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Eren clung onto Levi’s shoulder as they walked down the slippery stone steps of the restaurant they were just leaving. It was Christmas, and although the snow was not as thick as it used to be, there were soft mounds that pattered on the ground, creating a crunchy and slippy layer. Eren had drank, and was thus a little weak in the knees. In addition, he was also not wearing the most sensible of clothes. A simple pair of pants and relatively conservative shirt. He didn’t want to wear such ‘formal’ wear, but it was a requirement for the place they had held Levi’s birthday dinner at.

Levi on the other hand, having just turned 38, was a lot more well dressed. A thick dark coat that stopped at just above the knee, a scarf, gloves, yet he was still chilly as the crisp winter air hit his face.

“I’m so full!” Eren exclaimed when they reached the bottom of the steps. Although it was Christmas, the street was relatively quiet. Most people were inside their houses or restaurants. The only people that were walking around were a few couples, walking around as a small flurry of snow began to descend from the sky.

Removing his scarf, Levi’s neck and collar bones were viciously attacked by the cruel bite of the air, but he continued and wrapped the scarf around the taller mans neck, making sure to tuck it in and ensure some fabric covered his shoulders.

“You should’ve worn a coat. It’s so cold out, you’ll get sick.”

Pouting, Eren reached out his hands and buttoned up the top button of Levi’s coat.

“But the car is just over there. We can just turn the heater on. We’d be there now if you didn’t fret so much.”

Levi finished setting the scarf on his fiance, and he placed both hands in his pocket, holding out his arm for the other to link in. Eren gladly intertwined their arms as they walked across the road towards the car. He was glad that Levi was now more comfortable with that sort of thing. At the beginning of their relationship, Levi had been incredibly shut in himself. He wouldn’t let the two of them hold hands, hug or kiss in public, talk about their relationship while there were others around, or say anything that would insinuate their connection.

But, over the past two years, both of them were able to work through his insecurities and sensitivity surrounding the matter. They had been together for a while, and he was at a stage where he could comfortably hold hands with Eren in public, let the other touch him and say things that would make it obvious they were together, and luckily, no one had said or done anything to attack or disagree with their relationship. Of course, they would get the occasional turning of heads, second glances, people whispering. Levi was older than Eren, and it caused some to be confused, but nothing drastic ever happened.

Eren knew it was their generation gap. When Levi had came out, the world was not as kind. His fiance still had discomfort with others knowing his sexuality, and even after almost two and a half years of being together, the only person at Levi’s work who knew of their relationship was Erwin.

Levi clicked open the car and got in, strapping his seatbelt and turned on the heater. Eren got in the other side, undoing the tightness of the scarf and wrapping it around himself as a shawl.

“It’s so fucking cold,” Levi said as his breath was visable in the air.

“You want your scarf back?”

He shook his head. “We’ll be home soon.”

As Levi started up the car, Eren curled up in his seat, using the scarf as a blanket, and turned to the side to watch his fiance.

Pulling out of the car park, Levi glanced over at Eren.

‘What kind of position is he sitting in? He looks like a cat.’

He opened his mouth to scold him, but he instead closed it up. ‘Don’t say anything. He’ll just complain I’m an old fashioned...what does he call me…?’

“What are you looking at?”

Grinning, Eren snuggled deeper into the makeshift blanket.

“The hot guy who’s driving right now.”

A gentle smile and slight blush formed on the older mans face as he drove onto the main road. The roads were surprisingly quiet.

“Is that so? You should sit up properly. Are you strapped in?”

Eren clicked his tongue, and lifted up the scarf to show his seat belt across his chest.

“I’m strapped in! You sound like such a boomer sometimes.”

‘Ah that’s right. He calls me that.’

“Yeah? And you’re just a kid who gets tipsy on nothing but soda.”

Opening his mouth, not expecting a clap back, Eren groaned.

“That’s not fair! It wasn’t soda! It had gin in it!”

Levi smiled. Eren was so easy to tease. All he had to do was monotonously make a comment about either his dress sense, inability to handle his alcohol, or his immaturity when it came to winning games, and Eren would spend the next half hour in a sulk. He loved stirring him up like that.

“You had two drinks and your face is that red. What do kids call lightweights these days?” Without taking his eyes off the road, Levi reached a hand over and pinched the others cheek.

“They put a lot of alcohol in them! Nearly half the glass was alcohol!”

“Don’t believe you.”

Eren groaned and pouted, rubbing the tender area on his cheek which had been pinched.

“You’re so mean to me. I’m not a lightweight! I can handle my alcohol!”

Reaching over and placing his hand on top of Levi’s which was resting on the gearstick, Eren hyper focused on the way the older mans fingers looked. They were soft and pale, but surprisingly well structured for someone his frame.

“But I feel bad. It’s your birthday and you didn’t drink cause you had to drive.”

Clearing his throat, Levi shook his head reassuringly.

“I’ll drink when we get home. Plus, it was my decision not to drink. I could’ve let you drive and got drunk myself, but -”

“But you won’t let me drive your car…” Eren was clearly pouting so hard.

Clicking his tongue, Levi reached over again to pinch the other’s nose this time.

“Let’s remind ourselves where your car is Eren.”

“I know I know!”

“Where is it? I forgot.”

Covering his face with the scarf, Eren turned himself to face the window.

“The repair shop…” he mumbled, a hint of embarrassment in his voice.

Nodding sympathetically, Levi stopped at a red light. The snow was beginning to come down a little heavier, making him turn on the windscreen wipers.

“That’s right. It’s at the repair shop. That’s why I won’t let you drive this car. Do you know how much this car means to me? I don’t want your grubby little hands driving it and crashing it into a wall.”

Eren curled up even tighter, his face at the highest level of sulkiness possible.

“It’s not my fault! If that old woman hadn’t come zooming round the corner I wouldn’t have had to dodge it and crash.”

“So it’s the old womans fault huh?”

Levi knew full well it was her fault. But he liked hearing the sounds from Eren’s annoyed disposition, which he was rewarded with. A long groan, almost a growl came from his mouth as he turned around to face him.

“I’m kidding I’m kidding! I know it was her fault. Don’t get so worked up.”

Pulling into the driveway of his home, Levi switched the engine off, finally turning his head to look at the younger man who was in a small ball under his black scarf.

“We’re here. Are you ready?”

Peaking out of the corner of his fake blanket, Eren nodded.

“Let’s go then. We’ll warm up in the bath.”

As Levi waited on Eren sitting up, he got his keys out of his top pocket.

“Did you have fun?” Eren asked.

Nodding, Levi reached out and ruffled his fiance’s hair.

“I sure did. This probably is the best birthday I’ve had in a really long time, thanks to you.”

That was certainly unusual. Eren was not as used to that kind of compliment from Levi. The two of them were fairly lovely to each other in the comfort of their own home, but Levi very rarely made a comment thanking Eren or hinting at the happiness he felt with him.

“Thanks to me?”

Levi scratched at his head and nodded again. “Of course. I never did anything for my birthday. But you kind of force me into these fun situations which always turn out to be good. So it’s thanks to you.”

Grinning and cuddling deeper into Levi’s scarf, Eren hid his blushing cheeks.

“Did you like your present?”

At this point, Eren was just fishing for more and more compliments. It wasn’t every day that he could corner his fiance into saying nice things, and he was going to ride this wave until it crashed.

“I did.”

‘Although,’ Levi thought, ‘I’m surprised you even knew where to begin with buying imported tea. You must’ve had some help.’

In truth, it was Erwin who had helped Eren buy the specific kind of tea Levi had always wanted to try, but could never find in stores. But of course, Eren was not going to admit that.

“Yeah! I found it all by myself.”

‘That’s a dead give away that you didn’t.’

“Eren, let’s go inside. It’s too cold to be hanging out in the car. I really wanna just get in the bath.” Levi said as his teeth began to chatter. His feet and hands were cold, and his legs were shaking.

“You want a bath as soon as we get in?”

The older man nodded, rubbing at his arms, giving a silent yawn.

“Actually, I have another present for you.”

Turning his head, Levi’s eyes were tinted with curiosity. That was another thing Eren wasn’t able to get enough of. The amount of expression his fiance expressed the more time they spent together, was so subtle, but so romantically infused that he wanted to see more and more.

“More tea?”

Eren shook his head, sitting up straight and removing the scarf from his face.

“No. It’s something better.” He reached over and planted a kiss on the cold, red cheek of his lover. “I’m sure it’s also able to warm you up though, and it might make you a little sweaty too. So perhaps we should leave the bath until after.”

Levi’s fingers tensed up.

‘Is he talking about…?’

Indeed, since the two of them had gotten together, their sex life had to go through some changes. Levi was of course, 16 years older than Eren, and his body couldn’t take the kind of rough and aggressive sex that he wanted each and every night. In addition, Eren was a lot more inclined towards having gentle, soft, and a more subdued type of sex with his lover. As a result, they both made an agreement. On regular occasions, Levi would allow Eren to make tame and tender love to him. It was enjoyable for both of them, and it wasn’t so hard on the older mans body. However, on special days, or when Levi couldn’t take it anymore, Eren would let his lover sucume to his wild fetishes and fantasies, and give him everything he wanted. He would take charge and control, they would use toys, and Eren would toy with him and tease him as much as he wanted.

“It’s your birthday, right? Did you think I wouldn’t treat you to that kind of thing?”

Levi’s face flushed red, not with cold, but this time, with heat. It had been around two months since the two of them had had that kind of sex, and his body was aching for it. Just the thought of what Eren would do to him was enough to give him half of an erection.

“Or you don’t want it? It’s okay if you do-”

“The bath can wait until later.” Levi clicked open the car door, getting out, and pointed to the front door of his house.

“Get out quickly. Let’s go.”

A sly smile was pressed on Eren’s face. His fiance was clearly desperate to begin their fooling around, and Eren was more than ready to be the meanest he had been to date.


Levi’s legs were shaking profusely. He was on his knees, his inner thighs vibrating along with the toy that was placed just below his prostate. The only thing stopping him from coming over the floor was the cockring that was tightly wrapped around the base. Rope was tied tightly around his wrists behind his back, a blind fold covering his eyes and a black and red gag was strapped around his mouth. In this position, he couldn’t move, talk, see. Despite this, all of his senses were on edge. He could tell his dick was bright red with anticipation, sticking up completely solid, waiting.

He focused on the sounds and scents around him. The familiar sound of Eren’s zipper as he sat on the bed in front of him. The even more familiar strong smell from his fiances erection slipping out his boxers, being held out in front of him.

“Seeing you like this got me really hard,” Eren said as he gripped his cock, slapping it across Levi’s face a few times, making the older man shiver and groan into the gag. Smelling his fiances scent made Levi’s tongue instinctively reach out, but it was stopped with the red ball in his mouth. His lips began to move on their own around it, his tongue licking around inside his mouth. He had been in this gag for nearly an hour and a half as Eren teased him with any kind of toy they had stored in the top drawer. He had been tied up, his ass smacked as he lay across Eren’s leg with a paddle, clips being attached to his already hardened and sensitive nipples, anal beads inserted and removed one by one.

His body was already at its limit. It had reached the end a while back. He couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to come. His mind was slowly breaking down, melting into a hot steamy puddle and the only way to bring him back was through the type of orgasm that only Eren could give him.

Gently rubbing at Levi’s cheek with one hand and slapping his dick across the gagged mouth with the other, Eren adoringly looked down at his lover. He knew the perfect balance of roughness and gentleness that Levi liked, and he was going to bring him to the edge so many times.

“Look, your mouth is trying to eat at the gag. Do you wanna suck my cock that badly?”

Levi’s lips twitched. He could feel the hardened flesh of Eren’s erection across his mouth. He wanted to open up his mouth and take all of it down into his throat. Nodding, he tried to bite onto the gag to tell Eren to remove it.

Running a thumb along the swollen bottom lip, Eren smiled lovingly. “I can’t see your eyes right now, but I can imagine what kind of look your giving me. I bet it’s desperate.”

Levi’s teeth bit into the ball even more.

“Okay, you’ve been a good boy tonight, so I’ll let you suck on me,” Eren’s fingers reached for the hook at the side of Levi’s ear to unhinge the gag. Before he let it go, he made sure to grab at Levi’s chin, a thumb pressing against the ball in his mouth.

“But you have to remember, this mouth right here,” he ran another finger down and pinched the bottom lip, “it’s only for sucking me off. It’s not allowed to speak, do you understand?”

Hearing this command, Levi compliantly nodded and groaned in agreement, his own cock beginning to secrete a thick string of precum.

“And if you don’t suck me well enough,” Eren’s hand gently stroked Levi’s cheek, making the older man lean into the affection, before giving it a modest slap, “I might just smack you some more. Okay?”

With his heart rate increasing and the vibrator in his ass continuing to tease at him, Levi’s tongue was pushing against the gag to release it. He was a total mess, and every sense that he had left was long gone. He had never felt this level of obedience or submissiveness to anyone before.

He nodded vigorously, letting out a lustful and muffled moan.

When the gag was removed, Levi wasted no time in transferring the hot erection right into his mouth. At the first gulp, he brought it all the way to the back of his throat, coating it in a layer of his saliva before moving his head and eating up everything that was in front of him. He wanted to please his fiance so much, he wanted to gain his affection and approval, despite also wanting more slaps across the face.

Eren winced at the heat from Levi’s mouth, his hand gently cupping the older mans cheek as his mouth slid along his length so lovingly. He had learnt the best way to make his fiance feel the most pleasure, but Eren was naturally not the rough type when it came to sex. He was more likely to melt and submit to his lover, but he knew that Levi needed this kind of treatment from time to time.

The moans Levi produced from sucking so deeply on the cock in his mouth, his throat opening up and pulsing from the constant thrusting, the submissive shakes of his ass as his knees bruised against the floor of their bedroom, the very sight of this was driving the younger man crazy.

Levi wanted nothing more than Eren to completely shove every last inch right into his ass right there, but he had to be patient. If he did anything out of line, then Eren may not reward him.

As his head came up, Eren’s cock slipped out of his mouth as the older man opened up to breath, his chest heaving as saliva dripped from his mouth.

Eren knew that he was going to be close to blow soon, so to buy himself some time, he gripped at his lovers chin and yanked his head up.

“You ate that up like it was delicious. Filthy.”

He saw Levi’s cock twitch with excitement. That was right. The more Eren embarrassed and toyed with him, the more riled up he would get. Levi wanted to speak badly. He wanted to ask to be slapped, but he wasn’t allowed to talk.


Eren’s hand came down on his cheek, making precum shoot from his erection onto the floor. Eren’s slaps were never rough, but they were enough to sting, and that kind of touch was exactly what Levi wanted.

“What did I say about not speaking? Did you forget?” Eren grabbed onto Levi’s hair, pulling it so he could look at his face. “Did sucking my dick make you lose your mind, huh?” Smiling to himself, Eren let go of his fiances hair. “Gross. You’re so disgusting.”

With his legs shaking, Levi nodded in agreement bowing his head down.


Although it wasn’t much in his nature to naturally behave like this, Eren loved seeing the difference Levi showed. In his regular life compared to their sex life, it was completely reversed. A complete 180 change.

Sticking out his foot and poking Levi’s erection with his toes, Eren’s hand reached down to fondle the pink and abused nipples that still had their clips attached.

“You look pretty hard. Should I suck you off? You can say ‘Yes master’ if you want me to.”

Levi felt his ass tightened up.

“Yes Master,” he said, his voice hoarse and wet with the saliva from sucking so much.

“Stand up.”

Levi complied. With his weak knees, he stood up, his hands behind his back, the string from the vibrator swinging, his cock proudly staring up at the ceiling.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Eren planted a few soft kisses up on the solid length in front of him.

“You want me to suck you?”

Levi nodded.

Putting his hand on his chin and thinking, Eren had an idea.

“Then, why don’t you say ‘Please suck my pathetic gay cock,’?”

Levi bit his lips. Eren was really pushing it. His legs were already about to give in and buckle over. He needed to come, and he knew that even if Eren sucked on him, because of the cock ring he wouldn’t be able to.

“Well? You don’t want it?” Eren reached a hand over and fished for the controller attached to the other end of the vibrator up his fiances ass, and increased it ever so slightly.

A shiver ran up his spine, and the muscles in Levi’s arms flexed, trying to rip out of the ropes around his wrists, but they were too tight.

“P-Please suck on my…”

Eren opened up his mouth, pinching Levi’s erection at the base and moving it to face him.


His tongue reached out and ever so slightly touched the tip, the taste of his lovers precum immediately joining the taste in his mouth.

“...g-gay cock…”

Eren pressed against Levi’s lower back, moving him forward, taking every inch of him inside his mouth. Levi was not as big as Eren, but he had the same kind of thickness, as a result, his mouth was full, but nothing was hitting the back of his throat. That was pretty lucky for Eren, as his gag reflex was too sensitive.

With his mouth opened and head lowered, Levi thrust into Eren’s mouth, which was wrapped tightly around his length, the slurping sounds and popping sounds making his ass clench. The younger man simply looked up at his fiance, seeing his mouth opened, he looked like he was about to cry.

‘He’s really feeling it now...I should let him come soon…’ Over the two years of their relationship, Eren knew exactly what was enough for his lover, and the look on his face showed it.

Before he stopped, Levi stopped the thrusting of his hips and took a weak and shaky step back, his cock swinging against his stomach.

“Oh? Had enough?”

Taking a blind few steps forward, Levi crashed his knees up onto the bed, his chest and face pressed against the bed sheets, his ass stuck in the air. His breath was heavy, and his hole was opening and closing by itself, his fingers gesturing for Eren to come closer.

“E-enough…” he gasped, his voice thick with lust. “Just....just fuck me already…”

With blind passion, Eren couldn’t take it anymore. The sight of his lover, his groans, the muscles in his back contracting, the swaying of his hips, they were all so enticing he couldn’t help it. The confident dominance he had developed left him, and all that was left was a love sick 22 year old that couldn’t help but take what was in front of him.

Before the two of them came, Eren removed the ropes, the blindfold, and the ring around Levi’s cock. Sweat dripped from the both of them as Levi’s back was pressed up against the bed sheets, his legs spread as open as they could go, wrapping around Eren’s back.

Wincing at the tightness around his length, Eren’s breath was getting louder and louder.

“You’re too tight...I’m gonna cum…”

Levi threw his head back, his toes curling against the wet back of his lover, his fingers reaching up and running through Eren’s hair.

“Me too...cum inside…”


“Did you get time off next month?”

Eren looked up from his phone as he sat on the floor, his bath towel still wrapped around his shoulders. After that type of sex, Levi always made them both sit in the bath and wash each other, and then change the bed sheets and clean the room. Eren had done his job of putting the old sheets in the wash basket and putting on fresh ones, and was now sitting in front of the heater in his boxers. The smell of sex was sifting away, and the smell of their bubble bath was now filling the room.

Levi on the other hand had just finished blow drying his hair, and was wiping down the sex toys with his usual expressionless face. Seeing him cleaning the gag with that blank stare was pretty funny.

“Yeah, I got ten days off, from the 10th to the 20th. That’s the same days as you, right?”

Levi nodded. “Yeah. We have this week off too for Christmas and New Year, so starting tomorrow we’re packing everything up into boxes.”

Eren put his phone down and stretched. His body hurt quite a bit.

“Got it. We’ll pack tomorrow. Aren’t we going to Erwin’s tomorrow for lunch?”

Levi nodded again. “Yeah, at 12. Remind me to bring the presents for his kids and wife. We’ll leave at 11.”

Running a hand through his damp hair, Eren nodded. “Sure thing.”

“You should blow dry your hair. If you leave it wet you’ll get sick.” Levi placed the toys back in the top drawer of the bedside. “I don’t want you sick while we’re moving house.”

Eren turned the heater off and crawled over to the bed. He flopped himself onto the fresh sheets and buried his head into the pillow.

“Uh huh. I’m too tired to dry it. It’ll be fine.”

Levi switched the lamp on beside them, walking over and turning the bedroom light off. In the dim brightness, he slid himself into the bed, placing his glasses on and picking up his book on the nightstand. Eren too got under the blankets, and cuddled his head onto his fiances stomach. Luckily, in the two years they were together, Levi had gained back the weight he had lost, and had gone back to working out. His stomach was now thick with the muscles Eren was used to, and his appetite had increased too. They were both as healthy as ever.

As Eren’s finger traced the lines on his stomach, Levi’s hand reached out to pat the younger mans head as he read.

“Oh, did you send out the invites?” Eren asked.

“Not yet. The wedding isn’t until March, so I’ll hand them out when I get back to work after new years.”

“Are you still sure about inviting everyone from work? They’ll know you’re gay then for sure.”

As his eyes wandered around the page, Levi was processing both his book and Eren’s words. “I’m sure. They’ve seen my engagement ring. It would be an asshole move not to invite them, since I’ve known them for years.”

That was right. Eren closed his eyes. It was weird to think. At just the age of 22, he had a life that he would never have imagined. He was a new graduate, and worked full time in a publishing company as a trainee. He was about to move in with his fiance, and soon after that, he would have a husband. It was nothing like he imagined life to be.

“You know what’s weird?” Eren was mumbling as he was almost falling asleep against the warmth of Levi’s stomach.

Levi flipped the page of his book.

“The fact your nipples aren’t symmetrical?” He ventured a guess. Eren’s nipples were a little wonky after all.

“Ye- NO! That isn’t weird at all, the doctor says it’s totally normal!”

Patting his fiances head and scanning his book, Levi smiled.

“Okay okay calm down. What’s weird?”

Eren closed his eyes once again and wrapped his legs around one of Levi’s.

“When we first met, you were known as the ‘ego-killer,’ right? Everyone at work hated you.”

Levi sighed. He really didn’t like talking about the way he and Eren met. It was unconventional to say the least, in addition to the fact that the old coworkers Eren still talked to from that job had all seen Levi’s dick.

“But having you on my arm, it really boosts my confidence. I can’t really understand how lucky I am ending up with a guy like you. So I guess you could say you really boost my ego.”

Levi placed his bookmark between the pages and put the book down, removing his glasses too.

“Eren,” he said, his voice becoming soft.

Hearing the gentleness of Levi’s voice, Eren’s head moved up as the older man turned off the lamp.

‘I’m the one who’s lucky to have you. My life has changed so much, and I’ve never felt so in love with someone before. You’re my everything,’ Eren imagined Levi saying. He blushed and grinned, waiting for Levi to say something cute, as the tone of his voice hinted at something beautiful to come.

“Shut the fuck up. You talk so much cheesy crap,” Levi said, laying himself down.

Eren could feel a iron rod piercing his heart. ‘How cruel…’

Levi opened up his arm, and patted his chest.

“Come up here. Rest your head on my shoulder.”

Nuzzling into his fiances neck, Eren’s arms and legs wrapped around the other.

Even though his lover was a little...harsh at times, he wouldn’t change him for the world. This guy was somehow, everything he needed. The cold and a little distant police investigator could be charmingly adorable in his own way. He was respectful, listened to Eren’s ideas and opinions, would purposely go out his way to make his life better, and he would return the favour. The two of them hardly argued, even though every day was filled with bickering and childish squabbles.

Eren really wouldn’t change it for the world, and as the two of them cuddled into each other, Levi’s fingers ran through the damp brown hair on his neck. Just before Eren drifted off, he heard his name being called.


Opening his eyes, Eren planted a kiss on Levi’s cheek.

‘Are you going to say something romantic to me too now…?’


Levi sat up, turning the lamp on. He brushed the hair from his face, turning to his fiance, a kind of seriousness filling in the blanks of his expression.

‘Oh shit...he’s going to say something really heartfelt right now…’ Eren could feel it. It was their three year anniversary of knowing each other, not to mention that entire day had been filled with the romantic nonsense they had both experienced for Levi’s last birthday before they got married.

‘Say it...tell me what your heart is thinking…’

“What’s up?”

Taking a deep breath in, Levi ran another hand through Eren’s hair.

“You should blow dry before you go to sleep. It’s making my neck wet and it’s seriously annoying.”