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Friday Nights

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Denki smiled out into the quaint coffee shop where he played every Friday evening. It was a fairly quiet day, perfect for just relaxing and playing his guitar. Especially since his best friend, Kyoka, seemed to have brought someone with her. Denki had to admit, he was pretty cute, even if he looked like he hadn’t slept in a week. He had purple hair that seemed to defy gravity, and he was wearing a dark brown leather jacket and tight black jeans. Scratch cute, this man was hot.


He quickly slid his fingers to make a K, trying to get his friend's attention. When he was sure she was looking, he tilted the K downwards and wiggled his hand before bringing it back up and pinching his chin. He thought it was a pretty stealthy way to ask if the cute guy with the purple hair was gay. Purple, gay? Short and to the point.


Until his new crush started signing back.


He rocked his fist up and down twice before pointing to himself and pinching his own chin. Yes, I’m gay. A smirk crossed his features and Kyoka rolled her eyes. She pointed to the purple haired man and then brought a straightened hand to the side of her head. He knows. Denki rolled his eyes, took some deep breaths, and began his usual set. He hoped he still had a chance of impressing him.


After he played a few songs, he stood and packed up his guitar. Nobody was even paying attention anyways, they wouldn’t mind if he stopped early. He picked up his guitar and sat next to Kyoka, across from the purple haired cutie.


“What brings you here?” Denki asked, hoping he sounded as smooth as he planned.


“You.” Denki was pretty sure his jaw hit the floor, for a few reasons. One, him? The hottie was here for him of all people? Two, how did his voice sound so smooth, especially when he looked like he needed to catch up on weeks of sleep? Three, he looked even cuter up close. Denki wasn’t sure how he’d survive the conversation without exploding.


“Denki, this is Hitoshi. Hitoshi, this is Denki.” Kyoka spoke smoothly, in a way that was usually reserved for- uh oh. Oh, no. This was not happening.


“How do you know Kyoka?” Denki took a glance at his friend. She was smirking. This was bad.


“Well,” Kyoka interjected. “He’s Eijirou And Katsuki’s friend. He was moaning and groaning about how he couldn’t find a good boyfriend, and Ei told him about how I set him and Katsuki up. So they called me and told me about him, and I thought ‘I know the perfect disaster bi for him!’ I figured since you’d been complaining about your love life too, you guys might see where things go.” Kyoka checked her phone. “And with that, I must take my leave.” She turned to Denki. “I’ll take your guitar to my place, drop by after work tomorrow?” Denki nodded dumbly, and she was gone. Denki threw his head into his hands.


“I am going to kill each and every one of them,” he muttered. Hitoshi let out a laugh, and Denki swore to himself that if they actually got into a relationship he would make him laugh every single day. It sounded so pure.


“They didn’t tell you?” Denki shook his head, still cradled in his hands. “I’ll make you a deal. I’ll help you kill them if you give me a chance.” Denki lifted his head and stared at Hitoshi in shock.


“Me give you a chance? It should be the other way around!” Hitoshi laughed again, causing a smile to appear on Denki’s face.


“Would you like to go browse some shops?” Hitoshi asked with a smirk. Denki once again nodded dumbly. Hitoshi stood and walked to Denki, offering him a hand. Denki took it, smiling.


“I’d love to.”


They left the coffee shop and began wandering the streets, glancing into shop windows. Denki was hyper aware of every point of contact between them. His breath hitched at every one of Hitoshi’s gentle squeezes, and he felt himself blush every time they looked at each other. He was very happy to realize that Hitoshi was blushing just as much as he was. Soon into their journey, Hitoshi was tugging Denki towards a store.


“Mind if we go in here?” Denki took a look at the store. It seemed like it had a bit of everything.


“Sure!” Hitoshi pulled him inside, smiling. They let go of each other’s hands and browsed the store, occasionally talking about items they saw. Denki grinned as he called Hitoshi over to look at a Pikachu plushie.


“You like Pokemon too?” Denki began bouncing with happiness.


“I love Pokemon! Pikachu’s my favorite!”


“I’m partial to Gengar myself.”


“Alright, next date we’re playing Pokemon. Sound good?” Hitoshi nodded. “Yay!” With that, Denki bounces off to another part of the shop.


As they exited the shop, Hitoshi handed Denki a bag. He reached inside and pulled out the Pikachu plushie he had been looking at.


“Oh my god, Hitoshi, thank you!” Denki stopped them so he could wrap his arms around him in a hug. Hitoshi chuckled and squeezed him tightly.


“I’m glad you like it.”


They continued walking, deciding to head to Denki’s house to end their date. About halfway there, Denki began shivering. Hitoshi pulled his hand away and shrugged off his jacket, placing it around Denki’s shoulders. Denki stared up at him, questioning.


“Put it on, don’t want you to catch a cold.” Denki quickly stuck his arms in the sleeves, relishing in the warmth the jacket held.


“Thanks, Hitoshi.” They linked their handsand continued walking.


Denki sighed as his apartment came into view. He really didn’t want this night to end.


“This is my stop,” he muttered as they approached his door. “I had fun tonight,” he added as he stepped through his door.


“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I did too.”  Hitoshi planted a gentle kiss on Denki’s cheek. He felt his cheeks turn bright red, and hoped Hitoshi didn’t notice how much it affected him.


“Next Friday for our Pokemon date? We can hang out at my place, I’ll pick you up at the coffee shop.”


“Next Friday sounds perfect.” Hitoshi smiled as Denki shut the door.


It wasn’t until much later that evening that Denki realized he was still wearing Hitoshi’s jacket. He smiled as he brought the leather up to his nose. Yeah, he was in love.