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Spitting fire....Well, not exactly. *HIATUS. (kinda)*

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It all started that fateful day at the doctors…

“What are your and young Izuku's fathers quirks again Mrs.Midoriya?”

“Well… My quirk is called attraction, I can pull almost anything to me that weighs under the weight of a gallon of milk.” Inko said pulling one of Izuku’s toys to herself, proving her point.

“MY DAD CAN SPIT FIRE!!” Izuku claimed excitedly.

“Oh, so he can breathe fire?” The bald Headed doctor asked

“Sure let's go with that!” Inko rushed quickly her face heating up from embarrassment.

“Alright then, well as you can see here, Izuku does not have the second toe joint but, that being said, it doesn’t look like he will have a useful quirk if one at all. You should give up on your dreams of being a hero now kid.”


To say inko was shocked when she heard the doctor crush her babies dream like that was an understatement, as soon as the doctor said that she grabbed her 5 year old son and walked out. “Izuku listen to me you will be the best hero there is. Now, how about we go and get the things for katsudon.” Inko said reassuringly.


“Okay Mommy.” The five year old replied happily.



“Kacchan!” Izuku yelled excitedly “I’m gonna get a quirk!”

“Damn right you will! Me and you, together we’re gonna be the best hero duo there is!” The explosive boy yelled back.

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It's been 6 months since the doctors appointment, izuku had been trying for months to find out what his quirk is and had been searching online for almost an hour when he found the rapper/pro hero/dj Present Mic.
“MOM!” The excited boy yelled from the computer room.
“What sweetheart?” Inko replied walking into the room.
“Can you put on Present Mic’s Radio show?” Izuku begged
“Sure honey.” Inko replied and did as told.
It was only a few minutes later when izuku discovered his quirk. And as the doctor had said was fairly useless. Izuku discovered it when he started mumbling as he was writing down facts about the voice hero in his notebook. As Izuku ws mumbling words started to flow around him in long swirls that go around the entire room.
“I-Izuku! Your quirk!” Inko shouted with disbelief then started panicking and thinking ‘ oh no oh no oh no, he inherited his father's quirk oh no if he finds out he's gonna get upset. Should I tell him? He deserves to know, but it would be dangerous. No I can’t tell him. He will find out soon enough. I’ll have to ask someone to train him when he gets older. Yes, that will work.’
Izuku looked at his mother confused “What do you mean mommy? This always happens.”
Inko looked up at her son in disbelief “How long has it been happening baby?”
“Umm...since I was two I think.” Izuku said while thinking.
“You’ve had your quirk this entire time?! Oh honey that’s great!” Inko said in shock and happiness.
“I’ll set up another appointment to get it registered soon okay baby? For now just listen to your show and I’ll make a cake okay?” Inko asked
“Okay mommy!” Izuku replied
With that Inko returned to the kitchen and started stress baking her problems away.
A few days later the mother and son duo made their way to the doctors once again, this time to register izuku's quirk.
“Well how nice to see you two again!” Doctor Tsubasa said with a strained smile.
“Yes, as to you doctor.” Inko replied forcing a smile “Izuku happened to already have a quirk just not something we expected. Izuku honey why don’t you show the doctor your quirk?” The mother asked her son nicely.
“Sure mommy!” The green haired child replied as he got up and started muttering something about pi and why it turned out how it is. Then it appeared, the long strand of letters and numbers that surrounded him and the room.
The doctor looked shocked to say the least. “W-Wow I haven’t seen a quirk like this in 15 years!”
Inko looked worried “Is that a bad thing is my baby going to be okay?” She rambled on much like her son was currently doing.
“No not necessarily, it's just a very uncommon manifestation to a larger quirk. The last person I saw with a quirk like this was probably -” The doctor was cut off when his phone started to ring and he excused himself and apologise saying it was an emergency and to have the nurse help them fill out a quirk registration form. The mother son duo did as told and then went back home after a long day.

“Izuku why don’t you put out plates for me please sweetie?” Inko asked her son while she cooked.
“Sure mommy!” The freckled boy responded. “I'm gonna tell kacchan about my quirk tomorrow!” He said excitedly.
Inko just smiled at her son and wondered when she was going to tell the boy who his father is.

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Izuku rushes up to bakugou "Look Kacchan I got my quirk!"
Bakugou grins "About time, you nerd!"
The green haired boy frowns "That's mean Kacchan."
The lord of explosions and murder grins at the king of mumblers maliciously "It’s the truth, you nerd."
The fluffy boy responds while continuing to frown “That doesn't mean you have to be so mean."
The angry boy scoffs "So what is it!"
Izuku smiles widely “it makes illusions of my mumbling."
Bakuboy frowns "that sounds weak."
Izuku grimices "the doctor said it was a manifestation of a larger quirk."
Bakugou glares at Izuku "See why I call you a nerd, in Japanese you idiot!"
Izuku rolls his eyes and responds"It means that it's one part of my quirk, not all of it."
Bakugou grins widely“So that means you'll have a strong quirk? "
Izuku frowns contemplatively "Mayhaps"
The two boys walked into class and Bakugou being the explosive loud child he is screamed “DEKIRU GOT HIS QUIRK!!”
Everyone surrounded around Izuku and started asking questions, it was then the bell rang and the teacher told the 6 year olds to go sit down and asked Izuku to come to the front.
The green haired boy walked to the front of the class and explained his quirk “It’s a visual quirk for now but may just be a part of a bigger quirk, when I mumble it shows it in large words around me. I think it also has something to do with my analysis and-“ the blonde based green haired boy rambled activating his quirk on accident, leaving the rest of the class in confusion and shock.
“That’s useless you’re gonna get yourself killed.” One of Bakugo’s lackeys said.
It was then Izuku snapped out of it and looked at the lackey. “Oh, and pulling your eyes out of their sockets is any more useful?” The freckled boy said returning to his desk “That’s what I thought.”

See that’s what Izuku should have said, but oh no, he just went to his desk quietly and nodded.
“You’re right.” The green haired boy said softly
“WHAT?! YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO LISTEN TO HIM DEKIRU!!!” A well loved blonde shouted from a few seats away.
“But he’s right Kacchan, if I try to be a hero with a quirk like this I will get myself killed.”
The blonde looked at the greenette with watery eyes then ran off.

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Im really sorry guys, I have just lost motivation right now. I may or may not continue this at a later date but as of now i'm on permanent hiatus.

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Inko sighed as she went to her room after putting Izuku to bed, even though he insisted (because he was 10 and going to be a hero, of course) he didn’t need to be tucked in, she still did it anyway. Inko shut her bedroom door and went to a drawer and opened it looking at all of the letters sent by Izuku’s father over the years. She picked up one from when he had just debuted, and read it.

                 'Hey green! Guess what?! I just debuted!! It went great!! I'm so happy! (and so is Shota even though he refuses to accept it) How have you been? I hope that your answer was good because if not then that means that you’re sad and you know I hate it when you’re sad….ANYWAYS I wrote you a song….even though we’re so far apart I thought you might like it... I’ll sing it to you the next time I’m around K? Anyways here it is!

                  Hey there, my lady what’s it like in New York City i’m a thousand miles away but girl tonight you look so pretty yes you do, times square can’t shine as bright as you. I swear it’s true. Hey there my lady don’t you worry about the distance I’m right here if you get lonely give this song another listen, close your eyes. Listen to my voice, it's my disguise, I’m by your side. Oh it’s what you do to me, oh it’s what you do to me. Oh it’s what you do to me, oh it’s what you do to me, what you do to me. Hey there my lady, I know times are getting hard but just believe me girl some day I’ll pay the bills with my guitar we’ll have it good, we’ll have the life we knew we would. My word is good. Hey there my lady, I’ve got so much left to say if every simple song I wrote you would take your breath away, I’d write it all, even more in love with me you’d fall. We’d have it all. Oh it’s what you do to me, oh it’s what you do to me. Oh it’s what you do to me, oh it’s what you do to me. A thousand miles seems pretty far but they’ve got planes and trains and cars I’d walk to you if I had no other way. My lady I can promise you that by the time we get through the world would never ever be the same, and you’re to blame. Hey there my lady, you be good and don’t you miss me two more years and you’ll be done with school and I’ll be makin’ history like I do, you know it’s all because of you, we can do whatever we want to, hey there my lady, here’s to you, this ones for you. Oh it’s what you do to me, oh it’s what you do to me. Oh it’s what you do to me, oh it's what you do to me. What you do to me, oh, oh, woah, woah, oh woah, oh woah, oh, oh.

        Do you like it? I hope you do! Anyway get back to me soon okay?

                                                                                           -Love Hizashi'

After reading the card Inko sat down and held the note close and whispered “I love you to Hizashi…”