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He woke up the next morning as she slipped into bed with him and cuddled close.

“How did you sleep?” he asked her blurrily, and she shook her head.

“Not great. She had a bad night, it’s a good thing I stayed with her.”

“The nurse will be here around noon. That should take some of the burden off of you.”

She kissed his cheek. “Thank you for understanding.”

“Of course”, he said softly. “We’re in this together now. You’re not alone.”

“I wish I could wake you up properly”, she said wistfully. “But Paula is already up and I promised her we’d go swimming again.”

“That’s alright. I don’t mind”, he said, surprised at himself to realize that it was perfectly true. He would have preferred to spend the entire morning in bed with her, of course, but she was here and that was all that mattered.

“But I do”, she complained, nuzzling his ear. “I can’t believe I’ve been here almost 48 hours and we still haven’t made love once. When I imagined these first nights back together when I was in Spain, they looked very different in my mind, believe me.”

He smiled down at her. “We still have so many nights left, though. Hundreds. Thousands.”

She smiled back at him. “You know, when everything has calmed down a bit and Paula and my mother have settled in properly, I’m going to get a babysitter one night and check us in to a hotel, and then I’m going to fuck you for twelve hours straight. How does that sound?”

He grinned. “Amazing. But right now I’d be the happiest man on earth if we could just have one hour to ourselves.”

“Tonight”, she said softly. “We just have to survive today.”

He groaned. “I’ll try, but it won’t be easy.”

They heard Paula walk past their door, and Raquel heaved herself out of bed.

“I’d better put on my bathing suit.”

He looked at her longingly as she changed, and when she went out and closed the bedroom door behind himself, he fell back into the pillows with a deep sigh, and tried to think of something else, anything else, than her naked body.

Marivi was much better by breakfast time, and when the nurse arrived after lunch, she was able to meet her lucidly. To Raquel’s relief, the two women hit it off straight away, and they were soon talking companionably on the porch, keeping an eye on Paula, who was building another sand castle and decorating it with sea shells. Raquel went into the house to see what Sergio was up to. She found him in the spare bedroom, where he had set up a little gym with a boxing bag so he could exercise. He’d clearly been working hard, because he was out of breath and glistening with sweat when she came in. She bit her lip and closed the door behind herself, then went up to him to kiss him.

“It’s not fair that you look so hot when I have to keep my hands off of you.”

He wrinkled his nose and kept her at a distance. “What are you talking about, I’m all sweaty.”

“Yes”, she smiled. “Hot. Why are you working out?”

“Just trying to burn off some of my… frustration.”

She nodded. “I get that.” She winked at him. “I could use a good work-out myself.”

She tried to get closer to him, but he held her off again. “Please don’t. I want you so badly I can’t stand it.”

“I know”, she sighed. “It’s gotten to the point where I don’t know anymore what I want to do first – I want to do everything. I want to go down on you, and I want you to go down on me, and I want to fuck you in every possible position at once.”

Despite himself, he leaned closer to her to murmur: “You have to let me go down on you tonight. Promise me. I desperately want to taste you.”

She smiled, delighted. “You don’t have to ask me twice. But you need to fuck me first. I need you inside of me.”

He came even closer, but he didn’t touch her. She suddenly felt the presence of the Professor as he whispered in her ear: “Don’t worry, I’ll fuck you first. The moment I have you on that bed, I’m going to take you, hard and deep, the way you like it, until you are thoroughly satisfied. And then I’m going to go down on you… I can’t wait to get my tongue all over you, to make you moan, to make you shake, and then to make you come harder than you’ve ever come before.”

She was getting dizzy with the very presence of him, with having him so near and not touching him, with imagining the things he was saying to her. She swallowed hard, and tried to keep her breathing even, tried to ignore the insistent tingling between her legs.

She cleared her throat. “Well, I have to say, all those weeks of phone sex have certainly paid off in terms of dirty talk.”

He didn’t smile, just gave her such a warm look it made her shiver. Then he put his hand under her chin, tipped up her face, and gave her a kiss that made her knees weak. She was dazed and breathless as he pulled back, took her gently by the shoulders, turned her around and steered her out the door.

That night over dinner, she felt for the first time like they were a real family. Sergio had told a silly joke, and Paula and Marivi were both laughing, and Raquel looked at them all and felt like her heart would burst. Suddenly his eyes turned to her, and they shared a look, and she knew that he felt it too. After dinner, she saw her mother corner Sergio in the kitchen and take his face between her hands. Staying back at the door, she heard her say to him:

“Sergio, I’ve never seen Raquel this happy. Thank you.”

He mumbled something in reply, red in the face, but she could see that he was very pleased.

Later, Sergio and Marivi read a book while Raquel played a game with Paula. All in all, it was a wonderful evening, but after a while Raquel couldn’t wait for it to be over. Her mother seemed to notice, because she went to bed at the same time as Paula, saying that she was tired. The nurse had a bed next to Marivi’s, and she assured Raquel that she didn’t need to worry about anything. Finally, everyone was in bed, Raquel and Sergio were in their bedroom, and the door was locked behind them. They stared at each other for a long moment, tense, half waiting for another interruption. Then he held out his arms to her and she went to him gratefully, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him deeply. Now that the wait was finally over, she noticed that her hunger had changed to a profound, aching yearning that went deeper than anything she’d ever experienced before.

They couldn’t stop kissing as they undressed each other, completely absorbed in one another’s presence. She unbuttoned his shirt with eager fingers and he shrugged out of it, then pulled her top over her head.

“You’re so beautiful”, he whispered against her lips as he unhooked her bra and took it off. “Sometimes I can’t believe how beautiful you are. Sometimes I can’t believe you’re mine.”

He bent down and flicked his tongue over a nipple, making her gasp, then moan and twine her fingers into his hair as he took it into his mouth and sucked, sending pleasure shooting through her and starting up a delicious tingle between her legs. When he moved up again and kissed her neck, she felt her knees go weak and she wrapped her arms around his neck as she melted against him, his hands caressing her bare back. He took a deep breath, breathing in the unique scent of her skin, which he’d missed so terribly.

 “I’ve waited so long for this”, he murmured, not taking his lips from her skin. “I want to take my time with you. I feel so lucky that I get to touch you, and hold you. You’re so unbelievably soft.”

She reached down to stroke him through his pants, and he groaned.

“Do you want me?” she whispered in his ear.

“Desperately”, he whispered back.

She bit his earlobe and made him shiver, then started to unbutton his pants. “God, I want you too. I love how hard you are for me.” She pushed down his pants and underwear, then pressed her lips against his and wrapped her hand around him. He moaned against her mouth, then bit her lip, and the tingling between her legs intensified to an insistent, deep pulsing sensation. She suddenly couldn’t wait anymore and started undoing her own pants, but he pulled her hands away.

“Let me, please”, he rumbled. “I love undressing you. It’s like unwrapping the best possible present.”

He kneeled down in front of her and pulled at the string that was keeping up her loose trousers. When it came undone, he slowly pulled them down and helped her step out of them.

“I want to taste you”, he whispered, pressing a kiss to the curls between her legs, but she tugged on his hair to make him look up.

“Later”, she said, her voice breaking with longing. “I can’t wait anymore, Sergio, I want you now, now, now.

He stood up and swept her into his arms, kissing her fiercely, one hand gripping her hair, the other moving down her body to dip between her legs, slipping one finger inside of her for a moment, checking to see if she was ready. She gasped and clung to him.

“God, you’re so wet”, he breathed.

“Of course I am! What did you think?”

“I love it”, he said, bending his head to nip at the skin of her neck with his teeth. She groaned and dug her nails into his shoulders.

Now, Sergio, now, I mean it, if I have to wait another second I won’t guarantee your safety.”

He chuckled and pressed another kiss to her lips. “I’m all yours. But can I make a request?”

“Anything that will get you inside me.”

“We can go hard later, but please let me hold you first.”

She gave him a soft look, her impatience overwhelmed by a sudden longing to hold him, too. She placed a hand against his cheek.

“Of course, darling.”

He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her onto his lap so she straddled him on her knees. She pressed her body close to his as he kissed her deeply and tightly wrapped his arms around her. She was trembling as she reached down. Finally, she thought. Finally, finally. She guided him in, then moaned softly as she sank down on him ever so slowly, drawing out the pleasure of feeling him fill her up. She took him in completely, reveling in the feeling of having him inside her again after so long, after all the frustration, after two months of longing, longing, longing for this exact moment. They leaned their foreheads together and didn’t move for a long time, just holding each other, everything feeling utterly and perfectly right. Then they started rocking together, and she gasped, the sensation of it indescribable, exquisite, heavenly. She twined her fingers in his hair as he kissed her neck, and she wished that they could stay like this forever.

“Raquel”, he murmured, “you feel so good. This has to be the best feeling in the world.”

“I think I can make it even better”, she whispered, then leaned back and placed her hands on his knees.

He gasped as she tightened around him. “Oh god!”

He picked up the pace, bucking his hips to take her deeper, then bent his head to take a nipple into his mouth. She moaned softly at the added sensation, and he sucked harder, making her gasp loudly. When he moved to her other nipple, she felt the tension inside her begin to build, and she wanted nothing more than to feel his fingers there.

“Sergio”, she said, breathing hard. “I want to come.”

He smiled and pulled her up, and she detected the Professor again as he whispered in her ear: “Not yet. I’m not done with you. I promised you I’d fuck you hard and that’s what you’ll get. Get on your knees.”

She bit her lip in delight. “Oh, hell yes.”

She obeyed him immediately, getting off him and moving further up the bed, positioning herself on her hands and knees. Then he set himself up behind her. He drew out the moment, running slow hands along her hips and buttocks and thighs, until she was trembling with longing and anticipation.

“Hurry up and take me already”, she complained.

He tutted. “Always so impatient.” He moved a hand around her hip and slipped his fingers between her legs to stroke her, just lightly, just for a moment. She shuddered and hung her head.

“In a moment”, he said, his voice low and warm, “I’m going to push inside you and take you, hard. I’m going to fuck you, and fuck you, until you are entirely satisfied, and then I’m going to make you come. Do you want that?”

“God yes”, she groaned.

“Good. But you’re going to have to do something for me first.”


“Ask for it.”

She bit her lip. This was so hot. “Please”, she whispered.

His hands were still caressing her hips, driving her crazy. “I think you can do better than that.”

“Sergio, please, I want you.”

“What do you want, exactly?”

“I want you to fuck me.”


“Hard”, she whispered. “Really hard.”

He rumbled his approval, then guided himself to her. She groaned with impatience as he waited another long moment, letting the tension build. She couldn’t possibly want him more. Then suddenly he was inside her, pushing in hard, taking her fully with the first thrust. She bit her lip not to cry out as he felt so good inside her.

“Like this?” he asked softly, and she struggled to speak.


“I thought so”, he said smoothly, then began taking her in earnest.

She knew she should be quieter, but she couldn’t help but moan as he tightly gripped her hips and pressed in again and again, hard and deep. She tilted her hips and gasped as he was suddenly pressing hard against her G-spot. The tension inside her started building, fast, increasing with every thrust to an almost unbearable pitch.

“Sergio”, she gasped, “I want…”

“I know what you want”, he murmured, his voice strained with keeping such a tight rein on himself.

He moved one hand around her hip and between her legs. To her utter frustration, however, he didn’t touch her where she wanted it, but placed a finger on either side, providing just enough tantalizing stimulation to bring her to the edge, but not enough to tip her over. She wanted to scream.


“Ask nicely”, he rumbled.

“I’m going to kill you!”

He sounded amused. “No you’re not.”

“Oh, for the love of god! Please! I can’t take it anymore, just… please!”

He moved his fingers, and she cried out the moment he touched her, such a stab of pleasure shooting through her that it tipped her over the edge immediately. She gripped the sheets and trembled and shook as the orgasm that had been building and building finally washed over her, glorious and intense and rocking her to her core, wave after wave of pleasure rolling over her as he kept taking her hard. She couldn’t do anything but moan and moan.

Finally, the feeling subsided, and she pulled his hand away, gasping. He stopped and withdrew, and she collapsed onto the bed, completely out of breath, her entire body humming with the fierce, ecstatic joy of it.

He bent down and brushed her hair aside to tenderly kiss the back of her neck and her shoulders.

“Oh”, she whispered. “That was amazing. You were amazing. It felt so good. Oh. I needed that.”

He sat down next to her and stroked her back as she recovered. After she’d caught her breath, she turned onto her side to look at him.

“Did you work on your stamina while I was away? Because that was impressive.”

He grinned broadly. “If I promise to take you thoroughly, I take you thoroughly.”

She sat up to kiss him. “You sure did. That will keep me going for another two days if need be. Now”, she said, putting a hand on his chest and slowly pushing him down into the pillows. “I think you deserve something in return.”

His eyes went dark with longing as he understood what she was about to do.

“God”, he whispered as she kissed his chest. “I’ve imagined this so often. Your mouth, your lips, your tongue.”

He groaned as she moved down to kiss his stomach. Then she stopped and looked up.

“Do you want me to continue?”

“Yes”, he whispered.

“Do you want me to take my tongue and lick you all over? To take you in my mouth and suck?”

Yes”, he whispered again, his voice strained.

“Then you’re going to have to do something for me first.”

He grinned as he got where she was going. “Ask nicely?”

“No”, she said as she looked him straight in the eyes. “Beg.”

His grin widened. “I suppose I deserve that. But I have no problem with that at all.”

He sat up and pulled her closer so he could kiss her.

“Please, Raquel”, he murmured between kisses. “Please do all the things you just said. You’re so good at it. You’re an absolute goddess and when you put your mouth over me, you make me float. So I’m begging you, please, please don’t make me wait any longer.”

She gave him a satisfied look and pushed him back into the pillows. “That’s what I like to hear.”

She settled herself between his legs, gave him one last look that made him shiver, then slowly closed her mouth over him and moved down, tasting herself on him. He stared at her.

God”, he whispered, his voice cracking. “That may be the hottest thing you’ve ever done.”

She pulled back and ran her tongue up his length from the bottom to the tip, over, and over, and over again until he was squirming. Then she took just the tip of him into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, running it along the little ridge and flicking it over his frenulum. He gripped the sheets and groaned.

“Ahhh that feels so good. Don’t stop. I don’t know what you’re doing, but don’t stop!”

She kept it up for a while, then moved down to take him in as deep as she could, blessing her lucky stars that she didn’t have much of a gag reflex. He closed his eyes and sighed deeply, enjoying the feel of her warm, wet mouth all around him. The next moment, he inhaled sharply as she cupped his balls with one hand and started massaging them gently, moving up and down on him at the same time. She pulled back for a moment and, with her other hand, she made a ring of her thumb and forefinger and closed it tightly around him, then closed her mouth around him again right behind her fingers. Slowly, very slowly, she moved down, creating a delicious contrast between the tightness of her fingers and the softness of her mouth.

 “Oh god”, he moaned softly. “I can’t believe how good that feels. Oh. Raquel! Oh.”

She increased the pace, and he could only keep it up for a few more strokes before his entire body started to shake. He gripped the sheets even tighter, every muscle tense, then he came with a groan and several long, deep shudders. Finally he relaxed back onto the bed, panting, pressing his hands to his face as he groaned, then staring up at the ceiling with an expression of pure bliss, while she delicately spat into a tissue.

“Raquel”, he whispered in awe. “That was phenomenal. Really, just… unbelievable.”

She smiled. “Was it as good as you hoped it would be?”

“You know”, he said earnestly, “I spent nearly every night imagining making love to you again, and I thought that I was building it up in my head to something that it wasn’t, something that it could never be. I thought the real thing could never live up to my feverish fantasies, and now you’re here and I don’t know how it’s possible, but it was even better. God, you’re so good.”

He turned onto his side and pushed himself up on an elbow to look at her. “But now you have to let me go down on you.”

“You don’t have to feel obligated”, she said gently. “We can do that tomorrow if you…”

He held up a hand to stop her. “No, you misunderstand me. I’m not saying that I want to go down on you. I’m saying that I need to go down on you. That I’ve been dreaming for months about burying my face between your thighs and licking you, tasting you, making you come for me.”

She grinned in delight. “Well, in that case… who am I to stop you?”

She sighed happily and settled herself comfortably on her back as he traced kisses down her chest and stomach.

“I’m going to enjoy this so much”, he murmured. “You have no idea.”

 He spread her legs with his hands so he could lie between them.

She tensed in anticipation as he kissed the insides of her thighs, tickling her with his beard, teasing her with just the tip of his tongue without fully engaging until she squirmed for contact. Then she  gasped as he suddenly pressed his mouth to her. He rumbled in satisfaction as he let his tongue explore her thoroughly, running it up and down in broad strokes, then moving up to settle in the one spot. Her breathing quickened as he circled and licked, left to right and then up and down. She was still sensitive from her first orgasm, and his tongue felt amazing against her, exactly the way she’d imagined it for so many lonely nights. He gave her plenty of time to get ready again, then picked up the pace, and she arched her back and tilted her hips for an even better angle, moaning softly.

He focused exclusively on the one spot now, bringing her closer, closer, closer. The tension inside her built until it was the only thing she could think about, his tongue against her the only real thing in the world, urging her on, bringing her right up to the edge until she tensed and then… He suddenly veered off course, and she gave a cry of disappointment as she lost her grip on the feeling and it receded again.

Why?” she demanded, frustrated to the extreme.

He stopped for a moment and kissed her thigh. “It’ll be worth it. Trust me.”

She grumbled darkly and let her head fall back on the pillow. “It better be.”

He spent several minutes on other parts, before moving back to where she wanted him. The tension was back immediately, rising faster and more urgently than before. She gripped the sheets and arched her back again, moaning, trembling, tensing, almost there… almost… Right as she was about to tip over, though, he stopped again, and she cried out in frustration.


He smiled and kissed her thighs as he waited. The feeling lingered for a while before receding this time, humming through her and making her squirm.

“You finish what you start next time!”

“One more time”, he murmured.

She sat up and grabbed his hair. “No. I did not sign up for this teasing! If you do that to me again I swear there will be consequences.”

He grinned. “What kind of consequences?”

She cast around for a suitable punishment. “No sex tomorrow!”

His grin widened. “As if.”

She laughed. “Okay, let me try this a different way. If you let me come this time, extra sex tomorrow.”

“Now you’re talking”, he murmured, then pressed his mouth to her again so she fell back into the pillows, helpless. She knew this was the one, and she was more than ready for it as his tongue moved back up to where she wanted it.

Suddenly, he entered her with two fingers, adding another sensation, and the combination of his fingers and tongue was so exquisite she could cry. When he pressed upwards, she threw her head back and moaned, lost to the world, her hands gripping the sheets so tightly her knuckled whitened, her back arching off the bed, her eyes closed tight.

All the tension that he had built up so carefully seemed to return at once, making her gasp for breath. When she tensed for the third time and he didn’t stop, she surrendered herself completely to the feeling of it as the orgasm crashed through her, fiery and perfect and all-consuming. She sobbed his name as he just kept her coming and coming, easing off just a bit to draw out the sensation for moment after divine moment, then easing off further until his touch was featherlight as he guided her, trembling, through the aftershocks.

Finally he withdrew completely and she relaxed back onto the bed, her breath coming in gasps, her eyes dazed and her chest flushed. She turned onto her side and curled in on herself for a moment, laughing giddily.

“Holy fuck, that was incredible.”

 He moved up, smiling. “If you had let me edge you a third time, it would have been even better.”

“I don’t think that’s possible.”

He gave her a longing look. “Can we try it out tomorrow?”

She laughed. “You’re keen.”

“Yes”, he murmured. “I’ve missed this, I’ve missed this so much.”

“God”, she breathed. “Me too.”

 She gently pushed him onto his back and he opened his arms so her head could finally find its familiar place again in the hollow of his shoulder. They lay like that for a long time without speaking, just smiling, softly caressing each other and basking in the afterglow and each other’s presence. Finally he pressed a kiss to her hair, then said softly:

“I can’t even say how happy I am that you’re back. Please never leave me again.”

“I won’t”, she promised him. “From now on, wherever you go, I go. I don’t care where it is or what you do, but we will never be apart again.”

He hugged her tight. “I… I’m not that great with words, Raquel, so I don’t think I can ever tell you how much you mean to me. How important you are to me. What you’ve done for me, teaching me how to live, teaching me how to love, I can’t express how you’ve changed me. How you’ve saved me. It’s as if… for most of my life, the entire world was grey, and now I’m finally seeing it in color. I don’t know how to thank you for that.”

“My love”, she said simply. “You’ve saved me too.” She looked up and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too”, he whispered.