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Twisted Metal: Pokemon

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Dialogue before battle:

"This is the beginning of Twisted Metal, Misty. Hang in there." - Ash

"I shouldn't be here... Damn drugs..." - Emily

"Twisted Metal commences. Win or lose, the torment will end..." - Ryo

"A parent has no right neglecting their own children. Win it all, and my mom's neglection is over..." Bowser Jr.

"I was supposed to kill them! Curse the one that killed them! This tournament shouldn't be too hard to win." - King K. Rool

"Shantae didn't deserve to die... Who would do such a horrible thing to her...?" - Risky Boots

"Hmph. My opponents are all weaklings. Depressed, desperate fools. I will ease their pain the hard way." - Hanzo

"I'm putting my life on the line, my sisters! I'll win the Twisted Metal tournament and revive you all!" - PallaPalla

"Why, Valerie, why... You're better than this..." - Fiona

"I should've killed my idiot foster son when I had the chance... I won't lose. - Ghetsis

Princess Peach's (Super Mario Bros. series) Castle (Super Mario Bros. universe)...

Princess Peach's Castle was a wide map. Contestants could fight against each other in and outside the castle, and they could hide inside one of the many rooms before ambusing their opponents. Underneath the castle's bridge was a large pool of water, an automatic death.

Start! Ash and Hanzo spotted each other near the Tick Tock Clock as Emily entered the castle. Ash quickly activated Power Ram, and it cased Hanzo to collide against a nearby wall, dealing great damage against him. Risky Boots scored an easy environment kill against Bowser Jr. as Ash wasted his Pokeball Blast special against Hanzo. Ash froze Hanzo afterwards before driving away as Emily collected a variety of weapons.

Bowser Jr. respawned near the Lethal Lava Land painting as Ghetsis, Fiona, Ryo, and King K. Rool battled against each other in the room with the Bom-omb Battlefield painting. Hanzo grabbed a Full Health First Aid Kit while looking for Ash. PallaPalla exited the castle before spotting Risky Boots, but the latter quickly got into perfect position before executing another cheap environment kill.

Ryo killed Ghetsis with a Power Missile as Emily and Bowser Jr. battled it out in the Hazy Maze section, but Fiona's double-damaged Ricochet weapon eliminated Ryo afterwards as Emily easily melted Bowser Jr. with a Freeze Missile, two Fire Missiles, a Power Missile, a Homing Missile, and Monster Crush. Then, King K. Rool blew up Fiona and her vehicle with the Napalm as Hanzo froze Ash. Hanzo overabused his two special powers against the helpless Ash as the respawned Ryo and Emily double-teamed Risky Boots at the castle's main room.

Hanzo finished Ash off with a Rain Missile as Ryo owned Risky Boots with Rage of Inferno. Emily froze Ryo before driving away fast. Then, Bowser Jr. scorched Fiona with his Flamethrower. After that, Bowser Jr. froze Fiona, but Ash Power Rammed Bowser Jr. towards a wall, nearly murdering the latter. Next, Ash killed Bowser Jr. with another Power Ram as Ghetsis froze Fiona out of desperation. Ghetsis wasted three Power Missiles agaisnt Fiona, killing her. Then, Ghetsis drove away from Ash as PallaPalla got wrecked by Hanzo's five Storm Arrows.

Outside the castle, Risky Boots used Copycat against Ryo, mimicking Hanzo's Dragonstrike, damaging Ryo a bit, hurting Bowser Jr., Hanzo, Ash, and King K. Rool inside the castle. Ryo retaliated with Zoomy Missiles as Bowser Jr. drove away from the angry Emily. Fiona's Phantom Burst appeared in the room Bowser Jr. and Emily were in, and it hit Bowser Jr., killing him.

Risky Boots knocked Ryo away with Purple Hair Whip, froze him, and then drove off to find a First Aid Kit. Ash exited the castle, then he eliminated Ryo with the Pokeball Blast as PallaPalla successfully killed Emily with Orb Hailstorm. Ash caught Risky Boots trying to reach for the First Aid Kit, then he grabbed the kit before Power Ramming her. Next, a Homing Missile towards Risky Boots, murdering her.

Ghetsis, King K. Rool, and PallaPalla triple-attacked Hanzo as Fiona knocked Ash into the water with her Transformation special. Ash died, giving Fiona an extra point. Ghetsis got the final hit against Hanzo as the full health Risky Boots used a Copycat version of Emily's Big Ben against Bowser Jr.. Ryo quickly eliminated Ghetsis with one Power Missile, then PallaPalla with three Fire Missiles. But King K. Rool's Giant Cannonball hurt Ryo afterwards as Emily ironically stole a kill from Risky Boots by using her own Big Ben against Bowser Jr..

Risky Boots angrily attacked Emily with a lot of Speed Missiles, but Emily retaliated with two Monster Crush specials in a row as a respawned Ash murdered both Ryo and King K. Rool with the Pokeball Blast and Power Ram, respectively. Risky Boots whipped Emily away before freezing her and escaping from her. Hanzo surprised Ash with four Storm Arrows and two Mortars as Emily pursued the fleeing Risky Boots.

PallaPalla took a kill from Hanzo as she deciminated Ash with her powerful special. Then, Emily commenced a deadly Freeze Missile + Stalker Missile against Risky Boots, murdering her. Speaking of murder, Bowser Jr. swiftly murdered Ghetsis, his first kill. However, time was also up. Hanzo took advantage of PallaPalla by freezing her and damaging her bad with two Power Missiles, but King K. Rool took away Hanzo's free kill with a Giant Cannonball towards PallaPalla.

Hanzo and King K. Rool went against each other, but Bowser Jr., Emily, Ryo, Fiona, and Ash all went in the same room, turning this scene into a deadly war. This is a perfect opportunity for Bowser Jr. to get a quick and desperate kill. Outside, Risky Boots, PallaPalla, and Ghetsis occurred a three-way battle against each other. However, Risky Boots commenced more easy environment kills as Hanzo murdered Bowser Jr. and Fiona with Dragonstrike. Then, Hanzo melted Ryo with five Storm Arrows as Risky Boots entered the castle. Hanzo nearly murdered Emily with five Storm Arrows, but Ash Power Rammed Hanzo to death as King K. Rool blew up Emily's Hammerhead.

Time up's!

Total kill count:

Ash: 6

Hanzo: 5

Risky Boots: 4

Ryo: 4

Emily: 3

King K. Rool: 3

Fiona: 3

PallaPalla: 2

Ghetsis: 2

Bowser Jr.: 1

Bowser Jr. permanently eliminated!

End of Chapter 2