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Class-1a's Chaotic Chatroom

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Bounsweet: hey shouji, toko?

Squiggly-Octo: yes?

Prince Of Darkness: yes?

Bounsweet: uh this but you two


Squiggly-Octo: ...

Prince Of Darkness: ...

Prince Of Darkness: honestly..that is pretty much us..

Squiggly-Octo: heh ♡

Prince Of Darkness:

Bounsweet: asddfeisjwgowiaja

Bounsweet: HoW CUTE

Detective pikachu: 😎aight🔥who tryna type💻📲on the emoji keyboard⌨️🖱🔥🔥💪

🖤 Kuromi 🖤: i

Squiggly-Octo: I'm only using the emoticons for toko because he deserves my virtual love and affection

Prince Of Darkness: shouji..

🖤 Kuromi 🖤: awww

Squiggly-octo: you remember kaminari did that weird copypasta thing toko?

Prince Of Darkness: yes, why's that?

Squiggly-Octo: well..I made my own one

Squiggly-octo: ❤️OH FUCK 💗 💓 💖💕💞 💞 OH 💘💖💝 FUCK💖 💕💖 💘 Sorry guys 💘💖 💕 💝 I’m dropping my love💗for 💖 tokoyami 💕💖 💝💗💞 💘 💘💖 all over the 💘💞 💕💖 💕💞💖💘 💘place 💖 💘💗 💞💝 💝💕sorry 💓

Prince Of Darkness: the fact that it was also a copy pasta and that you copied it just for me made my heart feel good..

Squiggly-Octo: im sorry for bringing your gift late..but there's some gifts for you in your dorm room

Prince Of Darkness: Awww..thanks Shouji

Squiggly-Octo: theres a bit of more gifts Actually.

Prince Of Darkness: lots of thanks you from me love ♡

Squiggly-octo: And there's actually another one..

Prince of Darkness: you know if you wanted a kiss, then you could ask me right now for one♡

Squiggly-Octo: kiss me please..