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Children Of Iron

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For Vision, the idea of having siblings, of having a real family at all, was relatively new. Wanda had revived him, and the next thing he knew, little Morgan Stark was climbing into his lap and declaring him her big brother. Vision hadn't minded much. Morgan Stark was easy to love.

He found he quite liked having a little sister. It was easy, most of the time. All Morgan really needed was for him to play with her, read her bedtime stories. Sometimes help her make breakfast for Pepper, or fetch juice pops from the freezer.

The only teensy weensy little problem that had come about was a more recent one, and had only become a problem once he and Wanda had revived their sex life. They absolutely, one hundred percent needed to remember to lock their Bedroom door if they were going to.. do things, because Morgan had not quite mastered the art of knocking before she entered a room.

She had never caught them actually in the act, thank heavens, but one morning, a few weeks after Vision had proposed..

"Vision, Wanda, can we..

Morgan was greeted with a panicked yelp and a couple scrambling to cover themselves with their blankets. She had seen just enough to realise that a certain Scarlet Witch was missing something.

"Good Morning, Morgan" Vision managed a smile. "What can we do for you?"

"What happened to Wanda's clothes?" Morgan asked innocently.

"Uh.. Well.." Vision stammered.

"Was it the monster who stole your pants?" asked Morgan.

"Actually" despite her embarrassment with the situation, Wanda couldn't help peeking out from under the blankets to cheekily smirk, "I think it might have been that monster's fiance'.."

Vision's cheeks suddenly turned a deeper shade of red, but smiled, still feeling a thrill when used that word. Thankfully Morgan, innocent as she was, had accepted the explanation.

"Okay.. Can we make waffles?"

"Only if it's okay with your Mother" Vision replied.

"It is" Morgan nodded.

"Then of course we can, sora mai mica" Wanda smiled at the little girl. "Just let us find some other clothes, and we'll be with you in a moment."

Occasional embarrassing incidents aside, having a sister was one of the joys of Vision's renewed life. He knew what to do to look after Morgan. He knew how to make her happy.

However, according to the letters left behind for Vision by Tony Stark before his heroic death, Vision also had two surrogate brothers- Peter Parker and Harley Keener. And he had to look after them too, because Tony's letter had asked him to, and Vision had promised himself that he would.

The only problem with this? Vision had never had brothers before, especially not teenage brothers. He had met Peter on only a few brief occasions, and had only known Harley when he was Jarvis, which given how much more highly evolved he was as Vision, was almost like saying her had never met him at all.

Vision didn't know how to talk to teenagers, let alone look after them. He doubted that Bedtime stories and juice pops would cut it.

Lucky for Vision, then, he had a beautiful new fiance' who might be able to offer him some advice on the matter.

"Wanda" Vision sat beside her on the couch in the Lake House, "I was wondering if I could ask your advice about something."

"Of course" Wanda set aside the bridal magazine she had been flicking through, shifting to immediately curl into Vision's side, her head resting on his shoulder, as he instinctively wrapped an arm around her in return. "You can ask me about anything, Vizh, you know that.

"I know.." He kissed the top of her head. "So.. What do I.. how do I talk to a brother?"

"I see. You are worried about Peter and Harley still.."

"I am.. I promised myself that I would look after them, for Tony. But I have no idea how to do that. You know what it is like to have a brother, so I hoped that maybe you could help me.

"I will try" Wanda chuckled softly, "But you have a rather different situation than mine. Pietro and I came into the world together and barely spent a moment apart until he died. You are starting from scratch."

"I know" Vision sighed.

"I think you need to start by trying to build a relationship with them as people first, rather than brothers" Wanda suggested. "Actually being a brother.. You can't force that sort of bond. But if it is meant to, if it feels right, it will come in time, just like it did for you and Morgan.. Or us, living here."

The thought of Morgan made Vision smile. His bond with her had come so naturally.. like it was meant to be, because it was. Just like him and Wanda finding their unexpected home with Pepper and Morgan in the Lake house.

"You are right.. I can't force it" Vision nodded. "But I need to try something. Pepper has Peter's number. Perhaps I will give him a call later, maybe ask if I can buy him lunch one day.."

"That might have to wait a few weeks, Vizh.. Happy mentioned Peter was leaving on a School Trip to Europe this weekend."


"Don't worry, we'll catch him when he gets back. You can try Harley, but I think he lives out of state.. we'll probably have to go to him."

"I suppose it's worth a go" Vision shrugged, feeling a lot more positive about his situation after speaking with Wanda. "Did you see anything you liked in the Bridal magazine?"

"Maybe" Wanda's eyes lit up, a happy little giggle escaping her. "I'm definitely getting a few ideas.."

"That's good" Vision smiled, pleased to see her happy, pulling her closer. Experience had taught him not to waste a moment with his precious Wanda. His brothers could wait a little longer.

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With Peter away on his trip, Vision set his hopes on possibly making a connection with Harley Keener. Tony had kept most of Harley's contact details, and after discussing things with Wanda, Vision decided to reach out via a Facebook message, in case Harley was one of those people who very reasonably chose not to answer phone calls from numbers he did not know.

Neither Vision nor Wanda had Facebook, or any Social Media for that matter, so Pepper let them send their message through her page. Harley had sent Pepper a message asking if it was alright for him to attend Tony's funeral.

"He seems like a sweet kid" she told them. "Maybe a little on the sensitive side. Try not to overwhelm him?"

Vision had been sitting in front of a laptop for a long time, the messenger window open, but empty. For a while, Wanda had left him to it thinking that maybe this was one of those things that she should let her beloved try to do for himself. However, when the 'staring at the empty messenger window' situation was about to enter it's second hour, she decided that simply waiting for this to occur was no longer a valid course of action. While Vision should probably still write the message himself, maybe he could use a little push.

"You alright there, Vizh?" Wanda asked as she walked over to him, resting her hands on the back of his chair and pressing a kiss to the top of his head.

"I just.. I'm not sure how to word this" Vision sighed, but couldn't help smiling slightly at her small gesture of affection. "Nothing I think of seems quite right. 'Hello, I'm your synthezoid big brother!'.. How would any variation of that not overwhelm him?!"

"Technically Vizh, you are the little brother" Wanda chuckled, and Vision frowned a little. "It's true.. As for your problem, maybe leave out the brother part entirely. It's like I said, you can't force that bond."

"I know.. but.."

"Nici un 'dar. Hmm.. how about we take a bit of the pressure off you. Write the message like it's from both of us. I saw him at the funeral, and I was just checking in to see how he's coping.." This was at least partly true. Wanda had seen Harley at Tony's funeral, on account of he had been standing right behind her, and she had meant to ask after the sandy-haired boy, until she had been distracted by Morgan Stark's request that Wanda fix her brother.

"That could work.." Vision mused, beginning to type.

"Of course. I wouldn't have suggested it if I didn't think it could work. If he needs to talk, we can catch up over Lunch.. We'll come to him, and we'll pick him up, so he doesn't have to worry about anything.. except maybe picking a place to eat."

Vision finished writing the message, took a breath, and sent it.

"Now what?"

"Now, lubirea mea, we wait.."

Just a few minutes after Vision had sent the message, three little dots appeared beneath it. Vision jumped.

"Wanda, I think he's writing back!"

"Of course he is" Wanda smirked, rather proud of herself. What teenage boy wouldn't get a little excited receiving a message from the Scarlet Witch?

To Vision's delight, Harley agreed to their offer of lunch, and in fact, he would be free the following afternoon. So, after double-checking Harley's address,

Wanda and Vision made the decision to fly themselves part of the way, then rented a car for the rest of the trip. They pulled up outside the boy's house around noon.

They got out of the car, and Vision knocked on the door, rather nervous.

"Relax, Vizh" Wanda squeezed her fiance's hand. "Everything's going to be fine."

"I hope so.."

Looking after Morgan, looking after these two boys, was the one important job that Tony had left him with. He couldn't let him down. Just as Vision was going to knock again, they heard a voice from inside.

"That'll be for me, Mom. I'll be back later!" Soon, a very excited Harley Keener bounced through the door. "Wow, it really is you! For a while I wondered if someone was trying to prank me.. You're Vision! Tony told me all about you!"

"He did?" Vision's eyes widened.

"Yeah, he did! You used to be JARVIS, right? That's cool! You're cool.. and so are you!" Harley turned to Wanda. "You're the Scarlet Witch. Everyone says you almost defeated Thanos by yourself!"

"That's true" said Wanda rather proudly.

"Wow.. So, there's this awesome Diner not too far away.."

So, the awesome Diner it was. The place was friendly, but not too crowded. A small TV hung on the wall behind the booth in which Wanda, Vision, and Harley currently sat, the station usually set to 24 hour news when there were no big sporting events on.

"Tony set me up with this really great Lab in my garage" Harley explained, munching on a burger. "And he sent a bit of money every month, as supposed wages for my working in the 'youth research division'."

"That was good of him" Wanda commented.

"It was" added Vision, listening intently to Harley's every word.

"Yeah. Took some pressure off my Mom. Mrs. Potts still pays me, she seems nice. And Tony sent me new bits and pieces for the lab every few months. At first I mostly used it to make High-Tech potato guns.. Stupid kid's stuff. Now I try making things that are actually useful. If you like, I can show you what I'm working on when you drop me home" Harley sounded hopeful, but nervous. "If you're too busy though, I understand."

"Of course not" said Wanda quickly.

"We would love to see what you are working on" Vision grinned. Everything was going so well.

Harley's eyes lit up, then a moment later, his jaw dropped, eyes drawn to the television behind them. Vision and Wanda both turned to see what he was looking at it.

A large creature that looked as if it was made of water was rampaging through strangely familiar streets.

"That's in Venice.." said Wanda, eyes wide. "We've been there.."

Vision suddenly felt quite ill. Happy Hogan had showed him the itinerary for Midtown High's trip.

"Peter's in Venice.."

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Vision and Wanda watched, quite horrified, as the scene unfolded on the television. They, and all the surviving Avengers, had hoped that, maybe, peace would reign for at least a little longer after Thanos's defeat.. But peace on Earth never really lasted very long, did it?

They were distracted from their horror when a man in unusual armour and a very strange helmet, flying on what looked like some sort of green cloud, attacked the monster onscreen.

"Is that a new Avenger?" Harley asked. "Do you know him?"

"No" Wanda replied, shaking her head. By now, a few other customers were gathering around the television.

"Huh.." Harley pointed. "That other guy in the background with the weird mask moves kind of like Spider-Man.."

"Oh dear.." Vision turned to Harley, genuinely very sorry to have to let him down, especially when they had been getting along so well, but it couldn't be helped. Peter was in trouble. "Harley, I really am sorry, but seeing your Lab might have to wait until another time after all. This situation.." He gestured to the television, "Requires our attention."

"We can drop you back home, but then we'll have to go.. We will be back though, promisiune." Wanda was already heading for the door, experiencing flashbacks of a battered boy on the battlefield, telling him not to worry..

"We will" Vision nodded, following her. "We promise."

"Hey, wait!" Harley called, hurrying outside after them. "You mentioned a Peter. That's Peter Parker, right?"

"Yes" said Vision, "And he could be in quite a bit of trouble, so.."

He was cut off as Harley grabbed his arm, whispering.

"I know he's Spider-Man.."

"What?" Vision froze. Peter's identity was not supposed to be common knowledge.

"I mean.. I kinda guessed" Harley shrugged sheepishly. "Tony wanted me to meet him. In his last message, he said he might have a new 'Internship' position, he wanted to talk to me about it if I was ready, and thought I should meet the other intern, Peter. I put two and two together when I saw Iron Man and Spider-Man on the news.. But then the blip happened, so we never got to talk about the internship.. I did meet Peter at the funeral though.."

"Oh.. I'm sorry.."

"Take me with you."

"What?" Vision frowned again.

"To Venice" Harley repeated. "Take me with you."

"Harley, Dulce inima, I don't think that's such a good idea.." Wanda sighed.

"But I can help!" Harley argued. "I've built stuff that could be useful.. Let me show you. It won't take long, then you can decide whether to take me or not."

Wanda and Vision shared a look, then sighed.

"Alright.." Vision nodded. "You can show us."

The trio drove back to Harley's house, and he excitedly led Vision and Wanda into his garage. Wanda audibly gasped. It looked very much like the Shed Wanda had found Vision in before she'd revived him.. The shed that, quite obviously, was really Tony's workshop.

Vision looked around, rather impressed. various projects, some finished, others in progress, were scattered about the space. An arsenal of 'Potato Guns', Mk II through IX. Something that might possibly have been a hover-board, a pair of high-tech boots with an unclear purpose. What may or may not have been plans for what looked like Harley's very own 'Iron Man' suit.. These seemed a little battered, folded multiple times and dog-eared in the corners, and Vision swore that he could see notes on them in Tony's handwriting- Some time later, Harley would tell Vision that for a while, they had gone 'old-school' with the plans, mailing them back and forth.

None of that, however, was what Harley wanted to show them right now. No, what Wanda and Vision saw clutched in the excited boy's hands was a nanite container. And when he activated it, the nanites swarmed out to form..

"Tiny Starks.." Wanda gasped.

Indeed, Wanda was almost right. What Harley Keener had done with the nanites was program them to form a large army of what appeared to be tiny Iron Man suits.

"Oh.." Vision gasped himself. "That is.."

"I call them the Nano-Legion" Harley grinned proudly. "Like Tony's Iron Legion, get it? They can stay small for recon type stuff, but if you need their help in combat.." He pulled out a remote and pressed a few buttons, and a few of the tiny droids swarmed together to form into a larger one.

"That is definitely impressive.." Vision admitted.

"They can also work as recording devices. And I can control them remotely, so I wouldn't need to be close to any danger..And I already have a passport.."

The boy had clearly thought this through. Still, Vision hesitated.


"Come on, please?" Harley begged. "You know the Nano-Legion will be useful. I wasn't ready to help with the big stuff before, but now I am. I'm ready. Please, let me help."

Vision looked to Wanda for advice. Wanda simply shrugged. His brother. His decision.

Vision thought quite hard about this. On the one hand, Tony had asked him to look after Harley, and taking him overseas into unknown danger seemed very irresponsible. On the other hand, it could be a good bonding experience. Besides, this kind of work was kind of the Family Business, and Tony had clearly been grooming Harley for a place in it.

"Alright.." Vision finally relented. "Go tell your Mother you've been chosen for the new Stark Industries Internship.. It begins with a retreat in Europe."

"Yes!" Harley punched the air, rushing off to tell his Mother the news. "Thanks, Vision.. And you, Miss Wanda!"

Wanda chuckled. Vision turned to her, sighing.

"Did I make a good decision here, or a very stupid one?"

"Well, I admit it may not be the most, uh, responsible course of action" Wanda shrugged. "But that Nano-Legion of his could come in handy, and like Harley said, he can control them from a distance, so it's not like we're taking him into the heart of the danger. We can protect him."

"Are you sure?" Vision was still concerned.

"Look at it this way" Wanda let her arms curl around her fiance's waist, leaning up to kiss him, "It is definitely no worse than Tony taking Peter to Space."

They let Harley pack, and then made a quick trip home to pack a few things for themselves, and tell Pepper and Morgan where they were going, and that they weren't quite sure when they would be back.

Pepper understood, but Morgan was worried. Her Daddy had left very much like this, and he had never come home again. She hugged both Vision and Wanda very tight.

"You're gonna come home, aren't you?"

"Of course we are" Vision hugged her back.

"You promise?" Morgan looked at them with wide eyes.

"We promise" Wanda nodded. "We'll even bring you back a present.

"Okay" Morgan hugged them both again. She caught sight of Harley, waiting rather awkwardly by the car, and waved shyly at him.

Harley waved back, drawing a small smile from Morgan. The little girl's smile warmed his heart, and Harley found himself very glad that Vision was allowing him to accompany he and Wanda on this trip. Somehow, it felt like he was ending up right where he needed to be.

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Before too long, Vision, Wanda, and Harley were loading themselves and their belongings onto the Stark Industries private jet, inside which Happy Hogan was waiting to fly them to Venice.

"Thank you for getting here at such short notice, Happy" said Vision, shaking Happy's hand as he boarded.

"Not a problem" Happy replied, returning the handshake. "Really, it's actually pretty nice to be 'on call' again for something other than getting Morgan cheeseburgers. I mean, I love that little girl to the ends of the Earth, but.."

"I understand" Vision chuckled.

"I guess you do, living with her and all.. Point is, I'm happy to help. We've all got a soft spot for the Parker kid.." Happy paused, looking over Vision's shoulder to see Harley hauling his luggage aboard, including a high-end laptop purchased with one of his Stark Industries paychecks, and the case housing the Nano-Legion. "Uh, do we know that kid?"

"Hi, I'm Harley, Harley Keener. We might have met at the funeral?" Harley looked around the Jet, wide-eyed. "Oh, this is so cool.."

"Maybe don't touch anything yet, Harley"Wanda gently instructed as she boarded just after him. "I'm not quite sure how everything works in here."

"Got it" Harley nodded, still gazing around in awe at the extra tech aboard the jet. "Wow.."

Happy shot Vision a questioning look.

"Uh.. Harley is an old friend of Tony's" Vision explained with a smile. "He's quite clever."

Happy shook his head.. Where the hell had Tony found all these super-kids? Then simply shrugged.

"Well, welcome aboard kid.." Happy set off towards the cockpit. "Now everyone sit down and seat belts on, we're taking off in five minutes.

So, they all took their seats. Though the whole jet was free, they sat together, Vision in the middle, with Wanda and Harley on either side.

It was going to be a long flight, so Vision had cracked open a new novel, while Wanda had begun shifting through a large stack of Wedding magazines.

Harley planned to spend the flight doing some last minute fine tuning on the Nano-Legion, and maybe watch some Netflix on his laptop. In the interest of trying to be polite, he waited nearly twenty minutes after Happy turned off the 'Seat belts on' signal before he cast his eyes towards the jet's snack bar. The boy's stomach rumbled.

"Vision, is it okay if I grab some snacks?"

"Of course, help yourself" Vision nodded, looking up from his book. "It won't be missed, the jet isn't used quite so much anymore."

"Awesome!" Harley jumped up, heading over.

"But don't touch the alcohol" Wanda warned. Now that they had agreed to bring Harley along on this little adventure, she felt a special duty of care towards the boy.

"Oh, yes" Vision quickly agreed, trying to be a responsible brother. "Definitely no alcohol."

"Of course not" Harley chuckled as he raided the cupboards. "We're on a mission, right? I have to keep a clear head. Besides, I'm not that into that stuff anyway.. Do you guys want anything?"

"I don't eat" Vision reminded him, and though he had only known him a short time, felt himself feeling proud of Harley's responsible decision. "Wanda might like something though.."

"No problem" Harley pulled out a few packets of chips, some snack cakes, and a couple of bags of gummy worms. "I'll grab extra, we can share.."

The flight went on. Harley made a few adjustments to the Nano-Legion droids, while Vision looked on with interest, occasionally asking questions which Harley happily answered. Wanda, flicking through her magazines, glanced at the pair with a smile, pleased to see them bonding.

Eventually, Harley fell asleep, his head dropping to rest on Vision's shoulder. Vision looked at him, slightly surprised.

"It seems as if your frate mai mic is getting quite comfortable with you" Wanda grinned.

"It seems he is.." Vision smiled softly. "It is a bit cold in here.. do we have any blankets for him?"

"I will go find one" Wanda stood up. "Don't worry."

More time passed. Shortly after Harley had fallen asleep, Wanda took a short nap herself, against Vision's other shoulder. When she woke, stretching, Vision smiled at her.

"Hello, sleepy" He whispered, since Harley was still sleeping on his other side.

"Mmm.. hello.." she yawned.

"Happy says we will be arriving soon."

"I think I'll go change, then" Wanda stood, stretching a little more. "We don't know how quickly we might have to jump into action."

"Good point, love. You go change, I'll let you know when we have to put our seat belts back on."

Wanda changed inside the Jet's impressive bathroom facilities. When she was done, she stood in front of the mirror, feeling a little nervous. She had not worn her full 'Scarlet Witch' uniform since the Avengers' final confrontation with Thanos, and in fact, had been avoiding it, leaving it buried deep in the back of the large wardrobe she and Vision shared at the lake house. But Peter Parker needed help, and she could not leave her Husband-to-be's little brother in danger.

The Scarlet Witch would fly again.

Taking a breath, Wanda tightened her boot laces, adjusted her corset, and headed back into the main cabin.

"How do I look, Vizh?" She did a little spin for him. "Ready to fight monsters?"

"Most definitely" Vision grinned, eyes sparkling. "I almost forgot how good you look in that.."

At that moment, Harley began to wake. His eyes soon settled on Wanda, and his mouth opened, speaking before his sleep-addled brain had a chance to actually think and stop him.

"Whoa.. You are seriously hot.."

"Yes, she.." Excuse me!" Vision spluttered. "That is my fiance you are talking to!"

"Sorry" Harley had regretted his sleepy slip of the tongue as soon as he had said it, his cheeks blushing bright red. "But, uh.. It's kind of a good thing to hear, isn't it?"

"What?" Vision frowned.

"I'm saying.. Wanda's gorgeous, dude. and you're lucky."

Wanda's cheeks had turned a faint shade of pink, but she managed a small smile.

"Thank you, Harley. That is quite flattering..Vision and I are both lucky."

Harley's cheeks burned even redder at Wanda's words, and Vision chuckled, relaxing.

"Yes.. we are both lucky.. Lucky to have each other, and lucky to have you here with us, Harley."

"You.. you think so?" Harley smiled.

"I know so" Vision grinned.

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A short while later, Happy dropped off Wanda, Vision, and Harley over Venice. Literally, over Venice. Not knowing the exact details of what had transpired so far, Vision had decided it was best to avoid drawing too much attention to themselves, therfore they had opted against actually landing the plane. Instead, hey were going to fly down.. A little risky since one member of the trio could not actually fly, but it they could work something out.

"I can hang on to Wanda" Harley suggested, a little too hopefully, as they were preparing to disembark.

"No, I think it will be better if you were to hang on to me" Vision countered. "I am more suited to flying with the extra weight."

"Oh, right.. Good point" Harley giggled nervously.

"Alternatively, Harley does not have to hang on to either one of us" Wanda waved a hand, a rather cheeky grin on her face, and Harley began to float, surrounded by very familiar scarlet energy.

"Whoa!" Harley yelped, tightening his grip on the case housing the Nano-Legion. "I.. whoa!"

"Shall we go now, boys?" Wanda smirked.

Both Vision and Harley nodded dumbly, Vision gathering the rest of their things.

Thankfully, it was rather dark, masking the arrival of the two newly-engaged Avengers and their new 'Intern'. Vision took a moment to survey the beautiful old city from above. There were a few pieces of scattered debris from the earlier attack, but for the most part, the damage seemed relatively minor.

Wanda landed first, behind an old building, bringing Harley down gently beside her.

"That was awesome!" Harley grinned. "Just like flying for real. Can we do that again?"

"Maybe" Wanda chuckled, looking around, and smiling at Vision when he came down on her other side. "I forgot how beautiful Venice is.. do you remember last time we were here, Vizh?"

"I do" Vision smiled, shifting into his human disguise. "We went on a Gondola ride.."

"And you took me out for a very nice dinner.." Wanda linked her fingers with his.

"Mmhm. And on the day we were supposed to leave I missed my flight because we were.."

"Vizh!" Wanda yelped, clapping a hand over his mouth. "That is not a company-appropriate story.."

Vision blushed, suddenly remembering Harley, standing awkwardly beside them.

"Sorry, Harley.."

"I hear way worse stuff at School" Harley shrugged. "So, what do we do now that we're here?"

"First things first" said Wanda, "I think we need to find Peter."

"Agreed" Vision nodded. "Happy said May got a text from Peter mentioning that they were going to switch Hotels, but I'm not sure which one he was switching too.."

"No problem, I think I can help.." Harley knelt, opening his case and pulling out a small controller. He pressed a few buttons, and a single Nano-Iron Man droid formed from the nanites. "We need to track down Spider-Man."

The droid seemed to salute Harley, then it's eyes glowed, initiating a scan of the area. It emitted a small beeping noise when the scan was complete, and spoke in a robotic voice.

"Spider-Man located."

The droid hovered upward, awaiting further instructions.

"It's got something" Harley grinned.

"Sclipitor" Wanda smiled, gently ruffling the boy's hair. "Lead the way, Harley."

"Yes, Ma'm!" Harley stood, speaking to the droid. "Lead us to Spider-Man.. but do it in stealth mode, we don't want too many people seeing you.."

The droid saluted again, then took off, Harley hurrying along its wake, with Wanda and Vision following along behind him.

"I'm not sure you should be encouraging him quite so much.." Vision frowned, speaking quietly enough that Harley wouldn't hear him, clutching Wanda's hand a bit tighter.

"What do you mean?" Wanda's brow crinkled in confusion.

"Well, Harley clearly has a little crush.." Vision looked around awkwardly. The streets of Venice were largely empty, most people choosing to huddle indoors with their loved ones after the earlier monster attack.

"I've noticed. It's actually a little flattering, but completely harmless.. Wait" Wanda paused, a smirk spreading over her face. "Vizh, are you jealous?"

"No.. of course not.."

"You are!" Wanda almost burst out laughing.

Harley, some ways ahead now, paid little attention to them, completely focused on the task at hand.

"I know it's stupid.." Vision blushed. "I suppose I am just not used to sharing your attention.."

"Vision.." Wanda shook her head, reaching up to stroke his cheek, and smiling when he leaned into her touch. "Harley is a baiat dulce, and I am enjoying getting to know him, because he is your brother, and it is important to you that all the members of this family you are building get along.."

"It is" Vision nodded.

"It is important to me too" Wanda continued, "Because I love you. More than I thought I could ever love anyone. You are the man I am marrying, the one I am promising forever to someday soon. I love you, Vision. Just you. Nobody else. Okay?"

"Okay" A wonderfully bright smile spread over his face. "I love you too. So much."

"I know.." Wanda smiled, pulling him down for a quick kiss. "Now, let's go find your other little brother.. And try not to have a crisis if this one develops a crush on your wife to be."

"That is quite unlikely" Vision chuckled, relaxing now. "From what happy tells me, Peter is rather hung up on a girl called MJ.."

They followed the nano-droid for a while longer, until Harley frantically gestured to them.

"I think I see something!"

Wanda and Vision hurried to where Harley was waiting near the docks, the nano-droid hovering at his side. All three of them crouched behind an out-of service Gondola. Harley looked out to the water, Wanda and Vision following his gaze.

They could see a motorboat, with two passengers aboard. One was Peter Parker, fully suited up apart from his mask.

The other was Nick Fury.

Chapter Text

"Should we borrow a boat to follow them?" Harley whispered, returning the Iron Legion droid to it's case.

"No.. they'll spot us too easily that way" said Vision.

"Right" Wanda agreed. "We'll follow from the sky."

"Does it really matter if they spot us?" Harley questioned. "I mean.. Nick Fury's like top of the pile when it comes to the good guys."

Wanda and Vision shared an uncertain look. While what Harley said was true, that Fury was basically everybody's boss since he had created the Avengers.. For various complicated reasons, neither Vision nor Wanda had ever met him. At least not properly. Vision had a vague recollection of being introduced to him in the post-Sokovia chaos. Wanda may have too, although she was too grief-stricken over Pietro to remember much else from that time.

They both knew that you didn't usually get to meet Nick Fury unless he wanted you to meet him, especially after his faked death, and they weren't entirely sure how he would react to their showing up unexpectedly in the middle of one of his operations.

"I still think it best that we fly for now.." Vision finally replied, and Wanda nodded in agreement.

"You're the boss" Harley shrugged.

So, they hovered what they thought was a safe distance from the boat as they followed, with Vision holding onto Wanda and Harley, phasing them all to limit their chances of being seen. They watched as Fury handed Peter a gift from Tony.

"Do you think Tony left anything for me?" Harley whispered hopefully.

"I'm not sure.. Probably" Vision replied. "We're still finding things he had tucked away.."

"Like this.." Wanda replied quietly, smiling as she wiggled her ring finger.

Vision smiled back at her.

They continued to follow the boat until it reached the mouth of a tunnel. Then, Nick Fury turned, looking straight up at them, aimed a rifle, and fired. Peter, at the realization they were being followed, but not knowing by who, hurriedly pulled on his mask in the brief chaos that followed.

"Ah!"Harley yelped, almost dropping the Iron Legion case.

Though the shot would have passed harmlessly through them in their phased state, Vision twisted in the air to dodge it. Wanda raised a hand to halt the bullet, quickly realizing that it was not a bullet at all.

"Vizh, it's just a tranquilizer.."

"You're damn lucky it's just a tranquilizer!" Fury yelled up to them. "Let this be a lesson, no-one follows Nicholas J. Fury without him knowing about it! Now all of you idiots get in the damn boat before you set off the rest of our security."

Wanda and Vision shared a slightly sheepish look, then headed down to land in the boat. Harley, now clinging to Vision's back like a monkey, quickly got down, his cheeks burning with embarrassment. This was not how he'd wanted to meet more of his heroes.

"Well.. Hello" Vision managed a smile.

"Uh.. Hi, Vision.." Even beneath his mask, Peter's confusion was clear.

"I suppose we have some explaining to do.." Wanda chuckled nervously.

"You bet you do, Maximoff.." Fury's eye flickered to Harley. "Who's the kid?"

"Oh, I'm Harley, Harley Keener.." Harley thrust out a hand, which Peter took. "I'm, uh.. the new Stark Industries intern.."

"New Intern?" The eyes of the Spider-Man mask narrowed.

Vision grew nervous as he watched them, detecting a hint of jealousy in Peter's voice.

"Yeah" Harley continued excitedly, oblivious to the slight change in the other boy's demeanor. "Tony talked with me about it before the blip. Never got a chance to follow through, but now Vision's hired me.. It's nice to meet you, Spider-Man, I'm a really big fan.."

"Nice to meet you too, I guess.."

"Stark and kids.." Fury shook his head as he started up the boat once more, "Who would have thought?"

"Harley has a lot of very useful tiny robots" said Vision.

"...Good to know."

"You really thought I wouldn't notice you?" Fury continued to scold Wanda and Vision as the boat moved down the tunnel. "I've been keeping my eye on you for a while, Maximoff, and Vision, well.. Let's just say that I keep better tabs on Stark's super-bots than he ever did..Congrats on the engagement, by the way.."

"Thank you, Sir" Vision blushed. "We really are sorry for any trouble we might have caused."

"We just saw the news, and we were concerned about.." Wanda began.

"Your concern is noted, and appreciated" Fury cut her off. "But next time, let someone know so we can claim your little mission as legit, okay? None of the remaining Avengers can go running around half-cocked, a repeat of the Sokovia Accords is the last thing we need right now.."

Wanda's cheeks reddened at the mention of the accords, but Vision nodded.

"Understood, sir.."

"Good.." As Fury stopped the boat, and everyone piled out for it to head for what they assumed was a temporary Mission Control Center, he turned his attention back to Peter. "You can lose the mask, everyone here's seen you without it.."

"He hasn't.." Peter pointed to Harley.

"Yeah, but I know you're Peter Parker though" Harley shrugged.

Peter removed his mask, looking a little annoyed.

Vision grew nervous.. his brotherly bonding expedition seemed to have taken an awkward turn.

"That's better.." Fury continued. "You don't need to be feigning anonymity and breathing through spandex for no good reason.."

As they headed into the control center, they were introduced to a rather imposing agent named Dimitri whom didn't react when Harley smiled at him.

Maria Hill, whose gaze Wanda avoided.. She had at one time, spoken as a joke, heard Hill's abridged assessment of her and her twin (He's fast. She's weird.), and the words had upset her more than she wanted to admit.

And finally, the armored 'hero' from the news who had sparked Vision and Wanda's whole trip.

".. This is Mr. Beck..

"You're the guy from the news!" Harley cried.

"Mysterio.." Peter gasped.

"What?" The man looked confused.

"Oh, it's just what my friends were.." As Peter stumbled his way through an explanation, Beck shook Harley's hand, Vision's, and Wanda's, but then zeroed back in on Peter just a little too fast for Wanda's liking.

"I saw what you did with the tower. We could have used someone like you on my world."

"Your world?" Peter was confused.

"What do you mean 'Your' world?" Wanda frowned.


Of all the things Vision had expected to uncover when they set out on this trip, the existence of multiple Universes, and a series of attacks on the Earth from Elemental Monsters was not high on the list.

The news that the last and most dangerous of these monsters, the Fire Elemental, was set to attack Prague in two days, and that Fury planned to take Peter along to help defeat it was an extra level of shock. Vision was about to object to his brother's participation, but Peter was providing a rather good argument himself for why he couldn't go to Prague. That Aunt May would be worried, the danger of his classmates discovering his identity..

"...Then the whole world will work out who I am, and then I'm done."

"He's got a point, you know" Harley cut in. "If my Mom knew what this Internship really involved.. well, she'd be pissed, even if she did know about my Iron Legion."

Peter gave Harley a thankful look, but still seemed somewhat unsettled by the other boy's presence.

"Alright" Fury surprisingly replied. "I understand.."

To Peter's great surprise and relief, Fury instructed Dimitri to return Peter to his Hotel. Vision smiled at Wanda, pleased with the new development. It seemed they had succeeded in keeping Peter safe. Wanda smiled back at him, but was slightly distracted. She had been subtly keeping one eye on Beck as everything unfolded. Something about the man just didn't feel right.

After Peter was safely out of earshot, however, everything changed.

"Hill" Fury instructed, "Have Parker's school trip redirected to Prague."

"Yes, Sir" Hill nodded.

"What?" Vision frowned.

"He's an Avenger now. He can't shirk his responsibilities."

"He doesn't" Vision argued. "He does so much for his neighborhood, foiling crimes. This trip is his first break, and he needs it. He's still just a boy."

"Besides, you have Vision and I now" said Wanda.

"And me" Harley cut in.

"Exactly" Wanda continued. "Harley's Iron Legion can fight from a distance. There's no reason for us to put children in danger."

"No offense" Beck interrupted, "I'm sure you guys are great, but we made our plan with Parker in mind.."

"I don't believe anyone asked you, Mr. Beck" Wanda snapped. "And any plan that requires a child to be successful seems like a pretty de pularie plan to me!"

"Peter Parker stopped being a child the second he put on that suit Stark made him" Fury cut in. "He's doing this job whether he likes it or not."


"Don't take this the wrong way" Fury turned to Wanda, ignoring her interruption. "I'm glad you and Vision and little Iron Lad are here. We need all the help we can get.. But you're a wild card, Maximoff, Vision's been out of action, and Keener's untested."

"No I'm not!" Harley argued. "My Iron Legion.."

"Quiet, kid.. Parker has real field experience, you don't. Parker has a mostly clean on the field record.." Fury turned back to Wanda. "You definitely don't. I'll be damned if I'm going to leave the fate of the world up to a wild card, a partially broken android and Tony Stark's plan B!"

Wanda's eyes flashed scarlet. She wasn't sure what she felt more, hurt, or angry. She turned and stormed out of the control room. A deflated Harley followed not too far behind her.

Vision felt something flare in his synthetic gut. For the first time since his resurrection, maybe the first time in his whole life, he was angry.

"Don't take this the wrong way, Sir.." He glared at Fury, "I respect you.. but I do not think I like you very much."

With that, he followed his fiance' and his brother back outside.

Watching the scene unfold, Quentin Beck smirked.

Chapter Text

Vision maintained his anger as he marched away, but his expression instantly softened when he found Wanda and Harley at the mouth of the tunnel. Harley looked rather downhearted, and though clearly a little down herself, Wanda laid a comforting hand on the boy's shoulder.

"Do you really think I was only Tony's Plan B?" Harley asked her.

Wanda thought for a moment, then shook her head.

"No, I do not think so.."

"Are you sure? I mean, Fury knew him.."

"But Tony knew you" Wanda countered. "I won't pretend I knew him well enough to know exactly what he was thinking, because I didn't, but I do know that he cared about you. I don't believe Tony chose to recruit Peter first because he thought he was better than you. In fact, I don't think it was even really a choice at all. He was just waiting until he knew you were really ready."

"I guess that makes sense" Harley perked up a little. "And you know, I don't think Mr. Fury was right about you, either. You're not a wildcard.. not anymore, anyway. All the bad stuff happened when you were still learning, right? Now, you're pretty awesome."

"Thanks copil" Wanda chuckled, gently ruffling Harley's hair.

For a moment, still watching quietly, Vision found himself thinking that Wanda would be a good Mother.. Then suddenly felt a little sad, as that was something she would probably never have, with him. He shook his head, broken out of his thoughts when Harley continued to speak.

"There's rumors that you took on Thanos one-on-one and almost beat him.. Is that true?"

"Yes" Wanda smirked. Not an attention seeker, she usually chose not to confirm or deny these rumors, but figured it was safe to trust her future Husband's little brother with the truth. "That's true. I probably would have beaten him, if he hadn't ordered missiles to rain down on the battlefield."

"Wow.." Harley fell silent for a moment. "So, what do we do now?"

"I'll tell you exactly what I think we should do" Vision decided to reveal his presence, although the smile Wanda flashed his way told him that she'd known he was there the whole time. "We'll do just what we came here to do in the first place: Help Peter. And in the process, we will show Nick Fury who we are, and what we can do.. Then maybe he will see that 'Plan B' should have been the A-Team all along."

"Yeah!" Harley whooped, extending a fist.

Vision looked confused, until Wanda caught his eye, subtly knocking her own fists together. Vision smiled thankfully at her, then fist-bumped his little brother.

"To the A-Team!" Vision declared.

"The A-Team!" Harley happily declared.

Wanda burst out laughing.

"What?" asked Vision, confused.

"The A-Team is a really cheesy TV show from the 80's" Wanda explained, still laughing.

"Oh.." Harley frowned.

"Might I suggest.." Wanda offered an alternative. "Copi de fier.. Children of Iron.. For Tony."

"Yes" Vision smiled. "That sounds perfect."

So the trio, putting on brave faces and a united front, marched back into the HQ, asking where they could fit into the current plan. Only Wanda noticed the way Beck's face fell slightly when they returned, though he had quickly recovered. Wanda kept her own expression neutral, but inside, the Scarlet Witch was frowning. She decided that she would keep a very close eye on Quentin Beck.

Vision, Wanda, and Harley remained with Fury and his team as they set off for Prague. Along the way, Fury filled them in on everything they knew about the upcoming attack of the Fire Elemental, the finer points of the plan to defeat it, and how each of them could fit in to said plan. Fury had been quietly impressed with the capabilities of Harley's Iron Legion.

So was Quentin Beck, although his smile seemed just a little too forced for Wanda's liking.

Harley was just happy with the attention.

As they all listened to Fury's revised plan, Vision kept one eye on the equipment monitoring Peter. A female Agent whom Vision hadn't met had just finished taking his measurements for a new suit, one that Fury hoped would remove the potential problem of Spider-Man being recognized. One of Peter's classmates had walked in on him while he was with the Agent, and Peter seemed rather frantic about the situation.

Though Vision did not understand the reason for Peter's panic, he felt an immense amount of pity for the boy. This mission, everything Nick Fury wanted from him.. it felt too big, too much. Tony would never have put him under this amount of pressure.

Though he had never moved into it, Vision remembered Tony designing a room for Peter at the Avengers Headquarters, mostly because the room would have been next door to Vision's. He remembered Tony filling the room with Video Games, new Lego sets, a Homework desk.. Even if Peter was going to be an Avenger, Tony had wanted him to have the space to still be a kid.

Fury was taking that space away from Peter all too fast.. Vision shook his head. The fate of Earth was at stake, again. His concern for Peter's stolen childhood would have to wait until the danger had passed. With Peter now safely back on the bus, opening the gift Tony had left for him, Vision returned his attention to the task at hand.

Noticing that Wanda seemed a little tense, Vision reached to lace his fingers with hers, gently squeezing her hand, and she gave him a small smile in response. They listened to Beck's account of his previous battle against the Fire Elemental, learned that they absolutely must keep it away from metal.. before they were interrupted by the rather concerned voice of Maria Hill.

"Sir, a swarm of Stark drones have just locked on to Peter Parker's school bus.."

"What?" Fury frowned. "Why the Hell would Stark drones attack Parker's bus?"

"Parker may have accidentally deployed them against a fellow student, Sir.." said Hill.

"Damn! How could he be so irresponsible?"

"Because he's a kid, and sometimes kids do stupid things, particularly when there is too much pressure on them.." Wanda pointed out.

"Okay, you made your point Maximoff.." Fury grumbled. "How long before this kid is in real danger?"

"About ten minutes" Hill replied.

"Mr. Beck" said Fury, "Can you.."

For the first time, Beck looked unsettled.

"I really need to save my energy for the Elemental.."

"Wanda and I will handle it" said Vision quickly.

"We will" Wanda agreed.

"Alright" Fury nodded. "Go. But don't you dare get killed. We've already reworked the plan, I don't want to have to do it again."

"I'll send some Iron Legion droids as back-up" said Harley, putting on the headset Maria Hill had just handed to him.

"Good idea.." Vision, remembering the earlier conversation outside the old HQ, fist-bumped Harley once again. "It is lucky we brought you with us."

"Baiat bun" Wanda ruffled Harley's hair again. "You stay here and be Copi de fier Mission Control."

"I will" Harley grinned, nodding.

Wanda and Vision checked the location of Peter's bus, then the incoming drones, before quickly departing to stop them.

"Copi de fier?" Fury was confused. "What the Hell is that?"

Harley just laughed.

Chapter Text

"Those drones were deployed from space, so we have a bit of time, right?" Wanda asked, as she and Vision raced along the travel route of Peter Parker's school bus. A small squad of Iron Legion droids hovered in wait beside them, cloaked from view. Wanda heard Harley laugh through the communicator. "Harley, Draga, that is not helpful."


"Wanda, this is Tony we're talking about.." Vision frowned. "He came up with the idea to make me in less than a minute. What do you think he managed to accomplish with five years of prep time, and the knowledge he gained from going to space?"

That explanation was all Wanda needed to completely change her assessment of the situation.

"Rahat. We really don't have a lot of time then, do we?"

"Unfortunately, no" Vision sighed.

"Vision, Maximoff, update" Fury's voice barked through the communicators. "What's going on out there?"

"Hmm.." Wanda looked down to the road below them. "No sign of the drones yet.. Sir." Despite her disagreements with Fury over the course of this mission, she had decided she would at least try to remain respectful. "But we have eyes on Peter's bus."

After just a few more uneventful seconds, the Iron Legion uncloaked, tiny Iron Men appearing around Wanda and Vision, flying in perfect formation.

"You've got incoming, guys" Harley was no longer laughing as he watched on Fury's monitors. This was serious, his chance to prove himself.

Harley Keener was more than just Plan B.

"Twelve drones, locked in on some kid called Brad Davis" said Hill, also focused on the monitors.

"That's six each if we go fifty-fifty.." Wanda, too, wanted to prove herself to Fury, but she was a little concerned. "Can you handle that, Vizh? You've been out of action for a while.."

"I will have to handle it.." Vision twisted in the air to look behind him, the drones fast approaching. He was nervous too, but he had come here for the purpose of helping Peter, and hopefully getting to know him better. He wasn't going to have much luck getting to know the boy if his school bus was blown up in a drone strike. Therefore, Vision had to stop the drones.

Wanda frowned. Vision was untested in battle since his miraculous resurrection, and the last thing she wanted was to risk losing him again.

"Harley.." She murmured into her communicator, "Have the Iron Legion give extra back up to Vizh, okay?"

"Will do."

"Did you say something, Wanda?" Vision looked at her.

"Just get ready, Vizh. They're coming."

The drones, fixed on their deadly goal and nothing else, did not pay any attention to Vision, Wanda, and the Iron Legion at first, but that all changed the moment they moved to intercept them.

"Hostile action detected."

"Here we go" Vision muttered. "Fifty-fifty then?"

"Fifty-fifty" Wanda nodded. "Don't let them get to the bus."


As the drones charged forward, Vision phased his fist into one, tearing out it's circuits. Wanda halted another in it's tracks with her power before dismantling it. The Iron Legion mostly worked to slow the drones progress until Wanda or Vision reached them.

"You're brilliant, Harley" Vision yelled, hoping to encourage him.

"Yes, just keep doing what you're doing!" Wanda agreed.
"I will!" Harley grinned, eagerly inputting instructions to the droids.

"I have to say, Keener, your Iron Legion is impressive" Fury admitted.

"Thank you, Sir" Harley's grin widened.

"How soon do you think you can make more?"

"Oh.. well, I'd need some more parts, Sir. I'm running a little low.."

"When this Mission is over, let me or Agent Hill know exactly what you need. We'll get you hooked up."

"Thank you, Sir! That would be great!"

Unnoticed by anyone else, Quentin Beck scowled slightly as he watched them. Another kid getting the keys to the Castle? No wonder Fury's operations went downhill so often.

Despite being out of practice, Vision was so in sync with Wanda that it almost didn't matter. Fighting together, they made a perfect team, just as they were the perfect team in everything else. A few more drones showed up, but everything seemed to be going well, and soon, they thought they'd taken them all down. Vision and the Scarlet Witch had everything under control, until they heard Maria Hill, speaking quite frantically.

"One of them's slipped you, it's headed for the bus!"

"Oh, la naiba.." Wanda groaned.

"We have to stop it!" Vision cried.

"I know!"

Wanda, Vision, and Harley's droids pursued the final rogue drone, but it had got a good head start on them, and was now dangerously close to the bus, preparing for a strike. There seemed to be some sort of commotion aboard the vehicle.

Wanda summoned a burst of red energy for a last ditch effort to stop it, but before she could, she saw Peter leap up through the sun roof of the bus and blast the drone, the shattered pieces falling onto the road. For a fraction of a second, his eyes locked with Vision's, surprised, but managed to give him a thumbs up as he dropped back into the bus, apparently landing on his feet.

"Well.." Vision blinked. "Peter definitely has some skills.."

"I don't understand" Wanda frowned, once she and Vision had returned to Fury's current 'Mission Control'. Fury himself had slipped away to take a phone call. "We had eyes on all the drones the whole time. How did one get by us without being noticed?"

"We only have four eyes between us.." Vision pointed out.

"But it also got by Harley's droids" Wanda added. "That's a little weird, right?"

"It is" Harley agreed, sounding concerned as he examined the returned droids. "They're supposed to have top-range hostile detection.."

"Peter was brilliant, though, wasn't he?" A note of pride in Vision's voice.

"He shouldn't have needed to be brilliant" said Wanda. "We're here to protect him."

"You guys are being too hard on yourselves" Beck cut in.

"A bus load of children were almost killed!" Wanda snapped. Something about the man rubbed her the wrong way.

"But it's nothing you did wrong" He continued. "That drone's cloaking was state-of-the-art. There's not much it couldn't have slipped past.."

Wanda frowned. How did Beck know what cloaking capabilities the drone had? Vision, her poor naive fiance, remained oblivious.

"I suppose you are right" said Vision. "Thank you for the kind words, Quentin."

"No problem. We're a team now, right?" Beck grinned.

Wanda scowled. Next time Beck tripped up, and he would, she was going to call him out on it.

Chapter Text

With the accidental drone attack detour over and done with, Fury steered them all back towards reviewing the plans for the upcoming battle with the Fire Elemental.

The most important part of the plan, according to Beck, was to make sure that the Elemental did not get it's hands on too much metal. If it did, the monstrous creature would be able to destroy the Earth's core, as it had supposedly destroyed Beck's world.

While almost everyone else seemed to be hanging on Beck's words, Wanda listened only grudgingly. However, she found herself somewhat comforted when Vision gently squeezed her shoulder. Vision could almost always settle her when she was uncomfortable about something. And, turning to kiss her fiance's cheek, she noticed a slightly unusual expression on his face as he listened to Beck.

Perhaps she was not the only one who didn't entirely trust the man from another world.

Once they arrived in Prague, Fury had them all set up with rooms in the same motel as Peter's class, but on a different floor. As a reward for the Iron Legion's impressive performance, Harley had been given a room of his own, leaving Wanda and Vision with alone time for the first time since this new adventure had begun.

As they got ready for bed, Wanda was a little concerned to realise that her fiance' seemed troubled, and tried putting aside her own concerns for a while in order to comfort him.

"Hey.." Her arms wrapped around him from behind, fingers tracing the scarred section of Vision's chest that Tony had painstakingly repaired, "You were great Today. Absolut briliant."

"Was I? Vision sighed. "I'm supposed to be here to help Peter, but Peter saved himself.."

"He didn't do it alone, Vizh" Wanda reminded him. "Only one drone got past us, and Peter just got in a very lucky shot, to be honest.."

"I know.. I know. But it's not just that.. I think you may be right about Mr. Beck..Something seems.. off.."

"It does.." Wanda agreed. "I'm still not sure exactly what.."

"Neither am I.. There was just a moment.. he seemed familiar, but I can't remember how, or why.." Vision groaned. His somewhat patchy memory of his life before being restored was still a source of great frustration for him.

"It's okay, Vizh.." Wanda held him a little tighter. "You'll remember. Until then, we'll just keep a close eye on him."

"I suppose so" Vision managed a small smile. Then they jumped, both slightly startled by a knock on the door. They fell silent, not sure whether to answer, until a familiar voice spoke.

"Hello? Gosh, I hope I've got the right room.."

"Peter.." Vision, slightly confused, donned his human disguise before hurrying to open the door.

Wanda quickly pulled on a jacket over her nightdress, since it didn't feel entirely appropriate to be wearing just a nightie in front of her husband to be's teenage brother.

"Damn it, I'm so sorry I..Oh..." Peter began when Vision opened the door, then trailed off, confused, when he saw Wanda. "Is, uh, Vision here?"

It took Vision a moment to realise that Peter didn't recognise his human form.

"I am Vision" Vision chuckled. "I'm in disguise, you see."

"Oh, right" Peter smiled sheepishly. "I wanted to come and thank you guys for the thing with the bus.."

"You're welcome, Draga." Wanda smiled at him.

"We are here to help" Vision smiled too.

"Well, thanks.. Can I talk to you for a minute, Vision?" Peter asked.

"Well.." Vision glanced at Wanda.

"Go, Vizh" Wanda told him. After all, one of the reasons they were here was for Vision to bond with Peter. "I'll be fine here."

Wandering the hall together, Peter attempted to explain everything to Vision. How Peter had come into possession of the 'E.D.I.T.H' glasses, how Brad Davis incriminating photo of Peter in his underwear with Fury's agent, and how he had accidentally triggered the drone strike on Brad in his desperate efforts to keep Brad from showing MJ the photo.

"It seems that you have some rather strong feelings for this young lady" Vision chuckled.

"Yeah" Peter blushed. "She's pretty cool. I had all these plans for how I was going to ask her out when we were supposed to be going to Paris.."

"I'm sorry those plans were ruined for you."

"Ah, I can probably work something else out. I'm glad I stopped Brad from seeing that photo, but I really am sorry about the accidental drone strike. This E.D.I.T.H thing might be a little too big for me, so.." Peter pulled a pair of what looked like Tony's glasses out of his pocket, "I was thinking maybe you should take them."

"Peter, no" Vision frowned. "I can't do that."

"Why not?"

"Tony chose you for a reason."

"Yeah, but that was when he thought you were dead" Peter pointed out.

"We were both dead" Vision argued, for a moment actually feeling like they were brothers. "But you had a greater chance of coming back than I did."

"That's kinda my point" Peter thrust the glasses at Vision once again. "If he'd known you were an option, he never would have picked me."

"I really don't think that's true" Vision pressed the glasses back into Peter's hands. "It was always going to be you. He believed in you, Peter. So much."

"He did?"

"He did."

"What about.. The other kid? The new intern, Harvey."

"Harley" Vision gently corrected him. "Tony believed in him too, but he's a.. He maybe needed a little more time. His strengths are in different areas. I think you should try and get to know him a little better, when you get the chance. Tony would have wanted you two to get along."

"Yeah.. I can try" Peter smiled. "And I'm still not sure I'm the best person to have E.D.I.T.H, but I'll hang onto it for now. Thanks for the talk, Vision."

"You're welcome.. go get a good night's sleep, we have a big day coming up."

"You too.. Do you sleep?"

"Not exactly" Vision chuckled. "But I do need some rest, and I should be getting back to Wanda."

"Okay" Peter nodded, heading back to his floor. "See you for the mission.."

"See you then."

Vision watched Peter go with a smile on his face.

Chapter Text

Vision was still smiling when he returned to his own motel room shortly afterwards. Wanda listened to his recounting of his conversation with Peter with a fond smile on her face and a sparkle in her eyes, glad to see him so happy.

"I am glad you and Peter had a chance to talk, Vizh.." She gently ran her fingers over Vision's head as they settled together in bed, ready to rest and prepare for the battle the following evening would bring. "It seems like you really helped him."

"Well, I certainly hope I did.." Vision sighed. "He still seems so unsure of himself.."

"He's a teenager" Wanda chuckled. "Being unsure of himself comes with the territory. He's got plenty of time to work things out, including with this girl he likes so much.."

"MJ. He was rather disappointed that he couldn't reveal his feelings for her in Paris like he originally planned.."

"Well, maybe when this fight is over, we can help him think of a new plan. It is not unusual for big brothers to help little brothers with their love lives, and you do have some experience in that area.." Wanda lightly teased him.

"I suppose.." Vision chuckled for a moment, then frowned, pulling Wanda closer.

"Is something wrong, Vizh?" She asked, her brow furrowing in concern.

"No.. It's just.. Tomorrow" Vision sighed.

"What about it?"

"I feel a bit.. useless.."

The knowledge that the Fire Elemental grew more powerful by absorbing anything metal pushed both Vision and Harley's droids onto the sidelines, which now put a lot more pressure on Wanda and Peter.

Vision was to stay back and attack from a distance- If he could even do that, because, Vision felt ashamed of himself for only just now remembering, the energy beams he had once fired from his head were a gift of the Mind Stone, and without it..

"Taur rahat."

"What?" Vision blinked, slightly surprised at his fiancee's vulgar language.

"You heard me" Wanda frowned. "Taur rahat. Bullshit. You are not useless, Vision. You can't help that you're partially made of metal. You'll just have to be helpful from a distance."

"I'm not sure I can.. without the stone.."

"I believe that you can. You've always been more than the Stone, Vizh. The fact that you're even here now proves that."

"I suppose.. but if I have to stay away, how am I supposed to protect Peter?"

"Not away. Just back a little. I will look out for Peter."

"But who is going to look out for you?" Vision frowned.

"I think I can take care of myself" Wanda frowned back at him. "People don't get a name like the Scarlet Witch for no reason.."

"I know" Vision sighed. "I know. I'm completely confident in your ability to take care of yourself. There's just so many factors in play. What if we're right, and Beck is up to something? So many things could go wrong.. "

At that, Wanda frowned herself. As much as she liked to think she could handle any crazy scheme Quentin Beck was planning to pull, Vision was, unfortunately, completely right. If life had taught Wanda Maximoff anything, it was that even with the best laid plans, things could go wrong. And unfortunately, Wanda was a person for whom things very often went wrong.

But things were changing for her. Getting better. Right then, at that moment, Wanda chose to believe that would continue, because if not.. What the Hell was she even still fighting for? Still, even believing that..

Wanda kissed Vision, deeply, only breaking it when she needed air.

"You're right, Vizh" She told him. She cupped his cheek, gazing at him, making sure to memorise every small detail of his face. "You're right. Things could go wrong. I don't think they will. I think that everything will be alright. But just.. Just in case it's not.. We already wasted one 'last night' because we didn't know it was the last. At least this time we have a bit of warning. So.. I really wouldn't want to make the same mistake a second time.. would you?"

For the briefest of moments, Vision was going to object. To argue that they both needed to rest in preparation for the fight to come.. But he stopped himself, because Wanda was right too.

"No" He whispered. "No more mistakes.." Vision kissed Wanda, just as deeply and passionately as she had kissed him, and didn't object when he felt her smile against his lips, carefully pulling him on top of her.

Elsewhere, Quentin Beck was going over the plan once again. Of course, this wasn't the plan with which everyone else was familiar, but his own, somewhat more sinister plot to gain control of Tony Stark's Edith drones for himself.

Everything had been going so well to begin with. He'd made his move at just the right time, told just the right story to get Nick Fury and his little lapdog Maria Hill onside, and Fury had manoeuvred poor, sweet little Peter Parker into the right place at the right time. So far, the boy seemed to be eating out of the palm of Beck's hand.

The only flaw in the plan had been the unexpected arrival of the damn 'Children Of Iron', as they'd called themselves. Thankfully, they could be easily dealt with for the most part.

The other boy, Keener, was clever, and he did have a few cool little toys, and The Vision was an impressive machine, but the two of them had been sidelined by the need to 'keep the Fire Elemental away from Metal'.. A stroke of genius, even if he had not known why at the time.

The only real problem, was the Witch. Wanda Maximoff did not trust Quentin Beck, that much was clear. It hadn't been an issue so far, but if she got into Parker's head, or Fury's..

He couldn't take that risk, not when his meticulous planning was coming so close to fruition. Thankfully, Beck had been open from the start about just how dangerous and potentially life-threatening this situation was.

He grinned wickedly, making a few last minute programming changes to his own drones. If Wanda Maximoff was to suffer a tragic accident in battle, no one would suspect a thing..