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The Valley

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Sabrina exhaled, her breath leaving a cold, misty trail in front of her. It had been about 4 months since the visit to Stardew Valley, and now in late March, she wondered how it looked. During her last visit, the trees were shades of red and orange. Apples dangled precariously from some of the trees, on others their leaves had started littering the town and farm. Were any of the trees starting to bloom? What about her Grandfather's farm? The last time she had seen it there were plants everywhere. How was it now? 

    A squeal from bus brakes snapped Sabrina from her thoughts. She looked up to see the same gray-pink-blue bus before her. Just like before, it was empty aside from the bus driver.

    “Bus for Stardew Valley,” she spoke, still with little enthusiasm.

    Taking one last look around her, Sabrina took a breath. It was time. She entered the bus with a smile, “Hi.”

    “Hey Kid,” she replied. She seemed uninterested in having a conversation.

    Sabrina tossed her bag in the first seat directly behind the driver, and sat beside it. Without waiting any longer, the bus doors closed. The driver shifted out of park, and the bus started moving.

    This time, she didn’t sleep. The entire ride to the Valley was filled with silence. Save for the few times Sabrina rummaged through her bag, double checking that she had everything.

    Medicine. Some clothes. Toothbrush and paste… Sabrina searched. She couldn’t help but feel she had forgotten something.  Shoving her hand into her hoodie pocket, she felt the cold metal that was the key to the house. She also felt her phone, and wallet. What did I forget?

    She finally sighed, leaning against the bus window in defeat. The window was cold, and every time she breathed a fog appeared on the window. Raising her finger to the window, Sabrina smiled slightly. On the window she drew a smiley face, with a circle around it for good measure. 

    Around her were green, newly blossoming fields, and large mountains. The mountains didn’t scare Sabrina, they seemed inviting almost, rather than ominous. Maybe that’s a good thing? She thought. 


    “Hey Kid,” the driver spoke, interrupting Sabrina’s train of thought.

    “Yes?” she asked.

    “We’re almost there. Just wanted to make sure you were awake this time,” she said with a slight laugh in her voice.

    Sabrina flushed red, looking down at her feet in embarrassment. “Um, I’m sorry about that. I don’t usually fall asleep on busses,” she looked up, “And I wasn’t even that tired! I don’t even remember dozing off or anything!”

    She let out a laugh, “Don’t worry about it. Just teasing you a bit. Name’s Pam, by the way. Realized I never really introduced myself or anything like that. It’s not everyday you have someone new moving into town.”

    “Sabrina,” she replied with a smile.

    The two chatted the remainder of the ride, mostly about city life. Before they knew it, the bus was stopped. Sabrina studied her surroundings. Trees were in early bloom, there were small flowers growing all around, and even vegetables growing in the wild.

    “Welcome to Pelican Town, Kid,” Pam said with a smile.