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The Siren - Jotaro Kujo x Reader

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[Stand Name]: Siren

[Stand Master]: [Your Name] [Last Name]

Namesake: Based off of the 1988 song Sirens by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno.


Power: B

Speed: A


Durability: C

Precision: A

Potential: B


Trance: She is able to put anyone that hears her chilling song under a trance-like state. This ability is most effective against men.

Intangibility: She is able to phase through non-living matter and leave water ripples behind making it appear as if the objects she is phasing through are nothing more than a liquid, this also gives it the appearance that she is constantly swimming both through the air and solid matter at all times. She is unable to phase through living matter.

Water Veil: She is able to draw out the moisture in the surrounding area and can use it to create a thin or thick sheet of water that can obscure the enemies sight and slow down the momentum of projectiles. This ability is strengthened when near large bodies of water and weakened when in arid regions.


Siren's appearance closely resembles that of a mermaid, the upper portion of her body humanoid and feminine while the lower portion is similar to that of a betta fish's tail. Two vertically thin slits run on either side of her neck serving as her gills and are barely noticeable at first, but tend to slightly flare open every now and then. Her tail's scales are of various shades of blues and greens which occasionally blend together into varying shades of teal. These same colored scales that are found on her tail, can also be found around and underneath her breasts, serving as a makeshift, naturally made bra. Her face always appears to be set into a peaceful look of tranquility with half-lidded eyes and a dazed smile, but when provoked or attacking her eyes will shoot open wide and her jaw will dislocate and unhinge like a serpents—ripping the corners of her lip and the flesh of her cheeks open into a jagged smile, revealing the razor-sharp teeth that are normally hidden away within her delicate mouth.

Her nails also appear to be just as sharp as her teeth.

Height: 7ft

Skin Color: Her skin is tinted a baby blue color and appears as if it would be very smooth to the touch.

Eyes: Her eyes are the same color as her user's and are rarely ever fully opened. When they are, it's usually because she's been provoked or is ready to attack.

Hair: Her is hair long and falls in waves down to her shoulders, each strand colored various shades of blues and greens before coming together near the tips and blending into one beautiful shade of teal.


Siren's personality normally comes off as peacefully calm and a bit relaxed for the most part when there isn't any sort of real danger nearby, but occasionally she will express a motherly sort of attitude towards her user. Often coming out by herself to tenderly hold or comfort her user whenever they express that they are sad and desire to be comforted. But, on rare occasions, she has also been shown to be quite sadistic and a bit malicious. Taking enjoyment in burying her teeth and nails into the flesh of her enemieswrapping her arms and tail tightly around them to hold them in place so that she can slowly crush them as she tears out chunks of flesh from their necks and shoulders. Always looking quite pleased when hearing their screams and feeling them struggle against her.

Chapter Text

For as long as you could remember your mother had always been a sickly woman. In fact, your earliest memories of her since you took your first steps always had her bedridden. Being so young you never understood why your mother never got up from her bed or why your house always had strange men and women coming and going constantly. You never understood why you would find your dad hidden away in his study quietly sobbing or why he couldn’t look your mother properly in the face. You truly didn’t understand anything as everyone seemed to just keep you in the dark, constantly pushing you away whenever you’d try and peer into your mother’s room—her room which always seemed to be crowded with various strangers who’d quietly speak with one another and scribble away on various sheets of paper.

Strangers who’d wear gloves and face masks, strangers who’d tell your father and you that your mother was contagious—that she was too dangerous to be near. You didn’t know what they meant, thinking them mean to call your mother dangerous when you knew she wasn’t. By the age of eight you had finally started to understand exactly what was wrong with your mother. By sneaking around and eavesdropping on the various conversations that floated around your home, you had learned that your mother was very ill. In fact, it seems she’s been ill for quite a long time now, even long before you were born.

To many, it had apparently been a miracle that she had gotten pregnant in the first place, but at the same time, they all had their doubts that the pregnancy would go smoothly at all due to her illness. So, your birth had been quite the shock to many, you were a child that they all believed wouldn’t make it out of the womb alive and yet you did. You also had learned from some gossiping nurses that your mother had only been allowed to hold you for a single second before you were given to your father and ushered away as to avoid the risk of your mother’s illness spreading to you. At first, it took you a few tries to really understand everything and had to hear such information repeated various times for various reasons before you finally had enough of a grasp on it to understand it completely. A small part of you believed that this was information that you weren’t meant to know just yet—that you were meant to stay in the dark until the time was just right.

Despite having such an inkling, it never really stopped you from continuously sneaking back inside after your father would quickly usher you out the backdoor to play for the day so that you’d be far away from the doctors and nurses looking after your mother. It never stopped you from quietly following the strangers in your home around like a lost puppy and absorbing every word they spoke as they ignored you. You weren’t their main concern, your mother was, and so they never worried themselves about your presence. It wasn’t their job to look after you, it wasn’t their job to keep you from hearing things you shouldn’t hear, their only job was to monitor and take care of your mother. Besides, they thought you too young to really understand what they were saying—only one or two of them would ever really lower their voices when they’d spot you staring at them from around a corner or closely trailing after them from behind as they’d talk with their colleagues’.

But despite the fact that they rarely paid you any mind, they made sure you never stepped a foot into your mother’s room. Just like with your father, they kept you away—never letting you move a single inch inside the room she resided in. Sure, they’d let you occasionally linger near the doorway so that you could peer inside. They’d let you stand there and just watch them work, watch as they constantly moved about and around your mother’s bed while she’d clutch her bedsheets, heavily panting as her face would sporadically scrunch up into a look of agonizing pain every now and then. They’d let you watch it all, but eventually one of them would turn your way and quickly usher you back down the hall while making sure to tightly shut the door to your mother’s room behind them so you could no longer go back and peer inside.

Then one day, they were careless. You weren’t sure why, but they had all been distracted by something else, their attention directed elsewhere within the house which left your mother’s room void of any life expect her own. They had even left the door wide open, allowing you to tentatively make your way inside and creep right up beside your mother’s bedside. Her cheeks were flushed a bright red while her eyes were screwed shut and her nose was scrunched up, from her slightly parted lips came sharp gasps of air as her chest would constantly heave up and down as if she was desperate to take in as much air as she could. Her night grown, hair, and the bedsheets underneath her were all drenched in sweat—sweat that was still building itself right back up on her forehead only to quickly make its way down her face so that it could be absorbed by either the locks of her hair or even by the fabric of her clothing.

You stood up on your tippy-toes, hands clutching at the edge of the bed so that you could boost yourself up higher to have a better view of your mother’s face, your wide [Eye Color] eyes curiously staring right at her as she laid there. Soon you flinched though, body tensing up and limbs going stiff as you watched her head suddenly lull to the side so that it was now facing you. Barely opening her eyes, she stared at you through a half-lidded gaze as a gentle smile seemed to tug at her lips upon seeing and realizing that you were really there right beside her.

“Hey there, sweetie, what are you doing in here?” her voice wasn’t pretty nor angelic, instead it was rough and gravelly as if she hadn’t used it in such a long time. Shakily she lifted one of her hands and weakly rested it against your face, her fingers soothingly massaging your cheek as slowly the tension in your muscles started to relax and your small hands reached up to take hold of her hand. Your eyes slowly slipped shut as you pressed your face further into her hand, finding comfort in her touch—a feeling you don’t think you’ve ever felt ‘til now. Her touch was gentle and motherly, it was something you felt like you’ve been craving for such a long time and just didn’t know it until now. Upon seeing your reaction to her touch, your mother released a weak chuckle as the gentle smile on her face grew.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been able to spend much time with you, sweetie” she suddenly apologized, her voice sounding as if it was growing weaker by the minute which caused your ears to perk up and your eyes to open. “It’s been so lonely being stuck here in this bed, unable to see either you or your father—I mean, just look at how much you’ve grown since I last saw you” she continued, her voice nothing more than a raspy whisper at this point as if she was slowly losing the strength to speak. Silently you continued to stare at her, your grip on her hand tightening when you felt her fingers halt in their movements and were no longer massaging your cheek. “But…I’m so happy that I finally got to see you again, yes…so happy…” her words faded into a breathless whisper as her hand suddenly went limp in your grasp. Her half-lidded gaze slowly becoming void of life and a peaceful expression settled itself onto her face, yet the gentle smile on her lips stayed as her whole body went just as limp as her hand did.

“Mommy…?” you quietly muttered, flinching at the sound of a loud beep cutting through the room. You hadn’t noticed it before, but on the other side of your mother’s bed was a heart monitor, one that had been quietly beeping along with the beat of her heart this entire time and on its screen was nothing more than a flat green line now. One that seemed to go on forever as the machine continued to loudly beep at you. “Mom—” you were cut off by the sound of hurried footsteps as suddenly multiple people came flooding into the room. They all spoke over one another, taking their place around your mother’s bed and harshly pushing you back so that they could get to work.

They all frantically talked over one another, rushing around and trying to desperately figure out what to do as you nervously backed away from all of them until your back connected with the wall. Your small frame sinking to the floor as you drew your knees up to your chin and curled up into yourself, fearfully watching the strangers as they shouted at each other, flipping through their papers and messing with the buttons of various machines that you were just now noticing had been placed around the room. You had been so caught up in watching these strangers and your mother, that you never really took notice of all the things that they had placed inside her room while they watched over her throughout these years. The heart monitor was still loudly beeping, the noise now grating on your ears which slowly started to ring as you brought up your hands and pressed them tightly against the sides of your head, tears now brimming your eyes as fear slowly started to take hold of you. You were scared, frightened by everything that was now suddenly happening.

It wasn’t long before the first sob left your lips, tears now freely flowing down your cheeks as you loudly started to wail. Eventually, even snot started to run from your nose as hiccups started to soon follow after every sob that racked your tiny body.

“M-mommy, I…I want my…my m-mommy!” you loudly wailed finally catching the attention of the people in the room with you, their bodies tensing up as they nervously looked from your crying form to one another. They had all been so caught up in helping your dying mother that they hadn’t realized that the thing they had hastily pushed away from the bed had been you. Loudly you continued to cry, continuing to further dig your hands into your ears as you tried desperately to block out the loud beeping of the heart monitor as well as the sounds of all the other machines that you were now slowly becoming aware of. Just as one of the nurses had finally thought to approach you, finally thought to gently work her way towards you to gather you up in her arms and remove you from the room, she was stopped by the sound of hurried footsteps which were then followed by the appearance of your father who came skidding into the room. He clutched at the doorway, heavily panting as his eyes were wide and fearful—his hair now a tangled mess as a nervous sweat began heavily pouring down his face.

Everyone gave a breathless sigh of relief, hoping that he would properly handle your crying form but instead of approaching and comforting you, he chose to push his way past them and drop to his knees right beside his wife’s bed. Gathering up one of her limp hands and desperately looking for any form of life in her lifeless gaze. When he found none he began to wail in despair himself, breaking down into a sobbing, sniffling mess similar to your own. All the doctors and nurses simply stood there, silently looking between both you and your father before finally, their gazes dropped to the floor, their heads drooping as their shoulder’s slumped downwards. Sympathy welling up within their chests as they watched and listened to the two of you mourning over the death of the woman that laid still in her bed.

None of them knew what to do or how to handle the situation at hand, it was obvious to them that your mother had already passed—it was obvious that no matter what they were to try it wouldn’t be enough to bring her back. So, instead, they focused their attention on both your father and you, slowly and hesitantly approaching both of you until they were close enough to offer a comforting hand. Doctors soothingly patted at your father's back, giving their condolences as he continued to clutch his wife’s limp hand between his own and drawing it close to his face as if praying that if he held it tight enough she’ll come back. As the doctors comforted your father, the nurses gathered around you, one of the women lifting you up into her arms and hugging you close until your face was buried in her neck and your hands were tightly clutching her uniform. Despite the comforting shushes that came from her and her colleges who surrounded the both of you—despite the feeling of fingers tangling themselves in your hair and massaging your scalp along with the feeling of hands gently rubbing circles on your back, you couldn’t stop the sobs that racked your body.

You couldn’t stop the way you’d suck in harsh breathes of air that would cause your whole body to shake and your voice to wobble as you would loudly sniff in attempts to retract the snot that came leaking from your nostrils. Your eyes were slowly starting to sting the longer you cried, and your head was beginning to throb as well, but you kept at it. You kept sobbing until no more tears would come—you kept on wailing until your voice grew horse and your eyelids became heavy enough that they could no longer stay open. You cried until you had finally exhausted yourself and passed out, barely remembering the feeling of the nurse passing you off to your father or the feeling of him carrying you out of the room as the doctors and nurses began to pack up their things. None of them no longer had a reason to stay in this house now that their only patient had finally passed away.

The days to come after your mother’s passing was nothing more than a blur to you, from watching the doctors and nurses gathering up their things and leaving to watching as your father busied himself with making the preparations for your mother’s funeral. Because he had to make these preparations, he barely ever bothered to pay attention to you. Always waving you away anytime you’d try to approach him before he’d busy himself with phone calls to family and friends, forced to be the one to deliver the bad news to all of them. Occasionally you watched him do all this, always just barely peeking around the open doorway of his study and watching how he’d crumple up at his desk and silently start crying the second he’d set the phone in his hand down. Only to soon after forcefully gather himself back up and prepare himself to make another call.

The day of your mother’s funeral had come and gone all too quickly it felt, it was a day of mourning—a day that had more strangers coming and gathering inside your home as they’d silently spoke to one another. Each and every one of them always approaching either you or your father, warping one or both of you into a hug and giving their condolences for your loss. Though you knew none of them, they all knew you, some of them claimed to be relatives of yours—people who were a part of your family but rarely came to visit as just like your father they couldn’t stand to see your mother all sickly and laid up in bed. While some of them were relatives, others were family friends, people who had known your mother and father though had no relations to them at all. Though they gave their condolences, they rarely ever spoke to you afterward.

Some, of course, made comments on how much you had grown, but other than that their attention was solely focused on your father who tried his best to keep himself together. He stood tall, occasionally wiping at stray tears that rolled down his cheeks as he kept one hand holding your own so that you wouldn’t wander away from him. You stood still, curiously looking all around you at those that were mourning slightly aware of all that was happening. You knew that your mother was gone—that much was clear with how everyone was acting, but at the same time you still couldn’t wrap your head around the notion. It seemed hard for your eight-year-old self to really grasp the situation at hand.

Everyone around you was either silently mourning or simply crying, in fact, you suspected that just like your father that many of the people here had probably been crying on and off before the day of the funeral actually arrived. But strangely you could not bring yourself to cry, in fact since that day in your mother’s room when you had broken down sobbing you hadn’t felt the urge to cry again since. No one seemed to question that fact, though occasionally you’d hear some of them whisper about you—whispers about how well you were taking everything for someone your age or whispers about how you must be in shock. Such whispers had you wondering if something was wrong with you, had you wondering if you were perhaps broken. Such thoughts seemed to eat away at you for the rest of the day.

Even after the funeral had come to an end and your mother was put to rest, even after the guests had all finally taken their leave and it was just you and your father, those thoughts still continued to persist. It wasn’t until nightfall when you were curled up in your futon did the first droplets of tears start to slip down your face and slowly but silently you started to cry. You weren’t sure why, but the overwhelming urge to cry had suddenly hit you full force and you were left curled up underneath your covers, your face buried in your pillow as a way to muffle your sobs and it wasn’t until the first peek of sunrise did you finally pass out asleep. The days to follow after your mother’s funeral were hard at first, but somehow both your father and you seemed to adjust. Slowly you had gotten used to rarely seeing your father as he once again returned to hiding himself within his study and busied himself with his work, leaving you to practically look after yourself.

You had gotten used to only seeing him come out when he was ready for dinner or when he needed something that required him to leave the safety of his study. Rarely did he ever look you in the face, similar to how he avoided looking at his own wife when she was still alive and when he did look at you he’d only flinch and quickly advert his gaze elsewhere. A few times you’d catch him mumbling to himself when in the kitchen, quietly arguing to himself about something that you’d never hear but would only end with his shoulders drooping and his head sadly shaking as if to disagree with whatever he had been arguing about. Eventually, though, those arguments of his came to a stop and never came back, leaving you to always wonder what they were even about in the first place. Just as you had gotten used to rarely ever seeing your father, you also got used to how silent the house had become since he started locking himself away in his study—leaving the rest of the house void of life saved for your own.

Indeed, you had gotten used to it all and as the years slowly passed by you only proceeded to grow more accustomed to the silence and lack of a parental figure in your life. You had gotten used to coming home from school and loudly calling out to a father who would never answer back that you were home just as you had also gotten used to quietly knocking on his study door and softly telling him whenever you were going to a friend’s house or to the nearby park only to be met with silence that was meant to be taken as an alright. You had also come to accept that the only times you’d ever get to see your father face to face was during breakfast and dinner, those were the only times that he ever willingly came out of his study to face you. They were the only time when he’d let you close enough to him to actually see him, even though he still refused to look at you—still refused to stare you straight in the face and talk with you. But strangely that never bothered you as much as it should have.

By the age of thirteen, you found yourself much more mature than most of the kids your age, having to grow up fast so you could raise yourself while your father hid himself away from both you and the world. It was also at this age that you met her—Siren. You remembered the day you had met her so clearly as it was a day that you could never forget. You were at the park alone; all of your friends having left early to get home to their parents that were waiting for them. Unlike them, you had no one that was really waiting for you at home—it didn’t matter if you left now or three hours later from now, your father wasn’t going to be waiting on the porch for you either way, he was most likely going to be locked away in his study working.

So instead you had chosen to stay at the park, had chosen to stay and sit near the pond and quietly watch the clouds that lazily drifted by. You hadn’t been bothering anyone nor had you been making any sort of fuss to attract the other children and adults that were hanging around the park like you were. But somehow, you must have ended up doing something to catch the attention of two older boys as both of them had approached you with the intention of having a bit of fun. They spoke in teasing tones—snickering as the occasional insult would slip past their sneering lips as they towered over you, looking as if they enjoyed how much smaller you appeared compared to them while seated. When you stood and attempted to take your leave that only seemed to egg them on, causing them to push you back before you could even try to slip past them.

Every attempt you made to walk away just made them push you more and more until they had you at the water’s edge of the pond, mockingly asking you why you were trying to leave when all they wanted to do was simply talk—all they wanted to do was simply play with you as you had looked so pitifully alone sitting all by yourself. Slowly getting frustrated you finally reacted to their constant pushing with a harsh push of your own, one that sent one of them stumbling back in slight surprise as his arms flew out and he looked like he was close to losing his balance if his friend hadn’t had stopped him. Your actions only seemed to upset the older boy as he seemed to glare you down, taking one step closer and harshly pushing you back the same way you had pushed him, but unlike him, you didn’t have a friend with you to keep you from falling back and splashing into the pond behind you. At first, the two boys had laughed, thinking it funny that they had gone and pushed you into the pond and soaked you to the bone, but slowly their laughter seemed to fade as they watched as the only thing to resurface was your air bubbles and nothing more. They stood there for a minute longer, their hearts rapidly beating inside their chests as a nervous sweat broke out across their foreheads while they looked from one another then back to the pond’s surface which you still had yet to breakthrough.

Not many people were aware of this, but you couldn’t swim. No one ever took the time to teach you and the minute you fell back into the water was the minute your whole body clamped up. Your eyes wide and frightful as air bubbles seemed to slip in a constant stream from your slightly parted lips and nose as your body seemed to just sink further and further down, almost as if the water itself was dragging you down towards the bottom where it could comfortably cradle you within its depths. You felt as if you were frozen stiff for a moment as you continued to sink, watching how the sunlight seemed to just glisten off of the water’s surface with only a few rays breaking through to illuminate the water around you. But, the moment you felt your chest tighten and your lungs begin to scream for air was the moment you reacted as your limbs finally started to flail about.

Legs harshly kicking back and forth as your arms reached up and would grab at handfuls of water as you desperately tried to clumsily work your way back towards the water's surface. But instead of moving forward, you only continued to sink, your tense muscles feeling as if they were made of lead as they dragged you down and denied you your chance of survival. Soon enough your vision began to blur and the more you felt your chest tighten and your lungs burn, the more you felt yourself start to panic, your fear taking hold of you and causing you to harshly flail around even more as air bubbles rapidly streamed from your parted lips and nose. Fearfully you couldn’t help but cry to yourself about how you weren’t ready to die just yet. How you weren’t ready for your life to be cut so short and that there were many things you still haven’t accomplished.

It was at that moment that from the corner of your eye you saw something zip by, moving so quickly in the water that it appeared as nothing more than a blur that simply came and went before your mind could even process what it was. Upon realizing that something was in the water with you, your flailing seemed to pick up even more, becoming sloppier by the minute as fearful cries reverberated within your throat when you thought you saw the thing zip past you once more—this time appearing as if it was slowly moving closer towards you with every movement it made. Then suddenly you felt delicate hands slip underneath your arms, fingers digging their way into your shoulders as your body was urgently being dragged upwards as if someone was pushing you towards the water’s surface and with enough force, you broke through and found yourself along with a huge splash of water being tossed back onto the grass. You laid there for a split second, gasping and sucking in as much air as your lungs could take before bolting right up into a sitting position and frantically twisting your body around in search of anyone nearby. There wasn’t a single soul to be found as you discovered that the park was practically deserted save for the birds that pecked at the ground around the benches, scavenging any crumbs that might have been dropped throughout the day.

At first you were confused, having figured that the two boys from before had most likely fled the moment you didn’t resurface right away, but you weren’t sure why there weren’t other people still around until you peered up at the sky, realizing that the sun was slowly starting to descend its way downwards so it could make room for the moon to rise. Soon a shiver racked up your spine, your arms quick to wrap their way around your body as your hands rubbed up and down from your forearms to your shoulders and back in a pitiful attempt to warm yourself. You were soaked to the bone, hair separated into wet strands that seemed to drip steady droplets of water into the puddle underneath you which had been created by the large splash of water that had been flung out of the pond alongside you. Shakily and slowly you pushed yourself up onto your feet, your nose scrunching up at the disgusting feeling of your wet socks making a squishing sound within your shoes which felt like they still had water trapped within them. Just as you were prepared to leave, wanting to just get home and get changed you stopped as you heard water splashing as something broke through the surface of the pond.

Hesitantly looking, you gasped in shock, a look of awe crossing your face as you stared at the creature before you. Her skin was a baby blue and her hair fell in waves down to her shoulders and was made up of various blues and greens that came together near the tips and blended into a beautiful shade of teal. Her arms were crossed and resting against the wet grass of the pond’s edge, her chin lowered and resting on top of her arms as she stared at you through half-lidded [Eye Color] eyes while her face was twisted up into a look of tranquility. From behind her a betta fish’s tail, whose scales were made up of the same color palette as her hair, was lazily rising and lowering out of the water and flinging small droplets of water around. Those same scales on her tail could also be found around and underneath her breasts, while hidden just within her hair, you could barely make out the lines of two gills on either side of her neck which opened and close with every breath she took.

She was beautiful and the longer you stared at her the more you found yourself entranced by her beauty as you took slow and steady steps towards her. Stopping just an arm’s length away as you now just stood there and stared at her, wondering if she was really there or if your near-drowning experience had caused you to hallucinate her. Then suddenly she parted her lips and from her mouth came the haunting sound of a song, a song that sounded so beautiful and comforting that you found yourself forgetting all about the setting sun and your soaking wet clothes as you instead dropped to your knees so that you could sit and listen. Her voice sounded nearly similar to the sound of the howling wind, except instead of causing fear it brought you comfort, causing whatever tension you may have still had to dissipate and leave both your mind and body in a peaceful state.

“What’s your name?” you suddenly asked, eyes wide and curious as you leaned yourself forward to get even closer to the creature before you, watching how her singing came to a sudden halt the moment you had opened your mouth to speak. She stared at you, just barely tilting her head as the expression on her face didn’t change and her once parted lips now sealed themselves shut once more. “Do you…do you even have a name?” once again all she did was tilt her head, choosing to simply stare you down with her half-lidded gaze instead of answering, but there was a part of you that strongly believed you had most likely assumed right that she didn’t have a name. “If you don’t have a name then I’ll give you one” you happily offered, watching how her head perked up, eyes lighting up in amusement upon hearing what you said. Silently she watched you, her head tilting from side to side as she watched how you sat back, arms once more crossed across your chest as you held your own chin in thought.

“Siren!” you finally exclaimed with the snap of your fingers after a long stretch of silence. Pleased with the name that you had decided upon, feeling that such a name worked so well with the beautiful woman before you. Excitedly you looked her in the eyes and awaited her response, watching how her lips quirked upwards before suddenly she pushed away and disappeared back into the depths of the pond, leaving you both confused and worried. For a split second, you were concerned that she didn’t like the name, that her actions meant that you had somehow insulted her by giving her such a name, but something told you deep within your soul that that hadn’t been her reason for her descent back into the water. You didn’t get to dwell on things too much, harshly being brought out of your thoughts by the feeling of another harsh shiver racking up your spine as you were reminded of just how cold you were and just how quickly the sun was now starting to set.

Not wasting any time, you gathered yourself up and quickly took your leave from the park and made your way home. Pondering about the woman the whole way home and silently asking yourself if what you had seen was real or not, if perhaps you were slowly starting to lose your mind because surly, creatures as that women did not exist. Even when you arrived home and stepped foot into the dark and quiet house, you continued to ponder about the woman—not bothering to inform your father you were finally home as you walked right past his study and towards the bathroom. For the rest of the night and even after you laid yourself down onto your futon and drifted off to sleep, your thoughts were still wrapped around that woman as well as your dreams as you found yourself dreaming about her as well. Every day after that first encounter, you continued to visit the park and sit right next to the pond, patiently waiting for her to show back up and sing to you once more.

After a week had passed and still no sign of her, you simply told yourself that she had probably just been a creation of your imagination, conjured up from the frightful experience of almost drowning. It wasn’t until three weeks later after that first encounter did you see Siren again. It was late one night, and you had finally taken your leave from a friend’s house, refusing to accept any offers that your friend’s family gave to drive you home as you didn’t wish to bother them any further than you already had. Assuring them that you would be fine due to how short of a walk it normally was from their house to your own, how you wished you would have known sooner just how much you’d regret doing such a thing. Not aware of just how dangerous the streets were this particular night.

It wasn’t until you were just a single block away from your own home when you finally ran into him, a man who stood at least over six foot and blocked your path. He seemed to be shrouded in nothing but shadows which seemed to hide most of his features away. All you could really tell from what little you saw was that he was well built and that his eyes were the color of gold as his blond hair fell in tangled waves down to his shoulders.

“Why so tense, little one? Are you perhaps frightened that I’ll hurt you?” he spoke in a soothing voice, one similar to how one would speak to a frightened animal as if to prove that they weren’t a threat. You hadn’t realized just how tense you had become and how your body seemed to shake until he had asked that, when did you exactly tense up? Why did you tense up? This man had yet to do anything and yet your body was already on edge, the muscles in your legs twitching as if they were ready to turn and run at any moment.

“I assure you that I have no such desires to bring any harm to your pretty little head” the man cooed, his words causing your cheeks to grow warm with embarrassment as he seemed to have slipped in a compliment within his words. But this time as he spoke you really found yourself noticing just how pleasing his voice was on the ears, the type of voice that made your ears tingle and your body shiver with some form of anticipation as if wanting to hear him speak once again. This time as he spoke, the tension in your body slowly started to disappear, but yet the muscles of your legs continued to twitch as if your body was still hesitant to let its guard drop completely for the man in front of you. But despite this small fact, your mind still felt safe enough to command your body to take slow and steady steps closer towards the man when he suddenly crouched down and held his hand towards you. “May I accompany you the rest of the way home?

“It’s dangerous for a young lady such as yourself to be wandering about in the night, monsters usually come out to play around this time” there was just something alluring about his voice as you continued to take tentative steps towards him. Only coming to a halt when you finally forced yourself to look him straight in the eyes, your breath catching in your throat and nearly suffocating you as you stared straight into those golden irises of his. Despite how relaxed his body posture was, despite how soothing his voice sounded, the look in his eyes was enough to put your whole body on edge and cause your mind to quickly switch and scream for you to now keep your distance. The look in his eyes was a look of malice, a look that warned you that this man had ill intent—that despite what he said and despite what his body language said, his true motives were something far worse than simply offering to walk you home. His lips seemed to quirk upwards into a sly grin when he saw that you had stopped moving altogether.

“Something a matter?” he chuckled, watching as your feet slowly back peddled and you began to widen the distance between the two of you once more. Never once did you take your eyes off of him as you continued to back away, terrified he would attempt something if you dared to look away from him. Though you soon came to a stop, eyes slowly widening as you witness the most peculiar sight—you watched in slight awe as his long strands of hair seemed to grow longer, floating and wiggling around in the air behind him as if there was a strong wind coming up from underneath him. Soon enough though, those long strands of hair twirled themselves together until the very tips of them became green and bulbous with a thin needle spike sprouting out of them as well as long, thick tentacles which spilled out of the green bulb's bottom and tangled themselves up within his hair. This strange monstrosity that his hair had suddenly become then started to slither its way towards you and it didn’t stop until it was hovering just a few inches in front of your face, a clear liquid dripping from the spiked tips as you fearfully stared it down while it hovered in place.

Only to soon yelp and quickly scamper off when it suddenly shot up into the air and took out one of the streetlamps above you, your face soon scrunching up as you winced at the sound of glass breaking and electric sparks as the sidewalk became just a bit darker. The man seemed to loudly laugh at your reaction and even though you didn’t dare look back, you just knew that those monstrous strands he used to call hair were following right behind you, just barely scrapping at your back as they’d occasionally shoot up to take out each and every streetlamp you passed by—whether said streetlamp was on your side of the street or not didn’t matter. It was as if he was toying with you—as if he was trying to encase you in utter darkness just for the hell of it. Once he had seemingly successfully taken out almost all the streetlamps on this street he finally focused his sight on you and within a split second all those monstrous strands of hair shot their way straight for the back of your skull. It took them no time in catching up to you, but before any of the spikes could really pierce their way through your flesh and embed themselves deep into your skull, a familiar woman came to your rescue.

From the ground, Siren came shooting straight out almost as if she was a shark leaping from the water in an attempt to swallow whatever prey was resting above it in one gulp. Her eyes were wide open as her cheeks were split straight in half to allow her jaw to comfortably unhinge itself wide open like a serpent. Her teeth were similar to a shark's as well and the moment she gathered up the strands of hair that had been coming right at you into her mouth she clamped down on them. Such an action causing the man to hiss as he watched as the bulbous ends of his hair dropped to the ground, squirting out blood and withering around pitifully as the women twisted her body around in the air. Her tail flopping around as she drove straight back into the pavement and disappeared just as you finally turned the corner back onto the previous street.

Your vision was blurred and your breathes were shaky as you ran, desperately forcing yourself to ignore the burning sensation in both your legs and chest, forcing yourself to ignore how your throat seemed to dry out with every sharp inhale of breath as well as the sound of your own heart furiously pounding within your ears. Your fear had quite a grip on you, forcing you to keep on running and not daring to let you look back and see if that man was following you or not. From the corner of your eye, you watched how Siren jumped out from the pavement only to dive right back underneath it, swimming as if she was a salmon heading upstream. Her face was back to normal—her cheeks seemingly stitched back together and looking as if they had never been ripped in the first place as she comfortably watched you with that half-lidded gaze of hers. Her face back into that peaceful expression that was similar to the one she had been wearing when you two first met.

She seemed to follow you at a steady pace, swimming through the pavement as if it was the ocean itself and not a solid mineral. Despite how strange the sight appeared, you felt no need to stop and question it. Instead, choosing to drag your gaze forward and put all your attention on getting home instead of on the mermaid that leisurely followed beside you. You didn’t even question it when she vanished into thin air the second your foot connected with the first porch step of your home—it was as if she had chosen to taken her leave now that you were safely back at home and could easily hide yourself away inside the house and away from the strange man. You truly wasted no time in ripping the front door open and slamming it shut behind you, finding relief the moment you twisted the lock and heard it click into place, signaling that the door was now locked and nothing from the outside would be able to come in without your permission.

The inside of the house was dark and quiet, a big indicator that your father had probably already retired for the night, seemingly having not given your absence a second thought. Then again, he probably assumed that you had chosen to stay with your friend for the night as it wasn’t like you two ever spoke to one another about your plans for the day. Sure you’d tell him when you were leaving or when you were home, but that was the extent to your two interactions. Even when you’d sit together during both breakfast and dinner neither of you ever dared to strike up a conversation with the other, choosing to simply keep your eyes down as you’d listen to the sounds of your utensils scraping against your plates as you both would eat. You stood still for a couple of seconds, listening to the sound of your own heavy breathing as your eyes rapidly flickered around—desperately taking in the silhouettes of the furniture strewed about the living room as your eyes adjusted to the darkness.

The longer you stood there the more you felt yourself becoming uneased by the darkness, eyes frantically looking left and right, up and down as if searching for something—searching to see if someone was hiding within the darkness of your own living room. Even if the idea was quite foolish, you couldn’t help but listen to the faint whispers in the back of your mind that seemingly told you that the darkness wasn’t safe—that you weren’t safe as long as you were in the dark. Sucking in another sharp gasp of air, you harshly swallowed down the saliva that had quickly filled your mouth and with hurried footsteps, you worked your way down the hall and further into your home. Not bothering to poke your head in your father’s study to see if he had truly gone off to bed like you assumed as you instead slipped into your own bedroom and quickly flipped on the lights—sighing in utter relief as the darkness was driven away and you were safely surrounded by the soft glow of your bedroom light. Just standing there underneath the light you couldn’t help but suddenly let out a shaky laugh as your lips quirked up into a wobbly smile—you were safe now, and nothing could get you now that you were safely tucked away in your own home and away from the surrounding darkness.

Slowly and quietly you stripped yourself of your clothing and changed into a clean pair of pajamas. You didn’t bother turning the lights off as you crawled into your futon and buried yourself underneath the covers. Eyes screwing shut as you silently told yourself that as long as you were safely surrounded by light, the darkness and the man that lurked outside couldn’t touch you. But no matter what you told yourself, you couldn’t stop the tears that started to build up in your eyes as you finally broke down into a sobbing, sniveling mess as the fear you had felt when the man attacked you came back and hit you full force. Now that you were no longer running for your life, your mind decided that it was safe enough for you to cry and let everything out.

Curling up into a ball, you held yourself as you cried underneath the covers, snot and tears flowing freely down your face and staining the sheets underneath you. You weren’t sure what possessed you, but from your lips Siren’s name came tumbling out and almost as if she had heard you, you suddenly felt her arms wrap around you, pulling your head flush into her bosom as she curled her whole body up into a circle around you and safely held you in her arms. She looked down at you with half-lidded eyes, gently smiling at you before her lips parted and that haunting song of hers immediately reached your ears. Staring up at her for a moment, you soon whimpered and were quick to squirm yourself closer towards her, burying your face into her chest as you loudly sniffed. Quietly you listened to her song and allowed it to lull you into a peaceful sleep.

Chapter Text

-Four Years Later-

“Are you kidding me?! I actually forgot to pack them this time!” you practically shouted, one hand pressing harshly against your left eye as the other practically dug around inside your school bag—hastily moving things around as you desperately looked for that familiar orange pill bottle that you always carried with you. The intense throbbing sensation behind your left eye was practically driving you mad as it caused your face to scrunch up into an agonizing look of pain. It was just your luck that you were hit with a sudden migraine so early in the morning just as soon as you arrived at school. Normally when you would find yourself struck by a sudden migraine like this while out and about, you’d just take one of your pain meds and power through the day until you could find a moment to rest, but as misfortune would have it, you seemed to have forgotten to pack your medication this morning at all.

Such a realization almost made you want to scream in utter frustration. You were normally so careful about making sure everything was neatly tucked away in your bag before leaving home that it was rare for you to make such a careless mistake. Finally giving up on your search, you leaned back against the wall behind you and slumped to the floor, the skirt to your school uniform pooling around you as your head drooped downwards. Both hands were now clutching the left side of your face as you quietly whimpered from the throbbing pain that only seemed to get worse with every second. You ignored the way the other students peered at you from the corner of their eyes before they’d quickly look away and continue on towards their respective homerooms.

It didn’t take long for the halls to become completely clear of life, no one wishing to stick around or bothering to offer you help as they all went about their day while you continued to just silently sit there. Sucking in slow, shaky breaths of air as you tried your hardest to will the pain away, even after the first bell of the day went off you continued to just sit there and suffer. It wasn’t until a total of five minutes had gone by did you finally push yourself up off the ground, leaning the whole left side of your body against the wall and started to take slow and steady steps. Sluggishly you dragged yourself in the direction of the nurse’s office in hopes that she’d at least have something to help with the pain. Such a thought had you picking up the pace, the quicker you got there, the quicker you’d be able to dull this throbbing ache and can continue on with the rest of your day.

“Out of the way! She’s insane!”

“Wha…?” you flinched as your body was harshly pushed further against the wall as a young man came running right by you. Such an act had you halting in your tracks, frowning as you stared after him before jumping when a large hand was suddenly brought down onto your shoulder.

“H…help me! Please…please help!” you practically wanted to scream the moment you turned your head and faced the young man that was pleading to you. He looked as if he was barely able to keep himself standing, swaying on his feet as one of his hands was tightly clutching the right side of his face. Tears poured down his left cheek as blood came spilling through his fingers and down his hand, dripping onto the floor and practically leaving a bloody trail behind him. Drool seemed to leak from his mouth as he heavily panted, weakly choking out sobs as he stumbled past you and continued to cry out for someone to help him before disappearing around the same corner the other man had. His wails of pain slowly growing more distant the further away he got from you.

You stood there for a single moment, seemingly no longer focused on your own throbbing pain as the fear and confusion of what you had just witnessed had now dragged your attention elsewhere. In under a second, after the two men had disappeared from your sight, your gaze immediately flickered down towards the blood trail that had been left behind by the second man and without a second thought, you began to follow it. It didn’t take long before you found yourself standing just outside the nurse’s office, silently peering in at a very uncomfortable sight of a certain individual locking lips with the school nurse. The culprit was the school’s notorious delinquent, Jotaro Kujo—a very muscular young man that stood well over six feet and whose very name struck either adoration or fear in the hearts of anyone who heard it. You didn’t know Jotaro personally having practically made it your goal to avoid him at all costs.

He was a man that seemed to always be getting into fights with someone, whether that be with other delinquents from various schools or even just random thugs on the streets. He was a man that was harsh to anyone that annoyed him and seemingly had a short temper when it came to noisy women—particularly his fan club. You basically flung yourself out of sight the second Jotaro finally pulled his lips away from the nurse’s with a sharp gasp of air, not wanting to be spotted by the young man in case he got angry with you for seeing something you probably shouldn’t have. Your eyes widened as you childishly peered around the doorway and watched as from Jotaro’s body came the appearance of a tall, well-built man whose skin was colored various shades of blues and purples. Clutched between the blue man’s teeth was the head of a humanoid creature whose body was pure green and wrapped around in white armor—it appeared as if the blue man was pulling the green humanoid out of the nurse’s body and through her mouth.

“I’m not going to hurt her” Jotaro smirked, tightly clutching the nurse’s wrists and holding her in place as the blue man further pulled himself away from Jotaro and became more visible to you. Your cheeks became flushed as you realized just how little clothing the strange blue man wore—his body only covered in slight armor while a single loincloth was wrapped around his waist and from around his neck rested a red scarf. “Now that I’ve dragged it out…I understand…” the delinquent said, as a sickening cracking sound started to fill the room while more of that humanoid creature was dragged out of the nurse’s body. “It’s just a lame Stand that’s so pathetic it can only possess people” it was at that moment when the blue man’s teeth bit down harder onto the humanoid’s skull did you become aware of the third individual in the room as he suddenly grunted in pain. He was someone you had never seen before, a redhead with a strange hairstyle to say the least and dressed in all green as cherry shaped earrings dangled from his ears.

“A Stand?” you quietly mumbled, staying safely hidden out of sight as you continued to peer into the room, seemingly relieved that neither of the men had noticed your presence yet…or at least you figured they hadn’t noticed you yet. Seeing how neither of them had yet to look your way or even address you, instead they both seemed too caught up with one another.

“Kakyoin, is that the best your Stand can do?” Jotaro asked as the blue man—his Stand you assumed—pulled the rest of Kakyoin’s Stand out of the nurse and tossed it into the air before harshly grabbing hold of its head with only one of his hands while the other hand grasped at the creature’s neck. “It’s all green and stripped like a shiny melon” Jotaro spat out, seemingly insulting the appearance of the redhead’s Stand.

“You’re going to regret dragging that out of her, Jojo!” Kakyoin groaned, wincing in pain as you watched in utter shock as the indention of finger marks suddenly appeared on his forehead. It was as if he was the one being clutched within the blue man’s grasp instead of his Stand.

“Quit acting tough, I can see my finger marks on your forehead” Jotaro huffed, gently setting the nurse down on the floor before burying his hands within his pants pockets. “If I decide to crush your Stand’s head like a melon, it looks like your head will be crushed too” he assumed, his Stand applying more pressure on the head of Kakyoin’s which caused the redhead to almost double over in pain at the sensation of his head being nearly crushed. Upon watching such a reaction, you were then reminded of the dull throbbing sensation that was going on behind your left eye. Even now your migraine continued to persist, but despite the dull throbbing sensation going on within your skull you didn’t dare let the pain distract you. Choosing to focus all your attention solely on the scene playing out before you and not on the pain that was happening within your own skull.

“I’m going to keep a grip on you for a while, we’re going to go see Gramps, I’m sure he’ll love to meet you” Jotaro continued. “As for me, I want to know more about Dio” you flinched as you suddenly heard the shrill squeaking of the window before it slammed shut while a thick, green liquid soon started to ooze and drip from the palms of Kakyoin’s Stand. “W-what? What is this green fluid coming out of his Stand’s hands?” Jotaro asked.

“As I said, Jojo…you’re going to regret this” Kakyoin frowned, both his hands held out in front of him as you finally took notice of the wooden puppet that dangled from the strings attached to a wooden cross that the redhead tightly held in his grasp. “Take this! My Stand, Hierophant Green!” the puppet jolted in place, its limbs moving as commanded and just as the puppet moved, Kakyoin’s Stand seemed to copy those same movements as if it and the puppet were one and the same.

“Don’t make any weird moves!” Jotaro snapped just as a wave of green liquid came gushing out of Hierophant’s hands, glittering droplets spraying out of the gushing water that flowed between his palms and with the harsh twist of his hands, from the liquid came large chunks of emeralds.

“Emerald Splash!” the emeralds went flying in all directions, your eyes widening in slight awe at the slight before wincing as you watched how Jotaro’s Stand attempted to block the attack only to be harshly blown back. The teen’s body flying across the room and crashing right through both the door and a large chunk of the wall located on the other side of the room. “How’s that?” Kakyoin asked, one hand resting on his hip as he stood before Jotaro. “Emerald Splash. My Stand, Hierophant Green excreted what appeared to be bodily fluids, which in reality was a vision of destructive energy!” he seemed to gloat, quite proud of what his Stand had just done.

“It pierced right through your Stand’s chest, as a result, your insides have been torn to shreds” he explained, watching how the delinquent seemed to weakly try to sit up. “And so have hers!” just at that moment, the nurse’s body sat up, shaking as she painfully groaned before blood came spilling from her mouth, eyes, and ears.

“W-what?” Jotaro weakly groaned as your eyes widen, body shaking as you witnessed how the nurse’s body fell back onto the floor and went limp as a pool of blood slowly started to build up underneath her. “I’m positive I got that Stand out of her…”

“As I said…attacking my Hierophant Green would mean having to hurt her” Kakyoin said. “My Stand can reach further than yours, but it doesn’t like open spaces, it prefers to hide within something” he calmly explained as his Stand stood right beside him both with their backs to the door that you were peering in through.

“Siren” you quietly mumbled, still keeping yourself hidden out of sight as you silently watched and whispered out your commands into thin air—never once removing your gaze from the redhead’s back, afraid that if you look away he might try something.

“If you drag it out, it gets angry, that’s why when you wrenched it from her throat, she was harmed” Kakyoin continued with his explanation, never once taking notice of the mermaid’s body that was slowly dragging itself up through and ground and behind his Stand. “It’s all your fault! Jojo, you’re responsible for this!” the teen shouted, throwing out accusations towards the delinquent in front of him that was slowly shaking. “Jojo, this is on you alone! You did this! If you had just let me kill you in the first place, this nurse wouldn’t have been hurt.”

“You’re wrong!” you suddenly snapped finally coming out of hiding just as Siren fully wrapped his arms around Kakyoin’s Stand and forcefully held him in place. Her chin resting on Hierophant’s shoulder as her delicate lips hovered dangerously close to his neck. Just like his Stand, Kakyoin’s body became rigid as he was held in place, boredly he tilted his head to the side to peer back at you. “I…I watched the whole thing and…and the only reason the nurse was hurt was because of you!” you exclaimed.

“Oh? I hadn’t expected there to be another Stand user within the building” Kakyoin raised an amused eyebrow, watching as your brows furrowed. “Are you perhaps a friend of Jojo’s?” he asked, tilting his head as you suddenly scoffed and shook your head. Almost with the snap of your fingers, Siren suddenly tightened her hold around Hierophant. Even going as far as to now wrap her tail around him as if she was slowly preparing herself to crush him like a snake would crush a rodent. Your lips quirked upwards just slightly as such an action drew a painful grunt from Kakyoin.

“No, guess you could say I just happened to come at the wrong time” you softly answered as you took slow steps further into the room, keeping a good distance from the redhead but never once taking your eyes off him as you carefully approached the nurse’s unconscious body.

“Well then, if you’re not a friend then why should any of this concern you?” Kakyoin groaned, not at all enjoying the sensation of his lungs being crushed as he watched you. You ignored him but still kept your eyes locked with his own as you bent down and pressed your fingers against the nurse’s neck. Slowly and carefully, you moved the digits around until you were finally able to find the spot you had been looking for. A sigh of utter relief soon falling from your lips the moment you felt a heartbeat.

“It doesn’t, but something just doesn’t feel right about letting you go throwing around false accusations like that” you frowned as you stood back up. “Siren has a tight hold on you and if I were you, I wouldn’t make any sudden movements unless you want her to rip your throat out” you warned, now moving your way towards Jotaro. As if to emphasize your point, you watched as the mermaid slightly parted her lips to allow the redhead to see the slight glimmer of her pointed teeth hidden within her mouth.

“Damn woman, stay out of this” Jotaro grunted, knocking away the hand you had offered him as he chose to push himself up to stand all on his own. “This doesn’t involve you” he spat out, angrily glaring down at you as if you had just insulted him for daring to butt in and help.

“Wha…I’m trying to help you and instead of thanking me, you tell me to back off?! What kind of backwards ass logic is that?!” you snapped right back, cheeks becoming flushed as your attention was now fully dragged away from Kakyoin which in return caused Siren to lift her head up and away from Hierophant’s neck.

“Oh, trying to get up?” Kakyoin asked, smirking as he noted that your attention was now fully off of him. Your distraction just enough to allow Hierophant to draw his head forward before slamming it back into Siren’s face and causing a jolt of pain to shoot up your nose.

“Fuck!” you hissed, hands flying up to grasp at your now aching nose as Siren released Hierophant in surprise at the sudden attack. Quickly and with ease, you watched as she twisted her body around, harshly slapping Hierophant upside the head with her tail as she disappeared back underground before the redhead’s Stand had any chances at attacking her. Kakyoin grunted, slowly straightening his head after it had forcefully been jerked to the side thanks to the harsh slap his Stand had received from Siren’s tail before releasing an irritated sigh.

“How depressing…if I could draw a comparison here, it would be to a boxer in front of a sandbag” Kakyoin said, pitifully watching as Jotaro sucked in sharp intakes of air as both he and you were now facing the redhead head-on. You kept one hand on your nose, the pain in it fully dragging your attention away from the dull throbbing in your skull to now pay attention to the painfully throbbing of your nasal cavity. You were confused at first by how he had hurt you before silently and quickly mulling over everything that’s been said and happening thus far and concluded that similar to how he takes any damage done to his Stand you too took any damage that’s been done to Siren. “You stand up only to be knocked back down, even when offered help you stubbornly refuse” Kakyoin noted.

“I, Kujo Jotaro, have always been labeled a punk” Jotaro said. “I tend to get a bit rough fighting my opponents, to the point that some are still in the hospital. There was one dumbass teacher who was all talk, so I taught him a lesson and he never came back to school” he continued, sending a slight shiver down your spine as you recalled said event. It had put everyone on edge for a whole week wondering if Jotaro had truly scared the teacher off after kicking the poor man’s ass. “At restaurants that serve me shitty food, I leave without paying the bill.

“However…even I…know true evil when I see it” he clutched his fist as he spoke, speaking in a deep and almost authoritative tone as if he truly wanted to make sure that the redhead before him understood exactly what he was saying. “Evil is when you use the weak for your own gain, then crush them under your foot! Especially if it’s a woman!”

“Wow” you quietly muttered in slight awe, barely reacting to the feeling of delicate hands resting themselves on your shoulders as Siren leaned her head down towards you. Peering at you with that peaceful expression of hers as she seemed to be quietly awaiting your orders—you hadn’t even remembered calling her back out. Silently you whispered to her, mostly speaking with your eyes as you’d flicker your gaze from her and back towards Kakyoin. A small smile soon tugging at your lips as you watched her softly nod her head before she slipped back underground, unnoticed.

“This is what you’re guilty of! You’re Stand isn’t visible to the victim or the law, therefore…I shall be the judge!” Jotaro proclaimed, pinching the bill of his hat and dragging it away from his eyes so that they were more visible.

“Hold on, you’re not going to be the only judge here!” you exclaimed. “You shouldn’t go counting me out just yet!”

“Damn woman, I already told you this doesn’t involve you” Jotaro sneered, once again glaring down at you. Instead of backing down or cowering from his glare like you normally would have under any other circumstance, you instead narrowed your eyes into a glare of your own that could almost rival his. It didn’t take long before he simply scoffed, rolling his eyes as he venomously muttered an insult under his breath before directing his attention forward once more.

“Evil? You’ve got it wrong; evil refers to the person who loses, the victor decides what justice is” Kakyoin smiled as he once more called forth his Stand. “They shall be the last man standing! How it’s done doesn’t matter!” he exclaimed as white and green tentacles came shooting towards yours and Jotaro’s direction, the delinquent was easily able to dodge the attack while you, on the other hand, found yourself quickly wrapped up tightly within the appendages. Though you weren’t too concerned that your body was suspended in midair, as you had already given Siren her orders and you knew that she planned to carry them out whether you were bounded up or not.

Jotaro did a good job at avoiding the tentacles for a while, letting them make a mess of the room before finally becoming ensnared by them himself.

“The loser is the evil one and now the final blow!” Kakyoin shouted as his Hierophant once again had water gushing out from between his palms. “I hadn’t expected to be killing anyone else but Jojo today, so it’s quite a shame that you had to go and get yourself involved in all this as well” he said, directing his gaze towards your still body as both you and Jotaro were held up beside one another. It was as if he wanted to make this an easy kill for himself by taking you both out at the same time instead of one at a time.

“Whatever you say, buddy” you bitterly spat out.

“What? The loser is evil?” Jotaro asked.

“Emerald Splash!” as soon as Hierophant released his barrage of emeralds that was the moment that Siren shot out from the ground behind him and once again entangled her arms around him.

“Wha…!” Kakyoin was taken aback, groaning as his body once again became rigid and he was held in place, unable to move.

“Well in that case…” Jotaro smirked, his Stand coming out and blocking the emeralds that shot towards both him and you, instantly shattering them before they had a chance to do any real harm.

“W-what?!” Kakyoin asked, shocked as he began to struggle against Siren’s hold. “Impossible! He shrugged off the Emerald Splash?!” he soon howled in pain as the mermaid that restrained him mouth split wide open. Her cheeks sickeningly tearing themselves in half as her jaw unhinged itself, her eyes were wide and wild, a look of pure bloodlust and hunger in her gaze as she buried her teeth within Hierophant’s shoulder and harshly bit down

“You’re the evil one after all!” Jotaro proclaimed the moment both him and you were released from Hierophant’s hold and without a second thought, he sent his Stand straight towards Hierophant and Siren. Upon seeing this, the mermaid twisted her body and threw Hierophant up into the air, nearly tearing a chunk of his shoulder out as she did so. The moment he came barreling back down towards her, she used her tail to smack him right towards Jotaro’s Stand who caught him by the neck with ease.

“Ora, Ora, Ora, Ora!” you winced as you watched Jotaro’s Stand harshly shake Kakyoin’s around by the neck which caused the redhead to soon cough up a large amount of blood as his head was jolted back and forth. But Jotaro’s Stand wasn’t done yet as it drew back its fist and started to punch Hierophant repeatedly while crying out that same word as before.

“The one to judge you…” Jotaro started as his Stand tossed Hierophant in the air just as Siren swam her way towards him. “Are our Stands!” he proclaimed as both his Stand and Siren landed one harsh punch that sent Hierophant crashing through the ceiling.

“Oh, ow!” you sucked in a sharp breath of air, listening to how the aftershock of Siren’s and Jotaro Stand’s attack caused the whole building to shake as the sound of glass breaking all around the school soon reached your ears.

“What powerful Stands…” Kakyoin wheezed, blood squirting out of every orifice of his body and in all directions before he fell unconscious and hit the ground.

“You only caught it by surprise and hurt it’s chest a bit, I’m lucky my Stand isn’t a weakling, but I get the feeling it will become more violent” Jotaro sighed before slowly approaching the nurse’s passed out body.

“She’s still alive if that’s what you’re wondering” you spoke up when you saw him suddenly bend down next to her limp body. “That’s what I had been checking earlier” he only hummed, silently acknowledging what you said but still looking the woman over regardless.

“She’ll be fine once her wounds are treated” he noted before directed his attention towards you. “Tell me, woman, do you know Dio?”

“Dio?” you asked, frowning before humming in thought as you tried to recall the name. “What is that, a band or something?” you finally asked, giving up on thinking when nothing came to mind. Jotaro only stared you down as he slowly stood up to his full height, as if he was trying to intimidate you just in case you were lying to him or not. When all you did was blankly stare up at him, he simply nodded and readjusted his hat. Before any more could be said between the two of you though, the fire alarm suddenly went off and with it came the baffled and frantic chatter of teachers from nearby classrooms exiting out into the halls.

“I’m ditching school today; I have to get him to tell me what he knows about Dio” Jotaro practically muttered to himself as he heaved Kakyoin’s unconscious body over his shoulder and walked towards the busted up window. “Hey, woman.”

“I have a name you know, it’s [Your Name] [Last Name]” you huffed, crossing your arms as you once again felt Siren rest her delicate hands on your shoulders and lean her face down closer towards your own.

“Whatever, just get your ass moving, I’ve got someone I want you to meet” was all Jotaro said, not bothering to look back and see if you planned on following or not as he jumped out the window. You stared after him, wondering if he was joking or not before flinching as you heard the sound of hurried footsteps making their way down the hall and towards the nurse’s office. Even if you didn’t want to follow him, you didn’t really have a choice as you quickly scrambled your way out the window and followed after him, not wishing to be blamed for the destruction that had been caused by the fight. As you followed behind him, you couldn’t help but notice that through all the excitement your migraine had finally passed all on its own.


“Quite the house you got here” you whistled, quite amazed by the size of Jotaro’s home. He only grunted in response as he motioned for you to follow him inside. In the time it took you to walk from the school to his home, you learned that Jotaro truly was a man of few words—or more importantly, he was a man that seemed to value his silence with how harshly he would snap at you whenever you attempted to question him during the whole walk there.

“Jotaro’s totally thinking about me at school right now!” you heard a cheerful voice chirp from one of the rooms up ahead as Jotaro lead you through the house. “I feel like my son and I just had a real connection right now!”

“I’m not thinking about you” Jotaro gruffly stated as both he and you stepped out into the open doorway of the room where you had heard the cheerful voice come from. Inside stood a blonde-haired woman who appeared to be in her mid-40’s, in her arms she had gently been cradling a picture of her son before dropping it out of surprise upon hearing his voice suddenly coming from behind her.

“J-Jotaro! W-what about school? And who is that?” Jotaro’s mother—you assumed—worriedly asked. “H-he’s covered in blood!” her attention was first directed to the injured young man draped across her son’s shoulder before her gaze finally settled itself on you. Upon locking eyes with her, you simply gave her a sheepish smile and a meek wave, quick to become uncomfortable under her gaze as you realized this wasn’t the best first impression one could have when meeting someone’s mother. “D-don’t tell me…did you do that?” the woman hesitantly asked, looking back towards her son as a distraught look crossed her eyes at the mere thought that her son could hurt another person this badly.

“It’s got nothing to do with you” was all Jotaro said as he started to walk away, barely even casting a glance back at you as he instead removed his hand from his pocket and simply motioned for you to keep following him. “I’m looking for Gramps, it sucks having to find him in such a huge house” the delinquent grumbled as you once again only gave his mother a meek wave and a wobbly smile before quickly and silently following after her son.

“I think your grandfather’s in the tearoom with Mr. Avdol” his mother called out to the two of you. You wanted to turn back and thank her since it was clear that her son had no intentions to but quickly decided against it when he suddenly stopped and looked back.

“Hey” he called back to his mother.

“Yes?” she asked, straightening her back when she suddenly found herself under her son’s sharp gaze.

“You look a little pale this morning, you alright?” Jotaro asked, surprising you yet also bringing a small smile to your lips as you hadn’t expected him to care enough to ask such a question to anyone. It seems even his own mother was surprised by him asking such a thing.

“Yay! Fine, thank you!” his mother happily chirped, holding up a peace sign and cheerfully posing which caused a slight chuckle to escape your throat as Jotaro only huffed in slight annoyance at the woman’s actions. Before turning away from her and once again motioning for you to follow him. When you both had finally reached the tearoom, Jotaro rudely threw the sliding door open without a second thought.

“Gramps, this is [Your Name]. [Your Name] this is Gramps and Avdol” Jotaro curtly introduced you to the two men that were seated inside the small room, none of you really given a chance to properly speak to one another as the delinquent sat down Kakyoin’s unconscious body in the middle of the room’s floor. “Now that we’ve got the introductions out of the way, there’s something we need to discuss” the teen said with a huff before relaying all that had gone down in the nurse’s office at school.

“Well, this is no goodhe’s done for” Jotaro’s grandfather said after giving the redhead’s body a look over. “He’s not going to make it; he’ll be dead in a matter of days.”

“’re not serious about that, are you?!” you flinched upon hearing such information, nervously sweating as you felt Jotaro’s body become rigid from beside you.

“Jotaro, [Your Name], it’s neither of your twos fault” the old man quickly reassured you two as if he could read your minds. “Look you both, the reason that this man swore loyalty to Dio and came to kill you…is right here” though he motioned for the both of you to look and listen, it became quite clear to you that the moment that name—Dio—was mentioned he was mainly speaking to Jotaro at the moment. Still, you listened and you looked at what he wanted to show you, nose scrunching up in utter disgust when he spread Kakyoin’s hair apart and revealed a small bulbous flesh bud that was sticking out of the unconscious teen’s forehead.

“What…is that?!” Jotaro asked. “What the hell is that spider-like thing on his head?”

“It’s squirming around” you couldn’t help but retch at the sight of the thing as it squirmed around and throbbed as if it was alive. Hands moving to cover your mouth as you quickly adverted your gaze elsewhere.

“Is this why he swore himself to Dio?” Jotaro questioned.

“This flesh bud was formed from Dio’s own cells…and is connected to his brain” Avdol explained, a grim expression on his face. “It was implanted in his brain to control his thoughts” he continued.

“Simply put, the flesh bud is able to bring forth certain feelings within him…like a controller” Jotaro’s grandfather butted in. “Charisma! This is the quality that will make a soldier unquestionably obey a dictator! That will make true believers follow a cult leader!” he proclaimed.

“I knew people like charismatic individuals, but I didn’t think such a trait could have that big of an influence on others” you muttered.

“This young man admired Dio and swore loyalty to him!” the old man exclaimed as he pointed right down towards Kakyoin’s unconscious body. “Dio is very charismatic…which allows him to easily sway others with his overwhelming charm. This was how he was able to order Kakyoin to kill us” he continued, calming down enough to resume his sitting position on the floor from before. With every mention of this Dio fellow, you found yourself feeling as if your head was swimming—you felt as if you were missing a critical piece of the puzzle. It was clear to you that whoever this man was, he held some sort of grudge against the men in this room if he was willing to go as far as brainwashing some teenager to come and kill them.

It also occurred to you that you truly didn’t belong in this picture, that it had only been misfortune that you had gotten tangled up in this mess. A part of you knew that even if you hadn’t stopped by the nurse’s office this morning all of this would still be happening, this conversation would still be occurring whether you were here to hear it or not. It was as if fate decided to have a bit of fun and shove you into this mess whether you wanted to be a part of it or not.

“Can’t we remove it?” Jotaro asked.

“The brain is too delicate, if he moved even a little during the extraction, it could cause permanent brain damage” you sucked in a sharp breath of air, wincing at such a thought as brain damage.

“Jojo, [Your Name]…the story I’m about to tell you both happened four months ago” Avdol’s voice drew the attention of both you and Jotaro. “I was in Cairo, Egypt…,” he seemed to be working up a nervous sweat, closing his eyes and looking as if he was struggling on how to go about saying what he wanted to say, “…when I met Dio!” when he finally spat it out, you frowned and truly started to wonder once again just who in the world this Dio fellow was. “I am a fortune teller by trade, my shop is located in the souq Khan el-Khalili, it was the night of a full moon…he…I saw him standing quietly on the stairs leading up to the second floor of my shop. He gave me a cold gaze that felt as if it would pierce through my heart…his golden hair…his nearly transparent alabaster skin…and his overwhelming presence made him seem unlike any normal man!”

“Golden hair…” you barely whispered, suddenly thrown back four years ago as you were rudely reminded of the strange man you had encountered on the deserted streets one night after leaving a friend’s house. Almost immediately you shook your head, trying your best to clear your mind of that horrible night.

“I knew immediately from Mr. Joestar’s description who it was, for it was unmistakably Dio!” Avdol proclaimed, dragging your attention back on him and his story. “It was at that moment that I realized how truly terrifying he could be! His words brought such peace to my soul…they had a dangerous sweetness to them…which was exactly what made him so terrifying!” he continued. “I ran for my life, I dare not even considered fighting him, I was incredibly fortunate…because I realized that it was Dio, I was able to quickly escape by jumping from the closest window. I knew the winding streets of souq below like the back of my hand, and so I was able to escape” his story finally came to an end yet sweat still nervously poured down his face.

“I may have ended up like this young man…forced to be one of his followers by a flesh bud…”

“Flesh bud…golden hair…sweeten words…” you practically wrap yourself up within your own arms as you quietly repeated those keywords that you were able to pinpoint from Avdol’s story. A growing heaviness slowly forming from within your chest as you were once again reminded of that night four years ago. Once again reminded of that strange man.

“And then you would have died a few years later, your brain completely devoured” you were immediately snapped out of your thoughts the second you heard Mr. Joestar speak. His words providing the perfect distraction as you once again shoved the awful memory of that night towards the back of your mind.

“Died?” Jotaro questioned. “Wait just a minute…Kakyoin here…isn’t dead yet!” with that, he silently called out his Stand, that bluish, purplish colored man manifesting right before your eyes once again. Your gaze quickly darted elsewhere, cheeks heating up as you were once again reminded of just how little clothing the Stand wore. “I’ll get it with my Stand!” the delinquent proclaimed, bending down onto his knees and grabbing a tight hold on Kakyoin’s head as if to hold it in place.

“Wait, Jotaro!” Mr. Joestar exclaimed when he noticed that Jotaro’s Stand was reaching for the flesh bud on Kakyoin’s forehead.

“H-hey! You’re not seriously thinking about pulling it out are you?!” you sputtered, shocked that he would dare to make such a risky move.

“Stand back! I can pull it out without doing any damage” Jotaro calmly said, sounding mighty confident in himself. “My Stand has the precision to grab a moving bullet” he said it as if reminding everyone in the room of a simple fact.

“Stop! That flesh bud is still alive!” Mr. Joestar snapped. “Don’t you realize why part of the flesh bud is on the outside?! It’s why not even the best surgeon can extract it!”

“Jotaro, at least think this through first!” you yelped, flinching the second the flesh bud reacted to Jotaro’s Stand pinching it. It was quick to remove one of its squirming tentacles from Kakyoin’s forehead and lash out at the intruder that dared to disturb it. In the blink of an eye, the freed tentacle snapped and wiggled through the air before forcefully inserting itself into Jotaro’s hand.

“Shit!” Mr. Joestar cursed.

“The flesh bud stabbed him with its tentacle! This is bad! Let go, Jojo!” Avdol demanded.

“It will attempt to enter the brain of anyone who tries to extract it!” Mr. Joestar explained as the tentacle further pushed itself inside Jotaro’s hand, slithering its way up his arm and towards his neck. The sight was one to behold and once again you found your hand flying up to your mouth, unable to stop yourself from heaving and wincing at the awful sight as all color seemed to drain away from your face. It was also at that moment that Kakyoin had decided to finally wake up.

“Why…you…” the redhead weakly spoke, his gaze flickering between the hands that were tightly holding his head in place before landing on the grotesque scene of the flesh bud’s tentacle trying to insert itself into Jotaro’s body through his hand.

“Stay still, Kakyoin, your brain is done for if you move” was all Jotaro told him as his Stand slowly starting to pull the flesh bud up and away from Kakyoin’s forehead.

“Let go, Jojo! It is already at your face!” Avdol shouted in a plea, ready to charge right for the teen and stop him himself before coming to a halt when Mr. Joestar suddenly threw out his arm to block him.

“Hold on, Avdol! My grandson is a strong man, he’s completely calm despite it entering his body” the old man noted. “He isn’t even trembling nor is his Stand! He can even move with more strength and precision than I expected.”

“Besides, at this point stopping is no longer an option—one wrong move and Kakyoin’s a dead man” you shakily breathed out, still feeling quite nauseous from what was currently happening.

“He did it!” Avdol exclaimed in awe when Jotaro’s Stand finally pulled the flesh bud out completely as well as harshly ripping its tentacle right out of the teen’s hand before viciously tearing two of its tentacles right off of its body and sending it soaring through the air.

“Overdrive!” a bright, static light emitted from Mr. Joestar’s hand as he simply chopped it right down onto the damaged flesh bud that flew right towards him. The static that had emitted from his hand was instantly transferred onto the flesh bud and turned it into nothing but ash.

“Hey! You shouldn’t move right away, you’re still hurt you know” you scold, quick to bend down and press your hands against Kakyoin’s chest to stop him when you saw that he was struggling to sit up.

“Wh—” the redhead moaned, one hand feeling around near the small hole in his forehead before looking towards Jotaro who was already making his way out of the room. “Why?” he finally asked once the delinquent looked back at him. “Why did you risk your life to save me?”

“Who knows?” Jotaro simply sighed after the two had stared one another down for a couple of seconds. “If there even is a reason, I couldn’t say” a peaceful silence then fell over the five of you. No one really knew what to say after that and in a way that was alright, but it wasn’t long before your attention was dragged away from Jotaro and towards Mr. Joestar instead the moment you heard him clear his throat as he once again took a seat on the floor.

“Right, now that that’s done and over with how about we have a proper introduction this time, I’m Joseph Joestar and this here is my good friend Muhammad Avdol” the old man introduced himself as Avdol simply gave a welcoming nod in your direction. It was surprising how quickly the two were able to simply act like everything was fine and dandy despite the fact that not even moments ago you were all fearing for Kakyoin and Jotaro’s lives.

“[Your Name] [Last Name]” you returned their introduction with one of your own, politely bowing your head towards the two men.

“Well, it’s quite a pleasure to meet you, I assume there’s a good reason my grandson thought it best to bring you here.”

“Well, I guess…” you trailed off, not really knowing how to go about this. “All he really said after ordering me to follow him here was that he had someone he wanted me to meet—I assume that’s you, Mr. Joestar.”

“She’s a Stand user, Gramps” Jotaro called back, not really bothering to look back at any of you.

“Stand user…that’s what you had called me as well, Kakyoin” you said, directing your attention towards the redhead who instantly flickered his gaze towards you the moment he heard his name leave your lips. Slowly he nodded his head, wincing a little at the pain that must have shot through his skull after such an action. “Actually, I’ve been meaning to ask but…what exactly are Stands and Stand users? You all keep using those words, but I’ve never heard about them before in my life” you sheepishly admitted.

Chapter Text

“Hm, yes, well it makes sense that you wouldn’t be aware of the term Stand and Stand user” Joseph hummed, rubbing his chin in thought for a moment. “It’s clear that you aren’t one of Dio’s lackeys either if I’m to go by Jotaro’s quick rundown of the fight at the school” you said nothing and only nodded your head.

“Please don’t mind the intrusion, I’m just here to help patch up this young man” Jotaro’s mother suddenly chirped as she entered the room, carrying with her a medical kit. She wore a sweet smile on her face, quietly humming to herself as she instantly bent down and busied herself with fixing up Kakyoin right away.

“To answer your question, a Stand, in short, is the manifestation of one’s fighting spirit” Joseph continued. “Those who possess a Stand are known as Stand users.”

“A manifestation of one’s fighting spirit?” you tilted your head in thought, thinking back to the day you had first seen Siren. You had certainly been fighting that day to keep yourself alive, but…would such a desire really have been strong enough to give birth to the manifestation of something like Siren. “If a Stand is the manifestation of one’s fighting spirit doesn’t that make it and it’s user one and the same?” you simply asked.

“That is indeed correct” Avdol nodded.

“Then I’m sorry to inform you but…Siren isn’t a Stand” you words seemed to shock them as well as confuse them. “For as long as I’ve known her, never once have I felt like she and I were the same, she’s always felt like her own person” you admitted, indeed within these past four years Siren never once felt like an extension to your own self—it always felt like she was her own entity, one that had decided to attach itself to you and follow you everywhere.

“Is that so?” Joseph hummed, once again stroking his chin in thought as he tried to process exactly what you were saying. “Tell me, can anyone else see…Siren was it?” he asked.


“Anyone besides Kakyoin and Jotaro” Avdol interrupted as if he knew exactly what you were about to say. Immediately you clamped your mouth shut, now forced to think back on the past four years—forced to think of every encounter you’ve had in your life that involved Siren’s presence being there as well.

“No…” slowly you shook your head as you came to this conclusion, recalling how no one ever questioned you on the seven-foot-tall mermaid that was always by your side. In fact, for the longest time, a small part of you had always assumed that you were simply going mad—that the years of feeling isolated within your own home was finally getting to you and driving you insane that you were forced to create your own friend. In a way, it was a sort of relief when you had noticed that both Kakyoin and Jotaro had acknowledged Siren’s existence.

“Hm, tell me, did you notice anything strange during your fight with Kakyoin at the school?” Joseph asked, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Well, when Kakyoin’s Stand had smashed the back of its head against Siren’s face, I ended up feeling a sharp pain in my nose despite not being anywhere near the two” you quietly recalled, remembering how you had been quick to conclude that you suffered the same pain Siren felt whenever attacked shortly after that had happened. It had been a startling first for you seeing how you’ve never used Siren to really fight anyone before and thus she never got hurt before for you realize that whatever pain she’d suffer you’d suffer as well. Slowly your head drooped as you found yourself lost in thought for a moment, mulling over all this new information and really putting focus on the idea of Stands and Stand users before finally, a heavy sigh left your lips. “I guess you’re right, I guess Siren really is what you call a Stand then…”

“You’re a quick learner which is good” Joseph nodded, seemingly pleased with how quickly you were able to come around. “Tell me, [Your Name], how long have you had your Stand?”

“Siren’s been with me for about four years now” you answered.

“Hm, so it seems you’ve had her for quite a while now.”

“That’s correct.”

“Right, all done” Jotaro mother’s voice cut right through yours and Joseph’s conversation as she finished tightening the bandage around Kakyoin’s head, a mess of medical supplies and bloodied cotton balls were scattered all around her, but her hard work had paid off as Kakyoin no longer looked like an utter, bloody mess.

“Thank you…very much” Kakyoin slightly bowed his head in thanks, his voice soft and delicate.

“Kakyoin, was it? You should rest for a while; you can stay the night” Jotaro’s mother offered with a sweet smile. “Papa, get his futon ready.”

“Why me?!” Joseph asked, clearly surprised by his daughter’s command. “I never liked sleeping on the floor in the first place!” he frowned as he harshly smacked his palm down against the floor before crossing his arms and straightening his back. “Holly, replace my futon with a real bed!”

“Papa, while in Japan, you must do as the Japanese do” Holly frowned as she too started to smack her hand against the floor. “Oh, and my name is Seiko now.”


“Holly comes from the word “Holy,” which is “Seinaru” in Japanese. So all my friends call me Seiko!”

“What kind of name is that?!” Joseph snapped. “Holly is the name I gave to my beaut—”

“I won’t answer if you don’t call me Seiko” Holly huffed, her head turned to the side as she seemingly began to ignore her father.

“Holly!” Joseph shouted as he smashed his hands down against the floor.

“Does it still hurt, Kakyoin?” Holly asked as she continued to promptly ignore her father.

“I-It’s fine” Kakyoin muttered, slightly stumbling over his words. You sat in silence, watching in quiet amusement as Holly ignored her father who seemed ready to explode with anger as he continued to call her by her birth given name as he tried to get her to listen to him. In fact, the more you watched this silly scene unfold the more you found yourself wanting to just explode with laughter at how childish it seemed.

“Alright, Kakyoin, give me your uniformcome now” Holly ordered, taking the redhead by surprise.

“Gimme a break…” Jotaro muttered, pulling his hat down over his eyes before silently taking his leave, not caring all that much to stick around and listen to his family bicker. After he had left, you couldn’t help but finally let the laughter that had been building up within you crawl its way up your throat and bubble out of your mouth. The sound loud enough to catch everyone’s attention in the room as they now looked your way.

“Oh! I almost forgot, but we haven’t had a proper introduction yet, have we?” Holly tilted her head, that sweet smile of hers now directed towards you as she finally took notice of your presence. “You were following right behind my son when he came home, correct?”

“That’s right, ma’am” you nodded before gently bowing your head. “I’m [Your Name] [Last Name] and I’m a…you could say I’m an acquaintance of Jotaro’s” you couldn’t exactly bring yourself to lie to her and claim that you and her son were friends when the both of you clearly weren’t.

“Well, [Your Name], it is nice to meet you” Holly chirped as she closed her eyes and gave you a delighted smile. “I’m Jotaro’s mother, Holly Kujo, but most people call me Seiko” she introduced.

“Yes, so I’ve heard” you smiled, raising a hand to slightly cover your mouth as you chuckled the moment you heard Joseph release a loud, irritated groan before he quietly started muttering to himself how Holly was the name he had specifically chosen for her.

“Oh, I can barely remember the last time my little Jotaro ever brought home a guest—let alone two, please won’t you at least stay for dinner?” Holly suddenly asked, taking you by surprise as you hadn’t expected her to be so quick in inviting someone she had just met to stay for dinner. You also found it quite ridiculous to hear her call Jotaro “little” when you were certain that he was much bigger than her.

“Oh, well…why I do appreciate the offer, I actually think that I should be getting home. I don’t really want to overstay my welcome” you politely declined. You weren’t close friends with Jotaro and a part of you felt that if he had still been in the room he would have quickly shot down his mother’s offer before you even got a chance to answer. Besides, you wanted to make sure you at least got home before dark…a tiny shudder racked up your spine—one that hadn’t been noticed by anyone else in the room—at the thought.

“Nonsense!” Joseph exclaimed, his mood finally picking right back up at he looked at you with a bright smile. “In fact, I would actually like to talk more with you about Stands! I'm actually quite curious about learning more about your Stand in specific” you felt as if you were suddenly being backed into a corner upon seeing the warm smiles that both Joseph and Holly wore. Both of them looking quite happy as they eagerly awaited your answer. Just seeing their eager looks was enough to make you break out into a nervous sweat before finally you felt your shoulders droop as you gave in to their warm smiles, not really wanting to be rude or be the one to dim those happy faces of theirs with another rejection.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to at least stay for dinner” you quietly mumbled, a small smile tugging at your lips the moment you heard Holly happily clap her hands together as she gave you a cheerful look.

“Good to hear” Joseph also seemed pleased with your answer before both he and Avdol stood up. “We’ll talk more around dinner time, but for now Avdol and I need to discuss something very important with one another” almost like a father he ruffled your hair as he passed by you while Avdol in return offered you a gentle smile and a polite nod before both men left the room.

“Wha…” you were baffled, feeling as if you had just been tricked into agreeing to stay for dinner with what felt like the simplest of lies.

“Now that we have two guests joining us for dinner, I better go and get started” Holly hummed, clapping her hands together once more before she stood up from the floor. “I’ll stop by later to get your uniform Kakyoin, just leave it near the door after you remove it” was the last thing she said before happily taking her leave, looking as if she had a slight skip in her step as both you and Kakyoin were now left alone in utter silence together. As soon as she left, you felt your head droop downwards as you quietly scolded yourself for allowing yourself to be so easily tricked into doing something as simple as staying for dinner. Though it didn’t take long for your head to snap right back up as you shot a tiny glare towards Kakyoin the moment you heard him quietly laugh.

“What? Laughing at my misery?” you frowned.

“Not at all, though I never thought I’d see the day someone would be sad about accepting a dinner invite” Kakyoin softly shook his head, taking mind of his injuries this time.

“Listen, me and Jotaro aren’t exactly friends, so I doubt he’s going to be all that happy in seeing my face at the dinner table later” you sighed before shivering at the thought of having to sit through a whole dinner while under Jotaro’s harsh glare. “The only reason he invited me here was to meet his grandfather and I’m pretty sure his reasoning for that was just to make sure I wasn’t a threat of any kind…despite the fact that I had helped him earlier” you admitted, quietly muttering that last part to yourself as you crossed your arms and felt your lower lip slightly jut out into a pout.

“Is that so” Kakyoin hummed, a small smile tugging at his lips before he seemed to realize something. “[Your Name], was it? I don’t think I ever properly introduced myself since meeting you—I’m Noriaki Kakyoin, I’ve recently just transferred here” the redhead gave you a polite bow of the head as he properly introduced himself to you. “I’m also deeply sorry for any harm that I may have caused you in our fight earlier today.”

“I’m quite sorry as well” you said, watching as he finally lifted his head and tilted it in a questioning manner as he locked eyes with you. “The bite Siren left on your Stand’s shoulder did look quite nasty” you adverted your eyes, lifting your hand to scratch the back of your head as you felt your cheeks become warm. You hadn’t noticed it before but…Kakyoin had very pretty eyes.

“No need to apologize, you were just defending yourself” Kakyoin smiled and after that, a peaceful silence fell over the two of you, but eventually that peaceful silence turned into light conversations as both you and Kakyoin started to find yourselves on friendly terms with one another. Though the conversation between you two soon died down once you noticed just how tired and drained the young man looked—the events of today most likely now catching up with him.

“Maybe you should get some rest, I mean you have been through a lot today—what with Jotaro and me kicking your ass and having a flesh bud removed from your skull” you suggested, smiling as you heard him breathily chuckle before nodding his head. “I’ll leave you be, with luck I might be able to track down Mr. Joestar somewhere within this large home and talk more with him” you said, pushing yourself to stand and quietly took your leave as Kakyoin started to fiddle with the coat of his uniform, deciding to finally do what Holly had asked of him earlier. Slipping out of the room, you quietly slid the screen door shut and turned around, only to flinch when you suddenly came face to face with Jotaro’s torso.

“What exactly are you still doing here, woman?” he didn’t sound all that pleased and as you tilted your head up to look him in the eyes, you found that the venom in his voice did indeed reach the venom in his glare. “You already met the old man and it’s perfectly clear to me you aren’t any real threat, so there’s no point in you still being here” his hat was still tilted downward and was casting a shadow over his eyes. His hands were buried deep within his pockets as he just towered over you—just his mere presence was intimidating and the intense glare he was giving you wasn’t making it any better.

“Well, y-your mother…uh…well your m-mother and Mr. Joestar invited me to s-stay for dinner” you stumbled over yourself, voice cracking just a bit as you forcefully tore your gaze away from Jotaro’s and looked elsewhere, anywhere that wasn’t his face. Whatever confidence you had magically been able to pull out your ass back in the nurse’s office wasn’t there to help you this time as you found yourself practically cowering just like anyone else would have under his gaze.

“Is that so?” he looked unamused, in fact, he looked as if he didn’t really care what reasoning you had for still being here—he just cared about the fact that you were still here. You couldn’t help but frown at how easily scared he was making you with just his presence, how with just a single glare he could easily make you—or anyone else for that manner—want to curl up and hide away forever. Jotaro always seemed to have that effect on most people, in fact, just the mere mention of his name was enough to scare anyone to the point that it was commonplace to keep your distance if you didn’t want to get on his bad side. The only people actually brave enough to get near him were other delinquents and the gaggle of girls at school that called themselves his fan club.

“Look, I’m not wanting to cause any trouble, Jotaro” you quietly muttered, crossing your arms as you dared to finally lock eyes with him once more and—just like in the nurse’s office—did your best to stand your ground. “But, no matter what you say or think I’m not going to just leave after accepting your mother and grandfather’s invite to stay for dinner. Unlike you, I’m not that rude.”

“Tch!” Jotaro only scoffed before pulling his hat even further down over his eyes as he turned away from you and took his leave. His own silent way of telling you that this conversation was over and done with and that he didn’t want to bother continuing it. You stayed perfectly still, eyes following his every movement as you patiently waited until he had turned the corner and was completely out of your sight before allowing the muscles in your body to relax.

“With a mother so sweet, I’d hate to see what kind of man his father is for him to be like this” you quietly muttered with the shake of your head, opting to walk in the opposite direction of Jotaro as you decided to go looking for Joseph and Avdol.


Dinner came and went. It had been a tense meal all the way through what with how Jotaro kept glaring at you from across the table—acting as if you’d magically disappear if he glared hard enough—as you tried to have a civil conversation with the other occupants in the house. But now that it was done with, you found yourself standing just at the entrance of the Kujo residence, staring out into the darkened streets and night sky that was slowly filling up with millions of stars. Without realizing it, you had let time slip you by and now you found yourself in quite the predicament. You see, shortly after that encounter four years ago you had ended up developing an awful case of Nyctophobia.

Your fear of the dark was actually quite terrible seeing how it drove you to always keep a flashlight on you, even now your hand was shoved inside your bag and wrapped around the small cylinder object that was your own personal flashlight. Your thumb was rapidly pressing down on the button, desperately trying to get it to turn on, but soon in a dreadful realization, you had come to realize that the batteries had finally died. Slowly you could feel a panic attack start to come on, as your gaze kept flickering down into your bag at the useless flashlight to the darken streets just outside of the house—sure you could have braved through it and ran from one streetlight to the next. Taking breaks to calm yourself each time you made it underneath the safety of a streetlamp. But…what if those streetlamps were to shatter? What if they suddenly stopped working altogether?

No, you couldn’t allow yourself to be trapped in utter darkness, you couldn’t risk the chance of putting yourself in such a vulnerable state—not like that time.

“Why the hell are you still here?” Jotaro’s gruff voice cut through the air behind you and as you peered back at him you found him once again staring down at you with an annoyed look on his face. An unlit cigarette dangled from between his lips as his hands were buried deep within his pants pockets, his hat was once again tilted downwards enough until it was casting a shadow right over his eyes that were venomously glaring down at you. Man, he must really hate you with how much he keeps glaring at you.

“Oh, [Your Name]! I thought you already left” Holly smiled, her voice cutting in from right behind her son—you had to actually lean over and peer around Jotaro just to see her smiling face.

“Yes, well…um…” you were too embarrassed to admit to them why you were now hesitant to leave, knowing that when most people hear about Nyctophobia they normally think of an infant or child, never a young woman about to enter adulthood. “I didn’t realize how late it had gotten and I was actually wondering if it’d be alright if I used your phone to call my dad?” you shyly asked.

“Just walk—”

“Why of course it’s alright! Here, let me show you where it is” Holly chirped, cutting her son off as she moved past him and gently took your hand so she could lead you back towards the kitchen where the landline most likely was located. You thanked her before picking up the phone and dialing the familiar numbers of your own home’s landline, cradling the receiver in your hands and up to your ear as you silently listened to the constant ring that came through. One ring….two rings….three rings…and so on, it just kept ringing until finally, the automatic voice mail picked up.

“Uh…looks like he’s not home, must be busy at work” you gave a weak chuckle and nervous smile to Holly. What you said wasn’t technically a lie seeing how your father was a man that worked from home hence why he always locked himself away inside his study and buried himself within his work. But it sounded pathetic and sort of sad to just say that he was too busy with his work at home to even bother answering the phone this late at night. “So, I guess I’m walking to the train station…yay” you weakly cheered, sneaking your hand back inside your bag and began to once again repeatedly press down on the button of your flashlight in hopes that it’ll magically come back from the dead and start working again if you kept at it.

“You sure? It’s quite late and I’d hate to hear if anything bad happened to you, at least allow my son to walk you—”

“No” Jotaro’s stern voice cut Holly off and shut down her offer before she even had the chance of finishing it. He stood at the entrance to the kitchen, you weren’t sure how long he had been standing there but the cigarette that had been dangling between his lips moments ago was now lit and trailing smoke up into the air.

“Oh, but Jotaro it’s dangerous for a young lady to walk home all alone this late at night, what if something bad happens to her?” Holly frowned as if attempting to scold her own son.

“So? Why should I care what happens to her?” Jotaro raised an eyebrow, boredly staring down at his mother. “She’s not my responsibility” he finished, eyes narrowing into a glare that barely fazed his mother at all.

“Well then, if you aren’t going to walk her home then I guess she’ll just have to stay the night” Holly huffed before looking back at you with a closed-eyed smile.

“W-what?” you were shocked before suddenly feeling your cheeks flush as you quickly shook your head. “No, that’s quite alright! I really don’t want to be a burden to you all.”

“Nonsense!” Holly continued to give you that sweet smile of hers as she waved her hand around as if she was batting away your attempts to say no to her. “I’d feel much better if you’d stay the night instead of walking home all by yourself as I said, I’d hate to hear if anything bad were to happen to you if you were to walk alone this late at night.”

“Again, it’s—”

“She’s not staying either, she has legs—she can walk” Jotaro cut you off, still glaring holes into the back of his mother’s head before flickering his gaze over towards you. “Isn’t that right?” even though he asked it like a question, you knew he wasn’t expecting an answer because he already answered it himself.

“We should have another spare futon you can use, I’ll also wash your uniform for you so you can wear it tomorrow, so for tonight I’ll let you borrow one of my old nightgowns” Holly ignored her son, in fact, you were sure she was ignoring both you and Jotaro seeing how she had already decided for herself that you were spending the night. You opened your mouth, prepared to argue before stopping and heaving a sigh upon seeing the excited glimmer in her eyes. Peering behind her, you watched as Jotaro huffed—the smoke of his cigarette seeping out of his nostrils like a dragon before he swiftly turned away and left, quietly grumbling to himself venomous words that you thankfully couldn’t hear.

It wasn’t that long before you found yourself settled inside one of the many spare rooms that the Kujo household had to offer. The room was large and empty, bare of any furniture saved for the futon you had recently laid out and a small lamp—a lamp that you made good use in turning on as soon as Holly had taken her leave after you had given her your uniform to wash alongside Kakyoin’s. If you were being honest, you felt awkward and like you were intruding as you began shifting around in an attempt to get yourself comfortable underneath the covers, eyes blankly staring straight up at the ceiling before slowly your gaze wandered around to look towards the darkened corners of the room that the light of the lamp couldn’t reach. Just peering at the inky darkness that covered the very edges of the room made your grip on the covers tighten as you slowly yanked them upwards until you were completely submerged underneath them and able to hide yourself away. Fear already starting to build up inside of you as your mind began to go wild in imagining just what could be lurking within those darkened corners as you quickly screwed your eyes shut and rapidly began to count in hopes that you’d fall asleep faster if you did so.

-The Next Morning-

When you awoke the following morning, you were confused to find that you weren’t in your room before the memories of last night came flooding back and you released a quiet sigh. Looking around the barren room, your gaze soon landed on your uniform that was neatly folded up and placed near the door, ready for you to change into it. Which you wasted no time in doing so, stripping yourself of the nightgown Holly had given you and changing back into your school uniform. Once dressed, you properly rolled up the futon you had been sleeping in, gently resting the folded up nightgown right on top of it before pushing the folded futon up against the wall so that it was no longer in the way. Grabbing your bag from the corner of the room where you had rested it last night, you slid the door open, only to flinch when you found Jotaro just silently standing there.

“Uh…” you stared up at him, not expecting him to just be standing there, it looked as if he had been waiting for you to finish getting dressed so you both could leave together. Which you doubted was the reason why he had been patiently standing right outside the room.

“Stop gawking like an idiot and let’s go, I don’t need you hanging around here any longer than you already have” he grunted, making it clear that his only reason for standing there and waiting for you was just so he could ensure that you’d actually leave his house. You only nodded, tightening your grip on the handle of your bag as you quickly followed behind him the minute he started to walk away. “I’m actually going to go to school today for once” you heard him mutter underneath his breath as you both slipped on your shoes and stepped outside. Your head was tilted downwards, a small sense of guilt eating away at you for not being able to stick around long enough to thank his mother for all of her kindness since last night.

“With luck maybe I’ll get to thank her the next time I see her…if I ever get to see her again that is” you whispered underneath your breath, already taking a few steps forward away from the house before stopping when you realized Jotaro wasn’t following.

“That’s odd…” you heard him mumble as he stood in place, just staring back into his home as if he was waiting for someone. It took you a few seconds to process that he was probably waiting for his mother…Holly did seem like the type of mother that would usually like to see her son off before he left for school. For a while neither you nor Jotaro spoke, both of you opting to stand there in utter silence before suddenly you watched as the delinquent frowned as he reentered the house, taking his shoes off before he took off running as if he had sensed that something was wrong, and he needed to investigate right away. Confused and a bit frightened by his sudden actions, you continued to stand there for a few seconds, not knowing what to do. Should you stay or should you go?

It wasn’t until you felt the comforting feeling of Siren’s hands gently resting against your shoulders did you finally decide to follow after him, also beginning to sense that something was indeed wrong even though you didn’t know what. You followed right behind Jotaro, both of you seemingly kicking up a slight racket as you ran through the house before finally, you reached the entrance of the kitchen doorway where Joseph was already standing. Inside the kitchen it was dark and the only two people in it were Avdol—who was quietly and quickly muttering to himself—and Holly who was being cradled within his arms.

“A Stand…” Joseph was barely able to speak, body shaking as he eyed the thorny vines that were peeking over Holly’s shoulders and squirming around, from what little you could see you were certain you also spotted berries growing on the vines. “Holly…”

“Mrs. Kujo…?” you quietly muttered, lips twitching downwards as you watched the way her face twisted up into an agonizing look of pain while her breath came out shallow and deep like she was struggling to breathe. You flinched when Joseph suddenly started to scream in frustration, quick to grab at the front of his grandson’s jacket and smash the both of them back into the kitchen cabinets, the older man’s reaction had frightened you enough to make you slowly step away from both him and Jotaro. But, soon your frightful expression turned to one of sympathy as the old man slowly began to break down.

“This…this is the one thing I feared most! M-my daughter has manifested a Stand…I knew she wouldn’t have the power to withstand it…I even knew she wouldn’t have the power to deny the curse from Dio’s soul!” he cried out, his hands shaking as his grip on his grandson’s coat loosened just a bit. You found your gaze flickering back down to Holly’s unconscious form, watching how her Stand almost seemed to grow as the vines slowly snaked their way up and around her neck—it almost looked like her own Stand was slowly attempting to consume her.

“Now, what will we do?” Jotaro asked as he harshly took hold of his grandfather’s wrist and removed the man’s hand from him.

“Just one thing…we must find Dio! We need to kill Dio and lift the curse, that’s all we can do!” Joseph proclaimed, causing your ears to perk up as you snapped your head in his direction. Even if you didn’t know much about this Dio fellow or what exactly was going on with this family, to hear a man make such a bold claim of killing another person sent a shiver down your spine.


“Everything’s taken quite the turn for the worse since yesterday” you quietly whispered to yourself as you peered down at Holly who had been moved carefully from the kitchen and into her own room where she was changed into one of her nightgowns and comfortably tucked underneath the covers of her futon while a wet rag laid over top of her forehead in hopes of bringing down her fever. Even though it felt awkward to still be in Jotaro’s house, it also didn’t feel right to just leave after seeing such a sweet woman like his mother in such a weakened state, just the thought of going on with your day and acting like this never happened left a bitter taste in your mouth.

“However…no matter how many times I try, he stays obscured by the darkness” Joseph explained as he laid out a series of photos in front of all of you, all of them the silhouette of an extremely buff man whose only defining features was his back and long golden locks, you assumed this was Dio. Looking down at these pictures you found there was a certain familiar air about him which frightened you, you assumed it’s because of his hair—his hair which was the same golden color as the man that you had run into four years ago. “The background is dark in every spirit photo I take, it’s impossible to find where he is with these” the old man continued.

“Spirit photos…you mean these are the photos that can be created by your Stand, right?” you asked, bending down between Avdol and Joseph to pick up one of the photos and get a closer look at it. You remembered how last night during dinner both Avdol and Joseph had explained to you how their Stands worked, Joseph best explaining that his Stand uses various forms of clairvoyance to provide him with whatever information he seeks. The older man hummed and gave a curt nod, while you continued to stare down at the photo in your hand. Practically burning holes through the picture of this Dio fellow as you examined every inch of it.

“What even are you still doing here? This doesn’t exactly involve you, woman” Jotaro suddenly huffed, looking even more agitated than usual as he was leaned back against the wall next to the door. You ignored him, only waving him off as if to silently tell him that you didn’t want to deal with his attitude at the moment, not when his mother was currently ill.

“We have used various different ways to analyze them, but the darkness has caused them all to fail” Avdol said, quick to try and steer the conversation back towards the issue at hand.

“Hey, you should have said that sooner” Jotaro said, stepping up beside you as he motioned for Avdol to hand him the picture that he was currently looking at. “Maybe I’ll find something…,” with that he called forth his Stand, “…hiding in the darkness!” holding the picture up, he let his Stand examine the image closely. “What do you see behind Dio? My Stand is so accurate it could remove a flesh bud from someone’s brain…and move with enough precision to catch a bullet” it oddly felt like he was bragging about his Stand as he rummaged through a nearby drawer and pulled out a memo pad and pencil. “It’ll make a sketch” and with that, he opened up the pad and held it as his Stand began to sketch out whatever it had seen in the darkness of the photo.

You all gathered around him, watching closely as the pencil quickly moved about the paper as his Stand drew and when it was finished the final product had been a simple fly.

“A fly?” you tilted your head.

“But a fly’s not going to help us…” Joseph muttered.

“Wait a moment! I know this fly!” Avdol exclaimed.

“What?!” Joseph gasped.

“Jojo, do you have an encyclopedia?” Avdol urgently asked.

“We’ve got a library” Jotaro answered and somehow you weren’t surprised that a house this big had its own personal library.

“Give me the memo, I will investigate at once!” and with that Avdol took off running. Though as soon as he had left, Holly finally began to stir before slowly her eyes opened.

“Holly!” Joseph immediately bent down close to his daughter, sweetly smiling down at her as she tiredly looked up at him.

“Papa…I…” she weakly began.

“Just take it easy…Jotaro, get some water” Joseph ordered to which the teen had no problem in doing so, a small smile tugging at his lips as he turned and took his leave to do as he was told. Now leaving you all alone with both his grandfather and mother, you started to feel awkward once again and out of place…this wasn’t your family, these weren’t people you knew personally or who knew you personally—yet you couldn’t bring yourself to just excuse yourself and leave. Not after the kindness they all, saved for Jotaro, have shown you so far.

“Mrs. Kujo…” your voice was low as you gently bent down onto your knees and bowed your head, hesitant as you didn’t really know what to say. “I wanted to thank you for your kindness last night” it was the only thing you could think to say, your cheeks flushing as you kept your head bowed, never noticing the gentle smiles that tugged at both Holly and Joseph’s lips as they looked at you. A peaceful silence soon fell over the three of you after that as you all patiently waited for Jotaro’s return. Eventually, you felt your mind start to wander and you couldn’t help but start to think back to the small smile that had graced Jotaro’s lips before he had left. In an odd way, you found yourself thinking about how that smile of his was kind of cute and nice-looking, it made you wonder why he didn’t smile more often…but then such thoughts disappeared as you remembered that aggressive attitude of his that he had been directing towards you since yesterday.

It wasn’t long before Jotaro finally returned with a glass of water, handing it to his mother who—with the help of you—sat up and downed it quite quickly as if she had been dying of thirst.

“Thank you, Jotaro” Holly politely smiled. “Really, I wonder what’s wrong with me…I can’t believe I got a fever and passed out. But…” she continued to talk and as she spoke you found your eyes wandering towards the vines on her back that snaked out through the collar of her nightgown, you wondered if she was even aware she had a Stand. If she was even aware that it was because of her Stand that she was suffering such a high fever, to begin with…something inside you told you that maybe not. You barely snapped yourself out of your thoughts when you suddenly heard her say your name, looking at you with that sweet smile of hers as you could only bring yourself to give her a strained one in return. Too embarrassed to really admit to her that you hadn’t been listening.

“You gave me quite the scare, Holly” Joseph spoke up, dragging his daughter’s attention off of you and towards him instead. “Come now, you need to brush your teeth now that you’re up” he said as he moved closer to her side, putting some toothpaste on a toothbrush and began brushing her teeth. “Don’t forget your face” he said, now wiping her face clean with a rag. “Your hair is a mess too” it was around this point when he was brushing her hair did you turn your head to look back up towards Jotaro and quietly ask if this was normal. Was it normal?

You were aware that Joseph wasn’t originally from Japan and well you never got to experience what it was like to have a normal family what with how your mother had passed away when you were young and how your father had locked himself away in his study to pitifully hide himself away in sorrow after the loss of his wife. So it was difficult sometimes for you to know what was considered a normal thing for families to do, but something inside you told you this wasn’t really normal. That this was more likely the product of Joseph’s worry and fear of what was happening to his daughter. Either way, you continued to stare up at Jotaro who only ignored you, in fact, he looked like he was ignoring everyone in the room—also not wanting to pay attention to his grandfather's weird behavior.

“Now then, Jotaro, what would you like for dinner?” Holly asked, perking up a bit as she looked towards you. “Also, [Your Name], will you be joining us again for dinner?” she asked just as she started to stand.

“Don’t move! Just stay in bed!” Jotaro suddenly snapped surprising all of you. “Y-you shouldn’t do anything until your fever is down…” he explained, a nervous sweat coating his face as he pushed his hat down over his eyes as if trying to hide his own worry out of embarrassment. “Just shut up and get better.”

“Holly, come on…” Joseph softly said as he motioned for his daughter to lay back down and pull the covers back over top of her.

“Alright” Holly nodded, doing as she was told as she laid down and smiled up at her father. “You’ve all been so kind to me since I got sick, sometimes having a cold isn’t so bad” she said before suddenly falling unconscious once again.

“H-Holly!” Joseph sputtered out in shock. “Sh-she lost consciousness again…”

“She must have used up all of her energy when she was talking with us” you said as Joseph leaned over and rested his hand against her forehead.

“She was acting cheerful, yet she’s burning up!” he frowned. “The way she’s been acting confirms it, although she hasn’t said anything, my daughter knows she has a Stand! She’s been trying to hide it from us…she didn’t want us to worry…my daughter is that kind of person.”

“Mr. Joestar, I have found it” Avdol said as he finally reentered the room, carrying with him a book. “That fly…,” this caught everyone's attention as you all turned your gazes away from Holly’s unconscious form and towards the man, “…is here” he pointed out as he sat the book in his hands down in front of the three of you and pointed towards the exact fly that Jotaro’s Stand had drawn. Quietly you read to yourself, eyes scanning over the short paragraph that could be found right underneath the picture of the fly.

“Egypt!” Joseph exclaimed as soon as he saw where the fly normally habituated.

“We have narrowed its location down to the city of Aswan, there we will find Dio!” Avdol firmly stated.

“You’re going to Egypt, huh?” Kakyoin said from the doorway.

“Kakyoin” Jotaro muttered.

“Are you starting to feel better?” you asked, relieved as you watched him give you a tiny smile and a curt nod.

“What do you mean?” Joseph questioned.

“That flesh bud was implanted in my brain three months ago” Kakyoin explained. “While my family and I were at the Nile River during our vacation in Egypt, I met Dio.”

Chapter Text

“You were also in Egypt?” Avdol asked. “It appears Dio wants to stay put in Egypt for some reason” he muttered to himself, looking lost in thought.

“Wonder what’s there that he’d want to stay in that location?” you pondered aloud.

“When will you leave?” Kakyoin asked. “I’ll go with you.”

“Go with us? Why would you?” Jotaro asked as you narrowed your eyes and found yourself becoming lost in thought. You knew he was mainly speaking to the three other men in the room, none of them expected you to come along and you weren’t sure how you felt about that. Soon your gaze wandered back towards Holly’s unconscious body and for a moment you were lost in a memory from long ago. A memory that brought forth painful emotions and thoughts of a lonely childhood.

“To tell you the truth…as for why I suddenly want to go with you…I don’t really know” Kakyoin smiled, using the same reasoning as Jotaro had yesterday which only caused the delinquent to scoff. “I guess it’s because you brought me to my senses, that’s all” the redhead clarified as he gently tapped at his bandaged forehead.

“If you don’t mind” you suddenly piped up, dragging everyone’s gazes towards you. “I’d like to come along as well” now this really caught their attention.

“Why’s that, [Your Name]? If it’s because of my daughter’s kindness, there’s no need, your thanks is plenty enough” Joseph said, tilting his head as you shook your own back and forth.

“No, it’s just…” you didn’t know how to word it as you found yourself looking back at Holly. For a split second you felt as if you were eight again and staring at your bedridden mother. You know what it’s like to unexpectedly lose a parent and a strong part of you never wanted anyone else to experience that feeling like you had all those years ago. “I can’t explain it, but I just really want to help Mrs. Kujo…someone like her doesn’t deserve to have her life cut short” you quietly admitted, eyebrows furrowing together as a look of determination crossed your eyes before you looked right up at Joseph.


“If that’s how you feel, then I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to come” Joseph cut Jotaro off before he could say anything. “You seem capable of handling yourself—your fight with Kakyoin alongside Jotaro is proof enough of that.”

“Thank you” you quietly muttered as you gently nodded your head in thanks, a pleased smile tugging at your lips. From behind you, you could hear Jotaro bitterly muttering to himself, but thankfully he had chosen to keep quiet and decided not to waste his breath in arguing with either you or his grandfather. Quietly, you all watched as Joseph stood up and approached his resting daughter, crouching down next to her so that he could softly speak to her.

“Holly…we’ll save you no matter what, don’t worry. There’s nothing to worry about, we’ll make you better, just take it easy…”

“Jojo’s mother, Mrs. Holly, is a woman capable of calming the hearts of others” Kakyoin noted causing you to hum in agreement as you watched Joseph comfortably reassure his sleeping daughter. “People feel at ease while around her, this may sound awkward…but if I were to fall in love, I’d like it to be with someone like her. I would give my all to protect her and I would want to always see her warm, happy smile.”

“I think we get the point, Kakyoin” you said, stopping him before he had a chance to continue.

“We’re wasting time! We leave immediately!” Joseph ordered, quick to rush you all out of the house while making a beeline towards the house phone, claiming there were some important people he needed to call. In no time you found yourself standing outside right alongside Jotaro and Kakyoin, the three of you watching as multiple black cars pulled up to the house and spilling out of them came men dressed in all black. “These are the most trustworthy doctors from the Speedwagon Foundation, they’ll take care of Holly around the clock” Joseph explained to you all as he and Avdol finally came walking out of the house.

“Jojo, before we leave, I shall name your Stand for you” Avdol offered.

“Name it?” Jotaro questioned as if the idea of naming his Stand had never once crossed his mind which honestly surprised you as you remembered that the first thing you did when you had met Siren was name her.

“Using the cards of fate, the Tarot” Avdol smirked as he held up a deck of Tarot cards. “Blindly choose a card and it shall be decided, this will suggest your fate as well as your Stand’s power” and with that he held the deck out, all of you silently watching as the teen cut the deck in half first before pulling the top card off of the second stack. “The Star! The Star card! So, I shall name your Stand…Star Platinum!”

“Alright, we’re off! Let’s go!” Joseph proclaimed, but just as you were about to all enter the car that would take you to the airport you stopped, a pang of overwhelming guilt suddenly overtaking you.

“Mr. Joestar” you suddenly mumble to him, catching he attention as he looked down at you. “I know we’re in a hurry and I feel bad for asking, but do you mind if we make a quick stop at my house? It’s in the same direction we need to take to get to the airport, I’d feel kind of bad just up and leaving my father with no explanation like that. It won’t take long, I promise” you bowed your head in apologies and patiently waited for him to say no or that you should just wait until you got to the airport to call him, but instead you were surprised when you felt a hand softly be placed on top of your head.

“As a father myself, I’d feel horrible to just up and take someone else’s child without their knowledge” you heard him mutter under his breath while offering you a smile. “We have fifty days to save my daughter, a few minutes isn’t going to hurt—just make it quick though, so we aren’t late arriving to the airport” you peered up at him, eyes sparkling before a bright smile spread across your lips and you happily nodded your head.



“Oi, why are we stopping, Gramps?” Jotaro frowned as the car came to a stop in front of your house. You were already shifting in your seat, quietly motioning for Kakyoin to let you out.

“[Your Name], needed to do something real quick and I saw no harm in letting her” was Joseph’s only answer as he adjusted the rear-a-view mirror so he could lock eyes with his glaring grandson. “Which reminds me, Kakyoin is there anything in specific you need to do—like make a call to anyone or…?” he asked after you got out of the car and Kakyoin climbed right back in. You didn’t hear the redhead’s answer as he slammed the car door shut and you were already rushing inside your small one-story home. The first thing you did wasn’t stop by your father’s study room, no, instead you went straight to your own room and swapped out your school bag with a backpack that you threw a simple spare set of clothes, underwear, and sleepwear into. You also made sure to actually throw your migraine medication inside along with your personal flashlight and a large number of spare batteries.

Even though you doubted the trip to Egypt would last that long, you knew that sometimes when it came to airlines there could be complications and a part of you felt too embarrassed to go with a bunch of men without at least a spare change of clothes on you encase something was to happen to your current uniform. It only took you exactly two minutes to get everything together thanks to the fact that your room was always neat, and nothing was ever out of place, so it wasn’t hard to find what you needed. Once you had your bag securely on your back, you exited your room and once again passed by your father’s study—not bothering to knock as you knew he wouldn’t answer you, he never did. Instead, you went into the kitchen, digging out the small notepad used for grocery lists from one of the drawers along with a pen and wrote him a small and simple note that read:

“I don’t wish to alarm you with my sudden absence, but I’ll be gone for at least a few days, maybe a week with some friends. But I’ll be back before you even notice, please be sure to take care of yourself…I love you.”

You signed the letter with your name at the end, placing the pen right down on top of it and leaving it there on the kitchen counter in hopes that he would notice it. Though a part of you bitterly believed that he wouldn’t, that he probably wouldn’t even realize you had left in the first place until you came home. Quickly you shook your head in an attempt to rid yourself of those awful thoughts, but even though you did your best to rid yourself of your bitterness, you couldn’t stop the way your brows furrowed, and your lips tilted downwards as you harshly glared down at your own note. After a full minute passed, you shook your head once again and turned away from the note, finally taking your leave and approaching the car once more. You smiled and thanked Kakyoin when he stepped out of the car as soon as he spotted you approaching, allowing you to slide back into your seat right between him and Jotaro.

“See, it didn’t take that long, Jotaro” Joseph widely smiled as his grandson only grumbled, a lit cigarette dangling between his lips as he turned his head to look out the window which was cracked open just enough to let the smoke out. The moment Kakyoin shut his door, Joseph started the car back up and began driving towards the direction of the airport.

“What’s with the bag?” Kakyoin curiously asked after a while of driving, seemingly trying to make light conversation. Joseph and Avdol were caught up in their own conversation up front while Jotaro seemed busy with quietly smoking his cigarette and staring out the car window, leaving just you and Kakyoin with nothing else to do.

“Just a spare change of clothes and some pain medication” you mumbled, tightening your arms around your bag that you had moved onto your lap shortly after getting back into the car. “You never know what might happen and unlike you all, I’d rather stay decent if something were to happen to my clothes” you admitted, blushing as you watched him nod in slight understanding. It was clear that many people wouldn’t bat an eye at a man if his shirt got destroyed, but a million people would kick up a fuss if a woman walked around with a ruined shirt.

“What about the pain medication?” he asked, tilting his head.

“I occasionally suffer from really bad migraines, I thought it best to bring the medication, so I don’t end up slowing any of you down because of my body’s decision to be stupid” you explained watching as he nodded his head once again. You decided not to mention the fact that you were also carrying a flashlight and bunch of batteries on you as well—embarrassed that if you did he’d question you and you weren’t sure you’d be able to come up with a decent enough lie. Sure if it had just been the flashlight and two sets of batteries that’d be seen as normal, but you had clearly gone a bit overboard with the batteries in hopes of never letting your flashlight die on you again like it had last night. It was silent for a second between you two after that, but eventually, just like yesterday when you both had been left alone, you ended up once again sharing a friendly conversation with each other. One you both had gotten so wrapped up in you hadn’t realized it caught Jotaro’s attention as he watched the two of you from the corner of his eye.

Listening in silent interest to what you both had to say.


By the time you all got to the airport and finally boarded the plane it was already nightfall. You found comfort in the lights that kept the first-class cabin dimly lit enough that it could keep your fear of the dark at bay. There also wasn’t that many people flying on board with you all which allowed you breathing room, something you were grateful for because since the plane took off you learned something new about yourself…you just learned that you suffered horribly from air sickness. While Jotaro and them sat in the seats in front of you, all of them with their heads tilted downwards and attempting to catching some sleep, you were curled up in on yourself in your seat right behind Joseph. Arms wrapping around your stomach as you quietly groaned, certain that your cheeks were green and that it wouldn’t be long until you blew seeing how you could feel an uncomfortable lump near the back of your throat.

Since you had never flown on a plane before, it made sense that you wouldn’t have been aware that this was how your body was going to act.

“He saw us” you suddenly heard Joseph whisper in a hushed voice right in front of you. “I definitely felt Dio looking at us just now!”

“Yeah” Jotaro muttered.

“Be careful” Joseph muttered before looking back when he suddenly heard you quietly groan once again, but a little bit louder this time as you curled up even more on yourself. He almost looked at you with pity when he saw the nauseous look on your face, it becoming quite clear to him in one glance that you weren’t much of a flyer. “A Stand user may already be on this plane” just as he said this your head perked up.

“What’s that buzzing sound? Did a fly get on board?” you muttered, forcing yourself to sit up a bit straighter, just enough to look around the nearly empty cabin and at all the other sleeping passengers that you couldn’t help but envy upon seeing how none of them looked bothered by the feeling of flying through the air. It didn’t take long for your companions to also start hearing the strange buzzing sound that echoed throughout the cabin as all of them also started to look around for the source of the sound.

“R-rhinoceros beetle?” Jotaro questioned, standing up from his seat as you all finally spotted the insect that was darting around through the aisles. Disappearing and reappearing from view as it seemed to take cover within the darkened corners of the dimly lit cabin. “No…A stag beetle!” he corrected himself once he got a better look at the insect.

“What’s a stag beetle doing on a plane?” you asked, one hand still pressed up against your aching stomach as you forced yourself to sit up fully this time. Frowning as you watched how the beetle continued to dance through the air.

“Avdol, is it a Stand?” Joseph asked as he leaned forward to speak with the Egyptian who sat in one of the seats in front of him. “Could we already be encountering another Stand user?”

“Quite possibly, it could be a bug-shaped Stand” Avdol suggested.

“Could we really run into another Stand user that fast?” you asked, as you all kept a close eye on the insect before it quickly zipped behind a couple of seats and out of view.

“It hid in the shadows of the seats…” Joseph frowned.

“W-where is it?” Avdol nervously asked as Jotaro slowly walked down the aisle and began peering down each row of seats, keeping an eye out for the beetle.

“Jotaro, beside you!” you yelped the moment your eyes darted right next to him and you spotted the large beetle fluttering right next to his head.

“Jojo! It’s right next to you!” Kakyoin exclaimed, having also spotted the insect as well. “I-it’s huge! It must be a Stand, that bug has to be a Stand!”

“It’s disgusting” you muttered, shifting around in your seat to keep some distance from it as you felt your nose scrunch up in disgust as it seemed to drool—foaming at the mouth as it hovered in place and stared down Jotaro, its mouth slightly open as if wanting to show off to all of you just how sharp its teeth were.

“It’s fucking gross” Jotaro bluntly said as a second mouth seemed to burst out of the bug's own like some alien. “Anyway, I’ll deal with it.”

“B-be careful…I have heard of a user with a bug Stand who enjoys ripping the tongue out of its victims” Avdol warned.

“Star Platinum!” and on command Jotaro’s Stand appeared, manifesting right out of his body as it raised its arm up high and swatted it right down onto the bug that instantly moved out of the way.

“I-it dodged! U-unbelievable!” Avdol sputtered out as you all stared in shock, not having expected the insect to easily dodge an attack from Jotaro’s Stand. “Star Platinum has enough speed and precision to grasp a bullet, yet it is still faster!” that was the third time they’ve mentioned Jotaro’s Stand being able to catch a bullet, it made you silently wonder what exactly happened for any of them to find that fact out.

“It must be a Stand, that bug has to be a Stand!” Kakyoin exclaimed once again.

“I’m pretty sure whatever the fuck was coming out of its mouth is proof enough of that! No normal stag beetle just has a secondary set of chompers in its mouth!” you pointed out, eyes darting around as you all began looking to see where the insect had disappeared off to,

“Where did it go? Where is it hiding?!” Kakyoin questioned as his eyes were also darting left and right in search of the Stand. “And where is the person controlling it?!”

“Look out! It’s attacking!” you yelped the moment you found the insect again and watched as that horrific second mouth it had shot out of its mouth like a speeding bullet and towards Jotaro. Star Platinum reacted accordingly, holding his hand up to stop the attack only for the beetle’s second mouth to rip right through his palm and towards his gaping mouth.

“Shit!” Jotaro cursed.

“Jotaro!” Joseph shouted as your eyes widened and mouth fell open as if you were ready to scream in horror if need be.

“Jojo!” Avdol exclaimed. Blood slowly flowed out of the palm of Jotaro’s hand while more of it streamed out of the corner of his mouth, his eyes were wide and his breathing a bit uneven as he stayed perfectly still. With quick thinking and perhaps even luck, Star Platinum had simply been able to stop the beetle’s second mouth from entering his own by harshly biting down on it and holding it in place with his teeth.

“It’s good that he could stop the needle with his mouth, but…” Joseph trailed off.

“Since it tried to bite off the tongue of Jotaro’s Stand…it must be him! The Tower Tarot card…his Stand symbolizes destruction, calamity, and the interruption of journeys…Tower of Gray!” Avdol explained. “Tower of Gray is a malicious Stand who commits mass murder by framing his kills as accidents, the airplane crash responsible for 300 deaths last year in England is thought to be his doing. They were only rumors, but he really is working for Dio!”

“Ora!” Jotaro suddenly shouted as his Stand began its onslaught of punches. “Ora, Ora, Ora, Ora!” he repeatedly cried out as his fists rapidly punched through the air as it destroyed the beetle’s second mouth.

“I-it dodged!” Avdol sputtered out. “It evaded blows from not only one fist, but both simultaneously! I-it’s so fast…”

“It really is fast if it was able to dodge an onslaught attack like that” you were surprised upon seeing the beetle practically unharmed as the only damage it suffered was the loss of its secondary mouth and nothing more.

“Even if you shot ten guns simultaneously from one centimeter away, they would never be able to touch my Stand!” from the beetle came a harsh laugh and gravelly voice. “Not that a bullet would kill my Stand anyway” the voice smugly pointed out as a new secondary mouth came poking out from between his teeth. Slowly and cautiously you let your gaze wander away from the beetle that hovered in place, opting to now scan the few passengers that were on board the plane along with you in hopes that one of them would give away if they were the user of this Stand or not. You doubted it would be that easy though, the user was probably acting as if they were simply asleep just like everyone else. It seems you weren’t the only one looking as from the corner of your eye you could see Joseph heavily in thought as his eyes also darted around the cabin.

Then suddenly the beetle moved, zipping away and disappearing from sight once more causing all of you to tense up immediately.

“It moved over there!” Kakyoin pointed as he was the first one to catch sight of it. The beetle seemed to mockingly laugh at you all before slowly descending downwards behind one of the seats and without warning, it shot right through four seats in a row—ripping the tongues out of four men in the process.

“Bingo!” the beetle laughed as you immediately felt the sensation of bile trying to rise its way out of your already churning stomach and up your throat, but you held it down, quick to avert your eyes from the slimy, wet tongues that were stacked on the beetle’s secondary mouth and dripping both blood and saliva onto the carpeted floor. “I got their tongues! And now…” the sound of the bloody tongues loudly slapping against the wall of the cabin as the insect began to write made you gag. When it was finished, the letters it spelled out with the blood from the severed tongues simply spelled out the words “Massacre!”

“I-It actually did it…” Kakyoin choked out.

“I will burn it asunder! Magician’s Red!” Avdol glared as he called forth his Stand which—in any other circumstances—you would have been excited to see if it hadn’t been for the current situation. His Stand had the appearance of a bulky man, but its head was that of a bird and legs were coated in feathers and engulfed in flames. Where the nails should have been on its hands there were only sharp talons.

“Wait! Don’t do it, Avdol!” Kakyoin quickly called out, stopping the man before he had the chance to attack which in return caused Magician’s Red to disappear.

“It’s so noisy…” an old man suddenly groaned, rubbing at his tired eyes as he slowly started to wake up. “What’s with the ruckus?” he asked, seemingly unaware of the stag beetle that hovered dangerously close to his face.

“Look out!” both you and Kakyoin shouted, fear spiking up in your heart at the idea of witnessing another person having their tongue ripped right out of their mouth.

“Guess I’ll use the toilet” the old man muttered as the beetle flew right on past him as if it didn’t even acknowledge him the same way he didn’t acknowledge it. Standing from his seat, he began to make his way back towards the restrooms before raising his hand and resting it against the wall and in return touching the wet blood that had been used like ink by the beetle earlier. “What…is this?” he slowly questioned, pulling his hand away and rubbing his fingers together before bringing his hand up close to his nose and taking a tentative sniff while spelling out the word written on the wall. “M…a…” he immediately started to scream the second he became aware of what the liquid on his finger was, his fright causing his fake teeth to pop right on out of his mouth. “I-is it blood?!

“Blood?!” he shakily asked, backing away from the bloody wall.

“Quiet!” Kakyoin ordered as he hit the man on the back of the head and knocked him out in an instant.

“I mean, that’s one way to quiet him down” you deadpanned.

“We need to have this taken care of before the other passengers panic” Kakyoin simply explained. “But, Mr. Avdol…your Magician’s Red would be felt by everyone and cause the plane to explode. Jojo, if you were to punch a hole in the fuselage, it would be a disaster” he pointed out, looking between the Egyptian and delinquent.

“What about Siren?” you piped up. “Unlike Mr. Avdol and Jotaro’s Stands, she can’t really cause much damage to the plane” you pointed out.

“Though you are right, she may end up suffering the same problem as Star Platinum and may not be able to keep up with the enemy Stand’s speed” Kakyoin explained as you nodded. “As for damaging the plane, I noticed with our fight that her nails and teeth are quite sharp, it’d be bad if she misses the enemy and punctures the walls of the plane” you slowly nodded once again as you took in his words. He wasn’t wrong, Siren’s teeth and nails were dangerously sharp as if they were designed to tear through flesh and bone—who’s to say they wouldn't be able to tear through metal either? “My Stand is the best choice here; Hierophant Green is inconspicuous and best suited for defeating it.”

“Kakyoin Noriaki, eh?” Tower of Gray laughed as he hovered in place right in front of the redheaded teen. “I’ve heard all about you from Lord Dio, don’t bother. If you know your Stand is no match for mine, then don’t even challenge me—you can’t catch me at your speed!” he harshly spat out as more foam started to leak out of his mouth.

“Is that so?” Kakyoin asked as he posed himself. “Emerald Splash!” calling forth his Stand, Hierophant Green immediately started to attack—sending out a splash of emeralds in the direction of the beetle. Tower of Gray easily dodged the attack, laughing as he did so. “Emerald Splash!” once again, Kakyoin repeated the same attack and once again the beetle dodged them.

“It seems like you’re dumb enough to think you’ll hit me with enough shots, but none of them are connecting!” Tower of Gray laughed as he flew right towards Kakyoin’s Stand.

“Not good, it is dodging far too fast!” Avdol frowned just as the beetle attacked, sending out his secondary mouth that cracked the mask located around Kakyoin Stand’s mouth which in return caused the redhead to spit up blood.

“K-Kakyoin!” Jotaro exclaimed.

“H-hey, you alright?!” you worriedly asked, watching as both the teen and his Stand fell to the floor.

“My speed is on an entirely different level!” Tower of Gray mocked as he fluttered back and forth in the air. “You’ll never hit a bingo at that speed, now then, Kakyoin…with my next attack, I’ll stab out your Stand’s tongue with my Tower Needle and rip it out!”

“Emerald Splash!” Kakyoin sent out another barrage of emeralds towards the insect who once again dodged them all.

“Don’t you get it?” Tower of Gray laughed.

“N-not good! It dodged Emerald Splash again!” Avdol pointed out as you narrowed your eyes. By the looks of it, it would appear as if Kakyoin was just desperately using the same move in an attempt to save himself, but from what you’ve learned about him since meeting and talking with him that didn’t seem right. You were certain there had to be some reason for his rapid use of Emerald Splash despite seeing it fail three times now.

“After tearing its tongue out, your Stand will shudder…in utter pain!” Tower of Gray proclaimed as he shot straight towards Kakyoin.

“What? Shuddering when its tongue is torn out?” the teen questioned. “My Hierophant Green?” he stood up just as an onslaught of tendrils shot through the chairs on the plane and pierced the beetle in every direction.

“What?!” the insect cried out in shock.

“It will shudder all right…with pleasure!” Kakyoin exclaimed. “My Hierophant’s tendrils had already slipped beneath the seats; didn’t you realize I was trapping you there with Emerald Splash?” he asked as you found yourself very impressed by his plan before wincing as you watched how the tendrils pulled the insect in every direction before viciously tearing it apart which in return caused the old man that was passed out on the floor to suddenly sit up. He cried out in pain, his tongue sticking out of his mouth as the outline of a stag beetle appeared on it before the wet appendage squirmed around and spit itself in two. Shortly after his head followed suit—skull splitting open and spewing out copious amounts of blood.

“Huh, so the old man was the user?” you questioned, gaze peering down at the man’s limped body for a moment as if it was a train wreck that you couldn’t bring yourself to look away from.

“A disgusting Stand for a disgusting user” Kakyoin softly scoffed. “He doesn’t appear to have Dio’s flesh bud in his forehead” he noted, nervously playing with his noodle bang as the old man’s corpse was moved into one of the empty seats.

“Tower of Gray is an evil Stand that was infamous for murdering tourists, making it appear to be an accident in return for pay” Avdol sighed as he threw a thin blanket over the mutilated corpse so if any passengers woke up they wouldn’t freak out. “Dio was able to manipulate him since he is easily bought and blinded by greed" he quietly explained as suddenly you felt the floor beneath you start to tilt, the sudden shift in angle causing you to stumble a bit to the side until you bumped against Jotaro whose first reaction wasn’t to steady you but to harshly knock you off him with his arm and send you falling back.

“Careful now” Kakyoin muttered as he caught you before you completely lot balance, gently smiling down at you as you gave him a thankful smile in return before shooting a harsh glare towards Jotaro.

“That’s weird…” Joseph said, cutting you off just as you opened your mouth and was prepared to snap at the delinquent. “It could be my imagination, but it feels like we’re flying crooked” he noted.

“It’s not your imagination” you muttered, straightening yourself as you couldn’t help but keep one hand tightly gripping Kakyoin’s arm, your stomach now doing somersaults as that nauseous feeling of air sickness returned. You rested one hand against your mouth as the plane started to tilt more and more, the feeling of wanting to vomit now become more prominent than earlier when you were flying normally.

“It is crooked” Joseph said as he felt the rapid shift in the plane’s angel as well. “I-it can’t be!” he suddenly gasped, taking off running down the aisle and towards the cockpit. You all worriedly looked at one another before following after the old man.

“Sir, where are you going?” one of the stewardesses asked as soon as she spotted Joseph. “The cockpit is up ahead, no passengers allowed.”

“I know that!” was all Joseph said as he gently pushed the woman aside and continued onwards.

“S-sir!” the stewardess exclaimed, both her and another stewardess becoming nervous as they didn’t exactly know how to stop this older man that was clearly much bigger than them from entering the cockpit. But soon their attention was dragged back towards Jotaro as he stopped right behind them.

“Wow! He’s gorgeous” the two women cooed as soon as they spotted the teen, their faces becoming flushed and their eyes sparkling.

“Move, woman” Jotaro only harshly pushed the two women aside as he followed after his grandfather.

“Whoa, there” Kakyoin said as he easily caught the two from falling. “Pardon me” he said, attempting to at least be polite compared to Jotaro. “Treating a woman like that is inexcusable…but this is an emergencyplease forgive him.”

“Okay…" the two women breathlessly agreed as Avdol watched in utter shock at how easily the women swooned over the two teenagers while you stared ahead with a deadpanned look. Sucking in a sharp breath of air, you released it all in one big sigh before shaking your head and continuing forward after Joseph and Jotaro.

“This is awful! We’ve been had!” Joseph angrily shouted as he barged into the cockpit and found both the pilot, co-pilot and a steward dead.

“Their tongues were ripped out, that fucking stag beetle!” Jotaro growled. “He already killed the pilots?”

“Guess he really wanted to make sure we wouldn’t make it out alive just in case he didn’t win” you said, one hand wrapped around your stomach and the other over your mouth and nose in an attempt to block out the heavy metallic stench of blood.

“We’re descending, the autopilot’s damaged as well” Joseph nervously noted as the plane started to tilt downwards and fall at a rapid speed. “We’re going to crash!”

“What?” Jotaro questioned in shock as you turned around upon hearing the sound of gurgled laughter.

“I control the Tower card, the symbol of calamity and the interruption of journeys” the old man we all thought dead explained as his split tongue wiggled around with every word he spoke, and blood shot out of every orifice in his body. “You will never reach Lord Dio! Even if you survive the crash, you’re 10,000 kilometers away from Egypt!” he taunted. “Those who swore loyalty to Lord Dio will hunt you down every hour of every day! There are Stands in this world beyond your wildest imaginations!

“Lord Dio is the master of Stands! Lord Dio has the power to reign over all of them!” he boasted. “You’ll never reach him! You bastards will never reach Egypt!” with that he finally keeled over, whatever high he had been on now coming down as his body dropped to the floor and excessive amounts of blood began pooling beneath him.

“You’re well trained, if you had screamed it would have pissed me off” Jotaro said when he saw that neither of the stewardesses had screamed after seeing the old man’s mutilated body. “I have a request, Gramps here is going to make an emergency landing on the water, get the passengers in life jackets and buckle them in” he ordered.

“G-got it!” one of the women nervously agreed as she and her coworker were quick to go off and do as they were told.

“Gramps…” Jotaro said as he looked towards his grandfather who hummed in thought.

“I have experience flying propeller planes, but…” Joseph admitted before trailing off.

“Propeller?” Kakyoin questioned.

“But, Jotaro…this would be my third time crashing a plane” Joseph admitted causing your body to tense up. “Have you ever heard of someone being in three plane crashes?” he questioned as you all groaned.

“Never again…never again am I flying with you” Jotaro sighed.


By some miracle, you all had managed to survive the plane crash as it landed within the water just thirty-five kilometers off the coast of Hong Kong and just like everyone else you found yourselves safely being transported off of the lifeboats and back onto dry land.

“Air sickness is one thing, but a plane crashing is another…I don’t think I ever want to get on another plane in my life” you muttered, arms crossed as your head drooped downwards.

“It was indeed quite the frightening experience, to say the least” Kakyoin chuckled as he gently patted your back while you all stood around and waited for Joseph to finish calling whoever it was he had needed to call.

“Hey, big guy! Are you all tourists?” the man that ran the stand behind you all asked. “Wanna try my rice porridge? Since you’re in Hong Kong, you just have to try dim sum or rice porridge!” the man cheerfully exclaimed. “We have hot cola too” he added as if that would sway all of you into wanting to buy his food.

“Rice porridge, eh? Not bad” Kakyoin smiled before turning towards you and Jotaro. “Did you know, Jojo, [Your Name]? Unlike Japan, rice porridge is a staple food here” he told you both with a pleased look as if he was proud at having known that fact.

“Is that so?” you questioned, tilting your head in interest.

“I’ll have the regional style with pork and century egg” Kakyoin ordered.

“Sure thing!” the stand owner brightly smiled, looking quite pleased with himself that he was able to wrangle in some customers.

“And I will have…”

“Hey!” Joseph shouted from across the street, cutting Avdol off. “Why are you guys getting food already? We’re going to pay a visit to my friend’s shop” he said as he came towards you all.

“You sure look dandy! Would you like Hong Kong’s own hot soda?” the stand owner asked.

“Hot?!” Joseph just sounded offended upon hearing the man say that. “Everyone knows you only serve cola cold!”

“Gramps, who was that on the phone?” Jotaro asked, stepping in before his grandfather had the chance to potentially cause a scene.

“Oh, I’ll explain everything once we get there” Joseph said. “We need to work out a plan that’ll get us to Egypt as quickly and safely as possible” he explained.

“A plan?” Kakyoin questioned.

“Mr. Joestar, we cannot allow any more innocent people to be hurt” Avdol pointed out. “Although the quickest route would be by plane…”

“Which we can’t take because if we run into another Stand user while on a plane there’s no guarantee will be lucky again in having low casualties” you said as you all began to follow Joseph once he motioned for you all to start walking.


“You got it” Joseph said once you all were settled within an elegant restaurant. “Flying to Egypt is simply no longer a possibility, like [Your Name] said, if we encounter another Stand user like on the last flight, we would be putting even more innocent people in harm’s way” he pointed out. “We’ll have to reach Egypt by either land or sea.”

“However, if we fail to find Dio within fifty days…” Avdol trailed off as everyone grew tense, their eyes adverting elsewhere as no one really wanted to acknowledge what would happen if you didn’t find Dio in time.

“If we had chosen another plane, we’d probably be in Cairo by now” Kakyoin muttered.

“Maybe so…but now isn’t the time to get upset over it” Joseph said, gently smiling which caught all your attention. “One hundred years ago, Jules Verne wrote a story in which a man traveled around the world, a total of forty thousand kilometers, in eighty days. That was in the age of trains and steamboats” he pointed out. “Even without a plane, we can definitely travel the ten thousand kilometers to Egypt in fifty days” he said as he removed a folded up map from inside his coat and unfolded it out onto the table. “As for the route…we’ll head to Cairo by sea, we’ll charter a suitably-sized boat, go around the Malay peninsula and cross the Indiana Ocean, it’ll be the Silk Road of the sea” he explained as his finger traced the path you all would be taking.

“I also believe this is best” Avdol agreed. "If we travel by land, the borders will be a nuisance, and we would be crossing both the desert and the Himalayas” he noted. “Any trouble will cost us valuable time; it is too dangerous.”

“I’m fine either way, just as long as it’s not another plane” you muttered from your spot between Joseph and Jotaro as you peered down at the map.

“I’ve never been to any of the places along either route, so I have no preference” Kakyoin admitted. “I’ll leave it up to you two.”

“I agree” Jotaro simply nodded.

“Then it’s decided, the greatest danger will be the Stand users that Dio sends after us” Joseph said. “We’ll have to do our best to get to Egypt without being spotted.”

Chapter Text

“This is a sign to let them know we want more tea” Kakyoin said when he noticed how quick Jotaro was to stare at him after he moved the lid to the teapot slightly off. “If you do this in Hong Kong, they’ll bring you more” he explained just as a waitress came by and poured more tea into his cup. “Also, when they pour tea into your cup…this means thank you” he said as he gently tapped the table with his finger.

“You certainly know a lot of interesting things about foreign countries, Kakyoin” you said, raising your gaze from the open menu in front of you that you had desperately been trying to understand to look at the redheaded teen.

“Excuse me, do you have a moment?” before Kakyoin had the chance to respond, you suddenly felt a large, gentle hand come down onto your shoulder. Looking back, you found yourself staring up at a very buff man—what is with all these buff men you keep meeting?—who was widely smiling down at you while holding out his opened menu. “I’m a tourist from France you see” listening closely you could indeed hear the thick French accent he carried beneath his words as he spoke. “I’m having a hard time understanding the menu, would you mind helping me out, mademoiselle?” his smile was sweet and almost flirtatious as he genuinely looked down at you with the belief that you could help him in reading the menu.

“Uh…” you didn’t exactly know what to say, owlishly blinking as you stared up at him like a deer caught in headlights.

“Talk about annoying, fuck off” Jotaro hissed from right beside you, having no problem in being rude to the stranger.

“Jotaro, that’s not how you talk to someone looking for help!” you scolded, though you weren’t really surprised that that had been his reaction to someone asking for help…even if the person asking wasn’t really asking him.

“Come on, Jotaro…it’s fine” Joseph reassuringly smiled at his grandson, quick to stop him from potentially kicking up a scene as you looked back at the stranger, staring for a minute as you tried to take in his appearance. From his weird outfit to his blue eyes and then to his strangely styled silver hair…how was he able to keep it standing up perfectly straight like that? How many cans of hair spray and containers of hair gel must have been sacrificed for him to get it to stay in place?

“I’m sorry, he’s…well, he’s just not all that great with talking to strangers” you politely smiled, shaking your head to stop from staring and to rid yourself of such thoughts. You watched as that wide smile of his came back the moment he looked down at you once again and before you could react he was suddenly scooping up one of your hands within his own.

“It is quite alright, chérie” your cheeks flared at the feeling of his lips gently pressing against your knuckles and you had to try your best not to just rudely pull your hand out of his own.

“I’ve been to Hong Kong countless times before” Joseph suddenly spoke up, quick to hold out his own hand towards the silver haired man and motion for him to give him the menu. It was almost as if the old man could sense your discomfort and opted to take control over the situation before anything else could happen. The Frenchman let your hand go almost instantaneously as he turned his attention towards Joseph and the moment your hand was free you quickly withdrew it back towards your body and rubbed the back of it against your skirt. “I should be able to read the menu; why don’t you join us?” the old man politely offered as he motioned towards the empty seat beside him. “So, what did you want to order?

“Food with shrimp, duck, shark fin and mushrooms?” Joseph asked as he opened up the menu and began to scan it. Even you found your eyes flickering back and forth in an attempt to figure out what exactly was on the menu.

“Why even bother looking at it when you clearly can’t read it?” Jotaro muttered from beside you, his own menu opened yet he barely even glanced at it indicating he had given up in looking at it after he realized he couldn’t read it.

“Doesn’t hurt to try” you muttered right back with a small frown before looking down at his menu. “Besides, you can’t read it either so why bother opening it in the first place?” you felt your lips twitch upwards just a little as you heard him quietly scoff.

“We’ll have this, this, this…and this too” Joseph said as he started to point at different words on the menu soon after calling a waiter over. The man simply nodded, jotting down each order that Joseph placed. “Oh, and this” you all watched him as he closed the menu, handing it off to the waiter right before the man left.

“What exactly did you order?” Kakyoin asked, as Joseph only smiled at you all. You didn’t know if that was a smile admitting that he didn’t really know what he had ordered or a smile that meant he wanted to keep the order a surprise.

“My question is why didn’t we just ask the waiter for help in ordering?” you asked, causing them all to stop and think for a moment. “Oh well, it’s a bit too late for that now” you sighed with a shrug.

“This is beef, fish, clams, and frog, but…” Avdol muttered when the food finally arrived and was sat down on the table in front of you all.

“Indeed, this is all wrong…” Kakyoin said, not exactly looking excited over the food.

“This figures” Jotaro huffed while the stranger that had joined you all seemed to look at the food in both awe and disgust.

“Maybe we really should have asked the waiter to help us order” you muttered, slightly nodding your head in agreement to your own words.

“Well, no worries!” Joseph joyfully laughed. “It’s on me! It doesn’t matter what you order, it’s all good!” he kept laughing as if he had just been told the world’s funniest joke. “Now everyone, let’s eat!” and with that, he grabbed himself a bowl and began to dig right in with no complaints. Everyone else exchanged glanced with one another before hesitantly grabbing themselves a bowl and started to pick at some of the food.

“Wow…this is…” Kakyoin looked quite surprised after trying a bit of the clam.

“Well? It’s pretty good, huh?” Joseph smiled as he saw how one by one each of you seemed to find something among the dishes to like.

“It can’t be that bad” you quietly told yourself, hesitant at first to try any of the food just like the rest of them, but after giving it a thought you truly doubted any of it could really be that bad. You weren’t exactly a picky eater seeing how the only cooks in your house back home were both your father and you and to be honest, neither of you were the greatest cooks to begin with. Your father only knew how to cook the same three dishes and sometimes even he would badly mess those up and you yourself had just recently figured out how to make barely passable dishes—as they always say, practice makes perfect. So you had your doubts that any of the strange dishes you’d end up eating on this trip could really be any worse than the occasional charred or undercook food your dad or you would sometimes make back at home.

“Well, they certainly took long enough in making it” the stranger that had joined you all said as he reached over and picked up a star-shaped carrot off one of the platters. “Look, these carrots…they’re shaped like stars, it reminds me of something…” almost immediately everyone at the table halted in their eating and tensed up. It took you a moment to process his words before recalling that in the pictures of Dio you were able to always barely make out the shape of a star near the nape of his neck. Upon recalling this little detail, you too tensed up just like everyone else, quick to catch on to what they all were thinking. “That’s right, someone I knew has a mark that looks exactly like this on their neck…”

“You…are you another…” Kakyoin didn’t need to finish his question as the answer was already crystal clear. The silver haired man only smirked before he pressed the star-shaped carrot against his neck and just as he did that, the bowl of porridge on the table began to bubble before an rapier shot right out of it.

“Mr. Joestar, look out!” Avdol shouted.

“It’s a Stand!” Joseph exclaimed, catching the rapier right between his fingers when it sliced down towards him as the Egyptian flipped over the table, knocking all of the food off and creating one big mess in hopes of both preventing the mysterious sword from attacking anyone else and perhaps even to throw the stranger guard off.

“Magician’s Red!” Avdol called forth his Stand who screeched as soon as it manifested and shot out a flurry of flames that were soon swirled up and twirled around the enemy Stand’s sword. “What?! Another Stand user!” he exclaimed as you all finally got a good look at the enemy’s Stand. It was tall and slim, it’s body seemingly made of metal or at least encased in metal armor that only had two wide, blue eyes peering out through the eyehole of its helmet. The Stand soon swirled the fire around its sword around before throwing the flames right off its blade and towards a nearby table. Almost in an instant, the flames rearranged themselves into a set of numbers with a hand—it was as if he had made his own clock using nothing more than Avdol’s flames and a wooden table.

“H-his sword is so fast…” Kakyoin noted.

“You’re telling me, I barely saw what he did to get the flames to fall like that” you said, building up a nervous sweat.

“My Stand represents the Chariot card! Silver Chariot!” the silver haired man exclaimed. “Mohammed Avdol, it appears that you wish to die first. I’ve made a fire clock on that table! I’ll kill you before the clock strikes twelve!” he sounded certain of himself as his Stand pointed its rapier right towards the Egyptian.

“Your sword is quite fast; it is very impressive” Avdol complimented. “But, do you truly believe you can defeat me before the flame on the table strikes twelve?” he asked, pointing a finger towards the silver haired man. “Does this not strike you as conceited…um…”

“…Polnareff” Polnareff informed him when it became apparent that none of you knew his name. “But allow me to introduce myself fully…Jean Pierre Polnareff!”

“Merci beaucoup, I appreciate your formality” Avdol said with the slight bow of his head. “However…” with just the flick of his wrist, the flaming clock combusted, flying through the air before harshly crashing back down onto the floor as the flames began to fully engulf the table now and sent a flurry of flames raining down. “Monsieur Polnareff, do not be foolish and think my flames will burn as they would in nature. My Stand is named  Magician’s Red for its ability to freely control flame.”

“They say the world was once completely engulfed in flames” Polnareff said, his Stand lining itself up with his body until only it’s shoulder was visible and appeared as if he was the one holding the rapier that was stabbed right into the floorboards. “Your Magician’s Red is the master of these flames, signifying the beginning of everything. However, you dare call me conceited?” he questioned. “Do you think my swordsmanship is nothing more than mere conceit?!” he sounded quite pissed as he showed you all the handful of change in his hand before tossing them up into the air. Then in one quick, fluid motion as all the coins fell he jabbed his sword out and pierced them all straight through the middle.

“He pierced all five of them in a single stab!” Joseph gasped.

“He didn’t even hesitate for a second!” you gaped.

“No, look closer” Jotaro suddenly said, motioning for you all to take a closer look at the blade of the sword.

“That’s…” Kakyoin sounded shocked as you all took note of the pieces of flames that were also pierced by the sword, each dollop perfectly nestle between the coins.

“I-I see…the flame is connected between each coin” Avdol looked as if he was beginning to kick up a nervous sweat as he examined closely the flames and coins that were stuck to Silver Chariot’s blade.

“I’m glad you understand what this means for you, I’m not conceited at all” Polnareff looked proud of himself for getting his point across. “My Stand is capable of severing fire! It can cut air in half, creating a gap of nothingness between it” he seemed to brag as if hoping his praises of what his Stand could do would intimidate you all. “Simply put, your Magician’s Red is no match for my Silver Chariot!” with that, his Stand slashed its rapier, throwing the coins and fire right off its blade until they were scattered on the floor.

“He’s fast” you quietly mumbled, listening as Kakyoin hummed in agreement as you all watched how in an instant Polnareff had already crossed the room to the exit without making a single peep, the only thing to alert you all to his movements was the sound of the door sliding open.

“When did he…?” Avdol asked.

“My Stand, represented by the Chariot card, suggests conquest and victory” Polnareff said, barely glancing back at any of you. “I could end things right here in this cramped room, but…Avdol, your flame is much stronger out in the open, is it not?” he asked. “It’s only right that my Stand defeats you under the fairest of circumstances; a true victory! Now, everyone out!” and with that, he motioned you all to follow. Hesitant at first you all exchanged glances with one another before watching as Avdol took the lead this time, following after the silver haired man with no fear or worries and soon you all began to follow as well. Allowing this new enemy of yours to lead you through the streets of Hong Kong and towards his desired battlefield.

“W-what the hell is this?!” Joseph sputtered out as you all peered around at the various statues of animals that peered down at you—each one sculpted to look as realistic as possible.

“This is Tiger Balm Garden” Kakyoin answered.

“Huh?” Joseph questioned.

“If anyone knows what this place is, it’d certainly be you, Kakyoin” you said with a slight chuckle before you all started to ascend up the stairs, continuing to follow behind Polnareff until finally reaching an open area that was surrounded by even more animal-based sculptures, all looking quite bizarre due to their strange color palettes.

“I’ve got a prediction for you” Polnareff suddenly said as he crossed to the other side of the open area before turning around to face Avdol. “First off, Avdol, you…you will be destroyed by the power of your Stand” he said, summoning his Stand right off the bat.

“Avdol…” Jotaro began.

“Jotaro, you need not interfere” Avdol assured the teen. “With all of this open space, I can freely control my Stand” he pointed out as he summed forth his own Stand who came out in a flurry of flames.

“Come on!” and just like that, Polnareff was the first to attack, his Stand slashing down at Avdol’s who simply avoided each slash and jab of Chariot’s blade. “Come on! Come on! Come on!” the Frenchman repeated, laughing as his Stand continued to advance, attacking mercilessly without any breaks.

“What’s wrong? Is your precious flame too good for me?” he mockingly asked. “In that case, it’s my turn! Come on! Come one!” his attacks got even faster, but even still Avdol’s Stand evaded them before finally sending out a flurry of flames from its beak. Flames that Silver Chariot easily batted away with his rapier, changing their course of direction so that they’d hit a statue of an eagle instead—destroying it in an instant.

“That bastard! H-he’s mocking us!” Joseph frowned as you all noted that in the place of the destroyed statue was a perfect carved, replica of Magician’s Red. “He carved the statue to look just like Magician’s Red!”

“You know…you make for a nice decoration in this garden, Magician’s Red” Polnareff wore a smug look as he chuckled. You frowned, feeling slight irritation bubble up inside your chest from just having one glace at that smug face the man wore. Made you almost want to punch him—made you want to call forth Siren and join in on the fight, but you strongly felt like Avdol wouldn’t have liked that. Seeing how this was indeed his fight, one that he wanted to handle himself. “It’s coming” the Frenchman muttered when he saw that Avdol was preparing to attack.

“Will you finally show me your true power? Fantastic, show me what you got!” he muttered to himself.

“Hey, we need to hide! Avdol is using that move!” Joseph suddenly exclaimed, sounding quite frantic as he quickly took off running.

“What’s that?” Jotaro asked.

“What do you mean we need to hide? Exactly how powerful is this move?” you asked.

“Crossfire Hurricane!” almost in an explosion of flames, Magician’s Red sent out a huge burst of fire in the shape of an Ankh towards Silver Chariot.

“Is that all you got?! My sword can create a gap of nothingness where I slice the air, which I’ll use to cut your flames in half!” Polnareff proclaimed, his Stand doing as he stated as he sent the flames barreling back towards Magician’s Red and engulfing it inside its own flames until it was painfully squawking.

“Avdol!” Joseph called out as his friend painfully appeared to be burning alive by his own flames. “His flame is so strong, he’s burning himself!”

“Ah—! ” you were ready to take a step forward and summon Siren to help before halting as Jotaro suddenly held out his arm to stop you. He said nothing nor looked at you, but the stern look on his face as he intently stared at the Egyptian made it clear to you that he didn’t want you interfering with a fight that was still ongoing.

“As I predicted!” Polnareff laughed. “You’re dying by your own flame!” he pointed out just as Avdol once more summed forth Magician’s Red and sent it barreling towards the Frenchman. “Ah, my oh my, oh my, oh my! You still have the gall to come after me?! How unsightly!” he exclaimed as Chariot slashed his sword easily across Magician’s Red chest.

“What was that?” Polnareff asked, watching as Magician’s Red seemed to crumble to dust. “What?!” he exclaimed as his own Stand was suddenly set ablaze and his body was starting to burn. “Why are there flames coming from where I severed him?”

“That wasn’t his Stand! It was the statue!” Joseph pointed out as through the raging fire you all could see the stone of the statue Polnareff had made of Magician’s Red.

“Your eyes were obscured by the flames, your Silver Chariot only succeeded in slicing through the statue it carved earlier!” Avdol exclaimed as he stood up, looking perfectly fine without a single scratch on him. “I told you I was capable of freely controlling flame, the flames you sent back at it melted the joints and allowed it to move” he calmly explained. “Meaning you were the one to be defeated by the power of your Stand! And now, we shall finish this! Crossfire Hurricane!” once again Magician’s Red sent out a huge burst of fire that was in the shape of an Ankh—this time the attack landed.

“If you wanted to fight a fortune teller with predictions, you were ten years too early” Avdol smirked as the Frenchman was harshly knocked back onto his back.

“What terrifying power!” Joseph proclaimed as he poked himself up and around from the statue he had taken shelter behind. “His Stand must have melted after taking that attack, it’s over!”

“Those are nasty burns, he’s dead or close to it if he’s lucky” Jotaro noted. “Well, maybe not lucky.”

“Even if he’s still alive he’ll probably be cooped up in the hospital for quite a long time” you pointed out, wincing at the sight of smoke that raised off the silver haired man’s body and the sound of flesh lowly sizzling from being seared.

“Either way, he isn’t going anywhere fast” Kakyoin said. “His Stand is defeated; it’s done fighting” he stated as if he was merely stating a fact.

“Now, Mr. Joestar…let us continue on our journey to Egypt” Avdol said, heading our way as Joseph only nodded his head in agreement. But just as you all started to descend the stairs you flinched, nearly jumping in the air at the sudden and loud explosive sound that came from behind you as chunks of metal flew in every which way.

“W-what?” Joseph sputtered out in shock. “His Stand just exploded into pieces!” and just like that, Polnareff's whole body was suddenly shot into the air.

“He flew up into the air while lying down!” Kakyoin gaped.

“Maybe he’s now a ghost wanting to enact his revenge” you muttered, lips slightly quirking upwards as you heard Jotaro softly scoff from right beside you, sounding as if he didn’t care much for your humorous remark.

“Bravo! Oh, bravo!” Polnareff applauded, peering down at you all while he continued to float in midair.

“H-he’s…” Joseph started.

“Inconceivable!” Avdol seemed to finish for him.

“He’s uninjured!” Kakyoin added.

“It’s as if he had never been hurt in the first place” you frowned.

“But, how is he floating there?” Jotaro asked.

“Take a good look with your inner eye” Polnareff laughed as slowly the outline of his Stand became clear to see, it’s translucent body nearly invisible to the eye.

“That’s…” Avdol choked out as the Frenchman jumped even higher into the air, curling his body up into a ball as he descended downwards as if he was prepared to cannonball he was into a pool. But instead, he ended up landing perfectly upright on his feet.

“Yeah, you got it” he said, posing as his Stand became visible, no longer was it wearing it’s armor as now it’s skeletal, golden chest was revealed and it’s body took on an even more mechanical look. “My Stand, Silver Chariot, with its armor shed!” he proclaimed, before smirking as he saw the shocked look that crossed Avdol and everyone’s faces. “You look surprised, it would be dishonorable of me to defeat you before I explained my previous move, it’s only fair after all. Will you allow me the honor of explaining it?” he asked.

“Very well” Avdol nodded. “Let us hear your explanation” you found it quite amazing that Avdol trusted the man enough to not just bluntly attack him while his guard was down during their little chat. But you also felt that thinking that way was oddly wrong as Polnareff since meeting you all had shown constantly to be a man that upheld and admired honor.

“My Stand didn’t break apart and disappear” Polnareff began. “Silver Chariot was wearing armor; all it did was take it off. Only some of its armor was burned off by your flames, that’s why I’m mostly unharmed” he explained. “And with its armor gone, it’s much faster. Did you see my Stand lift me up?” he almost seemed to boast, puffing his chest out in pride. “Indeed, that’s just how fast it is now!”

“I see” Avdol hummed. “Because of its heavy armor, it was forced to take the brunt of my Crossfire Hurricane” he summarized after processing what he had been told before positioning himself in a stance that let Polnareff know he was ready to fight. “However, that means it is now vulnerable! Now that it lacks proper protection…if I were to attack it again, it would not survive!” his bold claims seemed to make Polnareff frown and quietly mutter to himself before smirking.

“Oui, precisely, but that’s impossible!” the Frenchman smugly proclaimed.

“Impossible? We shall see about that” Avdol said, grabbing his chin in thought for a moment.

“I’m going to show you something that will blow your socks off.”

“Oh? Please do” and just as soon as Avdol said that, Polnareff's Silver Chariot suddenly split itself up into seven versions of itself.

“W-what?! His Stand just created six…no, seven duplicates!” Joseph exclaimed.

“I-impossible…Stand users can only have one Stand!” Kakyoin pointed out.

“If that’s the case, then I’d take a gander that only one of them is the real deal—the rest are just fakes!” you frowned.

“It appears I’ve succeeded, these are afterimages” Polnareff laughed, amused by the reactions you all were giving him. “These afterimages of my Stand will confuse not just your sight but all of your senses. You don’t stand a chance of keeping up with it” he smirked as he tapped at the side of his head, pointing right at his eyes as if to emphasize his point. “How do you like my swordsmanship now?!” and with that all the Silver Chariots rushed towards Avdol, moving in a circle as one and slashing at all directions. Quickly and once again, Magician’s Red began to dodge the attacks, trying to avoid them as best he could as that was the only thing he could truly do at the moment.

“Red Bind!” finally attacking, Magician’s Red sent out a flurry of flames towards the multiple Silver Chariots who quickly scattered and the ones that were hit simply disappeared into thin air as if to show they were never the real deal to begin with. You bit your lip, a nervous sweat building up on your forehead as you watched how Avdol’s attacks seemed to do practically nothing.

“And just as I finished saying you won’t stand a chance of keeping up with it…your flames will only hit the afterimages” Polnareff smirked. “Striking at random now?” he asked, watching as Avdol charged forward and began to attack, only hitting the afterimages once again. “You’re getting a bit desperate, Avdol.”

“The only thing he’s accomplishing is wasting his energy” Kakyoin said.

“Can’t we do something? Anything at all to help?” you asked, looking towards Joseph who only shook his head.

“This is Avdol’s fight—a man’s fight as one would say, we have no right to go barging in haphazardly into someone else’s fight” he sternly told you. “Until he truly looks like he’s in desperate need of help, we’d be best to keep our distances” you stared at him for a moment, processing his words before frowning and shaking your head. Sometimes men were hard to understand, but despite your thoughts you stayed put, doing as Joseph said.

“Crossfire Hurricane!” once again Avdol did the same move as before, aiming it towards one of the many Silver Chariots only for the one that he had attacked to turn out being another afterimage.

“Non, non, non, non, non, non!” Polnareff tsked as he waggled his finger in disapproval of Avdol’s attack. “That was an afterimage! That attack will never work against my Stand!” he smirked before sending his multiple Chariots towards Avdol. “Come on, come on, come on!” he shouted as they all jabbed at the Egyptian with their rapiers, leaving behind small punctured marks that were in the shape of an Ankh.

“Avdol!” Jotaro called out.

“Such precision…h-he has…an impressively well-trained Stand ability” Avdol seemed to praised Polnareff’s skills.

“I trained ten years for personal reasons” Polnareff explained, a grim look crossing his face for only a moment before his smirk returned. “Now, give me it your best shot. My next move will finish you.”

“In the name of chivalry, you insist on explaining your attacks, that is quite honorable” Avdol pointed out. “Therefore, I shall also reveal a secret before beginning my next attack” he said, catching the Frenchman’s attention as he leaned forward in interest. “I have several variations to my Crossfire Hurricane, it is an Ankh-shaped flame, yet it need not stay whole. I am capable of separating it to let the pieces fly independently” he suddenly revealed as a wall of flames circled around him. “Crossfire Hurricane Special! Try to dodge this!” he proclaimed as he sent out a flurry of Ankh-shaped flames towards Polnareff.

“It’s no use, Avdol!” the Frenchman shouted, surrounding himself with the various afterimages of his Silver Chariot.

“They formed a circle!” Joseph exclaimed.

“There’s no opening!” Kakyoin pointed out.

“He’s using his own Stand and it’s afterimages like barrier!” you noted.

“Naïve! Naïve, naïve, naïve, naïve! Naïve!” Polnareff screamed as he sent his Stand and its afterimages forward towards the flaming Ankhs. “I’ll use your power against you again! Sever it! Send it back to him!” he ordered, but just as his Stand and it’s afterimages began to attack, there was a sudden explosion from the ground.

“What?!” without any time to react, a large, flaming Ankh came bursting out of the ground and in return hit each and every one of the Silver Chariots. The strong blow of the attack sending Polnareff flying back, his whole body now engulfed in flames due to the real Chariot getting hit this time along with its afterimages.

“That’s…the hole in the ground he made earlier!” Joseph exclaimed as he spotted the charred and burnt hole in the ground that had been made earlier when Silver Chariot and its afterimages had been dodging Avdol’s attacks. “That’s it! He used the first flame to create a tunnel, then he sent the Crossfire Hurricane through it!” he concluded, coming to the realization on how Avdol had come to pull off his attack.

“I told you…my flames can be separated to fly independently!” Avdol scowled, eyes narrowed as he looked towards the burning man in almost slight disappointment. “Burning to death is a rather painful way to die, use this dagger to end your life” he said, tossing a dagger towards Polnareff after witnessing the man struggling to sit up. Polnareff grabbed hold of the dagger and shakily lifted it up high into the air as if he was preparing to throw it right at Avdol’s retreating back. But after a moment’s thought, he lowered his arm and instead positioned the point of the blade right against his throat as if ready to end his own life, but even then he couldn’t bring himself to do so as he instead collapsed onto the ground.

“I was conceited…I didn’t think his flames were a match for my swordsmanship…” Polnareff weakly muttered. “I’ll die honorably by burning to death…since he was able to defeat me, I’ll accept my fate out of respect…ending my own life would be dishonorable…” and just like that, his eyes slid just as he was prepared to die a slow and painful death. Upon hearing the silver haired man’s words, Avdol halted in his tracks and with a single snap of his fingers the flames that engulfed Polnareff disappeared.

“I see now you truly are a chivalrous man” Avdol said as he approached the unconscious man. “Even now, you have chosen not to attack me with the dagger while my back was turned, you have remained honorable despite your orders from Dio, you do not deserve to die” he admitted as he lifted the man up into his arms. Holding him like a friend would hold a dying friend or unconscious companion. “Something must be behind this…Jojo!” he soon called out after moving strands of Polnareff’s hair around until he could see a flesh bud protruding out of the Frenchman’s skull.

“Got it” Jotaro nodded as he called forth Star Platinum. You opted not to watch this time as he removed the flesh bud, face losing its color just by hearing the sounds of the mound of flesh’s tentacles squirming around in protest upon being removed from its spot. Even Joseph seemed disgusted by the sight as he wiggled around.

“Those tentacles are nasty!” the old man cried out.

“You’re telling me” you muttered, daring a quick peak at the mess before quickly diverting your eyes elsewhere once more as Kakyoin only seemed to laugh from beside you. Giving your back a comforting pat as if he thought you were going to vomit at the sight of the flesh bud’s removal.

“Jotaro, hurry up and pull it out! Hurry! Hurry!” Joseph whined, almost like a child would when presented with something it didn’t like and wished to be rid of the object of its distaste quickly.

“Put a sock in it, Gramps” Jotaro irritably grumbled as he finally pulled out the flesh bud and allowed the afternoon sun to turn it into ash.

“Is it over with? Can I look now?” you asked.

“Yes, it’s over with” Kakyoin smiled as you felt your shoulders droop and a sigh of relief slipped past your lips. Relieved that the disgusting sight of wiggling tentacles was no more.

“Good! Now that the flesh bud is gone, we can be bud-dies! Ba-dum tih!” you snorted at the awful pun that Joseph made, causing the old man’s smile to brighten as he snickered at his own joke.

“Kakyoin, doesn’t it piss you off when idiots make shitty puns?” Jotaro asked, drawing a smile from the redheaded teen. For a while, you all stood around, not really knowing what to do with the unconscious Frenchman—not knowing if you should just leave him or wait until he woke up.

“Couldn’t we force him awake?” you pondered aloud.

“And how would we go about doing that exactly?” Avdol questioned, raising an eyebrow as you lightly tapped your chin in thought.

“Don’t they say if you want to wake someone up, use cool water?” you smiled with the tilt of your head.

“If you couldn’t tell there isn’t any water nearby for us to use and by the time we’d get some it’d already be lukewarm by the time we come back” Jotaro grumbled, peering down at you as you simply rolled your eyes and waved him off.

“Like I didn’t already know that, I’m not an idiot” you frowned.

“Could have fooled me” Jotaro grumbled, causing you to suddenly raise your hand as if you were prepared to smack him right then and there before stopping when you felt Kakyoin suddenly and firmly take hold of your wrist.

“Let’s not start any fights so soon, alright?” his smile almost calmed you down completely, but you couldn’t help but quietly grumble as you shot a small glare towards Jotaro before sucking in a sharp breath and releasing it as one big sigh.

“Anyways, I might be able to help in waking him up” you said, pulling your hand in close to straighten out your skirt once Kakyoin released your wrist. “About a few years back I learned something interesting about Siren and what I learned is that she seems to always be able to draw out the moisture in anything—from the ground to the air” you explained as you silently called forth your Stand who gracefully swam through the air until her body was hovering over Polnareff’s unconscious one. She stared down at him with those half-lidded eyes of hers as her hands and fingers slowly and gradually started to move. At first, it appeared as if nothing was happening, but within seconds a small blob of water soon enveloped the mermaid’s hands—the liquid swirling and moving around almost in a memorizing way as the blob seemed to just grow bigger and bigger by the second. “That’s good enough” you quietly whispered watching as her hands instantly halted in their movements and just held the ball of water in place.

With just a simple nod of your head, she released the ball, the corner of her lips twitching upwards in amusement the moment it burst and splashed everywhere the second it connected with Polnareff’s face. Almost in an instant, the Frenchman jolted awake and the moment his eyes opened was the second that Siren quickly darted out of his view and back behind you—you thought nothing of it, knowing she liked to keep her distances from others.

“W-wha—?!” Polnareff sputtered out, sitting right up as he wiped at his face and shook his head, trying to rid himself of any water droplets that may have gotten in his eyes or up his nose. He darted his head back and forth, quickly trying to take in his surroundings before settling down when his eyes landed on you all.

“That really did wake him up, huh” Joseph hummed before smiling as he gave your back a large pat that almost sent your tumbling over. “Good job, [Your Name]!”

“How are you feeling, Polnareff?” Avdol asked as he helped the Frenchman stand. He didn’t say anything at first as if he was still trying to gather his bearings—still trying to figure out what was happening. But when he finally did speak, he spoke quickly and in one worded sentences as if he wasn’t really wanting to speak. It wasn’t long before he finally took his leave, going his separate ways from the rest of you and muttering that he needed to think some things over by himself. None of you bothered going after him and instead opted to think about your next move.

“We should probably swing by one of the hotels and get ourselves a room” Joseph said, already motioning for you all to follow him. “The charter I’ve requested from the Speedwagon Foundation won’t be here until tomorrow so naturally we’re going to need some place to stay for the night” he continued, as you found yourself falling behind the group and began looking all around you at the various buildings and people that meandered about their day.

“Your Stand’s out” you heard Jotaro mutter as he slowed down his pace until he was walking side by side with you. His eyebrows furrowed and eyes narrowed as if he was already irritated about something. You couldn’t tell if that irritation was directed towards you or the large crowds of people your group would occasionally pass by.

“Huh?” you questioned, slightly tilting your head upwards to stare at him.

“I said your Stand’s out, idiot” he repeated, his frown deepening even more as he motioned with his head upwards and when you looked above you, you found Siren peacefully swimming around you in circles as she followed right alongside you. Her half-lidded eyes opened just a bit wider as she too appeared to be looking at all that Hong Kong had to offer. You weren’t surprised to see she had come out all by herself, she’s been doing that for four years now and it was just something you accepted. You wondered if she did that because deep down you wanted her to because you desired for her to be by your side and keep you company as you walked so you didn’t feel alone and unsafe.

“You should put her away, don’t want any nearby enemy Stand users to spot her or anything” Jotaro mumbled, digging his hands into his pockets and tilted his head downwards before picking his speed up until he was walking ahead of you and once again walking right beside Kakyoin who almost immediately struck up a quiet conversation with him. You stared at his back for a moment, wondering if his words had been said out of concern for your safety or because he just didn’t want to deal with the irritation of another fight so soon. Either way, you complied, silently peering up at Siren and telling her with your eyes that she needed to go—she only peered back at you. Her lips curling upwards into a loving smile before she suddenly dived downwards and disappeared underneath the sidewalk. It didn’t take long for you all to reach a hotel and secured yourself a few rooms.

“Avdol and I will be sharing a room, Jotaro and Kakyoin get a room to themselves, and [Your Name]…you sure you’re fine with having your own room?” Joseph asked as he handed your room key to you. “If you don’t think you can handle sleeping alone, me or one of the others can switch spots with you” he offered, watching as you took the key and peered down at it for a moment before slowly shaking your head.

“No, I’m fine” you gave him a reassuring smile. “It’s only for one night, it shouldn’t be that bad.”

Chapter Text

When nightfall came you found it hard to sleep. Despite how comfortable the bed was or how wonderfully bright the lamp was—bright enough to light up the whole room and chase all the darkness into the corners and far away from you—you couldn’t bring yourself to comfortably settle down and rest. Instead, you found yourself seated by the window after sliding it open, elbows rested on the windowsill as strands of your hair were gently blown about by the cool breeze that was present while you peered up at the stars. You had been certain you were the only one awake at the moment…at least you had thought you were the only one awake until you suddenly heard the window to the room right next to your room slide open. The sound had startled you for a second, causing your body to jerk back and away from the window as your heart leaped itself up into your throat.

It maybe took you at least a couple of seconds to calm yourself before you willingly allowed yourself to lean forward once again, hesitantly poking your head out the window and towards the neighboring one as you tried to remember who had the room next to yours…you were pretty sure Jotaro and Kakyoin was staying in that room. Perhaps one of them had gotten hot and wished to cool off. As you looked, you were relieved to see that it was indeed only Jotaro who was comfortably leaning out the window as he peered up at the sky while a lit cigarette dangled from his lips. Only the burning embers at the tip of the cigarette and the moonlight providing you enough light to see his face—enough light to see the peaceful look in his eyes as he looked up at the stars. For a moment you were entranced, staring in slight awe upon seeing such a calming expression grace his face.

It was nice, it was an expression that really did suit him well and you had to wonder why he opted to frown and glare a majority of the time. You flinched and quickly ducked back into your room though when his gaze suddenly flickered in your direction and for a fearful moment you sat in tense silence. Had he seen you? Did it matter if he saw you? You didn’t know, with Jotaro it was sometimes hard to tell what would set him off and you don’t think you want him to suddenly come banging on your hotel room’s door and asking why you were staring at him like some creep.

You couldn’t help but frown at the thought, certain that he would indeed do and say that if he had seen you. That he would have no shame in making such a scene if it meant intimidating you and keeping up that delinquent appearance of his. With the gentle shake of your head, you leaned forward and peered out towards the direction of his window once more—this time finding it firmly shut and him nowhere in sight, a big indicator that he had probably decided to retreat back into his room and go to bed. Had he done that because he had seen you or had he done it because he had finished his cigarette? You weren’t sure as you heaved a sigh and slumped yourself back onto your knees, resting your chin against your windowsill and once again peered up at the stars.

Quietly you pondered to yourself if you would get any sleep tonight or not.

-The Next Morning-

“The boat we chartered from the Speedwagon Foundation yesterday should be at the harbor by now” Joseph told you all as you made your way down to the harbor, eyes peeled in search for the boat you’d all be taking for the remainder of your trip.

“Tired?” Kakyoin asked the moment he heard you yawn and watched as you rubbed at one of your eyes as if that would chase the tiredness away.

“Somewhat” you muttered back with a small smile, indeed it had taken you quite a while to fall asleep last night and when you had it felt as if morning had come far too quickly and you were being rudely awakened by the sounds of Jotaro harshly knocking on your room’s door. Yelling at you to wake up and get ready for the day.

“What is it? Do you need something more…Polnareff?” Avdol asked when the Frenchman suddenly stepped his way in front of your group.

“I didn’t thank you for freeing me from Dio’s grasp yet” Polnareff said as you recalled that indeed he hadn’t thanked any of you—instead he had only muttered to himself in a daze before taking his leave.

“For that, you must thank Jojo” Avdol said as he motioned towards the delinquent beside him.

“Don’t bother” Jotaro muttered, quick to dismiss the Frenchman’s chances at thanking him.

“It appears no one will accept your thanks” Avdol chuckled.

“That’s fine, I’m not the forceful type” Polnareff resigned, looking as if he wanted to argue for a split second before bowing his head in a compliant manner. “But one more thing…Monsieur Joestar, I have a bizarre question to ask you.”

“A bizarre question?” Joseph questioned.

“Pardon my curiosity, but I noticed you refused to remove your gloves while eating earlier” Polnareff pointed out, bringing attention to something that you hadn’t really noticed that much yourself. Thinking on it, you were aware that Joseph never really did bother taking off his gloves—always wearing them to the point that you barely felt the need to acknowledge that they were there. “Your left hand wouldn’t happen to be the same as your right, would it?” the Frenchman asked.

“Huh? My left hand, a right hand?” Joseph sounded quite baffled at the idea, peering down at his own two hands as if to truly make sure that they were both a left and a right. “That really is a bizarre question, what are you getting at?”

“I’m searching for the man who murdered my younger sister” a tense silence washed over all of you as soon as the word “murdered” was said. “I’ve never seen his face…but, I know he has two right hands” no one said a word as they listened, and it wasn’t long before Joseph slowly began to remove the glove to his left hand.

“My hand was lost in a battle fifty years ago” Joseph explained once the glove was off and you all were able to see that his hand was not normal. Instead of flesh, it was a mechanical prosthetic, one that’s gears seemed to click every time he bent his fingers.

“Pardon my rudeness, I’m sorry” Polnareff bowed his head as he apologized.

“Do you mind telling us what happened?” Joseph asked, sounding as if he was trying to tread carefully with his question, but at the same time, he couldn’t keep the look of morbid curiosity off of his face. Polnareff gave a slight nod before turning his back towards you all and took a few steps closer to the edge of the harbor so that he could peer out towards the sea. It was clear as day that he needed to gather himself—that he felt better recounting his woes when he didn’t have to make eye contact with anyone. You wondered if he did that because he didn’t want to see the looks of sympathy in everyone’s gazes or because he genuinely couldn’t bring himself to look any of you in the eyes.

“It was three years ago…” he finally began. “My younger sister and her classmate were coming home from school on that rainy day…walking on a country road in France. On the side of the road, a man stood with his back to them, strangely—despite the heavy downpour—the rain was falling around him in a dome-like shape as if he were surrounded by an invisible shield” he spoke slowly and carefully as if both trying to find the right words and trying to calm himself down enough to continue his tragic tale. “Suddenly, her classmate’s chest was sliced open like a blade had cut her, and then…my sister was raped and then killed” your eyes widened before glossing over in sympathy for both the man as well as for his deceased sister’s soul. “That was all the man wanted from her.

“Miraculously, her friend somehow survived; she hadn’t seen his face, but she saw he had two right hands. Nobody believed what she said, except for me!” he frowned. “I believed her since the man possessed a secret power similar to mine!”

“That man must have been a Stand user” Joseph concluded.

“I swore! I swore he would atone for my sister’s death so she could finally rest in peace!” Polnareff boldly and determinedly proclaimed. “I’ll use my Stand to get revenge! And then a year ago, I met Dio!” and with that, he recounted to you all his meeting with Dio. A man you had yet to truly ask any questions about—a man you had no real knowledge of other than the fact that he was the key to saving Jotaro’s mother. “Then he ordered me to kill you guys, I really believed it’s what I needed to do” he concluded.

“Although the flesh buds are partially to blame, Dio’s power of manipulation is truly terrifying” Avdol softly noted.

“Yeah but based on what you just said…it sounds like Dio found the man with two right hands and they’ve now joined forces” Kakyoin pointed out.

“I’ve decided to go to Egypt with you guys! If I find Dio, I’ll find the man who took my sister’s life!” Polnareff exclaimed as if he had already made up his mind in joining you all on your journey.

“Is that okay?” Kakyoin asked.

“I have no objections” Avdol said.

“I don’t see why not” you smiled as Jotaro only huffed and tilted his hat down in response, silently showing he had no objections either.

“You’re just going to follow us either way” Joseph smiled with a shrug.

“You can count on me!” Polnareff joyfully proclaimed, looking quite pleased you all had agreed to let him join you on your trip to Egypt.

“Gimme a—”

“Excuse me!” a high pitched, feminine voice cut Jotaro off before he could finish as two young women came rushing towards him. “Can you snap a quick picture of us?” the one that had first called out asked, her and her friend’s eyes wide and bright as they excitedly stared up at Jotaro. The way they stared at him was similar to the way his fan club stared at him.

“Pretty please!” the second girl practically begged.

“We want it facing the ocean!” the first one chirped, neither her nor her friend taking notice of the teen's growing irritation.

“Shut the hell up and fuck off!” he finally snapped, causing the two to flinch and withdraw just a little as he glowered down at them.

“You certainly do know your way with the ladies, Jotaro” you breathlessly sighed, crossing your arms and shaking your head as Kakyoin lightly chuckled from beside you while the irritated teen only grumbled and now directed his glare towards you. To which your only response had been to raise your hands in defense and give him a cheeky smile.

“Now, now, now, now…” Polnareff was quick to butt in, stepping right in between Jotaro and the two women. “I’ll take your picture for you! Come, come” he offered, taking their camera as he was quick to usher them both away from Jotaro and towards the edge of the harbor. “With your banging legs, we need a full-body shot!” he flirted, quick to motion and direct them on how to pose as he began snapping as many pictures of them as he could. “That’s good! Just one more now!” he seemed to coo in excitement. “Très bien!

“Just like this button, I want to push, push, push my way into your hearts!” he flirted.

“Something about him alludes me…” Avdol muttered.

“Talk about a mood swing” Kakyoin said.

“He’s the kind of guy who keeps his brain in his pants” Joseph sighed.

“Gimme a break” Jotaro grunted as he pushed down his hat.

“Oh, mademoiselle, mademoiselle!” Polnareff suddenly called back towards you all, his blue eyes focusing solely on you. “Your legs are quite nice as well; won’t you let me take your picture also?” for a moment you blankly stared at him before looking towards the two women who happily nodded their heads in agreement and motioned for you to join in. Seemingly enjoying themselves far too much to really be bothered at the thought of taking a picture with a complete stranger. Soon your gaze then flickered down towards the skirt of your school uniform, noting how it almost covered your legs completely that you had to wonder if his compliment had only been nothing more than a flirtatious remark and nothing else.

“Nah…I’m good” you shook your head, giving a polite—yet slightly strained—smile as you dismissively waved your hands in front of you. For a second you thought he was going to push it, especially after hearing the two women whine a little at your refusal to join in on their fun, but instead, he shrugged his shoulders and with that goofy smile of his he continued to capture the other two women beauty with the camera in his hands. It didn’t take long for you all to coax the Frenchman away from the two women so that you could finally board the boat once it had arrived.

“To get from Hong Kong to Singapore, we’ll be on the water for three days” you listened to Joseph explain as you leaned up against the railing of the boat and peered down at the calming waves that crashed against its bottom. “Well, let’s just relax and keep our spirits up. But seriously, guys…can’t you do something about those school uniforms?” he asked, pointing a finger towards you, Jotaro, and Kakyoin. “Are you going to stay dressed like that the entire time?” you peered back at him, lips twitching upwards as you realized he had changed his clothes out for plain old jeans and a red-striped shirt that sleeves were rolled all the way up. “Aren’t you hot?”

“All of us are students…and students should dress as students” Kakyoin said, quick to think of an excuse for your guys' reasons for not changing out of your school uniforms. Your lips twitched upwards as you realized that he had barely even bothered looking up from his book as he said that. “Though, we might be pushing it…” he added, acknowledging that the long fabric of your uniforms wasn’t exactly made for this kind of weather.

“Japanese students are so uptight” Joseph huffed.

“I see…it is just like Bushido” Avdol hummed as you shook your head and held back from barking out a laugh. “From a certain point of view, even fire can seem to cool.”

“You know, girls aren’t going to fall for uptight guys like you” Polnareff pointed out before his lips curled upwards into a sly smile. “Now as for [Your Name], I’m certain any man would fall for a cute face likes hers no matter what.”

“Thanks, Polnareff” you snickered, cheeks flaring up a bit as you were already starting to slowly become adjusted to the Frenchman’s flirtatious nature. Sure, it still made you uncomfortable, but from what little you’ve seen of the man so far you were certain he had no ill intentions in mind when it came to his flirty remarks.

“Let go! Let go of me! You big lug!” a childish voice suddenly broke through the peaceful atmosphere of the ship as one of the crewmen came dragging a young child out onto the deck.

“Shut the hell up!” the man snapped already growing irritated with the child’s struggling and shouting.

“Damn it, let me go! Let me go!” the kid continued to shout, squirming around within the crewman’s grip and kicking their legs in hopes of getting free.

“Hey, what’s wrong? I thought we agreed to no passengers on the boat!” Joseph frowned. You felt your own lips twitching downwards into a frown as well as you watched how rough the man appeared to be in handling the child.

“Sorry about that, it’s a stowaway” the crewman explained. “This brat was hiding in the lower storage area.”

“A stowaway?” Joseph questioned.

“C’mon and fight me! I’ll break your balls!” the child continued to squirm as they now resorted to shouting out threats.

“Such vulgar language” you muttered in amusement, turning your body around fully now and leaning your back up against the railing as your attention was now no longer on the calm waves beneath you and instead were on the rowdy child that had sneaked on board.

“And maybe I’ll turn you in to the Naval Police!” the crewman threatened right back, grabbing the back of the child’s oversized shirt and lifting them up off the ground as they continued to struggle.

“What? The police?!” such a threat had seemed to frightened the kid, causing their body to instantly tense up and their eyes to widen. “P-please, let me go! I just want to see my dad in Singapore” they practically started to beg as they quickly tried to explain their reasoning for sneaking on board. You felt your own shoulders tense for a second as a distant look crossed your gaze.

“I’m sorry, sweetie, you’re mother’s far too dangerous for you to see—let alone be near—at the moment.”

You couldn’t help but recall those words, the words every doctor and nurse would tell you during your childhood anytime you asked or even attempted to see your bedridden mother.

“I’ll do anything! Work me as hard as you want!” the child begged before wincing as their cheek was suddenly and harshly pinched.

“What shall I do? Should I let you go?” the crewman mockingly pondered aloud, causing your eyes to narrow and the corner of your lips to slant downwards. “Oh, what shall I do?”

“P-please!” even as they had their cheek and ear harshly pulled at by the sailor, the kid continued to beg.

“What should I do?” the man practically echoed his previous question, finding amusement in the sounds of distress that came from the kid as he harshly yanked at the flesh of their cheek and ear. “I ain’t going to let you go! Not a chance” he bluntly said after a moment’s thought, flicking the kid’s nose as if to emphasize his point.

“And why not?” you cut in with a frown the second you saw the tears that started to run down the kid’s face. “They’re just a kid so they wouldn’t be able to cause that much trouble, there’s no harm in letting them tag along if they’re heading in the same direction as us!” you couldn’t help but raise your voice a little, fingers curling themselves around the fabric of your skirt as if you were trying to ground yourself in place the second the sailor turned his glare towards you.

“So what if they’re a kid? A stowaway is still a stowaway” he scoffed at you, waving his hand in a dismissive manner as if you and your words didn’t really mean anything to him before he looked back down at the kid once more. “First, I’m going to go let the Captain know, so come with—” he didn’t get to finish speaking when the kid suddenly and harshly bit down onto his arm before diving right off the side of the boat.

“Whoa! The kid jumped in! What a spunk!” Polnareff exclaimed as both you and he ran over to the side of the boat and leaned over the railing to peer down at the child as they began to swim away.

“Will that kid be able to swim to shore from here?” Kakyoin asked, sounding quite concern for the child as he stood from his seat and joined both you and Polnareff in peering over the side of the boat.

“What should we do?” Joseph asked.

“Leave ‘em” Jotaro scoffed. “The kid must be a confident swimmer to brazenly dive in like that.”

“Th-this isn’t good! These are notorious shark-infested waters!” the crewman exclaimed and that was all you needed to hear before your body seemed to react on its own. Already you had kicked off your own shoes and flung yourself right over the ship's railing, diving right on into the water and began swimming your way towards the kid. Ignoring the surprised shouts that came from your companions as they began to call out to you. Unlike four years ago when you had nearly drowned in that pond at the park, you now knew how to swim—having opted to learn to do so shortly after the incident as you had no desires to ever feel that dreadful feeling of helplessly sinking ever again. You had reached the kid in no time, arm outstretched and snatching up the back of their shirt as you pulled them back towards you.

“Hey, kid! [Your Name]! Come back!” Joseph worriedly shouted from the boat, but you chose to promptly ignore him as he continued to call out to you two. Huffing as you desperately tried to stop the kid from squirming around within your grasp as they kicked up water and shouted bloody murder as well as every insult they knew.

“Quit that! Now’s not the time to kick up a fuss!” you snapped, unaware that Siren’s hands had phased right through your own arms and harshly grabbed hold of the kid’s shoulders, holding their arms in place though they still continued to kick their feet. “You’re a lady are you not? Then why not act like one and behave!” you huffed, watching how that got them to stop in their squirming.

“Wha—?!” she cut herself off with a startled gasp, almost instantly choosing to plaster herself right against your body when you both finally took notice of the shark fin that poked out of the water’s surface and came barreling towards you two.

“Siren!” you called forth your Stand as a terrified scream ripped through the child’s throat, her face burying itself into your chest as if she was trying to hide herself away from the danger coming towards you two. You wrapped your arms around her almost out of instinct as Siren came bursting through the water in front of you—her large body acting as a shield as she prepared to attack and protect.

“Ora, Ora, Ora!” before either you or your Stand could react, Star Platinum suddenly came bursting out from underneath the shark—harshly punching it up into the air and sending it flying. You watched in slight awe as Jotaro’s Stand mercilessly beat on the shark before casting a quick glance down at the girl in your arms and saw that she had decided to chance a peek at what was happening and was now staring in utter shock at the sight of the shark being knocked around in the air.  You had to wonder for a split second…could she see Star Platinum or not? You had your doubts though because if she could, that look of bewilderment wouldn’t be on her face. You flinched when you suddenly felt a large hand grasp your shoulder.

“Oh, Jotaro, hello” you peered back at the taller teen as he glared down at you, looking quite annoyed like usual.

“Gimme a break, what idiot just jumps into shark-infested waters after hearing that they’re shark-infested” he sighed, shaking his head. “You’re such a pain, why’d you have to jump in after the brat?”

“Why’d you jump in after me and the brat?” you almost shot back in response, practically echoing his own question back at him as he only peered down at you and for a split second you saw that annoyed expression of his lighten up a bit before he shook his head and turned away from you. “How are you holding up, kid?” you asked, looking down at the young girl that continued to cling to you. Just hearing your question directed towards her snapped her out of whatever daze she had been in before her cheeks flushed in embarrassment as she realized that she was still clinging to you.

“I’m fine” she huffed, harshly pushing away from you and crossing her arms as she avoided all eye contact.

“Good, now let’s just…” reaching out you yanked off that hat of hers and tossed it aside, allowing the long curls of her hair to now cascade down her back and over her shoulders. “It’s best to just get this out of the way since the gigs up, really now, if you wanted to act like a boy you should have tried covering up your voice” you gently smiled as you watched her slightly puff out her cheeks in an annoyed pout.

“A girl?” Jotaro muttered as he took a closer look at the child. “And nothing but a runt at that” he muttered, grunting when you suddenly smacked his shoulder.

“Idiot! That’s not how you speak to a lady!” you scold, listening as he softly scoffed and ignored both the glare you sent his way and the one the child now wore after hearing his comment.

“Gimme a break…” you heard him mutter under his breath, tilting his hat down over his eyes before motioning for you two to follow him back towards the ship. Jotaro this time took a tight hold on the girl’s wrist as if he didn’t trust her to swim back with the two of you on her own. As if he thought she’d still make a break for it or maybe he just didn’t want to deal with the annoyance of her falling behind. None of you got far though until you heard a sickening loud popping sound from behind you as the corpse of the shark from earlier soon came bubbling up onto the water’s surface.

“J-Jotaro! [Your Name]! Beneath you!” Joseph suddenly shouted. “Something’s attacking from underwater! It’s not a shark and it’s fast!” just those words were enough to have you both picking up speed.

Swimming right up beside Jotaro, you silently called forth Siren and within seconds felt as her hand grabbed the front of your shirt while her other hand grabbed hold of Jotaro’s as well and your twos speed picked up immensely right away.

“Jotaro! [Your Name]! Hurry!” Joseph called out as you dared to peek back and see that whatever was following you two was nearly just as fast as Siren was in the water as she continued to drag you both towards the ship. Water harshly being kicked up and sprayed everywhere thanks to her speed, if one were to see you two they’d think you were being dragged behind a motorboat.

“At this distance, I can take care of it! Hierophant Green!” Kakyoin called forth his Stand as Siren practically flung both you and Jotaro towards the ship before disappearing and allowing Hierophant Green to grab onto your arms and pull you both and the child in Jotaro’s arms safely on board before whatever was following you could properly attack.

“I-it disappeared! It’s a Stand!” Polnareff shouted as he peered over the edge of the boat's railing and down into the water only to find nothing there. “That was a Stand!” he exclaimed as you found yourself leaning back against the railing, holding your chest and gasping for air as you tried to calm your fast-beating heart.

“An aquatic Stand…just like [Your Name]’s” Avdol noted as you sucked in one last sharp breath of air before finally sighing as you calmed yourself and began to put your shoes back on. For a second there you felt as if you had been thrown back into the age of thirteen—body slowly sinking further and further beneath the surface of the pond as something continually swam quick circles around you, looking like nothing more than a blur. Strange how your first encounter with Siren had been a somewhat terrifying one. Looking up at your companions, you watched how they all now warily looked at the young girl that was also still trying to catch her breath from having just been dragged through the water and tossed up into the air along with you and Jotaro like a rag doll. They all looked at her in suspicion as if they were almost expecting her to be the user to that Stand that had attacked.

“W-what’s with you jerks? Quit staring at me like that!” the girl suddenly snapped when she became aware of their gazes, quick to reach into the pocket of her overalls and draw out a pocketknife. “I don’t know what’s going on, but are you trying to fight me?! Don’t underestimate me! I’ll take you all on!” you couldn’t help but quickly cover your mouth in an attempt to stifle the oncoming laughter that bubbled up inside your chest upon seeing and hearing her trying to act all tough.

“One on one! Face me one on one, you cowards!” she pointed her knife towards you all, wearing a fierce expression on her face as she then began to toss the knife back and forth between her hands. No, with how she was acting it was clear to you that she couldn’t have been the Stand user, if she had been she wouldn’t feel the need to puff out her chest and act all tough. She wouldn’t feel the need to rely on tough talk if she were to have a Stand like the one that had chased you through the water.

“Hey, how is Dio doing?” Avdol asked, deciding to put an end to both his and the other men's speculations.

“Dio? Who the hell is that?” the girl frowned.

“Don’t act like you don’t know, you brat!” Polnareff snapped.

“I don’t think she’s acting” you finally voiced, letting it be known that unlike them you truly did have your doubts that she was a Stand user—and let alone working with Dio.

“You damn punks!” the kid snapped right back as she motioned towards you all to come at her. “Do you want to talk, or do you want to get stabbed? Which is it?!” she growled. “This demon’s blade is telling me it thirsts for the blood of its 340th victim already” that seemed to do it as both you and Kakyoin snorted in laughter. “Wh-what’s so funny, you stupid grunts?!” she stumbled over her words for a second, sounding quite offended by your and Kakyoin’s sudden laughter.

“Grunts?” Kakyoin questioned. “You know, I got to agree with [Your Name], I really don’t think it’s her.”

“Told you” you smiled as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“But…” Joseph still sounded unsure, tapping his chin in thought as he looked the kid over once more.

“So, is this girl our stowaway?” a new voice suddenly piped up as two large hands suddenly clamped down onto the girl’s shoulders which in return startled her.

“Captain!” Joseph immediately recognized the man as from the corner of your eye you watched as Jotaro placed a cigarette in his mouth and lit it.

“I’m pretty strict when it comes to stowaways” the captain explained as he suddenly began to twists the young girl’s arm until she dropped the pocketknife in her hand “Even though you’re just a girl, if I go easy on you, it will only encourage other stowaways” he calmly spoked, not bothered by the painful screams that slipped past the child’s lips. But even though the screams didn’t bother him, they sure as hell bothered you and caused your amused smile to drop in an instant. “We’ll just hold you in a room below deck until we reach port.”

“Captain…I have to ask, but did you verify the identities of all ten men on board?” Joseph asked, his face twisted up into a stoic expression as if he was attempting to block out the sounds of the young girl's cries.

“Of course, they’re all veterans who have sailed on this vessel for ten years” the captain nodded, handing the child in his arms off to another sailor as he turned to face Joseph. “I can’t say I understand why this has you so worried, by the way…” and in a flash, he suddenly and harshly ripped Jotaro’s lit cigarette right out from between his lips and held it delicately between his own two fingers. “Please refrain from smoking on this ship, what were you planning to do with the ashes and butt when you finished?” he asked, not at all fazed by the deadly look in Jotaro’s eyes. Even you couldn’t help but slink away and put some distance between yourself and the delinquent, not exactly wanting to be close if he were to go off. Even if you have been able to find the strength to occasionally snap at him and even almost hit him—there was still a part of you that greatly feared him and the thought of his wrath.

“Were you going to toss them into this beautiful ocean?” the captain questioned, looking quite displeased at the thought. “You’re a guest on this ship, so you must follow her rules…Mr. Outlaw” and just like that he crushed the burning tip of the cigarette against one of the metal pins on Jotaro’s hat which only made that deadly look in the teen's eyes darken as now everyone else on the ship tensed up in slight fear of what could potentially come from the man’s actions. “You got it?” the captain asked, dropping the squashed cigarette butt into Jotaro’s coat pocket before turning and walking away.

“Hold it” Jotaro called out, stopping the man in his tracks. “You could have just put it out and been done with it, don’t be a condescending prick about it, you asshole.”

“Hey, Jotaro! Quit being rude to the captain!” Joseph scolded and though normally you would have agreed with him you couldn’t really bring yourself to do so this time. If anyone was in the wrong it certainly was the captain, there were plenty of other ways he could have handled the situation—ways that would have been much better than the one he had just done. “This was your fault” the old man continued.

“I’m not done being rude just yet” Jotaro huffed, placing one hand on his hip as you couldn’t help the way you felt the corner of your lips began to twitch upwards. “This guy’s not the captain, I figured it out—he’s the Stand user!”

“Wh—!” Joseph gasped.

“What?!” everyone shouted.

“Well that certainly took an unexpected turn” you said, raising an amused eyebrow.

“Sta…nd?” the captain questioned with the tilt of his head. “What pray tell is that?” he asked, looking genuinely confused.

“That is inconceivable, Jotaro!” Avdol exclaimed. “Captain Tennille came recommended with verification by the Speedwagon Foundation! He is completely trustworthy!” he tried to assure the teenager. “There is not a chance he is a Stand user” all his words seemed to do was caused Jotaro to “hmph” in response.

“Hold on here, a Stand? I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about” Tennille said as he almost frantically looked between all of you. Not knowing what to do or say at having this sudden amount of attention on him.

“Jojo, random guesses will only make this more complicated!” Polnareff frowned.

“Do you have proof, Jojo?” Kakyoin questioned.

“Yeah, do you have any evidence for this bold claim of yours?” you asked.

“I figured out how you can tell a Stand user from a normal person” Jotaro suddenly said,

“What?!” Joseph was shocked, taken aback by his grandson’s words.

“That is…” Jotaro started as he lifted a hand up to his nose and tapped the tip of it. “If a Stand user inhales even a little bit of cigarette smoke…a vein pops up on the tip of their nose” despite how ridiculous it sounded, you couldn’t help but raise your hand in an instant and began to lightly brush the tip of your fingers around the tip of your nose in search of that vein the teen spoke of.

“You can’t be serious, Jotaro!” Polnareff sounded quite frantic as he rushed up beside the delinquent while continuing to feel around his nose for that vein in a panic.

“Yeah, I was lying” Jotaro simply admitted. “However…it looks like we found our dumbass” he said, as you all became aware that just like you, the captain had been quick to touch the tip of his nose in search of an imaginary vein that didn’t exist. You all—well almost all of you, the young girl looked downright confused—were shocked, surprised that Jotaro’s baseless accusation from earlier had been proven right with only a simple lie. Tennille only chuckled, removing his hat as his eyes looked as if they were slowly beginning to roll towards the back of his head.

“Jotaro, how did you become suspicious of him?” Joseph curiously asked, voicing the question that was on everyone’s mind.

“I didn’t, I had no suspicion at all” Jotaro bluntly admitted.

“Huh?” Joseph questioned.

“But, I planned on trying this with every man on board.”

“So, basically what you’re saying is it was just pure luck that you happened to be right” you deadpanned, watching as the delinquent gave a firm nod.

“You’re cold, damn, you’re ice cold” Tennille chuckled. “I’m not really the captain, the real captain is sleeping with the fishes at the bottom of the ocean in Hong Kong” he wore a cheeky smile as if he was a child admitting to purposely hitting another kid instead of a grown man admitting to murder.

“Then I’ll make you sleep in the depths of Hell!” Jotaro glared, his threat only making the man laugh just as the young girl that you all had nearly forgotten was there released a surprised squeal. Her eyes wide and frantic as she looked down in confused horror, clearly unable to see the blue, webbed clawed hand that now gripped her ankle.

“Oh no!” you all shouted, now able to clearly see the enemy’s Stand. It was tall and its flesh was the color of the ocean. Scales coated its whole body as large, jagged fins protruded from its back and legs. Its hands and feet were webbed and clawed, it also appeared as if it didn’t have a mouth. Only looking on with four, cold dead yellow eyes that were sunken deep within its skull.

“I-I can’t move…” the kid grunted, weakly struggling against the Stand that had its arms fully wrapped around her.

“Even for a guy like me, taking all of you on at once would be a bone-breaking task…which is why my plan was to stay hidden and take all of you out one-by-one” Tennille admitted. “But since you figured me out, I guess I have no choice, I’ll take all six of you on! Getting my hands on this girl is a sign that my luck is changing for the better!” he seemed to boast, looking quite proud of himself for this small accomplishment. “I’ll just be jumping into these shark-infested waters with her, of course, you guys will end up following us in. If we fight in the water, where I have the advantage, I can beat all six of you” you wanted to wipe that smug look off of his face by shouting that he wouldn’t be the only one with an advantage.

Siren was made for the water; her appearance was enough proof of that. But instead, you kept silent, finding it best to let him believe what he wanted. It was prominent to you that he hadn’t really been paying attention earlier—that he wasn’t really aware that his Stand wasn’t the only aquatic one on board.

“Don’t underestimate me just because you took a hostage! I, Kujo Jotaro, refuse to be shaken by this” you weren’t surprised by his words, you had an inkling that Jotaro wouldn’t have been shaken up by the kid’s capture like you all were.

“Underestimate? No, this is a prediction!” Tennille was quick to correct. “I hear that your Stand, Star Platinum, is pretty damn fast. I’m not trying to brag, but my Dark Blue Moon is really fast in the water” he smirked. “It can swim more elegantly than any fish in the sea!” as he boasted this, his Stand’s fins started to sway back and forth as any sunken in holes on its body started to heavily suck in and pump out air as if to visibly show and explain exactly why it could swim as fast as he claimed it could.

“Why don’t we test them out?” he chuckled, jumping up onto the ship’s railing. “Follow me…if you’re prepared to choke to death on all the seawater you’re about to swallow” and with that, both he and his Stand jumped back and off the side of the ship. Taking the girl with them.

Chapter Text

Jotaro said nothing, in fact he didn’t need to say anything as his Stand simply came out all on its own. Diving straight down and over the boat after the enemy and screaming girl.

“Ora!” he heartily shouted, landing one harsh punch to Dark Blue Moon’s skull and forcing it to release the child. “Ora, Ora, Ora, Ora!” like usual, his fists moved at a rapid pace as he repeatedly punched the enemy Stand before sending it flying straight down into the sea with a loud splash. In an instant after dealing with Dark Blue Moon, Star was already grabbing the kid’s arm before she had the chance to fall the rest of the way.

“H-he attacked faster than we could fall…that’s impossible…” Tennille wheezed, his bloodied body gently being rocked back and forth by the calming waves of the ocean as he too had suffered the same damage his Stand had.

“You’re the only one who’s going to choke on seawater” Jotaro said. “Avdol, tell him.”

“If my prediction is correct…” Avdol started.

“…You’re ten years too early” Polnareff finished with a cheeky smile. “He’s drifting away” he noted as you all watched how Tennille’s body was slowly being swallowed up beneath the ocean waves. “He really talked up his Stand’s power, but it turns out he was just an idiot.”

“It’s quite satisfying really, seeing smug bastards like him getting taken down pretty easily, but…” you trailed off, not really knowing if it was right to start brushing Tennille off so soon. With how much he bragged, you had thought he’d attempt to put up more of a fight—not just lie back and give up so easily after just a couple of punches.

“Jotaro, what’s wrong? Hurry and lift her up!” Joseph smiled as you felt your lips twitch downwards and your eyebrows furrow as you became aware to the painful, grunting sounds coming from Jotaro as he harshly began gripping the boat’s railing. His body shaking as it looked as if he was straining to keep himself upright while attempting to pull the kid up. “What is it, Jotaro?” the old man asked.

“She can’t really be all that heavy” you frowned, daring to step a bit closer to the railing and peering down over the side of the boat to see what was a matter. “Oh” you quietly breathed out, taking a second to process what you were seeing.

“Fuck…I’m being pulled in…” Jotaro grunted as a gray mass was quickly building itself up on Star’s hand and all the way up his arm as well as on the side of the ship.

“Th-these are…” Avdol choked out as the others were also becoming aware of the gray mass that was enveloping Star Platinum’s arm and in return was tearing the flesh of Jotaro’s hand and arm wide open until he was spewing blood.

“Barnacles! Those are acorn barnacles!” Kakyoin identified as you all began to silently panic and rush towards Jotaro.

“They’re all over Star Platinum’s arm and the side of the boat!” Joseph exclaimed, all of you grabbing hold of Jotaro and each other as you tried your hardest to pull him away from the side of the boat. But his body wouldn’t budge, the weight and the force of the barnacles on his Stand’s arm too much as he was already now halfway hanging off the side of the railing.

“He still wants a fight” Jotaro concluded. “He attached these to me earlier when I hit him, they keep multiplying!” he almost seemed to fall limp against you all, his body slumping forward even more. “My Stand’s strength is being drained…”

“H-He disappeared…” Joseph sputtered out, taking note that none of you could spot Tennille’s limp body anymore. “Where’d he go?!”

“Bastard must have fully slipped underneath the water” you grunted, trying your best in helping the others pull Jotaro back onto the boat. Unlike the men around you, you didn’t have bulging muscles and it was clear none of you wanted to call out your own Stands in fear that the barnacles would spread like the plague onto them and begin dragging you all down with the teen.

“Jotaro! Bring in your Stand!” Joseph demanded as everyone’s hands finally slipped away, all their energy spent in their attempts to help him pull his grandson back that now it was only him.

“I can’t bring it back!” Jotaro grunted. “I wouldn’t be sweating so much if I could!” he couldn’t help but snap just as his body finally went flying over the edge of the ship.

“Jojo!” everyone shouted just as you gritted your teeth and harshly gripped at the ship’s railing. Lips already parting as you prepared to call forth your own Stand.

“Jojo!” Kakyoin cut you off, calling forth Hierophant Green before you even had the chance to utter Siren’s name. Instead of reaching for the outstretched hand that Kakyoin’s Stand offered, Star Platinum only threw the kid in his grip up towards it before both he and Jotaro fully disappeared underneath the water’s surface. Hierophant Green wasted no time in pulling the little girl back up onto the safety of the ship, securely placing her back on the deck before you all once again found yourselves crowded around and peering over the edge of the railing.

“C-crap!” Joseph angrily choked out.

“Th-this is bad!” Kakyoin nervously stated as you all seemed to now wait with bated breath for something to happen—for someone to reemerge. You were certain that you all were thinking the same thing, pondering if you should dive in after Jotaro or not. But none of you acted on those thoughts, instead, your eyes burned holes down at the calming ocean waves as you all had to wonder what was possibly happening just underneath them. Then suddenly the ship came to a jolting halt, harshly shaking as if something had attacked its propeller from underneath.

“I-it’s been too long!” Joseph nervously exclaimed. “He’s still not coming up!”

“A whirlpool! A giant whirlpool formed!” Avdol shouted, taking notice of how the water began to harshly spin around in circles as the center began to foam up.

“Where the hell is Jojo?!” Polnareff frantically asked. “We have to save him!” and like that, they all finally brought forth their Stands, Hierophant diving forward first and shoving his arm into the newly formed whirlpool only to harshly jerk it out when cuts suddenly formed up his arm and began squirting blood.

“Th-these are scales!” Kakyoin noted, quick to spot the small scales that jutted out of the joints of his Stand’s fingers. “H-his Stand’s scales are as sharp as razor blades!”

“There are countless scales swirling in that whirlpool! He was serious when he said he could defeat all six of us!” Avdol nervously exclaimed. “That whirlpool is like a watery antlion pit! It is likely we would be killed if we jumped in!”

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that” you bitterly muttered before taking off running down the side of the ship, heading towards the front.

“[Your Name], where are you going?!” Kakyoin called out.

“Whirlpools are normally restricted to one area, right? Like a tornado there should be a funnel just beneath the surface of the water and around that funnel is calm water—well then I think I might know how Siren and I can help Jotaro” you said, not bothering to glance back at the men and instead peered over the ship’s railing until you finally found yourself a good distance away from the whirlpool’s center, it was small and didn’t reach very far, only restricted to that one area as a certain way for Tennille to keep Jotaro close. You were going to take advantage of that, hoping that you weren’t just foolishly jumping right into your death. Once more you kicked off your shoes and hopped up onto the railing.

“Hey! Wait—that’s suicide!” you heard Polnareff shout followed by the sound of rushing footsteps but just before any of them reached you, you dived off the side of the ship and into the water. Calling Siren out just before you disappeared beneath the waves. Her hands found their way underneath your arms as she kept a tight hold of you and the second you were underwater you could already feel the harsh pull of the whirlpool as it slowly sucked in nearby water. As you said, it was just one large funnel that stretched from top to bottom and just barely you could see both the glimmer of the scales that swirled around inside it along with flashes of black and blue. Having Siren swim you close enough until you were at a good enough distance you simply motioned for her to keep moving ahead without you, pointing towards the swirling mass of water and giving your quiet demands as you stayed in place.

Legs kicking back and forth as you kept yourself in place and watched as she gave a gentle nod before swimming forward. She was fast, nothing more than a blur to you as you watched how she zipped forward and broke right through the wall of spinning water. You could feel the slight sting of the scales as they repeatedly grazed the surface of Siren’s flesh but by luck, her speed never slowed, and she continued to push forward. You ignored the stinging pain that came from your arms and legs, ignored the blood that slowly seeped around you like a misty cloud and instead slipped your eyes shut and simply found yourself peering through Siren’s eyes instead. It was strange to say the least being able to see all that she could, but not surprising as this hadn’t been the first time you found yourself looking through her eyes.

Through the years you’d occasionally close your eyes while she’d swim circles around you and whenever you did you always saw what she saw—sometimes it was unnerving seeing your own peaceful face and looking down at yourself through the eyes of someone else. This time was no different as you watched Siren swim through the swirling mass of foam and bubbles, her gaze locked onto Tennille’s back once she spotted him.

“And now I’m going to guess what you’re thinking about! “In a whirlpool, only one spot stays still,” so predictable!” you heard Tennille chuckled, both he and his Stand’s attention focused on Jotaro who was spinning in circles around them. Neither the sailor nor his Stand was aware of Siren’s presence and it showed, to you it felt as if you were looking through the eyes of a predator as it creeps towards its prey. “It’s the center! If I jump into the center where he is, I can attack him—that’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it?” the man seemed to mock, looking as if he enjoyed watching Jotaro and his Stand—who you just realized was completely covered in acorn barnacles—being thrown around by the force of the whirlpool.

“Go ahead and try if you think you can hit me with that punch of yours again” you were pretty certain that Jotaro had now spotted Siren’s presences from the way his eyes stared straight at her. His gaze no longer focused on the taunting “captain” and instead of the seven-foot mermaid that was creeping up behind the man. You were certain by now her eyes were already opening as wide as they could go and that the flesh of her cheeks were becoming taunt as her jawbone began to painfully shift and dislocate itself. You knew her shoulders were hunched as she lifted her arms and that her tail must have been swishing back and forth a million miles an hour just to ensure that the raging whirlpool around her wouldn’t sweep her up and take her away from her prey. “Come at me with your worthless Stand, its power drained by my barnacles.

“Let’s see if you can manage an attack that can rival my underwater cutters, kid!” Tennille boasted. “Who do you think you are, telling me you’ll turn me into sashimi?!” he angrily shouted as his Stand began to swim forward and towards Jotaro and his immobile Stand. “The one that will be sliced up like sashimi is—”

“God you’re annoying” you couldn’t help but mutter, your voice surprisingly fluttering out of Siren’s lips as Tennille tensed up and slowly looked back. His face pale and his muscles tensed and for a moment you had to wonder if perhaps he wasn’t aware that what he was looking at was a Stand. Maybe in his mind he was recalling all the sailor stories of beautiful women that lived beneath the sea, their haunting voices the reason for many sailors deaths. It didn’t matter either way what he was thinking as before he could call back his Stand, Siren was already grabbing hold of him. Her nails digging into both the flesh of his shoulder and scalp as she hastily pushed his head to the side and buried her teeth within his exposed collarbone.

He screamed, body already began to flail and arms swatting around in an attempt to knock Siren away but instead she held, clamping her jaw even further shut before jerking her head back and bringing with her a large chunk of his flesh—just enough that you were certain the bones in his shoulder were now visible.

“Star Finger!” Jotaro seemed to take advantage of the Tennille’s Stand being distracted by its user suddenly crying out in pain. It barely had time to turn tail and run before Star Platinum’s fingers broke through the barnacles that were encased all around it and stretched forward, puncturing through Dark Blue Moon’s skull.

“Turns out it was you who got turned into sashimi” Jotaro said as the whirlpool slowly began to die down as Tennille’s painful screams were cut short as blood now began to pool out from his forehead and nose the same way it was pooling out from the gaping hole on his shoulder. His squirming came to a halt as well, body nearly falling limp and beginning to sink the second Siren released her hold on him, you could practically feel her smiling as she watched as the man only gurgled out bubbles now instead of screaming or boasting. “What’s that? I can’t hear you, we're underwater, speak up!”

“But your power was being drained…you went limp on purpose to concentrate the power in your fingers” Tennille weakly muttered as you finally opened up your eyes and swam your way closer towards both Jotaro and Tennille now that the whirlpool was completely gone, and you could see them both clearly. “Th-that’s what you were thinking…a-and you…” the “captain” choked out the moment he saw you, watching as Siren swam away from him and to your side, the blood on her nails being washed away by the surrounding water as she delicately wrapped her arms around you and rested her chin on your shoulder. Staring at the slowly dying man with a peaceful look and a gentle smile.

“Wrong, what I was thinking was…if you pissed yourself after you lost, I’d be fucking disgusted since we’re underwater…old geezer” Jotaro scoffed as he adjusted his hat.

“God I hope he didn’t” you sighed, your voice once again fluttering out from between Siren’s lips as you both watched Tennille’s body fall limp and sink down towards the ocean’s floor.

“You didn’t have to jump in and save me, I had it covered” Jotaro muttered, pulling his hat down as if he was embarrassed before turning away from you and began to swim upwards towards the water’s surface, not giving you a chance to answer. You only sighed, knowing that you should have felt irritated as this was the second time he brushed you off without thanking you for your help, but instead, you shook your head and felt your lips slightly curl upwards as you soon swam after him, Siren simply disappearing right back into your body.

“Jojo! [Your Name]!” was the first thing you heard when you and Jotaro finally resurfaced, both of you sucking in loud gulps of air to help replenish your lungs after being submerged underneath the water for what felt like forever.

“That’s my grandson for you!” Joseph boasted before directing that proud smile of his towards you. “And it seems [Your Name]’s just as sturdy, there was no need to doubt her at all!” he puffed out his chest as you felt your cheeks heat up in slight embarrassment as you looked down and began swimming forward along with Jotaro towards the boat. “Well done, Jotaro, [Your Name]! Hurry and come—” just as he was about to throw a life preserver towards you and Jotaro, he stopped as the boat began to violently shake before suddenly in a flurry and without any warning it began to explode and catch fire.

“The captain planted bombs on the ship! Shit!” Polnareff shouted as flames began to quickly eat away at the ship and black smoke was already billowing out towards the sky.

“Everyone, hurry and fetch the emergency boats!” Avdol ordered. “We’ll signal a nearby boat for help!”


You were practically thankful to Kakyoin for having thought to grab both your shoes and bag after you had dived into the water to save Jotaro earlier. His only explanation being that he thought you’d at least would have wanted to get changed quickly after you two got back on board, of course that didn’t happen seeing how the ship had exploded. Now you found yourself gathered on a lifeboat with the others, the little girl, and a few of the sailors that hadn’t be able to fit onto the other lifeboats that floated around you due to them being stuffed to the brim with sailors as well. Your knees were pulled up to your chest and in your hands was your personal flashlight, already on and pointing up towards you. The sun had long since set and with the arrival of the moon came the arrival of your fear as well.

You were certain they all thought at first that you had simply brought the flashlight along as a precaution—believing that you had simply brought it along like you had thought that far enough ahead to think that it may come in use at some point. Though you were also sure such thoughts were quickly dispelled from their minds the minute you refused to turn the flashlight off after Avdol had suggested it’d be best if you all got some sleep while you waited for a new ship to arrive. Your only excuse for your refusal being that you weren’t tired, you wanted to stay up just a bit longer and would prefer to keep the light on—none of them questioned you, none of them attempted to pry into your reasoning for keeping the light on and instead simply leaned back and let themselves doze off. It wasn’t long before the only people still up were you, Jotaro, and Kakyoin. None of you spoke, opting to sit in silence and just peer up at the stars or down at the ocean whose surface seemed to sparkle as it reflected the scenery of the inky sky above it.

“Why are you so adamant in keeping that light on?” you flinched upon hearing Jotaro suddenly speak, your iris’ darting down and away from the sky to peer at him as he sat across from you—his hat was pushed all the way down until it was completely over his eyes and his arms were stationed behind his head as he was leaned all the way back until he was nearly flat on his back, an impressive feat when you take in account how small the width of the lifeboat was and the fact that you were seated right across from him. Like you, he was completely soaked to the bone, still slowly drying off with the help of the ocean wind. You were certain that if his cigarettes hadn’t gotten completely soaked as well when in the water earlier he would have been smoking one of them by now.

“Why do you care?” you had simply shot back, voice barely a whisper as your gaze was quickly drawn to your side when you barely caught a glimpse of Kakyoin shifting around in your peripheral vision.

“Come now, there’s no need to be secretive” the redhead gently smiled. “Surely the reason can’t be that bad” you maybe stared at him for a solid minute or two before slowly shaking your head and returning your gaze up to the stars above. Your cheeks already growing warm as you could already imagine their laughing faces if you were to tell them about your merciless fear of the dark. You didn’t want them laughing at you—mocking you for having what most would call a childish fear. You heard Jotaro heavily sigh and Kakyoin shift around a bit more, but other than that it simply grew silent between the three of you once again. Relief seemed to flood you as you realized that neither of them was going to push it, seemingly not finding a reason or need to do so.

-The Next Day-

“Have some water, we’ve sent signals for help, so someone should be here soon” Joseph said, offering the little girl—who you realized had yet to give her name to any of you—a canteen of water. You all were sitting silently and you were still seated right across from Jotaro, your arms wrapped around your bag and legs somehow finding themselves tangled against his own as neither of you wanted to move your limbs away—too stubborn to give up the legroom and instead deciding to just rest your legs overtop one another.

“I don’t know what in the world is going on, but who are you people?” the girl asked, her eyes shifting back and forth as she looked between you all.

“We’re on a journey, just like you” Joseph answered. “Though you’re on a journey to see your father, while our journey is for my daughter” he smiled, though you couldn’t help but catch the way the girl looked away almost in guilt as she tentatively began to sip from the canteen. “Slow down there! That’s good water!” the old man scolded the second the girl immediately spat back out the water she had drunk. “Why’d you spit it out?”

“Is it starting to get foggy?” you questioned, raising a hand as you look all around you at the wispy clouds of moisture that began to settle in the air.

“N-no…” she shakily said with the shake of her head. “E-E-E…E-E-E-E-E…” she was practically stumbling over herself, sounding like a broken record as she attempted to get the words out.

“Come on, you can do it” you gently urged, quick to motion her along when you saw how irritated Jotaro was starting to look at her constant repetition of the same sputtered out sound.

“Everyone look!” she finally shouted as you all straightened and looked off into the direction she was pointing. Surprised looks crossed all of your faces as you finally became aware of the gigantic ship that lazily began to sail right towards your small lifeboats.

“A-A freighter!” one of the sailors choked out as he and his companions seemed to stare in awe up at the massive ship. “That wasn’t there before…”

“Jotaro, what’s on your mind? Do you think there could be another Stand user on this freighter?” Joseph questioned when he saw the concentrated look on his grandson’s face.

“No, I’m just wondering why nobody’s shown themselves, even though the ramp is down” the delinquent admitted as all the lifeboats gently floated their way closer towards the lowered ramp so that you could all board.

“I mean he’s not wrong, it is a bit strange” you nodded in agreement, eyes peering up towards the deck of the freighter as if you were waiting for someone—a crewman or captain—to poke their head over the side of the railing and call down towards you all.

“They came all this way to rescue us! There has to be someone aboard!” Polnareff reasoned as he was the first one to jump off the lifeboat and onto the ramp. “Even if they’re all Stand users, I’m getting on this ship!” you all exchanged glances before you sighed and slipped your bag on and one by one you each jumped from the lifeboat and onto the ramp. You patiently let all the men go first until it was just you and the kid.

“Grab on, I’ll help you up” Jotaro offered to the little girl as you all noted that she had yet to make any movements on crossing over.

“Go on” you motioned when she looked at you as if she was expecting you to go first. Peering between you and Jotaro you watched as she suddenly leaped from the boat and right into Joseph’s arms instead, ignoring Jotaro’s offering hand.

“Gimme a break” Jotaro muttered as he watched the kid stick her tongue out at him before suddenly turning back to you and continued to hold his hand out. You were genuinely surprised, having expected him to just follow after Joseph instead of turning back to help.

“Have I done something to suddenly be in your good gracious, Jotaro?” you questioned in a teasing tone as you took his hand, chuckling as he only grunted though you did catch the small smile that tugged at his lips as he helped steady you while you carefully moved from the boat and onto the ramp. The entire time, fully aware of just how big his hand truly was compared to your own—if he even thought about curling his hand up into a fist you were certain all the bones in your hand would shatter instantly.

“Just see it as my thanks for your help yesterday” he muttered, burying his hands into his pockets shortly after releasing your own and motioning with his head for you to start following the others. You didn’t move at first, silently staring at him for a couple of seconds before a wide smile broke out across your face. You wanted to say something but opted to keep your mouth zipped shut, not wanting to risk ruining this moment and causing him to clamp up and go back to being rude towards you. So instead you politely bowed your head in thanks to him, unable to rid yourself of that goofy smile of yours that had him looking away as you finally started to ascend up the ramp.

“Maybe you’re not as bad as I originally thought” you quietly mumbled to yourself once you were well out of his earshot. Once everyone was fully on board, you all began to wander about—each of you seemingly searching for any form of life on the ship other than your own.

“W-what’s with this ship?” Joseph asked once you all reached the pilothouse only to find it void of life and the steering wheel turning all on its own as if the ship was simply steering itself. “The captain’s not in the pilothouse! And the operator’s not in the radio room! There’s no one anywhere!” he huffed as he walked further into the empty room. “And yet, look here! All the meters and machines are still functioning!”

“Maybe they’re locked in the bathroom with a bad case of the shits?” Polnareff suggested.

“Is it flu season already?” you questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“Hey! Where the hell is everyone?!” Joseph called out as you all started to pile into the empty room as well and began to look about.

“Guys, over here, look!” the little girl exclaimed as she motioned you all towards a door located near the back of the pilothouse. “It’s a monkey! There’s a monkey inside the cage!” she pointed out as you entered the room, it’s lights dimmed quite a bit as a cage sat in the middle of the back of the room. Inside the cage was an orangutan who barely made a peep once it spotted you all.

“It’s an orangutan” Kakyoin said.

“Who cares about some damn monkey?!” Joseph huffed, not at all interested in the mysterious ape. “Let’s split up and find the guy feeding it” he ordered, already motioning for you all to follow him out of the room. You lingered back for a second, staring the primate down the same way it was staring you down. You barely even reacted when you suddenly felt small, delicate hands grab onto the sleeve of your school uniform and tug at it.

“Hey…[Your Name], was it? Let’s go” you heard the little girl say having also decided to linger back when she noticed that you hadn’t moved right away like the others had. You watched how her voice seemed to drag the ape’s attention off you for a split second to intensely stare her down as well before his gaze flickered back and forth between you and the kid. As if he was mentally trying to think who he liked staring at more.

“Yeah…let’s go…” you muttered, already quick to usher her back towards the door. Stopping for a moment to peer back one last time to find the orangutan still staring, never once breaking eye contact with you as you grabbed hold of the door handle and slammed the door shut. “You know, I never got your name” you said after a moment of silence as you and the kid started to follow after the others.

“It’s Anne” she muttered, just barely loud enough that you had to strain your ears just to hear her.

“Nice to meet you, Anne, I’m [Your Name]” you gave her a polite smile as you peered down at her. You wanted to ensure her that you nor the others were of any kind of danger to her—especially after everything that happened with Tennille. You were certain that she was probably cautious of you all at the moment. You watched as she peered up at you from the corner of her eye before a small smile tugged at her lips as she gave a small nod of her head.

“Nice to meet you too” she responded a bit louder this time.

“How is it?” you heard Avdol asked once you and Anne stepped out onto the deck right behind the others as he and a few men were crowded around a crane with a hook at the end.

“Doesn’t look like it’s busted, but…” one of the men muttered as he examined the crane closely

“Avdol, that man is in danger!” Joseph suddenly shouted when he took note of how the hook of the crane was beginning to dangerously swing back and forth before plummeting downwards and piercing right through the back of the skull of one of the men and out his mouth. The hook was quick to retract upwards and take the man with it, causing blood to rain down and splatter all over the deck. From beside you, you heard Anne scream before being cut off as Jotaro was quick to place his hands over her eyes and block her vision from the gory sight. You wished you could do the same, but just like with the old man on the plane you couldn’t help but stare—a morbid sense of curiosity overtaking you as all colored drained from your face and all you did was stare at the man that dangled above you. His body twitching as gurgled sounds escaped from the back of his throat and blood continued to steadily drip off of him and down onto the deck.

“Gimme a break” Jotaro grumbled. “That’s one way to welcome a little girl on your ship” you were certain he was just trying to lighten the mood—calm Anne’s nerves in any way to prevent her from kicking up a scene. You were finally able to tear your own gaze away from the sight when the man finally stopped moving altogether.

“B-but no one was touching it…” one of the men sputtered out, all of them jerking away from the crane and slowly backing up.

“That crane moved even though there was nobody operating it! I saw it!” one of the other men proclaimed.

“That crane impaled him on its own!”

“Be careful! There’s someone here!” Joseph shouted, voice stern as he looked from our small group to the group of sailors that were silently beginning to panic over what had happened. “Hey! Don’t touch any of the machinery!” he barked out. “If it moves or runs on electricity, don’t lay a finger on it!

“If you want to live, follow my orders! Don’t leave the cabin down below until we say it’s okay!” and with that the sailors were quick to take their leave, walking in a group as they made their way towards the cabin as instructed. Even Anne hesitantly began to follow them, though you watched how she constantly kept looking back towards you all like she didn’t want to leave your group. “Did anyone catch a glimpse of a Stand just now?” Joseph asked.

“No…” Polnareff answered.

“I’m afraid not…I was closest to the crane, yet I felt nothing” Avdol admitted as he looked to be deep in thought as if trying to recall if anything strange had been happening before the crane’s hook suddenly dropped.

“Alright, I’ll have Hierophant Green take a look” Kakyoin offered as he summoned forth his Stand which immediately slithered its way through the cracks between the deck's floor.

“Anne?” you muttered, peering back when you spotted the girl still just standing there at the doorway that would lead to the lower deck and peering out at all of you. You were about to move closer towards her before stopping as Joseph opted to approach her instead.

“There’s one thing I can tell you with absolute certainty, we’re on your side!” he reassured the child as he squatted down so that he would be closer to her height. “So please, stay close to the others, in fact…[Your Name]” you perked up when the old man called back to you before walking towards him when he motioned with his head for you to come closer. “Why don’t you stay close to her? Just so she can have some reassurance that she’s safe” he suggested, brightly smiling as you slowly nodded your head before taking a step closer to Anne and offered her your hand. She looked at it for a second, looking as if she was trying to decide if she wanted to take it or not, eventually, she made her decision as you felt her hand slip into your own and gave it a slight squeeze.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Joestar, I’ll keep her safe” you gave him a bright smile that could rival his own and a firm nod before you and Anne took off. Slowly making your way below deck and towards the cabin where the rest of the men had disappeared off to. Eventually, you two found yourselves back in the pilothouse and in return you once again wandered back towards the room which held the orangutan—though this time he appeared to be kicking up a fuss, huffing and puffing as he nosily began to shake at the bars of his cage. “Don’t get too close, Anne” you couldn’t help but mutter when you saw her curiously approach the cage, quick to follow and hover just a few inches behind her to ensure that if anything were to happen you could easily yank her back and behind you. You were aware that animals—especially primates—could be somewhat aggressive.

She nodded in understanding, listening to you as she kept a fair amount of distance between her and the cage. Silently you both watched as the ape slipped its arm through the bars and gently started to tap at one of the padlocks that held it’s cage shut.

“You want us to open the cage?” Anne guessed. “We can’t…we don’t know where the key is, and you’re so big” you weren’t sure if she was saying that to be sweet or if she was hinting that if she had had the key she would have gladly opened the cage, you hope it was the former.

“You’re giving us an apple?” you questioned, raising an eyebrow when the ape suddenly held its hand out and presented to both you and Anne with half of an apple. Without thinking about it, you rested a firm hand on Anne’s shoulder as if to prevent her from approaching the cage and taking the fruit.

“That’s weird…this apple was cut with a knife, but the color hasn’t changed yet…” Anne mumbled, pointing out something you hadn’t noticed right away. Indeed she was right, the apple did appear to be neatly cut as if a knife had been taken to it and by its color, it looked to have just been cut recently. “Someone cut it recently” the girl said, voicing your thoughts. “So, that means there really is someone else on this ship, right? Do you know where the person who feeds you is?” she asked, bending down into a squatting position as if to appear less threatening to the caged animal.

“I doubt he’s going to answer you” you said, crossing your arms before tensing as you watched the orangutan suddenly produce a cigarette and match from somewhere. In the blink of an eye, he struck the match and lit the cigarette, his eyes once again flickering back and forth between you and Anne as he stared the both of you down in contentment.

“You’re a pretty smart monkey, aren’t you?” Anne looked to be in slight awe, not at all curious or concerned about where the ape had retrieved the cigarette and match like you were. You both watched as he parted his lips and through clenched teeth, he blew out the match.

“You’re telling me” you quietly muttered, eyes narrowing in suspicion when the ape suddenly reached down and began rummaging through a pile of cloth, leaves, and twigs before pulling out a magazine—a filthy magazine at that. Almost instantly your face erupted in color as Anne gasped and jolted back up onto her feet, stepping back and bumping right into you as if she wanted to now distance herself even more from the primate as it opened up the magazine and began to admire the scantily clad women inside it.

“You’re a monkey and you find human pinup girls…attractive?” Anne nervously asked, loudly gulping as she allowed you to quickly scurry her back behind you. You didn’t like how it now slowly looked from you and the girl peeking out from behind you to the half-naked women in the magazine.

“Hey, you two, be careful” you flinched, not expecting two of the sailors from the group of men you were looking for to suddenly appear through a side door in the room.

“They say orangutans have five times the strength of a human, so it could rip your arm off with ease” one of the men explained as they carefully approached you two which in return caused Anne to press herself further against your back and grip at your shirt—obviously still uncomfortable by the ape’s actions. You didn’t blame her, you were also unnerved and uncomfortable, not sure how you felt about suddenly learning that this primate found human women sexually attractive.

“Come on, stay with us in the room on the other side and no more wandering” the other man said, resting a gentle hand on your shoulder as you allowed him to lead both you and Anne into the next room over, a sense of relief washing over you now that you were both putting even more distance between yourselves and the ape.

“O-okay…” Anne nodded, her hand slipping into your own once more as she now started to walk side by side with you instead of just clinging to your back like a scared child.


“Well?” both you and Anne silently listened to the men as they were all crowded around the radio transmitter, all of them desperately trying to get ahold of someone.

“I-it’s no use, there’s no connection” the one working the transmitter admitted, heaving a sigh as if he was prepared to just give up.

“Try it again!”

“[Your Name]?” Anne suddenly muttered, tugging at the sleeve of your shirt until you finally looked down at her. “I’m all sticky from the saltwater…can we try and find the washroom?” she questioned, looking up at you with a pleading look as if to ensure you wouldn’t say no. You looked from her to the men in the radio room before slowly taking a tentative sniff of yourself only for your nose to scrunch up as you realized that you heavily smelled of the sea like she did.

“Sure, I could use a wash myself” you muttered, already taking her hand as you both went looking for the ship’s washroom. It didn’t take long to find it—it was one that was littered with three shower stalls that were all lined up side by side and separated by steel walls. You couldn’t help but chuckle as you saw how giddy Anne became upon seeing the showers as she quickly laid claim to the middle stall while you took the one to the right of it. Both of you soon fiddling around until you were both pleased with the water that was spewing out of the showerheads and began to strip, your bag discarded in the corner of the room which was shortly followed by your and Anne’s clothes. When you were halfway undressed you stopped, becoming aware of how Anne had also halted in her actions and was staring at you, her cheeks soon flushing as she darted her gaze down towards the floor when she saw that you had caught her staring.

“S-sorry, it’s just…” she trailed off, genuinely sounding embarrassed as she started to fiddle with the buttons of her oversize button-up shirt. It grew silent after that until the only sound you heard was the running water from the showerheads.

“It’s just…?” you motioned for her to continue, honestly confused by her sudden embarrassment. You watched as her eyes began to flicker from the floor and then up at you—or more importantly at your chest which was now exposed as you had already discarded your shirt and bra. Once you realized what she was staring at and that her gaze was not flickering down to the floor but in fact flickering down at her own chest you realized that her embarrassment was due to the differences in your twos bodies—the size differences. But that was to be expected, you were seventeen and well on your way to being an adult while she looked as if she was twelve and still developing. Once you realized what she was looking at you couldn’t help but giggle as a flush of your own overtook your face.

“Don’t worry, yours are still growing” you quietly reassured her, reaching a hand out and resting it on top of her head so that you could ruffle her hair. “And if not, you’re still beautiful either way” you saw how her blush darkened as she quickly looked away from you and quietly scoffed.

“I-I know that!” she embarrassingly stammered out, quick to remove her last remaining clothes before disappearing into the shower and harshly tugging the curtain shut as if she didn’t want you seeing the blush that stained her cheeks or the small smile that tugged at her lips. You chuckled, shaking your head as you finished slipping off your skirt and underwear before heading into your own shower and began to clean yourself. You couldn't help the way your eyes darted all along the length of your arms and legs as the water washed over you in streams and down your body, eyeing the thin cuts caused by Tennille Stand's scales for a good solid minute before forcefully dragging your attention away from them. Instead, you opted to focus on the delighted feeling that began to wash over you as any grim and saltwater that coated your skin was now being washed away and leaving you feeling refreshed. It was calming just being underneath the warm running water as you couldn’t help but release a pleasant sigh as you felt your tense and sore muscles finally relax, but all too soon that feeling was cut short when your ears suddenly perked up to the sound of the door to the washroom silently creaking open and then shut. The sound was faint, but you still heard it nonetheless.

Almost on instinct, you harshly shut the water off and snatched up the towel on the towel rack right next to you. You were aware that Anne hadn’t heard what you had as the water from her stall was still running and she sounded as if she was happily humming to herself as you hastily and tightly wrapped yourself up in your towel and threw the shower curtain open without a second thought. Eyes suspiciously darting back and forth all around the room in search of anything weird—like an unwanted man. Taking a few steady steps forward, your eyes continued darting left and right as you slowly turned and started to walk towards the unused shower on the other side of Anne’s stall to see if anyone was hiding in it. You didn’t get far though until you heard a sound behind you, the sound of heavy breathing followed by the uncomfortable feeling of warm air being blown down onto the back of your neck.

Hesitantly turning around, you were greeted by the sight of the orangutan from earlier staring you down.

Chapter Text

You didn’t have time to react—you didn’t have time to call out Siren or scream before he suddenly raised one of his long arms and smashed it right against the side of your head and sent you crashing right through the curtain of Anne’s shower stall. She screamed when your body hit against her own and harshly pushed her against the wall as you dragged the shower curtain down from its metal rod and hit the floor with a loud smack. You felt disjointed for a moment, head spinning as you were almost certain you were seeing stars as the water continued to rain down from the showerhead and drench both you and your towel while Anne moaned in pain. Rubbing her head which had harshly hit against the wall when your body had suddenly shoved her against it, though her moans of pain soon turned into a sharp gasp as a shadow fell over the two of you.

“[Y-Your Name]” she seemed to sputter out in a whimper, scrambling to grab her own towel as you shook your head—hissing at how it painfully throbbed in protest at the action—and peered up with a glare at the ape that was now staring down at you almost lustfully. He was making heavy grunting sounds as his hand repeatedly began to scratch at his chest as he looked down at you before up at Anne who was now cowering in the corner of the shower. Neither of you said a word, holding your breaths as if hoping he’d just turn and leave, but instead he lifted his hand and you watched as he pointed between your legs with his finger before moving up to your breasts and past your head so that he could do the same to Anne.

“Siren!” you practically screeched the second the primate attempted to take a step forward and just as you screamed her name she came bursting right out of you. Her tail rapidly moving as all the discarded water on the floor, coming from the showerhead, and even from yours and Anne’s body was drawn towards her until a thick sheet of it was floating right between you and the ape who had halted almost in curiosity upon spotting the sheet of water that now blocked his path and view. Without a second thought, you lifted your leg and jutted it forward, breaking through the veil of water with ease and connecting with the animal’s jaw which caused it to screech in pain from your sudden attack and stumble back. You wasted no time in jumping onto your feet—nearly slipping in the process as you positioned yourself right in front of Anne like a human shield just as the ape came bursting through the water veil wildly screaming which in return caused the child behind you to scream in fear.

“Hey!” before you had the chance to call Siren once again, Jotaro’s voice suddenly called out from behind the primate which in return caused it to look back only to be smashed upside the head with a padlock that was clearly from its cage.

“Jojo!” Anne smiled as she poked her head out from behind you, looking quite happy to see the delinquent.

“Jotaro” you sighed in relief, thankful that the teen had shown up but at the same time you felt your cheeks grow warm as you realized that both you and Anne were still naked—only covered by towels that had become thoroughly soaked by the still running water of the showerhead.

“Here’s your fucking lock!” Jotaro didn’t seem all that bothered nor concerned by your or Anne’s lack of clothing as he instead focused his attention on the ape that was trying to crawl away to nurture his bleeding skull. He didn’t get far as the teen threw the lock in his hand with all his might and hit the ape right against the side of the head once again. “This ape…is no ordinary ape” he muttered to himself when the animal had grabbed hold of his jacket instead of kneeling over dead like you felt it probably should have after receiving two harsh blows against its skull.

“Yeah, no kidding” you grumbled, rolling your eyes as your hand found itself tangled inside Anne’s wet hair when you suddenly felt her arms wrap tightly against your own and her face buried against your side as if she was looking for comfort.

“Is it possible he’s…” Jotaro mumbled before being cut off as the orangutan lifted his leg and swung it towards the teen’s head.

“Ora!” Star Platinum came out of Jotaro without needing to be told, already swinging his fist as he stopped the ape’s attack before it could land.

“Jotaro, watch out!” you shouted out when one of the ceiling fans broke off from the ceiling and went spinning towards Jotaro. Either of you barely able to react as one of its blades dug into the flesh of his shoulder. This seemed to cause the ape to make a sound that sounded similar to mocking laughter.

“D-did he just make that fan hit me?” Jotaro grunted, sounding for a split second like the fan embedded into his shoulder was hurting him before straightening his posture and looking as if he wasn’t bothered by the blood that was currently squirting out of his new wound. “So, this ape is a Stand user…”

“Honestly, that doesn’t surprise me” you sighed before furrowing your brows as your eyes slowly started to scan the room. “But where is his Stand exactly? I don’t see it anywhere” Jotaro nodded in agreement with you, his eyes also beginning to scan the room in search of the primate’s Stand.

“What?” Jotaro asked when one of the fan blades suddenly smacked away his hand the second he attempted to remove the fan from his shoulder. “Is the propeller bending on its own?” he questioned as each of the blades began to squirming and wiggling around as if they were made of rubber and not metal. You flinched, yelping in shock as the fan suddenly twisted itself back before basically backhanding Jotaro with its blade and sent him flying backward, smashing through the door located behind him.

“Jojo!” Anne screamed as the ape behind you two started to happily jump around in excitement.

“What the fuck is this?” Jotaro questioned seemingly cutting the orangutan’s cheering short as it grew feral and angry upon noticing that the teen was still conscious. You pulled Anne flushed against you, practically burying her face into your bosom as the ape tore past you both and towards Jotaro as a nearby window suddenly shattered. “Again, I don’t see a Stand, but somehow the window broke…Star Platinum!” the delinquent called forth his Stand which instantly began to catch the broken shards of glass that were flying towards him.

“Ora!” Star Platinum turned around the moment he finished catching all of the shards and punched towards the orangutan, but instead of hitting the soft flesh of the animal’s stomach, he only hit the metal wall of the ship as the ape simply phased right through it.

“What’s with this thing?” Jotaro muttered. “The ape sank into the wall and disappeared! Hey, did you see that?” he questioned, mostly speaking to Anne seeing how she wasn’t a Stand user as he motioned you two closer. “Stay close, something bad is going down” Anne wasted no time in running towards him and quickly nestled herself up against his side as you simply stood beside him, tightly clutching your towel closed and making sure you were fully covered, unlike Anne who barely even bothered fully wrapping her towel around herself.

“Perhaps…” you started, slowly thinking your words over as your eyes darted back and forth, looking up and down as you kept an eye out for the orangutan. “The reason we can’t see his Stand is because its…” you didn’t need to finish your sentence as you clamped your mouth shut once you saw Jotaro’s face twist up into a look of surprise as he was already catching onto what you were thinking—already starting to think the same thing himself.

“W-what?!” Anne squealed when the ship suddenly and violently shook.

“A massive Stand!” Jotaro gasped just as pipes wrapped around him like snakes and forcefully pulled both him and Star Platinum back against the wall.

“Jo—ah!” you yelped as more pipes appeared, wrapping their way around your shoulders and binding your arms behind your back as well as wrapping around your waist as you were forcefully dragged down until you were being held in a seated position on the floor. Suddenly the orangutan reappeared, poking his head out through the wall and mockingly laughing at both you and Jotaro as Anne fearfully and frantically looked between the two of you.

“D-Dammit!” Jotaro cursed, as he struggled against his restraints. Finally, the ape reappeared, stepping out through the wall of the ship and now dressed up like a captain as a smoking pipe dangled from between his lips. Without missing a beat he suddenly held up a dictionary and pointed at the word Strength. He blew smoke out from the opening of his pipe and nose while drool leaked down his chin as he pulled out a Rubik’s Cube and effortlessly began to solve it as if to prove to all of you his intelligence. It stopped though when Star suddenly broke one of his arms free only to have more pipes appear to hold it down.

The orangutan began to giddily laugh, and you were certain that if he could have properly spoke he would have already begun boasting about his Stand. Proudly he finished solving the Rubik’s Cube before crushing it in his hand with little effort and then turned his attention towards Anne, hungrily licking his lips as he admired her body and how sloppily the towel was wrapped around it.

“Hey!” you called out, grabbing the ape’s attention as you started to struggle against your own restraints until your own towel began to loosen around your body and fall a little, showing off the curve of your breasts a bit more and riding up your legs until the fabric was bunched up around your midthigh. “Based off of that filthy magazine of yours from earlier, I assume you’d prefer a fully developed, grown woman over a runt” you knew it sounded harsh, but you needed to do something to keep the animal’s attention off the child. It worked as you could practically see the hearts in the ape’s eyes as he turned his full attention on you this time and began to approach you, heavily panting in excitement as he reached a hand out towards your restrained body. “Fucking pervert” you bitterly hissed as Siren burst out of your body and harshly lashed out with her nails, slashing them down the animal’s face and causing him to screech in pain as he stumbled back and away from you, his hands covering his face as if to hide his wounds. When he recovered he glared at you and looked about ready to lunge right at you and tear you to shreds before halting when something hit the back of his head.

“That button’s not part of your Stand” Jotaro calmly said as the ape curiously bent down and picked up the golden button that the teen had thrown at him. Blood continued to pool down his face from where Siren and scratched him—unfortunately, she hadn’t been lucky enough to get his eyes with her nails, but her claw marks she left still looked quite nasty. You could see the venomous anger that was slowly building up within the primate as his body harshly started to shake as if he was enraged that none of you were taking him seriously and treating him like he wasn’t an actual threat. “You angry?” Jotaro questioned. “I bet that hurt your pride since you thought you won.

“No, it’s not hurt…because apes don’t have any pride!”

“Damn right” you quietly spat with a glare of your own as the orangutan finally snapped and lunged for the delinquent.

“That’s exactly what makes you a fucking ape” Jotaro softly scoffed at the primate as it lunged towards him. “Now allow me to show you what being hurt really feels like!” Star Platinum curled most of his fingers shut and sent the first two—his pointer and middle finger—stretching forward and striking the button in the ape’s hands harshly that it flew out of his and pierced through his skull like a speeding bullet. All too quickly the animal was already beginning to roll around on the floor in pain, his Stand weakening that Jotaro was basically able to rip himself free while Siren simply tore off the pipes around you until you were able to stand and fix your towel. “Gimme a break” Jotaro sighed, annoyed by the constant screeching of the primate as he backed himself into a corner and away from the teen.

“Looks like you downright terrified him” you chuckled, watching how the animal tore his jacket open and presented his stomach to the delinquent. “Look, he’s already showing he’s given up.”

“I’ve heard that, when frightened, animals show their stomachs to signal they’ve given up” Jotaro said as he tilted his hat downwards. “You want my forgiveness?” he asked as the ape frightfully nodded his head. “Problem is you already crossed a line no animal should, you’re done for.”

“Ora, Ora, Ora, Ora!” and without any mercy, Star Platinum began to wail on the animal, screaming out his usual battle cry in the process. “Ora!” with one final punch he sent the primate flying back and through a nearby door.

“It’s distorting…the whole ship is twisting up!” Anne pointed out as the ship began to twist up, the metal wavering back and forth as if it was merely a mirage that was fading away.

“Hey, there’s time to be surprised later, this ship’s going down” Jotaro said. “We’ll get out of here on the boats we came on.”

“Come on, we need to get dressed quickly” you mumbled, already quickly ushering Anne back into the distorting bathroom so that you both could dress yourselves. Quickly slipping on your clothes as fast as you could as you desired that neither her nor you go out and face the others while indecent. As Jotaro had said you all were quick to pile off the distorting ship and back onto the lifeboat you had been sailing on earlier and already you once again found yourself curled up and tightly gripping your flashlight the second you noted that it was now nighttime.

“I-I can’t believe it…the ship is transforming…” Anne breathed out as you all watched as the giant freighter shrunk until it was nothing more than a puny row boat. “It’s turning into a puny little boat…”

“Inconceivable…that monkey used its own Stand to get this far into the ocean” Avdol frowned. “What a terrifying power, this is the first time I have encountered such energy.”

“We were completely overwhelmed, if Jotaro hadn’t figured it out, we’d be done for” Joseph sighed as you all shifted around and tried to calm yourself. Kakyoin was already running a comb through his hair and Jotaro was lighting up a cigarette while you continued to harshly grip your flashlight and pointed it up towards you, watching how it chased away the surrounding darkness and surrounded you in a comfortable, warm glow of light. “Do you think we’ll encounter Stands that are even more twisted and powerful than his?” the old man questioned.

“Want some gum?” Polnareff offered as if that would calm the older man’s nerves.

“I suppose we’ll be drifting again…” Joseph mumbled.

“Gimme a break, my cigarettes are soaked” Jotaro sighed.

“There’ll be plenty of time for them to dry in the sun, Jojo” Polnareff told him.

“Seems to me like every time they dry they just get soaked again” you said, snickering as you tried to calm your frayed nerves that were once again on edge now that you found yourself out in the dark once more. You prayed you’d make it to land soon so that the next time night falls, you’d safely be tucked away in some hotel room.

“We’ll just have to pray we get rescued and reach Singapore safely” Joseph said. “It’s been four days since we left Japan…” you pondered his words, realizing that he was right, it had only been four days and already so much has happened. Shortly after Joseph said that, you all fell into a relatively peaceful silence—or somewhat a peaceful silence as Avdol and Joseph found themselves wrapped up in their own personal conversation while Polnareff loudly smacked his lips while he chewed on the gum he had offered Joseph earlier. Anne was already curling up on herself and attempting to sleep, seemingly not wanting to bother in striking up a conversation with any of you and just wanting to sleep away the day’s events. That left just you, Kakyoin, and Jotaro.

“You alright?” you suddenly heard Jotaro ask from beside you, voice quiet and gruff as he spoke around the soggy cigarette he still had clenched between his teeth—not bothering in getting rid of it.

“Huh?” you questioned.

“You heard me” he grumbled, looking as if he didn’t care much to repeat himself and instead leaned back and crossed his arms behind his head as he slumped down until he was nearly lying down. You stared at him for a couple of seconds, watching how he tilted his hat down and over his eyes while he patiently waited for you to answer.

“Uh, yeah…though I think you should be asking Anne that more than me” you mumbled, eyes peering over at the sleeping child. “I’m sure that orangutan scared her more than it did me” you admitted, though subconsciously you felt the way one of your arms suddenly wrapped their way around you as if trying to pull your clothes even tighter against your body to ensure you were decently covered. Thinking back to that moment in the washroom, you couldn’t stop the way your cheeks flared, and embarrassment overtook you at the thought that someone like Jotaro had seen you practically naked.

“She’s a tough kid” was all you heard him mutter back. “But, I’m glad you’re both safe either way” you had to strain just to hear him admit that, lips curling upwards as you cupped your ear and leaned down closer towards him.

“What? What was that?” you asked, unable to stop yourself from teasing him this time. “What did you just say?”

“Don’t push it” was all your heard him grunt out as you couldn’t help the way you fell into a giggling fit.

“I see you two are now getting along” Kakyoin smiled, dragging your attention away from the delinquent and towards the redhead as you looked at him with a wide, playful smile while giving a firm nod of your head.

“Yes, it seems the sourpuss finally decided to grace me with his kindness” you snickered as you heard Jotaro softly scoff while Kakyoin simply chuckled at you two. “Who knows, maybe by the end of these fifty days I’ll be Jotaro’s very best friend in the whole wide world” you wanted to laugh at how ridiculous that sounded, never having imagined saying such words before as just literally days ago you both were mere strangers.

“Maybe” Kakyoin chuckled.

“You wish” Jotaro muttered as he released a heavy sigh that was followed by a small smile.

-The Next Day-

It was pure luck that the ship you had all signaled two days ago finally came and picked you all up, and it was also pure luck that nothing happened as you were all safely taken to Singapore with little trouble this time.

“About time, we’re finally here” Polnareff tiredly sighed.

“We’ll stay at a hotel tonight and figure out the best route to Egypt” Joseph decided, his eyes sweeping the area before landing on the tall building across the street. “Alright, let’s stay at that one.”

“Hey, you!” you flinched at the harsh whistle from behind you that was shortly followed by a deep, authoritative voice. “Yeah, you there!” peering back, you were all greeted by a police officer, one whose face was scrunched up into a look of irritation as he pointed his finger right at Polnareff. “You left this trash on the ground, didn’t you? That’ll be five hundred Singapore dollars!” the man shouted, jabbing his finger downwards as he repeatedly pointed at Polnareff’s bag.

“Huh? Five hundred?” the Frenchman seemed confused, not fully understanding what the officer was trying to say.

“Here in Singapore, littering is prohibited by law!” the officer stated.

“Five hundred Singapore dollars…” Kakyoin mumbled.

“That’s roughly 40,000 Japanese yen…” Joseph said.

“Yeah, but Polnareff isn’t Japanese” you pointed out, making it clear that translating the amount into yen wouldn't help the Frenchman.

“Trash?” Avdol questioned.

“You hear me?” the officer scowled.

“Trash?” Polnareff also questioned, still not understanding the officer. “What are you talking about?” he asked, hands on his hips before his eyes finally narrowed as he saw exactly where the officer was pointing—this caused Avdol to choke back a laugh. “I don’t see anything except my luggage sitting right beside me! Would you be so kind as to point out this trash you’re speaking of?” the Frenchman’s smile was strained as he jabbed his finger into the officer’s chest before grabbing a tight hold of his shoulder. “Where’s the trash, buddy?”

“That’s your luggage?” the officer nervously asked.

“That’s right!”

“E-excuse me!” the man weakly laughed, flustered by his own mistake. You felt your lips twitch upwards when you suddenly heard Anne burst out into a fit of laughter before she quickly crossed her arms behind her back and turned her head the other way with a “hmph” when everyone looked at her. “W-well, I’ll be going then…” the officer gave a small wave, quick to scamper off and away from you all as Polnareff simply responded with a shooing motion of his hand.

“What’s with the kid? She’s still following us” Polnareff pointed out as you all curiously watched how the kid paced around in circles for a minute before plopping right down on the ground.

“Hey, weren’t you going to see your father?” Joseph questioned as you nodded your head in agreement.

“Why don’t you stop following us and get going?” Polnareff questioned.

“He’ll be here in five days” Anne huffed, sounding annoyed as she avoided eye contact with all of you. “I can go wherever I want! I don’t have to take orders from you guys” though she attempted to sound tough and independent, you watched how she was quick to look towards both you and Jotaro with a small pout—though you suspected that her pout was more directed towards the delinquent then to you.

“She will be at risk if she stays with us” Avdol quietly pointed out as you all huddled closer together to privately discuss.

“Maybe she doesn’t have any money?” Kakyoin suggested.

“Even if she did have money, it seems a bit reckless to just let a kid her age wander around all alone in a foreign country” you shrugged. “I know she’d be at risk if she stays with us, but she’d also be at risk if we left her alone.”

“Alright…I guess we can pay for her hotel room” Joseph sighed. “Polnareff, we don’t want to hurt her pride, so use some tact.”

“Gotcha” the Frenchman smiled before approaching Anne. “Hey! You’re poor, right? We’ll pay for your room, so come on” you snorted at how blunt the older man was with his approach. Even from beside you Kakyoin snickered as Avdol and Joseph heavily sighed and shook their heads.

“Let us just check-in…” Avdol muttered.

“Y-yeah…” Joseph nodded in agreement as he simply motioned for you all to follow and as you walked towards the hotel, you felt a small hand slip into your own. From the corner of your eye, you watched as Anne started to walk side by side with you, her gaze directed forward as a tint of pink stained her cheeks. You didn’t question her, instead choosing to give her hand a small squeeze as a small smile tugged at your lips.

“I am terribly sorry, but we’re rather full at this time of year” the woman at the front deck apologized the moment you all finally reached the hotel and began to check-in. “The rooms won’t be next to each other, is that alright?”

“Well, not like we have a choice” Joseph mumbled as he signed his name. “Then for the rooms…uh…Avdol and I will share a room…”

“Jotaro and I will share a room since we’re both students” Kakyoin said.

“Anne and I will share a room, us ladies need to stick together, isn’t that right?” you asked, smiling as Anne gave a firm nod.

“That means that the last room is for Polnareff” Joseph said, eyes scanning each of you as he took into account who was rooming with who before slowly nodding his head in agreement. The woman behind the front desk only smiled as she shuffled around before laying four room keys out on top of the desk. Polnareff took his first, seemingly pleased to have a room all to himself.

“Come on, we’ve been through hell since we left Hong Kong” he motioned with his hand for you all to hurry and follow. “Let’s hurry up and take a shower where it’s safe” you narrowed your eyes for a moment at the comment before sighing and shaking your head as you grabbed the key to your and Anne’s room. After ascending the stairs, you all went your separate ways in search of your rooms.

“Found it” Anne said the moment she spotted your twos room, practically running ahead of you to wait in front of it as you followed at a steady pace. Even if she didn’t show it, you could see her excitement about staying in a hotel room in the way she lightly began to bounce on the balls of her feet as she impatiently waited for you to open the door and when you did, you watched how she was quick to zip inside and almost fling herself onto one of the beds. “This one’s mine!” you heard her firmly state as soon as you entered the room and shut the door behind you.

“Alright” you mumbled, gaze wandering about the room as you took note that it was decently large, various carpets were laid out on its wooden floors and the walls were painted a simple cream color. There was a vanity mirror pushed up against the wall right across from the two beds that were decently spaced apart and separated by a bedside table that only held an extravagant lamp and landline. There were also various paintings hung up on the wall and sliding glass doors that led out onto the balcony—in front of those doors was a table with two chairs stationed across one another, part of you wondered if they were meant to be outside but had been brought in to avoid rain damage. Anne was already laid out on her bed, her arms sprawled out as she let herself sink into the mattress and stare up at the ceiling, her eyes soon fluttering shut as her breathing was slowed, and you couldn’t tell if she had dozed off or if she was simply relaxing. It didn’t matter as you were more focused on the dull throbbing sensation that was slowly building up behind your right eye.

Ever since you stepped off the boat your skull had begun to throb, albeit the pain wasn’t intense, but you knew if you didn’t handle it now it would only grow into a full-blown migraine later in the day. So without a second thought, you simply dropped your bag onto your bed and began to rummage around inside it until you found your pain medication, lightly shaking the orange pill bottle around in your hand as you took it and disappeared into the bathroom. You didn’t get constant migraines every day or every week, instead, they came at random. Sometimes you’d get a few within the same week and other times it’d be months before you were struck by another one, they weren’t consistent either—some would hit you head on and others would start out as nothing more than a dull throb that would constantly get worse throughout the day. You weren’t an expert on migraines, but you were aware that anything could possibly trigger them.

A part of you had an inkling that this one was possibly triggered by the stressful events that had been going on these past few days and the fact you had been knocked up on the side of the head by that monkey. Once inside the bathroom, you wasted no time in turning on the faucet and popping one of the white, oval pills into your mouth and swallowed. Quick to duck your head underneath the sink faucet to chase the pill down with a few gulps of water. You were aware the pill wouldn’t magically work right away, but you prayed it’d be enough to prevent the dull throbbing sensation behind your eye from becoming worse than it already was. Just as you were about to leave the bathroom and lie down to rest for a bit so the medicine could take effect, you stopped when you actually caught sight of yourself in the mirror.

You weren’t awful, but you didn’t look all that great either. There were faint and almost nonexistent cuts on your face that were the same as the ones on your arms and legs, there was also bit of discoloration beneath your eyes as if to remind you that you hadn’t been sleeping well for the past couple of days and just around the hairline on the side of your head you could see the discoloration of a bruise forming around your scalp that was mainly hidden by your hair. You had an inkling that the hit you had taken to the side of the head from that ape would bruise and part of you was practically thankful that that bruise was now hidden from sight by the various strands of your hair. You don’t know how people would have reacted upon seeing a seventeen-year-old woman walking around with a bunch of men with half her face bruised, with it hidden out of sight it could heal by itself without anyone constantly staring at it. Raising a hand, you were tempted to poke at that area of your scalp, tempted to just press down and feel just how bad it was going to hurt, but stopped yourself when the tip of your fingers was just barely inches away from pressing down against the hidden bruise. Thinking it wouldn't be a smart idea to go and start probing at it.

“[Your Name]?” you heard Anne call out and when you finally stepped out of the bathroom you saw that she had now moved from her bed to peer into the vanity mirror and began attempting to pat down the loose strands of her hair as if attempting to make it look decent. “You alright?” she asked, watching your reflection in the mirror as you passed by her and dropped your bottle of pain meds back into your bag.

“Yeah, head was just hurting” you told her, picking your bag up and this time sitting it on the floor as you were the one to flop down onto your bed in a similar manner to how she had done when you had opened the door.

“Is it because of…” Anne trailed off, not really wanting to bring up that perverted ape that had attacked you both.

“Let’s not bother with the past” you said, lazily lifting your arm and dismissively waving your hand as if to silently tell her there was no point in getting riled up about what had happened on the freighter. “Let’s talk about something else like…” you pursed your lips in thought, quietly humming to yourself as you crossed your arms and tapped the tip of your finger against your chin as your gaze flickered all around the room as if trying to look for inspiration.

“Like?” Anne questioned, putting her gaze back on her own reflection as she began to run her fingers through her hair this time. Wincing every time one of the digits would snag a knot and she’d have to harshly tug her hand down until the knot either came loose or simply forced her to pull at it until it unraveled.

“Like why your dad isn’t here yet” Anne tensed up at that, quick to advert her gaze downwards in guilt as you continued to stare up at the ceiling. “You said you were coming to Singapore to see your father so…why is it that you got here before him?” it had been bothering you for a while what she had said after Polnareff had asked her why she was still hanging around you all.

“Um…well…you see…” before Anne could come up with an answer, she sighed in relief when there was a sudden knock at the room’s door. You sat up upon hearing the knock, watching as Anne was quick to rush towards the door and stand up on her tippy toes so she could peer through the peephole. “Oh, it’s Jojo!” she practically sounded excited, already quick to forget about how nervous your question had made her as she giddily opened the room’s door while you stood up. “Is something wrong?” she asked, poking her head out the door as you came up behind her and pulled it even further open until you were face to face with both Jotaro and Kakyoin.

“Good, you’re both here” Jotaro said, his gaze flickering from between you and Anne. “Listen up, don’t leave your room and [Your Name], you’re coming with us” he locked eyes with you as he motioned with his head for you to step out of the room.

“Alright” you didn’t bother questioning him right away, already figuring that if he and Kakyoin were here and telling Anne to stay in the room, that meant something bad must have happened. “Anne, don’t go opening the door for strangers while I’m gone, okay?” you asked, peering back at her as she still stood in the doorway of your twos hotel room. A look of genuine confusion and fright on her face as her gaze rapidly flickered between you, Jotaro, and Kakyoin before slowly she nodded her head and responded.

“O-okay…” and with that, she fully stepped back into the room and slowly shut the door as you and the two men began to make your way down the hall.

“So, what exactly is going on?” you asked once you were certain the door was firmly shut, and you were decently out of earshot that Anne couldn’t eavesdrop on the conversation.

“It appears that we’re in danger” Kakyoin answered, not bothering to elaborate though you weren’t sure if that was on purpose or by accident.

“Okay…I already guessed that” you mumbled, letting silence settle between the three of you as your eyes flickered back and forth between the two men as you followed right alongside them. “I assume that since we’re in danger that means we’re going to meet up with Mr. Joestar and Avdol.”

“That’s right, Gramps wanted Kakyoin and me to check up on the pipsqueak as well as pick you up, he thinks sticking together is safer than being separated” Jotaro answered, barely bothering to cast a glance your way as you nodded your head. You wondered why Joseph hadn’t just called you to tell you what was happening himself, but you had a small inkling that he just wanted to make sure that Jotaro and Kakyoin would show up no matter if you and Anne were fine or not. The walk to Joseph and Avdol’s room was mainly silent as none of you bothered striking up any conversations this time, though conversation wasn’t really needed as it didn’t take long for you all to reach room 1212, the room Joseph and Avdol were staying in.

“It’s just you three?” Joseph questioned as soon as Jotaro opened the door and you all entered.

“How is the girl?” Avdol asked.

“Well, we went to check on her…” Jotaro answered.

“But she’s not a Stand user, so we thought we’d be putting her in unnecessary danger by bringing her here” Kakyoin added.

“Anne’s a smart girl, she’ll be fine on her own for a while as long as she stays in the room” you responded when you saw Joseph begin to mull over your threes decision to not bring Anne along.

“Good point, so that just leaves Polnareff” Joseph nodded in agreement to both you and Kakyoin before leaning back in his chair. “But, he’s really late…it’s been well over five minutes.”

“Should one of us go and check up on him then?” you questioned, watching as the old man stroked his beard in thought before simply shaking his head.

“No, let’s give him a few more minutes” he muttered as you all looked at one another, wondering if that truly was the best option before slowly nodding your heads and doing as the old man said. You all stood around in a comfortable silence as you waited, chatter light and almost nonexistent and it wasn’t long before the door to the room finally creaked open. “Oh, Polnareff, you finally arrived—man, you took forever” Joseph said as you all watched the Frenchman stumble into the room, his body violently shaking as blood leaked from small puncture wounds and various other wounds around his body and his hair was a frayed mess. “Alright, everyone, have a seat” the old man barely acknowledged how worn out and ragged your silver-haired companion looked or the distressed look he wore on his face.

“Uh...Mr. Joestar?” you quietly piped up, hoping to gain the older man’s attention as you worriedly looked at Polnareff who looked as if he was struggling to just stand.

“We need to figure out a way to defeat Devo the Cursed” Joseph continued as Polnareff finally fell against the wall and slowly slid down onto the floor.

“I-I’m beat…” he moaned in pain.


“I’m not surprised the police were called” you tiredly sighed as you and Anne made your way down the stairs to the hotel’s main lobby, the young girl had wished to go exploring the surrounding area—no longer wanting to stay cooped up in the hotel room after hearing about the two corpses that had been found and after watching Polnareff get carted away by the police. “Hope Mr. Joestar’s right and that Polnareff will be fine” you muttered, recalling how the old man had reassured you all that he’d handle the police and that it wouldn’t be long before the Frenchman was freely walking around once again.

“We should invite Jojo to come along” you suddenly heard Anne pipe up from beside you, already changing the course of your twos direction to head towards the hotel’s outdoor pool. You vaguely recalled Kakyoin having invited both you and Anne shortly after the polices arrival to join him and Jotaro out by the pool in an attempt to unwind and relax from all the excitement that had been stirred up by this Devo the Cursed guy. You had declined, wanting nothing more than to just take a nap and laze about in your hotel room—of course, such plans had quickly went out the window thanks to both Anne’s restless pacing and her opting to constantly ask you if Polnareff really was responsible for the death of those two men whose corpses had been discovered. It didn’t take her long before she concluded that she didn’t want to spend another minute inside the hotel if there was a real possibility that the “real killer" was still somewhere within the building.

“I mean if that’s what you want, sure” you shrugged as you both stepped outside into the sweltering heat of the afternoon. The pool was quite crowded as many of the hotel guests were either swimming, hanging around the poolside and chattering, or even just relaxing on one of the many poolside chairs and taking refugee underneath the shade of the umbrellas that were attached to the small, circular tables that could be found in between each of the chairs. It didn’t take long to spot Kakyoin and Jotaro—both of them sticking out like a sore thumb due to the fact that they were the only people wearing school uniforms while everyone else around them sported bathing suits or casual clothing. The second Anne spotted Jotaro she was already running towards him and leaving you behind as you opted to follow at a leisurely pace.

“Jojo! Hey, Jojo!” Anne chirped, attempting to catch the delinquent’s attention when she noted that he was reclined all the way back in his chair and that his hat was pushed all the way down and over his eyes to give off the illusion he was sleeping and didn’t want to be disturbed. That illusion, of course, broke when he suddenly grunted and shifted around, letting you both know he had heard Anne.

“Oh, Anne, [Your Name]” Kakyoin said, lifting his head to look up at both you and the child when he saw you both approaching. He was simply sporting a pair of shades that rested on the bridge of his nose while in his hands was a book that you couldn’t see the title of. “Did you both decide to change your mind and join us?” the redhead asked, smiling as he lowered his book onto his lap and watched as you shrugged your shoulders.

“Sort of, Anne here wants to go exploring and was wondering if you both would want to join us” you knew Anne was only wanting to invite Jotaro, but you thought it rude not to invite Kakyoin as well when he was just sitting right there. You watched how Jotaro finally pushed himself up into a proper sitting position, fixing his hat now so that you could properly see those green irises of his that immediately began to stare you down for a few seconds before looking towards Anne who was practically giving him her best impression of puppy dog eyes. He maybe stared at her for a solid minute before heavily sighing through his nose and muttering something unintelligible underneath his breath.

“It’s getting too crowded around here anyway” he grunted as he stood up and buried his hands into his pants pockets. “You coming, Kakyoin?” he asked.

“No, I’m quite fine staying here” the redhead barely even batted an eye, only taking a second to come up with his own answer as he held up his book to make it silently clear that he wanted to stay and finish it.

“You sure?” you asked, tilting your head in thought as you watched him offer you that gentle smile of his as he gave a firm nod. One that you returned in understanding before you, Anne, and Jotaro took your leave. As you all walked, you took notice of how Anne was quick to glue herself to Jotaro’s side, walking as close to him as she could and happily stared up at him as she reached out and grabbed hold of his arm which he barely seemed to mind as he didn’t pull away or snap at her like he probably would have with anyone else. You fell behind the two, watching with mild interest before bringing a hand up to cover the sly smile on your face and muffle your giggling as you concluded that Anne seemed to have developed what most would deem a childish crush on the delinquent. How cute.

It wasn’t until you all exited out of the glass doors of the hotel’s entrance and began walking down the sidewalk and away from the premises when you suddenly felt an arm come down and wrap itself around your shoulders and pull you flush against the side of a very muscular and lanky body.

Chapter Text

You yelped in surprise, body tensing up as both Anne and Jotaro came to a stop in front of you, curiously peering back to see just what had suddenly startled you. As you began squirming around, you opened your mouth and was ready to snap at the stranger that thought it wise to just come up and invade your personal space before halting when you locked eyes with a familiar pair of purple irises yet…they felt off somehow.

“Kakyoin?” you questioned, watching from the corner of your eye how both Jotaro and Anne seemed to relax when they saw that it was only the redhead. You followed in suit as well, your tense muscles relaxing as whatever fear and anger you had suddenly felt was washed away with a sense of relief that the person beside you was a familiar face and not some creep.

“Hey now, no need to get all worked up—I just didn’t want you all going and leaving me behind is all, didn’t mean to scare you, sweetheart” though he sounded like Kakyoin and looked like Kakyoin, you couldn’t help but feel like something was just off. Despite only knowing the redhead for a few days, it was clear to you that he was a gentleman, and seeing him just invade your personal bubble without asking and hearing him call you “sweetheart” just didn’t feel right. Perhaps he was feeling a bit sick, I mean, being out in this heat in these school uniforms for long periods of time wasn’t exactly the best decision any of you youths could have thought of.

“Leave you behind you?” you muttered, confused by his wording while at the same time choosing to ignore the “sweetheart” comment. “So, did you like change your mind or something?” you asked, tilting your head to peer up at him as he looked down at you with a blank stare—looking as if he didn’t fully understand what you were saying before suddenly there was a flash of something within his eyes as if a light bulb had just gone off.

“Yeah, that’s right, I changed my mind” he nodded in agreement, seemingly clinging to your words as you felt his arm slid down your back and suddenly his hand was now resting against your waist, fingers curling and gripping at the fabric of your uniform. “I thought it’d be too boring to just stay behind and chose to come with you all instead, that isn’t a problem, is it?” he asked, peering down at you for what felt like an eternity before looking towards Jotaro and Anne who were both staring at him with raised eyebrows—both concerned by his weird behavior like you were.

“No, it’s not…” you said, slowly shaking your head.

“Good, then why don’t we continue walking? I mean there certainly is a lot to see around here and so little time” Kakyoin smiled, but it wasn’t that same gentle smile you were used too—this one felt unreal, but you didn’t question it. Sticking to your gut that his weird behavior may have been because of the heat because as far as you could see, there really was nothing wrong with him. He just looked like plain old Kakyoin. Jotaro looked as if he had come to the same conclusion as you or maybe he just didn’t bother thinking too much about Kakyoin’s strange attitude as he and Anne faced forward once again and took the lead with you and Kakyoin following behind.

“Yeah” you muttered in agreement, uncomfortably prying his hand off of your waist and now opting to put some distance between you two as you drifted a bit to the side. Only offering him a nervous smile when he looked to you as if to silently question your sudden actions, once he saw your smile he returned it with a crooked one of his own that had you snapping your attention forward. You all walked in a relatively peaceful silence, but it wasn’t long before Anne suddenly perked up the minute she spied an ice cream stand further up ahead—quickly did she release Jotaro’s arm and took off running, eagerly becoming excited over the thought of eating something sweet.

“Can I have some ice cream?” she asked.

“Welcome!” the stand owner happily greeted, a wide smile spreading across his face once he noticed he had customers. “Little girl…ice cream’s good and all, but so’s this!” quickly did he grab hold of one of the coconuts he was selling and held it out towards Anne who drew back a little as she now watched how he brought the fruit back up towards his face and seemed to just cradle it with care. “It’s chilled coconut juice! Want some?” he asked as he now offered her another coconut, one that had a gaping hole in the top and two straws placed inside it so one could easily drink the liquid inside.

“I guess we’ll try it” Jotaro said as he came up from behind Anne, answering for her before she even had the chance to speak. “We’ll take four” he said while holding up four fingers as if to make sure the man understood what he wanted.

“Yes, thanks! That’s sixteen dollars” the stand owner smiled.

“Hey, that should only be eight dollars!” Anne quickly scowled as you couldn’t help but eye the sign clearly leaned up against the pile of coconuts that had four dollars painted on it. You had no doubt that Anne probably felt the man was overcharging you all for something as simple as coconut juice and a part of you couldn’t help but agree with her—but, you weren’t the one running the business.

“Well, this should cover it” Kakyoin said, already digging out his wallet as he paid for the four coconuts.

“Okay! Come again!” the stand owner cheerfully chirped, his smile never once faltering as he began to hand over the purchased goods.

“Thanks, pal!” just as Kakyoin was about to put away his wallet, a strange man suddenly snatched it up—snickering to himself as he now took off running with the stolen goods.

“Hey!” you frowned as you noticed this transaction, already now tempted to just call out Siren and have her possibly trip the man and retrieve the wallet. But before you could follow through with that decision, Kakyoin had already sent his Hierophant Green barreling towards the thief, his Stand moving incredibly quickly across the ground…though you couldn’t help but notice just how painfully wrong and awkward it’s movements felt as it crawled across the ground before harshly grabbing hold of the thief’s ankle and knocking him off balance. Calmly did Kakyoin leave your group’s side and approach the man that now laid flat on his stomach, you felt tempted to follow him but something in your gut made it clear that you should probably keep your distance and so you stayed near the stand, opting to instead watch from the corner of your eye as your friend now came to a stop beside the man who had attempted to rob him. Mindlessly did you grab hold of the coconut the stand owner had placed on the counter in front of you, seemingly making it clear that he was unaware of the confrontation that was currently going on not that far from his stand.

“You shithead…did you think you could get away with stealing my wallet, you fucking bitch?!” you flinched at the vulgar language the redhead was using as he spoke in a venomous tone that you never heard him use before. It seems you weren’t the only one who heard this as his words finally caught Jotaro, Anne, and the stand owner’s attention as they all now looked towards the commotion that your friend and his thief were starting to kick up. “Spill your guts!” you sucked in a sharp breath of air, hissing in pain at the sight of Kakyoin lifting the man’s head up and harshly smashing his knee into his face.

“Kakyoin!” Jotaro scowled as you heard Anne give a startled gasp from right beside you.

“You scumbag…you’re worth even less than a cockroach’s dick” Kakyoin coldly muttered as he lifted the man up by his hair, seemingly unbothered by the blood that was currently gushing out of the man’s now broken nose. “My precious wallet…how dare you steal it from me with the same fingers that wipe your filthy ass?!” almost in an instant did the redhead lift the man up over his shoulders and behind his head as he started to basically attempt to break the man’s spine—causing blood to continuously come spewing from the man’s mouth.

“Kakyoin! Stop it—it was just a wallet, there’s no need to try and kill the man over it!” you exclaimed.

“What you’ve done is unforgivable” Kakyoin seemed to just ignore you as he continued to try and break the man’s back. “Come on! Come on! Come on!” he sounded like nothing more than a broken record and already you found yourself starting to feel nauseous with the sounds of bones painfully popping as well as with the sound of blood gushing out in waves and splattering all over the paved ground.

“Hey! What’s wrong with you, Kakyoin?” Jotaro frowned. “You’ll kill him!” for a moment he genuinely sounded as if he was concerned—perhaps even a little frightened—by the thought of his friend killing this man and you didn’t blame him. You were also starting to feel a bit afraid of what was currently taking place before your eyes. From beside you, you could see that Anne was also frightened—shocked as she just stood there in complete and utter awe as it seemed she couldn’t even bother to take her eyes off of the horrific sight of Kakyoin trying to break this man’s back.

“Come on! Come on! Come on!” the redhead continued to repeat, basically sounding deranged as it felt like he was a record player that was stuck on repeat and forced to say the same line over and over.

“Kakyoin, I said back off! Got it?” Jotaro was the one to finally act, stepping up and harshly pushing Kakyoin from behind which in return caught the redhead by surprise as he finally dropped the thief in his arms. “Dammit, Kakyoin—what’s gotten into you?” the delinquent asked as he bent down to examine the man that sounded as if he was now choking on his own blood. “Are you insane?” he asked as he watched his friend bend down and finally retrieve his wallet.

“I know he stole your wallet, but you were going a bit too far, don’t you think?” you asked, shivering a little at the look that Kakyoin gave both you and Jotaro. His eyes held a look that you couldn’t quite explain, but it was a look that made your blood run cold.

“That hurt…you didn’t have to push me like that” Kakyoin said, seemingly ignoring both yours and Jotaro’s questions as he instead opted to just pat the shoulder that Jotaro had hit—acting as if he was truly hurt by the other teen’s decision to push him. “Only a horrible person would try stealing my wallet, it goes without saying I’d retaliate” he seemed to defend as he finally grabbed hold of one of the two coconuts that Anne was holding. “Is that so wrong, Jotaro, [Your Name]?” he asked before he started to drink from the fruit in his hand.

“Well no, but…” you trailed off, not really knowing how to respond. Could you be mad at him for reacting violently towards someone who stole his wallet?

“What are you glaring at?” Kakyoin suddenly asked the minute he took notice of the harsh glare that Jotaro was sending his way. “That’s an awfully steely gaze you’re giving me, Jotaro, don’t tell me…you couldn’t be looking to fight me…just because I taught that thief a lesson, right?” he asked as your gaze wandered down to the bleeding man that was still laid out on the ground—twitching in agonizing pain as he continued to make small choking sounds before finally he flipped onto his stomach and quickly started to crawl away from you all. “[Your Name], surely you understand that I’m in the right here, correct?” you didn’t like how quick he was to try and bring you into all of this. Already were you quick to try and avoid his gaze the moment he looked towards you, eyes quickly darting down towards the coconut in your hand as you grabbed at the two straws that poked out of it and began to nervously swirl them around.

“Well…” you quietly mumbled.

“Look, a rhinoceros beetle!” a childish voice suddenly cut through the air as a group of children came running by and began to crowd around a nearby tree that had a group of beetles resting on its trunk—all of them feasting on a patch of tree sap.

“A rhinoceros beetle? Where?”


“There’s four of them up there!”

“I see them!” the children seemed to just talk over one another, their excitement clear as day as they all jumped around near the base of the tree and peered up at the group of beetles with literal stars in their eyes. You were quite relieved to see that the ruckus they were kicking up was enough to drag Kakyoin's attention away from all of you as he seemed to curiously look back at the group of children before suddenly he started to laugh.

“Jojo! [Your Name]! There’s no need to strain yourselves over this!” Kakyoin suddenly chuckled with a certain edge to his voice as his lips twisted upwards into a wide smile. “I’m just a bit agitated today, the trip here was exhausting and it put me in a bad mood” part of you felt that that wasn’t true seeing how he had been acting perfectly fine by the poolside before you all had left the hotel.

“A bad mood?” Jotaro questioned, clearly not buying the redhead’s excuse. “You seemed fine earlier” it was clear that was the wrong thing to say as Kakyoin’s eyes seemed to grow cold as he now venomously glared at the delinquent—clearly upset that his lie wasn’t automatically accepted. “Gramps and Avdol think we should get to India by train, we’re leaving tomorrow” the raven-haired teen said as he turned away from all of you and started to take his leave, just barely motioning with his head for you and Anne to follow. “We’ll take a cable car to Singapore Station to reserve tickets” you were hesitant to move right away, casting one quick glance towards Kakyoin who stood completely still and continued to drink from his coconut before shaking your head as you finally turned away from him yourself and started to follow after Jotaro.

“Mr. Kakyoin…Jotaro and [Your Name]’s getting ahead of us” you heard Anne say from behind you as you now seemed to fall into step right behind Jotaro.

“Kakyoin sure is acting weird…you think it’s the heat causing his attitude or…?” you really don’t know what you were trying to ask as you stared at Jotaro’s back, watching how he barely even tilted his head to the side as if to let you know that he was indeed listening and that he had heard you. He gave no real verbal response, instead he seemed to just shrug as if even he wasn’t sure what the answer to your friend’s sudden change in attitude was. Before you could say anything else though, you suddenly felt Anne harshly bump into you as she ran right past you and quickly glued herself to Jotaro’s side.

“What’s the matter?” Jotaro asked, coming to a halt as he looked down at the child that was now practically hyperventilating.

“N-nothing” Anne shakily whimpered as she peered back behind her and looked right past you which in return caused you and Jotaro to peer back as well only to find Kakyoin standing there and no one else. Jotaro maybe stared at him for another minute or two before he slowly faced forward once more and started to walk again, seemingly not bothered at all by fact that Anne was still tightly clinging onto him like a frightened child. You, on the other hand, didn’t move right away nor did you look away as you continued to stare down Kakyoin until he finally started to follow and only when he had now fallen into step right beside you did you finally start to move as you both now began to walk side by side. You couldn’t help but just watch him from the corner of your eye, frowning as you started feeling like there was something different about him—you felt as if something recently had just changed, something subtle enough that you couldn’t quite place your finger on it.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer, sweetheart” you flinched as you hadn’t expected him to speak, cheeks already flaring up in embarrassment as you both realized that he had caught you staring and that he was indeed teasing you.

“Sorry” you muttered while clearing your throat as you forced your gaze forward, now too embarrassed to really look his way. Your blush only seemed to darken the moment you heard him chuckle from beside you as if he was amused by your reaction. ‘There’s definitely something off with him’ you silently thought to yourself while sneaking one last peek at him from the corner of your eye, frowning when you notice the intense way he was staring down Jotaro’s back.


“Hey, Jotaro” Kakyoin called out as he came walking over to you, Jotaro, and Anne who were all three enjoying some ice cream. “Are you going to eat that cherry? If you’re not going to eat it, then give it to me. I’m starving” he said, not even bothering to wait for an answer as he simple plucked the cherry right from the top of Jotaro’s ice cream. “Uh-oh! Look out, Jotaro!” you flinched, caught off guard just like Jotaro when the redhead suddenly and harshly shoved the raven-haired teen right over the station’s railing.

“Jojo!” Anne cried out, the first one to react as she grabbed onto Jotaro’s hand which had quickly reached out and grabbed hold of the railing as to help prevent him from falling down to the streets below.

“Ah! Hold on, Jotaro, we’ll have you back up here in a minute” you snapped out of your own shock, quick to drop your own ice cream and reached over the railing to grab at the delinquent’s wrist. Already silently calling forth Siren whose hands seeped out of your own and grabbed at the teen’s hand, helping to give you the strength you were going to need to pull up someone as big as Jotaro. “What exactly are you laughing at?!” you snapped the second you heard Kakyoin’s laughter.

“Kidding! I’m just kidding, dear Jotaro, [Your Name]!” Kakyoin snickered, not at all bothered by the venomous look on your face as you shook your head in disbelief before putting all your attention back on pulling Jotaro up to safety.

“If this is your idea of a joke, it’s not exactly funny” you scoffed, carefully looking Jotaro over once his feet were back up on the solid ground to make sure he was truly alright. “He could have seriously died!” you turned your attention back onto the redhead before feeling your nose scrunch up in utter disgust at the way he started to eat the cherry in his hands—his tongue swirling and tossing the fruit around while coating it in saliva until it was slick enough to fall right off of his tongue and onto the station’s floor.

“There you go again! What are you glaring at with that stupid look on your face, Jotaro, my buddy?” Kakyoin teasingly asked the minute he spotted the stone-cold look on Jotaro’s face.

“Please tell me you’re not actually going to eat that; it was on the floor” you muttered when the redhead suddenly bent down and picked up the cherry he had dropped.

“Like I said, I’m hungry” he grinned at you before popping the cherry right into his mouth and this time he thankfully chewed it instead of just playing with it with his tongue. Your eyes then widen in slight bafflement the minute you thought your saw Kakyoin sudden grow an inch in height. “What the…?”

“Get on, Kakyoin” Jotaro suddenly said just as a cable car came to a stop at the station, its doors sliding open as it awaited for passengers to board. “The cable car is here, I told you to get on. Here, I’ve got a ticket for you” he said, his hand balled up into a tight fist as he silently made it clear that if the redheaded teen didn’t listen then he was going to resort to violence. “Take it and get yourself lost, now that you’ve been possessed!”

“Possessed…?” you mumbled, pondering for a moment if Kakyoin’s strange behavior truly was due to possession. Well your question was soon answered the moment Jotaro harshly struck Kakyoin’s cheek which caused the redhead’s jaw to become dislocated—the flesh of his face ripping and tearing to reveal his tongue which still had the half-eaten cherry resting on top of it.

“What?!” Jotaro was shocked, clearly not expecting Kakyoin’s jaw to just dislocate like that—the gory sight was enough to cause Anne to scream in fright as you found yourself frozen in place, eyes wide with horror as you watched this fake Kakyoin fall right back into the cable car, blood gushing from his torn cheek while his jaw limply hung there.

“That’s not quite right, “possessed” isn’t quite right” the imposter chuckled as Jotaro and you—though hesitant to do so—peered into the cable car. You raised your hand and covered your mouth as your nose scrunched up in disgust once more when the fake started to lick at the half-eaten cherry that rested on top of his tongue, juggling it around once more.

“Even with a broken jaw he still feels the need to eat it like that?” you nauseously muttered, averting your gaze elsewhere as already you could feel the way your stomach started to churn the longer you listened to the sounds of him rolling that cherry around.

“Haven’t you realized that my body’s been getting bigger?” the imposter inquired as he stood up which caused you to take a step back when he suddenly stepped forward towards the open cable car door and gently started to rasp at the roof of the car as he seemed to now just tower over both you and the delinquent. Now that you looked at him, you wondered how neither you nor Jotaro had taken notice in his sudden growth to begin with, Kakyoin had always been smaller than Jotaro so seeing him now tower over the teen was a big indicator that the imposter before you wasn’t your friend at all.

“Who are you?” Jotaro asked.

“It has to be the work of a Stand” you silently concluded to yourself before flinching the moment you heard the sudden hiss of the cable car doors which slowly slid shut and now trapped Jotaro within the cable car with the imposter.

“Jojo!” Anne shouted when she too became aware that the delinquent was trapped within the car that slowly started to move along the cable and away from the station.

“Wait! Siren!” you called out your Stand, your eyes quickly scanning the car that was slowly getting away—mind desperately trying to think of what you could do. You could stop the car and force the doors open but all that would do was cause the fight that was sure to break out to happen inside the station and there were far too many normal civilians around for you to feel comfortable with the idea of any of them getting hurt during said fight. Your next thought was to just force the doors open and hop right into the car before it fully left the station, but common sense told you that by doing that it would only cause problems. The inside of that car was no doubt small, just barely big enough for a fight between two people and their Stands, but three people and their Stands would no doubt make it too crowded and with the doors ripped wide open anyone could easily be pushed out and fall to their deaths. You clenched your jaw and fists, now at a loss on what to do…could Jotaro handle fighting this enemy alone?

He has proven to be strong and his Stand was certainly something to behold, but…

“[Your Name]! What are we going to do?!” the feeling of Anne grabbing at your arm jolted you out of your thoughts and the minute you saw the frightened look in her eyes was the minute you found yourself feeling that maybe it was for the best that you stayed behind. No doubt that if both you and Jotaro had left on that cable car she would have been alone and scared the entire time, a lost child not knowing what to do or who to turn to for…help…quickly did you gaze flicker across the station before finally landing on a payphone nearby.

“We call Mr. Joestar, that’s what we’re going to do” you told her, resting a reassuring hand on the top of her head before making your way over to the payphone. Your gaze constantly looking from it to the cable car that was slowly getting further and further away. Doing your best to stay calm, you got to work in calling the hotel and connecting yourself to Joseph’s room. “Mr. Joestar…uh…we’re in a bit of trouble at the moment” you said, leg nervously beginning to bounce in place as you peered back at the cable car once more.

“[Your Name], what’s wrong?” Joseph asked.

“It’s about Kakyoin” you said, gaze flickering down towards Anne the moment you felt her tightly grab hold of your arm once more as her gaze was worriedly fixated on the cable car Jotaro and the imposter were currently inside of.

“Kakyoin?” Joseph questioned.

“Yeah, it seems the—” you were cut off by Anne harshly ripping the phone out of your hands, seemingly becoming impatient with how slow you were being in telling the old man about what was currently happening.

“Mr. Kakyoin’s face split apart!” the child frantically cried out.

“H-hey, Anne! It’s rude to just rip the phone out of someone’s hands!” you scolded, slightly annoyed with the child for so harshly ripping the phone out of your grasp.

“But Mr. Kakyoin wasn’t actually Mr. Kakyoin! And…Jojo’s in the cable car and there’s this weird slime eating his finger and we’re in a lot of trouble!” Anne cried out, nearly on the verge of hyperventilating. Before she had the chance to get in another word, you yanked the phone right out of her hands and pressed it against your ear once more.

“Where are you and [Your Name] right now?” you heard Joseph ask.

“We’re at the cable car station right near the trade center” you answered. “Listen—”

“You two hurry and come back to the hotel—” Joseph cut you off, already quick in giving orders for you and Anne to return.

“Wait, you need to listen to me!” you exclaimed, becoming slightly annoyed when the heard the sounds of a muffled conversation taking place on the other end which meant he wasn’t listening to you at all.

“[Your Name], yours and Anne’s Kakyoin is…a fake!” Joseph proclaimed.

“We already know that!” you snapped. “It’s an enemy Stand, somehow it was able to take on Kakyoin’s appearance and tricked us!”

“Jojo!” Anne cried out from beside you just as the both of you witnessed the teen crashing through the window of the cable car.

“Shit! Jotaro just jumped out of the cable car—what is that idiot thinking?!” you hissed as you watched how the delinquent flung himself towards one of the massive pillars that helped in separating the cables that pulled the cars along in separate directions. You tried your best to gauge the distance from were the station ended to where Jotaro was, wondering if your Stand would be able to reach him on time. But just as you were about to call out Siren and make a run for it when you saw him barely miss his target, you sighed in relief when he used Star Platinum to help grab the edge of the pillar and pull himself up onto of it. “He’s safe for now, but…what are we going to do?” you muttered turning your head and pressing your forehead against the top of the phone booth as you silently attempted to think of what your best course of action was. You couldn’t take another cable car and follow after them as it’d be too slow, and you weren’t as brave as Jotaro there to make such leaps through the air and pray that you were quick enough to order your Stand to grab onto the ledges for you.

“It’s best that you and Anne come back to the hotel” Joseph’s voice startled you as you had nearly forgotten that you were still on the phone with the old man.


“I wouldn’t go and doubt Jotaro if I were you, you’ve seen what he and his Stand are capable of so there’s no need to worry yourself too much—by the time you and Anne come back, he’s sure to have already handle the enemy” the way Joseph spoke made it clear that he believed the words he was saying and for some reason that was enough to calm your nerves as you slowly straightened out your back and gave a firm nod of your head.

“Right, we’ll be there soon” you said, and with that, you hung up before holding your hand out to Anne who was still worriedly peering off in the direction Jotaro was, but you didn’t bother to look again and instead cleared your throat until you had her attention. “I’m sure he’ll be fine, he’s pretty tough so there’s no need to worry—let’s go on and meet back up with the others at the hotel” you softly smiled at her, watching how she hesitantly looked from your hand to back out towards the cable cars before finally heaving a sigh as she nodded her head and took a hold of your hand, allowing you to lead the both you towards the station’s exit. ‘I hope you’re right, Mr. Joestar, and that Jotaro will be just fine.

-The Next Day-

“Good grief, so we’re finally heading to India” Polnareff sighed as he peered out the train’s window. “So, the man with two right hands is called Centerfold…” he bitterly muttered to himself, recalling the information that Jotaro had relayed to him yesterday after the teen had arrived back at the hotel, slightly banged up but still looking to be in tip-top shape. “By the way, where’s Anne?”

“She was at Singapore Station up until the time the train departed, but…” Joseph trailed off, not sure how to go about answering the Frenchman’s question.

“I’m sure that the time for her to meet her father had arrived, so she went to see him” Avdol piped up.

“Doesn’t it just seem strange that she wound up beating her father to Singapore?” you asked from your spot next to Kakyoin. “Normally when you say you’re meeting up with someone somewhere that’s mainly because they’re already at the designated meeting place.”

“Yeah, I can’t help but think that the brat was lying about seeing her father” Polnareff seemed to agree with your line of thinking. “Well, it’s a bit lonely without her around, isn’t it, Jojo?” he teasingly asked which did seem to bring a small smile to the delinquent’s lips.

“Yeah, I was getting quite used to having another female in the group” you admitted with a small smile of your own.

“But talk about creepy, a Stand that perfectly disguised itself as me” Kakyoin sighed.

“Apparently, it had already transformed when we left the hotel” Jotaro said.

“Bastard was probably watching and waiting for one of us to leave the hotel” you grumbled as you gently probed at the leftover crumbs on your plate with your fork.

“Jojo, are you going to eat that cherry?” Kakyoin suddenly asked as he pointed at the cherries that had been leftover from Jotaro’s meal. “I don’t mean to be greedy, but they’re my favorite—could I have it?” he asked.

“Yeah” Jotaro nodded as he pushed his plate just a little closer to the redhead.

“Thanks” Kakyoin politely smiled just as he popped one of the cherries into his mouth, picking it from its steam before he started to juggle it around on his tongue.

“Please don’t” you softly muttered just as Jotaro took on a look of annoyance.

“Hey, look Jotaro, [Your Name]” Kakyoin said as he halted in his licking. “Flamingos in flight” his words did seem to cause you to perk up as you curiously and somewhat eagerly leaned across from him so that you could peer out the window as well.

“Really? Where?” you asked which did cause the redhead to chuckle a little as he leaned back in his seat so that you could comfortably lean forward.

“Good grief” Jotaro muttered as he rested his cheek against his fist, though a small smile did seem to tug at his lips as he slightly peered through half-lidded eyes at both you and Kakyoin. Watching in slight amusement as you curiously peered out the window while intently listening to whatever facts about flamingos Kakyoin wished to share.

Chapter Text

“Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore…and now we’re about to cross India…” Joseph informed you all as the boat you were aboard slowly sailed through the thick fog that surrounded it. “But, well, I’m a little worried” he suddenly confessed as he nervously scratched at his cheek. “My image of India is a place where people only eat curry and you could fall ill at any time.”

“I’m worried that my body may not be able to handle the culture gap” Polnareff admitted as well as he tightly gripped the strap of his bag.

“That assessment is rather distorted” Avdol chuckled, amused by the worry of the two men. “You needn’t worry, it’s a nice country where simple people live, I can guarantee it” he assured all of you just as the boat finally came to a halt. “Well, we’re in Calcutta, let’s go” the Egyptian said as he threw open the door and motioned for you all to exit the boat. There were three things you quickly became aware of the minute you stepped off the boat and onto land—India was very loud, crowded, and unbearably hot if you were being honest.

“Hey, give me a tip!”

“Let me carry that for you!”

“Want a tattoo? You’re so pretty.”

“Need some anti-venom? It won’t hurt your stomach.”

“I’ll show you a hotel!”

“Do you need help with your bag, ma’am?”

Your small group had immediately been crowded around the minute the people on the street realized you all were foreigners, all of them seemingly eager to offer their services or goods. You couldn’t help but tighten your hold on your bag—which you had moved off of your back so that you could keep a closer eye on it—as you shuffled your way closer to Jotaro who was right beside you, attempting to calm your frayed nerves just a little as you shook your head and offered the man who was offering to take your bag from you a strained smile. You weren’t used to people crowding around you, so it was no surprise that you couldn’t help but feel slightly claustrophobic and anxious at the moment.

“I stepped in some cow shit! Damn it!” you heard Polnareff shout in disgust from behind you which caused you to curiously peer back at him.

“Hey” you flinched upon hearing Jotaro’s calming voice from right beside you and when you turned your head in his direction, you blushed a little when you realized that you had seemingly shifted even closer towards him until you were now almost fully pressed up against his arm. He didn’t say anything else and instead only peered down at you with a raised eyebrow as you nervously shuffled back and away from him a little before hesitantly tilting your head up so that you could properly look him in the eyes. You became slightly surprised when you saw that he wasn’t agitated or angry with you like you thought he would be with you for accidentally invading his personal space.

“Sorry” you softly apologized. “I’m just not used to people crowding around me like this” you admitted, watching as he nodded his head in understanding. If you were being honest, you were actually quite amazed that he hadn’t blown a fused yet seeing how he didn’t really like crowds himself nor did he like people pestering him the way that everyone crowded around you all was at the moment, but instead of snapping or picking a fight, he seemed quite impassive as he stood there and ignored the children that were harshly pulling at his clothes.

“Tip! Tip! Tip!” one of them impatiently cried out.

“If you don’t give me a tip, you won’t go to heaven, Mister” another calmly told him as if thinking that the threat that he wouldn’t be able to go to heaven would bother him enough to give them money.

“Hey! Don’t put your nose on it!” you heard Polnareff snap as he harshly pulled his bag away from a child that had been attempting to pull it from his grasps.

“A-Avdol, is this India?!” Joseph asked in slight bafflement and irritation as he seemed to finally be growing tired of the merchants that were trying to sell him their goods.

“See? Isn’t it a great country?” Avdol happily laughed. “This is what makes this country so wonderful!”


“Here, have this” Avdol chuckled as you all now found yourselves settled down inside a restaurant, no longer outside and being suffocated by the crowd of people. “This is chai, it’s delicious”  he said as you all peered down at the cups of tea placed in front of you.

“At last, a little peace” Joseph sighed in relief as he chugged down his cup of tea while you took small sips of it, not wishing to burn your tongue when you saw that the drink still had steam coming off of it.

“It’s just a matter of getting used to it” Avdol said. “Once you get used to it, you’ll see how wonderful this country is” he assured you all.

“I like this place, it’s pretty great” you were quite surprised by Jotaro’s confession.

“Seriously, Jotaro? You really mean it?” Joseph asked, just as surprised as you were as he skeptically looked at his grandson.

“Yes, I would assume that a place as crowded as this country wouldn’t be something you’d fancy” you said, lips twitching upwards when you saw him roll his eyes in response.

“Talk about a culture shock” Polnareff loudly sighed. “I’ll like it once I get used to it, huh?” he questioned before bending down and picking up his bag which he threw over his shoulder the minute he stood up. “Well, they say that people adapt to their surroundings—where’s the john?” he asked the waiter that stood close by.

“It’s over there” the man motioned.

“Polnareff” Joseph called out before the Frenchman got too far away from the table.

“Yeah?” he questioned.

“What about your order?” the old man asked.

“I’ll leave it to you, it had better be something amazing” Polnareff grinned. “Gorgeous, splendid food that suits a Frenchman like me” and with that, he headed off to the bathroom.

“Which means we can pick anything” Kakyoin said as he continued to look over the menu. “Let’s see, something he’ll like…excuse me” he said as he looked up to the waiter that stood close to the table. Opting to do the smart thing and ask the man for assistance in looking over the menu instead of attempting to take wild guesses at what exactly he was ordering.

“What about you, [Your Name]? How are you enjoying India so far?” Joseph asked once all the orders had been placed and all that was left to do now was wait for the food to arrive and for Polnareff to come back.

“Hm, well…it’s quite different from Japan that for sure, but it’s not bad” you admitted with a small shrug before shifting around a little in your seat. “I’d say it’s…it’s decent” you finally said after a moment of silence, nodding your head once you found the right word to use—it wasn’t extremely terrible nor was it extremely wonderful, it was somewhere in the middle. Joseph nodded his head, easily picking up on what you were saying as he smiled in agreement.

“Sorry to keep you waiting” the waiter said as he finally returned with your groups food, carefully setting down the plates of food before you all. You wouldn’t lie, it all did look quite delicious. But, none of you got too far into enjoying your meal before Polnareff came baring out of the bathroom and back into the main dining area of the restaurant, looking disheveled and like a madman with how heavy his breathing looked.

“Stand! Where is the user? Who is it?” he frantically asked as his gaze flickered about the room and at the few patrons that were currently seated. “The man with two right hands…” he clenched jaw as his body seemed to just shake with uncontained rage and before any of you could really process what was wrong, he finally stormed his way towards the entrance of the building and tore his way back outside.

“Polnareff?” you muttered as you all exchanged worried glances with one another before standing and following after the Frenchman.

“What’s wrong, Polnareff?” Joseph asked as you all stepped outside.

“What’s happening?” Avdol inquired.

“You said something about a Stand back there, did you not?” you questioned.

“If that…if that was the Stand, that means…” Polnareff bared his teeth in a snarl as he clenched his fist and just seemed to become angrier by the minute. “That means he’s finally here! Jotaro, the Stand user you heard about that uses mirrors is here! The bastard that killed my little sister—the bastard that stepped all over my sister’s life, soul, and pride—I can finally…I can finally see him!” he proclaimed as he continued to frantically look around at the crowds of people that wandered the streets.

“The one you seek vengeance upon is here?” Joseph asked.

“Mr. Joestar, I’ll be traveling on my own here” Polnareff suddenly said.

“Wha—” the news did certainly surprise you all, not expecting the Frenchman to just easily leave the group now that he was given the chance to avenge his sister—a part of you had thought he would have asked for help.

“Now that I know the guy who killed my sister is nearby, I’m not going to wait for him to come after me” Polnareff frowned. “I’d be at a disadvantage if I let him attack me, and it’s not my style—I’ll find him and kill him!” he proclaimed.

“Even though you don’t know what he looks like or what his Stand is?” Kakyoin questioned.

“Maybe you should think things over first before running headfirst into something you aren’t prepared for” you said.

“Knowing that he has two right hands is plenty! I can’t afford to waste time and he knows that I’m after him as well, so he should be worried that I’ll come for his head in his sleep” he darkly muttered. “See ya” and with that, he turned and started to leave.

“You’ll go out for wool, only to come home shorn” Avdol suddenly said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Polnareff frowned, not quite liking how the Egyptian's analogy sounded.

“Just as it sounds” Avdol responded.

“Are you implying that I’m going to lose?” the Frenchman glared as he turned back around and started to stalk his way back towards you all.

“Indeed” Avdol firmly nodded. “Can’t you see that the enemy purposely attacked to get you alone?” he asked. “I will not allow you to travel alone, Polnareff!”

“Listen up” Polnareff glared as he harshly knocked away the finger that the Egyptian had pointed at him. “I’m going to make this clear, I never cared about Dio—I told you in Hong Kong that I was only traveling with you so I could get my revenge” he admitted. “Mr. Joestar and Jotaro should already know this” upon hearing his words, Joseph’s eyes became downcast. “I’ve been alone from the start! I’ve always been fighting alone!” something in his words stung as it made it sound like he thought nothing of his time traveling with you all—that in his mind he was still nothing more than a lone wolf forced to follow alongside your group until the time was right for him to leave.

“Such a selfish man!” Avdol scowled before he harshly grabbed the front of Polnareff’s shirt. “Did you forget that you were brainwashed by Dio? Have you forgotten that this all leads back to Dio?”

“Like you’d ever understand how I feel after having my sister killed!” Polnareff’s words caused you to flinch because in a way you knew he was right—none of you could understand that feeling of a loved one being brutally murdered. “I heard that the last time you met Dio, you got scared and ran away” he sneered. “A coward like you would never understand how I feel!”

“What did you say?” Avdol glared.

“Don’t touch me, you were just lucky that you beat me in Hong Kong—don’t lecture me” Polnareff scoffed as he harshly pushed Avdol away from him.

“Why, you…” Avdol shook with barely contained rage.

“Oh, did that piss you off?” Polnareff inquired. “But don’t forget that I’m a lot more pissed off than you are right now! You can just keep acting like the mature one, Avdol.”

“Why, you—” you hadn’t realized you had been holding your breath this entire time until a sigh of relief escaped past your lips the second Joseph grabbed hold of Avdol’s wrist, stopping the man before he could throw a punch and start the fight you had feared was about to break out. “Mr. Joestar!” Avdol gasped, not having expected the old man to butt in while Polnareff was quick to take a step back and away from the Egyptian.

“That’s enough, let him go” Joseph said. “Now that he’s like this, no one can stop him.”

“No, I’m just disappointed in him” Avdol sighed, head tilted downwards in disappointment as he lowered his fist once Joseph let go of his wrist. “I didn’t think he was that sort of man” he admitted as the Frenchman seemed to only spit at the ground as if childishly trying to insult the other man. “I did indeed run in fear, that’s also why I believe we will win and can say with certainty that you’ll lose” he firmly stated.

“What?” Polnareff frowned, looking genuinely offended with Avdol’s statement. “Then I’ll say this with certainty too, your divination will be wrong” and with that, he finally left. Disappearing into the crowd and leaving you all behind for good.  

-The Next Day-

“So he didn’t come back after all” Joseph muttered, looking right at the empty seat of your groups table as you all were currently seated in the hotel’s restaurant. The weather outside for today was certainly dreadful and dreary you found as you boredly peered out the nearby window and watched the rain fall outside while mindlessly pushing the food on your plate around with your fork.

“I hope he’s alright” you finally muttered. You didn’t know how to explain it, but you had come to enjoy Polnareff’s company during his time traveling with you all and if you were being honest, you even found yourself missing those ridiculous flirtatious remarks of his that he’d sometimes shoot your way. You weren’t exactly sure how it happened, but at some point, after you all had finished eating and left the hotel, Avdol had disappeared and you all had wound up splitting up to look for him and Polnareff as well because something told you all that if you were to find one, you’d find the other. At the moment, it was just you and Jotaro as the both you looked around the crowded streets—Kakyoin and Joseph having runoff in two separate directions.

“You see them?” Jotaro asked as you looked towards him from the corner of your eye before shaking your head.

“No, I haven’t caught sight of neither Avdol nor Polnareff—what about you?” you asked in return, watching how he took shook his head. “It shouldn’t be too hard to find them, but…” you felt sick to your stomach for some reason, your nerves now frayed and your muscles tense as you couldn’t really shake this sudden feeling that something was wrong—that something bad was going to happen today. Before you had time to really dwell on such a feeling, you flinched when you suddenly felt a large hand lay itself down upon your shoulder and give it a gentle squeeze.

“I’m sure they’re fine” Jotaro said. “Having a break down won’t exactly help us in finding them” you stared at him for a moment as your breathing, which had slowly been picking up this entire time to the point that you were nearly hyperventilating, began to slow back down to a normal pace as you slowly nodded your head. He was right, freaking out over some gut feeling that had yet to be proven right was silly and wasn’t going to help either of you in tracking down your companions. Though you’ll admit, it was quite strange seeing Jotaro be the one to help calm you down—normally he was the reason most people were hyperventilating to begin with. “Let’s go, they’re clearly not around here so they must be somewhere else” he said, motioning with his head for you to follow as he started to walk away.

“Right” you nodded, quick to follow after him.


You weren’t sure how long you and Jotaro had been walking around before finally, you both came across a street which was far more crowded compared to all the others—people just standing around in a circle, their gazes focused on one particular spot as they huddled close to one another and softly murmured their words to each other. All of them only slightly shifting away from you and Jotaro as you both made your way through the crowd and towards the center, towards the spot they were all staring at.

“Is that…ah, Mr. Joestar!” you called out the minute you spotted the old man standing there, his posture stiff and back to both you and Jotaro as his head was tilted downwards and staring at the body that laid still at his feet. From where you and Jotaro were, neither of you could really see the face of the poor sap that had got done in, but the lack of Joseph looking back and responding to your call was enough to make your stomach slowly start to churn as you slowed in your footsteps and became hesitant in approaching any closer. Up to this point, since you spotted the body that laid flat at Joseph’s feet, you had assumed it was just some stranger who got caught up in a fight that he wasn’t ready for, but now that you were close enough to really see the body…you finally started to take notice of the familiarity of their clothing the man wore. Slowly fear started to claw at the back of your mind as a strong feeling of nauseous hit you right when you came to a halt only a few feet away from where Joseph stood—keeping your eyes now trained on the tense muscles of his back as you refused to look anymore at the body on the ground. You barely paid any mind to Jotaro when he drifted away from your side, heading towards a nearby puddle where he picked up a familiar headband that was currently stained with blood.

Swallowing down the lump in your throat, you hesitantly inched your way closer towards Joseph, some part of you now desperately wanting to get a good look at the body just to ensure yourself that it wasn’t who you thought it was laying there dead as a doorknob. Soon your breath easily got caught in your throat, causing you to nearly choke on your own spit when Avdol’s familiar face came into view the second you stepped up beside Joseph and shakily looked down.

“H-hey, this…this is a j-joke, right?” you choked out, trying your best to keep in your tears as you, Jotaro and Joseph were all now staring down at Avdol’s stilled body—a bullet wound located in the center of his forehead as blood pooled around beneath him. “R-right?” your vision was already beginning to blur as you shakily looked at the two men on either side of you, neither one of them speaking as they looked down at the Egyptian.

“Avdol, you…” Joseph couldn’t really get the words out as he tensely bent down and started to closely examine the body.

“Avdol w-will wake up s-soon, won’t…won’t he?” your body was beginning to violently shake as the tears finally started to fall, frantically did you look between the old man and his grandson who still weren’t answering you. But in a way they didn’t have to because all it took was Jotaro’s pained and angered expression as he tightly gripped Avdol’s bloodied headband for you to finally break down crying at the realization that Avdol probably wasn’t going to wake up.


“What?!” there was something oddly satisfying about watching Jotaro punch the blond that turned the corner and ran in front of you, him, and Joseph. After all the tears and emotional pain the three of you had gone through upon discovering Avdol’s body before making your way over to here, you could understand the need to want to let out such emotions through violence.

“Mr. Joestar! Jotaro! [Your Name]!” Kakyoin called out as he and Polnareff came running towards you three.

“We know about Avdol” Joseph sighed. “Though it was a simple funeral, his body’s been buried” at his words, your gaze became downcast as your lips twisted downwards into a displeased frown.

“The one who stabbed Mr. Avdol in the back was the man with two right hands, but the cause of his death was Hol Horse’s bullet” Kakyoin explained as you all crowded around the blond that was sprawled out on the ground, cowering before the five of you. “What shall we do with him?” he asked.

“I’ll give him his sentence” Polnareff offered which only caused the cowering blond to freak out even more as he desperately attempted to scamper his way back and away from you all. You raised an eyebrow at the way he was acting, lips curling up just a little as a part of you was cruelly tempted to call out Siren and have her spook the man even more than he already was. “Death!” the Frenchman called out just as he summoned his Stand—ready to kill the blond before you all in a heartbeat, but before he even had the chance to attack, a random young woman suddenly barreled into his side. “Wha...?!” he cried out in shock as he was knocked over.

“Please run, Sir Hol Horse!” the young woman cried out.

“What’s with this woman?” Polnareff groaned.

“Sir Hol Horse, I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m always thinking of you!” the woman confessed as she tightly held Polnareff down, her confession was enough to baffle and catch the attention of all of you as you peered down at her, not really knowing exactly what to do. Should you stop her? Should you pull her off of Polnareff? Despite such thoughts, none of you for some reason could bring yourselves to do such things. “That is my reason to live! Please run, hurry!” she begged as a sputtered out scoff left your lips.

“That’s a stupid reason to live for!” you couldn’t help but admit, finding it baffling that any woman would wish to proclaim that her only reason for living was because of some man that you assumed she barely knew at all with how she referred to him in such a formal manner as “sir” instead of in an informal manner as you'd expect someone to do with their lover.

“You bitch! Let go of me!” Polnareff sneered as he struggled against the woman. “What are you thinking?! Jotaro, [Your Name], Kakyoin! Don’t let Hol Horse get away!” he instructed.

“Too late” Jotaro said.

“Huh? Oh…” Polnareff said in realization the minute he saw Hol Horse already on a horse and preparing to leave.

“Where’d he even get the horse?” you muttered, not remembering if there had been any horses nearby for him to steal to begin with or not.

“Well said, baby!” the blond praised the woman that was still holding onto Polnareff. “I’ll gladly accept your feelings and keep on living! I’m running away because I love you, baby!” he called back as he left. “Forever!” he proclaimed which caused you to gag a little at just how insincere he sounded.

“Why you…” Polnareff growled, finally finding the strength to stand up. “Come back here!” he angrily shouted after the blond, dragging the woman who still clung to his waist alongside him as he walked off in the direction Hol Horse had ridden off in.

“Ah…” the woman cried out in pain as she slid down and now clung onto Polnareff’s leg, crying out in pain whenever she was dragged across the rough ground which caused her to scrap her elbow—ripping the skin right off and causing it to heavily start bleeding.

“Don’t “ah” me, you bitch!” Polnareff angrily snapped before making a small “tch!” sound when he realized that Hol Horse was no longer in sight.

“Polnareff, that woman was just another one he was using, and he no longer had any intentions of fighting” Joseph said as he walked over to the young woman that was still seated on the ground, ripping up a piece of cloth he had on him before he bent down to be at her level. “We have no time to deal with him, Avdol is gone, but we have to hurry ahead” he said as he busied himself with wrapping up the woman’s bleeding elbow. “It’s already been fifteen days since we left Japan” he noted, not really bothered by how some of the woman’s blood squirted onto his arm.

“Damn it…” Polnareff sucked in a sharp breath of air before releasing it all in one big sigh. “Well, I guess it can’t be helped—alright, let’s resume our trip to Egypt” he said to the four of you. “Listen up! In order to defeat Dio, our hearts have to be as one, we can’t go off on our own! That’s when he’ll come after us, got it?” he asked, seemingly lecturing you all with a speech that sounded similar to what Avdol probably would have told all of you which brought a smile to your lips and caused the two young men next to you to chuckle. “Let’s get a move on!” the Frenchman order as he took the lead.

“Good grief” Jotaro sighed which caused you to giggle a little as you all slowly followed after Polnareff and left the young woman who had allowed Hol Horse to get away behind.

Chapter Text

“So, we’re heading to Varanasi?” you softly asked Kakyoin who was seated beside you on the bus, simply ignoring Polnareff who was seated behind you two and speaking with the woman who had ruined his chance in killing Hol Horse.

“Yes, that’s correct” the redhead nodded, peering at you from the corner of his eye as he watched the way you shifted around in your seat just a little so that you could face him better.

“Well, Mr. Know-it-all, got any cultural facts you wanna share?” you asked, lips twitching upwards. “Perhaps they’ll help make this bus ride a little less boring” you smiled the moment you saw the way the teen’s lips twitched upward just a little as he quietly chuckled underneath his breath.

“Hm, well it is said that a person who draws their last breath in Varanasi will surely attain salvation” he said after a moment of thought.

“Attain salvation?” you owlishly blinked. “Why is that?”

“Didn’t you know, Varanasi is considered a holy place to the people of India” Kakyoin informed you, lips finally tugging upwards into a bright smile as he watched the way you stared at him with curious eyes, looking somewhat eager to learn more as you silently waited for him say more. You listened closely as he continued to speak, telling you a little bit more about the city you were all heading towards before suddenly stopping when his gaze lazily drifted towards the window and he caught sight of something in the distance. “Hey, it’s coming into view—the city of Varanasi” he loudly spoke, making sure to catch everyone’s attention this time as he leaned back just a little in his seat to allow you to lean over and peer out the window so that you could look towards the city that was now coming into view.

“It’s quite beautiful” you murmured as you peered out the window, pressing yourself closer to its glassy surface as you gazed at all that you could see just as the bus you were all currently riding started to pass over the bridge that would lead you into the city itself.


“What’s wrong, old man?” Jotaro asked the minute you all stepped off of the bus. “You don’t look well.”

“Looks like the spot that I thought was a bug bite got infected” Joseph said while holding out his arm which had the supposed “bug bite” on it. Your nose was quick to scrunch up in slight disgust at the sight of the large lump on his forearm.

“It’s defiantly swollen” Kakyoin noted.

“I didn’t think bug bites could get that bad” you said. “Looks more like a parasite than a bug bite though if I’m being honest” you muttered beneath your breath as you continued to eye the pink, fleshy lump that was sprouting from the old man’s arm.

“It would be best to have a doctor look at it before it gets worse” Kakyoin suggested, the first out of you all to urge Joseph to seek medical attention for his “bug bite” instead of just ignoring it and letting it fester even more.

“Hey, doesn’t that sort of look like a person’s face?” Polnareff suddenly inquired as he leaned in closer to get a better look at the lump of flesh.

“Stop kidding around, Polnareff” Joseph frowned as he pulled his arm back and away from you all, hiding the lump on his forearm now as he glared at the Frenchman for attempting to scare to him.

“Sorry about that” Polnareff chuckled. “Want me to go to the hospital with you?” he offered.

“No! Stop treating me like an old man” Joseph huffed as he turned away from you all and started to walk off, heading off in the direction you assumed the hospital was in.

“Well, that just leaves the four of us then” you said.

“You mean the three of you” Polnareff corrected as he was already walking off in the opposite direction Joseph had gone in with the young woman that had ruined his chances at killing Hol Horse—why was she even still here? “I’m going to help Nena here find her way home as well as possibly talk some more sense into this dense head of hers” he said with the simple wave of his hand and with that the both of them disappeared around the corner and out of sight.

“Well, now that it’s the three of us—what would you like to do, [Your Name]?” Kakyoin asked after a moment of silence.

“Eh?” you made a questioning noise as you curiously turn your head to look at the redhead, not really expecting him to suddenly put all the attention on you.

“He’s asking what you want to do” you were quick to turn your head in the other direction when Jotaro spoke, watching how he boredly buried his hands into his coat pockets and looked off in some random direction, just barely bothering to cast a glance your way once he was aware that your gaze was now focused on him.

“You’re asking me what to do?” you questioned, frowning in slight confusion as you didn’t expect to be the one put under the pressure of deciding what your small group of three was supposed to do while you waited for Joseph and Polnareff to finish with their tasks at hand.

“Of course, is it not the polite thing to do to ask a young woman what it is she wishes to do?” Kakyoin smiled as your gaze drifted back over towards him before quickly being directed downwards in slight embarrassment upon seeing the gentle look on his face.

“I guess it is…” you muttered, slowly nodding your head as if you understood where exactly he was coming from with that line of thinking. “Well…” you hummed in thought for a moment, eyes now curiously flickering about as you slowly started to take in your threes surroundings. “We could do some sightseeing while we wait for Mr. Joestar and Polnareff to return” you offered, figuring that it couldn’t hurt to go and explore for just a little while before heading off to the hotel. “Perhaps even get some shopping out of the way.”

“Shopping?” Jotaro questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah…it wouldn’t hurt to get some shopping out of the way, maybe purchase some goods that we could stock up on and use throughout the journey” you said, lightly twiddling with your fingers as you tried to explain your reasoning for wanting to go shopping. You were well aware that this trip wasn’t meant to be taken as a vacation, but at the same time, a part of you did want to see all that this country had to offer while you were still here—you didn’t get to really explore either of the cities in Hong Kong or Singapore that much, but since you all couldn’t do anything until Joseph and Polnareff returned, you saw no harm in exploring Varanasi for just a little bit before you all had to meet back up and leave.

“I see nothing wrong with getting a bit of shopping done”  Kakyoin piped up in agreement, offering you a gentle smile when he saw you look his way. “We can’t do anything until Mr. Joestar and Polnareff return, so why not do a bit of sightseeing in the meantime, it’s not like we’re needed at this very moment.”

“Yeah” you nodded, perking up just a little upon hearing that the redhead was agreeing with your line of thinking.

“Fine, I guess it beats just sitting at the hotel and waiting for those two” Jotaro said with a slight shrug of his shoulders before he started walking, motioning with his head for both you and Kakyoin to follow along. “It shouldn’t be that hard to track down the market, so let’s go.”


It had taken some time, but after asking multiple people for directions and only getting turned around once or twice, the three of you had finally been able to track down the market. It was nothing more than a long stretch of road that had multiple stands set up from one end to the other, all of them offering a variety of goods. Upon noticing how crowded it was, you found yourself shuffling just a bit closer to the two young men on either side of you, making absolutely sure that your body was snuggly fit in between them as if hoping that if you stayed in the middle then you wouldn’t get separated from them.

“Sure are a lot of people” you commented as the three of you walked down the street, occasionally stopping to look every now and again at the stands you passed by.

“Well, India’s population is quite large” Kakyoin informed you as you found your gaze drifting from stand to stand, never once taking notice in how Siren curiously slinked her way out of the ground beneath your feet and lazily moved closer to each of the stands you peered at as if she herself wanted to get a closer look at what was being put up for sale. Her half-lidded eyes staring in childish curiosity at all she could see as if she was mimicking how you were feeling at that exact moment the longer you wandered about the market.

“Hm” you hummed in acknowledgment of what he said, already aware of that little fact that India’s population was quite big compared to most other countries. “You see anything you like, Jotaro?” you asked, attempting to drag the young delinquent into the conversation when you realized how silent he has been this entire time. He said nothing as he gave the small shake of his head, just barely looking down at you before his gaze drifted upwards to watch your Stand in mild amusement.

“You know, [Your Name], I must admit that your Stand is quite fascinating” Kakyoin said as he too found himself watching your Stand in mild amusement, his words quick to catch your attention as an inquisitive sounds left the back of your throat. “You said she manifested four years ago, correct? Do you mind sharing how you came to get her?” he curiously asked, finally looking down at you with those lavender eyes of his and as you silently stared back at him for a moment in thought it soon dawned on you that he was attempting to make small talk with you. That he was attempting to try and get to know more about you and in a way it made sense for him to do such things now that you all had free time to idly chat with one another like this.

“Oh, you want to know about that day, huh?” you asked just as Siren finally swam her way back towards the three of you and draped her arms around your shoulders, it was as if she too was curious to hear you recount the tale of how she came to become a part of your life. “Ah, but it’s not really that pleasant of a story” you admitted after a moment’s thought, having your doubts that either he or Jotaro would wish to hear about the time you nearly drowned to death. “But to put it simply, you could say she saved my life.”

“Saved your life?” Kakyoin curiously questioned.

“Yeah, which is ironic considering what she looks like” you chuckled as you felt Siren slightly tighten her hold around you before she rested her chin down on top of your head, her tail lazily swaying up and down as she floated there in the air. “You see, I wasn’t exactly the best swimmer when I was younger, could barely keep my head above the water” you continued, watching how the redhead’s eyes widen just a bit before he nodded his head in understanding, quick to catch onto what you were hinting at to him.

“I see” Kakyoin muttered and just as he opened his mouth to speak once more, he shut it when you all suddenly heard the voice of an older woman calling out from one of the nearby stands you were getting close to passing by.

“Oh, you three! Yes, you three!” the woman brightly smiled as she waved her hand to the three of you, nodding her head and motioning you all closer the minute she saw the way you all exchanged glances with one another before looking back at her with questioning looks. Once more exchanging glances with one another, Jotaro was the first to heave a sigh before he stepped up closer to the woman’s stand to see exactly what it is she was planning on selling to the three of you—you and Kakyoin were quick to follow after until finally all three of you stood in front of the woman’s booth.

“Oh!” your eyes widen a bit in awe at the sight of the pretty jewelry that was laid out on the booth’s table—all of them ranging from something simple as a pair of earrings to the eccentric design of a necklace that was coated in various beads and gems. Sure you knew there was always the possibility that the jewelry before you was nothing but fake—you were sure that the jewelry that had a golden sheen wasn’t made from real gold and that the ones that had various gems embedded into them didn’t have real gems but cheap replicas, but that didn’t stop you from admiring the beauty of them. Your gaze was especially drawn to a simple set of golden bangles, two to be exact. The design of them was simple, nothing too eccentric like the necklaces or headbands that were shoved upfront and were meant to be the ones to really draw you towards the woman’s stand. No, instead your gaze was focused on the back where the more simply designed pieces of jewelry laid and something told you that the jewelry in the back was decently priced compared to the jewelry in the front.

“Something catch your eye?” Jotaro asked as he gently nudged you with his elbow as if to catch your attention.


“Yes, did something catch your eye, dear?” the woman behind the stand brightly smiled as she leaned forward and swept her arm across the table of her booth, motioning towards all the fine jewelry that decorated the front of the stand and doing her best to hide the pieces of work located near the back as if she was wanting you to only pick from the selection that she had upfront and out on display for all to see which made sense. With just one look you could tell that she made most of her money off of the more eccentric pieces of jewelry, the pieces that you knew she’d charge a lot of money for. “Was it this? Or perhaps this? Or maybe even this?” she spoke before you could even utter a word, picking up and showing off various necklaces, earrings, headbands, and bracelets while never once letting you get in a word.

“No, no, no” you shook your head at each and every piece of jewelry she held out to you when you were finally given the chance to speak. “I would actually like—”

“Of course! You would like this lovely gem, wouldn’t you?” the woman cut you off before you could speak, holding out a very beautiful and lovely finger-ring bracelet and though you’ll admit it did look lovely with the way it shined underneath the afternoon sun, your gaze just kept wandering back towards the two golden bangles that innocently sat just out of your reach.

“Hey, lady” Jotaro’s sharp voice cut in as he slammed his hand down on the booth’s table which caused all the pieces of jewelry on top of it to quiver as both you and the woman behind the stand flinched, neither of you having expected him to harshly cut in the way that he did. “Can’t you see she’s trying to talk, so why don’t you shut your trap and let her” you couldn’t help but feel torn between apologizing to the woman and scolding Jotaro for his rude behavior to thanking Jotaro for cutting in as you knew that if he hadn’t you’d all be standing there the entire time waiting for the woman to run out of things to show you before she’d finally let you speak.

“O-of course” the woman stuttered a bit, her cheeks flaring up just a little as she shyly looked away from Jotaro and tilted her head down a bit. “What exactly are you looking to buy, young lady?” she asked, finally keeping her lips sealed shut this time as she patiently waited for you to speak.

“I was saying that I would like to see those set of bangles right there” you said, never once realizing that during that whole exchange as you had been patiently waiting for the woman to quit talking and showing off all of her pieces of jewelry to you that Siren’s grip on you had slowly been tightening more and more as her eyes were now nearly blown wide open and the skin of her cheeks were becoming taunt and ready to rip apart at any moment’s notice as if she was currently reflecting the impatient anger that had slowly been building up inside of you this entire time. But now that you were able to speak and tell the woman what exactly it is you were wanting from her selection of ware, Siren seemed to finally relax her grip on you as her eyes once more became half-lidded and her lips relaxed so that the skin on her cheeks were no longer taunt.

“These?” the older woman questioned, seemingly confused as to why you were more interested in the simple pair of bangles located near the back of her table then the eccentric and beautifully designed pieces of jewelry that littered the front of the booth’s table. You said nothing and only nodded your head, holding out your hand for her as she carefully handed the two bangles over to you to allow you to take a closer look. There wasn’t much to either of them, both were exactly identical, and the design etched into the metal of them was simple, to say the least.

“Hm, do they have to be bought as a pair or can I buy just one?” you inquired, you didn’t feel that you needed two.

“Sorry, hon” the woman apologized with the shake of her head before pointing towards the bangles that you held. “You want those then you got to buy them together, if you don’t need them both then why not give one to your lover here” she grinned while motioning with the tilt of her head towards Jotaro which caused you to immediately choke on your own spit.

“E-excuse me?!” you sputtered out as you listened to the barely contained snort that left Kakyoin who had been silently watching this whole exchanged the entire time. “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I think you have the wrong idea. We’re not—”

“How much for them?” Jotaro cut you off, seemingly unfazed by the woman’s misconception that you and he were a couple. Instead, he seemed busier in digging out his wallet then he did worrying over some random woman’s mistakes. You were quick to snap your head in the delinquent’s direction, not having expected him to be the one to offer to pay for the bangles.

“Now hold on a minute” you said, quick to reach out a hand and grab hold of Jotaro’s wrist the minute he started to dig out some money after the woman had informed him of the price of the bangles. “I can pay for these myself!” you argued, the pitch of your voice raising just a little higher than you intended it to the minute Jotaro looked down at you after slowly removing his gaze from your hand which was still tightly grasping his wrist.

“Really now?” he asked and before you could think to respond, you zipped your lips shut as you realized that in a way no, you did not have the type of money that he and his grandfather did. The money you had on you was limited and deep down inside you knew that you didn’t exactly have the right amount on you at the moment to afford this simple set of bangles…but still, you didn’t want to have Jotaro be the one to buy them for you—it felt wrong to have him pay for your stuff when you both barely even knew each other to begin with. “You can always just pay me back later” and with that, your hand slowly slipped from his wrist as you watched him hand over the money to the older woman who brightly smiled as she thanked you all for your services. Happily did she wave bye to the three of you as you finally left her stand and continued on down the street.

“You didn’t have to do that, you know?” you muttered, shifting your bag off of your back and unzipping it so that you could drop one of the bangles inside it before comfortably slipping it back on after it was properly zipped back up.

“You would have just moped for the rest of the day if you didn’t get them” was his only response as he buried his hands back into his coat pockets and continued to stare forward, not bothering to even look your way as you fiddled around with the bangle you still held in your grasp before slowly slipping it onto your [left/right] wrist. It was silent between the three of you for a moment as you continued walking, your gaze now seemingly focused on the bangle that dangled for your wrist before finally, your eyes slid shut as a small smile tugged at your lips.

“Thank you, Jojo” you suddenly said, halting in your tracks for just a moment, falling behind the two men as you raised a hand to rest it against your throat when you suddenly realized what you had just said—when you suddenly realized what you had just called Jotaro. It seems even the delinquent had stopped in his tracks as well, his body still and back to you as he seemed to take a moment to process your words before finally he tilted his head to the side and looked back at you.

“No problem” there was no anger in his eyes or in the tone of his voice and it wasn’t long before he looked ahead of himself once more and began walking again. Kakyoin chuckled, a soft smile adorning his lips as he watched the interaction between you and Jotaro.

“Come along, [Your Name], don’t want to fall too far behind” the redhead said with the simple motion of his head as he followed after Jotaro and left you even further behind.

“Yeah” you muttered before flinching at the sudden sound of a chirp right next to your ear. Looking back you had nearly forgotten that Siren was still clinging onto you, her face was still in that peaceful expression as ever, her chin now resting on your shoulder as her gaze seemed to be focused on the bangle dangling from your wrist. Her lips were just slightly parted and instead of that haunting song you were so used to hearing whenever her mouth was opened like that, you were greeted by the sound of another chirp. It was a sound that caught you off guard as you had never heard it come from her before, but…it was also a soothing sound, the way it just left her lips as she peacefully peered down at the golden bangle on your wrist made it seem like she was voicing her enjoyment over you getting the piece of jewelry. It was as if she was expressing the same feeling of happiness that you were feeling at that moment.

You maybe stared at her for another moment or two before finally shaking your head, softly calling her back as you watched her gently remove herself from your person before slinking back beneath the ground. Once she was gone and finally out of sight, you faced forward and quickly jogged after Kakyoin and Jotaro.

-Later That Night-

“And here I thought we’d finally be able to sleep in a bed” Kakyoin said as you tightly held onto your flashlight, your muscles tense as you tried your hardest to keep your breathing under control and relish in what little light there still was. You so desperately wanted to turn on your flashlight and make the area around you all a little brighter but didn’t as you knew that if you did the others would only scold you and force you to turn it back off.

“Yeah, no kidding” you muttered, not pleased that instead of staying in a hotel where you could happily keep your room as brightly lit as you wanted, you all were forced to stand around outside in the near dark, staring out towards the Ganges river. Though if you were being honest, you were pretty impressed with yourself for not having a complete and total breakdown…even though you could feel yourself already on the verge of one and if it hadn’t been for the light of the moon which reflected off of the water’s surface and slightly lit up the area around you all, you were certain you would have been on the ground hyperventilating and sobbing as you’d curl into yourself and beg for the morning light to hurry up and come.

“Maybe if the old man hadn’t screwed up and got the cops chasing him down” Jotaro scoffed.

“I took care of things; we can take this car” Joseph said as he finally returned and patted the car that had been parked behind you all this entire time. “Polnareff, you can do the driving” he said as he tossed the key towards the Frenchman who didn’t even bother moving from where he was seated, he barely even reacted when the keys dug themselves into the top of his tower of hair. “Hey, are you still in shock? I was the one attacked by the Stand.”

“I’d rather have gone through that…” Polnareff sadly muttered and after a bit of convincing, it didn’t take long before you all had finally coaxed him out of his depressed state enough to shuffle him into the driver’s seat of the car before piling in yourselves. You now found yourself squished between Jotaro and Joseph in the backseat—the only one out of you all small enough to somewhat comfortably sit between the two though you did have to lean forward just a little as to ensure you wouldn’t be fully crushed between their shoulders…why did every single one of these men have to be so extremely buff? You shuffled a bit in your seat, heaving a slight sigh at the realization that this car ride was going to be a long one as Polnareff finally started up the car and pulled off into the road, heading off in the direction of your group's next destination.

Chapter Text

“Soon we’ll reach the Indo-Pakistani border, we’ll be saying goodbye to India very soon” Kakyoin noted from the front passenger seat.

“Indeed, at first I wondered what kind of country we’d walk into, but now I miss the hustle and bustle of Calcutta and the rushing waters of the Ganges” Joseph admitted from beside you.

“I’ll be coming back again, so I can make Avdol a proper grave” Polnareff said, a strong resolving sound in his tone as he kept his eyes focused forward on the road while the rest of you looked elsewhere, the effects of what had happened to Avdol still leaving a sour taste in all of your mouths.

“Mr. Avdol…” Kakyoin softly muttered as you sadly adverted your gaze downwards, now attempting to distract yourself as you peered down at the bangle from your wrist and softly probed at it with the fingers of your other hand. It felt smooth to the touch with the only bumps in it being the indents of its simple designs that were engraved into its golden surface.

“Hm? Where did you get that, [Your Name]?” Joseph curiously asked from beside you, his attention quickly drawn away from the window and towards the bangle that dangled from your wrist.

“This? Well, Jojo…,” you quickly cast a glance towards the silent teen on your other side to see if he had any objections to you referring to him by his nickname and when you saw that he wasn’t even looking your way, you continued, “…bought it for me back in Varanasi while you and Polnareff were busy with that Stand user.”

“Is that so?” Joseph hummed, a wide grin spreading its way across his lips as he looked from the bangle on your wrist to his grandson who didn’t seem all that concerned about whatever it was you and the old man were talking about. “Well, wasn’t that sweet of him” he cheekily noted which did finally catch the delinquent's attention enough to cause him to cast a small glance towards you and Joseph before he shifted around a bit and pushed his hat further down over his eyes—lowly muttering something underneath his breath that you couldn’t hear as he went back to staring out the window and ignoring you two.

“The road’s getting narrower” Polnareff suddenly pointed out just as the car started to slow down and you all now found yourselves stuck behind another car that was sluggishly trudging along in front of yours. “Stop driving so slow—you’re in the way!” the Frenchman coughed as the dust that was being kicked up by the wheels of the car in front seeped its way through the cracked windows and made its way up Polnareff’s nose and down his throat. “I’m going to pass them” and with that, he somewhat recklessly pulled to the side, moving just a bit closer towards the cliffside to your group's right and just barely squeezing through the gap between the car you were passing and the cliffside.

“Polnareff, you’re being reckless!” Kakyoin scowled.

“This four-wheel drive is great!” Polnareff chuckled while ignoring the redheaded teen.

“Hey, do you think that might have flung pebbles at their car?” Joseph asked as he peered back at the other car through the back windshield.

“Probably” you said, shifting around just a little in your seat in an attempt to get even more comfortable as already you could feel the way your back was slowly beginning to ache from where you were leaned forward as well as your hips which were slightly being crushed between Jotaro and Joseph’s.

“Who knows? It could have” Polnareff shrugged, seemingly not caring at all if he had accidentally caused damage to the other person’s car or not during his reckless move of passing.

“We don’t need any trouble or accidents right now” Joseph reminded him. “I’m wanted because of what happened in Varanasi, you know—I’d like to get across the border safely.”

“They’re just pebbles, I doubt they’d do that much damage—most I can see them doing is scratching up the paint just a little or nicking the headlight” you mumbled with a shrug, you didn’t think you all were going fast enough to send anything flying fast enough to do any real damage and you couldn’t see something get all up in arms over something as small as a tiny scratch or nick. You flinched a little as your body harshly jolted forward, hands flying out to grasps at the heads of the front seats to prevent yourself from being flung too far ahead the minute Polnareff suddenly and harshly slammed on the brakes.

“What’s the matter, Polnareff?” Kakyoin worriedly asked.

“A little warning would have been appreciated” you muttered, your grip on the front seats only loosen the tiniest bit as your quicken heartbeat was already slowly trying to lower itself back down into a normal pace. For a moment you feared that the taunt seatbelt you had around you was about to snap and send you flying through the windshield when he had hit the brakes.

“I just told you, we don’t need accidents!” Joseph snapped and it was at that moment that you became aware of both his and Jotaro’s hands clutching either of your shoulders and you couldn’t pinpoint that if the reason they grabbed your shoulder was out of reflex of them trying to grasp at something to keep themselves steady or because they had genuinely been worried you were about to go soaring past the front seat and through the windshield.

“N-no, look! Look who’s standing over there!” Polnareff sputtered out as he jabbed a finger in the direction of the young, familiar child who stood on the side of the road and next to the only sign that was in sight at the moment.

“Good grief…” Jotaro muttered, gently removing his hand from your shoulder as he pulled down the bill of his hat so that it covered his eyes.

“Hey! Looks like we meet again” Anne grinned as she called out to you all, removing the hat she had on so that she could let down her hair while also throwing up a peace sign. “Give me a lift?” she cheekily asked as you all were a bit stunned to see her all the way out here but after a moments thought and a few silent glances at one another you came to the decision that you all kind of had to give her a lift whether you wanted to or not—you couldn’t just leave her this far out from civilization and alone.

“How is she even going to fit?” you asked just as Polnareff waved the kid over to let her know that you were going to give her a lift.

“Hm? I have an idea” Joseph hummed in thought and after a bit of discussion and arguments on seating arrangements, you all finally came to the conclusion that since Anne was smaller than you then that meant she’d be the one to now take the middle seat and since she’d be the one to take that seat that meant you had to move, but where were you supposed to move to?

“I’d rather be tied to the roof like luggage right now” you embarrassingly muttered, face red and hidden behind your hands as you found yourself seated right on top of Jotaro’s lap. Sure, you were no longer being uncomfortably squished between both Jotaro and Joseph and it did seem that thanks to Anne’s height she was able to comfortably sit between the two men without needing to lean all the way forward to avoid being squished like you had to do when you were seated between them, but that didn’t stop the embarrassment you currently felt. Even Jotaro seemed somewhat embarrassed with this sudden turn of events…even if his embarrassment was a bit harder to pick up on since he was still attempting to keep that stoic look on his face as he peered out the window and avoided looking at you. A stoic look that would occasionally scrunch up into a look of annoyance any time you’d shift around on his lap as if your movements were forcefully reminding him of the embarrassing situation you both were currently stuck in.

“I mean, I’m a girl—soon I’ll be wearing bras and doing my nails for the boys” Anne ranted as soon as she was comfortably seated inside the car and you all were driving once again. “I’d look pathetic wandering around the world when I’m at that age—this is the only chance I have! Right now!” she continued and at the moment, you were certain you were the only one humoring her enough to really listen to what she was saying. “To run away from home and see the world…don’t you think so? I mean, I feel bad for lying about going to see my dad in Singapore, but let’s forget about that” she said with the dismissive wave of her hand just as you felt the car suddenly start to speed up.

“It’s the car we passed earlier” Jotaro noted as you all peered back and out the back windshield the moment you heard the blare of a car horn behind you. “They appear to be in a hurry.”

“Let them pass” Joseph sighed, seeing no reason for any issues to arise between you all and the driver of the car behind you.

“Yeah…” Polnareff agreed as he rolled down his window and stuck out his arm, quick to motion for the person behind you all to pass. The driver was quick to take Polnareff up on his offer to let them pass, quickly speeding up and slipping right on by you all, but as they drove by you couldn’t help but take note of the thin wisps of purple smoke that just seemed to seep out of every crevice of the other car.

“They slowed down?” you questioned the minute the car pulled in front of your group and began to slow in speed which in return forced you all to slow down as well.

“Hey, now!” Polnareff frowned before you all started to cough and wave your hands around in an attempt to clear the dust that was harshly being kicked up by the car in front of you and in return, seeping into your group's car through the open window. “What are they trying to do?” the Frenchman glared. “I let them pass, so hurry up and go” he huffed just as he started to attempt to find an opening that would allow him to pass the other car once again.

“Maybe they’re mad because you were so reckless earlier” Kakyoin suggested.

“Did you see the driver’s face?” Jotaro asked, shifting a bit beneath you as he leaned forward some which in return forced you to lean forward as well and to the side a bit just so he could easily speak with Polnareff.

“No…maybe it’s because of all of the dust on his window, but I couldn’t see them” Polnareff admitted.

“So you couldn’t either…what about you, [Your Name]?” Jotaro asked, watching for a minute as you silently thought back to when the car was passing by before shaking your head.

“If I’m being honest, I wasn’t really paying that close of attention to the car when it was passing by” you admitted.

“I see” Jotaro nodded and after a moment's thought, his eyes narrowed. “It couldn’t be…”

“Be careful, Polnareff” Joseph said, quick to pick up on what his grandson was thinking and you were certain that you knew exactly what the two were thinking now as well.

“Now he’s telling me to pass!” Polnareff snorted the minute he saw the driver of the car in front of you all stick out their hand and motion for you to pass. “Looks like he remembered how shitty his car is” he grinned. “You should have just stayed behind me in the first place, dumbass” and with that, he happily drove right on past the other car before paling the minute he spotted the large tractor-trailer that was rounding the corner and coming towards you all. “What?! A truck? That’s impossible!”

“It’s no use! We’re going to crash!” Kakyoin shouted as you saw from the corner of your eye the way Joseph shifted around in his seat so that he could block Anne with his body and potentially protect her from receiving too much damage during the incoming crash and you yourself were a bit surprised when you suddenly felt the way Jotaro wrapped an arm around your waist as if to ensure you wouldn't painfully go flying forward during the incoming crash.

“Star Platinum!” you heard Jotaro call out from behind you the minute the tractor-trailer rammed right into your group's car and before any more damage could be done, your car was suddenly knocked back into the air—flipping around before harshly landing back on its wheels.

“Th-that was close!” Polnareff fearfully cried out as you all shakily clung to whatever you could grab hold of and in your case that was the arm Jotaro had wrapped around your waist. “If it weren’t for Star Platinum’s power, we would have been crushed.”

“Th-that’s for sure” you shakily agreed, your body still trembling from the aftershocks of what had just happened, hesitant to even somewhat loosen your grip on Jotaro's arm as your wide eyes slowly wandered about—looking from person to person to make sure that everyone truly was alright before finally landing on the crashed tractor-trailer that laid not too far from where you all had landed.

“Where is it?! Where’s that car?” Joseph frowned as he quickly looked all around him, trying his best to spot the car from earlier that had allowed you to pass and nearly be crushed by the damaged truck before you.

“Looks like it took off, do you think that car’s driver might be one of the Stand users that are after us or do you think it’s just some random asshole?” Jotaro asked as you finally started to release your hold on his arm—which he gladly took back—and allow your body to relax as your mind began to slowly register that the danger of crashing had finally passed.

“Of course it’s someone who’s after us!” Polnareff exclaimed. “We were almost killed!”

“Got to agree with Polnareff” you nodded. “If it was just some random asshole, I don’t think they’d go as far as to nearly kill us just because of our driver’s reckless behavior.”

“But there hasn’t been anything like a Stand attack yet” Kakyoin pointed out.

“Anyway, all we can do is be careful as we head for the border” Joseph said as Polnareff turned the keys that were still in the ignition and looked pleased with himself when the car jumped to life and showed that it was still in running condition even though its hood was damaged all to hell. “If someone comes after us again, we’ll just take them down no matter who they are.”

“Yeah” Polnareff agreed.

“What should we do about that truck?” Kakyoin asked as he motioned towards the crashed tractor-trailer that was still just lying on its side—its driver having yet to come out and confront you all about the crash. “Star Platinum punched it, so it’s pretty messed up.”

“Just pretend you never saw it—ignore it” Jotaro sighed as he leaned back in his seat. You sweat dropped the minute you spotted the dreamy look on Anne’s face from the corner of your eye, the expression on the young girl’s face looking no different from the expressions you’ve seen Jotaro’s fangirls direct towards him when following him around. Without any arguments, it seemed you all just silently agreed with Jotaro on what to do and once again you were off down the road and heading towards the border.


“A roadside tea house…” Joseph pointed out as you all spotted a lone building up ahead, one that you were sure was meant to serve as a rest stop for those who have been driving for a long time under the harsh heat of the sun. “Let’s take a break” he suggested and you were quite thankful the minute you all pulled to a stop beside the building, quick to clamber out of the car and off of Jotaro’s lap. “If we take our time, we may avoid running into that car” the old man concluded as you all made your way towards the front of the building.

“You alright? You seemed pretty shaken up about the crash” you heard Jotaro ask from beside you, his voice only loud enough for you to hear as he walked beside you.

“I’m alright, are…are you alright?” you asked in return, knowing that it felt a little stupid to ask him such a question since he hasn’t shown any real signs of being bothered by the crash since it happened.

“I’m fine” and even though his tone sounded as if he was simply brushing off your question—simply brushing off any chances of you being worried or concerned for him, that didn’t stop you from smiling the minute you caught sight of the small smile that tugged at his lips.

“What’s that?” Joseph asked a man who seemed busy grinding out the juices from a sugarcane plant.

“Sugarcane juice” the man answered as he drained all of the juices he grounded out the plant into a glass. “Want to try some?” he asked as he offered the full glass to the old man.

“Alright then…” Joseph hesitantly seemed to agree as if he didn’t really know if he wanted to try the drink or not. He allowed the other man to first squeeze a few drops of lemon into the drink and just as he brought the glass up to his lips to take a sip, he stopped when he spotted something in the reflection of the glass surface. “What?!”

“I-it’s him!” Polnareff exclaimed the minute you all looked back and in the same direction that Joseph was quick to look towards. “That car’s here!” and after a quick discussion, you all sent Polnareff and Jotaro over towards the car to peer inside and see if the driver was still there—when they looked back towards the tea house, it was clear that whoever the driver was had to be someone seated at one of the tables.

“Hey, I need to ask you something” Joseph loudly spoke up. “Where’s the driver of that car parked over there?” he asked.

“I-I’m not sure, I didn’t notice it when it parked there…” the man, who you now assumed either owned the tea house or just simply worked there, admitted.

“I doubt that the driver will just come out and announce himself” Kakyoin pointed out.

“He’s messing with us!” Polnareff growled.

“This leaves us with only one option, right, Jotaro?” Joseph asked

“Yeah…” Jotaro agreed. “It’ll involve some innocent bystanders, but…we’ll just beat them all down!” he proclaimed and you stood there for a minute and stared at each of the men. You understood that you all needed to locate the driver of the vehicle, but the thought of beating the shit out of innocent bystanders just didn’t really rub you the right way.

“H-hey, Jotaro, stop!” seems Kakyoin agreed with you as he was quick in trying to stop Jotaro and Joseph who were already starting to grab and beat the shit out of a few of the men who had just been innocently sitting there and drinking.

“Mr. Joestar, randomly beating up people isn’t going to help anyone here!” you cried out, feeling that what the two men were doing wasn’t going to help your group in accomplishing their goal in finding the driver of the car. In fact, all it felt like they were doing was causing a massive scene.

“A face like yours looks the most suspicious…” Polnareff said just as he got ready to beat in the face of the young man whose shirt he had a tight hold on.

“C-come on!” the young man fearfully choked out, but thankfully the sound of a car door slamming and engine roaring to life was enough to cause all three men to halt in their violence and peer back towards the car that now took off.

“D-did we just get played?” Polnareff hesitantly asked.

“Did anyone see his face?” Joseph asked.

“No, I don’t think so—I think everyone was distracted by the fighting” you said with the shake of your head.

“What’s he trying to do?” Kakyoin nervously asked. “He seems like a random crazy driver, but also like someone who’s after us.”

“It’s going to piss me off if we don’t chase him down and take care of this” Polnareff grounded out, clenching his fist as his body slowly started to shake with uncontained rage. Without skipping a beat, you were all quick to pile back into the car—quick to pile back into your now designated seating spots and this time around you couldn’t feel bothered to feel embarrassed with how you were once again stuck on Jotaro’s lap with how tense everyone now was thanks to this mystery driver. “Not to mention we owe him payback for the truck that almost hit us earlier!” the Frenchman sneered as he tore away from the tea house and back onto the road were you all proceeded to chase down the other car. “Damn it! For a piece of shit car, it goes pretty fast” he glared when he realized that no matter how fast he drove, your group's car couldn’t seem to catch up.

Soon you came across a fork in the road and without a second thought, Polnareff turned down the path that the other car took, just barely glancing at the sign to make sure that the road he was heading down was at least in the right direction that you all were meant to be going in.

“That’s strange, according to the map, we should be running parallel with train tracks here” Kakyoin noted as he peered down at the map in his hands.

“You don’t think we made a wrong turn following this guy, do you?” you asked.

“Who the hell cares? We’re going to catch him in a second” Polnareff scoffed. “That bastard! I’m going to nail him on that curve!” he proclaimed the minute he heard the man's revved up his engine as he made a sharp turn around a corner, kicking up so much dust that it nearly blinded your group's view. But, just as Polnareff attempted to make the turn in the same sharp manner as the man, you were all horrified to find that just around that corner was a steep cliffside that only had a simple wooden suspension bridge connecting it to the other side. “Impossible, it’s a dead-end!” the Frenchman cried out as he made an attempt to slam on the brakes and stop the car.

Just barely was he able to bring the car to a screeching all, the wheels harshly gliding against the dirt beneath it and when it did finally come to a stop, you all found yourself dangerously close to the edge of the cliffside that if Joseph or Kakyoin were to open their car doors and step out, they’d go falling right over the cliff.

“He’s gone! Where did he go?!” Joseph asked.

“He disappeared after the curve?” Polnareff questioned in utter bafflement.

“And a car couldn’t cross that suspension bridge…” Kakyoin pointed out.

“So what? Did he just magically fly over the cliffside and safely land on the other side?” you asked, before wincing when the car was suddenly rammed into from the back.

“What?!” you all cried out in shock, peering back and out the back windshield were you now witnessed as the other car started to repeatedly ram into the back of your groups car, slowly and painfully pushing it forward with every hit.

“I-it’s him! He’s coming from behind!” Joseph gaped.

“How did he get behind us?” Kakyoin asked as Polnareff attempted to throw the car in reverse and push back against the other guy’s car to stop him from pushing you all any further forward.

“H-he’s pushing us with immense horsepower…what the hell is this? A tank?!” he cried out as your groups car was now slowly starting to tip its way over the edge of the cliffside. “It’s no use! Everyone, abandon the car and get out!” he shouted as he was already beginning to fiddle with his seat buckle.

“Polnareff! What kind of driver gets out of the car before everyone else?!” Kakyoin snapped. “Who’s going to hold down the brakes pedal?” he pointed out.

“Huh?” it seems the Frenchmen hadn’t thought of that little fact and the second his foot was off the brakes was the minute that the other car was able to easily begin pushing you all even further over the edge. “S-s-sorry!” Polnareff nervously sputtered out and with that, the car went tumbling over the edge. Your heart leaped up into your throat, feeling like nothing more than a lump that was starting to slowly suffocate you as it viciously pounded within your ear, and without thinking you found your arms quickly grasping onto whatever—whoever was closest to you which just happened to be Jotaro who in return did once again wrap one arm around your waist as if on instinct he was reacting the same way you had by grabbing onto whatever was closest to him at the moment.

“Hierophant Green!” Kakyoin called out his Stand who quickly slithered out the open window of the car and shot his way up the cliffside in an attempt to grab hold of something that could help in stopping the car’s fast descent.

“Stop! Hierophant isn’t strong enough to hold this much weight!” Joseph exclaimed. “It’ll just tear its body apart!”

“I beg your pardon, Mr. Joestar, but I know myself quite well” Kakyoin calmly responded. “I am not a fool" and just as he said this, the car finally came to a halt.

“It flew up holding the car’s wire winch!” Joseph grinned, impressed with the quick-thinking Kakyoin had done by using his Stand to send it and the wire winch back up towards the cliffside where he could attach the hook to the bumper of the other car.

“Hmph, not bad, Kakyoin” Jotaro grinned as well. “By the way, do you like sumo?” he asked just as he summoned his Star Platinum who reached up and took hold of the wire that now connected the two cars. “Especially deadlocks at the edge of the ring…it’s exciting, isn’t it?” he asked as Star harshly pulled on the wire which helped in propelling the car forward until if flew all the way back up the cliffside and with one punch, the other car was knocked back and off the cliffside while you group's car harshly landed back on the safety of the solid ground.

“Ow…” Polnareff moaned, rubbing his forehead from where it had harshly struck the steering wheel the moment your car crashed back onto its wheels.

“Indeed, I quite enjoy sumo” Kakyoin smiled as he too held his head.

“That’s going to leave a mark later today probably” you muttered as you rubbed your head as well which had jolted and smashed against the back of Polnareff’s seat.

“But Jotaro, in sumo, it’s against the rules to punch your opponent” Kakyoin teased and after a moment's thought, you all soon piled out of the car and carefully peered over the edge so that you could now look down at the burning vehicle that laid destroyed at the bottom of the cliffside.

“Since I didn’t see anything that looked like a Stand attack, I guess it was some weirdo” Joseph concluded.

“Yeah, either way, he can’t possibly survive” Polnareff pointed out. “Well, I guess he got what he deserved.”

“I wonder what his problem was” you said as you peered over the cliffside’s edge, shifting your bag around on your back so that it felt more comfortable resting there. “Was it really because of Polnareff’s reckless driving? Seems a bit petty to want to kill us just because of something like that.”

“But I wonder why…that car was suddenly behind us” Anne piped up, voicing the one mystery that was still in the back of everyone’s mind. “It’s so strange.”

“It’s not strange at all…” a new voice suddenly spoke up from your group's car’s radio, the sound painfully loud and slightly layered over with the faint sound of static.

“It’s the radio! It’s coming from the car radio!” Polnareff pointed out, already telling you all what you already had guessed.

“It was able to do that because it’s a Stand, Joestar!” the man on the radio proclaimed.

“What?!” Joseph shouted. “If it knows my name, it must be one of the Stand users that are after us!”

“Where is it coming from? Could it be from the car that just fell?” Kakyoin asked as you all nervously started to look around.

“That’s impossible! That thing is totaled!” Polnareff argued.

“But if there’s a Stand involved then that changes everything” you pointed out to him.

“There’s a possibility that the whole car is a Stand” Jotaro suddenly suggested. “Just like the Stand for Strength was a boat” you shivered a bit at the reminder of that monkey and its boat.

“The Wheel of Fortune…that is the card my Stand suggests” the mysterious Stand user revealed.

“The Wheel of Fortune?!” Joseph gasped as his eyes widened in shock.

“What is that tremor?” Polnareff asked just as the ground beneath you all started to violently shake. “This isn’t good…”

“Everyone, get in the car!” Joseph ordered.

“No, don’t!” Jotaro quickly jutted in. “Everyone get away from the car!” he ordered instead.

“It can’t be…” Polnareff gasped.

“The ground!” Kakyoin pointed out just as the ground beneath the car started to break and chip apart and quickly did you all backup and raise your arms in defense when the car that you thought had been burning at the bottom of the cliffside shot its way out of the ground and sent your group's car flying through the air along with a bunch of dust and debris. The force of the car slamming back down onto its wheels knocked you all over and just looking at it you found that it was dented all to hell, no longer having a normal shape that would indicate it was a still perfectly functioning car as wisps of purple smoke seeped off of it.

“Impossible! It burrowed up through the ground!” Polnareff cried out in shock. “I think it’s pretty obvious that car is actually a Stand!” he finally concluded, now agreeing with what Jotaro had been suggesting earlier.

“It appears that the Stand’s user is inside” Kakyoin pointed out just as the banged-up and badly dented car started to shift around, easily mending the damaged metal of its body and fixing all the dents to the point that it was becoming alarmingly clear that the car was just simply fixing itself.

“What the hell?!” Polnareff gaped.

“What is that thing?” Kakyoin asked.

“It’s not just fixing itself, it’s changing its whole appearance” you noted, watching how the car no longer looked like its original design from earlier—it looked sharper and deadlier than before, it now looked more threatening.

“It’s like a living creature!” Joseph shouted, just as the newly fixed car turned on his headlights and started loudly revving up its engine.

“It transformed! It’s going to attack!” Polnareff realized just as the car came barreling towards you all.

“Hmph” Jotaro grinned. “It wants to see who’s stronger.”

“Don’t Jotaro, don’t fight yet!” Joseph called out to his grandson,

“We literally don’t know much about it other than the fact it’s a car, punching it on a whim might not be the best course of action just yet!” you shouted.

“She’s right, we need to wait until we know what its Stand power is!” Joseph agreed.

“Jotaro!” you all soon cried out when the car suddenly sent out an attack that caused three bullet-shaped wounds to pierce through Jotaro’s body and splatter blood everywhere.

“I-impossible…I couldn’t see it” Jotaro groaned. “What did it shoot at me and how?” he pondered aloud.

“You couldn’t see it?” the owner of the Stand laughed as his identity was still perfectly hidden within the inside of his Stand. “You’ll soon find out…when you’re about to die that is!” he proclaimed as his Stand went on to attack once again.

“Jotaro!” Polnareff shouted as he and Kakyoin were the quickest ones in the group to rush to the teen’s side to try and usher him out of the way of the attack.

“Jotaro!” Joseph shouted when his grandson was struck once more.

“Polnareff! Kakyoin!” you cried out as the two that had gone to help him ended up being struck by the attack as well. Upon hearing Anne’s screams the minute the car turned its attention towards the three of you, Joseph protectively crouched down and wrapped his arms around her as if to use his body as a shield as you too dropped to your knees and subconsciously called out your Stand so that she could wrap her arms around you in that of a protective manner just as the car flew over your threes head and drove off the second its wheels hit the ground.

“What the hell is this?!” Polnareff cried out as he looked at the wounds that now littered his body. “These wounds aren’t deep, but it’s digging in!”

“I can’t see it at all” Kakyoin said as he attempted to see what exactly had pierced his skin and left the bullet-shaped holes behind. “The Stand appeared to be throwing something at us, but there’s nothing sticking out of our wound.”

“Are you alright, Jotaro?” Joseph asked the minute he saw that his grandson was still standing and once again facing down the car that had turned back around and seemed to just be patiently waiting to see what you all will do.

“Don’t worry about me, anyway…I don’t know what kind of attack it is, but it’s got good control” Jotaro noted just as the car revved up its engine once more and charged forward.

“I’ll go after your legs so you can’t run anymore, and then run you over!” the enemy proclaimed as he came barreling towards you all.

“Run between the boulders!” Joseph ordered and with that you all quickly turned on your heel and ran towards the gap located in between the boulders nearby, hopeful that the tight squeeze would be enough to slow down the Stand user as his car was clearly too big to easily fit through the gap to follow after.

“Stop running away!” the man growled when his car rammed into the boulders and proved you all right that it was too big to be able to easily fit through the gap to get to you all. But it seems he didn't like this problem deter him as his Stand’s appearance soon started to shift again and tear away at the boulders.

“What?!” Kakyoin gasped.

“He can’t really fit through there, can he?” you worriedly asked.

“What the hell are you guys? Cockroaches?!” the man angrily ranted as his car finally started to tear its way through the gap between the boulders and slowly inch its way towards you all.

“Oh no! It’s forcing its way in!” Joseph exclaimed.

“We’re no match for it” Kakyoin said.

“It’s acting like some stupid muscle head who couldn’t figure out a puzzle ring, so he just pitched a violent fit instead!” Polnareff huffed.

“Head further back!” Jotaro ordered as he ushered you all further back into the gap, but it was quite clear to you all from the beginning that running down the gap wasn’t going to really help as the car’s speed would easily catch up to you all in a minute before you even had a chance to get too far away from it so with that, it was silently agreed upon that you would instead climb up one of the boulders and up onto higher ground. But just as you prepared to follow in the lead of the rest of the men who were already easily climbing their way upwards, you stopped when your ears picked up to the faint sound of Anne’s crying that was nearly drowned out by the roar of the car tearing its way between the boulders.

“Yeah, I ran away from home, I’m a good for nothing! I’m all alone and no one loves me!” she sobbed as she laid on the ground, clearing having tripped and not aware that you all had silently agreed to head to higher ground than to keep running. “I’ll just die!” she lowly whimpered and with a soft huff you were quick to call forth Siren and have her lean down and grab the back of the young girl’s overalls, pulling her up towards you until you could properly wrap an arm around her waist which caused her to quickly in return wrap her arms around your neck and her legs around your waist. You soon relied on Siren to hold her close to your body while you moved to use both of your hands to hold onto the rocky boulders and start slowly working your way upwards.

“There, there” you softly shushed her when you felt the way her body softly trembled against your own as she loudly sniffed in an attempt to stop the flow of her tears. “I got you, we didn’t leave you—you’re not alone.”

“Good grief” you heard Jotaro sigh from beside you. “If you have time to say all that, you can run, you little brat” he said to the child that was still tightly clinging to you, her face now buried in your neck so that she didn’t have to look down and after some careful climbing, it wasn’t long before you were all finally up on higher ground and out of the gap below.

“Climb if you want, there are literally no roads left for you!” the enemy Stand user laughed from below as he seemed to have finally been able to get into the gap. “Not for escape, not for survival, not for Egypt, not even a road towards your shining future! Because…this Wheel of Fortune is going to grind you into hamburger and splatter you all over these boulders!” and with that, his car changed once again before its engine loudly revved up and he started to tear his way up the boulder.

“Oh no!” Joseph cried out.

“I-it’s climbing up…” Kakyoin muttered in disbelief.

“Is there anything this car can’t do?!” Polnareff asked.

“Good grief, looks like we’re going have to face it” Jotaro said. “Everyone, stay back—once it climbs up here, we’ll see the car’s underside, that’s when we’ll find out who’s stronger.”

“The car’s underside?” you muttered, taking a moment to try and think what exactly the delinquent planned on doing once the car’s underside was revealed to him.

“I see, once the car’s underside is in view, we may be able to attack it” Kakyoin was the first one to really catch onto what Jotaro was saying, and thinking about it, he probably was right. Jotaro’s plan probably was just to punch it and nothing else. It was at that moment that the car tore its way up into the air in front of Jotaro, it’s underside now in clear view which was enough for the teen to call out his Stand.

“You’re quite energetic, Jotaro! But not at all smart!” the enemy laughed. “Your bodies reek of something, and you haven’t even noticed!” he pointed out which caused Jotaro to halt in his movements and call back his Stand.

“Come to think of it, I smell gasoline” Kakyoin suddenly said.

“It’s our bodies!” Polnareff gasped after a moment of sniffing around before finally locating the source of the smell to be coming from his wounds. “Our bodies smell like gasoline!”

“Then that means the thing he shot at you all was…” your eyes widen as you all watched how the car once more shot out droplets of gasoline.

“It was shooting gasoline at us!” Kakyoin gasped. “It was shooting small amounts of gasoline at high speeds, like bullets” he realized.

“I-impossible…so his attacks weren’t to wound us, but to soak our bodies with gasoline?!” Polnareff realized just as those droplets of gasoline the man had shot out struck Jotaro’s body and created even more wounds.

“Looks like you finally caught on, but it’s too late now! These electric wires will spark!” he laughed as he harshly tugged on something connected to his car until it broke, revealing damaged wires whose sparks were immediately attracted to Jotaro’s gasoline-soaked body.

“What?!” Jotaro grounded out as his whole body went up in flames.

“Jotaro!” Anne screamed

“Water…water…we need…we need water!” you clenched your jaw, unaware that in your frantic state you had already called out Siren who was doing her best to draw out the moisture in the air but…but you were quick to realize there wasn’t enough. You were in an arid place that currently had the sun harshly beating down on it and what little moisture she was able to draw from the air around you all was quickly tainted the moment it was joined by everyone’s sweat—sweat was still a form of water, it was still a form of moisture and though there was nothing wrong with the sweat that came from yours, Joseph, and Anne’s body the same couldn’t be said for Kakyoin and Polnareff. Their sweat was currently tainted by the gasoline in their body, some of it most likely having seeped out of their wounds via their blood and easily mixed in with their sweat, the small ball of water Siren was able to make was useless. It was useless because it wasn’t big enough to put out such a huge flame, it was useless because there were drops of gasoline mixed around in it—it was just useless, useless, useless!

“Jotaro!” Joseph called out to his grandson who was currently screaming in pain as his body burned.

“Don’t go near him, Mr. Joestar!” Kakyoin attempted to hold the old man back to prevent him from going anywhere near the burning teen as you raised your hands and grabbed the sides of your head, tightly curling your fingers into your hair and desperately trying to think of how to locate more moisture. You needed lots of it and quickly if you were going to have Siren create a big enough ball of water to douse the flames in time. “There’s gasoline on our bodies as well” the redheaded teen tried to reason with the old man.

“Jotaro!” Joseph cried out as the teen finally fell to the ground, his body now still and the second you saw his unmoving body was the minute your arms numbly dropped to your side and from behind you, you heard the pitiful splash of the small amount of moisture you had collected into a pathetically small ball of water hit the ground as Siren seemed to just disappear as if your feeling of failure couldn’t give her the strength to stay out.

“I win! Part Three is over!” the enemy Stand user cackled, taking enjoyment in the looks of misery and your five's faces.

“Oh? And who exactly is going to replace me, Jotaro Kujo?” you slightly perked up the moment you suddenly heard Jotaro’s voice from somewhere which did genuinely draw out a terrified screech from the enemy as his arm that had been sticking out of the driver’s side window had a spasm attack. You watched in slight awe as a fist punched its way through the ground right beside the car and slowly did Jotaro drag his body out of the ground. “You didn’t think it’d be you, did you?” he asked.

“You burrowed into the ground with Star Platinum!” the enemy was quick to piece together. “So the only thing that burned up was your jacket!” he realized.

“Hmph, by the way, weren’t you saying something about roads earlier?” Jotaro asked as he stood up. “You were wrong, a road is something that you make yourself and so I, Jotaro Kujo, will show you how it’s done” he glared which seemed to just frighten the man inside the car. “I’ll show you exactly how roads are built!” and with that, Star Platinum came out and began an onslaught of punches so much that the Stand couldn’t seem to handle it and started to dent inwards on itself.

“I-I’m being crushed…” the Stand user choked out as his body slowly was being crushed by the metal that was getting dented inwards by Star Platinum’s hits.

“Jotaro!” Anne cheered just as the final hit was being delivered which tore the driver’s side car door right off its hinges and sent the owner of the Stand flying.

“That’s how it’s done—where you went flying, there is now literally a road” Jotaro grinned as he referred to the ground that had been disturbed by the man’s body when it went harshly sliding across it as a road. “Good, good.”

“What an odd character” Kakyoin noted the minute the enemy Stand user sat up screaming and finally gave you all a good look at his appearance.

“I didn’t think the human body could get so…weird looking” you admitted, trying to really figure out how the man was able to succeed in making himself look the way that he did. His face and legs were nothing special while his upper torso and arms were decently jacked, but then as your gaze traveled further downwards you were met with the odd sight of a bulging, round stomach that looked like a fully inflated balloon.

“His arms were so huge, and yet everything else is so small” Kakyoin said as he pointed out the obvious. “Talk about a bluff.”

“Looks like he’s trying to crawl away” you said, crossing your arms as you watched the pathetic sight of the man scampering around the ground on all fours before coming to a halt the second he ran into Polnareff’s legs.

“Hey! Don’t you run away!” the Frenchman glared before harshly digging the heel of his foot into the man’s back so that he was forced down onto his stomach.

“Don’t kill me! I’m just in this for the money!” the man pathetically begged in a panic which did draw out a fit of laughter from all of you. Though it wasn’t long before your laughter was cut short when your attention was quickly drawn towards the car as it squeaked and made the sound you’d expect to hear from a deflating balloon.

“Oh god, to think that the Stand was disguising such a small car too” Joseph said as you all watched how the car deflated in size until it was nothing more than a small heap of junk. “It looks like a sheep that’s just been shorn—how pathetic” the old man snickered which caused you all to burst out into another fit of laughter. It didn’t take long for you all to come to the agreement on what you wanted to do with the enemy Stand user nor to get to work on doing what it is you all agreed upon.

“Almost done?” Kakyoin asked you as he watched as you added the finishing touches to the sign in your lap while Polnareff and Joseph finished chaining the man down in the most uncomfortable position they could think of to the rock you all had found nearby to attach him to.

“Yep, here you go, Jojo” you smiled as you handed the sign off to Jotaro who easily dug it into the ground in front of the man who attempted to scream over the chains in his mouth in anger. Pleased with your group's handy work, you all turned away from him and now faced his severely beat-up car.

“Well then, let’s take this car across the border since our car was destroyed” Joseph suggested.

“It’s pretty beat-up, I wonder if it’ll last that long” Kakyoin pondered aloud.

“Help! Help!” you all ignored the man as you looked around and quickly began to discuss seating arrangements when once again you all realized you had too many people for a car that wasn’t really designed to carry six. In the end though, Jotaro rode up front with Polnareff, you got the middle seat between Joseph and Kakyoin—adamantly refusing to go through the embarrassment of riding on someone’s lap again—while Anne was this time around stuck sitting on Joseph’s lap.

“By the way, you’re going back to Hong Kong on an airplane” Jotaro said from the front seat, just barely turning his head to the side so that he can peer back into the backseat where Anne was seated.

“Aw, why?!” the young girl whined.

“Shut up! Don’t you get that you’re in the way?” Polnareff snapped in irritation, not in the mood to listen to the child whine.

“It really is too dangerous for you to be traveling this far away from home and with a bunch of strangers like ourselves no less” you told her, attempting to be a bit nicer in explaining a good reasoning as to why you were all sending her back home.

“We might not make it…” Joseph muttered the minute he heard a worrying pop come from somewhere on the car, a sound that did have you all worried that the car wasn’t going to be able to make it to the border as you hoped.

Chapter Text

“Let go! Let go of me!” Anne snapped as she struggled against Polnareff who was making sure she wouldn’t bolt. “Stop touching me in weird places!” she shouted as if hoping that if she sprouted such absurd notions it would embarrass and scare the Frenchmen enough to let her go.

“Shut up! Don’t say it like that!” Polnareff snapped, clearly growing more and more irritated with the struggling child and the nonsense she was sprouting.

“Come now Anne, there would be no need for Polnareff here to hold you down if you’d just behave yourself” you called over to the girl from your spot beside Kakyoin.

“Here’s the ticket” the teen beside you said as he handed off the ticket that had been bought for Anne to the service worker that had been silently watching as the child threw her temper tantrum—keeping an extremely close eye on Polnareff as if to truly make sure the older man wasn’t actually touching her in any inappropriate places.

“No! I don’t wanna!” Anne childish cried out. “I want to go with you guys!” she huffed before finally halting in her struggling the minute Joseph placed a hand on the top of her head.

“Little Miss, my daughter, who is Jotaro’s mother…her life is in danger right now” Joseph carefully explained, making sure not to go into too much detail but still providing enough information to make it clear to Anne that the journey you all were on was not the same as a luxurious vacation trip around the world. “We’re going on a journey to save my daughter’s life, give up on running away and go back home—I’m sure your parents are worried” he softly smiled and in a way, his words seemed to get your mind rolling as you couldn’t help but think back home to your own father…had he even noticed you were gone? Did he even bother looking at the note you had left and if he had, did he even feel the least bit worried or concerned that you had left without really giving him a proper goodbye?  I mean, technically you all could have died if it hadn’t been for Kakyoin’s quick thinking using his Stand and the wire winch back there…if you had all crashed and died, would your father have even cared or taken notice of the fact that you might not have ever returned back home to him? Such thoughts made your head hurt and caused you to be hit with a whirlwind of various emotions to the point that instead of lingering on such thoughts and trying to come up with reasonable answers for the sudden flood of questions you had, you chose to ignore it all.

You chose to push it all to the back of your head and ignore it, feeling that at the moment it was better to just not think about such things instead of worrying about them. You’ve survived this long in life without caring or worrying over the life your father chose to live without you—you’ve long since accepted that you and your father were two worlds apart and that he had chosen his work and his grief over his wife’s death over caring and forming a cherishing bond with you. You already accepted that unlike the children you grew up around, you just weren’t meant to have that picture-perfect family like everyone else seemed to have—you have accepted it…right?

“There” Polnareff’s voice dragged you out of your thoughts as you watched how he sat Anne down once she finally stopped squirming and showed no signs of wanting to run away.

“Fine, I’ll make you look good this time, Grandpa” Anne reluctantly muttered as she avoided looking at any of you. But before she fully boarded the plane, she stopped and looked around for a moment as if she was looking for someone in specific.

“What’s the matter?” Joseph asked when he saw the way she was frantically looking all around her like someone who had either lost something important or was in desperate need to find someone.

“Nothing” and with that, she angrily stormed her way up the steps and boarded the plane. “See ya! Life is just a bunch of goodbyes!” she called back which brought a small smile to your lips because, in a way, she wasn’t wrong in her assumption.

“Look who’s finally shown back up” you said the minute you caught sight of Jotaro as he came walking towards your group shortly after the plane had finally taken off. Your gaze lingered on his brand new coat for a moment, amazed that he was able to find a seamstress who could make him a brand new one that looked exactly like the one that had gotten destroyed by the flames that had briefly engulfed him before he had abandoned the piece of clothing altogether to take shelter in the ground. “It’s as if he never lost the coat to begin with at all” you muttered which seemed to just draw a small laugh from Kakyoin beside you as he nodded his head in agreement. Now with Anne safely on her way back home, you all piled your way inside the new car Joseph had bought and once more found yourselves in your old seating positions—Polnareff driving with Kakyoin in the passenger seat while you sat in the back between Joseph and Jotaro. Once more was you squished in between the two with the only comfort coming in the form of your body leaned forward so that only your hips had to really suffer the sensation of being crushed between theirs.

But despite how uncomfortable the feeling of being squished felt, it was a hell of a lot better compared to sitting on someone else’s lap.


“But, Jotaro, I’m surprised you were able to get someone to make you a Japanese school uniform here in Pakistan” Joseph said in his attempt to strike up a conversation and dispel the silence that had settled between you all since you pulled out of the airport and got back on the road. “The fit is perfect too.”

“It’s 100% wool” Jotaro said, not really answering how he was able to find someone to make him a replica of his coat.

“Aren’t we like heading to an extremely arid country?” you asked, turning your head to the side as you raised an eyebrow and gave the teen a questioning stare. “You sure wool was the best choice of fabric you could have gone for?”

“Polnareff, is it safe to drive right now?” Kakyoin suddenly asked before Jotaro could even bother answering you. “It appears the fog in this area is getting quite thick” he pointed out while referring to the thick fog that had slowly been accumulating around you all since you had started to drive along the cliffside road.

“Yeah, it might be a bit dangerous since there’s a sheer drop to one side, and no guard rail” Polnareff agreed.

“I rather we not go falling over any more cliffsides for the duration of this trip” you muttered, not really in the mood to experience such a feeling as falling as you had with that Wheel of Fortune Stand user.

“Indeed, the fog seems to get even thicker up ahead” Joseph hummed before pulling out a pocket watch to check the time. “It’s not even three o’clock yet, but I guess we have no choice—let’s find a place to stay in that town for the night” he suggested after squinting his eyes for a moment and spying a town through the fog that didn’t seem too far away from where you all were.

“I wonder if there’s a nice hotel” Polnareff pondered aloud.

“A nice hotel?” Kakyoin questioned.

“One that has a decent toilet, of course! I still can’t get used to the toilets in India and West Asia where you wash yourself with your hands” Polnareff admitted.

“What’s the matter, Jotaro?” Joseph asked.

“You see something?” you asked as both you and Joseph took notice in Jotaro’s harsh movements when he had suddenly shifted in his seat to look back as if he had spotted something odd on the side of the road that you all had passed by.

“No, it’s nothing” he answered, not really looking like he wanted to really recount to you both what exactly had caught his attention, but with just one look at him, it was clear to see that whatever it was he saw had subtly spooked him a little even he if was trying his best to act like it hadn’t. When you all did finally pull into the town, the first thing you took note in was how dreary it felt—how lifeless and dead everything seemed as the town itself, just like the road, was covered in a thick fog that you could just barely see-through.

“This is a nice little town” Joseph grinned as he admired the place and you had to wonder if he was seeing the same thing that you were. “I’d say it has a population of a few thousand” he assumed.

“It feels more like a ghost town to me” you admitted as you looked all around you, just barely able to make out the silhouetted shape of people out and about.

“Let’s ask about a hotel at that restaurant there” Kakyoin suggested as he got out the car just as it came to a stop.

“But it sure is a weirdly quiet town…like [Your Name] said, it feels almost like a ghost town” Polnareff said as he looked around the minute you all had piled out of the car. “Every other place has been super crowded and noisy” he noted.

“It’s probably because of the fog” Joseph theorized in his attempt to logically explain why the town seemed so dead and quiet. You thought over his explanation and was willing to accept it as you were aware that sometimes the weather could have a massive effect on people and their behavior. “Listen up, everyone” the old man said as he suddenly raised his voice in an attempt to grab all of your guys’ attention. “In Pakistan, and further west in the Islamic world, this is how you greet people—first, you smile and say…assalamu alaikum!” he greeted the owner of the restaurant with as much enthusiasm as he could but it seemed to do nothing to the man as he simply stood there unmoving and never once seeming to blink. In fact, when the owner of the restaurant did finally move to slam his open sign to close, you flinched as you hadn’t really expected the man to move at all.

“E-er…you didn’t have to close up shop so suddenly…” Joseph nervously stuttered out as he also hadn’t expected the owner to suddenly do something like that. “We just wanted to ask a question—is there a hotel nearby?” he asked only to receive pure silence as an answer.

“Maybe he doesn’t understand you” you suggested, attempting to explain why the man wasn’t answering Joseph—it was easy to explain away him suddenly closing up shop because Joseph may have botched the pronunciation of the words he had spoken and insulted the man instead of greeting him like he wanted to, but him not answering came down to one of two answers. Either he was still offended over Joseph’s attempt at greeting him or he genuinely didn’t understand a word the old man was saying.

“Hello?” Joseph tried to greet the man normally this time, albeit he was using hand motions along with his speaking as if hoping that by giving visual cues the man would understand him better.

“I don’t know” the owner finally said, his voice raspy and harsh on the ears and it wasn’t long before he simply swirled around on his heel and walked back into his restaurant.

“Huh?” Joseph questioned. “Hey, wait a minute—what do you mean you don’t know?” he asked and just as he was getting ready to follow after the man, he stopped when he suddenly spotted a bunch of cockroaches crawling all over the man’s neck and down his shirt. “Wh-what’s with that guy…?”

“I’m sure it’s as [Your Name] said and he just couldn’t understand you because your pronunciation’s so bad” Polnareff said as he added his own little jab at the old man’s attempt to greet the other man. “Let’s ask the guy sitting over there” he suggested as he jabbed a thumb in the direction of the person that was just seated on the ground and unmoving. “Hey, guy! Sorry, but we’re looking for a hotel, preferably a hotel with nice clean toilets—do you know any…” he cut himself off with a startled gasp when he noticed something off with the man. “Hey, you!

“What’s wrong?” quickly did he grab hold of the man’s shoulder which in return caused the man’s body to limply fall back, you nearly gagged as you watched the way two salamanders crawled their way up and out of the man’s opened mouth while his face was twisted up into a look of pure horror.

“What?!” all the men cried out in shock.

“They’re dead! They died with that look of fear on their face!” Polnareff exclaimed as you all now peered down at the dead body sprawled out before you while it seemed everyone else in the area just continued on with their day. “Wh-what the hell is this? Why are they lying dead in the road? What was the cause of death?” he frantically asked.

“A heart attack? A stroke?” he asked while listing off various ways the man could have died.

“That could be…but it doesn’t seem to be ordinary heart failure” Jotaro suddenly said which caught the Frenchman’s attention and caused him to take a closer look at the body until finally, he noticed the gun that was loosely held in one of the dead man’s hands.

“A g-gun!” Polnareff sputtered out. “This guy is holding a gun…”

“You just now noticed?” Kakyoin asked.

“Can you blame him? There aren’t exactly any wounds on the man’s body to indicate he might have been shot or have shot himself” you said.

“There’s smoke coming from it, he’s fired it” Jotaro pointed out to you all, motioning towards the wisps of smoke that was still currently leaving the muzzle of the gun.

“And it was just fired, maybe two to five minutes ago” Joseph noted. “Either way, it was right before we got to this town.”

“Was it suicide? Did he shoot himself?” Polnareff asked.

“No, it’s as [Your Name] had pointed out earlier, there doesn’t seem to be any wounds on the body to indicate that he was shot or had shot himself and there’s no blood anywhere” Kakyoin said.

“Then how did this guy die? Look at him!” Polnareff snapped as he was already becoming stressed out by this complete stranger’s mysterious death. “His face is distorted like he was screaming in utter terror!”

“Perhaps he had been killed another way and someone simply fired the gun and left it in his hand to give off the illusion he had killed himself” it was a wild guess, but it was the only answer you could think to give him in hopes of calming his frayed nerves.

“Maybe, but I don’t know” Joseph said after thinking over your explanation for a minute. “If it isn’t that, then what did this man shoot with his gun? What in the world is going on?” he asked.

“No one in town noticed anything?” Kakyoin questioned. “Excuse me, ma’am. Someone has died here, please call the police” he called out to a woman he saw nearby which caused her to halt in her movements and look back at you all. You flinched and was quick to advert your gaze elsewhere when you noticed the boils on the woman’s face that were throbbing and already starting to ooze with pus as if to show that they were infected due to either improper or lack of treatment.

“Pardon, my acne seemed to have festered” the woman apologized as she attempted to hide her face and you found yourself having a hard time believing that what she was suffering from was just simple acne—the way the infected bumps all clumped together on her face looked far worse than just your average pimples. “By the way, did you need something?” she asked.

“I said I’d like you to call the police” Kakyoin repeated, quick to snap out of the trance-like state he had been put in the minute he saw the woman’s face.

“The police?” the woman questioned. “For what?”

“Look! There’s a dead body over there!” the redhead was quick to point out, not really understanding why the woman was acting all calm and collected as she stood there.

“Oh my, there’s a dead body?” she inquired, not sounding concerned or frightened at all as instead, she seemed to just boredly scratch at the infected bumps on her face which only made you even more nauseous to see. “Is there anything I can do?” she finally asked.

“I already asked you to call the police!” Kakyoin snapped, already slowly starting to become irritated with the woman’s lack of reaction to the fact that there was a literal dead man on the street.

“Please ma’am” you finally spoke up, stepping up beside Kakyoin to rest a hand on his shoulder in hopes of calming him back down as you knew that getting angry with the woman wasn’t going to help anyone. “We just need you to call the police, that’s all—we’re not asking for much” you could barely bring yourself to meet her eyes, not really wanting to stare at her face or the bumps that were still heavily leaking pus despite how childish and mean that sounded.

“Right, right, call the police…alright” and with that, the woman turned away from you both and started to walk off. “My acne has festered and it’s so itchy, terrible itchy…” she rambled on to herself.

“What’s with the people in this town?” Kakyoin asked as he looked all around him, taking notice in how no one looked to care that there was just a dead body in the middle of the road. “Someone died and not a single person even cares to look, let alone a whole curious crowd” he muttered. “Did they not even hear the gunshot? These people are even more indifferent than people in large cities like New York or Tokyo” he frowned.

“It does seem strange, even if you were to argue that something like this is a common occurrence around here, there would still be people crowding around and wanting to have the police come to take away the body” you said as you too peered around at the group of people that didn’t seem to have a care in the world at the moment.

“It feels like the fog just keeps getting thicker” Polnareff huffed.

“The town seems to be engulfed by this fog” Kakyoin noted.

“It’s really creepy” Polnareff admitted. “Doesn’t that part there look like a skull?” he suddenly asked as he pointed to a section of the sky where the wisps of fog did almost look like they were in the shape of a skull.

“What do you want to do, old man?” Jotaro asked as he crouched down beside his grandfather who was still examining the dead body. “You don’t think it’s the work of another Stand user, do you?” he asked.

“It seems impossible, there’s no motive” Joseph pointed out. “Would someone who’s after us kill a man who has nothing to do with us before we even got here?” he questioned. “If they did, why did they kill him?”

“Just for the hell of it” you shrugged. “I mean so far it seems that Dio hasn’t been hiring the most upstanding citizens of society out there to hunt us down” you noted.

“There is a possibility, his death seems pretty extraordinary” Jotaro mused aloud as he thought over both his grandfather’s questions and even the answer you had given. “Let’s investigate the body as much as we can without touching it before the police come” he suggested.

“Right…” Joseph agreed. “It appears he was traveling too, just like us—he has bus and train tickets and he appears to be Indian; he’s carrying Indian money. He’s not from this town” he assessed as he closely examined the body, using a pen to pull at and tug on the man’s clothes so he could peer into his pocket without actually touching him. “Oh?! A wound!” he suddenly gasped the minute he tugged down the front of the man’s robe and finally spotted a wound on the body.

“Right under his throat, there’s a wound about the size of a ten yen coin—is this the cause of death?” he asked as you were all quick to crowd around him and stare at the newly discovered wound.

“But why isn’t there any blood coming from it?” Jotaro asked. “With a hole this big, there should be tons of blood gushing from it” he pointed out. “Normally, at least” he quickly tacked on at the end.

“Maybe he was sucked dry or whoever killed him was just really good at cleaning up the blood before we got here” you threw out there and you were sure that they all did think over what you had said before quickly brushing it off and you didn’t blame them. It did somewhat sound absurd to think that someone would either be able to drain a person of all of their blood in the middle of the street or to be able to clean up all of the blood and not leave a drop or two behind.

“Looks like this is no ordinary murder” Jotaro concluded. “We need to know, let’s not hold back—take off his clothes” he said as he bent down and grabbed hold of the front of the man’s robe and pulled it off. A startled gasp left all of you the minute the robe came off and revealed a massive amount of holes all over the man’s body, each and every one of them all the same size.

“Wh-what’s with this corpse?” Polnareff sputtered out. “There are holes all over it! He looks like the cartoon cheese you’d see in Tom and Jerry!” you couldn’t stop yourself from raising an eyebrow at the ridiculous comparison.

“And there’s no blood coming from any of these holes, how on earth was this man killed? What does this all mean?!” Joseph asked.

“Be careful, the odds that there’s a new Stand user nearby just grew” Jotaro warned you all.

“Everyone! Get in the car, we’re leaving this town!” Joseph ordered which caught your attention as you quickly grew confused when he seemed to go in the wrong direction, grabbing a hold of a brick wall and heaving himself up over the pointed spikes of an iron fence.

“Uh…Mr. Joestar?” you questioned.

“What?!” he cried out in shock as if he had genuinely believed it was the car he was hopping over into, his cry of surprise now catching the other's attention. “That’s impossible—this isn’t the car! Hermit Purple!” he called out his Stand and wrapped it around a nearby pole in an attempt to stop himself from being impaled on the spiked fence. You winced as you listened to the way he cried out in a mixture of discomfort and pain as he tried his best to pull himself out of harm's way.

“Hey, old man” Jotaro called out. “What the hell are you doing? Are you stupid?” he asked.

“I don’t know if stupid is the right word to use here, I mean he did seem pretty confident that that’s where the car was” you said while scratching at your cheek. “Delusional may be the right word” you said as the old man finally dropped back down onto the safety of the ground and sat there, heavily panting in relief that he was no longer in danger of being impaled.

“Oh no! What do you mean what am I doing? The car was right here a minute ago!” Joseph defended.

“What? Car?” Polnareff questioned. “We just parked the car over there” he said as he pointed off in the correct direction that the car was parked in.

“What?!” Joseph gaped, not quite believing what he was hearing. “B-but just now…” he trailed off, something in the distance now catching his attention and it was then that you all became aware of the echoing sound of something tapping against the ground and from within the fog a small, old woman came walking towards you all—the sound you were currently hearing coming from her cane which loudly tapped against the ground with every step she took towards you all. Respectfully each of you bowed in greeting to the older woman the minute she came to a stop in front of your group.

“You seem to be travelers” she brightly smiled the minute she looked up at you all. “With this fog, it’s dangerous to leave the town now—there are many cliffs, you know” she pointed out. “I run a little bed and breakfast, if you’d like, why not stay there for the night? I’ll make it cheap” she offered.

“We finally met a normal person!” Polnareff smiled and it was around that time that the police finally arrived on the scene and started to prepare in carting away the dead body that had been found.

“There’s a strong possibility that a Stand user is hiding somewhere in this town” Kakyoin said as you all watched as the dead man’s body was carried away on a stretcher. “This thick fog also gives them the upper hand; we cannot let our guard down at all tonight.”

“But…even without anyone attacking us, this is really a creepy town” Polnareff admitted, taking note in the slightly weird appearances of the police officers that had come to collect the body.

“Come now, Mr. Joestar, that is my hotel” the old woman suddenly piped up as she hit her cane down on the ground in an attempt to catch your group’s attention and motioned you all towards a building that you don’t remember if it had been there previously or not. “I shall lead the way, please come with me” the woman sweetly smiled. “This hotel is small…but about twenty years ago, one of the 007 films was filmed here, and John Lennon from the Beatles even stayed here once” she seemed to just brag.

“What? Really?!” Polnareff asked in genuine excitement.

“No, not at all” the woman admitted while still keeping that sweet smile of hers.

“Wha…?!” Polnareff gaped.

“But it is still quite a nice hotel, there are currently no other guests” she told you all as she started to lead the way towards the hotel. “Would meat for dinner be alright or would you prefer fish?” she asked.

“Hold it, old lady” Jotaro suddenly spoke up. “You just said “Joestar,” didn’t you? How’d you know that name?” he asked.

“Come now, sir” the old woman suddenly said after a tense moment of silence. “That person there just said “Mr. Joestar” a moment ago” she smiled while waving off in Polnareff’s direction and it was at that moment that you finally realized that one of her hands was tightly bandaged up.

“What? Me?” Polnareff questioned, not sure if she had been meaning him or not. “Well, I guess I might have” he pondered for a bit, trying to recall if he had said “Mr. Joestar” or not at any point since the woman had arrived.

“You did, sir” the old woman smiled. “When you’ve been in customer service for many years, you learn to memorize people’s names quickly, so I’m sure of it” she explained.

“I mean, with everything that’s been happening up to this point I wouldn’t be surprised if one of us had said “Mr. Joestar” at some point and just don’t remember” you said, eyeing Jotaro from the corner of your eye and watching how he seemed to just intensely stare the old woman down.

“By the way, Ma’am, what happened to your left hand?” Polnareff finally asked as he pointed to the woman’s tightly bandaged up hand.

“Oh, this? I just burned it a little…it might be because of my old age, but I accidentally spilled boiling water on it” she laughed as if trying to make light of her wounded hand.

“Age? What are you talking about?” Polnareff grinned. “You only look to be about forty, maybe I’ll ask you on a date” he lightheartedly flirted.

“Please don’t tease me so, sir” the woman giggled before both she and the Frenchman burst out laughing.

“Oh, this doesn’t look too bad” Joseph said the minute you all entered the hotel and was greeted by its simple, yet lovely architecture.

“Its simplicity makes it quite lovely really” you whistled as you looked around while waiting for it to be your turn to sign the hotel register.

“Here, Kakyoin” Polnareff said once he finished as he offered the pen to Kakyoin next.

“Right” the redhead nodded as he took the pen and proceeded to sign his name.

“You know” you softly spoke up as you finally peered at Jotaro from the corner of your eye who was just silently standing beside you. “You were quite impressive back there—acting like the perfect little detective the second we discovered that body” you lightly teased as a wide smile tugged at your lips the minute you heard a barely audible grunt leave the delinquent as he stuffed his hands in his pockets and simply ignored you, though you could just barely see the way his own lips quirked upwards into a smile.

“My autograph’s worth as much as Lennon’s” Polnareff suddenly said as he attempted to strike up a conversation with the old woman behind the counter.

“Here” Kakyoin said as he finally handed you the pen once he was done signing his name and it didn’t really take you that long to sign into the hotel register before you were silently handing the pen over to Jotaro—only giving him a bright smile as you moved out of the way so that he could sign the book as well.

“I’m Paulnareff, after all!” Polnareff joked, his pun just barely drawing a snort from you the minute you heard it. “Make sure you take care of it.”

“My, my…I will do just that” the old woman smiled though it did seem a bit more strained this time.

“It’s done” Jotaro said as he closed the hotel register the minute he finished signing it.

“Well then…I will show you to your rooms” and with that, she led you all up the steps, and one by one she assigned each of you a room until finally, you were the last one left.

“And here is your room, dear” still she kept that sweet smile of hers, and the longer you stared at it the more fake it felt to you—it felt over-exaggerated and too wide, like a person only pretending to smile because they needed to save face.

“Thank you” you politely bowed your head in thanks after a moment of tense silence, offering the older woman a sweet smile of your own before finally disappearing into your room. Once inside and the door was safely shut, you looked around for a moment before simply sitting your bag down on the bed and began to dig out the spare change of clothes you had inside. The outfit was not really different from your current clothes as it was nothing more than your second uniform that was usually meant to be worn during the warmer weather. The color scheme was the same but the sleeves to the shirt were much shorter and the skirt was slightly shorter were instead of going past your knees it now only reached to above your knees. You were heading further west towards countries that were more arid and hot that it just didn’t seem right to keep wearing your winter uniform, also you were just getting tired of wearing the same outfit up until this point, only getting the chance to half-ass wash it in the bathroom sink of any hotel you all stayed at with a bar of soap and water.

Once you finished changing and had put your old outfit away in your backpack, you made your way over to Joseph’s room as you recalled hearing a few doors opening and closing along with the sound of movement in the hallway while you had been changing, you could only assume that meant that the others were meeting up in the old man’s room to discuss your group’s next course of action.

“Coming in” you said as you pushed the door open to find only Kakyoin, Joseph, and Jotaro in the room—the redhead currently striking the top of the television which at the moment was only displaying a screen of static

“You changed” Jotaro noted, his gaze examining your change in clothing despite it not really being that much different from your previous outfit other than the fact that it was slightly more weather appropriate for the country you all were heading towards.

“Yes, unlike you and your wool, I rather not die of heatstroke” all that earned you was a simple “tch” in response. “So, why exactly are you beating up on the Tv?” you curiously asked.

“It doesn’t seem to be working properly, Kakyoin here is trying to fix it” Joseph explained.

“It appears to be broken” Kakyoin finally concluded after hitting the top of the television a couple of more times only for nothing to change.

“Then I won’t be able to use Hermit Purple to get information on the enemy…” Joseph sighed, clearly disheartened that he wouldn’t be able to use his Stand to give you all an idea of who the enemy may be.

“Hey, Mr. Joestar” Polnareff said as he opened the door to the room and poked his head inside.

“What’s the matter?” Joseph asked.

“Is there a bathroom in this room?” Polnareff asked. “There doesn’t seem to be one in mine.”

“Maybe the bathroom here is communal” Kakyoin suggested.

“Oh, right!” Polnareff seemed to quickly agree as if he hadn’t thought of that option before and with that he was quick to leave, shutting the door behind him as he did so.

“Good grief, he’s so carefree” Joseph sighed. “An unknown Stand user could attack at any moment…” he said with the shake of your head before you all returned your attention towards the broken television. A few more times did you all try to get the Tv to start working again, taking turns in either striking or fiddling around with it before suddenly you were all distracted by the sound of a loud ruckus taking place somewhere within the hotel. Stepping out of the room and heading towards the lobby to investigate, you stopped when you spotted Polnareff already making his way down the stairs. “Is something wrong, Polnareff?” Joseph was the first to ask.

“We thought we heard a strange noise” Kakyoin said.

“It was pretty loud—sounded like someone was getting murdered or something” you said.

“I’m going to take a look downstairs” Polnareff said. “I’ll be in the lobby, so call me if you need me” and with that, he continued on down towards the lobby, leaving you all upstairs without being able to get another word in.

Chapter Text

“Polnareff sure is taking a long time in getting back” you noted from your seat on Joseph’s bed, your voice cutting through the silence as the other men in the room looked away from the broken television they were still attempting to fix and thought over your words for a moment.

“You’re right, I would have expected him to be back by now” Kakyoin nodded in agreement. “You don’t think something bad could have happened do you?” he asked.

“He’s probably just using the bathroom” Joseph said with the simple wave of his hand, though he clearly didn’t look too confident in his answer as he turned his attention towards his grandson who had silently been staring out the window this entire time. “But just in case, why don’t you head downstairs and look for him, Jotaro—make sure that he’s truly alright” he suggested, watching as the delinquent looked at him for a moment before heaving a sigh.

“Good grief” he muttered underneath his breath as if he was truly annoyed that he was the one tasked with having to go and check up on the Frenchman, but other than that he didn’t say much else as he quietly slipped out of the room and firmly shut the door behind him, now leaving the three of you alone.

“It’s just not going to work, Mr. Joestar” Kakyoin finally admitted after he and Joseph tinkered around with the broken television for a couple of more minutes. “We’ve looked it over multiple times, checked all the cables, and even struck it as many times as possible without breaking it and it just doesn’t want to work” he said as he crossed the room and took a seat right beside you on the bed.

“Well now what are we to do?” you asked as you looked towards the old man that was dejectedly staring at the static screen of his television. “Without the advantage of knowing in advance who the enemy is, how are we going to get through tonight without any trouble?”

“Hm” Joseph hummed in thought for a moment, straightening his back as he grabbed hold of his chin and rubbed underneath it.

“We also have no idea what the enemy’s Stand is capable of” Kakyoin reminded the two of you which caused you to nod your head in agreement. Softly did the three of you begin to chat about what measures you all could take to get through the night until the fog lifted and you were able to leave the town.

“Is something a matter, [Your Name]?” Joseph asked when you suddenly cut yourself off and grew silent, tilting your head in a manner that told them you were attempting to closely listen to something.

“I thought I heard the sound of glass breaking a moment ago” you admitted while furrowing your brows as you really listened as closely as you could only to be met with pure silence saved for the soft sound of static that came from the television that was still on. “I guess I just imagined it” you shrugged after a moment before returning to what you had previously been saying. You’re sure that whatever it was you heard wasn’t anything too important. You weren't sure how long the three of you talked before stopping and coming to the realization that Jotaro and Polnareff still weren't back.

“They’ve been gone for an alarmingly long time” Kakyoin muttered as he stood up. “Do you think something might have happened to them?” he asked as you followed in suit and stood up from the bed as well.

“Maybe…perhaps Polnareff fell in the toilet and Jotaro’s having trouble pulling him out” you softly joked to try and calm any tense nerves the other two and yourself were currently feeling and though the joke did draw a quiet laugh from Joseph and a small smile from Kakyoin, that was it. Looking from one another you all came to the conclusion that this time it would be for the best if all of you went downstairs instead of just sending one person and that’s what you did as you all piled out of the room and carefully worked your way through the hall and down the stairs towards the lobby.

“Now you three finally show up” Polnareff huffed the minute he and Jotaro came out of one of the side rooms, a hesitant Hol Horse following along right behind them while carrying with him the old woman from earlier who was currently knocked out and tightly tied up in rope. Taking just one look at the three and it was plain to see that they were slightly roughed up as if they had been in a struggle this entire time.

“Wh-what happened? Why’s Hol Horse here? What exactly is going on?” Joseph asked, clearly just as surprised as you and Kakyoin were upon seeing both Hol Horse and the old woman from earlier tied up like some criminal. Jotaro was the one to answer the old man’s question, starting from the very beginning to the minute he came downstairs to look for Polnareff to the fight that broke out between him and Enyaba, which was apparently the old woman’s name, and her Stand Justice which was simply nothing more than the fog that had been surrounding the town this entire time. He gave a brief rundown of what exactly the Stand was capable of before closing off his simple tale with how he handled it.

“I wish I hadn’t had ignored that sound earlier if I had known it was actually you fighting, we could have come down and helped you guys out sooner” you sighed the minute Jotaro’s story came to an end as your shoulders slumped downwards.

“Don’t worry, I handled it” was all Jotaro said, not really sounding all that reassuring as he gave your back a single pat as if that was his way of attempting to make you feel better and even though it was a weak attempt, it still made you feel almost warm inside knowing that he at least tried.

“Why does it even matter what I’ve been licking?” Polnareff suddenly and loudly coughed, his cheeks now flushed a light shade of pink as he spoke with Joseph and Kakyoin. “You ask such stupid things” and with that, he fell into another flurry of coughs were you thought you heard him mutter the word “toilet” in between his coughs.

“Eh? You were licking what again?” Joseph asked. “I couldn’t hear that very well” he said as he cupped his ear with his hand and leaned in close enough to indicate that he wanted the Frenchman to speak up.

“Who cares what it was, I want to disinfect my tongue—just give me the medicine already” Polnareff demanded.

“Hm? I thought I just heard “toilet”…” Kakyoin said which caused Joseph to start snickering.

“Actually, I already know, but I can’t resist picking on him about this!” the old man whispered as he started snickering once again.

“Hey! Did Jotaro already tell you?!” Polnareff embarrassingly snapped. “You shitty old man! You were just messing with me, forget about the medicine!” he huffed as he turned away from Joseph and Kakyoin and stormed off.

“Alright, alright, my bad” Joseph smiled as he held his hands up in surrender. “I’ll fix you right up, Polnareff—if you don’t take care of that, it’ll get infected” he said before clearing his throat as he muttered the words “toilet” and “you licked a toilet…” underneath his breath as he did so.

“Damn it! Let’s hurry back on our journey! Jotaro! Kakyoin! [Your Name]!” Polnareff shouted as he ignored the way Joseph fell to the floor laughing.

“They sure are rowdy” you muttered before perking up as you realized that Jotaro had left your side and had wandered over towards the entrance of the hotel.

“Everyone, come outside” he called back to you all, motioning with his head for you to peer outside.

“What on earth...?” Joseph muttered when you all were greeted by the sudden sight of a graveyard and nothing else. “We step out of the hotel, and this place is…”

“It’s a graveyard” Kakyoin finished for the old man.

“It’s as if the town never existed” you muttered as you looked around at the sea of tombstones that surrounded you all.

“She was using her Stand’s fog to make this graveyard look like a town and a hotel?” Kakyoin questioned, baffled that the old woman’s Stand had been able to achieve such an illusion.

“So we were talking to the corpses that were buried in these graves…” Polnareff concluded, already beginning to sound slightly nauseous at the prospect that everyone you all had spoken to had been nothing more than shambling corpses. After taking time to discuss what to do now that both the fog was gone and that the enemy Stand user was captured, you all somewhat came to an agreement with the only person objecting to it being Polnareff. “T-take her with us? The old lady?” he sputtered out in bafflement.

“Yeah” Jotaro nodded. “We need to know how many more Stand users there are, what their powers are, where in Egypt Dio is hiding…and what Dio’s Stand power is” he explained.

“If we’re able to get the old lady to tell us what it is, it’ll give us a definite advantage” Joseph added.

“But would she be willing to tell us all that?” you asked.

“I doubt it, though…” Kakyoin trailed off.

“We just need to use my Hermit Purple to project what she’s thinking onto a Tv” Joseph said, assuring you all that you didn’t really have to hope for the old lady to willingly tell you anything herself.

“Oh, right!” Polnareff grinned. “Since there isn’t a Tv in this graveyard, we’ll do it in the next town” he said before you were all startled by the sudden sound of a car engine roaring to life. “Hol Horse!” he angrily called out the minute he spotted the blond-headed cowboy that you all had forgotten about driving off in your group's car. “That bastard!”

“Our car!” Kakyoin exclaimed as both he and the Frenchman attempted to chase after the car that was getting further and further away.

“Yeah, I’m going to stick with Dio after all, see ya later!” Hol Horse called back. “Provided you guys don’t die first, that is—but I’ll give you a warning! You should kill that old lady as quick as you can, otherwise that old lady will show you just how terrifying Dio really is, see ya!” and with that, he was gone.

“What the hell is he talking about?” Polnareff grumbled.

“You think he was just trying to scare us?” you asked as you looked between Joseph and Jotaro, watching as they both only seemed to just shrug in response.

-A Day Later-

At some point after leaving the graveyard behind, you all did eventually luck out in acquiring a carriage that helped you arrive at the coastal town of Karachi a lot quicker than you would have if you had continued to set out on foot. The carriage compared to the car you had previously been using was much bigger and so you all were able to comfortably fit in it without the risk of anyone getting squished.

“Hey, a doner kebab place!” Joseph perked up the minute he spotted the food stand while you all were slowly making your way through town in search of a hotel to stay at. “Why don’t we stop and get something to eat?” he asked as he pulled on the horse’s reigns and brought it to a stop. “Excuse me, I’d like six of those” he said as soon as he stepped down from the carriage and approached the man who ran the joint.

“Six will cost you a thousand yen” the man said.

“A thousand yen?” Joseph questioned as he removed his hat. “A thousand yen? Don’t mock me now! That’s far too much” he laughed.

“How much would you buy them for?” the owner asked.

“Make it 250 yen for six!” Joseph demanded which caused the owner to laugh.

“If I sold them for that much, my whole family would starve to death!” he suddenly snapped while drawing a line across his neck as if to emphasize his point.

“Then maybe I’ll just buy them somewhere else” Joseph huffed.

“Okay, friend! I’m very kind to foreigners, I’ll sell you six for 700 yen” the owner quickly interjected as if he truly didn’t want to lose the old man as a customer.

“Make it 300” Joseph said and with that the two men soon began to shout out various different prices before finally settling on 425 as the final price. “I’ll take them!” the old man grinned as he paid the price and happily took his bag of kebabs and feeling as if he had come out the winner of that ordeal.

“Bye-bye, thank you!” the owner happily waved and just as Joseph was heading back towards the carriage, he suddenly halted in his tracks.

“Hey! That old lady’s awake” he quickly pointed out which caused you all to look towards the old woman that was seated in the back right beside you. But she didn’t seem nor looked angry like you thought she would have been upon waking up and finding herself tied up and being kidnapped by you all. No, instead she looked quite terrified as she nervously began to sweat and tremble the longer she sat there and stared ahead.

“I-I…I haven’t said anything!” she fearfully cried out. “Wh-why are you here before me? Do you think that I, Enyaba, would actually tell them the secret of Lord Dio’s Stand?” she asked which confused you all before finally, you followed her gaze to see who exactly she was looking at only to find that the person she was staring at was the owner of the food joint who seemed disinterested in listening to what she had to say. But once he knew he had you all looking at him, he slowly began to remove his glasses and the hood of his robe.

“A-ah!” you scream in utter horror the minute you looked beside you and spotted thin fleshy tentacles shooting their way out of every orifices on Enyaba’s face. You attempted to scoot as far away from her as you could, holding your arm up to shield yourself from the droplets of blood that went flying from the ends of them before finally they ripped through the top of the carriage and began to destroy the whole thing which in return forced you all to jump out of it to save yourselves.

“Wh-what the hell are these tentacles?!” Polnareff sputtered out.

“Why…why have you come to kill me?!” Enyaba screamed.

“It means that Lord Dio truly trusts no one” the kebab owner said as he removed his robe and revealed himself to be a truly handsome young man if you were being honest. “I will be making sure you never speak again and as for you five there…I will be taking your lives” he said as he looked towards the five of you.

“Old lady!” Polnareff worriedly called out once blood began to heavily squirt out of Enyaba’s nose and mouth as even more tentacles tore their way out of her body.

“What?!” Joseph winced as the old woman finally fell to the ground and continued to squirm around in utter pain, loudly screeching and sobbing as she writhed around on the ground and clawed at the tentacles that tore their way through his flesh.

“My name is Dan...Steely Dan, my Stand suggests The Lovers card” the man introduced himself as. “I will see to it that you all meet the same fate as Enyaba” he revealed.

“How could you? That old lady was one of you, wasn’t she?” Polnareff sneered. “Old lady!” he called out to her as he ran to her side, worriedly standing over her as she continued to squirt out gallons of blood as her moves became more sluggish the longer she laid there.

“L-l-lies…lies…it’s a lie…” Enyaba choked out. “Lord Dio would never do this to me…” she argued as if she truly couldn’t believe that the man she so dearly worshiped would dare betray her in such a manner.

“The thing coming out of the old lady’s body is not a Stand!” Kakyoin suddenly pointed out. “They’re real! They’re real moving tentacles!” he exclaimed.

“Now that you mention it…they look almost familiar in a way…” you muttered as you were suddenly reminded of the fleshy tentacles that had shot out of the flesh buds that had been buried inside both Kakyoin and Polnareff’s heads when Jotaro was removing them.

“He would never do something like this to me…he would never plant a flesh bud…” Enyaba babbled, choking on both her own blood and the tentacles that squirmed their way out of her mouth.

“Flesh bud?!” Kakyoin gaped, eyes widening.

“Lord Dio is my reason to live…we trust each other…” you winced the longer you listened to the old woman, finding yourself soon pitying her the longer you listened to how desperate she sounded in an attempt to convince herself that she hadn’t been betrayed.

“Old lady!” Polnareff worriedly called out once more as he called forth his Stand and began to cut away at the tentacles that squirmed their way out of the old woman’s body—the chopped up pieces flying everywhere as some even landed out in the open and under the sun where they immediately turned to dust.

“Th-they…they melted from the rays of the sun” Joseph noted. “The flesh bud! It’s Dio’s own cells!” he concluded.

“Precisely! I’m impressed you were able to figure that out” Steely Dan smirked. “That is what the flesh bud, made from Lord Dio’s cells, looks like when it’s grown—I just grew it inside of Enyaba” he revealed. “Enyaba, I hear that you were the one who told Lord Dio about the Stands, but there is no way that Lord Dio would ever trust a little old women like yourself” his words were harsh as he didn’t even seem to care about whether the old woman that barely seemed to be clinging onto life was listening to him or not. “It seems you hadn’t realized that.”

“Old lady!” Joseph gasped as he dropped to his knees beside the heavily bleeding woman, removing his hat and tightly holding it against his chest. “Tell us what the true identity of Dio’s Stand is!” he begged which surprised all of you as you now waited with bated breath to see if the old woman would now be willing to reveal such a secret after being harshly hit with by the reality that Dio didn’t trust her like she initially believed. “Tell us! You placed your hope and trust in Dio and now you know he’s not the man you thought he was! I have to defeat Dio—please, tell me!” the old man desperately seemed to plead.

“Tell me! Tell me about Dio’s Stand!” he practically sounded frenzied as he tightened his hold on his hat and continued to plead with her to reveal Dio’s secret.

“Lord…Dio…” Enyaba finally choked out showing that she was still alive and had just barely enough energy to speak. “He believes in me; I can’t tell you…” she trembled before gasping as she finally drew her last breath and fell limp.

“Oh God!” Joseph cried out.

“Even on the verge of death and after learning he betrayed her, she was still faithful to him to the bitter in…” you breathless muttered, baffled and even slightly terrified to see just how good of a hold Dio truly had on the old woman. It truly made your blood run cold to think about what kind of man Dio truly was to be able to keep such a tight hold on someone even after betraying their trust and being the cause of their death despite them never once going against him.

“How sad…” Steely Dan snickered, having long since moved over to a nearby outdoor table where he seemed to be now enjoying a cup of coffee or maybe it was tea. “How truly sad that old woman was, but the fact that she trusted him so deeply shows how powerful Lord Dio’s evil charm truly is” he grinned before continuing to snicker the minute he saw the harsh glares you all shot his way.

“Since Enyaba was connected with my sister’s death, I’m pretty conflicted about this” Polnareff admitted. “But I will kill you” he snarled as he clenched his fist.

“It’ll be five against one, but we won’t hesitate—prepare yourself” Kakyoin said.

“Dio’s henchmen up to this point haven’t really been playing fair, so I’m sure he’ll have some sort of trick up his sleeve” you glared.

“Stand up” Jotaro ordered as Dan seemed to only continue sitting there and lazily sipped at his drink. “Hey, jackass! Don’t try to act cool at a time like this, even if you won’t attack us, we’re going to fight” the delinquent pointed out.

“Do as you pleased, but none of you will be able to lay a finger upon me, Steely Dan” the man smirked just as Jotaro called out Star Platinum and harshly struck him in the stomach, but almost in an instant after hitting him, Joseph seemed to cry out in pain and fly back in the same manner as the enemy had as if he too had been struck by Star.

“What?!” Jotaro asked.

“Wh-what happened, Mr. Joestar?” Polnareff worriedly asked. “He flew back just like that guy!” he gaped.

“Were you hit? I didn’t even see anything hit you” you frowned.

“You fool!” Steely Dan irritably groaned as he shakily lifted his head from where he had smashed through the glass door of a nearby store. “I was still in the middle of my explanation; you were very close to killing your own grandfather” he sneered as he weakly pushed himself back up onto his feet and swiped the back of his hand across his lips to wipe away the blood the dribbled down his chin. “Listen carefully, do you really think I appeared before you just to kill Enyaba?” he asked as he spat out even more blood.

“Y-you bastard…” Joseph groaned, body trembling as he was still knelt down on the ground and reeling from the force of the hit. “You said you had the Stand of the Lovers’ card, didn’t you? Wh-what is that?!” he asked.

“The battle has already begun, Mr. Joestar” Steely Dan revealed which worried you all as you were quick to look around in an attempt to try and spot the man’s Stand. “You fools…no matter how hard you look, you won’t be able to find my Stand easily” he grinned as he wiped away the remainder of the blood on his chin. “Hey, brat” he suddenly said as he called out to a young boy that was busy sweeping the sidewalk nearby. “I’ll give you a tip, so hit my leg with your broom” he ordered as he tossed some money towards the kid.

“I-It can’t be…” Joseph choked out.

“Come now, that child wouldn’t really do such a thing for something as measly as a tip” you weakly muttered, though you were quickly proven wrong as you watched in slight despair how the child eagerly gripped the broom in his hand and prepared to swing it.

“Hit me!” Steely Dan ordered just as the child harshly struck him in the leg which in return caused Joseph to cry out in pain.

“What happened, Mr. Joestar?!” Kakyoin hurriedly asked as you were all quick to place your attention back on the old man.

“I-It hurts! I don’t know what’s going on, but there’s tremendous pain…” Joseph shakily sputtered out as he grabbed at the side of his head, looking quite frightened as he attempted to try and comprehend what was happening.

“You haven’t figured it out, Joseph Joestar?” Steely Dan asked. “My Stand goes inside the bodies of others—the moment Enyaba died, it entered your brain through your ear” he revealed.

“What?” Joseph grounded out through clenched teeth.

“Meaning the Stand and myself are one and the same” Steely Dan continued. “If my Stand gets hurt, so do I, and vice versa. If you so much as scratch me, my Stand—which is within your brain—will react to my pain and suffering in that same moment by going berserk” he grinned. “It will inflict pain several times greater to the same part of your body. I’ll say it once more…you will not be able to lay a single finger on me!” he proclaimed.

“Not to mention, The Lovers has taken Lord Dio’s flesh bud into your body” he suddenly revealed as well. “It’s growing within your brain, just like Enyaba, it will eat you from the inside and you will die!” and just as he finished, the kid behind him seemed to laugh and strike the back of his leg again.

“Ow!” Joseph cried out in pain.

“When did I say you could strike me again?” Steely Dan asked as the kid held his hand out as if waiting to be given another tip. “You little brat!” he sneered as you felt the way your body tensed up and your jaw clenched the minute you witnessed him strike the kid which caused him to fearfully scamper away.

“Hey!” you snapped as your finger curled and your hands clenched up into fists.

“Well, to be honest, my Stand—The Lovers—is very weak” Steely Dan admitted, ignoring you as he brushed off his hand that he had struck the child with and went on to act like nothing had happened which only disgusted you even more with how casually he could act after doing something like that. “It isn’t powerful enough to move even a single strand of hair…it is the world’s weakest Stand” he continued. “But…you don’t need power to kill humans—do you understand?” he asked. “If I were to be in a car accident, hit by a baseball, or even trip and fall, Mr. Joestar…your body would suffer far greater damage than mine” he explained as he then began to crack his knuckles which in return caused Joseph’s hand to start spasming out.

“I-I can even feel real pain in my artificial left hand…” Joseph sputtered out in utter bafflement.

“And in ten minutes, your brain will be eaten through, and you will die like Enyaba” Dan suddenly revealed just as Jotaro harshly grabbed hold of him.

“Jotaro, calm down! Don’t do anything stupid” Kakyoin said as he came in between Jotaro and Steely Dan.

“You heard what he said, hurting him in any way will only bring more pain to Mr. Joestar” you worriedly frowned as you were quick to wrap your arms around the one Jotaro had drawn back, Siren’s own arms manifesting from your own as if to help give you the strength in holding back the teen’s fist.

“No, I’m going to kill him so quickly, he won’t even have a moment to feel pain” the delinquent snarled, still having enough strength to pull his arm even further back and dragging you along with him as you continued to cling onto it.

“Hey, Jojo, stop it!” you snapped the minute you heard Joseph give a loud, painful grunt in response to the harsh grip his grandson had on Steely Dan’s shirt. Almost in an instant did Jotaro let the man go, as you all worriedly looked back at the old man who currently was clutching his chest and harshly coughing.

“Without a moment to feel pain, huh…that’s a great idea” Steely Dan grinned as he straightened out his shirt. “Let’s see you try it, Jotaro—it sounds fascinating” he encouraged as if attempting to egg Jotaro on. “What were you planning to destroy? Come on! My face? My throat?” he teasingly asked as a murderous air slowly started to build up around the teen to the point that it was nearly suffocating for all of you. “Come on, what’s wrong? Just try it, let’s just see what happens!” he continued.

“How about busting a hole through my chest? Or how about you give up on using your Stand, and crack my head open with a rock?” he asked as he took a few steps away from you all. “Here, I’ll even get the rock for you—is this one big enough?” he asked as he lifted a huge rock up off the ground.

“Jojo, stop it!” you cried out when the teen suddenly rushed forward and grabbed a tight hold on the front of the man’s shirt once again.

“You don’t want to underestimate me; when I say I’m going to do something, I do it” Jotaro sternly muttered, a pure look of hatred and the promise of death clear in his eyes and for a moment you could see the genuine fear on Dan’s face.

“Jotaro, I said stop it!” you snapped once more the minute Joseph cried out in pain just as you and Kakyoin called out your Stands the minute you saw Jotaro call out his own. Hierophant Green was quick to stop the fist that Star was about to throw while Siren tightly wrapped her arms around Jotaro and harshly attempted to pull him back and away from Steely Dan.

“Don’t do anything rash, Jotaro!” Kakyoin worriedly shouted.

“I know you're upset, but right now you need to control that temper of yours—we can’t risk doing anything rash!” you scolded.

“You’ve already seen his power! Are you trying to kill your own grandfather?!” Kakyoin frowned as both Star and Hierophant disappeared but you kept Siren out, her arms still tightly wrapped around the teen, attempting to hold him in place even though he still refused to let go of Dan and back off.

“H-he’s the type that might actually do it…” Polnareff worriedly muttered as he and Kakyoin soon joined in on grabbing a hold of Jotaro and trying to pry him off of Steely Dan when they noticed that even Siren was struggling to do so, it wasn’t long before even you yourself was grasping at a part of the teen’s body and tugging at it in an attempt to pull him away but he seemed to be just so angry and steadfast on wanting to beat the shit out of the man that like a rock he absolutely refused to budge an inch.

“You aren’t taking me seriously” Steely Dan nervously chuckled before he suddenly smashed the rock in his hand against Jotaro’s shoulder which caused you to flinch and lose your focus as you, Kakyoin, and Polnareff backed away just as Siren disappeared. “Oh…?” the man smirked when Jotaro finally released his hold on him. “You…” he growled as he reeled the rock in his hand back before smashing it into the teen’s stomach.

“Jotaro!” Joseph worriedly shouted as you were the first one quick to swoop down beside the teen who dropped to his knees and worriedly began to check him over as you rested a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t underestimate me, you bastard” Steely Dan snickered. “After the geezer dies, next it’ll be…”

“Look out!” you don’t know who shouted that as you yelped the minute you felt Jotaro harshly push you away from him before he raised his arms so that they would take the blunt force of the hit from the rock that Dan had brought down and struck him with. You were stunned for a moment, not knowing if the man had originally been bringing the rock down onto you or if he had always been aiming for Jotaro and the teen just thought it was coming at you—either way, it made your heart both skip a beat at the thought that he didn’t want you to get hurt and painfully twist up at the sight of him being in pain.

“…your brain that I send The Lovers into and kill!” Steely Dan proclaimed as you were all quick to flock and crowd around the wounded teen that was now on all fours as he coughed and spit out a good stream of blood from his mouth, tightly clenching his jaw as if refusing to make any sound that would indicate he was in pain.

“Wh-what the hell are you doing?!” Joseph snapped and seemed almost lost in his thoughts for a moment before an idea seemed to just strike him as you watched from the corner of your eye how the old man looked back at Kakyoin and it wasn’t long before they both took off running.

“H-hey!” Polnareff shakily called out as he quickly chased after the two.

“Jotaro! [Your Name]! Keep him away from Mr. Joestar!” Kakyoin called back to the delinquent and you as you continued to stay by his side, a hand gently resting against his back and rubbing comforting circles around it. “We’re going to get as far away from him as possible!” the redhead explained.

“Oh, I see…so you think that if you move far enough away, my Stand’s power will disappear?” Steely Dan questioned, sounding quite amused with this plan of theirs. “But one’s weakness can also be one’s strength. My Stand—The Lovers—may be weak, but once it is within a body, I can control it from a distance far greater than any other Stand” he seemed to boast. “Even hundreds of kilometers away.”

“Come on, Jojo” you softly muttered as you helped the teen to stand, watching how he stared at you from the corner of his eye though he didn’t complain nor push you away as he let you hold onto his arm and help him to slowly get back up onto his feet.

“Hey, Jotaro! I’m talking to you!” Steely Dan growled when he saw the way the raven-haired teen didn’t bother acknowledging what he had said. “What are you looking away so calmly for? Look at me!” he angrily demanded as he harshly grabbed the front of the teen’s coat.

“You sound like you’re starting to lose your cool” Jotaro noted.

“Do you and that girl there plan to follow me until Joseph dies?” Steely Dan suddenly asked, finally acknowledging your presence as you kept yourself close to Jotaro’s side and bitterly glared at the man the minute he quickly glanced your way.

“Dan, was it?” Jotaro asked. “I will defiantly make you pay for this” his words only seemed to make the man laugh.

“If that’s why you’re following me, maybe I should borrow a little more” he said as already started to rummage through the teen’s pockets until finally, he found his wallet.

“Hey—” you were cut off the minute the man raised his hand and held a finger up at you as if to silently tell you to be quiet, to wait until he was done before you could speak.

“Is this all you have?” Steely Dan asked as he looked inside Jotaro’s wallet before looking at the watch he had taken from the teen as well. “I see that your watch, audaciously enough, is a TAG Heuer…I’ll be borrowing this” he grinned as he stuffed both the wallet and the watch into his pockets before looking towards you. “What about you, sweetheart? Anything worthwhile on you?” he asked as he finally directed his attention on to you which only made you frown as you took a step back.

“No” you muttered before flinching when he suddenly grabbed a hold of your wrist and pulled you towards him.

“There’s no point in lying, surely you have something of value in that bag of yours” and before you could react, your bag was viciously ripped from you and you were pushed back, unable to even get a word in before he tore open the zipper and began to rummage around inside. Though there was a clear look of disappointment on his face as he looked around inside your bag only to be met with the sight of miscellaneous items. You watched how he angrily shifted things around as if trying to find something of value before finally and suddenly turning your bag over and just haphazardly dumping everything out.

“Hey!” you snapped, quick to swoop down and try to gather up all your things.

“What’s with all this crap? It’s useless junk!” Steely Dan growled, clearly not pleased as he looked from the crumpled up clothes to the oddly large amount of batteries you had. “What’s with all the batteries anyway?” he muttered, before curiously raising an eyebrow as he watched how the first thing you reached for was the flashlight—he watched how you grasped at it and looked it over as if making sure it hadn’t been damaged by the fall before pressing down on its button and sighing in relief when you saw it turn on just fine.

“Thank goodness” you breathed out as you turned the flashlight off. Out of everything in your bag that you didn’t want to lose or see damaged it was the flashlight. Sure there’s only been a few times you needed to use it since starting this trip as you all had lucked out fairly well to find yourselves spending most of your nights in comfy hotel rooms—but you knew such luck wasn’t always going to last and the incident out at sea that led you all to spend a night under the stars could happen again. Even the incident that forced you all out of your hotel in Varanasi and onto the road in the middle of the night could happen again—you remembered clearly how all the men complained the second you had flipped on your flashlight inside the car. Joseph whining the loudest about how the light that you had pointed down at your feet in an attempt to bring you some comfort in driving away the darkness throughout the beginning of your group’s car ride was making it hard for him to try and get some to sleep.

“Hey!” you yelped the minute Dan ripped the flashlight from your hand and began to study it closely as if attempting to see what was so important about it that you went straight for it instead of your clothes or even the pill bottle. He simply seemed to hold up a hand and press it against your face to hold you back and away from him as he continued to study the flashlight before frowning when he discovered that it was just that—a normal flashlight with nothing really special about it. But as he looked from it and to the way you seemed desperate to get it back from him, he seemed to get a mischievous look in his gaze as he suddenly dropped the light in his hand and smashed his foot down onto it over and over until finally, it broke. You froze up the minute you heard the sound of glass breaking as the bulb inside shattered from the harsh force of his foot coming down on to it again and again. Dropping to your knees, you nervously grabbed hold of the flashlight and winced as you watched how the glass fell apart and saw how the metal around its head looked badly bent from where he had harshly stomped on it over and over. Pitifully you felt like you wanted to cry the second you pressed down on the flashlight’s button and nothing happened—it was broken, it was now useless and just the knowledge that you no longer had your only safety measure to keep the dark away scared you and nearly sent you over the edge into that of a panic attack

“Well come along you two, if you plan on following me then you better keep up or else you’ll be left behind” Steely Dan laughed as he turned away from you, ignoring the way your body shook as you sucked in shaky breathes of air and began to now press at the button of the flashlight over and over as if believing that that would fix it and force it to start working again. You were certain that if it hadn’t been for the feeling of Jotaro resting his hand on top of your head you would have just curled up into a ball and broken down here and there—sure it sounded pathetic to get worked up over a broken flashlight, but it truly was the only thing that brought you comfort when it came to the dark. Jotaro said nothing when you tearfully looked up at him and in a way he didn’t have to, the look in his eyes was enough to cause you to roughly wipe away at your unshed tears and nod your head as you quickly began to gather up your stuff so that you could both quickly catch up to Dan before he got too far away. Right now wasn’t the time to get upset, you needed to be strong until Kakyoin and them could find a way to get that asshole's Stand out of Joseph’s head. You stopped for a moment in hastily shoving your things back into your bag when the second bangle Jotaro had bought you fell from the folds of your clothing as if it had wound up tangled inside the fabric when Dan had been harshly rummaging through your bag. Picking it up and holding it for a moment, you looked from it and then towards Jotaro who was simply staring on ahead towards Dan who had stopped and seemed to somewhat be impatiently waiting for you and Jotaro to follow along.

Looking back at the piece of jewelry, you softly smiled and was glad that at least he hadn’t had taken it and gently did you set it back inside your bag before you zipped it up, slipping it back on before finally standing up. You gave a firm nod to Jotaro when he looked your way as if to silently ask you if you were ready to go and with that, you both quietly trailed after Dan who started walking once again the second he saw that you both were now following him. You weren’t sure how long you all were walking before he finally came to a stop in front of a drainage ditch.

“A drainage ditch…I could just jump across this ditch, but if I were to trip and twist my ankle, it would be dangerous” Steely Dan said as he studied the ditch. “It’d be a pain to go all the way to that bridge over there” he sighed. “Hey, Jotaro—lie down across this ditch and make yourself into a bridge, I’ll walk over it on you” he ordered before growing annoyed when he saw the way Jotaro ignored him. “What? You’re not going to be my bridge?” he asked.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Jotaro glared.

“I said, make yourself into a bridge, you ridiculous bastard!” Steely Dan snapped as he suddenly and harshly kicked out his leg and smashed it against a metal pole nearby.

“Stop! Stop it!” you worriedly cried out, not wanting to imagine how much pain that must have caused Joseph.

“What’s the matter, Jotaro?” Steely Dan smirked when he saw the look on Jotaro’s face and before any more could be said, you listened to how the teen beside you lowly scoffed as he moved to crouch down beside the drainage ditch. “Come on, hurry up” you watched how Jotaro clenched his jaw and did look like he genuinely wanted to bite the man’s head off, but instead he held his tongue and simply lied down which caused the man to grin.

“Good, now…ladies first” he suddenly said as he looked back towards you, bowing just slightly at the waist as he stepped aside and motioned for you to cross.

“W-what?” you sputtered out, gaze nervously flickering from the man to Jotaro who was still lying flat across the ditch.

“I said,” he harshly reached out and grabbed hold of your wrist, tugging you towards him until he was able to hold you against his body and rest the palm of his hand flat against your lower back as he roughly pushed you towards Jotaro, “ladies first.”

“But…” you bit your lower lip, not really wanting to rudely walk all over Jotaro like that but before you could even think to argue or complain, you gave a soft whine at the harsh way the man tightened his grip on your wrist to the point you nearly thought he was going to shatter it.

“Just do it, [Your Name]” Jotaro suddenly spoke up, his fingers seeming to just curl and dig into the concrete beneath them as if he was trying to keep himself from just standing up and beating the shit out of Dan like he wanted to. You stared at the delinquent’s back for a few seconds before silently heaving a sigh and tugging your wrist out of the man's grip—which he gladly let you go the moment he saw you were now cooperating—and quickly crossed your way over to the other side. You tried not to linger or stumble, not wanting the pressure of your feet walking across Jotaro’s back to last for too long and just barely did you wince when you heard the way he quietly grunted at the weight of your body crossing over his own and causing it to dip downwards as he did his best to keep himself straight and upright so he wouldn’t fall into the ditch. Carefully did you avoid stepping on his hands as you finally came to a stop to the other side and turned around to glare back at Dan who wore such a triumphant grin on his face.

“Now, my turn” and unlike you, Dan was truly harsh in the way he crossed over Jotaro. Slowly moving forward as he slowly and harshly stomped his foot down onto the teen with each step he took before coming to a stop in the middle of his back. “You’re a rather sturdy bridge, aren’t you? Aren’t you? Aren’t you? Aren’t you?” he laughed as he balanced himself there on Jotaro’s back and even began to bounce a little.

“What is it they use to do in those cheesy romance novels?” he pondered as he looked towards you. “Dance across the bridge and share a kiss, would you like to give it a try, darling?” he burst out laughing the minute he saw the look of disgust on your face and heard the disgruntled sound that left Jotaro before finally he fully crossed over to the other side, making sure to smash his foot right down onto one of Jotaro’s hands as he did so. You winced as you watched how he seemed to just dig the heel of his foot into the teen’s hand and though you wanted to snap at him the same way you were sure Jotaro wanted to just throw him off, you both kept silent, nervous that his temper would just flare right up and he’d do something drastic to hurt himself and in return hurt Joseph. When he was finally done, he happily walked right past you and began to merrily hum to himself as you lingered back and helped Jotaro in standing up. You barely even took notice in the way his lips just slightly quirked upwards as he watched how you worriedly looked over his hand which had been crushed underneath Dan’s foot to make sure that nothing was really broken and that it was only bruised.

But that small smile all too quickly vanished the minute he looked up and stared at the back of Dan’s head, eyes narrowing into a harsh glare and as you finished looking over his hand, you were slightly surprised in the way he grabbed your own hand and tugged you along behind him.

“Let’s go, don’t want to lose sight of him” he muttered, never once looking away from the enemy, but the way his hand softly squeezed your own as he pulled you along behind him did cause your cheeks to heat up just a little as you quietly nodded your head.

Chapter Text

“You made a nice bridge, Jotaro” Steely Dan grinned as he looked back at you both before facing forward and continuing with that cheerful hum of his which clearly only further irritated the delinquent beside you. You looked at Jotaro from the corner of your eye, eyeing the dark expression on his face as he harshly glared ahead at the man’s back before slowly you let your gaze drift back down towards your hand—after you had stepped up beside him and started keeping up with his stride, he had let your hand go but that didn’t stop the warm, tingling sensation that you still felt there from where he had grabbed and squeezed it within the grasp of his much larger hand earlier. The warm feeling you suddenly felt building up inside your chest the longer you thought about the feeling of his skin against yours and how nicely your hand had fit inside his own startled you as your cheeks flared up and you were quick to advert your gaze forward and push such thoughts to the back of your mind. Silently scolding yourself for thinking such things when you and Jotaro were just now barely beginning to teeter on the edge of friendship. Surely the thoughts that had infiltrated your mind were just a spur of the moment sort of thing, just an initial reaction due to how surprising it had been for him to grab your hand and nothing else…surely that had to be it, right?

“Hey, Jotaro, my back itches—scratch it!” Steely Dan suddenly ordered, snapping you out of your thoughts as he came to a halt and patted his back. Jotaro only stared at him for a moment, looking as if he was ready to refuse similar to how he had tried to refuse being Dan’s bridge earlier. “If you won’t do it, then the pretty doll here beside you can, I’m sure her nails would feel nice scraping against my back” your nose scrunched up just the slightest bit as you didn’t really like the way he said that, but it seems you weren’t the only one to be bothered by his words as Jotaro frowned before finally stepping up and beginning to gently scratch the man’s back. “A little lower” he commanded. “Lower…yeah, that’s it” he said once the teen's nails were now scraping against the spot he wanted them to itch. “Don’t dig your nails in so much” he seemed as if he was enjoying the treatment and you couldn’t help but feel slightly awkward just standing there and having to watch.

“It feels nice, but it probably would have felt even better having a doll such as yourself doing it” Dan said the minute Jotaro stop, sending a flirtatious wink—or you assumed it was meant to be flirtatious—your way. You only blankly stared at him, wondering what exactly was going through that head of his and how he thought it was appropriate to be flirty with you when he was the one that had destroyed your flashlight earlier. Just remembering how he had cruelly stomped on the thing once he saw that it was important to you made your fingers twitch and curl as your gaze became downcast while your lips curled back just a little into a barely noticeable sneer. Just remembering what had happened seemed to just wash away any lingering warm feelings inside your chest and made everything instead feel painfully tight and sickening. But you kept silent, you held your tongue and quickly replaced the bitter look on your face with a neutral expression as you knew that even if you allowed yourself to get angry, you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

Dan said nothing more nor did he show any signs that he had seen the way your expression had scrunched into one of hateful anger for just a split second before going back to being a blank slate as he turned his back to you and Jotaro once more and continued to walk. Silently motioning with his head for the two of you to follow. You weren’t sure how long you all had been walking before he stopped once more and threw out another ridiculous order, one that had Jotaro on his knees and irritably shinning the man’s shoe as you were uncomfortably left sitting right next to him, his arm thrown around your shoulders as he seemed to throw out some half-ass reasoning for his actions. Claiming that his shoes were too dirty and needed to be cleaned at this very moment and that all he wanted was just to have a pretty girl by his side to show off like you were some precious prize he had just won despite the fact that there was barely anyone out to really see the sight of some grown man with his arm around a young woman while having his shoes shined by some delinquent. Though from time to time you’d catch the way he’d intently stare down at Jotaro as if waiting for the teen to do or say something while occasionally giving your shoulder a squeeze or letting his hand dangerously slide down your arm—fingers just barely brushing against your chest or hips before he’d bring his hand back up to your shoulder. You don’t know if he was trying to get a rise out of you or Jotaro as if he wanted one of you to slip up and lash out at him for his actions.

“Come on!” you flinched when he suddenly kicked out the foot Jotaro had been shining and struck the teen right in the jaw.

“Jojo!” you worriedly gasped, but right when you attempted to stand up, you yelped as the man beside you harshly and violently pulled you back against his side. His fingers now curling and digging into your shoulder.

“What are you doing? Shine those shoes right, Jotaro!” Steely Dan sneered before crossing his legs as he gave your shoulder a painful squeeze as if to silently warn you not to think about trying to wiggle out of his grasp and leave his side again. “I’m in such a good mood right now! I need you to shine my shoes until they’re as bright as I feel right now, I want the sunny sky to reflect right off of them” he grinned. “You can use your uniform to shine them, or better yet…you can just use her uniform” you yelped when you were suddenly and very harshly thrown off him and onto the ground right beside Jotaro. “I’m sure such a nice, clean uniform as her own would be great for shining shoes” he snickered as you glared up at him.

“Actually no, wait, why don’t you both just lick them clean?” he asked, already quick in thinking of another humiliating thing for you both to do before either of you could say a word. Jotaro said nothing as you and Dan now curiously watched how he suddenly stood up and began to scribble something down inside a small notebook he had pulled out of his coat pocket. “Hey! You bastard, what are you writing?!” Dan growled in irritation when he realized he was being ignored, quick was he in snatching up the small notebook from Jotaro’s hands and reading what was written.

“I’m writing down everything you owe me” Jotaro explained as you stood and sneaked a peek into the notebook as well to see what was written. Most of it was just a list of all the things Dan had done to Jotaro in specific, but you were surprised to catch sight of the words “broken flashlight” and “mistreatment of a friend” written down as well as if he thought that what Dan did to you was important enough to warrant his anger as well. “I’m going to make sure you pay it, I can be forgetful, so I’m writing it all down” the teen continued which seemed to cause a nervous sweat to build up upon Dan’s brow as he tensed up like a frightened animal upon the realization that they were in danger and weren’t going to make it.

“Hey!” you flinched when the man suddenly lashed out and struck Jotaro across the cheek and without thinking you had grabbed hold of Dan’s arm as if to stop him. “He didn’t do anything yet, he just—” you cried out when your cheek was suddenly and harshly struck as you were carelessly thrown back onto the ground.

“Did I say you could touch me?” Steely Dan calmly asked, staring you down as he now watched how you brought a hand up and began to cradle your cheek before finally he looked pleased when he saw the way you silently glared up at him yet showed no signs of talking back. Looking away, he returned his attention back to Jotaro who now looked far more tense than before when he was first struck, but still stayed perfectly still and made no moves to move from the position he was in. “Jotaro, you bastard…well, whatever—it won’t matter in the end” Dan suddenly chuckled, his mood lifting after a moment’s thought. He said nothing more after that, he barely even looked at either of you as he motioned with his hand for you both to follow him and without a second thought, you did. For a while he stayed quiet, he didn’t do or say anything nor did he force either of you to do anything…that is until he spotted a jewelry store nearby and was quick to usher you all inside.

“Say, Jotaro, take a look at this gold bracelet” he snickered as he peered down into a display case. “It would make a girl happy if you were to give her something like this, wouldn’t you agree, doll?” he asked as he looked towards you and waited for a response. You only frowned and looked the other way, hating how he seemed to refuse to refer to you by your name and you didn’t know if that was because he didn’t know it or he was just wanting to get under your skin. “I mean it’s far better than the piece of junk you’re currently wearing” your frown only deepened the minute you heard him insult the bangle Jotaro had bought you but said nothing as you instead silently huffed and moved your hands to cover your bangle and hide it away from his judging gaze. “Jotaro, see that space in the glass—use your Stand to sneak through and steal it!” Dan suddenly ordered before frowning when he saw the lack of a reaction or movement from the teen.

“I told you to steal it, you dumbass! Hurry up!” he sneered. “Or…I don’t mind breaking the glass and taking it myself—are you okay with them catching me and beating the shit out of me? Joseph would definitely die from the pain” he continued. “Hurry up! The salesman’s looking the other way!” harshly did you have to bite your tongue to keep from speaking up or saying something Dan didn’t like, but so badly did you want to tell Jotaro not to go through with stealing the bracelet as there was a sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach telling you that there was more to this order of Dan’s than just simply committing a felony. Silently did Jotaro step forward and using Star Platinum, he went through with slowly removing the bracelet from the display case.

“This guy’s shoplifting!” Steely Dan suddenly shouted causing both Jotaro and you to tense up.

“You bastard…” Jotaro growled.

“This guy’s shoplifting! Hey, salesman!” Steely Dan continued, the sound of his voice grating on your nerves as you clenched your jaw.

“Wait, no...” you tried to speak up, tried to think of some excuse as to why Jotaro was holding the bracelet that had only been locked up in its case moments ago.

“Sir! Please don’t let him get away!” the salesclerk ordered before he took off running towards the back of the store, most likely to retrieve some guards.

“Sure!” Steely Dan chuckled.

“You bastard…” Jotaro repeated, now sweating as if it was just taking everything he had not to just lash out and beat the shit out of the man before him at this very moment.

“What the fuck was that for?! He did what you asked!” you finally snapped the minute you felt your temper flare up far too much for you to just ignore it. Instead of looking angry with the way you were talking to him, Dan only looked amused as he watched how you stepped closer towards him so that you could properly glare up at him. He watched in amusement how the muscles of your arms seemed to flex as you began to clench and unclench your fists as if you didn’t know if you wanted to risk hitting him or not—you chose not to, but that didn’t quell the anger that you felt at that exact moment as a sense of fear seemed to shoot through you the minute you saw the men the salesclerk brought back with him. You all were in a country far different from your own, you didn’t know what sort of punishment would be dealt to your friend when it came to attempted theft.

“What? A thief?” one of the men questioned.

“Who is it?” another man asked. “That guy?” if you didn’t know any better, it almost sounded like the man was excited at the prospect of dealing with a thief.

“That Asian kid?” the first man inquired before cracking his knuckles. “Back where I come from, they chop a thief’s fingers off!” he claimed.

“Wait, sir, this is just a—” you flinched when you were suddenly pulled towards Dan, his arms wrapping around you as he pressed your face uncomfortably against his chest as if giving off the illusion he was embracing you and not just trying to forcefully shut you up by painfully squishing your face against his chest and making it hard to comfortably speak or even breathe.

“Hey, Jotaro” Steely Dan said as he ignored the way you struggled against him. “You better not use your Stand against civilians” and before you knew it he suddenly turned you around until your back was now pressed flush against his chest and his hands had a tight hold on your shoulders. “Now as for you, dear—don’t you dare interfere, move an inch or even look away from the show while I take care of some business” he laughed as you tensed up the minute the first blow was delivered and though you wanted to look away from the awful scene of Jotaro being mercilessly beaten by the three men, you stayed perfectly still and watched as you were ordered to. Your vision did eventually blur as you clenched both your jaw and fists, throat growing tight as you choked on the words that you so desperately wanted to say while behind you, you could now hear Dan rummaging around inside the display cases nearby. You so badly wanted to shout for the men to look your way and see what Dan was doing but knew that you couldn’t as all you’d succeed in doing by doing that is hurt Joseph.

Eventually, the men finally stopped and dragged Jotaro out of the store, being harsh and violent with their words as they carelessly tossed him to the ground while slowly did you and Dan follow behind them.

“That was great, well done!” Steely Dan laughed the minute the men left and it was just the three of you once again.

“I’m sorry, Jojo” you softly apologized as you bent down to check on the badly beaten up teen. You felt terrible for not being able to do anything to help him—you hated how both of you at the moment had your hands tied behind your back and that it felt like you couldn’t do anything but stand to the side and let Dan do as he pleased. It was clear that the reason he enjoyed targeting Jotaro more than you was because it made him feel big and strong to hurt the one out of the two of you that could easily break his face if given the chance. But at the end of the day maybe that was your own punishment, forced to silently watch as someone you’ve now come to see as a friend get humiliated and hurt every step of the way and not be able to speak up or act despite wanting to. Hell, you’ve been having to force yourself not to accidentally bring out Siren this entire time like you tend to normally do most of the time when upset.

“Because of the commotion you caused, I was able to get my hands on something even better!” Steely Dan bragged as he proudly showed off the piece of jewelry he had stolen while ignoring the way you seemed to quietly mutter out apologizes to the delinquent who still hadn’t moved or responded to you which greatly worried you. Though your words soon died out the minute a weak chuckle left Jotaro which then turned into soft laughter as he shakily began to finally push himself up off the ground.

“Jojo…?” you quietly muttered, quick to reach out and help him in sitting up.

“Jotaro! What the hell are you laughing about?” Steely Dan growled. “What’s so funny?”

“I’m laughing in anticipation of the fun that’s to come” Jotaro chuckled and his words seemed to strike a chord in you as even you too found yourself softly giggling as you knew exactly what he meant. “I’m laughing because I have much more to look forward to now, and I’m excited!” the teen continued. “I’m so excited for the moment when I get to pay you back—wouldn’t you agree, [Your Name]?” you were surprised that he had even bothered asking you such a question, but the grin on his face and the look in his eyes was enough to make your own lips curl back into a wide grin as you gave a firm nod.

“Yeah, I’m excited as well” you agreed.

“Why you…!” you gave a high pitched whine as you raised your hands to grab at the hand that roughly curled and grabbed a chunk full of your hair, Dan painfully twisting it in his grasp as he smashed his foot down against Jotaro’s back and pushed the teen back down flat onto the ground. “You both seem to misunderstand, Old Man Joestar will die within seconds—that’s the reality you’re facing” he sneered.

“Nah, you don’t know us very well—you don’t know Kakyoin” Jotaro grinned and despite the burning pain that shot through your scalp from the way Dan pulled and twist at your hair, you couldn’t help the chuckle that left your lips at the delinquent’s words.

“What?!” Steely Dan frowned before his grip on your hair loosened as a wound suddenly appeared in the middle of his head and blood came gushing out in waves.

“Well, well, well, well…that injury means that Kakyoin’s on the attack now” Jotaro said as both he and you finally stood up. “I wonder if I’ll still have my chance at payback once he’s done” he pondered.

“Hopefully, would suck if Kakyoin was the one to finish him off after all the shit we’ve been through today” you grumbled as you rubbed the spot on your head that was still painfully tingling from where your hair had been harshly pulled at.

“What’s wrong? Why are you stepping back?” Jotaro asked the minute Dan started to shakily back away from you both. “You’re not going to tell me about what’s happening to my grandfather?” he asked.

“Hey, where you going?” you asked just as Siren’s arms reached up from the ground and harshly grabbed at Dan’s ankles which brought him to a startling halt in his attempts to run away as he cried out when her nails suddenly pierced through the flesh of his ankles the minute she curled her fingers and tightened her grip as if silently threatening to shatter his bones if he made another move.

“Hey, hey, hey…” Siren’s grip on Dan disappeared the minute Jotaro stepped up and painfully grabbed a hold of a chunk of his hair. “What are you so panicked about? Where are you trying to go?” the teen asked.

“You aren’t trying to run away, are you?” you hummed, crossing your arms behind your back as you leaned closer towards the man, tilting your head as you peered up at him with an innocent smile the minute his gaze fearfully flickered towards you. “I mean, it’d be quite rude to just up and leave like that.”

“Especially not after all that…” Jotaro glared which caused the man to frantically whine as he clawed at the air in front of him before finally the hair the delinquent had a hold of tore away from the man’s scalp and sent him falling to the ground.

“Please forgive me, Jotaro, sir! [Your Name], ma’am!” Steely Dan begged as he crawled closer towards Jotaro’s feet and the sight of him crawling on the ground, fearfully shaking as he desperately seemed to beg for forgiveness brought a sense of satisfaction to you. “I admit defeat! I’ll change, I’ll lie on the ground and lick your boots! I did an awful thing!” he continued as he now clung to Jotaro’s leg. “You both can hit me as much as you’d like! Hit me! Kick me! But please, spare my life!” he cried out before suddenly starting to lick Jotaro’s shoe.

“Fascinating how once he lost all control he resorted to this…then again, his acting is quite terrible” you muttered with a sigh, resting a hand against your cheek as you boredly watched how the man’s limbs horribly started to contort in all the wrong ways the second Star Platinum came out and stopped his tiny Stand from entering Jotaro’s ear and was now beginning to slowly crush it between his fingers.

“I figured you were planning something like this” Jotaro admitted. “Don’t you know that my Stand, Star Platinum, possess excellent eyesight and reflexes?” he asked as he now slowly approached the whimpering man. “Are you sure you did your research on us?” he asked.

“I-I-I’m not planning anything!” Steely Dan sputtered out. “Your Stand’s power…”

“Your Stand? Just your?” Jotaro asked, clearly not liking that only his Stand was being given credit as you stood back and watched in simple amusement. Not at all bothered that the man was frightened more by Jotaro and his Stand than by you and your Stand seeing how you didn’t exactly look as intimidating as Jotaro did and Dan hasn’t really seen much of your Stand to be scared of her. It’s been clear since the beginning who he feared more out of the two of you and for that, you couldn’t be annoyed or irritated that most of his begging for forgiveness and mercy is directed towards Jotaro.

“N-No! I meant your majesty’s Stand is more powerful and more just than any other!” Steely Dan quickly corrected himself. “I didn’t stand a chance, so it came back! P-please look! That attack broke my arm and leg—I can’t fight anymore, I can’t move!” he cried before screaming as Star continued to slowly crush his Stand between his fingers.

“Well…as for what you owe me or—more importantly—us…I guess I’ll take your arm and leg as payment, does that sound good to you, [Your Name]?” Jotaro asked as he looked towards you.

“Hm, well…” you hummed in mock thought, enjoying the pleading look in Dan’s eyes as he looked towards you with a desperate look in his eyes that basically screamed for you to accept the breaking of his arm and leg as retribution for his actions. “I guess it’s alright” you said with the simple shrug of your shoulders which caused the man to sigh in relief as Jotaro nodded his head.

“Do you swear that you’ll never appear before us again?” Jotaro asked, clearly not ready to leave the man alone just yet.

“I-I do! I swear!” Steely Dan nodded. “I’ll go to some deserted island! I’ll go to the ends of the Earth and never come back!” he promised.

“You’re not lying, are you?” Jotaro asked. “The next time I see you, I’ll punch you one thousand times” he threatened.

“I’m not lying! I’d never lie!” Steely Dan sobbed as he bowed and with that, Star finally released his hold on Dan’s Stand.

“Get out of here” Jotaro glared before turning and silently motioning for you to follow him now that he was ready to leave and go meet back up with Joseph and them.

“Let’s play soccer over there!” a bunch of kids laughed as they came running out of the alleyway nearby.

“But then I can’t play!” one of the kids whined.

“Jotaro! [Your Name]!” Steely Dan suddenly called out as he pulled out a switchblade. “You fools, take a look at that girl over there!” he laughed as he motioned towards the little girl that was playing with the other two kids. “My Stand, The Lovers, just went into that girl’s ear—he’s heading for her brain, don’t you dare move, either of you!” he snapped.

“He just doesn’t know when to give up” you muttered, listening to the way he laughed as he slowly pushed himself back up onto his feet.

“I’m going to stab you both in the back with this knife!” Steely Dan proclaimed as he waved his switchblade around. “I’ll make sure neither one of you move again! Just try to attack me with your Star Platinum! That girl will surely die—you would never kill such a young child, would you?” he laughed just as Jotaro heaved a sigh.

“Good grief—fine, I’ll try it” Jotaro said.

“Here, let me help” you offered as both of you now turned around to face the man.

“Hey! Don’t you both understand?!” Steely Dan asked in utter bafflement. “I told you not to—move? Move…huh? Huh?” he choked out as he seemed to become frozen in place.

“What’s the matter? Weren’t you going to stab us? Like this?” Jotaro asked as he stepped up and took hold of the wrist of the hand that was holding the switchblade and forced the man to stab the blade of the knife into his own cheek which caused him to scream in pain.

“M-my body won’t move! Why?!” Steely Dan cried out.

“So, you didn’t notice?” Jotaro asked. “Kakyoin tied Hierophant’s tentacle to your Stand’s leg as it escaped, you must be totally oblivious if you didn’t realize that you left a trail all the way here” he said just as Hierophant’s tentacle ripped Dan’s Stand from the girl’s ear and dragged it away.

“Please forgive me!” Steely Dan cried out as he jumped back and away from Jotaro the minute he could move before a startled cry slipped past his lips the minute he felt Siren snake her way around his body—seemingly not having expected her to be there.

“Ask for forgiveness from Enyaba, the woman you killed” Jotaro said as Siren seemed to just wrap her tail around the lower half of Dan’s body, slowly crushing his hips like a snake would its prey while her hands soothingly moved about his body—nails painful dragging and ripping through fabric and flesh until finally she grabbed hold of his shoulders and held him down. Her eyes wide open and the corners of her lips split and jagged as she bared her teeth down at him in a silent warning that she’d happily tear him apart if he tried anything she didn't approve of. “We never had any intentions of forgiving you in the first place” Jotaro continued.

“D-Dio paid me in advance…I-I’ll give you that” Steely Dan shakily offered, body tense and nervous as he looked from Jotaro to Siren who he knew at any moment could strike and simply rip his throat out if she so pleased. Especially with the way she lowered her head and dangerously allowed her lips to hover close to his jugular from time to time.

“Good grief” Jotaro sighed. “You truly are the lowest scum in history, you can’t pay back what you owe with money” and just as he said this, Siren painfully twisted her and Dan’s body in a way that caused the man to cry out as if he was scared she was going to snap his spine in half, but instead she simply threw him towards Jotaro just as he called Star Platinum out and began to viciously pummel him with his fists and when he was finally finished beating the shit out of the man, he knocked him back and through the brick wall of a nearby building.

“Well, that was quite a satisfying sight” you smiled as Siren swam her way over to you and wrapped her arms around your neck while resting her chin on your shoulder like usual. A small chirping sound slipping past her slightly parted lips—her face now back to that normal peaceful look it always wore—as if she was agreeing with you.

“Here’s your receipt” Jotaro said as he scribbled something down, tearing the sheet of paper out of that small notebook of his before letting it go and letting the wind sweep it away. “Let’s go” he said as he buried his hands into his coat pockets.

“Yeah” you nodded as you followed after him and you both now began to walk in peaceful silence, heading off to meet back up with his grandfather and the others so that you all could continue with your journey. But despite the peaceful silence, you couldn’t help but eventually shift around—removing your bag from your back and pulling it in front of you so that you could unzip it and dig around inside until you pulled out your broken flashlight. “Guess I should just toss it…don’t need it cluttering up space” you muttered as you sadly peered down at the object, wondering why you had even bothered to repack it and didn’t just leave it behind after Dan had broken it.

“That was really important to you, wasn’t it?” Jotaro asked, just barely looking at you from the corner of his eye as he watched how you returned your bag back to its proper place on your back but continued to hold onto the damaged flashlight. “Guess it’s also the reason for the excessive amount of batteries” he said, referring to the large amount of batteries that had fallen out of your bag when Dan had dumped everything out.

“Yeah, I…I didn’t want to risk it dying on me again like…” you blushed, grip on the broken light tightening until your knuckles turned white as you now began to twist the object around in your hands.

“Again?” Jotaro questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“At your house…the reason I hadn’t left after dinner was because my flashlight had died…” you explained. “I’m…I’m deathly afraid of the dark if I’m being honest with you, normally I can handle it when I have a light source to drive it away from me like this flashlight” you admitted, blush darkening as you silently waited with bated breath for him to just start laughing—to just start mocking you for having such a childish fear.

“I see, so that’s why you were so upset with him breaking it” you owlishly blinked, coming to a halt as you peered up at Jotaro who was still walking before finally stopping and looking back at you with a raised eyebrow when he saw that you had stopped.

“ don’t think it’s silly for me to be afraid of the dark?” you softly asked. “I-I mean, I’m nearly an adult! I’m at an age where such childish things shouldn’t scare me!”

“Everyone has something they’re scared of” Jotaro simply shrugged which caused you to grow silent. “I’m sure you have your reasons” despite the neutral expression on his face, the soft look in his eyes was enough to make your heart skip a beat as the blush on your cheeks to darken even more as it now began to spread but not for the reason it had been earlier. “Isn’t that right?” he asked before he started walking again.

“Yeah…” you nod, eyes becoming downcast as you slowly started to walk again, quick in catching up to him and keeping up with his stride. “A...a few years back something happened one night while I was heading home from a friend’s house” you slowly began after looking from the ground to Jotaro for a few minutes. “The experience left me so scared—terrified to the point that I feel that if I allow myself to be surrounded by the dark then something bad will happen…that that man will come back” you didn’t elaborate and Jotaro didn’t seem to care to force you to which you were thankful for as you weren’t really ready to fully discuss that night four years ago. You don’t think you’ll ever find the strength to discuss what happened that night with anyone due to how bizarre it had been. “That’s why I kept this flashlight on me and kept it turned on anytime we found ourselves outside at night like when we were out in the ocean.”

“I see, then I guess we’ll need to find a replacement for it soon” Jotaro said which surprised you as you snapped your head in his direction and owlishly blinked up at him. “It would be bad if we were to get trapped somewhere dark and you start having a panic attack, but until then—I suggest keeping close to me or one of the others anytime it gets too dark for your liking, we’ll make sure nothing bad will happen if you do” he lifted his hand and seemed to pull down his hat just a little as if he was somewhat embarrassed by the words he had spoken and only seemed to grow even more embarrassed the longer you silently stared up at him based on the way his lips curled downwards and the barest hints of pink dusted over his cheeks.

“Thank you, Jojo” you finally said as you sweetly smiled up at him which only seemed to make him mutter something underneath his breath as he now tilted his head downwards as if attempting to further hide his embarrassment.

“Let’s just hurry up and find the old man and them” he grumbled which only made you chuckle as you happily nodded your head in agreement.

Chapter Text

It was hot, even when huddled underneath the shade of the cave created by Jotaro it was still so unbearably hot to the point that you were all panting and heavily sweating.

“How could this have happened” Joseph panted out. “I can’t believe…I can’t believe we totally fell for it.”

-Earlier that Day-

“I wonder what kind of car they’re getting” you pondered aloud as you, Jotaro, and Kakyoin waited outside for Polnareff and Joseph to return from purchasing a car like they had told you three like they were going to do. “Sure is hot today” you noted, not really giving either Jotaro or Kakyoin a chance to respond to your first comment.

“Well, we are close to the desert” Kakyoin said as he watched how you seemed to boredly try and entertain yourself by trying to balance on one leg as the three of your waited underneath what little shade the building provided.

“Yeah…how aren’t you two dying from this heat though?” you asked as you looked to the two men—even with you dressed in your summer uniform you still felt you were suffocating, but these two who were still bundled up in their winter uniforms looked perfectly fine as far as you could tell. You would have at least thought they’d want to remove their coats and attempt to cool off just a little. Kakyoin only offered you a smile in response and you weren’t sure how to take that response or what it even meant. But before you could really push it though, Joseph and Polnareff had finally come back and with that, they ushered the three of you off towards the brand new car that you all would be using.

“But man, I can’t believe this country—every house we see is like a mansion” Polnareff commented once he was behind the wheel and driving down the road, Joseph seated right beside him and looking at the map in his hands while you were squished in the back between Jotaro and Kakyoin.

“Indeed” Joseph hummed. “All of the houses around here would cost three or four million yen in Tokyo” he estimated before finally looking up from the map in his hands. “Apparently, this is the norm for the people here—just twenty years ago this was all desert, but thanks to massive profits from the oil crisis, this place grew into a dream-like city” he explained.

“The sun is harsh, but with air conditioning, it’s perfectly comfortable in the car” Polnareff grinned as he referred to how he had the AC cranked all the way up so that the inside of the car felt a lot cooler compared to the outside. “No complaints here—oh?” he questioned when Kakyoin suddenly gave off a sound of displeasure.

“What’s wrong, Kakyoin?” Jotaro asked.

“Something bothering you?” you asked.

“I-It’s nothing, the view here is amazing” Kakyoin nervously smiled. “If anyone were after us, I’m sure we’d spot them, but…I feel like someone is watching us so I can’t help looking back” he finally admitted.

“Yeah, I can’t blame you” Polnareff agreed as you couldn’t help but take just a small peek back through the back window to make sure that there really was no one following behind you all.

“There’s no one else on the road beside us at the moment, but with how calm things have been since the Steely Dan incident, it’s understandable to be nervous that something bad could happen at any moment” you said as you faced forward once again.

“Well, with that in mind, I’ve been thinking about our route from here” Joseph hummed. “About 100 kilometers northwest is a village called Yarpline, because of the desert and mountains, the road is heavily curved” he said as he traced out the path you all were to take on the map with his finger. “It takes two days to reach by car, so the villagers use a Cessna to travel—I think we should go to the village first, buy a Cessna, and cross the vast Saudi Arabian desert” he suggested. “Up to now, I’ve been worried that attacks by Stand users would cause any airplane we rode in to crash, putting innocent lives at risk. But if we have a Cessna I can pilot it, and it’ll shorten our travel time.”

“I don’t really want to board a Cessna with a man who’s been through three plane crashes” Jotaro said as he leaned back into his seat.

“I kind of have to agree with Jojo here, it does seem a bit ominous that you’ve been in three plane crashes, Mr. Joestar” you admitted. “Almost like it’s some kind of omen that you and planes aren’t really meant to mix” you nervously smiled when you saw the annoyed look on the old man’s face.

“Well, anyway, I think we should first cross this desert to get to the village of Yarpline” Joseph continued. “On camels, it would take one day” he said.

“Camels?!” Polnareff asked in bafflement. “A Cessna’s one thing but wait a minute! I’ve never ridden a camel before.”

“I don’t think any of us have” you pointed out.

“Leave it to me” Joseph chuckled as he folded up the map. “I know them very well, I’ll teach you how to ride, just sit back and relax” he grinned and it wasn’t long before the car pulled up to a stop in front of a large tent that seemed to belong to a man whose main job seemed to be tending to and selling camels.

“You want camels?” the man questioned. “Sure, but they’re pretty expensive and not easy to care for” he warned as if he wasn’t really sure he wanted to sell a bunch of camels to you all.

“We’re in a serious life-or-death situation, so we need them, whatever it takes” Joseph explained. “As for payment, how about a trade for that car?” he asked.

“What?” everyone gaped, surprised that the old man was willing to give away the brand new expensive car that he had just bought.

“That’s way too much, sir” the man said, feeling that such a car was far too much for a measly five camels.

“Yeah, Mr. Joestar!” Polnareff agreed. “Besides, you just bought that car!”

“Why else do you think I bought such a fancy, expensive car?” Joseph grinned. “An off-road vehicle is better in the desert, but I wouldn’t be able to write a check in a place like this, and they don’t trust cash here” he explained. “In a place like this, trading is far more effective—if you buy safety for cheap in a time of emergency, you’ll end up even worse off in the end. Well, it just means we’ve suffered a lot already” he shrugged. “Hey, Mister” he said as he grabbed hold of the man running the tent’s shoulders.

“Huh?” the man owlishly blinked.

“This seals the deal, right?” Joseph asked as he shook the man’s hand. “Oh, I know” he suddenly said as if he remembered something. “To make things more even, I’d like the water in those tanks there—in a desert, that’s the most important thing” he said as he pointed towards a few tanks of water that were off to the side.

“Water is cheap compared to that car” the man argued. “You sure are an odd one” he said.

“Alright everyone, let’s get ready” Joseph grinned. “Crossing a desert is a tough task, let’s keep our wits about us!” and with that, the deal was made. It wasn’t long before you all had your camels and your water.

“I-It stinks!” Polnareff choked out the minute he was hit with the stench of one of the camel’s breath. Already quick to plug his nose with his fingers as he began to spray in the direction of the animals with some air freshener…or was that deodorant? You weren’t sure, but something told you it was most likely the latter. “Hey, Mr. Joestar, how do you get on it?” he asked. “It’s like three meters tall.”

“Well, you see, with camels…you make them sit first, and then get on” Joseph explained as he tugged at one of the camels' reigns and tried to force it to sit down though it seemed to just ignore him. “You make them sit first, and then get on…you make them sit, then get on!” he repeated twice as he slowly began to grow annoyed with the animal that refused to do as he asked. “J-just one moment, it’s going to sit down right now—hey! Sit! Sit down!” he snapped as he tried all kinds of methods to try and force the animal down.

“I mean, we just got them so it’s no surprise that they aren’t going to listen” you said, crossing your arms and resting the palm of your hand against your cheek as you all continued to watch Joseph as he attempted to get the animal to sit.

“Damn it, you stubborn animal!” Joseph growled in irritation.

“Hey, you have ridden one of these before, right?” Polnareff finally asked.

“I’ve seen that really long movie, Lawrence of Arabia, three times! I know very well how to ride a camel!” Joseph proudly grinned. “Though two of those times, I slept through half of it…” he admitted.

“M-movie?!” Polnareff sputtered out.

“Watching a movie of someone riding a camel and riding a camel yourself are two completely different things” you sweat dropped.

“What? You’ve never actually ridden one?” Polnareff inquired just as the camel Joseph was trying to get on suddenly shook its head and threw slobber all over Joseph’s face.

“It’s great sunscreen! Didn’t you know that?” Joseph lied, giving a strained laugh as if trying to cover up his embarrassment of not being able to get on the animal. “Listen up…when dealing with animals, it’s important to understand how they feel—exactly how they feel!” he grinned as he dug around inside his bag before finally pulling out an apple. “Here, doesn’t this apple look delicious? It’s tasty! Come on, come on…good boy…” he said as he waved the apple around until he had the camel's attention and then slowly he guided it down onto the ground.

“Look! See?! It sat down!” he sounded so proud of himself in his achievement of getting the animal to sit down. “If you take time to understand the camel, it’ll sit down for you!” he laughed before finally getting on the animal. “I did it!” he cheered the minute it stood up.

“It’s so high up! They can close their nostrils to keep sand out, just don’t make any stupid jokes like “once you get over the hump, it’s easy,” or they’ll kick you” he said, sprouting one fact that you were certain was true and one warning that you were sure was just him not wanting to deal with any of you making terrible jokes. “Alright, now I’ll tell you what to be careful with when riding camels” he said once he finally calmed down from his excitement at finally getting on the camel. “Listen up, camels don’t walk like horses—the front and back leg on the same side move forward together, so they sway a lot. So just ride with the rhythm, like this!” he advised as the camel began to walk around.

Though you’ll admit the advice was good, it was clear that the other men around you still weren’t really impressed or even pleased with having to ride on a camel in the first place.

“Hey, wait! T-too fast!” Joseph shouted when the camel he was riding suddenly picked up in speed and started to run. “L-listen to me…not that way, I said!” he shouted before it finally threw him off. After that, it took you all some time to get ready and to get on top of your camels respectively.

“This is a bit disorientating” you grumbled, adjusting the hood over your head and making sure that it was properly covering your face so that the risk of sunburn was less likely before returning to clutching the reigns of your camel as you slightly shifted around in an attempt to feel comfortable. It wasn’t working, even with a saddle it still felt uncomfortable sitting on top of the animal’s hump just as much as it felt disorientating having to sit so high up off the ground—you were a bit nervous that the minute the camel started moving you would just fall right off.

“Alright, looks like everyone got on as smoothly as planned” Joseph noted as he ignored the disgruntled sounds that left you all. “Let’s get through this desert, everyone!” he brightly encouraged. “Onward, towards the northwest!” he ordered only to soon cry out a series of “hey” the second all the camels turned in the opposite direction.

“Seems they don’t want to go that way” you softly chuckled.


“Something’s wrong” Kakyoin said, breaking the silence that had settled around you all since you started on your journey through the desert. “I still can’t shake the feeling that someone’s watching up” he admitted which was enough to cause you all to look around only to find nothing but a vast and empty desert.

“Kakyoin, I think you’re worrying a bit too much” Polnareff said. “The palms leaves are covering our tracks” he pointed out, bringing attention to the leaves you all had tied to the camels' tails so that it would erase any tracks and prevent anyone from following you all. “And we can see a great distance around us, if someone where here, we’d know.”

“Actually, I can’t help but feel a presence too” Jotaro suddenly admitted.

“You too, Jojo?” you questioned with the tilt of your head before letting your gaze once more sweep the desert floor. “Though Polnareff is right that it would be impossible for us not to know if someone was trailing us…something just doesn’t seem right…” you said.

“Jotaro, look into it” Joseph said as you all came to a halt and allowed Jotaro to use his Stand so that he could peer through the binoculars and see if there was anything suspicious behind you that you all just couldn’t see with your normal eyes. “Do you see anything suspicious?” the old man asked.

“No, I don’t” Jotaro answered once he lowered the binoculars. “There’s nothing, but…something’s weird, something is…”

“Hey, let’s hurry up and go” Polnareff said after taking a moment to chug more of the water in his canteen, clearly bothered by the intense heat that was currently bearing down on all of you.

“Indeed” Joseph hummed. “Let’s get as far as we can, and once the sun goes down, we’ll stop and put up our tents. It’s too dangerous to travel at night” he said.

“But man, it’s hot” Polnareff groaned as he now waved his hand in his face in an attempt to cool off. “Look, it’s 50 degrees Celsius” he pointed out after checking the thermometer.

“It is hot, but it’s always the hottest around this time of day…eight o’clock? Wha…?” Joseph gaped the minute he saw what time it was. “Jotaro, what time does your clock say?” he asked.

“Ten after eight…” Jotaro answered, eyes widening upon seeing just how late into the day it was. “Hey, old man!”

“So, it is…I-I know we lost track of time, b-but what’s going on?” Joseph nervously asked. “It’s past 8 PM…so why isn’t the sun going down?” he asked.

“I-Impossible!” Polnareff choked out as he looked back down at the thermometer in his hand. “The thermometer just jumped to 60 degrees Celsius!” he exclaimed.

“What? So you’re saying it just got hotter?” you questioned. “If it’s the middle of the night then shouldn’t it be getting cooler?!” you asked just as you all became aware that the sun seemed to be rising even higher up into the sky.

“N-not only is it not going down…” Kakyoin sputtered out.

“…But it’s actually rising higher and higher in the west!” Polnareff shouted in shock.

“Could that sun be…” Joseph gaped.

“…A Stand?!” Jotaro asked as you all peered up at the blazing sun that was bearing down on you.

“I-I can’t believe this! We’re in the middle of the desert!” Joseph grounded out. “Try to hide behind some rocks!” he ordered as you all were quick to jump down from your camels and race to the nearest rocks that you could see.

“That sun is a Stand?!” Polnareff asked in utter bafflement just as you all hoped down into a ditch behind some rocks. “We were careless, I didn’t realize…”

“I felt like we were being watched, but I couldn’t see it at all…” Kakyoin frowned.

“I don’t think any of us expected a sun of all things to be a Stand, so there’s no point in beating yourself up over it” you said.

“At this rate, all-day long…no, all night long…that Stand is planning to boil us overnight like octopuses and kill us!” Polnareff exclaimed.

“No, it won’t take that long” Joseph said as he peered over the rocks and carefully watched to see what the Stand would do as well as try and spot its user. “It’s dangerous to even be in a sauna for more than thirty minutes” he said as he watched how your group’s camels started to heavily pant and drool everywhere.

“How can we fight it?” Polnareff asked. “Damn it! It’s now 70 degrees Celsius!” he frowned the second he caught sight of the temperature. “Not to mention, we can’t even tell if that Stand is close or far away! That distance is hard to judge!” he angrily seemed to rant.

“The quickest way to settle this is to take out the user” Jotaro said.

“That’s easier said than done—we don’t even know where this person is in the first place” you pointed out.

“Yes, the user…whoever it is should be nearby” Joseph muttered. “We must find them; they’ve been concealing their presence from us somehow while following us all this way” he said.

“Hold it! What if it’s like The Lovers that we encountered in Pakistan, a Stand that can be remotely controlled?” he asked, coming to the sudden realization that this Stand’s user could possibly be nowhere near us at all.

“That’s inconceivable” Joseph said, quick to dispel such a notion. “A weak Stand can be controlled from a distance, but I’m sure you can feel The Sun’s  energy…the user must be nearby” he concluded as finally the camels collapsed while any plants nearby wilted.

“This isn’t good…the camels are collapsing from the heat” Jotaro noted.

“If they die we’re kind of screwed, wandering the desert on foot isn’t the best idea” you said.

“But just staying still won’t help us! I’ll use Hierophant Green to look around” Kakyoin offered as he stood up.

“Kakyoin!” Joseph gasped, not liking that the teen had stood up and exposed himself thus putting himself in more danger.

“I’ll just find out the enemy Stand’s location” Kakyoin reassured the old man. “If we know how far away it actually is, we might be able to find the user” he explained as he summoned his Stand and had it move towards the direction that the sun was in. “Twenty meters…forty meters…sixty meters…eighty meters…one hundred meters…”

“Something’s not right! Kakyoin, call Hierophant back!” Jotaro ordered.

“Something’s coming at us!” Polnareff shouted.

“Before that happens, Emerald…” just as Kakyoin prepared to attack, he was painfully struck by whatever had come out of the sun.

“Kakyoin!” you worriedly cried out before screaming in surprise as balls of fire seemed to just rain down upon you all. Joseph was the one to pull Kakyoin down and shield him with his body as the rocks you all were hiding behind and the ground around you was being struck by the balls of fire that were hot enough to melt the surface of the rocks upon impact.

“The camels!” Polnareff exclaimed the second one of the camels kneels over dead after being struck by the raining balls of fire. “You bastard!” the Frenchman screamed as he called forth his Stand and began to slice away at the flames that came towards you all.

“I’m busting a hole in the ground, so get in!” Jotaro ordered as he called out Star Platinum who harshly struck the ground. Each of you bringing your arms up to protect yourself from the debris of broken rocks as sand flew everywhere, but doing as you were told, you all quickly scampered to get down inside the cave that Jotaro had basically made.

“Are you alright, Kakyoin?” Joseph asked now that you were all safely inside the hole, each of you now heavily panting as even the shade created by the broken rocks around you did little to provide any relief from the heat.

“Yes, I was in the middle of using Emerald Splash, that guarded me, so I’m not badly hurt” Kakyoin reassured you all. “B-but more importantly, it’s hot…I feel like I’m going crazy” he admitted.

“It’s probably because we’re becoming dehydrated from how much we’re sweating” you pointed out, swallowing thickly as you tried so badly to get your breathing under control.

“That attack was perfectly aimed, that means the enemy is definitely watching us” Polnareff realized. “Where are they?! Where’s the enemy?” he asked, gaze frantically looking all around at all he could see before him.

“Don’t talk so loud, the enemy will find us!” Joseph scolded as he was quick to motion for the Frenchman to keep it down. “Calm down, let’s just sit tight and see what happens” he suggested as he pulled on his canteen of water. “Oh shit!” he cursed the moment he noticed the huge hole in the middle of the canteen which caused him to angrily just toss it as far away as he could. Barely did a whistle slip past your lips the second you saw steam start to rise from the metal canister despite it not even having been under the sun for a minute.

“This heat’s going to kill us if we don’t do something” you moaned as a slight throbbing sensation was already beginning to happen within your skull making it clear that the heat and slowly creeping problem of dehydration was starting to bother you and you were certain it was beginning to get to the others as well with how heavily they were panting.

“Jotaro!” Joseph suddenly said as he held out his hands and demanded for his grandson to give him the binoculars. “Son of a bitch!” the old man angrily cursed the second the binoculars that he had just barely stuck out of the hole’s opening were struck by a ball of fire and destroyed. “Where the hell are you?! How are you watching us? Is the enemy invisible or something?!” he snapped as he angrily smashed his fists against the ground.


You flinched when Kakyoin suddenly started chuckling which then slowly turned into full-blown laughter.

“Hey, Kakyoin, what’s wrong?” Joseph worriedly asked. “Hey, Kakyoin! What are you laughing about?” he asked when the teen only continued to laugh. “A-are you alright, Kakyoin? Get a grip man!” he frowned just as Jotaro now started to laugh.

“J-Jotaro? You too?” the old man nervously asked.

“Hey, what’s so…” you frowned, slowly looking around before your gaze finally settled on something odd and the longer you stared at it the more you felt laughter build itself up inside your chest until finally you couldn’t help but snort before bursting out into laughter along with Jotaro and Kakyoin—even Polnareff soon joined in.

“Y-you too, [Your Name]? Polnareff?!” Joseph frowned, clearly growing worried for everyone's sanity. “Oh my God! E-everyone’s finally lost it because of the heat—I’m the only one left who’s sane” he said before quickly grabbing a hold of the front of Jotaro’s coat. “Hey, Jotaro, calm down! Get a hold of yourself! The best way to win when the going gets rough is to stay calm!” he exclaimed as you all continued to laugh.

“Huh?” he questioned when Kakyoin suddenly grabbed hold of his shoulder.

“Don’t get the wrong idea, Mr. Joestar…look at that rock over there—isn’t it just big enough for someone to hide behind?” Kakyoin asked as he pointed out the rock that you all had clearly seen earlier. A rock which had resulted in you all bursting out into a fit of laughter.

“What do you mean?” Joseph asked.

“Now look at the rock on the opposite side” Kakyoin instructed as he directed the old man’s attention to the other rock. “You still don’t see it? There’s a rock that’s shaped exactly the same on the opposite side, the shadow is also reversed which means…” he explained the minute he realized that Joseph wasn’t catching on.

“It’s so stupid!” Polnareff laughed.

“Such a simple trick that it’s almost ridiculous” you sighed the minute you calmed down from your laughing fit.

“Move, out of my way, old man” Jotaro instructed as he moved to the front of the hole.

“Jotaro! If you go outside right now, you’re all but asking to be attacked!” Joseph frowned. “It’s dangerous!” Jotaro only sighed as he called forth Star Platinum and picked up a nearby rock which he promptly threw towards the rock that was opposite to the one Kakyoin had pointed out. The second the rock reached it, it shattered through the mirror that had been used to create the simple illusion that you all were alone. “A hole appeared in the air?!” Joseph gaped, still not understanding what was happening.

“Good grief, you’re pathetic, old man” Jotaro sighed. “I’ll just assume the heat’s too much for you, otherwise it’s hard to believe you’re my grandfather” he said as the sun disappeared and revealed a beautiful night sky which did instantly cause you to tense up and shift yourself closer towards Kakyoin who did reach out a hand and take hold of your own—giving it a comforting squeeze to help remind you that you weren’t alone and nothing bad was going to happen just because it was dark. No, you hadn’t been able to get a new flashlight yet and you’ll admit it had been embarrassing when Jotaro made you tell the others of your problem once you all had met back up. Claiming that it was best to inform them of such things instead of continuing to keep it a secret. None of them had made fun of you for it and seemed quite fine with being your temporary buddy to cling to if you all ever found yourself out in the middle of the night with no light source.

“We’ve defeated the enemy Stand, so it’s night now” Kakyoin smiled as he helped guide you out of the hold, never once letting your hand go as he now began to soothingly rub his thumb against the back of it as it trying to silently coax you into relaxing because it was clear with your stiff movements that you were still tense. “Or should I say it’s back to being night?” he asked.

“Either way, we’re safe” Polnareff ginned.

“How long do you plan on staying in the hole?” Jotaro asked when he saw that Joseph was still inside the hole.

“R-right…” Joseph mumbled as he finally dragged himself out of the hole and stood up.

“Good grief, it’s finally dark out” Jotaro sighed, just barely casting a glance in yours and Kakyoin’s direction before quickly looking back towards the broken mirror when you suddenly looked in his direction.

“It’s a mirror!” Joseph seemed amazed as he studied the mirror that had been used to trick you all.

“Take a look” Kakyoin said as peered around to the other side of the mirror and spotted the heavy man that was sprawled out on the ground, clearly knocked out as he sported a huge bump on the top of his noggin. “Check out the machines behind this mirror” the teen pointed out the comfy set up that the man had going on for him. “It’s pretty comfortable, it even has air conditioning.”

“Man, I didn’t realize that he was reflecting the desert landscape and tailing behind” Polnareff admitted

“I don’t think of us would have realized that if it wasn’t for such a stupid mistake—man should have known not to park right in front of anything” you said, now shuffling around as you softly took in deep breathes of air in your attempts to keep yourself calm. Silently reminding yourself that nothing was going happen as long as the others were with you, that this wasn’t like when you were young and walking home alone in the dark, nothing here was going to get you.

“He has a tank of water” Jotaro pointed out as he stepped up beside you and you couldn’t help but perk up and look at him from the corner of your eye when you suddenly felt the way his hand brushed against your own as if he was tempted or wanted to at least grab your hand…or maybe it had only just been an accident and he hadn’t meant to do such a thing. “We’ll gladly take it” he said, showing no signs that he would make another attempt to grab at your hand if that was what he was wanting to do in the first place.

“Hey, a drink” Polnareff smiled as he eagerly and happily took the drink that had been resting on top of the man’s desk.

“Huh? Wait, this means…we beat him already?” Joseph questioned, clearly surprised at how easy it had been to beat the man. “It’s done?” he asked.

“I mean, Jojo did nail him pretty hard with that rock” you pointed out, slowly beginning to relax the more Kakyoin continued to rub circles against the back of your hand with his thumb and even just the presences of knowing just how close Jotaro was to you did a good enough job in calming you down a bit. Maybe you weren’t completely relaxed and some parts of your body were still tense and your heart still seemed to quickly beat inside your chest, but you were calm enough to know that at least there was less of a chance now that you’d suffer a panic attack.

“But we don’t even know this guy’s name, but we’ve already beaten his Stand, The Sun?” Joseph seemed quite disappointed in the lackluster way that the enemy had been defeated.

“That would be what it means” Kakyoin nodded.

“The Sun card’s Stand, huh?” Jotaro questioned. “It was quite the opponent, but once you figure it out, it’s pretty stupid” he scoffed.

“Let’s hurry to our next destination, it’s quite chilly in the desert at night, isn’t it?” Kakyoin asked. “I’m also sure, [Your Name] would appreciate it if we got somewhere bright as soon as possible” he said as you were quick to nod your head in agreement.

“W-wait! Traveling at night is dangerous, now we might get lost!” Joseph was quick to point out.

“We’ve defeated our enemy, so we can have sweet dreams tonight” Polnareff said before loudly sneezing which did bring a chuckle out of you all. “Anyway, we’ll set up a fire to help calm [Your Name] down so she doesn’t spend all night fretting over how dark it is” he sniffed as he rubbed at his nose.

“Does that sound good to you, [Your Name]?” Joseph asked as you softly nodded your head once you realized that all attention was on you. “When we have time to spare, I promise we’ll get you a new flashlight” he said, resting a comforting hand on your shoulder and offering you a sweet smile that further helped in calming your nerves and making you relax even more. Maybe you would be able to make it through the remainder of this journey without a flashlight there to help drive away the dark…just maybe.

Chapter Text

“It’s morning, hurry up and get dressed—we’re leaving” you groaned upon hearing Jotaro’s voice, eyes blearily blinking open as you listened to the loud knocks that rattled the room’s door. For a brief moment, you were confused about where you were, eyes taking a moment to readjust, and bring everything back into focus as you looked around and silently recalled the events of the previous day before finally you remembered where you were. Currently, you resided within a small one-person room in a hotel located in the village of Yarpline, a village that you and the others had only just recently reached last night.  

“I’m up, I’m up” you yawned, tiredly pushing yourself up into a sitting position as you stretched your arms out before automatically reaching over to flip off the bedside lamp that’s light now proved to be useless thanks to the natural sunlight that came seeping into the room through the window. “I’ll be out in a few minutes, just go on without me” you said as you moved to stand, fingers already beginning to mess around with the buttons of the provided pajamas as you stripped them off before changing back into your uniform. Your movements felt just the tiniest bit sluggish as you still found yourself trying to wake up, eyes occasionally going out of focus and body swaying just the slightest as you got dressed until finally you slipped on your bag and headed out the door. “Oh, you’re still here?” you were a bit surprised when you stepped out only to find Jotaro still standing there, his back leaned against the wall and his hands buried inside his coat pockets.

“Hm” he only hummed in response as he pushed himself off the wall and with the tilt of his head, motioned for you to follow. “How’d you sleep last night? Any problems?” he asked after a moment of silence as you now fell into step right beside him.

“No, I slept pretty well” you answered after a moment’s thought, recalling how quickly you had fallen asleep the second your head hit the pillow. “You excited about today’s plane ride?” you asked, giggling the moment you heard the displeased grunt that left the teen beside you as if he wasn’t the least bit happy with the prospect of having to get on another plane with his grandfather—let alone one that the man would be piloting.

“Hm? Where’s Kakyoin?” was the first thing Joseph asked the moment you and Jotaro stepped into the lobby where he and Polnareff had been waiting, plenty of bags at their feet filled to the brim will all the supplies your group would need for the trip.

“He’s not already here?” you questioned, surprised that the redhead wasn’t already awake and ready to go—normally you all would be waiting for Polnareff to get up and get ready for the day so to see that the Frenchman had beaten the teen here was quite jarring in a way.

“He was still asleep when I left the room to go wake up [Your Name]” Jotaro admitted, already bending down to pick up some of the bags on the floor. “Maybe he’s still in bed” he suggested.

“Is that so?” Polnareff hummed. “If that’s the case then I’ll go and wake him up, you guys can go on ahead and get the plane ready—we’ll catch up later” and with that, he left. Nothing more was said at that point, only a simple nod as you each gathered up your bags from the floor and left through the hotel entrance.  


“Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hold on a second, Mister” Joseph frowned. “What do you mean you can’t sell us the plane now?” he asked, not pleased that the man who had been willing to give you all the plane the previous night no longer wanted to give it to you all now. “You said last night you’d sell it, and even took the money.”

“I’ll return your money” the man assured. “You see, the baby’s sick—it’s a 39˚C fever” he explained which did confuse you all as this was the first mention of a baby.

“Huh?” Joseph questioned with the tilt of his head, not quite following what the man was saying.

“There’s no doctor in this town, so we have to take the baby somewhere else” the man continued as he motioned towards the woman who at the moment was carrying a young infant inside a basket. The child looked uncomfortable, his face coated in sweat, and twisted up into a look of discomfort as he restlessly shifted around inside his makeshift carrier.

“Th-then how about that plane over there?” Joseph asked as he pointed out another plane in the lot.

“That one’s broken—the others are out and won’t be back any time soon” the man explained.

“What’s up? Some kind of argument?” Polnareff asked as he and Kakyoin finally arrived.

“Yeah” Jotaro nodded.

“I wouldn’t say an argument, more like bad timing” you said, resting your cheek against the palm of your hand as you worriedly looked towards the child—the look of discomfort on his face enough to just pull at your heartstrings and make you feel sympathy for him.

“A baby…a baby, a baby…” Kakyoin quietly muttered to himself which caused you to raise an eyebrow at his odd behavior.

“The plane will be back tomorrow night; I can sell it to you after that” the man who had originally planned to sell you all the plane offered.

“Tomorrow night?” Joseph questioned as he angrily grabbed at the front of the man’s jacket and lifted him up off the ground. “Someone’s life is on the line for us too, we can’t afford to spend two days lollygagging” he frowned.

“Then are you going to let that baby die?” the man was quick to shoot back.

“Well…” Joseph didn’t know what to say, uncomfortable with the prospect that he was now having to choose between wasting time in saving his daughter’s life and saving a literal infant’s life.

“Um…how about this?” the woman holding the baby suddenly piped up. “Let’s leave the baby with these folks who can visit the doctor on their way” she suggested.

“Uh…but that’s…” Joseph trailed off.

“The Cessna only carries five, but there should be enough room for a baby—he could easily sit on the young lady’s lap” the woman argued.

“You sure, lady? You want to leave the baby with these folks?” the man who owned the plane worriedly asked, not feeling confident in the woman’s decision to just let a bunch of strangers look after her child.

“H-hold it, that’s also a problem!” Joseph sputtered out. “It’s dangerous for a baby to come with us” he tried to argue.

“Nonsense” the woman said, quick to dismiss what Joseph was saying as she took a step towards you and softly transferred the carrier from her arms and into your own. “No good person would dare allow any harm to come to a child and it really shouldn’t be too much trouble to drop him off at the doctor's on your way to your destination” she continued, seemingly refusing to take no for an answer as she was quick to take a step back and away after handing the child off to you as if she didn’t want to risk you giving it back to her.

“Well…I mean…” you softly piped up after a moment of peering down at the child, a gentle smile pulling at your lips when you noticed just how adorable he looked as your heart began to ache even more now that you had a closer look at the look of discomfort on his face. “It wouldn’t hurt to bring him along and it just feels wrong to leave him when he has such a high fever, Mr. Joestar” you argued yourself now, lifting your head to look at the old man with pleading eyes who still seemed conflicted about bringing the child along with before finally, he heaved a sigh. Giving in as he now agreed to the woman’s terms and with that, you loaded your bags into the plane before climbing inside it yourselves.

“I said this would be dangerous…” Joseph grumbled as he adjusted his headset and began to make adjustments to the controls just as he prepared to take off. You ignored him, silently cooing over how adorable the child looked as he slept—his basket gently resting on your lap and allowing you to easily peer down at him.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Joestar” Polnareff said. “No one would send their Stand after us in the air…we even made sure the plane itself wasn’t a Stand” he reasoned as he softly knocked against the plane’s roof.

“I’m more worried about the old man’s flying than enemy Stands” Jotaro admitted which caused you to softly giggle.

“He’s quite cute, isn’t he?” you asked Kakyoin the minute you caught him staring at the child. Brightly smiling at him as he took a few moments to just stare between you and the infant on your lap as if he was having to really think your question over before answering.

“Uh…yes, quite cute…” he slowly nodded in agreement as he offered you a shaky smile in return. It was silent after that as the plane began to roll down the runway before finally, it lifted up off the ground and took off.


“I’m dying” you quietly moaned as your air sickness finally seemed to kick in—it’s been such a long time since you all were last on a plane that you had forgotten about that tiny little detail about yourself.

“I always get so tired when I get on a plane…sorry, Mr. Joestar, but I’m going to nap for about thirty minutes” Polnareff yawned from beside you.

“Sure” Joseph nodded. “Why don’t you nap as well, [Your Name]? I’m sure that’ll help with your motion sickness” he suggested the moment he heard another painful groan leave your lips.

“I don’t think sleep’s going to come that easily, Mr. Joestar” you muttered, cheeks now tinted green as you tilted your head back, lifting one hand up to cover your face and block your vision as if believing that that would take away the sense of dizziness you were currently feeling. You envied both Polnareff and Kakyoin who you could hear peacefully dozing off on either side of you while you were left to stay awake and suffer all because the sense of nausea you were feeling made it hard for you to really close your eyes and think about resting. Soon another quiet moan left your lips as you dragged the hand on your face down until you had it resting on your aching stomach. Eyes slipping shut as a cold sweat now coated your skin and you were left uncomfortably shifting around in your seat as you harshly swallowed around the lump in your throat that was currently causing you to heavily salivate as if you were prepared to vomit at any moment.

“J-Jotaro, do you feel that?” you barely heard Joseph ask as you continued to silently moan and pant to yourself over the queasiness and pain your were currently feeling the longer you all were up in the air.

“Yeah, I feel it” Jotaro nodded. “But I don’t think [Your Name] is going to be of any help” he said as he peered back at you, watching how you continued to silently whine and shift about, eyes screwed shut as your body now tilted to one side until your head was resting on Kakyoin’s shoulder and your face was twisted up into a look of discomfort.

“Hm, you’re right” Joseph nodded in agreement. “Polnareff, wake up, Polnareff” he called out, as he now began to toss small scraps of trash back at the Frenchman. “Polnareff, the baby’s wet himself—change his diaper” he ordered. “Hey, are you awake, Polnareff?” he asked when he didn’t receive a response. “The diaper, change the diaper!”

“Wha…why didn’t you just get [Your Name] to do it? Isn’t she awake?” Polnareff tiredly asked as he rubbed at his eyes and tried to fully wake himself up. Seemingly lost in a daze for a moment as if he couldn’t really remember where he was.

“She’s…uh...currently out of commission for the time being” Joseph said which caused the Frenchman to raise an eyebrow before quickly nodding his head in understanding the minute he looked your way and caught sight of the condition you were in.

“Alright…I feel I had a terrifying dream…” Polnareff said with the shake of his head as he finally found himself fully awake. “But I don’t remember what happened in it, I’ve forgotten…” he muttered.

“Once you’ve changed his diaper, you can go finish that dream” Joseph said, not really listening to what the Frenchman had been saying. “I won’t wake you again.”

“Excuse me, [Your Name]” Polnareff said as he grabbed the basket out of your lap and placed it inside his own, looking at you with slight pity when he saw the way you instantly curled up into yourself and now wrapped both arms around your stomach as you further seemed to bury yourself against Kakyoin and quietly groaned in response to him. “H-hold on a second! This kid’s craped his diaper!” the Frenchman choked out the second he undid the infant’s diaper. “Look—just look at this!” he gagged.

“Well, he’s a baby, that’s why he wears diapers” Joseph said, not really understanding what the silver-haired man was freaking out about.

“Seriously?! You’re serious about this?!” Polnareff asked.

“Polnareff, please tell me you’re not that stupid” you muttered, just barely peeking an eye open as you slightly turned your head towards the Frenchman. “What? Did you think the diapers were for fashion?” you asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I had no idea! What a vile creature…man, it’s all over the place…” Polnareff muttered in disgust as you simply rolled your eyes before screwing them shut the minute you felt an uncomfortable rumble in your stomach that shot up and made the lump in your throat even more prominent.

“Stop yapping and change it already, it stinks” Joseph huffed, not really wanting to listen to Polnareff’s dramatic self any longer.

“Aren’t you embarrassed? Hurry and become an adult” the Frenchman grumbled as he quickly went about changing the child’s diaper. “Does this work?” he asked, haphazardly lifting the kid up and showing off the messy work of his wrappings to Jotaro who had been peering back at you all for a good while now. “Well, I say it’s good—Jotaro, hold on to the edge there, I’m going to pin it” he instructed as you opened your eyes and lifted your head.

“Right, like this?” Jotaro asked as he reached back and did as he was told.

“That’s a shitty diaper” you snorted.

“Like you could do any better” Polnareff grumbled. “Hey, hold onto the baby” he told the delinquent as he began to set about pinning the diaper in place.

“I probably could if I didn’t feel like vomiting all over the place” you said, watching in slight amusement as the two men struggled to get the child situated in his new diaper. Just barely were you able to register the way Kakyoin’s muscles tensed underneath you as he kept twitching and shifting around to the point that it was getting hard to ignore.

“Hey, Kakyoin” you said, turning your head to peer back at him to see what was wrong only to find that his eyes were still shut—though you could clearly see the way his pupils seemed to frantically move about beneath his eyelids. “Are you—” you flinched as you quickly threw yourself back and towards Polnareff the minute the redhead screamed and started to violently thrash about.

“Stop! Stop it!” Kakyoin screamed as you scrunched up and pressed your back fully against Polnareff in an attempt to avoid getting hit by the teen’s flailing arms.

“What’s the matter, Kakyoin?” Jotaro asked.

“Hey!” Polnareff snapped.

“I think he’s having a nightmare” you pointed out. “A violent one at that too” you added as you ducked your head even lower when his arm suddenly whizzed right past you and Polnareff.

“What’s going on?” Joseph asked.

“Stop! Stop! Stop it!” Kakyoin screamed as he continued to thrash about and strike anything that was close to him before suddenly he thrusted his foot out and struck Joseph right in the face.

“Crap!” the old man cursed as he suddenly fell against the control wheel and sent the plane spiraling downwards. “I can’t control it!” he cried out as he frantically tried to regain control of the plane.

“Hey, are we going to crash?” Jotaro asked as you all tried to find something to hold onto as the plane spiraled out of control.

“Kakyoin, you need to calm down!” you shouted, your air sickness long forgotten now as you were already quick in trying to restrain your friend and get him to stop thrashing about as he continued to throw his arms around and kick his legs out. “It’s just a dream—you’re only just having a bad dream!”

“Stop!” the redhead continued to cry out as he fought against the way you tried to grab at him and hold him still.

“Kakyoin, what the hell is wrong?” Polnareff asked, his body turned away from you and the redhead so that he could protect the baby from the teen’s violent thrashing. “He was like that this morning too!”

“Whatever, just calm him down” Joseph demanded.

“I’m trying!” you exclaimed, ducking and pulling back every time the teen would lash out and nearly hit you with one of his flailing limbs.

“Old man, hurry up and regain control! We’re going to crash!” Jotaro snapped as he restrained at least one of Kakyoin’s legs so that the teen wasn’t smashing his foot any longer against Joseph’s face.

“He stopped…?” you muttered, frowning when the redhead suddenly fell still, no longer screaming or thrashing about as he now only looked as if he was peacefully sleeping once more.

“What are you doing?” Polnareff frantically asked Joseph as the plane still continued to spiral downwards towards the ground.

“Hurry up and level us out” Jotaro demanded.

“Stop fussing! I’m a man who doesn’t know panic—I’m working on that right now!” Joseph snapped.

“Well if you don’t do something quick we’re sure to die!” you pointed out, your attention now shifting away from Kakyoin since he was no longer panicking and instead now shifted it onto the problem at hand which was the protentional deadly plane crash you were all about to be in.

“What’s wrong, old man?” Jotaro asked the minute Joseph began to scream. “We’re crashing!” he shouted.

“I’ll control it with Hermit Purple!” Joseph finally shouted as he summoned his Stand which slithered down his arm and all over and inside the control panel where he sent a jolt of static through the machinery until finally he had enough control over the plane to straighten it back out right before it hit the ground. “I did it!” he cheered. “I got control back just in time!”

“A close one…” Polnareff grinned as you sighed in relief.

“Did you all see that?! How do you like my flying now, huh?!” Joseph boasted, so proud of himself for getting the plane back under control before it hit the ground.

“Hey” Jotaro suddenly called out, interrupting the old man’s boastful cheering and bringing attention to you all the two palm trees you were about to crash into. “This is actually happening?” the teen sighed just as you all crashed right between the two trees and roughly hit the ground.


“Is this enough?” Polnareff asked as he returned carrying over another bundle of sticks he had gathered in his arms and dropping them at Joseph’s feet.

“Yeah, thanks” the old man nodded as he continued to tend to the campfire.

“We survived, but…Kakyoin, what’s going on?” Polnareff asked as he peered over to the redhead that had silently been sitting off to the side and seemed to be lost in his own thoughts. “This is all your fault” the Frenchman frowned.

“Polnareff” you scolded, peering up from where you had been seated by the baby, one hand resting on the side of his carrier as if to ensure him that he wasn’t alone and everything was alright. “It’s not Kakyoin’s fault that he got spooked by his own dreams, no need to make him feel bad.”

“But it’s his fault we crashed in the first place!” Polnareff was quick to argue.

“I don’t know…I feel like I might have had a terrifying dream—when I woke up, I was dead tired” Kakyoin muttered as a nervous sweat built itself upon his brow. “Is there something wrong with me?” he worriedly asked.

“Cheer up, I’m sure you’re just too tired” Joseph assured him. “It’s been about a month since we left Japan, and the enemy’s been attacking us nonstop ever since” he reasoned

“Is that everything?” you asked Jotaro the minute he stepped up beside you and set down the last of the sleeping bags.

“Should be” he nodded before his attention was drawn towards the baby. “Hey, looks like the baby’s fever’s gone down” he noted which caused you to perk up and look down at the infant which was now awake and happily squirming around inside his carrier.

“Aw” you softly cooed at the adorable babbles he made as he giggled and laugh, happily smiling up at you and Jotaro.

“Thank goodness he’s safe” Joseph grinned as he quickly abandoned his spot by the campfire and came jogging over to the baby. “If we lost him, I don’t know what we’d do” he said as he bent down and peered into the baby’s carrier.

“Weren’t you the one complaining earlier about us bringing him along?” you asked with a raised eyebrow, amused with how quick the old man was in getting attached to the baby.

“Peek-a-boo!” you chuckled as you watched how the old man began to play with the infant, covering his face with his hands before making a silly face down at him the minute he moved his hands away which caused the baby to laugh. “Peek-a-boo!” once more did he repeat the action of covering his face and making a silly face the minute he pulled his hands away. “Such a cute smile!” he cooed.

“What’s so funny about that? It’s not even a joke or anything” Polnareff frowned. “What an idiot” he muttered with the wave of his hand as the old man continued to make faces down at the child which in return caused him to excitedly wiggle around and laugh.

“It’s just a game kids enjoy, no need to be judgmental, Polnareff” you softly sighed as you leaned back into your arms and peered up at the night sky, taking solace in the warm glow of the campfire nearby that did a wonderful job in driving away the surrounding darkness.

“Hey, old man, the radio’s not busted” Jotaro suddenly pointed after doing another sweep of the plane to make sure he truly got everything you all needed out. “What should we do? Should we send out an SOS?” he asked. “That’ll mean Dio can find us, but…”

“It can’t be helped, let’s call for rescue—we’ll do it for the baby” Joseph said as he stood up and headed towards the plane so that he could make the call. You couldn’t stop the smile that tugged at your lips as you listened to the cheerful sounds that left the baby as he sat up and peered up at the night sky as well. Slowly did you close your eyes and began to enjoy the peacefulness of the night air which was a nice contrast to the chaos which had been earlier when the plane had crashed.

“Hm?” you hummed the moment you heard approaching footsteps and as you opened your eyes, you owlishly blinked as you peered up at Kakyoin the minute he came to a stop and began to intensely stare down at the infant beside you. “Kakyoin…?” you questioned with the tilt of your head. “Ah! What are you doing?!” you cried out in surprise, scrambling to stand up when he suddenly and very harshly grabbed the infant by the front of his shirt which caused him to start crying.

“Hey, Kakyoin! What are you doing?” Joseph asked the second he heard both your startled shout and the infant’s crying. “Come on, that’s too rough” the old man scolded the redhead as he quickly rushed over and took the baby from the teen’s hands. “You could strangle him doing that, what’s wrong with you?” he asked.

“M-my apologies…” Kakyoin apologized, not liking the way you and the old man were scolding him, but you soon raised an eyebrow when you saw the way he was quick to tug down the sleeve of his coat as if trying to hide something.

“There, there, it’s alright” Joseph cooed as he attempted to calm the crying infant. “Let’s get something to eat, I’m sure you’ll calm down once you eat” he told the child.

“Hey, Kakyoin, are you feeling alright?” you softly asked, stepping closer to the teen to speak with him the minute you saw the way he looked down in shame as he tightly held onto his left arm. “Is something wrong?” you worriedly asked, resting a hand on his arm as you looked up at him with genuine concern. You watched how he tightened his hold on his left arm, his gaze constantly flickering from between you to his arm as he looked like he was contemplating over whether he should answer you or not. In the end, he chose not to as he only frowned and shook his head, turning away from you.

“I…I need to think something over” he muttered as he walked away from you which only caused your worry to grow as just barely could you hear the whispered conversation between Polnareff and Jotaro carry over to where you were. Though the Frenchman’s words sounded a bit harsh in the way it sounded like he was questioning Kakyoin’s stability, you knew he was right—there was something alarming about the way he’s been acting since the plane crash. But at the same time, you couldn’t help but wonder what was going through that mind of his that it would compel him to manhandle the baby like that—surely he had to have a good reason to do such a thing…right? It grew uncomfortably silent after, none of you bothering to say a word or even speak about what had just happened.

Even when the bowls of soup had been passed out, you all still didn’t say a word—just mindlessly sitting around the fire as you ate. Barely did you even make a sound of acknowledgment the minute Jotaro returned to the campfire from wherever he had gone off to and took a seat right beside you.

“Hey, Jotaro, [Your Name]” Polnareff said the second he noticed that Jotaro had returned. “What do you think is up with Kakyoin?” he asked, motioning with his head towards the redhead that silently sat off to the side staring down into his bowl of soup. “He was flailing around in his sleep on the plane, and now he looks like this—he even went after the baby. Something’s wrong with him, I think he’s at his wit's end, I don’t know if he can continue this journey” he admitted.

“Perhaps something’s bothering him, maybe it had something to do with that dream of his?” you quietly muttered as you shifted around in your seat and mindlessly began to stir the contents in your bowl around with your spoon. “Maybe I should try talking with him again later” you softly murmured which caused Jotaro from beside you to hum.

“That smells great, what are you making?” Polnareff suddenly asked the minute he caught a whiff of whatever it was Joseph was currently making.

“Baby food—this is milk, egg yolks, bananas, and bread all stewed together” the old man answered. “Here, want a taste?” he offered as he allowed the Frenchman to try a bite of the baby food he had created.

“It’s so good!” Polnareff exclaimed. “I could totally go for this—give me more! More!” he greedily demanded as he was quick to start digging out more of the baby food from the pan Joseph had been cooking it inside of.

“Hey, now, there won’t be any left for the baby” Joseph scowled as he tried to shoo the Frenchman away.

“Of course he’d be the one to find the baby’s food delicious” you sighed before giggling as you watched in amusement how the two men seemed to bicker with one another over the food before finally, they seemed to come to an agreement.

“That’s all you get” Joseph huffed after finally caving in and giving Polnareff one last scoop of the baby food.

“Mr. Joestar, Polnareff, did you see that?!” Kakyoin suddenly asked. “That baby isn’t normal after all! He just killed a scorpion in the blink of an eye! He stabbed it with a safety pin!” he proclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at the infant that was currently watching you all while at the same time looking as if he wanted to hide himself away behind his pillow.

“He…he killed a scorpion?” you frowned.  

“Kakyoin, hold on, what are you talking about?” Joseph asked.

“That is not a normal baby!” Kakyoin continued. “He’s not even a year old, but he knew what a scorpion was…and he killed it with those tiny hands!” the more he spoke, the more uncomfortably deranged he sounded.

“A scorpion?” Joseph questioned, clearly more worried about the concept that there was a scorpion in close proximity of the baby. “Where?” he asked, quick to lift the child out of his carrier so that he could properly check him over.

“In here! The dead scorpion on the pin should be in here” Kakyoin said as he dropped to his knees and began to shift around the blanket and pillow that was inside the basket. “I-It’s not here” he finally said in defeat after a moment of frantic searching that only had him coming up empty-handed.

“Kakyoin…are you sure you didn’t just imagine it?” you asked. “Perhaps your mind was only playing tricks on you, I mean it is getting pretty late” you reasoned.

“N-no! I didn’t imagine it, it’s true!” Kakyoin argued. “Where’d you hide it?!” he angrily demanded as he harshly tried to rip the baby out of Joseph’s arms. “Is it in your clothes?!”

“We got it, Kakyoin! That’s enough—stop!” Joseph frowned as he quickly took a step back and turned away from the teen the moment the baby in his arms started to whimper.

“Mr. Joestar!” Kakyoin seemed to desperately plead, seemingly wanting the old man to believe him.

“I said this earlier, but you’re tired” Joseph said. “Let’s talk again tomorrow morning after you’ve calmed down” he suggested which only seemed to make that desperate look on Kakyoin’s face even more prominent as he now looked towards you, Jotaro, and Polnareff as if the three of you would be willing to back him up. Polnareff only seemed to softly “tsk” the young man, shaking his head in slight disappointment as he turned away while you uncomfortably shifted around on your feet.

“Kakyoin, maybe you should head on to bed” you finally suggested. “You’ve had a long day today, perhaps you’ll feel better come morning” you hated the disheartened look on his face as he almost looked broken up by the fact that none of you were taking him seriously.

“Okay, open wide! It’s dewicious!” Joseph cooed out once you all were properly seated around the fire once again as he tried to feed the baby only to be met with resistance as the child turned his head the other way. “Oh? That’s strange, I’m sure you’re hungry, but you don’t want any?” he questioned. “Say, ah” he tried once again to get the child to open his mouth.

“Mr. Joestar, I’m sure of it now!” Kakyoin suddenly shouted, his resolve coming back full force as he harshly knocked away the spoon that had been in Joseph’s hand. “I don’t know where he hid the scorpion, but he’s a Stand user and I have the very thing to prove that!” he suddenly proclaimed as a startled gasp left your lips the second the teen lifted his sleeve and showed you all the mutilated cuts on his arm. “Look at the wound on my arm! At what it says! This is a warning—this must be a wound I got in my sleep” he babbled.

“Oh my God!” Joseph cried out.

“Kakyoin, did you do that to yourself?” Jotaro nervously asked.

“Kakyoin…you should have told us something was wrong—we’re your friends, we would have helped you with whatever you’re struggling with” you worriedly frowned.

“Eh?” the redhead questioned.

“K-Kakyoin, you’ve finally…” Polnareff sputtered out.

“Oh my God!” Joseph muttered in disbelief once again.

“I’ll have to use force! Hierophant Green!” Kakyoin suddenly called out his Stand but before he even had a chance to attack the baby in Joseph’s arms, Polnareff came up behind him and used Silver Chariot to help him in knocking the teen unconscious.

“It’s no use, he’s totally lost his mind” the Frenchman muttered as you crossed your arms and turned your head away, not really wanting to look at your unconscious friend. “I can’t believe it…so Kakyoin can’t fight or travel with us anymore?” Polnareff asked.

“We’ll figure out what to do with him in the morning” Joseph said as he tucked the infant back into his carrier.

“I feel I should have tried harder in talking with him, maybe that could have helped in preventing this all from happening” you sadly muttered after a moment’s thought, now rubbing your hands up and down your arms in an attempt to bring comfort to yourself as you hesitantly peered down at your unconscious friend. You felt bad, you felt that if you or one of the others had just taken the time to really speak with the redhead and discuss with him what was wrong then that would have helped in preventing him from having a breakdown like the one he had clearly just suffered from.

“We didn’t know he was going to snap like that” Joseph told you as he gave your shoulder a gentle pat the moment he passed you by as if trying to comfort you and reassure you that this wasn’t anyone’s fault really. “Let’s just go to bed—Polnareff, help me move Kakyoin” he said.

“Sure thing” the Frenchman nodded.

“Jotaro, [Your Name], bring the sleeping bags” Joseph ordered.

“Yeah” Jotaro nodded.

“Got it” you nodded as well.

“Did you say something?” Joseph suddenly asked as you all busied yourselves with getting ready for the night. Stopping for a moment in his attempt to move Kakyoin as he now listened closely to his surroundings as if trying to hear what he thought he had heard again.

“Not really, he’s just heavy” Polnareff responded.

“I see” the old man nodded as he and the Frenchman resumed in safely tucking Kakyoin’s body into one of the sleeping bags, making sure he was tightly zipped up and comfortable before you all set about laying out your own sleeping bags.

“Here, you can sleep closest to the fire” Jotaro offered as he motioned for you to take the sleeping bag that was set up right next to his so that the light of the campfire was easily able to reach you and keep away the dark.

“Oh, thank you” you mumbled, a small smile tugging at your lips as a light pink dusted itself over your cheeks. Once you were comfortably situated inside your sleeping bag, you subconsciously found yourself turning over onto your side so that you were now starting into the flickering flames of the campfire and it wasn’t long before you felt the way your eyelids began to grow heavy. Slowly did they slip shut as you allowed the soft crackling sounds of the fire and its warmth to lull you into a deep sleep.


“Why are we in sleeping bags at an amusement park like a bunch of idiots?” Joseph asked the moment you all awoken and found yourself laid out on the floor of a teacups ride.

“Why are we even in an amusement park in the first place?” you asked as you sat up, reaching one hand out so that you could rasp your knuckles against teacup closest to you as if to make sure it was really there beside you.

“That’s right!” Polnareff suddenly gasped. “Th-this is…Jotaro! [Your Name]! Mr. Joestar! Be careful!” he exclaimed as he frantically threw off his sleeping bag and stood up. “I-I remember now, w-we’re inside a dream—it’s terrifying, this is a world of nightmares!” he choked out.

“Doesn’t look like any nightmares I’ve ever had” you yawned. “Looks pretty cheerful to me if I’m being honest” you noted as you looked all around you at the fun rides that decorated the amusement park.

“Oh, so it’s just a dream” Joseph hummed. “Then I’m just going to relax” he sighed as he laid back down.

“Don’t have the same reaction I did!” Polnareff snapped. “Listen, what Kakyoin was saying is true! Baby Stand—we’re in enemy territory. I know it’s hard to believe, but the Stand user is that baby!” he proclaimed.

“I’m sorry, it’s just hard to imagine that an infant of all things could have a Stand already and not even be a year old” you said as you all climbed out of your sleeping bags and began to look more closely at your surroundings. “But, if what you’re saying is true…then that explains why we’re all having the same dream” you muttered.

“Since I made Kakyoin pass out, he should already be somewhere in this world” Polnareff harshly swallowed down the lump in his throat. “We have to find him! Where are you, Kakyoin?” he called out, already quickly wanting to locate the redhead. “I have to apologize to him.”

“P-Polnareff, what’s with your hairstyle?” Joseph sputtered out. “Did you mess up styling it?” he asked.

“It’s even taller than before” you gaped when you saw just how much taller his hair was than usual.

“Eh?” the Frenchman questioned before crying out in surprise as his hair seemed to grow even taller before harshly the strands split apart and wrapped themselves around two poles and now held him in place.

“Polnareff!” Joseph worriedly called out.

“What?” Jotaro choked out the minute the chain on his collar grew in length and coiled around his neck like a snake.

“Hey!” you yelped the minute the sleeves of your shirt grew and tightly strung themselves around your torso like that of a makeshift straight jacket while your skirt seemed to grow even longer and tighter as it forced your legs together until you were unable to even properly stand up.

“M-my…my artificial hand! Holy shit!” Joseph cried out in shock the moment his fake hand inflated and grew in size until it was too heavy for him to even keep holding it up.

“They’re laughing at us” you blushed, embarrassed at the way the flowers and inanimate objects surrounding you all began to snicker at your group’s misfortune.

“How are we supposed to fight this? How?!” Polnareff asked. “A-anything can happen here, there are no rules or logic—it’s a world where we’re at his mercy!” he sputtered out before his eyes widen as he suddenly remembered something. “Wait, there was just one rule, the thing that’ll slice us into little pieces is his Stand and his Stand alone!” he recalled just as this Stand finally made its appearance. Everything about the Stand—from its attire to its scythe—reminded you of what one would think the grim reaper would look like with the only key difference being that instead of having a skull for a head, it wore a mask that was decorated with clown make-up.

“Lali-ho!” the Stand cheered as he grabbed a tight hold on his scythe and prepared to attack.

“Star…” Jotaro was the first to react, already beginning to call out his Stand.

“It’s no use, Jotaro!” Polnareff shouted. “We can’t bring our Stands into the dream world!”

“What? So we’re just at this kid’s mercy?!” you asked as you squirmed around in an attempt to loosen the tight restraint on your arms and legs.

“…Platinum!” Jotaro ignored the Frenchman and still went through with calling out his Stand which appeared in a puff of purple smoke.

“Th-that’s odd…his Stand appeared” Polnareff sputtered out in shock.

“It appeared, but…something seems off about Star” you said as you took notice in how the Stand looked far more disheveled than normal. You were only proven right that something was wrong when Star suddenly turned around and struck Jotaro instead of the enemy Stand. You winced as you all watched in utter bafflement how the Stand suddenly summoned a frying pan and began to hit himself in the face with it, laughing as he would make a new silly face each time he struck himself with the pan before finally his head spun and he revealed to be a copy of the enemy Stand and not Star Platinum.

“Lali-ho! I’m a fake!” the enemy Stand laughed before his body went up into a poof of smoke and revealed itself to be an unnerving mixture of yours, Jotaro, and Polnareff’s Stands—the upper portion of his body half Star Platinum and half Silver Chariot while the lower portion was Siren’s tail. “This overwhelming power! This absolute fear—it’s so much fun!” the enemy Stand seemed to boast. “A Stand is spiritual energy and dreams are the spirit unguarded!

“Death 13 has surrounded that unguarded spirit and that’s why you can’t summon your Stands!” he explained before taking the blade of his scythe and beheading his copy whose head turned into that of Silver Chariot’s. “Although…if you had summoned your Stands before you fell asleep, you could have brought them with you like the clothes you’re wearing, the sleeping bags, and the artificial hand” he continued as he flicked the decapitated head off his scythe. “Death 13 will never have to face another Stand!” he proudly boasted. “And the only thing that can defeat a Stand is another Stand, so I’ll always win!” it was terrifying how he was able to loom over you all and none of you could move or even think about fighting back. “Now…how about you give me a scream? One that symbolizes how happy and refreshed I feel at my easy victory!

“Lali-…ho?” he questioned when suddenly Hierophant Green appeared behind him and grabbed hold of his shoulder.

“Lali-ho!” Kakyoin’s voice floated out of Hierophant.

“Oh, it’s just the fake one I made” Death 13 realized, seemingly calm as he raised his hand and flicked Hierophant’s face only for the Stand in return to grab his neck and start choking him. “Wh-what?! Impossible! This one’s not a fake—this is the real Hierophant!” he choked out.

“It's back!” Joseph exclaimed the minute all the things that were either holding you down or restraining you all returned to normal. Allowing for each of you to easily move about once again.

“It’s Kakyoin! Kakyoin’s right there!” Polnareff pointed out as he pointed towards the redhead who was seated inside one of the teacups.

“When I lost consciousness earlier, did you forget that I had Hierophant out?” Kakyoin asked, a smug grin on his face as his Stand continued to slowly crush Death 13’s neck. “I had Hierophant hide underground before I fell asleep” he explained.

“Oh, that was pretty smart of you” you were impressed, amazed the redhead had thought to do such a thing even when you all were against him and thinking him insane earlier.

“Help me!” Death 13 choked out.

“Now, it’s time for your punishment, baby” Kakyoin glared.

“Let go!” Death 13 cried out as he frantically began to swing his scythe around, attempting to hit Hierophant who was attached to his back and just barely out of his reach.

“Stop, Death 13! He’s completely in your blind spot” Kakyoin explained to the frantically flailing Stand. “If you keep resisting…even if you’re just a baby, your neck will be broken” he threatened as he hopped out of the teacup he had been in.

“Kakyoin!” Joseph called out as you all ran over to the redhead. “Kakyoin, we owe you an apology.”

“I thought you might have become weak-minded; I couldn’t believe in you—you were fighting this battle alone…I’m sorry” Polnareff apologized.

“No, Polnareff, it couldn’t be helped” Kakyoin reassured the Frenchman. “I only figured out a way to bring my Stand with me into the dream after you hit me. So in a way, this is all thanks to you.”

“R-really?” Polnareff bashfully asked. “I-I can’t help but feel a bit conflicted, I’m kind of ashamed…” he blushed. “Hey, what’s with the clouds?” he asked the minute the clouds in the sky started to shift and swirl around.

“The clouds…are moving strangely and coming in closely!” Joseph pointed out.

“I don’t like the looks of this, he must be up to something” you said, feeling just a tad bit nervous as you all watched as the clouds built up and swirled above Death 13’s head.

“Don’t try anything funny, Death 13!” Kakyoin snapped.

“Kakyoin, get Hierophant away from his back!” Jotaro suddenly ordered.

“What?” the redhead gasped when the clouds suddenly formed a hand which then took hold of Death 13’s scythe.

“I’ll chop you in half!” the Stand sneered as the cloud reared the scythe back before cutting through both himself and Hierophant’s lower half.

“I-Impossible! He chopped himself…in h-half” Kakyoin choked out as his body began to violently shake.

“Kakyoin!” you all worriedly cried out as your friend fell to the ground.

“Lali-ho! Didn’t you realize it?” Death 13 asked as he opened up his robe to reveal that there was nothing underneath saved for mechanical arms and the device that held his head in place. “Death 13’s body is actually hollow! Death 13 is just the head, arms, and the giant scythe, you enormous fools!” he laughed.

“Just kidding” Kakyoin smiled as he sat back up.

“Kakyoin!” Joseph and Polnareff shouted.

“Thank goodness” you sighed in relief as you rested the palm of your hand against your chest to help in calming your still fast beating heart. “Don’t ever scare me like that again” you softly scolded the teen.

“Y-you alright?” Joseph nervously asked.

“Please, look closer” Kakyoin chuckled. “My Hierophant isn’t so careless as to stay on his back forever” he said just as he Stand ripped off Death 13’s robe and revealed itself to slowly be unraveling and entering into the enemy Stand’s ear. It was clear that Death 13 did not enjoy the sensation of Hierophant crawling into his ear based on the way he violently began to swing his scythe around before tensing up completely as another string of Hierophant’s body began to enter into his other ear.

“M-my arm is moving on its own…” Death 13’s cried out as he suddenly lost all control of his arm and soon found himself pressing the blade of his scythe against his own neck. “It’s coming in…” he whined as Hierophant finally disappeared completely inside him.

“I told you! He was in your blind spot, so your scythe couldn’t touch him” Kakyoin said. “Now, if you don’t wish to be destroyed from within…how about you heal this wound on my arm?” he asked as he pulled up the sleeve of his coat. “Anything can happen in dreams, so I’m sure you can heal a cut, right?” he asked.

“R-right…” Death 13 shakily nodded.

-End of Dream-

“Alright, everyone, wake up!” you groaned the minute you heard Kakyoin’s cheerful voice which was soon followed by the sound of metal clinking against metal.

“What, is it morning already?” you yawned as you sat up and began to rub at your eyes.

“Polnareff, wake up! Breakfast is ready!” Kakyoin said as he went around and made sure you all woke up.

“I feel like I had a terrible dream…” Polnareff groaned as you all now busied yourself with washing your faces with a nearby arroyo.

“You too?” you muttered as you took another handful of water from the arroyo and splashed your face in an attempt to fully wake yourself, still feeling oddly tired and drained as if you hadn’t slept well last night at all.

“Same here” Joseph piped up as he finished drying his face. “I can’t remember it, but I still feel like it was terrifying” he said which caused Jotaro to grunt in agreement.

“Kakyoin!” Polnareff suddenly gasped as he quickly stood and jogged over to the redhead who seemed busy preparing the baby’s breakfast for that morning. “A-are you alright?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” Kakyoin asked.

“Wh-what do I…you were totally deranged last night! You even carved letters into your arm…h-huh?” Polnareff questioned, baffled when he saw that the teen’s arm was perfectly smooth and lacked any cuts. “The wounds is gone?” he questioned.

“Now, I’ll go change the baby’s diaper” Kakyoin said, simply ignoring the Frenchman after he scooped out the baby food into a bowel and went to go wake and check up on the infant.

“He seems to be in a good mood compared to last night” you noted as you watched him, only just vaguely recalling the events of last night—you couldn’t remember much, but you remembered that he had been in a sour mood the entire night. “Must have slept well” you shrugged as you looked away and began to pat your face dry.

“He seems to be getting along with the baby, so maybe I was just dreaming…” Polnareff muttered as he shook his head in disbelief. “Oh, well!” he shrugged.

“Oh, Kakyoin, you even made some baby food?” Joseph smiled as he approached the redhead when he was finished changing the baby’s diaper.

“I did” Kakyoin nodded.

“Let’s see, I’m sure you must be hungry by now” Joseph smiled as he let the teen hand off the baby to him so that he could give him his breakfast for the morning. “Come on, it’s dewicious! Open wide!” the old man cooed as he attempted to feed the child. “Oh, this again? I wonder what he’s got against this stuff…” he muttered.

“He’s a baby, aren’t they usually difficult to feed sometimes?” you questioned from where you were seated as you took the cup of coffee Jotaro handed to you.

“At this rate, I’ll have to force-feed him” Joseph sighed.

“Hey, Mr. Joestar—if you force him, he’ll just hate it more” Polnareff pointed out. “In cases like this…coochie-coochie-coo…coochie-coochie-coo…” he cooed as he tickled the child until he laughed and opened his mouth wide enough for Joseph to shove the spoon of food into his mouth.

“See? Isn’t it delicious?” Joseph asked as the child loudly cried.

“Ba-dum-tss” you heard Kakyoin happily mutter underneath his breath which did catch yours and Jotaro’s attention as you both exchanged curious glances with one another before shrugging your shoulders.


“I hope that kid gets back to his mother alright” you muttered as you peered out into the vast sea that surrounded you all. It was about midday now since you all crossed the rest of the Arabian Peninsula, dropped the kid off at the nearest town, and were now currently crossing the Red Sea.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine” Kakyoin smiled.

“Hey, old man, something’s not right” Jotaro suddenly piped up as he peered down at the built-in compass of the speedboat. “You’re going the wrong way—shouldn’t you be heading directly west to Egypt?” he asked which caught yours and the other two's attention. “You seem to be heading towards that island” he pointed out.

“Yeah, that’s right” Joseph nodded. “I have my reasons for not telling you before, but before we enter Egypt, we need to make a slight detour and meet someone” he explained which caused yours, Kakyoin, and Jotaro’s eyes to widen as you each tensed up for but a moment while Polnareff only seemed to become confused. “He’s a man who’s extremely important to this journey.”

“An important man…?” Polnareff questioned.