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But It's Not a Foursome

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Waverly rolls onto her back, Nicole has finally fallen asleep. They talked for what seemed like hours. Waverly didn’t know what to say to the proposal. She loves Nicole very much and of course wants to get married some day, at least she thinks she does. After working thru some of their emotions, they both agree that the timing seems a little off. They haven’t even moved in together, not that that’s a prerequisite for marriage. Nicole admitted it was impulsive. Waverly loved the romance. She has no doubt they could make a perfect life together. They see what Sara and Ava have and they want that too. For now, they’ve decided to put it aside and discuss it later.

Waverly is surprised at how this has affected Nicole. Being a cop, Nicole has certainly had to use force once or twice on another human being, but she is truly wracked with guilt over hurting Sara. They all witnessed it and know it was nothing but a freak accident. Nicole is the sweetest most gentle person and would never do anything like that on purpose to a friend or loved one. She hasn’t know Nicole to be this hypersensitive about anything before now.

She quietly slips off of the bed trying not to disturb her understandably exhausted girlfriend. With a blanket wrapped around her shoulders she looks for a clock to check the time but she doesn’t find one. It seems odd, but she guesses time isn’t relative when you’re on a timeship? She crosses the hall into the medbay and finds Ava asleep in a chair. Sara is still out of it, the wires connecting her to the monitors feeding the steady beep of her pulse. Not wanting to disturb either of them, she decides to head out in search of something to eat.

The subtle whoosh of the medbay doors sliding shut is enough to wake Sara. She opens her eyes and sees Ava slumped over in a chair, Sara knows she probably hasn’t left the room. She wonders how long she’s been unconscious. She barely remembers feeling a hot shooting pain in the back of her head before everything went dark. Her mouth is dry and her vision is slightly blurred. She feels a warm sensation slowly spreading thru her veins. She tries to move her arm but quickly realizes that she doesn’t have any feeling in either arm or her legs. She panics for a brief moment.

Suddenly, she seems to be standing in a dimly light room, it smells of musty dirt and stale water. What the hell just happened. Am I back in Lian Yu? Am I a prisoner?

She waits for her eyes to adjust as she assesses her surroundings, feeling around, she finds a door. She tries the knob. It’s locked. She’s in intense pain, the only sound she hears is the loud pounding coming from inside her own head.

This can’t be happening again. I’ve already escaped a demon realm, but this feels different.

She senses someone or something close by and calls out, “Who’s there? Where am I? What do you want?

There’s a reply from the darkness, “Hello Sara.”

The voice sounds familiar, “Rip? Rip Hunter?

“Yes, it’s me Sara.”

“But…it can’t be. You died in the explosion, you sacrificed yourself to save us. I saw it with my own eyes.”

“Listen Sara. You got my message I assume. The one I left with Gideon?”

“The message that said we’re in danger, and that they’re coming for Ava? Yeah, I got it.”

“Good, things have changed and I need your help.”

“Wait, how are you talking to me right now?”

“I’m accessing your subconscious. The blow to your head opened up a portal, but we don’t have much time, you’ll be waking up soon.”

“That seems like an unbelievably convenient coincidence, me being hit in the head? You better start telling me the truth Rip, or the only help you’ll get from me is my boot in your ass. ”

“Okay, look, my message wasn’t exactly accurate. The short version is, the clone program was supposed to be social experiment. They were developed to be the perfect human, capable of doing anything they were asked to do. With enough money, anyone could own one. A company by the name of Advanced Variant Automation saw the opportunity to weaponize the program and began to manufacture deadly soldiers, but they couldn’t control them so they tasked me with finding a solution. I was on board, at first. We used the Time Bureau as a cover to try and understand what went wrong. I began by isolating one clone at a time and bringing them back to 2013 to monitor their progress. We thought if we could give them a more normal life, let them feel love and happiness, then they might be more controllable.”

“And it took 12 of them for your little experiment? What are you saying, that you programmed Ava to fall in love with me?”

“No, that’s just it Sara, she did that all of her own free will, which is exactly what we were hoping for. When they found out about the two of you, they wanted her back right away. But I knew what would happen, and that’s when I recorded the message. I planned to disappear, taking the secret of your location with me, but the Time Masters pulled me out just as the explosion went off.”

“And now they’re sending you to find us. I get it, Rip.”

“Yes, but it’s worse, they want you too.”

“Me? Why?”

“They believe that what ever you did to tame number 12, you can do to the rest of their army.”

“You want me to come to the future and sleep with your out-of-control Fembots?”

“Not exactly, you wouldn't have to sleep with them, just use your charm, get them to softened up a bit.”

“Have you completely lost your mind?! Is this some sort of a joke? Am I dreaming?”

“No Sara, it’s no joke. They want you both, and it has to be now. They are losing money for every second that this program fails. They can barely keep their army in line, it’s only a matter of time before their clones take over and humans are wiped out.”

“Look, I still don’t get why I should care about what happens 200 years from now. This is your mess, you’ll have to clean it up without me.”

“Sara, these people are very powerful, more powerful than anything you have ever fought before. And they will not take ‘no’ for an answer.”

“Even if I gave a shit about you and this ridiculous mess, I would never voluntarily hand over my Ava or go willingly with you. And you clearly don’t know where we’re hiding since you’re asking me for help. So Rip Hunter, if that’s who you really are, you can go straight to hell.”

“You are correct in assuming that I don’t know where you are…yet. But I have resources, make no mistake, I will find you, Sara Lance.”



“Sara?” She hears Ava’s voice as she wakes again. The musty smell has been replaced by the sweet scent of vanilla and coffee. She’s back on the Waverider. She opens her eyes to see Ava standing over her, “Babe, can you hear me?”

She reaches up to touch Ava’s cheek. “Hey you.” She smiles a little.

“Oh thank goodness. We were so worried about you Sara.” Ava takes Sara’s hand and presses a kiss to her palm.

“How long was I out?” Sara looks around to find Waverly eating a vanilla dipped donut and Nicole holding a cup of coffee. She nods in their direction, “Is there any whisky in that?”

“Not that long, just a few hours. Babe, you have a concussion. Gideon took care of everything. You should be good as new after you rest.” Ava tells her as she removes the wires connecting Sara to the monitors and helps her to her feet, “Let’s get you to bed.”

Sara tries to stand but instantly feels a searing pain radiate to her arms and legs. She grabs for Ava and slumps back into the chair, “What the hell…what did you do to me Gideon?”

“Babe, what’s going on?” Ava is shocked.

“Gideon! What did you give me. I felt something warm going into my veins before.”

Ava calls out in a panic, “Damn it Gideon, answer Sara.”

“Captain Hunter’s orders. If, in the event, you were injured and needed my help, I was instructed to administer a serum. It affects your nervous system and will continue to cause you crippling pain.

“And let me guess, the only way to stop it is to give him what he wants. Ava and me.”

“Why would Gideon do something like that?” Waverly chides.

“Wait, he wants you too?” Ava is confused and distraught.

“Yeah, I’ll explain it later. Right now we have to get off of this ship. We’re not safe here anymore.” Sara tries to stand again, but can’t.

Nicole moves to her and lifts Sara up in arms. “I’ve got you.”

Waverly looks shocked. “Wow babe, I didn’t know you were that strong.”

“Me either.” Her breathing is slightly strained. “Now let’s get out of here.”

Ava directs them, “This way.”

They reach the cargo bay doors in what feels like seconds thanks to Nicole's new found strength.

Ava opens the door as they head outside.

“Wait.” Sara stops them. She looks at Ava, sadness crossing her face.

“Babe, what are you doing?”

“The one thing I never thought I’d have to do.” She nods for Nicole to set her down on some empty crates near the door. The pain is intense any time she moves, but she manages to stand up, her ears ringing as the pain surges thru her. “Gideon, initiate sequence Zero Zero Zero Zero.”

“Captain, please confirm.” Gideon answers.

Sara can’t believe this is happening. Her life has changed, for the better, since she became captain of this time traveling space ship. She’s made friends, most of whom she considers family now. She’s met the love of her life. She’s grown in ways she never thought possible. It tears at her heart to give this order, but Rip has left her no choice. If they stay on the ship, if the ship is still in one piece, he will be able to find them eventually. That’s not a risk she is willing to take. “I, Captain Sara Lance, order you to begin the self destruct sequence now.”

“Very well Captain. The ship will self destruct in 30 seconds. And Captain…I truly am sorry.”

With tears streaming down her face, Sara replies “I know Gideon. I am too.”


“That explosions was a lot smaller than I thought it would be.” Waverly says as they regroup in the living room of the penthouse.

“The ship was built to implode with minimal damage to it’s surroundings.” Sara tells them.

“This is all my fault.” Nicole blames herself. “If I had been more careful, you wouldn't have gotten hurt. You wouldn't be in this condition right now, and the ship would still be here.”

“It’s not your fault at all Nicole.” Sara looks at each one of them, “It’s my fault for keeping that damn ship in the first place. I should have known that Rip would betray me yet again.”

“Well there’s no sense in worrying about any of that now.” Ava interjects. "We’re on our own and we have to figure out how to get that stuff…” she jesters towards Sara, “out of you.”

“What if we just gave you a blood transfusion?” Waverly shifts into problem solving mode.

“We need to get me to Ray’s lab, if there is anyone who can figure this out, it would be him.” Sara is worried the longer this substance is in her, the worse things might get. She doesn’t want to alarm them, but it’s already becoming harder to speak.

“Sara, you’re in no condition to travel, you can barely move.” Ava furrows her brow.

“I know, but there is a way. Nora’s timestone. Grab my phone and call Ray.”