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Let's give them a spankin!

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That was the only thing Izuku was feeling right now. As if this day couldn't get any worse. First he was late to class when Kachann caught him and burned him with his quirk, claiming he didn't need his quirkless ass to save him from the Sludge Villain and repeated what he said to him four days ago.

"Take a swan dive off the roof and hope for a quirk in your next life!"

Of course that wasn't the worst thing said to him that day. What hurt most was what All Might said to him that day;

"No young man, without a quirk you cannot be a hero."

The teacher reprimanded him for being late in front of the class and gave him a detention. After a day of insults and bruises, Izuku left detention and was just about to get home when five classmates of his took him into an alleyway and started to beat him up. Kicks to the stomach, punch to the face, burns to his body and one student (a muscle quirk that prevented him from wearing a shirt) was beating on him so bad every punch was agony.

"Quirkless Freak!"


"Go jump off a bridge!"

If god was real, then he was a world heavyweight cunt like his friend's coworker told him. Izuku can now feel his nose breaking, blood seeping from his eyes, ears, mouth etc. Looks like this morning was the final moment he saw his moth-


Izuku tried to open his eyes but it was hard to since his eyes were all puffed up and bloody from the assault. The person who yelled was wearing a long black coat with jeans and was running towards the group with a belt in his hands. He had it wrapped around his left fist with the metal buckle flailing around. He had on a pissed off face that screamed you're fucked. Izuku focused more and saw that it was none other than Hughie who he met that day of the Sludge Villain incident. The boy with the muscle quirk got up to confront him but Hughie was faster and with his right fist punched him straight across his face, causing the kid's lower jaw to fly off embedding the jaw into the wall next to them. Now all four remaining bullies were left scared shitless.

Hugh Campbell was very much pissed off. When he met Izuku Midoriya four days ago, the kid greatly reminded him of himself when he was a kid in Scotland. He grew up in New York but his family visited Scotland a lot when he was a kid. The kids in the town where his parents grew up made fun of him for not being a true Scotsman and for his "useless" quirk. Hughie could sense someone's emotions just by looking at someone's eyes for five seconds and change them from calm to angry to sadness. The kids saw it as useless but his two friends in town (three now that him and Zuku are friends) saw it as something awesome. So when he saw Izuku getting his ass kicked by a bunch of thugs, all he saw was red.

This must be how Butcher feels when he sees a Supe on tv

The kid with the lower jaw gone was on his knees trying to say something but couldn't as his tongue was flapping around. The only sounds he could make were gurgling noises. He was holding his mouth or what was left of it as he looked up but was swiftly put down as he was kneed to the face. After that, Hughie made quick work of the bullies. Using his belt, he whacked one kid on the side of his head with it and kicked him in the balls. He saw the girl with the fire quirk lift her hands so he quickly dodged out of the way as he ran towards her, grabbed her hands and twisted them, ripping her flesh and bones. Hughie was hit across the head by some kid with a rock quirk but Hughie took care of him easily. He grabbed the boy with sharp teeth and rammed his face into his arm made of rock. The teeth either broke off or went through the stone and into the kid's arm. As he tried to wrench the guy's teeth off his arm, he was knocked out by Hughie's belt covered fist. All that was left of the bullies were bloody writhing bodies who were knocked out cold or suffering from excruciating pain.

The little bastards will live

Hughie immediately turned his attention to Izuku whose face was all black and blue. His uniform was ripped and he could see 3rd degree burns on his arms, legs, stomach and chest along with some nasty bruises. Izuku looked up at Hughie and all he said was;

"You came…...mate"

Hughie picked up Izuku and ran towards his car, many people were staring at Izuku in horror. As he placed Izuku in the backseat, the bully with the removed jaw staggered out of the alleyway and walked into public. Bystanders were horrified at the young man's face and saw that he was pointing in the direction of Hughie who quickly got into the car and fled the scene.

"Hold on Zuku, I got something at my place that will heal you in no time!"

Arriving at his place which was the back of a bakery, Hughie carefully removed his friend from the backseat and through the door that lead to the basement. Inside was a bed, desk, tv and all the things you'd expect a twenty four year old to have. As he laid Izuku in bed, Hughie crouched down and pulled out a suitcase that was under his bed. He placed it on his desk and opened it. Inside was an IV bag that was labeled Compound V. It was highly risky but Hughie would do anything for Izuku.

May cost $35 trillion and Butcher will kill me but ...Zuku deserves to live.

Hughie placed the bag on the IV pole and took out a needle and catheter. Very quickly, he slid the needle into a vein and watched as the blue substance went into Izuku's body. Since this version of Compound V was refined and pure, it would take a bit of time for Izuku's body to heal. What Hughie knew about this version is that it's used by Vought American to give Supes in America the edge needed to make their quirk more powerful. Just take a look at Captain Celebrity. One thing's for certain: Izuku is definitely going to manifest a quirk after taking in the whole bag.