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But It's Not a Foursome

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It’s been a few months since the chaos has subsided.  Wynonna has been busy sending revenants to hell. Purgatory is slowly getting back to a seemingly normal rhythm, as normal as it can be for a town overrun with demons and curses.

Nicole has never been this happy. Things with Waverly have settled down and they’re in a good place in their relationship.  They make a great couple, which is pretty incredible considering everything they’ve been thru in the short time they’ve known each other. The week has finally ended and she can’t wait to get out to the homestead. She has a little surprise planned for her girlfriend. As she packs up her things to leave the sheriff’s office behind for a few days, she hopes that Waverly will be open to a break from this place.

She pulls up to the old farm house and parks the cruiser next to the little red jeep. She practically lives here. It feels more like her home than her apartment does. Waverly likes having her here and makes a fuse when Nicole has to leave for work or to get clean clothes or feed Calamity Jane, but it’s far too early for them to be living together. Nicole doesn’t want to make the same mistakes as her last relationship. They haven’t talked about it, but for now she wants to keep her own place.

Inside the farm house the sisters are arguing.

“I’m just saying you look tired Wynonna. Can’t you take the night off?” Waverly shouts into the next room. Her back is to the door, she doesn’t see Nicole slip in.

“I’m fine. I don’t need sleep. Naps are my bitch.” Wynonna shouts back.

Nicole slides up to Waverly, wrapping her arms around her waist. She whispers, “Hi cutie,” and kisses her cheek.

Waverly giggles, “Hi sweetie pie. How was your day?” Before Nicole can answer, she spins around in her arms and kisses her softly. They stare achingly into each other’s eyes. It’s as if they haven’t seen each other in years. They stay frozen like that for a minute, holding each other, no words needed.

Wynonna rushes into the room. “Haught pants, I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Hey Wynonna,” Nicole greets the older sister.

“Ok, you guys do that and I’ll go get the bike ready.” Wynonna is out the door in a flash.

“What is she doing now?” Waverly asks.

“Baby, I’ve got a little surprise. I thought we’d take an overnight trip. I booked us a room at the Green Arrow Spa over in Haven for the night. It’s less than an hour’s drive from here. Wynonna’s gonna let us borrow the motorcycle.” Waverly is usually the planner, but Nicole hopes she will go along with it. “I know you like to be in charge. I really wanted to do something nice for you, for us. It’s been so crazy. I wanted to spend some time alone with you.”  Still holding Waverly, she bends down and kisses her. She’s prepared to do some persuading if needed. She knows Waverly doesn’t like to leave Wynonna alone.

Waverly breaks free from Nicole’s arms and paces the floor. “Oh wow, well I’ll need to pack and who’s gonna look after Wynonna?"  She stops dead. “Wait, you can ride a motorcycle?”

Nicole is relieved at the response. “Well, it’s just one night. She’s having the boys over for poker anyway. You know how that always ends. You won’t need much in the way of clothes.  And, Yes, I can. Does this mean you’re ok with it?” She sits down at the kitchen table and looks up at Waverly flashing a grin and then pleading eyes.

Waverly can’t resist that look. “Well, you are being very sweet. And a spa sounds romantic,” She slides onto Nicole’s lap, wraps her arms around her girlfriend’s neck, and looks deep into her eyes as they kiss again.

Nicole runs a hand up Waverly’s thigh and places the other on the small of her back pulling her in, deepening the kiss. Sudden intense desire has her momentarily regretting the plans. It would be so easy to carry Waverly up to bed right now, but she’s already paid for the room. Besides, they’ll have all night to enjoy each other.

The door flings open and Wynonna appears once again. “Still at it I see. Have you told her Haught? Or have you just been in here making out this whole time? You’d better get moving before it gets too late.”



After much reassurance from Wynonna that she will be fine, and a few panicked moments over the amount of clothing and accessories Waverly is allowed to take, the pair is finally ready to go. Nicole slips on the borrowed leather jacket and gloves which brings a smile to Waverly’s lips. She loves Nicole in uniform, but the smell of the leather and the way it looks on Nicole…she can’t help but whisper damn.

Wynonna hands Waverly a helmet. She protests that it will mess up her hair. “Baby girl, you have to wear it. I won’t have my little sisters brains splattered across the pavement if tater Haught here wrecks my bike. Besides it’s the only way to talk to each other.” She taps the side of the black helmet, “These babies are wired for sound.”

“Thanks a lot for the vote of confidence Wynonna.”  Nicole huffs as she straddles the bike. Her long legs keep it steady as she guides Waverly onto the back. “Waves, you’ll have to hold on to me pretty tight. Wrap your arms around my waist and balance with your hips. Relax and just let me do all of the work.”

“Mmm, my kind of ride,” Waverly purrs. “Sounds like fun.” She winks at Wynonna as she pulls the helmet on.

“Ok you two, save it for later. And be careful,” Wynonna yells over her shoulder as she heads back to the house.

Nicole starts the bike. It rumbles under them as she pulls the throttle a few times. She puts her own helmet on and they head out. She learned to ride a motorcycle while living in Nevada. She’s taken this one out a few times in the recent weeks to get familiar with it. Everything she knows about riding came back to her quickly. She is feeling confident as they ease onto the main road. The bike hums as she shifts the gears. They reach a good cruising speed and she relaxes a little.

They ride in silence for a few miles, enjoying the scenery.  Waverly seems comfortable, her arms wrapped around Nicole as instructed. Riding has always been a rush. Nicole was excited when Wynonna agreed to let her take the bike. It’s the best way she has found to clear her mind. Traveling fast with the wind at you, nothing between you and the road ahead, it’s practically spiritual.  This break will be just what they need after the year they’ve all had. It’s a chance to relax and just connect with the woman she loves.

“This is nice, kind of thrilling really.” Waverly breaks the quiet. She’s been deep in thought. Recalling everything that has happened and how remarkable it is to be in a relationship with an amazing woman. She never imagined love could be like this.

“I’m kind of surprised you agreed to such a spur of the moment thing.” Nicole realizes that she probably shouldn’t point that out to her girlfriend, she may change her mind if she thinks about Wynonna all alone on the homestead. She envy’s their closeness but sometimes it can get in the way of their own relationship. The sisters are close now, but she knows it wasn’t always that way for them. They spent years apart after things went to shit for the family. And she really is grateful that Waverly has someone to watch over her when Nicole can’t be there.

“I mean, why not. You obviously planned this in advance. The Green Arrow Spa sounds like an interesting place, and what better way to spend a night away with my honey.”

“That’s my girl.”

“I had no idea you liked motorcycles, at least you have that in common with Wynonna.”

“Yeah, Shae and I used to ride sometimes.” Waverly relaxes her grip for just a second. “Baby, don’t be jealous. We were never as close as you and I are. You’re my world.”

“Oh I know Nicole. It was just a surprise. You never mentioned you were married. I was shocked when she showed up at the hospital after Mercedes…well the Widow, bit you. I looked like an idiot. And you were all in a comma and nearly dead. I had to make conversation with her. And she was hot! I mean…come on!”

“I know baby.” She lightly touches Waverly’s hand. “I’m really sorry you had to go thru that.” She chuckles at the sarcasm and hopes Waverly doesn’t hear it. Honestly, she shivers at the thought of her ex-wife and her girlfriend in the same room together. It’s probably a good thing that she was unconscious. One wrong word and either of them could go ballistic. She apparently has a thing for fiery women, she chuckles to herself.

“I can’t be mad at you mon amour.” Waverly smirks. She knows that speaking French will drive Nicole crazy. “Tu es mon doux bébé.”

“Hey now, don’t start that Waves,” She grins and gives Waverly’s hand a squeeze. “You don’t want me distracted while I’m driving.”

“So I shouldn’t tell you that I can’t wait to get you au lit et te faire l’amour.” She slides a hand down and unzips Nicole’s jeans. She hears Nicole take a deep breath. She whispers, just loud enough to be heard over the buzz of the engine, “Je veux te faire mouiller.” The steady vibration of the bike and being so close to her girlfriend has her feeling wicked. “How much longer ‘til we get there mon amour?”

“I think I’m already there.” Nicole gulps. She can feel the heat from Waverly’s strategically placed hand.  She tries to move it away while doing her best to stay focused on the road.

“Don’t you need both hands to steer, or something?”  Waverly giggles. She’s pleased with herself for making her girlfriend uncomfortable.

“Yes I do, which is why you need to behave. We don’t have much farther to go.”

Ignoring Nicole’s protests, she purrs. “Good. Parce que je veux te sentir en moi.”

“Please baby,” The tables have turned. It’s usually Waverly begging and Nicole in the driver’s seat, at least when it comes to sex.

“Do you wanna know what I said?” She grins and giggles.

“I understood bed, make love, wet and in you. That’s pretty much all I needed to hear.” Nicole can feel her own warmth spreading under Waverly’s hand. The last time Waverly spoke French to her, they had to duck into her boss’s office. It was an intense twenty minutes.

“Mm, that’s my girl, belle et intelligente.” She pushes her hand farther down into Nicole’s jeans, if only she weren’t wearing panties. Pressing her fingers in, applying just enough pressure, she can feel the wetness already. Nicole rocks forward in response. She’s always amazed at how easy it is to get her going. Just a few words, a touch, and she’s there. She loves that about her girlfriend.

“You are so bad.” Nicole groans. She wants to keep going but knows she has to pull back in order to balance the bike and prevent a crash. Wynonna would kill her if anything happened to Waverly or her bike.

“I am…so…very…very…bad.” Waverly beams devilishly and removes her hand. “I should be punished.”

Nicole breathes a quick sigh of relief when she sees the sign for the hotel up ahead. It’s a good thing. She couldn’t have taken much more teasing. Waverly loves pushing her to the limits and judging by the mood she’s in tonight, it’s going to get steamy.



They arrive at the hotel. Nicole parks the bike and gathers herself before helping Waverly jump off. They secure their things and make their way inside. Neither woman has spoken, both are flushed, their faces moist from wearing the hot helmets and Waverly’s antics.

They stand close to each other while the clerk checks them in. He is saying something about elevators and breakfast and wakeup calls, but Waverly isn’t paying attention. She hasn’t taken her eyes off of Nicole for one second. She loves looking at her, she loves how strikingly beautiful she is. Wynonna calls it googly eyes, but she calls it pure love. It’s easy being with her, the opposite of how it was with Champ, and for more than just the obvious reasons. She’s never felt this way about anyone else. They are intense and explosive together, but at the same time, gentle and passionate.

She smiles, thinking about their first time, she was so nervous. Nicole was loving and sweet with her from the start. Waverly didn’t know what she was doing, she was a bit scared, but Nicole was patient. Tonight, however, she’s feeling very adventuress, she can hardly wait to find out where this night might go.

“Are you hungry, baby? Should we grab something to eat before we head up to the room?” Nicole looks down at her girlfriend who suddenly looks so small standing beside her. “Waves…everything ok?”

“Hmm, yes, food sounds great.”

“Where were you just now? You looked like you were deep in thought.”

“Ah yeah, I was just thinking about the first time we…you know,” she blushes and grins.

“Hmm, well I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I like it.” Nicole winks.




The hotel’s restaurant isn’t crowded. They pick a corner booth towards the back of the room so they can sit next to each other without being too obvious. Being out is not new for Nicole, but Waverly hasn’t had much experience being in a relationship with a woman. They have been relatively safe in public in Purgatory, but this town is new to them and they don’t know anything about it or the people around them.

The waiter takes their order and brings their drinks to the table. Waverly is content, sitting next to the love of her life. She puts her hand on Nicole’s thigh. She feels a spark as her mind wanders to their bike ride.

They glance at each other and Nicole scans the room making sure no one is watching them. Once she is sure they are safe, she leans in to quickly kiss Waverly. She smiles and softly touches her cheek.

“Why did you keep your marriage a secret from me?” Waverly has been wondering about it for a while but there never seemed to be a good time to bring it up. Not that a romantic getaway was the perfect time either.

“I knew you weren’t done with that,” Nicole drops her head. “It wasn’t on purpose. I kind of forgot about it to be honest.”

“I’m not mad about it…any more. I mean Shae told me that you got married in a fever, but then it cooled down.”

“It wasn’t one of my best decisions. We barely knew each other. We were good for a while. I was busy trying to make it thru the academy and Shae was just finishing up med school.  We hardly saw each other. I guess that worked for us until it didn’t. After I graduated, I got a job offer to come back to Purgatory and she wanted to stay in Nevada, so we split up. It was all very businesslike, unemotional…you know.”

“Did you love her?”

“Yes, I mean I think so. I felt love for her but I don’t think either of us was truly in love.”

“And it’s different with us?”

“Baby, I can say without a doubt, that I have never ever felt this way about anyone in my entire life. I would do anything for you. Don’t you know that?”

“I do. I guess I’m just feeling a little insecure. I mean you could have any woman you wanted, go anywhere you wanted. I don’t want you to feel like you’re stuck here with me because I won’t leave Wynonna.”

She touches Waverly’s face. “There isn’t anyone else in this whole world I would rather be with, and no other place I’d rather be than right here with you.” She softly kisses Waverly. They look into each other’s eyes as they both smile.

They’re interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat and look up to see a tall blonde woman standing at their table.

“Good evening ladies, how’s everything so far?”

“It’s great, we’re great…um thanks.” Waverly pulls her hand away from its resting place on her girlfriend’s thigh.

“Good.  Is this your first time here? Can I get you anything? Are you staying the night with us?”

“Um, yeah it’s our first time. It’s seems like a lovely place.” Nicole tells her.

“Well I’m Ava.” She extends a hand towards Nicole.

“I’m Nicole and this is Waverly.” She replies, shaking Ava’s hand.

“My wife, Sara, and I own the place. If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to let us know.” Ava nods and quickly walks away.

Waverly gives Nicole a sideways glance, raising her eyebrows in surprise and mouths the word wife. They giggle together. 




They finished their meal and the waiter is clearing their table. “Can I get you ladies anything else?”

“No, we're good thanks.” Nicole tells him.

“Very good, I’ll be right back with your check.”

As he is walking away, a shorter blonde woman approaches. “Bring their check to me please, Gary.”

“Yes Captain…I mean…boss, as you wish.” He replies.

Waverly looks up, “Is there something wrong?”

“No not at all. Sorry to startle you. I’m Sara. You met my wife Ava earlier. We’ve sort of been watching you.  I promise we’re not stalkers or anything like that. We couldn’t help but notice how sweet you two are together. Kind of reminds us of ourselves, anyway we don’t get many other lesbian couples in here…long story short, dinner is on us.”

“That’s sweet but you really don’t need to…” Waverly says.

“Never mind, it’s done.” Sara insists.

“Well that is very kind, thank you.” Nicole smiles and glances over at her girlfriend.

Ava approaches the table and slides an arm around Sara’s shoulder. “I see you’ve met Nicole and Waverly, babe. Did Sara tell you we think you are the cutest couple ever?”

“Well, I didn’t say that exactly. They probably already think we’re creepy or something.”

“Oh babe, only you are. I’m perfect, remember?” Ava nudges Sara just hard enough to knock her slightly off balance.

“Alright, let’s let these lovely ladies get on with their evening, unless you’d like to have a night cap with us?”

“Um…well, it’s up to you sweetie.” Waverly nods at Nicole.

Hoping she is reading her girlfriend correctly, “Sure we’d love too.”  Nicole answers for them.

“That’s the spirit.” Sara cheers. “We’ve got a few things to wrap up here. Come up to the penthouse in about half an hour. The code for the elevator is 2827272. If you can’t remember that, it’s just our names – avasara, get it?” She grins proudly.


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Their room is nice enough. It has all of the comforts you would expect, a king sized bed and a nice big bathroom. Nicole drops their bags on the floor.  Waverly flops onto the bed in a heap, “I’m so tired. I just wanna rest here for a minute.”

“But no falling asleep Waves, we said we would have a drink with our hosts.”

“I know. I really like them. They seem so…”


“Yeah and kind...”

Nicole drops down on the bed beside her, “I’ve wanted to be alone with you all day. We won’t stay long.”  She rolls on her side propping her head up with her hand so she can look at her girlfriend. She touches her face and they smile at each other. “We still need to finish what you started earlier.”

Waverly pulls her down into a kiss. “I didn’t start it. You made me sit with my arms and legs wrapped around you, on a giant vibrator!”

They laugh together.

“Well, when you put it that way,” Nicole whispers between kisses, “I guess it is kind of my fault.” She pulls Waverly closer and kisses her softly. They melt into each other as their kisses become more urgent. Waverly’s fingers are tangled in her hair. A familiar ache creeps up and once again Nicole has to stop herself, always the responsible one. “We have to stop,” trying to catch her breath, “or we’ll never leave the room.” She pulls away and sits up, patting at her hair and straightening her cloths.

“Mmm….Nooo.”  Waverly protests.

“Come on baby. They gave us free food. It wouldn’t be polite if we didn’t go.”

“You’re right, but I want one more minute with you mon amour.” Waverly straddles Nicole’s lap and grins as she kisses her again.




Once the timeline was back in order, the Time Bureau shut down, an unexpected consequence of fixing all of the anachronisms, which meant that they would no longer have financial support to keep the Waverider running and Ava would lose her job as Director of the Bureau.

The rest of the team decided to go their separate ways. Ava wanted a normal life in a normal town and Sara wanted to give it to her. They landed in Haven, pooled their money and bought the hotel. Located on a main route, it does a fair amount of business. It should keep them busy for the foreseeable future. So far, everything has been perfect; the people are nice, the weather is nice, totally normal.

“Ava, where are the wine glasses?” Sara calls out to the empty room. They’ve recently moved in and things are still in boxes.

Ava appears in the doorway, she’s changed out of her work clothes into something more comfortable. Her hair is down; she usually wears it in a tight bun while she’s working. They have employees working at the hotel but they both like to have a hand in the daily business. “What, babe?”

Sara stops to admire her beautiful wife. “You look comfy.”  She wraps her arms around the taller woman’s waist. “Mm and you smell good too,” she tells her as they kiss. She feels very lucky to have Ava considering everything they have endured.  “Wine glasses?”

“I think I saw them over there,” she points towards a box in the corner of the kitchen. “Do you think they’ll come? They’re so young. I hope they don’t think it was strange to invite them.”

“Found’em,” Sara pulls the glasses from their hiding place. “I‘m sure they won’t think it’s strange. But hey, if they don’t show, more wine for us.” She flashes a grin as she pops the cork and pours out four glasses.

Ava knows that having a normal life might eventually be boring for Sara.  After all, they were time travelling super heroes. There were always new adventures and lots of excitement.   She hopes that having a social life will help fill some of that void for both of them. “Babe, aren’t you supposed to let the wine breath before you pour?”

“How should I know,” she shrugs. “My drink of choice is scotch. This stuff is for lightweights.” She winks and hands Ava a glass.

“Well let’s not scare them off with your drinking skills just yet.”

The doorbell rings and Sara lets their guests in, “Hey, I see you found us. Come on in.”

They all head into the kitchen to join Ava. “Welcome ladies, glad you decided to come. We were worried you might’ve been creeped out by our invitation.”

“Oh no, this is the least creepy thing that’s happened to us, trust me,” Waverly snorts. She looks over at Nicole who is still trying to fix her hair after Waverly’s fingers had their way with it.

“Really? I sense a story or two in there.” Sara hands them each a glass. “Let’s go and sit in the other room. That sounds so weird, the other room,” she chuckles.

Ava sits with her legs curled up beside Sara. She sees the look of confusion on their guests faces, “Ah…what Sara means is, well, we’re still getting used to living here. We haven’t been here that long as you can see by the unpacked boxes everywhere.” She motions toward the room, the wine sloshing from her glass.

“Careful my love, do I have to cut you off before you even get started.” Sara smiles and kisses her. Looking over at their guests, she asks, “Where are you two from?”

“We live in Purgatory. It’s just down the road a few miles from here.” Nicole replies.

Sara frowns.  “Wow, is that really the name of the town?”

Waverly pulls Nicole’s hand onto her lap, “Yeah, it’s a unique place. My family is from there and my sister is there, so its home. We’re really enjoying your hotel. Our room is so nice; we especially plan to try out the nice big bed.”

“Waves…” Nicole blushes.

“What, we’re in a hotel. People have sex in hotels, that’s why they have big beds.” She looks at Sara, “Am I right?”

“You guys are so cute.”  Sara chuckles. “How long have you been together?”

“Umm, it’s been about six months, hasn’t it baby?” Waverly replies. “We haven’t exactly had a normal start, what with the curse and all.” Nicole nudges her. “I mean…umm.”

“A curse?”  Ava’s eyes widen, “I love it. Tell us more.”

“Yeah, my sister’s great-great granddaddy was cursed, it got passed down thru the generations…it’s been a whole thing.” Waverly realizes how weird it sounds, saying it out loud to strangers. “It’s not really that big of a deal.” She keeps talking. “Then Nicole got poisoned by an undead Widow and almost died.  And then I was possessed for a little while, but yeah, we are both fine now.”

Nicole squeezes her girlfriend’s hand. “Nice Waves.”

“Now that’s not something you hear about every day.” Ava is intrigued.

“Well,” Sara smiles. “I see your curse, poisoning and possession and raise you a – I’m a former assassin, I’ve been brought back from the dead, almost lost my soul to a demon twice – AND -- Ava is a clone from the future!”

Waverly nearly chokes on her mouthful of wine. “A clone...from the future!?”

“Sara, it’s not a competition and thanks.” Ava swats at her.

“Yeah, but we’re not supposed to talk about it.” Pressing a hand to the side of her face pretending to whisper, “She doesn’t like the 'C' word.”

“But, like, how are you from the future?” Waverly crinkles up her nose. “Wait; are you a witch…or an alien? Because I wouldn’t be surprised, we’re outside the ghost river triangle, but you just never know. You know?”

Nicole is speechless, “What is going on? This is the strangest conversation I’ve ever heard, and that’s after we’ve literally just put a demon in the ground.”

The four women look at each other and burst out laughing.

“I think I need something stronger than wine for this,” Sara hops up. “Nicole, give me a hand in the kitchen?”

Nicole kisses Waverly’s forehead as she gets up from her seat, “Be good, baby.” She can hear the questions flying at Ava as she leaves the room.

In the kitchen, Sara pulls down a bottle of Jack Daniel's from the cupboard and hunts for more glasses, “Sounds like you two have been thru some heavy stuff.  I guess we have a lot more in common than we thought.” She pours out two shots.

“I don’t know what I would do without Waverly. It’s been one hell of a ride, that’s for sure. She hasn’t told you the best part. Her sister has a magic six shooter that sends undead souls back to hell when she shoots them with it.”

“A magic gun, now that’s something to drink to.” They clink glasses and down the shots. Sara pours out two more and they down those too. She grabs the bottle and extra glasses as they head back in to join their partners.

“Babe, Waverly’s sister has a magic gun.” Ava curls up next to Sara as they settle in.

“I know. We were just talking about it.” Sara wraps an arm around Ava. “Seems it sends creatures to hell. We could’ve used that a few times, huh?”

“Oh but it only works for Wynonna. She’s the only one that can shoot it since she’s the rightful heir. It’s bonded to her.”  Waverly quickly surveys the room, “I like what you’ve done with this space so far, maybe a plant over in that corner by the windows?”

“Ok baby, enough about us,” Nicole pats her on the leg and pulls her in closer. “Let’s talk about something else?”  She looks over at the older couple. “How did you guys meet?”

“We worked together, well, not at first. At first we didn’t even like each other, but once we stared actually working together, I eventually wore her down.” Sara winks at Ava.

“You wore me down? I was trying to get your attention for weeks.” Ava protests.

“We had our hands kind of full don’t you think. If I remember correctly, you tried to arrest me at one point.”

“We’ve had our ups and downs. And Ok, yes, you were charming, but dense. We won’t talk about the time you broke up with me.”

“I didn’t want you to be in danger, I just came back from the demon realm, I was death, remember? Besides, you broke up with me too.”

“But then you rescued me from hell and the rest is history.”

Sara pours them each a shot and toasts, “Here’s to finding love, even in hell.”

“When did you get married?” Waverly’s face puckers as she drinks the whiskey.

“We’re technically not married, not legally. Sara doesn’t think we need a piece of paper to prove our commitment to each other.”

“I thought you agreed with me?”

“I do, I just like to give you a hard time about it.” Ava winks and kisses her.  “What about you two?” She looks over at the younger couple. “Any marriage plans?”

“Umm, no, we haven’t really talked about it. I mean I would love to be married someday.”

Nicole rests her head on Waverly’s, “Hmm, yes me too.”

“We should let our guests get back to their night, babe. Nicole looks about ready to fall asleep.” Ava nods at Sara.

“It’s just been a long day and I’m not a big drinker.” Nicole slurs her last word.

“Yeah, she came right from work and surprised me with this, such a sweetie.” Waverly brushes a loose hair from Nicole’s face.

“What kind of work do you do?” Sara asks, not wanting the evening to end yet.

“My baby is a deputy sheriff.” Waverly answers for her. “If you think she’s cute now, you should see her in uniform.” Nicole blushes again. Waverly continues, “But we really should be going, we have to head back in the morning.”

They all rise to say good night.

“This was a pleasure. We’ll have to do it again sometime?” Ava suggests.

“Since we kept you from your evening, why don’t you stay another day? We can have lunch and finish our crazy stories tomorrow, then see where the day takes us?” Sara stands beside Ava, her arm wrapped around her wife’s waist.

“We have work and I have to get back to my sister. She’s trouble waiting to happen when she’s home alone.” Waverly smiles at them both.

“Ok, well think about it, it would be on us of course, I insist.” Sara stops them before they can object.

“That’s very sweet of you both, thank you. We really enjoyed meeting you and thank you again for dinner.” Waverly hugs Ava, which then sets off the chain reaction of hugs all around.

Sara sees them to the door and waves as they get in the elevator.

Ava grabs glasses to take into the kitchen, “That was fun. I like them, they’re so damn cute.”

“And totally normal, just like us,” Sara grins.




Back in their room, it’s late and they are both tired. “Such an interesting couple, huh baby?” Waverly slouches on to the bed and grabs her phone. “Gonna check on Nonna.”

“I need a shower…” Nicole strips off her jeans and disappears into the bathroom, leaving a trail of clothes behind her. She can hear Waverly’s voice in the next room but can’t make out any words. She’s too tired to think right now.

The shower is an elaborate system of heads and nozzles pointed at each other. It takes her a second to figure out which knobs and levers do what, but as soon as the warm soothing water hits her body the stress starts to melt away. Water is coming from every direction, it feels amazing. She could stay there forever. She takes a deep breath as the room fills with steam. She stretches out her arms and places her hands on the cool wall.  She arches her back and lets the warm pulsating water soothe her muscles.

Waverly slips into the shower and puts her cool hands on Nicole’s back then slides them up to her shoulders. “Hey baby, room from one more in here?” she whispers. She leaves a trail of kisses across Nicole’s shoulders, pressing her cool body against her, wrapping her arms around her.

Nicole leans into the embrace and reaches behind to pull her closer, savoring Waverly’s soft skin against her own.  Waverly’s hands are on her breasts. Her nipples swell and harden under Waverly’s touch.  She shivers. The hair on the back of her neck stands up. The heat between her legs grows.

Waverly’s hands move down Nicole’s stomach lingering at the soft triangle of hair. Her breathing is shallow. Her hands are tentative. They haven’t done anything like this before. Nicole is usually the one in control.  She slides a finger down into Nicole’s folds and finds sweet wetness. They have both wanted…needed this all day. Waverly has been imagining this ever since Nicole surprised her earlier. At last they are truly alone, no sister or ginger cat to interrupt them.

Nicole groans and turns her head to kiss Waverly. Their lips meet, tongues exploring.  Waverly breaks the kiss and gently pushes Nicole to the wall bending her forward; she finds her slit again from behind and slips a finger inside. Nicole is surprised for a second but then responds by widening her legs for her girlfriend. Two fingers inside now and they are both rocking into it.  

Waverly starts off slowing; making sure Nicole is ok with this position. She can feel the walls close in around her fingers, sucking them in farther as she thrusts quicker. One hand on Nicole’s waist for leverage, she pumps the other in rhythm to Nicole’s movements.

She can tell Nicole is on the edge; her own heat surges up in response. She pulls dripping wet fingers out as Nicole spins around, picks her up, and kisses her. Waverly wraps her legs around Nicole’s waste as their lips meet again.

Nicole gently lowers her down without breaking the kiss. Waverly’s hands are in her wet hair. They continue kissing, the warm water relaxing them both.

They part and Nicole whispers, “You are amazing.”

Waverly responds.” I love you.”

Nicole kisses her again then drops to her knees bringing one of Waverly’s legs up to rest on her shoulder. She breathes in, intoxicated by her scent, she softly kisses the inside of Waverly’s thigh. She hears her girlfriend moan. She tastes her, dipping her tongue into the wetness, gently sucking on the ripe bud. She lets her tongue explore before she slides a finger inside while working her tongue on Waverly’s clit.

Waverly is on fire, with the right amount of pressure, it takes no time at all to bring her to orgasm. Nicole knows how far she can go, sometimes she stops on purpose to prolong it, to drive Waverly crazy, but tonight she has to have her right now. She pushes her over the edge and holds her steady as Waverly’s body shudders under her touch. She smiles, looking up; she waits for Waverly to recover. She kisses her thigh and runs her tongue back in, taking another taste, wanting more.  

Waverly stops her with a soft touch to the shoulder, “No, come here. I’m not done with you.”

Chapter Text

Nicole sleepily opens her eyes. The sun is rudely peeking thru the blinds at just the right angle. She sighs contently, looking over at her girlfriend cuddled up next to her. She loves sleeping with her arms wrapped around Waverly, although they didn’t get much sleep last night. Waverly was insatiable. She didn’t know whether it was the motorcycle ride, the whiskey, the shower, or the fact that they were not interrupted, but she couldn’t seem to get enough.  Not that Nicole was complaining, after all, that was the primary motivation for bringing her here in the first place.

She lightly kisses Waverly’s bare shoulder, not wanting to disturb her just yet, and realizes they are both naked. Another first, they usually throw on a t-shirt or something to sleep in, just in case Wynonna barges in on them in the morning, its only happened just about every time.

She lies still, listening to Waverly breathing softly, relishing the moment. They always seem to be moving so fast, whether for work or hunting demons or following leads. There are days she wishes they could just relax, take the time to appreciate their life together and not be in such a rush. Not that she isn't ambitious, they both are actually. Nicole wants to be sheriff one day. Waverly is still finding herself, but whatever she wants, Nicole has no doubt she will get it.  

As much as she wants this to last forever, she knows they have to get up soon. She kisses Waverly’s shoulder again, Waverly stirs from her peaceful sleep.  Nicole whispers, “Morning baby,” and tightens her arms around her girlfriend.

“Mm…morning,” Waverly mumbles and pulls the covers up for more warmth.  She slowly opens sleepy eyes, “What time is it?”  She smiles, realizing that she’s in the warm embrace of Nicole's loving arms, their skin touching, she feels so safe and loved in that moment.

“Judging from the sun, maybe eight or eight-thirty?”

“Ugh-too early, let’s stay in bed all day.” She suggests, rolling over to face Nicole, she kisses her gently. “I didn’t get a chance to tell you last night, because we were busy,” she grins and drops her eyes in a moment of humility, “but Wynonna said we should stay another day. She’ll look in on ginger cat for you.”

Nicole rolls her body on top of Waverly and positions her elbows to support her own weight as to not crush her. She gently kisses her lips. “Another day away with my sweet luscious baby…that works for me.”

They hear a knock at the door.

“Really?!” Waverly grunts in frustration.

They hear a voice from the hallway, “Room service.”

They both jump out of bed. Waverly disappears into the bathroom.

Grabbing a complementary robe from a hook in the closet, Nicole approaches the door and looks thru the peephole before she opens it. “Ah, hi, yeah we didn’t order any room service.”

“Yes Miss, compliments of Ava and Sara. They thought you might be hungry this morning.” The man grins and raises an eyebrow. “May I?” He motions to the cart as he rolls it into the room. “Let’s just set you up over here by the window. There’s a beautiful view of the courtyard below.” He clears their personal items from the table near the window and places a small vase of fresh flowers in the center, then transfers plates and the rest of the contents of the cart onto the table. “There we go.” He smiles at Nicole, “My name is Gary, please let me know if you need anything else.”

“Weren’t you our waiter last night?” Nicole asks, smiling back at him. She thought he looked familiar.

“Yes, I actually oversee the dining room, among other things. Director Sharpe…Ava, asked that I personally attended to you both during your stay with us.”

“Well, that is very kind of you Gary. Can you let her know that we accept their invitation to stay another day?” Nicole moves towards the table filled with food, the smell of bacon permeates the room. She hesitates, “Is this pork or turkey?”

“Turkey, but I also brought a vegan plate for Miss Waverly.” He winks as he rolls the empty cart towards the door. “Please enjoy and don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything else.”

Nicole thanks him as she closes the door behind him. The smell of food makes her realize how hungry she is, the kind of hunger one has after a hearty work-out.  Some mornings she likes to go for a run if the weather is nice enough, another way to clear her head. No need for it today though, she chuckles to herself. Last night would definitely count as vigorous exercise, if nothing else.

Waverly emerges from the bathroom, freshly showered, still wrapped in a towel. “This is so nice,” she slides into a chair and grabs the plate marked vegan. “I can’t believe this, it’s almost like a dream.”

“We’re dreaming it together baby,” Nicole sits down and grabs a plate. “I could see us living like this forever, couldn’t you?




The breakfast crowd has cleared out and Ava is busy helping with the clean up in the dining room. She and Sara have faith in their staff even though they’ve only known them a short time, but they still like to be involved. After all, they did sink most of their money into buying the place and their future depends on its success.

She was pleasantly surprised when Sara agreed to settle in here. They have a chance to make a real life together, without life-threatening situations and constant danger looming over them. She’s counting on this new adventure to help them both put their unusual past behind them. Neither knows what the future may hold for them, but they do know they will face it together.

The hotel is average sized with about 115 rooms. Their customer base seems to be pretty tame, so far they haven’t had any issues. They live on the top floor, Sara likes to call it the penthouse but its really just regular rooms that were converted into two large suites by the previous owners. They have their own pool, hot tub, and small gym, and of course, all of the privacy they need.

She let Sara pick the name, and Sara let her hire Gary Green, a former employee of the Time Bureau, to help them keep things in order. He and Ava had a good working relationship at the bureau. He has a good heart and would do anything for her. Sara is annoyed by him but makes allowances for Ava’s sake.   

She finds Sara in the managers office located behind the main check-in counter, her feet propped up on the desk, flipping a butter knife in her hand. “Planning to butter someone to death?” Ava asks, eyebrows raised.

Sara flashes her trademark mischievous grin. “Watch this. Gonna use it to hit that spider.” She flicks her wrists, releasing the blade, it spins end over end, crashing into the wall as it makes a dull thunk and lands on the floor. The spider, remaining in tack, scurries quickly behind a filing cabinet. “Damn it, missed him!”

“Losing your touch, Lance?” Ava taunts her. She sits on the edge of the desk in front of Sara.

“I certainly hope not. Besides, if that had been a real knife I wouldn't have missed. And it’s your fault if I’m getting soft, all this playing house nonsense.” Her grin and raised eyebrows tell Ava that she is only teasing. Sara does want this domestic life with Ava, it’s all she has ever wanted. She feared her fate would be a life of constant turmoil, but then she found Ava, and everything fell into place. She’s not about to go back to being her former self, a cold-hearted lethal assassin. Her life is better with Ava in it.

“It’s a good thing I know you’re kidding, otherwise that spider isn’t the only thing you should be worried about.”

Sara drops her feet to the floor and sits up in the chair, pulling Ava’s legs closer to her, she puts her hands on Ava’s thighs. There is already a height difference between them, but with Ava sitting on the desk, it makes it more apparent. Sara looks up at her. “Oh yeah, like I couldn’t take you, Director Sharpe.” She mocks as she stands up, draping her arms on Ava’s shoulders and wrapping her hands around the back of Ava’s neck. With the height difference gone, they can look at each other eye to eye.

Ava responds by pulling Sara in closer and wrapping her arms around the shorter woman's waist. They pause as if they are in a standoff, each waiting for the other to make the first move, anticipating an all out war.

“I should take you down right now.” Ava breaks the silence first.

“Go ahead and try.” Sara taunts her. She loves their banter. They both know they would never intentionally hurt each other, but the thought of being physical with Ava is always thrilling. They spar together in the gym sometimes, but she’s faster and more skilled in martial arts and she’s cautious not to injure Ava if things start to get rough. She would never want Ava to know that, it would hurt her feelings, she’s sure of it.

They press their foreheads together and smile. Sara pulls Ava to her and their lips meet. Softness turns to intensity quickly as Ava stands, spinning them both around,  she lifts Sara up on the desk. There is an underlying heat between them that can be tapped into quickly when the mood strikes either of them, almost like an on/off switch. Sara is pulling at Ava’s suit coat. Ava’s hands are on Sara’s face. Their tongues probing each others mouth, kissing passionately.

They’re so distracted with each other that they barely hear Gary knocking on the door. He knocks again, a little louder this time. He knows not to barge in, he’s already made that mistake once. His eyes can never unsee what he saw that day, but he’s learned his lesson. “Director Sharpe? Captain Lance?" He knocks a third time just for good measure.

Sara breaks away first. “Damn it, Gary.” They separate as Sara jumps off the desk and both women compose themselves. It wouldn't have been the first time they had sex in that office. In fact, Sara has a little contest going in her head to see how many different places they can do it without getting caught, so far, they’re up to five.

Ava moves to open the door once they are both decent. “What is it, Gary?”

Gary shoves his head thru the doorway. “Sorry for the interruption, but your guests are waiting for you in the lobby, Miss Haught and Miss Earp.”

“Show them in,” Ava tells him. “And Gary, what did I tell you about calling us by our first names from now on? We aren't Director and Captain anymore.”

Gary pushes the rest of his body into the room which annoys Sara. “Forgive me D…Ava, it’s just that old habits are hard to break.”

“We know,” Sara grunts as she slumps back down into her chair and props her feet up on the desk again. “We all need to move on, leave the past behind us. The future is now. You need to get with the program.”

“Good speech, babe.” Ava frowns at her. Sensitivity isn't one of Sara’s strongest traits, at least not with other people. She’s always soft and caring when it comes to Ava. Looking at Gary she tells him, “It’s alright, just try to remember next time.”

“I will.” He reassures them. He spots the knife on the floor and moves to pick it up as he exists the room.

“Babe, I know he isn't your favorite person, but he means well and he’s really good with the guests.”

Sara nods in agreement. She will learn to like him because that will please Ava.

Nicole and Waverly appear in the doorway. The four women greet and hug each other.

Ava directs them to sit. “How are you guys, sleep well? Was breakfast good? I hope Gary didn’t wake you up too early?

Waverly smiles at them both, “Breakfast was wonderful, thank you again. We feel like we’re in a dream.”

Sara chimes in, “We’re so glad you decided to stay another day. I was thinking we could take the bikes out to the lake for the afternoon, have a late lunch. Its just a few miles back into the woods, very private.  We don’t let regular guest back there for safety reasons. There’s even a little beach and a fire pit. I saw your Harley in the parking lot. It is yours, right?”

Nicole nods, “Yes, well…its Wynonna’s. She let me borrow it.”

“A picnic sounds fun.” Waverly accepts for both of them.

“Well then its settled.” Ava stands to leave the room. “I’ll have Gary set us up with some sandwiches and drinks. Let me change clothes and we’ll meet you outside in a few minutes.”

“I’ll go up to the room and grab our helmets,” Nicole stands to leave as well.

Sara stops her, “Nah, you wont need them. We aren't going that far and we won’t be going very fast. We could actually just walk, but I like to find a reason to ride mine. There’s not much need to leave the grounds, so I usually have fun riding around on our private roads. And it keeps me out of trouble. I tend to go a little too fast. Been pulled over a few times. Ava doesn’t appreciate that very much.”

Chapter Text

Ava and Waverly decided to walk to the lake while Sara and Nicole drive the motorcycles. It’s a short hike, the sun is warm and the sky is crystal clear. The two women are enjoying the fresh air and the chance to chat with each other.

Ava thinks Waverly seems very sweet, she suspects they might have some things in common. She hasn’t had much opportunity to make friends with other women since the Legends disbanded. She started friendships with Nora and Mona and they would have been really good friends had they been able to continue working together.

Waverly struggles a little to keep up with the longer strides Ava is taking, it’s as if she’s walking next to Nicole. “I hope I didn’t offend you with my questions about being a clone.”

Ava notices the shorter woman trying to keep pace and she slows a little. “No, you didn’t offend me at all.”

“It was just curiosity.” Waverly explains. “I’m fascinated. I love to learn about new things and, I’m mean, what’s more exciting than meeting someone from the future. ”

Ava stops in the middle of the trail. Waverly looks so sincere. She feels like she can open up to her. “I’ve struggled with it, to be honest. It hit me pretty hard. I had no idea, Sara discovered it by accident. One day I’m me…you know, and the next I find out that I was fabricated in a lab. My childhood memories were all made up, even the people I thought were my parents are fake. Turns out they were paid actors. Everything I knew about myself was a lie.” She turns and starts up the trail once again. “ I lost my way for a little while. I didn’t know what to do, what to think, or how to feel about it. Sara saved me and our relationship. She showed me that it didn’t matter to her, and that she loves who I am right now, nothing else is important. That’s what keeps me going.”

Waverly nods, “I think we’re both lucky to have special people in our lives. I know Nicole loves me with all of her heart. She always tries to keep me safe, and she respects me. She believes in me. She would do anything for me.”

Ava nods in agreement, “I see the way you two look at each other. What you have is very real. Relationships can be difficult even without all of the extra nonsense we’ve had to deal with.”

They walk in silence for a little while.

Ava speaks first. “Tell me about your sister. Wynonna, right?”


Nicole follows Sara along the narrow wooded lane. They’ve barely been on the bikes for ten minutes when the trees part up ahead and the lake appears. It looks so peaceful and calm, more like a painting than a reality.

They roll to a stop and dismount their bikes.

"This is really amazing.” Nicole marvels, looking out over the landscape.

Sara admires Nicole’s bike. “That’s a 1200 Stage 1 Screamin’ Eagle, right?”

Nicole nods, “Yeah, it’s Wynonna’s baby. Sometimes I think she cares more about that bike than anything else, except Waverly, of course.”

“I’m glad we have a few minutes alone. Let’s walk, I don’t want anyone else to hear this.” Nicole looks concerned, she nods and falls into stride beside Sara as she continues, “Its a very long story, and I will tell you about it at some point, but Ava is in danger. She doesn't know, I haven't told her yet, but I could use your help.”

“Yeah, sure, anything you need Sara.” Nicole assures her.

“I know you’re a cop and it sounds like you can handle yourself under pressure. I’m guessing you’re good with a firearm and can hold your own in a fight. It probably won’t come down to that. I just need an extra set of eyes right now. It’s not immediate danger, but someone is looking for her and if they find her, they’ll try to take her away. I’m not about to let that happen.” Sara stops and faces Nicole. “But I need your word that you won’t tell anyone else yet, not even Waverly”

Nicole looks straight into Sara’s eyes, “That might be a little tough. She can always tell if I’m hiding something, but I’ll do my best. I’ve got your back, whatever you need from me.” She pats Sara on the shoulder for reassurance.

Sara seems relieved. “Thanks, I know we hardly know each other but I have a good feeling about you both. I feel like I can trust you. I really appreciate it.”

“Appreciate what?” Ava asks as she and Waverly walk up to them.

“Nicole volunteered to chop up some wood for the fire-pit.” Sara smiles at Ava, then looks at Nicole, “The axe should be over there,” pointing in the general direction of a large pile of logs.

“I’ll come help, baby.” Waverly exclaims.

“You mean, you’ll watch,” Nicole winks and kisses her as they wander off together.


(Flashback to several months ago. Sara prepares the Waverider for it’s last voyage before they shut it down for good.)

“Gideon, chart a course for the headquarters. It’s time to retire the ship.”

“Yes, Captain,” the familiar AI voice replies.

“Its been a pleasure working with you Gideon. I think I’ll miss you, but I won’t miss your interruptions during dinner and…”

“...Your private time with Director Sharpe?” Gideon responds.

“Cheeky bot!” Sara smiles, but can’t help feeling sad. This is a bittersweet ending to a long journey, one that has changed her life forever.

“One more thing Captain Lance, Director Hunter left me instructions to give you this message in the event this scenario should present itself.”

“Scenario,” Sara frowns, “What the hell does that mean?”

A holographic image of Rip Hunter appears as the message plays.

-- Captain Lance…Sara…If you are receiving this message, you and Ava are in grave danger. In the year 2219 the Time Masters make a catastrophic mistake causing a series of events that eventually destroys all of humanity and all known copies of Ava along with them. Your Ava is the only one that remains and the only one who can save them. They will hunt her down, take her prisoner, and slowly extract her genetically perfect DNA in an attempt to recover humanity as they know it. I had hoped future history would change and this event would never happen, but I’m afraid we are too late. This scenario is inevitable. I’ve made every attempt to hide her from these monsters, which is why I sent her 200 years into the past, but make no mistake, they will eventually find her. You must be prepared, you must not let them have her. If they cannot find an alternate solution to their problem their future will continue to be doomed and the Ava you know and love will be destroyed for nothing. --

The message sputters and disappears.

Sara sits in shock, her heart pounds loudly in her ears. She stares at the emptiness in front of her. She takes a moment then instinctively knows what she has to do. “Gideon, there’s been a change of plans.”


It’s been a week since Nicole and Waverly came back from their romantic weekend in Haven. They’ve already made plans to go back and both are excited to visit their new friends again. This time they’re staying for an entire week.

The kitchen at the farmhouse is a disaster, dirty pans and dishes stacked up waiting to be cleaned. Waverly has been in an especially good mood, busy meal prepping for Wynonna. The hard part is done, and at least Wynonna won’t starve to death, or worse, just drink her dinner instead.

Nicole has managed to keep Sara’s secret, but only because Waverly has been so preoccupied. She hates keeping secretes but she promised Sara and she hates breaking a promise just as much. She’s hoping to find out more from Sara when they get back to the hotel in a few days. In the mean time, she plans to keep Waverly as busy as possible.

She sits at the kitchen table watching Waverly move about the room, finishing up what ever last minute tasks were on her to-do list. She appreciates the fact that Waverly is slightly more domestic than she is. They don’t really have defined roles, but Waverly has a natural talent for being nurturing. Just one of the many things Nicole loves about her.

Waverly has been talking to her.

“Baby…Nicole…?” Waverly touches her arm, “Are you listening to me?”

“Huh, what…sorry Waves. I must of zoned out for a minute. What were you saying?”

“Don’t tell me you’re bored with me already?” Waverly pretends to be offended as she smiles and sits down on Nicole’s lap. Pulling Nicole’s arms around her waist, she says, “I was just asking if you thought it was strange that we hit it off so well with Sara and Ava. Does it feel a little like it was planned, or am I just  being paranoid?”

Nicole loves it when Waverly sits on her lap, loves being close to her. She pulls Waverly’s hair back exposing her neck and places soft kisses right below her ear. She replies in between kisses, “I think that they really genuinely like us. I think we were probably in the right place at the right time. It was probably fate. I don’t think we should question it, we should just go with it.”

“Really?” Waverly jumps up, “Because I feel like something isn’t right.” Nicole reaches out to pull her back down but Waverly leaves the room and quickly reappears holding a map. “I was going thru some of my old research and I found this.” She spreads the map out on the table. “The hotel should be right here,” she points, “and the lake should be right about here, but there’s no lake on this map. And the hotel isn’t listed on any registry anywhere. How did you even find it?”

Nicole pauses to think. She’d made the plans so long ago that it slipped her mind. “I think I heard about it on the radio. They gave a phone number, I called it right away. Now that I think about it, it must have been Gary that I talked to, I thought I recognized his voice.” She knows if Waverly continues asking questions, she may be forced to reveal Sara’s secret. “Let’s not worry about this now, baby. We can ask all the questions we want when we see them.” She pulls Waverly close and resumes kissing her neck.

“If I didn’t know better, I would swear you’re trying to distract me.” Waverly smiles.

“Uh huh…is it working?” Nicole presses her lips to Waverly’s ear and then brushes her tongue over it lightly, breathing softly, sending chill’s thru Waverly’s body. She runs her tongue down to the base of Waverly’s neck, and pauses there to kiss her soft skin. Unbuttoning Waverly’s shirt and letting if fall to the floor, she leaves a trail of kisses across Waverly’s shoulder as she reaches around to unhook her bra.

Waverly stops her as she cups her hands to Nicole’s face and pulls her in, pausing to gaze into Nicole’s eyes before kissing her again. “You win, baby. The only thing I want to think about right now is being with you.”

Their embrace tightens as their lips meet again.

Nicole looks deep into Waverly’s eyes and tells her, “I love you so much, Waverly.”

Waverly whispers, “I love you too. Take me to bed, baby.”

Nicole picks her up and carries her upstairs.

Chapter Text

Ray and Nora have been living in their apartment near D.C. since the Legends split. They keep in contact with Sara via video chat, something Gideon set up for them. “Hi Sara, how are things going?” Ray looks concerned, “Sara, are you sure you want to deal with this by yourself? We can come out there. I can set up a lab on the ship, Gideon would be of great use to me, and at least if we’re there, Nora and I can help keep you both safe.”

“No, we’re good for now. The incantation Nora taught Gary worked, we’ll have help here on the ground as soon as I fill them in about what’s going on. I think it’s better that we’re not all together, in case something bad does happen, we won’t all be in the same place at the same time.”

Nora moves into view on Sara’s screen, “I’m glad the spell worked. If they answered the call for help, that means at least one of them should have powers. And Ava, have you told her yet?”

Sara drops her eyes, “No, but I will soon. I don’t want to keep if from her any longer, I just hope she understands. We just need a little more time.”

“Ava loves you, Sara. She’ll understand why you didn’t tell her right away.” Nora tries to reassure her.

Ray moves behind Nora, “The ship I’m designing is almost ready for a trial flight. I used the same technology as my Exosuit. Once it’s fully functional we can use it to travel without tipping off the Time Masters. I’m sure they can monitor the activity of the Waverider but they won’t have a clue this new ship even exists.”

“I wonder if keeping the Waverider close to us was a wise choice?” Sara questions.

“We need that technology if we ever want to time travel again, it was built in the future, it’s the only thing I have to model the new ship after.” Ray assures her. “And as long as you keep the Waverider locked down and fully cloaked, no one should be able to find it.”

“Thanks Ray,” Sara smiles “I really appreciate both of you helping me with this. I can’t even think about losing Ava. I need to protect her, especially if these Time Masters are as awful as Rip says they are.”

“Sara, you and Ava are our family,” Nora’s voice cracks, “We would do anything for you guys. Just please be careful and stay safe.”

Ray nods in agreement, “I’ll figure this out Sara, you have my word. Gideon…”

“Yes Doctor Palmer?”

“Please alert me if you detect any unusual time line blips, we need to monitor any activity.”

“Yes Doctor Palmer, consider it done.”

“Thank you.” Still sounding concerned, he says, “We’re here Sara, the comms are open if you need us.”

Sara smiles, “Thanks guys, we’ll talk again soon.”

The video feed ends.

Sara sits down in the same leather chair she has sat in so many times before. She spent years captaining this ship. Their adventures were never dull, sometimes they screwed things up and had to fix their mistakes, sometimes it was for the better. This time someone else has made the mess. She knows they can fix it, eliminate the danger of losing Ava, as soon as they can time travel safely. The waiting is tough but she believes in Ray. She needs to focus on keeping Ava hidden and safe for now.


“Yes Captain Lance?”

“Remember when I said never tell me the odds?”

“Yes Captain.”

“What are the odds we survive this scenario?”

“I’m afraid I do not have enough information to formulate a logical outcome, Captain. However, based on your historical success rate, I would say the odds are very good.”

“I hope you’re right, Gideon.”

“So do I Captain.”

Sara opens the cargo bay door and exists the Waverider. Only she and Gary know where the ship is, but that will change soon enough, she plans to tell Ava tonight.




Sara finds Gary in the large service kitchen finishing preparations for the dinner service.

“Hi Sara, how are Ray and Nora?” he asks.

“Good, everyone is good. Have you seen Ava?” she asks tentatively. She’s not looking forward to their imminent conversation, or to ruining their evening.

“She’s gone upstairs for the night, I was just about to bring your dinner up. I think she has something romantic planned, she asked for a nice bottle of wine and no interruptions for the night.” He grins.

“That’s nice, but I may be sleeping on the couch after I tell her…”

Gary’s eyes widen, “Oh no, you’re telling her tonight? Alone? Are you sure that’s wise?”

“Well, no, but what choice do I have. Nicole and Waverly are due back here tomorrow. I’ve already mentioned something, so the cat will be out of the bag soon enough. It’s better she hear it from me, isn't it?” She pours a small glass of the wine Gary picked out for them, “she’ll understand, she has to,” and drinks it down in one gulp.

Gary sighs and then let’s out a little laugh, “I don’t envy you right now, not that I…oh never mind.” He pushes the food cart to the service elevator and hits the button. They both enter and the doors close as the car begins to move.

“Are we all set for tomorrow?” Sara looks at Gary.

“Yes, the extra penthouse rooms have been cleaned and all is in order for our guests.”

“I’ve gotta hand it to you Gary, you’ve made the transition from Time Bureau agent to hotel manager look pretty damn easy. And I’m grateful that you were willing to help me, and that you’ve managed to keep our secret this long.”

“I think you know that Director Sharpe means a lot to me. I’ve also grown fond of you, Sara.”

The elevator doors open and they move out into the hallway. Sara pats Gary on the back as she opens the door to their suite, “Thanks man.” She winks and smiles at him.

Inside, the room is full of lit candles, soft music is playing in the background. Gary quickly deposits their meal and excuses himself.

Sara calls out, “Aves, where are you?”

“Are we alone?” Ava answers from the other room.

“Yes, what is…?” Before Sara can finish her thought, Ava walks in wearing a full length purple silk negligee. “Holy hell, babe!” Sara is pleasantly surprised as Ava bites her bottom lip and moves towards her. “Wait, did I forget our anniversary or something?”

Ava looks deflated, “No you jerk, can’t we just have a romantic evening for no reason?”

Sara flashes her grin, “Shit, sorry. All right, go back out and come back in again. I can do better.”

Ava pouts, “No, the moment is gone now.”

Sara grabs her into an embrace and kisses her. “Would it help at all if I said you look beautiful?”

“Maybe a little.” Ava slides her hands around Sara’s neck.

Kissing her again, Sara tells her, “and that I love you for doing this.” She pulls Ava in closer and they start to slow dance.

As they move, Ava whispers, “You are one smooth charmer, Lance.”

They kiss tenderly as they sway to the soft music. Sara was already regretting what she has to do tonight, her news will surely kill the mood that Ava has so lovingly created. Maybe it can wait until morning, but she knows that it can’t, it has to be now.

With her hands on Ava’s face, she looks her directly in the eyes, “Ava, I have to tell you something.”

Ava smiles at her, “Okay, but I should tell you that I’m going commando under this thing.”

Sara feels an ache in the pit of her stomach. Why tonight, why did she have to wait until tonight. Her back is against the wall figuratively, it has to be now. “Shit, shit, shit, Aves you are so incredible, which is why I have to tell you this now before we go any farther.”

“What’s going on Sara?” Ava looks at her, the softness in her face has been replaced with a look of concern.

“Let’s sit down.” Sara pulls her down onto the sofa and holds her hand. “Before I say anything else, please know that I love you more than anything else in this world or any other world. I need to tell you that Rip left a message with Gideon before he…you know.”

“Blew himself up to save you and the Legends?” Ava interjects.

“Yeah. The message said that in the year 2219, all of humanity is destroyed and that the Time Masters will come looking for you because they will need your perfect DNA to rebuild the human race. Rip sent you 200 years into the past for a reason, he knew he needed to hide you from them. He said that if they take you, you will be their prisoner and that they will basically drain you slowly until there is nothing left”

“Okay, so we just tell them no, right?” Ava pats Sara on the shoulder.

“Ava, I don’t think it will be that simple. Rip called them monsters. We don’t know what we’re dealing with and I’m not about to take them on alone. Which is why, and please forgive me for this, but I have been keeping the Waverider here. This whole hotel thing has been a cover to keep you safe. We’re in a temporal blind spot right now. Ray and Nora and Gary are all in on it. We’ve been working together for months. And I didn’t tell you because I wanted to keep you safe. I can’t lose you. I’m so sorry I kept it from you. Please don’t be mad.”

Ava stands and moves to the table where she pours a glass of wine and drinks it. She sits down, “That is a lot of information to unpack.” She pours out a second glass and drinks it down too.

Sara moves to her, tears streaming down her face, she pleads, “Please tell me you aren’t mad at me?”

Ava looks up and pulls her close, “Oh babe, come here, “ She wraps her arms around Sara’s waist. “The fearless Miss Lance is crying?” She reaches up to wipe the tears away. “I’m not mad at you. I know that everything you do is because you love me.”

“But I lied about why we’re here…”

“Not to mention, you stole government property.” Ava jokingly scolds her.

“Well, let’s say I borrowed it. Besides, it’s not like anyone would miss it now that the entire program is shut down.

“None of that makes me happy, but I understand. Who’s to say I wouldn't have done the same thing if I were in your position.”

“You are amazing.” Sara hugs her and kisses her softly. She’s surprised by Ava’s response and even more surprised at her own, the stress of the secret was weighing heavily on her. Once she was finally able to tell the truth, the flood gates opened. She’s relieved that it went as well as it did.

“So, what’s the plan?” Ava asks, as she pours them both a glass of wine.

“Well, so far, the plan is to hide out here in the blind spot until Ray builds us a new ship so we can travel to the future and find out who and what we’re dealing with. We can’t use the Waverider for that, but we can use Gideon and all of it’s on-board technology. And, worst case, it doubles as an impenetrable fortress if we would ever get attacked."

Ava seems to be over the initial shock. “So why tell me now. Did something happen?”

Sara looks worried again. “No, look, I know I should have told you right from the beginning, I was being selfish, ya know. I just wanted us to be happy and to feel normal for just a little while. Ray found this place for us and he and Gary helped me get you here…”

Ava gently touches a finger to Sara’s lips, “Babe, really it’s okay. I want to be a part of the team now that you’ve told me, that’s all.”

Sara frowns and looks quizzically at Ava, “How long have you know?”

“A few weeks.” Ava smiles. “Gary was so excited about learning to cast spells.”  

Sara raises her fist in the air, “Dammit Gary!”

Ava chuckles as she stands and pulls Sara close, “Let’s not talk about this any more, I have other things on my mind right now.”

Chapter Text

Waverly opens her eyes and fists the bonus blanket as she rolls over and gropes the bed in search of Nicole, but doesn't find her. They arrived at the hotel late the night before and spent most of the evening talking with Sara and Ava. The whole situation is awful and she and Nicole want to help in any way they can. But right now, she smells the scent of strawberry and vanilla in the air. She’s hopeful that Nicole is making her famous vegan pancakes for breakfast.

She climbs out of bed, reluctant to leave the warmth, hunger urging her on, and pads out to the living area. Their suite on the top floor has a separate entrance from the hall and their own private bathroom. The shared living room and kitchen area are flanked by their suite on one side and Sara and Ava’s on the other. They’ve been instructed to make themselves at home. There’s an exquisite view from the floor length windows onto the courtyard and water garden below. Guests can take their meals in the outdoor dining area or stroll thru the gardens at their leisure. It really is a shame this is all just a cover-up, a safe way to hide from whatever evil awaits them. Under different circumstances, this would be an amazing place to live.

She follows the sound of soft music playing and finds Nicole standing near the large island that sits in the middle of the kitchen, she’s holding a large bowl, busily whisking up some batter. She walks up from behind and wraps her arms around Nicole, nuzzling her neck, “Morning baby, is that what I think it is?” She asks as she dabs her finger into what she hopes is strawberry compote.

Nicole beams, “It is, but be careful, it’s probably still really hot.” Her heart beat quickens at the sensation of her girlfriends body pressed against her.

Waverly sucks the sweet treat from her finger. Nicole is actually really good in the kitchen even though it’s Waverly who is usually the one cooking. She gives Nicole a sly glance as she asks, “You know what else is really hot?” She takes the whisk and licks off some of the batter. She sets the bowl down, sliding into Nicole’s arms, she whispers, “You cooking breakfast for me,” as she softly brushes her lips against Nicole’s cheek.

Nicole pulls her close and their lips touch. “Mm, you taste good baby. Did you sleep okay?”

“I did, but I cant help feeling bad for Sara and Ava. They’ve been thru so much already, this has to be hard for them.”

“I know, but they’re both really strong and they have support, and now they have us to help too.” Nicole assures her.

“It’s amazing how far Sara is willing to go to keep Ava safe. They have such an incredible bond.”

“They do, and you know I would do the same for you if we were ever in this position.” Nicole tears up as she says, “I love you so much it hurts sometimes. I can’t imagine life without you.”

Waverly wipes her tear, “Baby, I love you more than you will ever know, and I love how well you take care of me. I’m not going anywhere. I will always be with you.”

Their lips met again as they embrace, and without even thinking, they begin to slow dance to the song playing in the background.


“She says I smell like safety and home

I named both of her eyes

Forever and please don’t go”


Holding each other as they dance, Nicole whispers, “And as long as you want me, I will be by your side.” She finds the waistband of Waverly’s pajama pants and slips her hands inside to rest on Waverly’s bare bottom as they kiss.


“I can’t change/Even if I tried/Even if I wanted to

I can’t change/Even if I tried/Even if I wanted to

My love my love my love my love

She keeps me warm/She keeps me warm”

Waverly runs her hands up under Nicole’s tank top, caressing her stomach before moving to her muscular back. Their kisses are long and deep, tongues exploring, hands moving over each other. They’re completely unaware of the world around them.

Ava enters the room and before she can make a sound Sara is in the background calling out, “Something smells good in here. What are we…”  She runs into Ava who has stopped abruptly, “hav…ing…?”

Ava grins, “Well we know what they’re having.”

Nicole and Waverly quickly separate as they divert their eyes. Waverly clears her throat nervously as Nicole grabs the bowl of batter and moves to the hot griddle.

Waverly tries to compose herself. “So sorry…we were just…um…Nicole is making her famous vegan pancakes.”

Sara slides onto one of the stools at the island and props her arms against the surface, “Well I have to say, your preparation method is impressive.”

Nicole blushes as the batter sizzles on the hot griddle, “We’re so sorry, we didn’t mean to get…”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about.” Ava slides onto the stool next to Sara and continues, “I think it’s great. You two are great and we’re fine with it. We’re bound to have a few awkward moments, living in such close quarters together. Trust me, we have far more pressing things to worry about than if we’ve walked in on a private moment. To be honest, it will probably happen again.” Ava puts her arm around the back of Sara’s stool.

Sara grins. “Yeah, you haven’t lived until Gary walks in on you in the middle of…”

“Babe,” Ava stops her, “Let’s not go there, I can’t keep reliving it.”

“Anyway,” Nicole flips the pancakes and grabs a plate, “We’re here and ready to help in any way we can.”

Waverly agrees, “Yes, and I’d love to see your spaceship.”

“Timeship,” Sara corrects her.

“Right,” Waverly continues, “I was thinking. You said that this guy, Rip, had your supercomputer erase Ava’s files, but as we all know, nothing is ever truly gone. There has to be a digital footprint somewhere. If we had those files, wouldn't that help us understand why they’re making clones in the future?”

“That’s a good point,” Ava agrees. “We would need to hack into the Time Bureau servers. If they weren’t destroyed after the agency shut down, they could have been re-purposed, or just moved to storage. We would need an expert hacker to pull that off.”

Nicole slides a giant plate of pancakes into the middle of the counter, “Get’em while there hot everyone.”

Sara stacks food on her plate, “I think I might know someone who can help us with that.”




Waverly and Nicole hold hands as they walk behind Sara and Ava along the path that leads to the lake.

Waverly is charged, the thought of seeing a real live spaceship has her giddy with excitement. “I can’t believe it’s right here. It’s been right under our noses this whole time.”

They approach the lake and Sara steps out ahead, she appears to be walking on the water instead of in it. She stops for a second as the large cargo door opens revealing the interior compartment.

Ava says, “That’s new?”

Sara replies, “Yeah, Ray had Gideon implement facial recognition protocol. No one gets on if they haven’t been cleared, unless they are accompanied by me, of course.”

The ship’s corridors are dark, there’s a slight chill in the air.

As they make their way along the dimly lit halls, Ava shivers. “I know you’re conserving energy, but can we have a little bit of light and maybe some heat?”

Sara pats her back, “Give it a minute, my love. Let’s get to the bridge first.”

Waverly holds tight to Nicole, for both warmth and to help steady her excitement.

They enter the large common area and Sara address the AI, “Gideon.”

“Yes Captain Lance?”

“Turn up the lights and give us some heat so we humans can function?”

“Yes Captain.”

Ava calls out, “Thanks Gideon”

“My pleasure Director Sharpe, and may I add, it’s nice to have you back on board.”

“It’s nice to be here, Gideon.” Ava nods.

“Gideon, please add facial recognition scans of Ava and our new friends into your database. Nicole and Waverly will be working with us from now on.”

“Yes Captain, I have already taken the liberty of adding them to the command protocol as well.”

Waverly drags Nicole up to the parlour area, “Is this the most amazing thing you have ever seen?” She whispers. “I’m just speechless, I mean…a talking space ship.”

“Actually Miss Earp,” Gideon interjects, “It is a timeship and I am a completely autonomous artificial intelligence program tasked with overseeing its operations.”

“Wow baby,” Nicole snorts, “The ship, sorry…Gideon, is a bigger nerd than you are.”

“Excuse me Captain, there is an incoming transmission from a Miss Felicity Smoak.”

“Put her on Gideon,” Sara tells her as she hops up the step into the parlour.

Felicity appears on the screen in front of them. She smiles, “Hey Sara, long time no see. And oh wow, you’ve got a whole mess of new friends there.”

“Hey Felicity, yeah, let me introduce you. This is my wife, Ava.” Ava waves. “And Nicole Haught and Waverly Earp, they’re part of my new team.”

“It’s nice to meet you all.” Felicity waves back, “So, Ava, I’ve heard so much about you.”

“Oh?” Ava is surprised as she turns to Sara.

“Yeah, but not from Sara, Ray and Nora filled me in.” Felicity explains.

“I see, and you know Ray and Nora from?” Ava is confused.

“Babe,” Sara touches Ava on the shoulder. “Felicity and Ray used to date…”

“A long long time ago.” Felicity interjects.

“And they owned a tech company together at one time.” Sara continues. “Felicity is the best hacker on our earth, or any other earth for that matter. I asked Ray to reach out to see if she could help us locate your files.” She looks at Felicity, “Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. What do you think?”

“I can probably locate the servers, and I can use Gideon to download the files but we’ll need to plant a secure transmitter locally before I can hack in. Government servers are usually pretty secure, and if I try to access it remotely, it could expose your location. My guess is, if they’ve been looking for you or the Waverider, we would be handing you and it right over to them.”

“Okay then, you work on finding the servers and I’ll worry about planting the transmitter.”

“Sounds like a plan. Oh and Sara…stay safe…all of you.” Felicity hugs her arms up to her chest.

“Thanks, we will. And tell Ollie I said ‘hey’. We’ll be in touch soon.”

The screen goes dark. Sara slumps into her leather chair.

Ava pours a glass of scotch for each of them and leans against the round table that sits in the center of the parlour. Sometimes she forgets that Sara had a whole other life before they met, and there are so many things she doesn't know. Like, does she trust this woman, and who is Ollie? She wants to ask, but she doesn’t want to add to Sara’s stress level right now. She’ll save it for another time.

Chapter Text

The four women have been spending their days on the Waverider. Gideon has assured them there is enough fuel to keep the lights and heat on while they work. Fuel is a scarce commodity, something the Bureau was footing the bill for, and they need to keep enough in reserve in case they need to make a quick get away.

Sara wants to be on the ship in case any news comes in. She’s never liked waiting for answer. She has been known to take matters into her own hands, often with unfavorable results, but right now she has no choice. Ray is close to finishing the new smaller more efficient timeship and Felicity is hard at work trying to locate the server, which they hope will give them some answers. In the mean time, she intends to get Nicole ready for their impending mission. They’ll need a fresh face in the field, she can’t risk exposing Ava, and things will go a lot smoother if she has help.

Waverly has been hunkered down in the ships library. With the help of Gideon, she hopes to dig into her family’s past for answers of her own. Ava finds her there as Sara and Nicole head to the lower deck for a workout.

“So your last name is Earp, but you're not really and Earp, is that right?” Ava asks.

“Yeah,” Waverly nods. “So far, all I know is that Wynonna and I share a mother but Ward Earp was not my biological father.” Waverly pulls the report with her DNA results from a stack of papers and hands them to Ava. “Our mother ran off when I was just a baby.” Hearing that brings up all of her feelings again. Feelings of not belonging to anyone, of not having a true family, or at least not one she is related to by blood anyway. “So I can’t even ask her who my real father is or was. I mean, I don’t even know if he’s alive or dead. Actually, I don’t even know if my Mother is alive either.”

“Huh, and you don’t have any other living relatives besides your sister?” Ava hands the paper back to her. She can relate to the not knowing, she’s had time to think about her own circumstances lately. Now that she has access to Gideon again, she plans to poke around the timeline as soon as she gets the chance.

“We have an Aunt, but she doesn’t know anything about it either. I don’t think anyone but my mother and maybe my birth father knew. As far as Ward was concerned, I was just as much his as his other two daughters were.” Her only solace is that she knows she has a half sister and an Aunt who care for her very much, and of course, she has Nicole.

“So, you’re looking for information about your Mother.” Ava pulls a large book down from one of the many shelves in the small library. “Nate left this place well stocked, I will say that. If you can’t find anything in here, then maybe Gideon can find something on the timeline.”

“That’s my hope.” Waverly smiles at her. Ava can see a tiny glint in the younger girls eyes.

“Well then, I’ll be glad to help. What can I do?” Ava pushes up her sleeves and grabs a chair.

They’ve been working in silence for a while when they hear cheers coming from another part of the ship and decide to investigate. Ava leads them down to the lower level where Sara has a gym set up. The cheering grows loader, telling them they’re getting closer to the source.

Ava stands at the closed double doors and waves her hand in front of the digital reader. As the doors slide open, a throwing knife zips by her head, barely missing her cheek, and sticks in the wall behind her. “Babe!” she exclaims. “Are you making holes in the walls again?” She’s not really surprised. Knowing Sara, it could have just as easily been an axe flying past her instead.

“Sorry,” Sara kicks the ground like a kid getting scolded by their parents, “I was just teaching Nicole how to hit a moving target. She got distracted when the doors opened. I think it was instinct really. She’s a natural. Check this out...”

She nods to Nicole and tosses a yellow rubber ball into the air. Nicole flicks her wrist just as Sara instructed, the knife sails at the target, striking it down on the first try. Sara throws two more balls and Nicole hits her marks again. “Damn girl!” Sara praises her with a high five. “You’re on fire. You sure you’ve never done this before?”

“Never,” Nicole sounds slightly out of breath. She’s as shocked as Sara. She glances at Waverly who also seems impressed by the show. “The only weapons they taught us to use at the Police Academy were guns and those lame taser pistols.” She pauses. “There was that axe throwing contest in Vegas, but it wasn’t much of a challenge. Everyone but me was drunk.” She knows that bringing up Vegas could upset Waverly. “Oh and they taught us to use those wooden batons, but the sheriff’s department doesn’t really like those things.” Maybe Waverly didn’t hear the Vegas part. “So far, I’ve only used my firearm on Revenants. Most of the calls we get are for a 10-51.” Everyone is listening intently. She blinks, “Drunk in public?”

“That’s my girl.” Waverly proudly claims, “The best deputy sheriff in the entire Ghost River Triangle.” She really does admire Nicole’s drive to be the best person she can be. She doesn't say it often enough, but Waverly is very proud of Nicole.

Not to be out done by a beaming girlfriend, Ava swoops in. “Sara is quite the expert with a bo staff.” She calls Sara her little ninja, but never says it out loud. “She was trained in martial arts by the League of Assassin, huh babe.” Ava is enjoying the chance to brag about her wife. All of their current friends already know the story and it’s not like you can tell it to strangers. “How long were you in Nanda Parbat, babe?”

“Five years, give or take, but let’s not talk about that.” Sara tries to change the subject quickly. She’d rather not reopen old scars, or field questions, particularly ones that might lead to ex-girlfriends, or ex-boyfriends for that matter.” She tosses a staff to Nicole, “Let’s see if you’re a natural with this too.”

Sara spends the next several minutes showing Nicole some basic hand positions and foot work before they begin to spar. Normally they would be using practice staffs, but since she only has the real thing, she’ll have to be extra cautious with her student.

Ava and Waverly take up residence in some nearby chairs as if they are spectators at the greatest sporting event in history, and as far as they’re concerned, that’s exactly what it is.

“I really like having you two here,” Ava touches Waverly’s arm. “Working with Nicole is the perfect distraction for Sara and I can tell she really likes you both.”

Since their short lived break from life threatening circumstances is now over and once again they are faced with a seemingly impossible task, Ava is sincere, and quiet frankly relieved. If it weren’t for these two, she’d have to entertain Sara all alone. That would surely involve more knife throwing and even more dents in the walls, at the very least.

Waverly nods in agreement. She thinks this is a good for them too. Nicole has seemed a bit restless lately. Waverly can only guess it has something to do with her career path. Nicole has shared her feelings about it in the past with Waverly. Nicole would like to move up the in the department someday, to be more than a deputy, but she feels there aren’t many opportunities for advancement in their small corner of the world. Maybe learning some new skills will be a welcome distraction for her as well.

Sara gently guides Nicole’s hands, “Good, now bring your arms up in front when I come at you.” She’s impressed with Nicole's speed and eagerness to learn. It reminds her of her younger self. Two of her fondest memories are of training with the League and the time she spent with Nyssa. But she can never erase the not-so-fond memories, ones of the cold blooded killer she turned into as a member of their organization.

As the two women spar, beads of perspiration are visible on Nicole’s brow. She kicks off her shoes and socks and then strips off her t-shirt and jeans, leaving her standing in a black sports bra and girl boxers. Sara smirks and nods in approval. Waverly is transfixed by this display of athleticism and determination, not to mention her girlfriend’s fine body. Nicole is finally being challenged. She’s proving to be an excellent student. And it’s never a bad thing when Waverly gets to watch her girlfriend kick some ass.

“Can I ask you a personal questions?” Waverly speaks to Ava without looking away from the action.

Ava nods, “Sure.”

“Do you ever wonder if you were programmed to be attracted to women or was it something that evolved in you after the fact?” Waverly looks at Ava, checking to make sure she hasn’t crossed a line.

Ava frowns but doesn't appear to be upset. “I guess I haven’t thought much about it. Rip said he picked me because of my brilliant mind, calm demeanor and incredible strength…his words not mine. He also told me that I was special but I didn’t really ask him what that meant.”

“Did you have other relationships before Sara?” Waverly continues, glad she didn’t overstep with the first questions.

“I have an ex-girlfriend. She lives in Vegas. But now that you bring it up, who knows if she wasn’t a paid actor too.” Ava’s feels her face flush with anger, “Oh god, what if I had sex with a perfect stranger, and Rip paid her!”

Sara hears Ava’s raised voice and turns to check on her. Right at that moment Nicole swings a counter strike with her staff, smacking Sara square in the back of the head, knocking her out cold.

Sara falls to the floor in a heap. They rush to her limp body. Ava gets there first and grab’s Sara’s lifeless hand, feeling for a pulse, she breathes a sigh of relief. “She’s breathing.”

Nicole is clearly shaken. “Oh no, what have I done.” Tears immediately run down her cheeks. “I’m so sorry!”

“She’ll be fine but she is unconscious.” Ava stresses. Blood pools under Sara’s neck. “We need to get her to the medbay.”

Ava scoops up Sara’s shoulders while Nicole grabs her legs as they carry her down the ships long corridors. Panic hasn’t set in yet, Ava is too focused on getting help for Sara. Nicole is still in tears as Waverly tries to keep them all calm.

“Gideon.” Ava calls out as they place Sara in the medbay chair. “Sara is hurt, I’m hooking her up right now. There was an accident, she’s been struck and has a nasty cut.”

“Yes Director Sharpe. Her vitals are coming on line now. I’ll asses the damage.”

Ava kisses the back of Sara’s hand and brushes the hair from her face. She’s been here before, they’ve been here before, and they always survive. She knows it will take more than a blow to the head to keep Sara Lance down.

Nicole steps back sobbing softly as Waverly holds her. Stroking her hair, “Shh baby, it’s okay,” Waverly tries to console her. “ It was an accident.” She kisses Nicole’s forehead. “Sara’s going to be okay. She’s tough, isn’t that right Gideon.”

“Yes Miss Earp, I do believe Captain Lance will be fine.” Gideon responds. “All functions are normal. She has a concussion. She will need to rest. I’ve administered a mild pain reliever and repaired the laceration on her head.”

“See baby,” Waverly holds Nicole’s face in her hands, “She’s gonna be up and around in no time.” She kisses Nicole softly and wipes her tears.

Ava, still holding Sara’s hand, bends down and kisses her forehead. “You’re not leaving me today Lance.” She chokes back a tear as the shock has worn off and the reality sinks in.

Even though it’s a minor injury, she can’t help but feel like they’ve been thru enough shit already. Without Sara, who knows what would have happened to Ava after the Time Bureau shuttered. She could have been sent back to the future or worse they could have just decommissioned her. Sara would never let that happen, she has already risked her own life to save Ava once, and she has no doubt that she would do it again if necessary.

Nicole has gained back some of her composure with Waverly’s help. She steps towards Ava and places a hand on her shoulder. “Ava, I’m so sorry.”

Ava touches Nicole’s hand. “It was an accident, don’t blame yourself. She’s fine, really, she’ll be fine.” Ava turns to them both, “Why don’t you guys go get cleaned up and rest a little. There’s a room across the hall, you can sleep in there.”

Waverly touches Ava’s arm, “What about you?”

“I’ll be fine, I wanna be here when she wakes up.”

Waverly nods and guides Nicole to the chamber across the hall.

Inside the room there’s a bed and a small seating area. Nicole is calm but clearly shaken. She would never intentionally hurt anyone, and even though it was an accident, she can’t stop blaming herself. Waverly helps her into bed and sits on the edge, stroking her hair.

“Waves,” She looks up at Waverly. “What if that had been you? “ She feels tears well up again. She can’t even imagine how she would handle it if it had been Waverly lying there unconscious right now. She knows that it’s probably nothing for Sara, she saw the scars on Sara’s back. But Waverly, her Waverly, is so soft and pure and untouched by anything that could causes that kind of pain. She just wants to protect her and keep her safe.

Waverly bends to kiss her, “Baby, it’s okay.” She covers Nicole with a blanket and kisses her again. “I’m going to go check on Ava, get some rest. I’ll be right back.”

Waverly stands to leave, but Nicole pulls her back down to the bed. Sitting up, her hand on Waverly’s face, she looks into her eyes. “Wait Waves. I need to tell you something, or ask you something.”

“What is it Nicole?” Waverly looks slightly worried. She knows Nicole is upset but this feels like something more serious.

“You know that I love you and that you have my heart forever. I can’t imagine my life without you.” She kisses the back of Waverly’s hand and looks into her eyes before she continues. “I want to have a family with you and grow old with you. Waverly Earp, will you marry me?”

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Waverly rolls onto her back, Nicole has finally fallen asleep. They talked for what seemed like hours. Waverly didn’t know what to say to the proposal. She loves Nicole very much and of course wants to get married some day, at least she thinks she does. After working thru some of their emotions, they both agree that the timing seems a little off. They haven’t even moved in together, not that that’s a prerequisite for marriage. Nicole admitted it was impulsive. Waverly loved the romance. She has no doubt they could make a perfect life together. They see what Sara and Ava have and they want that too. For now, they’ve decided to put it aside and discuss it later.

Waverly is surprised at how this has affected Nicole. Being a cop, Nicole has certainly had to use force once or twice on another human being, but she is truly wracked with guilt over hurting Sara. They all witnessed it and know it was nothing but a freak accident. Nicole is the sweetest most gentle person and would never do anything like that on purpose to a friend or loved one. She hasn’t know Nicole to be this hypersensitive about anything before now.

She quietly slips off of the bed trying not to disturb her understandably exhausted girlfriend. With a blanket wrapped around her shoulders she looks for a clock to check the time but she doesn’t find one. It seems odd, but she guesses time isn’t relative when you’re on a timeship? She crosses the hall into the medbay and finds Ava asleep in a chair. Sara is still out of it, the wires connecting her to the monitors feeding the steady beep of her pulse. Not wanting to disturb either of them, she decides to head out in search of something to eat.

The subtle whoosh of the medbay doors sliding shut is enough to wake Sara. She opens her eyes and sees Ava slumped over in a chair, Sara knows she probably hasn’t left the room. She wonders how long she’s been unconscious. She barely remembers feeling a hot shooting pain in the back of her head before everything went dark. Her mouth is dry and her vision is slightly blurred. She feels a warm sensation slowly spreading thru her veins. She tries to move her arm but quickly realizes that she doesn’t have any feeling in either arm or her legs. She panics for a brief moment.

Suddenly, she seems to be standing in a dimly light room, it smells of musty dirt and stale water. What the hell just happened. Am I back in Lian Yu? Am I a prisoner?

She waits for her eyes to adjust as she assesses her surroundings, feeling around, she finds a door. She tries the knob. It’s locked. She’s in intense pain, the only sound she hears is the loud pounding coming from inside her own head.

This can’t be happening again. I’ve already escaped a demon realm, but this feels different.

She senses someone or something close by and calls out, “Who’s there? Where am I? What do you want?

There’s a reply from the darkness, “Hello Sara.”

The voice sounds familiar, “Rip? Rip Hunter?

“Yes, it’s me Sara.”

“But…it can’t be. You died in the explosion, you sacrificed yourself to save us. I saw it with my own eyes.”

“Listen Sara. You got my message I assume. The one I left with Gideon?”

“The message that said we’re in danger, and that they’re coming for Ava? Yeah, I got it.”

“Good, things have changed and I need your help.”

“Wait, how are you talking to me right now?”

“I’m accessing your subconscious. The blow to your head opened up a portal, but we don’t have much time, you’ll be waking up soon.”

“That seems like an unbelievably convenient coincidence, me being hit in the head? You better start telling me the truth Rip, or the only help you’ll get from me is my boot in your ass. ”

“Okay, look, my message wasn’t exactly accurate. The short version is, the clone program was supposed to be social experiment. They were developed to be the perfect human, capable of doing anything they were asked to do. With enough money, anyone could own one. A company by the name of Advanced Variant Automation saw the opportunity to weaponize the program and began to manufacture deadly soldiers, but they couldn’t control them so they tasked me with finding a solution. I was on board, at first. We used the Time Bureau as a cover to try and understand what went wrong. I began by isolating one clone at a time and bringing them back to 2013 to monitor their progress. We thought if we could give them a more normal life, let them feel love and happiness, then they might be more controllable.”

“And it took 12 of them for your little experiment? What are you saying, that you programmed Ava to fall in love with me?”

“No, that’s just it Sara, she did that all of her own free will, which is exactly what we were hoping for. When they found out about the two of you, they wanted her back right away. But I knew what would happen, and that’s when I recorded the message. I planned to disappear, taking the secret of your location with me, but the Time Masters pulled me out just as the explosion went off.”

“And now they’re sending you to find us. I get it, Rip.”

“Yes, but it’s worse, they want you too.”

“Me? Why?”

“They believe that what ever you did to tame number 12, you can do to the rest of their army.”

“You want me to come to the future and sleep with your out-of-control Fembots?”

“Not exactly, you wouldn't have to sleep with them, just use your charm, get them to softened up a bit.”

“Have you completely lost your mind?! Is this some sort of a joke? Am I dreaming?”

“No Sara, it’s no joke. They want you both, and it has to be now. They are losing money for every second that this program fails. They can barely keep their army in line, it’s only a matter of time before their clones take over and humans are wiped out.”

“Look, I still don’t get why I should care about what happens 200 years from now. This is your mess, you’ll have to clean it up without me.”

“Sara, these people are very powerful, more powerful than anything you have ever fought before. And they will not take ‘no’ for an answer.”

“Even if I gave a shit about you and this ridiculous mess, I would never voluntarily hand over my Ava or go willingly with you. And you clearly don’t know where we’re hiding since you’re asking me for help. So Rip Hunter, if that’s who you really are, you can go straight to hell.”

“You are correct in assuming that I don’t know where you are…yet. But I have resources, make no mistake, I will find you, Sara Lance.”



“Sara?” She hears Ava’s voice as she wakes again. The musty smell has been replaced by the sweet scent of vanilla and coffee. She’s back on the Waverider. She opens her eyes to see Ava standing over her, “Babe, can you hear me?”

She reaches up to touch Ava’s cheek. “Hey you.” She smiles a little.

“Oh thank goodness. We were so worried about you Sara.” Ava takes Sara’s hand and presses a kiss to her palm.

“How long was I out?” Sara looks around to find Waverly eating a vanilla dipped donut and Nicole holding a cup of coffee. She nods in their direction, “Is there any whisky in that?”

“Not that long, just a few hours. Babe, you have a concussion. Gideon took care of everything. You should be good as new after you rest.” Ava tells her as she removes the wires connecting Sara to the monitors and helps her to her feet, “Let’s get you to bed.”

Sara tries to stand but instantly feels a searing pain radiate to her arms and legs. She grabs for Ava and slumps back into the chair, “What the hell…what did you do to me Gideon?”

“Babe, what’s going on?” Ava is shocked.

“Gideon! What did you give me. I felt something warm going into my veins before.”

Ava calls out in a panic, “Damn it Gideon, answer Sara.”

“Captain Hunter’s orders. If, in the event, you were injured and needed my help, I was instructed to administer a serum. It affects your nervous system and will continue to cause you crippling pain.

“And let me guess, the only way to stop it is to give him what he wants. Ava and me.”

“Why would Gideon do something like that?” Waverly chides.

“Wait, he wants you too?” Ava is confused and distraught.

“Yeah, I’ll explain it later. Right now we have to get off of this ship. We’re not safe here anymore.” Sara tries to stand again, but can’t.

Nicole moves to her and lifts Sara up in arms. “I’ve got you.”

Waverly looks shocked. “Wow babe, I didn’t know you were that strong.”

“Me either.” Her breathing is slightly strained. “Now let’s get out of here.”

Ava directs them, “This way.”

They reach the cargo bay doors in what feels like seconds thanks to Nicole's new found strength.

Ava opens the door as they head outside.

“Wait.” Sara stops them. She looks at Ava, sadness crossing her face.

“Babe, what are you doing?”

“The one thing I never thought I’d have to do.” She nods for Nicole to set her down on some empty crates near the door. The pain is intense any time she moves, but she manages to stand up, her ears ringing as the pain surges thru her. “Gideon, initiate sequence Zero Zero Zero Zero.”

“Captain, please confirm.” Gideon answers.

Sara can’t believe this is happening. Her life has changed, for the better, since she became captain of this time traveling space ship. She’s made friends, most of whom she considers family now. She’s met the love of her life. She’s grown in ways she never thought possible. It tears at her heart to give this order, but Rip has left her no choice. If they stay on the ship, if the ship is still in one piece, he will be able to find them eventually. That’s not a risk she is willing to take. “I, Captain Sara Lance, order you to begin the self destruct sequence now.”

“Very well Captain. The ship will self destruct in 30 seconds. And Captain…I truly am sorry.”

With tears streaming down her face, Sara replies “I know Gideon. I am too.”


“That explosions was a lot smaller than I thought it would be.” Waverly says as they regroup in the living room of the penthouse.

“The ship was built to implode with minimal damage to it’s surroundings.” Sara tells them.

“This is all my fault.” Nicole blames herself. “If I had been more careful, you wouldn't have gotten hurt. You wouldn't be in this condition right now, and the ship would still be here.”

“It’s not your fault at all Nicole.” Sara looks at each one of them, “It’s my fault for keeping that damn ship in the first place. I should have known that Rip would betray me yet again.”

“Well there’s no sense in worrying about any of that now.” Ava interjects. "We’re on our own and we have to figure out how to get that stuff…” she jesters towards Sara, “out of you.”

“What if we just gave you a blood transfusion?” Waverly shifts into problem solving mode.

“We need to get me to Ray’s lab, if there is anyone who can figure this out, it would be him.” Sara is worried the longer this substance is in her, the worse things might get. She doesn’t want to alarm them, but it’s already becoming harder to speak.

“Sara, you’re in no condition to travel, you can barely move.” Ava furrows her brow.

“I know, but there is a way. Nora’s timestone. Grab my phone and call Ray.”

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“I’ve sedated Sara while Felicity and I run some blood tests.” Ray tells Ava. He knew having a well-equipped lab would come in handy someday, although he never guessed he’d have to use it to save Sara. “This serum they used is complex; it affects the nervous system first and then moves into the muscular system.”

“Is it…fatal?” Ava has managed to hold it together so far. She’s grateful for the chance to ask questions, it’s the answers that worry her. Everything is happening so fast, they arrived here thanks to Nora’s timestone. Ray and Felicity went right to work on Sara. She hasn’t had time to think about what comes next, the only thing that matters now is taking care of Sara.

“I don’t think so. He wants her alive. From what Sara was able to tell me, before she went to sleep, Rip thinks you’ll give yourself up in order save her. His plan seems to be, essentially, to cripple her until you can’t take it anymore.” Touching Ava’s shoulder, he tells her, “But Ava, you can’t give up. Sara would be devastated if you left her. And we’re not defeated, not yet anyway.”

“How much time do we have?” Ava knows that Ray is right. She doesn’t want to give up, but she also can’t stand by and watch this happen to Sara, she loves her far too much to let her suffer. It would be selfish to go with Rip, but even more selfish to keep Sara like this.

“We won’t know for a while. There’s no way to assess the damage until we can stop it from spreading thru the rest of her system. We’re working on isolating the active particles to try and stop them from multiplying, but it will take some time.”

Ava feels frustrated and helpless as she barks, “How long, Ray?” His eyes widen. She takes a deep breath before apologizing. “Look, I’m sorry.” She drops into a chair next to Sara’s bed. “This is just maddening. I know you and Felicity are doing everything you can. I,” touching Sara’s hand, “…we really appreciate it.”

“Why don’t you go and get some rest. Let us take care of her.” Ray extends his hand to help Ava from the chair.

Ava shakes her head, “I don’t want her to be alone.”

“She won’t be, we’ll all take turns staying with her, I promise you.”


Waverly volunteers to sit with Sara first in the make shift sickbay set up in a corner of Ray’s lab. The lights are dim and the only audible sound is the low beep of Sara’s pulse monitor. Waverly’s mind is reeling from the events that are still unfolding. So far, they’ve somehow been transported here by magic. She’s not exactly sure where ‘here’ even is. Sara has been basically poisoned, and the spaceship that did it has been blown to bits.

In the midst of it all, she can’t stop thinking about the fact that Nicole proposed to her, and she didn’t say yes immediately. The question she keeps asking herself is why. Yes, they agreed to talk about it later, but what is there left to talk about? She loves Nicole and she’s sure that Nicole is the person she wants to be with for the rest of her life. So what if they haven’t been together for that long. So what if they haven’t lived together yet. So what if they haven’t talked about their future plans. There will be plenty of time for that, won’t there?

Sitting at a nearby table, Nora hands Nicole a coffee cup, “So Gary tells me that you were the one who answered our message? How long have you been using magic?”

Nicole looks at her like a deer caught in headlights, “I’m sorry? Magic..? I don’t…I’m not…I’m just a regular person.”

“Oh, huh, that’s odd. Maybe Gary cast the wrong spell. He is sort of new at it himself.”

“Gary is a…?” Nicole looks perplexed.

“…Warlock, well studying to be one, yes. We made a deal. He released me as his fairy godmother and in exchange I’m teaching him how to become a Warlock. Although, you can’t really teach someone, as much as guide them, everyone has to make their own path when it comes to magic.”

“So if you’re a Witch,” Nicole can’t believe this conversation, although considering everything that’s happened so far, it’s not really that strange, “couldn’t you just use magic to fix Sara?”

“I can only use dark magic, that wouldn’t save Sara. Even if I did use my magic, it would come at a price, and that’s nothing any of us wants.” Nora assures her.

“Oh, well then that makes sense, I guess.” Nicole nods. But does it? And why do they think she has powers? That has never even crossed her mind. And you’d think if she did have magical powers, they would have come up by now.

“I’m gonna go check on Ava. Do you two need anything?” Nora stands and looks over at Waverly.

They both nod and as they watch her leave thru a door just on the other side of the lab. Nicole brings her chair closer to Waverly, who has made herself comfortable sitting next to Sara’s bed. She bends down and kisses Waverly before sitting.

“How are you holding up, baby?” Waverly asks her.

Nicole sighs, “I’m exhausted.”

Waverly takes her hand and interlaces her fingers in Nicole’s, “I know, me too. I just wanna crawl in bed with you and sleep for a whole week.”

Nicole slouches in her chair and leans her head to rest on Waverly’s shoulder. “Maybe we can take an actual vacation or go somewhere nice for our honeymoon…I mean…shit. Sorry Waves, I know we agreed to talk about that later.”

Waverly smiles, “It’s okay. This can be later.”

“Really, are you sure?” Nicole peers up at her without moving her head.

Waverly kisses her forehead and then leans against her. “I mean, yeah. What else do we have to do right now anyway?”

They sit in silence for a time. Neither wants to start the conversation.

Finally Nicole speaks. “Why do you think this is so hard for us? I mean, we love each other, right? And I know there is no one else I want to be with. This should be one of the happiest things we decide to do.”

“I know, and I am happy. I’m happy that you want me as your wife and I want you as mine. I’m just afraid that stuff keeps happening. What if we never get to have a normal life? Look at my family. Look at where we are right now. And, by the way, where the hell are we anyway?” They chuckle together. “If we survive this, then what, we get a house and a garden? Marriage is such a grown up thing to do. Will we be bored in six months? I mean, do you want kids?”

Nicole sits up and kisses the back of Waverly’s hand. “I want all of those things, and I want them with you. I’m certain that I will never be bored. I haven’t thought that much about kids, but, yeah, I do want them…with you. And I think I know what the problem is; I didn’t do this right the first time so…” She slides out of her chair and gets on one knee in front of Waverly, taking her hand again; she looks deep into her eyes. “Waverly Earp,” her voice catching as she tries to hold back the flood of tears waiting to break free, “I love you with every ounce of my being and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Please marry me and make me the happiest person in the world?”

Waverly nods, tears stream down her cheeks, she whispers, “Yes, yes I will marry you, baby.”

Nicole stands, pulling Waverly up with her. She wraps her arms around Waverly’s waist and picks her up off the ground, their lips met in a gentle kiss before Nicole whispers, “I love you so much.”

Waverly whispers back, “I love you too baby, so very much.” They hold each other and kiss softly, savoring the moment before the inevitable chaos resumes.

Ray, Nora, Ava and Felicity all come flooding in thru the same door on the far side of lab. They surround the happy couple and quietly cheer.

“Congratulations you guys.” Ray pats Nicole on the back and kisses Waverly’s cheek.

“How did you…?” Waverly is surprised but then gives into the fact that really nothing should shock them now.

“Oh, sorry,” Ray points in the general direction of the ceiling, “Closed circuit cameras. We monitor everything in the bunker. Nothing happens without us knowing.”

“Bunker?”  Nicole thinks sure, why not.

“Yeah,” Felicity chimes, “my husband, Oliver, and I built it. We use it as our headquarters. It’s the safest place to be right now. We’re five stories underground with state-of-the-art security systems and the best laboratory in the world at our disposal.” She hugs them both, “And congratulations, you guys are so cute.”

Nora steps in next, “I have something for you.” She presses a small object into Nicole’s palm. “It’s not really official without one of these.”

Nicole opens her fingers to see a small ring. It’s a silver band set with a small black stone.

“Oh no, we couldn’t…” Waverly starts to protest.

“Please, I insist.” Nora stops her. “My father gave it to me when I was younger, now that I have my powers under control, I don’t need it anymore. I want you to have it.”

Nicole holds it up for Waverly’s approval before sliding it on her finger.

“The stone is Black Tourmaline; it protects the wearer from negative energy by deflecting it back to the source. It can be powerful in the right hands.” Nora tells them.

“That’s so sweet of you Nora, thank you so much.” Waverly touches the ring, “It’s very beautiful, and it fits perfectly.”

Ray moves to Sara’s side, “And we have some good news, we think we have something that can help Sara.” Holding a syringe, he looks at Ava for consent before injecting it into the IV bag. Ava takes Sara’s hand and nods approval. “We programmed our Nanites to isolate the serum in Sara’s system and remove it before it can do anymore harm. She should be pain free and totally fine in a few minutes.”

“What about side effects?” Ava is relieved, but still concerned for Sara.

“It’s difficult to tell, I’ll know more once she’s awake and we can monitor her properly. But I don’t have to tell you, Sara is one of the strongest most resilient humans I know. I have every confidence that she’ll make a full recovery.”

“I can attest to that, “Felicity agrees. “I was there when Sara came back the first time, she went thru hell, fighting the bloodlust and the demons, but she survived and she will make it thru this too. And she’s got even more reason now that she has you, Ava. I’ve known Sara a long time, and I can say without any doubt that you are her soulmate, you two belong together.”

“Thank you for saying that,” Ava nods. “I know she means a lot to all of you too. She really is my heart and soul and I can’t thank you all enough for being here for her.”


I hear voices; guess this means I’m not dead, yet. Oh shit, Ava and Felicity are talking about me, I’m sure I heard my name. And there’s Ray and Nora sitting at a table with Waverly and Nicole, such cute kids. Wait, did they just get engaged? Was I awake when that happened, shit, did I dream it? These damn drugs have me groggy as shit. But hey, I don’t feel any more pain. Toes wiggle, check, fingers work, check. Wait did I just say check, great, now I sound like Ray.  At least the incessant pounding in my head is gone. That’s a relief. This looks like Oliver’s bunker, I’m glad Ava listened to me about calling Ray. That bastard Rip and his bullshit, I’m gonna cut his head off and dropkick it into space next time I see him. Okay, try to sit up…


“Sara, hey what are you doing,” Ava runs to grab her before she can swing her legs over the side of the bed.

“You need to stay still,” Ray tells her. “Give the Nanites enough time to absorb the serum before you exert yourself.”

“Yeah okay, calm down. I’m fine, really.” Sara smiles at Ava. “Hey babe, you look tired.”

Ava hugs her, “Thanks jerk,” and kisses her, “Glad you’re okay. How do you feel, any pain?” Ava sits on the bed beside her and holds her hand.

The others gather around, Sara nods at them. “Nope, so far no pain. I feel a little weak but otherwise fine. How long has it been since the ship exploded?”

“I don’t know about 12 hours or so, but babe, don’t worry about that right now.” Ava tells her.

“No, we have to worry about it. Rip, he’ll know the ship is gone and he’ll show up there looking for us. Don’t ask me how I know, I can just sense it.”

“But he won’t find you there, Sara. You’re all safe here now.” Felicity assures her.

“I know, but he doesn’t know that, and he doesn’t know that I’m okay. Don’t you see, we have the upper hand? We can lure him in and then I can kick his ass.” She balls up a fist and smacks the bed.

“Okay, babe, there’ll be plenty of time for ass kicking once you’re rested.” Ava pats her arm. “Besides, we left Gary there as a look-out, he can warn us if anyone shows up.”

“Oh please, Gary? That guy can’t keep a secret to save his own life.” Sara sounds disappointed, and rightfully so.

“Sara, what if Waverly and I go back there and keep an eye on things.” Nicole volunteers. “This Rip character doesn’t know us, if he shows up, we can let you know. And you know we can keep a secret, we’ve got your back.”

“You two have already been through enough, we couldn’t ask you to do that.” Ava looks concerned.

“Please, we insist. It’ll be fine,” Waverly tells them, “We can handle ourselves, really.”

Ava looks at Sara for consensus. Sara nods. “Okay, but don’t try to be heroes. You call us at the first sign of anything out of the ordinary.” Sara flashes her grin, “Oh and congratulations you two.”  

“Alright, now that that’s settled, Sara, you and Ava can stay here until we’re sure you’re going to be okay.” Ray pulls up a monitor as he talks. “Just let me get a baseline and then we can move you to Oliver’s old room.”

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Nicole and Waverly were emotionally and physically exhausted when they got back to the penthouse. They went straight to bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, Waverly wakes, rolls over and peers at her phone on the nightstand. She doesn't remember plugging it in, but notices it’s fully charged. “Shit, two missed calls and five texts from Wynonna,” she whispers to herself not wanting to disturb her beautiful fiancée asleep beside her. “It’s too early, I’ll call her later.”

Admiring the new addition to her left hand, beaming at the ring on her finger, she sighs joyfully. Sitting up, she slides a pillow behind her back and props it against the headboard. So many strange things happened in the last few days, and the least strange is that she and Nicole are officially engage. It feels right, like it was supposed to happen this way, and she can’t wait to start the next chapter of their lives together.

She’s imagined the moment they pledge their love to each other. She knows what she’ll wear, what she’ll say, and where they’ll have the ceremony, nothing too big or fancy, simple but elegant. She hasn’t shared any of this with Nicole, it’s barely sunk in, but there’s no hurry. Besides, Wynonna will need time to adjust.


Meanwhile in the Bunker…

Sara opens her eyes. A lamp in the corner lights the room just enough for her to see Ava lying awake next to her.

“Hey.” Sara rubs the sleep from her eyes. “How long have you been up?”

“Not long. I love watching you sleep. You looked so peaceful.” She moves closer and kisses Sara then nestles her head against Sara’s shoulder, “How do you feel?”

Sara wraps her arms around Ava, “Good, I think. What time is it?”

“Hmm, no idea, but let’s enjoy the quiet before we have to get up.” Ava looks up at her. “I’m glad you’re alright. I can’t even think about what would’ve happened…” her voice catching a little, “if you didn’t make it.” Even in the dim light Sara can see the glint of a tear in Ava’s eyes.

“Hey babe,” wrapping her arms tighter. “It’s over now. I’m fine.” Pressing a kiss to Ava’s forehead, “You’re not getting rid of me that easily, besides I’ve been thru much worse.”

“That’s just it Sara. When is it going to stop? I thought we finally had a normal life. I know this wasn’t your fault, but I’m tired of feeling like I could lose you at any minute. And I’m tired of hiding from Rip or anyone else.”

“I know. I’m tired of hiding too.” Sara tries to keep her emotions in check. “I thought I could keep us safe. I never should’ve kept it from you in the first place. This honestly is my fault.”

Ava managed to stay calm during the crisis but now that she has a chance to analyze it, she gets emotional. “No, Sara, you can’t blame yourself.” She props up on one arm to look at Sara. “We just need a plan that doesn’t involve hiding or running away. This has to end.” 

“I agree, and look; once this is over we can go back to Haven and live a perfectly normal life.”

Ava takes a deep breath and looks into Sara’s eyes, “Nothing would make me happier, but you can’t promise a normal life, neither of us can. Our lives haven’t been normal and I doubt they ever will be.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m just saying, I love you and no matter what happens to us, as long as we’re together, I’ll be happy.” She presses a soft kiss to Sara lips.

“I love you too babe.” Sara smiles, “Hey, I have an idea. We’ve never made this official, so when this is over, why don’t we have a small commitment ceremony. We can invite our friends, have a little party. What do you think?”

Ava rolls on top of Sara, “How did I get so lucky?”

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Sara pulls her close and kisses her.


Back at the Penthouse…

Nicole slides the patio door open and pads onto the roof deck, carrying a coffee for her and tea for Waverly.

“Yes, Wynonna, we’re both fine. I just forgot my phone yesterday. There’s nothing to worry about.” Waverly mouths ‘thank you’ to Nicole, taking the warm cup with her free hand. Nicole kisses her and settles into the chair beside her. “I’m not sure. We might stay a few more days. How are things there?” She smiles at Nicole as she listens to her sister talk.

Nicole kicks her legs out and tilts her head back, taking in the warm midday sun, as she listens to Waverly’s side of the conversation. No mention of the engagement. That might be a good thing right now. Wynonna should probably hear it in person anyway. Big changes are coming for all of them.

“Okay -- love you too. Talk to you soon.” Waverly drops the phone into her lap and sighs.

“Everything okay?”

“Yeah, just some fight at Shorty’s, but she’s fine. There’s one less revenant to deal with I guess.” Interlacing her fingers with Nicole’s, “Thanks for the tea sweetie.”

Nicole sips her coffee, “You know, our days could be like this all the time, waking up next to each other, me bringing you tea, us living here.”

“Yeah, how would we do that?”

“Sara wants us to come and work with them in the hotel. She’s offered us both jobs.”

“I see. When did you discuss that?” Waverly pulls her hand away and curls her legs up in the chair.

“It was…before…I hit her in the head. I haven't said anything before now, there wasn’t really time.”

Waverly sips her tea and then glances over, “It’s okay.” They sit in silence for a few minutes before Waverly speaks again. “I thought you wanted to be the Sheriff in Purgatory?”

“I do, I mean – I did before all of this.” She gestures in the general direction of the swimming pool. “Waves, there is an entire world out there. Things we never dreamed existed. Being with Sara and Ava, meeting all kinds of new and different people, I think I want more.” It’s a big risk, saying this out loud. What if Waverly doesn’t want it? “But if you’re not okay with it, then we can go back home and build a life there.”

Waverly takes another sip of her tea. This is not a choice she expected to have to make. Staying in Purgatory would be easy, but she knows Nicole would still be restless and wondering about what their lives could have been. Moving here, leaving Wynonna, would be difficult for her and her sister. It feels like an incredibly hard decision and someone is bound to get hurt either way.

The silence eats at Nicole. Her leg bounces nervously. “We don’t have to decide anything right now. Take your time, baby.”

“Actually, I think I’d like it here.” Waverly decides impulsively. “You’re right, there is an entire world out there, and we’ve been given an opportunity to experience it. I think we should at least give it a try.”

“Really?” That was not the response Nicole expected.

“Yeah, I mean, Wynonna will be fine, and we’re not that far away. We’re engaged now, it’s time we start focusing on us.” She moves to take her favorite spot in Nicole’s lap. “I wanna build a life with you, baby.” Their lips meet in a soft kiss. They fit together perfectly, like two pieces of a puzzle. “And for me, no matter where we are, home will always be right here in your arms.”

“You are incredible Waverly Earp.” They kiss again. “I love you.” Nicole tightens her arms around Waverly and pulls her into a deep kiss. She is touched by Waverly’s devotion to her, and to their relationship.

“After this thing with Rip is over, we’ll go and break the news to Wynonna.” Waverly knows it will be difficult for her sister but she feels like this is the right decision. She rests her head on Nicole’s shoulder. “Would you want me to change my last name? I’m not really an Earp anyway.”

“If you want to, baby. You could be Mrs. Haught. But you’re just as much of an Earp as your sisters are, even Wynonna has said so.”

“I know.” They kiss again.


Later that day…Still in the Bunker…

Ava and Sara have been working on a plan.

“None of this makes sense,” Ava flops into a chair at the command desk. The Bunker is full of computers and monitors, most of which Felicity has asked them not to touch.

“Let’s look at what we know.” Sara takes the chair beside her. “Rip said that the Time Masters make a mistake. It sounds like their mistake is letting that corporation take over. He said they can’t control the clones anymore. He also said that they hadn’t learned how to correct it yet.”

“So that’s what the eleven clones before me failed to do? Help him stop this corporation?”

“Yeah, maybe, I mean it would explain why he brought you here. He was looking for alternate solutions and when he realized he couldn’t find any, he wiped your file and gave in to the fact that the future was doomed.”

“Why not just travel to a time before everything happens and stop the corporation from taking over the program in the first place? And, no offense but, his reason for wanting you doesn’t make sense either.” Sara nods in agreement. “What if we tried to stop them from making clones to begin with?”

“But that would erase you from the timeline too.” Sara touches Ava’s hand.

“Not if I stayed in the temporal-zone, right?” Ava places her hand on top of Sara’s.

“There’s no way to know if that would work. It’s not a risk I’m willing to take, my love.” Sara kisses her.

“I can’t believe Rip would do this to us.” Ava feels frustration and hurt at the thought. This was the man who hired her. He groomed her to become head of the Bureau. He led them all to believe he sacrificed himself to save them from Mallus.

“Honestly, I’m not convinced it was really him talking to me. I mean it sounded like him, but something seemed off. The Rip I grew to know wouldn’t sell us both out like this. He was proud of you and me. He told me as much.”

“Okay. Then if it wasn’t him, who was it? ”

“It could be a trick, the Time Masters pretending to be him. Maybe they can’t time travel. Maybe that’s why they needed Rip.”

“If that’s true, then why are we even running from them?”

“That’s a good question. He made it sound like I didn’t have a choice, but clearly they don’t know how to find us especially now that the Waverider is gone.”

The elevator doors open and Felicity steps off, as she moves to the command center she calls out, “Hey guys, I think you’re going to want to see this.” She’s carrying a large tablet and as she walks she swipes the screen to project the display onto the overhead monitor. Ray joins them. “I was running a few facial recognition programs and found this.”

A woman’s face appears on the monitor, the hair is shorter and much darker, but she bears a striking resemblance to Ava.

“What the hell? Why does that woman look like me?” Ava tries to stand, but decides to remain in her chair.

Felicity continues. “This is Anna Traske, she was a world renowned Geneticists from Finland. In 2002 she published a paper stating that she had perfected the cloning of humans. She claimed that a baby made as a copy of its mother, had been born. But her work was highly discredited and a few years later she mysteriously disappeared without a trace.”

Ray moves to the console and slips into a chair. “If she really did make a clone baby, what happened to it?"

“And how did a clone resembling her end up 200 years in the future?” Felicity adds.

“I don’t know, but I’m guessing she might be able to tell us.” Sara points to the monitor. “I say we make a little trip to Finland. Ray, how’s that new ship coming?”

“Funny you should ask. I just finished running simulations and it’s ready for a test flight.”

“Nice,” Felicity gives Ray a high-five. “But wait, what about this Rip character? Isn’t he still looking for you both?”

Sara grins, “We’ll handle him when the time comes. Now let’s go test this baby.”



Nicole is back after venturing downstairs to chat with Gary about working for Ava and Sara. She finds Waverly in the kitchen. Sneaking up from behind, she wraps arms around her fiancée, and kisses the side of her neck. Waverly instinctively responds by turning in her arms and pressing her lips to Nicole’s. They enjoy the embrace as they kiss softly, pausing only to look into each other’s eyes before resuming.

When they finally break, Nicole looks down at the meal Waverly has prepared, “What’s this, baby?”

“I thought it would be nice to celebrate our engagement, privately.” She gives Nicole a mischievous grin. “Have a little dinner and if you’re good, maybe some desert?”

“Well, if by desert, you mean you, I’m all in.” They kiss again.

“How did it go with Gary? Does he think we would be a good fit?” Waverly brings plates and the food to the table as they talk.

Nicole follows her with a bottle of wine. “Yeah, he seemed to like the idea. I couldn’t get much out of him though. He’s a bit of strange man if you ask me.”

“Strange how?”

“I’m not exactly sure, I just get an odd vibe from him, ya know?”


Back at the Bunker…

Ray dubbed the new ship WR2, (in honor of the Waverider of course). The WR2 looks more like a private jet than a space ship, but Ray assures everyone that looks are deceiving. “This ship was built using the most advance technology with the same futuristic materials as my Atom Suit. It can travel faster and is more fuel efficient than any larger ship. Since none of us will be living on it, I converted the cabin into a command center. There’s a state of the art AI on board, thanks to Felicity’s help. It’s fully capable of time travel. Has its own sophisticated defense system, including cloaking abilities, and it can travel at supersonic speed if needed.”

“And who doesn't need a little supersonic speed, am I right.” Sara quips, raising her eyebrows at her joke.

Ava frowns at her, slapping Sara’s hand away from touching a lever. Ava was elected to pilot the ship first, actually, they drew straws. “Okay Ray, what do we need to do first?”

“It’s pretty simple really. See that green button just to the right of the yoke? Press it.”

Ava follows Ray’s instructions, pressing the green button.

“Hello Director Sharpe, Captain Lance.” A familiar voice greets them.

“Gideon?!” Sara looks startled, her stomach does a flip. “Ray…what the hell?!”

“Relax Sara; it’s not what you think. This is Gideon 2.0, the new and improved version. This AI will only take orders from us. It’s all driven with facial recognition and biometrics. She’s fully functional but this one won’t be able to hurt us, ever. Actually, the only original part of the program we used was the voice.”

“Okay, now what Ray.” Ava touches Sara’s arm in an effort to calm her. “What’s next?”

“You simply tell her where you want to go and she’ll do the rest.”

Ava turns to Sara, “Babe? Where are we going?”

Sara is still trying to slow her breathing after the mild panic attack. “Um, well, let’s go home first. We can try to find this Traske woman after a good night’s sleep in our own bed.”

“That’s a good idea Sara,” Ray sits at the command desk in the Bunker. “You have about a two hour flight if you travel the traditional way, or you can be there quicker if you go supersonic.”

“Up to you babe…” Ava waits for Sara’s answer.

“Oh what the hell, let’s live on the wild side.” She grins.

“Gideon.” Ava addresses their new friend.

“Yes Director Sharpe?”

“Take us home to Haven, and use the supersonic mode.”

“Yes Director Sharpe, you and Captain Lance may want to strap in.” Gideon 2.0 instructs them before the engines rev up to speed and they lift off as they hurtle thru the sky.

Chapter Text

“Baby, I’m pretty sure the pool is heated. It’ll be fun. Come on. Let’s go for a swim under the stars,” Nicole pleads as she drops two towels on a chair and grabs the remote to turn on the sound system. They finished dinner a while ago but Waverly has been distracted, Nicole thinks they just need to reconnect.

England Dan and John Ford Coley waft from the outdoor speakers, surrounding them with the melody.

             Hello Yeah it’s been awhile

            Not much, how ‘bout you

            I’m not sure why I called

           I guess I really just wanted to talk to you


Waverly follows her to the edge, protesting, “We don’t have suits.”


         And I was thinkin maybe later on

        We could get together for awhile

        It’s been such a long time

        And I really do miss your smile


“We don’t need them. We’re on the roof.” Nicole is already half undressed, “No one can see us up here.”  She sheds the rest of her clothes and slips in, splashing Waverly in the process.


        I’m not talkin bout movin in

       And I don’t wanna change your life


“Come on Waves, the water’s so nice,” calling out as she dips under and pops up a few feet away.


        But there’s a warm wind blowin’ the stars around

        And I’d really love to see you tonight


“Well, I guess I can’t say no to you,” Waverly smiles. Stripping down, she dips into the water. “But we really need to update this playlist,” she shouts over the chorus.

Underwater lights make the pool glow like a fish tank. Nicole stands at the deepest part. The water is just at her shoulders. Waverly swims to her and grabs on for support before wrapping both legs around her and planting a big kiss on her cheek.

Nicole looks surprised. “What was that for?”

“You’re incorrigible, you know that, right?” Waverly taps her on the nose and kisses her again.

“I’m a lot of things,” She grins as she holds Waverly up out of the water and spins them around in time with the music.


        I’m not talkin bout movin in

       And I don’t wanna change your life


Their slick bodies slide together as she lowers Waverly back into the water, kissing her gently.


        But there’s a warm wind blowin’ the stars around

        And I’d really love to see you tonight


Feeling Nicole’s strength, Waverly responds by wrapping her arms tightly around Nicole’s neck, they continue to spin effortlessly as their lips meet again.

Nicole leans back pulling Waverly on top of her as she floats. “I could really get used this, huh baby? I’m so happy you agreed to us living here.”

Waverly looks away, pushes off and swims to the shallow end of the pool. 

Nicole follows her. “Something wrong, Waves?”

“No, nothing’s wrong.” She floats towards the edge and presses her back against the wall of the pool for support.

“Okay, I may not be the brightest bulb in the pack, but I know when you’ve got something on your mind. You were quiet during dinner too. Talk to me, baby.”

“I’ve just been thinking. I know I agreed to this, and I still want it. It’s hitting me, you know, about leaving Wynonna, about not being an Earp. What if I never find out who I really am?”

“I know, baby” Nicole hugs her. “Everything will be okay.”

“And I’m messing up our romantic evening.” She sighs.

“Hey,” Nicole pulls her close, looking into her eyes, “You are the most incredible person I know. You’re strong and sweet and smart and wonderful.” Pressing her lips to Waverly’s forehead, “It doesn’t matter where we are or what we do, we will find your family, together. Okay?”

“You’re always so sweet to me.” Waverly touches Nicole’s lips before kissing her. “I love you so much.”

They float silently beside each other, looking up at the stars.

A bright streak flashes across the dark night sky followed by a loud noise. They both hear it and decide to jump out of the water to take a closer look. The flash seems to disappear just beyond the tree line.

“What the hell was that?” Waverly wraps up in a towel and hands the other to Nicole.

“No idea, but I hope it’s not trouble.” Nicole swings the towel around her shoulders and grabs her clothes.


“Well, that was certainly an unusual experience. Wouldn’t you say babe?” Ava looks over at Sara who’s still strapped in to the co-pilot seat wearing a big ass grin on her face. “What’s up with you?” She asks.

“It’s kind of nice watching you take charge. It turned me on a little.” Sara releases her lap belt and squirms out of the seat.

Ava chuckles, “Yeah, well, I wasn’t really in charge since the damn ship did all the work. I’ve got to hand it to Ray, this is pretty impressive.”  She releases her own lap belt and follows Sara out of the cockpit. “But what’s up with the name? WR2? And he used Gideon’s original voice?”

“That’s Ray, but hey, what he lacks in originality, he makes up for by being a brilliant scientist. And now that we have this, we can take on Rip or anyone else that gets in our way.”

“We did make it here in one piece, I’ll give you that.”

 Sara curls her mouth sideways and flashes her trademark grin as she pulls Ava close. “I’m just disappointed we didn’t get to join the mile high club.”

“What about all of those times on the Waverider?” Ava tilts her head and smiles.

“Floating in the temporal zone doesn’t count.” Sara winks.

Their lips touch as Ava runs her hands up Sara’s arms resting them on her shoulders. “You’re certainly feeling better.” She grins.

“Thanks to Ray and his microscopic robots,” Sara smirks. “I just realized that I never properly thanked you for taking care of me earlier.”

“Well then,” Ava drops her eyes to Sara’s lips before looking up again, “thank away.”

Sara’s hands are on Ava’s back, pulling their bodies tighter as they become entangled in a long lingering kiss. They pause, their tongues touch, the kiss deepens. Sara feels her pulse quicken as Ava grabs a handful of hair. She moans thru the kiss. Breathless, they part.

“What do you say we continue this upstairs?” Sara takes Ava’s hand.  As they leave she calls out, “Gideon 2.0, engage cloak mode.”


The elevator doors open to the penthouse, Sara and Ava step off; their faces flush from making out the entire ride up. Inside they find Gary talking with Nicole and Waverly.

“Hey guys,” Sara greets them. “What’s going on?”

Ava gives a quick wave and sits in the closest chair.

“We were…umm…swimming…and we saw a bright flash in the sky followed by a loud noise.” Nicole explains, “We didn’t know what it was so I called Gary.”

“That was us.” Sara sits down beside Ava. “We officially have a new ship thanks to Ray Palmer.”

Gary claps his hands together, “That’s fantastic.”

“So I take it you have a plan?” Waverly asks, sliding an arm around Nicole’s waist and leaning into her.

“Sort of, we have new information, there’s someone we want to check out. But it’s late, so let’s all get some sleep and we’ll regroup in the morning.”  Sara stands and pulls a sleepy Ava up with her.

Ava mumbles, “Good night” before heading to their room. Nicole and Waverly do the same.

Sara follows Gary to the door. “We good?” she asks.

He nods, “Everything is in place and working perfectly.”

She pats his back, “Good, see you in the morning.”


Sara enters their bedroom, closing the door behind her. “Now Director Sharpe, where were we?”

Ava shoves Sara back against the door and kisses her hard. Looking intently into her eyes, she pulls Sara’s shirt off and then her own. “I believe you were about to thank me.” She whispers, hungrily kissing Sara’s neck and urgently pulling at the waistband of Sara’s pants.

Sara pushes her to the bed. “I believe you are correct.”

Ava falls back and wriggles out of her jeans. Sara pulls her own clothes off and falls on top of Ava. Their mouths collide in a feverish kiss. Sara pins Ava’s wrists to the bed and pushes her leg between Ava’s, spreading them slightly and presses into her. Ava moans and thrusts her hips up against Sara in response.

Sara lunges again, watching as Ava throws her head back. “These need to come off,” she pulls at the only barrier between her and her wife’s arousal. She swallows hard, pausing long enough to help remove the panties and tosses them across the room.

Then she goes to work, slowly kissing her way down Ava’s body, stopping only to admire her firm stomach, looking up at Ava with a mischievous grin, lightly tracing a finger before proceeding lower.

She settles between Ava’s leg and dips her tongue in, humming, “Mmm, you’re so wet,”

“Oh god…Sara,” Ava manages the few words between her short breaths.

Sara smiles and continues working her ‘magic’ as Ava calls it, with her tongue. Every lick, every touch, gets Ava even more worked up.

“Please,” Ava begs after she can’t take any more. “I want you inside.”

Sara obeys, dipping one finger in and then a second. She’s still for a moment, letting Ava open up to her, then continues, sliding glistening fingers in and out, slowly at first but then she quickens to match Ava’s movements.

She watches as Ava’s body responds, moving with her, riding the wave of pleasure. She knows exactly how to please her, whispering, “You’re so beautiful.” She knows every inch of Ava’s body and makes every touch, every kiss, and every moment count.

Ava gasps, “More,” her breathing is heavy and hard as she opens her legs wider.

Sara kisses the inside of Ava’s thigh before adding a third finger, continuing her rhythm, pushing Ava farther and father to the edge.

Ava grabs for Sara and puffs out, “Yes, please, now,” between her gulps for air.

Sara rolls her wrist, her fingers curling upward, hitting the exact spot that will take Ava over the top.

Ava grabs for her again, every inch of her pulsing around Sara’s fingers as the wave finally washes over her. Her body rolling up, her head pressed back, her skin glistening, until she finally goes still. The only sound she can manage is a low breathy laugh.

Sara stays motionless, fingers still inside, waiting, watching as Ava tries to regain her breath. Her gloating grin says she’s quite proud of her accomplishment. “You’re incredible,” she whispers.

“Me? You’re the one that’s incredible. The things you do to me Sara Lance.”

Sara pulls out slowly, slides up and softly kisses her, “So you feel properly thanked then I take it?”  

“Yes, yes I do.” Ava sighs with contentment.

Sara lays back.

Ava rolls to her, resting her head on Sara’s stomach before closing her eyes.


Later that night…

Waverly flicks on a light in the kitchen, just as Sara wanders in sleepily scuffing her slippers across the floor, her hair tousled, her robe open.

“Oh, hey Sara, did I wake you?” Waverly averts her eyes.

Sara scratches her head before opening the refrigerator, “Hmm…what… no. I always get thirsty after…well… you know.” She looks down, pulls her robe closed and takes a bottle of juice from the door.

“Yeah…me too,” Waverly blushes.

Sara looks at her and smiles. “Good for you,” offers a high-five then sits at the island. “Sorry if we interrupted anything earlier. I guess it was kind of a dramatic entrance.”

“Oh no, we were just enjoying the stars.” Waverly grabs a juice and closes the door. “Nicole told me about your invitation…to come and work for you.”

“Yeah, well not so much work for, we want you to work with us. Are you interested?”

“We are.”

Sara takes a gulp of her juice, “Why do I sense a ‘but’ in there?”

Waverly looks down and pulls at her sleeve, “It’s a big step and well, I was hoping to continue researching my family, and now that the spaceship…”

“Timeship,” Sara interrupts.

“Right, timeship is gone.” Waverly takes a drink.

Sara jumps down from the stool, “I have something to show you, I think it might help.”

She scuffs over to a small study just off the main living area and flicks on a light. Waverly follows. The area is tastefully decorated. There’s a small desk in the center and bookcases lining two walls. Sara presses a button under the desk and one of the bookcases slides up and out to reveal an opening.

Waverly’s eyes get wide, “Is this like a bat cave?”

Sara heads towards the opening, “More like a canary cave.” She grins and leads Waverly down a short flight of stairs. The room lights up as they move towards the center. “Motion sensors,” Sara tells her. “This is top-shelf tech, all thanks to my friends.”

Waverly is in awe, “It sort of resembles the Bunker.”

“Yes, I guess it does, but with less pointy stuff. Arrows are Ollie’s thing, not mine.” She points to the center of the room, “This is our new command center, state-of-the-art everything at our fingertips.”

Waverly sits and pulls up closer to the desk. She counts at least four monitors on the desk and two more hanging from the ceiling. There’s a bank of racks with flashing lights off to one side, a small work-out area and some display cases off to the other side.

Sara pulls a chair up beside her. “I would love it if you would oversee our operations, be our eyes and ears, right from here. And of course, you could continue your research. I’m sure Ava will be interested in helping you with that too.”

“I don’t know what to say, this is amazing.” Waverly is slightly overwhelmed and fascinated at the same time.

“Go ahead, try it out. Put your palm on this scanner.” Sara points to a flat panel next to a keyboard.

Waverly places her hand on it and within seconds all of the monitors light up. Each shows a different view of grounds around the hotel. “Wow, this really is just like the Bunker.”

Sara laughs, “We’ll have to pick a different name though.” She leans back and puts her hands behind her head. “So what do you say? Are you in?”

Chapter Text

The new command center was a pleasant surprise to everyone. Sara called in a few favors. She and Gary had been secretly working on the setup for months. She knew that they wouldn’t be able to rely on the Waverider forever; this was always going to be plan B. 

Waverly has been researching Anna Traske and getting familiar with the new equipment.

Nicole is nervous but excited to be going on her first mission with Sara. “Waves, you’ve been at this all morning, why don’t you take a break, come and sit with me.” She rubs Waverly’s shoulders. “Besides, I need a little distraction from my nerves.”

Waverly follows her to a nearby table where they sit.

“Baby, everything will be fine. It’s not like you to be nervous.  What’s going on?” Waverly sees the concern on Nicole’s face and immediately wants to comfort her.

“I’m not sure, I think it’s the thought of time travel, and I’m not the biggest fan of flying, but I really want to experience this, I’m just a little scared but in a good way.”

Waverly takes Nicole’s hands, looks straight into her eyes and tells her, “You’re so brave for doing this. I’m sure it will be amazing. I’m so proud of you, Baby.”

“Thank you for being my stability, Waves.”

“It’s my pleasure. You always do that for me, now it’s my turn.”

They share a soft kiss.


Sara, Ava and Gary emerge from an elevator, its door hidden behind a secret panel. They’re coming back from running some last minute checks on the WR2.

Sara motions for everyone to gather near the bank of consoles. “Ok, let’s get this show on the road. Waverly, what else did you find on our mystery woman?”

Waverly slips into a chair, grabbing a keyboard, she takes control. “Anna Traske, born in Utah in 1979, her father, Doctor Benson Traske, was a brilliant geneticist and her mother, Alice, worked as a law professor for the University of Utah.” Waverly quickly taps on the keyboard and then points to the overhead displays where a photo of a young woman appears. “Anna was a child genius, graduating from the University at the ripe old age of 17 with two master’s degrees and was promptly recruited into the prestigious genetics program at the University of Helsinki, Finland where she would go on to earn her PHD a few years later. Looks like the whole family moved to Finland in support of her.”

“Impressive, anything else?” Sara asks.

Waverly calls up some documents on the screen. “She and her father were working together on a pretty incredible discovery. Without getting into the details, along with their work on cloning, Benson also published papers, on what he called a serum, that could significantly slow the aging process, if not stop it all together. Seems he was also discredited and the whole family, Anna, Alice and Benson disappeared a short time later. The reports are sketchy after that, but it doesn’t look like the police spent much time looking for them.”

“Great work Waverly.” Sara praises her.

Ava paces “Okay, so two brilliant scientists develop cloning and discover the fountain of youth, then mysteriously disappear. So it’s a good bet that Rip is involved, he must take them to the future where they’re forced to work for the evil corporation.”

“Evil?” Sara gives her a raised eyebrow grin.

Ava shrugs.

Gary joins in, “Then when things start to go wrong, Rip tries to correct his mistake and isn’t successful. But 11 times? Is this like a ‘Groundhog Day’ situation?” Ava gives him a puzzled look. “You know that movie where Bill Murray gets stuck in a loop and has to relive the same day over and over again.”

“Oh, I love that movie.” Nicole replies.

“Ah, hey guys, we have an incoming call. Looks like its Ray.” Waverly tells them.

Sara hits a few keys and Ray appears on their display.

“Hey everyone, sorry to interrupt your pre-mission prep, but there’s something you should know Sara.”

“Go ahead Ray.” She answers.

“I was running some more tests on your blood sample and it looks like the serum you were injected with has somehow altered your DNA.”

Ava moves closer to Sara and asks, “Altered how? I thought the Nanites neutralized the serum?”

“They did, but not before some of it got into her blood stream.”

“So what does this mean Ray?” Sara sounds slightly annoyed.

“I’m not exactly sure. It looks like your cells are regenerating at a slightly faster rate than usual. It could be nothing but it could also mean that you might heal faster than the normal. How do you feel? Have you noticed anything different?”

“I feel fine, great actually.” She winks at Ava.

“Could this have anything to do with the research that Anna and her father were working on?” Nicole asks.

Waverly speaks up. “Good questions, Baby. Ray, I’ll send you everything we have on Anna and her father’s work.”

“Okay, sounds good. I’ll run some more tests, but it would help if we had a sample of the original serum. In the meantime, keep an eye out for anything unusual.”

“Thanks Ray.” Sara tells him.

The display goes dark.

“Babe, are you sure you’re up for this? Maybe we should wait until we know what’s going on?” Ava knows what Sara’s answer will be. She’s not about to let anything stop her now.

“It’s all good. I’m fine, really. Beside, Officer Haught will be there with me just in case.” She smiles at Nicole who looks like she could throw up at any minute.

Gary hands them both a small earpiece and a device resembling a smartwatch.

“What’s this?” Sara questions him.

“That is your new coms unit. It will also monitor your vital signs and it tells time too.” He helps Nicole place the earpiece in her ear. “Just press here to talk to us, and then here when you want to see the menu. It’s pretty simple to use. I just need to make a few adjustments for personalization and you will be good to go.” He types feverishly on his handheld tablet. “And…done.”

“Alright, enough stalling, it’s time to go.” Sara says impatiently.

“Not so fast Lance.” Ava grabs and kisses her. “Please be careful. You haven’t done this sort of thing in a while; it’s a new ship and Nicole’s first time. Don’t do anything stupid. Okay?”

Sara grins, “When have I ever done…yeah…never mind. I promise to be smart this time.” She kisses Ava. “Haught, say your good-byes, it’s time to go.”

Nicole still looks a little green. Waverly hugs her, “You’ve got this baby. You’re my strong warrior. Promise me you’ll come back in one piece.” She smiles before kissing her.

Nicole nods and follows Sara to the secret elevator, awkwardly waving as the doors close.

Ava chuckles, “Is she alright?”

Waverly tries to distract herself from the momentary panic setting in, “Oh, yeah, she’s fine, just a little nervous but she’ll get over it soon enough.” She glances at Ava before continuing, “So how long does it usually take to travel thru time?”


“Gideon,” Sara calls out.

“Yes Captain Lance?” The AI responds.

Nicole is alarmed at the sound of the familiar voice. “Wait, what’s going on?”

Sara touches her arm. “It’s okay, I had the same reaction. This is a new version of the AI, Ray just reused the voice code. It’s sort of like Siri or Alexa. You know how they all sound the same?”

Waverly chimes in over the coms, “It’s a good thing you explained that Sara, I was just about to pull the plug on this little mission, there’s no way that evil computer was gonna get near my fiancée.”

“Down girl, we’ve got this,” Sara chuckles. “Gideon, plot a course for Finland, the year is 2002.”

“Yes Captain.” Gideon responds.

“Buckle up Haught, here we go. See you on the other side Base.”


Waverly slumps in her chair.

Ava assures her, “The blackout won’t last long. As soon as they pass thru the temporal zone we’ll be able to talk to them again.”

Seconds pass, Waverly holds her breath.

The coms crackle then go silent.

Waverly paces the floor.

More seconds pass.

Waverly bites at her bottom lip.

Even more seconds pass.

The coms crackle again.

“WR2 to Base, can you hear me” Sara’s voice is the first they hear.

“Sara, we can hear you.” Ava confirms.

“Nicole?” Waverly anxiously waits for a reply.

“maH naDev 'oH?  toH ghe''or?” Nicole is startled by the sound of her own voice.

Waverly looks at Gary, “Was that..?”

“Klingon. Yes.” Gary confirms.

“Ah yeah, we forgot to tell you about the space sickness. It sometimes happens during time travel. It’ll wear off in a few seconds.” Sara pats Nicole on the back.

“Wow! That was a head rush.” Nicole quickly regains function of her brain.

“Are you okay baby?” Waverly needs confirmation.

“I’m good Waves, nothing to worry about.” Nicole wipes her brow and steadies her breathing.

“Alright then, Gideon, see if you can locate Anna Traske.” Sara hands Nicole a small knife. “Take this, you probably won’t need it but it’s better to be prepared.”

Nicole nods and takes the weapon. “So how does this work, I mean do we just find this woman and start asking her questions?”

Sara realizes she hasn’t thought things thru. “We probably need some sort of a cover.”

“You could pose as journalist. Say you’re there to interview them for a science magazine from the states?” Waverly suggests.

“That’s perfect.” Sara is pleased.

“Captain, I have a possible location on Miss Traske, it seems she and her father spend most of their time in the lab at the University. That would be the most logical place to look first.”

“You ready?” Sara checks with Nicole one last time before they exit the ship. “Just follow my lead. We don’t want to interact with too many people and only stay as long as we need to. Messing with history can have disastrous consequences as we have already learned. We won’t make that mistake again.”


They easily find the campus and begin their search. Nicole’s nervous jitters have turned into excitement. “Wow, I guess 2002 doesn’t really look that much different from the present.” She and Sara continue to walk.

“So, we know what Anna looks like but how will we know if we see her father or mother?” Sara asks the team.

Gary works next to Waverly. “I’m sending their pictures to you right now.”

“And I’m sending you walking directions to their lab,” Waverly adds.

“And both of you please be careful.” Ava adds.


They find the science building thanks to Waverly’s directions.

Inside, Nicole quietly follows Sara thru the dimly lit hallways. “This place is like a maze,” she whispers.

They reach the wing that houses all of the laboratories and find the door marked Dr. Traske.

Sara tries the knob, “Locked, we’ll have to find another way in.”

They turn to see a slender middle aged man approaching.  They recognize him as he gets closer, “Can I help you?” he asks.

Sara flashes a smile, “Doctor Traske? Hi, we’re journalist and we were wondering if we could ask you and your daughter a few questions about your research.”

He pushes past them and unlocks his office door. “I’m sorry, I’m a very busy man and my office is closed for the day. You’ll have to come back tomorrow and make an appointment with my assistant.” He swiftly enters the room, closing the door behind him.

“Well, he’s not very friendly.” Waverly mumbles.

“We didn’t come here to have a door shut in our faces.” Sara turns the knob and enters the room, Nicole follows.

The room is large but empty. Its dark except for an overhead light near the back just above an exit sign, a second entrance Sara makes note. It smells of chemicals and sulfur, as if someone just blew out a match.

“We’re in. No sign of the Doctor or Anna.” Sara reports.

Ava pleads, “Just please, be careful.” She has a sinking feeling that something will go wrong.

Gary suggests, “See if you can find a sample of the serum. Sounds like Ray could use it.”

Sara finds a table full of glass vials holding varied colors of liquids, a microscope and what looks like some random notes and papers. She snaps some pictures with her wrist unit, “I’m sending you their notes.”

Nicole opens a small cabinet, inside are more vials, she finds one marked ‘Anti-Age Final’. “Hey, Sara, take a look at this.” She holds it up.

“Great, grab that and let’s get out of here.”

Suddenly the door in the back of the room swings open and the Doctor and another man enter. They’re talking and don’t notice Sara and Nicole ducking down behind a nearby cabinet.

They stop in the center of the room.

The Doctor speaks, “I understand what you are asking, but I’m not sure Anna will. She has only done this to save her mother; it’s not to be used for any other purpose.”

“Please, it is imperative that we get it, there are so many more people we can help.” The other man tells him.

“I will talk to her, Mr. Hunter.”

Gary whispers, “IS THAT...?”

Ava completes the sentence, “RIP?!”

Chapter Text

It takes every ounce of control for Sara not to leap up and grab this son of a bitch Rip Hunter by the throat. He’s so close, so very close. It would be so easy to end this, end him, right now. But she can’t. She can’t interfere with the past. It would only make things worse. She has to stay put, let things play out, for now.

Everyone stays radio silent waiting for the two men to leave the room.

Nicole has been holding her breathe for what feels like an eternity.

Waverly paces the floor.

Ava clenches her fists.

Gary can only sit, very still, clutching his tablet to his chest.

The two men finally leave.

Sara and Nicole come out of hiding.

“Nicole?” Waverly is trying not to panic, but the look on Ava’s face tells her they all need to be concerned.

“It’s okay Waves, we’re alright,” she tells them before standing in front of Sara who’s stuck staring at the door. “Sara…Sara, we need to go.”

“Sara, get out of there now!” Ava pleads with her. She’s kicking herself for not going with them. She could have at least stayed on the ship, out of sight. She should be there now, if nothing else, to keep Sara from doing anything rash.

Everything is moving in slow motion. Sara sees Nicole, and hears her, but not really. She’s so angry she swears she can hear the blood rushing thru her own veins. There is so much pressure in her head; it feels like it could explode. Her fists are clenched so tight that her hands are numb. Her breathing is rapid and shallow.

Alarms are going off back at the base.

Gary warns them, “Ah…Sara’s heart rate is dangerously elevated.

Ava is on the brink of panic. “Nicole, Sara, what is happening. Talk to us!”

Then Sara sees the look of horror on Nicole’s face, like she’s seen a ghost. “What? What is it?” she manages to form the words thru the pounding in her head.

“Sara…you’re…you’re invisible.” Nicole can’t believe what she is seeing, or not seeing.

“She’s WHAT?!” Ava shouts.

“I’m what?” Sara takes a deep breath. She looks at her hand and sure enough, there is nothing sticking out of the end of her sleeve. She’s invisible.

All color has drained from Nicole’s face now, like she’s seen a whole army of ghosts.

Sara instinctively goes into Captain mode. Turning off their comms, she quickly grabs Nicole, “Okay, I know you’re freaked out, but we have to stay calm. We don’t need to alarm anyone. This isn’t a big deal.” Even though it really is, but Sara doesn’t want to worry Ava and the rest of the team, it’s not like they can do anything about it right now any way, she tells herself.

Nicole shouts in a loud whisper, “NOT A BIG DEAL? Sara, you’re frickin’ INVISIBLE. As in, all I can see are your clothes…standing there.” She runs a hand thru her hair and grabs the back of her neck. “I think I need to sit down.”

“SARA?” Ava calls out.

Sara pleads with Nicole, “Please just stay calm. I’ll handle this.” She taps the comms back on. “It’s okay, it was just really dark. I’m here. We’re heading back to the ship now. We’ll talk to you then.” She taps the comms off again.

“Sara, what the hell is going on?” Nicole has seen some strange shit, but this just might be the strangest.

“If I had to guess, it has something to do with that damn serum.” She’s finally distracted enough from thoughts of ending Rip that her heart rate has returned to normal.

Nicole’s eyes widen again. She grabs Sara, “I can see you now. You’re not invisible anymore.”

Sara looks at her hand, “Okay, see, nothing to worry about. Now let’s get out of here.”


Ava is up and pacing along with Waverly.

“Is it just me, or was that way too close for comfort?” Gary busily taps at his tablet.

Waverly is trying very hard to stay calm. “And what was with Sara’s heart rate spiking like that? She doesn’t strike me as the easily angered type.”

“She’s not, well at least not anymore. Seeing Rip must have really triggered her.” Ava continues to pace. “Where are they? Come on Lance.”

Gary looks up from his tablet long enough to tell them, “Looks like they should be getting back to the ship right about now according to their devices.”

“Wait, you can track them?” Waverly scrunches her nose.

“Yes, but only while they’re wearing the unit,” Gary confirms.

“That’s a handy little gadget,” Waverly half mumbles under her breath, tucking that information away for later.


Sara heads straight to the whiskey and pours them both a shot.

Nicole is slightly unhinged. “Sara, what just happened? I mean, I saw what happened, but like what the hell happened. How…how did that happen?”

Sara hands her a drink. “I don’t know exactly. I remember feeling extremely angry, and just pictured tearing Rip apart with my bare hands. But I’ve never had that strong of a reaction before. Ray must be right, that stuff did change me.”

“Sara? Nicole?” Ava is trying to contact them.

Sara looks at her, “Let’s keep the whole invisible thing to ourselves until we get back home, okay?” She really doesn’t want to alarm Ava. This whole situation is stressful enough right now. There will be time to figure things out later.

“Yeah, sure, whatever you want Sara.” Nicole nods and pours out another shot.

Sara punches the comms, “We’re here Ava. Everything is fine.”

“Oh thank god,” Ava breathes a sigh of relief. “So Rip is there. Do you think he’s getting ready to make a move?”

Sara knocks back another shot, “He might be, but there’s no way to know which timeline this Rip is from.” If there’s one thing she’s learned it’s that things aren’t always as they appear. “He could easily be from the past, or the future.”

Nicole adds, “At least we got a sample of the serum.”

Waverly steps up, “Good, now both of you come home so we can get it to Ray for testing.”

“We will,” Sara agrees, “But there’s one more thing we need to do.”

“Sara? You’re not going to…?” Ava stops mid-sentence.

“…Kill Rip?” Sara finishes it for her. “No, but I think we need to pay Anna a visit.”

“Ah guys, we have an incoming call from Felicity.” Gary tells them while he punches up the call.

“Felicity, what’s up?” Sara greets her.

“Hey Sara, everybody, I found some interesting information you might want to know. I did some more digging, turns out the Bureau’s servers were repurposed and I was able to locate them. Seems there’s a new branch of the Bureau in operation but I don’t recognize any of the names of the people running it. Anyway, I was able to hack in and according to Rip’s logs, Ava isn’t a clone, she’s the real deal. She’s Anna.”

“I’m sorry! I’m WHO NOW?!” Ava doesn’t know if she should laugh or cry or just be angry. Ever since they discovered Rip’s little secret about the clones, nothing has made sense. The only constant has been Sara’s deep desire to get to the truth and fix whatever is wrong.

“Felicity, are you sure?” Sara questions her.

“Rip had detailed logs for the previous 11 clones, but the only entry for Ava number 12 was this.” She tells them as the words fill their screen.

--- I don’t know how, but this time it’s not a clone. This Ava is the real Anna. What have I done? --

Ava drops into a chair, “I…am…going to need a minute.”

Waverly sits next to her. “Isn’t this a good thing? If you are real, then you can stop the future clones and it won’t affect you. In fact, the clones never have to be manufactured and then they never take over the world.”

The initial shock is starting to wear off, Ava looks at her, “That’s a good point.”

“But wait,” Gary stops them, “if there are no clones then Rip never brings them to our present and we never meet our Ava. And you and Sara never fall in love.”

“Gary’s right,” Sara downs another shot. “As much as it pains me to say this, we can’t interfere in anything until we’re sure about this, we can’t risk messing up the timeline.”

“But how can we be sure that Ava is really Anna?” Nicole grabs the bottle of whiskey from Sara. This whole thing is complicated enough; she would very much appreciate it if Sara were mostly sober right now.

Felicity tells them, “Well the best way would be a DNA test. We would just need a sample from both Ava and Anna.”

“A sample,” Nicole questions, “as in a strand of hair or a fingerprint?”

“Yes, but ideally, a swab of the inside of her mouth. That would give us the most accurate results.” Felicity confirms.

“Sara, don’t.” Ava is standing now.  It’s all she can say. It’s all she really needs to say.

“Ava, I have to. We’ll be quick.”

“And if there is any sign of Rip?”

“We’ll get out. I promise.” She waits for Ava to protest. Silence. “Gideon, get us an address, we have a sample to collect.”

Sara turns off the comms once again and turns to Nicole. “Thank you for not saying anything about the invisible thing.”

“Yeah, no I totally get it. Ava has enough to deal with right now.” Nicole does understand, she’s wondering how Waverly is handling everything, they’ve never been in this type of a situation and they can’t exactly check in privately with each other.

Sara thinks out loud, “Hell, maybe it was a one-time thing”

“But if it’s not, does that mean you have like a superpower now?”

“Captain, I have located an address.” Gideon informs them.


Ava’s eyes keep bouncing to the words on the screen. This Ava is the real Anna. If this is true, it means that she has a real family and a real past, not just some made up one. But why did Rip lie about it? And why doesn’t she remember anything? She doesn’t recognize either of these people. She has no memory of ever attending a university and certainly not graduating from one. If this is true, she’s a genius! Hell, if this is true, she’s an actual real human and not a damn clone after all.

“Ava, are you alright?” Gary’s voice snaps her out of her thoughts.

“What…yes…I’m…” Maybe she’s not as fine as she thinks. “It’s a lot to process.” That seems to be happening way to often recently.

“I can only imagine,” Gary tells her. “Why don’t you go upstairs and take a break. Waverly and I will see what else we can dig up on Anna.”

Part of her wants to do just that, put some distance between her and this reality shattering news, but she’d never forgive herself if something happened to Sara and Nicole while she was out somewhere trying to pull her shit together. “No, I should stay here, just in case…” She protests.

Waverly gently touches Ava’s shoulder, “Really, we’ve got this. Take a minute. This is big news. Go collect your thoughts.”

Ava finally concedes and heads upstairs to the penthouse.

Gary slumps in a chair, “I have got to say, I did not see that coming.”

Waverly agrees, “I know, poor Ava, this has to be quite a shock.”


The address for the Traske home takes Sara and Nicole to a seemingly nice quiet neighborhood. They pause before knocking on the front door.

Nicole has been a steady rock during this mission. Sara is gratefully impressed and very glad she’s on their team. “What’s the plan?” she stands next to Sara, ready for anything. “How do we get a complete stranger to open their mouth and let us take a sample of their DNA?”

“Actually, it’s going to be that easy. I’m going to tell her the truth.” Sara knocks on the door. “Just follow my lead and be ready to get out of here quickly.”

The door opens a few seconds later. A younger version of Ava stands in the doorway looking at them both. Sara doesn’t need a DNA test. She knows that is her Ava with one look at her. Even though her hair is shorter and darker, the young woman’s eyes and smile leave no doubt in Sara’s mind.

The young woman speaks first, “Hello, may I help you?”

Sara is frozen, she never imagined there was ever a younger Ava, it just wasn’t possible, but here she is, right in front of her, right now, looking more beautiful and radiant then anything she’s ever seen, except for her own Ava, of course.

“Hi, are you Anna Traske?” Nicole steps forward and extends her hand. “I’m Nicole and this is my colleague Sara, we were wondering if we could talk to you about your research.”

“My research?” Anna shakes Nicole’s outstretched hand.

“Yes, you’ve been working on some pretty interesting discoveries.” Nicole’s dimpled smile seems to put Anna at easy quickly. Sara’s not the only one who can use her charms to get things done.

“Well, I was actually heading back to my lab when you knocked, seems my work there is never done.” Anna pulls the door shut behind her and passes them as she heads to her car.

“Oh, well this will only take a second then.” Nicole nudges Sara and they follow Anna.

Sara finds her voice, up until that moment she could only float in her own thoughts of what it would have been like to know this version of Ava. “Okay, look, Anna. Can I call you Anna? We’re from the future and we just need a quick sample of your DNA and then we’ll be gone. You won’t even remember that we were here.”

Anna stops and turns so quickly that she runs into Sara. “My DNA? Why?”

Their eyes meet for a split second but it’s just long enough. Sara reaches for her, “Do you trust me?” They hold each other’s gaze. Sara doesn’t believe it’s possible but she thinks she can see a spark between them.

Anna blushes and pulls away from Sara’s grip. “Oddly enough, I do.”

Nicole hands her the swab kit.

Sara looks at Anna and smiles. She gently collects the sample and passes it back to Nicole for safe keeping, all the while never taking her eyes off of Anna’s

“Did you say you’re name was Sara?” Anna looks to the ground before bringing her eyes up to lock onto Sara’s once again.

“Yes. Sara Lance.”  Sara wants so desperately to tell young Anna that everything will be all right and that they will meet again, that they will fall in love, that they will be willing to risk everything for each other someday. Instead she settles for a smile.

“Well, um, it was very nice to meet you, Sara Lance.” Anna blushes for a second time. “And you as well.” She smiles at Nicole.

“Until we meet again,” Sara raises her wrist unit and presses the memory flash button, erasing this entire encounter from young Anna’s mind.

Chapter Text

Ava has had a little time to let the news sink in. It came as quite a shock, the fact that she is human and not a clone. She’s dealing with it but she doesn’t like these emotions hitting her all at once.

Waverly and Gary find her in the penthouse, standing near the floor length windows, glaring out into the dark night.

Gary approaches. He wants to hug her, but they don’t really have an affectionate kind of friendship. They’re long past the boss-employee phase. He’s confided his own personal affairs to her numerous times, but hugging is still a boundary neither has crossed. At this moment, it just feels like she – like they both could use one.

He chooses a gentle touch to her arm instead and asks, “Ava, can I get you anything?”

Her glare stays fixed on the window as she sucks in a deep breath. “I don’t even know anymore.” It comes out sounding deflated, but she’s really just exhausted and missing Sara. Even though they are fiercely independent, she’s gotten comfortable knowing she has Sara to lean on in times like this. Right now, on top of everything she’s feeling, she’s honestly lost without her.

“I know,” he tries to console her. Although he doesn’t know, can’t even begin to know, what this must feel like. He was there when they discovered that Ava was a clone. She was shocked, she even passed out, but she pushed thru it. He’s always been impressed by her strength. He thought it was extraordinary, the way she learned to accept it and continue living her life.

“All this time,” she stands with her arms crossed tight against her chest, “All this time. I’ve been a human…the entire time.” She keeps waiting for it to stop stinging, the fact that she had doubted herself, felt less than normal. Waiting for the anger to lessen just enough so she can form words or have thoughts that don’t involve throwing something or worse hurting someone.

“I just don’t understand.” She looks at Gary, wants to grab him and shake him, but she paces the room instead. “If Rip knew, why would he let me think this?” She stops pacing, “Why would he do that to me? And why do I have no memory of my entire past…my entire past!” She paces again, “It was hard enough to accept when I thought I wasn’t human and now…it was all a lie.” She stops and drops her arms as if to give up. “I have an actual family, a mother and a father, a real family.” The facts are overwhelming, she’s so accustom to dealing with situations in a logical, unemotional manner that right now she feels like shutting down.

Waverly steps up and hugs her, “I’m sure there is an explanation for everything. We will all help you find it.” She has spent enough time around Ava and Sara to know that neither will stop until they have answers. “We’re here for you,” Waverly tells her. She knows, based on her own experience, how this feels. It was only a few months ago that she found out the truth about her own family.

The gentle hug seems to help and Ava lets out a soft sigh as she slips onto the couch. Her mind is still racing but just knowing she has support gives her a moment of relief.

Gary adds, “Yes, of course, whatever you need Ava.” It’s a relief knowing he’s part of a team again, even though he was only an honorary Legend, this means the world to him.

Sara and Nicole have come back from their trip. They made a quick stop in D.C. to drop off the sample and to tell the team there about Sara’s new found ability.

The mood in the room changes instantly.

Waverly jumps up to greet Nicole with a tight hug and gentle kiss. They hold each other and whisper ‘I love you’ and stay wrapped in each other’s arms even after the excitement subsides. The spark in Nicole’s eyes tells Waverly she’s happy to be home even though they weren’t gone that long.

Nicole enjoyed the trip but was very much looking forward to being back in the present, on solid ground, and holding Waverly in her arms. She’s far too wound up to focus and can’t wait to download all of the day’s events with Waverly.

Sara slides onto the couch beside Ava. The distraught look in her wife’s eyes makes her heart sink. She can’t stand what this emotional pain is doing to Ava.

“Hey.” Sara says with a soft smile and a touch to Ava’s hand. She sits very still, just looking into those beautiful eyes. She want’s – needs to fix everything, to make the hurt go away. Ava doesn’t deserve this, she’s kind and caring. Hell, it makes perfect sense that she is really human and not some clone. Sara wonders why she hadn’t realized that sooner.

“Hey.” Ava replies. Her face brightens just a little when she sees Sara. Then she’s fighting back tears. They’re tears of joy; her Love is home and safe, mixed with tears of anger for everything Rip has put her thru. “I…”

“Shh, it’s okay Babe.” Sara can’t handle this and the more she thinks about it the angrier she gets, but that won’t solve anything right now. Right now she needs to be there for Ava.

Sara stands and extends her hand.  Ava accepts it and they walk to their room together.


Once they’re behind closed doors, Waverly grabs Nicole and properly kisses her, bringing a bright smile to both their faces. Locked in Nicole’s embrace, Waverly brushes a finger against Nicole’s cheek, “I missed you.” With her hand on the back of Nicole’s neck, “I know you weren’t gone that long but still.”

Nicole softly brushes her lips against Waverly’s forehead, “I know, Baby. I missed you too.” Their lips meet and she can feel Waverly melt into her as she pulls her arms tighter.

It’s the soft moments like this that make Waverly fall deeper in love with her fiancée but she can see the spark in Nicole’s eyes and she knows if she doesn’t ask soon, Nicole could very well explode. “So tell me about the trip.”

They flop to the bed and Nicole falls back, covering her face with her hands, “Waves, that was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.” Her thoughts are racing and it’s hard to pick a starting point. “I’m a time traveler!” she finally blurts out.

“I know. Pretty mind blowing.” It warms Waverly’s heart to see Nicole excited, and reinforces the fact that joining the team was a good choice.

“And working with Sara was…I felt like a real asset to her, you know? And when she…” She sits up and takes Waverly’s hands, “Waves, she turned invisible and then reappeared right in front of me. It was surreal.”

“Invisible? Wow that’s…”

“Incredible, yeah, I know. I didn’t believe it either but it happened. Sara asked me not to say anything until we got back. I’m not sure if she believes it’s real yet.”

“And Anna, you saw her?”

“Yes and there’s no question, Anna is Ava. I saw it in her eyes.”

“That must have been so weird for Sara.”

“It was. I think they had a connection too. It was almost like Anna knew.”

Waverly rests her head on Nicole’s shoulder, “Hmm, well I’m happy your home, Baby.”

Their lips meet again as Nicole tells her, “Me too.”




Ava resumes pacing once they’re in their bedroom. She’s still coming to terms with everything but she’s so very relieved that Sara is back and tells her as much.

“Look Aves, I know you’re upset.” Sara wants to console her but mere words aren’t enough at this point.

“Upset is putting it mildly Sara. I don’t even know where to begin. It’s all been a lie.” She tries to sit but then ends up pacing the room again.

“Babe,” Sara knows that she has to tell Ava what happened back at the lab, what seeing Rip did to her, “come and sit with me. There’s something else you need to know.”

Ava flops to the bed, “Oh great, there’s more.” A spiral of nerves mixed with anger and bitterness has been forming in her chest. This isn’t the normal way she processes and she doesn’t like it at all.

“Ava,” Sara takes her hand, “Look at me, babe. I love you. We’re going to find Rip and get answers, even if I have to beat it out of him. We will get to the bottom of it, I promise.” With a gentle touch to Ava’s face, she continues “I…you need to know, back there in the lab, the rage I felt.”

“Sara, what’s going on?”

“It was brief, only lasted a minute or so.” She’s not sure how to explain it, “I was not visible. I couldn’t see my own hand, and Nicole couldn’t see me either.” Without a scientific explanation, that’s the best way she can find to describe it.

“Sara?” Ava searches Sara’s eyes, hoping to find that she’s joking.

“Ray thinks it’s the serum…and maybe the nanites. He thinks it was probably triggered once my heart rate went berserk. He’s running more tests. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about, but I wanted to tell you in case it happens again.”

Ava realizes she’s not joking. To be honest, she’s relieved to have something else to focus on, “I’m glad you told me.” She brushes a stray hair from Sara’s face. “So what does this mean, you have like a superpower now?”

“I guess I hadn’t thought about it that way. I don’t know. Maybe?”  The events happened so quickly, she really hadn’t thought about it beyond getting back home. “I’m not so sure it’s a useful superpower though. I mean, it’s not very cool. And how tough can I be if people can’t even see me?”

“Babe, you don’t need to be seen to be tough, besides since when have you ever worried about what people think of you?” Ava tells her.

Sara smiles, “Good point, but enough about me and some silly powers, we need to find Rip and end this thing, the sooner the better.” Her crystal blue eyes are on Ava’s mouth as she pulls Ava’s hair back and kisses her neck, “So we can go on living happily ever after.”

Ava lets her head fall back as she sinks into the warm sensation of Sara’s lips on her skin. “Well, I can’t argue with that.” She loves that Sara can change gears so quickly and this is a welcomed alternative to the anger she’s been carrying around.

Sara flashes her grin, “Besides, we should be celebrating.”

“Celebrating what?” Ava’s body responds as the tension lessens with each strategic touch of Sara’s mouth on her neck.

“…the fact that you’re a real human.” Sara runs her lips down Ava’s neck, kissing the base as she reaches for the top button of Ava’s shirt.

“I thought it didn’t matter to you?” Ava gently pushes her and unbuttons her shirt, pulling it off her shoulders as it falls to the bed.

Sara pauses to admire her, whispering, “My god, you’re beautiful.” Then says, in between kisses, “It doesn’t, but Babe, it’s always mattered to you.” She pulls Ava closer and continues softly kissing her neck.

“You know what, you’re right. It has always mattered but it’s time to let it go.” Ava can’t resist as the last bit of tensions fades. She pulls Sara to her and kisses her. Even when she’s mad at the world, being with Sara makes it all seem less important.

They fall back and Sara straddles her, “Mmm…I love it when you tell me that.”

Ava reaches for her, “What? That you’re right?”

Sara arches an eyebrow, “Yes, keep saying it.” Their bodies press together.

Ava whispers, “Enough talking, Lance.”



The next morning the team converges in the command center.

Ava and Sara are focused, their only priority is to find Rip and end his hold on them.

Gary has been hard at work behind the scenes getting their equipment ready. He calls them all over to the side of the room where there are four large cases against the wall.  He starts, “As you know, we were able to salvage the fabricator’s technology from the Waverider. I’ve been working on these for a while and they’re finally ready.” The cases light up. “These are your new tact suits. Each one individually customized for you. They’re state of the art and can protect you from all most anything.”

“All most anything?” Nicole interrupts.

Gary smiles and continues, “Yes, bullets, knives, lasers, the usual stuff. It isn’t armor though so you can still be injured by say heavy objects flying at you or falling from high places, those types of things.”

Waverly nods, “Good to know, I guess.”

Sara steps closer, “Black. Nice.”

Gary tells her, “Sara, I have your white suit and can modify it if you’d rather wear that?”

“No need. I’m not that person anymore, this is my team now.” She pats him. “Good work Gary.” Addressing the rest of the team she tells them, “Okay, so we need a new plan. We need to find Rip, he’s the key to this whole thing.”

Waverly moves back to the desk, “Well, we can’t interfere with him in the past because we need him to take Anna and her family to the future.”

“Right. And we know that things start to go terribly wrong for them right around 2219.” Gary adds.

“Okay, so we just find him in 2219.” Sara checks in with Ava, “You okay with this?”

Ava nods, “I’m more than okay, but Sara, I want to be the one to kick his ass.”

Sara grins, “Babe, he’s all yours. Alright team, suit up, we’ve got to see a man about an ass-kicking.”

Chapter Text

Sara reviews the plan with the team as everyone takes their places. This will be Waverly’s first time. She’s charged with excitement and a little nervous but she can’t wait to experience time travel. She finds herself momentarily distracted by the sight of Nicole sitting across from her all decked out in her black tact suit. She leans forward and whispers, “Baby, do you think we can take these suits to our room later?”

“What for Waves?” Nicole whispers back.

Her eyes drop to survey Nicole’s body, a cute smirk curls her lips. She almost purrs, “I just really like seeing you in black.”  

“Waves,” Nicole’s eyes go wide, “Stay focused. This is serious stuff. It could be dangerous.” Then with the biggest smile she can manage she says, “But I don’t see why not.”

From the cockpit, Sara calls out, “Gideon, plot a course for Vancouver.  Gary, you all set?” She waits for a response. “Gary?”

Ava taps at the comms switch, “Gary? Are you there? What’s going on?”

Seconds pass before he responds, his voice sounding uneven, “Ah Sara, Ava, we have a slight problem.”

Sara huffs, “Now what?”

“Umm, there’s someone here to see you.” His words are deliberate. “I think you’ll be cancelling your plans.” His voice is unusually high.

Sara grows impatient and barks, “GARY! Who is it?”

He sounds defeated as he tells them, “Uh…well, it’s Rip.”

“Keep him there, we coming in.” Sara orders him.


Sara has both of her hands on Rips throat, her crystal blue eyes growing dark as she growls, “I am going to tear you apart with my bare hands.” Her face is incredibly close to him but he remains calm, almost smug.

Ava reaches them, stopping Sara before anything can happen, “Sara, wait. We need answers. I need answers.”

Waverly and Nicole rush to Gary who is visibly shaken at this point. He lets out a sigh, relieved that he’s not alone with Rip anymore.

Sara releases her grip and shoves him backwards, “He better start talking.”

Rip falls back into a chair and clears his throat. He studies the room before speaking. “Hello Sara, Ava. How have you been? I see you’ve made some new friends,” nodding towards Waverly and Nicole.

Sara snarls, “This isn’t some happy family reunion, Rip. Cut the crap. The only reason you’re still alive right now is because Ava needs answers, otherwise I would have ended you already.” Her gaze is fixed on him like she’s telepathically keeping him in his place.

Without breaking from Sara’s gaze he replies, “I’ll be happy to tell you everything. Where shall we start?”

Sara pauses, she’s pictured this moment ever since they realized what was happening. She wants to make him suffer for hurting Ava, and even though her assassin days are long over, the mere thought has her on the edge of doing things she knows she might regret later.

 Ava approaches, “First things first, we’re putting you in the holding cell. It’s for everyone’s safety. Gary and Nicole, would you mind escorting Rip?”

Nicole questions under her breath, “Holding cell?”

Gary answers, “Yeah, it’s SOP, all secret lair-bat cave-bunker type-command centers have one.”

Waverly grabs her key card from the desk, “I’ll unlock it for you.”

Nicole rolls her eyes, “You knew about it too? Why am I the last to know?”

“It’s okay, Baby.” she falls in behind them as they walk Rip out.

Ava grabs at the back of her neck, her entire body tensed at the sight of Rip, “What the hell is happening? Is it really him? What if he’s not alone?”

Sara paces as she tries to put the mental image of tearing him apart aside for now, “I don’t know, but let’s go find out.”

Ava grabs for her and pulls her close, “Sara, be careful. Don’t let him get to you.”

Sara tucks a stray strand of hair behind Ava’s ear, a gesture she’s made dozens of times by now, her eyes are soft once again as she looks into Ava’s. “Babe, I promise. He’s in our house now. We’re in control.” Sara’s touch temporarily relaxes Ava and she can feel Ava’s grip loosen as she continues, “He can’t hurt us anymore.”

“I know,” Ava wants to make sure Sara understands the gravity of their situation, “but this is as an opportunity to get closure. I need you to stay calm. Don’t do anything to him until…”

Sara smiles, her face glows when she looks at Ava. She pulls their bodies close together and kisses her softly. “Babe, I promise. I won’t do anything until you have what you need.”


Gary and Nicole escort Rip to the holding cell, although it’s really just a sectioned off corner of their storage room that’s been and enclosed with a tempered glass door.

Waverly swipes the key card and steps aside as he enters under his own power.

Gary pushes the clear glass door closed. The only sound is the faint click as the lock engages.

Nicole tells him, “Waves and I will go monitor the security cameras in case he’s not alone.”

Gary nods and turns to leave but Rip’s eyes are on him, he can feel it. “I think what you’ve done to Ava and Sara is disgraceful,” he manages thru clenched teeth. He takes some satisfaction in knowing that Rip is finally locked up even if it seems to be voluntary.

Rip squares his jaw, “So, you’re best friends with them now?”

Gary keeps his back turned. He sucks air into his lungs and swallows the acid creeping up in his throat. He has anticipated this day just as much as anyone, the day Rip would answer for his actions. “They’re good people. I consider them family, something you wouldn’t understand.”

Rip moves closer to the door, “Oh but I do understand, perfectly.”

Gary turns to face him, “Why did you come here? You had to know that Sara would never go with you and certainly never give up Ava.”

“You’re right about that. In fact, that is precisely what I have been counting on.” He drops his head and leans against the wall.


Sara taps Gary on the shoulder, “We’ve got this now, thanks Gary.”

Ava adds, “Stay close to Nicole and Waverly, this isn’t their fight. I don’t want anything to happen to them.”

He nods and leaves them.

Rip speaks first, “So, you’ve got yourself a new team. Seems they’ll do anything for you, I see.” His tone is more mocking than matter of fact.

Sara plans to remain calm for Ava’s sake, but she can tell Rip isn’t going to make this easy. “They’re good people, they’re here because they want to help and they care about us.”

“Funny, that’s what Gary said about the two of you.” Rip turns his back to them.

“Enough small talk.” Ava stares at the back of Rips head, her fists clenched. She won’t wait any longer for answers, “Why the hell did you let me believe I was a clone?”

Rip takes a deep breath and squares his shoulders before answering. “Ah, I see you found out.” He turns to face her. His tone softens when he speaks to her, “Ava, I truly am sorry about that. It wasn’t supposed to happen. It wasn’t supposed to be you.”

“What wasn’t supposed to happen?” Ava wants to reach thru the glass and shake the answers out of him.

“Having your memory erased. I didn’t know it was you, the real you. I didn’t find out until after and then it was too late.” Rip drops his head, averting he eyes.

“I don’t understand. You’re not making any sense.” Ava isn’t in the mood for games.

“I have felt awful about it. I wanted to tell you.” He keeps his head down.

Sara interrupts, “Okay, this isn’t going anywhere.” She touches Ava’s shoulders in an effort to ground her before looking back at Rip, “Why don’t you start by telling us about Anna Traske. How did she end up in the future with you?”

Rip leans his head against the glass door, “That is a very long story.”

Sara is growing impatient but she promised Ava, “Well how about you give us the short version.”

“She…” he makes direct eye contact with Ava for the first time, “you were brilliant.” His eyes drop again. He can’t let them see his pain. “The plague hit us hard. We tried everything, even looked to history for a cure, or at least a way to stop it from spreading. We found your research. You and your father discovered a way to save your dying mother. It was a miracle. We hoped it could save us too. I convinced you to go with me, to help the human race. It wasn’t difficult. You were so kind, so willing to help.”

Ava takes a deep breath for what feels like the first time in several minutes, “What about my mother and father?”

“We put them in a safe house. That was your only condition. That they were taken care of while you were gone.” He turns his back to them.

“Are they…still alive?” Ava can’t believe she is asking this question, can’t believe that she is finally getting answers. She hadn’t allowed herself to imagine what it would be like to have a real family until this moment.

“They are very much alive.” He confirms.

Ava’s legs go weak, his words ringing in her ears. Sara wraps an arm around her waist for support. Rip keeps his back to them, unable to witness the hurt he has caused her.

She lets the news sink in. Her parents are still alive. She does have a real family. She gets her bearings quickly and continues, “Do they know…about me?”

Shifting his weight, still looking away, he tells her, “They know you are alive. They think you are still out saving the world with me.”

Ava leans into Sara, her face goes blank. “But I’m here instead.”

“Yes, and that is where things get complicated.” He slides his hands in the pockets of his dusty brown overcoat, thinking about his next words, “You were able to guide the doctors to a cure, but the devastation to the race was catastrophic. That’s when they decided to use your clone research. You helped them develop the program that would help repopulate the planet. It took almost twenty years. Things were perfect for a time, and then outsiders got involved. The clones became more aggressive, even violent. The Time Masters had to step in.”

Ava grabs at the back of her neck again, “So let me get this straight. I made clones that looked like me?”

Sara curls her mouth sideways, “That was a damn good choice too.”

“We used your DNA, you were the only human that hadn’t been infected. It was the most logical choice,” Rip tells them.

“Makes sense,” Sara gently relaxes her grip on Ava, “So that’s when you brought the clones back, but what about the real Anna, how did that happen?”

“I don’t know exactly, we were on our twelfth try. I thought she was a clone.”  He runs a hand thru his hair, “I erased her memory like I had done with all of the others. It wasn’t until Anna went missing that I discovered she had switched places with the clone. It was too late.” He covers his face, “I was devastated.  Your years of research, your memory, your true identity, it was all gone in an instant.”

Ava’s steadies herself against Sara, “But why would I do that? Didn’t I know you would erase my memory?”

“I don’t know. You must have had a reason.” Rip’s body gives way to exhaustion as he slides down the wall and ends up in a heap on the floor. “Would you mind if we took a break? I’ve had a very long journey, and I’m feeling quite tired.”


Ava sits at the table near a corner of the command center. Sara pours them each a shot. Gary, Nicole and Waverly join them.

Nicole reports, “The perimeter is secure, no unusual activity so far. I’ve increased the camera scans just to be safe.”

Sara raises her glass towards them and nods.

Waverly slips into a chair beside Ava, “Do you think he’s telling the truth? Do you believe you’re parents are still alive?

Ava downs the shot before setting the glass on the table, “Honestly, I’m not sure what to believe.” She’s been replaying the conversation over and over in her mind, “He sounds sincere, but I seriously doubt whether we can trust him.”

“Well, we could run Felicity’s facial recognition programs. Maybe we’ll get a hit.” Waverly tells her.

Nicole adds, “That’s a good idea, Waves. I’ll give you a hand.”

As they walk away Waverly quips, “We seriously need to get you out of that suit, and soon. You’re really distracting me.”

Sara chuckles as she slips into the vacated chair next to Ava. “So babe, what do you say we finish this up?” Her eyes sweep across Ava, “I agree with Waverly about these suits.”

Ava scoffs, “Really Sara? How can you be thinking about sex right now?”

Sara curls her mouth into a grin, “Hello, have you met me?”

“Sara.” Ava sounds stern but deep down she’s happy for the distraction.

“You’re right. I’m sorry Babe,” Sara’s eyes sparkle, “just trying to lighten the mood.”

Ava takes Sara’s hand and interlaces their fingers together. “I know Babe. And I love you for that.” They sit in silence. Ava’s mind processing before she continues. “I think I’ve heard all I need to from Rip. I mean, nothing will change what has happened. I’m really ready for this whole thing to be over.”

Sara kisses the back of Ava’s hand, “Alright then, consider it done. Did you want to come with me?”

Ava leans in and kisses her, “No, I think I’m going to go work on finding my parents. Take Nicole with you just in case he tries something.”


Sara finds Rip in the same spot he was in when they left him, in a pile on the floor. She approaches and calls out to him, “Alright Rip, you’re little break is over. Now it’s my turn to get some answers.”

He remains motionless.

She moves closer, “Rip, come on. Wake up.” She knocks on the glass door.

He doesn’t move.

Nicole steps closer, “Is he alive?”

“I think he’s breathing.” Sara knocks again, this time louder.

“Should we go in there?” Nicole asks.

“No, that’s exactly what he wants. It’s the oldest trick in the book.” Sara tells her. She knocks a third time with more force, “Rip wake up.”

His stirs and raises his eyes to meet Sara’s, “Oh good, you’re back.” His words are slow and labored.

Sara crouches, “What’s going on Rip?”

“Sara,” he coughs, “I had hoped I would find you before this happened. I wanted to explain.”

“What do you mean, before what happened?” Sara kneels next to the door.

“I’m afraid I’m out of time.” He struggles for air to push the words out, “But you need to know…I am sorry…for everything, for Ava…the serum…all of it.”

“Rip, this doesn’t make sense.” Sara searches his face, looking for any indication that this might be a trick.

“It doesn’t have to make sense, Sara. This is how it ends.”

“Ends? No. We still have questions.  What about the Time Masters? Are we still in danger? Are they coming to take Ava?” Sara isn’t sure what is happening, but she can’t let things end without knowing the truth.

“No,” he coughs again, “now that Ava knows her true identity, the future will rewrite itself again. The threats are no longer valid, she will right my wrongs. The two of you will cement a different future, one based on love.”

Ava rushes into the room and kneels beside Sara, “Rip, what did you do?”

“Ava, I’m sorry.” His eyes are sunken and almost lifeless. “It was the only way you could be free.” He exhales, his eyes go dark as his heads falls to the side and then he’s gone.

Ava slumps into Sara arms, they sit holding each other, in shock.

Gary unlocks the cell door and kneels next to Rip’s limp body, checking for a pulse but doesn’t find one. “He’s gone, he’s really gone.” He tells them.

Ava can only say, “Sara, what did he do?”

Sara lightly touches Ava’s face and looks deep into her eyes before telling her, “I think he sacrificed himself to change your destiny.”


Waverly pushes Nicole against the door and kisses her. This is the first chance they’ve had to be alone all day. Nicole slips her arms around Waverly’s waist and leans into the kiss as Waverly presses her body against her.

“Hey,” Waverly says with a smile. “What do you say we get you out of that suit?”

Nicole drops her chin and looks at her with warm brown eyes. “But I thought you liked it on?” she smiles and softly kisses Waverly.

“Mm, I do,” Waverly curls a finger in Nicole’s hair, “but now I want it off.” She reaches for the zipper and slides it down slowly as she kisses Nicole’s neck and then moves to her shoulder as she pushes the fabric aside.

Nicole breathes in and kisses her again as she walks them both to the bed. “I’m glad no one but you noticed I still had it on.”

“I know. They weren’t worried about us though, what a day huh?” Waverly drops to the bed and smiles up at Nicole.

“Yeah, I definitely didn’t think it would end the way it did.” Nicole sits down beside her. “Do you think we can actually find Ava’s parents?”

“Honestly,” Waverly laughs, “I think anything is possible after what we’ve seen.” She slides her hands inside Nicole’s suit and pushes it off of her shoulders, “Now about this suit.”