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This Mood Of Mine

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 The first things most people think to describe Izuku as is a soft bunny, a cinnamon roll, very cute, cry baby, and extremely powerful. One thing that never really comes to mind is him being in need of anger management (most people would used that to describe Bakugou). And yet, Izuku is a very angry person. Only villains really see that side of Izuku as they're being beaten up. But his friends and family never see it. 


 So it came as a great surpise when Izuku has flipped the large, and very heavy wooden table with an angry yell, and stormed up stairs after Bakugou said something that he really shouldn't have. It cames as an even greater surprise that Bakugou actually said "I've made a big mistake." The door slam was loud enough that the whole building could hear it, along with the loud "FUCK" that came after it, telling everyone that Izuku had broken his door.


 Everyone was silent as Izuku stomped downstars, green lighting crackling across his body as he shattered the steps, leaving small craters as he nearly swung the front door off it's hinges. "Bro. You screwed up big time." Kirishima said quietly. Katsuki nodded in agreement.


 Uraraka and Mina both got up, and went to follow him, while everyone else started to clean up the chaos that was left in the wake of a raging Izuku. "Do you think he'll be ok?" Ashido asked, one of her fingers curled up in her hair. Ochako didn't responded, she was worried not just for Izuku, but for anyone who dare try and stop him. The duo followed the path of small craters in the grass, leading them to Gym Gamma. It took them a moment to find Izuku in the rough terrain, but once they did, they saw him laying on his back, breathing slowly, his fists clenching and unclenching. 


 "Deku? are you ok?" Uraraka asked, her voice soft and cautious.


 "Don't come closer. I'm not in the mood right now." Was the response. It was strange seeinging him like this. His face was mostly blank, except his eyebrows were arched. He wasn't crying, he wasn't breaking things, he was just laying there.


 "Oh come on Midori! Do you need a hug?" Ashido grinned wildly, opening up her arms as a gesture, but hadn't moved forwards. Izuku shook his head, then let out a huff of air.


 "In this mood of mine, I don't wan't to touch any thing. I might just break it if I do." The two girls frowned at this. They had no idea what to do or say. Izuku sat up and faced them. "Do you wanna talk about something?"


 And at that they did, they talked about their favourite heroes, favourite movies and TV shows, and bout anything their minds could think of. Slowly Izuku calmed down, and went back to his cheerful self. He thanked, apologised, and thanked the two girls again for the help they waved it off as no big deal, because that's what friends do.


 They went back after that, and Aizawa was there. He seemed agry, but not at anyone in particular. He talked to Midoriya about what happended, and decided to let it slide this time. "If this happens again, I'll have you clean up the mess. Are we clear, Problem Child?" "Yes Sir!" And things were mostly back to normal, but now everyone knew what would happned if they truelly pissed midoriya off.