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Rebelmeg Drabbles

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Pepper stared down at the creature in shock. “He’s a frog.”

Stephen sighed. “Yes, I know.”

“You turned my husband into a frog.”

“Not intentionally...”

“How do we change him back?!”

The look on the sorcerer’s face was not encouraging.

“Don’t you dare tell me I have to kiss him.”

“I’m sorry, the spell was a little cliché.”

Holding back a shudder, Pepper picked up the slimy, cold frog in her hands, and tried not to grimace as she looked into its bulging eyes. “You are going to owe me so big for this one, Tony.”

Then she kissed him.

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Rhodey put his hand on the kid’s armored shoulder, admiring the hard work he’d done as he smiled. “You ready?”

Harley Keener nodded firmly and placed the helmet on his head, the eyes lighting up. His voice filtered through the suit, full of iron determination. “Ready.”

Rhodey glanced up at the sky, mentally looking past the atmosphere and into the unseen space beyond, where Tony was floating around somewhere, waiting for them.

He nodded at Carol. “Let’s go get our boy.”

With twin repulsor roars, War Machine and Ironclad followed Captain Marvel’s lead as they shot up into the stratosphere.

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Tony thought of it one night when he was on the brink of falling asleep, and he smiled about it as he curled closer around Pepper.

Rhodey had been right, about the lone gunslinger act. He wasn’t that anymore, though. Now he had two partners.

The woman in his arms, the one he hoped would be his life and business partner forever.

And Rhodey, his superhero partner that would definitely punch Tony in the face if he made anymore snarky sidekick remarks.

It was nice, he concluded to himself as he sighed peacefully and let himself drift off. Having partners.

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Tony was smiling as he looked at his picture of Peter and Harley, and Pepper couldn’t help herself. “You know, you tend to adopt everyone that lets you.”

Tony glared at her. “Like you didn’t adopt Coulson?”

She opened her mouth to argue, paused to consider it, then nodded. “That’s fair.”

While Tony looked both jealous and smug, Pepper opened up a text to Phil.

Were you aware that Tony thinks I basically adopted you.

Three dots popped up to show him responding, and she narrowed her eyes at the message he sent back.

Are you telling me you didn’t?

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“Do you remember the first time we danced together?” Pepper asked as Tony led her slowly around the empty dance floor.

“Sure do. Couldn’t forget that night or that dress if I tried.”

“Could you ever have thought back then that we’d end up here now?” The low lights were sparkling in her eyes.

“Probably not. Although, to be fair, that was the night I realized I was falling in love with you.”

Pepper softly stroked his cheek, the wedding band on her finger almost glowing. “And now you’re finally mine.”

“It’s why I said ‘I do’ today, Mrs. Stark.”

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“Um… Bucky?”


“Why do you have a string of strobing twinkle lights wrapped around your metal arm?”

“Because Shuri’s sense of humor confused me, and I’d like to see you try to tell her not to do something once she decides she wants to put it on Snapchat.”

“What did she say?”

“She told me to lighten up, or she’d do it for me.”


“And apparently I didn’t. So now I’m fodder for a meme war between her, Peter Parker, and Harley Keener. She says she’s winning. Stop laughing, or I will strangle you with these twinkle lights.”

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Clint whined and batted at the air feebly as Tony stole his cup of coffee right out of his hands. “You utter dick, I will stab you right in the eye with an icicle.”

Bucky glanced up from the minor repair he was doing on the palm of his metal hand. “That’s actually a legitimate way to kill someone.”

Tony’s eyes went wide. “…are you saying that you have—”

Bucky just smiled mysteriously and ducked his head. “Classified.”

“Oh, you butthead, yesterday you were bragging to Clint and Sam about the time you killed a man with a plastic cup!”

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Bucky was groggy as he slowly came awake, feeling vaguely sick, and his chest felt heavy and warm as it… vibrated?

He cracked an eye open, to see a fluffy black cat curled up on his chest not five inches from his nose, purring contentedly.

“Why’s there a cat layin' ‘n my chest?”

“He comes with the hut.”

Whipping around, Bucky stared at Princess Shuri, who was sitting across from his bed, looking at him rather intently.

“Th’ hut?”

“If you don’t like it, you can have another one. This one comes with goats too.”


“Yes, Sergeant Barnes. Goats.”

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“Yes, Sergeant Barnes?”

“Tell me again?”

“Of course, James. You’re safe. You’re home. You’re in the Avengers Tower in New York City, in your bedroom. It is 3:23 in the morning on December 30th, 2019. You’re home. You’re safe. The nightmares can’t hurt you here. Hydra can’t get to you here. You have friends here. You are not alone. You’re safe. You’re home.”

“Thanks, J. Sorry.”

“No, James. You have no reason to be sorry. Would you like to speak to any of your friends?”

“No, I’m… I’m okay. I’m home. I’m… safe. Right?”

“Yes, James. You are.”