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Never Be The Same

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If Shouta Aizawa had the definition of a perfect night, he would give the answer that it was this night. The sky was glittered with stars and the moon was phased crescent. The skies were covered in minimal amount of clouds that made it just beautiful. Not that he would ever say it out-loud. The arm over his shoulder was warm, which wasn't often when it came to Toshinori Yagi. Sighing in content, he leaned against the lean form of his boyfriend with his own arm strung across the blonde's back. They walked side by side together in a pleasant silence.

It had been odd, going out together ever since Kamino Ward and the world now knowing Toshinori's true form outside the muscular form of his hero persona All Might. A small smile played on his face as he thought back to timeline of their relationship.

Boy, how did All Might irritate him when Toshinori first started to work for U.A. High School. All Might was so colorful and filled with a dramatic flair. The hero always wore a giant smile on his face that Aizawa had never seen waver. He could inspire others and help them feel safe and hopeful with just his bright, borderline (obnoxious in Shouta's words) can-do attitude. There was never a moment when he wasn't extremely friendly and amicable. The Number One Hero would always take the time to interact with his fans due to his popularity and years in the spotlight.

After the attack at the USJ, Aizawa finally saw the man's other side as Toshinori Yagi and not as All Might. Toshinori was less energetic and more serious. He held a milder stance in public so he would not attract attention to himself. This was in direct contrast to the grandiosity of his hero identity. The Erasure Hero also discovered the near fatal injury that called Toshinori's health to degenerate the reason why he was now at U.A. It had shocked him when he walked into the room to find Toshinori with blood on his chin and hand during a coughing fit. Much to his amusement, Toshinori also coughed up blood whenever he got surprised or even amused.

All Might and Toshinori Yagi did have similar personality traits like his optimism and oafishness. He was intelligence and perceptive with endless competency and charisma while always priortizing the lives of others over his own.

On the other side of the spectrum, Shouta Aizawa always came off cold, apathetic, and impatient without exhorting little energy in most situations. Aizawa was always stern and reserved which All Might learned quickly. Toshinori soon realized that Aizawa actually was a very kind man who cared deeply for the lives of his students. The Erasure hero refused to drop the facade but it didn't take long for Toshinori to notice it. It was most noted when Aizawa went out of his comfort zone at the USJ and jumped into the middle of the villains to protect his students. It still haunts Toshinori to this day, picking up the battered body of Aizawa believing he was dead at first until he found the faint signs of breathing. Now, Aizawa's beautiful features was forever scarred under his right eye and his quirk would never be the same.

Aizawa knew the man struggled as a teacher, especially since he called Toshinori an idiot on multiple occasions, so to his own surprise when Toshinori asked him out to a local cat cafe to help him with teaching methods. Aizawa still believes that the Number One Hero chose to go to a cat cafe cause of his love of cats and the Erasure Hero couldn't say no. To cats.

That had been the start. Soon after, both heroes coming to terms with the fact that they were slowly falling in love with each other. Aizawa didn't realize it until Kamino Ward as he watched All Might fight All for One. That had been the night that Aizawa had admitted that he was in love with Toshinori. He remembered running to the hospital, calling Toshinori an idiot and kissed him with tears running down his face.

"Something on your mind, kitten?" Shouta was brought out of his thoughts as Toshinori placed a kiss into his half up-done hair. He sighed and turned into the blonde's body, laying his head against Toshinori's chest and listened to his heartbeat. It was soothing to the younger man to know that Toshinori was still alive and well in front of him.

The ebony haired man looked up at Toshinori and gave him a soft smile. "I was just thinking about Kamino Ward." A frown came to the blonde's face as he reached up to tuck a piece of fallen hair back behind Shouta's ear. "I could of lost you that night but also that night showed me just how much I love you."

A smile tugged onto Toshinori's lips. "I love you too." The man leaned over and placed a chaste kiss onto the younger man's lips. He pulled back and looked up to the sky for a moment before detacting himself from Aizawa. "There was a reason I asked you out tonight."

Dread filled the younger man. Toshinori wouldn't look him in the eye. Something was wrong. The ebony haired man wrapped his arms around himself and looked away. "You're breaking up with me, aren't you?" He whispered. A laugh erupted from Toshinori making Shouta turn to look back at him.

"Of course not, my love. I love you too much. You're stuck with me unless you ever want to break this off. Which I hope you don't." Toshinori stopped speaking for a moment as he took a step back forward and cupped Shouta's cheek in his hand. "You are so beautiful." A slight blush ran across the cheeks of the younger man, making Toshinori smirk. Every time that Toshinori ever complimented Shouta, the younger man each time would blush and attempt to hide it. It was one of the cutest things he had ever seen in his life. "Shouta, my love... I used to believe my life was only meant to be the Symbol of Peace, the pillar of hope for the world. When I came to U.A., I realized that I was missing something. I found that in you. It took me a while but I had finally managed to break down your walls and you let me in. You are so kind, generous, caring, loving. God, there is so much more that I could say." He paused for a moment to survey the emotions crossing Aizawa's face. Aizawa was now almost as red as a tomato by this point, much to Toshinori's enjoyment. He really did enjoy causing Aizawa to completely blush from the tip of his ears to his toes. "When I was in the hospital after the battle of Kamino Ward, I realized that I don't want to leave this world with any regrets. You've been by my side since after the USJ and when I held you in my arms, thinking you were dead... I realized, that I never want to lose you." Toshinori stopped and completely pulled away from the younger man before dropping to one knee. He could hear Shouta suck in a breath but not release it as the man's eyes went wide. "I know that I'm an old man, much older than you... Shouta, you became my world and I will love you until the day I die." His hand slipped in his pocket and pulled out a black velvet box. With his free hand he opened it, revealing the small golden band with small diamonds decorating the top in an infinity pattern. "Will you do me the honor of being mine for the rest of my life? Shouta, will you marry me?"

Shouta had tears in his eyes as he stared down at the older man, his mouth hidden behind his hands covering the wide smile that was now on his face. Toshinori's soft blue eyes were locked completely on him and his lips upturned in the man's normal goofy grin. Within seconds, he nodded and whispered, "Yes. Toshinori, of course I will marry you." Toshinori's smile got wider and he slipped the ring onto Shouta's ring finger. Before he could get up from the ground, Aizawa dropped down to his knees and threw his arms around the older man's neck. "I love you so much, Toshi." He crashed his lips into Toshinori's. Unlike the last kiss, this one was full of passion.

They finally pulled away for much needed oxygen. They were all smiles as they got back to their feet when suddenly the moment was cut off by the sound of slow clapping came from behind Aizawa. Both men turned in the direction the sound came from. A man standing at around six foot five stood about twenty feet from them. The man was wearing a black trench coat with his hood up and his mouth covered with a bandana and googles over his eyes. The feeling of danger radiated off of the man.

Aizawa suddenly felt very naked without his capture weapon around his neck. He had decided to leave it at home. He didn't even have his utility belt. He was wearing a white button up and black slacks instead of his hero uniform. At least, he had his quirk and fighting abilities on his side at least. He knew Toshinori could hold his own as well, even without his quirk the man was still strong despite his fragile health.

The man within seconds closed the distance between him and Aizawa. The ebony haired man activated his quirk, eyes burning red and his hair fighting against the ponytail to defy gravity. "Oh that's cute." The man hissed out, his hand surging forward and capturing Aizawa's neck in his hand. He lifted the smaller man off of the ground. Toshinori jumped into action and clocked the man on the jaw. The man staggered and dropped the Erasure Hero. Aizawa sucked in the air his lungs so desperately craved as he peered up to see Toshinori and the man now engaged in a hand to hand fight. He had been right, the former Number One hero was holding up against the man. Aizawa pushed himself up and swept the man's legs out from underneath him. The man crashed to the ground, Aizawa immediately seizing the moment to place his foot into the the crook of the man's neck with his quirk activated.

"What makes you think you could attack us and get away?" Shouta growled and he kneeled and glared at the man. The bandanna ran up, revealing the man's mouth which held a smirk. A pair of hands grabbed Shouta's other foot and pulled causing the Erasure hero's head to hit the ground. Shouta groaned and clutched at his head, his eyes squeezed shut. He barely heard Toshinori's voice as he felt arms wrap around him and pulling him up. The ebony haired man managed to crack his eyes open when he caught sight of a purple glow behind the googles of the other man than the world went dark.

U.A. High School
Teacher's Conference Room

The room was in complete silence as the teachers sat around the table with Nezu sitting at the end. The mammal sighed. "Thanks to the quick acting of Edgeshot and Kemuri Woods, Yagi-san and Aizawa-kun were rescued from the villain that had attacked them. Both were found unconcious and appeared to be hit with some form of deaging quirk." Nezu started, looking over the shocked faces of the rest of the teachers. For once, Present Mic was completely silent.

"Are they okay? Any injuries?" Midnight questioned, leaning forward to look into the eyes of the mammal. "What of Eraserhead's class?"

Nezu softly smiled, crossing his paws together as he looked at the woman. "Yagi-san is unharmed other than being deaged. He had some scraps and bruises when found but they slowly disappeared as the quirk came into affect." He explained, taking a breath before continuing, "Aizawa-kun had hit his head before he was hit with the quirk. So there is some concern for a possible concussion. There is no way to know until he wakes up. As for his homeroom classes, I was thinking that you Midnight could take over until we get to the bottom of this."

Midnight's jaw dropped. "Are you sure? I'm sure someone else here is more qualified." She said in disbelief. Nezu just smiled and shrugged it off.

"I'm definitely sure."

Present Mic finally broke his silence, "Yo, do we know why they were attacked?" He questioned, concern covering his face.

"The police has sent me a video of the attack and I watched it over. It appears that the villain had no interest in Yagi until he attacked him in defense of Aizawa." Nezu explained, pulling out his laptop and placing on the table to show the heroes the fight. He pressed play and watched on as the others looked on disbelief.

"Shouta didn't have his scarf. He never goes anywhere without it." Mic muttered, almost too quiet for comfort. Midnight sighed, a look of sadness filling her beautiful face.
"Nemuri, is there something that you know about?"

The 18+ hero sucked in a breath. "Yagi-san came to me a while back about proposing to Shouta. He proposed tonight. That was why they were there. It was the place where they became official." She stopped to calm herself down. Everyone could tell she was blaming herself for their co-workers being at that location. "Shouta decided he wanted to look nice tonight and dressed up whether than looking like the normal Shouta we always see. He was so excited for the plans Yagi-san had for him."

"So the villain must of be following them to know they were there." Vlad finally spoke. While he and Shouta had rivaling classes this year, they were still friends. "Don't blame yourself." He turned his head to look at his boss before speaking once again. "So we think Aizawa was the target?"

Nezu nodded. "After reviewing this video, Detective Tsukauchi and myself do believe that Aizawa was the target. The villain was captured and currently isn't talking so we don't know much about his quirk and its effects. Yagi and Aizawa are going to go to a quirk specialist and medical examiner once they wake up. The police force is going to continue to try and get answers."

"Is this connected to the League of Villains?" This time is was Snipe.

Nezu sighed. "That is uncertain at this moment but it could definitely be since the interest from the League of Villains to All Might."

The Police Force

Tsukauchi growled as he looked at the villain sitting in front of him. "You might as well talk, you are going to jail for illegal quirk usage to harm a civilian and pro hero." A smirk came to the man's face. He nodded to another detective who was behind him. The detective was a young man whose quirk causes people to reveal their secrets. He had called the younger man in when the villain had refused to talk since his capture.

"He is so vulnerable now." The man finally spoke, the detective's eyes going wide. His quirk giving him no hints of lying coming from the man.

The detective frowned. "What is your quirk and it's effects?" Tsukauchi leaned forward and got into the face of villain. "Better keep talking cause we are going to get answers one way or another and I'm the nice one here."

The villain's smirk only got worse. "You really want to know?" He chuckled. "I like to call it forever young. I can reserve someone's age back to any age I want. I can do it as many times as I want to someone and the effects never stop. Eraserhead is now back to being a teenager and he will remain that way. There is no going back for him." The man leaned towards the detective, his violent gaze connecting with the detective's. "Better watch out, they will come for him. They want him bad. You can thank the USJ for that."