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Father Fury

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When Nick Coulson-Fury is given the chance to finally have a kid of his own with his husband Phil, he doesn't expect to be bombarded with every foster parent trying to be rid of their charges. Who is he to say no to those sad little faces anyway? In short, the story where Nick wanted one kid and ended up with a hell of a lot more. Also obviously MCU is not owned by me. This is just the work summery since I'm new to Archive Of Our Own and confused by the Work Text*.

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"Have you thought any more on the subject?" Nick Couslon-Fury grunted towards his half-asleep husband lying sprawled our across the sofa. Phil say up slightly. "Are you sure you want to do this? It's a pretty big deal, looking after a kid." He answered, moving over to where his taller and older husband stood. Nick nodded. "I've always wanted this, I promise you it's not a mistake." He whispered huskily.

Phil moved around Nick to grab a cup of coffee off the counter beside the dirty little machine. "Hey!" Nick protested. "That's mine!" Phil chuckled. "Looks like you'll have to make another one, Nicky boy." Nick groaned as Phil went back to the sofa, opening up his laptop which lay on the neighbouring coffee table in the centre of the living room.

"Whatcha looking at?" Nick enquires, a new cup of coffee in his hands as he sat beside Phil. "Just looking for the best place to adopt from. You know, you have to foster first. We'll have to go to some training before we even get the chance to meet any kids." Nick nodded, eagerly placing his chin on his husbands shoulder.

Usually, Nick was an angry bastard, taking charge, shouting at people, being a total dick. But with Phil he was different. And on the subject of things e actually wants, well, you wouldn't think it was Nick Fury. And that's cause it isn't. Nick Fury is the director of S.H.I.E.L.D, a weapon-dealing organisation, but Nick Coulson-Fury is kind, loving husband to Phil Coulson-Fury, the man who wants a family and a nice, long, loving life.

"How about that one?" Nick pointed to the second web link that came up on Google. Phil shrugged and clicked it. It was a fostering system called Hydra - it had so many kids in it!

"The First foster care training day is this Monday - want to go?" Phil asked. Nick nodded, smiling as he clicked on all the foster kids profiles, their beaming faces lighting up the computer screen. Nick nodded. "I can't wait." He breathed.


(A/N: Because I can't be bothered to go through the whole foster training process, so this is about 6 months on - it usually takes about four to six months) Nick smiled at Phil as they walked into a large field owned by the Hydra Foster Care System.

There were loads of kids and teens and current foster carers trying to be rid of the kids. There were other couples and people looking for their own kids. It was a very happy atmosphere, quite different from what Nick and Phil were used to.

Suddenly, a bubbly young woman ran over to them, a clipboard in her hands. "Hi," she said breathlessly, clearly from all the running. "My name is Ella. Ella Ivytooth, and I'm a part of the Hydra Foster Care system. All I need are your names, age, phone number and/or email, and whether you're looking to foster, adopt, or if you're here to I've the kid you have up. It's very simple really, but I can't let you go any further without being registered." Nick and Phil nodded. By the woman's expression, it was obvious quite a lot of people were here to give up their kids or charges, which was quite an upsetting concept to grasp.

"My name is Nick Coulson-Fury, I am sixty-six years old. My number is ********** and my email is We're looking here to adopt, though I assumed fostering came first." Ella grinned. "Oh, it does. By sometimes people only look to foster, not adopt, so we need to decipher between the two." Nick nodded as Phil gave his information.

Ella wrote down their info and took them across the grounds where children and adults roamed free. Finally, she came up to another woman.

"This is Reese Jones." She explained. "She will help you find the child of your dreams." The men both grunted in agreement as Ella wondered off.

Reese beamed up at them and began to talk, and it was then that the men figured that she was Australian. "So, what age range are you two looking for and what gender. Those are usually the best ways to go between the kids. Then there's whether you want one or siblings, but when it comes to certain children they even have to stick with cousins." She was a very fast talker, Nick realised, and he wasn't even sure what to say when she, very quickly, finished.

Phil nudged his husband and nodded towards the blonde lady. "Er... we don't mind really." Nick answered, searching his husbands face for help. He realised he didn't have any, and that whatever kid they got, it was his. Nick really loved his husband.

Reese smiled. "That's nice - it's good to keep an open mind. So, is it just the one?" Nick again looked over to his husband, who shrugged. "Well... I guess we can go for siblings." The directors face was uncertain, but when Phil smiled and nodded, he knew it was the right decision.

Reese nodded and spread her arms out wide towards the whole field. "In which case, every child here is looking for a home. However, be weary. Sometimes people bring their kids here so that someone else can take them, and if they're desperate, they'll come up to you to try and take their kids. But please, don't be pressured to do so." Nick and Phil nodded and took off, ready to start the beginning of their new life by finding the child of their dreams.

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Anthony Stark groaned. His foster carer, Sharon Carter, was giving him up. He couldn't blame her, he was a mess, but the burning hatred and betrayal he felt inside of himself was not going to change. She barely even gave him a chance, even thought the small one she gave him was a million times bigger than the one his father had given him.

He didn't like to admit it, but sometimes he really missed his parents. Ever since the family butler, Edward Jarvis, died, Maria and Howard Stark seemed to realise that they couldn't turn a blind eye on Tony, so they gave him up. Just like that. No real reason, just that they didn't want to care for him. It hurt. Not as much as his Sharon was hurting him, but the pain his parents gave him occurred way more often. He figured that he'd soon stop feeling the pain of Sharon as soon as he got taken in by another family.

Which lead them to their current position. It wasn't just Tony, either. Sharon has also been fostering an older boy named James Rhodes, someone who Tony looked up to and could trust, and he was here with Tony now. At hydras own large field full of tents and kids and people all looking for a fresh start, with or without children.

It was overly crowded, Tony was surprised about to turn out. He honestly just assumed that the odd few would turn up, cause what was fostering or adoption of not because one couldn't conceive their own, and most people could, and didn't need a rebound.

James, who Tony referred to as Rhodey, squeezed Tony's upper arm for reassurance to the younger lad, hand moving down the grab the boys hand as they trailed behind Sharon. They'd just met Ella, who after hearing about their reason for being there gave Sharon a dirty look, who had told them to go off and have fun and she'd have Reese send people in their direction.

"Right boys, make yourselves appealing, and I'm gonna go get some people to introduce to you. Be polite to everyone, suck up a bit if you have to, and Tony if they want a kid and not a teenager, you're twelve, not thirteen. Now, let's go get you guys a home." Sharon smirked before rushing off. Tony sighed and leant against Rhodey, hand squeezing the older boys.

"Hey Tony, let's go over to that barbecue, I have some money." Rhodey grinned, nudging him. Tony looked up at Rhodey and smiled, letting him dragging him away.


"What, no smart remarks or anything?" Rhodey teased as the sat on one of the few unoccupied benches. "We're supposed to be polite children today, aren't we?" Tony snarled back, grinning into his cheese burger. Rhodey chuckled and swung an arm around the boy as two boys who looked around Rhodeys ripe age of fifteen walked towards them.

"Hey, mind we sit here? There aren't any benches or tables anywhere else." The taller one asked, a strong Brooklyn accent flooding through. Tony glanced towards Rhodey who shrugged.

"My names James, Tony here calls me Rhodey. So, you looking to be adopted or whatever?" Rhodey conversed with the pair that sat opposite. The taller one who spoke was blonde with piercing ocean blue eyes whilst the other was shorter by very little height with long brown hair and a metal arm. Tony was immensely interested in that arm - he spent his time of silence staring at it.

Tall Blonde nodded. "Our foster dad, Everett, he just died. We got no where to go now, and if no one chooses us today we're going to a group home. The names Steve Rogers." He stuck his hand out for Rhodey to shake, then Tony.

The other boy remained silent and glanced towards Steve as of to tell him to say his name and stuff. "This is Bucky. We've been in the same foster home all our lives, moving through the three we've had together. Everett has been the best carer, by the way." Rhodey nodded but, as per Tony usual, of course the billionaires son had something to say.

"So, hang on, your name is Bucky? Like, when you were born, your mom and dad called you Bucky?" Bucky in question shook his head. "My real names James, like yours." He flicked his fingers up in Rhodeys direction. Turned out he was from Brooklyn too.


So far, no desperate people had come running to Nick and Phil about their kids, which was a relief to the men... until someone did.

A blonde woman came jogging up to them and rested a hand on Phils arm. "So, don't suppose you guys are interested in fostering?" She gleamed, a fake grin so obvious as soon as she placed it on her face. Nick groaned but Phil nodded. They'd had no luck so far - all the kids they'd spoken to or played with hadn't had that certain click with them as they'd soon realised after seeing the same kids a lot happier and confident with different adults.

Nick tugged on Phils arm as the woman showed them over to wear four boys were sat. Clear by her confused facial expression, four was not how many kids she'd left. Whether she'd originally had more and less was a mystery to the husbands.

She strutted over to the quartet, hands thumping against the wooden top of the bench. "So boys, who are these?" She asked, nodding her head towards the two taller boys. "Steve and Bucky." The younger one of the two were obviously the woman's said, his mouth full of burger.

"Right, well I have a couple here to see you. Come along, boys." The pair glanced at the taller boys before following the blonde lady over to Nick and Phil.

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Nick and Phil smiled uncertainly at Tony And Rhodey, making the boys realise that Sharon had dragged them here, not them actually interested. Immediately, Tony wasn't interested either.

"My names Phil and this is my husband Nick, what are your names?" Phil asked nodding towards the boys, smiling brightly. Clearly, he was the real deal, no fake smiles or anything. Rhodey grinned back. "I'm James Rhodes and this is Anthony Stark. We go by Rhodey and Tony, nice to meet you two." He answered politely. It wasn't per Sharons request, he was just a polite person. It was why Tony wasn't reserved around him - he could be himself.

"And how old are you boys?" Nick asked, unclamping his hand from his husbands. "I'm fifteen and Tony's thirteen." Rhodey answered again, clearly talking quick enough to stop Tony from saying anything first - he could definitely read the boy better than the Coulson-Fury's could.

Sharon smiles and clapped her hands. "Right, so I'm gonna leave and pick you guys up after. Make sure someone chooses you." She pointedly winked at Nick and Phil as she walked away, swinging her car keys round one finger.

Tony shifted awkwardly and glanced back to where Steve and Bucky were still sat, chatting away. He'd rather be sat with them instead.

Nick and Phil glanced to each other. Well this was awkward. "How about you introduce us to your friends?" Phil said to Tony kindly, noticing him glancing back. Clearly that was the wrong move. "What? So that you can choose them instead of us? I wouldn't worry about that, just leave if you want to. Everyone else's does." And somewhere within that quick retort, the boy had dashed off. The action made Rhodey sigh and Steve and Bucky to snap their heads up, staring in the direction of the running boy.

"Should someone go after him?" Steve called as him and Bucky made their way over. "I will." Rhodey groaned and took off after him. Nick, Phil, Steve, and Bucky all stood awkwardly watching him leave.

"So..." Bucky said, finally breaking the uncomfortable silence. "Is it true what Tony said? About not wanting him." Phil and Nick glanced at each other and realised something - if they didn't take Tony now, it would just confirm everything he'd just said to the four of them. Nick sighed and, with a nod from his husband, took a breath and said: "How would you two feel if we perhaps chose all of you?"


Their father had just died. Now that put his children in difficult positions. T'Chaka was a powerful man, with powerful enemies, so T'Challa and Shuri needed to flee. The problem was: to whom?

They couldn't go to anyone close to their father, that was for sure. T'Challa doubted that friends were in the equation either, and all he could think of was to take to a different setting.

Obviously Shuri, the head strong eleven-year-old, did not take well to that idea. She didn't want to lose all connections - she didn't want to lose her life. With T'Challa's proposition, she'd have to start a new one.

"Shuri, we have to leave. Fathers enemies will be coming soon, Okoye said so. Please, I think it's the Hydra thing today, so just come. We need a family, new or old, it doesn't matter. But we can't be a part of this one anymore. Not if we want to live, and not if we want to become a compromise to the people we love." T'Challa spoke, lying flat on his stomach on the kitchen floor, trying to grab his little sisters hands. Shuri was sat under the kitchen table, knees pulled to her chests and tears falling down her cheeks. She knew what needed to happen, but was too stubborn to admit it. However, at this point, there was too much to lose if she said no.

Shuri nodded and let her brother pull her from under the table, following him outside to his car, ready to set off. If they were chosen, Okoye said she'd pose as a foster carer, because she loved the kids as her own, but knew they needed to do this, so what sort of person would she be if she didn't help?


The drive had been long and mostly silent, the only noise being Shuri's occasional choked sobs. T'Challa felt so guilty and upset, yet seeing his sister like this took the feeling to a whole new level.

Being in a large field filled with fake happiness, true happiness, sadness, heartbreak, worry, and love took its toll on the siblings as their minds raced over the man they'd lost, and their mother, who'd died giving birth to Shuri. The girl felt as much guilt about their mother as T'Challa did for their father, not being able to stop the inevitable but still trying to.

They'd met Ella in the parking lot, gone over the details, finding themselves rather surprised as to why she hadn't questioned kids coming who weren't in the system. However, Hydra was rather unreliable, so kids in there must have had it bad, but at least it gave T'Challa and Shuri a chance without having any police involved.

Ella said she'd pass on their information to Reese, and then left the siblings be. They wandered around silently for a bit, Shuri's hand tucked away in T'Challa's much bigger one, and glanced at all the kids and possible parents enjoying themselves as though it were a happy day out. To them it might have been, but not to T'Challa and Shuri.

Little by little, they edged their way around the field, until suddenly, a boy with messy dark hair and head first into them, sending all three tumbling down.

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"Oh my god, watch out!" The boy seethed, scrambling to try and get up and rush off again. "Hey, you ran into us!" Shuri argued back, kicking him in the shins, which, luckily for her, T'Challa had locked between his knee caps.

Ignoring their childish behaviour, T'Challa pinned the boy down, refusing to let him up. "Kid, what are you doing? You can't just run like that and expect people not to get hurt." He lectured. Tony rolled his eyes. God, how he sounded like Howard! "Are you running away from someone?" Shuri chipped in.

Tony sighed and stopped wriggling and fighting against the older, stronger boy and just lay back against the grass. "My foster carer forced this couple on me and my friend, but they didn't even want us, they wanted the kids sat behind us. I just left before they could." He replied stubbornly, and he would've crossed his arms had Shuri not been sat on one.

T'Challa had his hands pressed roughly on Tony's shoulder blades and was straddling the kid who was lying down. Shuri had moved since the tumble to sit on his left arm, and Tony just didn't think crossing one arm would be as effective. Or effective at all, for that matter.

T'Challa sighed. "You're not even gonna give them a chance? We haven't met anyone yet." Tony instantly felt bad. "Sorry," he mumbled. T'Challas face dropped. To him, he had just been shouting at an angry teenager, but now he felt like he was punishing a small child. Tony was small, and definitely not a teen-teen, and the way he looked now made him look about four years younger. T'Challa stood up and got off him before yanking his sister by the arm up too. He held his hand out to Tony. "Sorry," he reciprocated.

During all the nonsense, Rhodey had jogged up to them. "Tony! You shouldn't have run off like that!" Rhodey began to pant and leant over to place his hands on his knees. Tony flushed and looked down, awkwardly. "Sorry," he muttered, yet again.

T'Challa glanced between the two and let go of Tony's hand. "Are you two brothers?" He asked politely, tucking his sister into his side. Rhodey chuckled and shook his head. "We might as well be, but no. I'm James Rhodes, Tones calls me Rhodey. Who are you two?" Shuri grinned. "My names Shuri and this is my brother T'Challa." Rhodey nodded and politely shook her hand, not unlike Steve from earlier. "Not from around here?" T'Challa grinned and replied: "Africa. Wakanda, to be exact." Rhodey nodded thoughtfully. "Sounds nice."

"Rhodey! Tony!" The four of them looked over to where Steve, Bucky, Phil, and Nick were calmly walking up behind them.

Tony moved slightly behind T'Challa, not that the older boy didn't notice. He did. He really did. It seemed everyone else did, too.

Nick and Phil looked awkwardly at the other two kids, glancing towards each other. They couldn't handle two more, surely. It would be a wide age range, they guessed, as Shuri looked younger than Tony and Tony looked younger than the other three.

"Um... we're gonna go speak to Ella or Reese. Stay together." Nick ordered, using his S.H.I.E.L.D voice. All of them nodded, unsure of who they were talking to and, because they obviously weren't going to elaborate, they all decided to stay put.

As the Coulson-Fury's walked away, Nick swung round to face his husband. "Surely we can't have six charges." He whispered. "You wanted kids, Nick." Phil said in a warning voice. "And they don't seem like too much trouble. Besides, it appears Tony is the only one we have to worry about." Nick chuckled at Phil's statement. "Ok, but that's it. No more kids, no matter how many they run into." Phil nodded and walked alongside his husband to try and find either lady to them their kids.


Natasha groaned. Seventh home and they already wanted to kick her out. Sure, she wasn't ladylike or a partially kind person, but she still required love like every other child. Even if she was sixteen.

Being at the Hydra Foster Care day was boring. So far the only thing she'd done was meet up with one of her oldest friends who actually went through her fourth, fifth, and sixth homes with her. His name was Clint Barton. He was a year younger but, where Natasha was supposed to be adopted in her seventh home, he was only in his fifth and that was only fostering to begin with.

"Hey Nat, found a perfect parent yet?" Clint smirked, eyes rolling up at "perfect parent". Natasha chuckled. "Nope, still waiting for my heroes." They both laughed and began walking towards an ice cream truck.

"Man, if nobody takes me today I'm off to a group home." Clint groaned, hopping from foot to foot as they stood at the back of an incredibly long line for ice cream. "Same here." Natasha sighed, rubbing her face with her hands. Sometimes the whole foster care thing was just so frustrating!

Finally, they reached the front. "Two Mr Whippy's please." Natasha spoke, hanging over a five dollar bill. (A/N: I'm English so my American may be a little off. I'm gonna do as much English as I can get away with but when it comes to money it'll be American and I'll probably be hopeless) The ice cream lady smiled and quickly got their ice creams, waving them goodbye as they walked away.

"You know, I kinda hoped that maybe the family I had was the one. I was with this lady called Jane Foster - she was really nice. She was looking after me with her brother, but he sucked at fostering." Clint sighed, accidentally smearing his face with his ice cream. Nat nodded. "Me too." She mumbled.

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Reese squealed as Nick and Phil told her the grand news. "Oh my gosh, this is great news! And six? Wow, I thought you were gonna adopt one or two!" Nick chuckled. "Yeah well, so did we."

Reese finally regained her calm demeanour and flicked through the booklet she held in her arms. "Who did you say the kids we again?" She asked. Phil and Nick looked at each other. "So we've got Anthony Stark, James Rhodes, James Barnes, Steve Rogers, and I don't think we got the last two kids names." Phil answered. "They're African." Nick added helpfully. Reese nodded. "Right, well I think Ella said about these two Wakandan kids coming in earlier. A boy aged sixteen and a girl aged eleven?" Nick nodded. "Probably." He answered.

Reese silently turned away to call Ella who came quickly running. "Right, here are the kids files that I have received, which turns out to only be Anthony's and James Rhodes's. I do, however, have contact information from the other four which we will deal with soon enough. So, if you two could sign here in the fostering box please." (A/N: I'm honestly not sure how this works so I'm just making it all up) Ella pointed to a box labelled Fostering which sat beside a box labelled Adopting. "When the time comes, you will be able to sign that one too." Ella smiled, watching how Nick stared at it longingly on Tonys file.

A tap on the shoulder had Reese turning around. Behind her stood a ginger haired teenage girl whose arm was around a younger looking brunette girl. Beside her stood two blonde boys, one of platinum dyed hair and the other with a natural blonde mess.

"We found the twins, Ms Jones." The ginger girl said, face serious as she pushed the slightly younger girl forward. The older natural blonde boy did the same with the younger one by his side.

Reese smiled. "Thank you, Natasha and Clint. Ella just didn't finish filling out their information, that's all. Do you two still have your files." The twins nodded unsurely, slowly stepping back into the older pair.

Ella looked up from where she had Nick and Phil signing Steve and Rhodeys papers - one each, before gasping at the sight of the quartet.

"Perfect! Now I can finish yours off and someone can foster you!" She exclaimed. "Someone wants us?!" The younger girl gasped excitedly. She was obviously Russian, and her accent was incredibly thick. She'd clearly been there most of her life.

Ella took a step back suddenly, looking incredibly guilty. "Er..." She trailed off, looking from side to side.

"We do." Nick called from behind. Suddenly feeling very bad for the kids. Phil glanced at him but shrugged - they were here for Nick to get the kids he always wanted, and if that meant eight of them, so be it.

"Nat and Clint too?" She asked, beaming up at the adults. "Yes." Phil answered quickly. "Unless they already have people, of course. Reese and Ella have spoken so much about you." Reese fake smiled awkwardly whilst Ella nodded along briskly to the lie.

The twins and Clint looked ecstatic; Natasha only smiled slightly. Whether that was because she wanted Nick and Phil or not was yet to be seen, but they had her now no matter the reason.

Ella pulled out four more sets of papers for Nick and Phil to sign as Reese walked over to the children.

"Now, these men have been very kind and open and willing, especially since they came here looking for only a couple of kids, and are now going home with ten." She explained, placing a hand on the boy twins shoulder. "Who else it is?" The young Russian boy asked. "You may or may not know them, but their names are Steve Rogers, James Barnes, Antony Stark, T'Challa, Shuri, and James Rhodes." Three of the four looked blank, but Natasha didn't. "I've heard of Anthony Stark." She said. "He's Howard Starks son." Reese nodded. "That's right," she grinned. "So you guys are gonna have six more siblings, so you better get used to it."


Tony, Bucky, Rhodey, Steve, T'Challa, and Shuri were all sat in a small circle on the field in the place Nick and Phil had left them.

"How long do you think they'll be?" Shuri asked. "Surely not too much longer." Steve answered, patting the young girls knee. It would be odd having a sister to him, sure, because he'd only ever been in homes with boys, aside from the mothers, but if Shuri was supposed to be here then he was looking forward to having one.

Finally, the two men came back, for other children trailing behind them. "Wow, they sure want a lot of kids." Rhodey commented. "Probably only coming back so say they've chosen them over us." Tony grunted. T'Challa wrapped his arms around the smaller boy and pulled him into his lap without a word, nobody mentioning the Stark's squeak. He didn't try to pull away though, that was the good thing.

When Nick and Phil finally came up, everyone in the small group stood.

"Right guys, so guess what? We've decided to take on all of you!" Phil exclaimed. Immediately smiles and chitter-chatter and gasps came out. Tony looked incredibly surprised by the outcome but when Rhodey came to give him a squeeze, he immediately snapped out of it and let out a huge grin.

"And," Nick added. "These four as well." They brought the other four children to the front. The Russian twins waved shyly whilst Natasha simply nodded to everyone and Clint gave them all a cheery "Hello."

"This time next week, you'll be in our house." Nick smiled.

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"Come dear brother, it's not too far away now!" Thor Odinson grinned. His younger adopted brother, Loki, trailed behind them, grumbling annoyingly to himself. "It stills seems to very far." He moaned, pointing over to the other side of the carpark.

Thor had just pulled up for the Hydra Foster Care day, where their horrible sister Hela had sent them after realising she was there legal guardian after their parents died.

"Relax brother, it's just on the other side of this carpark. Not too far. Perhaps we'll even meet or new guardians in the next few minutes!" Thor said optimistically, no ounce of pessimism in this body. Loki sighed and facepalmed. Of course his brother would think like that, it was just annoying how often he did. Somethings weren't things to be happy about, but those things did not apply to Thor.

Thor grabbed his brothers arms and yanked him across, ignoring his blatant yells. Loki certainly didn't want to be there.

It was almost over, and Thor could tell, especially with all the adults and kids leaving. There was a small group in the middle where teenagers and kids alike were all sat in a cluster with two adult ladies speaking at the front. Thor and Loki silently slipped into that. Lucky for them, one of the ladies spotted them.

She had summery blonde hair tied back in a loose ponytail and light sky blue eyes; she patted Thors shoulder and quietly pulled the boys away.

"I'm sorry, I haven't seen you two here yet. Have I got your information?" She asked. Thor and Loki shook their heads. The lady smiled. "Right, well it's high time I did. My name is Ella Ivytooth and all I need are your names, ages, birth dates, reason to be put into the system, and last carers." Thor and Loki nodded. "Alright, well my name is Thor Odinson and I am sixteen years of age. My date of birth is June 2nd 2002 and my reason is that our sister threw us out after she found out she legally guarded us once our parents lives were taken. Also, our sister Hela Odinson was logically our last carer." Ella grimaced at the idea of a sister being so horrible to her own brothers before turning to Loki. "My name is Loki Odinson and I was adopted by the Odinson's so my birth surname is Laufeyson. I am in fact fourteen years old. My birth date is December 17th 2004 and my reason is the same as Thor's, as well as my carer." Ella nodded grimly. "Since you two are not biologically brothers, there might be a slight chance that we won't be able to place you together." She stood there and racked her brain for a while, causing concern for her wellbeing to the two brothers.



Nick and Phil had stayed and chatted with their future kids for ages until their carers came to pick them up. T'Challa, Shuri, Steve, and Bucky were waiting for everyone else to leave first as not to seem rude, and pretty quickly Sharon's as the first fosterer to show up.

Tony and Rhodey moved silently as she pulled them away; a woman named Maria Hill soon came for Natasha; Clint left with a man called Leo Fitz next; and finally the twins departed with this guy who only went by the named Ultron. Once they had all left, the final four said their goodbyes and went over to there cars in order to go home.

Nick and Phil sighed a shared happy sigh. "This is so great." Nick grinned, sitting up on the grass. Phil nodded and grabbed onto his husbands hand. "Are you sure ten isn't a bit much? Of course, I am happy whatever the weather, but aren't ten kids too many?" Nick shrugged. "We'll soon find out." Phil sighed. "And once we do we can't send them back." Nick nodded. "I wouldn't want to. Families are works in progress, ours is just larger." Phil smiled at Nicks sentiment.

Nick closed his eyes slightly and leant in to his shorter husband, Phil doing the same before a familiar voice made them jump out of their skin.

"Nick! Phil! I'm so surprised you're still here!" The two men pulled away as Ella stood in front of them with two teenage boys behind her. The female in question was bending down in order to talk to the Coulson-Fury's.

"What is it, Ella? Surely after this day we deserve a moment of peace." Nick grumbled, starting to stand up and then grabbing Phils to help him up too. "Well, I was just wondering if you could do a girl a solid." She grinned sheepishly and stepped back to reveal the full body view of Thor and Loki.

"It's just that they've only just come in so we haven't had enough time to put them into the system and I've asked around but nobody can seem to take them for the night, not even group homes." She explained, a tear rolling down her cheek. Now, Nick and Phil were very good at detecting falseness, and surprisingly, the tear wasn't. Perhaps what she had said wasn't entirely true, but given everything that had happened today, Nick and Phil weren't exactly in a position to say no. It was just lucky they lived in a five storey mansion.

The husbands looked ready to consult but, only using their eyes, they knew what their answer would be.

"Sure," Phil smiled. "So I'm guessing this is a forever thing, isn't it?" Ella flushed and she nervously nodded. "I'm afraid to say-" Phil cut her off instantly. "Can't wait."

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Nick and Phil drove ahead of Thor and Loki, leading the way back to their home. The boys had any objects of importance in the back of the older teens car, so they didn't need to go back to Hela to get it.

Finally, the husbands pulled up in the large driveway, making room for the other car. The drive, Nick soon realised, would probably be getting rather full with all the teens in the house. Some would have to share a car, and the garage would probably need some remodelling to make room for more.

The house itself was a perfect size for the amount of kids the two men had decided to take on: four above the ground storeys and one below. The perfect five storey house for the gay parents with twelve kids.

"Wow, your house is, um... interesting." Loki stated as he got out of Thors car. "It's a family house, I inherited it from my late father." Phil explained, grabbing all fostering files off the car dashboard to bring into the house.

Nick slowly turned off the car and locked it before moving to unlock the house door, holding it open for his husband and waiting whilst the boys grabbed their things before entering the house.

"Right, we weren't expecting as many kids as we've got, so you'll have to follow me to what used to be a guest room. The way things have panned out, I'll have to get some of you guys to share with kids closer to your age, but for now you two can stay in here." Phil explained, leading them up to the roof floor and into a large guest bedroom.

"Who will have this room after?" Loki asked
"Who will have this room after?" Loki asked. "Probably Thor, we're thinking of having you share with a boy called Tony but we need him closer to us due to some reasons." Nick answered, walking into the room. Loki nodded and sat awkwardly on the bed closest to the door.

"If you want, we can take you down to your room and you could unpack, we just thought you might want to spend the nights with your brother until the other kids come." Phil offered. "Could I just unpack and then come back up?" Loki asked, shyly. Phil smiled and nodded whilst Nick helped Thor begin to unpack.

"We can change the room up a bit now that you this is your room. You'll probably have to wait to see what your roommate thinks, but it doesn't have to stay this way. It is a guest room, after all." Nick said as Phil and Loki left the room. "It's not exactly the most masculine." Thor nodded. "I shall wait for my roommate, thank you, before I start any redecorating." Nick nodded and smiled: he finally had the family he always wanted.


Phil lead Loki down the stairs to the third above-ground floor where another guest bedroom lay. There seemed to be a lot of them, but with a house their size, there wasn't much else to use them for.

There seemed to be a lot of them, but with a house their size, there wasn't much else to use them for
"We have a lot of nieces and nephews in this family." Phil explained. Loki nodded in understanding. There may have been a lot of guest bedrooms, but Phil and Nick still had biological family to account for when they come over.

"Pick a bed." Phil urged, watching Loki scan the room. "That one." The young English lad answered, picking the one on the left.

Loki began to take out this things and arrange them as Phil let out a weak smile. This was perfect and, he knew, it was all gonna work out, even with twelve kids.

In the midst of all the quiet joy, the doorbell rang.

"You stay here as keep unpacking, I'll go deal with this." Phil said and Loki agreed quietly, starting to place things in drawers.

Phil walked down the stairs and opened the door, surprised to see a tall child on the other side.

"I'm sorry sir, but I think I kicked my football into your garden." He apologised, looking down sheepishly. "It's fine, you can go and fetch it. I do wonder how it got all the way over here though. How far away do you live?" Phil asked, leading the small boy round into the large back garden.

"Oh, I live at the group home about ten minutes from here
"Oh, I live at the group home about ten minutes from here. Me and one of the other guys there, Flash, were having a kick about down your road and he kicked it too hard. I don't even like football. Sports suck." Phil nodded thoughtfully. "Group home, you say? Do you have a foster family or anything there?" The boy shook his head. "It's not one of those reintegration homes, just basically a twentieth century orphanage." Phil grinned. "Hold on a sec, kid." He said, leaving him to retrieve his ball.

Phil ran through the house and up to where Nick was still with Thor, quickly pulling his husband out of the room.

"Phil, what's going on?" Nick asked. "There's a kid outside from a group home. I didn't catch his name, but he's the cutest thing and one of his friends kicked their football into our garden." Phil explained excitedly, in a rush. "I know we already have a lot of kids and this one isn't exactly Hydra-" Nick pressed a finger over Phils lips. "Baby, let's speak to him outside. I guess we kinda do want more kids around Pietros age, and a boy at that, since we've got so many." Phil nodded abruptly.

Chapter Text

The following morning, after Nick and Phil had gotten Thor and Loki familiar with the house, the two men made their way down to the kids group home from a day earlier.

Turned out his name was Peter Parker and he was only ten and was extremely happy to be taken in by Nick and Phil.

The husbands walked up to the door, Nick giving it a strong knock. A man quickly care running to the door, hair messily sprayed over his face.

"H-hi." His panted, holding herself up by the doorframe with a hand over her chest. "My name is Baron Zemo. May I ask why you are here." He was Russian, just like Natasha and the twins. Perhaps even Sokovian too?

"We're here because we'd like to foster and then in the future, adopt Peter Parker." Nick said, using his all-important S.H.I.E.L.D voice. Baron nodded before letting a more than concerning grin spread across his face. "Right well, we have a rule here: take one kid get three more free. How does that seem?" Nick scowled. "Sounds like you're trying to sell them like items, if you ask me." He grunted, angry seeping through his calm demeanour. Phil put an arm on his to calm him down. "What he means to say is, who are the other three?" He wasn't up for much of a fight today, not with setting up for twelve kids and, apparently, four more.

"Let me go and see." Baron grinned, walking back into the house without even inviting the Coulson-Fury's in. "Rude." Nick muttered under his breath, only to get an elbow in his gut.

Within five minutes, Baron held four boys at the door: Peter, a boy with curly light brown hair, another with darker skin, and one that was rather tall. "These are Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Sam Wilson, and Scott Lang. They ok?" Baron smirked, knowing that the husbands couldn't exactly say no now. Phil nodded, smiling slightly.

Baron sent them up the stairs before dragging Nick and Phil inside to sign the files.


"And these are Thor and Loki." Nick said, pushing the four boys into Thor's room. They hadn't expected to be given the kids so soon, as in, as soon as they signed the papers.

They'd grabbed all their stuff in seconds, which appeared to be not much, and had simply followed Nick and Phil home in Sams car (though Peter had joined Nick and Phil).

"Nice to meet you!" Peter exclaimed excitedly, bouncing up and down. Thor's smile grew wider at the hyper boy and welcomed him back.

"Where will we be sleeping?" Scott asked as Peter ran over to Loki to bombard him a bunch of random questions that had no connection to each other. "I'll lead you the way." Nick said, nodding to Phil as he took the four kids away from Thor's room.

He first took Sam to the room he would have originally set up just for Rhodey by himself, but since there were two beds in there any way...

It was the room next to Thor's, and was set up in a way for Nick's brother Jacob's kids, Max and Jude Fury (A/N: Jacobs kids are made up by me)
It was the room next to Thor's, and was set up in a way for Nick's brother Jacob's kids, Max and Jude Fury (A/N: Jacobs kids are made up by me). Nick and Phil had consulted each other before and decided that the older kids would have the roof rooms and then they'd go down before any rooms left over, as of now with the sixteen kids, would be for the guests.

Sam grinned as they entered and throw his navy duffel bag onto the bed closest to the window. "Calling it." He smirked.

"Do you want to spend some time getting this place ready or would you like to see where the others are gonna sleep? A boy called James Rhodes is gonna share with you, by the way." Nick proclaimed as Sam lay flat out on his bed. "I'll stay here thanks." The teen replied, waving them off.

Nick next lead Scott and Bruce to a three bedded bedroom which they would soon share with Clint.

They were on the floor below Sam and Thor, which had only a couple more bedrooms accompanying it and only one bathroom
They were on the floor below Sam and Thor, which had only a couple more bedrooms accompanying it and only one bathroom.

"I choose this bed!" Scott roared as he went for the bed lying across the back wall. Bruce thanked Nick quietly and want to sit on the one facing the door on the left. The one on the right now belonged to Clint. Just like Sam, they stayed in there, unpacking their things.

The reason Nick and Phil had so many extra bedrooms was because whilst Nick had his brother and sister and their kids to account for, both men also had parents and close cousins who often joined the family, so a big house with plenty of room was often needed, especially when it came to Christmas and New Year.

Finally, they delivered Peter to the room he would be sharing with Pietro, directly opposite from Tony and Loki's.

"It's a bit plain, but you can decorate your side however you want
"It's a bit plain, but you can decorate your side however you want. A lad named Pietro will be taking the other side, he's only a year older." Nick informed as Peter ran to jump on the bed on the left. "Is he fun?" The boy inquired. "Most likely," Nick answered truthfully. "I haven't really known him for too long." He added. Peter nodded and threw his bag on his bed.

"Can I have something to eat?" The by chirped. Nick smiled fondly and nodded, holding open the white painted door, letting the boy through. "Let me go grab the other five, and Phil of course, to see if they want anything." Nick said before Peter quickly exclaimed: "I'll get Bruce and Scott!" And ran off to the older boys bedroom.

Chapter Text

Phil let out a content sigh as he walked down the stairs at 6am to the sound of the TV blaring. He wasn't used to it, oh no, and doubted he would be for a while, but Nick has warned him - he'd warned him how kids woke up early for this sort of thing.

Phil had never thought about having kids himself, though he'd always known Nick had wanted them, especially when the nieces and nephews came over. Phil could see the way how much Nick enjoyed spending time with them, though his sister and brother? Not so much.

Phil walked into the living room and smiled as he saw Peter, Sam, and Scott all settled and squished happily together in the sofa, watching Fast and Furious.

"Morning guys," he grinned. "Had a nice sleep?" The boys all turned their heads to face and rather sleepy Phil. "Yes, and a had a weird dream too!" Peter beamed, jumping up and making a beeline for Phil. "He's already told us." Sam grimaced. "It's weird." Scott confirmed. Phil smiled fondly down at his new foster son. "Tell me all about it." He said.


Nick woke up at ten that day, sauntering down the stairs to be greeted by his fully dressed kids and husband.

"Nice PJs." Sam smirked as he poured some semi-skimmed milk over his Coco Pops cereal. Nick mockingly glared. "You'll get fat if you eat that chocolatey breakfast every morning." He teased. Sam shook his head. "I've got perfect physique - I'll live." He took his bowl to the large table Phil and Nick had ordered: twenty seats. It had come the day before super early in the morning and all eight boys had helped put it together.

Sam sat three seats away from the end closest to the wall on the left side: they'd began having specific seats. Peter has even gone as far as taping paper to the back of seats with their names on. Nobody had bothered to remove them, Scott had made sure of that by getting Peter to remake any that somehow disappeared. He didn't want the other kids he had yet to meet to come over and steal his seat at the first meal they all had together.

Bruce followed in Sams footsteps with his buttered cinnamon bagels and sat opposite the boy. "Are the new kids coming today?" The boy asked, delicately taking a bite of his food. Nick made a noise of agreement - nobody could specify it - before taking the coffee and slices of brown toast that Phil handed to him and sat on the end of Sams side of the table.

The way it worked was that Phil and Nick sat opposite each other, Thor sat next to Nick with Loki opposite, Scott sat beside Sam and Peter sat opposite beside Bruce. Pretty soon, all said people came to sit down with their breakfast and drinks, though Sam and Bruce had to get up again to get a glass of water each after they realised they hadn't gotten themselves anything.

"What are they like? What is Pietro like? Is Tony close to our age? Is he younger than Loki? Are Steve and Bucky from the same place in Brooklyn? How far away is Brooklyn?" Peter questioned, hardly taking a breath between each. The topic in question was all the kids who were joining the family today. All they're previous families were taking them over here to Nick and Phils house, save for Steve and Bucky were had just stayed in Peggy's house until the due date by themselves (not that Nick and Phil knew otherwise they'd have come home with them the same day as Thor and Loki) and T'Challa and Shuri who were gonna be driven down by Okoye, who was saying her final goodbyes whilst still in the faux foster carer role.

"Woah! Slow your role!" Phil chuckled. "As for those questions, well, we don't know what they're like, to be honest. Well, Tony's a bit... how do I say this? He's not very trusting, I guess." Nick answered. "Pietro's Sokovian, that's in Russia." Phil said, an answer to Peters second question. "What about Tony?" Loki asked. "He's older than Loki, yes, cause he was born in May. The 29th, I think." Nick replied. "As for the Brooklyn thing, Steve and Bucky grew up together so we can only assume they came from the same place. And Brooklyn is about half an hour away." Phil responded, finishing off his omelette.

"What time are they coming?" Bruce asked, sipping away at his water. "Its about twelve so... an hour and a half? Two hours maybe?" Phil answered, making up his plate and tea mug before taking them into the kitchen to place in the dishwasher. Pretty soon, everyone else did too.


Tony let out a shaky breath as Sharon pulled up outside of the Coulson-Fury house, refusing to open the car door, causing Rhodey to get out his side and open it for the boy.

The thing to know about Tony was that any part of him that was actually Tony had been hidden down by his birth father with all these rules and horrible tricks that stopped him from being himself. Just with Rhodey, Tony was chatty and excited and spoke quicker than lightning, eager to share his ideas and plans for futuristic tech.

"Come on, Tones. This is an actual family. And actual family who want to eventually adopt us." Rhodey smiled a small smile, saved only for Tony in his times of need, because the boy didn't need big ones or fake ones to show him the joy he was missing out on.

During the journey, Sharon had told them about how Nick and Phil had taken in fourteen others and six of them were already living at the house and how Tony wouldn't be rooming with Rhodey and instead with a kid he didn't know.

"I don't want to be here, Rhodey. I've changed my mind - I'll stay with Sharon." Tony declared, slamming the door shut as two more cars parked up in the driveway and the door opened to reveal the eight people already living in the mansion. Somehow, every one of them had heard Tony.

Sharon, who was now stood beside Rhodey, pulled the door open again. "You most certainly will not. These people are your people now and you're their problem and not mine so get out of my damn car!" She shouted, leaning over to unplug his seatbelt and yanking him out the car.

Chapter Text

Steve and Bucky stepped out the car; albeit awkwardly, as Sharon started yelling at Tony.

"Would this be a bad time to mention I forgot my bike?" Bucky whispered to Steve. The taller teen turned around to stare at him. "You mean to tell me that you forgot your one mode of transport?!" Bucky made a face. "I have your car!" Steve groaned. "Exactly - my car!" Bucky shushed him. "I don't think we should be arguing in the middle of this, but please let me take your car back so that I can get my bike - I'll tow it from the car." Steve huffed by nodded, throwing the brunette the keys as he opened the drivers door.

Steve decided to turn again to Tony, who was being gripped hard by Sharon's bony fist with her sharp ugly black acrylic nails. "Hey!" He called over, stomping towards the two. "Let go." He hissed, holding Tony's arm and pulling him away from Sharon. The lay flared and flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder. "Whatever, I don't care. I just want them to get their stuff out the boot and leave!" Steve pulled an upset-looking Tony into his arms and glanced at Rhodey, who at once knew what it meant and grabbed two rucksacks out of the boot. "Where are the rest of your things?" Steve asked. "What do you mean?" Rhodey replied, walking towards the house.

During the whole debacle, Nick and Phil had sent the six kids already living with them into the dining room, all sitting in their labelled places, and were about to intervene just as Steve did.

Phil took Rhodey's bags off him and decided to take him up to his room whilst there weren't many kids about. The only ones there were Tony, Rhodey, Steve, Bucky, and T'Challa and Shuri who were still sat in T'Challa's car with Okoye at the wheel.

Nick walked outside to where Steve and Tony were before taking the young teen out of Steve's arm and held his hand as he walked over to T'Challa and Shuri's car.

Seeing that Nick was coming over, the trio in the car all got out and Okoye handed T'Challa the keys. "I'll miss you." She whispered, taking him into her arms and next saying the same thing to Shuri as she also pulled in the young girl. Finally, they all finished with a group hug and were saying reassuring things in Wakandan to each other.

Nick placed a hand on T'Challas shoulder and smiled slightly, greeting Okoye with the only Wakandan he knew. Okoye hugged Nick as well before kissing T'Challa on the cheek and Shuri on the forehead before wandering off the drive towards the nearest bus station.

"She wasn't your real carer, was she?" Nick whispered into T'Challas ear. He looked at the floor and chuckled. "Nope."

Shuri grabbed her suitcases from the boot and dashed towards the house with Nick, Tony, Steve and T'Challa following.

They all stood around in the hallway by the door, awaiting Nicks next words. "Since I need to stay down here for the others, I'm gonna call in some of the other kids already here to show you to your rooms. Don't worry, they know where they are." Nick explained, afterwards calling Thor, Loki, Bruce, and Sam.

"T'Challa, you're gonna share a room with Thor, this tall lad here, and he's gonna take you up." Nick said, pointing towards the Asguardian teen in question. T'Challa nodded and raced outside to grab his things.

"Tony, I'd like you to share with Loki please, he's Thor's brother." Nick pulled Loki forward slightly. "Adopted." Loki said, out of habit. "Well, used to be, I guess." Tony nodded slightly, looking down before what looked to be like he was suddenly remembering something. "Yes sir." He said abruptly, each word spoken clearly and loudly. Just the way his father had taught him.

The others around him looked surprised, but the boy didn't say anything else so Loki just turned down the hallway to show him the way to the stairs.

Once the weirdness had settled in, Nick turned to Bruce. "Bruce, could you take Shuri up to her room please?" The shy lad nodded and held his hand out to the African girl who took it excitedly. Bruce took one of her suitcases off her hands and lead her up to the second above-ground floor to the room she'd be sharing with Wanda.

"And finally, Sam please take Steve upstairs to his room. It's the only other one on the same floor as yours and Thor's." Nick explained. Sam smirked and nodded towards Steve. "Hey, I'm Sam. Follow me, dude." Steve grinned and took off after the feisty teen.

Nick smiled, shaking his head and looking down, chuckling as Phil came up to him. "All good?" He asked. Nick nodded and took his husband into a hug. "Definitely." He whispered.


"Wow!" Shuri squealed, gasping at the sight of her room.

She threw her stuff onto the bed furthest away from the window
She threw her stuff onto the bed furthest away from the window. "It's perfect!" She gaped, turning to give Bruce a hug. "You're gonna be my brother now, right?" She asked expectantly, looking up toward him. Bruce flushed but nodded, hugging the girl back.

After a few moments, Shuri pulled back. "I wanna see T'Challa's room!" She grinned. Bruce chuckled and nodded, leading her up two more flights of stairs before taking her into the room her brother shared with Thor.

"This one's big too! I think mines bigger though." Shuri smirked, going over to give her big brother a hug. "Oh well, I think the roof is cool." T'Challa replied, pulling the girl into his lap as he sat cross-legged on his bed.

Thor grinned at the siblings from his place of lying down on his own bed. "Isn't this wonderful? We all get to be a part of a big family!" He proclaimed. Bruce leant against the doorframe and chuckled. "Sure is, big guy." He answered.

Chapter Text

Tony shuffled around the room he now shared with Loki, not saying anything about his distaste in the vibrant lime green colour of most things, and dark jet black of the others.

His things lay untouched on his bed on which he sat huddled up against the headboard. Loki stood awkwardly, unsure of what to do.

"Well, I hope you like it here. This is just my colour scheme, but you can change it a little I guess." Loki muttered, trying to break the silence as he sat cross legged on his own bed.

Tony shrugged. "It's fine," he whispered. If there was one thing Howard had taught him before giving up on his child, it was that arguing with others, disagreeing with them, would just make them dislike him. Feel disappointed in him. Tony didn't want to feel like that again. If Loki liked green and black, then Tony would have to learn to like green and black too.

"I know you don't like it just say something." Loki huffed. Tony shrugged. "I never said I didn't." Loki rolled his eyes. "But you don't. I can read people - Hela always used to lie." Tony stared at him in confusion. Despite Howard's poor teachings, Tony's curiosity got the better of him. "Who's Hela?" He asked. "Thor's sister - my old adopted one. She found out that she legally cared for us so she threw us out. She was a real bitch." Toy bit his lip to keep from the simple bad from going to his head, the way Howard used to use it towards him.

Without much warning, Steve burst into the room. "Hey guys, I just came to check on Tony." He stepped into the room and moved towards Tony's bed, gently sitting down on the edge.

Tony smiled slightly, looking down, by noticing Steve's hand edging closer. "You sure?" He asked, Tony's mute answer to being too reliable. Tony glanced at his hand which was now enveloped in Steve's much larger one, looking up to face the older boy and gave an even bigger, albeit fake, smile and said: "Yes Steve, I'm fine. I appreciate the concern." The teen didn't seem convinced, but nodded, and pulled Tony into his body.

In silence, Loki left the room.


It was getting late, and still Bucky hadn't returned, and the other kids had yet to turn up.

Shuri had been excitedly putting everything around her room, filling her wardrobes and drawers, excitedly waiting for Wanda, her newly destined best friend.

Sam and Rhodey has spent their time trying to get to know each other, sitting on their beds and just talking before Thor and T'Challa entered and they began playing spin the bottle with one of Thors empty hair gel bottles he'd never gotten round to recycling. Let's just say they knew a lot about each other by the end, which wasn't for a while.

Scott and Bruce has settled for a game of uno, happier keeping to themselves in their room then anything else. And their original one game? Yeah, that turned into about twenty. Then Peter came in and joined them for another ten.

Steve had stayed with Tony, trying to comfort him, recognising the panic and worry and fear in his eyes. Tony wasn't a very trusting person, and this wasn't really working out for him with all these people and the only person he truly knew was Rhodey. However, Steve seemed to be growing on him, and T'Challa had grown on him he first day they all met, especially after holding him in his lap.

Tony was small, unusually small, and thin due to the lack of food. It wasn't that he wasn't fed, it was just when he lived with Howard, Jarvis was still a butler and had to work around Maria and Howard, so any food Tony ate he had to supply for himself. Then there was Sharon who would always put the wrong amount of food on his plate, whether it be too little or too much. After not too long, Tony had developed a few eating disorders, ones he wasn't comfortable sharing about. They were anorexia, pica, and rumination. Thankfully, nobody knew about them, or they knew and just didn't care, so it wasn't part of his files or anything.

Loki had joined Phil in the kitchen, helping make lunch and later tea, as the time soon drew close to seven o'clock.

Nick had been waiting on the drive, the whole entire time.

Eventually, the dark skinned man turned around and went inside, glancing at the pile of plates sat in the sink from lunch.

"Hey Nicky, can you do rounds and get everyone down for tea? Hopefully the other kids will come around now since me and Loki made far too much curry." Phil called from the dining room, setting the table. "And tell them to write their names on a piece of paper - Scott and Peter want them to choose their forever assigned seats." He chuckled.

Nick smirked and began walking towards the stairs, first headed to Loki and Tony's room. He swung open the door and stared silently at the scene in front of him: Steve had his arms wrapped around Tony's middle and the boy was crying softly into his shoulder, Steve's empty plate beside them on the floor, his own plate of lunch food long forget at the foot of his bed, teetering on the edge. Nick flew to grab it and tapped the youngest on the shoulder making him look up.

Solemnly, he began to talk. Pointing to the plate, he said: "Tony, why haven't you eaten this?"

Chapter Text

Tony shuffled awkwardly, tears glistening in his eyes which refused to meet anyone else's.

"Dunno," he mumbled in reply. "Just wasn't hungry." Steve began to step up, unwinding his arms before Tony pulled them back. "Don't go." He whispered. Steve sighed and glanced at Fury who took a hold of Tony's tiny hands.

"Look at me, Tony." Nick said, an authoritative voice coming on. "I'm just saying this because you look like you haven't eaten in weeks. I just want to make sure this isn't something to look out for." Tony glared at him, tears starting to fall. Rhodey was the only one who knew about his issues and would be till the day he died. "ITS NOT!" He shouted, angrily pressing back against Steve's chest, causing the guy to swallow a lump of air.

Nick sighed and ran a hand over his face. "Tony, this isn't an issue. Unless it is. Which means we need to talk." Tony's tears began to roll down his cheeks, wetting Steve's hand over his stomach and his bed cloth.

"It's fine." He whispered.

"No it's not." Everyone turned to look at the door. Rhodey stood there.

"Phil called us all down after Nick never did, but when we got down you three didn't show up. Phil sent me up to get you. And yes, Tony does have a problem. Three actually." Tony glared at his friends, his sobs beginning to make choked noises come from his mouth. Rhodey sighed and sat at Steve's side, running a hand through the brunettes hair.

"What are they?" Nick asked, his thumbs rubbing over the backs of Tony's hands gently. "Anorexia, pica, and rumination. Now let's all go downstairs." Rhodey replied, standing up and offering a hand to Steve. The blonde took it and unwrapped himself from Tony, who didn't move. Nick glanced guiltily towards the boy - he didn't want to hurt him but at the same time if he didn't know things then he couldn't help.


After Phil had sent Rhodey upstairs, everyone else had sat down. Peter And Scott made sure to tape everyone's name tags to the backs of chairs, so now T'Challa was sat by Scott, Shuri on his other side.

Peter grinned as he taped the Shuri and T'Challa papers to the backs of the chairs and stood waiting for the others.

Eventually, the final four came down stairs. Nick sat in his spot and Steve made to sit opposite Shuri, stating that he wanted to say the one in between him and Peter for Bucky.

Rhodey took Tony's hand and sat the boy beside Shuri before taking the seat next to him, chuckling slightly when Peter came around and taped his name to his chair, which he'd left downstairs from before. Steve and Tony had apparently forgotten about those, so Steve quickly did both of theirs and Bucky's in record time, handing them to Peter to tape to his own chair, the empty one, and Tony's.

Just as Peter sat back down in his own seat the doorbell rang, causing Nick to jump upwards and sprint towards the door. On the other side stood a drenched Bucky. Apparently it'd been raining.

Nick lead the shivering teen in, taking his bags and leather jacket off him and leading him to the dining room.

Phil gasped as the teen entered. "How have you even gotten that wet?! I saw you come in a car!" Steve snorted. "I thought you were towing the bike from the car, not the other way around." Bucky glared at him. "Very funny, Rogers."

"You sit here." Peter piped up, patting the back of the chair beside him. "Steve said so." Bucky smiled slightly and glanced at Nick who nodded, having just come back from the utility where he'd left Bucky's things. The soggy boy took his seat.

Once more, just as a person was taking his seat - Nick this time - the doorbell rang. Sighing, the same man went up to get it, and stepped back to allow Clint, Natasha, Wanda, and Pietro access to his home.

"Wow! This place is so nice, Mr Coulson-Fury." Clint gushed as Nick moved the kids bags to the same place he took Bucky's. Seeing where the guy was headed, the other kids brought theirs down there too.

"Why, thank you Clint. Now, come join us for dinner!" Nick exclaimed. Wanda squealed and took hold of the mans hand, dragging him forwards to where she could hear the chatter.

Once in the room, everyone looked up. Instantly, Peter stood. He had pens and paper in his hands. He raced over to Wanda and handed her a pink pen with one sheet of paper. "It's a name tag for the dinner table seating plan." He explained. Wanda smiled and nodded, running over to the table to write her name. The other kids were stood in the doorway.

"Who do you want to sit by?" Peter asked. "My brother!" Wanda exclaimed, clapping her hands together and staring back at Pietro, who quickly came over to join them. Peter gave Pietro his own piece of paper before pointing out to Wanda the seat beside Steve. Wanda handed the younger boy her paper and he taped it to the back of her chair. The same happened with Pietro, who took his place next to Wanda.

Nick managed to encourage Natasha into the room, who was holding Clint back, and then both of them had their names done. To make sides even, Natasha sat next to Rhodey and opposite Clint who took his place beside Pietro.

"Finally!" Phil exclaimed, looking down his long table of kids as Nick sat down as well. "Let's all dig in!"

Chapter Text

After tea, Nick and Phil lead everyone into the living room, first having Peter and Shuri take Wanda and Pietro to their bedrooms, then Bruce took Clint, Steve shows Bucky the way, and Thor lead Natasha.

As Steve pushed open the door to the room he now shared with Bucky, the brunette behind him let out a gasp.

"This place is amazing!" He breathed
"This place is amazing!" He breathed. Steve chuckled and sat on his bed which was the one closest to the window. "Nick and Phil said we could redecorate later in the week if we wanted too." Bucky nodded, smiling. "Sounds awesome."


"And this place, dear lady Natasha, is your room of the slumbers!" Thor exclaimed, throwing his arms wide open in the doorway causing Natasha to duck.

"And this place, dear lady Natasha, is your room of the slumbers!" Thor exclaimed, throwing his arms wide open in the doorway causing Natasha to duck
"It's pretty cool, I guess. Might need to lose the girly feel though." She spoke, laying her bags out on the bed. "Sir Nickolas said that it used to be the room his brothers daughter slept in, but now their leaving the spare rooms in the basement and the last one on this floor plus the one below for family." Natasha nodded. "This girl better not be too devastated." Thor shrugged. "Nickolas said that Miss Clara would not mind."


Pretty soon, everyone was back downstairs again, snuggled and spread out across the large living room.

Steve, Bucky, Tony, and Rhodey took up one whole sofa; Thor and Loki sat together on a smaller one; Wanda, Pietro, Natasha, and Clint were all huddled together in beanbags in front of Steve's sofa; Sam sat in an armchair with Peter sat on his lap; T'Challa sat in another with Shuri atop its arm; Scott and Bruce were sat upon the last sofa (another small one like Loki and Thors); and finally Nick and Phil occupied a love seat. In front of it all lay a large standard cinema sized screen.

"So guys, any ideas what to watch?" Phil asked, flicking onto Amazon Prime. "Ooh - The Lion King!" Shuri gushed. "I like Scott Pilgrim Vs The World." Clint smirked. "What about The Nanny Diaries? Natasha leant me her version of that once." Wanda suggested in a fond voice.

"What do you like, Tony?" Steve whispered to the boy he was sat next to - Bucky was in between him and the arm. Tony shrugged. "Surely you've got to like something." Steve egged on. "I don't mind... Jurassic World. Or Park. Whichever works." Tony muttered, starting off happy and slowly sliding down. Steve frowned but turned to Phil and offered the suggestions anyway.

"Hey, how a about we all write a movie on a sheet of paper, put them in a bowl and someone will pick one out?" Peter said, shuffling around on Sams lap slightly. Nick nodded in approval. "I like that idea." He grinned, standing up to go grab a bowl. Peter leapt up to grab the spare bits of paper from their earlier name tags.

Wanda smiled up at Natasha slightly as The Nanny Diaries was written nearly upon her thin cut piece. She began to fold it and place it into the hat where it fell beside Natasha's Woman In Black.

Clint had to help Pietro write his out due to the kids lack of legibility when it came to handwriting, so he quickly wrote down Scott Pilgrim Vs The World on his own sheet before turning to Pietro who told him to write Bolt.

Tony glanced at Rhodey as he wrote Jurassic World down. "What if it gets picked and nobody wants to watch it?" He whispered to the older teen. Rhodey gave a weak smile and pulled Tony into his side. "Of course they'll want to watch it, it's a great choice." Tony nodded. "What did you put?" Rhodey lifted his slip which read Gladiator.

Peter quickly scribbled down his choice of Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children before turning around and sneaking a peak at Sams. He'd written What's Your Number? "I don't think that's appropriate." Peter giggled. Sam smirked at the boy perched in his lap. "Oh well." He shrugged, sliding the piece into the bowl.

Loki nearly wrote out Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, gently folding it neatly and precise. Then there was Thor who had his Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief who wrote it out messily and loudly scrunched his paper down before tossing it into the bowl.

Steve and Bucky smirked at each other as they both put down their shared favourite movie: The Orphanage. It was originally a Spanish movie, but the English overlay was fine. Besides, if they both wrote it then they had a higher chance then anyone else's options at getting picked.

T'Challa smiled as he watched his sister doodle lions over her slip, right next to her writing of The Lion King. He himself had written The Jungle Book (2016) for his love of Bagheera.

Scott had put The Bee Movie in and attempted to look at the what the others had put before Bruce slid his hand in, shielding his folded slip which read The Martian from Scott's searching eyes. Scott pouted at the older boy as Phil added his own slip which read Gifted on it and Nick put in Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle.

"Now, who wants to pick?" Nick asked, taking the bowl from Phil who had taken it round to get filled up. "Ooh, me!" Wanda put her hand up high in the air as if at school. Nick chuckled fondly. Soon, this girl would be his official daughter, and he was already loving it.

He held the bowl in front of her and her dipped her hand in, eyes squeezed shut. Once she picked one - and it wasn't the messily screwed up one of Thors - she opened her eyes and unfolded the paper.

"What's the movie?" Phil asked. Wanda cleated her throat as she began to speak. "It's-"

Chapter Text

"Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children!"

Immediately, everyone started talking about it as if it were the topic of the world, so Phil took that as a chance to download it and paused the play button as Nick urged Steve, Bucky and Thor into the kitchen to help with popcorn and drinks.

Thor brought out a bunch of different eight packs of fizzy drinks, alongside something alcoholic for Nick and Phil, and was quietly followed by Bucky soon thereafter with the first two huge bowls of popcorn. He handed one to Loki and one to Sam, stating about how the popcorn was the share between twos.

"I'll share with Tash - Pietro usually steals all the food." Wanda stuck her tongue out at her brother and clutched onto Natasha's arm. Rhodey chuckled and nudged the girls head with his foot.

Steve came out next with three more bowls, giving one to Rhodey, one to Natasha, and one to Clint.

Eventually, all bowls got handed out and Nick even turned up with a bag of chocolate for everyone, settling down finally in his love seat with his husband.

"This is way better than the group home - we'd usually have to put on Pajamas first." Peter smirked, kicking his foot down against Sams leg. "Gah! You're probably right! And after all this too! Right, everyone go and get changed, leave all food and drinks down here and when you come back it'll all be exactly where you left it." Nick advises. There were grumbles and mutters throughout the group before they all ended up slowly filtering out of the room.


Tony was the first to come back down, looking comfy in his pjs which Nick and Phil were unsure of since it was the first of August and Tony had come down in basically a jumper.

"Looks nice Tones." Phil smiled. Tony looked down at himself and flushed.

He settled himself down on the sofa back where he was before, leaving empty spaces at either side of himself for Steve and Rhodey
He settled himself down on the sofa back where he was before, leaving empty spaces at either side of himself for Steve and Rhodey.

Talking of Steve, he was the next one to emerge in his spitfire Pajamas.

Tony giggled slightly at the sight of them, yet still snuggled into Steve's side when the older boy sat down
Tony giggled slightly at the sight of them, yet still snuggled into Steve's side when the older boy sat down.

"No one else ready?" He questioned. Phil shook his head, sipping slightly at his wine glass Nick had just filled up for him.

After what seemed like years, Bucky and Sam came down. Bucky wore darker Pajamas with some quote on that nobody really remembered, whilst Sam just had plain ones really.


"You sure you're not hot, Tony?" Sam smirked, settling down into his armchair once more
"You sure you're not hot, Tony?" Sam smirked, settling down into his armchair once more. The younger boy shook his head.

Natasha was next to arrive. Her hair was brushed back into a low pony tail and her attire had Bucky staring at her midriff.

The girl in question simply glared daggers at him as Shuri and Wanda leaped into the room, excitedly babbling
The girl in question simply glared daggers at him as Shuri and Wanda leaped into the room, excitedly babbling. Shuri had on yet another top with song lyrics on, much like the one she'd arrived in which had said Darling I'm A Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream.

Wanda however, once all eyes in the room had landed on her and her new friend, awkwardly shuffled towards Natasha and pulled the backs of her shorts down slightly
Wanda however, once all eyes in the room had landed on her and her new friend, awkwardly shuffled towards Natasha and pulled the backs of her shorts down slightly.

"Looking cute, girls
"Looking cute, girls." Phil teased. Shuri simply flipped the end of her braided ponytail whilst Wanda blushed and hid behind Natasha.

T'Challa came down next with Thor, both discussing their own countries. Though it wasn't how the conversation had started out, neither minded much and just sat down in their original spots and continued as though none of the others were there.

T'Challas pjs weren't much to be honest, just plain and simple. Thor's has a statement only the newer kids could guess as true, though he didn't seem like the sort to be grumpy in the mornings.

Thor's has a statement only the newer kids could guess as true, though he didn't seem like the sort to be grumpy in the mornings
"Isn't it too hot for that, Thor?" Steve asked, cutting through the said teens conversation with T'Challa
"Isn't it too hot for that, Thor?" Steve asked, cutting through the said teens conversation with T'Challa. "A little, but it appears I had forgotten to pack any others. My best bet is that my sister will have thrown them by now." Thor explained, shrugging slightly.

Clint, Bruce, and Scott all cantered in quickly after, racing back to where they were sitting before. Clints clothes probably weren't the most appropriate, especially judging by Nicks looks, but the boy avoided them so much as to not be told to change. Bruce's however looked rather ridiculous when surrounded by everyone else's. And Scott's looked a little too young for him, even though they fit perfectly. It was quite a sight watching them all parade on in.

Wanda giggled as she read Clints top, whereas Shuri ended up outright laughing her hardest
Wanda giggled as she read Clints top, whereas Shuri ended up outright laughing her hardest. Phil decided her loved that sound, the sound of one of his future daughters happiness, and that one of her future brothers was the cause of that.

Phil decided her loved that sound, the sound of one of his future daughters happiness, and that one of her future brothers was the cause of that
"Bruce, I think my Dad used to wear those." Shuri giggled, finally turning away from Clint. Bruce flushed slightly.

"And Scott? You're just a bit weird
"And Scott? You're just a bit weird." The Wakandan girl huffed out, finally regaining her breath.

At long last did Loki, Pietro, Peter, and Rhodey come down. Loki work what looked to be black velvet drapes, which looked rather odd next to Peters Pajamas with a giraffe on. Rhodey's was merely a one coloured top and one coloured bottoms, and then Pietro looked not unlike what he'd already worn that day, though more comfortable looking.

Rhodey's was merely a one coloured top and one coloured bottoms, and then Pietro looked not unlike what he'd already worn that day, though more comfortable looking
Rhodey day next to Tony and nudged the boy. "Cold?" He whispered. Tony nodded. "How can you wear short sleeves?" He shuddered.

"Pietro are you wearing your day clothes?" Wanda interrogated
"Pietro are you wearing your day clothes?" Wanda interrogated. Pietro shook his head vividly, settling down beside her in his beanbag. His sister glared at him. "You better not be..."

"Looking very sophisticated there, Loki
"Looking very sophisticated there, Loki. I fear I may of forgotten my clothes." Thor stated as his brother came to sit with him.

"Everybody else walked in, and then there was you with your giraffe top
"Everybody else walked in, and then there was you with your giraffe top." Sam snickered as Peter planted himself back on the older boys laugh. He teasingly kicked Sams legs, chortling slightly.

Chapter Text

Phil turned the movie on and everyone settled down in silence, watching the elongated title scene with its creepy horror movie.

"Seen this before?" Steve whispered to Tony. Tony nodded, whispering back: "It was one of the few movies Sharon had that weren't adult and inappropriate."

"Shush!" Clint hissed, elbowing Steve's knee. Steve grunted and kicked the back of the boys head. "Boys please!" Natasha growled, shifting slightly so that Wanda's head lay on her shoulder in a more comfortable position.


By the end of the movie, hardly any of them were awake. The only ones who were awake were Steve, Bucky, Sam, Peter, and Rhodey.

"How are we gonna get everyone else upstairs? Not trying to be funny, but I can't lift Thor." Steve said, pulling himself up off the sofa. "I'd wake everyone up." Phil suggested, starting to gently shake Pietro. The boy in question mumbled a muffled reply - still half asleep - and shrugged the man off.

"I don't really want to do that either." Steve rubbed his arm awkwardly. "I don't mind." Sam interjected. "How about just waking up the ones we can't move? Like Thor." Rhodey added, moving over to the Asgardian lad. Nick nodded and started to lift Clint into his arms.

Peter looked around before deciding to pick up Shuri, because honestly he was either gonna make it with Shuri or Wanda and since the Wakandan girl was younger, he went to her first. He lifted her up bridal style and followed Nick out of the room, him holding Clint in the exact same way.

Once Rhodey had awoken Thor, he moved over to Tony and easiy lifted the younger boy in his arms, practically jogging to the stairwell.

Thor took up his brother Loki whilst Steve and Bucky collected Bruce and Scott. Phil pulled Pietro into his arms and took him up to the room the boy shared with Peter, who was now on his way to get Wanda. He placed him on his bed, tucked him under the duvet, and hesitated before planting a slight kiss on his forehead. The boy. A son. His son. It's only been a few hours and he already saw all of the kids as his own birth children. He was really glad Nick wanted this.

He came back downstairs to see Peter passing him with Wanda, Steve gathering up T'Challa, Bucky was walking through the door with Natasha, and Rhodey was sat on the sofa with Nick.

"Everyone in bed now?" Phil asked, sitting on Rhodeys other side. Rhodey nodded. "The others are going to bed once they've taken the asleep ones to their rooms." Nick explained, placing a hand on the teens back. "You gonna head up now?" Rhodey nodded and went to stand up before Phil grabbed his arm and pulled him back down.

"Wait - I wanna know what's going on with Tony. Nick mentioned something about disorders earlier." Rhodey nodded solemnly before sitting back down.

"The thing with Tony is - he won't ask for help. If he's feeling sick or worried then he's not gonna come to you. And with his disorders, ugh, he won't talk to anyone. The only reason I knew was because I found him regurgitating his food back in the early days of living with Sharon Carter." Nick looked appalled. "Regurgitated?!" Rhodey nodded. "That's the rumination. Then there's his pica and anorexia. Don't force him to eat anything, or too much. He has to eat though, obviously, he just doesn't like to do it. When it comes to food please don't over-face him or force him to eat it all. Even a little enough." Phil hummed in agreement. "What about the rumination?" Rhodey sighed and began fiddling with his hands. "It's not in his files because he doesn't want it to be. He doesn't want people to know. I want to to help him, but please don't get help from therapists and stuff or medical doctors. Just you." Nick and Phil agreed and let Rhodey go off up to bed.


The following morning, Phil was rather surprised to find that he was the first person down. However, it did give him a chance to look up something he and Nick and been talking about the last night - schools.

They wanted to get as many of them into the same ones as possible, though since a few weren't even in high school yet, all they had to do was get them into neighbouring schools.

He muttered to himself slightly as Nick came up behind. "What grades are they all gonna go into in September?" He asked. "I'll have to get the files out for that. Lucky I thought ahead." Nick chuckled, pulling them out from behind his back where one hand had previously been awkwardly kept.

As Phil flicked through them, he suddenly stopped. "Hang on, according to this is says that Tony is younger than Loki, but I thought it was the other way around." He handed the two boys files to Nick. "That's what Hydra said..." The older man mumbled before grabbing his phone out of his pocket. "Let me just make a call." Phil nodded before checking that all the other files were in order - which they were, so perhaps it was the original phone call that was messed up.

It didn't take too long, but when Nick came back in the room they realised that their suspicions were right - Loki was older then Tony cause the Hydra people had gotten the years wrong.

"I knew they were Shady." Phil muttered. "Hey, they only made one mistake. It's not that bad." Nick reasoned.

He sat next to Phil on what was usually Thor's chair, peering over his husbands shoulder at the screen. He was filing Steve in for William A. Shine Great Neck South High School.

Chapter Text

Finally, everyone had been placed in a school. Took some persuasion with waiting lists and all, but they were finally in. Tony, Wanda, Pietro, Shuri, and Peter were all going to Great Neck South Middle School whilst the rest were all going to the same school as Steve. Classes started on the fifth of September which meant that, after checking up and calling on all of the files just to double check, the Coulson-Fury's had two birthdays to sort in the mean time.

The first would be T'Challa, who was born on the twenty-second of August (A/N: His wasn't specified so I made it up. If anyone actually knows, please comment and I'll attempt to fix this as best I can) and the second would be Peter, who was born on the twenty-seventh. Though not far apart and quite a while from the date they were at, Nick and Phil were gonna make sure they had the best first birthdays with the family ever.


(A/N: Time skip to T'Challas birthday because I feel like now I've mentioned them I kind of have to actually write the birthdays, so I'm just time skipping on these ones. I'd quite like to get to the point where they actually go to school)

"T'Challa! Big brother do wake up' T'CHALLA!" Shuri shouted, jumping up and down on her brothers bed, ignoring his blatant grunts. She appeared to have forgotten that Thor shared that room too.

Thor himself was sat up in his own bed in amusement, watching the scene unfold.

"It's my birthday so I say go back to sleep." T'Challa mumbled, pushing Shuri off his bed with one hand, his eyes still closed. Shuri groaned and grabbed one of his ankles, fully pulling him off his bed.

"Ha! Now you have to get up!" She smirked as he rubbed a hand over his head. Thor threw his head back in laughter. Oh, he remembered when he and Loki were like that - they weren't anymore.

T'Challa grabbed Shuri's waist and pulled her down beside him, tickling her free sides as her arms flew everyone whilst she shrieked.

"Hey guys, keep it down! Some people don't like to woken up before six!" Came Sams shouts from his bedroom. That was right, it was half past five and Shuri was insisting that her brother got up. Little brat.

"Sorry!" T'Challa shouted back, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand. "Why are we up this early?" He grunted at Shuri. "If we were at home it would be half eleven and that's what time we always get up on when it's your birthday." T'Challa sighed. "Look, I know you're somehow still jet lagged but since we are in New York and not Wakanda it isn't half eleven yet so we can't get up." Shuri huffed. "But Peters up! I heard him and Pietro playing video games! They're very loud." T'Challa nodded. "And so are you. You just woke Sam, so chances are you've woken Rhodey, Bucky, and Steve up to."

"And me!" Thor added, sat cross legged and watching eagerly. T'Challa nodded uncertainly. "And... Thor." He muttered, sending a small smile towards his sister. "Go back to bed, Shuri. Surely Wanda isn't even up yet." Shuri frowned. "She is - she went to tell the boys off for being too loud."

"Hey, how about you and I go downstairs and make a wonderful birthday breakfast for everyone and leave your brother to sleep? That's what my family did back home." Thor smiled. Shuri giggled and nodded, jumping up eagerly to grab the older guys hand and pull him out of the room.

"You guys do know that this is our home now, right?" But both we're gone before T'Challas words could be heard by either.


By half eleven, T'Challa moved down into the living room, chatting to Rhodey who he'd met on the way down. The American had wished him a happy birthday, and T'Challa had just been regaling him with Shuri's antics that morning.

"Happy birthday!" Shuri squealed, jumping up from her spot on one of the smaller sofas and rushing to hug her older brother. Turns out it was only him and Rhodey still upstairs.

"Thanks, sister." T'Challa smiled, hugging her shoulders as she dangled from his waist, her feet picking up off the ground. "We've all got you presents." She heaved.

T'Challa looked around at everyone. "You didn't need to." He smiled. Nick and Phil shook their heads. "Like we wouldn't give our son presents on his birthday," Nick smirked, handing him a large wrapped up box. "This one's from me and Phil, kid."

T'Challa thanked him and opened the card on top, which read:

Dear T'Challa,

We know it hasn't been that long, but we are truly happy that you have come to live with us. We love you so much and appreciate everything you do daily for our family, like the chores Clint and Tony refuse to do. We want to wish you the happiest birthday, especially considering it's your first with us, so we want to make it special. Along with your present, we've made a reservation at a restaurant for the evening and have gotten each and everyone one of you guys some nice evening wear. We hope it's not to much to handle, we just really want to spoil our beloved kids.

Love, Nick and Phil xxx

T'Challa looked up teary-eyed and hugged his foster parents before ripping open the box. Inside was a large telescope, a few astrology textbooks, and a globe. T'Challa gasped and stood, moving to where his foster parents sat and hugged them even tighter than before.

"We hope it's ok, Shuri mentioned how you two did a lot of stargazing back in your original home, and how much you enjoy geography. The globe is also a light if you click that button on the top of its axis." Phil explained. "It's great." T'Challa murmured, tears falling down his cheeks. "I love it."

Chapter Text

After Nick and Phils present, everyone starting trying to hand T'Challa theirs. The boy took Bucky's first, looking to see a black panther model. It was the sort of trinket you had lying on a shelf in your room, but what made it better was its significance. Bucky had remembered from one of their past conversations about how the black panther represented the dominant cult that outlawed its rivals.

Steve had gotten him a black leather bomber jacket, not unlike one he had left in Wakanda by mistake, yet another thing he'd just casually mentioned. In all honesty, his birthday had never been the topic of any conversation, so these things they were getting him? They were all from memory, which meant they cared. Or they'd asked Shuri. Either way he wasn't getting things he hated, so it was all good.

Tony and Loki had put money together to get him a DVD player for the TV in the room he shared with Thor, though the only one they could get in short notice (as they'd forgotten) was actually a karaoke machine which happened to be able to play movies as well.

Rhodey and Sam had gotten him a virtual reality set, one the three had seen passing it in a shop in a nearby town one day, each stating what sort of reality they'd like to see if using it.

Wanda and Pietro had also, like Tony, Loki, Rhodey, and Sam, bought something between the two of them, which was a GK Lombardi poly tracksuit top and a pair of matching GK Lombardi poly tracksuit bottoms. "Pietro's idea." Wanda stated. "We weren't sure what you liked so we got you something he would have liked."

Thor's choice of present had been an odd one but, after consulting with Nick and Phil, he'd made it work. He'd quite literally adopted a black tabby kitten for the Wakandan, a cute female one with green eyes. "I shall call you Okoye." T'Challa whispered, stroking the creature who was now curled up in his arms.

Natasha had gotten him a book on black panthers along with some black and white nike running shoes. She wasn't very crafty when it came to gifts.

Clints had been an archery set, mostly because he seemed to deny the fact that he might be the only one interested in such a sport.

Peter had gotten the older teen a Lego set from The Jungle Book. "It was the movie you chose." He explained. "I kept all the recommendations and recognised yours from the name tag on your chair. I thought we could maybe build it together." T'Challa had pulled the young boy in for a hug, he was very touched by his motives and would be sure to keep it on a shelf in his room, possibly beside his new black panther model.

Bruce and Scott had gotten the lad an Emporio Armani eagle half zip knit jumper which had been very expensive, but during the time of being at Nick and Phils whilst the husbands had happily given each other the kids pocket money depending on the chores they did (like $5 for putting the wet clothes out on the washing line) and were paid straight after the chore, the parents had also suggested that if they wanted to make their own money then they could get Summer jobs, or even part time jobs once school started. Whilst the older children at the home liked the idea, the younger ones didn't, so it was the people like Bruce and Scott who'd used their own money to buy their foster brother a great gift.

Finally, it was Shuri. The girl nervously handed her present to her brother and watched T'Challa open it. Inside was an incredibly large painting from the dining room of their original home, one that sat behind their fathers chair which had been the head of the table - it'd nearly taken up the whole wall.

(A/N: Just pretend it's bigger)
(A/N: Just pretend it's bigger)

"Shuri this is amazing! Sister, I love you so much!" T'Challa pulled his sibling into his arms and began kissing the top of her head. "I love you too, brother." Shuri giggled.

"Come on, dear foster brother. Let's hand your painting now!" Thor encouraged, lifting slightly off the armchair he was sat on. T'Challa nodded and picked up in the painting and held it under one arm, spreading his free hand out for his sister to take.


(A/N: I know it's not great but I really want to start writing about the school time so here's a time skip to Peters birthday)

Peter yawned as he flipped over in bed. Today was the day. Today was the day he slept in as long as he could, then have everyone pay attention to only him... and get presents. Lots of presents. In fact, he was most looking forward to the presents part. Presents.

"Happy birthday." Peter sat up and stared at his roommate, the Sokovian child still looking half asleep. With wispy white blonde hair falling over his face, the boy threw his head back and ran a hand through it.

"Thanks." Peter grinned, flopping back down. "So... any plans for today?" Pietro asked, leaning up slightly on his arms. Peter shrugged. "Stay in bed as long as possible?" Pietro smirked. "Sounds like a plan."

Their plan, however, didn't last too long as Wanda and Shuri made their way into the boys room a good ten minutes later.

"Can't you go back to bed?" Pietro groaned, throwing his top pillow onto his face. "We could, but we won't. A, it's his birthday," Shuri pointed to Peter. "And B, it's twelve o'clock. Nick and Phil want everyone down for lunch." Wanda finished. "Lunch? I haven't even eaten breakfast." Peter muttered. The girls giggled. "We can all guess whose fault that is." Wanda smiled.

Behind them, the door opened once more. Nick stood there. "I know it's your birthday Peter, buddy, but everyone's eating downstairs." Peter grinned and sat up slightly, pulling his duvet down. "Tony's not." Wanda said, confused. Nick sighed and quickly composed himself. "Come down." He said.

Chapter Text

It didn't matter that anyone else was dressed because as the five of them made their way down the stairs, Pietro and Peter had made no previous effort to get changed, so both boys were still in their PJs, in fact, the exact ones from the first night when they'd watched a movie.

Nick lead them into the dining from and Shuri and Wanda skipped to their chairs, looking back over their shoulders to see if the boys were coming.

They did, and everyone chuckled and laughed slightly at their nightly attire and messy bedheads. "Oh shut up, you all look like this in the mornings too!" Pietro grinned, slipping into his seat beside his sister.

"Now, how about a hand for the birthday boy?" Phil exclaimed, standing up to hug Peter good morning and wish him a quiet Happy Birthday into his ear. Peter smiled. "Thanks Phil." Everybody burst out clapping, all laughing with smiles on their faces as Peter took a jokey bow on his way room to his seat.

"So, you haven't had breakfast yet, but it's your birthday anyway, so everyone start to sing!" Phil said, standing up and waving his hands in a gesture to get everyone else to do so. However, when Peter started to, Nick pushed him down again. "Not you, son." He said.

"Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Peter,
Happy birthday to you.

We wish you a good day,
We hope you will say,
Thanks for the presents,
And a happy birthday!

It's the first at this house,
With everyone around,
Fifteen other siblings,
We're all love bound!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Peter,
Happy birthday to you!" Everyone sung, though they were all surprised that they managed to stick together throughout it all - even Bruce sang! The song had been made up in T'Challa's birthday - the extra parts, that is - and decided that it would be their birthday song. To be honest, Peter was surprised that they'd all remembered it!

At some point in the song, Nick had left the room, and as it ended, he'd returned and placed a chocolate birthday cake in front of him.

Peter gasped and said: "Wow, this looks amazing Nick! Thank you so much!" Nick smiled and kissed the boy atop his head
Peter gasped and said: "Wow, this looks amazing Nick! Thank you so much!" Nick smiled and kissed the boy atop his head. "Blow our the candles, kid." Peter did as he was told and immediately after everyone started clapping and whistling.

"Make a wish?" Shuri asked, leaning forward slightly. Peter nodded. "But I can't can't you or it won't come true." Shuri huffed and slumped back in her seat.

"Happy eleven years, Pete. Must suck being one of the youngest in the year." Sam smirked. "Just cause you're right at the start." Peter retorted, stocking his tongue out at him.

"Now now, boys. Right, let's cut the cake." Phil grinned.


Everyone sat around the living room, presents in hand. Peter sat in the centre, glancing around eagerly.

"We'll go first." Nick smiled, handing over his and Phil's present to the lad. Peter ripped off the wrapping paper and his face lit up at the site of the LEGO Star Wars 75192 Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon. "This is so great! I can't wait to build it later!" Nick chuckled before landing him the card.

Peter tore the envelope away and began to read the message out loud for all to hear:

"Dear Peter,

We are very blessed to have you here with us for you eleventh birthday, and we do hope we make this day as special as possible. With all your new siblings around, we hope you feel loved and safe and secure.

When you first came into our household, we didn't quite know what to think. You were very exuberant and happy - you still are! We just hope to make today even MORE happy.

We love you so much,
Phil and Nick xxx

P.S. Have fun building the set (ᵔᴥᵔ)"

Peter beamed up at his foster dads and hugged them tightly. "Thanks guys." He murmured.

"My turn!" Clint exclaimed, pushing his wrapped gift into Peters lap. He opened it to find a 10 Things I Want In Life Gaming, Mens Funny T-Shirt. He laughed and pulled it on over the top of his Pyjama top, which honestly looked quite ridiculous. "Perfect fit." Clint smirked. "Clint, he can fit it over another top." Natasha rolled her eyes. "It's great, thanks Clint." Peter grinned.

Next he got a joint present off Tony and Rhodey which happened to be an AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit with Metal Body Microscope, Plastic Slides, LED Light and Carrying Box (M30-ABS-KT2-W). "Heard you like science." Rhodey grinned. "Stops you messing with Tony's." Tony flushed and looked down, but smiled slightly at the giant beam that was spread across the younger guys face. "Thanks!" Peter exclaimed.

"You can use that later, if you'd like. Once you're dressed, that is." Phil smirked. Peter jokingly stuck his tongue out at him.

After that he opened the present from T'Challa and Shuri, which happened to be a SEGA Mega Drive Flashback with 85 Games. Peter gasped. "Wow! These are amazing guys!" He lifted the box up to take a closer look. "Careful," Steve said, lowering the box slightly.

From Bucky and Steve, Peter received a Back To The Future Boxset from which Nick and Phil promised to have everyone watch one the upcoming night.

Thor and Loki has gotten him a LEGO Super Heroes Classic Batmobile - 76119, yet another thing Peter was anxiously waiting to build. LEGO just happened to be his forte, especially when he did it with his best friend from the Group Home. He'd already spoken to Nick and Phil, and they'd said that perhaps he could have Ned Leeds over some time.

Sam had gotten him a giant lightsaber which was kind of weird to unwrap, but Peter still felt as much joy about it as from the other items. It made Clint look like he wasn't the only cheap one though, since it was plastic and looked rather breakable.

Wanda and Pietro had put some money together and gotten him a large Fortnight wall mural for his side of the room he shared with Pietro. Not that the other boy was complaining - he quite liked playing Fortnight with Peter, and certainly wouldn't mind having a picture up there. Besides, if he made friends with some cool people from school and they ever saw it, he could truthfully say it was Peters.

Natasha and, surprisingly, Bruce had bought Peter a 'Gravitrax' Starter Set. Peter thanked them both, only earning a small smile from Bruce and a grunt from Natasha. It wasn't easy thanking people who didn't really talk.

Scott was the last one to give Peter anything, so he handed his present over, looking rather pleased with himself so Peter could only assume he really wanted Peter to like it.

Opening it, Peter found a hard cover phone case with all his favourite video game characters all collaged onto it. He grinned up at Scott and leapt over to him, squeezing him tightly.

Chapter Text

"Everybody up! School starts today!" Nick shouted, stomping through the house and banging on all his kids doors.

Phil was downstairs making breakfast and beamed at the sights of his dressed up kids. They'd all gone out the previous week to get school supplies and Natasha and Wanda had somehow convinced Nick and Phil that first day of school outfits were necessary. So of course everyone looked dashing as they came down.

Tony wore a black hoodie with the band name AC/DC in the centre in bright red; he had on a pair of Boohooman Mens Blue Spray on Skinny Jeans with distressing; finally he planned on wearing his Anaheim Old Skool Checkerboard vans.

Steve wore a white t-shirt with The North Face logo planted on it; on his legs he had a pair of Jack & Jones slim tapered fit jeans in black; and once they were to set off he'd be wearing his Beck & Hersey Mens 'Supremacy' Black & White Woven Trainers.

Wanda was wearing a Shein Zip Back Textured Skater Skirt in burgundy with a slim fit crop tee in black; she wore a Shein Zip Up Striped Trim Bomber Jacket also in burgundy over her crop top and had chosen to wear black GAP ballet flats.

Pietro came down in a Kings Will Dream black and gold malton t-shirt and a Kings Will Dream iridescent reflective cayton reflective windbreaker jacket - unzipped. He also had on Kings Will Dream black and red miller otto panel joggers and was already in clean and, by the looks of them, new black Puma mercedes AMG petronas motorsport speed HYBRID men's trainers.

Shuri, as weird and wonderful as ever, wore a white belted skater dress from Missguided with a black co ord contrast stitch denim jacket which was also from Missguided. On her feet Shuri planned to wear her black Nike air max 97.

Bruce had on a Superdry ®️ rookie plaid shirt in olive plaid and a pair of Gap light authentic relaxed jeans. His shoes of choice were black converse chuck Taylor all stars OX shoes.

Natasha wore a black Icebreaker woman's siren tank top with some GapFit high rise blackout full length leggings. Around her waist was tied a woman's black Nike tech fleece hoodie. She was going to put on a pair of black Nike varsity complete TR 2 at the door.

Bucky was wearing a green camo DFND London men's base t-shirt and a pair of black GK LA tracksuit bottoms. He was also planning on wearing his Gucci men's flashtrek sneakers with removable spikes (though he was obviously content with keeping the spikes on).

Scott had decided to wear his burgundy M&S collection cotton long sleeve polo shirt and some black skinny fit jersey denim jeans. He was also going to put on his black Tommy Jeans heritage mixed panel trainers.

Sam took to wearing a black and white DFND London men's energy sublimation chest logo t-shirt. It was one of his favourites, especially with its rib crew neck and rubberised logo. With his shirt, he had on some Next mid blue slim fit jeans with stretch. On his feet he was already wearing a pair of black Skechers equalizer 3.0 sumnin SS19 shoes.

T'Challa chose to wear a navy French connection men's polo jersey with long sleeves with some plain black GK denim skinny jeans and a pair of black Boohooman embossed vamp smart shoes.

When Loki joined the other eleven downstairs, his attire appeared to include a khaki green New Look muscle fit oxford shirt, along with a Boohooman black borg western jacket. On his feet already were a pair of clean and new proper school shoes, Kickers fragma lace 3 am, to be exact.

Peter came down wearing his iconic - and constantly worn - I Survived My Trip To NYC classic t-shirt, also with some blue mens brave soul leyland ripped skinny jeans. His shoes he was already eyeing, as if in a constant whir of excitement to actually go to school, were his black Converse chuck 70 hi archive flame print trainers.

Thor wore an optic white Superdry ® vintage embroidery t-shirt and a grey LEVI'S batwing logo hoodie. He also wore dark washed indigo (practically blue) super skinny fit jeans and had on some slightly dirty black and white checkered slip-on Vans.

Clint was wearing a purple uneek classic polo shirt with a pair of mid blue super skinny fit jeans that had biker detail on. Like Thor, he was also already wearing his shoes and, again like Thor, they were slightly dirty. The foster parents didn't comment on the unclean white and red Adidas originals continental 80 junior trainers, though.

Finally, Rhodey appeared wearing his eclipse navy Superdry ®️ retro sport t-shirt with a pair of mustard Jack And Jones men's luke echo jos 999 cornstalk anti-fit jeans. He was also going to wear his black and yellow Adidas handball spezial shoes.

Phil clapped his hands together at his foster kids. "You guys all look amazing! I can't believe Nick and I are already sending you to school!" The children chuckled and quickly huddled together as Nick pulled out his phone to snap a picture. "Gosh, there's to many of you." He joked, making crazy arm gestures as he tried to move everybody so that they'd all fit in his photo.

Chapter Text

Due to the obvious fact of not being able to fit sixteen kids in one car, Phil and Nick insisted on driving at the front and taking the younger kids first. They still needed to speak to both principles about all their kids, so Phil had made an early phone call whilst the kids were getting ready and dressed about being late to the high school.

Phil and Nick drove their white New Generation Hyundai Santa Fe with Peter, Pietro, and Tony behind them and then Wanda and Shuri sat in the two seats behind the boys.

Steve followed first in his red Vauxhall Corsa with Bucky in the passenger seat and then Clint, Natasha, and Bruce in the middle.

Behind Steve's car drove Thor with Loki in his black Volkswagen Up, and then after them came T'Challa driving his blue Audi A1 with Sam in the passenger seat and Scott in the middle seat of the three behind.


All the car parks together in the middle school car park. Phil and Nick urged their kids out the car and - unlike Shuri, Wanda, and Peter - Pietro and Tony didn't move.

"I don't want to go to school. Schools boring and American kids don't like Sokovian kids!" Pietro complained, arms crossed over his chest.

"Bullies," Tony whispered, looking down. Nick sighed and glanced at the older kids who were all stood around their cars.

"Do you want me to take Shuri in, Phil? I can't explain to the head this predicament." T'Challa offered. Phil smiled and nodded, letting the African girl skip to her brother.

"I want to go in also." Wanda said. "I'll take her." Natasha suggested, holding her hand out to the preteen. Wanda took it, smiling and dragging Natasha so that she could keep up with Shuri.

Phil smiled at Peter who stood anxiously by the car. "How about you, sweetie? Wanna go in with the girls?" Peter nodded, smiling slightly as Phil instructed Bruce to take the younger boy in.

"Come on now, lads. It can't be that bad." Nick cringed at how tender his voice sounded. This was not his work voice.

"School just generally sucks." Pietro grumbled. Nick groaned. "But how?! You were all excited this morning!"

Phil lay a hand in his husbands shoulder. "We need to get them in or we'll be even more late to the high school." Nick nodded and leant over Pietro to unplug the boy.

"Out. Now." He said in his demanding S.H.I.E.L.D voice. Just like how the other workers trembled at Nick Coulson-Fury's voice in the office, Pietro found himself shuddering and doing exactly what Nick said. Tony quietly followed.

"Right, now we need to go in and catch up with the girls and Peter." Phil said, grabbing Tony's hand. He knew the boy would pull away once they were inside the building, but for now it was ok.

Nick locked the cars and walked ahead of the others with his head held high. The teenagers joined the adults and Tony and Pietro so as to not have to wait awkwardly in the car park.


"The others will be here soon, I'm sure of it." Natasha said, nervously tapping her finger on the arm rests of the large plastic chair she was sat upon. The head teachers office was incredibly big considering it was simply an office, but could definitely fit in Natasha's whole new family, so she wasn't worried when she knew they'd all be trekking in.

The head teacher - Principle Erik Selvig - had let in the group of six expecting to see the parents follow in. T'Challa had had to explain the situation - albeit carefully as to not ruin the two boys reputation - before Shuri and Peter had excitedly began throwing questions about the school at the Principle. Wanda had sat silently on one of the four identical wooden chairs between T'Challa and Natasha; Bruce had taken the final seat on the left by the African lad.

"I hope to see them soon, otherwise we'll have to reschedule this and they can join another day." Principle Selvig sighed. "But we can't. Nick and Phil have to go to work at two." Shuri insisted. "Well, you seem to have a lot of older siblings to look after you." The head retorted. Yes, T'Challa had explained the fostering situation also when Shuri had declared Peter had her favourite non-biological brother, in hopes of getting in some of the same classes as he.

"We also need to go to the high school, but Nick and Phil already called them to say that we could be late." T'Challa filled in. "I am sure, how about I make a call there myself? I know all the Principles about, just give me the schools name?" Principle Selvig suggested, moving his electric pencil sharpener out of Peters reach.

"It's William A. Shine Great Neck South High School." Bruce supplied. Principle Selvig nodded and began to make a phone call.

"Right, hello Rhomann. Yes, so I have news that you've got new students coming in today? Ok, so I've got some of them sitting in my office since they've got younger siblings coming to my school. I just wanted to say that this could probably take a while since two of them obviously aren't keen on going here. Just a heads up." He put the phone down.

"That was Principle Rhomann Dey, just Principle Dey, if you will. He's expecting you at any time in the day, so don't worry about it. Just not after normal school times." The group nodded as, finally, the rest of their weird foster family trudged in. Peter and Shuri stopped fiddling with things on Principle Selvig's desk immediately.

Principle Selvig himself stood up to shake Nick's and Phil's hands as Natasha and Bruce gave up their seats to the adults, going and standing with the rest of the foster siblings simply scattered around the room.

"Hello, my name is Principle Erik Selvig. I would like to welcome you to Great Neck South Middle School."

Chapter Text

"Right, so here I have your timetables and I'm gonna take you guys to your first lesson. I've nominated a kid in each other your lessons to help you round today, so just follow me. Also I'd appreciate it if all the older kids from the high school stay here please." Principle Selvig explained, holding out five sheets of paper.

"The timetable consists of two weeks worth of lessons, and after the second you revert back to the first. It's pretty simple, really." He said as he walked ahead of the five middle schoolers and their foster fathers.

"First off, we have Peter Parker here in Set 2 Science. The sets are yet another easy thing to understand - Set 1 is for the students who are best at science and get the hardest work, and then Set 2 are for the slightly less confident and it goes down from there to Set 4. We have placed Mr Parker here due to his previous school records." The Principle held open the door to a room labelled Stem 9 and chuckled slightly to himself as all the family looked in the room. He nudged Peter to the front.

"Mr Albertalli, this is your new student: Peter Parker. He has joined us from Louis Armstrong Middle School." Principle Selvig called out to the teacher. He walked in, Peter scuttling behind him in tow.

Now stood at the front, Principle Selvig began to speak to the class. "Right students, so as I said before to Mr Albertalli, this is Peter Parker. He is eleven years old to be turning twelve in the upcoming summer. He is a foster child so please refrain from any tormenting or bullying as we have had previously with Groot here." Peter glanced over to where Principle Selvig was pointing: a shy tall boy sat at the back of the class, dark skinned with shiny black hair falling over his brown eyes. He looked up curiously at the mention of his name as a couple of his classmates sneered.

"As I was saying, Groot Branch here will be your guide for the day. Here is a slip for you," Principle Selvig walked through the rows of desks to hand him a pass-out slip with a little note at the bottom explaining that he was Peter's host, "so that your teachers will know why you are late to lessons." Groot nodded slightly and hid the note in pocket on the inside of his leather jacket.

Personally, Peter thought that he looked like a guy you wouldn't want to mess with, but it seemed that everybody in this class seemed to be messing with him just fine.

"As for you, Peter, you can take the seat next to him, please." Mr Albertalli spoke up for the first time, his frizzy ginger Afro bumping slightly from the movement and he stood up to usher the lad to his seat.

"Have a nice lesson." Principle Selvig grinned towards the class, throwing a hand up in a weak wave before closing the door.

He smiled at the foster family looking curiously at him as he turned around.

"The closest class to this one is Shuri's, as she's also in science right now. Another Set B class, might I add. There's two classes for each set." Principle Selvig rambled as he quick-marched everyone down the hall to the next lab, this one labelled Stem 13.

"What does Stem 13 mean?" Shuri asked as the Head went to open the door. He pulled his hand away and began to explain: "Stem stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. Those are all the classrooms on this floor of the Main Building. Upstairs are the Comms classrooms, which stands for communication, so that's all your humanities and English and languages and stuff. Across in the music block you'll find that all the classrooms are labelled MU, and those are the music and drama classrooms. A few will be labelled P something, which just means practice rooms. We also have a languages block so none of the languages are upstairs, but in that particular building the languages are upstairs as Comms and there are some other subjects downstairs labelled Stem. You'll get the hang of it eventually. Oh, also there's a sports block with the sports hall and changing rooms in, right next to the field and opposite the Small School Offices."

It was certainly a lot of info to maintain, so Shuri didn't bother asking about the small schools, she just calmly walked through the now open door into her science classroom, closely followed by her Principle.

"Everyone, this is Shuri." The Principle suddenly stopped and glanced at the door before walking out, leaving a startled Shuri to face a confused class.

However, Principle Selvig quickly pulled Nick over. "Ok, so Shuri doesn't have a surname as from her origin and I was going to mention it earlier when in the office but so many kids were there that I forgot. Anyway, she needs to have a second name put down, so are we going with Coulson-Fury or her birth place? I'm only asking cause that's what certain foster kids that have previously been here have decided on. We had a Johnny English once." Nick glanced over to Phil, whom he was convinced could hear the whole situation, but settled on Coulson-Fury. Principle Selvig grinned. "Excellent." He said before rushing back into the classroom.

"Class, this is Shuri Coulson-Fury, a foster kid. Now, as I have mentioned in a previous class with her foster brother, we accept no bullying of any kind. It has happened before, and I will not refrain from suspending, expelling, for sending to detention anyone who sees it fit to make fun of any classmates. She is from Wakanda in Africa, and here with four other foster siblings." He turned to Shuri. "See that girl in the back?" He asked, pointing to one with very bright dyed pink hair. "Her name is Carina Tivan." He spoke a little louder this time as he called the girl out. "Carina, this is Shuri. Here is a note, and you're going to be her host."

Chapter Text

Principle Selvig lead the remaining five up a flight of stairs onto the Comms floor before knocking on Comms 11.

"This is your classroom, Pietro. It's Set 3 English with Mrs Montgomery. And just in case I forgot to mention, I managed to get all your kids the same teachers. Well, not exactly the same, but enough so that at none of them will have a single teacher at least one of the others doesn't have. We often do that with foster siblings, or adopted ones, to help them settle into a new place."

Phil and Nick nodded approvingly as a nice looking and smartly dressed female teacher stood at the door to her classroom. "Are you the new student?" She asked in a strong Yorkshire accent, pointing to Pietro. The Sokovian boy gulped and nodded, suddenly having gone shy. Sure he was quiet for a bit whilst they were taking Shuri and Peter to their classes, but now he was actually shy. It was not a Pietro thing to do.

"Well, my name is Mrs Montgomery, and I shall be your English teacher." She turned to face Tony suddenly, her head spinning. The action caused Tony to slightly hide behind Phil. "And yours too, Tony." Tony wasn't sure how she knew who he was, though he guessed he didn't look like the twelve-year-old Peter was. Though he wasn't sure how she deciphered between him and Pietro - given only names and ages once would probably think that Tony was the younger, being shorter and just generally having a younger face.

Principle Selvig grinned and nodded towards the classroom where Mrs Montgomery walked back into and he guided Pietro into by holding the scruff of his neck. Immediately, Nick didn't like that action, but they were already in the classroom.

"Hey kids, I hope you're having a nice lesson right now. This is Pietro Maximoff - a foster kid, mind you, so no nasty jokes or teasing - and he will be joining your English class." Principle Selvig glanced around the classroom, trying to locate his nominated host for Pietro. Finally, he laid eyes on him. "Ah, Gef Agee! There you are, right here's a note," he passed a rather chunky kid the same one he handed to Groot and Carina before finishing off with: "you're Pietro's host." The boy groaned but nodded as Mrs Montgomery lead Pietro to a seat on the other side of the classroom to Gef.

Principle Selvig said his goodbyes to the class before walking out and directing the foster family to the next classroom on the list - Wanda's geography classroom. It was Comms 6.

Pushing open the door, the teacher stood up explaining the smart board immediately stoped what he was dooming to gleefully shake the hand of his boss. "Mr Haven, this is Wanda Maximoff. A foster kid and ready to join your class. Miss Mantis Udonta, is she in today? I can never remember when she had therapy and when not." Immediately, a pearly white hand from the front row flew up into the air. "I am here, sir!" The girl who opened it exclaimed, her eyes wide and bright. Wanda smiled nervously at her as the principle slammed a note down into her desk.

"Hey Wanda, how about you take the seat next to Mantis whilst I fetch you a Geography book from the back of the class. Don't worry, she's really friendly, and she used to be a foster kid like you." Mr Haven smiled, walking to the back of the classroom.

Wanda sat beside her and asked: "So you're adopted?" Mantis nodded. "With my adopted siblings Peter and Kraglin. Did you know that Peter's dad fostered me first?" She barely took a breath between the words of her rambles, and Wanda barely caught even one as Principle Selvig waved to the class and backed out of the room.

As soon as the door shut, Tony spoke up. "How come Geography isn't in a Set?" Principle Selvig seemed to smile at the first time he'd heard Tony talk. "Well, cause Geography doesn't require lower or higher amounts of teaching, and there's only one level tests. There are different tests for higher or lower levels in lessons like maths, English, and science. Same goes for PE - the higher sets do more advanced PE. However, Set A and B are just girls and then Set C and D are boys. Set C is basically A though, and D's basically B." Tony nodded, letting the many words sink into his brain and Principle Selvig lead them down the stairs, out of the building, and then across the school grounds towards the music block.

"You Tony, have Drama first." Principle Selvig said as he came to a door labelled MU3. He pushed it open and grabbed Tony's wrist and dragged him in. Nick breathed heavily, angry at the man's actions just as he had been with Pietro.

"Welcome to Drama, Tony. I am Ms Schuster." A pretty lady in the centre of a large circle of students on plastic chairs turned to the sound of true opening door. She turned to one of her students and said: "Happy, would you mind dragging a chair up for Tony in between you and Rocket, please?" A round boy - Happy, Tony assumed - stood up with an unhappy face, grabbing a chair off one of the many stacks around the room, dropping it with a harsh thud in between him and a smaller student.

Ms Schuster smiled encouragingly at Tony was anxiously went and sat in the chair. He glanced one way at Happy, who now seemed to be engaged in a whispered conversation with a gingery-blonde girl; he next turned to the boy on his other side, an angry frown set on his face and spiky brown hair. The name Rocket certainly suited him.

"Right everyone, this is Anthony Stark." Immediately, there were whispers. Tony hated the whispers. "Class, hush. Anyway, he's a foster kid so please be mindful of him, and Rocket, I have nominated you to be his host." Principle Selvig attempted to hand the boy a note, but he just stood up, fuming. "Now why should I have to babysit the shit-face? Give him to Happy or somebody else! I don't care what bloody happens to him." He shouted, storming out of the classroom. Principle Selvig sighed and instead passed the note to Happy. "Looks like you're up, kid."

Chapter Text

Principle Selvig started walking a rather pissed Nick and slightly uneasy Phil back to his office where all the teens were.

"I'm sure your kids will have a great day, we have all your info so now just take these high schoolers over to their place." Principle Selvig grinned, about to turn off into another direction.

"Wait!" Phil called, placing a hand down on Principle Selvig's arm. It wasn't like he trusted the guy - he didn't, not that much anyway considering that he is head of the school and was still determined to treat certain students like they meant nothing. Phil was sure that he would have done the same to Shuri and Wanda if they weren't girls, which just pissed him off even more.

Principle Selvig turned around and smiled a wide, fake smile, the same he'd been giving to each of the classes and teachers before taking the next child to lesson.

"You said something... in every class. Kids bully each other for being foster kids? It's happened before?" Phil asked, concerned. He did not want his kids to be bullied. Yes, he'd only known them for about a month. Yes, he'd pretty much die for them at this point. Yes, he considered them his actual kids. Before, he was waiting for adoption, then they'd stop being foster kids and just kids. But no, right now they were kids. They were his kids.

Principle Selvig sighed. "The doors were always open, you saw the kid who's taking Peter round today, right? And the one who stormed out when I asked him to look out for Tony? Well, they're foster-brothers, and they've had it pretty rough most of their lives. Still do, I think. Rocket's got these intense anger issues and trust issues whereas Groot bottles up his anger to the breaking point when someone could get seriously hurt." Phil gasped, and Nick put a hand on his shoulder. "These kids bully them for that?" He asked. Principle Selvig shrugged. "They're not the first, and certainly not the last. Have a nice day."

Once again, he turned to walk off, presumably towards the PE department since that was the way he was headed. "Hang on!" Nick shouted. "There's got to be more to it then that. We just want to look out for our kids, so please, tell us what else happened." Principle Selvig sighed, clearly annoyed at the Coulson-Fury's persistence.

"Well, if you must know, I assigned a girl called Mantis today to your foster-daughter Wanda. Mantis has this adopted older brother in high school called Peter, and another adopted one called Kraglin. Peters father adopted her into the family, but he was deemed unfit to care for the two of them, so they were put into the care of Peters god father, who already had the adopted kid, Kraglin.

"So Mantis is a little weird, she's not entirely right in the head, she goes to therapy quite often. Basically, the girl needs help. She used to get bullied a lot for that, and when the kids found out she went through two foster families, they just found a way to taunt her even more. We didn't what we could, but you can't just expel every kid for hurting a little girls feelings.

"The case was the same for her brothers when they came here. And a couple of other current high school students, too. Basically, it's not a very kind School. Kids are mean, they make fun of people who aren't exactly like them, and us teachers sometimes don't even see it. There's nothing we can do, so we always let out a pre-warning, so that's there's more to do if the case ever happened to get out of hand.

"Now, I hate to say this but I really need to go. I have a meeting with the head of PE in her office in five minutes. Please take your other kids out of my office, and show yourselves out of the school." He quickly bounded out of the Main Building doors, disappearing into the weirdly foggy air.

Nick and Phil sighed, the latter leaning back into the formers chest, head leaning on his shoulder. "Are we sure this is the best place? It seems a little messed up." Phil whispered. Nick shrugged slightly, not really putting much emotion into it. He was just really worried about his family's wellbeing, and suddenly this school didn't sound like the best idea anymore.


The high school was only a two minute drive from the middle school, and seemed a much more welcoming place - quite a considerable amount bigger, too.

Nick and Phil assumes the places worked the same way once they saw doors reading Stem on them as they walked through the visitors entrance towards the head teachers office.

Nick knocked heavily three times, not once smiling. He didn't know this teacher and wasn't prepared to be as naive going in again this time. He wouldn't just assume it was a fair place simply because it was a school. Schools aren't always fair places.

"Come in." Called a strict, firm, and strong voice from the inside. Nick pushed open the door to an office much smaller than Principle Selvig's. This one had two cushioned seats sat in front of the principles desk, a printer-photocopier, a bookshelf, a large case with student files in locked away behind the desk, and a coffee machine in the corner.

The teacher behind the desk looked rather friendly, not at all like the voice they'd heard him used before.

Nick and Phil took the seats whilst the other eleven teens stood behind them.

"Well well, aren't you an almighty bunch. There are so many of you! What's the deal then, cousins? These two here brothers and half of you belong with each? Friends? Move here with friends?" The family could tell that the teacher was just trying to be nice, a positive and gleaming smile on his face, but none seemed amused.

"I am Nick Coulson-Fury and this is my husband, Phil. We're here about our kids joining your school."

Chapter Text

The head teachers face suddenly turned stone cold. "I apologise if I offended you." He said, his voice suddenly matching the one that had called them into the room.

"I had a call off Principle Erik Selvig saying that you'd be a little late, but I'm not gonna lie - you're a little earlier than expected. Not many to take around at the middle school?" He asked, turning around and unlocking the cabinet with the student files in, flicking through them all and checking back on the laptop placed in the centre of his desk, clearing having the names on them.

"Five." Nicks answered simply. "Wow, sixteen kids, you guys are brave." The head chuckled, pulling out a file here and there and placing them on an ever-growing pile on his desk. For some reason, he was more like how the foster parents had imagined Principle Selvig would be, and that Principle Selvig reminded them much more of a high school head.

"Yeah, they're our family. I'm sorry, but isn't it your job to have this sort of thing ready at the hand? Phil and I still have to go to work, you know." Nick growled, leaning forward slightly on his chair. "I'm sorry Mr Coulson-Fury but you guys being here today isn't the only thing on the school agenda. And like I said: you're early." The Principle replied.

"Aren't you even gonna tell us your name?" Called out Bucky who had his back leaning against the wooden door. The principle turned to look at him in surprise - he hadn't expected any of the teens to join in the conversation.

"I'm Principle Rhomann Dey, but Mr Dey is just fine. I hope you don't mind me asking, but we kinda need a surname for... right, here it is: T'Challa. We need a surname for this lad, T'Challa." Mr Dey squinted at the writing in the file, over-pronouncing the name causing Scott and Clint to giggle slightly.

Nick and Phil turned round to T'Challa. "It's your choice, but back at Shuri's school we put our surname down. What would you like?" Nick asked, grabbing the boys slightly shaking hand. "The same as my sister." He replied grimly, pulling his back.

Nick and Phil turned back round to Mr Dey. "That'll be Coulson-Fury, thanks." The head nodded and wrote onto the file before typing it down on the laptop.

"Right so, I've got your timetables here... I have all your hosts in the assembly hall as I can't take you guys round at this time. Don't worry, just follow me. Dad and dad, you guys can go home." Mr Dey smiled and rushed through the crushed office to the door. Though Nick and Phil weren't happy with it, they obliged and said goodbye to their foster kids.

Mr Dey lead the group of teens to the assembly hall where a bunch of kids stood around chit-chatting. Mr Dey let out a strong, loud whistle, and instantly all heads were turned his way - silence enveloping the assembly hall.

"Right kids, so these are our new students. I'm gonna call you out and give you a copy of each of their timetables so that you know where the pick them up from and where to take them. I expect you to do this for the whole of the first half-term. Don't worry, an email has gone round all your teachers to explain this. Anywho, lets get down to business." Mr Dey explained before turning and telling all the Coulson-Fury foster kids to stand in a line as he looked down at a sheet of paper, presumably with all the names of the hosts and whom they were hosting.

"Ok, let's go: Valkyrie Walker, please take Thor Odinson here to his first lesson." Mr Dey patted Thor's shoulder as a teenage girl who appeared to be slightly disorientated walked forward, collecting her copy of Thor's timetable off the principle as Mr Dey gave Thor his own.

"Is she drunk?" Clint whispered to Natasha. The redhead nodded as the brunette girl lead Thor out of the assembly hall, chatting away to him about what could only be considered as absolute nonsense. Thor seemed really overwhelmed.

"Next up, I'd like to see Gamora Dione. Gamora, you're gonna take James Barnes." Bucky stared at the group as a tall and slender dark-skinny girl marched up to the front, a straight face with no emotion on it, hair black falling to magenta and lime tips.

She took her copy of his timetable and walked out the door - Bucky has to jog slightly to keep up. Something told him that she wouldn't be as chatty as Thor's Valkyrie was.

"Steven Rogers, your host is gonna be Margaret Carter." (A/N: I changed Steve and Bucky's old foster carer from Peggy to Everett K. Ross) Steve stared as a beautiful girl smiled gently at him, elegantly walking forward with bouncing brown curls. Something twitched inside him as she thanked Mr Dey for the timetable and turned to face the now blushing blonde who had just taken his own timetable out of Mr Dey's hand.

"Hi, I'm Peggy. You've got English first, follow me." Her voice was sweet and kind as she held out a hand towards him. Steve, being the awkward love-struck teen he was, simply stared at it before Peggy let out a slight giggle and started walking forwards. Steve instantly took off behind her.

"Someone's in love." Clint whispered teasingly into Natasha's ear, causing the redhead to smirk slightly.

"Erik Killmonger, this is T'Challa Coulson-Fury. Please take him to lessons, and please don't end up in my office today. Remember, hosting is the only thing keeping you out of the detention you got for cheating on your tests, so any future mishaps aren't accounted for within this position." Mr Dey eyed the large boy who walked forward, snatching the timetable and grunting at T'Challa in a way that they all knew meant follow me silently.

"He gives me the creeps." Bruce whispered to Scott, shuddering slightly. The other boy nodded in agreement, a look of slight fear on his face.

"Next up, Drax Douglas. Please take Natasha Romanoff to her lessons. And the thing that I just said to Erik applies to you also." Mr Dey said as another large lad came walking through. His muscles bulged through his shirt and he had blood red tattoos covering every inch of skin to be shown, including his pale face.

Turning towards the foster kids, Mr Dey explained that Drax was a foreign kid from Alaska who had been placed in juvey a couple of times. Also that though Drax May have tattoos, they generally aren't permitted on school grounds and any caught getting any will be suspended, Drax simply had them both coming to the high school.

Drax and Natasha walked silently out of the room, barely even out of the door by the time Mr Dey started reading the next names off the list.

"For Sam Wilson there is Kraglin Udonta!"

Chapter Text

Once Sam and Kraglin had left, Mr Dey turned back to his sheet.

"This is getting exciting now, isn't it? First day of school and all." He chuckled before calling out the next set of names: "James Rhodes, your host is probably the most well behaved out of them, but here's Harley Keener." A boy with messy blonde hair walked up to the darker skinned boy and held out a hand. "Hello," he greeted. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Harley." Rhodey grinned and slapped his hand into Harley's, giving it a hearty shake. "Names Rhodey." He replied.

Next up, Mr Dey had Scott go with a girl called Hope Pym, one who looked like she wasn't going to take any of his nonsense with a smirk spread across her face.

Clint's host was a short dark haired girl called Laura Amos (A/N: I couldn't find her maiden name anywhere so if anyone actually knows it, please tell me) who appeared to be rather shy, yet Clint had no problem chatting away to her, mostly about his new family and all of his new siblings.

Bruce ended up with a bald girl called Nebula Dione. Nebula didn't seem that interested in anything, and was one of the ones that Mr Dey had to warn before practically running away from Bruce.

"She's got the same surname as that other girl, but they look nothing alike." Loki commented to Bruce just as Nebula collected a timetable. "Maybe she's adopted like us?" Bruce suggested before hurrying off, not wanting to lose the only way he had of getting round the school.

Finally, Mr Dey placed Loki with a boy called Peter Udonta-Quill. The head promptly left the room, leaving a very exciteable boy with messy brown hair to guide Loki around school.

"So, this is our school. Do you like it?" Peter asked as he lead Loki through to Art. It was both of their lessons, with a teacher called Mr Philips. Loki shrugged. "Haven't been here that long." He grunted. Peter pushed open a door labelled Stem 8-10, grabbing Loki's arm and dragging him through once he noticed how the boy stopped. "What's the matter?" He hissed at him, letting go as they walked through a full classroom, one that Loki noted Natasha and that weird boy Drax were in.

It was pretty much a large open plan room with three classrooms separeted by large rows of sinks and shelves that held art supplies in. Peter was leading Loki to the last classroom, the one with the most spare seats.

"Hello Peter, is this Loki Laufeyson?" The teacher, clearly Mr Philips, asked, grinning like a mad man. To be honest, most of the teachers in the classes Loki had passed had been wearing the same fake expressions plastered to their faces - clearly teaching did something to their real happiness.

Peter nodded. "Sorry we're late, Sir. Mr Dey let us two out last." Mr Philips nodded and watched Peter with a careful eye as the lad took a seat at the back of the classroom. Things were already splayed out across the desk, so Loki instantly knew that it was Peter's actually seat. Whether or not it was a fortune or misfortune, Loki had yet to tell, but there were no spare seats on that large back table. Nor the middle one, for that matter, but the front only had three students on it.

"Loki, please take a seat next to Elizabeth. Elizabeth, please raise your hand." Mr Philips ordered, and a brunette girl with her hair tied back in a tight high ponytail raised her hand with emerald green painted nails. The only students on the front table were girls, causing all the boys in the tables behind to snicker - Peter the loudest, Loki noted. Two of the three girls were sat together on a small table that was pushed sideways up against another. Elizabeth sat on that one, alone with three empty chairs next to her, and at the end of the table was another small one pushed sideways up again the end, opposite the one the other two girls inhabited.

Loki groaned, but took the seat anyway, not being bothered with much of this school. It wasn't particularly entertaining, and neither was the lesson, which was apparently a double leading up to lunch, and by the time the bell rang to excuse the students, Loki was sure that he had gotten and extra half an hours sleep.

Peter walked up to him and patted his back. "Cool lesson, right? Well, I'll take you to the canteen and I can guarantee that your siblings will be there, so I can let you go then. I'll be sat with my friends for lunch, and when the second bell rings, meet me outside the canteen doors." Peter instructed, barely taking a breath between his words. True to his word, he lead Loki to the overflowing canteen and left him there by himself stood awkwardly in the doors, rushing off to where he'd seen his own friends wave.

Thankfully, Natasha was nearby, stood by a wall, and Loki walked up to her. Her lesson hadn't been a double - Loki had watched her class get up and be dismissed.

"Hey Lokes, how was art? I saw you had it twice." Natasha spoke, a blue plastic tray in her hands. Nothing was on it, and even though she'd been speaking to Loki, her eyes had been trained to the lunch line.

"Are you hungry?" Loki asked, shuffling slightly with his hands in his pockets. Natasha nodded and immediately starting walking towards the end of the line with no warning, Loki skittishly following her.

"I texted the others to say I'm in the canteen, you also, so don't be surprised if you get a text. They'll be here soon enough, I'm sure." Natasha said as she passed Loki his own tray, placing he own down on the metal rails to slide across.

The days hot meal - which Nick and Phil had insisted they buy since they'd be home late and couldn't cook them a proper meal that day - was a spicy chicken curry. One dinner lady scooped some rice onto a white plastic plate and then passed it along to another who ladled a generously large amount of curry that practically drowned the rice on top before giving it Natasha over the top. Once the second dinner lady had been given the plate, the first had began on Loki's.

Natasha moved her tray along to a dinner man who offered her a naan bread - which she took - and then a papa don, which she also took.

At the point of paying, Loki had bought the same, and they went and sat on the only empty table, awaiting their siblings.

Chapter Text

Tony walked anxiously towards the canteen, silently sauntering beside Happy and his friend Pepper Potts. Apparently, her real name was Virginia, but she went by Pepper. And Happy's proper name was Harold, though Tony questioned neither about why they didn't get called by their real names. He didn't either, though Tony was more of an obvious nickname for Anthony than the other two had.

Happy and Pepper had led Tony to his classes since first period, having the same ones and all, and by lunch time, the two seemed to have rubbed off the awkwardness and started going about how they'd do things usually, which meant accidentally leaving out a certain Tony who stayed shadowed behind them. He didn't really mind, he just wanted Rhodey.

Happy turned around once they reached the lunch queue. "So, are you going to get anything? Me and Peps usually get hot meals, so we're gonna need to get in the line." Tony shuffled slightly, confused. "But you stood in a line to get into the canteen. Why do you need to stand in another one?"

Thing with Tony was that his birth parents had him homeschooled. And then Sharon hadn't even bothered with schooling, despite it being illegal up to a certain age, but Rhodey simply taught him stuff then. It was stuff that Rhodey already knew plus stuff off the internet since he had decided to do a few online lessons and teach the stuff he learnt to Tony.

"Yeah, but those lines outside were split into the Small Schools - Shakespeare went in first, they are purple small school - all the kids with purple planners; Picasso went in second, they are red small school; and we're all in Mandala small school, since we have green planners. We went in last. Now it's time to line up to actually buy the food. That line was just to get into the building." Happy explained. It was obvious that he'd lost Tony somewhere there, despite him having been requested to move up a couple of grades by all his teachers so far on his first day, even his drama one.

"Just, are you going to buy food, Tony? Cause if not then you can find us a place to sit." Pepper smiled. Tony nodded, looking to the ground. It wasn't that he didn't like these kids, they were nice, he just wasn't sure that if he hadn't been sent to hang out with them, he would've done it off his own back.

Still, he went and found a mostly empty table and placed his school bag down on one seat and his lunch box on the other, refusing to eat til the others came back - he didn't want to appear rude. Howard had warned him that people wouldn't like him and think of him as bratty if he was. Years passed, and still Tony remembered Howard's odd teachings. Though to him, they weren't odd. They were just things he assumed all children were taught by their fathers.

"Tony!" Tony looked up from where he'd been playing BitLife on his phone (his character Chile Williman from Santiago in Chile, had just died at the age of forty from a massive heart attack anyway) to see Pietro and Wanda racing his way. Judging by the voice, it was clearly Pietro who'd yelled his name. The twins sat in the seats opposite him and his school bag.

"Hey guys, where are your hosts?" Tony conversed, politely. Despite having lived them for a couple of months, Tony hadn't really spoken to the twins. He'd mostly just stuck with Rhodey, chattering off to him, though sometimes he managed to hold a steady conversation with Steve, Bucky, Bruce, and T'Challa.

"I lost mine somewhere at the end of lesson. I think she went to the toilet. She's a bit weird." Wanda said, zipping her school bag to grab her lunch box. "Mines hanging out with his friends this lunch, knew I had a twin since Wanda was in my last lesson." Pietro added, copying Wanda's actions. Tony nodded.

"Hey Tony, who are these?" Tony craned his head to now look up in a different direction. It was Pepper who spoke, and she moved his lunch box off the seat so that she could sit on it, placing her blue plastic tray on the table top first.

"These are my foster siblings." Tony explained. "He's Pietro And She's Wanda - they're twins." Pepper nodded and smiled, welcoming them whilst Happy gave them a quick nod as he went to sit on Tony's other side.

"So, are you guys on our grade?" Pepper asked, dragging a fork full of cheese covered pasta to her mouth. Pietro shook his head. "Grade below." He answered, mouth full of cheese sandwich. Wanda elbowed him in the ribs earning a giggle from Pepper.

Tony glared down at his food as conversation stirred up around him, Shuri and Peter joining them at one point; Shuri's host Carina sat with them as well.

He couldn't stomach it. He couldn't stomach any of it. He want to eat it, desperately, but he couldn't. He didn't dare even touch it and get any reminiscence of food on his finger tips. His stomach growled and begged for food, but he just couldn't.

All of a sudden, the heavy weight of bile that he so often had felt began to weigh in his throat. He needed to get out of here before somebody saw him. He couldn't eat the food he had, but he could certainly re-eat the minute amount of food from breakfast.

Tony stood abruptly, all prying eyes from his friends and family staring up at him before he legged it, leaving his bags behind him.

He wasn't sure where the toilets were, but the partly digested food was rising even higher, so he dashed into a storage cupboard, flopping on the floor and leaning his back against a case of new Geography text books.

It all began immediately - Tony's mouth clamped shut. He couldn't afford to spill it anywhere. The food leaped from his throat and smashed against his teeth, all settled down on his tongue in a nasty mush.

The rumination itself was effortless and painless, but that didn't make Tony feel any less of a freak. Sure, lots kids in the household had something wrong with them: Steve had asthma; Bucky had a prosthetic limb; Pietro had ADHD; Bruce had anger issues (IED to be exact); Loki still had minor adjustment disorder, but then again he came from a completely different country; and Scott had trichotillomania, which had startled everyone when they'd found out.

Thing was, even though Tony wasn't the only one with issues, he felt like he was the only one who struggled to deal with them. And he was.

Chapter Text

Phil wrapped his arms around his husbands neck as soon as the taller man walked through the door.

"The kids home yet?" Nick grunted after kissing his husbands cheek in hello. Phil shook his head. "School doesn't finish for another fifteen minutes, so we better be gone to collect the younger ones in five." He explained, sliding on a pair of shoes.

Nick groaned as he set his back down on the kitchen counter. "I just got back." He complained. Phil shrugged. "We've got kids now. All your dreams, Nicky. They're all yours."


Tony stood anxiously in the carpark beside the twins, Shuri, and Peter. He really wanted to just be back home and in his room, doing literally anything. Nobody brought up about lunch, how he'd just picked up and left, but he needed to talk to Rhodey about it. He always talked to Rhodey about it.

Finally, Nick and Phil pulled up and the five kids all jumped in the car.

"Hey guys, how was school?" Phil turned around to ask as Nick pulled out of the school carpark and onto the main road.

"It was great! I had so much fun - we even had PE and guess who won the 10k? Yours truly." Pietro smirked, practically bouncing in his seat between Wanda and Tony. "I enjoyed it as well, my host was nice. Quite odd, but nice." Wanda added. "Science was awesome!" Shuri shouted from the back. "Mine too!" Peter joined.

Phil smiled at his little family and glanced towards Tony. "How about you, Tones? Enjoying school." Tony shrugged - he didn't want to be having this conversation.


"Finally, they're back! We really should've thought this through." Sam commented as he kicked a stone from his seat on the doorstep. "We'll never make that mistake again." Steve chuckled. "They better hurry up cause I'm about to piss myself!" Scott complained, hobbling around in an odd way.

Phil and Nicks car buzzed as they pulled into the driveway, and the seven of them all departed from the car.

"We don't have keys." Natasha states simply, hands on hips with a straight pokerface on. It was hard to tell whether she was annoyed to not being able to enter the house or just as amused as everyone else at Scott's pee-per dance.

Phils face dropped. "Oh my gosh, I completely forgot! I'm so sorry, guys! Well, this weekend we'll go out and make sure everyone has keys, alright?" The kids all nodded whilst Nick went over to unlock the front door.

Rhodey noticed Tony standing at the back of the group and walked towards him slowly, so that the younger teen knew he was coming. A small smile was placed on the elders face as he placed a hand on Tony's shoulder.

"Hey, are you ok? Have a nice day at school?" He whispered, wanting to keep this conversation purely between him and Tony. Though it wasn't a surprise, it was rather annoying when random foster siblings joined in on their conversations since they moved in, so Rhodey made sure that they knew when he and Tony were having a moment. Nobody joined in on those. Not even Steve.

"Can I talk to you? Alone, upstairs please?" Tony whispered back anxiously, subconsciously leaning in to the only child in the house that he considered his sibling. Rhodey nodded, and pulled Loki over, telling him to not go into the room he shared with Tony. Though the boy grumbled, Thor managed to pull him away and regaled him with tales of his day at school.

The other two boys made their way up quickly and easily, pushing the door shut once they were in the room.

"What's up?" Rhodey asked, sitting opposite Tony on the latter's bed. The boy took in a shaky breath.

"I-I just... to-today a-at school... i-it just happened and I-I raced off and-" Rhodey cut Tony off by leaning towards him and pulling the younger into his lap. He's heard this story in many different variations many a time, but he still knew what it meant.

"Still hungry?" He asked quietly, gently rubbing a hand up and down the boys back. Tony shook his head. "No food." He muttered, snuggling closer to the older boys chest. Rhodey sighed. Whilst he knew Tony was like this, it didn't happen that often. Now it felt like there hadn't been a big enough gap.

"What do you want?" He whispered into his little brother's soft, wispy hair. Tony shrugged. "Anything." He replied.

All of a sudden, Loki burst into the room. Tony jumped away from Rhodey. "Sorry." The black-haired boy muttered, grabbing his signed copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix off his bedside table. He quietly shuffled away.

That was it. Tony wouldn't talk anymore. Rhodey knew that. Once again, Rhodey sighed.


Loki shuffled around the house until he found an empty room in which he could quietly enjoy reading one of his favourite books for the sixth time. Honestly, there were too many god damn kids in this house. Before, it had just been him, Thor, and Hela, and whilst Hela wasn't the nicest and Thor had always been overly exuberant, it wasn't the same as living with fifteen other kids, fourteen of which he'd never met before.

It was freaky. Moving in with Thor the first time around has been freaky, but he was a lot younger then. Now it was even more freaky, and though he didn't show it much, he was scared.

Natasha scared him, always listening intently, a poker-face forever gracing her visage, somehow knowing everything yet never even being there.

Scott annoyed him with stupid magic tricks he couldn't even properly pull off, and his weird hair pulling disorder. Apparently that was getting better, but still, the top of Scott's hair was a wig fitted perfectly and properly. Loki learned that his therapist, one that Phil and Nick had looked into getting for everyone, so Loki doubted he had many empty spaces, had said that the longer he held out the better his hair would grow. Loki hadn't met the therapist yet. He didn't believe he was going to get better with his disorder, if one could even call it that.

Bucky had called it that. Apparently his and Sams "privet chats" weren't very privet considering both of them had obnoxiously loud voices. Not when they first moved in, but after, once everybody had settled him.

Not everybody. Loki hadn't. Tony hadn't. Pietro hadn't. Clint hadn't. Everybody seemed to be doing just fine, and to say Loki was surprised to still see Pietro's nervous face whenever Nick spoke to him was an understatement.

He knew about Tony. He wanted to help Tony, but Tony didn't want much help. He only wanted Rhodey.

And Loki wanted Thor.