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          "Oh c'mon, Hyung! You gotta tell me about him!"
         "Shut the fuck up already, Donggyu."
         Sangwoo rolled his eyes at his friend as he drove across the street after waiting for the stoplight to change. For the past ten minutes, the fellow Alpha had been pestering him to talk about his Omegan 'lover' whom he had been seeing for quite some time.
           "You seem to be pretty possessive of this guy. Is that why you don't wanna talk about him? Afraid I might steal him away?" Donggyu gave him a mischievous smirk.
         "Pfft. Yeah right. With that pot belly and double chin of yours? Keep dreaming, buddy. And I'm not possessive of him. Why would I? I mean, he doesn't even like me."
          The tubby Alpha tilted his head. "Then why the hell are you meeting with him?"
         Sangwoo shrugged his broad shoulders. "No idea. I guess I'm that good in bed?" It was his turn to smirk.
         Donggyu rolled his eyes then asked hopefully, "Can I at least see a pic?"
          The blonde sighed in defeat. "Fine." He pulled over to the nearest street, dug his phone out of his pocket, and found a recent pic his fuck buddy sent him. It was a simple selfie of the boy. One of his pale, white hands cradled his face and his dark, grey eyes looked away from the camera. His medium-length, black locks were styled to partially cover up one of his eyes.
          "Damn. He's fucking hot." Donggyu's brown eyes bulged out of his fat head as he stared at the beautiful Omega.
          Sangwoo huffed in agreement. "Yeah, the little bastard is pretty sexy." He peered down at the photo again and looked at those slightly-parted plump lips he had kissed many times. They had done so much more than kissing, yet it never had meaning. It was just meaningless sex; all about the pleasure and nothing else. And no commitment whatsoever. But it was damn well worth it.
          "What's his name?" His friend, whose eyes were still glued to the phone, snapped him out of his thoughts.
          "Yoon. Yoon Bum." The name tasted sweet on his tongue but with a sour aftertaste.
          "You meeting with him anytime soon?" Donggyu winked and elbowed Sangwoo's side.
          The blonde swatted away the brunette's arm. "We're supposed to meet at my place tonight."
         "Ooh~ getting your fix tonight, huh?"
          Sangwoo punched his friend in the shoulder. "Yeah, yeah, shut up." He laughed.
          There was a short moment of silence until Donggyu smacked his lips, which usually hints he's curious about something. "So...does Bum give good head?"
          The blonde Alpha punched his friend again. "Dude, what the fuck?!"
          "C'mon, just humor me. Does he?" The tubby Alpha gave him a toothy grin.
          Sangwoo snorted. "Yes. Amazing, in fact."
          "How many guys  you think he's sucked off?"
          The thought of Bum being anyone else made him tense and almost sick to the stomach. "I don't know, nor do I want to."
          Another silence fell among the two men. Donggyu broke it again when he said: "Kidding aside, would you ever wanna be mates with this guy?"
         The tubby Alpha's words caught the blonde off guard. He rubbed the back of his neck unsurely. ""
          Donggyu frowned. "Why not?"
          Sangwoo barked a laugh. "Because you don't know him. He's only in it for the sex. And like I said before, he doesn't like me." 
          "How come?"
          Sangwoo threw his hands in the air. "How am I suppose to know?"
          "Well...maybe you could ask him on a date or something. Instead of going to your place right away, maybe go out for drinks? He's old enough for that right?"
          "Of course he is! I'm not a fucking cougar. Maybe he is, but I'm not."
          Donggyu gave him a weird look. "Him? A cougar? He looks like he's eighteen! How old is he?"
          The blonde Alpha chuckled. "He's like twenty seven."
          His friend's jaw dropped. "No fucking way."
          "Not kidding. He's aged well. It's probably a perk of being an Omega."
        "Jesus Christ. Well, text him and ask him out for drinks."
        Sangwoo rolled his eyes. "You're annoying me again."
        "I'm always annoying you. Now text the fucker." Donggyu dropped the phone into his hands.
         "Alright." The Alpha opened his messages and tapped on Bum's contact labeled as 'Whore' with a peach emoji next to it.
         The chubby Alpha giggled next to him. "Nice contact name."
          Sangwoo glared at his friend then shifted in his seat with his back facing the window so he couldn't see their past text conversations. "I'm not gonna let you read over my shoulder."
          Donggyu slumped in his seat. "Fine."
          Sangwoo texted Bum: "Hey rather than going to my place tonight first would you wanna meet for drinks?
         After he sent the message, he turned off his phone and rested it face down on his lap.
         "Well?" The tubby Alpha asked, eyebrows raised in anticipation, as if they were two teenage girls gossiping about a crush.
          "He didn't respond yet—" Before he could finish his sentence, Sangwoo's phone vibrated on his leg. He looked at it and saw a notification for a text from Bum.
          "Is it him?" Donggyu shifted closer.
          The blonde nodded while opening his message app. He scowled at the raven's response: a simple "why?"
          "What did he say?" Donggyu was really starting to get on the Alpha's nerves. Or maybe it was Bum, who was really good at that.
           "Just shut up." Sangwoo grumbled as he replied with: "because I'd like to get to know you we've been doing this for a few months and the only thing I know about you is your name."
           In the bottom, left corner of his phone he could see a little speech bubble moving in a wave-like motion, meaning Bum was typing.
"I'd rather just see you at your place."
The Alpha's nostrils flared in frustration as he rolls his eyes. "We can't have one little drink? Can't have one small conversation?"
"No. You know I only meet up with you for sex and that's it. I'm not here for small talk. Fuck off until I see you tonight."
After reading the Omega's last text, Sangwoo hurled his phone at the back windshield with all of his strength, a cracking sound following after. "Fuck!" He hollered at the top of his lungs, his body trembling. Next to the fuming Alpha, Donggyu sat back in his seat and stared ahead, fearing one move could set his friend off even more.
"Let's just get to fucking work." Sangwoo snarled and Donggyu nodded without a word. The blonde turned his key and started up the car. Without looking, he pulled into traffic then slammed on the gas, ignoring the angry honks he got from drivers behind him. The rest of the car ride was dead silent, only the car dared to make noise. Both men didn't make any conversation until they arrived at their destination: La Yeon, located in downtown Seoul. It was a fancy restaurant where Sangwoo worked as a waiter and Donggyu a dish washer. All employees who worked there were dressed in white, button-down shirts with long sleeves, black dress pants, and black dress shoes. Dongyu and the chefs were exceptions due to the fact their jobs often got messy. The usual shift started at three-o-clock and lasted to close which was around eleven-o-clock. Today was no different. Sangwoo drove Donggyu to and from work each day since the chubby Alpha got his license suspended for a year after getting caught drinking and driving. Thankfully, their boss was kind enough not to fire Dongyu's dumb ass. He even changed their schedules so Sangwoo could provide a ride for him as long Donggyu gave gas money to his friend. They both have worked at La Yeon for three years and it had always been a well-paying job. That's one thing Sangwoo enjoyed, having one job.
When he was nineteen, shortly after his mother died due to breast cancer and his father's suicide, Sangwoo worked three jobs trying to raise enough money to make a living. He didn't want to live in the house his father had hanged himself in so he was determined to save money to buy a house. At the age of twenty-one, rather than going out to parties or attending college like all his friends, Sangwoo continued to work day and night until all his hard work finally paid off. He got to buy a house a year later located in the outskirts of Seoul. It was a quaint, grey, one bedroom, one bathroom house with a good sized yard. The nearest neighbors were about fifty feet away so he had a little privacy. The Alpha always thought it would be nice to have someone to share his home with, to settle down and maybe have pups. He was getting absolutely nowhere with Bum, meeting for flings every couple of days each week. It often occurred to him that he should break things off, but sight of the gorgeous Omega made him change his mind instantly. Their 'relationship' was extremely complicated. They never got along when they texted or, in rare occasions, saw each other out in public. But when it came to the bedroom, they got along perfectly—almost as if they were mates.


After he parked and turned the car off, the two Alphas got out and Sangwoo checked the backseat for his phone. It must've fell on the floor due to his crazy driving from before. When he picked it up and flipped it over, Sangwoo winced at the sight of a large crack in the center of the screen. He felt downright foolish and know he overreacted but he'd get his revenge on Bum tonight.
          Feeling a little guilty about how he treated his friend, Sangwoo lightly grabbed Donggyu's arm as they neared the employee entrance. "Hey, Donggyu?"
          The brunette almost flinched at his touch and he glanced over his shoulder at him. "Yeah?"
         "Just wanted to apologize for the way I acted back there. I really overreacted." Sangwoo rubbed his neck awkwardly. Apologies were always so weird to do because he always minded his own business and never started arguments or fights.
          His friend faced him with a half smile. "It's fine, man. What you should be apologizing for is putting my life on the line with your reckless driving!"
         Sangwoo smiled back and slapped him on the back as he opened the door. "Whatever you say, Dongyu."
          Once they entered the building, they walked into the familiar locker room where employees could store their phones, wallets, or other valuables. After placing their things in their lockers and securing the locks, they parted ways. Donggyu made his way to the kitchen and Sangwoo went to the dining area. He noticed there we already a few groups of people seated at the elegant, white tables which were each lit by square light fixtures overhead.
          Sangwoo began his shift by taking a few order then clearing off a table of dishes and silverware. After a quick trip to Dongyu's area, he began wiping off a table when he felt someone tap him on the shoulder. When Sangwoo turned around, he spotted his manager, Kim Jung-hwan. He wore his signature cocky smirk as he stared up at Sangwoo. The Beta bastard saw himself as the epitome of humanity. He always bragged about the simplest achievements like working at La Yeon longer than Sangwoo and Donggyu by two months. No one liked him, not even the boss. But he was a pretty good worker.
        The blonde Alpha had to prevent his eyes from rolling with annoyance at the presence of his 'superior.' "What do you want?" He grumbled.
         Jung-hwan pointed over his shoulder with a scrawny thumb. "Looks who's here right on schedule."
         Sangwoo groaned as he saw the familiar faces of the wealthy Min couple. They would always show up at La Yeon every Friday around six-o-clock. As usual, they brought their Omega daughter Jieun who had the biggest crush on him. Whenever he was around she fluttered her eyes at him and laughed at almost every word he spoke. Many times Sangwoo spotted her pushing her breasts together like some needy whore. He always hated whores—oh wait...

For some stupid ass reason, Sangwoo agreed to give Jieun his number; probably so her parents would stay happy and continue to give him his large tips. She texted and called probably every single day but he very rarely answered. Whenever she would ask why he never picks up or answers, he would tell her he was busy with work when in reality he's avoiding her like the plague.
         The Alpha's stomach churned as he got closer to the wealthy, yet extremely annoying, family. Once Jieun made eye contact with him her brown eyes sparked and she grinned ear to ear. "Sangwoo! You're working tonight?"
You guys come here every goddamn Friday at the same goddamn time and you ask me the same fucking question every time.
         He wore his best fake smile as he greeted the family with a respectful nod. "Yup."
          Without even waiting for them to follow he grabbed their menus and lead them to their usual spot at a table for six. They claimed they like the extra space even though there was plenty of room at a table for four. The only good thing about serving these people was that they ordered the same thing each time. Tonight was no different. Mr Min simply told him to bring their usual which usually consisted of three waters, bulgogi for Jieun, japchae for Mrs Min, and sundubu-jjigae for himself. Sangwoo pretended to write the order down on his notepad but they came here often enough they were at the point where even the fucking cooks knew what they ordered.
          The blonde smiled politely as he clicked his pen. "I'll put that order in right away!" He speed-walked away.
          "Thank you, Sangwoo!" The said male  recognized Jieun's voice and cringed.
          On his way to the kitchen, Jung-hwan was leaning up against the wall as if he was waiting for him. Sangwoo glanced at the Beta and kept walking. He sensed the smaller male was following him as he handed the chef the slip he simply wrote 'Min' on. The Alpha turned around. "What the fuck do you want?" The mere presence of the guy pissed him off.
          "You seem to enjoy serving that family, don't you?" Jung nodded his head toward the Min's direction.
          "Not one bit." Sangwoo answered matter of factly.
           "Oh, c'mon, Sangwoo. I'm sure you wanna tap that." He pointed at Jieun.
         The Alpha suddenly felt nauseous. "I vomit in my mouth at the thought of kissing her let alone fucking her."
          The Beta nodded his head in a mocking matter to the point where Sangwoo wanted to break the prick's neck. "Sure, buddy, sure." Before the taller male could say another word Jung left the kitchen. Sangwoo's jaw tightened in frustration as he realized he couldn't live out his dream of beating that motherfucker to a pulp. To make matters worse, Bum somehow crawled his way into the Alpha's thoughts which made him even more angry. For the reminder of his work shift, the blonde put on fake smiles to hide his intense anger. Once his shift ended later tonight, it would be time to see Bum. The Omega better be prepared because Sangwoo is gonna make the boy feel sorry for pissing him off so much.

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          After wiping off the already spotless marble countertop for the fifth time, Bum ran out of things to do. It had been an extremely long morning and afternoon at the Kkoch Cafe. It almost seemed like one person came in per hour, some only to ask for directions. On a normal day, the first hour was pretty slow but within a half an hour, people would start to line up. Bum's shift started at nine. It was already two-thirty and a total six people came in. At least it was almost the end of the day. It could have been worse, the Omega could be alone and have no one to talk to. Thankfully, his co-worker and best friend, Jaeha, was working today as well. The fellow Omega had worked there for three years. He was basically a cafe elder compared to Bum's pathetic eight months.

          Once he turned eighteen and left his abusive uncle and granny's house for good, the Omega had trouble keeping jobs. It was probably because he slept around with any coworker that caught his attention. The guys would always come crawling back for more but Bum never tolerated that. So, he would leave and find a new job. There were plenty of jobs in Seoul so he would never run out of jobs, right? Fortunately, ever since Bum started to sleep with Sangwoo, he didn't have to worry about coworkers crawling back. Hell, he's been able to keep a job for eight fucking months. That was a new record. The one thing that troubled Bum was why he kept going back to Sangwoo. Normally it was just a one night stand but for some reason the Alpha seemed different. Almost like he actually cared about him and didn't just use him for sex. Or maybe it was just because they were each other's best sex partners. 

          Ever since they met at a club and spent the night at a hotel all those months ago, it was almost like they couldn't live without each other. Unlike other Alpha and Omega 'couples,' they only met for sex and only sex. Bum liked it that way. He didn't have to worry about commitment. The thought of having only one person in his life disgusted him. Why be foolish enough to dedicate your life to one lousy person when there was a whole sea of fish waiting to be caught? Even though Bum had been only seeing Sangwoo lately, that would probably change. All the Alphas he had seen usually used him up as much as they wanted and then toss him to the side like a broken toy. Any day Sangwoo would do the same and Bum wasn't sure if he was ready for that day to come. That was why he would push away the Alpha whenever he would want to meet outside the bedroom. Bum was determined not to get attached to him.

          Speak of the devil, the Omega lifted his phone to see a text notification from Sangwoo. He tapped on it and read the text: "Hey rather than going to my place tonight first would you wanna meet for drinks?"

          Bum scowled when he read it. "Goddammit." He muttered. Not sure how to respond, the Omega just typed "why?" and placed his phone face down on the marble countertop. Within minutes his phone vibrated and he opened the text: 

          "because I'd like to get to know you. we've been doing this for a few months and the only thing I know about you is your name."

          The Omega was tempted to just type "no." but he changed his mind and said: "I'd rather just see you at your place."

          Hoping the Alpha would take a hint and realize he didn't want to discuss this, Bum began to place his phone in his back, jeans pocket  when the device vibrated in his hand. "Oh, my God." The Omega groaned in annoyance and opened the damn text:

          "We can't have one little drink? Can't have one small conversation?" 

          "Jeez. For a hot bastard, you're fucking irritating." Bum grumbled while chewing his lip. Desperate to end the conversation, he decided to speak his mind through his hopefully last text: "No. You know I only meet up with you for sex and that's it. I'm not here for small talk. Fuck off until I see you tonight." He watched his phone waiting for a reply but he never got one. With a satisfied smile, the Omega shoved his phone in his back pocket.

          "Hey, what are you muttering about?" Bum nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard Jaeha's voice. He turned around to see the fellow Omega with spots of grime on his apron, arms, and a bit on his neck, but not on his black choker he wore everyday. 

          "Nothing important. Why the fuck are you dirty? What were you doing?" The raven Omega leaned back against the counter inspecting his friend.

          Jaeha wiped his sweaty brow with a dirty forearm, leaving a dusty streak across his forehead. "Had nothing to do so I cleaned the baking ovens inside and out."

          Bum's jaw fell open. "Why didn't you ask me to help? I would've helped you!" 

          The light brunette shook his head. "Didn't need to. Wasn't that big of a job. Plus, you seemed pretty busy on your phone. So who were you texting? Your fuck buddy?" He folded his arms across his chest.

          The raven could tell his friend was disgusted with their meetings. He would always get all snippy whenever they'd discuss Sangwoo. It was only because Jaeha wanted what's best for Bum and thought he wasn't getting the best by meeting guys for meaningless flings. But Bum thought he was getting the best, that is, the best Alpha in all of Korea. 

          "You mean Sangwoo? Yeah. He's kinda clingy. And really fucking annoying."

          His friend unfolded his arms. "Then why don't you break things up with him?" 

          Bum could see a hopeful glint in the brunette Omega's eyes. "Ha! Nice try. I wouldn't dream of leaving him. When he leaves me, I'll follow your advice." 

          Jaeha's eyes widened and he gasped. "You'd find an actual mate?"

          "What?! No! I'd break things off with him." Bum winked and playfully grinned.

          His friend rolled his eyes. "Ha ha very funny."

          Before the Omegas could say anything else, the bell above the door rang, catching the attention of the two. A couple, consisting of a dark haired Alpha male and a red haired Beta, walked hand in hand inside of the cafe. Bum could feel his stomach churn at the sight of how affectionate they were towards each other, cooing and exchanging happy smiles. Jaeha was the complete opposite. His eyes lit up at the sight of them. He turned towards the raven Omega and gave him a look that basically said "See?" It was Bum's turn to roll his eyes. "I'll take care of them. You go get cleaned up."

          "Are you sure? You look like you're gonna throw up at the sight of them." Jaeha giggled.

         "Just get out of here." Bum smiled and pushed him into the kitchen. When he turned around and faced the couple, he put on his best smile, trying not to look too fake. "Hi! How can I help you?" Goddammit, Bum, you sounded way too fake. He mentally scolded himself.

          The Alpha stepped up looking at the menu on the wall then at the barista. "I'll just get a medium coffee." He turned to his mate. "What do you want?" 

           His mate flipped her long hair over her left shoulder. "I'll have a small strawberry smoothie." 

           Bum pressed a few button on the cash register. "Alright, your total adds up to seven thousand, five hundred won."

            The tall male grabbed his wallet, and paid the exact amount. "Thank you."

            The raven nodded politely. "Thank you."


            Once the couple left with their drinks and the Omegas cleaned everything used to make their orders, they ran out of things to do again. They searched for any speck of dust to wipe or anything out of place to be put away but found nothing. For the rest of his shift, Bum and Jaeha chatted and goofed off. At five-o-clock, the raven's shift finally ended and he hugged his friend—who worked until seven-o-clock—good bye.

          After parting from their embrace Jaeha sighed and bit his lip. "I hope to see you in one piece tomorrow."

          Bum raised an eyebrow and cocked his head. "Why wouldn't I be?"

          "Well, based on that last text you sent, you could've angered Sangwoo."

          The raven smiled at the brunette. "Don't worry. I'll be fine. See you tomorrow." With that, Bum grabbed his jacket off the hanger by the main entrance and left the cafe. Immediately, he felt light on his feet, almost overwhelmed with relief now that his shift was over for the day. The Omega had around six quiet hours to himself at home in his apartment until his meeting with Sangwoo that evening. Ever since he sent that text, Bum was feeling like he could be in charge of the Alpha. He felt like he really told him off and could maybe even dominate him. Bum imagined riding Sangwoo tonight: the Alpha's head thrown back and groaning in pure pleasure from underneath him. Bum felt his dick twitch at the thought but he cleared his head before he could get off at the notion.

          Not realizing he zoned out, Bum bumped into a parked vehicle in front of him. Thankfully, the car alarm didn't go off, but then he recognized it as his own black Hyundai Sonata. Feeling silly, he got into his car. Before driving, the raven checked his phone to see if he had any more texts from Sangwoo. He didn't spot any new messages and it made him smirk in self-approval. Placing his phone in the cup holder, he started his vehicle and drove to his apartment building, which was only ten minutes away from the cafe. To save gas, Bum could probably walk to work but that would mean waking up early which was not going to happen. 

          Once he arrived at his apartment building, the Omega climbed the stairs to the second floor to his apartment. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys. After unlocking the door, he entered and dropped his jacket on the floor while slumping against the door to shut it. Feeling unproductive, Bum flopped onto his couch, and began to swipe through social media. He noticed a lot of new guys started to follow him on Instagram and some of them even messaged him but he ignored them. Eventually, when Sangwoo got tired of him, the raven probably meet up with one of those guys, or maybe even all of them. Again, he didn't want to think about being abandoned by the Alpha, but it would happen sooner or later so he couldn't get attached. Maybe after he got tired of all the flings, he would take Jaeha's advice and find a mate someday. 

           Like that would happen. Bum rebuked himself for thinking such nonsense and turned on his side, facing the dark, blue back of the couch. He decided to get a little shut-eye, assuming it would be a late night anyway. A long day of nothing at work was pretty tiring so the Omega fell into a deep sleep. 




          When Bum opened his eyes, he realized the room was much darker and the only light that shown was the city lights from outside. He sat up and checked the time on his phone. With a jolt, the raven read 10:30, meaning he only had about an hour to get ready. Running to the bathroom, Bum stripped out of his clothes and hopped into the shower. He cleaned himself quickly, but took his time cleaning his back entrance. 

           After stepping out of the shower, Bum combed and styled his hair. While finishing the last touches, he thought about dressing up for the occasion. Wrapped in a towel, Bum went to his dresser and dug deep for an outfit he never thought he'd wear. Once he pulled it out—thankfully it wasn't too wrinkled—the Omega laid it out on his bed. The outfit consisted of a black crop top and jean shorts. When he put on the shirt, the sleeves slipped off his shoulders and it was pretty low cut. After putting on the shorts—without underwear because they were kind of pointless tonight—Bum stared at his partially revealed ass in the mirror. Other Omegas would probably scowl at him due to the fact he was dressed like a slut but it made him smile wickedly. He grabbed his phone, slipped his shoes on, turned off the lights, and left his apartment before locking it of course. 

          On his way out to his vehicle, the raven could feel the lecherous stares of his Alpha and Beta neighbors as he walked down the hallway. Knowing it could be dangerous for an Omega, he always carried a small can of pepper spray whenever he went out, especially at night. He never had to use it, and hopefully will never have to. However, Bum enjoyed the attention tonight and he swayed his hips as he walked, hearing the envious groans of the males nearby. 

          Once he reached the safety of his car, Bum checked the time again and it read 11:15. Normally the two met at eleven-thirty but the raven would be a little late tonight since he took a bit too long to get ready and Sangwoo lived a half an hour away. The Omega decided to speed to the Alpha's house due to his anticipation of Sangwoo's reaction of his outfit and of course, their bedroom activity. 

          When he stepped out of his car and locked the doors, Bum strutted his way over to Sangwoo's door feeling confident and full of sex appeal. Thankfully the Alpha left his outside light on so he could actually see where he was going as he walked onto the patio. Before knocking on the familiar white door, the Omega took out his phone and checked his hair, making sure every black strand was in place. He dropped his phone in his pocket, pulled his shorts as high as they could go and lifted his crop top so it revealed more of his abdomen. 

           With a deep breath, Bum knocked on the door. Before he could knock one more time, the door flew open and it revealed a very angry, yet very sexy, Sangwoo. His nostrils flared with each breath and his blonde hair was a little messy. The Alpha's top buttons of his white shirt were undone so the raven could catch a glimpse of the larger male's pecs and his mouth watered at the sight. When they stared into each other's eyes, Sangwoo's were full of angry lust and it both terrified and aroused Bum. He could feel his skin burn underneath the Alpha's gaze as he looked him up and down with narrowed, hungry eyes. The Omega smirked, but before he make a snarky comment, his wrist was harshly grabbed and he was dragged into the house. This was going to be an interesting night.

Chapter Text

          With Bum's wrist in hand, Sangwoo dragged him into his house and slammed him against the door, closing it. He grabbed the Omega by his crop top and pulled him into a deep kiss, their teeth clacked together on impact. The raven whimpered and parted his lips, moaning into the larger male's mouth. Seizing the opportunity, Sangwoo slipped his tongue in between Bum's lips and licked the roof of his mouth. Their tongues intwined and fought for dominance, the smaller male did put up a good fight but the Alpha gripped Bum's jaw tightly and pressed him even more into the door. Bum gasped as he became even more squished between the Alpha and the door. 

          His anger still very much present, the Alpha broke the kiss after biting the Omega's lip and then attacked Bum's pale neck, leaving light bite marks and dark bruises. Bum moaned and leaned his head to the side, giving Sangwoo better access. The Alpha ran his tongue across the sweet tasting skin as he sucked and bit. When he pinched Bum's flesh between his teeth and tugged, Sangwoo could feel the Omega's hands press on his pecs.

          "Ah! Sangwoo...that's too...hard." He complained.

         The blonde ignored the smaller male, trying to relieve his anger by biting harder, but not enough to break the skin.

          The raven leaned his head towards Sangwoo, trying to stop him by shoving him away with all his strength, which wasn't a lot. "Ow, Sangwoo!" His gasp sounded like it was on the verge of being a moan. "That hurts!"

          When Sangwoo was about to tug harder, a loud slapping sound erupted and his face stung instantly. Emerging from Bum's neck, he knew the smaller male slapped him. He glared at him, growling low in his throat. Bum did the same with narrowed eyes. This was unacceptable behavior coming from such a small Omega. 

          He needs to be taught a lesson. Sangwoo thought grimly.

         With that in mind, Sangwoo ended the stand-off by grabbing the Omega by a handful of his black locks and he pulled hard. Bum yelped as the Alpha  dragged him through the living room towards his bedroom by his hair. Once they reached the bedroom, Sangwoo kicked his door open and picked up Bum bridal style and threw him on the bed. Once the Omega landed with a surprised yelp, the Alpha pinned his arms above his head and straddled him so he couldn't move his legs. Bum attempted to move but it was completely pointless due to the fact that he could never overpower the strong male on top of him. At the mercy of the Alpha, Bum whimpered in submission and anxiety but Sangwoo could tell see that horny glint in his eye. Sangwoo leaned down and began to devour and suck Bum's neck again, even harder than before, leaving almost black colored bruises. This time, Bum threw his head back, moaning low in his throat as he grinded up into Sangwoo. The Alpha smiled, knowing the Omega was enjoying it before just fine, he just wanted an excuse to smack him. Their love-hate relationship was very complicated so it was expected from the raven. 

         When Bum propelled his hips forward, it  made the mens' clothed erections collide. Sangwoo let out a low grunt and Bum mewled. Sangwoo lifted himself off of the Omega and gazed upon him, his stare full of angry lust. He stripped off his shirt and jeans then hunched over the raven underneath him. The Alpha paused for a moment and barely lifted Bum's crop top, the fabric just sneaking past his nipples. Sangwoo leaned down and touched the nub with the tip of his tongue. He was rewarded with a gasp from the smaller male as he winced.

          "That sensitive, huh?" Sangwoo chuckled and Bum nodded vigorously. With that, he ripped Bum's top over his head and wrapped his lips around the raven's right nipple, his hand pinching and playing with the other. 

           "Hah! Sangwoo..." Bum's hands found their way into the blonde's hair, massaging his scalp and the nape of his neck and pushing him down into the Omega's small chest. His actions made Sangwoo hum around the raven's nipple which turned his massage into hair pulling. Immediately, he stopped. He got up, tugging Bum's nub between his teeth on the way, and placed his hands over the Omega's hips. He reached up underneath Bum's thighs and gave his clothed asscheeks a hard squeeze, which earned him a squeak from the small male. Scratching his ass in the process, the Alpha tore off Bum's booty shorts and he yelped. Sangwoo looked the Omega up and down, his eyes trailing in between Bum's naked thighs. His small cock seeped with pre-cum and a small pool of slick from the raven's entrance was staining the Alpha's bedspread. 

          "Fucking whore." Sangwoo snickered and Bum let out a whimpering moan in response. The erotic sound that came from the Omega made the Alpha dive onto him and clash their lips together. Bum moaned into the kiss, and tightly gripped onto Sangwoo's jaw, deepening the kiss. Their tongues fought for dominance yet again, Bum fighting for any chance of gaining back his dignity, but Sangwoo won by a long shot after biting the raven's tongue. The blonde split their lips, a long string of blood-tinged saliva still joining their mouths. He straddled Bum and stared down at the small male underneath him. The Omega's hair stuck up in random places, his bangs clumping together due to the sweat dripping from his forehead. His pupils were dilated and his pale, white skin was covered in purple and black hickies and bite marks.

          Sangwoo smiled mischievously and panted, "You look like shit." 

          Bum breathed heavily with his tongue lolling. He glared at the Alpha on top of him. "Shut up and fuck me already."

          The blonde was grinning from ear to ear now. "Greedy, greedy, greedy. That's one of the few things I like about you." He reached for his jeans hanging on the bed post, dug into his pocket, and pulled out a condom. Sangwoo tore open the packaging with his teeth and quickly slipped it on. The Alpha lined himself up with the Omega's wet entrance, the head of his cock teasing the beauty in front of him. 

          "Hey, Bum." 

          The said male looked up at him, his eyes glazed over and his every breath a desperate whimper.

          "Fuck you." He says while smiling sadistically as he entered the Omega in one thrust. Bum's breath hitched for a second then he exhaled a high pitched howl as Sangwoo plowed into him selfishly. He grabbed onto Bum's hips savagely, leaving more bruises, and held him down as he fucked him with hard, slow thrusts. The slap of the Alpha's hips meeting the Omega's ass was almost painful but it felt too damn good to stop. The room echoed with the moans of both men and the creaking of the bed. 

          Bum's shaking hands found their way to Sangwoo's wrists and the Alpha gazed into the Omega's eyes. His eyes were flowing with euphoric tears and he opened his mouth as if to say something but a sound didn't come out. 

          The blonde stop moving and leaned over the smaller man. "Hm?"

          "F...fuck me...harder." He spoke in a raspy voice. 

          Sangwoo lifted a surprised brow as he tilted his head. "You sure about that?"

          Bum nodded slowly. "D-Don't...hold back."

          The Alpha smiled, pleased. "Sure thing, sweetheart." He grabbed Bum's calves with each hand and placed them over his shoulders. He scooted closer to the desperate Omega in front of him, plunging deeper into his heat. Hanging on tightly to his legs, the blonde slid all the way out to where the tip of his cock was out of Bum's ass. Bum quickly sat up clinging onto the Alpha's wrists with widened eyes and whimpered at him, assuming his wish wasn't going to be granted. 

          "Don't worry, Bummie. I'm not leaving." Sangwoo caressed his face in a reassuring gesture, laying a soft kiss on Bum's cheek. The Omega laid back down, convinced. Ending the sweet moment instantly, he plunged back into the raven's ass in one thrust. Bum's back arched sharply and his eyes rolled back as he groaned low in his throat. Every thrust, the Alpha rammed his prostate.

          Sangwoo grabbed onto Bum's cock and pumped it in time of each of his thrust. The Omega screamed in response and his hands flew to his mouth, trying to hide his erotic sounds. The Alpha smiled down at him. He stopped thrusting and dropped Bum's legs. 

          "C'mon, Bummie let the neighbors hear you." Sangwoo snickered as he grabbed the Omega's hands and placed them on his back. The Alpha roamed his hands down the raven's body, purposely running them over his nipples until he reached Bum's thighs. He placed the raven's legs on either side of his body and spread them as far as they could go for better access. 

          The blonde began to plow into the Omega even harder than before, feeling his knot begin to swell with every move. With each thrust, the wooden headboard slammed into the wall with a loud thud, leaving a large dent in the drywall.

          "Sa-HAH!-Sangwoo!" The raven mewled, attempting to cling on the Alpha's back only to lose his grip and leave scratches down his back instead.

          "Sang-WOO! I'm gonna come-AH!" Bum's walls tightened as he reached his climax with a mewl and his Omegan pheromones flooded the bedroom air. 

          The sweet, intoxicating scent and the mere image of Bum spilling cum all over their stomachs pushed Sangwoo over the edge. With a few sloppy thrusts, he came yelling Bum's name and collapsed on top of him. With the Alpha's knot still swollen, they remained locked together for a few minutes, both intoxicated by each other's scents and trying to catch their breaths.

          Once the swelling went down just enough, Sangwoo slowly pulled out of Bum's heat, making the Omega wince. Without the warmth of being inside Bum, a chill ran through Sangwoo's spine as he climbed off of the Omega. He slipped off and tied his condom, then threw it in the nearby trash can. The Alpha stared down at the beauty of Bum still coming down from his high. His skin flushed a beautiful shade of pink and he panted every breath, his chest rising and falling repeatedly. He glistened with sweet-tasting sweat and his nipples were still perky from arousal. 

          Sangwoo's eyes fell on Bum's curves. He placed his large hands over them, and they fit together like two puzzle pieces. His heart swelled at the sight as he stroked the Omega's sides. He stared into Bum's eyes. "Why are you so fucking perfect?" 

          The raven's eyes widened in shock but before he could say a word, Sangwoo was on top of him again, joining their lips. This time, the kiss was sweet, no tongue or fighting for dominance. Bum wrapped his arms around Sangwoo's large torso and pulled him closer, humming into the kiss. They kissed each other like they were each together's source of oxygen, rather than the source that was stealing it. 

          After a few minutes, they broke away, but continued to hold each other. They pant in each other's faces and hold eye contact. Sangwoo rolled them on their sides, and they stayed in each other's embrace. Within seconds, Bum fell asleep with his face resting on the blonde's chest. The Alpha blankly stared at the wall listening to the steady breathing of the beauty sleeping in front of him. He knew things would go back the way they were: arguing, meeting for meaningless flings and rarely seeing each other outside the bedroom. And when morning came, Bum would be gone as usual. But he didn’t want that. He wanted to wake up with the beautiful Omega by his side. At that moment, Sangwoo thought of what Donggyu said earlier that day about becoming mates with Bum. The thought wouldn’t leave his mind as he began to drift asleep. The Alpha held the Omega tighter as he placed a soft kiss on the scent glands of his neck and passed out.

Chapter Text

          Warm sun rays cascaded across the cream-colored bedspread as Bum woke up from a deep slumber. The room glowed a welcoming orange from the light bouncing off the amber-painted walls as he rubbed the sleep away from his eyes.  A soft yawn parted his pale-skinned jaws. For the first time in what seemed like forever, the raven actually slept good and felt well-rested. He turned on his side to check the time on his phone laying on a nearby nightstand. The time read 8:15 am and the Omega jolted when he realized he slept in. He worked at nine o'clock and still had to run home and get cleaned up. "Fuck." he muttered.

          Sangwoo stirred next to him and Bum froze, trying not to make a sudden move or sound. The Alpha turned and faced the Omega but his eyes remained closed. Bum stared at the face in front of him. He admired the way his blonde bangs covered one eye, how chiseled his jawline was, his long, dark eyes lashes and the look of pure bliss on his face. The sight in front of him made the raven's  heart flutter, which was a sensation he had never felt before. Why am I feeling this way? He wondered as he placed a hand over his heart and continued to stare at the beautiful man laying beside him.

          "Take a picture. It'll last longer." Sangwoo said without opening his eyes. Immediately, Bum blushed with embarrassment. The blonde opened his eyes and smiled. Just making eye contact with the handsome Alpha took Bum's breath away.

          What the fuck is going on with me? I'm acting like a schoolgirl with a crush! The raven thought as he got lost in Sangwoo's facial features again. This is the first time he's woke up while I'm still here...

          "Leaving so soon?" The blonde snapped him out of his trance.

           "Uh, yeah I have work." Bum got up quickly but immediately regretted his decision as he hissed in pain due to his sore butt from last night's actions.

          "Goddammit, Sangwoo." The Omega grumbled as he slowly crawled out of the bed. He could feel the Alpha staring at his naked ass as he bent over to pick up his booty shorts and crop top off the navy blue, carpeted floor. Bum glared at Sangwoo over his shoulder.

           "What? What's the matter? Am I not allowed to look at you while you get dressed?" The blonde snickered at his own joke as he turned on his side towards Bum's direction.

            "I'm sore all over, you jackass!" The Omega snapped.

           "Tch. You asked me to go rough on you, remember?" Sangwoo smirked.

           Bum opened his mouth to object but knew it was true. He glanced at a nearby mirror, noticing how his neck was blotched all over with purple and red hickies and bite-marks. "You could've went a little easier on my neck, though!"

           The Alpha chuckled as he rose out of bed with a yawn and stretch. "I couldn't help it. You're too fucking irresistible." He smirked again for the hundredth time that morning and stretched his arms above his head, flexing his toned, lightly-tanned limbs that Bum couldn't help but ogle and drool over.

           "You're staring again, sweetheart." Sangwoo deadpanned with a hint of humor as stood up off the bed, the sheets slipping off his lower body and revealing all his naked glory. Bum felt his dick twitch at the sight of whom he mentally named the hottest Alpha in all of Korea. Hell, probably the whole world.

           Dammit. Bum mentally scolded himself as he turned away from the blonde. "Well I gotta go..." Bum made his way towards the exit of the bedroom but was surprised when his left arm was suddenly grabbed. Before he could process what was happening, he was pushed against the nearest wall and Sangwoo's lips slammed onto his. His eyes were wide open with shock and the raven was about to object but soon he was lost in the ecstasy of the way the Alpha's mouth slid against his. Instantly his lips were parted by Sangwoo's tongue and it glided across the roof of his mouth. Bum moaned as Sangwoo assaulted his mouth with his tongue and he wrapped his arms around the Alpha's bare torso to pull him closer. The heat radiating off their bodies was almost too much for the Omega, forming small beads of swear on his forehead, but he didn't want this to end.
When Bum felt how hard he was growing over their steamy make-out session, he pushed Sangwoo away, breathing heavily.

          "What's wrong? I thought you were enjoying it?" Sangwoo panted out as he swiped some hair behind Bum's ear.

           "I was. I just don't want it to escalate into...anything else."

           The Alpha huffed a short laugh. "Yeah about that..." He brushed the back of his neck as he pointed down. Bum followed where he was pointing and spotted the Alpha's hard-on. "Could you help a guy out?" He smiled a charming, toothy grin.

           Bum annoyedly groaned and rolled his eyes. "Ugh, fine." Internally, the raven was ecstatic. It had been too long since he gave Sangwoo a blowjob. He would never admit this to the Alpha, but the Omega developed a liking for the taste of his cum. The mere thought of Sangwoo squirting his seed into Bum's mouth had the Omega salivating and his dick twitching with interest. To get what they both desired, Bum vowed to make this the best goddamn blowjob the blonde ever had.

            With that promise in mind, the raven decided he wanted to start easy and build up. He fell to his knees, his mouth perfectly aligned in front of Sangwoo's dripping cock. The Omega gave the head a few little kitten licks, relishing in the taste of the Alpha's pre-cum, and placed open mouth kisses from the tip to base. The blonde shivered and grunted above him as Bum licked a long, wet stripe over his balls back to the weeping tip. The erotic sounds coming from the larger male above him made Bum pitch a tent, but he wouldn't dare pleasure himself in front of the Alpha. That would probably take away more of the little time he had to get ready for work. It could even turn into a rerun of last night. Though he never wanted this to end, there had to be a way to end this quickly so he couldn't be too terrible late for work. Right away, he had an idea.
           Bum stared up at the blonde with a mischievous smirk. Sangwoo raised a confused eyebrow before being shoved backwards with all the Omega's strength, which wasn't too much. Clearly caught off guard, the Alpha lost his balance and collided into the wall. Bum used the opportunity to swallow Sangwoo whole as he recoiled off the drywall, his nose bumping into the larger male's v-line. The Alpha let out a low moan and his hips bucked, making the raven gag and tears starting to pool in his eyes. His hands found Sangwoo's hips and he gripped them tightly as he worked up the Alpha's cock and dug his tongue into his slit.

           "Fuck!" The blonde roared as he almost fell over again, attempting to stabilize himself on the wall. Bum smiled around Sangwoo's dick as he sunk down again and came back up, softly running his teeth along the shaft. He could feel the Alpha's knot swell in his mouth and stretch his lips as he bobbed his head. Sangwoo's hands ran through Bum's jet black hair and pulled slightly. The smaller male glanced up at the Alpha.
          "Can I...fuck your mouth?" The blonde gasped out and Bum gladly nodded. Sangwoo firmly grasped the raven's head with strong but gentle hands as he started to slowly thrust in and out of his mouth and gradually picked up the pace. The Omega contently hummed around the blonde's cock as he full out fucked his face, euphoric tears streaming down his cheeks. Nearing his orgasm, Bum tried his best to rub his thighs against his cock, desperate for any friction but couldn't get it. Unable to relief himself, he went back to focusing on the job at hand — or in this case, mouth.
          With the Alpha's knot growing in between his teeth and airway occasionally getting blocked with each thrust, Bum was almost at the point of suffocation, but he didn't care. He was able to suck in a few light breaths here and there. There was no way the Omega would ruin this moment by passing out. Then again, blacking out for this reason would be pretty hot. That could be saved for another time. A time where he wasn't on a tight schedule.
          "F-Fuck, Bum, I'm gonna come!" With a loud groan Sangwoo came, thrusting his hips madly and shooting his seed into Bum's mouth, which the Omega happily swallowed. The sound and taste of the Alpha orgasming pushed Bum over the edge. He came in his booty shorts with a muffed moan and cried around Sangwoo's cock. The raven sat back on his calves, a long string of saliva attached to his tongue and the blonde's tip breaking. He cleaned up the Alpha's dick by giving it quick laps, making sure every drop was gone without a trace. Once he was pleased with his cleaning job, Bum attempted to catch his breath. He bowed his head and noticed some cum on his shirt.
          "Dammit, Sangwoo!" He breathily snarled with a slight rasp in his voice.
          The Alpha, who was still panting, stared down at the fuming little man.
          Bum glared up at him and pointed at the small cum stain on his crop top. "I paid good money on this shirt now look what you've done!"
          Sangwoo only smiled. "Why don't you lick that off? I see you got a little something on your shorts, too." The raven glanced down to see a large dark spot where he came in his shorts. His face flushed red with embarrassment the second time that morning.
          "How about I get you out of those dirty clothes?" The blonde suggested as he smiled seductively and pulled off Bum's shirt.
          The Omega slapped his hand away and swiped his top back. "No, you horny piece of trash! I'm already gonna be late for work because of you!" He rose to his feet and slipped his crop top back on. The raven took his index fingernail and scraped the stain on his shirt, which easily wiped off. He awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. "U-Um...I...I need to go now." Bum murmured in a softer tone with his eyes low.
Sangwoo placed a large hand under the raven's chin and tilted his head up, making him stare up at him.

           "Can I see you again?"

           "Yeah. Next time." Bum avoided his gaze.

           "Tonight?" That caused the raven to lock eyes with the Alpha.

           "T-Tonight? Why?"

           The blonde gripped Bum's hips with both hands and buried his nose into the raven's neck right next to his scent glands. His actions made Bum's spine tingle and he forced himself not to lean into the larger male's touch, as much as his Omega self wanted to seize the opportunity to get marked. "I just want to see you." Sangwoo laid a small kiss on his scent glands.
Bum bit back a moan and blushed yet again. "I-I don't think I have anything going on. Usual time at my place?"

          The Alpha emerged from the Omega's neck and nodded with a soft smile. "Sounds great." He leaned forward and pecked Bum on the lips.

          He's so affection today...The smaller male thought as a light pink dusted his cheeks. He turned away from Sangwoo towards the exit before getting slapped on the ass, hard.

           Bum's nostrils flared as he faced the larger male. "You just had to do that?"

           The blonde wore his signature smirk. "Like I said before, sweetheart, you're too fucking irresistible."

          With one last eye roll and a returning smile, Bum walked out of the house and slammed the door shut.

Chapter Text

          After Bum walked out the door, Sangwoo immediately felt foolish for not asking him out. He figured he could do it later tonight at the Omega's apartment since that was one of the main reasons for going there. The other reason, obviously, was sex. Their meeting tonight was quite a few hours away though. To kill a couple hours, Sangwoo decided he would to go to the gym. He didn't have work and didn't know what else to do so why not work out? The Alpha strolled into his bedroom and got changed in a grey sweatshirt and sweatpants. He grabbed his gym bag which consisted of earbuds, deodorant, a face towel, and a water bottle. Before heading out, Sangwoo grabbed his car keys and locked the door. He got into his car and drove to the gym. 




          After what seemed like hours of vigorous exercise, Sangwoo searched through his bag and grabbed his towel, wiping off the sweat dripping off his face. His biceps burned deliciously after lifting and stretched them over his head to prevent soreness tomorrow. The Alpha dropped his arms and placed his towel back into his gym bag and looked for his phone. After finding it, he took it out and checked the time, which read 12:00. When he was about to put his phone back, it vibrated in his hand. He checked it and realized he received a text from Donggyu. The Alpha opened the message and it read: 

          "Morning boytoy. How was your night? ;)"

          Sangwoo couldn't help but smile at the message from his friend and texted back:

          "Fantastic. This morning was amazing as well."

          He paused for a moment, debating whether or not to tell about their second meeting and the reason behind it but received another text from Dongyyu.

           "Another round? God damn you guys fuck like rabbits."

          The Alpha chuckled at his phone and was about to reply when a squeaky voice startled him.

           "Oh my god, Sangwoo?"

          He looked over and saw the very last person he wanted to see: Min Jieun. 

           Fuck me. The blond grimaced at the sight of the Omegan female. 

           She strutted over to him wearing a huge smile and dressed in a black sports bra and white yoga pants. As the brunette got closer, Sangwoo quickly sat up and picked up his sweatshirt of the ground and grabbed his water bottle. Desperate not to stick around and make conversation with her, the blonde put on a fake smile and pretended to be a in hurry. 

           "Hey, Jieun, it was great to see you but I gotta go. I'll see you around!" He speed-walked past her without a passing glance. 

          "U-Uh, okay!" Jieun called after him, the disappointment in her voice very present.

          After he exited the gym and completely forgetting to reply to Dongyyu, Sangwoo got into his car and thought about tonight. His stomach twisted with anticipation and his heart felt heavy in his chest. He realized how much he really longed to see Bum. Perhaps they could meet earlier? It was worth a try. The Omega was probably busy though. He seemed like he was in a rush to leave this morning. Maybe Bum was available now though? Sangwoo dug his phone out and opened his messages from the Omega and texted him: 

          "Hey I don't have any plans before our meeting tonight. Any chance we could meet sooner?" 

          He placed his car key into the ignition and set his phone into the cup holder, expecting Bum not to respond for a while. That was why the vibration from his phone surprised him. He picked up his phone and say a text notification from Bum and immediately opened the message.  

          "Am I that fucking irresistible?" Sangwoo grinned when he read that message. He could just hear the sassy tone of Bum's voice.

           "Of course ;)"

          "Well I'm off at 4 then I'm hanging with a friend. How does 7 sound?"

          "Sounds great. See you then <3" Sangwoo's gut twisted when he sent that risky heart in his message. He'd probably never hear the end of it from Bum tonight.

           "Sweet <3"

          Sangwoo could've sworn he'd lost his mind after reading that text from the Omega. He had to check to make sure he was texting the right person. Sure enough, on top of the screen, was his contact name, "Whore," with a peach emoji next to it. The Alpha huffed a breath in disbelief as he placed his phone back into the cup holder face down and started his car. He pulled out after making sure the coast was clear and began to make his way back home. Maybe he had nothing to worry about after all? Perhaps this evening would run smoothly and he'd been overthinking this whole time? There was only one way to find out. Tonight would be the moment of truth and hopefully the turn out would be a good one. 




          When he arrived at Bum's apartment that night, Sangwoo felt the familiar stab of anxiety in his gut as he strolled down the halls to the Omega's abode and stood in front of the familiar door. He hoped after tonight Bum and him would officially be mates. No longer would they be two individuals lusting over each other like mad men, but two lovers who were fully dedicated to one another. With an optimistic heart, he knocked on the ash-colored door and waited for a few seconds. A small chain rattled and the lock clicked before the door opened. Behind the door, Sangwoo found Bum standing there wearing a sweet but seductive smile and his neck still speckled with dark hickies from the previous night. He let his eyes wander over the male in front of him and noticed the Omega wore not-as-slutty clothes, unlike yesterday's meeting. His outfit only consisted of a black, oversized sweatshirt that fell just past his pelvis and slipped off one of his scrawny shoulders. Bum's pale, white thighs were completely naked and Sangwoo couldn't help but wonder if the smaller male was wearing anything under the large article of clothing. 

          Lost in the way the Omega's light skin contrasted with the dark fabric, Sangwoo was taken by surprise when Bum grabbed his hand and pulled him inside his apartment. After swinging the door shut, he dragged the Alpha through his apartment by the hand without even looking back. 

           "Where are you taking me?" Sangwoo rumbled playfully while following. 

          Bum glanced at him and placed a scrawny finger over his rosy lips. "Shhh." He simply said as he lead the larger male in front of his navy blue couch. The Omega narrowed his eyes flirtatiously as he shoved Sangwoo back by his pecs. This time, the Alpha was ready for Bum. In reality, the raven couldn't move him an inch when he was prepared. To humor him, Sangwoo acted like his pushing actually worked and sat back on the couch. Bum pounced on him, straddling his lap, and locked their lips together. Right away, the kiss started out rough and passionate with their tongues entwining and breaths instantly forming into moans of desire.

          Sangwoo wrapped his arms around Bum's curves, bringing him closer, while the smaller male clung onto his broad shoulders. The Alpha's hands roamed down Bum's hips then slipped underneath his sweatshirt and was pleasantly surprised to touch soft, bare skin. He placed his hands over the Omega's naked asscheeks and gave them both a firm squeeze. Bum gasped in Sangwoo's mouth and the larger male took the opportunity to bite the raven's lip. He leaned over towards the raven's ear.

          "Fucking whore. Why didn't you just answer the door naked?" Sangwoo growled  as he parted the Omega's asscheeks and teased his entrance with a digit. 

          Bum shuddered with each touch and rested his head on the larger male's shoulder, whimpering. "I...hah!...wanted to surprise you." Even through the moans and gasps the raven still managed to speak in his signature, sassy tone that drove Sangwoo nuts. The blonde let go of Bum's ass and latched onto his jaw and pulled him into another passionate kiss.

          As they continued to make out, Sangwoo's mind wandered back to the main reason why he wanted to meet up. Despite the fact that the mere thought of confessing made his heart skip a beat, he knew at some point he'd have to do it. How would he do it without scaring Bum away though? Sangwoo got so lost in his thoughts that he didn't realize the Omega straddling his lap started to dominate his tongue. When Bum suddenly latched onto his bottom lip and tugged back, the pinch of his flesh between the smaller male's teeth snapped Sangwoo back into reality. When the blond opened his eyes, Bum was staring right back with confused eyes, probably noticing he was not really into it like a little bit ago. The Omega began to grind his ass down on the Alpha's lap, right over his half hard dick. Sangwoo hissed and Bum smiled slyly. 

          "You're acting strange tonight." He puffed as he rolled his hips. "Something on your mind?" 

          The larger male bit back a moan. "Ah...yeah. I've been meaning to ask you something. I wanted to this morning but I...forgot." 

          Bum ground down harder, making them both groan. He wrapped his scrawny arms around Sangwoo's neck and leaned forward, their noses and foreheads touching. "Sangwoo, baby, if you want me to give you more blowjobs all you gotta do is ask." His hot breath tickled the blond's face as he spoke. Bum glanced down at the Alpha's lap and gave him a cat-like grin then licked his lips.

           "That's not what I was referring to but thanks for letting me know." Sangeoo huffed a laugh, then stared down and sighed. Bum backed up. When he looked back up, the Omega was frowning, probably noticing how serious Sangwoo was.

          "What's wrong?" Bum asked, his eyebrows pinched together with concern. The Alpha bit his lip then grabbed the smaller male's hands, intertwining their fingers together and squeezed them but not too tight. His heart pounded out of his chest as he tried to gather the words inside his head. Sangwoo took a deep breath and finally said:

          "I want to be your mate, Yoon Bum."  There it was. He finally said it. Bum's eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped. He remained speechless and the room stayed silent for what felt like hours. Before he could say anything to explain, the silence was suddenly broken by Bum bursting into laughter as he climbed off of Sangwoo's lap.

          "You've got to be kidding me!" The Omega gasped out. The Alpha just furrowed his eyebrows as he stared at Bum, confused. It was almost like he just told a hilarious joke rather than confess his feelings. "You can't be that naive can you? Oh my god!" 

          "I..I thought-" Sangwoo managed to stammer out before getting immediately interrupted.

           "You thought what, Sangwoo? Didn't what I say when we first met get through that thick skull of yours? I'm only meeting you for sex. Nothing else. I don't fucking care how long we've been meeting up. We're not a thing, me and you." The Omega glanced down at the Alpha's lap. "The only thing anyone would value you for is your big cock. You're clearly not that smart and fucking full of yourself if you think you can just go around asking people you barely know to be your mate.  Fuck mates! I could sleep with anyone I want and you can't do a thing about it!" Bum got in Sangwoo's face and gave him a cocky smirk then let out a sigh, as if he just delivered a heartfelt speech. "Now then, back to business." The raven perched himself back on the blond's lap and his eyes turned soft and his eyelids fluttered as he got closer to Sangwoo's lips. Before their lips could touch the larger male shoved him away with enough force to make him fall off the couch. There was a loud thud and Bum yelped out an "Ow!" as he hit the floor. He glared up at Sangwoo angrily as he pushed himself up onto his elbows. 

          "What the fuck, Sangwoo?" The Alpha rose to his full height, towering over the Omega.  He shrank down to the floor with wide eyes as Sangwoo hunched over him. 

          "You think after all the shit you just said I'd still want to kiss you? Let alone fuck you?! You're fucking crazy, bitch." Sangwoo snarled through gritted teeth as he scowled at Bum, who's eyes remained large with surprise. The blond shook his head in disapproval and let out a snort. "I don't want to see you again. We're done, me and you." Sangwoo mocked then without another word or glance at Bum,  he stomped over to the exit. With no hesitation he opened the door and slammed it shut. As he strode down the hallway of Bum's apartment he couldn't help but feel hallow inside his chest, as if the beautiful raven stole his heart and never gave it back. The hole in his chest grew almost unbearable as he got further and further away from the Omega whom he realized he loved.

Chapter Text

          With eyes glued on the slammed door, Bum remained sitting on the floor stunned. It was over. They were not meeting up anymore and what Bum expected to happen was the exact opposite. He got rid of Sangwoo, not the other way around. To make matters even more unexpected, the Alpha actually asked him to be his mate and he turned him down in a rather harsh way. With a past of only being used for sex and being tossed aside, Bum always felt like he wasn't mate material. After all, he was only a good-for-nothing whore, according to his fuck-buddy before Sangwoo. Getting abandoned for so long forced Bum to harden his heart. He never felt anything when he was the one who tossed guys aside. However, deep inside his chest, Bum felt something he'd never felt before: guilt. It gave him an uncomfortable, twisting sensation in his rib cage and he wasn't sure how much longer he could take this feeling. It made Bum realize he was way too hard on Sangwoo. Normally turning down someone was a simple task, but why was this one difficult to let go? Could it be he actually caught feelings for this Alpha? Was Bum, dare he say, in love with Sangwoo?

          Bum cringed at the thought and shivered in his oversized sweatshirt. Love was never a friend of Bum's. It was all about the sex. That was something he wasn't going to get tonight, though. The raven gazed down at the tent he pitched from making out with Sangwoo just minutes prior. It was clear that it wouldn't get touched by the Alpha since he just left his apartment and probably his life. Defeated, the Omega slowly reached a hand up underneath his black sweatshirt and began to pleasure himself with quick strokes, the smell of the Alpha's pheromones that still hung in the air was his jerk-off material.

          "Sangwoo...Sangwoo...." He moaned the Alpha's name with his head thrown back, yearning for the large male to come back and help him with his problem and more. Desperately trying to think of the ways the blond always treated his cock, Bum dug his thumb nail into his slit and slapped a hand over his mouth before he screamed behind his palm. Just from that action alone, he came and spurted white all over his hand and the inside of his sweatshirt. The Omega panted there on the carpet feeling ashamed, dirty, and, of course, guilty. Sangwoo said he never wanted to see him again. Bum should've saw that coming though, after the way he treated him throughout the months they spent together. 

          Having nothing better to do, the Omega stood up off the floor, went to his room, and flopped onto his bed face first. As he laid there, a familiar musky smell caught his nose's attention. Bum's head flew up from his bedspread when he realized it was a very stale scent of Sangwoo. He rose up to his hands and knees and crawled all over the bed, smelling around frantically. When the raven caught a wif of the smell from the pillow next to him, he face planted into the cushion and inhaled deeply. The scent of the Alpha was still there from this morning and Bum smothered himself in the weak, yet delicious aroma. By now, the scent had him hard again. He removed the pillow from underneath his face and placed it between his thighs. Bum turned onto his side and slowly reached back and inserted a finger into his entrance. His grip on the pillow between his thighs tightened as he slid in deeper. He realized he was not as wet this time, probably because Sangwoo wasn't there making him horny and the one fingering him. Bum began to pump his finger in and out of his ass with a little difficulty due to the slight dryness but he didn't care. The burn usually felt good anyway. He stuck in another finger and pumped faster, his other hand busy with working on his leaking cock. While pumping as hard as he could, Bum added a third digit, but couldn't quite hit his prostate like the Alpha always did. He attempted to slam his fingers in all the way up to his third knuckles but couldn't  reach that spot. 

          "Ah! Sangwoo baby, harder!" He moaned out loud, desperate to reach his climax, but then immediately paused. After processing what he said, Bum quickly removed his fingers from his entrance and hand away from his cock. He sat up, ignoring the slight trickle of slick from his ass, and hugged his knees in a fetal position, tapping his toes against the soft fabric of the bedspread. His eyes suddenly filled to the brim with tears but he was determined to hold them back. After several seconds, Bum's eyes burned and he developed a slight head ache. To prevent himself from crying, Bum let out a pathetic laugh, but the tears started to stream down his face as soon as he made the sound.

           "I really fucked up, didn't I?" He sobbed out to no one while looking down at the cushion between his legs. Bum removed the pillow and blindly chucked it across the dark room, a loud thump sounding afterwards, probably the pillow knocking something over. With tears still falling, the raven laid on his stomach and plunged his face into his pillow, ignoring his throbbing cock that pressed up against his inner thighs. 

          Bum wished his and Sangwoo's last night together could've been a good one, but he ending up fucking that up. Whenever things got fucked, he was always the one to blame but this was probably one of his bigger mistakes. Unfortunately, this mistake was most likely unfixable. Unable to stop the guilty tears from falling, Bum ended up crying himself to sleep that night, yearning to feel the heat of Sangwoo's body pressed up against his as he slept.



          The next morning, Bum showed up at the Kkoch Cafe twenty minutes late for his one o'clock shift. He didn't bother with his appearance and basically threw on his uniform and walked out the door. His hair stuck together in a tangled mess and his uniform was wrinkled as well as stained. The only thing the Omega attempted on was to cover up his dark bags under his eyes with liquid foundation. When he arrived, Jaeha was there standing by the door waiting for him, probably worried since Bum was usually not late. Based on the brunette's mouth slightly agape and wide eyes, he must've done a shitty job at concealing them. The brunette met him before he could reach the counter and tried to fix Bum's hair by flattening down frizzy strands with careful hands and brushing some behind his ears

          "What happened to you? Are you okay?" Jaeha's brows pinched together and he frowned concernedly. 

          Bum couldn't look up at his friend or find the right words to say so he simply shook his head "no" then walked past him towards the counter. He felt like if he opened his mouth and told about last night's events, the memory would have him sobbing again.

        "Did something happen with Sangwoo?" Jaeha followed and placed his hands on Bum's shoulders and turned him around. He bent over slightly trying to lock eyes with with his friend, who refused to make eye contact. 

         "Yeah." The raven cringed at the break in his voice. "Shit went down." 

          If it was even possible, Jaeha frowned even more."What happened?" 

          The raven turned his back on his friend and wandered back behind the counter and sighed, not wanting to talk about this. If would've gotten up at a decent time and actually gotten ready like normal, he wouldn't have to worry about telling Jaeha. When he thought about it, Bum knew his friend was smart so he probably would've figured out something was wrong anyway. At that moment the Omega realized he was really overacting. He'd been through harder shit than this. Bum looked up at his friend and grinned. His sudden mood change surprised the fellow Omega. "I fucked up, Jaeha. I pushed Sangwoo away." Bum added a fake chuckle when he said, "He asked me to be his mate," Jaeha's jaw dropped. "and I fucking turned him down." 

          The brunette was silent for a few moments as he paced behind the counter then glanced back at Bum. "Do you regret your decision? Do...Do you love Sangwoo, Bum?" He spoke in a hushed tone. 

          I don't know, do I? What would've happened if I said yes? I'm almost curious now...

          Bum choked on air and wanted to slap himself for thinking such idiotic thoughts. "What?! Absolutely not! Why the fuck would you ask that?" 

          Jaeha scowled. "Well, based on your mood when you walked in, I could tell you clearly have been effected after turning him down. After all this time together," Bum cringed at the word 'together.' "why would you do that? Why would you just toss him away?"

          The raven raised his eyebrows in surprise. "I thought you'd be happy I got rid of him. You didn't want me meeting up with him anymore, right?"

          The other Omega shook his head disapprovingly. "I didn't want you to meet up with him because I wanted you to find a mate. I didn't want to you be sleeping around with guys anymore. But...I could tell Sangwoo made you happy. Despite all the angry texts and arguments, you were always happy after seeing him."

          Bum stayed silent for a moment and sighed. "Well it doesn't matter now. He doesn't want to see me ever again. I guess I'll have to find a new guy to hook up with-"

          "No, Bum!" Jaeha snapped, narrowing his eyes. His sudden snarly tone startled the raven. "Stop doing this to yourself. You'll only end up getting hurt again." The brunette placed a hand on his friend's arm in a caring gesture but was immediately rejected when Bum moved his arm away. 

          "Mind your own goddamn business! I can make my own decisions-"

         "You are my business! You're my best friend for fuck's sake!" Jaeha stared at the ground and choked  out, "I only want what's best for you. I want you to be happy."

          Once again, Bum felt that twisting pang of guilt in his chest when he saw his friend's teary eyes staring up at him and instantly embraced the brunette. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm just having a rough time."

          "Yeah, you're suffering from dick withdrawal." Jaeha sniffled and giggled. 

           "I can't deny that!" Bum chuckled as they parted from their hug. 

          Jaeha stared at his friend with serious eyes. "I won't interfere anymore. You live your life and I'll live mine. No matter what choices you make, I'm always here for you." He placed his hand on Bum's arm again and this time the raven didn't pull away. 

          Bum's heart swelled at his friends caring words. "Thank you, Jaeha. You're too good to me." They exchanged smiles and the rest of their shift was pretty quiet. A handful of customers came in over the course of last few hours of their shift. Around eight o'clock the two Omegas began to clean the cafe, making sure all specks of coffee grounds or crumbs from baked goods were cleared from every surface and all tables were spotless. After a thorough inspection of the whole shop, they grabbed their coats, phones, and other personal items and locked up the cafe. Once they said their good byes, the two Omegas went their separate paths home. Jaeha only lived a block away in an apartment complex so he traveled to work each day by foot. Bum walked toward his vehicle parked in front of the cafe but before getting in, he looked over his shoulder watching Jaeha walk down the street. The raven couldn't help but smile at his best friend.

          What did I do to deserve him? Bum thought dreamily as he got into his vehicle, started it, and began his short journey home.

Chapter Text

          It had been two days after the "break up" and Sangwoo was finally ready to move on from Bum but wasn't sure how. The night of the break up and the day after consisted of laying in bed most of the time. He felt too depressed to do anything and didn't check social media or answer any texts. Who knew ending things with your fuck buddy could be so difficult? That was the thing though. Was Bum just a fuck buddy or more than that? Sangwoo had been asking that question even before they broke up. One night stands were easy but hooking up with the same person for months was something he had never done before. He didn't realize how attached he would become. The Alpha foolishly gave his heart to an Omega who wanted nothing to do with him except have sex. For all he knew, Bum probably moved on all ready and slept with another guy. The thought made Sangwoo's stomach churn but it didn't last. 

          Today would be different. With Bum out of his life, he wouldn't give the Omega the satisfaction of having control of his life even after they parted ways. He rolled onto his side and spotted his phone on his nightstand. For the first time in a while, Sangwoo picked up his phone. He was greeted with the time, which was noon, and many notifications, most of them being texts from Donggyu probably worrying about him and thinking he was dead. The most recent notification was a text from Jieun. The text was delivered around 10:00 which was two hours ago. Just when Sangwoo was about to swipe the text to get rid of it, an idea popped into his head. Since he wanted to get Bum off his mind, Sangwoo took the advantage and instantly opened Jieun's text and read it:

          Hi woo!—that nickname made him cringe—I was wondering if you were busy at all today. I'd love to spend time with you!  X3 <3

          While he was very tempted to leave the female Omega on read, Sangwoo figured spending time with  Jieun would be beneficial for the both of them. She had been texting him for months and rarely received a reply. The Alpha was surprised she didn't give up yet. Then again, Jieun was an Omega. Who knows what goes on in her head. 

          Sangwoo swallowed his pride, tapped on the typing box and texted Jieun: "Hey Jieun. I have time today so we can hang for a bit. Wanna meet for coffee or something?"

           It seemed like the Alpha barely sent the text before the Omega replied back: "Coffee would be great! I usually go to the Kkoch Cafe which is really good. Would 1:00 work for you?"

          Sangwoo had never been there before so he figured why not try it out? He glanced at the time on his phone which read 12:15 and typed: "Yup. That works."

          "Awesome! Will you need directions?"

          "Nah that's ok. I'll use GPS on my phone."

          "Alright. See you later woo! <3

          "See ya."



          Once he arrived at the Kkoch Cafe, Sangwoo was immediately greeted by Jieun. She wore a sleeveless, maroon colored dress that barely fell below her ass and revealed most of her back. It was as if she dressed like they were going on a date to La Yeon and not to a cute little cafe. Sangwoo only dressed casually in a white sweater and jeans. He almost looked grubby compared to her but he didn't give a shit. 

          She probably thinks this is a date. The Alpha grimaced at the thought but remembered the main reason why he agreed to meet with Jieun: to get his mind off of—nope he wasn't even going to think of his name. Sangwoo was starting a new life without hooking up with a certain whore and would hopefully find a decent mate. Perhaps it could be Jieun? Well, probably not. Underneath all that pretty was a dumb broad who relied heavily on her mommy and daddy's money. Sangwoo would admit living a life of luxury would be fantastic but he'd rather settle down with someone who had an IQ higher than five. 

          When Sangwoo stepped out of his vehicle, he was immediately greeted by Jieun with a hug. As she wrapped her skinny arms around his torso, he just stood there waiting for her to let go. A few agonizing seconds later, the female Omega finally released him. 

          "Oh my god, Sangwoo! It's been so long!" Jieun laughed as she gazed into his eyes with unhidden desire. 

        Not long enough...a whopping three days. The Alpha cringed at the seductive look he received. "Oh not too long. I see you every Friday." Sangwoo wore his fake smile he portrays when he serves her and her family at La Yeon. He was very tempted to forget this whole thing and leave when Jieun suddenly took his hand and lead him into the cafe. As politely as he could, Sangwoo removed his hand from the Omega's once they entered the small building that had a pleasant coffee aroma. 

          "Welcome!" A soft voice greeted them. Sangwoo glanced over toward the counter and saw a man—more like boy—with light brown hair and a build very similar to Bum's. He wore a green apron that matched the interior of the cafe and a black choker necklace. 

          The Alpha graciously nodded. "Thank you." His sleeve was suddenly tugged lightly by Jieun.

          "C'mon on over here." She motioned the male over to a nice table by the window. They took their spots and the woman in front of him was practically glowing with excitement. Her smile never faded and her dark eyes were as bright as could be. For a moment, Sangwoo realized Jieun was actually very beautiful, until she opened her mouth. 

         "I'm so glad you found time in your busy schedule for me! Oh I saw you at the gym the other day isn't that funny? Too bad you were leaving or else we could've worked out together! How often do you work out? I mean, you must work out often based on how muscular you are..." 

          Jesus, woman. Take a fucking breath. Sangwoo just smiled and nodded, not even listening to Jieun's non-stop chatter. He secretly glanced at his phone to check the time. It read 1:10. 

          It's only been ten fucking minutes?! The Alpha stopped himself from groaning out loud. When he glanced back up at Jieun, she had stopped talking and looked at him with expecting eyes. 

          Shit. She must've asked me a question...

         To get out of the awkward situation, he thought of a quick distraction. "Hey, how about I get us some drinks? My treat." Sangwoo gave the woman a charming smile. 

          Jieun placed a hand over her chest and fluttered her eyelashes. "Aw~ Sangwoo, you're such a gentleman. I'll just take a medium coffee." 

          The Alpha quickly rose to his feet. "Be right back." When he began to journey to the counter, Sangwoo saw the last person he wanted to see. As soon as his eyes locked with a familiar dark pair, his stomach dropped. There was Bum, dressed in the same green apron as his coworker. Sangwoo was very tempted to go back to the table and have Jieun go up instead but he didn't want to be a coward. Every step became more difficult as he neared the raven. Once he reached the counter, the two just stared at each other with wide eyes. His heart pounded and his hands felt clammy.

          Sangwoo rubbed the back of his neck. "U-Um...can I get two medium coffees, please?" 

          Bum simply pressed a button on the register, avoiding eye contact at all costs. "That'll be 4000 won."

           The Alpha handed him the money and cringed when their hands touched. He felt Bum jolt as well as he took the currency from him. They didn't speak at all while Sangwoo awkwardly waited for Bum to make and give him the drinks. When Bum handed him the two coffees, he must've been determined for their hands to not touch again since he placed the cups on the counter. The Alpha murmured a "thanks" and quickly turned around, thankful their short interaction was over.

          "S-Sangwoo...?" Bum's voice came out behind him as a small hush which was barely recognizable  versus the usual sassy tone he was so use to. The said male was torn between answering and walking away. He glanced at the raven over his shoulder and couldn't believe how vulnerable and broken Bum looked. Dark bags highlighted his eyes and his hair didn't look nearly styled like usual. Instead, it looked like it hadn't been combed in a while. It was like he hadn't had a decent nights sleep in weeks. 

          I guess I'm not the only one who suffered from that night. Sangwoo thought as he bit his lip. His inner Alpha was tempted to crawl over the counter and embrace Bum but he shook his head. No. I'm done with you. Sangwoo decided mentally. He headed back to the table without a word and placed the coffees on the table then sat down across Jieun.

          "Thank you so much, Sangwoo." Jieun took the beverage and brought it to her lips with her eyes locked on the Alpha's. Sangwoo didn't answer, the image of Bum's sad eyes still in his head. 

         "You okay?" Jieun asked with concern.

          "Yeah. I'm fine."

          "Okay. Glad you're okay. I mean if you're not..." The woman continued to blabber but the Alpha didn't listen to a thing she said despite looking up from his coffee from time to time. He could see Bum staring at him from afar with his peripheral vision. Sangwoo began to shift uncomfortably in his chair and bounced his leg. He could've sworn his body began to burn from his gaze. Unable to stand the heat any longer, the blonde suddenly got up out of his seat. "Hey, how about he go to a park or something? Get some fresh air?" He suggested. 

          Jieun smiled. "Sure!"

          Sangwoo was quick to grab his beverage and head towards the exit. He was tempted to book it but choose to act casually and opened the door for Jieun like a gentleman. As they walked out the door, the Alpha could still feel the burn of Bum's eyes on the back of his head but he didn't turn or even glance in his direction. While they walked down the busy streets of Seoul, Jieun continued to flap her lips about God knows what. Thankfully, the park was only a block away. When they arrived, they found a bench and rested there. 

          Once Sangwoo actually started to listen to Jieun and interact with her, he realized she wasn't as bad as he thought. Despite their small connection, he didn't want to commit to anything yet, especially after the events that occurred a couple days ago. At two o'clock, Sangwoo told Jieun he had to go home and get ready for work. He received another awkward hug from the woman when they departed before she walked him to his vehicle. His shift started at three as usual and he still had to pick up Dongyyu. After parting ways with Jieun, it was almost like their coffee "date" never happened. Bum was instantly back in Sangwoo's head like a parasite taking over his brain, causing nothing but pain and agony. 

          Why the fuck are you always on my mind? The Alpha thought, defeated. Hopefully Dongyyu could help him out. 



          When Sangwoo arrived at Donggyu's to pick him up, he immediately received a scolding from the fellow Alpha and was asked why the fuck he didn't answer his texts. He just let out a woeful sigh. The chubby Alpha tilted his head at him.

          "What's the matter? Is it about Bum?" Sangwoo swore Dongyyu could read his fucking mind and he told his friend everything about that dreadful night. 

          Donggyu just shook his head and chuckled in disbelief. "After all this time you ended it?"

          Sangwoo scowled. "Dongyyu, you weren't there. You don't understand."

           "Yeah, but he's right about you being naive. You said it yourself, he doesn't like you. I guess you shouldn't have taken my I thought you guys had something good going."

          The blonde huffed a laugh. "We didn't. We never did. You're right. I was too fucking naive to see that nothing would ever happen between me and him." He paused and ran a hand through his slicked-back hair. "Fuck, man. I'm in love with that whore. I-I even went on a date with Min Jieun to get my mind off of him."

          Dongyyu's jaw dropped. "Holy shit. That desperate?"

          "Yes! He's constantly on my mind. I've never felt this way about someone before. A fuck buddy of all people to fall for."

          They both fell silent for a few seconds until Donggyu asked: "Well, what if Bum apologized?

          "Pfft. Yeah right."

          "What if he feels bad about what happened? Maybe he's hurting too?"

          Sangwoo thought about how Bum looked at the cafe and hated to realize that Donggyu was right. "I actually saw him today."

          The other Alpha almost jumped out of his seat. "What? Where?"

          "When I went on a date with Jieun today, we went to the Kkoch Cafe and apparently Bum works there."

          "Oh shit. How did he look? I mean, did he look happy?"

          "No. He looked...sad and like he hadn't slept in weeks."

          "Aha! He misses you, Sangwoo! You have to get him back."

           The blonde scowled at his friend. "Fuck no. You don't understand. Bum doesn't want a relationship and I do. He just wants us to hook up again. We would never work out. I don't want to see him again." To prove his determination, Sangwoo dug out his phone and checked his contacts. When he found Bum's contact he selected "edit" then scrolled down until he saw "delete contact." Donggyu opened his mouth to object but closed it immediately after receiving a warning look from the blonde. Without hesitation, Sangwoo clicked on the delete button and Bum's number and other contact information was gone. A tremendous weight lifted off his shoulders after doing that. Sangwoo sighed in great relief then glanced at the clock on his car radio which it read 2:50. "We should probably get going or we'll be late for work." The Alpha insisted then they drove away for their shift.