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With Someone in Your Corner, It’s Easier to Fight

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Kyouka is absolutely fuming. She fumes between each of her classes and during her classwork and even dares to fume while Aizawa is speaking because that’s how pissed she is. She fumes from the second that little purple pervert opens his mouth in homeroom all the way to her lessons with Present Mic after school in the gym.

Kyouka fumes through Mic’s instructions for their lesson today, and she must not be very subtle (she’s not really trying to be), because he stops halfway through (or at least as far as Kyouka can tell because she isn’t really listening) explaining and gives her a deadpan look.

“Yo, kid, what’s up with you?” Mic asks, gaining her attention.

“Nothing, I’m fine,” Kyouka growls. She isn’t really, but she’s not getting into it right now. She’s just not.

Mic sighs and gives her a look.

“Jirou, you’re not listening and you’re clearly distracted by something. And since you got here you’ve looked ready to explODE!” He screams the word “explode” with his quirk, and the volume of it just ticks her off more. “So tell your good ol’ buddy Present Mic what’s up, girl, so we can get on with this stellar lesson.”

Kyouka tries to take a deep breath and calm down, because she doesn’t want to spill all this garbage on her teacher, and she actually wants to train today, but when that doesn’t work she, as Mic said, explodes.

“I swear that perverted purple moron is just asking to get killed! He’s so ughhh, I just want to grab him in my fists and squish his stupid purple brain, but I don’t think he even has one! He just thinks he can say whatever he wants about the girls in class because he thinks they’re hot, and obviously they are but that doesn’t give him the right to harass them and make them uncomfortable, they’re fucking people, you little gremlin!

“And god knows no one in this godforsaken school is gonna do anything about it, but when I try to tell him to fuck off I just get that stupid purple idiot going ‘oh, what, are you jealous, Jirou? Want me all for yourself’ like no you nasty little grape asshole I’m a LESBIAN and I’m clearly in love with MOMO but if I said that he would just hop on my dick about it being hot even though the whole point of lesbianism is to be completely without stupid men. Most of them can’t get it through their thick skulls because oh my god how could a woman SURVIVE without a man I mean god forbid they have fucking rights or something and just ughhhhhhhHHHHHHH I WISH HE WOULD JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP I’M SO SICK OF HIS BULLSHIT!”

Kyouka is huffing after she finishes the rant, and when she looks up to meet her teacher’s eyes, she finds them blinking slowly at her in surprise. She feels her heart fall from her chest because oh my god I just came out to my teacher. She straightens out her posture and tries to look anywhere but his face.

“Uh, sorry about the cursing, sir,” she says nervously. In her head she also silently begs him to forget everything she just said.

“It’s cool, kid, it’s a touchy subject. Why don’t we go sit down for a minute, yeah?” He says, guiding her to the edge of the room where there’s a bench for them to sit on. To her, it all seems a little uncharacteristically gentle for the pro hero, but she’s kind of too distracted by the fact that she’s just outed herself to someone and she has no idea how he’ll react.

They sit down, and it’s a good thing Mic starts speaking, because Kyouka has no clue what to say and she doesn’t think she’ll be finding her way to coherent speech again anytime soon.

“Does Shouta know about this kid?”

Kyouka blinks. Shouta? It takes a moment for her to recognize her teacher’s given name.

“Not… really. Mr. Aizawa knows he’s kind of… gross, and all, but we haven’t really told him about some of the worse stuff,” she says. “Momo and Iida went to Principal Nezu about it once, but they kind of got shut down, so we haven’t tried anything since.”

“What kind of stuff does he pull?” He asks, and Kyouka can’t help but think this is the only time she’s really ever seen him this serious. This is also the first time she’s really ever told someone other than the class about Mineta’s behavior.

“He tries to peep in the locker rooms and bathrooms and stuff, but the rest of the guys have been pretty good about stopping him recently, and he tried to look through Hagakure’s underwear when we first moved into the dorms. And it hasn’t happened to me, but he’s felt up Momo and Tsu a few times, and probably some of the other girls too.” Kyouka shrugs, fully expecting the evidence to be brushed off. “He’s just generally pervy in class most of the time.”

Mic sighs, and then he says something she doesn’t expect.

“Okay, I’m… I’ll talk with Sho- Mr. Aizawa about it. We’ll get the board to do something, don’t worry. You kids shouldn’t have to be harassed when you’re trying to learn. Or… really at all, to be honest. Okay?”

Kyouka realizes he’s waiting for her response, and she nods without really thinking.

Mic nods too, lets out a heavy sigh, and sits still a moment longer in what is either contemplation or awkward silence. Then he claps his hands, startling Kyouka. “Okay, then, back to training!”

He stands from the bench and moves back to the middle of the gym. She stays seated, watching him go, and blinks. Did that just… work?

Mic turns back, hands on hips, and finds her still on the bench.

“Yo, kid, come on! We got training to do!” He shouts.

She stands up and still doesn’t move. Are they just not gonna talk about it?

Mic’s still watching her, and there’s confusion on his face that borders on concern. “You okay over there? Is there something you still need to tell me?”

“No, it’s fine, I just-“ she doesn’t want to talk about it, but she knows there’s no way he didn’t hear, and she can’t have anyone else finding out. “Are we not gonna talk about it?”

“Talk about what?”

Kyouka hesitates to say the words again out loud, but they make it out eventually. “That I’m gay.”

He blinks at her, lowers his hands from his hips. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Well, no, it’s just…” she trails off, unsure what to say. “You’re not gonna say anything, are you? To anyone else, I mean.”

“Of course not, kid.” He’s back at the bench again, right in front of her, and Kyouka can see the sincerity in his face. She can also see a bit of sadness, too.

“It doesn’t bother you?”

Mic chuckles at that. “Be a bit hypocritical of me if it did.”

Kyouka stares at him and doesn’t understand what he’s saying. Then it clicks.


Mic nods.

“But- but you’re a pro, how are you- I mean I didn’t think- You’re allowed to do that?” Her words trip over each other to make it out of her mouth. Someone like her is a pro hero.

Mic full-on laughs at that. “I mean they can’t stop us. We aren’t too public with it, though, he kind of prefers private stuff to stay private, ya know? And he hates the media.”

Kyouka blinks once, twice, three times, and then- “Hold on, are you dating Mr. Aizawa?”

Present Mic is absolutely cackling at this point, and between laughs he says, “I know, right? No one can ever believe that!”

“Because you two are literally so different! I didn’t think he could stand you!” Kyouka shouts, and she finds herself laughing a little too.

“I know! I was just as surprised as you when he asked me out!”

He asked you out?”

“Yes!” Mic lets a few more giggles lose before he sobers. “If Japan would recognize it, I’d like to think we’d be married by now.”

Kyouka doesn’t like the face he makes when he says that, so she asks, “How long have you two been together?”

“About ten years. We went to school together and were pretty good friends in high school, but neither of us really had any time until we’d both been pros for a couple years.” He smiles, and it’s nostalgic but not too sad, so she counts it as a win.

Kyouka sits back down on the bench and leans against the wall, blowing a breath past her lips and letting it push against her bangs. “Wish Momo’d ask me out. Or that I wasn’t too much of a coward to ask her.”

Mic sits, too. “It’s fine, kid, take you’re time. And if she says no, there are plenty of fish in the sea, yeah?”

“Yeah, but her and Kami are the only ones that I’m out to,” Kyouka argues. It would suck if it weirded her out and Kyouka lost a friend and one of the only people who knew. Or worse, if she got outed.

It’s almost like he reads her mind. “You’re young, kid, you’ve got time to come to terms with showing the world who you are. And if you never wanna do that, that’s cool too.”

Kyouka sighs, closes her eyes for a few minutes to think, opens them, and stands up. “Okay. Let’s start training.”

Mic laughs again and stands too. “‘Bout time. You’re gonna have to stay late if we’re gonna get to everything I have planned for you today.”

Kyouka stretches her arms above her head and continues to the center of the gym. “That’s cool, spending time with you’s not so bad. It’s actually… nice, talking to you.”

“Is that a compliment from Earphone Jack I hear? The Emo Hero herself?”

She snorts. “Yeah, maybe.”

They spend two hours training, and at the end Kyouka’s exhausted, but she feels like she’s making real progress with her quirk. Mic walks her back to the student dorms, because it’s dark and the school’s been extra careful with the safety of its students, and they say their goodbyes.

Kyouka pauses at the door before going in. She turns to Mic, who’s already made considerable strides across the courtyard.

“Hey!” She shouts. He pauses, turns to look at her, eyebrows raised. “I, uh- Thanks for- Just… thanks.”

Her words are kind of lame, and don’t anywhere near convey how completely grateful she is, but he smiles.

“Anytime, kid.”

Kyouka might not be out to the world, now or maybe ever, and she might have to deal with Mineta’s shit again tomorrow and probably even after that, maybe even the same shit from different people for the rest of her life, but at least now she knows she’s got someone in her corner, cheering her on and knowing some of what she’s fighting.

It’s a nice feeling that she carries with her all the way to class the next morning, and for the rest of the day she feels light.