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Let's give them a spankin!

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"Oh my god!"

That was one man shouted on video that Izuku was watching. The clip was taken from the U.S. Library of Archives and it was 216 years old. The date of the news clip was September 11th, 2001 and the video was showing a commercial airplane crash into the South Tower, causing a mass explosion. This was being seen in the basement of the bakery with only Greg Mallory and Izuku Midoriya inside. The reason Izuku was watching this was thanks to Colonel Mallory. To show Izuku who the TRUE heroes were before all this quirk bullshit came into existence.

"343 Firefighters and 71 police officers died saving people in the Twin Towers. They risked their lives to save them and All Might has the audacity to insult police officers and firefighters?! He can go fuck off and die."

That's what Mallory said to Izuku after he told the colonel what All Might said to him to cushion the blow of telling him he can't become a hero.

"You can always become a police officer, paramedic or firefighter. They get insulted for not being real heroes but those are still admirable careers. Nothing's wrong with dreaming my boy, just make sure they're realistic."

You call police officers who rushed into a situation to save someone not real heroes? Thought Izuku. But what Greg said next shook Izuku to the core.

"9/11 is one of the many reasons I want to bring down Vought American." Said Greg

"What do you mean?" Asked Izuku

"They funded it."

"What?! But the official report-"

"Tell me Izuku; do you really think of 19 drug addicted whore lovers are capable of hijacking four commercial airliners with only boxcutters and fly a plane into their targets while being directed by a raghead in the Middle East?"


Izuku had nothing to say after hearing Greg's part, it made a kind of sense. Greg sighed and closed his eyes.

"I can still remember 9/11 like it was yesterday. Six months before, the CIA have been collecting all kinds of evidence to use against Vought American. Reports involving defective weapons being sold to the US Military and used in Iraq, Human Experimentation with Compound V, and Ethnic Cleansing in Africa, Asia and South America by one of VA's private security firm Red River. From what I gathered after the attack, Vought knew about all the evidence that were in the North and South tower with some also at the Pentagon. But they couldn't just break into the offices and just steal them, it would draw too much suspicion to throw off of them. The CEO decided why not make it look like an accident. They hired 19 assholes to hijack the planes and they made sure the four with them could actually fly a plane."

"Wait, why did they need a fourth plane if they just needed three?" Asked Izuku

"They thought; hey, why not knock off the president while we're at it? George Bush was in office at the time and kept Vought American from getting military contracts like every president since Gerald Ford. However, that went to shit when the president after Bush was elected. Sucked off Vought American when they got the ability to accept government contracts. That was also the year the baby showed up with the quirk but that's another story. Now where was I?"

"You were talking about the hijackers."

"Ah yes. Those hijackers were picked up from around the country. These didn't even qualify as terrorists. They were just a bunch of idiots on the internet spouting out how America needs to submit to Islam and fix the women but all they did was jerk off to porn. Vought thought they would be perfect and hired them. I was there that day in the North Tower; the 98th floor. I was with some officials looking over evidence when that damn plane hit the 95th floor. The impact was so big the explosion spread into the room. I already had Compound V inside so I survived with some 2nd degree burns. The others however, were charred to the bones. You ever try walking through fire? The heat makes your skin crack and your hair starts to catch on fire. As I descended, I heard something rumbling outside but I thought those were just floors crumbling. I was able to make it out of the worst areas but I was barely on the 14th floor when the building came down. Being stuck under rubble is very unpleasant but I managed to get the shit off me and make it out of the rubble. As I walked away, I was covered in white ash so people thought I was caught in the ash when the tower collapsed. I looked around and saw that the South Tower had collapsed and I got news from an officer that two more planes crashed at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. When I heard the word Pentagon, I knew Vought had something to do with this."

"Then the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?"

"Were mere ploys. When Bin Laden appeared claiming that he planned 9/11, the American people wanted justice to what happened. Bush was already unpopular so he thought a good way to boost his rating were capturing the mastermind of 9/11. But where did that get America?"

"8 years in Iraq and 26 years in Afghanistan. And those countries still have Terror groups" answered Izuku

"Exactly. That new terror group, the Islamic Caliphate Army, has already taken all of the Middle East and North Africa and from what my Intel had gathered, are planning an invasion of Europe."

"Aren't the heroes in Europe doing anything?" Asked Izuku

"All of the EU states have drafted all military aged men into the army, including all heroes in case of an invasion. But I doubt they'll be able to stem the Caliphate from invading and quite possibly taking over. To keep it simple Izuku; Quirks have screwed us over"