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Let's Go Shopping

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Shouto is rethinking every choice he made in the past hours, he is reminiscing about how he got himself in this situation. He was supposed to go shopping to some fancy stores with her sunshine, with her amazing girlfriend, Momo and then out of nowhere Kaminari and Jirou get invited and now is like a double date/shopping trip. Shouto hates going shopping but at the same time, he enjoys how Momo transforms herself into a little girl when looking for dresses and to be honest Shouto can't say no to seeing her like this. In the other part, Shouto can’t interact with Jirou and Kaminari even if his life depends on it , Kaminari is always so talkative while Jirou only opens her mouth to make a sarcastic or snarky comment that grinds him to his core, the smaller couple always comes around because of Jirou and Momo friendship but sometimes Shouto just wants them to act normal and behave like the heroes they are supposed to be.


Unfortunately, right now he is not in a store or in a fitting room looking at Momo. He is parked right in front of Kaminari’s apartment waiting for him and his girlfriend to come out. Todoroki is looking at Momo who’s holding his right hand, at first the red and white haired men seems confused, why would she grabbed his ice side in a cold morning but then he gets his answer when he looks at Momo and the raven-haired girl is smiling at him, a smile so warm Todoroki feels like is a warm spring morning, well that is until Kaminari and Jirou come out of their apartment. 


“Jirou, sweetie do you really think we should go shopping with the way the economy is, shouldn't we just get everyone gift cards for this christmas” says Kaminari smiling to Jirou who seems to be holding a piece of paper.


“Nonsense Denki, I have these coupons and discounts, also Momo has connections, she said she can get us some discounts, we can buy my parents those matching pajamas or I can get my mom a coffee mug while I can get my dad a heart attack after I tell him that we are trying to have a kid………”Jirou deadpanned.


“Come on Jirou, would you please stop saying that” Jirou was giggling at how easy it was to startled Kaminari.


The smaller couple got in the backseat of the car and exchange pleasantries with the taller couple while they were going on route to the first store.


“So Yaomomo what store are we going first??” Said Jirou


“We are going to go to a clothing store outside of the city, its beautifu,l it sells fancy dresses and suites, but it also has a lot of options in the footwear section” Momo said describing the store.


“Yuppppy” said Kaminari. Todoroki had to hold everything in his body to contain himself from looking back at Kaminari, he was driving, he needed to focus on the road.


Unfortunately there was a traffic jam that was prolonging Shouto’s suffering.


“We should play a game” said the blonde sunshine


“Yes” said Momo while Shouto and Jirou both responded with “NOOOOO”


“Oh come on guys it could be fun”


“Or it could lead to us having a huge fight in the freeway” 


“Come on baby, don’t you seem to be overreacting”


“Kaminari, Bakugo still reminds me of this day about the time you were playing monopoly and discharged electrical currents because you went to jail” Todoroki intervened


“That...that….was an accident….in was on my second year, I still didn’t have control of my quirk...remember?”


“How can I forget, I will always remember our kiss as the first time I got 1 million volts in my body” Jirou was reminiscing about the time she and Kaminari share their first intimate moment and then it was ruined after he shocked her.


“My quirk didn’t have anything to do with that, that’s just the way you feel for me Kyouka” Kaminari said with a smirk on his face that was quickly erased after Jirou stabbed him with his earphone jack.


Todoroki was really craving the end of this day as the couple in the backseat started arguing at a higher volume that Todoroki’s ear was accustomed. But still he could hear Momo giggle next to him and that would put him at ease because at the end of the day he was doing this to spend more time with Momo and if he had to suffer Kaminari and Jirou’s antics for her, he will endure that just for her alone.


Finally Shouto sees their destination in his eyes, it only took an extra half an hour to travel 15 miles to the “Fujazaki Formal Wear Warehouse”. The store was on an elegant part of town, Kaminari, Jirou and Shouto were really sticking out like sore thumbs, Momo in the other hand belong in that store, she belonged in that part of town, Shouto was just so enamored with the fact that even when Momo came from an even bigger upbringing that him if did not corrupt her into thinking she was better than anyone. Still Shouto wanted nothing to do in that store, he already had one suit and that was enough. Kaminari and Jirou in the other hand were really interested in buying stuff looking for everything that had a price tag, even though they were arguing like 5 minutes ago Shouto couldn't believe the easiness to banter around one second and to hold hands in another one. If Shouto had to describe his relationship with Momo it would be like a breeze of air, it smooth, it’s refreshing and it’s flexible, if Shouto were to describe Kaminari and Jirou relationship it will probably ironically by like a lighting, from close it can be seen as dangerous (like their constant arguments, and Jirou stabbing Kaminari with her quirk) but from afar the lighting it’s beautiful like when looking at the big picture Kaminari and Jirou both have supported each other since UA and Shouto can see it since he has seen both of the couples self esteem grow ever since they started dating.


Before Shouto can keep rambling on his mind Momo asks him for help in the dress aisle, Shouto can see in the corner of his eye that Jirou and Kaminari are giggling and going to the fitting room. 


What are they laughing about?


“Shouto which dress do you think would look better for a gala” said Momo holding a pink and yellow dress in each hand.


“I think both look great, but i think it’s better if you figured out which one are you must be comfortable with”


“You’re right, can you take these to a fitting room, I just wanted to check real quick another dress, please Shouto” Shouto nodded while grabbing the dresses and going to the fitting room.


Shouto arrived at his destination and opened the first fitting room that he saw, and that was one of the biggest mistakes of Shouto’s life. Once the door was unlatch, Shouto’s first image was of Jirou sitting on Kaminari’s lap furiously making out with the blonde, the kiss was deep so they were probably going at it for a while, Shouto stood there uncomfortably with Momo’s 2 dresses seeing as the pair of idiots were oblivious to his presence, then Jirou separated her lips from his boyfriend and proceeded to take a bite of his ear until her eyes opened and saw Shouto


“OMG, Todoroki, can't you knock or something” said Jirou trying not to yell


“Can’t you guys wait till you get home to do this type of stuff”


“Shouto where are you?” Momo was saying from beside the fitting room, Shouto needed to think . He saw Jirou and Kaminari getting nervous, Shouto need to act fast. He quickly ushered the entrance to obstruct Momo’s view to give the couple time to readjust themselves. Kaminari and Jirou quickly stand up and put a smile for Momo’s sake.


“Kaminari? Jirou? Did you guys found something you like?” said Momo with a smile and oblivious to what just happened.


“Yeah we got some clothes and stuff” Kaminari said with his brilliant IQ


“Ohh that’s great I’m just going to try these dresses and we can go to another store or the mall if you want”


“Yeah, that sounds great” says Jirou pulling Kaminari out of the fitting rooms and into the store.

Meanwhile Momo grabs Shouto’s hand and pull him into the fitting room and he is mind freezes at the situation that is beholding, Momo is taking her top off.


Goddammit how hypocritical of me to do this, after what happened to Kaminari and Jirou.


Shouto closed his eyes wishing instead of being in his home, it’s not like he was scared of intimacy with Momo, heck he loved that part of their relationship, the problem is that he just hated displays of affection in public or in this case a fitting room.


“Shouto, I’m done what do you think of this….” Momo says wearing the yellow dress and SHouto realizes what’s happening and relaxes.


“It’s great”


“Thanks I’m going to try the pink one can you turn around please”  Shouto doesn't need to be told twice.


“You can turn now” Shouto is unresponsive after seeing Momo in that majestic pink dress and he is just lost for words


“What do you think” said Momo with a blush on her face 




“Guess the pink one it is” said Momo pecking him on the lips just for a couple of seconds but enough to make Shouto’s face completely red.


Shouto’s face when he exited the fitting room was nothing short of embarrassing but that got put on another level when Jirou and Kaminari saw him walked out.


“Hey Todoroki what’s the matter with you, why is your face so red?” 


“OMG DON’T TELL ME YOU AND MOMO D…..” Kaminari got smacked on his shoulder by Jirou who has trying really hard not to laugh


It was at this moment that Shouto knew this day was going to be long





Todoroki is driving now to the mall with the trunk of his car filled with shopping bags, Momo looking at her phone to get directions to the mall, and in the back “Kamijirou”, like Momo calls them sometimes, are sitting together sharing earphones and listening to god knows what. But at least Shouto is glad they are listening to music and not making out like when they got back from a vacation and Shouto and Momo picked them up from the airport and spent the whole trip back making out in the back. Or worse, at least they are not telling jokes, Shouto is not a fan of comedy, well he likes when Momo tries to tell childlike jokes but he is not a fan of Jirou’s and Kaminari sense of humor which is a bad thing with the amount of time both couple’s spend together.


Momo and Jirou are running to a Boutique store inside the mall, Kaminari tells him that they are probably going to get some lingerie or something like that. Shouto wants to smack him so bad, but he can’t, he is in charge “taking care of my pikachu” as Jirou said. Shouto and Kami are in a toy store, two of the most powerful superheroes of this generation are in a fucking toy store. But it all goes away the minute Kaminari grabs a stuffed King Explosion Murder toy and starts mimicking Bakugo.


“DIE IDIOT DIE, YOU STUPID DEKU, GET THE F OUT OF HERE YOU DUNCE FACE…...GODDAMIT ICY HOT, DIE DIE” Shouto loses his composure at that perfect imitation of Bakugo, that’s one of the thing he likes about Kaminari and Jirou, they are not afraid of making fun fo Bakugo. He is laughing as Kaminari goes along  the store with the little Bakugo toy calling everyone an “extra”.


After losing his composure in the toy store, Kaminari and Shouto sit on a bench on the inside mall, there they are waiting for their girlfriends, Shouto enjoys the silence but he can sense that this is probably killing Kaminari inside, he knows he is an extrovert at heart and needs interactions in order to feel comfortable.


“How are things going with Jirou?” Shouto doesn't look but he can see the blonde smile in the corner of my eye.


“Things are going great,  moving in together really eased things up you know, it was like a second life to our relationship now we spend time listening to music, watching movies or making out when we are both home”


“Kinda wish you would have spared that last detail…”


“What about you and Momo?....How are you guys doing do?”


“We…..We...are doing ……” Shouto was unable to speak when he heard a laughter, the laugh was from none other than Momo. There she was skipping around with 5 store bags and a smile that Shouto couldn't resist.  Kaminari didn’t need an answer for his question anymore.


“Hey guys , are you hungry, Kyouka and I were thinking about going to a sandwich shop right here in the mall”


“That sounds great” said Kaminari before even given Shouto a chance to talk.




Shouto is sitting on the table of the sandwich shop with  Jirou infront of her wearing Kaminari’s jacket, both of them already full with their respective sandwiches are basically ready to go home and rest, unfortunately their partners decided to get some dessert after lunch and went together to an ice cream shop inside the mall. Shouto enjoyed the silence but he wasn’t a fan of not spending time with Momo.


“ She’s gone for five minutes and you’re already losing your mind, you really are crazy for her” said Jirou laughing at the same time, Shouto knew better than to attack with the same ferocity but at the same time he wasn't going to let that slide.


“Look who’s talking,you are the one who’s holding his jacket if it were his arms” 




“Well I guess we are both lucky with our partners, who would have taught in our first year of high school, that the cold and infamous Shouto Todoroki would be with Momo Yaoyorozu. You really have changed since we met, I always thought Momo was making a mistake by dating you, but you really soften for the best.” Shouto was at awe at how drastic the conversation changed, the purple haired girl words seemed genuine and good for Shouto.


“Yeah, She has made me a better person, but that’s what happens when you find the right person, you weren’t the most approachable and sociable either, I still remember sitting on the back of the class seeing you hit Kaminari with your earphonejacks, and now look at you both, you were voted the best superhero couple for two years in a row” Jirou laughed at Todoroki’s final remark.


“Can’t believe we beat you guys, Kaminari’s fangirls really vote in masses, but honestly I’m just glad that you guys are happy” Jirou raised her arm to pat the hero’s shoulder. It was all a beautiful picture until they heard a scream


“NOOOOOOOOOO MY ICE CREAMMMMMMMMM, MOOOOMOOOO HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP”  Jirou and Shouto started laughing at the implication of Kaminari’s dessert demise




The sun is already gone and the black night is falling upon the 4 heroes who are still on their last store visit at the mall. Jirou and Kaminari are at music section of the store taking their time choosing the best cds to add to their collection. Meanwhile Shouto and Momo are at the jewelry section, Momo was looking to buy a necklace for her Mom while her partner was just staring at her in contemplation, feeling at peace whenever he has Momo by his side. Shouto gets lost in her eyes for a moment too long because at the next second Momo is closing the gap between them and giving him a small peck on the lips and the red-white haired men is as Kaminari would say “shocked” for Momo’s advances.


“Thank you for coming with me Shouto, I had so much fun” Shouto instincts kicked in and he hugged Momo as softly as possible.


“I’m glad I came too Momo, it’s always a good time when I’m with you” Shouto said closing the gap between to give her a kiss on the lips. Unbeknown to them Jirou and Kaminari were hiding taking pictures of the encounter. Shouto could hear them giggling on the side but he continue to kiss Momo like it was the last chance to ever do so.


When the kissing was over, and the shopping was over, both couples are on the freeway on their way home, Shouto can hear snoring on the back of his car coming from Jirou and Kaminari.


“Guess they are both tired” said Momo sliding her hand to Shouto’s thigh.


“Yeah I guess they are, I’m tired as well, it is not easy to keep a straight face at the amount of bad jokes both of them throw”


“Yeah I know, but they are so cute”


“You’re cute, I kinda hope we can go shopping again maybe just you and me next time or with somebody else” Shouto said it laughing knowing that Momo always invites Jirou.


“Hmmmmm…...well I’m glad you think that because Camie invited me next weekend to go shopping with her and Bakugo, I think Bakugo-san will be happy to know that you are going”


“You know what I prefer to go shopping with Kaminari and Jirou instead”.  Shouto deadpanned while Momo just burst out laughing and Shouto stole glances from her, he also brought his hand to intersect hers and squeeze her as tight as possible, Shouto was really lucky to have her in his life.