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The Untold Story of Five Homo Sapiens

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Something about moving in with four complete strangers off the trustworthy internet should have made Kai stop and think about his decision for at least a minute. But it was already too late when he went ahead and knocked on the door to what he hopes to be his new apartment. He hums quietly to himself to keep him busy while he waits for someone to answer the door. Just as he was about to pull out his phone to check if he’d gotten the wrong address, the door finally swung open and a silver haired boy stood in front of him.


Kai shoves his phone away in his pocket and shines him a bright smile. “Hi! I’m Huening Kai, your new roommate!”


“Hi, Huening Kai. I’m Choi Yeonjun. I’m so glad you made it. Come in,” his roommate says while walking back inside.


Kai steps in, pulling his suitcases along with him. The place was big, as expected for four people living here, and it was everything Kai imagined it to be. He sets his stuff to the side and walked to the center of the living room in a daze. 


“It’s gorgeous,” he says in awe.


“It is when Taehyun’s around. He keeps this place together. Otherwise, it would just fall apart with the other three of us here,” Yeonjun chuckled slightly.


“Are the rest of the guys here?”


“Unfortunately, they couldn’t be here on the first day of your arrival, but they’re very excited to meet you,” Yeonjun informs. Before Yeonjun could give the young boy a tour around the place, his phone ding inside his pocket indicating he’s gotten a message. He pulled his phone out and his smile was replaced with a frown. “Oh, hey. I’m sorry to have to do this now, but I have to run off somewhere. Will you be okay staying here by yourself for awhile?” 


From the look of guilt on his face, Kai could tell he was genuinely apologetic and he smiles at him in reassurance, “No! That's fine. I’ll just wait ‘til the others get here.”


“Okay, thank you so much. I’ll be back as soon as I can. If you need anything, call me,” he says from the doorway.


“You got it, hyung!” Kai calls out after him.


After Yeonjun had left the apartment, Kai plopped himself down on the red leather sofa. He looks around, admiring the interior decoration of the place. After growing bored of just sitting around and waiting, he got up and explored the place. 


Just next to the living room was a small kitchen with an island table. The kitchen wasn’t anything fancy, but it had a cozy feel that Kai was immediately attracted to. 


Upon noticing the sticky notes, postcards, and an assortment of pictures that covered nearly the entire refrigerator, Kai walked closer to inspect it. He giggled at the silly things written on the notes and questioned their odd list of groceries. At one corner, he spotted a picture of four boys huddled close to each other in front of a beach. They all had a big smile plastered on their faces that made Kai’s heart all warm inside. 


The first guy on the left was a dark haired fellow dressed in all black. An odd choice of clothing to wear on a hot day out to the beach, Kai thought. Standing next to him was the roommate he first met, Yeonjun. He had his arm hooked around the first guy’s shoulder and held up a peace sign. In front of him, a brown haired boy was crouched on his feet and also held up a peace sign.  


The last guy was another dark haired boy, standing next to Yeonjun. One thing that made him stand out among the rest of the boys was his height. The rest of the boys were already tall, but this one takes the crown. Despite how tall he was, he didn’t look as intimidating or scary as some people would think. Kai couldn’t help but notice he was actually cute with his dimples and boopable nose. 


When Kai was finished looking around the kitchen, he made his way down the hall near the living room. On each side was two doors. He opens the first door to his left and saw that it was a small bathroom with just a shower, toilet, and sink cramped together in the limited space. Kai closed the door and moved on to the room across. 


When he opened the next door, Kai realized that it was one of the bedrooms. There was a queen size bed in the middle with dark sheets and a grey duvet. There wasn’t much else in the room besides a closet, a bookshelf, and drawers. By the way it looked empty, Kai assumed that the room belonged to no one and went on ahead to bury himself under the covers of the bed, deciding to take a short nap. 


It took Kai an hour to get to the airport, three unnecessary hours finding his flight, six long hours on the plane, and another hour trying to look for this place. It was no surprise that the young boy would be properly exhausted, letting his fatigue take over his body as he was lulled into a deep slumber.


~𝕋 𝕏 𝕋~


Soobin sighs deeply from the back of a cab. He brought the phone closer to his face, looking out the window in frustration.


“Another day, another failure.”


“Just because you get rejected from one job doesn’t mean you stop trying,” Yeonjun tries to console from the other end of the line.


“That was the fourth job, hyung,” Soobin points out.


“You’re going to find a job in no time,” the older says encouragingly.


“I’m sorry, hyung,” Soobin apologizes. “You’ve been paying my share of the rent for weeks and there’s not much I can do.”


“It’s going to be alright, Soobin. I got everything figured out already. There’s nothing to worry about now, because I—”


“I’ll see you when you get home, Yeonjunnie-hyung. If you need me, I’ll be in my room binge watching sad cat videos until I fall asleep to the sound of cats crying with the mix of my own tears because someone refuses to let us have cats in the apartment. Don’t wake me up until I’m dead.”


Although he couldn’t see it, Soobin could practically hear Yeonjun rolling his eyes at his dramatic response, “Soobin, we’ve talked about this already. We’re not getting a cat. But—”


With a tone of a nine year old throwing a tantrum, he says, “I don’t want to live in this cruel world anymore!”


“Soobin, wait—”


Soobin hung up the phone before he could hear all of what Yeonjun was going to say. The cab arrived at his destination and he cast his phone away before stepping out of the car and paying the cab driver.


The currently broke, former college student began walking towards the entrance of the apartment, practically dragging his feet to the elevator. After getting off on the eighth floor, he continue trudging defeatedly to the door of his shared apartment and all the way to his bedroom.


When he opened the door, his head was still hung down low, looking down at his feet as he made his way to climb into his bed quickly after kicking off his shoes and throwing his jacket away into a corner somewhere.


He pulls the cover over his body and curled himself into a ball. It was only when he rolled over to his other side that he then noticed another presence laying next to him and his eyes were met with identical comically-wide eyes.


Soobin froze in his place, shock completely taking over his body as all he could do was continue staring at a pair of innocent-looking eyes.


“Hi,” the stranger on his bed finally said. “I’m Kai.”


Soobin opened his mouth to yell or scream or shout at him to get out of his room, but all he could get out was, “Hi, Kai. I’m Soobin.”


“Is this your room?” the stranger asked.


Soobin continued staring at the boy on his bed whose name he just learnt is Kai. He couldn’t believe that a boy, nonetheless a really cute boy at that, is in the same bed with him, staring back at him with adorable doe eyes. He was so distracted admiring his long eyelashes and counting the little moles he could find on his skin, that he failed to realize that Kai’s been waiting for a response from him. 


The young boy throws the strange boy a funny look before repeating his question, “I said if this was your room.”


When he heard the pretty boy lying in bed next to him speak, he snapped out of his reverie and turned bright red, embarrassed that he’d been staring at the boy for god-knows-how-long.




Although he knew what the boy had asked him, his mind blanked and he panicked, ”No?”