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If you ask Jungkook how everything started, he’d tell you with emptiness. So much broken pieces, who could pick them up? Would someone hug him again so tight that all his broken pieces will stick back together?


‘’What time is it’’ Hyungsik asks. He moves closer to Taehyung.

‘’A little after nine’’ Taehyung rasps. He considers getting up, but the room is freezing. He stays in bed.

‘’Too early’’ And Hyungsik’s asleep almost before Taehyung gets to reply.

Taehyung’s life follows a strict routine. He gets up at 9:30, he takes a shower while Haneul gets ready for school, and he makes breakfast for the both of them. Sometimes he makes breakfast also for Hyungsik, when he’s not sleeping until noon.

Just before getting up, Hyungsik’s phone beeps. It’s a message. Taehyung waits. Hyungsik is deeply asleep.

He reaches out, picks up the phone.
He knows he shouldn’t do it, that it’s an invasion of privacy, but there is a little voice there in his head telling him to see who it is. He wonders what could be so important so early in the morning.

When peeking at the screen, he can’t breathe.

He reads : I just want you to come home. You told me you’re sick of him, what are you waiting for? Please, I’m waiting for you tonight at our place. I love you
He can’t move. Home? Sick of him? Our place? It’s not hurt what he’s feeling, it’s pure disgust. He almost shoves the phone to hyungsik’s face. He wants to yell at him, to ask him why? They have a child for fuck’s sake. A beautiful girl, so innocent, so sweet. If Taehyung somehow deserves the hurt, his little girl doesn’t. So he gets up, and goes to shower.

Having breakfast with Haneul is his favorite part of the day and seeing her little smile and doe eyes every morning, his personal happy pill. They talk a while while eating, until Haneul speaks.

‘’Papa,yesterday a big man asked me about daddy’’ Haneul says, with a pouty face and sleepiness evident in her voice.

‘’A big man? Where? ‘’ Taehyung asks with a frown. Please, let it be anyone, but not them.

‘’While I was playing with Woo, he came and asked me about daddy, but I didn’t know where dad was’’ She says, sadness evident in her voice. And Taehyung’s heart can’t take it, because he knows that sadness doesn’t come from not having answered the big man, but from not knowing where her dad was. Because he’s never there.

‘’It’s alright baby. And then?’’

‘’Then he gave me a candy, but I told him that kids shouldn’t take candies from strangers, that my papa always tell me that!’’ she half yells, giggling and proud of herself.

‘’Well done my big girl, don’t take candies from strangers, and if the big man approaches you again, come at me and I’ll talk to him, okay baby bear?’’

‘’Okay papa’’

Taehyung knows who Hyuna is talking about. He sees this man every day, Hyuna once saw him but she doesn’t remember. She said excited ’look papa! Batman is there!’ batman, because he was all in black.

Sometimes, there are different men, different faces, waiting there outside. For what? He doesn’t know.

But Taehyung makes sure to close every lock of each door.Everyday. And today won’t be an exception.


Taehyung is so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t even notice Hyungsik’s appearance. He’s in the kitchen, in nothing on but his underwear. Taehyung can see his morning wood.


He turns to load the dishwasher.

Hyungsik seems oblivious to Taehyung’s disgust, so he approaches him. He throws his arms around Taehyung, and starts kissing his neck. Starts touching.

‘’Hyungsik stop’’ Taehyung asks him to stop. He demands.

‘’Sh baby, let’s spend some time together, hm? Let me make you feel good’’ He keeps touching. Taehyung tenses. ‘’Tell me what do you want baby’’

Taehyung scoffs Make you feel good

That, in Hyungsik’s dictionary means to make himself feel good, using Taehyung’s body like a fucking sex doll, his unique objective: to come. And then, he always asks:
That was good baby, right?.
Always looking for validation.

Taehyung doesn’t give it to him, but he stays silent.

Sex with Hyungsik once was good. Not mind blowing, but good.

These last two years the sex was absolute shit. There are days where Taehyung gets to come, and there are days where he is left with a hard on. These days he solves the problem in the shower. His hand in those occasions gives him more satisfaction than five Hyungsik together.

Now, Taehyung decides, he won't be left with an erection.

Now, he doesn’t want the slightest touch, or be kissed.

He doesn’t want the not so great or the he left me with a fucking erection sex

He doesn’t want anything from Hyungsik.

Hyungsik who is cheating on him, and has the audacity to touch him.

Tell me what do you want

So he turns to face him, Hyungsik’s hands still in Taehyung’s waist. He stares at his eyes, and with all the conviction and firmness, he says:


‘’I want a divorce’’

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Jungkook’s eyes had always drawn Yuuna’s attention. Those black, doe eyes, always displayed an infinity of emotions that she could never fully pick up on. She knows her husband well enough to understand his mannerisms and body language.

Now, she knows that he’s tired.

Everyday, she knows he’s broken.

Tiredness can go away with a few hours of sleep. But when someone is in pieces, if you’re not the right person to glue those pieces together, then you can’t do anything.

So Jungkook enters the living room, with sadness in his eyes and a smile in his face. His cheerful demeanor when he was with her and Taehee always overcame whatever was hurting him.

‘’What is my little princess doing?’’ Jungkook asks, sitting next to Taehee, who seems to be writing something. Jungkook tries to see. He fails.

‘’Hey daddy! Don’ look!’’she yells, looking a bit red in the face ‘’It’s supposed to be a surprise, so please, don’t see’’

Her mother laughs from the other side of the room

‘’She says it’s a surprise she and her friends are preparing, so we have to wait and see. For that, you have to be free tomorrow. Do you have a lot of work?’’ She asks, her eyes pleading, a silent question in them Can you spend a little time with her?

Jungkook sighs. He doesn’t want to get into discussions about how his work works. It is not up to him if there is a lot to do or not. He has a few fixed hours, yes. Hours where he can be doing absolutely nothing, or everything. It all depends on whether someone happens to rob a bank, kill the neighbor, get into a fight… and endless situations where someone decides to send his life to hell.

Jungkook doesn’t want to see sadness in Hyuna’s or Taehee’s face, so he smiles ‘’I’ll be there little princess’’ and then ‘’And… tomorrow we’re going to Lana’s place. How about that?’’

Tehee’s face suddenly lights up, and with the biggest smile she gets up and runs to her father. She gives him the tightest hug that the strength of her small arms can allow.

‘’Thank you Daddy, thank you!’’ She says with so much happiness, Jungkook’s heart melts.

Taehee has 9 years old. She has her father eyes and her mother nose. Her hair, chocolate brown and long, waving gently down to her shoulders. She is a very happy and sociable little girl who manages to charm everyone that she meets. And she had the sweetest smile. Sometimes he sees in her someone he knew. Someone he loved.


Lana’s place happens to be a dog and cats café. It’s a cozy place where puppies and little kitties can be watched and played with. Taehee’s has a soft spot for animals, can’t decide if she loves cats more than dogs and vice versa. So Lana’s place is her personal heaven.

They’re in the car, on their way to the coffee.

They’re listening to Tehee’s favorite playlist.

Taehee wants to reach her teddy bear. Her teddy bear is at her mother’s feet.

Yuna tells her to not take off the seat belt. Taehee’s is already on it.

She reaches out. Yuna tries to take the teddy bear.

Jungkook didn’t see the truck.

The car swerved, out of control.

He tries to evade it.

Taehee’s screaming. Yuna’s screaming. Everything happens so fast.


The moment the car hit the tree, the screams stop.

Jungkook tries to wake. He keeps waking and waking. He feels like he’s been there for hours, fading and waking.

He could taste the blood pooling in his mouth. He could feel the aching and cracks in his bones. He may have some broken ribs.

Silence, it scared Jungkook more than the pain he was feeling. Shouldn’t Taehee be crying? Shouldn’t Yuna be asking if everyone was okay?

Then, came a blue flicker. Could it be an ambulance? Please let it be. They have to make sure is Taehee is okay, if Yuna is okay.

He can distinguish different faces, approaching him, asking him if he’s okay. He can’t talk. He can’t move his neck, he can’t see what are they doing with his little girl and wife.

He wants to scream, to ask them to get Taehee and Yuna out of the fucking car. But they’re focusing only on him. Why?

And then a man looks into his eyes. There is sadness in the stranger’s eyes.


And he says


‘’Im sorry, so sorry’’