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Never Be The Same

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His entire body ached as he came to. The world around him was blurry as he forced his eyes opened and blinked to clear the fog in front of him. With a groan, he slowly sat up, clutching at his head as he did so. 

What did he do to me? Shouta thought to himself. His entire body felt like it was on fire, his body breaking into a sweat. Something was off. He couldn't place it. He could still feel Erasure coursing throughout his body, ready to be activated at any given moment. He had heard from Izuku that All for One had the ability to take quirks. Whatever he did, it certainly wasn't the theft of his quirk. 

"How you feeling?" Shouta looked over his shoulder to see Dabi in a chair next to his bedside, a book in his lap that was open. 

Shouta shook his head, leaning his forehead against his knees. "I don't know." He whispered. He turned his head enough so he could look back over to Dabi. The villain hadn't moved, surveying him for a moment. "Why did you decide to join the League?" 

Dabi's face didn't change but it was clear that the question had struck something within him. "I guess old habits die hard. I heard about the League attacking the USJ and then Stain in Hozu. I guess I just went on a limb and decided to join. That way I could make sure that Shoto was safe and to expose Endeavor." He stated, shutting the book in his lap and setting it to the side. "What about you? Why are you agreeing to help the League?" 

Shouta sighed, throwing himself back until he was laying back down. "I suppose I'm just like you. I have someone to protect. I may not of had a clue about her existence until I got taken but... she doesn't deserve to be targeted for her quirk." 

Dabi snorted. "We are nothing alike. Even now, it's clear that you are meant to be a hero." 

Shouta rolled his eyes, flipping positions so he was laying on his side. "Says the guy who joined the League to protect his brother." 

"Shut up." 

Shouta took in a deep breath, peering back up to Dabi. "Do you know what All for One did to me?" He questioned. 

Dabi shook his head. "I'm not sure but I don't think he did anything to harm you." The villain paused, leaning back against the wall. "He seems to truly care about you... and her. I have this feeling that he had been watching you from afar. That he's been tracking you and waiting for the perfect moment to bring you to him. I doubt that he would do anything to hurt you."  

The two were interrupted as the door opened, revealing All for One on the otherside of the door. The villain smiled at them as he entered, sliding the door shut behind him. "Shouta, I'm glad to see that you're awake. You've been asleep for a while." 

Shouta frowned, the confusion on his face as he looked between All for One and Dabi. "How long have I been asleep?" 

All for One chuckled. "Two weeks." 

The teenager's eyes widened. "W-What?" 

All for One didn't reply to him but rather turned to face Dabi. "It's time for you to go with the others. The heroes are making their move. I want you and the others to back them up. Make sure Eri returns to Shirakumo. That is where she belongs." Dabi nodded, pushing himself out of the chair. "The raid beings at eight thirty. Chisaki will stop at nothing to make sure he keeps her. Your job along with the others is to make sure that they get away safely." 

Shouta leaned up, the shock filling him at this point. "How are you so willing to help them? The League has done nothing but attack Class 1-A... kidnapped Bakugou. Now you want to help them?" So many more questions went through Shouta's head in that moment. None of this made sense to him. 

"Shouta, you need to rest." All for One stated. 

"You didn't answer my question." Shouta frowned. 

All for One just returned with a smile. "You are my son. Eri is my daughter. Tomura might be my successor but I will no longer stand by and watch on. Had I know what that man had did to you sooner, I would of acted sooner. The heroes are not our enemies right now. They are our allies for a common cause." Without another word, both All for One and Dabi had left Shouta alone. 

What is happening? 

The rescue operation to save Eri was in full swing. With the help of Sir Nighteye's Agency and a meeting with heroes in the local areas of the Shie Hassaikai, they were able to find the precise location that Chisaki was hiding Eri. Unfortunately, the time it took it had been a few weeks and within the pit of Toshinori's stomach, he was terrified. Amajiki and Kirishima were in patrol with Fat Gum and had ran into a group of thugs that had their hands on bullets that targeted quirks. 

With Shirakumo's words about Chisaki and his desire to rid the world of quirks, Toshinori feared that Eri was targeted for that reason. Her quirk being Rewind could change a body back to a previous state. The other heroes who had been in the meeting, especially Ryukyu, all feared the same. 

Chisaki had little time with her so far but it would be plenty of time to be able to extract her blood and flesh. If he had made the bullets then that was even more terrifying. His heart ached for the girl. From the little bit of time that he had spent with her, she was so incredibly sweet. 

Currently, they had Overhaul cornered. A bullet had been shot at Togata, who had managed to get to Chisaki first. So far, the same effects that Amajiki faced, he had been. The thought had crossed his mind that this would be so much easier if Shouta had been here. Erasure would be the best in this moment. They had managed to knock Chronostatis unconcious for the time being and Overhaul's other underlings were incapicated. With the yakuza's quirk, he feared that they were in a losing position. He couldn't think that. 

Midoriya was right next to him, trying to bust through the neverending spikes to get to Togata and Eri. Endeavor was backing up Sir Nighteye in the attempt to keep Overhaul at bay. Todoroki and Bakugou were busying watching their backs. The others had been split off from them long before this. Ryukyu had remained at the gates with her team. Fat Gum's team ended up split up throughout the moving hallways. Present Mic's team had not been that far behind them. Assisting in any places they were needed. 

They wouldn't lose. He refused to. They had to save Eri. The class had almost been pulled from the case because of the connection to the League. It had been Endeavor who had stated and changed their minds. They had already been called in to assist in the rescue of Shouta, who was currently with the League. Why back out of Eri's rescue? Endeavor made the point. Toshinori had showed the pros the letter that Midoriya had found. The pros were concerned that All for One had been winning over Shouta. The last part of the note had him more concerned. Shouta had a bleeding heart that he wore on his sleeve. Even when he didn't show it. He would stop at nothing to protect those around him despite the pain he would be in. All of it. Toshinori refused to back down when the idea that the Class A students get pulled from the Hassaikai Raid. 

Toshinori also felt it in his gut that the League would get involved. They had seen Toga and Twice earlier. With the information they had, Eri was also All for One's biological child. Toshinori knew he had to of been the one that ordered Hideo to be killed. There would be no way that All for One wouldn't do the same for Eri that he did for Shouta. 

"Togata!" Midoriya called out, pulling Toshinori back to the events at hand. Togata was stumbling on his feet, his battered body still guarding Eri. The little girl shook behind him and bandages on her arms and legs. That confirmed his own suspicion. Overhaul had to of experimented on her. 

"Midoriya..." Togata whispered as they finally got to him. Toshinori turned to face back towards the villains, keeping his back to his protege as Midoriya checked over Togata and Eri. "She's shaken up and scared. She doesn't look injured other than these bandages." 

Toshinori surveyed the area. Overhaul wasn't letting up with his onslaught of attacks. All of this exits were blocked. Todoroki and Bakugou weren't far from them but even with the two teaming up, they were having a hard time keeping the spikes away. Thankfully, neither of them had injuries to themselves. 

Endeavor was having a hard time being able to reach Chisaki. Sir Nighteye was working on predicting the villain's moves but was having his own struggles trying to get around the spikes. Even if they couldn't get to Overhaul, at this moment they did have Eri with them. She was safe. 

"Togata... can you move?" Midoriya questioned. Toshinori peered over his shoulder, surveying the blonde's injuries. He had a wound to his abdomen and leg, his blood pooling on the ground. They needed to get him out of here before he bled out. "I can get you over to that wall, it should take you towards the others. Present Mic's team is assisting the others. 

"ICYHOT!" Bakugou's shout pulled all of their attention towards the two. Todoroki was trying to get away from a large spike that had seperated him from the explosive blonde. Todoroki's range was limited as he tried to get away with his ice. 

"Shoto!" Midoriya screamed, watching as a spike started to come from behind the two toned teen. 

Toshinori's body lit back up blue. He leapt but he let out a gasp as another body came into view, grabbing ahold of Todoroki before crashing into the ground where the spikes had yet to go. Seconds later, blue flames shot out and destroyed the spikes in the area. Toshinori allowed himself to fall to the ground, landing on his feet. Todoroki coughed as he got back up to his feet before freezing completely. 

Dabi was now standing between Todoroki and the oncoming spikes. Blast of flames continued in various directions, creating as many paths as he could. "Shigaraki! Now!" Dabi shouted. Toshinori looked in the direction that Dabi yelled to as Shigaraki came out of the shadows and jumped towards Chisaki. Chisaki jumped out of the way at last second to avoid the attack from the League leader. Dabi peered over his shoulder for a second before running past Bakugou and heading in the direction of Chisaki, using his quirk to destroy the concrete around him. 

"He... saved me." Todoroki whispered as Toshinori ran over to survey him for injuries. "Why would he do that?" 

Toshinori made a small noise. "I'm not sure but we have a mission to do." Toshinori stated. Todoroki nodded. The blonde turned to look at Midoriya, nodding to him in an unspoken exchange before running towards Sir Nighteye alongside Todoroki. 

Toshinori used the spikes to his advantage as he jumped from ledge to ledge, getting closer to Chisaki. He punched through a few of the spikes, getting Endeavor out of the corner he had been backed into. Endeavor gave him a nod, holding his hand out and sending an attack towards the villain. 

A shout of pain caught his attention, forcing him to turn in time to see Chrono's head lifted up and hitting Bakugou in the arm. Toshinori pushed off of the ground, rocketing towards Bakugou and grabbing him at last second before he fell into one of the spikes. "DAMNIT! I'LL KILL YOU!" Bakugou screamed, a small explosion leaving his palm. Toshinori landed next to Midoriya, placing Bakugou down. 

"He won't be able to move very well." Toshinori said, not waiting for an answer before moving back towards Chisaki. 

"All Might! Watch out!" Sir Nighteye screamed. Toshinori felt the air in his throat catch. He was in mid jump and a spike was heading straight in his direction. He wouldn't have time to get out of the way. It was going to hit him. 

Toshinori's eyes widened as he managed to catch himself on one of the spikes. The spike that was coming for him stopped just a few millimeters away from his stomach. He released the breath he had been holding as he looked at the spike. 

That was close. He thought before his eyes once again widened. Wait... Chisaki should of gotten me with that. 

"Sorry, we're late but there was something we had to take care of." The voice sent chills down Toshinori's spine. Something about it was so familiar. Two figures came in from of him, almost as if they appirated there. One was tall. Really tall. Chisaki had stopped his movements, his eyes widening. The other was smaller, thinner. Black hair floating in the air. But Toshinori could recognize him anywhere. 

"Shouta." He whispered. His heart skipped a beat as Shouta turned his head and smiled at him. Toshinori allowed his eyes to roam Shouta's body. He was in a loose fitting black long sleeve shirt and jogger pants. It looked similar to his hero costume. His eyes looked over the available skin, no bruises or marks in sight. He looked fine. He let out a breath of relief. 

"This is where it ends for you, Chisaki." All for One stated, his voice mocking and dominating. "Heroes, if you want to survive, I recommend that you move." The villain stated, raising his arm. His arm glittered in what appeared like red lightning. Endeavor and Sir Nighteye took the warning and quickly got out of the way. Tomura and Dabi jumped to the side. The blast released from All for One, hitting Chisaki square in the chest. The yakuza was blown backwards, going through the concrete wall. 

Shouta turned, looking over to Toshinori. Toshinori let himself slide down the spike and to his feet. The blonde rushed forward, his arms wrapping tightly around the teenager. "Oh god... Shouta..." 

Shouta's arms wrapped around the taller boy, tucking his head into Toshinori's chest. "I'm okay. I'm okay." He whispered. 

"Tomura, Dabi. Your work is done here." Almost as if it were on cue, a warp gate opened up next to them. 

Dabi stopped as Tomura disappeared within the warp gate, looking at Shouta before nodding. Shouta returned his gaze, giving a soft smile. 

The ground rumbled underneath them and a loud gasp left Dabi. "DABI! NO!" Shouta screamed, pushing away from Toshinori. A large spike poked through Dabi's abdomen as he looked down. A cough forced out of him as blood ran down his chin. "No, no, no, no." Shouta repeated, dashing through the spikes until he was next to the flame villain. 

Toshinori reached out for Shouta with a shout of his name but was stopped as an arm extended out in front of him. He paused, looking up to All for One who kept his gaze on Shouta. All for One raised his other hand, sending another attack at Overhaul that caused the building around them to rumble again. Overhaul slumped over, completely unconcious. 

Toshinori turned his gaze back to Shouta, who had broken off the spike that was in Dabi's stomach. The blonde could hear the labored breathing from where he was. The wet coughs that left Dabi. 

"No, you can't do this Dabi. You can't die before you fullfill your promise." Shouta stated. 

Dabi couldn't talk as the blood filled his mouth, pouring over and flowing down his cheeks. Dabi smiled up at him with a pained chuckle. His eyes slowly slipping shut. 

Shouta screamed, clutching onto the villain tighter. "Dabi, you can't. You can't die." 

The area around them started to shake, the ruined pieces of concrete raising around the the room. The heroes looked around in shock, trying to pinpoint the cause. Toshinori kept his eyes on Shouta. 

"I WON'T LET YOU DO THIS!" Shouta screamed. 

Toshinori froze as he watched both Shouta and Dabi's bodies starting to glow purple. "What the hell?" 

All for One chuckled. "Beautiful isn't it." The villain stated. The villain walked forward, kneeling down next to Shouta and Dabi, whispering words that Toshinori couldn't hear. Suddenly, the purple glow seized. Toshinori rushed forward, his body moving completely on instinct. 

Toshinori hulted in his movements as he looked down at the scene in front of him. Dabi's wound was now completely gone. At least from what he could see from the fresh skin peeking through the large hole in his shirt. Shouta let out a small gasp as he pulled away, surveying what Toshinori was looking at. Dabi was unconcious in Shouta's arms but seemed fine. His breathing was no longer struggling but even as if he were asleep. 

"What... did I just do?" Shouta whispered. 

All for One made a soft noise, pulling Dabi out of Shouta's arms and into a bridal carry into his own. "You saved him, Shouta." All for One said, standing back up to his full height. "If you want to know... I know who this boy is. I know why he is with me. That's why I had him watching you when you were with us. I will continue to help this boy in his journey alongside Tomura." The villain added, looking down to Shouta with a smile. Shouta's mouth dropped open for a moment. "Return to your friends. I've given you everything that I can to help you in this life. I will continue to make sure you are okay." All for One finished, leaning forward and placing a kiss to the top of Shouta's head. "Now, go. Be where you belong." 

Without saying another word, All for One disappeared into the warp gate with Dabi before the gate disappeared. Toshinori moved to Shouta's side, pulling the smaller teen to him. "Shouta?" He questioned, trying to understand what the villain was talking about. 

Shouta turned to face him, a smile coming to his. "I'm finally free." The black haired teen said. Toshinori smiled at him, leaning in and connecting their lips which Shouta happily returned. The blonde pulled away after a moment. 

"This belongs to you." He whispered, reaching into his hero costume and pulling out the chain and ring. Shouta let his smile get bigger as Toshinori slid the necklace over his head. 

"I love you, Toshi." Shouta muttered. 

Toshinori allowed himself to pull Shouta closer to him, looking down at him. "I love you too, Shouta." 

Shouta opened his mouth to say something but a blank look came to his face before his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he collapsed towards the ground. "Shouta!" Toshinori yelled out, catching the younger teen before he fell completely.