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“Wait, so… you mean I need to divide v by t to get d, so I can later calculate a?”

“No, I think it was multiply v by t to get d.”

“But we already know the value of d. It’s hundred-and-thirty meters…”

“What was a again?”

“I… don’t think I get it…”

Izuku sighed as some of his classmates debated over the current physics problem which was part of their homework. When Kirishima, Kaminari and Ashido asked him if he wanted to study together (read: help them with their homework because they were totally lost on how to do it) and maybe tutor them a little for the upcoming exams, he didn’t actually mind. He had plans to meet up with Todoroki and Uraraka for that same reason in the common room anyway. Maybe they’d head to the library. But to say he wasn’t confused about it would be a lie. He was. Because Kacchan was the one Kirishima, Kaminari and Ashido usually studied with.

Then again, he hadn’t actually seen Kacchan at all today, which was odd even if it was a Saturday. A quick, off-handed question to Kirishima where the blonde might be revealed the answer. He had gone home for the weekend. Izuku only needed a short while to figure out why he would so close to finals. After all, as smart as Kacchan was, it wasn’t like he got his good grades just from that. No, just like with everything else, Kacchan worked his butt off and studied as diligently as anyone else (if not more so) in order to stay on top. Or, well, close to the top, since Iida and Yaoyorozu still had him beat most of the time, to Kacchan’s eternal frustration. So yes, it was a bit odd he’d choose to go home for the weekend so close to the finals instead of locking himself up in his dorm room to study like he had the previous term.

But then Izuku remembered the date. March 20th. Uncle Masaru’s birthday had been Monday, on March 15th. That was probably the reason. Kacchan hadn’t been able to be home on the day itself, so he went home for the weekend right after. Or, knowing auntie Mitsuki, she made him come over for the weekend. That made even more sense.

“We’re going to die when finals roll around, aren’t we…” Ashido’s defeated voice snapped Izuku out of his musings and he focused back on the here and now. Beside him, Ochako chuckled and shuffled closer to the pink-skinned girl.

“Don’t say that. You’ll be ok. Todoroki-kun, Deku-kun and I will help you pull through,” she said and Todoroki looked up from his on homework with a raised eye-brow while Izuku rubbed the back of his head bashfully.

“Uhm… yeah… I can try, at least,” he admitted as he leaned closer as well to peer at the sheats. “So what don’t you guys get? I can try to explain again…”

They managed to study for maybe another hour or so before they started to get distracted, Kaminari clearly reaching the limit of time he can stay focused on schoolwork. It was obvious in the way he kept glancing at his phone only to eventually start chatting about some meme or another, effectively pulling everyone’s focus away from what they were doing. Izuku was only slightly surprised, in all honesty, since Kaminari was known for his rather short attention span when it came to school work. In fact, Izuku was surprised Kaminari managed to stay focused as long as he had. His attempts to get them back on track didn’t help much, either. Especially not once Aizawa-sensei showed up and called out to him.

“Midoriya, come over here,” the teacher drawled and the entire common room immediately fell dead silent. Izuku blinked, confused, but obediently rose from the couch and walked over to his teacher. Aizawa-sensei handed him a slip of paper and he took it, blinking in confusion. It was a pass allowing him to leave for the weekend. He didn’t ask for one, though. So why…?

“Your mother called and requested a special pass for you to be granted leave from today until Monday morning. Go and pack up. There’s a cab already waiting for you at the main gates,” Aizawa-sensei said, voice as dead-pan as always. Izuku floundered for a moment, stunned and hardly comprehnding. He didn’t ask any questions, though, because the look Aizawa-sensei gave him made it clear now is not the time for them. He felt a lump in his throat. He just knew that something was wrong.

He quickly took his things from where they’ve been strewn about on the table of the common room and headed to his room. He packed in record time and had to force himself to not run back downstairs. Or outside. Aizawa-sensei didn’t explain much to him even as he escorted him to the gates, but he did tell him his mother’s request has been approved because it was apparently some sort of ‘family emergency’. Which didn’t make him feel better. In fact, it only made him worry more.

He was actually very happy for the cab, to be honest. At least he didn’t have to worry about paying attention to where he was going. Plus, it was faster than the train at this hour anyway.

The relief only lasted until he realized the cab wasn’t taking him home. Instead, he was driven to a hospital. He gulped, his stomach tying itself into tight knots. He relaxed only marginally when he stepped out of the car and saw his mother waiting for him at the entrance. At least she was ok. She wasn’t the one who was hurt. But she was definitely in tears and if she managed to call him out of school for the weekend on such short notice for a ‘family emergency’, and he was driven to the hospital because she couldn’t pick him up but she was waiting at the entrance and seemed fine, then…

“Mom!” Izuku called as he quickly ran up to her. “What happened?”

“Oh, Izuku!” his mother said through tears, drawing him into a hug and sobbing into his shoulder. Izuku felt his own eyes water in response, like some sort of knee-jerk reaction. He hugged her back, biting his lip and just waiting for his mother to calm down, to tell him what was wrong once her tears and sobbing subsided.

“Oh, Izuku,” his mother said once she calmed down a bit, though tears still ran down her cheeks and she refused to let him go. He didn’t mind, hugging her back just as tightly, the worry only coiling more in his stomach with each passing moment. “I’m so sorry,” he heard and he bit his lip again, only more confused and even scared. He had learned not to associate his mother’s apologies with anything good in situations resembling this one.

“Mom?” he asked carefully, his voice quiet and his throat dry. He swallowed. “What’s wrong? What happened?” His mother remained quiet for a while. And when she answered, her voice cracked.

“It’s Katsuki-kun,” she said quietly and Izuku felt something cold and heavy settle in his stomach. For a moment, he couldm’t find his voice or any words to reply with as dread and worry washed over him in equal measure. He swallowed again.

“What about, Kacchan?” he croaked carefully, pulling away from his mother so he could look her in the eyes, his own gaze pleading with her to just tell him. “What happened?”

Inko’s voice shook as she answered the question and Izuku’s blood turned to ice when he heard her reply. It turned out that the Bakugous had planned to leave for a trip today. Just for one day, to belatedly celebrate Masaru’s birthday with a family outing. But they got into an accident on the way, somewhere out in the country-side.

Auntie and Uncle didn’t make it. And Kacchan… Kacchan was being treated right now.

Izuku felt like he’d been plucked from his reality and dropped into an entirely different one. Not even an hour ago, he had been studying for his exams with his friends and UA, hoping Kacchan was having a good time at home. Or wherever his parents had chosen to spend the day. And now he was at a hospital with his mother, waiting for news on Kacchan’s condition. Because he was hurt. He had been in a car crash. And his parents were dead.

It didn’t really feel real at first. It was just… too sudden. But the shock of the news wore off much too soon and Izuku felt the grief wash over him, threatening to consume him. 

Beyond the grief was worry, too, though. Because Kacchan was alive, but he wasn’t unharmed and Izuku had no idea how bad it was. He only knew that Kacchan’s life wasn’t in danger, at least according to what his mother knew. From what she’d been told, he didn’t have any injuries that were life-threatening, at least not immediately. She hadn’t been told any details, though, so for now, they could only wait.

They were in the ER waiting room now. Izuku hadn’t even really registered his mother leading him there to sit and wait in the uncomfortable chairs. In all honesty, the green haired teen wasn’t sure if he wouldn’t have preferred to stay outside at the entrance. Because while they would probably find out faster if there were any good news here, the atmosphere of the waiting room felt downright suffocating, anxiety that wasn’t solely his so thick in the air he could almost taste it.

Izuku hugged his mother tighter, eyes watering at the knowledge that uncle and auntie were dead. Both because he felt close to them as well, even if he hadn’t seen them for a long time, and because he was already hurting for Kacchan’s sake. It took him a while to calm down. His mother wasn’t much better. When he did calm down, though, he couldn’t help but ask a bit fearfully.

“Mom… what will happen to Kacchan? Where… where will he go?” Because Izuku didn’t know of any other relatives than auntie and uncle. No one who could take Kacchan in, because Kacchan certainly couldn’t live on his own. But thankfully, his mother had an answer to that as she dabbed at her eyes.

“I was thinking… he could live with us,” she said quietly, her expression sad. “I promised Mitsuki I would take care of him if something happened to Masaru and her. I won’t break that promise,” she added, a quiet determination in her eyes Izuku had only seen once before, when his mother stood head to head with All Might and admitted to not being sure whether or not Izuku should be allowed to stay in the UA dorms. Or at UA in general.

“Of course not. I wouldn’t ever ask you to, mom,” Izuku said quickly, still sniffing a little as he rubbed at his eyes. He still managed a small, encouraging smile, though. “Besides, that way Kacchan doesn’t… doesn’t have to worry about staying at UA,” he whispered, despite sensing this would be the last problem Kacchan will worry over. At least for now, because eventually, he’ll focus on that. Kacchan was strong. He wouldn’t let this get him down. He never let anything bring him down.

Or at least that was what Izuku desperately wanted to believe. What he needed to believe. Because Kacchan was strong.

Of course, no matter how strong he was, that didn’t mean he would just brush it all off. Izuku didn’t expect him to. But that was ok. Because if Kacchan was going to move in with them like what mom said, then Izuku and his mother could help him every step of the way. His father, too, because Izuku had a feeling the man would do anything and everything to be able to come home now, if only for a short time. If only for the… the funeral.

Sure, Izuku and Kacchan weren’t on the best of terms yet. But… they were getting better. Closer. They weren’t fully friends yet, but they were getting there. So… Izuku could at least try to help Kacchan if he needed it. And he would. He definitely would.

Kacchan wouldn’t deal with this alone. Not if Izuku and his mother had anything to say about it.

But first, Kacchan needed to get out of surgery and they needed to know just how bad his injuries were.

As if summoned by that thought, a doctor with an exhausted expression came into the waiting room with a clipboard in hand.

“Midoriya-san? About Bakugou Katsuki?” he asked into the room and the plump woman all but shot to her feet and walked over to the man, Izuku close behind her, playing nervously with his fingers.

“That’s me. How is he?” Izuku’s mother asked nervously. The doctor gave her a tired, but reassuring smile.

“His injuries have been rather extensive, but nothing life threatening. He’ll make a full physical recovery,” he assured and both Izuku and his mother breathed a sigh of relief. Kacchan’s life wasn’t in any danger. That was good. One less thing to be terrified of and worried over. They’d known that before, but hearing another confirmation still helped them relax a little. “If you wish, I can take you to the room he’s been assigned to. He’s not awake yet, but as his current next-of-kin, you’re allowed to see him,” he added after a moment. Inko nodded.

“Please take me to him,” she requested, but quickly added, “and my son, as well. He can see Katsuki-kun as well, right?” Well, if he wasn’t allowed to see him, Izuku fully planned on going anyway. He was not going to agree to just staying outside the door and wondering about Kacchan’s health. Even if the blonde wasn’t awake, even if they weren’t on the best of terms, Izuku wasn’t going to stay away until he could see Kacchan and assure himself he was fine. The doctor must have seen it in his expression, too, because he nodded after only a brief moment, agreeing to let Izuku come along as well.

Unlike the trip from the main entrance to the ER waiting room, Izuku didn’t space out on the way to Kacchan’s room. On the contrary, he was even almost hyper-aware, making sure to remember each turn and staircase taken so he would be able to find the room again if necessary.

“You said Katsuki-kun’s life wasn’t in any danger, Sensei. But give it to me straight. What kind of injuries did he sustain? He wouldn’t have been in surgery so long if he was fine. He wouldn’t have even been in surgery in the first place,” Izuku’s mother asked as they walked and the teen’s focus immediately shifted to her and the man leading them to Kacchan’s room. The doctor didn’t falter at her question as he stopped in front of one of the doors and turned to her.

“You’re right about that, Midoriya-san,” the doctor agreed with a nod before glancing down at his clipboard. “Bakugou-kun sustained several injuries, some more minor than others. He has a sprained wrist and a few broken ribs, as well as a flesh wound on his cheek that we had to stich closed and which will likely leave a scar. We also suspect he might be concussed, but we can’t say for sure because he hasn’t been awake since he was admitted. Once he wakes up, it’s possible he’ll have a headache and feel nauseous or dizzy, as well as confused because of this. He may also not recall what happened, though if he does experience memory loss, it’s likely to be only temporary,” he said and both Izuku and his mother nodded in acknowledgment. Seeing they weren’t going to interrupt or ask any questions, the doctor sighed deeply before continuing.

“There’s also the distal femoral break. It didn’t break skin, but the bones got displaced, hence the need for the minor surgical intervention to realign them properly. Currently, we have put an external fixation in place to realign his bones. However, that is only a temporary measure. As his next of kin, I would like to discuss with you the best treatment so the break can heal as easily as possible, Midoriya-san,” he said and Inko nodded. The doctor set his clipboard down to meet her eyes properly then, his expression somber, but reassuring. “The worst injury he sustained was the pneumothorax,” he stated, but he was only met with two slightly confused looks, so he was quick to explain. “One of his broken ribs punctured one of his lungs, causing it to collapse.”

“What?” Izuku’s mother breathed, her eyes wide as she stared at the doctor. Izuku couldn’t breathe, as if it were his own lungs that had been punctured.

“Despite how severe that sounds, it is actually not that dangerous an injury. Especially not for a young man like Bakugou-kun,” the doctor hurried to reassure them, his tone calm, but firm. “For now, we’re just keeping him under observation for it and plan to wait so his body can heal on its own.”

Izuku and his mother remained silent for a moment, digesting the situation and, in Izuku’s case, relearning how to breathe properly. It wasn’t that serious an injury. The doctors even said Kacchan could recover from it on his own without them having to intervene. That was good. Better than what he’d thought a minute ago, at any rate. After a moment, it was Inko who spoke, her voice quiet.

“Can we see him?” she asked and the doctor nodded, stepping aside and holding an arm out towards the door to his right.

“Right in here. He’s likely still asleep now, but we expect him to wake within a few hours. Please don’t hesitate to call for a nurse if necessary,” he said and both Inko and Izuku nodded before slowly opening the door and coming inside. The door fell closed behind them and although it was actually quiet, Izuku couldn’t help but feel like it closed with an ominous, foreboding sound that reverberated in his very soul.