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Twisted Metal: Pokemon

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A/N: Twisted Metal: Pokemon! It's finally here! According to the story's summary, ten participants will try to survive to earn their important wish. Only one participant will survive after the eighth and final map, and I'll reveal their ending. However, I'll make a lot of bonus chapters after that, displaying two endings of each participant, both good and bad endings.

The T rating is finalized! This story was planned to have an M rating, and it was also planned to have the same dark atmosphere and setting as Twisted Metal Black and Twisted Metal 2012. But as much as I love rated M content in video games, I think it's best to slap the T rating in this story. Hell, most of the Twisted Metal games are rated T, and those games have a dark setting. Well, except for Twisted Metal 4 and Twisted Metal Small Brawl. The former is goofy, while the latter is revolved around teenagers and toy cars.

I've only played Twisted Metal 1, Twisted Metal 3, Twisted Metal Small Brawl, and Twisted Metal Black. I've already mentioned that Twisted Metal 4's a goofy game, and I haven't played it yet, but I've watched a lot of cutscenes and endings on Youtube, and I fully understand why many Twisted Metal fans strongly dislike Twisted Metal 4. The main two reasons? Its weird alternative universe setting and the obnoxious and forgettable characters.

Contiuning on, the game was created by the infamous 989 Studios company, and Twisted Metal 3 was also created by them. Twisted Metal 3 was universally panned by most Twisted Metal fans as well due to its strange plot holes and bad endings. The biggest plot hole in that game was Axel's backstory, arguably one of the most top 10 fucked up plot holes in fictional history. Had 989 Studios cared about continuinity and not rushed Twisted Metal 3 like crazy, Axel wouldn't have existed in the game, other plot holes wouldn't have existed as well, the endings would be good, and the game, and Twisted Metal 4, would've likely been a classic.

Why was Twisted Metal 3 less hated than Twisted Metal 4, IMO? The awesome soundtrack and good voice acting. Twisted Metal 3's soundtrack is S-Tier worthy. I had discovered rock music in the late 90s because of Twisted Metal 3. I know Twisted Metal 3 is still hated today, but it's still a part of my childhood. Hell, Twisted Metal 3 isn't on my "Ten 10 Worst Playstation 1 games I've ever played" list. Overall, it's below-average at best compared to Twisted Metal 4.

I know I said that this isn't a rated M story, but unlike Twisted Metal Black, it won't take place inside someone's mind. I don't mind an entire setting/plot taking place in someone's mind/dream in a video game/movie/episode of a cartoon or anime, but in this story, again, it's not a dream.

Again, this story is rated T, and it also shares the same dark tone as Twisted Metal 2 and Twisted Metal Head-on. Enjoy!


The crossover galaxy was nothing but chaos. Everyday, many people had suffered different types of problems. Severe depression, substance abuse, divorce, separation, extreme desperation, violence, attempted suicide, suicide, survivor guilt, obsession with revenge, and more. But only one magical human could help people, granting a free wish for them. However, they would have to put their lives on the line and survive a lot first, due to Twisted Metal, a life and death game.

The magical human's name? N (Pokemon). Prior to getting magical powers, he had been under control by Ghetsis (Pokemon), his foster foster, and Team Plasma, a powerful, ruthless, and infamous criminal organization. Only N and his foster sisters, Anthea (Pokemon) and Concordia (Pokemon), had strongly disliked living under the Team Plasma world, wanting to do their own thing.

Then one day, the crossover galaxy's magical goddess, Rosalina (Super Mario Bros. series), had grown bored, and she had eventually decided to give away free magical powers to a character of her choice, to change the crossover galaxy forever. N was blessed with Rosalina's free gift, which had obviously led to the death of Team Plasma, thus freeing Anthea, Concordia, and N himself. Afterwards, Ghetsis had vowed to get revenge.

Twisted Metal was created a bit later. The first reason why it was created was because it was one of N's favorite series, and N's #1 favorite character in that series was Calypso (Twisted Metal series), all versions. And thanks to Rosalina's, N was a Calypso himself. And the second reason? The unpredictably nature of each and every universe, with people going through different problems everyday.

Today was the twenty-fifth event of Twisted Metal. The lives of the past winners had changed forever, with their problems being solved 100%. Participants had to fought against one another in eight places, with N's castle always being the eighth and final one. The rules were plain and simple. A battle in any place would last for five minutes except for boss fights, in which they'd last for two minutes. If a participant had scored a kill against a non-boss, they'd earn one point. Killed participants would get revived until the timer hit zero. If a participant had the lowest score after the end of the match, they'd lose their life permanently. But as for N's Castle, the obvious final map/place, two participants, the ones with the 1st and 2nd lowest points, would get killed off forever.

Continuing on, the ones with the most points in map two, five, and N's Castle had to go up against a boss, but if those participants would end up losing in map two or five, the participants with the lowest score in the next map, three or six, would continue to live. Despite those rules sounding very high-risk, desperate participants were willing to solve their problems the hard way.

Ghetsis was involved in this event. Any participant were allowed to choose a vehicle and special weapon of their choice, but in Ghetsis' case, N had forced him to ride the Mr. Grimm motorcycle, due to it having VERY bad armor. Adding on, Ghetsis was forced to use two weak special weapons, a Team Plasma logo projectile with terrible accuracy and a dark blue homing missile with medium speed and inconsistent accuracy. Obviously unfair and biased.

Participant #1: Ash Ketchum (Pokemon)

Age: 32

Height: 5'11

Weight: 182

Vehicle: Darkside

Speed: 1/5

Handling: 1/5

Armor: 5/5

Specials: Power Ram (3/5) and Pokeball Blast (2/5). Power Ram forcibly crashes towards an opponent, and if the opponent gets rammed into a wall, the special does greater damage. Pokeball Blast is a projectile that blows up upon contact. If an opponent has 50% health or lower, the special damage will increase by 5/5 upon contact.

Info: Long-time rival Gary Oak (Pokemon) kidnapped Misty (Pokemon), Ash's long-time girlfriend, and Gary demanded one-million Yen in three days or Misty would die. Could Ash save Misty?

Participant #2: Emily (Overwatch)

Age: 30

Height: 5'5

Weight: 104

Vehicle: Hammerhead

Speed: 1/5

Handling: 2/5

Armor: 4/5

Specials: Monster Crush (3/5) and Big Ben (Random). Monster Crush allows the monster truck to crush an enemy under its wheels. The weapon is automatic; Emily doesn't always have to activate the fire button. Big Ben allows Emily to leap the monster truck very high before descending. It deals random damage depending on Emily's health. 1% health through 25% health: 1/5. 26% health through 50% health: 2/5. 51% health through 75% health: 3/5. 76% health through 90% health: 4/5. 91% health through 100% health.

Info: Emily had started taking drugs at age 18, but stopped at age 19, after desperately wanting to stop the life-threatening addiction for the sake of keeping her love-ones. At age 30, however, Emily had taken drugs again, after an unknown masked criminal had spread illegal drugs around the Overwatch universe's King's Row; Emily had finally gotten tired of staying in a forced cold turkey state for eleven years. But Emily's love-ones finally walked away from her for good, and Emily realized that she made the biggest mistake of her life. Her wish was to permanently stay away from drugs.

Participant #3: Ryo (Ronin Warriors)

Age: 35

Height: 5'9

Weight: 172

Vehicle: Axel

Speed: 2/5

Handling: 3/5

Armor: 3/5

Specials: Supernova Shockwave (3/5) and Rage of Inferno (5/5). Supernova Shockwave. Not only does Supernova Shockwave can deal decent damage, but it can blow the opponent up into the air. Rage of Inferno is one of lowest accurate specials, but if an opponent get touched by the deadly ray of light and flame, they'll suffer great damage.

Info: Ryo was suffering from severe depression thanks to a big mistake he had made a year ago. At a young age, Ryo and his friends, all on vacation, had met Runa (Ronin Warriors), a very friendly girl, at New York, and she had given them a friendly tour, but Ryo was the only one that didn't like her. One year ago, Runa, on vacation, had met Ryo and his friends at Toyko, Japan, and she had hung out with them a lot compared to their time in New York. Ryo had eventually gotten sick and tired of Runa, he had yelled and sweared at her a lot, even telling her to go kill herself, right infront of his own shocked friends. Then, Runa had ran away crying, extremely hurt and broken.

Someone had found Runa crying alone, learned everything, and suggested that Runa should make a suicide note for Ryo. After the suicide note was read by Ryo and friends and others, things had went extremely downhill for Ryo. His friends no longer wanted to hang out with him, and many other people had called Ryo a murderer for causing Runa's suicide. This year, the severely depressed Ryo had attempted suicide twice. Afterwards, he had learned about the Twisted Metal contest. His wish was to bring back Runa back to life and apologize to her, as a living human being or in heaven. His vehicle of choice was the Axel vehicle for obvious reasons.

Participant #4: Bowser Jr. (Super Mario Bros. series)

Age: ???

Height: ???

Weight: ???

Vehicle: Firestarter

Speed: 4/5

Handling: 3/5

Armor: 2/5

Specials: Fireball (Random) and Flamethrower (3/5). Fireball deals maximum damage five seconds after being activated, while it deals small damage a second after being activated. Flamethrower scorches opponents.

Info: Bowsette (Super Mario Bros. series; Bowser's 100% female form) was living through the Rule34 world with her huge popularity, and Bowser Jr. was sick and tired of the neglection. Could he drag her out of it?

Participant #5: King K. Rool (Donkey Kong series)

Age: ???

Height: 6'4

Weight: 302

Vehicle: Warthog (Twisted Metal Black version)

Speed: 2/5

Handling: 2/5

Armor: 4/5

Specials: Giant Cannonball (5/5) and High-tech Blunderbuss (Random). Giant Cannonball has the fastest projectile speed ever, and its extremely useful in close-range battles. High-tech Blunderbuss acts as a giant vacuum, large enough to trap any vehicle. It spits an opponent out afterwards. Also, it's extremely useful for environment kills. The damage depends on where the opponents crash into.

Info: Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong series) and Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong series) were both found dead! King K. Rool hadn't murdered them, but he was pissed because he couldn't handle the job himself. His wish was to revive both of his #1 enemies and kill them.

Participant #6: Risky Boots (Shantae series)

Age: ???

Height: 5'9

Weight: 115

Vehicle: Roadkill

Speed: 4/5

Handling: 2/5

Armor: 4/5

Specials: Purple Hair Whip (1/5) and Copycat (Random). Purple Hair Whip is an obvious weak move, but it can knock any opponent far away. Very useful for environment kills. Copycat copies any special move.

Info: Risky Boots had regretted her actions in the past and decided to change and get along with her enemies. However, Shantae was found dead, and Risky Boots was extremely upset. It was up to Risky Boots to revive Shantae and identify the murderer.

Participant #7: Hanzo Shimada (Overwatch)

Age: 42

Height: 5'8

Weight: 166

Vehicle: Minion

Speed: 4/5

Handling: 5/5

Armor: 5/5

Specials: Storm Arrows (1/5 through 5/5; random) and Dragonstrike (random). Storm Arrow will either shoot 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 arrows in a row. Dragonstrike is a scary dragon projectile that goes through opponents, walls, and more. The damage depends on how many seconds the opponent gets touched by it.

Info: Hanzo hadn't suffered a problem, but what was his purpose of entering the Twisted Metal contest?

Participant #8: PallaPalla (Sailor Moon)

Age: 27

Height: 5'1

Weight: 97

Vehicle: Thumper

Speed: 4/5

Handling: 2/5

Armor: 4/5

Specials: Orb Hailstorm (5/5) and Reverse Ball (None). Orb Hailstorm rains down boulders on opponents, but it takes several seconds to activate. Reverse Ball is an odd special that shoots out a special ball. If an opponent gets touched by it, their special damage reverses. Reverse Ball can be a blessing and a curse.

Info: PallaPalla's sisters, CereCere (Sailor Moon), JunJun (Sailor Moon), and VesVes (Sailor Moon) were tragically murdered during a boat cruise vacation, and PallaPalla was very saddened. PallaPalla was going to give up on life, until she had heard about Twisted Metal.

Participant #9: Fiona Frizzle (The Magic School Bus Rides Again)

Age: 33

Height: 5'4

Weight: 108

Vehicle: Spectre

Speed: 5/5

Handling: 4/5

Armor: 1/5

Specials: Phantom Burst (4/5) and Transformation (2/5). Phantom Burst can go through walls and under the ground. The Spectre vehicle transforms into a giant school bus, and after the vehicle crashes into an opponent with force, it automatically returns to Spectre.

Info: Like Emily, Fiona's older and famous sister, Valerie Frizzle (Magic School Bus), was heavily addicted to drugs, costing the latter's career as a successful profressor. The same criminal from Emily's backstory was the prime suspect, giving Valerie the same illegal drugs. There were rumors of Valerie already taking drugs during her time as an elementary school teacher. Could Fiona save her beloved sister?

Participant #10: Ghetsis

Age: 51

Height: 6'6

Weight: 199

Vehicle: Mr. Grimm

Speed: 5/5

Handling: 3/5

Armor: 1/5

Specials: Explained above.

Info: Ghetsis wanted to get revenge on N so bad, but the odds were against him, being the biggest underdog.

End of Chapter 1