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Let's give them a spankin!

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It was a lovely day to get out and go on for a drive. The sun was out and the birds were in the air chirping their little hearts out. Butcher found this part of Japan to be very lovely: reminded him of the drives he and Becca would take at night in the countryside. With Terror at his side in the passenger seat, it was almost the same. But with one small problem.

"Fuckin Supes love to shit up the skies." Said Butcher as he saw Hawks flying above him towards a location.

Butcher was on his way to Izuku's apartment to talk to his mother about moving out. After seeing the kind of deplorable shit the building was in, no way in hell was he going to let Izuku and his mother live there anymore. He found them a nice apartment that was close to the bakery. He already placed a deposit on it with a 10 year lease, assuring that the Midoriya's will be able to save a nest egg for the future. Besides, Butcher already made sure Hisashi would resuming his Alimony and Child Support payments. If not ...well, how would the asshole like having his dick kneed 5 times? As Butcher kept thinking up ways to punish Hisashi, yelling broke his train of thoughts. He parked the car and was walking up the stairs to the floor where the Midoriya's lived.

"NO! You are late with the rent for three weeks! Either pay me now or get out!"

Butcher looked round the corner and saw Inko Midoriya being yelled at by some dirty old man who wore suspenders which he guessed was the landlord of this shithole. Mrs. Midoriya had her hands clasped in front of her and was in tears.

"Mr. Hanato please! I don't have the 45,000 yen to pay you, I can barely put food on the table for me and my son with the job I have! Just give me more ti-"

"I don't care about your quirkless brat! Pay me or you're getting evicted today!"

"Please sir! Just give me more time."

Mr. Hanato sneered and eyed her up and down before returning to her face.

"Well Mrs. Midoriya, if you don't want to end up with the trash on the streets, I'll let you live here for a few more months rent free if you do some favors for me."

Mrs. Midoriya was not liking the sound of his voice but at this point, she was desperate for anything in order to keep her home.

"How about once a week, you come by my apartment and get to know me better if you know what I mean?"

Inko was horrified at what he was insinuating but before she could even respond, she was interrupted.

"Oi! Dickweed!"

Inko turned her head to the right and saw that it was William Butcher; her son's boss.

Butcher heard everything and pardon his french but he was fucking pissed at what this old pervert wanted. He walked up to them and Mr. Hanato got angry again.

"What do you want?!"

"I overheard what you were saying to this woman and let me just say; you are the most filthiest fucking pervert I've seen, heard and smelled. Seriously you twat, don't you ever shower?" Said Butcher

Mr. Hanato was pissed and marched up to him, having to look up due to Butcher being much taller.

"Listen here you jackass! This is between me and my tenant. So why don't youHRGHHHHH!!!"

Butcher took this moment to kick the old man in the balls as hard as he could, causing Hanato to land on his knees and try and relieve the pain in his testicles. Hanato looked up at Butcher who had a smile on his face.


"Terror… him"

Mr. Hanato looked back down in front of him and saw an English Bulldog growling at him. Ready to attack him at the sudden possible movement. Butcher walked past the man and said:

"You make one move to get up, he'll rip your face off like a koala."

Butcher turned his attention to Inko who was a little shocked at the events that just transpired. He took her arm gently and brought her into the apartment and shut the door.

"Mr. Butcher, why are you here and what did you do?! You could get in serious trou-"

"Pack all your stuff Mrs. Midoriya, including your son's. Both of you are leaving this place right now."

"But where will-"

"I've already placed a down payment on an apartment not far from here. And I visited your husband recently and I personally reminded him the importance of paying his dues so you will definitely be getting money from him soon enough."

"I...I-I don't know what to say." Said Inko as tears were starting leak from her eyes.

"Don't say anything. Just pack all your stuff and your son's and we'll be out of here." Said Butcher.

He was soon taken aback by the small woman who gave him a hug. He didn't know what to do at first but gave into it.

"T-t-thank y-you!" Exclaimed Inko as the rivers of tears flowed out of her eyes.

"Yes well it's nothing. Just get ready to leave or we'll probably find the old man outside with his pants and drawers ripped up." Said Butcher. Inko released him from the hug and got out to suitcases from the closet. She packed up her things and belongings while Butcher packed up Izuku's stuff as well.

'He really did do it' thought Butcher when he looked around Izuku's room where the walls and shelves were empty of anything hero related. All those All Might merchandise, pisters and figures Izuku had were now in a dumpster, broken down into ashes by the fire Izuku had lit. Butcher had already packed up the kid's clothes and took the suitcase to the front door where Inko was waiting. As she looked around the apartment for the last time, Butcher could have sworn she said "good riddance".

The two walked out of the apartment and Mr. Hanato was still there lying on the ground with Terror glaring at him while showing his teeth. Butcher whistled for him as he walked by the pathetic man's body.

"Come on Terror" said Butcher as he walked down the stairs but looked back at Inko who loomed over the landlord. She raised her foot and brought it down on his side, causing Mr. Hanato to cough painfully. She immediately began to walk away and down the stairs. Butcher helped take down the two suitcases and put them in the trunk of his car. When Butcher opened the back door for Terror, Inko graciously allowed Terror to sit in her lap in the passenger seat. Inko had taken a liking to Terror even though she was a little tense meeting the dog at first but grew to enjoy him. And Terror in his mind loved the green haired lady. She loved the stew that she made and was already on the list of people he liked. Butcher smiled at the interaction and closed the door. He got into the driver's seat and began driving Mrs. Midoriya to her new home. Butcher was thinking up another scheme.

'Maybe I'll visit the landlord again. But this time, I'll kick him right in the asshole.'