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Let's give them a spankin!

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It was eight 'o clock and Mother's Milk, Butcher and Mallory were very unhappy about this meeting. Normally it was them making the dates and times but all of a sudden, Yagi, Sir Nighteye and Nedzu get in touch with them demanding they meet at the same place where they first met: the building where The Boys have made their official meeting point.

"What the hell you cunts want?" Asked Butcher who was ticked off that they were demanding a meeting. Sir Nighteye reached into his suit and took out a photograph.

"It's about these two." The photograph he had was of Izuku and Eri eating ice cream in the park and were very happy. Now Mallory was pissed.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?! Are you following us?!"

Nedzu quickly spoke up before a fight could begin. All Might may be powerful but Mother's Milk was a whole other story.

"They were sent to us by an anonymous source. We are concerned however with the children you are getting involved in your operations." Said Nedzu

"Not only did you corrupt young Midoriya with your ideology but you have brought a little girl into your group! I will not stand for that!" Exclaimed All Might

"Weren't you the one who broke Izuku's dream of being a hero?" Asked Mother's Milk with a smirk. This caused All Might to flinch and look away. Butcher went on to add to the conversation.

"You tore him down but we built him back up. Now Agent Emerald Fire is the best heavy hitter we've had. Little Eri or should I say Agent Rewind will be a fine lil lass. The Boys will take good care of-"

"That girl was tortured for her whole life and you're just going to have her kill people?!" Yelled out Sir Nighteye

"At least we saved her and destroyed the fucks that hurt her. What did you do, you just stopped that Supe in training of yours from rescuing her just so you could gather more evidence." Said Mother's Milk

"What I'm concerned about is the children which is why we are here." Said Nedzu. Mallory crossed his arms and glared at the animal.

"What do you want animal?"

"We want Izuku Midoriya and Eri released into our custody." Said Nedzu

"No." Said Butcher, plain and simple. Alk Might was getting angry.

"I understand what I did was wrong in telling young Midoriya he couldn't become a hero but that doesn't mean he has to be forced to work for you!" Said Yagi as he began to march up to them but Mother's Milk stood in front of his path. If Yagi was in his All Might form, the CIA agent would be a few inches taller than All Might and was possibly just as strong as All Might himself.

"You know what's more wrong? 35 years ago, over 1 million men, women, and children were killed in South America in a genocide that lasted 5 months simply because they were quirkless. Where were the fuckin Supes then? Sucking corporate dick and licking up their cum, claiming they had no right to enter sovereign soil. In the 300 years that I've been alive, I've never seen so much nihilism before in my life until now." Said Mallory

"....300?" Said Sir Nighteye

"Yes. My name is Colonel Greg Mallory and I was born on May 22nd, 1917. Let me tell you something, the Japs I killed, your ancestors, would be very ashamed of how much their descendants have been corrupted by greed."

Sir Nighteye, All Might and Nedzu were stunned at how this man could have been alive for so long but also knew what he said was right.

"I'm going to say this once; do not follow us, we will get in touch with you not vice versa and you definitely will not be getting those kids. Good night." Said Mallory as The Boys left to the car leaving the two heroes and one principal in the warehouse.


"I take it you two apart of The Boys if I'm correct little listeners?" Said Hizashi to The Female who stood in the bakery quietly with Eri looking behind her legs at the loud hero. As Izuku, Kimiko, and Eri were busy in the basement hanging out (Frenchie and Hughie were off spying on Endeavor), a knock on the shop window prompted Izuku to look at the security camera. On it displayed Hizashi and Aizawa standing at the door with Hizashi happily waving at the camera and Aizawa sighing at his partner's antics. All three went up the stairs and to the front of the store. Kimiko went up to the door and unlocked it, stepping back a couple of feet to put some distance between them. Both the teachers went in and looked around the place for any traps but found none. They refocused their vision on the team which brings us to the present.

"Love that outfit of yours little one!" Hozashi was referring to Eri who had on purple pants, black shirt and her very own black coat just her size. She mustered up her own glare at him but it ended causing her to look more adorable.

"What do you two want?" Asked Izuku

"We came here to convince you and Eri to come with us." Said Aizawa. Izuku scoffed.

"And why would I do that? Are you going to try and turn me or Eri into a Supe?"

"I am not here to convince you to become a hero. You've already lost that privilege but we cannot allow you two to continue living with these…..sociopaths" said Aizawa. Izuku soon had on a scowl.

"Sociopaths huh? Then what do you call the thugs that nearly beat me to death simply because I was quirkless? The Boys have been the only ones in my life who've helped me when I thought my life was gone. The day All Might told me I couldn't be a hero was the hero fanboy in me died and I started seeing the true souls of heroes." Said Izuku

That stupid oaf! Thought Aizawa. Hizashi tried advancing but a quick swipe from Kimiko backed him off. Aizawa shut off her quirk but Izuku soon held up his left hand which was engulfed in green fire.

"I'm only going to say this once: leave me and my sister alone." Said Izuku. Aizawa tried to retort but Hizashi knew this was a lost cause and put his hand on the underground hero's shoulder. Aizawa stood for a few seconds and turned around, leaving the bakery. Leaving the three young people alone in the store.