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Let's give them a spankin!

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These were the sounds Mina, Yuga, Katsuki, Ochako and Iida were hearing. All the UA hero students and staff were at the Wild Wild Pussycat training camp for the summer and the four heroes in training were on their way to their beds to sleep for the night after sneaking out to hear Katsuki's story with his interaction with Butcher when they heard sounds of fighting in the forest.

"We need to alert the teachers!" Said Iida but Katsuki was having none of it. He ran to the locations of the sound with the other four following him. As they catch up to Bakugou the sounds of fighting stopped but now talking was in its place.

"Why the Fuhrer allied with you yellow mongrels I will never know."

As the five teenagers they came across a large clearing where there were fires, scorch marks and craters in the field. What brought their attention were the two people in the middle. Katsuki immediately yelled out one of the person's names


Izuku was in a state of disrepair. His coat was destroyed leaving him in his gray jeans and black t-shirt which was torn. His face was all bloodied up and bruised with swelling cutting off his left eye's sight. His body was covered in numerous burns which didn't appear to be fire related. He was being held up by the collar by a large man who could rival the size of Mother's Milk. He had on a reddish orange outfit with a german eagle on his chest, black hair, bruises on his face, an ugly burn mark across his stomach and had a bandage over his left eye. But what really brought their attention was the cape he was wearing. It was a Nazi Swastika flag that was flaying in the wind. He turned his attention to the teens.

"What do we have here: mehr schräg äugige Untermenschen? They said to only deal with the group but now, I will show you what true Aryan Superiority looks like."

He held out Izuku with one hand and slowly walked towards the group with sparks of electricity coming out of his mouth. Katsuki snarled and got into defensive mode. He would have attacked this nazi fuck but he didn't want to hurt Izuku. After all, he was trying to change their ways. Yuga and Mina were terrified but didn't want to show it. They knew the risks of being a hero but this was life or death and this was the real deal. Ochako was scared but her internship with Gunhead would be put to the test. Iida was determined to save Izuku. He had him to thank for stopping Stain from crippling or possibly killing his brother Tensei. He hoped somebody would realize their gone and look for them. The man smirked.

"Do honestly think you slant eyes have what it takes to even stop me, let alone lay a finger on me." Said the man as he lowered Izuku to the ground but with his hand on his neck. Unbeknownst to him, Izuku had opened his good eye and took the chance.

"I will stomp all you into the groAHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Izuku had his hand on his crotch and was burning his dick at an extreme heat. The man let him go and kicked him into a tree, causing Izuku to be knocked out. The man grabbed his crotch in pain.

"Verdammter Mischling,du hast mein wiener ruiniert! I will ki-"


Katsuki threw an explosive punch into the man's chest throwing him back. Yuga fired his laser into his back catching his nazi cape on fire. The man retaliated by opening his mouth and spewed out lightning towards them. They all jumped out of the way with Iida using his speed to knock over the man by kicking his legs. When this happened, Ochako launched a tree log over him and released gravity. The log kept the man from getting up but lightning exploded the tree. He got up slowly looking very pissed. Last but not least, Mina threw acid directly onto his face, rendering him blind.

"I CANNOT SEE! Verdammte japanische Gören!" Yelled the man as he flew off into the sky in a mad dash. Seeing he was gone, the group released a breath but Ochako remembered someone very important.


She ran to his body where he was starting to regain consciousness. As he opened his eye, he saw Ochako in his line of sight with Mina, Yuga, Iida and Katsuki surrounding him. Ochako put her hand gently on Izuku's cheek.

"A-are you alright?"

"Nev ...never better Chako. Caught me off guard but It's safe to say he won't be having children anytime soon."

Iida looked at the sky and then to Izuku.

"Midoriya..who was that?"

"That-t Iida...w-was Stormfront."


The six teens looked behind them (in front of him in Izuku's case) and saw Tora, Mandalay, Aizawa and Ragdoll running to them. Izuku sighed, knowing he was going to reveal a lot of secret information in order to get out fast and alert The Boys about Stormfront.