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God is a Woman

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Cool breeze lightly blowing in the air and smoothly brushing past the people going out and about, its natural attempts in chilling the passersby seemed to be futile. One particular person though, all huddled in a thick dark green coat and a pair of black pants that looked to be not enough for warmth, she didn't seem to be comfortable at all. The latter shuddered slightly in reaction to the weather, such serving as proof of her discomfort.

Gloved hands being stuffed into the pockets of her jacket, vibrant azure eyes momentarily darted to each and every couple or group that she passed by. It looks like she was the only one that seemed to have a problem with the mildly frigid weather.

"This sucks." Came the mutter of the blue-eyed female, shoulders slightly hunching as she attempted to bury the lower half of her face into the high collar of her coat.

Tethi Akali, a rather skilled drawing artist slash animator, approached the bench near the entrance of Valoran Park, using one of her hands to brush of some of the snow away before plopping down. She gave an audible sigh as she buried her hand back in its haven called her pocket, keeping her face hidden behind her jacket's collar.

It was Christmas Eve, yet Akali was spending the holiday all alone. She had left her childhood home when she was given the opportunity to receive an irresistible job offer from the famous gaming company, Riot Games. She knew she'd have a bit of a hard time adjusting, especially since she left and ended up living in another country after she graduated college just to take up the once-in-a-lifetime chance.

The salary she usually earned was surprisingly bigger than what most people would offer for new graduates like her, and for that, she was utterly thankful. It was enough for her to get a decent apartment, allow her to shop for clothes from time to time and it made sure her fridge was well-stocked with food. And, whenever she greatly contributed to a project the company had ongoing, the bonuses and raises enabled her to splurge on something every once and a while.

Now, she was on her way back to her apartment to probably cook one of the many instant noodles she had bought the other day and after that, she'd most likely end up burying herself in her bed for her to sleep the holiday away.

"Alone this Christmas?" Came a mildly low and admittedly warm voice.

Turning to her left, Akali found a bearded man settling on the remaining space on the wooden bench. Like most people around this time of the year, he was snugly clad in his own thick coat and even had a grey snow hat to keep the top of his head warm.

Akali couldn't help but briefly envision the old man in a Santa outfit. Based solely from his appearance, he looked awfully similar to Father Christmas himself. The artist chuckled internally at the thought.

"Yeah, pretty much." Akali responded back, lightly shrugging.

"You do know it's Christmas Eve, right?" The man asked, briefly regarding Akali with a light inquisitive look.

"My family's not exactly here in the country," Akali said with a sheepish smile. "and I didn't really have the chance to get a plane ticket before they were all sold out."

"Ah, that's too bad."





The silence was honestly comfortable and not at all awkward, so Akali was a bit surprised when the old man suddenly turned to her and asked a question that literally came out of the blue.

"Do you draw, child?"

Akali blinked at the stranger, clearly caught off-guard with his inquiry. "Uhh... Yeah."


"Yeah, I can draw." She nodded as she shifted on her seat, brushing some of her hair away from her face. "I'm actually an animator in Riot Games."

The company she worked for was actually well-known, so she was rather proud that she was part of the people responsible for the games and the occasional animated movies from their sister company, Riot Studios.

"Can an old man like me request a sketch from you?" The man queried, pulling into view what seemed to be an old-looking book. He lifted the front cover and revealed that most of the pages were already torn away, but much to her luck, there was still one remaining page left. "Well, would you look at that? One last page."

It's as if the only page left was there just for her.

Despite the fact that she had yet to agree, her right hand slipped out of her jacket and was already feeling over her jeans for the pen she always carried around with her.

"I guess one quick sketch won't hurt." Akali said, the small curve on her lips mainly being caused by how the man widely grinned in response. She took the book once it was offered to her, placing it over her knee, which she propped over her other leg to use as a makeshift table. "So, what do you want me to draw?"

"Something simple." The man replied. "Something you like maybe?"

"Eh? Something I like?"

The bearded stranger nodded. "Yes. One that you dearly love, of course."

For a brief moment, Akali came up blank when she tried thinking of whatever could fit the given bill. Her lips pursed while her eyebrows furrowed in contemplation, tapping her pen on the paper.

"Does it need to be an object or a person?"

"Either." The man simply said, before adding, "Although, a person would be more preferable."

"A person, huh? Hmm..."

And just like that, a figurative lightbulb lit up above her head. She was struck with an idea of what she wanted to draw. Or maybe, if she were to be specific, she remembered a set of memories concerning the character that popped into her mind at that moment.

With the tip of her tongue somewhat sticking out at the corner of her lips, Akali began to draw the anatomy of the person she had in mind. Judging by the outline of the figure she started with, it was a woman.

"This person you're drawing," The man started, momentarily peeking over her side to see her progress. "is she a loved one?"

"Not... exactly." Akali chuckled as she added the outline of the character's hair. "She's the first character I ever drew in my whole life."

"Oh, so she's not real?"

A shake of her head. "Nope."

"Yet she's special? For you, at least."

"Uh-huh." This time, she nodded. "Come to think of it, this is gonna be the first time I'm gonna draw her again. Kinda forgot about her, since I was focused on graduating a few months ago, especially with the thesis and all."

"How special is she?"

Akali pulled back, looking down on the rough sketch of the character she had in mind. Even with the artwork being incomplete, she was awfully proud of it.

She smiled as she said, "Honestly? It would probably be the best thing that has ever happened to me if she became real."

"Does she have a name?"

"Evelynn." Was her immediately answer. "Her name's Evelynn, and she's probably one of the most beautiful women in the world, if not the most."

The man chuckled, obviously noticing how Akali absolutely adored the character she had drawn. "Sounds like you have a crush on her."

Akali's cheeks warmed up a little out of mild embarrassment. "Yeah... Don't tell anyone I have a crush on an imaginary goddess."

It did sound silly and somewhat childish in her ears, so she was hoping the old man could actually that keep that fact about herself a secret.

Again, the stranger gave an amused chuckle. "My lips are sealed."

"So," After she finally added the last touches of the unrefined facial features, she handed the book back to the old man, who accepted it and audited the drawing through the small, thin glasses he was wearing. "how does she look?"

"Beautiful." The man said with an affirmative nod, genuinely praising the artwork. "Simply beautiful."

"Heh, I know, right?"

"If it isn't too much trouble, Miss...?"

"Akali. Just Akali." She introduced, smiling.

"Zilean." The man introduced himself as well before continuing, "Akali,"


"would you give me the honor of getting to know her?"

"Eh?" The artist tilted her head in question. "What do you mean?"

"Can you tell me all about her?"

"Oh, what, like her traits?"

Zilean smiled, nodding. "Yes, exactly."

"Okay, uhh..." Akali leaned back on the bench, gently tapping her pen against her chin this time. "I already told you she's beautiful, so I guess that leaves other stuff about her.."

"Anything specific?"

The stranger, Zilean, was honestly asking for too much details for such a little sketch, but Akali didn't seem to notice. No, she was too focused on thinking up a bunch of traits and features that would perfectly fit the character her imagination had conjured up.

"She's really... affectionate."


"Yeah," Akali perked up, making hand gestures as she began describing the imaginary woman. "she loves showing her affection to the people she likes. I kinda see her as some sort of fierce character but actually has a soft spot for someone."

"And that someone is you?" The bearded man quipped in a tease-like manner.

"W-Well," Akali blushed again. "sure, yeah, if she were real, I mean."

"Anything else?"

"Uhh..." Her cheeks became warmer behind the high collar of her coat as she thought about the mentioned female's other possible characteristics. "I guess there's more, but uhh, hehehe... I don't think I'm comfortable in telling you, Oji-san."

Zilean released a little laugh, shaking his head. "Alright, I won't pry, then."

"Yeah, so..." Akali spied the bus coming their way, so she chose to wrap up the little conversation she was having. It was a pleasant kind, but she also needed to get home before the weather turned colder than it already was. "That's that, I guess."

Nodding, Zilean smiled and took another second to look at the sketched image, eyes closely yet calmly surveying the drawing, before the sound of paper being torn echoed in the evening. Akali's eyes widened in surprise when the old man ripped the remaining page from the book, handing the said parchment to the artist herself.

"Oji-san, why'd you...-"

"Keep it, child." Zilean said, refusing to take the paper back when Akali tried handing it back to him.

"But, didn't I drew this for you?"

"Did you really?" Zilean returned with a twinkling gleam in his eyes. He gave Akali's shoulder a couple of pats before he stood up, arranging his coat as he said, "Rest assured, my dear, from now on, she'll always keep you company."

"Eh...?" Akali spared a quick glance at the sloppy yet admirable sketch. "As in, Evelynn? She's gonna keep me company?"

Zilean turned back to her as he tucked the now page-less book underneath his arm, glancing down at the paper she had in hand. "You have her now with you, don't you?"

"Well, yeah, but...-"

"Just make sure to take good care of her." The man said with a little wink.


Akali opened her mouth to protest some more, but the man had already turned and started walking away. She thought about going after him, but the bus had already arrived. It was either miss the bus back home just to chase after some random stranger and insist that he retakes the paper he had given her, or she boards the public vehicle and just abandon the idea of returning the sketch.

The reasonable choice was quite obvious.

Sighing and quickly folding the paper, Akali stored it in one of her jacket's inside pockets before hurriedly getting inside the bus. She settled at one of the many free seats at the back, letting out another breath once she was comfortable. It was, after all, much warmer inside the transport.

Throughout the short ride back to her apartment, Akali mulled about what had happened a few minutes ago. An absolute stranger that almost looked like Santa's very own twin just came up to her and asked if she could draw him something.

When she did just that, she suddenly found herself sitting in a bus, hands still cooped up in her pockets, mind trying to make sense with what transpired and in possession of a little sketch of a long-forgotten imaginary character of hers.

What an unusual day.

Fifteen minutes later, Akali was finally in her apartment building, climbing up a few flights of stairs, since the elevator was under maintenance, and heading towards her own unit. She locked the door behind her once she was inside her home, relieving herself of her thick coat and turning on the heater of the apartment.

Before she hung the coat on the hook screwed into the wall, she made sure to take the folded paper from one of its pockets and bring it along with her as she made her way to her bedroom. She left the sketch on her little work desk at one side of the room, taking the time to change out of her clothes.

Once dressed in an old Ionia University T-shirt and an old pair of green jogging shorts, Akali sat on her desk chair, turned on the lamp and began unfolding the paper Zilean had given her. She stared at the sketch on the parchment, feeling off with how lacking the sketch was for her.

Reaching to the side, she took one of the drawing pencils and started adding more of the missing details. In the midst of her work, a tiny smile could be found shaping her lips, especially when she began drawing the body details. She was grateful she's now more experienced in doing those kinds of things, or else she would have gone crazy with sketching and erasing everytime she did something that didn't meet her standards.

'She'd have those amber gold gaze no one has.' She thought as she refined the eyes of the character. 'Those eyes would be one-of-a-kind.'

Chuckling quietly, Akali started working on the main figure.

'She's going to be so beautiful, she'll get everyone's attention.'

Next thing she made some progress on were the hands and fingers.

'Her hands would be super soft. Like a touch of a goddess.' Akali nodded to herself before half-heartedly rolling her eyes at her own thoughts. 'Of course it's like a goddess'. She's practically like one.'

The more the sketch was worked on, the more Akali's eyes gleamed with inspiration. She felt like she was bringing the character out of the darkness and into the light with each stroke of the pencil, unveiling the beauty that had once been forgotten.

"Fierce, confident..." Akali snickered lowly as she murmured a few traits. "...a bit possessive probably..."

Akali continued listing out various traits the nonexistent character possessed, some more graphic than the first ones. She wasn't lying to Zilean when she said she couldn't just tell him the attitude, habits and personality of the woman she created. She couldn't exactly tell an innocent old man that the imaginary female she had in mind would be like Aphrodite's immensely charming twin sister.

After a whole hour, Akali's hype in improving the artwork came to an end. A yawn took over her, causing her to stretch her arms up and eventually decide that the efforts she had done onto the sketch was now satisfactory.

Deciding to ditch the idea of dinner, Akali turned her desk lamp off and made her way towards her bed. She was too sleepy to bring herself to her kitchen and whip up some of her favorite ramyuns. It didn't take long for her to bury her entire body under a layer of warm blankets.

Staring right at her ceiling, her mind filled up with random things it could conjure up at that moment. She thought about her work and how she'll be returning two days after Christmas. There was also her family, who were already sending videos and pictures just to wish her a happy holiday.

In less than a minute, Akali lost her grasp on her consciousness and fell in a state of slumber, oblivious of what awaited her in the upcoming morning.









Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

A loud groan emitted from the lone occupant of the bed, sleep disturbed and person clearly irked at the buzzing of the alarm clock on the bedside table. The red numbers were like a small beacon for attention in her room, which was dimly lit thanks to the fact that all the lights were off and that the sunlight from outside wasn't able to shine its bright rays through the closed blinds.

"For God's sake..." Akali whined groggily, trying her hardest to reach over to where the alarm could be found. She wanted to snooze the buzzing by throwing the little tech against the nearby wall, but the thought of buying another alarm was enough for her not to do such violent act.

When the alarm was finally within reach, she slapped a hand over the snooze button before slipping her arm back under the embrace of her blankets. She sighed and snuggled deeper into a bundle, intending on sleeping for maybe half an hour or more.


Or not.

Out of surprise and suspicion, Akali jumped up to a seated position, eyes darting immediately to the door. Judging solely by the muffled sounds she had heard, someone seemed to have turned the TV in the living room on. A thought instantly occurred in her head and she was quick to retrieve a kunai from the set she had bought when she got her first paycheck.

The bedside drawer was slowly shut, careful not to alert the intruder of her apartment. She cautiously inched towards the door, sneaking out of her bedroom with stealth that could rival a true ninja.

Light footsteps could be heard originating from the living room and the more Akali listened, the more she realized that the culprit had no intentions in keeping themself quiet. It's as if they're walking around in their own apartment instead of Akali's.

Jumping out of the hallway and out on the living room as soon as she heard the television be turned off, Akali expected a lot of dangerous possibilities. She predicted that the intruder would either attack her the moment she revealed herself, or maybe make a break for it and just hightail out of there as if the unit was on fire.

Much to her surprise though, none of those two happened.

Instead, Akali yelped in surprise and jumped back, hitting her back on the corner of the entryway of the hall and dropping her weapon when she found an entirely naked woman standing in the middle of her living room. Upon reflex, Akali's eyes immediately inspected the woman a few meters away from her, blue eyes uncontrollably raking over the unclad figure of the mystery female.

A lump formed in her throat, one that she had to swallow as she regarded the stranger with her gaze, and her cheeks reddened visibly in addition to her initial reaction.

The woman before her was just... gorgeous. Utterly. Absolutely. Smooth and light skin as far as she could see, curves in all the perfect places, uniquely-tinted tresses falling over her back and shoulders like breathtaking waves of amaranth magenta, and last but definitely not the least were those flaming gold amber eyes that made Akali feel like she was the one who was naked between them.

And those lips! They weren't precisely red, but they were darker than the usual light pink hue of a normal person's lips. It's as if it was inviting Akali for a kiss.

A perfect set of white teeth completed the blinding smile of the enchanting stranger, which almost made Akali forget the fact that the nude woman before her was an intruder.

"Y-You...!" Akali shook her head, straightening up and putting on the most intimidating look she could manage at that moment. "Who the hell are you!?"

Instead of apologizing or sputtering a bunch of excuses about why she was there, the woman merely grinned, made her way around the sofa and approached Akali, who tried weaving through the other when she tried cornering her against the wall.

The artist's efforts were a tad bit futile though.

Akali sucked in a breath and held it all in when a pair of arms abruptly encircled around her waist from behind, foiling her attempt of escape. Her body became stiff in reaction when the yet to be identified woman rested her chin over her right shoulder and released a delicate hum.

Her face warmed up to the highest extent once she felt the intruder's rather bountiful breasts press against her back, making her feel like there were two soft cushions squished against her.

"Good morning, honey~" Came the purr-like greeting.

"Hah!?" Akali squeaked out, stilling immediately when she felt the woman tug on the hem of her shirt before slipping a hand underneath. She gasped when she felt the featherlight touch of the woman's fingers gliding over her well-sculpted abdomen. "H-Hey! Get off!"

"But, darling...-"

"Let go!" Akali broke out of the woman's hold, stumbling a few steps forward before she spun around and faced her. She raised a hand at the unnamed female, who thankfully halted any type of advances. "Okay, you stay back, alright? I don't want you coming near me right now, or else... Or else I'm calling the cops!"

The amber-eyed woman slightly pouted, still seemingly unfazed by the fact that she's standing naked in front of Akali. "That's not exactly nice of you."

"Not nice of me?" Akali briefly gestured at herself in disbelief. "Look, you're gorgeous. As in, extremely hot, but I don't even know you! And hello? You're currently trespassing here in my apartment! Right now, I have every right to call the police."

"Trespassing?" The woman crossed her arms and stared at Akali with mild confusion in her eyes. "What are you talking about? I live here with you."

"With me? Since when?"

Akali's pretty sure she would have noticed if she did indeed share her apartment with alluring woman like her.

As much as Akali would love a beauty like her to be her roommate, she had to think rationally right now and could not let herself be distracted. Although, it was honestly hard to focus, especially since the intruder wasn't even making an effort in covering her nudity.

"Since you asked for me." Was the woman's response, looking rather proud with her reply.

"Since I asked? What?" Akali shook her head, finding the stranger's answer absolutely ridiculous. "I don't even know you, let alone...-"

"I'm Evelynn."

Suddenly, there was silence.

There were no words or other bodily reactions she could give but the one she presented upon the moment that followed.

Eyes wide, form frozen and vocabulary nonexistent. Her eyes darted from the strands of vibrant magenta down to that perfect figure, which urged her to take a step back, especially when she finally noticed the devilish heart tattoo just below the woman's left breast. That particular ink on her skin was enough to send Akali's brain spiraling into a state of absolute confusion.

Unaware of her actions, Akali was still backing away from the woman who claimed to be the imaginary character that had only ever existed in her head. 'Til now, that is.

Akali unexpectedly lost her balance and ended up falling over and onto the nearest couch, but before she could bring herself back up, she merely blinked and was put in an unforeseen predicament. She was being straddled by the one that had rendered her speechless, which momentarily prompted her to do nothing but stare.

"Hello, Akali." Evelynn purred as she caressed Akali's face with the same heavenly hands the artists always imagined.

"E-E-Evelynn...?" Akali stuttered, unable to think of anything else to say. Recognition was clear in her eyes, but other than that, there was nothing else but disbelief and total shock.

A grin, which was swiftly followed by a sweet coo.

"And here I thought you forgot about me."

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

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"Wear it."


"I said, wear it."

"Repeating what you said won't change anything. My answer is still a no."

Right eye twitching, Akali suppressed the urge to force the woman seated on the couch into the black dragon shirt and the plain white panties she was offering.

It took a lot of squirming and pushing, and maybe a bit of blushing here and there, but Akali had freed herself from her place on the sofa earlier and away from the other female's captivity.

After sprinting to back to her bedroom and rummaging through her dresser, she was now trying to clothe her unexpected guest, who seemed to be determined in maintaining her nude state. So far though, her commands were being brushed off as if they were of no importance.

Akali huffed, exerting a fair amount of self-control just to keep herself from looking at the woman's chest, which was emphasized due to the arms crossed underneath it.

"Why won't you wear it?" She gritted out, shaking the shirt and underwear in front of the woman that stared back at her, albeit defiantly.

"It's too small."

"I don't have anything bigger!" Akali nearly shouted before using the clothes to gesture at the admittedly generous bust that's completely out in the open. "Mine aren't as big as those, y'know!"

"Obviously." Evelynn, the goddess that seemed to have a natural habit in getting under Akali's skin, shrugged nonchalantly.

"What do you want to wear, then? Because I sure as heck won't let you walk around my apartment naked."

Evelynn raised an eyebrow as she leaned forward, causing the artist to silently gulp in reaction. "Wouldn't that be more... delightful? Especially for you?"

"This isn't about what's delightful!" Akali immediately stated, shaking the clothes once again. "This is about decency!"

"Oh, darling," Evelynn stood up, which made Akali retreat back and nearly trip on the small coffee table behind her if the mentioned beauty didn't grab one of her wrists and reeled her forward. Smiling sweetly, Evelynn locked her arms around Akali's waist and pressed most of herself against her. "what's so indecent about you seeing your little lady in her truest form, hmm?"

Instead of pushing Evelynn back and attempting another escape from her grasp, Akali found herself staring at the disarming smile right in front of her and mere inches away from her face.

"You can't be real..." She heard herself say to the woman against her, still unable to comprehend how the literal deity of her dreams was right there and was practically seducing her with a mere smile.

The feisty aura of the vixen morphed to warm and soothing in just a few seconds, one hand coming up to brush against Akali's cheek before settling on pinching her chin between two fingers. She had no choice but to look at nothing but those stunning ambers.

It made her heart pound so hard, while she felt slightly lightheaded with the nearly nonexistent space between themselves. Clearly, the shirt and shorts she herself was wearing could barely serve as a reasonable barrier between her well-toned body and Evelynn's voluptuous figure.

"I can't be if you didn't want me to be." Evelynn murmured, thumb gliding over Akali's chin.

The entire scene was literally a silly fantasy that had come true. Out of everything Akali had ever thought about and created, she never expected the very first original character she drew would come to life, especially not like this, and try her hardest to seduce her into doing things that should not be so loosely said.

But here Evelynn was, seemingly appearing as real as she could get.

Akali snapped out of the trance Evelynn's gaze had encased her in the second she realized that the mentioned woman was leaning down and pulling her in for a kiss. With wide eyes and a jerky movement of her arm, Akali shoved the shirt and underwear at Evelynn's face.

"What do you think you're doing!?" Akali questioned, leaning back as much as she could.

"Trying to kiss you." Came Evelynn's muffled but truthful reply.

"N-No way!" Akali finally moved away, the action much easier since Evelynn only had one arm around her. Once she stepped out of the goddess' reach, she threw the clothes at the woman, who easily caught it with one hand. "Just put those on, please?"

Evelynn, instead of pursuing Akali right then and there for the kiss she wanted, looked down at the two pieces of fabric she had in hand before raising her head back up and asking, "What do I get in return?"

"Uhh, you'll be decently clothed?" Akali somewhat sarcastically replied.

"Aside from that, what else, hmm?"


"Walking around naked in your apartment, knowing you'll be looking at me is truly something I certainly do not mind, so please, darling. Do make me a good bargain."

Akali became rigid for a moment, her gaze darting from one furniture to another, trying to think of something that'll finally convince the other woman to finally cover herself. The latter seemed to be determined in exposing her whole body to the artist for the entire day as if she was a magnificent marble statue carved and created to be admired with not a single inch of coverage, and no way was Akali going to let that happen.

Although, having a breathtaking beauty roam around her apartment during Christmas can be considered a gift itself...

She shook her head. 'Focus, Akali!'

"Alright, what..." Akali trailed off as she shifted from her place, glancing at Evelynn every second or two to make sure the woman wouldn't be able to try something unexpected. "What else do you want anyway?"

Evelynn smiled, looking like she had just won a bet, which made Akali become still for a second. "I want you to take me out."

Akali blinked at the goddess. "Take you... out? As in, out on a date?"

"If you want." Evelynn said with a little shrug. "I don't exactly mind whatever you want to do as long as I do it with you."

"Right..." Akali adjusted her posture, coughing lowly as she averted her gaze from Evelynn. She didn't know if she should be flattered that such a striking woman wanted to spend time with her, or be embarrassed by how openly the said beauty expressed her genuine yearning.

"Besides, I would love to go out on a date with my beloved creator."


"Yes, creator. Without you, I'd be nothing."

"...Don't call me that."

"Call you what?"

"That. Creator." Akali crossed her arms, eyes flicking to Evelynn's direction while mild displeasure sparked in her eyes. "It sounds wrong."

"How so?"

"You talk as if I actually created you."

"That's because you did. It's the reason why I'm here now." Evelynn told her truthfully, not precisely going into detail about the process on how she became true and alive in the first place.

"Oh really?"

"Mm-hm. You gave me this gorgeous bone structure, this heart-pounding body, these lustrous tresses I so adore, these hands that are like an angel's, lips that could take ANYONE'S breath away and of course," Evelynn eyed Akali with a gleam that prompted her to swallow. "this little, one-of-a-kind tattoo."

Admittedly, Akali thought Evelynn's self-description was quite poetic and rather spot-on with how she herself would describe the seductress. Minus the passionate words, though.

"We literally just met twenty minutes ago."

"You've known me for years, Akali." Evelynn started as she passed the clothes in her grasp between her hands, the corner of her lips curving upward in the slightest manner.

"No, I don't."

"Yes, you do."

Tossing the unwanted underwear aside, Evelynn swiftly advanced and wound the shirt around Akali's waist. She pulled her forward in an abrupt motion, causing the artist to stumble until she had fallen back into the arms of the sly woman. The latter oh so delicately smiled as she gradually leaned in, words being murmured in a dangerously low and husky tone.

"Only you know who I truly am and what I deeply desire. No one else." Evelynn told her, tightly gripping the shirt and not at all allowing Akali from escaping her this time. "I wouldn't come to be if you didn't want me."

"T-That...-! I..." Akali didn't know what to say, her words running away from her like a bunch of pathetic cowards. She didn't expect that a little quick sketch of an imaginary character would cause her to lose all of her composure, especially since said character was now holding her flushed against the body that looked like it was made out of absolute sin.

"Come now, Akali..." Evelynn leisurely loosened her grip on the shirt, letting it fall out of her hands and onto the floor before she glided her fingertips over the mildly muscled arms of the illustrator. "Do you not want me...?"

It's as if the poor, defenseless heart within her was being wrapped in an embrace of smooth velvet, threatening to bring it to an abrupt stop with its seemingly harmless touch. Akali felt so vulnerable in the goddess' arms, but she couldn't bring herself to be frightened by such feeling.

Her heart might be telling her to just surrender herself to the heavenly embrace of the vixen, but her mind was literally screaming at her for being so weak just because of a mere woman's touch.

But Evelynn wasn't just a woman, was she?

Regardless though...

"Stop it!" Akali suddenly shouted, greatly squirming in the soft hold of the beauty, whose face wore an afflicted look the artist missed when she hastily twisted and shuffled away from her. "Can you please not touch me?"

Instead of forlornly frowning, Evelynn stared at Akali for a moment before bending down and retrieving the shirt, eyes absently inspecting the piece of clothing as she murmured, "Are you that disgusted of me?"

"What?" Akali stared, stunned at the quietly-uttered inquiry.

"You wouldn't even let me come near you."

"That's because you're naked!"

"You didn't seem to be in a hurry in clothing me when you were drawing me."

Akali blinked a couple of times, somewhat baffled that Evelynn even knew about how careful and precise she was when it came to the time of her adding the details of her figure. But of course, if Evelynn really did come from the sketch inspired by her imagination, then Akali shouldn't really be too surprised now.

"That's different." She muttered, briefly making a face. She shook her head, sighing before saying, "Listen, just put on the clothes. Don't make this a big deal, okay?"




The hum sounded so flat and void of emotion, which was an admittedly abrupt shift of her mood, and Akali couldn't exactly say why she was internally disturbed by such little thing. She chose to brush off the distressing feeling crawling up her back, focusing more on the possibility that maybe Evelynn just miraculously decided to surrender to her terms.

Just when she dared herself to take her gaze from the other woman, another request was asked from her. A particular action that involved the goddess offering a hand, palm facing the floor. Akali glanced at the slim fingers staring right at her before she looked up to the owner and queried.

"What is it now?"

"A little kiss at least?"

Evelynn was asking for a kiss on her forehand. She wasn't demanding it, nor was she performing any more attempts in getting physically close to Akali. The outstretched hand was hoping to receive a rather innocent gesture a couple of gentlemen still do in the era they're now in, but Akali still felt the touch of distrust at the back of her mind. She couldn't help but think that the amber-eyed vixen still had an ulterior motive.

"Please?" Evelynn lightly insisted, hope glimmering in the incredible amber gaze she possessed and lacing such softly spoken word. "It wouldn't really hurt you now, would it?"

Azures wandered to the flawless hand being held out, silent contemplation showing in the face of the illustrator. Uncertainty, skepticism, Akali's eyes did all the talking for her.






Evelynn's hand fell to her side, completely disregarded by Akali, who decided to just continue turning herself away and retreating back to her bedroom to either prepare for the day or to get some pants. Whatever she intended on doing, it was clearly more important to her than giving the goddess the small kiss she was asking for.

The once blazing amber hue were now dull and reflected the emotion of melancholy. Unmistakably, Evelynn was greatly affected by Akali's actions, feeling somewhat depressed that the little request she asked for was rudely and blatantly denied.

Instead of pouting like some bratty child or some emotional wreck of a woman, Evelynn wore an expression that made her look relaxed as she recovered the panties she had carelessly thrown away and began to dress herself. She silently contemplated with herself about the series of events that had transpired between her and her creator, which gave her something to occupy her mind with.

Akali was actually prone to being guilt-tripped quite easily and Evelynn knew that, but she didn't take advantage of it. Hell, she knew everything about Akali, just like how the artist knew everything about her.

"Yet she denies it..." Evelynn whispered under her breath, sounding gravely saddened.

Crafted by the vivid and massively vast imagination of the gifted illustrator, Evelynn was everything Akali wanted her to be. A beguiling beauty that was capable of turning the heads of practically every man and woman that she'd cross paths with.

Akali designed her.

Shirt fittingly wrapped around her torso and underwear already providing enough coverage for her to be at least a bit decent, Evelynn hugged herself and slowly ran her hands over her own arms, eyes wandering to the entrance of the small hall Akali disappeared off to.

It was Akali who created her.

Yet, why did she act as if Evelynn was a complete stranger?

A hand brushed against the front of her shirt, fingertips feeling each firm heartbeat.

What was that?

Evelynn's eyebrows furrowed as her fingers pressed over her chest and tried soothing the disturbing feeling coming from within her. It was unfamiliar and it had this immensely displeasing prickling sensation she was not at all loving.

She didn't like it at all.

Meanwhile, inside the apartment unit's sleeping quarters, Akali was rummaging for the pants Irelia had gifted her a year or two ago. The bottom clothing in particular were a pair of jeans that were unfortunately too loose for Akali. Thankfully, she now found a purpose for those denim pants.

While Akali rifled through the drawers of her dresser, her train of thought drifted away until her mind was replaying what she had done. Even though she hadn't witnessed the crestfallen expression Evelynn had worn, Akali could feel hints of guilt welling in the pit of her stomach. It made her really uncomfortable.

"I must be losing my mind." Akali murmured, still somewhat trying to convince herself that she probably just hallucinated earlier and she totally didn't see a nude vixen in her living room. "She can't be real. She just can't."

Once she found the jeans she was looking for, she pulled it out of the drawer and started making her way out of her bedroom in a snail's pace, also swiping one of her loose hoodies from her closet. Her fingers would clench and fumble absently with the clothes she had in her hands, lips pursing firmly as she thought about what she'll once again be facing when she returns to the main area of the apartment.

"Okay, alright, if she really is a real person, maybe... Maybe she has a record somewhere." Akali made a mental note in calling one of the friends she made when she recently moved to where she lives now. Her friend's a Deputy in the law enforcement of the city, so maybe she could lend her some assistance.

Somehow, a part of her was hoping Evelynn just coincidentally had the same name as her own character and maybe the woman was just some gorgeous stranger that had a few screws loose in the head.

Another part of her thought otherwise though. It was a wholly different story according to this one. Maybe Evelynn really was a result of her imagination, which was probably caused by the old man from last night. This part of her refused to let go of such possibility.

As Akali stepped out of her bedroom and made her way back to the living room, she tapped her chin in contemplation. If Evelynn coming alive was caused by the fact that she drew her in the remaining page the man had in his book, does that mean there were more out there?

Characters that came to life all because of an old guy wandering around the park?

Valoran Park was always described as a venue like no other after all.

When Akali finally returned to the main area of the apartment, relief washed over her the moment she saw Evelynn seated on the sofa, shirt and panties covering body parts that should've been covered in the first place. Although, the shirt looked really uncomfortable for Evelynn, especially with how tight it hugged her torso and appeared nearly like some second skin of hers.

Hopefully, the hoodie would be able to provide the woman a more decent amount of coverage.

Softly clearing her throat to announce her presence, Akali brought the jeans and jacket up and showed it to Evelynn. "I have some more clothes that might fit you."

"Thank you." Evelynn thanked, suddenly appearing so polite and more tamed than she was earlier. Again, her actions prompted Akali to bring her guard up and her senses on high-alert. The change of attitude was like a call for caution in Akali's perspective.

Unlike her manner of interaction towards Akali a couple of minutes ago, Evelynn was now acting like how a true guest should be. Even with her legs tucked back and her hands latched on her knees to keep them from stretching forward, Akali couldn't stop her eyes from shortly taking in such eye-pleasing sight.

But when she heard Evelynn clear her throat, Akali's face reddened in embarrassment, knowing she was caught red-handed in checking the woman out. She hastily handed the pants to the other female, who watched her with a scrutinizing gaze while slipping into the jeans that were provided.

Akali was a bit hesitant, but she ended up situating herself on the same sofa Evelynn's on. Only an arm's length served as their space in between themselves, and the thought of the siren reaching out to her briefly crossed her mind before she chose to give the latter the benefit of the doubt.

Once Evelynn was officially dressed, Akali chose to shift on her seat to face the said woman, who was quick in imitating her actions. The second their eyes met, Akali almost choked on her own spit. If Evelynn truly was the product of her imagination, then she most certainly forgot that the goddess had a gaze that could take anyone's breath away and beauty that could steal anyone's heart in just a mere second.

Again, Akali cleared her throat before saying, "How 'bout we start over?"

"By start over, you mean...?"

"Maybe you could introduce yourself in a more 'detailed' type of way? Are you getting me? Like..." Akali adjusted herself from her place before offering a hand to shake. "I'm Akali, and I'm an illustrator in Riot Games."

"I know."

Motioning with the hand she had held out, Akali tried ushering Evelynn to take her own turn in introducing herself. The magenta-haired woman glanced at her hand before softly sighing and reaching out, shaking it as she gave her own introduction.

"And I'm Evelynn." She started, sounding like she found the entire thing was unnecessary. "Claimed to be a goddess of beauty and said to be the most beautiful woman in the world by none other than my creator, Tethi Akali."

Akali groaned, letting her hand fall out of Evelynn's grasp the moment it loosened. She rubbed her nape, feeling more than a little exasperated. "Seriously?"


"First of all, I told you not to call me that. Second, stop saying that I created you."

"Why?" Evelynn asked, eyebrows furrowing and annoyance slightly showing. "It's the truth, isn't it?"

"How?" Akali questioned with a hasty gesture at Evelynn. "How can I create you? I'm just a normal, average artist that wants to make a decent living in drawing random characters."

"But I'm not just a random character, am I?"

"You...-" Akali pursed her lips before she could finish with her point. She sighed and leaned back, auditing Evelynn, who regarded her with an expectant look. "...No, you're not."

"Then, there you have it."

"Listen. That guy... He's..." Akali's eyebrows knitted together as she tried recalling the name of the old man she had spoken to last night. "Who was he again...?"


"You know him?"

"I do."

"Then..." It suddenly clicked. With realization falling upon her like a ton of bricks, Akali pushed herself back until she was perched on the armrest of the couch, pointing a finger at Evelynn as she said, "Please tell me this isn't some weird, special call-in sex escort I accidentally got myself into."

Evelynn blankly stared at Akali, unamused and not at all fazed with her assumption. "Really?"

Akali now looked like she had just cracked a murder case. "I knew it! I knew you were too beautiful to exist! The only person I told about you was that Oji-san from last night! He asked me to describe you, and he probably tailed me home and now you're here!"

"Alright, calm down." Evelynn decided to intervene before she could go further into detail with her accusation. "You're panicking now because your longtime crush actually likes you back. I know, it's a shocker, isn't it?

"This isn't the time for jokes!"

Evelynn shrugged, not at all able to stop herself from teasing the artist. After all, Akali did give her a playful trait. "Fine. Killjoy."

"I'm being serious here!" Akali said, slightly pouting as she cautiously eyed the goddess. "Zilean is the only person that knows about you other than me! Is he your handler?"

"Would you please stop accusing him of being some old perverted pimp?" Evelynn asked with a sweet, sarcastic smile. "How dirty is that mind of yours?"

Akali's face became bright red all of a sudden. "My mind's not dirty!"

"Says the woman that drew me."

"Shut up!"

"No need to shout and be all defensive, then." Evelynn then took this as a chance to flash a smirk. "Unless, you have a reason to be."

One blue eye twitched. "Y-You...! You...!"

Buzz! Buzz!

Both women snapped their heads to the front door, where a bunch of soft knocks followed after the initial buzzing of Akali's apartment door buzzer. The pair did nothing but stare at the wooden panel, either women similarly thinking if they really heard the mentioned noises.




"Akali!" Came the cheerful voice of a friend. "It's us! Siv and Bokkie!"

Akali's eyes widened in absolute panic. Hastily, she grabbed both of Evelynn's wrists and yanked her off the couch with her, dragging her by one wrist towards her bedroom. It was a bit surprising that the goddess chose to silently allow herself to be hauled off somewhere other than the living room.

"Ooh," Evelynn spoke up once she was inside Akali's sleeping quarters. "have you finally accepted that I'm your beloved goddess and have finally succumbed to your desire for my touch?"

"What?" Akali looked at Evelynn as if she had lost her mind. "No! I want you to stay here and just be quiet! Don't come out until my friends leave!"

"You're not even going to introduce me to them? Rude."

"No!" And with that, Akali slammed the door close before she could hear anything else from Evelynn, who was actually halfway in saying something.

The artist stood there in front of her bedroom door for at least three seconds, only leaving to finally answer the door when she was certain that Evelynn wouldn't come back out and reveal herself to their unexpected visitors.

"Hey, guys!" Akali greeted with as much excitement as she could present without appearing suspicious. She wouldn't want her two friends to find out about the bewitching woman that's been attempting to seduce her in her bedroom now, would she?

"Merry Christmas, Kali!" Was the first thing she heard before a certain purple-haired dancer practically launched herself towards her and engulfed her in a tight hug.

"Ey, Bokkie!" Akali responded back, exerting quite an effort in preventing herself and Kai'Sa from crashing down the floor.

"Take it easy there, habibti." Sivir said, chuckling as she gave her girlfriend a poke on the shoulder. "You gotta remember that Akali here is really small. Wouldn't want to squish her."

Akali shot Sivir a lighthearted glare as her energetic friend started retracting from her arms. "Again with my height."

A jesting grin was instantly flashed by the brown-haired female. "Just pointing out the obvious, buddy."

"Stop it, Siv." Kai'Sa half-heartedly scolded, giving the delivery girl a bump on the hip. "Pretty sure Kali doesn't want to get reminded that she won't be getting taller anytime soon."

One of Akali's eyes threatened to twitch, while Sivir covered her lips to stifle her snickering. "Yeah, sure, thanks a lot for that."

"You're welcome." Kai'Sa playfully replied, feigning ignorance towards the sarcasm in the artist's voice.

"Heights aside," Akali muttered, shifting the flow of their talk. "I thought you two were already at Shurima."

Sivir decided to answer her with a scratch at the back of her head, while she laughed a tad bit sheepishly. "We're supposed to be there last night, but our flight was kinda moved."

"We figured we could drop off our gift for you first before we left the city." Kai'Sa then started poking at Akali, which caused the illustrator to step away in an effort in dodging the little assault. "Y'know, since you're alone during this holiday and all."

"You know me, I usually go solo. Lone wolf and all." Akali said, offering a confident grin. When one of the tenants of the apartment building passed by behind the pair, Akali tried covering her embarrassment with a small cough. "Oh, uh, would you two like to come in though?"

Both women in front of her shot her an amused look, the dancer jokingly replying with, "I thought you'd never ask."

Akali gave a slightly sheepish laugh as she allowed the two inside her apartment, desperately hoping her little guest won't burst out of her bedroom in all her naked glory. Hopefully, Evelynn kept the clothes she gave her on and remained in her sleeping quarters until she came to retrieve her.

A glance at the hall leading to her room and the sight of the still closed door confirmed that Evelynn had yet to disobey her and was actually doing what she was told. As calmly as she could, Akali led her pair of friends to the living room, where she planned on entertaining them throughout their entire visit.

"So, do you guys want anything?" Akali queried once the two were seated on one of the loveseats.

"Nah, we're fine." Sivir said with a wave of a hand. "Wouldn't want to get one of your precious ramyuns."

"And who says my ramyun's part of my offer?"

A fleeting moment passed and the two broke out in laughter, while Kai'Sa rolled her eyes at their little banter. Once Akali occupied the armchair across the couple and started talking about her future projects, Kai'Sa's latest dance students and Sivir's amusing adventures concerning pizza delivery, the trio fell in a comfortable rhythm that allowed the drawing artist to relax completely and forget about the woman she had hidden in her bedroom.

Inside the mentioned quarters though...

Evelynn quietly huffed to herself once she heard Akali's laughter overlap with their visitor's own. For a moment, the woman glared at the closed panel, not liking how it's serving as a barrier between her and her creator.

When she came to existence, she was eagerly hoping to be greeted with the literal open arms of her beloved artist, just like how one of her fellow creations was welcomed by the man that made her. Be acknowledged with warmth like no other, for she was a goddess that was exalted among others. At least in Akali's eyes supposedly.

Much to her dismay though, the blue-eyed illustrator merely ended up tripping over her own words and losing her composure the moment their paths finally crossed in reality. Evelynn still felt a bit offended and somewhat disappointed with Akali's prior attempts in obscuring her gorgeous body with such clothing she found too tight for her said figure.

'What am I supposed to do now?'

When Evelynn finally accepted the fact that glaring at the door was a waste of time and had turned away to focus her attention to something worthwhile, she felt her legs momentarily weaken beneath her, which prompted her to stumble on her way to the still messy bed of the artist.

A light resounding sigh left her lips once she allowed her backside to plant on the side of the bed, her eyes distractedly wandering as she considered the significant decrease of her physical strength.

The more Akali refused to believe she's real, the more she'll lose her cohesion.

Evelynn's gaze darted towards the desk, where she could feel the call of the power embedded in the parchment where she was initially drawn.

Forcing herself to ignore the small devitalizing sensation within her, she vacated the bed and somewhat trudged towards where her sketch can be found. The second she reached the wooden furniture, she carefully retrieved the lonely paper on top.

The moment her fingers touched the thin, old-looking sheet, a shock of rejuvenation abruptly coursed through her, vanquishing the unexplainable weight in her legs. Evelynn eyed the sketch Akali had done of her, looking almost like she was cursing the rather crude image of herself with her gaze.

As long as Akali didn't believe in her, the paper pinched between her fingers would serve as her lifeline.

If ever it came down to the possibility of the artist writing her off as nothing but a fantasy that turned into a crazy hallucination, then this piece of paper was her only hope in surviving.

There's actually an alternative method, but it wasn't exactly preferable, especially if the goddess was hoping to solidify an intimate relationship between her and her charming creator. She truly thought that the secondary was just unpleasant.

To Akali probably, which was something Evelynn knew she could confidently confirm, despite the fact that she had yet to do such.

If push comes to shove, well...

Maybe the goddess should formulate a contingency plan.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

"Thanks for the gift, you two!" Akali thanked with a grin, waving the glass case, where her new wristwatch can be found, at the departing pair.

"Don't mention it." Sivir said with a little grin of her own, while Kai'Sa showed off a toothy smile and happily waved goodbye at her before the elevator doors could close.

"We'll see you next year, Kali!" Kai'Sa bid with a mix of humor and sincerity. "Merry Christmas!"

"You, too!"

"Oh! And a happy new year!" The dance instructor managed to respond back with her usual lively tone before the steel doors ultimately banished any more chances in saying any more.

With the accessory case in hand and a small smile on her lips, Akali walked back to her unit, examining the black and green wristwatch throughout her short walk. Just by looking at the brand marking the cushion the watch was strapped around, Akali knew the item she had received probably came near the label 'outrageously expensive'.

It came from Kai'Sa and Sivir, after all.

Akali had just walked back inside her apartment when she heard the elfin voice of the woman that had mysteriously appeared in her home.

"I thought they would never leave."

The Christmas spirit her friends had lit within her upon their inadvertent visit fluctuated once she caught sight of the beauty lounging across the long couch like a self-entitled cat making itself comfortable on a place where it shouldn't be on.

Enticing the sight truly was, the weight of the little 'problem' came back to Akali full-force, which nearly prompted her in groaning as she approached the vixen beckoning her with a finger and a smile that didn't even come close in being considered innocent.

"Where did we stop again?" Akali asked, albeit reluctantly.

Evelynn propped herself up with one of her elbows, eyeing Akali with a combined look of suprise and amusement. "Oh, so I get to decide where we stopped?"

Akali squinted her eyes at the woman. "You know what I mean."

"I do. I really do." Evelynn tittered quietly, pushing herself up and shifting in a seated position, crossing her legs and causing the pants she was wearing to wrap around her legs more fittingly. "Just to be frank, dearest, Zilean is not, as you have said, my 'handler'."

"Then why are you here?"

"Because you want me to be here."

Akali groaned and slapped both of her hands on her face, dragging her palms over it soon after. She didn't know if she was going to get frustrated or what with this talk of theirs about Evelynn's reason in being there. They were obviously going around in circles from the very beginning.

"How many times are you going to say that?"

"As much as I have to." Was Evelynn's immediate yet lightly vocalized reply.


"Even if it means I have to drill it in that pretty little head of yours, my darling."

Another groan almost left the illustrator, who managed to suppress it before it could reach the other woman's ears. She settled in running a hand through her hair, which once again tousled the tresses even more than its natural state.

"You can't just expect me to believe that you're..."

"Your Evelynn?"

Akali blinked. "My Evelynn?"

"Mm-hm." The siren stood up and closed the visible gap between them with just a couple of steps, but she wasn't as 'touchy-feely' as she was earlier. "Is that not what I am? A woman you deem as a goddess."

"Again, you can't just expect me to believe you're that person!" Akali reasoned, torn between the decision in either stepping back or remaining rooted on her spot.

"Maybe not immediately," Evelynn said, the smile curving on her lips and the look gleaming in her eyes seemingly showing how she understood Akali's hesitance. "but you will."

"And I'm supposed to trust you enough to let you live here?"

Evelynn gave her a single head-to-toe glance before stepping back and feigning dramatics, leisurely falling back onto the sofa. "Would you really send me out on the streets? I would have nowhere else to go."

"You look like you live in a mansion." Akali muttered under her breath with no intention in having the amber-eyed woman hear her, but that certainly wasn't the case.

"I would if you lived in one."

"Here we go again with the 'me and you' stuff."

"So," Evelynn fiddled with one of her fingers for a brief moment before looking back up and making eye contact. "would you really do it?"

Although the concept was absolutely reasonable due to the fact that she just met Evelynn an hour or two ago, Akali's conscience couldn't take it. If something happened to the bewitching female, she'd probably be haunted by guilt at the end of the day.

Throwing out such a 'defenseless' woman on the streets during Christmas wasn't exactly something Akali could bring herself in doing. Not now and probably not ever.

Sighing loudly, Akali cursed herself in her head before fully focusing her attention to the vixen regarding her with an expectant look that evidently showed how she knew she had emerged victorious in the discussion.

"You're sleeping on the couch."

Evelynn draped herself across the mentioned furniture, one of her hands gliding over the armrest to show that she didn't mind. "Well, it is a comfortable couch."

Akali made a face, thinking about how she really needed to contact her friend in the police force. "Don't get too comfy."

"Wouldn't dream of it, darling."

Just by looking into those amber orbs filled with nothing but mischief, Akali knew there was going to be a huge chance that she's going to regret letting the woman stay with her.

It was going to be one heck of a holiday.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

The sound of pencil scratching against paper filled the room the character illustrator was at, nose buried not in a book, but a project she's been working on for the past few weeks. Around her, there were many more supplies and equipment free for her to use in not only drawing, but also digitalizing as well. The tools she may use may not be as prestige as some expect she would usually use, but they all did more than just get the job done, which was enough for the said artist.

Behind her, Evelynn can be found sitting on two stacked boxes of bond papers, looking absolutely bored out of her mind as she idly watched Akali single-mindedly work on her sketching.

"How much longer is that going to take?"

"What're you talking about?" Akali half-consciously asked, most of her focus still directed to the character design she was doing.

"That sketch of yours." Evelynn said, her disdainful gaze clearly showing how she was not at all pleased that the drawing Akali was working on took the latter's attention more than she could manage.

"I need to have this ready for my presentation next week," Akali spared a look over her shoulder, only to provide Evelynn a mildly annoyed stare. "so this is gonna take a long while, trust me."

When Akali flashed what seemed to be a smug look to emphasize that she wasn't going to give Evelynn the time of day, the said woman returned it with a sarcastic smile before the artist spun her head back and refocused on her project. Judging from the displeased expression that took over the goddess' face after, it became even more obvious how irritated she was that Akali was purposely neglecting her.

"Are you seriously going to leave me to amuse myself throughout the holiday?"

Akali snorted, but didn't bother looking over her shoulder this time. "Last time I checked, I'm not exactly required to entertain anyone today."

"You won't at least take me out for ice cream?"

The artist scoffed. "Ice cream? What're you, twelve?"

"Well, last time I checked, that was your ideal date."

"Back when I was literally twelve? Yeah, sure." Akali stopped sketching for a moment, shuddering when she realized what Evelynn had said. Of course this strange yet admittedly alluring woman she just met today knew about her dream date when she was a kid. How terrific and not at all creepy.

By the time Akali continued with her work again, a couple of seconds had only passed when she realized that her new roommate fell suspiciously quiet. She stopped again and listened for any sound the other female would cause, but only the nearly mute sound of clothes rustling reached her ears.




Akali gasped and dropped the pencil she was holding out of surprise, her right hand being pulled behind her before pressing against a bare, firmly-shaped thigh that belonged to none other than Evelynn.

"What're you...-!"

"Would you prefer to eat my cream instead?" Came the huskily-uttered offer of the goddess as she held Akali's forehand and guided her fingers around her unclad thigh.

"What the hell!? No!" Akali snatched her hand back and threw herself to the side and off her seat, which resulted in Evelynn watching her with amusement in the midst of her swift retreat, taking half a step back to also avoid being struck by the artist's head.

The frazzled female scrambled around the floor for a few seconds, standing up hastily and looking away immediately once she saw that Evelynn had abandoned every piece of clothing beneath her waist over the boxes she was sitting on earlier, underwear included.

"Fine! We'll go out for ice cream! Just put your pants back on!"

And as if she wasn't making a point with the use of her nudity, Evelynn sweetly smiled and nodded before strutting back to her clothes, picking them up instead of slipping them back on like she was told. "I knew you'd see it my way."

Once the half-naked vixen left the room to hopefully cover herself again for their impromptu trip, Akali released a sigh of relief. She huffed and fixed her ruffled shirt, eyeing the doorway where Evelynn had disappeared off to.

For a moment, Akali thought about just locking the door and resuming her project, but she figured that might just intensify Evelynn's advances towards her. That would surely cost her more of her work time and would most likely result in her avoiding the sweet, tempting clutches of a half-clad beauty chasing after her.

With an audible groan filled with stress and irritation, Akali trailed after the woman that seemed to be oh so excited in taking a trip to the ice cream shop.

What could go wrong, right?






A lot of things could actually go wrong, Akali realized.

It was around early afternoon when they left the apartment, which of course left Akali somehow no choice but to take Evelynn out for lunch first before heading to the nearby ice cream parlor.

"We'll take the duo meal, please."

Akali was digging out the necessary bills from her wallet while occasionally shrugging Evelynn's hands off her shoulders. When the time came that she she raised her head to look at the cashier, who she caught red-handed in blatantly staring at her clingy companion, she discovered that not only was the employee just around the same age as her, but clearly, he wasn't as resistant as she was towards the goddess' charms.

"Uhh, hey, buddy." Akali tried waving a hand once in front of the guy's face, but it didn't even deter his stare from the woman behind her.

"May I, uhh... May I take your order?" The employee asked again, his eyes unwavering from its fixation to Evelynn, who finally succeeded in securely clasping her hands over Akali's shoulders. Her little triumph was mainly due to the fact that the artist was more focused in acquiring the cashier's attention instead of refusing her touch.

Evelynn, satisfied with her hands' perch on Akali's shoulders, looked over the latter's shoulders and smiled at the cashier. "I'll have what she's having."

Rather dumbly, the young man nodded and started tapping away on the screen of his cash register. "One duo meal, um, coming right up."

"Thank you." Came the sweetly-uttered thanks of the siren, while her creator just huffed and handed payment to the still distracted cashier.

Meekly gesturing at the side, the guy said, "Please just move to the side and we'll have your order ready."

While Akali grumbled under her breath about something resembling bad service, Evelynn once again offered an amiable smile at the cashier before she stepped along with Akali to the side to allow the next customer to order their own food.

"Can you please stop touching me?" Akali asked with aggravation hinting in her voice, shrugging Evelynn's hands off for what felt like the umpteenth time.

Evelynn momentarily frowned at the blatant refusal of physical contact, but such expression was swiftly replaced by a fond smile once Akali turned away from the front counter and decided to face her. Despite their tiny height difference, Akali still felt a bit affected with the other's stature.

"Is this how you always treat your date?" Evelynn asked in a light tone, seemingly undaunted by Akali's words and reactions. "Shrugging off their touch and glaring at them?"

The mentioned glare slightly intensified upon the goddess' truthful observation. "This isn't a date."

"Ah, yes, no, of course not." Evelynn simply agreed with a small smile and a nod. "Knowing you, you would want nothing but the best for your sweetheart, and well..."

Evelynn took a surveying glance around the fast-food restaurant they're in before returning her gaze back to Akali, who didn't even let up with her glare. Such didn't even make the siren flinch.

"...this isn't exactly the best place."

"We're only here because of two reasons." Akali said as calmly and coolly as she could. "One, I'm hungry. And two, taking you out is probably the only way of stopping your exhibitionism."

Evelynn coyly smiled. "Only for now, darling. Only for now."

Akali quickly leaned away from Evelynn the second the vixen tried giving one of her cheeks a pinch, spinning around to face the counter again the moment she heard someone behind her say that their order was there and ready to be taken.

After meager acts of avoiding Evelynn's touch and finding a table in the restaurant, the amusing pair finally settled at a table for two, which mildly disappointed a particular goddess. Due to the lack of free space in the establishment, she couldn't move her seat to be closer to Akali or even occupy a chair beside the said artist.

"Here." Akali pushed a greasy-looking burger, a fair portion of fries and a plastic cup filled with cola to Evelynn's side of the table before she started eating her own share of the meal.

The magenta-haired beauty eyed the unhealthy food before her with slight distaste, but nonetheless began picking one of the fries up and taking a bite from it. Admittedly, it was nicely crispy and all, but of course she preferred something more adequate.

Although this was certainly not the date she was hoping to be taken out on by her grouchy creator, Evelynn was relishing in the fact that she was still, in some way, spending time with Akali.

As long as she's with Akali, she's considered an easy woman to please.

Halfway finishing her fifth piece of fries and still in the middle of contemplating if she should stop being finicky and just take at least a few bites from her burger, Evelynn took notice of a couple two tables away from them.

Despite being able to take nearly every man's, and some from women's, attention in the restaurant, the guy Evelynn was eyeing had all his focus on the girl with him. He happily accepted the french fry his girlfriend was offering to him, taking it from her fingers with his lips and giving a little wink at his date, causing the said female to giggle in return.

As quick as she had done her observation, Evelynn returned her gaze back to Akali, who seemed to be engrossed in her thoughts while she was absently chewing the food she had in her mouth.

In Akali's head, she was trying to think of what she's going to be doing with Evelynn once her holiday vacation finishes and she has yet to kick her out of her apartment. If it does come to that, then she'll have to leave a complete stranger at her own home, which was not the most appealing idea she has ever thought of.

A hasty glance here and there, Akali spotted most of the customers around them kept looking at their table. Judging from where their gaze always landed, she knew it was Evelynn that was captivating their attention. Eventually, she settled on disregarding the stares, admitting to herself that her companion truly was quite a sight to behold.

Too lost in her thoughts, Akali ended up being taken off-guard by the strip of potato being offered to her by the woman across the table. Evelynn had a cool smile on her face as she patiently waited for the food she was giving to be taken.

"...What're you doing?"

"Don't you want it?" Evelynn asked in her usual lighthearted tone, her smile remaining carved on her lips.

Akali blinked at Evelynn, trying to see if this was some sort of joke, but when the food wasn't pulled back, she knew the woman was waiting for her to get it.

A noticeable frown was quick to occupy Evelynn's face the moment Akali took the piece of potato and popped it in her mouth, wordlessly stealing the chance she was hoping on taking.

"Thanks." Came the half-hearted response before Akali refocused her attention back to her food.

"Well, that certainly defeats the purpose I had in mind." Evelynn insouciantly said, shaking her head before she finally yet delicately picked up her burger.

"What purpose?" Akali asked through the portion she had just bitten off from her burger.

Evelynn shook her head, choosing to brush off her little failure and just focus on eating. Her reaction briefly confused Akali and left her clueless towards the plan of romance she had just foiled, but with how the artist just shrugged to herself and returned to her meal, the goddess felt a strong pang in her chest.

Akali obviously didn't desire her company, but she certainly didn't hate it either. The fact that Evelynn was still there and hadn't disappeared to God knows where, then the beauty knew that deep inside, the illustrator wanted her to exist.

But Evelynn could feel it.

How the hope of her actually being real flickering, threatening to be extinguished by Akali's refusal in believing she was indeed true.

She had only finished half of her burger before she gave up on her dwindling appetite and just settled on staring off to the side while her creator finished her own lunch.

If Akali didn't believe in her, then maybe the day will come that she'll be desperate and that she'll have to resort to a different method in keeping her strength as goddess.

Just by the thought of such, Evelynn's face twisted in disdain.

She didn't do desperate.

But, a look at Akali and how the artist looked like she would rather do something else rather than be out on a so-called date with her, Evelynn knew she might not have a choice. She sincerely hoped that her odds would change once they finally go to the ice cream parlor.

Maybe asking nicely would work better in her favor.






The ice cream shop was surprisingly not as packed as Akali expected it to be. The place still had a handful of booths free to be occupied, which relieved her and at the same time made her a bit anxious.

The more they stayed out of her apartment, the more she was risking being seen with Evelynn by someone she knows from work. She honestly didn't mind it, but it would be a great hassle for her if she was approached by a colleague and be asked who the drawn goddess is.

Not to mention the possibility of a certain man seeing them and assuming they might be in a relationship with one another. There's this guy at her workplace that she has a huge crush on, so she didn't want to mess up her chances with the man by being spotted with Evelynn.

During their trip to the shop, Evelynn had shockingly asked permission if they could hold hands instead of just doing such act all of a sudden. Unfortunately, despite the siren's politely-said request, Akali outright rejected it.

"No way! That's just, I don't know, weird!" Was what she said, her gaze leaving Evelynn before she saw the disheartened look that crossed the woman's face. It was only a moment, but the affliction was crystal clear.

Akali's words had stung.

Nevertheless, Evelynn didn't let the brazen rejection faze her. She entered the parlor alongside Akali and with an idle smile plastered on her face, which showed how she wouldn't let herself be dragged down by the recent happenings.

"Okay," Akali started, reaching inside her pocket for her wallet. "what ice cream do you want?"

"Just vanilla." Evelynn said before adding, "Oh, and if it's alright, make sure to drown it in hot fudge please."

Akali slightly narrowed her eyes at the other female, somewhat weirded out by how she described what she wanted. Drowning an ice cream with hot fudge was usually how Akali wanted her own dairy treat. Only difference here was the fact that she preferred the flavor of matcha green tea instead of vanilla.

This was all coincidental. As much as she could, she was trying to convince herself with such reasoning, and so far, it's working. At least, she thinks it was. It just couldn't be possible that Evelynn also knew how she liked her ice cream.

"Right..." Akali eventually responded back, eyes still a bit squinted at the casually smiling woman.

Once again, when it was their turn to order, the cashier was distracted by Evelynn. Despite the fact that the employee this time was a female, the latter still seemed to be affected by the amber-eyed goddess.

Somewhat thankfully though, the woman was much more aware of her job and was able to take their order from Akali after the artist waved repeatedly in front of her face, not really in the mood of another repeat at the fast-food joint earlier. After accepting their order with a visible blush on her face, the cashier asked them to wait for a moment before turning away and preparing their ice creams.

"The ice cream parlor back home is more extravagant than this."

Akali's gaze whipped from one of the colorful wall decorations to the goddess who abruptly spoke up and voiced out her thoughts. She quirked an eyebrow at Evelynn, admittedly curious in knowing what she meant.


Evelynn nodded, taking her gaze away from one of the booths and redirecting it to her date. "Ionia."

"You live in Ionia?"

"Only because you do."

Akali pushed back a groan, muttering, "I thought for a second you were finally going to tell me something that's actually about yourself."

"You already know everything about me, darling."

"Oh come on, not this again." Akali murmured, sighing. "Can we not do this now? Not in public, please."

Much to Akali's surprise, Evelynn's face contorted confusion. "Why ask me questions you already know the answer of in the first place?"


"You know me."

"For the hundredth time, no, I don't."

"Oh, but the answer is yes, my adorable lover."

"Okay, one, I am not your lover. We are totally not 'together-together'. And wait, you think I'm adorable?" The last part was not only more of a question rather than a declaration, but it also sounded as if it was an afterthought laced with disbelief and embarrassment.

"Akali," Evelynn practically purred her name, and truth be told, Akali was just going to try her hardest in ignoring the tingling sensation that glided over her spine upon hearing such. "how many times must I say it? You made me a goddess. I am who you want me to be."

She stepped back, feeling her back firmly collide against the counter of the cashier, rendering her trapped between the mentioned surface and a very, very, very enchanting temptress, who seemed to be unrelenting with her intention in seducing her.




"Okay, can you like," Akali leaned back as much as she could without looking too conspicuous to possible spectators, flimsily gesturing at Evelynn while blushing madly. "not invade my personal space?"

Evelynn smirked and followed after her by simply leaning forward, teasing Akali by hovering her face right in front of the artist's own. "Oh, Akali,"

There it was again. That damned purr of this femme fatale was going to be the death of Akali's flustered heart.

"I think I can invade more than just your personal space."

Instead of slipping out of the predicament she was in and just sprint out of there like a headless chicken, Akali found herself staring into those gold eyes, which evidently brightened. They were glowing. Literally.

The dim irises now looked like they were flaming bright with some sort of power and the more Akali looked into them, the more her resolve was dissolving into nothing and morphing into this unexplainable yearning to pull Evelynn in for a kiss. She could feel the warm embrace of desire seep into her system like an intense heatwave that threatened to melt her on the spot.

The goddess was charming her.

And Akali found herself powerless to resist.

When Evelynn's lips were just an inch or two away from hers, Akali seriously thought she would suddenly have her breath stolen from her literally and figuratively.

But alas, the vixen surprised her when she touched her temple with the tips of two of her fingers and gently pushed her aside. Not only did Akali's body went along with the feeble action, but their locked gazes finally broke away from one another.

She placed a hand on the counter once she stepped to the side, turning her back to Evelynn, who accepted their ice creams from the still flushed employee. Akali brushed some of the hair in front of her face over her head, feeling all of her rationality and reasoning flood back in her head.

The charm was wearing off quite rapidly and no sooner than she expected, Akali found herself staring at Evelynn with a half-incredulous half-dazed look. The siren winked at her, both cups of their creamy treats in her grasp and eyes looking as normal as amber-colored irises can be, before nodding towards one of the vacant booths.

"Come." Was the only thing Evelynn said to her, heading to the described booth with a triumphant smirk playing on her lips.

For at least a second or two, Akali stared right at Evelynn's back, unable to comprehend what had transpired just a mere moment ago. The sensations she was feeling, the lust that had burned within her, the need that compelled her...

"H-Hey!" Akali chased after Evelynn, reaching the goddess just in time to see her slide on the leather seat at one side of the table.

"You should sit, darling." Evelynn invited her, gesturing at the cushioned space across her. "Wouldn't want these delights to go to waste."

Choosing to do so to avoid steering their conversation to a different topic, Akali hurriedly occupied the seat at the other side, her gaze immediately adamantly scrutinizing the woman seated in front of her.

"What the hell was that?" Akali questioned in a hushed yet harsh manner.

"What was what, hmm?" Evelynn asked in an innocent tone, finally placing both cups of ice cream on the table.

"What did you do to me?" She became and sounded more and more indignant with each question she fired at the other.

"Nothing you don't know already, honey." Evelynn cooed teasingly, clearly not seeing how Akali was becoming even more furious with her quips.

"Could you please stop that?" Akali wasn't pleading. She was demanding. "What. Did. You. Do?"

Akali was getting tired of Evelynn's attitude and advances. She may not have an entirely short fuse, but she didn't have that much patience either. She was the type to be blunt about things, so maybe it was time she showed this goddess how she handles these situations. She swore, if the woman didn't answer her straight now...

Evelynn lightly pushed her ice cream aside, placed her right elbow on the table and rested her chin on her palm, a complacent smile shaping her lips and a cool gaze serving as a response to Akali's harrowing stare.

"Would you believe me if I told you I charmed you?"







Wide amber eyes briefly regarded the ice cream cups that were swept off the table and was now on the floor, which acquired gasps of surprise from other customers, before darting back to the perpetrator's own gaze, azures burning with absolute frustration.

"How many times do you have to play this stupid game with me!?" Akali shouted at Evelynn, completely forgetting about their current location and the fact that they had more than a handful of audience to witness everything that was about to happen.

"Darling, you...-" Evelynn gave a little anxious laugh as she left her pose and tried calming Akali down, but her efforts in doing so were put in an abrupt halt the second the infuriated artist slammed a hand on the table.

"Could you stop that? I'm not your darling, nor am I ever gonna be!" Akali pointed an accusatory finger at Evelynn, causing the woman to become rigid from her place. "Stop treating me as if we have anything between us."

Evelynn's eyebrows furrowed slightly, while a deep frown was trying to invade her lips. "Akali, I'm...-"

"Just a woman I met literally a few hours ago? Oh yeah, that's definitely who you are." Akali's face twisted into a look of contempt, one that deeply wounded the goddess more than she would like to admit. "So why the hell am I out here with you of all people?"

"I..." Instead of being self-conscious about the attention their one-sided argument was garnering, for a goddess like Evelynn, she was feeling awfully small and inferior underneath the gaze of scorn she was receiving. Her voice could only fall into a quiet murmur, while her eyes dropped low and somewhere around the table. "I was told that you needed me..."

"Newsflash then, Evelynn,"

The woman wanted to wince at how Akali practically spat out her name with so much hate, but her remaining self-preservation was the only thing that held her back from showing such pitiful reaction. With her words acting like a knife, Akali stabbed Evelynn as deep each syllable could cut through.

"I don't need you."






One tear.

It was one tear.

One damned tear of a goddess was all it took to extinguish Akali's lividity.

The artist, who had been unawarely leaning over the table as she harshly abused Evelynn with her words, widened her eyes in shock. Everything she had done, everything she had said, it was registering in her head one by one and she was truly appalled at how she had just snapped at the woman in front of her.

The drop of misery was hurriedly wiped before it could fall past and over her cheek. The siren had fallen absolutely mute, somewhat appearing as if her voice had abandoned her out of fear.

Akali leaned back and straightened her posture as much as she could between the table and her seat, one hand rubbing her face out of shame and guilt.

"I, uhh..." She sucked in a breath, unable to look at Evelynn's, or anyone's, direction, eyes falling down until they were fixated on the table as well. "Evelynn, I'm...-"

"Excuse me." Was the barely audible whisper of the goddess before she promptly slid out of her seat and nimbly walked away from Akali and right out of the parlor.

The whisper sounded so broken. It vastly lacked the confidence and assured tone the goddess' voice seemed to always carry. Hearing such desolation coming from Evelynn felt like a punch in the gut for Akali.

The woman that had walked out on her was supposed to be no one to her, yet she felt like she had just destroyed something, someone, that's supposed to be a part of herself.

Immense guilt, regret and utter contrition pooling within her, Akali wanted to slap herself and bang her own head on the table for suddenly blowing up at Evelynn without even an ounce of mercy.

"Hey!" Akali tried calling out despite the blatant fact that Evelynn had already exited the shop. "W-Wait!"

With a hurried and shameful apology to the employees stationed at the cashier for the commotion she had caused, Akali ran out of the ice cream place and tried catching up to the woman she had crudely humiliated.

Not only did she know that her guilt was never going to leave her for the rest of her life if she didn't fix her grave mistake, but she just couldn't get the image of Evelynn shedding a tear she was undeniably not worthy of.

Unfortunately for Akali, when she stepped out of the building, all she saw were unfamiliar faces of passersby and not a single glimpse of magenta hair and amber eyes. The lack of traces of where Evelynn had went off to caused her to grip her hair out of frustration.


xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Chapter Text


Throat constricting, hands trembling, strength faltering, the magenta-haired woman forced herself to create as much distance as she could possibly make between herself and the ice cream parlor she was just in a minute or two ago.

Her shoulders bumped into strangers, but she didn't utter even a feeble apology. No, she was too focused in keeping herself from collapsing down on the ground. As much as she could, she kept her will as strong as she could manage.

If anyone were to regard her through her exterior, no one would notice how her façade was so close in shattering and unveiling the truth underneath. All the searing pain Akali's words had caused was agonizing, and it made things difficult in keeping the mask up.

The sketch Akali had created was folded and clutched by her right hand, fingers feeling too weak to crumple the paper. Her strength was just enough to keep it from slipping from her clutch, but despite the parchment being as light as a feather, Evelynn felt like it weighed more than a ton.

Her eyes were glassy, but not a single tear escaped its confines. She wouldn't allow it. One was enough for her, and shedding another felt like she was accepting the fact that Akali didn't want her. Thinking of doing such already immensely weakened her, so she refused.

Evelynn was stubborn, and even though Akali had made it oh so clear that she wanted nothing to do with her, she still had enough fire to fight for what she was told to be the truth. Akali desired for her to be real, yet maybe Zilean had overestimated the level of yearning.

How long could the flame of Evelynn's adamant resolve remain lit before it could be excruciatingly snuffed out by Akali herself?

The shirt, hoodie and the winter jacket Akali had lent her weren't providing enough warmth to fend off the coldness that was consuming her with every minute she spent out on the streets. Regardless, her legs, which were also mildly shaking not only because of the gradually depleting strength of hers but also falling victim to the weather's frigid grasp, pushed through and kept her on her feet.

Evelynn had no destination in mind, so it was purely coincidental that she eventually found herself momentarily stopping right in front of one of the main entrances of Valoran Park. It wasn't the exact place where Akali had been approached by Zilean, but it was an entrance still.

Maybe it wasn't a coincidence at all. Who would know, right?

When she was finally able to remove her gaze from the frost-coated archway spelling 'Valoran Park' with black metal, Evelynn proceeded down the snow-blanketed stone path, mind too preoccupied to take notice of the passing looks of admiration she received from the people she passed.

Misery was clearly written all over her beautiful face and was even accompanied with the aura of melancholy, yet it was not enough to deter passersby from paying at least a fair amount of attention to the aesthetic appearance she was gifted with.

"Looks like someone's feeling really down." A blithe, masculine voice abruptly said, immediately capturing Evelynn's attention.

Her gaze met lime green eyes through the cool water sprinkling up from the fountain at the center of the park, the carefree look on the blond's face half-hiding the sympathy he was feeling for her. Evelynn knew the man. He was tall, had a lean build and a noticeably impressive jawline. Truth be told, he was a tad bit narcissistic, but he was quite the charmer and a real lovable guy.

He was just like her.

"Rakan." Evelynn uttered his name rather quietly, which made it a little surprising that he even heard her.

"Evelynn." The blond grinned back, nodding.

"What're you doing here?" She questioned, remaining rooted on the spot she had stopped on. "Where's Xayah?"

Rakan lightly shrugged, burying his gloved hands in his jacket's pockets. "You let me worry about my lover. We're here for you right now, not me, much to my disappointment."


"Yes, we." Was the softly-uttered response of another person, specifically from the one that had unexpectedly joined their conversation.

Evelynn's eyes darted towards a path at her right, where she then found a woman with hair looking as white and majestic as snow, while she possessed pale skin and eyes as blue as the cool color of cerulean.

Another one like her. Like them.


The woman that had been acknowledged offered a small nod, returning the low-volume greeting with a wordless response. Unlike Rakan's fiery, and rather flashy, crimson jacket and light yellow winter pants, Ashe wore a long navy blue coat decorated with gold zippers and buttons, a matching snow hat perched on top of her head completing her outfit.

Ignoring the growing discomfort caused by the gelid state of the weather, Evelynn glanced between her two fellow creations. All three of them were, for lack of a better term, products of the imagination of three different individuals. It was rare for a handful of them to intentionally rendezvous in a single location.

Somehow, even though the pair's presence was already questionable, Evelynn still felt like someone was missing. There was going to be a fourth member in this unforeseen get-together, she just knew it.

"If you're wondering," Ashe began, briefly glancing at the people that were shockingly able to disregard their eye-catching appeals as she and Rakan approached Evelynn. "yes, there's still another."

Evelynn would've been startled by how the other woman had seemed to interpret her thoughts correctly, but she wasn't exactly the most normal female that walked on the face of the Earth.


As if they had rehearsed it, both Ashe and Rakan nodded to Evelynn's left, where she then found a woman with tanned skin and short dark tresses that seemed to be in the middle of the shades of black and brown. On either side of her head, there was a fair part of hair found at the front of her face decorated with unique-looking red accessories outlined by what looks to be gold. Not to mention the eyeliner she was wearing, which vividly emphasized her tremendous light violet eyes.

It was considerably surprising that the people around them seemed to be acting as if they didn't exist. Of course this was most probably a doing by either Zilean, or someone in the same category as the seemingly plain old man, to at least give them a form of privacy to discuss whatever it was that required them to gather in one place.

Instead of greeting the third newcomer, Evelynn flicked her attention between the three approaching her. Although it was admittedly nice to be around people she was familiar with, she wasn't overly fond of the possible reasons why they were there initially, especially since they had their respective lovers to spend the merry holiday with.

"What're you all doing here?" Evelynn was now sure luck wasn't the reason why she ended up at Valoran Park. She eyed each member of the trio with mild caution, her nerves tensing within her weakened body.

"It's quite nice to be greeted ever so politely." The third woman nonchalantly said, not at all taking offense for Evelynn's lack of acknowledgment.

"Evelynn loves you, Karma. Don't worry 'bout it." Rakan sprightly reassured, earning a small chuckle from the said woman.

"We're here because you seem to need a bit of guidance." Ashe chose to answer Evelynn's question, placing a hand on the siren's right shoulder.

Evelynn turned her gaze away from Ashe, shrugging her hand off. She half-heartedly scoffed as she bitterly asked, "And who told any of you that I needed such?"

"Braum." Rakan and Ashe replied in perfect unison as they both stopped at Evelynn's left, while Karma said, "Zilean."

The urge to flinch at the mention of the names who had brought them to life was suppressed, while Evelynn's hold on her sketch twitched. A soft sigh left her lips before she raised her eyes again, this time glancing between the one she hadn't properly greeted, the only man in their unusual group and the woman that she denied the gesture of comfort from.

"None of you should have bothered with my predicament." Evelynn said, the pain in her voice too clear to be masked by the snark she tried displaying.

"And none of us should be bothered by heartbreak in the first place." Rakan swiftly added to her statement, crossing his arms and shooting her a little look that he tried passing off as reprimanding. "Most especially not with today being Christmas."

"Oh what could a preposterous holiday do for me?" She once again questioned the three, mostly directing her words at Rakan, whose open smile was replaced by a frown. "Oh, I know, heartache and misery."

While Karma and Ashe regarded Evelynn with a gaze that made it obvious how they're both contemplating in how they'll be able to convince her to open up to them, Rakan ended up with nothing but a sympathetic expression yet again.

"I know it's quite a struggle to be rejected by your lover...-" Karma's words were cut off by another scoff from Evelynn, which was also partnered with a glare.

"You don't reserve the right to say that, Karma. We all know Lee welcomed you into his life without much question."

Karma parted her lips to deny, but she relented and ended up sighing in defeat. Evelynn had a point, so in some way, she was not the one that's capable in guiding the dejected goddess.

"Okay, alright, maybe Karma can't really say what she said, but Ashe and I can." Rakan interjected as smoothly as he could. "Xayah hated my guts from the very start, but where are we now? Yeah, we live in one apartment together. It's a bit shitty, but yeah, it's something we call ours."

The blond charmer then gestured at Ashe, who quirked an eyebrow at him and patiently waited for his description of her love life, her footing shifting to halfway face the rather lively man.

"And I'm sure you know about Ashe's dilemma with Katarina in the past. She was her side-chick for what? Three months?"

Ashe faked a cough, while Karma half-heartedly rolled her eyes.

"Don't exaggerate, dear. It was only one." Karma smoothly corrected, clearly understanding what the feigned cough Ashe gave meant.

"Well, whatever! The point here is that, look at me and her." Rakan gestured at himself and the white-haired woman. "Both of us didn't start great either. Xayah really hated me, Katarina only lusted for Ashe initially, but hey, our relationships are going great now."

"Rakan, I don't think you're helping." Ashe murmured, catching sight of how Evelynn was now giving the loud blond a sharp gaze.

"What I'm trying to say here is that it all starts badly." Rakan finally threw out his point. "They hate you, they don't love you, blah-blah-blah, but in the end they'll realize it."

"Realize what exactly?" Evelynn somewhat grunted out, face morphing in a scowl and looking distinctly unconvinced.

"Realize that it's us who they've been looking for this entire time." Rakan then placed both of his hands on her shoulders, grinning. "That it's you Akali needs."

"That's... actually a very good point." Ashe admitted, while Karma nodded in agreement.

"See? Told you two I can make a great case if I wanted to." Rakan somewhat boasted, doing a gesture of polishing his knuckles on his coat and softly blowing on it for additional effect.

As the two women seemingly commended Rakan for his efforts in making a sensible point for Evelynn, the said goddess was busy in mulling over the details that were laid out for her to see. Thankfully, the trio gave her some time for herself to actually think all of it through.




Evelynn softly gasped, and it was certainly not because of Rakan's very encouraging speech. A small rush ran up her spine, which eventually spread throughout her body, filling it with enough vim for her to feel more alive rather than like some machine running on fumes.

Akali was looking for her. She could feel it.

The increasing desire to find her, and maybe apologize to what she had done, it was a welcomed sensation Evelynn had been longing for. Holding onto her sketch was the only thing keeping her alive earlier, but now, Akali was giving her the strength she had lost after the incident at the ice cream shop.

Evelynn was only reeled back to the present when Ashe swiftly swiped the parchment she had in hand, raising it up to their eye level to further punctuate whatever point she was going to say.

"Try not to rely on this too much."

Evelynn frowned, her complete feel of relief somewhat short-lived due to the small interruption. "In case you didn't notice, I didn't exactly have a choice."

"Regardless," Ashe slipped the paper into one of the front pockets of Evelynn's jacket. "Akali made you a goddess, didn't she?"

"What does that have to do with this?"

"A god," Karma spoke up again, rejoining the conversation. "or at least in your case, a goddess, has followers."

"Believers, worshippers, the works." Rakan listed out, which prompted the two other women to nod.

"If you can't have Akali's truest belief towards your existence, then you can always make a believer out of someone else." Karma explained.

"And it's not exactly limited to one." Ashe added, following up with a light shrug and, "Or two."

"Or more." Rakan piped in, winking.

"Are you three implying that I should start my own religion?" Evelynn asked with sarcasm and disbelief mixed along with her tone.

"That's actually not a bad idea." Rakan off-handedly agreed, earning one pinch each on both his sides from their two companions. "Ow!"

"As ridiculous as he had worded it, it's somehow like that." Ashe reluctantly concurred. "If ever you and Akali experience this bad of a conflict again, then you won't have to worry about your lifeline anymore."

"A deity cannot be forgotten if she is remembered and acknowledged by at least one person." Karma stated, raising a finger for further emphasis. "Although the belief of random strangers isn't what you're seeking for, it can still save you from suffering the fear, or the possibility itself, of non-existence."

"A back-up, then."

"More like a safety-net, but yes, you could also call it that."

"Is that what you two had done?" Evelynn queried, eyeing Rakan and Ashe.

"Ehhh, I actually just bugged Xayah until some freak accident happened, which I heroically, if I may say, saved her from. From then on, she gave me a chance and well, we got together eventually."

"What about you?" This time, those amber-colored eyes directed to Ashe.

"My situation was... different." Ashe started, lightly shrugging. "Katarina didn't exactly value me as much as she was expected to, so in order for me to put a stop to my disappearance, I... befriended someone."

"More like seduced someone." Rakan muttered rather cheekily, earning a sharp elbow in the side from Karma. "Ow!"

"More or less, I had something to hold onto other than hope for my creator's attention." Ashe said dismissively. "It's the reason why Karma and I are suggesting this idea to you now."

Nodding once, Evelynn's gaze wandered back down to the ground, her head filling up with possible approaches in performing the given recommendation. Only when a strong breeze brushed over her back and made her lightly shudder did she lift her head back up again, but before she could bring the three back in her line of sight, a couple of unexpected turn of events transpired.

The white scarf Karma was wearing was gently wound around her neck, the red and yellow gloves Rakan had was now being slipped on her own hands and lastly, Ashe's blue snow hat ended up being securely perched over her head.

Evelynn had just finished adjusting the fit of those three accessories on her when she refocused her gaze back to her companions, only to find their backs facing her. They were going their separate ways, more than just five steps away from her already.

While Rakan flashed her a thumbs up and spared a wink over his shoulder as a form of boost and farewell, Karma and Ashe settled on presenting their own versions of a smile that bid her good luck. The more they became far from one another, the more the people started to notice their enthralling features once again.

"Thank you."

Even though Evelynn merely told her thanks in a murmur only she herself heard, she knew that the others didn't need to hear it to actually know how she was grateful for their advice and their provision of motivation.

Turning around and walking down her own marked path, Evelynn found herself instilled with a renewed drive in improving her relationship with Akali. She may not be able to immediately coax the artist to share a romantically intimate moment with her, but maybe, just maybe, they could gradually develop into something more than what they are at the moment.

Meanwhile, back with a particular blue-eyed female...

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit..."

The same cuss was repeated over and over again by the illustrator that sounded like a broken record. It's been more than an hour ever since she had searched the places where Evelynn could have run off to.

Sure, Akali was probably supposed to be happy that she finally got rid of the woman that had shockingly gotten inside her apartment in the morning, but she couldn't bring herself to accept the fact that she did so in a horrible manner.

If finding Evelynn and sincerely apologizing to her would bring her back home, as long as Akali was gifted the forgiveness she was hoping to receive, then the artist was absolutely willing to open her apartment to the goddess. She felt like it was the least she could now, especially with how awful she had treated her earlier. Friend or not, that was not the appropriate way to handle their situation.

Throughout her search though, her efforts seemed to be futile. The only things she had seen that were somewhat worth mentioning was the good-looking blond man waiting at a bus stop, the lovely, short-haired woman that had been crossing the street and the stunning, pale-skinned lady she had nearly bumped into on her way to her apartment.

Despite the three mentioned strangers possessing sightly appearances, none of them came close to Evelynn's beauty. Not in Akali's eyes, at least. The siren had a different allure that reeled her in like a magnet.

She denied the said pull though. With a lot of effort, too.

Akali was honestly freaked out by Evelynn's eyes and what they seemed to be capable of, but she couldn't fully focus about that specific detail due to the growing need to find the mentioned vixen. She really was guilty of how she responded towards the way Evelynn was seducing her with an incomprehensible ability she didn't know of until she was under the influence of said power.

Feeling like she was being tricked without any shame at all, Akali had overreacted and caused an unnecessary scene no one should've been involved in. It was not only Evelynn's provocation, but also Akali's lack of control over her anger. She still knew her reason wasn't enough to snap at the siren.

The sun was already setting by the time Akali turned around the corner leading to the street where her apartment building can be located at. What she didn't exactly expect to see though was the woman she's been searching for standing at the bottom of the steps of the structure's entrance, hands buried in her pockets and shoulders slightly hunched to keep herself as warm as she could manage in such an unforgiving weather.


At first Akali wanted to run towards the magenta-haired female, but with the sidewalk being decorated with an extremely thin layer of ice, she decided that she valued her body and wouldn't want to slip on ice, which of course prompted her in approaching Evelynn in the manner of race-walking.

The more she vanquished the distance between them, the more the oblivious woman's features became pronounced in Akali's sense of sight. The goddess' profile was as beguiling as the frontal view, and even with their difference in body measurements and the clothing's naturally baggy look, she could still spy the distinct curves of the siren's gorgeous figure.

Instead of greeting the woman like Akali expected herself to do, the moment she stopped right beside Evelynn and met her amber-hued gaze, she felt her words get caught. Earlier, those eyes had this heart-wrenching look, the memory of that image in particular causing Akali to swallow the guilt clogging her throat so suddenly.

The guilt-inducing gleam was now gone though. It was replaced with a clear view of hope, fondness and joy in seeing her again. Their last interaction wasn't exactly the most friendly, which made Akali feel even more shameful upon receiving such a warm look as a greeting from the woman she had shouted at.

"Let's, uh," Akali cleared her throat and nodded her head to the building's entrance. "go inside."

"Alright." Was the only thing Evelynn said, trailing after Akali as she climbed up the slightly slippery steps.

During their short trip up to her apartment unit, Akali became aware of the three additions to the attire she had lent Evelynn. All three didn't really match the outfit's theme, but despite the whole set being a little tacky, the goddess seemed to be pulling it off quite well.

She thought about asking where Evelynn had obtained them, but she ended up pushing the idea away. That wasn't the greatest way to start a conversation, especially with the issue still present between them.

It was nearing evening already, so not only did Akali needed to bring out one of her pillows and some spare sheets and blanket for Evelynn, but she also needed to cook them some dinner soon. Would Evelynn mind having spicy ramyun for tonight's meal?



The two pursed their lips together, the artist's cheeks reddening while the goddess averted her gaze from her creator. The awkwardness swallowed the pair whole for at least a couple of minutes before Akali loudly sighed and chose to speak first.

"Listen, Evelynn, I'm..." Akali rubbed her nape, while she refused to look at the woman and meet her stare. "What happened earlier, the shouting I did, it was really..."

"I deserved it."

Akali's eyes widened, head snapping upward and gaze engaging eye contact with Evelynn. "What? No, you didn't! No one deserves that kind of treatment."

"No one but me." Evelynn coolly replied, a look of what seemed to be understanding taking place in her eyes. "I used an ability of mine onto you without your permission, so your reaction wasn't entirely uncalled for."

"That still doesn't excuse what I did. I made you cry and, um, well..." Akali muttered, shoulders hunching and a darker shade of redness spreading across her cheeks. "...I feel really bad."

Akali wasn't the type to put herself in these types of circumstances, so she wasn't used to apologizing and putting herself on the spot. The image of Evelynn and that crystal clear tear that's been haunting her for the past few hours, was really killing Akali, so sincerely saying sorry was more than worth the embarrassment.

"Nonsense!" Came a laugh-like reply, which was also accompanied with a wave of dismissal. "I was the one at fault, so I should be the one apologizing."

"I don't think you understand where I'm coming from here."

Evelynn raised an eyebrow at her. "I know you're only doing this because you're feeling guilty."

Akali winced. Well, that was blunt. She hunched her shoulders even more, somewhat regretting that she had taken off her coat already and was left feeling too exposed in her sweater.

"Guilty or not, I'm still sorry. You of all people deserve at least a meaningful apology." Akali sucked in a breath, tucked her arms in front of her and bowed deeply. "Gomenasai, Evelynn."

In front of Akali, Evelynn stared back with wide eyes of her own. Out of all things that could've happened, she didn't expect the artist to just bow down to her like she was doing now. Although, Evelynn probably should have expected it, knowing how Akali was raised by her family.

No one knew Akali better than her, right?

"Well, as your goddess, I...-"

"I don't want you to forgive me because of that." Akali cut off, straightening her posture again. She looked directly into Evelynn's eyes, slightly startling the other with her stare. "I want you to forgive me as Evelynn, the woman I treated awfully earlier."


"And creator or not or whatever, I'm saying sorry as someone who humiliated you and is now feeling real shitty because of it. I really do regret everything I said,"

"Akali, it's...-"

"so I'm really hoping you'd accept my so...-"

Evelynn had heard enough and was feeling an extreme need to put an end on the artist's long and disorganized yet true apology. It's not that she didn't appreciate it or anything, but it was mainly because she'd rather move past what had happened and maybe proceed to whatever awaits them in the future.

Therefore, Akali didn't finish her apology.

She wasn't allowed to.

Akali could hear her heart suddenly beating in her ears like a wild drum being pounded dramatically, sounding as if her current company could hear it. Eyes once again widening in shock, body becoming frozen solid like a statue and words vanishing from her mind, the illustrator was rendered immobile by the woman that stood before.

The same woman that had their lips delicately placed over Akali's forehead.

While the artist looked absolutely close in screaming, melting and fainting all at the same time, Evelynn was the epitome of coolness and composure as she completely focused her mind in savouring the warmth of the gesture she was performing.

Although Akali didn't sputter and stumble with what she had in mind in saying, it was only because she was too speechless to even utter a single syllable once the unexpected kiss came to an end. An end that she refused to admit she hoped in not existing.

Right in front of her, as in directly in front of her very own face, Evelynn gently smiled before pulling her in and hugging her tightly. It wasn't awkward, nor uncomfortable, like she expected how an embrace of a stranger would feel. No, it was like a tender solace she knew she had a huge chance in missing once it was gone.

"I forgive you."

"You... You do?" Akali managed to get out, still denying the fact that a part of herself was relishing the soothing warmth Evelynn's embrace provided.

"Mm-hm, I do." Evelynn murmured, eyes drifting close and arms slightly tightening her hold around Akali, whose blush threatened to worsen.

"It can't be that easy, right?" Akali asked as she forced herself to ignore the inner desire of her heart and gently started to pry herself away. Surprisingly, Evelynn released her without an ounce of a struggle.

"You apologized, I forgave you. It's done." Evelynn simply stated, the soft smile on her lips threatening to make Akali's heart flutter.

"I still feel like I should make it up to you."

"Are you letting me decide?"

Akali cleared her throat, while she tried her best to tone her blush of embarrassment down a notch. "As long as it's reasonable, I guess."

"If that's the case," Evelynn tucked her arms behind her and offered a small and open smile. "then will you let me stay here with you?"

"For how long?"

"It would be rather weird if I say as long as you live, wouldn't it?"

"...It's already weird."

Evelynn chuckled. "Alright, fine. Let me stay here with you until I get the financial means to move out."

"There's a vacant unit across the hall actually." As soon as Akali uttered her suggestion, she was immediately overcome by the urge to slap herself. What the hell was she doing? Her encouragement came out of nowhere, and she herself was shocked that she even told Evelynn about the unoccupied space next-door.

Judging from Evelynn's brightened expression though, the siren was clearly pleased with her idea. "Oh, yes, that'd be a delightful choice."


"Alright then, my temporary roommate," Evelynn started. "what will we be having for dinner?"

"Uhh..." Akali scratched the back of her head, already feeling embarassed with what she's about to offer. "Spicy ramyun...?"

"Quite an exquisite choice for our evening meal."

"Okay, I know, it sucks that we'll only be having instant noodles as our Christmas dinner. Can you at least tone the sarcasm down a bit?"

A soft titter. "Would you like some help in the kitchen?"

"No thanks." Akali said as she started towards the kitchen, feeling a bit embarrassed that she'll only be serving such a mediocre treat for the supposedly special holiday. "I think I'm perfectly capable in boiling water by myself."

"Careful not to burn yourself."


After getting out everything that was necessary to prepare her favorite noodles, Akali was left to put the pot on the stove, where she began to boil the water she had mentioned earlier.

Her attention was taken away from the simmering water once she heard the television turn on. Raising her head, she found Evelynn surfing through the channels while situated on one of the couches, probably searching for something entertaining to watch.

"What're you looking for?" Akali asked from her place at the kitchen area.

"I honestly don't know." Evelynn admitted with a little laugh. "All the shows being aired are all about family reunions and Christmas miracles."

"Well, it is Christmas." Akali pointed out, ripping the packs of ramyun open. After hearing hum as a form of response, the artist lifted her gaze again, but this time it landed on the scarf, gloves and hat neatly folded and piled on the coffee table. "Hey,"

"Yes?" Came the other's reply, most of her attention still focused on the television.

"where'd you get those stuff?"

"What stuff?"

"The scarf, the gloves..." Akali briefly gesture at her own head. "...the hat?"

"Oh, those." Evelynn glanced at the accessories before looking over her shoulder and to Akali. "Some of my... friends gave them to me."


"Yes, friends."

"You have friends?"

Evelynn quirked an eyebrow. "Is it that hard to believe?"

Akali winced, face lightly coloring. "'Course not. Was just curious."

"Let me guess," Evelynn shifted from her place on the couch, placing her hands on top of the backrest and perching her chin over them. "you're wondering why I'm staying with you instead of them?"

"There's that, I guess."

"Unlike you, sweetness, they have their lovers waiting for them at home."

Akali flinched visibly, not knowing if she was going to be flattered by the nickname or be affected by the statement. "Thanks for rubbing it in my face that I'm single."

Evelynn sweetly smiled, her teasing tendencies returning. "You're welcome."

The conversation could have ended there and Akali could have just resumed in cooking the noodles and letting Evelynn get back to channel-surfing, but her curiosity got the best of her. She sighed and quietly cursed herself, knowing she'll probably regret what she's about to bring up.

As much as she probably shouldn't do what she's intending on doing, she knew they had to get everything out of the way and be more open to each other, especially if Evelynn really was going to be her temporary roommate.

"Hey, Evelynn?"

"Hmm?" It was surprising for her how Evelynn was still looking at her over the backrest, seemingly waiting for her and expecting to hear whatever it was she wanted to discuss.

"If you really are someone that I, as you said, created, are you like some sort of...-"

Evelynn made a face, cutting Akali off with, "No, darling, I'm not a Christmas miracle."

Akali let out a breath. "Oh."

"It's just a mere coincidence that I was given to you on the exact date of this holiday."


Evelynn lightly sighed, pressing her cheek against her palm. "Akali, honey, how about you finish cooking our dinner, so we could finally talk about whatever's on your mind without any interruptions?"

"Fine." Akali forfeited, refocusing her attention back to their evening meal.

Few minutes later, Akali placed two bowls of ramyun and two glasses of water on the coffee table, feeling a bit proud of herself when Evelynn hummed in delight at the savory aroma. Once she gave Evelynn her own set of chopsticks, the two of them started eating.

Of course slurping it all up would've been a more accurate term in describing Akali's method of devouring.

The goddess let the blue-eyed female consume half of her bowl of noodles first before she chose to resume the conversation she promised they'll continue for tonight.

"I know you have questions about me and I suppose the things I tried doing to you weren't precisely the most normal and reasonable," Evelynn truthfully told Akali. "which is why I'm giving you the freedom in asking me anything you want to know about where I came from, why I'm here and whatever else you can think of."

Akali blinked at Evelynn for a fairly long moment, noodles hanging from her lips and looking nothing like the dashing illustrator the vixen usually sees. Realizing her predicament, Akali quickly slurped her the noodles in and chewed hurriedly, swallowing immediately after.

"Okay," Akali began after drinking at least half of the contents of her glass. "by anything, do you really mean anything I want to ask?"

Evelynn nodded. "Anything."

"You sure?"

"Even if you ask me what my bust size is, I would gladly answer."

"N-No thanks." Akali declined a bit bashfully, cheeks regaining a light pink hue yet again. "Alright, umm, so you promise that whatever you say is the truth?"

A nod.

"Okay then, your name is...?"


"Evelynn what?"

"Just Evelynn."

"No family name?"

The woman shook her head. "None."


"Do you really want me to answer that?"

Akali hesitated, but it was only for a brief moment. "Yeah, I do."

"Alright." Evelynn straightened her posture a little, also arranging her hold on her bowl. "I have no family name because you didn't give me one."


"Now, now, I know how idiotic that may sound, but like it or not, it's the truth."

"So if I tell you your last name is, let's say 'Buttface', your name will be Evelynn Buttface?"

Evelynn's right eye twitched. "Much to my absolute distaste towards it, yes, it will be."

Akali pursed her lips, feeling a bit childish when she found herself withholding her laughter. She placed her bowl down on the table, focusing most of her strength in keeping her snickering as mute as she could.

Clearly, she was failing.

"Might as well call me an asshole while you're at it." Evelynn flatly suggested, unamused at her immaturity.




Evelynn loudly sighed, also abandoning her bowl of ramyun on the table before gesturing and saying, "Just laugh it out."


Akali fell back on the sofa, practically guffawing as she held her sides. Tears of joy pooled at the corners of her eyes as she laughed at the utterly ridiculous example of a name for the woman seated across her, who looked entirely displeased with the supposedly humorous last name.

"Evelynn Buttface! HAHAHAHA!" Akali wheezed out, taking her sweet time in laughing at her own joke.

"...It's not even hilarious."

"It so is!"

"No, it isn't."

"It'd be the biggest joke if that really will be your name!"

Evelynn frowned, but her expression soon morphed into a somewhat pleading look. "Please tell me you're not at all serious in giving me such a... preposterous last name."

"Okay, okay..." Akali gradually calmed down, wiping the tears caused by her laughter away with her fingers. She reassummed her position on the couch earlier, coughing and clearing her throat a bit as she composed herself. "Fine, let's just leave your name as 'Evelynn' for now."

"Much appreciated."

Akali cleared her throat for the umpteenth time before asking, "I want to know who created you."

Evelynn raised an eyebrow at her.

"And I mean the one that literally gave you life. Made you, well, real." Akali clarified. "You've already made it clear that you're the one in my drawing, so if I designed you, then who created you?"




"As in, you're alive because of him?"

"Because of his ability, yes."

Akali leaned in, a gesture Evelynn copied just to hear whatever it was she asked in a quiet murmur. "...Is he Santa Claus?"




"Ow! Ow! Ow!"

Evelynn sweetly smiled at Akali as she pinched the artist's ear, her fine nails digging quite painfully. "I told you, didn't I? I am not a Christmas miracle."

"Okay, okay, okay! Oww!" Akali reacted with a low hiss, squirming visibly in pain. "What the hell's wrong with being a Christmas miracle anyway?"

"Many things."

Akali reeled back immediately the second Evelynn released her right ear, her hands coming up to gently massage the soreness away. She eyed the woman with a small pout as she asked, "What's so bad about it?"

"Well, mainly, as someone who was given in Christmas and has a name literally with the word 'Eve' in it," Evelynn motioned with her hand as if her reasoning made absolutely perfect sense. "it's like an ironic coincidence."

"I... never thought about that."

"Of course you didn't."

"No, no, I'm serious here. I literally just thought that Zilean was Santa Claus because of, y'know, how he looks."

Sighing and half-heartedly rolling her eyes, Evelynn sarcastically said, "Put an old man in a red and white Santa suit and add a beard into the mix, and suddenly, it's Santa Claus."

"Oh come on, you know where I'm coming from with my assumption."

"Doesn't mean I concur with it."

Akali huffed. "Point taken."

Surprisingly, her conversation with Evelynn was going quite well. There weren't any awkward moments and she felt even more at ease around the woman, especially since the latter wasn't just jumping at her and attempting to sleep with her at the first chance she could get. All in all, everything felt light and warm.

"Anything else you'd like to ask?" Evelynn inquired, patiently waiting for Akali to ask her more questions.

"Uhh..." Akali tapped her chin for a couple of times in contemplation before she perked up and asked, "If Zilean gave you life after I drew you, then does that mean there might be others out there? Other like you?"

"There are others like me."

Akali's eyes widened at that. "Really?"

Did that mean she wasn't the only one that freaked out because a person from their imagination came alive? Somehow, knowing such fact gave Akali a huge wave of relief. Maybe she wasn't really cuckoo after all.

"I met some of them earlier." Evelynn admitted, recalling her unexpected meeting with a particular trio. "The Eternals sent them."


"It's what we call beings like Zilean."

"Oh." Akali responded and nodded rather dumbly. "There's more like him?"

"Yes, but you won't find them." Evelynn answered. "You're already lucky enough to encounter an Eternal once in your lifetime. Most people don't."

"So it's these Eternals that decide whose wish could come true and whose can't?"

"It's not just a little wish, and it's never that simple." Evelynn clarified with a serious look. "The reason is always deeper than anyone would assume."

"If people like Zilean are called Eternals, then what do they call people like you?"

Evelynn leaned back, taking her bowl of ramyun back in her hands and stirring the contents with her chopsticks. "It depends, honestly. A creation, a gift, a product, a beautiful innovation, it depends on what our creator deems us."

"It depends on... me?"

"You can even see me as a curse." Evelynn nonchalantly offered. "A problem you just want to rid yourself of."

Akali frowned, while guilt crossed her face. "I really am sorry about what I did."

"I'm not trying to guilt you into anything if that's what you're thinking right now." Evelynn clarified with a soft look. "I'm merely answering your question."

"Listen. I know I didn't exactly... accept you at first, but can you at least give me another chance? I was honestly just surprised that you, out of all the things I've drawn, came to life." Akali then mildly blushed, murmuring, "That, and you really came onto me real strong."

Evelynn tenderly smiled. "The chance is yours, darling. I myself am sorry about how I caused you discomfort."

"No, no, it's fine. I mean..." Akali shifted from her place, retaking her own bowl of noodles. "Everything's okay now, right?"


Their conversation faded after, both women falling in a comfortable moment of silence, which easily passed as they took it as an opportunity to resume eating their evening meal. Whenever Akali's gaze would wander to Evelynn though, she'd always get caught and end up receiving a little smile, which never failed to make her flush with a light shade of red.

"Can I ask about your friends?" Akali queried out of curiosity, her bowl of ramyun so close in being emptied.

"What about them?"

"You said they have lovers, right?"

"The three that I recently met, yes."

"Others aren't in a relationship?"

"People don't always ask for a person whenever they're approached and gifted by an Eternal." Evelynn explained. "For example, there's this child a couple of months ago that asked for a companion. A dog, to be specific."

"Oh, so it's not completely limited."


"The ones that you met up with, they're from around here?"

"There are honestly a handful of people here that have been as lucky as you."

"Did Zilean approach all of them here?"

"Not all, but some, yes."

"Would you know if you're facing someone like you?"

"I would." Evelynn proudly replied, her smile adding quite an effect to her response. "It's an aspect that comes naturally to me and my fellow creations. Call it instinct, or so, but we already know each other even before we came to life."

"Because of what I did earlier," Akali asked, fiddling with her chopsticks and swirling the broth within her bowl. "is that why they met up with you?"

Evelynn shrugged. "I honestly didn't expect to cross paths with them, but apparently, the Eternals decided that I needed to speak with creations like me."

Akali slightly pouted. "Did... Did I really hurt you that bad?"

"Don't think too much about that issue anymore. It's water under the bridge." Evelynn reassured. "At least I was given some advice by my fellow creations."


"Yes, advice. One that would greatly help me in the future, as they said."

"Oh, well, that's really nice of them."

"It was."

"So, uhh..." Akali scratched the back of her head. "Can you tell me all about them?"

Again, Evelynn shrugged. "What do you want to know?"

"How your friends came to be, I guess?"

"Well," Evelynn rubbed her chin as she thought about the three she had spoken with. "Karma came to be a few weeks after Lee Sin was released from the hospital. He was frustrated in losing his sense of vision and when he crossed paths with Zilean by some miracle...-"

"He asked him to describe Karma, didn't he?"

Evelynn nodded, gesturing at her sides as she said, "And that's how Karma came to be."

"And he let her enter his life just like that?"

"I'm not being mean or anything, but it might be because Lee Sin didn't exactly see a naked woman walking around his apartment."

The yawn that was supposed to leave Akali was replaced by the blush that crept up her cheeks, reddening them yet again. "Y-Yeah, it was probably that."

Chuckling, Evelynn asked, "Would you like me to proceed to the next person?"

Silently, Akali nodded, interest still piqued.

"Rakan is another creation like me. He's a carefree type of person and is rather energetic. Too energetic, if you ask me." Evelynn stated, lightheartedly rolling her eyes at the thought of the blond. "His creator, Xayah, was this rebellious, runaway that wanted nothing to do with him after she had spoken to Braum on her way to her apartment."

"Is Braum another Eternal?"

Evelynn nodded. "He is."

"Thought he was another pimp or something." Akali couldn't help but quip, remembering how she had once referred to Zilean as some sort of perverted old man involved in some shady business.

"Do you really want Divine Judgment to strike you where you stand?"

The moment she heard Evelynn's exasperated question, Akali hurriedly made a zipping motion across her lips, wordlessly telling the siren that she wasn't going to mock the Eternals any more than she had. She may not believe the Eternals existence completely, but the possibility of them actually existing and absolutely able to smite her anywhere she could be was enough to halt her attempts of mockery.

"Long story short, it was less than two weeks when an accident happened and Xayah nearly died from it, but of course because of Rakan, they're now living happily ever after."

"You sound bitter about them."

"I'm not." Evelynn muttered. "He just often gloats about how he was such a hero that time."

"Ah." Akali was just about to ask about the third person when she wad suddenly taken over by a yawn, which earned her a mildly amused look from the other female. "What about...-"

"I think Ashe's story can be told in another time." Evelynn said, placing her more than half-eaten bowl of ramyun on the table. "You look like you need some rest."

"No, no, I'm not tired at all."

"You can probably fool anyone, darling, but I am will not be one of them."

"But I still want to talk about what you're capable of!"

Evelynn sighed. "We can continue this tomorrow if you truly want to know."

"You sure?"

"You have my word."

"Okay, fine." Akali gave up, briefly making a face before she finally decided to start cleaning up for the night.

"I'll handle the dishes. Go take a quick shower, so you can sleep."

"Wait, I'll get you some stuff first."

While Evelynn got up first and gathered the bowls, Akali went to her bedroom and started rummaging through her closet for some sheets. Once she acquired the things she needed for Evelynn, she snatched one of her pillows from her bed and finally went back to the living room.

"I don't exactly have a sofa-bed, so maybe this one will do?" Akali asked Evelynn, gesturing at the three-seater couch.

"That's perfectly fine." The magenta-haired woman replied, smiling over her shoulder before returning her gaze back to the bowls and some other dishes Akali had left from yesterday's lunch.

Akali placed the sheets and pillow on one of the loveseats, taking the comforter to place over the sofa Evelynn will be sleeping on. Once most of it was covered, she took the pillow and brushed off any possible dust it might be covered with before placing it on one of the couch.

"This blanket here's for you." Akali said, presenting a dark green fleece blanket to the siren before placing it over the pillow. "I'll go see if I have some more clothes that could fit you for tonight."

"That would be much appreciated, thank you."

"We can probably go shop for some clothes for you tomorrow."

"Won't you be buying that gaming console you had been eyeing for the past few months?"

Akali momentarily froze, sighing as she scratched the back of her head. "Right, of course you know about that, uhh..."

"...I spooked you again, haven't I?"

"By saying stuff that no one's supposed to know but myself? Yeah, pretty much." Akali feigned a cough as she shifted from her place. "If you really are what and who you say you are, then I guess I should start getting used to it."

"I appreciate your trust, darling. Truly, I do."

"As for the console, I guess it could wait." Akali said in a quiet mumble.

Evelynn's face became visibly concerned, making it quite obvious how she wasn't in favor of the artist's decision. "You've wanted to buy it ever since it was released."

"Yeah, but it's more important to buy you some clothes and stuff first."

"But, darling..."

"Hey, it's no big deal." Akali shrugged, convincingly appearing nonchalant about the little issue. "Don't worry 'bout it."

No matter how much she would try to lie, Akali would always fail in hiding the truth from Evelynn. It was a given trait the moment the woman shifted from a mere fantasy to actual reality.

"Alright, I won't."






Dishes clean and tucked in the cupboards, Evelynn was left to enjoy a warm shower as a reward afterwards. Akali had given her a green, oversized jersey with Ionia University's logo sown over one of the sleeves, the black-colored number ten clearly outlined with white.

Her sleepwear for tonight was big enough to cover below her waist, but it was only barely, which of course, exposed her shapely thighs and long legs for her beloved creator, who was quick to bid good night before retreating in the bedroom, to see. The underwear she had once again borrowed from Akali felt much smaller and tighter. Until they haven't bought any clothes that could fit her figure, Evelynn could not afford to be choosey, and neither could Akali.

By the time Evelynn had dried her hair and hung her towel on the hook Akali vacated for her in the bathroom, she quietly made her way to the quarters of the artist. Despite the fact that they had said good night to one another, the siren was too tempted, and a bit curious, to see if Akali was still awake.

Although, just like what she predicted, when she tried twisting the knob of the bedroom, it clicked in resistance and refused to turn. Of course Akali locked the door. She was sharing her apartment with someone she barely knew after all. Evelynn softly sighed to herself and decided to just return to the living room to find her way to her own dreamland.

Evelynn scoffed at the notion of such. Creations like her don't dream. Why would they if they themselves are a dream come true of another?

Swiping the gas lighter she found in one of the cabinets in the kitchen, Evelynn made her way to the sofa. She fell on the couch and onto the comforter laid above it, sighing at the additional comfort the latter offered.

Instead of laying down the moment she had settled, she reached out for her sketch on the coffee table. The folded paper was in between the folds of Karma's scarf, which gave her no trouble in withdrawing the item.

The goddess did nothing but stare at the parchment she now had in hand. She raised it enough for her to audit it with a clear view, its folded state preventing her from seeing the drawing she originated from.

Akali may not be kicking her out of the apartment and may not despise her as much as Xayah had once detested Rakan, she still knew the artist still had a long way to go before she fully believed in her. This only meant that Evelynn still had to rely on such a worthless-looking paper.

In the middle of the moonlit living room, a dim glow of orange emitted from the tip of the gas lighter, which sparked to life the moment Evelynn pulled its trigger downward with one of her fingers.

The small flame came close to one of the corners of the paper, hovering just an inch or two away from the thin object. With just a little shift, Evelynn knew she could burn the parchment right then and there.

Erase herself from Akali's life and remain into nothing but a doodle that will never come to be in the future.

Evelynn's eyebrows furrowed in what seemed to be a form of struggle as she hesitated in turning her current source of life into ashes.

The thought of Akali being left with no choice but to adjust to her and need to sacrifice things she wished to own just for the sake of clothing and feeding her was drivng Evelynn to keep the lighter on and the flame alive.

But, the initial purpose that caused her to exist was still fighting. Zilean gifted her to Akali for a reason, and that reason is as true as she is.

Akali was lonely.

Ever since she left her country and continued her life mostly by her own, the artist was craving for someone to keep her company. Deep inside herself, there was this genuine longing she had yet to realize she owned in the first place. She was so used to being close to her family and friends back home, so flying off and staying in a different country all by herself was really considered a bit frightening and more than a little lonesome.

That is the reason why Evelynn retrieved her finger from the trigger, the audible click of the gas lighter echoing throughout the room.

If the artist will let her, then Evelynn will never let Akali walk alone.

"She still needs me." Evelynn whispered, her words directed to herself and mainly uttered to vanquish her doubts towards her purpose. She chuckled rather sarcastically after a moment of staring, lightly shaking her head as she placed the lighter on the table, while she slid the sketch back to its hiding place in the scarf. "The things we say to hold on..."

Dismissing any other matters that threatened to occupy her mind, Evelynn finally laid down and tucked herself underneath her blanket. The moment she turned and buried half of her face into the pillow, her breath hitched and she became briefly still before relaxing completely.

Evelynn smiled as she took in the scent Akali had left on the plush cushion. Eventually, the pillow didn't last long under her head, for she took it into her arms and settled on embracing it, which greatly helped her in closing her eyes and ultimately allowed her in falling in her dream-less slumber.

The pillow was the only suitable substitute for the warmth she was truly yearning for.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Yawning as she stretched her arms above her head, Akali wordlessly urged herself to inch towards the buzzing digital clock on the bedside table. Of course it took her three or more snoozes before she finally sat up and turned the alarm off officially, which somehow signified the beginning of her day after Christmas.

Lugging herself off her bed, which nearly dragged her blankets with her in the process, Akali went to the bathroom to relieve her bladder and gargle some water afterwards to remove her morning breath. Once done with both tasks, she made her way to the living room, and she wasn't even halfway through the small hall leading to the main area when she remembered her new roommate.

Akali, whose hair was still left untied, quickly brushed off as many knots out as she could to make herself a bit presentable to the woman she was now sharing her unit with. When she did reach the living room though, her eyes immediately scanned the area.

Upon her inspection, all she found was the three accessories still left on the coffee table and the comforter all folded up just like the blanket she had lent last night. Above those two was the lone pillow she had also given Evelynn, who was apparently nowhere to be found.

A part of her was disappointed that everything that happened yesterday wasn't a wild dream. She was hoping it would be, since it would have saved her the hassle of coming to terms with a whole lot of things that suddenly entered her life in a single day.

Another part of herself was admittedly happy though. Since everything seemed to be legitimately real, then that means she has a breathtakingly gorgeous roommate to share the apartment with for the time being. A roommate that weirdly resembles a character she had created out of nothing but her trusty imagination.

A roommate that was also currently missing.

"Uhh... Hello?"




"Right here, darling."

Akali jumped in surprise, whipping her gaze from the kitchen and hastily redirecting it to the window leading to the fire escape, where she spotted Evelynn slipping through. Instead of stepping in completely, the goddess situated herself on the windowsill, left leg dangling inside the apartment and right leg propped up on the edge.

At that moment, Akali never thought Ionia University would look so sexually appealing thanks to how well Evelynn donned her old jersey.

"Uhh, ohayou...?" Akali greeted, while her eyes flickered to Evelynn's legs, which were literally displayed right before her, much to her attempts of resistance in staring.

"Good morning to you, too." Evelynn returned with a smile that Akali immediately tried avoiding in seeing. She knew if she caught sight of it, she'll probably stare at it longer than necessary.

Gaze darting away from the window, she scratched her nape and started to explain to Evelynn what they'll be doing for today. Once they shop for some clothes for Evelynn, Akali made the woman promise to her that she'll never walk naked again around the apartment. Although the siren was quick to give the promise Akali was hoping to get, the artist still noticed how disappointed Evelynn was in doing so.

"We should get some breakfast first before we leave."

Evelynn nodded, finally vacating her place at the window and stepping inside the apartment. "What will we be having, then?"

Akali suppressed the urge to wince at the eagerness of the other, feeling more embarrassed than she should be when she said, "Spicy ramyun."


A whole moment of awkward silence that felt like it dragged on for more than hour consumed them before Akali managed to regain her courage to speak up again. She sighed as she half-distractedly fiddled with the hem of her shirt with one of her hands.

"I know, I know, we had noodles last night and I guess it sucks that...-"

"It's perfect, Akali." Evelynn smoothly cut off, offering a smile of reassurance that surprisingly dispelled a great deal of the illustrator's embarrassment. "There's nothing like starting a day with your favorite food, right?"

"I guess..."

"I'll go boil the water, then."

"Ah, no, I think I can do it."

Evelynn tutted, approaching Akali and pushing her towards one of the couches, which the artist ended up being seated on before the TV remote was handed to her. "Wait here while I prepare our food."

"No, seriously, I can do it."

"I can't pay rent yet, remember?" Evelynn reminded as she left her on the sofa and walked towards the kitchen area. "To not pose as a mere burden for you to take care of, I'll do the house chores from now on."

"Eh?" Akali spun around, kneeled on the cushions and placed her hands on top of the backrest, looking over the couch and towards Evelynn, who was now taking out the same pot the ramyun was cooked in last night. "You're not my maid."

"Nor am I your child to clothe and feed, yet here we are." Evelynn casually countered with a smile Akali failed to look away from. "Now, sit your cute, little butt back on the sofa and enjoy whatever show you find on TV."

A few quiet sounds of a stove opening, steel utensils clashing and packs of instant noodles being ripped open, Akali surprisingly still had her gaze fixated on Evelynn. The latter raised her head once she finished tearing the packs open, obviously aware of the pair of eyes focused on her.

"Yes, darling?"

"...You think I have a cute butt?"

Evelynn smiled and winked as she said, "The cutest."






Valoran Mall had just opened probably an hour ago by the time the pair arrived at the location, which Akali was greatly thankful for. Since there still wasn't much people yet, this meant that she and Evelynn could finish shopping before someone she might know sees them walking around together.

While walking though, she couldn't help but feel awkward with the small space between her and Evelynn. Their hands would occasionally bump into one another and everytime it did, Akali was quick to assume Evelynn wanted to hold hands.

But, everytime she turned her gaze to Evelynn to give her a blunt refusal, she'd always find the siren looking around the mall with wonder and curiosity written all over her face. Obviously, the whole hand-bumping thing was purely accidental.

Akali blushed at the thought, feeling like she was too quick to accuse. Thankfully, Evelynn didn't seem to notice the light pink hue that tinted her cheeks, which faded before the goddess directed her attention to her.

"Where will we be buying my clothes?"

"Huh? Oh, well," Akali adjusted her jacket as she shortly glanced around. "since we'll need more than a handful of things for you, there's this store here that has a lot of sales and promos. Buy one, take one kinds of stuff."

"Ah, I see." Evelynn tapped her chin as she said, "We're aiming for bargains here, correct?"

"Yeah." Akali then turned her head to meet Evelynn's gaze. "I mean, if you have money..."

Evelynn shook her head. "I don't. If I did, I'd be the first to buy you that console you wanted."

Akali huffed. "Forget about that. It's just a video game console."

"But you want it."

"But you don't need it." Akali countered, sounding a bit triumphant that she made a good point. "Which is also why it can wait."

"Is that the store?" Evelynn asked when she spotted a shop with a bunch of posters that told the mall-goers that they had dozens of promos with their clothes.

"Yep, that's it."

When they both walked into the clothing store, more than two employees were quick to offer their services to them. Although, if Akali's observation served her well, then she was pretty sure they were more interested in assisting Evelynn rather than her.

"Are there any limitations in this little shopping of ours?" Evelynn asked, inspecting one of the clothing racks filled with T-shirts with various designs.

"Just pick out some plain outfits for you to wear in the house and maybe a few stuff that you can use when you want to go out or something." Akali said, already eyeing the hoodies found at one side of the shop. "We'll shop for your underwear somewhere else."


The moment Evelynn broke off from her and decided to look around for the clothes she'll need, Akali didn't hesitate to see if there were any cool hoodies she could buy for herself. While she browsed through a few here and there, she would sometimes take notice of how he store attendants were so happy in helping Evelynn out with the clothes she chose.

Two of them were oh so willing to carry the shirts, pants and shorts Evelynn took a liking to, while another employee was absolutely attentive when it came to the occasional question of the goddess. Looking at the somewhat comedic sight, they honestly looked like they were waiting on a royal or something.

Taking a white hoodie with black vinyl patterns, Akali approached the full-body mirror found right beside one of the dressing stalls. She had only taken the clothing hanger out when Evelynn walked past her and slipped into nearby dressing stall with a few jeans held in her arms.

Akali surveyed her surroundings for a second, spotting the employees previously assisting the siren already placing the clothes they had in hand on the counter of the cashier.

Humming a little tune underneath her breath, Akali shrugged her own jacket off and hung it over a nearby clothing rack before slipping the hoodie she had taken a liking to. Once it was on, she inspected herself in the mirror, twisting and turning a couple of times to see if it looked good on her.

"You should totally buy that."

Almost jumping out of surprise, Akali spun around and faced whoever it was that spoke up. Her blue eyes ended up looking into hazel brown eyes that belonged to no one else but a co-worker of hers.

Who she also has a huge crush on.

"Kayn!" Akali uttered the guy's name in surprise, a smile immediately taking over her lips.

The man flashed a little grin as he nodded his head back, the blue streak on his hair bouncing slightly. "Hey."

"What're you doing here?" Akali asked, trying her best to keep it cool and not appear too excited.

"Some people at the office said the hoodies here are really awesome, so I thought I'd check it out." Kayn then gave her a nudge, nodding his head to the one Akali was wearing. "And it looks like you just found yourself a keeper."

"Oh, you really think so?" Akali pulled on the hem of the hoodie she was trying on.

"Yeah, looks great on you, Akane."

"Uh, it's actually Akali." She sheepishly corrected, smiling with a tad bit of embarrassment written on her face.

"Right, sorry." Kayn chuckled, scratching the back of his head.

Inside one of the dressing stalls, Evelynn had just finished trying one of the pants and was already putting her own jeans back on. Due to the barrier between her and the artists conversing outside being a mere curtain, she could clearly hear how Akali seemed to be noticeably affected with a man's presence. A man Evelynn knew through Akali's memories, but was not personally acquainted with.

Despite the urge to push the curtain aside and just unveil herself to the pair, she leaned on the wall and decided to patiently eavesdrop on the duo's discussion. Although, Evelynn had to admit, she was a bit jealous and a little irritated.

Jealous because Akali seemed to be enjoying this particular person's presence and attention, and irritated because the man himself couldn't even properly remember Akali's name.

"So," Kayn glanced around for a second before returning his eyes back to Akali. "you here alone?"

Akali barely stopped herself from claiming that she was indeed alone, but her mind was quick to remind her that not only does she have company, but she also has to pay for the clothes of said company.

"Uhh, actually, I'm here with a... friend."

"A friend, huh?"

"No, no, seriously. She's just a friend." Akali said with a little laugh.

"Oh, alright. Maybe next time you can introduce me to her."

"Uh, yeah, sure, that'd be cool."

"Okay, then. Well, I just remembered something I need to do, so..." Kayn offered one more smile and grin before turning away and waving goodbye. "See you at the office."

"Yeah, see you there."

Once again, inside the dressing stall, Evelynn seemed to be deep in thought about the talk she had secretly listened in. Even when she exited the stall and made her way to the cashier where she found Akali already paying for the hoodie she had tried on earlier, she couldn't help but internally pout.

Why couldn't she affect Akali like that? Be wanted by her creator the way the woman seemed to crave the company of Kayn, who couldn't even remember Akali's name. It was annoying and at the same time significantly saddening.

'Patience, Evelynn. All in due time.' She reminded herself, briefly auditing Akali, whose mood clearly became more uplifted than before. Obviously, that Kayn guy meant something to her. More than Evelynn is to her as of now.

"You look happy." Evelynn commented as the employees started packing the clothes they bought in shopping bags.

"A bit, I guess." Akali admitted with a little smile.

"Is it because of a boy?"

Akali flushed pink and gave Evelynn a light slap on the arm. "S-Shut up!"

Regardless of the light chuckle she gave in return to the flustered demand, Evelynn knew at that moment that she really needed to resort to what the others had suggested. Seeing how Akali couldn't stop smiling to herself and thinking about her colleague

If Akali ends up thinking and believing Kayn is the answer to her loneliness, then why should Evelynn even exist in the first place?

That question alone frightens the goddess.

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx


Chapter Text


Dreaming the things she had always wanted during her slumber was certainly something Akali had taken for granted. Right now, she was bobbing her head along with the beat of the music pouring out of the speakers as she sketched random characters on the paper laid out on top of her desk.

This was something she always did whenever she felt unhurried with whatever project she had in mind in presenting at the office. It made her feel like she was back in her childhood room, doodling various characters that were usually left undone in the end.

What's different here was that after so much sketching here and there, Akali eventually found herself beginning to focus on the character she was now working on. Her eyebrows furrowed in concentration as she put such meticulous details onto the drawing she was determined in finishing.

The tip of the pencil glided over the paper ever so smoothly as Akali held it with the lightest but most secured grip. No matter what type of music that left the speakers, it didn't deter Akali's attention from her creation.

Next thing she knew, she blinked.

The paper was suddenly blank.

Akali pulled back, her eyebrows knitting together in confusion. Where was the drawing she was working on? It was literally right there! Where...-!

"Darling." That warm, velvety voice echoed in her ears, threatening to either melt her heart or spark a flame of yearning within her.

Smooth and slender arms wrapped around her like a cocoon of warmth and Akali was unable to stop herself from leaning back. It felt right to do so. She let out a small sigh as she turned her head to look over her shoulder, only for her azure orbs to clash with bright ambers.

It was her drawing.

Her Goddess.


The goddess smiled and caressed her cheek. There was no other movement that would have signaled for a kiss, but a tender whisper did cause Akali's heart to thunder deafeningly.

"Don't forget about me."

Akali wanted to say something. Anything, honestly. Yet, when she tried, all that she managed to get out was a breath, while her eyes remained fixated in the enchanting gaze of the woman that embraced her with unbelievable tenderness.

The more she stared into those eyes though, the more she saw the pleading look that tried hiding behind a cool and confident exterior. In the end, the strong and calm façade was not enough to mask the fear that trembled underneath.

Just when Evelynn made a motion in finally leaning in to instigate a kiss, Akali blinked once again and suddenly, she wasn't sitting down anymore. Everything around her change in an instant and the warmth that gave her a form of solace was gone and was replaced by a blanket draped over her form.

Lying on her stomach, half of her face buried in a pillow and drool dripping over the corner of her parted lips and onto the cushion itself, Akali was gradually roused out of her dream. She slowly pushed herself up and wiped the trail of saliva away with her shirt, one hand keeping her up as her eyes sleepily surveyed her room.

Once again, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Although most dreams usually end up being forgotten, Akali could still recall her most recent one with crystal clarity. She found it a bit unusual, especially since a certain someone made an unforeseen cameo in it.

Speaking of the goddess, Akali directed her gaze to her bedroom door. It was locked and only she had the key and capability in unlocking it, which of course disabled Evelynn from sneaking into her room. Not that she expected the woman to do such thing, but Akali just wanted to be preventive. A part of her did wonder though if her morning would be different if she hadn't locked it.

Akali got up and left her bed, intending on checking her roommate outside. Quietly unlocking the door, she tiptoed out of her bedroom and made her way to the main area of the apartment. Of course the smell of eggs cooking was quick to invade her sense of smell the moment she stepped out of her quarters.

Was Evelynn cooking breakfast?

"Good morning, darling." Came the warm greeting of the woman that's been occupying Akali's train of thought.

"Hey." Akali returned, offering a small smile and a somewhat timid wave. "Uhh, where'd you get the eggs?"

"Oh, these?" Evelynn briefly raised the freshly-cooked morning meal of theirs. "One of your neighbors was kind enough to give me a couple of eggs after I asked for some."

"Wait, you went next door and asked for them?"

Evelynn nodded. "Yes, the woman's son was quite nice."

Akali's eyebrows furrowed, trying to figure out which neighbor did Evelynn speak to. "You mean... Lissandra and Nunu?"


"Oh." Akali scratched the back of her head as she approached the kitchen island, where Evelynn placed their plates. "I'm surprised their dog didn't growl at you."

"What does that supposed to mean?"

"It's nothing personal or anything, but their dog's honestly angry at everyone but its owners."

"Oh hush. Willump is such a sweetheart."

"To you, probably. But to me? Not really."

"Why wouldn't he be? He's just like me."

Akali, who was just about to pick up her fork, stopped and turned her gaze to Evelynn, a surprised look in her eyes. She blinked at the goddess, trying to confirm to herself if she really did hear the woman correctly.

"Wait, what?"

"Remember the one that I told you about someone asking for a dog instead of a human?" Evelynn then nodded to the direction of the unit where the said pet resided. "That was what the boy next door asked for. He's been quite lonely ever since his biological mother died."

"I thought Nunu was Lissandra's real son..." Akali murmured more to herself rather than Evelynn, taken aback by the unforeseen revelation.

"Enough about these matters." Evelynn flicked her gaze down to Akali's plate. "Eat your breakfast before it gets cold."

Curiosity still dwelling within her and questions swimming around her head, Akali momentarily contemplated if she should further pry about whatever Evelynn knew about her neighbors, who were apparently involved in a circumstance somewhat identical to hers.

But when she saw how Evelynn was eyeing her and expectantly waiting for her to begin eating, Akali chose to ditch her initial idea and started devouring her food. She didn't exactly want to look ungrateful, especially since the siren did put some sincere effort in making sure her stomach had some contents upon the beginning of her day.

"Evelynn?" She called out once she finished chewing the piece of bread she was nibbling on.

"Hmm?" Evelynn hummed through the food she was chewing.

"I know this is probably too early to talk about in the day, but... I kinda have some questions again."


"Yeah, questions about, well, you."

"Alright," Evelynn placed her fork down and idly leaned on the countertop. "let me hear them."

Akali twiddled with her fingers, not really knowing how she'll word her query. Her lips pursed every now and then, and everytime she tried speaking, she couldn't really find her voice.

Across her, Evelynn tilted her head and observed her with a look that clearly told the other she knew what she was thinking of. But, like what Evelynn had wordlessly promised, she'll give Akali time to get used to her and that she'll try her hardest not to freak the artist out with her capabilities.

"I can be anything you want me to be."

Akali snapped her head up and took her eyes away from her fingers, gaze refocusing on the woman with her. There was confusion written on her face for a brief moment, but once Evelynn's words sunk in, she realized that the goddess had just answered the question she was having trouble in saying.

"And by that, you mean...?" Akali flimsily gestured for Evelynn to continue.

"Once again, you're thinking about who I am to you, right? If I'm really just a mere drawing that came to life or something more, yes?"

"I mean, you can't blame me, right? I know we've been going around this issue over and over again. Like, literally in circles, but I can't help it."

Evelynn hummed, nodding once in understanding. "The question is, darling, do you even believe what I've been telling you?"

"Yeah, actually, I have been believing you." Akali affirmatively replied. "Ever since last night, I've been taking you for your word, so yeah, I guess I can confidently say that I trust you. Even if it's just a little bit. I even let you stay here in my apartment."

"Aww, that's quite a handful of reassurance, honey. Thank you." Evelynn cooed, her sincerity showing in her amber gaze.

"You're welcome." Akali muttered, eyes suddenly averting from the goddess and cheeks warming up with an adorable red hue.

"Alright then, you want to know the entire reason why I exist initially?"

Mutely, Akali nodded.

Once she had given a silent reply, Akali expected to get an immediate and straightforward answer. When a hand caressed her cheek with tenderness like no other, she wanted to jump in surprise at the unexpected touch, but those fingertips were soft and delicate and it took away Akali's will in distancing herself.

The hand cupped her cheek oh so lightly and leisurely raised her head until their gazes met, and Akali swore to all her ancestors, the woman before her would be the death of her, especially with how fast her heart was suddenly beating at that moment. Why was Evelynn so... enthralling?

"You're lonely." Evelynn murmured, her thumb brushing over Akali's cheek.

"I... I am?"

"Don't you miss your family? Your friends?" Leaning forward, Evelynn left only a fair amount of space between them. "Your home?"

Just by the thought of her family, Akali's focus trailed away from Evelynn and her sadness was quick to reflect in her eyes. She slightly drooped against Evelynn's hand for a moment before she pulled away and started poking at her half-eaten food with her fork.

This was a part of her life she's not so willing in discussing. After all, they're thousands of miles away from her and knowing that fact itself made her feel utterly homesick.

"You wouldn't understand."

Once she heard Akali's muttered claim, Evelynn wanted to reach for one of her hands and hold it to provide comfort, but the motion was halted before she could visibly make her move.

Instead of acting upon her heart's desire, Evelynn took her gaze away from Akali's hand and refocused them to the artist's face, fortunately capturing the stare that had evaded her own a moment ago.

"May I?"

Despite still feeling the disheartening emotion that had surfaced at the mention of her family, Akali's confusion returned once she reconnected their gazes. Eyebrows slightly furrowed, she asked, "May you what?"

"May I offer you comfort?" Evelynn softly uttered, fingertips grazing Akali's forearm. She tempted herself with the fleeting touch, yet her self-control strongly held up. As much as she wanted to act at that very moment, she knew she had to tread carefully and ponder about her choices concerning the blue-eyed female.

"What makes you think that's enough? That you're enough?" Akali abruptly asked, an exasperated gleam glinting in her eyes. "The one I need?"

Evelynn's lips parted to provide a response, but all that seeped through the gap was a soundless breath before it pursed close. The goddess removed her gaze from her creator, eyebrows knitting in deep thought.

Those words, let them be letters and syllables put together, made Evelynn feel like she was being deliberately stabbed in the chest. Her heart shook and ached the moment she heard them, yet her neutral expression gave away not a single glimpse of emotion.

"I know I can't replace your family and the warm feeling their company gives you." Evelynn spoke in an even tone. She knew her place now. Akali didn't need to put her in it. "But I'm trying, Akali."

"Trying to what? Replicate them?"

"Trying to make you happy." Evelynn answered in a heartbeat, gazing deeply into Akali's eyes without an ounce of intention in breaking away. "You like having your alone time, that much is true. But, can you call me a liar if I told you that in the end, you feel alone? That a part of you wishes that someone is there for you at the end of the day? To at least talk to you about your day and how it all went?"

Akali's lips formed into a line, while she took it upon herself to break their eye contact by snatching her gaze from the hold of Evelynn's own. A low sigh left her lips as she ran a hand through her unruly hair, wordlessly refusing to dignify the said question with an answer.

"I know it would be too much to ask of you to open up to me and I know I can't expect you to trust me so easily, but I'm honestly hoping." Evelynn sincerely confessed, a forlorn look in her eyes.

"Why bother hoping?" Akali spoke without thinking, not even contemplating if she should take it back or at least apologize for her rudely-uttered reply.

Of course it was no surprise that Evelynn's answer rendered her speechless yet again. The goddess always did seem to possess that habit, so Akali probably shouldn't have been surprised.

"Because without hope, I'd be nothing."






The audible dragging sound of the plate on the surface echoed throughout the unit as Akali pushed her meal away from herself. For a moment, she remained silent on her place before she shook her head and spun around, walking away from the woman that watched her with a pained, longing gaze.

"I'm not hungry." Akali muttered as she retreated, intending on taking a shower and finally leaving the apartment to pay her police friend a visit.

Even when the artist had disappeared from the goddess' line of sight, Evelynn's eyes remained trained on the direction where the former had gone. The ticking of the nearby wall clock felt so deafening in her ears, and with each pronounced tick she heard, the more she took notice of the silence that had engulfed the entire apartment.

Literally, with a blink of her eyes, she felt tears stream down her cheeks. She tried blinking the others away, but the more she attempted doing such, more drops followed. Her tears were there and they had no intention in appearing nonexistent. Despite knowing she would not be heard, nor seen, a question left her lips. One that she was desperately yearning for an answer to.

"Do you really need me?"

The silence that ended up responding to her made her heart ache and wallow in a pool of agony. This was torture, yet the small glimmer of hope within her still continued flickering in the shadows of the pain of heartbreak.

Was she a mere fool deluding herself with false hope?

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Even though it was merely the day after Christmas, the police station was bustling with officers here and there busy with their own tasks. It may be the holidays, but that didn't mean the crime in the city stopped. Not only those mentioned crimes, but there were those occasional accidents that happened around the vicinity, so it gave the police officers on duty quite a handful of tasks to be accomplished.

Proof of the much needed police officers were the incidents yesterday. There was a robbery and a car accident on the other side of the city, which kept some of them occupied last night.

Regardless of everything that was mentioned, the Deputy seemed to be acting pretty chill. As much as she wanted to spend the Christmas holiday back at her apartment, she and the Sheriff volunteered to take up some of the cases of the officers that took their vacation leave.

It wasn't only because they didn't mind, but also because the two didn't really have anyone to spend the special occasion with but each other. Both officers, mainly the Sheriff, figured they could just spend their time productively.

The pink-haired officer sipped from her mug of coffee as she made her way through the station, holding two folders of finished paperwork. She easily dropped both files on the nearest desk with an officer currently stationed behind, causing the latter to look at her with surprise.

"Drop those off at the archives." Vi spoke before taking another sip from her caffeine. "The Sheriff already checked those."

"Yes, ma'am." The officer nodded and took the pair of folders before heading towards the Archives Room.

Once she finished taking care of the task her superior had given her, Vi started towards the direction of the Sherrif's office, which she then entered without even bothering on knocking. She grinned and waved at the woman that shot her a mildly scolding look, one that was caused by her unannounced entry and loud manner in closing the door.


"Hmm." Caitlyn hummed flatly, eyes refocusing back to the papers she had in hand.

"Sooo," Vi began, plopping herself on one of the seats in front of the desk. "when are we clocking out?"

"Vi," Caitlyn raised her head and gave her a sharp look. "if you didn't want to work during the holidays, then why did you volunteer in the first place?"

"Because you volunteered, duh." Vi answered as if it was most obvious answer there is. "Besides, I like watching you work. You look really gorgeous with those glasses on."

Caitlyn quirked an eyebrow behind said eyeglasses, receiving only a grin from Vi as she stared. Sighing and lightly shaking her head at her partner's quips, she redirected her focus back to her work. Unfortunately for her though, those glasses weren't enough to mask the light redness that spread across her face, which was definitely not caused by the cold weather.

"Why don't you wear those in bed?" Vi asked with a pout, fingers tapping against the warm surface of the side of her mug.

"Because I sleep when I'm in bed."

"That's not what we did last night." Vi flirtatiously commented, gesturing randomly as she added. "Or the night before that."

"Point taken, Vi." Caitlyn grunted out, flashing her Deputy a sarcastic smile.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"Come in!" The duo invited, the aura in the room shifting immediately from steamy to professional in a heartbeat. With how fast everything morphed into, no one would have guessed that these two were having this one-sided, risque banter.

The door clicked open and an officer was quick to poke his head in, turning to Vi as he said, "Pardon for the disturbance, but, uh, Officer Vi, there's someone out at waiting area asking for you."

Vi raised an eyebrow, while Caitlyn lowered her gaze back to the paperwork she was initially handling. "For me? Who?"

"It's a woman. Said her name's Tethi Akali, and she also claimed she needed to talk to you about something urgent."

"Oh, okay. I'll be right out."

The man nodded before leaving the pair alone again, closing the door once he received a response from the much higher-ranking officer. Vi stood up and leaned over the desk, right cheek poised just in front of Caitlyn.

"A little kissy before I go?"

Caitlyn rolled her eyes, but nonetheless lifted her head and leaned in, her lips softly pressing against the cheek of her partner. Once she pulled back and finished granting the Deputy's request, she reached forward and wiped the faint red kiss mark on the pinkette's cheek.

"Aww, you wiped it." Vi feigned a whine, a small grin playing on her face.

"Shut up and go." Caitlyn half-heartedly shooed the other away, smiling behind the paper she raised to cover half of her face.

Vi chuckled, pulling back and finally taking her leave to see what her friend wanted from her. Whistling a tune, Vi made her way through the station again while she swirled her mug in a circular motion.

She and Akali met somewhere in the streets in the city. There was this guy who tried pickpocketing Akali and of course the latter retaliated with a brutal flying kick on the face the second she noticed.

After one of the passersby called the cops, Vi and Caitlyn responded to the call since they were in the area and arrested the thief, while they took Akali in for a statement concerning the crime. Long story short, it was Vi who Akali ended up being spoken to at the station and by the time their whole talk ended, they shared enough common ground to call each other friends.

Apparently, having a mutual perspective when it comes to choosing between fancy food or instant noodles and burgers is a huge thing between the two of them.

"Yo!" Vi greeted once she spotted Akali situated on one of the chairs at the waiting area.

"Oh, hey!" Akali immediately stood up, waving back as she approached the pinkette.

Violet eyes narrowed slightly as Akali approached the Deputy, the mentioned gaze suddenly scrutinizing the drawing artist. Akali seemed to be oblivious about the observing look, which saved Vi from being questioned about her reaction.

There's something different about Akali. Vi could feel it. No matter how curious it made her, the officer decided to just brush it off for now and focus on the reason why her friend asked for her in the first place.

Vi nodded her head at Akali as she gave the latter a firm yet friendly slap on the arm once she was within reach. "Merry Christmas."

"Uhh, yeah, yeah." Akali replied back with a little laugh. "You, too."

"So, what's up?"

"Okay, listen, as much I want to talk and catch up with you, I'm kinda here for a much more important thing. I don't want to come off strong or anything, or rudely, but I really just want to get this over with. I know we've only been friends for like a couple of months,"


"but I really need to ask you a huge favor."

Vi raised an eyebrow, shifting her footing. "And what's that?"

"Right, uh, what I'm about to say is a little weird and hard to believe, I guess, but humor me, alright?"

"Ooh-kay." Vi wound an arm around Akali and led her back to the chairs, where they both ended up seated beside one another.

While Vi laid her back against the backrest of the chair and had her arm behind the artist, Akali was leaning close to her police friend, intending to keep their conversation as quiet possible. She didn't exactly want others to hear her bizarre story.

"Alright, I'm listening."

"Okay, uhh, where do I start?" Akali cleared her throat and gave a little shake with her hands before she officially began her storytelling. "Do you watch those, like, Christmas movies?"

"The one with Christmas miracles and what not?"

"Yeah, that."

"Don't really have a choice." Vi said, laughing a bit to herself. "Cupcake loves them."

"Right, well, what if I told you that a miracle happened to me the other day?"

"A miracle? During Christmas Eve?"


Now Vi had an amused look in her eyes. "You for real, Kali?"

"I know it sounds crazy, but bear with me, alright?"

"Okay, fine. Continue your story."

"The other day I met this old man named Zilean."

"Cool name."

"Focus, Vi." Akali nearly whined, not wanting to trail away from the subject. "As I was saying, this old guy asked me about something I might want. I told him about this character I made when I was a kid and he made me describe her."


"And while I also told him about her, I was also drawing her on this book he had." Akali then rolled her eyes at the memory. "It wasn't exactly a book if you ask me. I mean, all the pages were torn already, except for one, which was where I drew my character."

"Okay, then?"

"After I drew her, the bus came, so I was about to go when he suddenly ripped the page from his book and gave it to me, telling me that I wasn't going to be alone anymore and all that wisdom-like crap."

Due to Akali being too absorbed in recalling and explaining her story, she failed to perceive the growing amusement in Vi's eyes, its violet hue shimmering quite nicely underneath the natural light flooding through the building's windows.

"And is that it?"

"Oh no, here comes the good part."

"Why do I feel like it's actually the bad part?" Vi quipped with an innocent smile, which Akali chose to just disregard.

"I worked on the character I made when I got home and gave it a few traits here and there, y'know, like how artists give their original characters their own personality and attitude."

"Oh yeah, I'm definitely familiar with how those things work."

"I thought of doing all that, cuz why not, right? There's nothing wrong about it."

"Yep, nothing wrong."

"Right?" Akali gestured at her for emphasis, nodding and looking thankful that Vi seemed to believe her and wasn't labeling her as a nutshell. "And, well, I slept at night when I got tired, totally clueless about what was going to happen the next day. I then woke up because of some noises from my living room."

"Home invasion?" Vi cracked another joke, grinning.

"Pfft, yeah, I wish." Akali said, scoffing as she shook her head. "So, I got up and went to check on what it was, and next thing I knew, there was this naked woman walking around my apartment!"


"I know! It's super crazy and really unbelievable, right?"

"Is she hot though?"

"Vi! I'm being serious here!"

"Okay, okay, what came next?"

"Well, I made her cry, then we made up, then we got into this little fight again this morning and long story short, I'm sharing my apartment with a complete stranger!"

By the time Akali finished, her breathing was slightly uneven and she was lowly huffing and puffing. It was honestly internally satisfying that she let that all out and managed to tell someone all about her current predicament.

The whole ordeal was driving her crazy, and she was absolutely grateful Vi listened to her without just laughing and brushing it all off as her making bizarre stories that sound like it came from fantasy novels and what not.




"Is she hot though?" Vi repeated, pointing a finger at Akali as if the inquiry was an entirely sensible one.

"I... I don't know! I guess?"

"You guess?"

"Okay, fine! She's pretty hot."

"Pretty hot?"

"Really hot." Akali corrected herself with a huff. "There, happy?"

Vi chuckled and shook her head, but despite the fact that she looked like she was laughing off everything that was told, she withdrew a pen and a notepad from her pocket. She flipped it open and prepared herself to list down the answers Akali will be giving her in the next moment.

"Tell me her name and what she looks like."

"Her name's Evelynn."

It was only for a single second, but Akali didn't seem to notice how Vi froze momentarily before her entire form relaxed again. Fleeting the reaction may be, Vi was thankful the other woman didn't notice it, which saved her from making any excuses that probably wouldn't have even come off as believable.

"Alright... Evelynn..." Vi wrote the given name before turning back to Akali. "Last name?"

"...I don't know."

Vi now looked even more amused than she already was. "Seriously?"

"...Yeah, I know this sounds stupid, but all I know is that she's Evelynn."

"Okay," Vi lightly shook her head again, placing the tip of her pen against the paper. "What about her appearance? Hair color, eye color, the typical details."

Akali nodded and proceeded to describe Evelynn to the officer, who seemed to be attentively listening to each word she said and was swiftly jotting them all down on her paper.

In the process of it, Akali actually had to stop herself from being too precise, especially when it came to Evelynn's face. She was being unnecessarily detailed when it came to the goddess' eyes, which she accidentally said looked like its color was similar to the most beautiful amber shade that reminded her of a flame's breathtaking embers.

"You sure you're describing a stranger you just met?" Vi asked, amusement coating her words. "Or are you describing your dream woman?"


Vi snickered. "Never knew you were gay, Kali."

"I-I'm...! I'm not!" Akali sputtered out, face reddening in embarrassment. "I'm straight dammit!"

"Okay, okay, no need to get all angry." Vi conceded with a laugh and a small gesture of raising her hands. "Is that all? Nothing else?"

Akali wore a contemplative face, while her cheeks gradually lightened and abandoned its red-shaded state. "She has this devilish heart tattoo somewhere around her abdomen."

"A tattoo, huh? I'm sure that'll help me narrow her down from the list of women named Evelynn in the database. Alright, I'll look into it." Vi flipped her notepad close and slipped both said item and her pen back to into her pocket. "I'll call you if I find anything."

"If you don't?"

Vi shrugged. "Then I'll text you. Whatever happens, I'll update you, no worries."

Somehow, knowing she found a possibility of discovering who Evelynn was and where she came from relieved Akali of some of nervousness towards the matter. Hopefully, her friend contacts her again with some good news. The sooner, the better.

"Thanks, Vi. Really, thanks. I know this might be too much, but I want you to know that I really appreciate it."

"Eh, no problem." Vi stood up and gave her a pat on the shoulder. "Now get going, cuz I have to go back to my office to do some paperwork."

"You do paperwork?" Akali managed to tease as she stood up as well and let Vi walk her to the exit.

"Ugh, I know, right? Paperwork is so boring."

"Why are you stuck doing it though?"

"Cupcake has me on a tight leash." Vi muttered, rolling her eyes at her own words. "It's a pain in the ass, trust me."

"Heh, you love it though."

Vi scoffed half-heartedly, giving Akali a light punch on the arm once they were at the entrance of the station. "That sounds like me telling you that you love having this Evelynn chick living with you."

Akali's face reddened yet again. "U-Urusai!"

Giving another snicker, Vi waved goodbye at Akali before turning away and heading back inside. Instead of heading to her office to do what she just said she needed to do, she practically retraced her steps and went back to her boss' office, who she was quite excited in telling Akali's story to.

"Heh," Vi shook her head as she made her way to the Sheriff's office. "Zilean did it again. Can't wait to tell Cait."

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

"I don't know what to do, honestly."

"I thought you were going to start your own religion."

"You're being too loud, Rakan."

"Those things aside, how do you feel right now?"

At one of the tables found outside a coffee shop, three beautiful ladies, one charming gentlemen and one huge, thick-furred dog could be found having what seemed to be an intense discussion concerning a problem that involved one of the women in the group.

"I'm surprised you three managed to make time again." Evelynn replied, which didn't exactly answer the initial query.

Karma softly sighed. "Evelynn, please. Don't dodge the question."

"I'm not." Evelynn nonchalantly said, taking her cup of coffee from the table. "I'm just thinking out loud."

"Evelynn, we know you as much as you know us." Ashe started, eyeing the goddess with a mildly disappointed look. "There's no use in hiding."

Evelynn scoffed and leaned back, drinking from her coffee as her gaze avoided the two women's own. "I'm fine."

"We wouldn't be here if that was the case, y'know." Rakan said, slinging his right arm over his own chair's backrest as he leaned back as well. "Come on, Evie. Tell us what's wrong."

"Arf! Arf!" Willump, who Evelynn offered to walk for Nunu before leaving the apartment, barked in agreement, his leash, which had one end wound around the goddess' wrist, being lightly tugged by his motion.

"This was just supposed to be those typical dog walks." Evelynn muttered, glancing at the pet she had with her. "Not another 'creation get-togethers'."

"Surprise, surprise though, it somehow is. Here, have some more coffee." Rakan said with his usual energy, raising a finger at Evelynn before said digit to gently push the coffee closer. "Soooo, come on! Spill the beans already."

While Ashe sighed at Rakan's somewhat silly attempt in prying, Karma stayed quiet and just sipped on her own warm drink. Despite the blond's choice and manner of interaction, it still succeeded in getting to Evelynn, who sighed and surprisingly decided to open up to them for yet another time.

"As usual, it's Akali again."

"Feeling unneeded again?" Ashe guessed, a knowing look on her face.

Evelynn nodded. "Akali wants the company of her family, not mine."

"Maybe you're just being too forward." Karma pointed out.

"Too forward? How?"

"Wellllll, she did see you walking around her apartment without any clothes on, sooo..." Rakan tilted his head left and right. "'s kinda understandable from her place."

Ashe hummed. "First impressions do last."

"They're really hard to get rid of, trust me." Rakan added in agreement.

"She can just go home, then." Evelynn said rather dismissively, placing her coffee on the table and crossing her arms in front of her after. "Why stay here if she feels lonely? Can't she just go home and have this loneliness problem dealt with?"

Karma frowned at Evelynn's thinking. "Dear, you of all people know why she's here. This is the career she always wanted ever since she was young, correct?"

Evelynn quietly grunted.

"Why not support her, then? I'm sure she'd appreciate the thought."

"It's hard to support someone who doesn't even want you to exist in their life." Instead of sounding so hateful and furious, Evelynn sounded more like she was completely crestfallen with what she stated. "I feel like everything I do is for nothing. That she thinks it's nothing. That I'm nothing."

"Every one of us used to think like that, Evelynn." Ashe softly stated, an understanding gleam in her cerulean gaze. "And yes, even Karma went through that kind of phase. It might not be as intense as ours, but it's still the same case."

"Besides," Rakan cut in. "it's only been two days ever since you officially came to her life. Don't you think it's too early to give up?"

Evelynn sighed heavily, visibly slacking on her chair. It took her a long moment to think about their conversation and what else could she say to uplift her own down-hearted spirit.

A sigh once again.

"I told her I was hoping she'll eventually trust me. Enough to tell me what's wrong and what she might be troubled with."

"And what did she say?" The three chorused with their inquiry.

"She asked me why I was hoping for something like that." Evelynn stopped herself from giving yet another sigh by shaking her head the emotionally painful memory. "And I told her without hope, I'd be nothing."

"And?" Rakan prodded, too impatient to be kept in suspense.

"And nothing. She just walked away after making an excuse about her not being hungry."







"What an asshole." Came Rakan's comment.

"Rakan!" Karma and Ashe scoldingly glared at the mentioned man, who raised his hands in immediate surrender.

"What? It's true!" Rakan defended himself, keeping his hands up in front of him. "I mean, who the hell just walks away after someone says something so deep?"

"Alright, I suppose what she did wasn't the greatest way to handle such a serious matter." Ashe admitted in the end, while Karma silently scolded Rakan by giving him a light swat on the arm, which resulted in the mentioned blond giving a sharp "Ow!" from the side.

"She made me so sensitive with my feelings when she created me, and that's how she treats me?" Evelynn huffed to herself, lips shaped in frown. "It would've been much better if it was just irritating, but no, of course not. It actually needs to hurt me, doesn't it?"

Ashe sighed and offered a sympathetic look across the table. "It always hurts in the beginning."

Evelynn opened her mouth to utter a protest, but when she met Ashe's gaze, her objection vanished and her lips pursed close eventually. A quiet breath left her as she averted her eyes from the white-haired woman, unable to retaliate against the latter.

Karma, who noticed the wordless yet meaningful exchange between the two, decided to usher Rakan to stand up with her as she did such action before offering a hand to the siren. "Evelynn dear, how about Rakan and I take Willump to the park to do his business while you and Ashe have a talk of your own?"

"But I wanna talk with them, too!" Rakan whined, not at all getting Karma's intentions.

Despite his protests, Rakan stood up and sulkingly followed after Karma, who took Willump's leash from Evelynn. The goddess was left to watch her three fellow creations take their temporary leave, giving her and Ashe the time to have a one-on-one talk.

As much as she wanted to remain closed off from the others, especially due to the fact that she wasn't made to be open so easily, Evelynn forfeited in silence and chose to start asking questions that might be able to help her win Akali's acceptance at least.

"What did you do?" Came her out of the blue query, eyes flicking at Ashe's direction momentarily.

"What do you mean?"

"What did you do for Katarina to love you?"

"She didn't love me at first, Evelynn. You know that."

"Yet she loves you now." Evelynn countered back, face morphing into slight grimace. "What did you do?"

Ashe sighed, adjusting herself on her seat. "It was never easy, believe me. Love never is."

"I'm honestly feeling desperate here. Nearly hopeless, even." Evelynn reached into her pocket, withdrawing a familiar piece of folded paper and raising it until it was between her and Ashe. "If it weren't for this thing, then I'd probably be gone by now."

"I know, and we've all been...-"

"Can you please stop it with that? I know what all of you have been through. Now what I want to know is how do I last through this torture I'm being put through?"

Ashe stared at Evelynn, gaze clear with the contemplation and fingers tapping on the surface of the table in a slow fashion. The whole staring contest lasted for more than a minute, but just by their mere looks, they were communicating.

Evelynn's ambers were filled with plea mixed with the feeling of being frightened by the possibilities of the future waiting for her. It was a gaze that probably would've melted even the coldest heart that ever existed, so it was no wonder the woman in front of her succumbed to it, especially when Evelynn said something she deeply related to.

"I don't want to live in fear."

"No one does." Ashe softly replied, reaching forward and placing a hand over the same one Evelynn held the paper in. "It's fear. It's always frightening."

"Then tell me how to overcome it." Evelynn wasn't demanding. She was pleading for a solution. Something to at least numb the pain she was continuously receiving.

"Zilean made you for a reason, Evelynn. No matter how much you go through, know that there's a reason behind everything."

Evelynn clenched her teeth, feeling like Ashe wasn't understanding her. "Let me just make this clear, Ashe. She does not want me."

"Even if she did, do you really think the things that people want are the things they need?" Ashe asked back in a hard tone. "People are selfish. It's in our nature. Some are smart enough to change such trait, even if it's a little bit, but some are just too consumed by the desires within them. With so many things they crave for, how do you expect them to know what's truly theirs to deservingly take and have?"

Evelynn's gaze remained fixated on the tabletop, eyes drifting to the pale hand on top of hers. It offered her the comfort she needed and the owner of it was the only person that could possibly relate to her the most. Reacting aggressively and sputtering out words full of hate, frustration and depression wasn't the right way to reciprocate in their conversation.

"You are not a mistake, Evelynn." Ashe told her with enough reassurance to ease her weeping heart. "Nothing and no one is."

A shaky breath, while those amber crystals continued staring at their hands. "I... I don't want to leave Akali. I want to stay with her. Possibly right by her, if she would let me. I don't know how long I could last. How long she will let me last."

Ashe sighed quietly, giving her hand a squeeze. "I think it's only right for you to put the plan we suggested into motion."

"You want me to live a lie?"

"Akali made you a goddess, didn't she? It's time for you to live up to your title."

"And create my own religion?" Was her somewhat sarcastic query. The notion was crazy, yet here they were contemplating in doing such idea.

Ashe lightly scoffed, shaking her head as she leaned back and rephrased the words the other woman had uttered. She smiled once their eyes met, already planning inside her head what she could do to lend her fellow creation the assistance she needed.

"I prefer the term creating your lifeline."

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx