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Let's give them a spankin!

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Butcher walked into the building just casually as he scratched his beard and headed to the receptionist. It was a young woman in her 20's with orange hair, brown eyes, slender form and a business dress that left some cleavage open. She looked up and blushed as she saw Butcher walking up to her.

This'll be easy

"Hello love, do you think you can help me?" Said Butcher in the most sweetest tone.

"Of course sir, how can I help you?"

Butcher reached into his coat and took out his wallet. He flipped it open and showed his CIA badge and ID. The receptionist eyes bulged at the badge since this was serious. What did a government agent want with them?

"I'm here to ask Hisashi Midoriya some questions. Is he in at the moment?"

"Oh-um yes! He is actually but he's kinda busy r-right now."

"Won't be long, just need to ask him some questions real quick. Just tell me where his office is, it'll be quick."

"W-well since it's just questions, his office is on the 11th floor on the right with Executive under his name."

"Thank you sweetheart."

Butcher turned away from the receptionist and walked to the elevators. He entered one and pushed the button for the 11th floor. As he went up, Butcher was scowling as he thought about Midoriya.

Fucker refuses to send his family money yet he has a camaro in the parking lot.

The elevator door opened and Butcher walked out and looked to the right. Spotting the office, he walked towards it as many office workers were peeking out of their cubicles wondering why this man was walking to the office of their boss. Butcher knocked on the door and heard Midoriya's voice.

"Come in"

Butcher walked in and closed the door. Midoriya Hisashi was sitting behind the desk which had picture frames of him with various women. That already pissed off Butcher, reminding of his old man when he lived in the East End. Butcher took a seat across from the desk as Hisashi closed the blinds to his office with a remote.

"I understand that you are a government agent. My receptionist phoned me that you were heading up."

"She did? Well Mr. Midoriya, I'm here on a personal matter."

"What matter?"

"Your wife and son."

Hisashi gritted his teeth at the reminded failures he had as family. He married a timid defect who gave birth to a quirkless brat. Smoke was coming out of his mouth.

"What about them? That slut and quirkless brat have been hounding me for money nonstop. I have bills to pay myself."

"So that's why you've been ignoring Inko's calls. Well I'm here to say this; you are a fucking twat who wipes his cum on banknotes and whores and leaves nothing for his wife and kid. Reminds me of my scumbag father."

"What did you call me?!"

"A. Twat. Who. Wipes. His. Cum. On. Banknotes. I have videos of you doing that actually."

Now smoke and a little fire were coming out of Hisashi's mouth. As he went to grab the phone on the desk to call security, Butcher reached across the desk and pulled him over it and onto the floor. He placed his mouth to keep him from screaming. Fire was coming out and hitting Butcher's hand but it barely burned.

"Shh shh shh. You don't want your employees to see this do you?"

As Hisashi struggled, Butcher went for the old 'getting assholes to do as their told technique'. He grabbed Hisashi's privates and squeezed. This caused Hisashi to try and scream for help but couldn't due to his mouth being covered.


Tears began to run down his cheeks as blood was seeping out from his pants. Butcher loosened his grip and now put on his 'giving orders' face.

"Listen here cuntbag, you're gonna do two things. One, you're gonna give your family money to live on. It may take away from your whore funds but you can live without it, can you?"

Hisashi quickly nodded and Butcher smiled.

"The second thing is you will email me records of all the shipments Vought American have been sending through your company since the day they took your contract. Nod if you agree."

Again, Hisashi nodded so Butcher let him go. Hisashi grabbed his privates in agony as Butcher walked to the door. Before he left, he looked over his shoulder at Hisashi and said one more thing.

"Just so you know, your son isn't quirkless anymore but I highly doubt he'd want a relationship with you after all you've done."

Butcher left as soon as he said those words and slammed the door shut. Hisashi struggled to get up as he steadied himself with the windowsill. To his horror, his brand new camaro was smashed in with a cinder block that was next to it. Today was a good day for Butcher.