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Let's give them a spankin!

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Yagi was extremely tired and this could be seen by the sweat on his face. He used up his three hours as All Might and it was starting to get painful as he neared his three hour mark. He knew his time as All Might is over and he desperately needed to find a successor for One for All. Yagi took out his keys to his apartment and opened his door.

When he closes the door to his home, Hughie then attacks him. Yagi was shocked by the turn of events but nevertheless, he tried to defend himselfThe brunette delivers a hard uppercut to Yagi's side, grazing his never-healing scar. The blonde immediately howls in pain. He falls to the floor from the unexpected assault, clutching his wounded torso. He desperately tries to crawl away from his attacker, grabbing for the doorknob, only then to feel a force grabbing a handful of his golden mane and thrown roughly onto his coffee table. Yagi broke his fall with his hands, causing shards of glass to be embedded into his hands. Butcher pounced on the man, almost straddling him before beginning to mercilessly rain down hit after hit upon him. Soon Yagi's eye was black and blue, is nose crooked, lip busted and swollen and face cracked in blood from his nose and mouth. He coughed in agony and swallowed to try to hold back the blood and bile bubbling up to his mouth. Butcher got off of him and stared down at him with a smirk.

"W-who...who a-are you?"

Butcher took out a folder from inside his coat and opened it.

"Toshinori Yagi, 47 years old, Quirkless…..did you tell Midoriya Izuku any of this?"

Yagi's mouth gaped open when he saw the photograph of the young middle schooler's body on the ground after jumping from the roof of the school. When he saw the news about the suicide, he felt nothing but shame and regret. When the young boy asked him if a quirkless person could become a hero, All Might said no. He believed that the boy would just get himself killed and telling him no would persuade him to choose another life choice; he even suggested other safer careers that were just as admirable. But when he saw Izuku save the blonde boy from the slime villain, he did what all heroes couldn't do at the time. He moved his body before he thought of a plan. After saving the two boys, he tried to talk to the green haired boy but the media got in his way. After getting away from them, he desperately tried to find the boy but couldn't. The next day, Yagi regretted the words he gave to the young boy.

"The boy was fucked over the minute the doctor gave him his test results. But his last light in the darkness was his idol, you. He thought he could prove to the world the quirkless are just as capable to do the same things as the rest of the quirked you told him no.

"I didn't mean for that to happen! I was in a hurry and I wasn't thinking at the time!"

Butcher raised his eyebrow. "You didn't mean to but it happened anyway."

"It was a mistake on my part"

Hughie immediately charged at Toshinori and grabbed him by the face. After hearing from Izuku's mother and reading his journals, this kid had the capability to become something in the world. But after hearing how he was abandoned by his father, mistreated by his school, classmates (especially Bakugou Katsuki) and the advice All Might gave him, Hughie was pissed.

"You're fuckin hypocrite! You call driving a kid to suicide a mistake?!" Hughie seethed through his teeth.

"I thought I was protecting him! I tried to find him, to correct my wording but I was too late!" Said Yagi as he tried to get out of Hughie's grip.

"You were his hero! He was quirkless just like you! You could have at least told him 'anyone can be a hero' but no! You fucked him over!" Hughie was snarling and was winding his fist back for another thrashing.

Butcher placed his hand on Hughie's shoulder which stopped Hughie..

"Let go of him Hughie. I think the blonde wanker knows what he did."

Hughie's face was contorted with rage and anger. He glared at Yagi for a few more seconds until he roughly pushed him back and moved out of the way so Butcher could talk to him. Butcher crouched to Toshinori's level and placed his hand on his collar, twisting it.

"Now. You've been a bad man you little crippled fucker. But before I say anything, do you know what today is?"

"M-monday." Yagi was nervous because of the calm voice Butcher was speaking in.

"Exactly. Now here's what you're going to do on Friday. You're going to have a press conference in your All Cunt form and you're GOING to tell everyone what happened to Izuku Midoriya. And by that, I mean from saving him from the slime and shit villain to telling him that he can't become a hero."

Yagi quickly shook his head in disbelief. "I can't do that! People will lose faith in me!I'm the Symbol of Peace and I have to be an exam-"

Butcher pulled Toshinori close to his face, grabbing a shard of glass from the coffee table and whispered:

"You do as I say or I will slit your throat right now and send those pictures of you transforming to the news stations across the world." Butcher had a smirk of amusement seeing how Yagi reacted to his threat.

Yagi kept quiet and nodded.

"Good. Now before you interrupted me, you are going to tell the ABSOLUTE truth about the boy. Then, you are going to announce your retirement due to the failure of giving a young child hope, at least you will save some face and that will show everyone that you're human, not some invincible god who has no faults. Then, you are going to go volunteer at a quirkless support group for kids and maybe for once in your life, you can give a DAMN about the people you once belonged to. Then, you are going to write a letter to Midoriya's mother telling her if it will take you all your life begging her to forgive you then that's what you're going to do!" Butcher had a determined face that said do as I say or I'll fuckin kill you.

Yagi took in all the instructions he had to do. He was absolutely ashamed of himself for ignoring the community he was belonged to. The Quirkless made up 20% of the world's population but responsible for 78% of the world's suicides. Yagi never should have turned his back on them.

"Do you understand me? Because if you don't do these basic things, then I will put those photographs on the internet with the headline; All Might: Strong or Anorexic?"

Yagi nodded and had tears in his eyes because from the bottom of his heart, he knew he deserved this punishment. Butcher smiled and stood up.

"Let's go Hughie. I think he knows what's at stake. You better start thinking about what you're going to say to the whole world." Butcher chuckled at the deflated form of the greatest hero in the world. Supes start pissing their pants when they get caught with their secret.

Hughie and Butcher left the apartment and closed the door, leaving Yagi as a sobbing mess.

"Young Midoriya...I'm so sorry." Yagi sobbed into his hands and closed his eyes. But in the darkness, all he saw was the picture of Izuku's dead body.