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You're my Kingdom

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There once lived a God, he was strong and kind, but he was terribly lonely. The God decided to create a companion, someone to be by his side as he watched over living things that roamed the earth below him.
The God created the first ever Seraph and he gave her the name, Inko; a fitting name for such a beautiful creature that pull him in.

But even if he had Inko, he could see that she was lonely, so he created more Seraphim. Soon the Kingdom of Light was filled with song and music.
He decided to create more but different ones, he created Cherubim’s and Thrones. The Kingdom of Light had never been so lively and for once in his ever lasting life; he felt a stronger purpose and he needed to create more.

For the next years he created Dominions, Virtues, Authorities, Principalities, Archangels and Angels.
The Kingdom was bustling with life and happiness, but it soon occurred to him that there was nothing for his people to do so he hired the finest sculptures to create two perfect beings in the image of himself and his one true love, Inko.

The beings were worked on day and night as the God found the best florist to create a marvelous plants to be scattered on the earth below them. He created new animals that would aid the beings once they arrived on the earth below, even if some was more hostile than others.

Finally the beings were done, well the statues of them and the God carefully placed them on the earth below before giving them life.
He watched over them, but it looked so lonely that he decided to create more, he used the image of the friends he had been surrounded with. They all marveled over the statues before the God gently placed them on the earth below them and breathing life into them.

The Kingdom of Light seemed to rejoice over the beings that had so fondly gotten the nickname Human, even if no one knows where it first came from.
The happiness seemed endless in the Kingdom of Light, what the God didn’t expect was that that happiness would soon come to an end as one of the Seraph’s declared that the Humans wasn’t worth their praise and love.

The Seraph felt like they had been blinded by the uselessness of the Human, as they did nothing more than run around and kill.
The God tried to reason with the Seraph, but it was to no avail, he brandished his flame sword to descend to the earth below to rid the beautiful nature of such a foul creature.
The God, in a panicked state, told the Seraph that if he dared to lay a hand on the beings, he would get banished to the darkest corner of the earth below them.
Not heeding the warning from the God he once followed so blindly, he stepped out of the golden gates and was violently throw to the darkest corner on the earth below, the only thing remaining was a sword made out of the purest of fires.

That day the Kingdom of Light mourned the loss of one of their most trustworthy Seraph’s.

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The Kingdom of Light was celebrating, their God – their All Might – had announced that his one true love was with child. They had waited centuries for this to happen, the streets were filled with song and dance, laughter and praises could be heard throughout the whole kingdom, which had tripled in size.

The humans looked up at the sky, the All Might must be happy today as the sun was shining stronger and more bright than normal. The warmth lingered around them as a blanket and they could feel happiness wash over their bodies.
Once the Elder had gathered the small town in the town square, he shared the news one of the Archangels had come with. It was a joyous evening as the town placed offerings to their All Might and Lady, sending prayers and well wishes to the God that took care of them so well.

But not everyone was happy over the news, in the darkest depth of the earth, stood a dark kingdom. A man with a sour expression sat upon the throne, his once golden wings had turned as dark as charcoal and his once bright eyes had darken with hatred.
He looked at the Archangel next to him, chained to the queen’s throne as three children stood next to her. He scowled at the failed offspring’s, none of them was perfect, but he had a feeling that the one in the Archangel right now would be the one. The one to destroy the humans and take down All Might.

But the All Might and Inko was not the only couple to carry such news, both in the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness, couples celebrated with their friends and families the same news.

Mitsuki and Inko shared their news with each other first, being the best of friends and had no secrets between them. So together they planned their children’s future, how they would grow up together and be best friends, just like the two of them.

Masaru and the All Might looked over their true loves, watching as they conversed and shared ideas of names. They knew better than to step in and opted to listen to them instead, small smiles grazed their features and dreaming of the day their children would arrive.

In the Kingdom of Darkness, a family of dragon hybrids, celebrated the pregnancy of their first born. They celebrated together with their families and friends, it was a year full of magic and light, even in the darkest corner of the world.