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Where Dreams Die- A Stray Kids Disney Employee AU

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Hyunjin: Riiiiiip binnie


Woojin: Why? What happened??


Hyunjin: So u know how I have my break right now??

Hyunjin: Well I went to get on Haunted Mansion to harass our dearest binnie


Woojin: Because???


Hyunjin: Because I can

Hyunjin: Stop interrupting the story hyung

Hyunjin: Anyways, I got on the ride and when i got to the graveyard part, the ride stopped.

Hyunjin: Then I saw binnie hyung slip through the maintenance door to check the ride


Woojin: He was in there in the dark??


Jisung: Well they can't turn the lights on with people on the ride


Minho: I'm confused

Minho: What's so bad about changbin checking the ride??


Hyunjin: Oh hyung


Jisung: He doesn't know


Felix: Doesn't know what??


Seungmin: Et tu, Felix??


Felix: O.0


Hyunjin: Ignore him


Jisung: Hyung's a scardy cat

Jisung: He's afraid of the dark


Seungmin: And ghosts


Woojin: Then why did he sign up to work the mansion?


Chan: Ummm guys?

Chan: Felix just bolted

Chan: What did u do??

Chan: Oh


Jeongin: Go back to work

Jeongin: Your spamming is gonna get me in trouble


Changbin: Screw you hwang hyunjin

Changbin: I expected this betrayal from Jisung and hyunjin

Changbin: But you seungmin?


Hyunjin: Hey


Jisung: Hey >:(


Seungmin has left the chat


Jisung: Lol

Jisung: Chicken


Woojin: What about chicken??


Changbin: Ur next Han Jisung


Jisung: Next??

Jisung: What about jinnie lol

Jisung: Jinnie??

Jisung: Hyunjin?

Jisung: Oh fuck


Jisung has left the chat


Chan: What just happened??

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Jobless bums (5)


iswearimaussie renamed the chat to employed bitches


iswearimaussie: the bois u knew are no more

iswearimaussie: now we are Men


baby: does this mean i can have my freetime back? no one can look down on us now i now begin my life as a Working Class Citizen


freckledkingofaustralia: be prepared for taxes and sleepless nights and disappointment


Seungmin: can you stop being dramatic

Seungmin: its just a summer job


freckledkingofaustralia: wAIT 

freckledkingofaustralia: where r u guys workingggggg

freckledkingofaustralia: i don't want to be aloneeeee


Seungmin: surprisingly enough, my photography application got accepted

Seungmin: my shift is in the main park



iswearimaussie: i get to spend ALL MY TIME with the PRINCES AND PRINCESSES


iswearimaussie: 10/10 best job


freckledkingofaustralia: oh

freckledkingofaustralia: i guess i'm alone then…

freckledkingofaustralia: i got in as a lifeguard in blizzard beach


iswearimaussie: WTF FELIX


iswearimaussie: why r u upset :(


freckledkingofaustralia: i wanted to work with u guys :( wait ur telling me that NONE OF YOU are in animal kingdom


iswearimaussie: no gross

iswearimaussie: it smells like animals there

iswearimaussie: why would u put urself through that


Seungmin: its not THAT bad hyunjin, the animal smell is just u

Seungmin: and to be fair, i applied for any park and got put in mk this literally sucks it was my idea to work together at the same place and i'm the one that’s left out


freckledkingofaustralia: don't feel bad

freckledkingofaustralia: i'm not working with them either


iswearimaussie: what about u jeongin?

iswearimaussie: where did they put u?


baby: nowhere


Seungmin: what


iswearimaussie: what WHAT


freckledkingofaustralia: NANI?!


baby: i didnt apply

baby: minimum wage is below me

baby: i'm too good for disney changed their name to abandoned


abandoned: i can't believe uve done this to me

abandoned: i'm gonna be ALONE



Seungmin: please

Seungmin: u practically grew up at disney like everyone else who lives here

Seungmin: ull be fine


abandoned: :(


iswearimaussie changed their name to TheRoyalGuard


freckledkingofaustralia changed their name to aussielifeguard


TheRoyalGuard: ….

TheRoyalGuard: seungmin?


Seungmin: no


aussielifeguard: but you have to

aussielifeguard: ur the only one without a nickname


baby: yeah thats been bothering me

baby: y don't u have one


Seungmin: because its pointless and stupid


abandoned: ur pointless and stupid


aussielifeguard: please??


Seungmin: No




TheRoyalGuard: as much as i hate to abuse my power


abandoned: lies


TheRoyalGuard: i can and WILL use my admin powers to change it

TheRoyalGuard: so make a cool username or ill do it for u


Seungmin: i REFUSE


TheRoyalGuard changed Seungmin’s name to PEASANT


PEASANT: i hate all of you

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Neighbors (2)


TheRoyalGuard: i know weve literally only talked like once


darklord: is this about ur dog again

darklord: i'm not dogsitting for u

darklord: i told u i don't think it likes me and i don't like it


TheRoyalGuard: FIRST OFF

TheRoyalGuard: kkami is a he not an it and i wouldnt want u dogsitting again EVER

TheRoyalGuard: and second

TheRoyalGuard: i know uve been working at disney for a while and i'm starting there tomorrow


darklord: so?


TheRoyalGuard: i just wanted to know if u had any tips or anything 


darklord: is that it

darklord: seriously?


TheRoyalGuard: yep


darklord: just go to work


TheRoyalGuard: :(

TheRoyalGuard: i'm working with the characters

TheRoyalGuard: where r u working


darklord: really?

darklord: gross

darklord: i'm on haunted mansion


TheRoyalGuard: hmmm

TheRoyalGuard: it fits

TheRoyalGuard: some of my friends r working there too u wanna have lunch with us


darklord: why would i have lunch with u


TheRoyalGuard: if u don't want to its fine


darklord: i'm kidding

darklord: ill bring my friend too he needs more friends


TheRoyalGuard: thats fine

TheRoyalGuard: :)


darklord: now i want to sleep its one am


TheRoyalGuard: cya tomorrow neighbor :)


darklord: >:(




After a month of training, the boys’ first official day working in the parks arrived. Felix watched Hyunjin’s beat-up car drive off before making his way to the lifeguard locker room. 


Last week, towards the end of his training, Felix found out that he would be working along a section of the lazy river with a guy named Chris. Chris was apparently an experienced lifeguard who had worked that same shift the summer before, which was why Felix was paired with him. 


Felix expected a lot of things about Chris, like he expected him to be some muscled surfer dude with a perfect tan. But as it turns out, he was nothing like that at all. 


“You’re working here for this shift? You must be Felix, right?” Felix looked up from his little lifeguard’s station to see a pale kid with bleach blond hair smiling awkwardly at him. 


“Ummm…. yes??” 


“Oh. Well, my name’s Chris. I’ll be working on the other side of the river, if you have any questions, just ask. I’ve been doing this for a while, so—”


“Wait, are you Australian?” Chris stopped mid-ramble and stared at Felix like he had just asked if he had two heads. After a few seconds, he nodded, looking a little lost. 


“I’M Australian, too!!”


“Woah, I’m so used to hearing the accent at home that I didn’t even notice.” 


The two just stared at each other for a minute before they both burst out laughing. Felix felt himself relax a little, happy knowing he had found someone he could talk to. 


“So what made you decide to work here anyways?”


“Oh, my friend Jisung thought it would be cool if we all got summer jobs together, so we all applied to work at Disney.”


“Are they lifeguards too?”


“No.” Felix looked down sadly. “They’re not even in this park. They’re all working in Magic Kingdom.”


Chris watched Felix sadly fiddle with his lifeguard whistle, trying to think of something to cheer him up. After a few moments, he had an idea. 


“Well I have a friend working in Magic Kingdom, too. We always meet up to have lunch together, you can come with us if you want.”




“Yeah, and maybe you’ll be able to meet up with your friends too.”


Felix smiled happily at the idea of getting to see Hyunjin and Seungmin later that day. “That sounds great!! Then you can meet them too! I think you’ll really like them.”


As the new friends continued to talk, an announcement came out that the park was opening in five minutes. Chris made his way around to the other side of the river, and Felix started his first day with a smile, counting down the minutes until their lunch break came. 



“So this guy is your neighbor?”


Seungmin and Hyunjin met up in the employee area of the park and made their way towards when Hyunjin’s neighbor was meeting them for lunch. 


“Yeah? We don’t really talk that much, especially after what happened with Kkami, but since we work together now, I figured I could try to forgive him.”


Seungmin rolled his eyes at Hyunjin’s dramatics. “You make it sound like he killed you dog. Besides, you just want him to give you rides to work so you don’t have to pay for gas.”


“What?!” Hyunjin gasped dramatically, a hand on his chest. “I would never abuse our friendship like that! How could you even say that?”


Seungmin was about to reply when he noticed a short edgy-looking teen staring at them a few feet away. Hyunjin noticed too, and when he saw the dude he started to wave frantically. 


“Changbin! Over here!!” The boy, Changbin, walked over and punched Hyunjin in the arm. 


“I already saw you, idiot. Stop being so loud.”


Another boy stood a little behind Changbin. He was taller, with messy brown hair and a face that screamed Talk to me and I’ll kill you. Changbin either didn’t notice the boy’s mood, or didn’t care, because he turned around and pushed him towards Hyunjin and Seungmin. 


“This is Minho. Don’t be offended if he doesn’t acknowledge your presence, he’s always like this after his shift.” Then, Changbin turned to Seungmin, as if he just noticed he was there. “I don’t know you.”


“I’m Seungmin. Hyunjin’s classmate,” he answered, slightly annoyed. He was starting to feel the same as Minho. Maybe they’d get along better than he’d originally thought. 


Changbin and Hyunjin started talking as the group made their way to where they would eat lunch. Seungmin followed behind the two neighbors, with Minho brooding at his side. He considered trying to start a conversation with him, but then his phone went off. 


Lixie and Minnie (2)


aussielifeguard: hey seungmin

aussielifeguard: where r u having lunch

aussielifeguard: one of the guys i work with brought me with him to meet his friend at the main park for lunch, and he said we could meet up with u guys if u want


PEASANT: since we all brought our lunches, were just gonna find a spot in the employee area to eat


aussielifeguard: i'm there rn

aussielifeguard: ill look for u then


The group found a small corner where they could eat in peace and sat down. Seungmin looked around for Felix, but didn’t find him anywhere. 


“Are you looking for someone?”


Seungmin was startled when he heard someone speak, but he realized it was just Minho. 


“Our friend Felix said he wanted to meet us for lunch. Apparently he’s with someone he met at the water park.”


“Your friend works at the water park?” Minho looked confused and slightly disgusted at the idea. 




“I know a guy who works over there, and I could never understand why they would willingly work there.” Seungmin was confused. 


“What’s so bad about it?” Minho looked around a bit before whispering (rather loudly) to Seungmin, “There are some people you do NOT want to see in a bathing suit.” Then he went back to eating his sandwich as if had never said anything. 


Seungmin looked over at the other two, but they just shrugged and kept on eating. 




Felix followed Chris out to his car so they could drive over to Magic Kingdom. On the way, Felix texted Seungmin  to find out where to meet up with him. When they arrived at the employee area, Chris sat down at a table in the common area and got his lunch out. 


“Ummm… Chris?” Chris looked up from his cold spaghetti. (Yes he’s eating cold spaghetti) “What about your friend? You’re not gonna wait for him?” 


“Oh. Well, Woojin and I always meet up in the same spot, and he doesn't like it when I wait for him since it takes a while for him to get out of his costume and get over here.” Felix stared at Chris, completely shocked.


“Your friend’s one of the characters?! That’s ridiculous! How did he even get to be one??”


Chris sat there for a minute, thinking. “I never really thought of it as something special. He has to spend all day outside in that stuffy costume in the heat. I would die.”


“Who is he, though?”


“One of the bears.” Felix was left staring again, this time confused. Bears? Are there even bears here?


“Oh look. Here he comes now. Woojin!” Chris waved at someone behind Felix, who turned around. The guy, Woojin, was making his way over to the table. He was tall, probably taller than Felix, and covered in sweat. 


“Hey Chan, sorry I'm late. They had a new guy helping me with the costume and he couldn’t figure it out. Who’s this?” It took a moment for Felix to realize Woojin was talking about him , being too distracted by something else. 


“I’m Felix, but who’s Chan?” Chris and Woojin both looked at him, confused, before Woojin pointed at Chris. 


“.... He is?” Silence.


“OOOOOOOHHHHHH. I forgot to tell you, but my Korean name is Chan, and that’s what my Korean friends call me.” After talking the whole morning, the two Australians knew that the other was also part Korean, but the topic of having another name they went by never came up, and now Felix felt stupid. So he did what anyone would do in that situation. He face-planted onto the table. 


“Oh my god that was so stupid, obviously it was you.”


“Are you alright, Felix?” Felix looked up, surprised to see Seungmin standing next to him, with Hyunjin dragging two others over as well. 


“Oh, yeah I’ll be fine.” Chris, or rather Chan, and Woojin were looking at them expectantly. “Seungmin, this is my coworker, Chan, and his friend Woojin. This is Seungmin, and the tall one is Hyunjin, but I don’t--”


“Oh my god, Chan?” The medium sized man by Hyunjin stepped forward to talk with Chan and Woojin. 


“Minho? I thought you would’ve quit by now.”


“And I thought you would’ve tanned by now, but it looks like we’re both wrong. And Woojin, are they still putting you in that stuffy old costume?”


Seungmin, Hyunjin, and Felix were surprised to find out the three knew each other already, and they let them catch up. As conversations continued, the group of six all sat down at the table to eat their lunches. 




Felix was honestly starting to feel overwhelmed by all that had happened in the last ten minutes, but none of that could compare to looking up from his food to see an absolutely stunning man talking to him.  


As Felix continued to stare in absolute Gay Panic™, the man began to speak again. 


“My name’s Changbin, by the way. I kinda got cut off by Minho earlier, so I couldn’t introduce myself.”


“Oh.” Say something, stupid. You have to say something or he’ll think you’re weird. Or uninterested. “Felix.”


Perfect. So elegant. 


Changbin smiled slightly. “I figured. Hyunjin got really excited when he heard you would be here. He wouldn’t stop rambling.”


“That sounds about right.” Felix smiled back, and the two continued to talk the rest of lunch, with Hyunjin butting in every once in a while. 


Once lunch was over, everyone agreed that they would meet up again for lunch tomorrow, then went off back to their respective jobs. 




Employed bitches (5)


abandoned: hey guys

abandoned: i just got off for my lunch break wanna eat together?

abandoned: hello???


baby: sorry man

baby: disney’s too far away and out of my price range


abandoned: really?

abandoned: one time u made me drive u an hour and a half to an expensive fondue place cause u saw some melted cheese on the sidewalk and it made u want fondue


baby: but u paid for that

baby: and i was hoping i wouldn’t have to c u today


abandoned: screw u then

abandoned: wheres everyone else


baby: given ur username i thought u knew

baby: theyve moved on


abandon: :(

aussielifeguard: sorry sungie 

aussielifeguard: i thought everyone was there


TheRoyalGuard: y didnt u come

TheRoyalGuard: even my neighbor came to have lunch with us


abandoned: no one TOLD ME


PEASANT: just come tomorrow ig

PEASANT: ud have to drive to the main park tho


baby: whatd i tell u


abandoned: :(

Chapter Text

Employed bitches (5)


abandoned: so i need new friends

abandoned: cause y’all fake


aussielifeguard: i said it was an accident :(


TheRoyalGuard: honestly its all ur fault


abandoned: HOW is this MY FAULT


TheRoyalGuard: u didnt ask


abandoned: I DID


baby: i mean he did ask


PEASANT: just stop whining and come tomorrow

PEASANT: it doesn't really matter anyways


abandoned: maybe to u since u were INVITED


aussielifeguard: i know

aussielifeguard: how about i introduce u to everyone

aussielifeguard: like i can make a chat with all of us in it

aussielifeguard: then u wont feel left out


abandoned: ud really do that??

abandoned: for me??


aussielifeguard: yeah just gimme a sec


aussielifeguard has created a group. 

aussielifeguard added countrybear, aussielifeguard, eeyore, darklord, TheRoyalGuard, abandoned, PEASANT, and baby. 

aussielifeguard named the chat Disney Squad


aussielifeguard: speak


darklord: tf is this


abandoned: u really??

abandoned: did this??

abandoned: FOR ME????


darklord: who tf r u


abandoned: i could ask u the same


darklord: touche


aussielifeguard: GUYS

aussielifeguard: i made this chat so we could all get along

aussielifeguard: and make new FRIENDS


eeyore: idk chan

eeyore: sounds counterproductive


abandoned: thats a big word


darklord: how is this counterproductive


aussielifeguard: chan?


aussielifeguard: yes??

aussielifeguard: what


aussielifeguard: WHAT


eeyore: this seems familiar…


abandoned:spider man meme


darklord: idk y but that scared me


eeyore: i like this kid


abandoned: :)


aussielifeguard: chan?

aussielifeguard: is that u?


aussielifeguard: is it?

aussielifeguard: i'm not sure who i am anymore flex


abandoned: flex


eeyore: flex


darklord: flex




TheRoyalGuard: FLEX


aussielifeguard: FELIX

aussielifeguard: why me


aussielifeguard changed their name to FLEX


countrybear: u do this to urself honestly

countrybear: now

countrybear: introduce urselves

countrybear: besides dumb and dumber


aussielifeguard: which one am i


countrybear: guess


aussielifeguard changed their name to dumber


abandoned: NEWAYS

abandoned: i'm jisung


darklord: do we know u


TheRoyalGuard: oh hes our friend

TheRoyalGuard: he couldnt make it to lunch today


abandoned: more like i WASNT INVITED


eeyore: the name suddenly makes sense

eeyore: well i'm minho


darklord: changbin


TheRoyalGuard: hyunjin :)


baby: u absolute trash stop spamming me

baby: i can and will block all of u

baby: ive done it before and ill do it again


countrybear: what


baby: …

baby: whoops


abandoned: JEONGIN






eeyore: ummm

eeyore: am i the only one…


darklord: nope

darklord: idk either


baby: wheres seungmin

baby: hes the only one i can stomach rn


PEASANT: i'm here



PEASANT changed their name to Minnie


Minnie: thats better


eeyore: lol like the mouse


Minnie: i know where u live


eeyore: but we met this morning??


Minnie: and?


countrybear: stop harassing minho


eeyore: thanks hyung


countrybear: only i can do that


eeyore: i am: betrayed


abandoned: join the club


eeyore: no thanks i'm good

Chapter Text

prepare for trouble x2 (2)


baby: so i see u met my friends


eeyore: yeah

eeyore: theyre pretty crazy tho


baby: arent we all??


eeyore: i guess

eeyore: so should we tell em


baby: nah

baby: they can figure it out eventually


eeyore: will do cuz


baby: <3




The following day the boys all gathered for lunch once again. Looking around, Changbin noticed Woojin hadn’t arrived yet, but he told them yesterday that he might be late. 


In all honesty, when Changbin agreed to accompany his annoying neighbor, he wasn’t expecting to be caught up in such a large group. And he certainly wasn’t expecting to meet a Lee Felix. 


Much to his own surprise, Changbin was charmed by Felix’s awkwardness, and could easily talk to the bubbly life guard. 


“Hey hyung! Oh, is it alright if I call you that?” Felix smiled at Changbin, and what was he supposed to do? Say no?




“Uh yeah, I don’t mind.” That smile. It has too much power.


“Wait, why won’t you let me call you hyung? Is it because of-- GWAHHH” Changbin was going to shut Hyunjin up, but before he could Hyunjin went face-first into the salad he was eating. Felix, who was sitting between the two, glared down at Hyunjin. “It’s not nice to butt into other people’s conversations, Jinnie. Why don’t you go talk to Seungmin instead?”


Felix turned back to Changbin once again wearing his bright smile. “Anyways, you wouldn’t believe what happened at the water park today!”


This kid… 




After an incredibly stressful morning of unbearable Florida heat and an unfortunate run-in with an old banana (Don’t ask), Woojin just wanted a normal lunch break. When he arrived at the table to Felix shoving Hyunjin into his salad, he knew that it was a lost cause. Since he was the last one, there were only two end seats left: one next to Chan, and the other by Minho. With a long sigh, he plopped down on the bench next to Chan. 


“Rough morning?” Chan asked while offering part of his sandwich. Woojin hadn’t even noticed that he forgot his own lunch, and with another loud sigh, he took the sandwich. “Don’t even ask.”


Minho let out a small scoff. “Sometimes I wonder why you put up with that crap. As much as I hate my job, I could never imagine willingly standing outside in those heat traps all day.”


Seungmin, who had grown tired of trying to help Hyunjin pick lettuce out of his hair, chimed in. “What job do you have that leaves you so grumpy all the time? Do you go around picking up trash or something?” 


“That’s not the point--” 


“He doesn't want to tell you cause he thinks it’s embarrassing and doesn’t fit his image,” Changbin called from the other end of the table. Minho sent him the ‘choose your next words carefully I know where you live’ glare, but he kept going. “He works on the Winnie the Pooh ride.”


“That’s why his chat name is Eeyore!” Hyunjin perked up, another piece of lettuce falling out of his hair. Seungmin rolled his eyes. 


Another big sigh, and Woojin tuned them out and kept eating his sandwich. As much as he didn’t mind having people to talk with, he just wanted some peace today. However, just as things finally started to calm down, some squirrely kid ran up to the table, wheezing and looking like he was about to pass out. 


“I,” a big gasp for air, “made,” and another, “it.” The kid collapsed on the bench by Minho, who immediately tried to push him off. 


“Excuse me, but who the fuck are you?” At this point, the other idiots had finally noticed the kid’s arrival. 


“Jisung! I forgot you were coming,” Hyunjin admitted a little sheepishly. Jisung glared at him. 


“Well someone said they would pick me up for lunch, but they didn’t so I had to run all the way from Animal Kingdom.”


“Run? You do know they have, like, buses and stuff that run to all of the parks,” Minho looked at him with a deadpan expression. He slumped onto the table. “I do now.”


Chan reached across the table and patted Jisung comfortingly on the head. “Don’t worry, mate. Felix and I have to drive over from the water parks, so I can pick you up on the way if you want.”




“Yeah, it’s no problem. I’d feel bad if you were left out.” Woojin was always amazed at how caring Chan could be, even with people he barely knew. Hell, he even shared his lunch with Woojin, and that’s big because the last time they had spent time with Minho, he ate a bite of Chan’s lamington and barely escaped with his life. In fact, yesterday was the first time they had seen him since the event. 


They must have put that behind them, because the two got along just fine now, both making some kind of effort to cheer Jisung up. 




#banginho (2)


dumber: hey minho

dumber: i know its been awhile but

dumber: im sorry about what happened

dumber: with the lamington


eeyore: lol what

eeyore: its fine hyung, i wasnt upset about it or anything. I really shoudlnt have taken it in the first place


dumber: i know :(

dumber: i feel bad tho, and woojin keeps telling me to just apologise

dumber: so i am


eeyore: huh

eeyore: well i forgive you i guess??

eeyore: and woojin hyung (´・ω・) whats goin on with that???

eeyore: i thought u never shared food


dumber: what about u n jisung

dumber: u were sitting awfully close for someone who just met


eeyore: thats cause there wasnt any room

eeyore: he was practically on top of me and he was still falling off the bench


dumber: but there was plenty of room for u to move over


eeyore: irrelevant 


dumber: sure jan

Chapter Text

Disney Squad (9)


baby: i'm bored

baby: entertain me


abandoned: u coulda got a job like the rest of us

abandoned: then u wouldnt be bored


TheRoyalGuard: JISUNG



baby: *is in tears*



FLEX: u made him CRY


abandoned: WHAT

abandoned: its OBVIOUSLY F A K E


countrybear: now children


baby: hyungggg 

baby: jisung was being mean :(


abandoned: i BREATHED


TheRoyalGuard: felix

TheRoyalGuard: u know what to do


FLEX: on it ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


FLEX removed abandoned from the chat


dumber: … what did i miss


countrybear: a lot


eeyore: plz take ur bickering somewhere else

eeyore: some of us have to work


countrybear: felix let jisung back


TheRoyalGuard: i'm sorry but as a member of pmjps i can't allow that


Minnie: not this again istg


darklord: what now


TheRoyalGuard: pmjps


FLEX: Precious Maknae Jeongin Protection Squad


TheRoyalGuard: it is our sworn duty to protect our dearest maknae jeongin from all the hardships of this world and those who seek to harm him in anyway

TheRoyalGuard: that man crossed a line and had to be eliminated


darklord: and ur ok with this jeongin


baby: eh

baby: it amuses me

baby: besides they know what happens if they go to far

baby: :)


Minnie: i thought pmjps dissolved when we started high school


FLEX: yeah

FLEX: but due to dire circumstances it has reformed


eeyore: for the love of god just add jisung back already

eeyore: he wont stop texting me and if you don't fix this immediately i swear i will murder each and every one of u :)


FLEX added abandoned to the chat


abandoned: 人(_ _*) i'm sorry jeongin plz show mercy on my soul


countrybear: are u done


baby: i'm willing to overlook this 

baby: for now


abandoned: yay (^∀^)

abandoned: hey jeongin

abandoned: i just realised u havent met the others yet


Minnie: oh i guess he hasnt


TheRoyalGuard: then we should all hang out together!!!!

TheRoyalGuard: outside of work


dumber: that

dumber: actually sounds kinda fun


FLEX: jeongin we usually go to urs

FLEX: is it alright if we all come over


baby: sorry but after what happened last time my mom doesn't want to see u or jisung in the house ever again


abandoned: ( ̄  ̄|| )

abandoned: sorry


FLEX: hyunjin?


TheRoyalGuard: my mom doesn't want that many people over rn


FLEX: (  )(^ )(∇^ )(^∇^)


Minnie: no


FLEX: o(TヘTo)


dumber: i would offer my place

dumber: but our apartments kinda small


eeyore: hhhh

eeyore: if u REALLY WANT


FLEX: (´∀`)


eeyore: my moms gonna be out this weekend


abandoned: we can come over???


eeyore: …..

eeyore: don't make me regret this


abandoned: \( ^▽^ )/


eeyore: = )


Baby binnie ♥ (2)


darklord: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


eeyore: what do u want


darklord: uve never invited anyone over before

darklord: seems suspicious 


eeyore: don't act like u arent happy to spend more time with a certain freckled boy


darklord: who said i was hiding it


eeyore: oh really?

eeyore: then i guess ill just go tell him right now

eeyore: since u arent hiding anything


darklord: nO WAIT

Chapter Text

“They’re late.” 


Minho paced across the living room, eyes flitting between the clock, his phone, and the front door. Jeongin sighed. 


“Well Chan and Woojin live kinda far away, and Changbin had to pick up the others. I’ll bet my left leg that Jisung wasn’t even awake when he showed up.” 


Minho stopped pacing. “Why the left one?” Jeongin shrugged. 


“But seriously, hyung. Who cares if they’re a little late. It’s not like we have anything planned.”


“Yeah, but my mom’s not gonna be gone all afternoon.” 


“So?” Minho suddenly became very interested in the tattered cat post in the corner. “Hyung. You did tell Auntie that everyone is coming over, right?”


“Ummm… have you seen Doongi anywhere? I think he’s hiding behind the couch again.” and with that, Minho flung himself behind the couch. Jeongin dropped his head on the kitchen counter in frustration. 


Not long after, the doorbell rang. Minho peeked out from behind the couch with a cat in his arms. Jeongin lifted his head off the counter. They stared at each other, and both jumped when someone started banging on the door. 




“Jisung, you idiot. What if this is the wrong house? Don't just start screaming!”


“Sorry, Changbin.” Minho sighed and went to open the door. He had it open for all of three seconds before Changbin, Hyunjin, and Jisung came bursting into his house, Felix and Seungmin hanging back. Minho sighed and invited them in. 


“Wow, hyung! Your house is really nice. Hey Jeongin! When’d you get here?” Jisung bounced from the front hallway, into the living room, and then over to the bar that connects the kitchen and the living room to tackle Jeongin. Minho set Doongi down and watched as he bolted back behind the couch. 


Jeongin, Changbin, and Felix made their way into the kitchen to try and find some snacks, while Jisung, Hyunjin, and Seungmin tried to lure Doongi out from behind the couch. They had their faces stuck under the couch trying to find him, and Minho watched as the cat crossed the room behind them and scurried into Minho’s bedroom. 


#banginho (2)


dumber: hey minho

dumber: woojin and i r lost

dumber: which house is urs again?


eeyore: are you in the neighborhood?


dumber: i think so?


eeyore: its pretty small, so ill walk out and find u


“Chan and Woojin are almost here. I'm gonna go out and find them. Jeongin, you’re in charge.” Changbin let out an undignified gasp. 


“What? Why is he in charge? I’m the oldest.”


“Actually, I’m the oldest right now, and it’s my house, so Jeongin’s in charge.” And with that, Minho left. 


Jeongin brought a couple bowls of chips into the living room and plopped down on the couch. “Well, we might as well think of something we can do while we’re here. Any ideas?” They all sat and thought for a few minutes before Jisung looked around. 


“Do you think Minho has any games? We could all find a game to play together.” Jeongin pointed to a closet by the hallway. 


“He keeps all his board games in there.” Hyunjin, Felix, and Jisung immediately jumped up and dove for the closet. They dug around through the pile of games, arguing over which one was better, or which one could be played in a large group. They eventually came back, holding a board game behind their backs. 


“We have decided,” Felix said in a reverent voice. Just as they were about to reveal the game, the front door opened. 


“Sorry we’re late, we got a little lost.” Chan kicked his shoes off next to the stack of everyone’s shoes by the front door and went straight for the snacks on the coffee table. Woojin and Minho followed him in and sat down on the couch. 


Woojin looked up at the three who were looking at him with impatient glares. “What are you doing?”


Jisung cleared his throat. “We were about to reveal the game we’ll be playing.”

“We’re playing a game?” Woojin turned to Minho, who just shrugged in response. 


Anyways, ” Hyunjin started. “The game we have chosen is…” he brought his arm around from behind his back to reveal…




Before anyone could protest, Felix and Jisung sprang into action, moving the coffee table out of the way and laying the mat down in the center of the room. 


“Its kinda… small.”


“Well it should be perfect for you then.” 




“I guess that means we’re gonna have to take turns.” Chan stepped forward. “Minho, do you have a big paper or board I could write on?”


The boys spent the next half-hour drawing up a Twister tournament bracket. After much arguing, the whiteboard easel was set up in the corner of the room, with the groups divided as such:


Round 1 => Minho vs Felix vs Changbin

Round 2 => Jeongin vs Woojin vs Chan

Round 3 => Seungmin vs Jisung vs Hyunjin


Round 1


After a quick round of rock, paper, scissors to decide who goes first, the round began. Felix started off the game in the center of the mat, with Changbin stepping in on his left and Minho on his right. 


Minho watched the other two play turn after turn staying as far away from each other as possible. After Changbin’s fifth turn in the same two rows, he’d had enough. If only I could-- 


“Minho, left foot yellow!” Jisung called, interrupting his thoughts. Perfect. 


Felix yelped as Minho stretched his leg under him and pushed him over, face-first into Changbin. The pair fell over, Felix laying on top of Changbin, who stared back at him without moving. Minho smirked. 


Round 1 => Minho vs Felix vs Changbin

Round 2 => Jeongin vs Woojin vs Chan

Round 3 => Seungmin vs Jisung vs Hyunjin


Round 2


Woojin knew before the match started that he had already basically won. Jeongin complained as soon as Chan, Minho, and Jisung showed them the final lineup. 


“But he’s a freaking bear! How is this even fair?”


“Sorry, but that’s the final lineup. Guess you’re just gonna have to deal with it.”


What Minho said was a little harsh, but it seemed to be enough. Hyunjin and Jisung fought over who would spin the spinner, which was settled when Hyunjin distracted Jisung with a cookie and took the spinner for himself. 


“Woojin, you won, so you go first. Right hand red!” Woojin immediately claimed the center of the mat for himself. Jeongin went next, placing his foot on the edge to Woojin’s right, and Chan entered last off to the left. 


Woojin focused in on Jeongin first. In a few turns, he was able to completely corner the younger until he couldn’t keep his balance any longer and he fell over. “OUT!!” Jeongin pouted as he crawled over to Felix for comfort. 


With his first target eliminated, he turned towards Chan. As he did, Chan took his turn, stepping across half the board to come face to face with Woojin as a sort of challenge. Woojin used his turn to straighten himself out so he was better balanced. Challenge accepted. 


“Right hand blue.” Instead of using the blue dot right in front of him, Chan reached over Woojin’s leg to the blue dot behind him. This brought him even closer, as he had to lean across Woojin to reach it. oHH MY GOD WHY IS HE SO CLOSE TO ME WHAT DO I DO WHAT IS HE DOING-- 


“Out? Did Woojin fall?” In his panic, Woojin did, in fact, fall. I didn’t even notice… Woojin rolled off the mat, away from Chan, and stood up. He could see Minho smirking at him from the couch, so he went into the kitchen for a drink. 


Round 1 => Minho vs Felix vs Changbin

Round 2 => Jeongin vs Woojin vs Chan

Round 3 => Seungmin vs Jisung vs Hyunjin


Round 3


Seungmin, Hyunjin, and Jisung wasted no time in getting themselves thoroughly tangled, however they were so tangled that they were all keeping each other from falling, and none of them were willing to admit defeat. 


“Seungmin, I said move your left hand!” 


“I did!” 


“Then what’s this?” Minho, in his righteous anger, kicks the hand he’d been glaring at. 




“Whoops, sorry Hyunjin.”


Once that is settled, the endless match resumes. It goes on for another couple rounds before Seungmin felt it . He looked down and saw Minho’s damn cat strutting beneath him, tail brushing slowly across his face. He tried to get away, but instead he lost his balance. I CAN'T FALL ON THE CAT. 


In a last attempt to save the cat, and in turn himself, Seungmin flung his body weight sideways. However, he forgot that he was still very much tangled with Hyunjin and Jisung, so they fell in a tangled heap on the floor. After freeing himself from Hyunjin’s legs, Seungmin looked around to make sure the cat was okay. 


The cat was perfectly fine, looking up into Jisung’s eyes as he balances above it, somehow still in the game. 


“Son of a--” 


“Soonie!! What are you doing there? You could’ve been killed!” Minho rushed over and scooped up the cat, knocking Jisung over in the process. 


Round 1 => Minho vs Felix vs Changbin

Round 2 => Jeongin vs Woojin vs Chan

Round 3 => Seungmin vs Jisung vs Hyunjin

Final Round => Minho vs Chan vs Jisung


Chan was beginning to regret things. At the time, it seemed like a good idea to show off and win his round even though no one thought he would, and the look on Woojin’s face when he made his attack was definitely worth it, but being stuck in between Minho and Jisung made him rethink it all. 


Jisung, being Jisung, was a hyperactive ball of energy that didn’t know the definition of quitting or losing, and after nearly losing his cat, Minho was dead set on extracting a gruesome revenge. Chan gulped. 


Minho moved his left foot one step closer towards him, and Jisung stretched his hand to the spot right next to Chan’s. With each turn they moved closer and closer. 


This isn’t worth losing my life. As the next action was called out, Chan tipped himself over onto the mat and tumbled out from the death trap. 


“Well looks like I lose. Man, that was tough, but you really got me there Jisung.”


“But… I didn’t move yet?” But Chan was already gone. 


Minho shook his head as he watched Chan flee. Then he directed his attention back to the game, where Jisung was finally making his move. What… 


Minho, who was doing a partial split with one hand resting by his left foot while the other was by Jisung’s left foot, looked down to see Jisung reaching under his legs to a spot beneath Minho. He turned to look up at Minho and their faces were millimeters apart. Minho felt Jisung’s breath fan out over his lips. Wow... he's kinda hot-- 


“Minho, whose cars are those in-- Lee Minho!” His face paled. 


Mom’s home…

Chapter Text

Disney Squad (9)


FLEX: someones got some explaining to do


eeyore: what is it this time




baby: lol


TheRoyalGuard: y didnt u tell us?


baby: i talk about him all the time?


abandoned: yeah but u never said it was minho

abandoned: y not


baby: i didnt think it mattered

baby: besides my mom has pictures of him all over the house i'm surprised u never noticed


eeyore: she does??


baby: nevermind


darklord: of all the things from this weekend

darklord: THIS is what ur arguing about

darklord: no one gonna mention the twister final ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


abandoned: ???


baby: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


TheRoyalGuard: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


FLEX: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


eeyore: hey felix

eeyore: changbin has something to tell u


darklord: nOO


FLEX: what is it hyung?


darklord: uhhh


Minnie: as interesting as this is

Minnie: some of us take our work seriously

Minnie: so can u not do this in the big chat, or save it for lunch


FLEX: oh sorry

FLEX: and chan hyungs not working today

FLEX: so theres no one to drive me to lunch


abandoned: wait that means


FLEX: sorry sungie


abandoned: … 

abandoned: its fine

abandoned: ill just have lunch with my other friends


TheRoyalGuard: lol u have other friends

TheRoyalGuard: … 



Hell’s Kitchen (2)


abandoned: richard the duck

abandoned: richard says hi


eeyore: did u

eeyore: name the duck?


abandoned: yes


eeyore: y richard tho


abandoned: well i was trying to think of something that went with duck

abandoned: and i thought of dick


eeyore: da fuc


abandoned: dick the duck sounded weird

abandoned: but dick is a nickname for richard

abandoned: and so


eeyore: richard


abandoned: richard

abandoned: my new friend

abandoned: my only friend

abandoned: besides u


eeyore: thats not true


abandoned: the others alwaysd forget about me


eeyore: have you talked to them about it

eeyore: like actually talked about it


abandoned: no..


eeyore: i'm sure they feel worse about it than you do

eeyore: if you talk to them about it i'm sure you guys can work it out


abandoned: thats pretty vague advice hyung

abandoned: but

abandoned: it helped ^^

abandoned: ill talk to them when richard and i finish lunch


eeyore: wait ur really eating lunch with the duck

eeyore: don't u know any people over there?


abandoned: i tried to make friends but everyone is really grumpy


eeyore: well can’t u like

eeyore: apply to move parks or something


abandoned: really?

abandoned: how??


eeyore: well i know theyre looking for more people to work in tomorrowland

eeyore: u could apply to work there


abandoned: do you really think i could get it tho


eeyore: ofc theres no reason they wouldnt take u


abandoned: if i work there then i can visit u during work ^^


eeyore: u’d probably fit in there better than i do tbh


abandoned: no i think eeyore fits u pretty well


eeyore: ouch

eeyore: alright wby then


abandoned: hmm


abandoned changed their name to tigger

Chapter Text

Troubled Teens (5)


baby: alright losers

baby: i need help


GodTM : what is it this time?


baby: geometry

baby: y do i need to know the acute angle of a triangle 


pennywise: u mean the 

pennywise: triANGLE


fashionking: (¬、¬)


God TM : i don't know y u need to know it but u do if u wanna graduate

God TM : the hw paper has an explanation on the back


baby: i read it but it just confused me more


jisungPWARK: same

jisungPWARK: can't u just tell us how to do it


pennywise: wait


fashionking: there was hw??


God TM : …

God TM : Y E S


fashionking: ( : ౦ ‸ ౦ : )


pennywise: (T⌓T)


baby: u forgot again ( ̄  ̄|| )


jisungPWARK: i don't know what u expected


fashionking: yedammie


God TM : no


pennywise: u always help jeongin y can't u help us too


God TM : bc jeongin actually tries

God TM : yall just copy my answers


baby: y don't we all meet up sunday and work on it together?


jisungPWARK: sounds good to me


fashionking: YAYYY


pennywise: ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º )


God TM : …

God TM : fine



baby: : P


Knowing he no longer had to worry about his evil geometry assignment, Jeongin tossed his phone onto his bed and stuffed the papers back into his backpack, ready to enjoy his Friday night. Just as he finished putting the last paper away, there was a knock on his bedroom door. 


“Finished with your work already?” 


“Yes, Mom,” Jeongin lied as he turned to face his mother. She was wearing an apron covered in flour and had a plate of slightly-burnt cookies in her hand, which she gave to him. 


“Good, ‘cause while I was at work today, one of my coworkers gave me some extra Disney water park passes. She was gonna go with her kids, but the plans changed and she thought you and your friends would like to use them.” His mom sat on the edge of his bed and showed him three Disney passes. “There are only three, though, so you’ll have to decide who to bring with you.”


Jeongin looked at his mom, confused. “You and dad don't wanna go?” She smiled


“No, we have to work tomorrow, and I know you haven’t spent a lot of time with your friends this summer because of your summer classes, so we figured you would want to spend the day with them.”


“Thanks, Mom.”


Employed Bitches (5)


baby: attention peasants

baby: whos free tomorrow?





Minnie: srry i have work tomorrow






baby: can yall just answer the damn question


FLEX: sorry

FLEX: i'm working tmrrw too


tigger: u wanna hang out tomorrow?


baby: i have aquired water park passes

baby: i need two idiots to accompany me


TheRoyalGuard: and u asked US?



tigger: he likes us

tigger: he really likes us jinnie


TheRoyalGuard: (♡ω♡)




The next morning found Jeongin, Jisung, and Hyunjin standing outside the gates for Blizzard Beach as the park opened. It had been a couple weeks since the whole group hung out at Minho’s house, and even longer since Jeongin had a chance to hang out with just Jisung and Hyunjin outside of school. 


During the school year, all five of them would eat lunch together and had a lot of the same classes, and they saw each other almost every weekend. Sometimes they would all hang out together, but every once in a while they would break up into smaller groups. Jeongin liked the time he got to spend with each of them, from playing video games all day with Felix or just chilling with Seungmin watching movies or listening to Day6. But the days he spent with Hyunjin and Jisung were by far the strangest. Both are highly impulsive, so those days often entailed them showing up at his house and “kidnapping” him to do something crazy. Even though a day with those two is exhausting, it’s never boring. 


On their way to the park, Jisung compiled a list of everything they (read: he) wanted to do that day. Once inside, they put all their stuff in a locker before racing to Mount Gushmore towards the back of the park so they could beat the lines. On a hot, summer Saturday like this one, the place was sure to fill up fast. Jisung insisted that they definitely had to beat the lines for the first ride, Teamboat Springs, because they wanted to get a raft with just the three of them. 


In the end, they had to share a raft with a couple, but it was still lots of fun. Jisung and Hyunjin made a bet to see who could stand up in the raft, and they asked Jeongin to keep a look out for cast members and drops that would knock them over. Jeongin may or may not have forgotten to warn them about a particularly sudden drop that almost flung the pair out of the raft, and they spent the rest of the ride holding onto each other tightly. 


After the team raft, Hyunjin dragged them back up the mountain to ride the Summit Plummet, but Jisung hung back a little, eyeing the practically vertical slide. 


“Umm, I’m not so sure about this, Jinnie. Are you sure that’s even safe?” Hyunjin stopped and turned back to look at him. 


“Of course it’s safe! Do you really think Disney would make a ride that’s not safe? Now, let’s hurry up before the line gets even longer.”


The line was, in fact, long. They waited for nearly 40 minutes before they finally got to the top. There were only two more groups in front of them. 


“I’m not sure if i can do this…” Jisung gulped as the girl at the top of the slide pushed off, her scream quickly fading as she dropped. Jeongin pulled his attention away from the slide as the next person stepped up. 


“Hyung, if you can go down that slide, then I’ll buy you ice cream.” 


“The Mickey Mouse shaped one?”


“Sure.” Jisung considered this for a second, before asking, “But what if I can’t?”


This time, Hyunjin stepped in, slightly exasperated. “Then you buy us ice cream.”


“Deal.” With a determined look, Jisung stepped in front of them and up to the slide. 


“Sit down, arms and legs crossed, wait for the green light.”




“Here’s your ice cream bar, have a nice day!”


Jeongin bit the ear of the Mickey shaped ice cream bar and nearly cried. In the end, Jisung took one look down the slide and turned right back around. “Meet me at the bottom for your ice cream, I’m going on the other slide.” After waiting another half hour for Jisung to make it through the line on the Slush Gusher, the trio went straight to the nearest snack stand. 


After buying the ice cream, they found a small group of beach chairs by the wave pool and sat down. Jisung pouted as the two raced to finish their snacks before they melted. As Hyunjin got down to the last few bits of his bar, he glanced up at the others and noticed Jisung’s pout. After considering it for a moment, he passed the last of his ice cream to Jisung. 


“Geez, Sungie, stop looking so sad.” Jeongin watched as the two gently smiled at each other before Jisung ate the rest of the melting ice cream. They pretend to hate each other and argue all the time, and then they go and do cute shit like this, always in perfect sync, knowing when the other is upset… Disgusting. 


“Jeongin, your ice cream is melting.”


“Huh?” Jeongin looked down, and indeed, the last bite of vanilla ice cream had melting off the stick and was now running down his arm. The other two laughed and followed their maknae as he ran off to wash his arm. 




“Wait, aren’t Felix and Chan working today?”


The trio stared at each other for a few seconds before turning to run for the Lazy River. Sort of. 


Jeongin and Hyunjin split off towards the two closest entrances to the river, while Jisung ran off in the opposite direction. What an idiot… Jeongin reached the river and hopped on one of the open tubes. He got on one stop before the main entrance, hoping to miss part of the crowds. As he floated around the corner, he could see Hyunjin looking around for an empty tube. 


“Hyunjin!!” Jeongin grabbed one of the empty tubes drifting next to him and pushed it towards the older. They continued down the river, keeping an eye out for Chan, Felix, and Jisung. 


“Where did Jisung even go?” Hyunjin asked as he looked around. Jeongin shrugged and leaned back on his tube, hooking his arm around Hyunjin’s tube so they wouldn’t drift apart. 


“I wouldn’t worry about it. Hyung may act like an idiot most of the time, but he’s not stupid. He probably just got on at a different stop.”


The two continued to chat as they floated down the river, Jeongin starting to doze off a little. The sun dried their hair, but there were enough clouds to block it out just as it started to get too hot, and they kept their feet in the cool water. It was honestly perfect. 


In the distance, Jeongin could hear rushing water and occasional squeals, slowly getting louder, but he didn’t think much of it. They were in a water park, after all. The sun started to peek out from the clouds again, lighting up the backs of his eyelids, before it got dark again. 


Actually, this is really dark. We must be in the cave now. Wait.. the cave?! Jeongin’s eyes flew open seconds before their small chain of two floated right under one of the cold waterfalls, giving him only a second to prepare for the shock of cold on his feet. Hyunjin wasn’t as lucky, he floated head-first right under the waterfall and screamed as the sudden cold jolted him awake, causing him to flip out of the tube. Jeongin managed to bail right before the water got his face. 


A few other people snickered at the two as they slipped back into their tubes and dodged the remaining waterfalls. Just as they started to settle back down and laugh off the embarrassment, someone called out to them. 


“Hyunjinnie, Yennie!! Over here!!” They looked up to see Jisung waving at them next to the wall along with a tired looking Chan. They wove through the other park-goers and latched onto Jisung’s tube. 


“Hey, Chan-hyung. Fancy seeing you here.” Chan sighed and gave them a tight smile before turning back to watching the river. 


“He’s be ignoring me the whole time,” Jisung pouted. “And speaking of, what took you so long? I’ve been waiting here for twenty minutes!”


“How were we supposed to know where you were?” Hyunjin shot back. “You just ran off in the opposite direction.”


“Chan-hyung said he works by the waterfall. So I came to the waterfall.” Jeongin didn’t remember Chan ever mentioning where along the river he worked, but then again, he hasn’t talked to the guy very much. And this is just the kind of random thing Jisung would remember. 


To stop Hyunjin and Jisung’s stupid arguement from escalating, Jeongin turned to Chan. “Hyung, where is Felix? We should say hi to him, too.” At this Chan looked very relieved and answered, “He’s just around the corner up ahead.”


After hearing that Felix was nearby, Jisung let go of the wall and yelled goodbye to Chan as they drifted away. Hyunjin started to pull their chain of tubes down the river, and Jisung joined in. Jeongin held onto the tube for dear life as the three raced through the river, barely dodging the other people gently floating along. 


“Hey, slow down! You three!! Wait, Jeongin??” Felix shouted at them from his lifeguard chair at the edge of the river, and watched with confusion as Hyunjin and Jisung dragged them off to the side. 


“Felix!! How are you and your lovely freckles doing today?” Jisung casually leaned on the edge of his tube, propping his chin up on his arm. 


“Ummm, good? You know, you’re not supposed to run in the river, right?”


“You think that’ll stop them?” Jeongin let out an exasperated sigh and flopped back in his tube. He closed his eyes as his hyungs continued to chat, letting all the stress ooze out of him. 


Some stress was from dealing with Hyunjin and Jisung now that they’re hyped up on sugar, but most of it was just the stress of everything in the last few months. The end of the school year rolled around, and he had failed a few classes, enough important ones that he was told he needed to make them up over the summer or he would have to repeat the year. His mother definitely wasn’t happy about that, and since then she was keeping a close eye on him, not letting him go out until all his homework was finished. This felt like it was his first completely free day in months and he was content to spend the whole day floating down this river. 


Wait, down the river?


“Felix, nooooo!”


“Jisung swim faster!”


“I’m trying, my little noodle arms can only go so fast.”


“Noodle arms? Bitch, we all know you work out, now stop complaining and start swimming.”


“I’m sorry if not all of us are swimming prodigies, Hyunjin.”


“I tried out for swim team one time--” 


“What’s going on?” Hyunjin and Jisung stopped arguing and turned back to look at Jeongin, then looked at each other, then back at Jeongin. Then they burst out laughing. 


“We were talking to Felix, then my hand slipped off the wall and we got carried away by the current!” Jisung forced out while Hyunjin wiped tears from his eyes. 


“Whatever, I’m hungry. Let’s go find something to eat.” Jeongin rolled out of his tube and swam to the exit, the others following after him, confused by his attitude. As he walked back to the front of the park where the restaurants are, he could hear them whispering behind him. Suddenly, there were two arms around his shoulders, and his hyungs pulled up on either side of him. 


“We’re buying lunch today, Yennie. What do you wanna eat?” Jeongin stared at Hyunjin like he grew a third head. Buying him a snack was one thing, but buying meals at Disney is expensive so they always agreed that when it came to lunch and dinner, everyone paid their own way. 


“A-are you sure? That’s--” 


“Don’t worry about it,” Jisung cut in. “It’s our treat. Besides, we’re getting paid now, so we have plenty to spend on own precious baby.” 


“I’m not a baby!” Jeongin said, trying his best to force away the small pout. 


“You’re so cute~!” Hyunjin cooed as he pinched Jeongin’s cheeks. 




Once they got their food, the trio sat down at one of the picnic tables outside the restaurant and began eating. They joked around, fed some fries to the pigeons, and enjoyed their time together as more clouds started to roll in. It wasn’t long before their laughter was interrupted by the distant roll of thunder. 


“Sounds like it’s gonna rain soon.”


“Ugh, can’t we have just one day without rain??” Jisung turned his infamous pout up towards the sky as a few scattered drops started to fall. 


Those scattered drops continued to fall, and it grew until the boys found themselves sprinting towards Hyunjin’s car through a full downpour. 


As they drove back home through the rain, Jisung and Hyunjin complaining about how their day at Disney was ruined, Jeongin looked out the backseat window with a smile. The rain may not have been the perfect way to end the day, but as he watched the water wash over the window, he couldn’t help but feel that all his worries about grades and geometry were washed away too. 




(“Aww, Jinnie, look! He’s asleep.”


“I can’t look, I’m driving. Unless you wanna die.”


“Calm down, I’ll take a picture for you. There.”


Disney Squad (9)


tigger: [photo attached]

tigger: look at our precious baby <3)

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tigger has created a group

tigger added TheRoyalGuard, Minnie, FLEX, countrybear, dumber, darklord, and eeyore. 

tigger named the chat PMJPS

tigger gave TheRoyalGuard admin rights


countrybear: what is this??


eeyore: how many chats r yall gonna add me to


TheRoyalGuard: as president of the pmjps i hereby declare you to be official members of the pmjps



dumber: wat


FLEX: vice president jisung, what is the cause for this meeting?


tigger: i'm glad you asked secretary felix. 


darklord: is that really necessary


Minnie: u think i havent tried to tell them that?


tigger: the president and i saw fit to call this meeting and invite these new recruits because we have an emergency


dumber: is something wrong with jeongin?


TheRoyalGuard: we went to blizzard beach with him today and he just seemed a lil off


FLEX: oh yeah i noticed that too

FLEX: he didnt really talk much when u stopped to see me

FLEX: which was weird cause he always says something, even if its just to harass us


Minnie: now that u mention it

Minnie: we used to hang out all the time, but hes been brushing me off a lot recently


dumber: well have u tried talking to him about it?




tigger: …


TheRoyalGuard: …


Minnie: well…


countrybear: none of you?

countrybear: not even seungmin?


Minnie: we never really 

Minnie: talk

Minnie: about this kinda stuff


darklord: really?

darklord: how hard can it be?

darklord: i mean ur his friends right?


TheRoyalGuard: well if its so easy, then y don't u do it



darklord: hyunjin stop ringing my doorbell, i'm not letting u in

darklord: tijhntieohdgh;



eeyore: should we be worried about that?


darklord: due to certain circumstances i have agreed to talk to jeongin


TheRoyalGuard: :)


Disney Squad (9)


baby: hyung don't take pictures of ppl while they sleep

baby: its creepy


darklord: jeongin!!

darklord: how are you doing on this fine day!




tigger: real smooth

tigger: definitely NOT suspicious AT ALL


Disney Squad (9)


baby: …

baby: r u ok hyung?

baby: blink if ur being threatened


darklord: *.*

darklord: -.-

darklord: *.*




eeyore: huh

eeyore: i didnt think he could do it


TheRoyalGuard: well if thats how u wanna do it

TheRoyalGuard: changbin has a crbfgoeti


TheRoyalGuard changed their name to hoejin

TheRoyalGuard changed darklord’s name to binniebun


hoejin: was this really the best u could do?


binniebun. -_-


tigger: r u gonna change it back or???


hoejin: mmm

hoejin: meh

hoejin: can't think of anything better ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


FLEX: guys focus

FLEX: we gotta help jeongin


Minnie: minho hyung do u know anything


eeyore: no?

eeyore: i'm his cousin not his brother


dumber: calm down, i'm sure we can figure something out


countrybear: ur all hopeless


Chat with countrybear and baby (2)


countrybear: hey jeongin


baby: oh

baby: woojin hyung?


countrybear: yep


baby: welllll

baby: do u need smthng or


countrybear: just wanted to ask how ur doing


baby: i'm good i guess??


countrybear: are you sure? 

countrybear: cause the others are worried about you


baby: hhh

baby: y r they worried


countrybear: they said u seemed distracted today 

countrybear: and seungmin said uve been brushing him off


baby: i'm not brushing him off

baby: i just

baby: can i tell u something hyung


countrybear: of course


baby: promise not to tell the others yet?


countrybear: i promise


baby: its just that

baby: i failed some of my classes last year

baby: enough that i wont graduate next year unless i make them up over the summer

baby: i didnt mean to fail but i just wanted to spend time with my friends and i forgot to turn in a few assignments and i forgot about my geometry test

baby: i hate geometry


countrybear: so ur taking summer classes?


baby: yee


countrybear: innie theres nothing wrong with that

countrybear: while school and stuff is important, u also shouldnt lock yourself up to study all the time

countrybear: it all may seem like a lot right now but things always get better. In the end it doesn't matter when you take the classes as long as you take them 

countrybear: and summer classes arent the worst. I remember my own summer classes and i met some of my close friends there

countrybear: like chan and minho


baby: really? YOU had summer classes?

baby: why??


countrybear: i don't like math either so id do stuff with the choir instead of my math hw


baby changed the chat name to no math zone


baby: whatta rebel

baby: the other hyungs too??


countrybear: they had their own reasons

countrybear: how are ur classes going


baby: i guess its ok

baby: i only have class in the mornings

baby: and besides geometry theyre pretty easy

baby: but my friends and i work on geometry together


countrybear: are you free in the afternoons then?


baby: yeah why?


countrybear: you need to take a break and relax, so why don't we go to disney after your classes on monday?


baby: lol u sound like my mom

baby: and arent u tired of disney?


countrybear: only a little

countrybear: and i can get us in for free


baby: ok!

baby: thnaks hyung 。^‿^。


Disney Squad (9)


baby: attention peasants

baby: i have an announcement


tigger: JEONGIN






binniebun: every time?


Minnie: again, don't know what else u expected


baby: i'm sorry seungmin

baby: but woojin hyung is now my favorite


countrybear: what now


Minnie: excuse?!




hoejin: from this day on, i hereby declare woojin hyung to be the god of pmjps


tigger: amen