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Spitting fire....Well, not exactly. *HIATUS. (kinda)*

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It all started that fateful day at the doctors…

“What are your and young Izuku's fathers quirks again Mrs.Midoriya?”

“Well… My quirk is called attraction, I can pull almost anything to me that weighs under the weight of a gallon of milk.” Inko said pulling one of Izuku’s toys to herself, proving her point.

“MY DAD CAN SPIT FIRE!!” Izuku claimed excitedly.

“Oh, so he can breathe fire?” The bald Headed doctor asked

“Sure let's go with that!” Inko rushed quickly her face heating up from embarrassment.

“Alright then, well as you can see here, Izuku does not have the second toe joint but, that being said, it doesn’t look like he will have a useful quirk if one at all. You should give up on your dreams of being a hero now kid.”


To say inko was shocked when she heard the doctor crush her babies dream like that was an understatement, as soon as the doctor said that she grabbed her 5 year old son and walked out. “Izuku listen to me you will be the best hero there is. Now, how about we go and get the things for katsudon.” Inko said reassuringly.


“Okay Mommy.” The five year old replied happily.



“Kacchan!” Izuku yelled excitedly “I’m gonna get a quirk!”

“Damn right you will! Me and you, together we’re gonna be the best hero duo there is!” The explosive boy yelled back.