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Josuke sure is smooth

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Josuke couldn't help the pout as he read the next question on the dull piece of paper.
School was so boring .

It wasn't that he didn't understand it, it was just homework felt so mundane when there are so many other things happening in the world. Who knows who else was running rampant that needed their butts kicked. What stand user will cause trouble in this crazy bizarre town.
But there was something more to fear if he didn’t do his homework, and that was his mother.

His eyes moved from his work on the table to the other person in the room, who sat on the carpet making grumbling sounds as the tv screen signalled another loss.

"Aww man," Okuyasu shifted himself on the ground to stretch his legs out and huffed after his character died.

Josuke smiled from behind him. He always counted his lucky stars to have someone as special as Okuyasu in his life. A day hadn't gone by that they weren't together and he finds more pieces of his heart being held in Okuyasu's grasp without the other even knowing.

He always had an inkling that he wasn't an average boy - girls were boring - but he definitely knew now that he wasn't straight.

Okuyasu was hot. There was no mistaking it. And he wasn’t too bad himself. They'd definitely be the hottest couple, he was certain of it.
They'd rule the world.

But as confident as he was imagining it, taking the next step of telling Okuyasu how he truly felt was a whole different kettle of fish.

He could only hope it would be easy.
And he'll get to it... one day.

For now, Josuke was perfectly content with how they were, just the two of them being always close that it felt natural. Though maybe Okuyasu hadn't realized how many times he's flirted with the other but he was all too willing in hoping he was flirting right back.

Okuyasu groaned again, "Josuke, why is this part so hard?"

Taking a break would be fine , Josuke thought quickly, as he got up and made his way over. 

"Let me see," he said, crouching down.

He saw Okuyasu offer the controller by his side; for him to grab it, Josuke suspected, but an idea came to him that made his heart bounce.

Josuke kneeled down behind him and his arms shakily went around Okuyasu’s waist as he grabbed the controller and moved it in front of both of them. He angled his face to look over Okuyasu's shoulder. 
His face felt boiling red as he thumbed the 'retry' button.

"J-Josuke, what are you doing?" Okuyasu asked in a quiet voice while not moving away.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm helping, got a problem?" He managed to cough out, hoping he sounded natural.

Okuyasu shook his head, "n-no, no problem."

They both watched the screen load in silence and when Josuke peered at his face, he could see the same colour of red glowing on the tips of Okuyasu's ears. 

He felt like he could do so much more at this moment. As if he could easily kiss the skin inches away from his lips and touch him, let his hand slide under the shirt - but he better stop thinking more of it or else him having a boner may make things awkward.

He was at least confident that what he was doing right now wasn't completely unwelcome.

After he beat the round, Josuke reluctantly moved away, coughing and flustered, “there you go,” he said as he walked back to his seat. 

"Wow, Josuke," Okuyasu looked up at him as if he had stars in his eyes, his face painted red, "You're really smooth!" 

Josuke couldn't hide his grin at all in response.