriend, the time they spent together was nothing compared to what the greenette had with Todoroki Shouto, his childhood friend! After all, Neito heard him say that Alpha’s name before in his sleep...

Izuku was helpless. “Fine, fine, but I’m not changing the subject. Are you trying to expose my relationship with you and Shouto in front of everyone by making a fuss like this?”

When will this guy finally grow up?!

In the end, Neito gave in and answered the room sullenly, “If you want to pay, then go ahead!”

After Shouto watched Izuku whisper into the blond’s ear, his brows drew together imperceptibly. Was he imagining things? He had a feeling that the relationship between the Alpha and Omega went beyond than just ordinary colleagues...

Noticing her boyfriend looking in Izuku’s direction with a lost expression, Itsuki shook his arm to bring his attention back to her before asking sweetly, “Shouto-nii, did you bring what I asked you to?”

He regained his senses at her touch. “Yes, I did.”

Having said so, he handed her a stack of envelopes before announcing to the room, “It’s Itsuki-chan’s birthday tomorrow. I hope that everyone will attend her banquet!”

“Ah! It’s Itsuki-senpai’s birthday tomorrow!”

“We absolutely have to go, no matter what!”

“It’ll be a high-class event for sure!” 

“I can’t wait!”

Itsuki beamed happily as she passed out the invitations one by one. When she gave one to her brother, she didn’t forget to remind him specially, “Izuku, you definitely have to come, okay!”

Izuku swirled the wine in his glass aimlessly, staring blankly at the red invitation in his hand. When it was Neito’s turn, he didn’t bother to take it. “You don’t have to give me one. I’m not going.”

“Eh?” Itsuki’s expression stiffened for a moment, but in the next second it was smooth with understanding as she asked worriedly, “Monoma-senpai, are you busy tomorrow? Can you postpone it? I really do hope that you’ll be able to come! Please, please, please~?”

She had already promised a number of her close friends who were Neito’s fans that she would definitely have him at her party. Most men wouldn’t be able to refuse a beautiful woman using such a cute, pleading voice to make a request. However, the Alpha was completely immune to it. Contempt flashed across his eyes as he said impatiently, “I can’t. It’s also my friend’s birthday tomorrow!”

After saying so, he glanced meaningfully at Izuku’s direction. The Omega took a sip of his wine, and said nothing. 

“Ah . . . what a coincidence! Your friend’s birthday is actually on the same day as mine! Then it must be a very important friend to you, right? What a shame! If your friend’s party ends early, you’re welcome to join mine at any time, because it’s going on all night long!” Itsuki recovered herself and responded smoothly, acting as if she were kind and considerate.

Damn it, if she couldn’t get him to come, wouldn’t that embarrass her in front of all her friends?

Who the hell was Monoma Neito’s friend? That person was not only born on the same day, but was also important enough that her senpai would turn down her invite in front of so many people! 

Wait a minute, born on the same day...?

Itsuki cast a glance in Izuku’s direction with undecided suspicion. She suddenly remembered that her brother was born on the same day as her, and thus his birthday was also tomorrow as well! That friend Neito had mentioned couldn’t be Izuku, right?

Then she recalled that Director Aizawa had revealed that the last-minute investor was Kaminari Denki. Her father also told her that the Beta had to keep the Omega as Deku as a part of their agreement. Why would Ground Zero’s Head of Communications be so adamant about her brother staying as a mere villain?

If her guess was right, and Izuku was actually pretty close with the Alpha, then the blond must’ve put in a good word for him to his bosses at Ground Zero. If that was the case, then everything that had happened up until now made sense...

That dirty country bumpkin, did he somehow seduce Monoma Neito?!


Once Shouto had left, Neito was still in a bad mood. He slanted Izuku a sideways look and scoffed, “So, that was the bastard you used to be hopelessly in love with? That one true love that made you suffer so much back then? Seriously, there’s something wrong with your eyes!”

Izuku slowly swept his gaze over him. “No, I think there’s something wrong with your eyes. Shouto’s obviously a 9 out of 10, okay?”

“What the fuck!” The blond burst out angrily, “Tell me, how the hell is he worth 9 points!”

The greenette answered matter-of-factly, “Because he’s a man I used to love. If I grade him poorly, wouldn’t that be shooting myself in the eyes? Besides, regardless of my bias and objectively speaking, you can’t deny that he’s a perfect 9. While Shouto’s looks aren’t a match for yours, blinding people with just one glance with his handsome appearance, he also wins over other people with his kind temperament. He’s the warm and refined type; if he were in a fairytale, he’d be a charming prince, or at least a son of nobility. A pure and sweet gentleman of unparalleled dignity and elegance...”

Izuku sighed wistfully before concluding, “Basically, he was my ideal husband, the type I’d fall for at first sight!”

The vein on the Alpha’s forehead throbbed threateningly. “Damn it, Iz, do you still have feelings for him or something? Aren’t you praising him too highly?!”

The Omega rolled his emerald orbs at him. “I honestly don’t feel anything towards him anymore. How else can I talk about him so sarcastically? You’re being too sensitive!”

Furthermore, the one he was describing was the gentle and perfect teenage boy who dwelled in his memories, not the current Todoroki Shouto. Sometimes, the memories were a little too perfect that reality felt even crueler in stark comparison...

It took Neito a long while to push down his anger. He gulped down another glass of alcohol before asking in a low, hoarse voice, “Then, how many points would you give me?”

“Hmm...” Izuku rubbed his chin contemplatively, and under the blond’s scrutinizing glower, said, “9.7 points! Just based on your face alone, you get that many points. Isn’t that generous of me?”

After hearing that he scored higher than the greenette’s ex, the Alpha’s pride was pacified. He touched his face, proudly preening, “Of course, I depend on my face to earn a living! But why didn’t I get a perfect 10-?”

“Ha, you think you’re a perfect 10? You’re so funny!” Izuku laughed out loud, leaning back to cross his legs. He grinned at the other over his glass. “Obviously, points were deducted because of your arrogance, IQ, and overall shitty attitude!”

Neito was almost speechless. He opened his mouth to argue, but shut his trap and decided not to try his luck. Fine, whatever. He already had a high score of 9.7 points, there was no point in trying with this damned Omega. He might get even more points deducted from his score!

Periwinkle eyes flickered, and out of curiosity he couldn’t resist asking, “Then... What about my uncle? How many points would you give him? Is he a perfect 10?

“Hmm, Bakugou Katsuki...” This particular question was a bit tricky for Izuku to answer right away. 

After giving it some deep thought, he eventually answered, “I don’t know how to judge Lord Explosion Murder. If you’re talking about type, then he’s Untouchable. The type that you should only look at from afar and shouldn’t be messed around with. You can’t touch him unless he walks right up to you and asks you to touch him, and even then you should feel honored that he put himself beneath you to allow such a thing. His type is too unfathomable; if you recklessly piss him off, you’d probably meet your end in the pits of hell!”

At this observation, Neito’s face became considerably warmer. “Thank God, you still have some sanity left in you.”

“But...” Izuku muttered to himself.

“But what?”

He propped up his chin and smirked, “But if I died in those flames of passion, then it’d be worth it to become a ghost afterwards!”

“Izuku Midoriya, what the actual fuck!”

“Hahaha, I’m joking! Stop taking everything so seriously!”

The blond almost choked himself to death on his anger. “I think you’re telling the truth after the alcohol’s loosened your tongue! I knew you were after my uncle from the start! Do you want to sleep with him that badly?!”

Izuku retorted irritably, “Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t want to sleep with Bakugou Katsuki?” 

“Well, everyone else wants to sleep with me, but you didn’t!” Neito blurted out in a drunken rage.

The greenette raised an eyebrow, lowering his voice and leaning in closer as he questioned, “How do you know that I’ve never wanted to sleep with you before?”

The Alpha was taken aback, his ears flushed red as he stared into those twinkling viridian eyes...

Staring at each other wordlessly in silence, Izuku was only able to keep a serious face for a few seconds before a stifled laugh escaped his grinning mouth. Neito realized he had been tricked again and furiously fumed, “You little shit! Just you wait, I’m not done with you yet!”

If it weren’t for the other people nearby, he would’ve started duking it out with that smartass by now. Realizing that he had finally really pissed the blondie off, Izuku quickly excused himself and ran off to use the restroom. He really did have too much to drink that night, what with everyone giving him toasts and such. The Omega had the tendency to tease others whenever he was drunk, and he especially enjoyed messing around with Neito’s head, that dumbass.

After settling his bodily needs, Izuku stumbled back in the direction he had came from. The restaurant's hallways twisted and turned in every direction in his disoriented state. He searched for what seemed like hours before he finally found the room. However, he was surprised when he pushed the door open, staring blankly at the scene before him...

The room was full of strangers, and it was clearly much bigger and more lavish than the room the UA production team had been in. It wouldn’t even be an over-exaggeration to say that room was elaborately bedazzled in riches, every spare inch screaming in high class and wealth. 

“Sorry, I’ve got the wrong room...” 

After bowing in apology, Izuku was just about to leave when a fat, greasy hand suddenly clamped around his wrist. Then a slimy mouth that stunk heavily of alcohol almost touched his face. “Oh my, where did this lost little lamb come from? Since you’ve come here, it must be fate. Why don’t you stay here and have a drink with us!”

The man who was clinging onto his hand and refusing to let go looked to be around his late forties to fifties. His form was very plump and his cheeks were flushed red from wine. His beady eyes were filled with lust as he blatantly sized the Omega up as if he weren’t wearing anything, looking at him up and down before ultimately stopping at his open and inviting pale neck...

Instantly, the room was filled with rowdy shouts and wolf-whistling. 

At first, Izuku’s instincts told him to perform a shoulder throw, but as he inadvertently glanced across the room, he realized that there were many familiar faces that frequently made appearances in the finance section of the news. After taking a second take, holy shit, it turns out that half of the top ten tycoons of the capital were gathered in this very room . . . and every one of them an Alpha.

In short, there wasn’t a single person in this room that Izuku could afford to offend, so he had to scrap his original idea of settling the issue with violence. It looked like he wouldn’t be able to get away so easily tonight, and this just had to happen when he was drunk and unsteady on his feet.

“Come, come, pretty little thing, come sit with me!” The sleazeball continued to drag the greenette into the room. At the same time, he didn’t forget to take advantage of every part of his body, openly groping his waist and chest... 

Expending a great amount of effort, Izuku managed to throw off his grubby hands and gritted out politely, “Excuse me sir, but I really did walk into the wrong room. I have friends who are still waiting for me!”

When the man heard this, he immediately exclaimed in rage, “You cheap slut! You clearly entered the wrong room on purpose. What are you pretending to be innocent for? You should be grateful that I’ve taken an interest in you!”

Grimacing, Izuku cursed inwardly. Someone ranking in the top ten of the richest people in the capital had a character like this?

He recognized this sleaze as the tenth and at the bottom of that ranking list. He was Rehcel Roue, the CEO of Libertine Real Estate, and was well-known to be a disgustingly lecherous Alpha. As he was speaking, Rehcel reached out to grab him again. Seeing that the Alpha was trying to drag him directly to the sofa, Izuku was in the middle of wracking his brains to think up a way to escape when he suddenly felt something rest upon his shoulder. 

A blazing and familiar aura suddenly appeared behind him, wrapping around him tightly. Soon after, the gentle yet possessive grip on his shoulder pulled him back a step, and in the next second Izuku found himself wrapped up in a firm and warm embrace...

“Eh, Mr . . . Mr Bakugou...”

Just now, Rechel had been hounding Izuku persistently, but at the arrival of a higher-tier Alpha challenging him, his expression immediately froze. However, he quickly adapted a flattering attitude, “Has Mr. Bakugou also taken a fancy to this Omega? Well, since it’s like that, please go right ahead!”

Watching this scene unfold, everyone else who had been enjoying the spectacle became dumbfounded. Just what was going on?

Every time Bakugou Katsuki came out to attend social gatherings, he was like an aloof and detached lone wolf, and he was completely resistant to anyone who dared to throw themselves at him. Yet today, he was actually interested in an Omega who had drunkenly barged into the wrong room?

The ash-blond ignored their reactions. At the moment he was only focused on one person, furrowing his brows as he looked at the tipsy greenette in his arms. “What happened?”

“Ka...” Izuku caught himself right before he accidentally addressed him with his nickname. He murmured instead, “I got the wrong room...”

The lighting in the room was rather dim. He hadn’t noticed that Kacchan was also there with his blurring vision. Amidst a sea of smelly Alpha’s, he prefered Bakugou Katsuki’s sweet yet spicy scent a lot more. It held a hint of smokiness, but it smelled like home and comfort.
“Which room are you in? I’ll walk you back.” Bakugou didn’t even bother looking back at the mixed expressions of shock from the people behind him, carefully ushering Izuku out of the room. Earlier he had been on his devices, tuning everyone out as he worked on his documents. He had vaguely heard the room roaring with laughter, but hadn’t cared enough to take a look. 

It wasn’t until he smelled the familiar scent of sweet, distressed grass and heard Izuku’s panicked voice did he look up to see some scum about to pull him in and get physical with his Omega...

In that instant, the Alpha suddenly felt a primal urge to snap off that shitty extra’s hand. But he couldn’t scare Izuku, so he forced himself to suppress his malicious, dark thoughts and rage, calmly approaching them as he pretended to be a stranger to the rescue.

After they left the room, Izuku finally breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you, Kacchan. If it weren’t for you, I’d probably be in a lot of trouble right now!” 

If words hadn’t been enough for Bakugou, he wouldn’t have hesitated to resort to physical violence—er, self-defence. For legal reasons, of course.

“That’s not the problem. If you ever run into a problem like this again, you’re not allowed to let yourself be taken advantage of again!” Bakugou lectured him with a serious expression.

Izuku laughed airily, “Ah, it really feels great to have someone back me up!”

When Katsumi no longer needed him and the time came for him to leave the Bakugou residence, would he and Kacchan have to become strangers...?

For some reason, thinking of that made him feel a little sad inside...

The ash-blond ruffled his emerald locks. I could support you for a lifetime if you would let me...

Izuku waved away the forbidden thoughts he shouldn’t have running around his head. “I’m fine now. I can make it back on my own!”

“Are you sure you’ll be fine?” The Alpha remained unconvinced, clearly not believing his words.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. You should hurry up and go back!” Izuku waved him off as he started to walk away—backwards.

Bakugou had known ahead of time that the Omega’s crew would be here for dinner, which was the main reason why he accepted the invitation from those shitty extras to their equally shitty party. Of course, he already knew exactly which room Izuku was in. So when he saw Izuku heading off in the wrong direction again, he sighed and easily caught up to him in a few strides.

“Forget it, I’ll walk you back! What’s your room number?”

“Mm, should be 911!”

“911 isn’t in this area.” Bakugou held him up and guided him in the right direction. He didn’t let go until he delivered the greenette straight to the door. “Go in and don’t run all over the place again. Next time you have to go to the restroom, ask Neito to go with you.”

Pffft, ask blondie to go with him? Now that was a good one! Izuku stifled a laugh as he nodded to show his understanding. “Got it. Thanks again for helping me out, Kacchan~!”

Seeing that carelessly beaming smile, the Alpha’s lips curled up in response, and the last of his dark thoughts were swept away. “Text me when you’re done. We’ll go back together.”


It was only after Izuku had returned could Neito relax at last. “What took you so long? I thought you fell into a urinal or something!”

“It was worse than that—I fell into a den of wolves!” Izuku leaned back into the couch, his freckled face still containing traces of lingering fear. 

His friend frowned. “What do you mean?”

“I accidentally walked into the wrong room. You won’t believe it, but that room was full of big shots! There was even that one bastard who wouldn’t let me go and tried to force himself on me!”

“What?” Neito’s face instantly changed, and he checked Izuku anxiously from head to toe. That explained why the Omega came back smelling like expensive wine and a pack of Alphas. He was almost afraid to ask, “Then how did you get back here?”

Izuku giggled, “I got lucky, and bumped into the biggest Boss of all the bosses!”

The Alpha’s face darkened. “Don’t tell me it was Bakugou Katsuki?”

“Bingo!” He sent the blond a few finger guns, before sighing dreamily, “That’s right! Kacchan was so cool! He appeared right in the nick of time and saved me! He even walked me back here just to be safe!”

Neito was speechless. Where was that rumored lazy-assed Alpha who couldn’t be bothered to chase a mate to save his life? Was this smooth motherfucker really the one and same Bakugou Katsuki they were talking about?


After the dinner ended, everyone said their goodbyes one by one. 

“Midoriya, how are you going home? Do you want me to give you a ride back?” asked the screenwriter.

“Thank you, Horikoshi-san, but I don’t need it. I have a friend waiting for me, and we’re going back together!”

“Then I’m leaving first!”

“Bye, be careful on the road!”

“What about you Monoma? How are you getting back?” asked Aizawa.

“I’m waiting for my manager.”

“Alright, then I’ll see you all tomorrow. If there aren’t any more problems with the weather, we’ll pick up from where we left off today. Why did it rain today of all days...?” The director uttered dismally, carried away by his mate. 

After everyone in the production crew had left, Izuku and Neito were the last two waiting at the restaurant’s entrance. Sleepy and drunk, Izuku was close to his limits. It was obvious that he could barely support himself, and propped his body on a nearby pillar. Half-lowered emeralds blearily scanned the parking lot. Neito tossed him a tired look.

“Kendou will be here soon. Forget about your friend, just go back with me! Wait a minute—” His periwinkle eyes widened, “—Don’t tell me that the one you’re waiting for is—”

Before he could finish his words, a certain ash-blond walked out of the restaurant lobby. Under the moonlight, his steady footsteps carried him to the greenette, who was currently dozing off. His voice was like a summer night’s breeze. 


The Omega could barely open his eyes. “Kacchan.”

To him, the Alpha before him had subconsciously became synonymous with safety. As soon as his familiar figure had appeared in his field of vision, he finally let go of that last bit of his consciousness, his body relaxing and falling to the side...

“Iz!” Alarmed, Neito was about to reach out to support his friend, but someone else was faster and got there first, Izuku collapsing safely in his arms. Bakugou stroked his messy hair with a warm gaze, before his other arm reached under the shorter’s knees, picking him up with ease.

 At the same time, United States Smash Plus Ultra: Limited Edition arrived to a silent stop in front of the entrance. Iida speedily alighted to hold the car door open for them. Seeing that Bakugou was treating him as if he was nothing but air and was about to carry Izuku into the car, Neito couldn’t hold back any longer. He turned on the voice recorder on his phone before calling out from behind.


The Alpha’s footsteps slowed down. He only looked over his shoulder and lazily used his eyes to speak, as if he was asking whether something was the matter. Neito gritted his teeth. Did he even have to ask what the problem was? Could he not look so smug about it?

“What exactly are your intentions towards Midoriya Izuku?” He asked directly and straight to the point, giving him a cold stare. 

Bakugou lowered his gaze to look at the Omega sleeping peacefully in his arms. “Towards Izuku...”

“Yes! Don’t you think that you’re being . . . too nice to him?” Neito resisted the strong pressure the ash-blond emitted and stubbornly forced himself to continue speaking. At the same time, he gripped his phone tightly in his hands, apprehensively waiting for his uncle’s reply. “Aren’t you being too intimate with him?”

The Alpha looked at the youth before him with an indifferent crimson gaze. “I thought it was obvious, but since you still don’t get it...”

In the next moment, Neito’s pupils abruptly contracted! 

Bakugou didn’t say anything, but instead lowered his head to lightly touch Izuku’s lips with his own. After three seconds, reluctantly he withdrew with an expression of utmost yearning and affection. He couldn’t resist pressing one last kiss on the greenette’s forehead. Before Bakugou left, he shot one last dark glare at his dumbstruck nephew.

“Have I made myself clear?”



Chapter Text

Late in the night at the Court of Clubs, a certain seething blondie rolled around on his king-sized bed like a dog.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckfuckfuck—!”

Kendou sat on the sofa across from him and helplessly watched him go, yawning, “What’s going on with you? Saying ‘fuck’ over and over again isn’t gonna get you laid, you know.”

“Fuck-!” Immediately, his periwinkle eyes glowed with rage. “Iz said he took off 0.1 points because of my IQ, and he turned out to be right! That stupid airhead! Fuck, fuck, fuck! I’m such a fuckin’ dumbass, what the hell was I thinking by getting a voice recording? I should've recorded a video instead! Fuck, fuck, FUCK!”

The corner of his manager’s eye twitched. She had no clue at all why he was acting up like this. But if there was one thing she did understand, there was only one thing that drove the Alpha crazy. Every time he gave into the urge to spin himself silly, it had something to do with Midoriya Izuku.

“Neito, do you want to get back together with Izuku?”

“Huh?” The blond froze as if he turned into ice. He then scoffed derisively, “I’d rather die than get back together with that asshole! Because of what he did, I’m still having nightmares!”

Kendou stared at him, speechless. Wasn’t it obvious that he liked the Omega, but was just in denial over it? Actually, she had always suspected that back when they had been together, Neito had actually developed real feelings for Izuku. Otherwise, why would he have gotten that angry when he learned about the truth?

As for his feelings for the greenette now, maybe it was because of the fine line between love and hate? However, he might also be having feelings for Izuku because he couldn’t have him! A one-sided love, forever unattainable...

Neito deadpanned at her musings. Was it that hard to believe that the Alpha and Omega could be friends? They were just bros, just bros okay?!

He was still in the middle of tossing and turning about when his phone rang. The blond wasn’t in the mood to answer it, so after a few rings, Kendou had to pick up the call for him to check. “It’s your father.”

“My dad?” Neito immediately sat up to attention. Ever since since he had entered the entertainment industry, his father had fought with him to the point that they were like heartless strangers. Why would he end their cold war and take the initiative to call him now?

Unease flashed across his heart as he brought his phone up to his ear to speak. Because it had been too long since they had a civil conversation, and Neito was still feeling bitter about their last fight, he didn’t bother to greet his father. Instead, he said bluntly in a cold voice, “Chairman Monoma, what business do you have with me by calling this late at night?”

A helpless sigh came from the other end of the line. His dad began with an exhausted tone, “Neito, just come home. The company’s about to collapse...”

The blond’s expression immediately changed at the sound of somber news. “What do you mean that the company’s about to collapse? What happened?”

“There was a spy in the company, and something went wrong with the collaboration we had with Clickbait. Right now, I can’t trust anyone here. The only one I can trust is you. Do you really have the heart to watch the company dad was building for his whole life to be destroyed in one day?” Chairman Monoma sounded like he was almost begging on his knees.

Neito’s hand tightened around his phone. “I’m not leaving the entertainment industry! And I’ve already told you that I’m not gonna take over your company!”

 “Son, I’m not asking you to retire from the entertainment industry. It’s still up to you whether you want to take over the company or not. I’m only hoping that you have some spare time to come back and help me!”

Monoma Neito was the type of person who would only give into coaxing, not coercion. He was extremely stubborn by nature, but this was the first time his old man was lowering himself and speaking in such a disheartened manner when he had always acted like a prideful tyrant at home. There was no way he could stand to hear his normally proud father acting like this, so he sat down and answered vaguely, “But I’ve been really busy lately... Let me think about it!”

After he ended the call, Kendou immediately spoke up in concern, “Did something happen at your dad’s company? Family is important, I can help you adjust your work schedule.”

The blond could feel a headache coming on. “But what about the movie I’m still in the middle of filming? Don’t tell me that I have to drop out?!”

“Hmm, let me see...” 

She thought about it for a moment, before concluding, “Since [Zero to Hero] is a movie set in the future, and has many large scenes to set up and record, the shooting schedule tends to run for a bit longer than originally planned. It’ll take a longer period of time to finish filming and editing the whole movie as well. Since you have a minor role, I can negotiate with the director about your situation and have all your scenes pushed to the end. We’ll have to take responsibility for any losses during this period of time, but I’m sure Aizawa will agree to this.”

Neito scratched his head in frustration. “Damn, it looks like that’s all we can do. Ugh, why does it feel like everything’s gone wrong lately? That deal with Clickbait should’ve been finalized, so there couldn’t be anything wrong with the collaboration. And it even hailed when I was filming my last scene in the middle of summer...”

The more he thought about it, the more obvious it became. Neito grabbed his hair in a frenzied rage, screeching, “FUCK! BAKUGOU KATSUKI, YOU EVIL BASTARD—!”


Watching his daddy bring home a drunk Midoriya Izuku, Katsumi's face was full of reproach and accusations. Bakugou gently laid the greenette on top of his bed, then met his son's gaze with a raised eyebrow as he explained, "I wasn't the one who made him drink."

The pup's expression still bore into him accusingly, firmly holding him accountable.

The Alpha sighed, rubbing his temples, and gave in helplessly, "Fine, it was my fault that I didn't take care of him properly."

Hearing the sincerity in his father's voice, Katsumi finally retracted his unhappy gaze. He pitter-pattered to the bathroom, and not long after, came out with a warmed towel. He climbed onto the bed and carefully kneeled by the Omega's side, wiping his face for him. Once he was done with that, he moved onto wiping Izuku's hands clean, looking extremely serious and earnest as he did so.

Seeing the pup act like an attentive child, Bakugou was pleased, but he couldn't help but let out a wistful sigh. He had never been able to receive such a lavish treatment from Katsumi before, even though he was his son's own father!

“Ugh . . . my head hurts...”

Katsumi’s heart ached when he heard Izuku’s whimpers of discomfort. He hurriedly leaned over and tried to blow the pain away from the greenette’s head. A knowing glint flashed through Bakugou’s eyes. He looked at his son and said, “This is a part of his work, so I can’t do anything about it. But if it’s you, you can try to persuade him to drink less from now on. He’ll listen to you.”

The little blond pup felt rather pleased to hear that. With a serious expression on his face, he nodded in agreement, indicating that he would accept this very important mission.


Upon waking up the next morning, the first thing Izuku saw was Katsumi leaning by his bedside, with a severe expression on his face. He looked very unhappy. 

Izuku hurriedly sat up. “Um, baby, what’s wrong? What happened? Look at your face! You look just like Kacchan!”

Saying so while laughing, he squished those round cheeks, finding his pout to be extremely cute. The pup backed out of his reach, pulled out his handy tablet from behind, and held it out to the greenette. As Izuku took it, he noticed that Katsumi had put together a prezi. Using pictures and words, the pup strictly pointed out the harmful effects that drinking alcohol had on the heart, blood, bones, stomach, liver, and so on...

Once they reached the end, Katsumi continued to look at him with that serious face, his meaning perfectly loud and clear.

Izuku coughed lightly, “Er, that, honey, actually alcohol isn’t as terrible as you think it is. It can lower levels of harmful cholesterol, raise your self-confidence, stimulate the brain, and even manage your weight...”

Holding up his fingers, the Omega started counting off the benefits. Although he knew that Katsumi was only worried about him, he couldn’t just carelessly promise the pup anything without being able to fulfil it in the first place. How could he possibly avoid drinking in his career?

When Katsumi heard this, his hazel eyes were filled with anger and disappointment. With a turn of his head, he ran out of the room.

“Baby, come back-!” Izuku reached out awkwardly, but it was too late. The pup was out of sight. He sighed and thus decided to rise and go get ready for the day.


After washing up, Izuku went downstairs and greeted Katsumi as usual. “Good morning, honey!”

However, the pup refused to acknowledge him. He even turned his face away in an arrogant, yet adorable manner. Izuku stood stock-still in place, blinking awkwardly. “Uh...”

Bakugou, who was currently sitting at the dining room table and reading the newspaper, raised an eyebrow upon seeing this unexpected protest. Ruby orbs looked at the greenette curiously. “Are you two fighting?”

How unusual.

Izuku rubbed his nose, feeling embarrassed. “Katsumi was trying to tell me to give up on drinking. After I told him about the strengths of alcohol, he got upset at me...”

So that’s what happened. Bakugou slowly nodded in understanding.

The cogs in the Omega’s head turned as he quickly requested an alliance, “Kacchan, can you help me talk to Katsumi? Aren’t there plenty of perquisites to drinking as well?”

Since the Alpha also had to drink at social gatherings and events, Izuku thought he would stand on his side for sure. Bakugou looked to his right and saw the greenette’s expectation shining through his face. He then turned to his left and noticed his son’s sour expression. He then coughed into his hand, “There are quite a few benefits to drinking...”

Izuku slapped his knee in excitement, “See, Katsumi, I was right!”

Instantly, the pup tossed a look of contempt at his dear, two-faced father. He had clearly been the one to suggest the idea last night, but then he changed sides as soon as Izuku asked for his help. 


Realizing that his son was glaring at him like a traitor, Bakugou smirked and solemnly continued, “But, the negatives outweigh the positives. You only reap the benefits through moderation. Unless the conditions are inevitable, you should drink less. I don’t drink much myself either.”

When he finished speaking, Izuku sprawled himself over the table with a listless expression. “Kacchan, what happened to our alliance...?”

After a long while, he finally accepted the fact that the ash-blond duo were in this together. Izuku raised his hands to indicate his surrender and said earnestly, “Okay, okay, I get it. From now on, I’ll drink less when I have the choice. That means no more boasting about my capacity for liquor, no more drinking competitions, and I’ll make sure I can stop once I start drinking! Will you forgive me now, Katsumi?”

Katsumi carefully examined his face, and only nodded after determining that Izuku was being sincere. He reached out his chubby little hand and patted those green curls lightly, the same way the Omega did when he praised Katsumi, as if saying that he was a good child. 

Izuku really didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. Other than that, his heart was filled to the brim with the warmth he felt from their concern and care. He picked up the pup and kissed his cheek. “Baby, you’re so cute even when you’re angry. I’m loving you even more every single day, what should I do~?”

Katsumi’s eyes shone brightly, he was very happy. Bakugou Katsuki, who had to face lovey-dovey scenes like this every day, deadpanned. His son only had to act cute to get what he wanted, while the Alpha had to strategize and carefully mind his behavior around Izuku...


At the CEO’s office in Libertine Real Estate, Rehcel Roue’s face twisted unpleasantly as he stood up, slamming his hands on the table, “That’s impossible! We’ve always done things this way and never had any complaints from the Bakugou Corporation about it before. Why do they have issues this time?”

The manager’s face was filled with worry. “There have been changes within the Bakugou Corporation’s internal departments recently, so now they’re stricter about quality control. We have to see what the Bakugou Corporation has to say about this matter. If they turn a blind eye to it, then we’ll pass, but if they’re going to get serious about it, then it comes down to our problem with quality control because we’re the ones who violated the contract...”

Rechel furiously paced back and forth. “Then what should we do now?”

“Rumor has it that it was Bakugou Katsuki himself who personally gave the order to reject the agreement, so it seems like the only way we can solve this is by persuading the man himself...” The manager muttered to himself.

Upon hearing this, the Alpha’s mood worsened. “Nothing works on Bakugou Katsuki! Threats, bribes, Omegas, everything’s a dead end with him!”

“No, wait...” A sudden thought of inspiration struck him, “Actually, if we’re talking about Omegas, then maybe there’s one who will do quite nicely...”


When Izuku arrived on the set, he was informed that the whole filming schedule had been switched around because Neito had requested for extended leave due to family matters. That guy, he would grumble by the greenette’s side all day long about pointless things that didn’t matter, yet he hadn’t mentioned anything to Izuku when something big happened?

The Omega immediately gave him a call to ask. Neito didn’t sound so good when he picked it up. “Why would I need to tell you everything? Weren’t you just cursing me out for causing you so much trouble all the time and for me to mind my own business? Didn’t you want me to get as far away from you as possible? Well, lucky you, that wish came true!”

Hearing this, Izuku was almost speechless, but then his temper rose up and snapped, “Look, I’m sorry, okay?! You know I don’t mean half the things I say. I’m really worried about you. Can you just tell me what’s going on, please?”

“Sorry...” Neito sighed, running a hand through his hair. The last couple of hours had been hectic for him, and he was still feeling the pressure. Izuku’s call hadn’t helped matters, and he ended up taking it out on his friend instead. The Alpha was angry at himself, angry that he had been so stupid. 

Finally, he took another deep breath to calm himself down before explaining, “I’m at my dad’s company right now. I’ve been on my feet the whole day and had to use my short break to talk to you. I can’t get away from this mess, so you’ll be on your own for now. By the way, happy birthday! If you have time later, check your Hooter. I sent you a gift. Also, I sent some stuff to your email. Go see it for yourself, it’s up to you whether you want to believe it or not! That’s all! Bye!”

“That bastard...” Izuku looked at his phone screen helplessly after the call was cut. 

Just then, Aizawa dropped by to give him an update. “Midoriya, I believe you’ve heard about Monoma’s situation. Originally, we were supposed to resume filming that scene yesterday, but given the adjustments, we changed it to Deku facing off Sunshiner. I’ll have someone send you the new shooting schedule later.”

“Got it!” Izuku nodded. “Thank you, Director!”

After speaking with the Beta, he found a remote corner to chill and review the script. While he became thoroughly engrossed in his reading, the sound of footsteps came to his ears. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of a figure who brought up a natural response of disgust: It was none other than Todoroki Shouto who was walking towards him.

The Alpha had brought Itsuki to the set today. Since it was her birthday, Shouto had specially took the day off to spend it all with her. Various members of the production cast and crew were going crazy with admiration and envy.

Izuku didn’t feel like speaking to him, so he only lifted his gaze from the script, silently using his eyes to ask whether he had any business with the greenette. Shouto held out an unopened water bottle to him before carefully asking, “Zuzu, you’re going to Itsuki-chan’s birthday party, right?”

The Omega didn’t take it and gave him an incredulous look. “Are you sure you really want me to answer something so obvious?”

“Zuzu, today is also your birthday. If you come over, we can celebrate your birthday too! I’ve already spoken to Uncle and Auntie about it, and they’ve agreed to it!”

Izuku rolled his eyes. “Wow, thanks for the consideration!”

“Izuku . . . it feels like I don’t know you anymore. When will you return to the kind and considerate Zuzu from back then...” Shouto’s brows drew together in a frown before he gave a long sigh, “I know, everything that had happened back then was all my fault. If it weren’t for me, Itsuki-chan would never do something like that. If you want to blame someone, just blame it all on me. Itsuki’s innocent. After all these years, she’s been living in guilt. What she really hopes for is to receive your blessing. I really hope you can come!”

Guilt?” Every time Izuku spoke to his ex, he felt like he was listening to a terrible joke. “Is she guilty that she stole my place? Guilty that she kept my parents to herself? Guilty that she slept with my man? Then she really is suffering a lot, isn’t she?”

He barked out a short, harsh laugh before snarling, “Also, don’t mention being kind to me. Back then, I wasn’t being kind—I was a GODDAMNED IDIOT!”

Shouto’s face was a little unsightly, but he pressed on staunchly, “Zuzu, as long as you agree to forgive Itsuki-chan, other than having me testify in court, I’ll do whatever you want!”

“Really?” Izuku raised an eyebrow challengingly, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.” The Alpha nodded firmly.

“Alright then”—Izuku put down the script in his hands and looked at him calmly—“Tonight at the birthday party, I want you to dump Itsuki. I don’t care if you do it publicly or in private as long as you two are over. Compared to what I’ve been through in the past, this should be easy for you.”

Emeralds glinted with a strange, knowing light. “See, I’m not even asking for much. You even get to choose! Isn’t that what you wanted from your kind and considerate little ol’ Zuzu?”

Shouto’s complexion paled slightly, “Zuzu, that is—”

“Izuku-nii! How could you be like this —!” The sound of Itsuki’s sobs suddenly came from behind them. 

Izuku crossed his arms and said in a leisurely tone, “What did I do?”

Her face was full of tearful anger and pity as she looked at her brother. “As I thought, you’re still unable to let Shouto-nii go. That’s why you hate me so much. You hate me because he loves me! But how could you be so selfish to use such a heartless, underhanded plan to break us apart! Shouto-nii doesn’t even love you that way. What’s the point of you doing this to us?!”

When the Alpha saw that Itsuki had become worked up to the point that she was struggling to breathe, he immediately rushed to her side to bring her into his arms, comforting her. “Calm down, Itsuki-chan. I’m sure Izuku was just being careless and didn’t mean anything by it...”

Izuku smirked, almost amused as he watched the pair clutch at each other in an overly dramatic manner. “I meant every word I said. If anything, you’re the one who was being careless. Looks like you weren’t being serious when you promised that you’d do whatever I wanted in exchange for my forgiveness!”

“Shouto-nii, look at him! We’ve begged him sincerely for forgiveness, but what does he do! He just makes things difficult for us over and over again! You won’t really agree with his crazy request, will you?” Itsuki’s expression was filled with panic as she lifted her head to look helplessly at her boyfriend.

“Silly girl, how could I...” Shouto patted her head reassuringly, then looked sternly at Izuku. “I’m sorry, Zuzu. I’ll have to turn down your ridiculous proposal!”

Izuku was finally tired of playing around. He sneered at them as his interest waned, turning his head away disdainfully. “Then get out of my sight.”

“Izuku-nii, what kind of attitude is that?! If anyone’s at fault, it’s me. This has nothing to do with Shouto-nii. How could you treat him like this?” Itsuki stood up for the Alpha as if she were defending him from injustice, staring at her brother reproachfully. 

He slowly clapped his hands, mock-applauding her performance. “Wow! Your feelings for each other are so touching, they can move people to tears! I almost cried! Haha, not really.”

Izuku tilted his head, smiling, “So, Itsuki, surely you must be willing to do anything to atone for your crimes? You’d definitely do anything for Shouto, right?”

Hearing those taunting words, Itsuki couldn’t help but frown apprehensively. Who knew what sort of trap this bumpkin was trying to lead her into? But there was only one way she could answer this question: “Of course! What do you want?”

“Hmm, I dunno...” Izuku deliberately mused to himself for a long time, under his sister’s anxious stare, and said rather cheerfully, “Since things came to this point, it’s fine if Shouto doesn’t dump you. How about this: all you have to do is give up your place as the Midoriya family’s heir and return to Musutafu to the Yagi family and live as Yagi Itsuki. As long as you do that, then I’ll consider your debt settled. What do you think?”

“Wha-?” She suddenly opened her eyes wide, as if she had heard something extremely terrifying and unthinkable. Itsuki frantically shook her head. “No . . . No way! Izuku-nii, how could you be so cruel! How could you force me to leave Mom and Dad, the only home I’ve ever known and lived in for over twenty years! I...I-!”

“Alright, that’s enough. Enough of that!” Izuku impatiently waved his hands to interrupt her. 

“Seriously, stop it. Look, I’ve already told you two before to stay away from me as far as possible, but you’re the ones who keep crawling back to me begging for forgiveness over and over again, constantly asking me to come up with some kind of request to make up for it and shamelessly swearing that you’ll do whatever I want. Then, whenever I do actually come up with something perfectly acceptable, you always say that I’m too cruel, too heartless, too stubborn! 

“So tell me, how is this making amends? Heh, it sounds nice and all when you put it like that, but you’re only willing if it’s a measly, insignificant act of charity that doesn’t harm your own interests. The fact that that you two still don’t think you’re being hypocritical is disgusting! Therefore, I only have one thing left to say—” 

He glared at the trouble-making pair, ever-so helpfully pointing out the way to the exit: “SCRAM!”


Shouto and Itsuki returned to her dressing room, the two of them feeling frustrated and dejected. The greenette stood in front of her boyfriend, at a loss and seemingly depressed as tears fell from her eyes. “Shouto-nii, do you blame me? Blame me for not agreeing to Izuku-nii’s request...?”

Feeling his heart ache, he reached out to wipe away a tear lovingly. “Why would I blame you?”

Itsuki threw herself into his arms as if she had been granted redemption, “Shouto-nii, thank you! Thank you for being so understanding and believing in me! It’s not the Midoriya family’s wealth or rank that I can’t let go of, but I just can’t leave Mom and Dad like this. Whenever I think about leaving them behind, at the thought of never seeing them again, I...I-!”

“Shh, it’s okay. Don’t cry, I know how hard it’s been on you..” Shouto gently patted her back and sighed. “I was too naive, thinking that he was the same Zuzu from before. I promise you, Itsuki, from now on, I won’t let him bully you and I won’t let him hurt you ever again!”

“Shouto-nii...” She gazed at him with infatuated, heart-filled eyes. Her smooth arms wrapped themselves around his neck as she delivered her lips to him. 

“We’re still on the production set, what if someone sees us...”

“So what if they see? You’re my boyfriend!” Itsuki pouted playfully as she sat in his lap. Her fingers stroked his chest before she undid the buttons on his shirt one by one. “And it’s my birthday...”

Hehe, Izuku-nii, I’m going to sleep with your Alpha. Take that!

After a short moment, amorous pants and gasps sounded from within the dressing room.

“-Hmm... ah! Shouto-nii, you’re amazing! Harder! A little harder-!”

“-Mmph, Shouto-nii, who do you think is better? Me or Izuku-nii? Hmm? Who’s better-?”

“You, of course! Itsuki-chan’s the best-!”

In terms of looks, Izuku actually had an edge over Itsuki in that department, but he was too bashful and timid. Retrospectively, he had no knowledge of the birds and bees, let alone taking the initiative to make him actively happy.

At first, Shouto liked how pure and simple he was compared to the austere people of his family, but as they grew up, it quickly became too stale and boring over time. However, the current Izuku was completely different. Instead, he was just like

An alluring flower...

His personality had clearly taken a turn for the worse and he refused to listen to reason, but for some reason, it was difficult to look away from him...

The Alpha’s gasps grew more urgent, and in the very last moment, it was that indifferent half-smile he saw in his mind...

“Midoriya-san, filming is about to start. Can I call Maple to come in and do your make-up?” 

The assistant’s face was red as she stood awkwardly outside the door. She was already accustomed to things like this happening after being with Itsuki for so long. What pure and innocent virgin? Itsuki was clearly an experienced seductress. Her fans would be blushing too if they heard how wanton their idol was in bed...

Izuku had finished getting ready early on, but he had to wait half an hour before Itsuki finally emerged from her dressing room. 

“Sorry for making everyone wait. My skin isn’t very good today, so I spent more time on makeup,” Itsuki explained apologetically in a hoarse and languid tone. The look she tossed at Izuku was filled with pride and provocation. When she walked past her brother, she purposely adjusted her costume to show off the lovebites on her neck.

With her flushed face, misty eyes, and that tattletale sweet scent on her body, it was almost as if she was afraid that people wouldn’t be able to tell what she had been up to. Izuku turned away and held his breath in disgust. If it weren’t for the sake of filming, he would never want to share the same air with her. He reached into his backpack for his scent blocker and spritzed a generous amount around him to neutralize the stink. Much better.

Hizashi clapped his hands. “Alright, now that everyone’s here, let’s get started! Everyone, take your places, and ACTION!”


Dusk was starting to set in a forest of bamboo. God’s thumbnail trailed over the skyline, beaming down at the scenery below. Two greenettes stood facing each other; one cloaked in the murkiness of night, the other draped in the dazzling light of day. Sunshiner stared at her opponent solemnly. 

“Deku, I understand that you were pursuing revenge on those who have wronged you. You’ve killed All Too Handsy and Bloody Carrie; shouldn’t that be enough blood on your hands already? Don’t tell me you want to destroy the world as well?”

Disaster’s belt extensions swayed back and forth like twisting vines in the gusting wind. He looked down disdainfully at the heroine before him as if she were nothing but an ant. “The world was never fair to me to begin with. Don’t you know, little miss hero, not all men were created equal? That’s the reality I had to live my whole life. So what if I destroy it now?”

“You...” Sunshiner frowned, “Then what about the innocent? They’ve done nothing wrong to you! Are you really willing to see everything burn in the flames of your war and let the people suffer for the next hundred years-?”

“Hah, what innocent?” Disaster scoffed, unimpressed by her attempt at a counterargument. “Tell me, where were they when I was bullied and suffered for being different, for being born without a Quirk? Whenever they showed off their unique Quirks in front of me, did they ever think about how I felt?"

“I—that’s...” she fumbled for words, to which he responded, smirking, “That’s what I thought. They might not have done anything to me, but they haven’t done anything for me either. They may be so-called innocents, but they’re still just as guilty for doing nothing to help people like me, the Quirkless. That’s why I have to do this, to take a stand against our hypocritical society. I need to do this!”

“B-but no one’s gonna be grateful for what you’ve done. You can’t just-!”

“I’m not doing this to make history. I’m trying to prove a point here, to teach them all a lesson. Who cares if they blot my name from their precious records? Who cares if no one remembers me in a hundred years from now? Who cares if the world drowns after I die?” In a crazed tone, Disaster threw his head back and laughed, relishing the feeling of being so close to accomplishing his goal. He pulled on his mask and suddenly stilled. 

In a flash, emeralds sharpened into daggers. “But that’s enough talk from me. Only one of us is gonna walk away alive, and I have to say that’s not going to be you.”


“Perfect...” Aizawa uttered under his breath, at a loss for other words. 

Horikoshi Kouhei had specially visited the set for this scene. After watching the scene play out before his eyes, he let out a sigh of relief and looked reassured. “To be honest, the role I put my heart into writing the most wasn’t Le Million, but Deku. When I first created his character, I didn’t set him up as a villain in the beginning. I left it up to the audience to decide whether he’s righteous or evil. 

“As for how the audience can decide this, it all depends on how the actor interprets the role. If he doesn’t have the skill to perform well, then Disaster would be the biggest villain of the movie. However, if the actor has the ability to pull off, then Deku’s inner depths will be shown off perfectly.”

It was clear that Izuku was the latter.

Hizashi looked very excited, and said confidently, “I have a feeling that Midoriya-kun will win an award for this role!”

Aizawa nodded in agreement. “He’s a good prospect. Although Golden Age lost Olixandra, they’re lucky to have Midoriya take her place. I’m looking forward to seeing how far he’ll go.”

“Cut! Good work! Let’s take a break before we start the next scene!”

Since they had successfully cleared this scene in one take, the tired Beta’s earlier gloominess from Monoma Neito’s sudden leave was lifted. When they returned to the breakroom, Itsuki called over her assistant, Yarra, the moment she sat down and inquired, “What was the director saying to the rest just now?”

Yarra opened her mouth and was about to say something, but stopped, as if she didn’t know where to start. The greenette sneered, “Let me guess, they were praising Izuku?”

Her assistant nodded. “Director Aizawa said that he acted perfectly. Horikoshi-san said that his acting was so good that it was on par of being the protagonist. Director Aizawa also said his future development would go farther than Olixandra. Hizashi-san even said...”

“What did he say?”

“He said that Midoriya could win an award for his role...” she answered weakly.

“Ha!” Itsuki slammed her hand on the chair’s armrest, scoffing, “Big words! Nowadays, awards are based on background, does he really think that awards are given out without some kind of support from behind the scenes? So what if he gets an award? At most, he can only get Best Supporting Actor. Isn’t he just there to be my foil?”

Her assistant quickly agreed, “Exactly! He’s only a mere extra, how can he compare with you? The audience isn’t blind!”

Itsuki’s scowl softened a bit, but the dark clouds in her mind didn’t completely dissipate. She lowered her voice, “The plan we prepared beforehand—it’s time for action!”

“Wha-?” Yarra cried out in surprise, and then hurriedly covered her mouth to whisper, “Are we really going to do it? But it’s too dangerous! What if you—”

“Shut up. You heard me loud and clear. Don’t make me repeat myself.” Itsuki’s face was full of impatience. 

“O-okay, I got it. I’ll go tell him now...”

At this moment. Shouto’s concerned voice came from behind, “What’s wrong, Itsuki-chan? You don’t look very well?”

Seeing the Alpha, Itsuki immediately switched to a bashful expression. “It’s all your fault, you wore me out!”

“You, you were the one who started it!” said Shouto helplessly. Following that, he held up the plastic bags he was carrying. “I brought you some fried chicken to eat so you can regain your energy. Don’t keep saying that you’re tired now!”

“Stop teasing me!” She pouted coyly at him.

“Alright, I’ll stop now. Here, I’ll even feed you.”

“Thank you, Shouto-nii~!”


The next scene followed closely after the last one. It was a battle in the sea of bamboo. When she realized that Disaster had already gone crazy and wouldn’t listen to reason, after a moment of hesitation, Sunshiner heroically took upon herself the duty of ending the war by killing him here. 

After the stunts instructor had spent two hours going over the scene, the two of them were more or less ready to act. Aizawa had been prepared to find them stunt doubles at first, but since Izuku already had the experience of being one, he didn’t need a stand-in. Thus, Itsuki insisted that she wanted to try the scene herself. Naturally, the director wanted the best effect for the scene, so he had no problems with that.

The professional stunt master helped to set both of them up in their wire rigs. After checking a few times and making sure that everything was set up properly, filming began:

“Whether your name is Deku or Disaster, it doesn’t matter. Deku is dead.” Sunshiner closed her eyes and spoke quietly, her voice filled sorrow and regret. The person standing before her was just an empty and dangerous shell of who he used to be, a lethal and deadly weapon out to destroy the world.

In the next second, determined intent surged up in her eyes. At the same time, she raised her hands and charged at Disaster...

As if he had already predicted Sunshiner’s actions, Disaster stood calmly on the spot. It wasn’t until the strike was seconds milliseconds away from his nose did he finally make his move. Just by stretching out both his arms and touching the ground with the tips of his boots, he flew backwards like a bird and avoided her attack.

Sunshiner exhaled coldly and held out her hands again. Disaster took his time dodging her moves, leisurely and nimbly leaping out of the way every time. It was like watching a cat toying with a mouse. Eventually, he pulled out his daggers and moved to retaliate aggressively, sporting a violently murderous glint in his eyes.

Soon enough, Sunshiner was on the losing end, being pushed back and having one too many close calls of being cornered. Even if she was one of the big three at her school, her experience in battle was nothing compared to Disaster, who trained daily with All Wrong Worm’s forces. Sunshiner had been overconfident of herself, thinking that her skills were far superior to Deku’s. Who would’ve thought that she wasn’t even his match? 

By the time she realized that she had underestimated her enemy, it was too late.

In the end, Disaster finally had enough of playing around. Emeralds shifted into freezing glaciers as he rushed forward to thrust his dagger straight into Sunshiner’s chest...


It was the sound of a sharp blade piercing flesh.

She held onto her chest, pain written all over her face. Like a broken kite, she fell from the branch and fell gracefully—right onto the thick crash mat placed down below. Next, there was supposed to be a close-up featuring Disaster’s victorious grin. Aizawa was watching Izuku’s performance with rapt attention, but then he realized there was something wrong with the actor’s expression.

“Itsuki’s hurt! Save her! Hurry!” The Omega suddenly shouted, still suspended mid-air in wires. There was a stunned moment before everyone reacted to what he said. That wasn’t a line from the script—Itsuki had really gotten injured!

The set promptly turned into a frenzied mess as the UA staff gathered around the actress. After freeing the Midoriya's from their safety gear, Izuku hurriedly pressed down the wound on his sister’s chest that was expelling blood. “Call an ambulance! Quickly!”

Right after he said those words, his body was suddenly shoved away. Shouto hurried over, white-faced in fear. He cradled her in his arms tightly. “Itsuki-chan! Itsuki, are you okay?”

“Shouto-nii . . . it hurts . . . it hurts so much...”

“Don’t be scared, I’m right here! You’ll be fine, you’ll definitely be fine...”


Behind them, Izuku deadpanned disbelievingly. Oi, I was following proper medical procedures and tried to stop the bleeding, but then you just pushed me out your way. Now you’re just watching her bleed out with a heartbroken face. Seriously, are you crazy?! 

Have you gone mad from acting out one too many soap dramas?!

If it weren’t for more urgent matters, Izuku wouldn’t have hesitated to scold him. Aizawa rushed over, looking extremely upset. “What’s going on!”

Izuku pinched the bridge of his nose. “I felt something was off after I stabbed her—the blade didn’t retract!”

The weapons he had on him were supposed to be fake props. The dagger he used should’ve been retractable, but it didn’t bounce back after it met resistance. Nobody expected that an accident like this would happen.

The director was beyond furious, flying into a rage. “Where’s the props master? Propert, get your ass over here! How many times have I told you to double-check everything properly! We can’t afford any accidents! What kind of work do you call this?”

The man in charge of props stumbled over, sweating bullets. “Director Aizawa, everything was fine when I checked it. There shouldn’t be any problems—!”

The Beta slapped him with the script and roared, “Then you tell me what just happened!”

Problems kept happening one by one on this production since the start, and his patience was quickly reaching its limit. Then Hizashi piped up, “Who was the last one to handle this prop?”

“It—It should’ve been Midoriya. I gave the prop to him right after I finished inspecting it, and he’s been practicing with it the whole time after that. It’s my fault, I should’ve checked it again before shooting started!” The props master apologized over and over again.

Listening to this confession, Izuku’s pupils shrank abruptly. He would have to be an idiot if he didn’t realize what was going on by now. If he still didn’t understand what was happening after this, then he was wasting his time in the entertainment circle. Everyone else had mixed feelings.

Aizawa glared at Propert for a moment longer before he shifted his gaze to Izuku with a complicated expression. Finally, while holding back his anger, he stated rather calmly, “We’ll discuss this later. Right now, we need to get Itsuki to the hospital. Lock down the studio and don’t let the news get out!”


While Itsuki’s wound was being treated, Shouto faithfully stayed by her side in the ward. Izuku stood outside in the corridor, his back against the cold hospital wall as the cogs turned in his brain. His sister really was a crafty little flower. Even her pity ploys were in a class of her own. Hadn’t she been scared that she could’ve been stabbed to death?

It really was a pity that Izuku had held back as soon as he found that there was something wrong was wrong with the prop. Then again, maybe she knew that he would stop, taunting how soft he used to be. That he’d never dare to do anything to hurt her. Perhaps he would, or not, but either way Izuku would rather not be charged with murder while working on the movie.

Itsuki suffered a serious cut at most, but the consequences of this incident were going to be unfairly troublesome. What he needed to do now was to think of a way to prove his innocence...

Izuku was still deep in thought when he heard a sudden burst of hurried footsteps. He had just lifted his head when a slap landed with a smack on his face. A burning ache throbbed painfully on his cheek.

“Brute! How could you do such a thing to Itsuki! If you have any complaints, then come at me! I was the one who kept her in the Midoriya family, I was the one willing to pamper and love her! What has Itsuki done wrong?!” The newcomer screamed hysterically at him, her hand trembling with anger.

The Omega stoically wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth before slowly raising his head to look at the wealthy lady before him. Dressed in a luxurious, noble and refined manner, she was his mother, Midoriya Fumo. Right behind her was his father, Midoriya Hishashi.

The same level of disgust was on his face as well. “If anything happens to Itsuki, I won’t let you get away with it!”

As soon as they arrived, of the two before him, one was his biological mother and the other was his biological father. From start to end, they never asked for the whole story. Instead, they only had slaps and threats for him.

Izuku had millions of lines he could say: malicious, resentful, and cutting—but he couldn’t muster the energy to explain anything to them. It was as if that slap had rattled all the anger out of him. All he could do was stare at them with cold eyes.

“You vile creature! What kind of look is that!” Hishashi was thoroughly provoked. Just as he was about to vent his temper, the door to the ward was opened from the inside. He and his wife instantly tossed Izuku to the back of their minds as they rushed to the door. “Shouto, how is Itsuki doing?”

“For the time being, she’s fine. You can go in and see her now,” he answered, looking tired. With a heavy gaze, he turned to look at Izuku, who was standing outside with a swelling red cheek. 

“My baby!” Immediately, Fumo threw herself by Itsuki’s bedside and checked her from head to toe. “How are you feeling? Does it still hurt? Where does it hurt?”

Itsuki smiled weakly. “Mom, I’m fine now. The doctor said that it’s just a superficial wound.”

Fumo’s heart ached from seeing her daughter force herself to put on a brave face, and stroked her hair tenderly. “Suki, don’t pretend to be fine. What are you going to do if it leaves a scar? If that knife had gone in a little deeper, you could’ve died! That damned bastard, how could he be so vicious! And yet you still call him your older brother!”

“Towards me, Izuku-nii...” Itsuki’s expression dimmed down, but she bore with it and continued determinedly, “Mom, Dad, please don’t blame Izuku-nii. It wasn’t his fault that something went wrong with his prop.”

Hishashi snorted disdainfully upon hearing so, “Silly girl, how could you be so naivé? That prop was perfectly fine—how else could there be a problem with it?”

After that, he turned to the door and shouted furiously at Izuku, “Bastard, what are you still standing there for? Get your useless self in here and apologize to Itsuki right now!”

The Omega eyed the room indifferently. “There’s nothing I have to apologize to her for. If you want an apology so badly, then show me the proof. If you have evidence, I’ll let you do whatever you want with my life!”

The Alpha’s finger shook with fury as he pointed at him, “You’re still refusing to admit your mistake? I’m leaving you some dignity by not investigating the matter. You won’t shed a tear until you see a coffin, is that it? Do you have to embarass me so thoroughly until you’re satisfied?”

Heh, so in Midoriya Hishashi’s eyes, it was his image that was the most important factor here.

Izuku jeered with an ominous edge, “If I really wanted revenge against her, what you would be looking at now could’ve been her corpse. Then how else would you get the chance to act out this family drama here?”

Hishashi banged his fist on the table. “Don’t you get mouthy with me! Midoriya Izuku, are you going to apologize or not? If you properly acknowledge your mistake and sincerely apologize, then retire from the entertainment industry, I can take it as if all of this never happened. But if you insist on having it your way—”

“Thanks, but I’d rather choose my own path!” Izuku burst into scornful laughter and waved them goodbye, before turning to leave without looking back. 

Fumo gritted her teeth, beyond filled with enraged disbelief. “Look at how rude he is! I absolutely cannot believe I gave birth to such a shameless, wicked thing!”

Hishashi was so angry that he had to pace around the ward in circles. “Ungrateful bastard! Filthy trash! He’s really done it now!”

Itsuki anxiously tried to persuade them, “Mom, Dad, don’t be mad at Izuku-nii! You might get wrinkles!”

“I already let him get away with it last time, but in the end he went too far and hurt you! Who knows if he might try to kill you again next time. I can’t let this matter slide and just forget about it!”

“But, Dad...”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it and leave it to me. I’ll take care of this issue.”

“That’s right, let your father handle it. You just focus on getting better. Your father will definitely avenge you!”

Itsuki’s eyes reddened as she looked like she was holding back her resentment from being bullied. With a grateful expression, she said tearfully, “Thank you, Mom and Dad, but you really don’t have to do that for me. I’m perfectly fine...”

Shouto, who had been silent up until now, rubbed her shoulder reassuringly. “Itsuki-chan, you’re just too kind. But Izuku really went overboard this time. What Uncle said is right—we can’t just sit still and let him do whatever he wants anymore!”


By the time Izuku walked out of the hospital, it was already so late in the night. There weren’t any stars in the sky, and the moon wasn’t shining either. There were only a few cars and people out in the streets. 

He had to admit that although Itsuki’s plan had been rather clumsy and dangerous, she still managed to succeed in the end. His sister was always utilizing the things he used to care about the most to deliver fatal blows. Like Shouto, and his parents...

Sometimes, Izuku couldn’t help but doubt his existence. Maybe everything really was all his fault. Was it because he really was that useless, too lame and unsightly that everyone hated him, abandoned him, and wished he was dead...?

Sometimes, he even thought that there was no point to all his efforts and struggles up until now. So what if he managed to achieve his goal one day and had everything he wanted—it wouldn’t matter if no one else cared about it. Izuku would always be alone. Forever alone...

The greenette wandered around aimlessly through the streets, lost in his depressing thoughts. He failed to notice a plateless black car was sneakily following him from behind. As soon as he reached an isolated area, two men swiftly left the car and grabbed him. One forcefully covered his face with a drugged cloth, while the other bound him up in rope. They easily carried him into the vehicle and drove away from the scene.

The whole process took less than a minute to complete.

When Izuku finally reacted, he had already lost control of his senses under the influence of the drugs. He was blindfolded, and his body was also bound tightly, he couldn’t move a single inch. There was no way he could fight back...

A weak, bitter smile danced on the edge of his lips. Neito had predicted it right, after all. First he had been set up and framed, and now he had gotten himself kidnapped. Some birthday this was turning out to be...

The car drove steadily for a long while. Due to his loss of sight, Izuku didn’t know and couldn’t tell where they were going. Not to mention where did these people come from? Were they connected to Itsuki somehow?

No, that couldn’t be it. His sister had already won a complete victory over him today, she wouldn’t think this far ahead. Then who could be the one behind this? Who had he offended recently...?

Too many options tickled his mind, but he couldn’t focus on anything. Then he overheard one of them speaking into car: “Hello, Mr. Roue? . . . Yes, we’ve done it. We’re on our way right now . . . Right, yes, yes, we’ll send him over on time! He’s a cutie. My buddy and I were a little interested after we saw his face . . . Hahaha! We wouldn’t dare, that’ll be bad for business! He’s all yours! We’ll definitely hand him over completely untouched, safe and sound~!”

Izuku’s heart jumped in fear. Wait . . . Mr Roue...?

He abruptly recalled the incident when he had accidentally wandered into the wrong room last night. This Mr Roue he was talking to couldn’t be the same Roue Rehcel, could he? He still wasn’t giving up and sent people to kidnap him after the Alpha didn’t get what he wanted that night? 

The more the greenette thought about it, the more likely it seemed to be the case. He then cursed the bastard out between his teeth. However, when he tried to think of a way to escape, the anesthetics started to kick in. His conscious became foggy and he quickly slipped into darkness...


When Izuku finally came to, he found himself still blindfolded. The sound of two female voices came from within the room, but his mind was still cloudy and he couldn’t make out exactly what they were talking about. He could only feel them stripping away all his clothes, before proceeding to put an extremely thin nightgown on him. Following that, they seemed to have scattered something that felt like flower petals all over him. 

But something felt off about this. 

With Rechel’s direct and impatient personality, he wouldn’t take this long to get what he wanted. The Alpha definitely would’ve done the Omega as soon as he arrived. Instead, the moment he was brought here, they changed his clothes and sprinkled petals on him. Izuku was even starting to smell the perfume they sprayed on him...

That old pervert! Disgusting pig! If he wanted to take the greenette, then he should just do it already! What was up with all the bells and whistles?  

What the hell was he up to?