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Class-1a's Chaotic Chatroom

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Prince Of Darkness: Hello mezou.


Squiggly-Octo: Hello there fumikage.


Prince Of Darkness: Mezou, i'm very sorry if this sudden, but may i tell you something?


Squiggly-Octo: of course, and don't worry its okay.


Prince Of Darkness: do i say this..?


Squiggly-Octo: say what?


Prince Of Darkness:


Prince Of Darkness: ..okay.. so you know what happened to us for all those days and such?


Squiggly-Octo: yes?


Prince Of Darkness: ..I like you..


Squiggly-Octo: .....oh


Prince Of Darkness: you don't have to reply to me..i mean we can talk this later if you'd like..


Squiggly-Octo: i'm sorry if this sudden, but..i do like you..too...


Squiggly-Octo: it's just..i felt too nervous to tell you about this..because..well i thought you weren't gay..


Squiggly-Octo: i know it's a super weird thing but..


Prince Of Darkness: i actually do like guys too..


Squiggly-Octo: Heh..In conclusion i basically like you too..


Prince Of Darkness: do you want to talk this out at your dorm..?


Squiggly-Octo: of course.




Prince Of Darkness: