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I blame Iida

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-{Pika Pika Bitch} added {Sanic} {BakuBitch} {LSD} {Rock Hard} {Sticky Tack} {Lobe Jack} {Mini Might} and {Todo Doki Doki} to the group chat `Class 1-A`-

{Pika Pika Bitch: Guys add the rest of the class that you have. I don't have everyones usernames.}

-{Mini Might} added {Pink Cheeks} {Frogger} {God} {Sugar High} {Snow White} and {Darth Vader} to Class 1-A-

{Mini Might: Thats all I have. This is a great Idea Kaminari-Kun}

{Pika Pika Bitch: Thank you Midoriya.}

-{Darth Vader} added {Tamaki But Gayer}
{Fuckin Ninja my dudes} {Monkey} {Armz for Daaaaaayz} and {Rape Grape} to Class 1-A-

{Todo Doki Doki: why the hell is the rape grape here?}

-{Todo Doki Doki} Removed {Rape Grape} from Class 1-A-

-{Pika Pika Bitch} added {Rape Grape} to Class 1-A-

{Darth Vader: He wouldn't stop bugging me to Add him.}

{Pika Pika Bitch: He likely won't be online a lot. Despite what everyone thinks he's got great grades and cares about them.}

{Todo Doki Doki: Fair enough. Anyways whats the purpose of this group chat Kaminari? Other then to annoy us with Memes.}

{Pika Pika Bitch: Wow Thanks Todoroki. So encouraging.}

{Pika Pika Bitch: Anyways the point of it is to get a hold of each other easily instead of constantly creating new chats.}

{Todo Doki Doki: That-}

{Todo Doki Doki: Is actually really well thought out}

{Pika Pika Bitch: Thank you Todoroki 😉 }

{Todo Doki Doki: And I'm scared}

{Mini Might: So am I.}


-{Speedy Gonzales} to {Lightning Bitch}-

{Speedy Gonzales: First off I'll never understand why you named me like this. Second. You really put some thought into this group didn't you?}

{Lightning Bitch: First, I didn't want you to have the same name as the group chat. Second, yah I did. I figured it would make everyones lives a little easier.}

{Speedy Gonzales: Well i'm proud Kaminari. You did good.}

{Lightning Bitch: Wow. Thanks Iida. That. Means a lot.}

{Speedy Gonzales: You're welcome}


-Class 1-A-

{Rock Hard: Bros I think Kaminari died.}

{Bakubitch: What are you talking about?}

{LSD: Is he ok?}

{Rock Hard: Idek guys. We were hanging out and he got a message. Now he's laying back on his bed with this stupid grin on his face}

{Rock Hard: Like when he overuses his quirk. But different somehow. Mina help.}

{LSD: .........}

{Sticky Tack: ..........}

{Bakubitch: ............}

{Lobe Jack: ..........}

{Mini Might: ..........}

{LSD: Looks like Kaminari may have a cruuuuuush on someone.}

{Sticky Tack: The question is.}

{Lobe Jack: Who tho?}

{LSD: Jiro! You're closest to Kaminari. Has he ever mentioned anything?}

{Lobe Jack: Nope. I mean I know he admires most of our classmates for their skill level but not like that.}

{LSD: So its not you?}

{Lobe Jack: What? No! I'm super gay for Momo not gonna lie. Kaminari is my best friend.}

{Mini Might: Saw that coming. Yaoyarozu always talks about you.}

{Lobe Jack: Wait actually?}

{Mini Might: Oh Yah.}

{Lobe Jack:......}

-{Lobe Jack} has logged off-

{Bakubitch: You guys are idiots.}

{Rock Hard: So when can I expect you?}

{Bakubitch: ........}

{Bakubitch: 20 minutes. I'm spending the night too Shitty hair}

{Rock Hard: 😏}

-{Bakubitch} and {Rock Hard} have logged off-

{LSD: What just happened?}

{Sticky Tack: Wait did you not know Bakugou and Kirishima were sort of an unofficial thing?}


{Mini Might: Because you're a serial Gossiper.}

{LSD: You Right. You right.}

{Sticky Tack: They have this thing where whenever Bakugou calls someone an Idiot he always heads to Kirishima's dorm to calm down. I've been told it just ends up with them fucking though}

{LSD: Makes Sense}

{Mini Might: Makes Sense}

{Todo Doki Doki: Makes sense}

{Mini Might: Oh Shoto. We still on for our study date?}

{Todo Doki Doki: Of course we are Izuku. You good if I come to your dorm around 7?}

{Mini Might: Mhm. See you then.}

{LSD: Is everyone together now?}

{Mini Might: I have no idea what yourtalkingaboutbye!}

-{Mini Might} has logged off-

{Todo Doki Doki: We're just study partners.}

-{Todo Doki Doki} has logged off-

{LSD: someone needs to tell that man Midoriya likes him.}

{Sticky Tack: Yuppers}

-{LSD} and {Sticky Tack} have logged off-

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-{LSD} {Sticky Tack} and {Todo Doki Doki} have logged on-

{LSD: Has anyone heard from Kaminari?He hasn't been on in a bit.}

{Todo Doki Doki: Last I saw Iida was heading into his room. Probably to help him with some of the course material.}

{LSD: Iida? Why ask him over us? I mean we're goofballs but still.}

{Sticky Tack: Iida is the Class Rep tho.}

{Todo Doki Doki: And their dorms are right next to each other.}

{LSD: Tru tru.}

{LSD: Anyways Todoroki how was your date with Midoriya?}

{Todo Doki Doki: It wasn't a date Ashido. We were studying.}

{LSD: Mhmmm sure you were.}

{Sticky Tack: I'm gonna say it.}

{Sticky Tack: Todoroki literally everybody knows the Midoriya has a thing for you. Like majorly.}

{Todo Doki Doki: ......}

{Todo Doki Doki: @Mini Might is that true?}

-{Mini Might} has logged on-

-2 minutes Later-

-{Mini Might} has logged off-

{Todo Doki Doki: ........}

-{Todo Doki Doki} has logged off-


Shoto made the short trek from his dorm to Midoriya's and knocked softly on the door. Hearing that come from Hanta of all people was shocking to say the least.

"Izuku open the door. Please." He called through the door. The lock turning and clicking a few minutes later. Trying the handle Shoto wasn't shocked to find it unlocked and Izuku sitting on the edge of his bed. Looking away from him but Shoto could see the redness of his ears. Walking over Shoto quietly sat beside the green haired boy.

"I didn't want you to hear it from Hanta." He heard Izuku mumble and watched as the other slowly turned his head back towards him.

"I mean. I know I'm not always straightforward and I'm exceptionally clumsy and I'm always breaking bones and I could never ever see you liking me back so I decided to just keep it a secret because I didn't want to ruin our friendship and well I guess what I'm saying is— Mmf!" He heard Izuku rambling and decided to take matters into his own hands by taking hold of the green haired boy's face and shutting him up with a kiss. Waiting until he felt the other melt into him before pulling himself back and pressing their foreheads together.

"I like you too Izuku. And I want to be with you. Klutz or straightforward or oblivious or not. You brought me out of my shell. And I'll be forever grateful to you for that. You made me see I was more than what my old man defined me as. I've liked you since the sports festival if I'm being honest. I just never said anything. I kind of always thought you would end up with Ochaco." He spoke in a quiet voice.

Izuku was stunned. He hadn't been expecting that as he brought a hand up to Shoto's left cheek. Rubbing small circles with his thumb and gently tracing the outline of the scar. A small content smile settling onto his face.

"That makes me really happy Shoto. You have no idea. So does this mean that I can ask you for cuddles now?" He said as he wrapped his arms around his new boyfriends neck. Shoto just giving the other a grin as he moved his arms around Izuku's waist and pulling them both down. Grinning at the sound of surprise Izuku let out.

"You can ask for cuddles anytime you want."


-{Snow White} has logged on-

-{Monkey} has logged on-

{Snow White: ಠ_ಠ}

{Monkey: I know Koda. I hear it too.}

-{Tamaki But Gayer}, {Frogger} and {Darth Vader} have logged on-

{Tamaki But Gayer: They really don't understand that the walls are thin do they?}

{Darth Vader: For our Class Rep Tenya sure is oblivious. They've had this thing going between them for how long now?}

{Frogger: Since school started. And Tenya still doesn't realize Kaminari wants it to be more.}

{Monkey: We have to live beside them}

{Snow White: (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎}

{Frogger: I feel bad for you two}

{Darth Vader: Wait. We know that those two have been at it all this time. But this is the first time that its happened at the dorms.}

{Tamaki But Gayer: What's your point Mon' Ami?}

-{LSD} has logged on-

{Darth Vader: She's my point.}

{LSD: ........}

{LSD: WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?!}

{LSD: You mean to tell me that Iida, Class Rep Tenya Iida, Stick in the mud Iida. Has been fucking our very own resident meme since school started and they HAVEN'T been on an actual date?!?!?!?!?!}

{Monkey: Unfortunately.}

{LSD: Well this won't do at all}



-Group: {Bakusquad}-

{Acid Trip: Guys we have a problem. Our very own resident Meme. Denki Kaminari, is in serious need.}

{Tape boi: And that need is? Seems to me his needs are being met just fine.}

{Rock Pop: You gotta admit it sounds like he's havin a grand old time}

{Acid Trip: Guys Im serious. Romantic help. Hanta Eiji please you gotta help me set Iida and Kaminari up on an actual date.}

{Pop Rock: Why should we care. Dunce face got himself into this mess.}

{Rock Pop: Yah but imagine how he feels Katsuki. He's obviously got a real crush on Tenya. But the Rep doesn't even look at him half the time. And even then they only actually do anything when Iida is stressed out. Which surprisingly isn't often.}

{Rock Pop: I mean this is the first I'm hearing about it but I mean looking back on it Kaminari has always had a certain look on his face ever since the sports festival.}

{Pop Rock: That is true I suppose.}

{Tape Boi: Well I know for sure that I'm in. Denki deserves a good guy like Tenya.}

{Acid Trip: Thank You Hanta.}

{Tape Boi: Thats what I'm here for.}

{Acid Trip: Luh you babe}

{Tape Boi: Luh you too bby.}

{Rock Pop: can we get back on track here?}

{Acid Trip: Yah sorry Eiji. Katsuki you helping us or not?}

{Pop Rock: ......}

{Pop Rock: Fine. I have to admit Denki does deserve a good guy.}

{Acid Trip: YES! Awesome Bakusquad. Our mission Operation Iidenki is a go!}

-{Acid Trip}, {Tape Boi}, {Pop Rock}, and {Rock Pop} have logged off.-

- 1 Hour Later -

-{Lightning Bitch} has logged on-

{Lightning Bitch: ......... Well Shit}

-{Lightning Bitch} has logged off.-