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Soonyoung and Wonwoo sat on the big and comfortable couch in the middle of Wonwoo and Mingyu’s flat for hours and played more games than a person should play in one day. To Wonwoo’s great amusement, Soonyoung really sucked at playing every single game.

Neither of them noticed when the front door opened and Mingyu entered. “Babe, I’m home!” Soonyoung turned his head around to look at the door and his character in the game got shot down again. When he noticed his repetitive failure, he groaned loudly. “Let’s take a break. This game is annoying.”

Wonwoo just grinned amusedly and now also turned around to his boyfriend who slowly made his way over to the couch. “Did you game the whole day? How is that fair when I had to work?” Mingyu whined and plopped besides Wonwoo onto the couch.

“Don’t you have an important busking soon? You must be busy with work.” Mingyu leaned onto Wonwoo’ shoulder and sighed. “Don’t remind me. We have been nothing but busy for weeks. I’m home now, so I don’t want to talk about work.”

Soonyoung looked curiously at the exchange of the couple and Wonwoo was sure that he must be confused why Mingyu hadn’t said anything about his situation at all. Wonwoo had sent his boyfriend earlier a long message explaining the situation and telling him to refrain from asking Soonyoung any question. Wonwoo knew that his team leader needed to get his mind off Jihoon. He had looked close to insanity earlier and he really didn’t want to witness Soonyoung losing his mind completely.

Since Soonyoung had been back in their lives, he had been nothing else but calm and collected. Seeing him so distressed was a bit difficult to handle for Wonwoo. Yes, he knew Soonyoung for a long time but they only had been close during a very short time. That’s why he wasn’t feeling all that comfortable with unconditionally comforting the other. Still Wonwoo saw this as a chance to get to know the alpha better again. They didn’t have a lot of time to really talk since Soonyoung arrived after all. The case came crashing down on them and Soonyoung was also busily running away from making friends. Now he couldn’t run away, so this bad situation might have one positive aspect too.

“Did you order Chinese earlier? Why can’t you clean up?” Wonwoo and Soonyoung both looked at Mingyu who had an annoyed look on his face while looking at all the empty boxes on the table. “You have to know Soonyoung, Mingyu is obsessed with cleaning.” Mingyu sprung up angrily from the couch. “I’m not obsessed with cleaning! You just never clean! If I wouldn’t be the one cleaning all the time, we would live in a dirty cave.” While saying that, Mingyu started collecting all the packages of the Chinese food and put them into a trash bag.

“See, he is obsessed with cleaning.” Soonyoung laughed along with Wonwoo and even Mingyu had to chuckle lightly, knowing that his boyfriend’s words were completely right. “You must have eaten some hours ago. Do you want me to cook something?“ Soonyoung immediately wanted to speak up but Wonwoo beat him to it.

“Don’t refuse Mingyu’s food. You will miss out on something great.” Soonyoung looked slightly confused by Wonwoo‘s remark for a second. "Okay, I guess I can‘t refuse then.“ Mingyu smiled widely and left with a happy step for the kitchen. "You won‘t regret it!“ He screamed loudly and Wonoo and Soonyoung both chuckled at the same time.

"Mingyu is a great cook and a neat freak.“ Soonyoung looked impressed and Wonwoo felt a bit proud as his boyfriend. "But he’s clumsy. He always breaks things. It’s kind of annoying sometimes.“

"Nobody is perfect... So how did you two start dating?“ Wonwoo took one of the cushions of the couch into his hands and started breaking the feathers inside. It was a strange habit of him. Wherever he went and the cushions had feathers inside, he would start breaking them. "It’s not an interesting story.“

Soonyoung had a gentle smile on lips while watching Wonwoo. "Every love story is interesting. And actually the simple stories are the best.“ Wonwoo cleared his throat and sat a bit more upright. He didn’t even really know how to tell this story. Most of his friends watched what happened with their own eyes so he barely had talked about how he started dating Mingyu.

"Gyu started a year after me at the police station. I was in my second year and still worked as a patrolling officer. New officers get often paired up with a second years, because the older officers don’t want to get dragged down by the rookies. I ended up being a pair with Gyu.“ Wonwoo made a pause and thought back to when he first got paired with Mingyu. Mingyu and him were like fire and water. Mingyu always talked before thinking and Wonwoo did the exact opposite. In the beginning Mingyu had been plain annoying to him.

“We were on patrol one day where we ran into an armed assault and Mingyu almost ended up getting shot, but I pulled him out of the fire line. From that day on Mingyu got kind of obsessed with me and didn’t leave me alone anymore. He pestered me to go on a date with him but I kept on refusing him… until I was so tired of his constant asking that I decided to just go once to shut him up. It was clear to me that Mingyu would notice that we didn’t match each other and would stop bothering me afterwards.” Soonyoung listened intently while Wonwoo was talking, all the while a small smile on his lips. Wonwoo couldn’t help feeling happy about it. The other seemed a lot more relaxed now.

“Strangely enough, it was me who noticed that I had been wrong all along. We are indeed different in many aspects but we also have many similar interests. We sat together in a small coffee shop talking for hours about the things we liked and it never got boring for a second. I immediately knew that I wouldn’t be able to let him go.” Wonwoo laughed sheepishly before continuing. “We went on more dates and at one point it was already like we were in a relationship. Everyone believed we were dating even though we had never even talked about that. So we naturally ended up dating and moved in together quite fast. People say that betas are too dumb to know fast that they are in love but Mingyu and I were very soon completely sure about it. I guess we are just a good match.”

Soonyoung hummed lowly, his eyes radiating gentle warmth. “You were very lucky, or better said you are very lucky.” Wonwoo nodded his head looking over to the kitchen. “Yes, I am very lucky.”

Soonyoung grabbed his glass from the table and drank some water before speaking again. "Why aren‘t you two on the same team?“ It was a reasonable question but Wonwoo still couldn’t help laughing about it. "We decided it’s for the better if we are on different teams. It’s already difficult sometimes just to have my best friend on the same team. You end up making irrational choices.“

Soonyoung hesitated speaking for a moment. It looked like something was bothering him. "It must have been difficult for you when Jihoon and I just ran off without telling you. I shouldn’t have dragged Jihoon into it, but he was so stubborn about it...“ Wonwoo laid the cushion back to the side and straightened out his shirt with his hands. He was surprised the other was picking up that topic right now. It was a good chance for him to ask also something that had been on his mind.

"When I found Jihoon’s suppressants in his drawer, I also saw a plush cat lying inside. He got that from you, right?“ Soonyoung shuffled around slightly nervous on the couch but his face remained stoic. „That’s right. How do you know?“

"None of our friends at the police station would ever dare to buy him a pink plush cat.“ Soonyoung nodded but didn’t comment further on it. „Do you still like him Soonyoung?“

The question took Soonyoung obviously off guard. He pressed his lips into a thin line and turned his head away from Wonwoo for a moment. "You knew that I liked Jihoon at university?“ Wonwoo rolled his eyes at the alphas question.“ I needed to be blind to not know. Jihoon probably knew it deep down too but he chose to ignore it because you‘re an alpha.“

There were many emotions running through Soonyoung’s eyes and he suddenly wasn’t sure anymore if this was the right time to talk with the alpha about Jihoon. He had just calmed down a bit and this topic might just agitate him again. But in the end this talk already came so far and Wonwoo really wanted to know what was going on between the two of them. „So do you still like him or not?“

The emotions left Soonyoung’s eyes and he gazed calmly at Wonwoo. "No, I don’t. I didn’t even want to be friends with him but he just wouldn‘t give up. When I told him that I wanted to make me a target for the killer, he was genuinely worried about me and no one has really worried about me for quite a while. That’s why I thought it would be nice to give Jihoon a small gift. It’s nothing more than that.“

Wonwoo wasn’t sure if he should believe what Soonyoung just told him, but the other seemed to be genuine so he decided not to question him further on it. “Let’s have a look at what Mingyu is cooking. I’m always a bit scared he’ll burn down the kitchen one day.” Both of them stood up from the couch while laughing loudly. From the corner of his eyes, Wonwoo saw that Soonyoung’s gaze didn’t match the laughter at all. He couldn’t pinpoint if it was still the after effect of Jihoon’s heat or if it was because of the talk they just had. But even if he would ask Soonyoung now, he probably wouldn’t get an answer from the other.


Wonwoo rolled around in bed not really able to settle down. The events of the day had been more upsetting for him than he had initially thought. “You’re worrying about Jihoon-hyung, right?” Wonwoo rolled over and looked at Mingyu who smiled at him knowingly. “Yes, I would like to help him somehow, but I can’t. Jeonghan-hyung is with him so he should be fine, but I still can’t help worrying about him.”

Wonwoo wasn’t only worried about Jihoon’s current situation, what worried him even more was what would happen after his heat. Wonwoo had been at Jihoon’s side for almost 10 years and the thing the smaller one hated the most in the world was the thought of living as an omega. Strangely enough Wonwoo had been so naïve to believe that Jihoon’s life would always continue on as it was. He knew that the suppressants Jihoon took weren’t really a long time medication, but since Jihoon has taken them for 12 years straight, he kind of forgot that it was unusual to take the pills for that long.

He should have expected that one day his friend might need to stop taking the suppressants. Of course he couldn’t have guessed that Jihoon would be locked away by some crazy killer and couldn’t take his pills for almost 48 hours. But if he had prepared his heart that the other would need to take a break from the medication one day than he wouldn’t be so shocked now. He could have researched how Jihoon’s body would react to the discontinuation of the suppressants and could have helped him maybe somehow. Now he had no clue what would happen to Jihoon and if he would be able to help and support him somehow.

Omegas normally have their first heat in their teen years. Wonwoo couldn’t imagine how it would be at the age of 28 years. Things might be very different for Jihoon than for an omega who normally evolved after presenting.

“Stop overthinking. That also won’t help Jihoon-hyung.” Mingyu wiggled closer and wrapped an arm around Wonwoo’s waist. “Try to sleep babe. Jihoon-hyung will be alright. Like you said, Jeonghan-hyung is with him so you really don’t have to worry.”

Even when Mingyu said that, Wonwoo still felt the need to worry about many persons and things - Jihoon, who just went into heat, Soonyoung, who almost had a mental break down because of it and a crazy killer on the loose who probably was still targeting the two officers somehow. Additionally Wonwoo was wondering why the suppressants actually stopped working for Jihoon. He had deliberately tried to find Jihoon and Soonyoung as soon as possible, also because he knew that Jihoon didn’t have the suppressants with him.

He had been really relieved to find them in time only for the suppressants not to work anymore. Soonyoung’s explanation that Jihoon’s body must have been too used to a regular intake seemed quite plausible, but he couldn’t shake off the feeling that there was more behind it. Something strange was going on and he needed to find out what.


Wonwoo woke up the next morning at 6AM. It was half an hour before the alarm would go off and Mingyu was still soundly asleep. He rolled silently out of the bed and made his way over to the living room. He wasn’t surprised when he saw Soonyoung sitting already awake on the couch scrolling through his phone. He closed the bedroom door behind him and patted over to the couch.

“How are you feeling?” Soonyoung looked up from his phone hearing the question. He had dark circles under his eyes and Wonwoo was sure that he couldn’t have slept more than two or three hours. Maybe he hadn’t slept at all. “Restless, but not completely out of my mind anymore. Thank you.”

Wonwoo sat down beside Soonyoung and leaned back closing his eyes still feeling tired. “What do you want to do today?” He heard how the alpha laid his phone onto the table and made a small discontent noise.

“Go back to work.” Wonwoo opened his eyes again and looked surprised at Soonyoung. “But Seungcheol said that you should take the day off.” Soonyoung shook his head, a determined glint in his eyes. “I’m fine. I’m much more in control of myself again and I really need to know if the forensic team found something on the farm. I can’t just lean back with the killer still not captured. It was already unacceptable that I didn’t go to work yesterday.” Wonwoo couldn’t blame Soonyoung for feeling this way. He also didn’t feel well taking a day off when the murderer could kill any time again.

Soonyoung’s eyes suddenly narrowed dangerously and Wonwoo couldn’t help feeling unnerved because of it. “This is no longer just a case, this has become personal, Wonwoo. I’ll catch that maniac with my own hands and make him pay.” Wonwoo had never seen Soonyoung behave like this. His eyes, his posture and his voice all screamed alpha. Soonyoung had been already at university quite a gentle alpha. He was never angry, never loud and never rude. He didn’t need to behave like he was better than other people, he was just very easy to get along with. That‘s why it was very foreign to Wonwoo seeing Soonyoung radiate now such a strong alpha aura. Maybe it was still an after effect of being exposed to the pheromones of an omega in heat.

“Alright, I’ll make some coffee and then we can get ready. I can lend you some clothes for today.” Soonyoung suddenly fell out of his over domineering attitude and smiled sheepishly at Wonwoo. “Do you think you could let me stay for some more days? I don’t think I can go back tonight already.”

“I have to ask Mingyu, but I don’t think it should be a problem.” Soonyoung nodded understandingly at Wonwoo’s words. “Of course. Thank you really so much – for letting me stay here but also for keeping me company the whole time.”

“Isn’t that what friends are for?” They both looked quietly at each other for a moment, an awkward atmosphere hanging in the air at Wonwoo’s mention of them being friends. Suddenly both burst into laughter and Wonwoo finally got up to make coffee. They were in a damn shitty situation with Jihoon being in heat and the killer still on the run, but at least he felt that it got Soonyoung and him closer again. It took away some of the bad conscience he carried around with him since he chose Jihoon over Soonyoung at university. Maybe everything could now go back to how it should have always been between them.


Soonyoung, Wonwoo and Mingyu arrived shortly after 8AM at the police station and while Mingyu headed over to Seungcheol’s office, Soonyoung and Wonwoo went to their own office. Seokmin and Vernon were hanging over some papers on Seokmin’s desk, a worried look on their faces.

“Good morning,” Wonwoo said and both officers’ heads snapped around immediately. “Hyung! We thought you two would only come back to work tomorrow.” Seokmin seemed very relieved to see them which in return worried Wonwoo. Something must not go well with the case.

“I’m the team leader. I can’t drag the whole team down with staying at home and also letting Wonwoo stay with me.” Soonyoung sat down on a table and looked at the two younger officers who looked quite surprised about the alphas words. “But wouldn’t it have been better…” Soonyoung immediately cut Vernon’s words off. “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Watching Soonyoung talk so calmly and confidently made Wonwoo respect the other quite a bit. He couldn’t be all fine already, but he was really good at keeping his emotions in control. Soonyoung was an impressive person. “So what did we miss?”

Seokmin gulped nervously and stared a moment at the papers on the table. “The forensic team was on the farm yesterday. They found fingerprints but they aren’t in the database. The only other thing they found was cameras in the room you were locked in, but we couldn’t track the signal. The killer must really know what he’s doing.”

Soonyoung banged with his fist onto the table an angry look on his face. “So we got nothing? We went through all of this for nothing?” Wonwoo could see the desperation in Soonyoung’s eyes. It must have dawned on the alpha that he had dragged Jihoon into a useless mission. That would just make everything more difficult now for Soonyoung, who probably felt very guilty already before.

Wonwoo tried to find something to say, but there really wasn’t anything consoling he could say in this situation. Soonyoung had fucked up and nothing anybody would say now could make him feel better.

Wonwoo let his eyes wander over to Seokmin and Vernon who looked just as helpless as him. The awkward silence got interrupted when a hectic Seungkwan came running into their office. He stopped in front of their desks and tried to catch his breath for a moment before starting to talk. “I didn’t know that you would be all here. Shouldn’t you be at home?” Soonyoung waved Seungkwan’s question off with a nonchalant attitude. “What happened, Seungkwan?” The secretary handed Soonyoung a paper and took a deep breath.

“There was a murder. From the description of the officers on scene, it was most likely the serial killer.”