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“What the hell is he doing here?” Jihoon couldn’t believe his eyes and neither could he believe what he just heard. He got angrily up from his chair and it fell with a loud thump down to the floor. “Did you just say new team leader?” He gritted out.

“Officer Lee, calm down this instant. I know you are not pleased by this outcome, but we reviewed all the candidates and officer Kwon was the best one for the position. He worked the last years for a highly efficient profiler team. He was our first choice.” Jihoon just angrily looked back and forth between the two men. He was close to exploding any second.

“This is not about him being better qualified! This is just about him being an alpha and me being an omega! That’s why you didn’t want to give me the job!” Jihoon saw how Soonyoung slightly flinched at his words. He wasn’t sure if it was because the other one hadn’t known that he had also applied for the job or because of the talk about gender discrimination.

“Officer Lee, you are out of line. If you don’t want to get suspended, I advise you to calm down this instant. We didn’t decide this because of anyone’s gender and I would like it if you wouldn’t assume things like that again.” Jihoon stomped over to the two men and stopped right in front of Soonyoung.

“Long time no seen, Kwon. This must be so funny for you, right? Did you actually plan this? As if university already hadn’t been enough, now you also come to MY police station and taunt me here?” Soonyoung had a straight face while Jihoon threw all the angry words at him. It was unnerving to Jihoon. Why did he have to come back into his life?

“Jihoon don’t be unfair. We graduated from university 5 years ago. Isn’t it time to let the past be just the past?” Jihoon looked over at Wonwoo who just took his glasses down while watching Jihoon in a calm manner. “Are you betraying me now too? How do I deserve all of this? I’m working my ass off just to get this pathetic excuse of an alpha as team leader!” Jihoon heard Soonyoung inhale sharply. He knew that it wasn’t clever to insult an alpha like this, but he just couldn’t help it right now. It would even feel good to him if the other would also explode right now.

“Officer Lee, you are dismissed for the day. It’s better if you leave right now. I expect you back on Monday morning at work and if I hear one more word like this, you’ll be suspended for however long it takes you to accept your new team leader.” Jihoon was clenching his jar and his eyes were still blown wide because he was so very angry. He looked once more over to Soonyoung.

“I won’t accept you as my team leader. Never!!” Jihoon stormed angrily out of the door. This talk wasn’t finished yet, but for now he had to give up. What a very unlucky day.


Soonyoung looked after the angry Jihoon for a moment. He had expected the other to be not happy about his arrival, but he didn’t expect the situation to escalate that badly. He had quietly hoped that Jihoon wouldn’t be that angry anymore after all these years. That hope had been in vain.

But maybe this wasn’t even because of their personal problems, but more because Jihoon was disappointed that he didn’t get the position as team leader. It would have been nice of the deputy chief to actually tell him beforehand that Jihoon had also applied for this job. But it wasn’t possible to change the situation anymore, so Soonyoung just had to make the best out of it. He still wasn’t sure what the best actually was though.

He stepped closer to his team members and bowed slightly. “My name is Kwon Soonyoung, I’ll be your team leader starting on Monday. Even though the first meeting didn’t go very smoothly, I still hope we’ll be able to work together well.” The other three all got up from their chairs and also bowed slightly.

“I want to apologize for Jihoons behavior. He didn’t mean it like that. He was just shocked that he didn’t get the job. He isn’t the same person who he was at university. Even if you probably can’t believe that right now…” Wonwoo gave him a small smile and it made Soonyoung actually feel a bit better. Wonwoo had always been a good guy, also back at university. If he wouldn’t have fallen out so badly with Jihoon, they all would have been great friends. But what’s the use of mourning things that happened a long time ago?

“It’s okay. When I saw his file, I knew he would leash out at me. And that I got the job he wanted also probably didn’t make things better. But we can make it work somehow, I’m sure.” A lie once again. He wasn’t sure at all that they could make this work. Jihoon said that he would never accept him as team leader and he sounded very serious while saying that. This whole job seemed to be doomed from the beginning on. But there was no way that he could step back from this position now. His pride wouldn’t allow it.

“That all sounds very good. Officer Kwon, you can take the files with you and we’ll see each other on Monday again. I’ll make sure that officer Lee will be behaving then.” Soonyoung bowed deeply and waited for the deputy chief to leave the office.

“Soonyoung, long time no seen.” Soonyoung turned around and saw how Seungcheol slowly made his way over to him. Of course he knew Choi Sungcheol. Everyone in their university knew him at that time, because he was at the top of his year. Really intelligent guy, but they didn’t interact that often. Probably because he was friends with Jihoon. They once worked on a project together, so they nevertheless had a kind of friendly relationship.

“Seungcheol-hyung long time no seen. Or should I call you something else now?” Seungcheol was laughing at the younger one. “No, hyung is fine. How have you been? I sometimes saw you in the news. You’ve become a really great profiler.” Soonyoung shook his head slightly. “I still have a long was to go.”

“It’s great to have you here. Your team is really awesome, you know? And Ji will also come around. His pride is just hurt right now. I mean even at university your feud was really ridiculous to begin with. I never understood why Jihoon kept that up all the years in university.” Soonyoung gave Seungcheol a tight smile and nodded slightly. He was right. Their feud had been ridiculous and he had never really understood how their relationship even had turned out that badly, when they had been something like friends at one point. But then again, having a rival like Jihoon had made him work even harder in university. It had been a good motivation all the years.

“I’ll talk to Jihoon on Monday. We can get over our past problems.” Seungcheol patted Soonyoung on the back. “Don’t worry! I’ll also scold him! Oh right, we have a big meet up tomorrow evening in a close by restaurant. Do you also want to come? You could get to know everyone better. Also Seokmin and Vernon who are part of your team.” The two mentioned guys were waving to Soonyoung and Soonyoung waved in a friendly manner back.

“I’m sorry hyung, but I still have to pack my things at the old police station and I also need to find a new apartment, because my old one is really far away. There is a lot to do for me over the weekend.” Seungcheol nodded sympathetically. “Of course, I can understand that. Just join us the next time then. But give me your phone number, maybe I can help you with something.” Soonyoung wanted to decline, but he knew that it would be strange to do so. He hesitated for a moment before finally sending his information per airdrop to Seungcheol.

“It was nice meeting all of you. See you on Monday again.” Soonyoung bowed once more and walked out of the office. On the way to his car he was busily thinking about how to avoid going to these meet ups for a very, very long time. He didn’t have time for friends after all.


It was Saturday and Jihoon and the others were at their usual restaurant ordering food and drinks. Jihoon had been sulking silently since they had arrived. When Jihoons drink was placed in front of him, he downed it in one go. “Ji, don’t drink that fast. You aren’t even much of a drinker.” Jihoon just gave Seungcheol a dark look. “I don’t care. Maybe I’ll die of alcohol poisoning if I’m lucky.”

Jihoon heard Wonwoo sigh beside him. “Why are you still so angry with Soonyoung? You were the one being an ass to him at university. If someone has the right to be angry then it should be him.” Jihoon ignored Wonwoo and winked a waiter over and ordered another drink.

“Don’t pester my Jihoonie like this. He is still my baby.” Jihoon growled lowly at Jeonghan, but the omega just laughed it off. “I hate you all.” Jeonghan leaned over the table to pat Jihoons head. “No, you are the one who loves us the most.” Jihoon swatted his hand away, but didn’t deny what Jeonghan just said.

He really did love them all. He looked quietly around his group of friends. At the side of the table, Jun and Minghao were discussing agitatedly something. The police officer and the material arts trainer were both from China and pretty inseparable since Minghao started working in the training center of the police one year ago. Jihoon had always thought that they would end up dating fast, but they were both still denying that there was more than friendship between them. Either they were dumb or stubborn or liars. Jihoon wasn’t sure which one it really was. But they were both betas, so maybe they also just weren’t in such a hurry to start dating. Being a beta clearly had advantages. But in their case it might also be a bit of a disadvantage. For alphas and omegas it was almost impossible to hide their true feelings, but betas did just fine.

Next to Jihoon sat Wonwoo and Mingyu, the great power couple of the office. When Mingyu joined the police station one year after them, Jihoon would have never expected Wonwoo to fall for the too loud puppy. But love was strange and the two betas made an awesome team and were disgustingly in love. Jihoon sometimes felt like vomiting while seeing them interact. He never knew that Wonwoo was such a romantic until Mingyu came along. But Wonwoo was one of his best’s friends, so how could he not be happy for him? Sometimes he even couldn’t help smiling when Mingyu was doing a little victory dance when he scored a date with his boyfriend.

Jihoon looked to his other side where Seokmin and Joshua were sitting. Seokmin was just making a stupid joke and laughing loudly about it. These two were another mystery to him. Betas were just the most difficult ones to understand after all. Sometimes Jihoon thought he saw something more than friendship between them and then he thought that it was totally ridiculous to even think like that. There wasn’t anything really obvious going on between them like with Jun and Minghao, but sometimes he thought that these two might be a good fit. Just time could tell in the end.

He let his eyes wander over to the two youngest of their group, Vernon and Chan. Both alphas were watching some video on Chans phone while Chan was obviously explaining Vernon something. They were both uncomplicated alphas. Vernon was quite the silent type and Chan was really cutesy and hyper for an alpha, but they were both very pleasant to be around with. Neither of them was mated yet, but with mid-twenty that was also quite normal.

Jihoons gaze went back to Seungcheol and Jeonghan who sat in front of him while having big grins on their faces. “What?” He asked them irritated. “You were totally out of it for a moment. What were you thinking about?” Seungcheol asked him. “Nothing much. Just that we are a very strange bunch.”

Seungcheol and Jeonghan both laughed at him. “So what will you do now on Monday? It’s not like you can avoid the situation forever.” Jihoon took his glass and downed the rest of the drink, suddenly feeling annoyed again. “What even happened at university that you are still so angry with him, Jihoonie?” Jeonghan looked curiously at his friend, but Jihoon remained silent.

“Yes, explain him, Jihoonie. I’m really curious how you explain that situation to someone who didn’t go with us to university. I mean, not even I really understood what was going on.” Jihoon leaned onto the table because the alcohol was suddenly rushing into his head. Kwon Soonyoung. Everything had been so many years ago that the memories were a bit fuzzy in his head.

“We started university at the same time and at first I didn’t really know him. We didn’t have the same group of friends, so I never even talked to him.” Seungcheol suddenly interrupted Jihoon. “Your group of friends only consisted of Wonwoo at that time.” Jihoon looked annoyed, because of Seungcheols comment but decided to ignore it.

“Then one day Wonwoo and I ended up with Kwon in a group for a project. He was… okay I admit it, he was a great guy at that time. We got along well until that one day. It was the day we got all our test results and Kwon beat me in EVERY subject. I was so freaking annoyed already the whole day because of it. We met up in the evening and went drinking and do you know what happened? He shamelessly flirted with me! He had the nerve to flirt with me after beating me in every single subject when he knew how hard I studied to be the best!!”

Jeonghan was looking strangely confused at Jihoon. “Do I understand that right… you were angry for YEARS because he flirted with you?” Jihoon yelled through the room another order for a drink and gave Jeonghan afterwards a slightly annoyed look. “You don’t understand this right! Soonyoung is an alpha! Alphas are not interested in me. He knew that I was an omega who was taking the strong suppressants. No alpha is ever interested in an omega like me. He just wanted to make fun of me, because he got all the top marks in our year!”

“Wow, Lee Jihoon, I didn’t know you are this petty.” Jihoon glared at Jeonghan but the omega just looked unimpressed. “This all doesn’t even make sense. Get your act together and start behaving like a normal person on Monday when you meet him again.”

Jihoon was sulking at his friend’s words. They all weren’t there that evening and didn’t know what Kwon had exactly said to him. They all just didn’t really know. “I won’t flip again. But I also won’t make his life easy. It’s my police station and my team. I don’t give that up easily.”

“But Soonyoung is now also part of your team.” Jihoon shrugged Seungcheol off and laid his head on the table. Maybe he really would manage to get alcohol poisoning and then he could call in sick for some days.

Seeing Soonyoung again on Monday really didn’t make him look forward to work. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that he was behaving childishly, but at this point he still couldn’t admit that he was wrong. He had to hold on to his anger for a bit longer. Especially because Soonyoung had taken away HIS job. No, he wouldn’t forgive the other that easily.