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Don't Let This Feeling Fade

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"You are everything that I am not. The fire that burns in you consumes while mine inspires" - Asha to Solas

Name: Ashawyn Nightwind

Nickname: Asha (Most)


From Skyrim:

- Alduin Bane 

- DragonSlayer

- The Honoured Thane of all Skyrim.

- Sturdy Harbinger

- Mystic Archmage

- Silent Thief Master.

- The Revered Peacemaker.

- The Victorious Liberator of Solitude

- The Vicious Conqueror of Whiterun

- Savior of Solstheim

- Champion of the Nine Divines

- Champion of sixteen Daedric Princes

- Friend to Orcs

- Honorary Member of the Moth Priests

- Dovahkiin

- Dragonborn

- Restorer of the Eldergleem

- Vanquisher of The vampire Morvath

- Escaper of Cidhna Mine

- Destroyer of the forsworn

- Vanquisher of the Wolf Queen

- Master of the Thu'um

- Future High Queen of Skyrim (Via her engagement to Ulfric)

- Future Jarlessa of Windhelm (Via her engagement to Ulfric)


"You fire on a fallen enemy? Very well-- If the corrupt will not stand down, the righteous must stand up"



Trader (Formerly)

Hunter (Formerly)

Student (College of Winterhold - Formerly)

Arch-Mage (College of Winterhold)

Assassin (Dark Brotherhood - Formerly)

Listener (Dark Brotherhood)

Thief (Thieves Guild - Formerly)

Guild-master (Thieves Guild)

Bard (Member of the Bards College)

Dragonslayer of the Blades

Vampire slayer of the Dawnguard

Dwemer Expert




Age: 21 (Skyrim)

Species: Ancient Elvhen



Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Height: 6ft 6in

Notable features: A white/pale star tattoo on the inside of her left wrist

Notable features: A white/pale star tattoo on the inside of her left wrist. She usually wears a v shaped forehead headband. There is a feather that is braided into her hair behind her left ear.

 There is a feather that is braided into her hair behind her left ear



Niranwe Nightind †

- Mother

- Ancient Elvhen

- Very powerful mage

- Could travel between worlds.

- Killed at General Tullius' command

Elriiel Nightwind †

- Step-Father/Guardian

- Bosmer

- Gifted hunter

- Trader

- Apothecary

- Killed at General Tullius' command


- Biological Father/Mentor

- Ancient Elvhen

- Very powerful mage

- Dreadwolf

Milaen Nightwood †

Milaen Nightwind †

- Younger Sister

- Ancient Elvhen

- Thirteen years old.

- Liked wildflowers

- Just started showing magical talent before her death

- Killed at General Tullius' command

Ulfric Stormcloak

- Fiancee

- Not out of love, on her side at least, she likes him, she respects him but she is not in love with him

- She agreed because it was a good political decision.

- She agreed because it was a good political decision


"I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves"

Asha is a very kind, loving, compassionate, and strong-willed person, who, while initially somewhat naive, has become all the wiser through her time as Dragonborn. An outspoken egalitarian, she fights for what she believes in and generally for the betterment of mankind through love and mutual understanding, as taught to her by her mother, father, and step-father.

Growing up, Asha also proved herself headstrong and determined to do what she wanted, such as training in hand-to-hand combat despite her mother initially forbidding it. In this way she is quite stubborn; if she believes something is the right thing to do, then she will do it.

"I do understand. All life is precious. We all have a purpose. Even the most dangerous creatures"

Through her compassion and unbreakable spirit, Asha has given renewed hope to many of her companions throughout the years.

In addition to her general willingness for empathy, however, Asha is also extremely friendly and can step back enjoy the smaller moments in life.

"By my honor-- NONE shall pass!"

Even alongside all of her kindness, compassion, and empathy, Asha is still also a warrior at heart, and when someone she cares about is hurt, becomes far more relentless and ruthless.

Outside of battle, however, Asha can also react indigently and negatively towards people who disrespect her, her relatives, or those she cares about.

Asha also remains ruthless when facing enemies in battle and she even shows signs of enjoying a good battle when they put up a good fight.

Perhaps due to her background, Asha greatly respects other noble selfless warriors and mages.

Asha appears to hold members of her close family in high esteem. In addition to the respect she has for her mother, and step-father, she indicates that she holds her biological father in the same very high esteem (Once she knows the truth).

"Filthy, ill-begotten offal-spawn! You dare threaten the daughter of Fen'Harel?!? Tear your innards out and tie you to the tree with them, son of a motherless goat herder!!!" - Very rare outburst of anger from Asha

"Filthy, ill-begotten offal-spawn! You dare threaten the daughter of Fen'Harel?!? Tear your innards out and tie you to the tree with them, son of a motherless goat herder!!!" - Very rare outburst of anger from Asha


"Are you angry because I was prepared to do what needed to be done... or because you weren't?"

Asha was born in Arlathan, the daughter of Niranwe and Fen'Harel, she grew up in one of the temples, often running around the halls and through the gardens. She was doted on by her father, the utter apple of his eye.

Sometime later, Niranwe discovered she was pregnant again, and though a happy occasion it was overshadowed by impending doom.

Fen'Harel wished to free the enslaved elves, but doing so put a target on his wife and children. His enemies attempted several times to kill the child before they agreed that Niranwe would flee with Asha. Fen'Harel locked away Asha's memories of Arlathan and himself and bid goodbye to his family. Niranwe had the power to travel between realms and she used this to jump with Asha.

She found herself in Tamriel, weakened from the trip and the sudden change in magic.

Elriiel, a traveling merchant, found her and Asha and offered them aid when he did not have to.

Niranwe told him everything, and he decided that she could stay with him, that they both could, and eventually the child Niranwe was carrying joined them, Milaen.

Asha grew up believing that Elriiel was her and Milaen's father, and she thrived in the traveling environment.

(Time between realms is not linear, instead runs at different speeds, time could pass faster in one realm and slower in another, time passes quicker in Thedas than it does in Tamriel, it's why 3,000 years after Niranwe and Asha left, Asha is only 21 years old)

"You should have acted. They're already here. The Elder scrolls told of their return. Their defeat was merely a delay. From the time after Oblivion opened. When the sons of Skyrim would spill their own blood. But no one wanted to believe. Believe they even existed. And when the truth finally dawns, it dawns in fire. But there is one they fear. In their tongue, she is Dovahkiin – Dragonborn!"

In 4E 201, Asha is a prisoner being led to an Imperial execution in Helgen overseen by General Tullius, which includes Ulfric Stormcloak among the prisoners to be executed there. A dragon called Aldiun unexpectedly interrupts the procession, destroying the town before Asha can be executed. Asha escapes in the chaos and journeys to the city of Whiterun to request aid against the dragon threat. After slaying a dragon that attacks nearby, Asha absorbs its soul, which grants her the ability to perform a shout. The city's amazed guards inform Asha that they must be Dragonborn. Asha is then summoned to meet with the Greybeards, an order of monks who live in seclusion on Skyrim's tallest mountain, the Throat of the World. The Greybeards train Asha in using shouts and inform Asha of her role in stopping Alduin. Asha learns that Skyrim's civil war is the last in a sequence of prophetic events foretold by the Elder Scrolls, which also predicted the return of Alduin.

The Skyrim Civil War, called the Stormcloak Rebellion by the Empire, and frequently shortened to simply the Civil War, began several years prior to the death of High King Torygg, but worsened after he was slain by the Jarl of Windhelm, Ulfric Stormcloak. According to Igmund, the Jarl of Markarth, the war "truly started" after Ulfric and his militia (the Stormcloaks) were imprisoned.

The Stormcloak uprising was initiated by Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak of Eastmarch and aims to remove the Imperial Legion from Skyrim and turn the province into an independent kingdom. The rebels' stated goals include lifting the ban on Talos worship across Skyrim, expelling or executing all the Thalmor Justiciars who have been granted the authority by the Empire to enforce the White-Gold Concordat within the province, crown Ulfric Stormcloak the High King of Skyrim, and to independently prepare Skyrim for a future war with the Aldmeri Dominion.

Besides stemming from deep discontentment with the ban on Talos worship, a secondary motivation behind the Stormcloak uprising is the belief that the Mede Dynasty and the Empire of Cyrodiil have become a puppet state of the Thalmor in all but name, and no longer has the legitimacy to rule over Skyrim. The Stormcloaks claim to hold fast to old Nord customs and values and recruit from those who share their principles. They consider themselves the "true sons and daughters of Skyrim" since they are the only force in Skyrim who have not capitulated to the Aldmeri Dominion and are openly revolting against their influence. The Stormcloaks see the Empire's Thalmor influenced laws as a threat to their Nordic way of life. They believe once they have consolidated their control over Skyrim, they can set to reforming the autonomous kingdom into a strong and fearless nation capable of finishing the war with Aldmeri Dominion and not be hindered by the Empire's harmful policies.

The Stormcloak rebellion represents a large enough portion of Skyrim's population to have triggered a civil war. Some Nords, notably Jarl Laila Law-Giver of Riften, do not entirely trust or support Ulfric but back the Stormcloaks as they share the common goal of independence from the Empire, while others feel the civil war bleeds Skyrim dry and will leave the Thalmor as the sole beneficiaries.

The name "Stormcloaks" was created by the Empire in an attempt to belittle the uprising, by implying that its supporters are Ulfric's personal lackeys in his bid for power. However, the rebels have since defiantly taken the name and made it their own, to honor the common cause of Skyrim's independence they are fighting for. Others state the name was created by Ulfric himself to show his lust for power.

Their base of operations is the Palace of the Kings in the city of Windhelm, with Galmar Stone-Fist serving as their field commander

The majority of Skyrim's more affluent populace are supportive of the Empire, as they feel Ulfric's speeches amount to political posturing and that his underlying motive is to become Skyrim's new High King. Furthermore, some of the Imperial supporters cling to the prosperous trade they have had with Cyrodiil, while others simply believe they have a better chance of defending against the Aldmeri Dominion if they are united with the Empire.

General Tullius is the military governor of Skyrim and the commander of the Legion in the province. He leads the Imperial war effort. Tullius has only been around for a few months, but has really turned things around for the Empire. A noteworthy event is him directing the ambush, and capturing Ulfric Stormcloak and his top lieutenants at Darkwater Crossing. In Skyrim, the Legion is headquartered at Castle Dour in the city of Solitude, with Legate Rikke serving as their field commander.

Whiterun Hold had been neutral territory during the Skyrim Civil War, with skirmishes on both sides taking place in the Hold and Fort Greymoor switching hands between the Empire and Stormcloaks on a regular basis. Jarl Balgruuf refused the Legion's right to garrison troops in Whiterun city, on the other hand, he also refused to acknowledge Ulfric's claim. After an unknown period of time, Ulfric started planning an attack on Whiterun. Shortly after Balgruuf got to know of this news, he declared his allegiance to the Empire.

Asha joins the Stormcloaks hoping to seek vengeance on Tullius for his order to murder her family. She quickly rose through the ranks until she became Galmar's second in command. Over this time, Asha gained the eye of Ulfric himself.

Asha later meets with members of the Blades, an order of dragon hunters. Asha and the Blades travel to Sky Haven Temple to find a prophetic engravement on Alduin's Wall and learn that ancient Nords used a special shout against Alduin so they could engage him. To gain more information, Asha meets the ancient dragon Paarthurnax, the leader of the Greybeards. Paarthurnax reveals that Alduin was cast into the currents of time by the use of an Elder Scroll in the hope that he would never re-emerge. Asha locates the Elder Scroll and uses it to peer through a window in time and learn the shout to combat Alduin. Asha battles with Alduin, who then flees to Sovngarde, the Nordic afterlife, to gain strength by devouring the souls of deceased Nords.

"I am to join Ulfric in the final attack on Solitude, putting an end to the Imperial Legion in Skyrim, once and for all" - Asha

Alongside Ulfric Stormcloak, Galmar Stone-Fist and an army of Stormcloak warriors, Asha leads to pursue General Tullius to surrender to the Stormcloak Rebellion.

Asha entered the city with Ulfric Stormcloak, Galmar Stone-Fist, and a group of Stormcloaks. Imperial soldiers will storm out of different places, to attack. Be careful not to dwell here for too long, as the Imperial soldiers simply respawn in groups as they are killed. Move on into the city, break through the barricades and head left. More Imperials will spawn in the courtyard. Killing them is not required, and they will spawn ad infinitum. Door to Tullius' chambers can be found immediately left of the last barrier.

After defeating all the soldiers stationed in the city streets, Ulfric and Asha entered Castle Dour and confronted General Tullius and Legate Rikke. Tullius, having given up at this point, offers little resistance. However, Rikke refused to allow Ulfric to kill her general, saying that she would rather die for the cause she believes in than surrender.

Ulfric asked Asha if she would prefer to be the one to end Tullius' life.

Ulfric: Well, Dragonborn. What do you say? Do you want the honor?

Asha: I'll gladly kill him.

Ulfric: Here, use my sword to do it. This moment will be immortalized in song. Make it a good kill.

Asha: (whispered) For my family


Galmar: And now, I present to you, Ulfric Stormcloak, hero of the people, liberator and High King of Skyrim!

Ulfric: I am indeed Ulfric Stormcloak, and at my side the woman we know as Stormblade, and the world knows as the Dragonborn, and who I, one day, will call wife, once she has defeated Alduin, the World Eater.

Soldiers: [Cheering]


Ulfric: How'd I do?

Asha: Not so bad. Nice touch about the High King.

Ulfric: Thank you, I thought so, too.

Asha: It's a foregone conclusion, you know.

Ulfric: Oh, I know.

Asha: The Imperials aren't going to leave us alone. They still have camps in the hills. They'll continue to strike out at us, whenever and wherever they can.

Ulfric: I'm not afraid of the remnants of the Legion, in time they'll all give up and go home. What I fear, is that the Thalmor will see our victory here and turn greater attention to our shores. We must be prepared to face them.

Asha: Yes

Ulfric: And of course, we couldn't have done it without you. May the gods preserve you.

Asha: May the gods preserve us all.

Ulfric: Come, my love. We've still much work to do.

Asha then heads to Whiterun where she summons and traps a dragon named Odahviing, and learns from him that Alduin has fled to Sovngarde through a portal located at an ancient fort called Skuldafn. Odahviing agrees to fly Asha to Skuldafn, claiming Alduin has shown himself as weak and undeserving of leadership over the dragon race by fleeing from the Dragonborn. Asha enters Sovngarde and travels to the Hall of Valor. There, she meets up with the three heroes of Nordic legend who defeated Alduin originally. With their help, Asha defeats Alduin once and for all.



Ulfric Stormcloak - Political Engagement (Skyrim)

Ulfric Stormcloak - Political Engagement (Skyrim)

Boromir (LOTR)

"There is no sacrifice too great to save someone I love. And if my life were the price to save him, I would have gladly paid it. But sometimes those choices aren't ours to make"

 But sometimes those choices aren't ours to make"

Commander Cullen (DA:I) 

Cullen: All right, so, give me your hand. Like so. And I'll put my arm around you. Like so. And we just, what'd you call it? Sway? And we just sway.

Asha: You're awfully close.

Cullen: That's what - its all about.

Asha: I see.

Steve Rogers (Avengers)

Steve Rogers (Avengers)

Asha: [dances with Steve] Is this what people do when there are no wars to fight?

Steve: Yeah... this, and other things.

Asha: What things?

Steve: Um, they have breakfast. They love their breakfast. And, um, they love to wake up and read the paper and go to work, they get married, make some babies, grow up together. I guess.

Asha: What is that like?

Steve: I have no idea.

Steve: I have no idea


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"We could not do this apart. We are... better... this way"


"Skyrim legend tells of a hero known as the Dragonborn, a warrior with the body of a mortal and soul of a dragon, whose destiny it is to destroy evil."

A Dragonborn, is a rare individual who has been born with the blood and soul of a dragon, but the body of a mortal. They can naturally learn and speak the ancient and powerful tongue of the Dov, called the Thu'um.

Much like previous Dragonborn individuals who existed throughout history, such as Reman Cyrodiil, Tiber Septim and Miraak, Asha has the ability to consume a slain dragon's soul and absorb its knowledge and power, allowing her to learn words of power almost instantaneously.

"For as long as I live, I shall proudly display this insignia, as an eternal tribute"


The Thu'um, also referred to as Storm Voice or simply the Voice, is a form of magic Asha can use as Dragonborn.



Being the daughter of two very powerful mages, Asha has incredible talent with wielding and using magic. Having been raised in Tamriel but born in Thedas, Asha's magic is unique to her, and her alone. She casts from a vast catalog of spells including:

Thornblades: Asha throws magical thorns to inflict physical damage on all enemies in front of her.

Nature's Vengeance: Asha summons gigantic roots from within the ground to attack all enemies in the area.

Healing: Asha casts a spell to heal damage to herself.

Heal Others: This spell sends a blast of healing magic out around her, unfortunately, this can also affect her enemies.

Steadfast Ward: Asha casts a protective ward beneath her, any that stand in the ward are granted a protective layer to them.

Sun Fire: Asha casts a ball of sunlight to blind those around her, unfortunately, this also works against allies.

Flames: Asha can produce a stream of fire to inflict damage.

Frostbite: Asha can produce a blast of cold inflicting damage.

Ice Spike: Asha can produce and launch an ice spike into a target.

Walking Bomb: Asha magically injects a target with corrosive poison that inflicts damage. If the target dies while the effect is still active, it explodes, damaging all targets nearby.

World/Realm Travelling: Whilst uncontrollable and unreliable, this is a power that Asha does have. It tends to have a mind of its own and takes her to worlds that need her help. 


"The world of humanity is filled with people in need. Sometimes I have the remedy within my power. I can use my skills, offer my strengths, share my gifts in defense of the disadvantaged. These days, in this world, I sleep in helicopters and wake up in war zones...because I want to bring peace" Asha on Earth in the 21st Century.


Unique to Asha:

With Asha having been born in Thedas, she shows magic that is unseen in both Tamriel and Thedas, a strange combination of the two, she can utilize the fade energy within herself and converts it into magical energy.

Fade Push: Asha can use her connection to the fade to push away foes, this is usually accompanied by a green flash.

Fade Push: Asha can use her connection to the fade to push away foes, this is usually accompanied by a green flash

Fade Full Shield: Asha can erect a huge green fade shield that protects against physical and magical attacks.

Fade Personal Shield: Asha can use a smaller version of her shield to block attacks, this take less energy but only covers her

Fade Personal Shield: Asha can use a smaller version of her shield to block attacks, this take less energy but only covers her.

Fade Whip/Lasso: Asha can produce a green whip that can grab onto her enemies and she uses this to hurl them around, sometimes into one another

Fade Whip/Lasso: Asha can produce a green whip that can grab onto her enemies and she uses this to hurl them around, sometimes into one another.

Fade Whip/Lasso: Asha can produce a green whip that can grab onto her enemies and she uses this to hurl them around, sometimes into one another

Fade Lightning: Asha can shoot a blast of green lightning to her hand to incinerate and electrocute her enemies.

Fade Lightning: Asha can shoot a blast of green lightning to her hand to incinerate and electrocute her enemies

Fade Lightning Bolt: Asha can call down a bolt of green lightning from the heavens to strike her target.


Subjective precognition: Asha has the power to see into the future, however, she doesn't always have the ability to control this. It mainly works when she is unconscious, when she dreams and sleeps. Her visions tend to focus on a certain object or person. The vision shows up after someone's decision, that probably means that her power is working all the time like a system alarm, no matter the distance of the target she just hasn't learnt to consciously tap into it yet, she will sometimes get flashes or flickers whilst she's awake but nothing of substantial use. Asha's foresight has many limitations: she can only see the outcome of someone's decision once it is made - meaning the future can change all too quickly; and if the decision is not firmly rooted, she can see several possible futures at the same time. Also, her vision can be clouded if someone else's decision is involved. Asha's visions are often very cryptic and can take her time to decrypt their meaning. This could lead to fatal or dangerous inactivity as proof when she was unable to save her family.

"'I saw a familiar place covered in strange shadows. Shadows that are in plain sight yet hidden, waiting to pounce on fear. Stalking silently among us, releasing poisons of deceit and hatred. Shadows that soar and grow in power as chaos unfolds and consumes the world'

'How does this vision of yours end?'

'I died. All was lost'" - Asha and Solas discussing her vision

 All was lost'" - Asha and Solas discussing her vision


Master swordsman: Asha is highly proficient in swordsmanship and prefers to use her sword in battle alongside her magic.

Master Martial Artist: Asha is a dangerous, clever and resourceful fighter, known for precise, agile attacks and speedy getaways

Master Martial Artist: Asha is a dangerous, clever and resourceful fighter, known for precise, agile attacks and speedy getaways. Her formidable hand-to-hand combat skills are augmented by her elf-like speed, reflexes, balance, and flexibility.

Master Thief: After her time with the Thieves Guild, Asha is a master thief.

Master archer: Asha has been wielding a bow since she was a small child. With her mastery in archery, Asha can precisely hit targets from great distances with such tight groping. She can shoot objects off of people without harming them, and retain her accuracy even whilst in rapid movement. Asha can also anticipate an enemy projectile to block an arrow and fire multiple arrows at once. Her proficiency with her bow is equally effective in close-combat, able to shift between melee fighting and shooting with ease. Asha is even able to shoot targets while riding her horse.

Acrobatics/Free-running: Asha is very maneuverable and graceful, able to chase and outrun enemies through various terrains with no wasted effort or time, even scaling buildings and running from rooftop to rooftop with ease. In battle, she is proven very agile and evasive, able to fluidly dodge attacks from multiple directions with coordinated flips, twists, and sharp turns without losing balance.

Honed senses: Asha is able to pick up danger before anyone else in her vicinity does. Her keen skills of perception offer aid in otherwise detrimental situations. She is likewise able to anticipate attack patterns.

Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Asha is an exceptionally skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, and with her powers is one of the deadliest combatants in the entire universe, allowing her to compete with and defeat some of the most dangerous combatants one-on-one. She is very flexible and precise in her manoeuvrers, able to change her battle tactics and attack patterns to suit the situation at a fast rate, allowing her to take on and defeat multiple fighters of advanced fighting prowess and enhanced/powered individuals. Asha can also utilize pressure points strikes to systematically take down her foes.

Master knife-wielder/Knife thrower: Asha is extremely deadly with knives, able to kill a man with a single stab. Asha is also proficient with knives in long-range combat and can utilize her arrows as improvised knives to stab her enemy.

Master marksman: Asha's super senses gives her a remarkably precise aim and skill with various projectile weapons.

Expert Horserider: Asha has spent most of her life around horses and as such is a very talented rider.

Master of stealth/Infiltration/Escape artist: Asha is very elusive. She can sneak in and out of most guarded buildings without being detected, follow her targets for long periods of time unnoticed, and quickly disappear from sight even in broad daylight. She is also a master escape artist, able to free herself from various confinements, such as having been able to escape from being tied to a chair.

Talented cook: Asha is said to be an talented cook.

Adaptability: Asha has shown herself to be highly adaptable to certain situations

Bibliophile: Asha is an avid reader and collector of books.

Asha: You refer to reproductive biology?

Bull: Yes.

Asha: Yeah, I know. I know all about that.

Bull: I mean I refer to that and other things.

Asha: The pleasures of the flesh?

Bull: Do you know about that?

Asha: I've read all 12 volumes of Treatises on Bodily Pleasure.

Bull : All 12, huh? Did you bring any of those with you?

Enchanting: Asha is skilled at enchanting her weapons and armour, unlike most in Skyrim, she does not require a Soul Gem to do this.

Smithing: Asha is talented at smithing. Asha has created her own armor, swords, daggers, arrows and jewelry.

Lockpicking: Asha can lockpick almost anything, she has difficulty with magically sealed objects and doors.

Pickpocket: Thanks to her time with the Thieves Guild, Asha is capable of picking most pockets.

Alchemy: Asha is knowledgeable in various types of potions and poisons and is capable of mixing and brewing them.

Writing/Storytelling: Asha has some skill in storytelling and writing. She writes and illustrates her own adventures. She even visits the orphanages around Skyrim to tell the children epic tales.

Hunting/Tracking: Throughout her youth, Asha would hunt and track animals for food, bedding, clothing, etc. She became very skilled in this.

Dwemer Expert: Asha has spent time studying old Dwemer ruins and learning from experts to increase her own knowledge.

Multilinguist: Having traveled all across Tamriel as a child, Asha has picked up a lot of languages, and even more since becoming Dragonborn. On top of Tamrielic (Common tongue), she can at least understand and read these, she may be able to speak them as well, such as Dovahzul: Aldmeris, Daedric (has own alphabet), Dragon Language (Dragonish/Dovahzul), Dwemeris, Ehlnofex, Jel (Argonian), Nordic, Ta'agra (Khajiiti) (sometimes simply called "Khajiiti"), Tsaesci, Yoku/Yokudan, and Ancient Elvhen.



Armor: Asha wears a unique piece of armor, a cross between Elvhen and Tamriel in style. It was a gift from High King Ulfric Stormcloak for her help in ending the Civil War based on a sketch he'd found in one of her journals. (He wasn't snooping, he found the book and was looking for a hint at the owner by looking inside)

Sword: Though it appears Middle-Earth Elven in design, Asha actually made this in Tamriel using moonstone and steel

Sword: Though it appears Middle-Earth Elven in design, Asha actually made this in Tamriel using moonstone and steel.

Necklace: Asha wears a double v design necklace, given to her as a child by Fen'Harel.

Ring #1: Asha wears her mother's double v design ring, once given to her by Fen'Harel.

Ring #2: Asha wears a gold ring with a similar design to the Amulet of Mara, Ulfric gifted this to her as an engagement gift.

Bow and Quiver: Asha carries her step-father's bow and quiver with her, whilst she is incredibly skilled with the bow, she does prefer to use her sword and her magic.

Backpack: Asha's backpack has been enchanted to hold more than it seems, though not unlimited it does hold a significant amount of items, including but not limited to:

- Dragonborn Book Series: Asha has written down her adventures, though she changes the names of most she meets.

- Journals: To help with her Dragonborn book series, Asha writes down everything, including sketches of creatures, dragons, people, maps of places.

- Books: Asha has collected a lot of books since she became Dragonborn, whilst most are kept at the Palace of Kings, her home after her engagement to Ulfric.

- Food Parcels: When she travels, Asha prefers to prep, cook and eat her own food, and often will be found with a little packed lunch, though she will support local businesses by eating dinner in taverns when she can.

- Staff: Whilst she prefers to use her hand to cast magic, she does have a staff just in case.

- Robes: When not wearing her armor she dresses down into mage robes.

- Water canteen: Attached to the outside of her backpack, Asha uses this for water.

- Bedroll: Attached to the bottom of her backpack, Asha prefers to sleep in the trees and out in the open, so no tent, but she does up a fur bedroll to protect her from the elements.

- Rope: Asha carries a roll of rope with her, this is usually attached to her backpack beside her canteen.


Chapter Text


So I am deffo doing LOTR first, but after that, I can't decide whether to go into Avengers or Dragon Age. 

- Part of me likes the idea that she goes from medieval to present and back to medieval, imagine the changes she could bring to Dragon age. Infrastructure, plumbing, medicine etc.

Also with there being a number of Marvel films, she could jump between worlds, it could take a toll on her mental and physical wellbeing. Plus her feelings for two different men from two different worlds whilst still grieving for Boromir. 

Ideas welcome!! 

- LOTR: Need some ideas for Galadriel's gifts. I have this thought that she could be given a wolf (I know that they hold bad meanings in Tolkein's world but given who her father is, maybe Galadriel sees something in the wolf, and it has a deeper meaning, that if Asha can raise this wolf pup right it shows that 'all fates are not set', implying the Dreadwolf) Other ideas welcome. 

- As for Love interests, I have this idea that come Endgameish with the time travel stuff. Asha has the chance to pick her happily ever after. 

She can travel back to Thedas, be with Cullen, maybe they both retire to Tamriel.

She can travel back to Middle-Earth, then using the pym particles travel back in time to save Boromir, then they go back to Tamriel.

She can stay with Steve on Earth in the 21st Century.  Or they could return to Tamriel together. 

I might do an ending with all those choice tbh. I like all of them.

- Ideas welcome!!! Always!!!. 


Chapter Text

Asha shields her eyes as she returns to the Throat of the World. The cold wind slashing at her face, stinging her features, she reaches up and pulls a hood up over her head to protect her ears from the biting cold. Asha turns where she stands, clutching to her side, dragons sit on the mountain waiting for her, watching her. Alduin has been defeated. She has succeeded in her mission.

"Alduin mahlaan!" A dragon states, slightly surprised, she knows that many of them didn't think she could do it, dragons, nords, elves and the like. She was just the young she-elf thrust into war and battle and no one thought she would last long. But she proved them all wrong. Not only did she survive, but she also thrived, she saved the world. She turns to Paarthurnax draped over the Word Wall as he watches her, there is a softness in his gaze, him having come to care a great deal for the young Dragonborn since they met, her mind, her skills, her caring nature even towards dragons. She never killed them if she could help it. To her, the dragons are her kin. Her blood, her soul. She saw a need to protect them if she could. That is why so many live now, why there are so many gathered here to praise her.

"Grind hofkiin, Kaal" Paarthurnax offers. "Bo paaz?" he asks her, she nods and shrugs a little before sighing.

"Zu'u los ol zu'u" she answers, though she knows she is wounded and tired she is alive and that's all that matters right now. He looks over her, sees her wavering on her feet. Knows she wants to rest but won't whilst she has to appear strong. Paarthurnax lowers his head to her, a sign of respect, a dragon bow. Around her, the other dragons follow suit, before they rise and take off into the sky.

"Pruzah wundunne" Paarthurnax offers warmly before he follows his brothers and sisters into the sky. Asha watches the dragons leave. She takes a deep breath and then collapses into the snow with an exhausted breath. It's done. She lets out a tired laugh and closes her eyes. The last year of her life has been about fighting and working and pushing herself harder then she has ever had to before. She thought her life was hard and unfair before all of this, before the civil war, before the dragons, but she had it easy. All that time she spent complaining to her mother, all the arguments about travelling and the town after town seem like nothing but a stupid child's issue. Now she's thinking about her family. About what they'd think of her, of what she's done, if they'd be proud of her. She takes a deep breath and shakes her head. Nope. She can't dwell on her family, not here, not now, she needs to move. She needs to heal. She touches her side aware that she took a nasty hit from Alduin's tail. He'd sideswiped her sending her flying back, the spines on his tail had sliced straight through her armor causing a nasty and angry wound to her side. She pulls her hand back and looks to it, sees it's marked red. She needs to dress that wound, treat it before it becomes infected. She groans as she pushes herself onto her knees and pulls her pack closer. She can't just sleep here in the snow. She'll freeze. Getting to her feet is difficult, between the exhaustion in her bones and the injuries to her body. She pulls her pack onto her back, groaning with the strain on her body. She looks around and sighs. How is she supposed to get down the mountain to the monastery in her state. Paarthurnax lands behind her having returned, she turns to him. "Zu'u fen aak hi" he offers softly and he lowers his shoulder for her. She smiles at him and hobbles towards his side. She manages to pull herself up onto his back, laying herself down on his scales and letting out a sigh. He takes off into the sky with her, her fingers holding herself to his back.


Paarthurnax drops Asha at the old dragon graveyard at Kynesgrove before leaving again, he won't risk landing too close to civilization even for her. She stumbles a little before catching herself against the tree in front of her before she turns and slides down to the ground pulling her pack from her shoulders. She leans back against the bark of the tree behind her, she'll rest up, see to her wounds and then head to Windhelm, it's not far from where she is but she doesn't have the energy to make it that far. Opening her bag she rummages through it till she finds what she is looking for. Her box of potions and poisons. She opens it up and grabs a healing potion before she chugs it down, it doesn't even touch the sides. Whilst it doesn't instantly heal everything, it helps. She grabs a bandage roll and starts to remove her upper armor to reveal her bruised and damaged ribs. That's going to hurt in the morning. She takes a breath and then wraps the bandage around her middle before tying it off and lowering reattaching her armor, carefully. She takes a breath and closes her eyes. Five minutes. She just needs five minutes to rest. Five minutes and then she'll head to the Palace of Kings, her home, where her...fiancée is waiting for her. She supposes that's the next step in her journey. Marrying Ulfric. Becoming the High Queen of Skyrim. Yes, she needs the rest. As she falls asleep her entire being is flooded with green light, it blinds the area before it is gone again. Just is Asha is. Gone. No sign of her having been there.


Chapter Text

Asha stares out over rolling hills and green landscape. She takes a breath of the air and sighs. She's been here for 14 days now. Exploring the new environment, though she still has no idea how she got here or why or...where here even is, to be honest. Those she has spoken to have told her it's Middle-Earth, and she's been around Tamriel enough to know that she is not home, that Middle-Earth is not part of Tamriel. That this is not her world. Part of her is glad. That this place has taken her from the prospect of marrying Ulfric. Her heart wasn't in it. She'd only agreed to marry him because it made political sense. The High King and the Dragonborn. An elf standing as Queen in a Nord heavy land would have opened doors for her kind. Would have given them hope and she could have given them a better life. Now she doesn't feel so glad. Those elves were depending on her, and she's not there to protect them. Ulfric is a wise man but she doubts he'll think of the elves. She takes a breath and hangs her head. Not that she hasn't been trying to go back, she doesn't know how she did it the first time so how is she supposed to figure out how to do it again. 

She pulls down her hood and runs her fingers through her hair. She looks exhausted, black bags under her eyes from poor sleep. It's not happened very often back home but here it's like something or someone is trying to warn her. Her visions are back and full of darkness and shadow and pain. She had similar ones before her whole family was murdered, before she was captured by the Empire, before Alduin appeared, she knows better than to ignore these visions, they are always warning her of something bad coming. She rubs her head and turns from the view in front of her. This whole place is beautiful. Like Skyrim but with more colors. Greener grass. More fragrant and vibrant flowers. Rolling and sweeping hills as far as the eye can see. Her camp is set up behind her, a sort of permanent base for her here. Close enough to Lond Daer, a harbor town she crossed not long after waking in this world. She's only been back twice since, for work, food, and supplies. She even indulged in a tent made from the furs that were in her pack. She turns to check on the food cooking over the fire, as she reaches the burning logs she's joined by a young man, he watches her a moment, even when she looks at him, an eyebrow raised in question. He stares up at her, because she is about an entire foot taller than him, towers over him and he wasn't warned she would be just this tall.

"My Lady Nightwind" the boy pants out and holds out an envelope to her. "I am to deliver this to you," The young man tells her holding out a letter. "You are a very difficult woman to find" he pants as she takes it, he leans on his knees to catch his breath. Asha looks at the writing on the letter, addressed to 'The Dragonborn: Ashawyn Nightwind'. Considering she hasn't had much contact with the people here, some but not a lot, and she's been using the name Asha rather than her full one. Whoever has sent her this letter knows exactly who she is. She pulls a dagger from her belt and slices through the wax seal on the back of the letter. The messenger starts to leave.

"Wait," she tells him glancing up from the paper, he turns to her and frowns.

"Did I do something wrong?" he asks her, she shakes her head and motions to her small camp.

"You are tired" she answers. "Rest, eat..." he's watching her surprised, he's just an urchin, a messenger. "I'm not going to bite" she offers. "I know how hard cross country travel can be, so please....will you rest and eat" he nods a little and moves closer to her fire as she goes back to pulling the parchment from the envelope. The messenger helps himself to the food over the fire, his eyes watching her, waiting for her to stop him, but she doesn't, she did say he could have food, she's not mean enough to suddenly take it away from him. She reaches the end of the letter and frowns. "Who gave this to you?" she asks him noting the lack of a sender at the end of the letter.

"A messenger" he answers, she raises an eyebrow at him, he shrugs. "I do not know who it is from, my lady" he admits, she hums and sits on the ground across from him, crossing her legs under her. Her eyes flicker down to the letter to read the words. It's someone asking for her help. Hiring her. She turns the envelope up and coins fall from inside, the messenger eyes them as she brushes her thumb over the coins. She looks to the messenger who looks away from her hand. She hums thoughtfully before she sets the coins back into the envelope and then sighs. She has been looking for work here, she needs the coin for food and helping people is what she does. How can she turn this down? She can't, that is the simplicity of it, her personality won't allow it. People are in need and she cannot turn her back on them. She tucks the letter into her pack at her side and stands with the envelope. Moving around the fire she counts the coins in the envelope before picking out three gold coins from within and holds her hand out to the young man. He offers her a frown. "I have already been paid," he tells her confused.

"And now I am tipping you" she counters. "If you do not want the coin" she starts pulling her hand back, he shakes his head and stands.

"No, I do" he whispers, as if ashamed of admitting it. "My wife...she's...expecting and...." she smiles and sets the coins in his hand.

"And raising a child is expensive" she finishes for him softly.

"What about you?" he asks her.

"I have plenty of supplies" she assures him. "And I can hunt for food..." she adds. He smiles and looks down at the coins. "How far is Rivendell from here?" she asks him, he cocks his head and shrugs.

"On foot?" he asks, she nods. "22 days" he answers. She purses her lips a little. 22 days is a long trip on foot. He sets his now empty bowl down by the fire and lets out a happy, satisfied breath. She glances at him.

"You can leave at first light" she offers him holding out a fur blanket. "Take the tent" she adds, he takes the fur and nods.

"Thank you" he whispers moving to the tent. Asha sits by the fire, she turns and lays back on her furs to look up at the night sky, it's warm enough and dry enough that she can sleep in the open this night. She thinks back to the day she arrived in this world.


14 days earlier:

Asha blinks as she slowly wakes and reaches up to stretch her arms over her head before lowering them again. Her eyes adjust to her environment, her ears listening for shifts in the trees. It's then that she notices that the has woken not where she fell asleep, this is not Kynesgrove. She jerks upward, a mistake. It sends her falling off the tree branch she's resting on. She screams a little but manages to catch herself on the branch. She pulls herself back up and looks down.

"What in Oblivion?" she asks herself, her eyes are wide as she looks around, her heart beating wildly in her chest. There are two choices here; 1. She was taken 2. She's started sleepwalking. She likes to think that her time traveling as Dragonborn she would wake if someone kidnapped her. She should be highly embarrassed if that is the case. Also against that, it the fact her armor is in place and her pack at her side, kidnappers never leave weapons or armor with her. So...she's sleepwalking now. That's...just great. She sighs and sets her head back against the tree. She grabs her pack and drops it to the ground below her before she shifts and swings herself down landing in a crouch before standing and pulling on her bag keeping herself low just in case this is a kidnapping. It would take her 3 days to figure out that this is not her world. She lets her eyes and ears search the surrounding area before she dashes out into the trees. 


Chapter Text

It only takes Asha 20 days to reach the outskirts of Rivendell. Still a long journey but she did it. Years of traveling under her belt with her family, as Dragonborn, she is used to it, she loves it. She loves traveling and seeing what the world has to offer, and she has a whole new world to discover now. She pulls the horse she rides to a stop, she'd stolen him from some farm on her way here, the landscape had proven hard to navigate by foot, too many sweeping hills and rocky roads. Her eyes are locked onto the town below her. Rivendell. And it is...beautiful. Her eyes can't stop staring down into the valley that holds it. It's mystical and earthy all at the same time. With the trees and the white buildings. She already knows that elves live here. Somewhere this beautiful has to be for elves. She strokes the horse's neck and then moves him on, heading down the path into the town. He's tired and slow, but he'll rest now, and she'll make sure he gets home at the end of it.


Elves look to her as she rides into Rivendell. Up close, riding through it, it is even more beautiful, the smells alone, the flowers and nature brings out the elf in Asha. Reminds her of Skyrim. Of sleeping under the stars and among the trees. Her eyes stay forward, but still, they see everything. There is a small party gathered ahead of her, waiting for her apparently. At the front, a tall, slender, graceful, 'fancy' elf, standing up straight, hands gathered in front of him, a silver circlet adorning his head. An elf in a position of power. She knows back home only elves with money could afford to wear circlets and money comes with power.

“Lady Nightwind” That lead elf, the 'fancy' elf, greets, inclining his head towards her as she raises an eyebrow. “I see you got my message” he comments lifting his eyes to meet hers.

“You went to great lengths to bring me here,” she tells him as she hands the reigns to another elf as he reaches for it. “Thank you,” she tells the elf who nods at her, Asha turns in the saddle and hops down. “He's tired, and possibly rather old”

“I will take care of him” The elf assures her, she smiles and nods letting him lead the horse away from her. She lets out a breath and turns back to the first elf.

“You know who I am...” she starts, the implication in her tone that she has no idea who he is.

“Of course, forgive me” he bows slightly. “Lord Elrond...welcome to Rivendell” she smiles and pulls down her hood, revealing her face.

“I feel like I should bow” she teases lightly, and then begins to bow, he shakes his head.

“No” he stops her. “No, you should never bow to anyone” he assures her. “Not with who you are and what you have done” she leans up.

“Implying you know exactly who I am” she adds, he nods.

“I do...” he motions towards a building. “And I will explain, but I need your help”

“If you know know I can never say no to someone in need” she offers with a smile, he smiles back and nods. “What do you need of me?”

“Your healing skills...I have done what I can but the injury is....extensive and deep and whilst here there is magic, I know yours is far more powerful than anything we have....”

“Show me,” she tells him with a nod. “I'll do what I can”


Every inch of this place has been well thought out and beautifully designed. Intricate artwork, delicate paintings, and Asha cannot take her eyes away from it all. There is nothing in Skyrim that is this beautiful. Nothing that has been as worked on so hard. So much love and attention has gone into this place. She can't wait to see more. And she intends to see as much of this world as she can. Hopefully, one day, she will go home, but for now, she is stuck here and she is going to make the most of it.


Elrond leads her to a room on an upper level. The view beyond is something else, with the fog rolling in and the sun setting. She could get used to this, if she is to be stuck here. She pulls her bag off her back and sets it on the floor by the bed, her eyes on the figure lying unconscious against the blankets. He's tiny and young. Rather cute for someone that appears to be dying.

“His name is Frodo” Elrond offers.

“What is he?” She asks Elrond as he takes a seat to watch her work.

“A hobbit” he answers, knowing that she is not of this world means he is her guide on everything Middle-earth now.

“Hobbit” Asha whispers sitting at Frodo's side, she tugs her gloves off of her hands and set them aside before looking down at the wound, her fingers pulling his shirt aside to see how far it reaches. It's nasty, and black and spreading. “Are they like dwemer?” she asks, he cocks his head. “Urm...dwarves” she explains looking back at Elrond.

“We have dwarves here,” he tells her. “And other than size, they are nothing alike” she hums a little and looks back to the hobbit.

“And what did this?” she asks stroking the skin around the wound.

“A Morgul blade. It poisons its victim.....” He explains, Asha pulls her bag closer and rummages around in it. She's been trying to savor her Skyrim supplies because she doesn't know what is in this world that works the same way, but this is something she needs help with. She pulls the potions belt from the bag and lays it out on the bed, each bottle rattling with the movement. Elrond stands and moves to the bed to look over her supplies. “What is in it?” Elrond asks picking up one of the bottles.

“Charred skeever hide, the eye of a sabre sat and hawk feathers” she answers tipping Frodo's head back and pulling on his lower lip to open his mouth. “It's just a little something to kick start the healing” she offers as she pours the liquid into Frodo's mouth.

“Skeever?” Elrond asks, she looks at him and raises an eyebrow.

“Vermin” she answers and turns back to Frodo, she places her hand over his wound and closes her eyes pulling on her Magicka, feels it flowing through her, she knows that something this bad is going to take all she has. Her hand begins to glow golden with the spell. Elrond watches on in fascination, whilst they do, indeed, have magic here, he knows that her world....her worlds, have something more powerful, that her worlds rely more heavily on the magic in people and the land. And watching it in action is beautiful. The way it lights up the room, flooding it with warmth, and the way it makes Asha look, the gold light shining on her face makes her look like the ethereal figure she is. 


Chapter Text


So I've been thinking about this a lot in the last few days, and I have a few ideas and stuff. But being under the weather some of it might be stupid and fever-induced so I am going to write them down for you to read, and you can let me know what you think. 

- Asha finds a wolf pup after the Fellowship slays a pack of wolves. She feels bad because they killed its family so she takes it with her. 

- Her Galadriel gifts will be two wrist bracers. One designed with wolves and a white tree. One with stars and a white lion. (Each thing representing a part of her life; wolves = Solas, white tree = Boromir, stars = Steve, white Lion = Cullen)

- After his death, I like the idea that Asha gets Boromir's belt, his gift from Galadriel. (Maybe even Faramir eventually repairs the Horn of Gondor and gifts it to Asha at the end)

- Someone also commented about moving Boromir's death (Obviously I still want him to die, It will be a turning point for Asha, especially her trying to open up again with Steve and/or Cullen and her realization about her feelings for Ulfric and how bad an idea it was to marry him) So the comment given suggested that Boromir die at Helms Deep or the Battle with the Witch-King of Angmar (Which I assume is the Battle of the Pelennor Fields) Maybe he dies to protect Asha, which would give her some survivor's guilt as well. Which could be played upon in the fade in Thedas. We know how crafty demons can be. 


- Dragon Age:  Given Asha's connection to Solas' magic, is it a good idea to make her Inquisitor??? Herald of Andraste??? Or....are there two anchors??? If a human is found with the mark they become the Herald, and Asha being the elf is treated with more suspicion. I like the idea of her going into the Avengers with the anchor and the power that comes from it. Or whatever order it ends up. 


I am definitely getting back into this story, I am so excited for what I have in my head. 




Chapter Text

Frodo wakes still in the bed Asha left him in, his shoulder aches but he is no longer dying, and he no longer feels like it. He squeezes his eyes shut, gasping slightly, afraid, he doesn't know where he is.

“Where am I?” He asks.

“You are in the House of Elrond, and it is ten o'clock in the morning on October the twenty-fourth, if you want to know” Frodo's eyes flicker open at the sound of the familiar voice.

“Gandalf?” Gandalf is sitting next to Frodo's bed, puffing away on his pipe, he smiles down at Frodo.

“Yes, I'm here and you're lucky to be here, too,” Gandalf tells him. “A few more hours and you would have been beyond our aid. You have some strength in you, my dear Hobbit” Frodo sits up, looking at Gandalf questioningly.

“What happened, Gandalf? Why didn't you meet us?” Frodo asks him. 

“I'm sorry, Frodo” Gandalf appears troubled. His eyes drift away. “I was delayed” Frodo raises himself up and looks at Gandalf.

“Gandalf! What is it?” Gandalf returns his attention to Frodo.

“Nothing, Frodo...” Another hobbit runs to Frodo's bedside. This is Sam. He is overjoyed to find Frodo awake.

“Frodo! Frodo! Bless you, you're awake!!”

“Sam has hardly left your side” Gandalf points out.

“We were worried about you--weren't we, Mr. Gandalf?” Sam asks.

“By the skills of Lady Nightwind, you're beginning to mend” Gandalf states softly. Elrond steps up to Frodo's beside.

“Welcome to Rivendell, Frodo Baggins” Frodo sits up, looking at Elrond with awe.


Asha gets given her own chambers to sleep in for the duration of her stay in Rivendell. The room is spectacular. Beautifully designed and crafted. Each piece of wood lovingly created. And she gets dresses too. When was the last time she wore a dress? She runs the fabric between her fingers and smiles. Not since before the whole Dragonborn thing. This is her chance to be a real lady. No practical armor. No need to carry her swords. Even just for one day. No heavy pack weighing her down. No mud caking her boots. No wet weather soaking her bones. She takes a breath and then moves towards the privacy screen to change.


Asha looks more a lady than she ever has before. She actually looks like she could be Queen of Skyrim. The dress is long, dragging slightly on the ground as she walks, a silver and black gown in shiny and soft fabric. A matching cloak wrapped around her. She hums to herself as she wanders through the gardens, there is nothing like this back home, no colors this bright. She might be alright staying here. If she can't get home then this place seems a good place to see out the rest of her days. If the elves here would have her, of course. Even if they didn't, she'd go off and travel the rest of the land. It's what she is good at....traveling. There is movement behind her and Asha smiles. Frodo lingers. Watching her. They must have told him that she was the one to heal him.

“You should be resting, Master Frodo” she comments without looking at him, he leans up a little and clears his throat. She moves to a bench close to her, sits down and waits for him to join her. Frodo does sit beside her, pulling himself up onto the bench. “How are you feeling?” she asks him, he nods a little and looks up at her.

“Better” he answers. “Thank you,” he tells her. “For saving my life” she smiles softer at him.

“You are more than welcome” she assures him, she reaches up and strokes his cheek, he blushes a little and then looks down.

“Gandalf said you used magic” Frodo admits, she nods and holds out her hand, it starts to glow golden. His eyes widen with awe staring at the light before she curls her fingers into her palm, snuffing out the magic. “How long have you been able to do that?”

“Since I was a child” she answers. “Feels like forever ago now” she muses softly, melancholic over her younger years. How much easier it was back then. Before her family was slaughtered, before the whole Dragonborn thing. Before her life was taken over by duty and war.

“I like your necklace” he whispers and then cringes at how stupid that sounds. He just...he's never had to talk to an elf before and he doesn't know what to say.

“Thank you” She touches the double v necklace charm that hands around her neck. “It's...I've always had it” she admits turning the necklace charm around in her fingers.

“Like a family heirloom?” Frodo asks her, she shrugs and then nods.

“Yes, I suppose, I don't really remember where it came from” she sets the necklace back against her chest and shrugs. “It's just always been there. I'm Asha” she holds out her hand to him, he takes it.

“Frodo” he offers, she nods, she already knows that. “Which you do already know because you said my name” he points out as he looks down, embarrassed, he releases her hand.

“It is nice to know that they were telling the truth though” she comments warmly. He nods.

“Why did you do it?” he asks her. “Why did you save me? I'm...nothing but a stranger to you” she shrugs.

“It's kind of what I do” she answers. “I help people's the right thing to do....and because I can” he smiles and nods. “If I can help and I do nothing” She adds. “Then what sort of person does that make me?” he looks up at her. “How could I live with myself? How could I sleep at night?” she asks him. He smiles. He likes her. She's....kind. To strangers. Heals them simply because she was asked to help. She is how he'd imagine the elves to be. Despite her height, because as he has seen, none of the other elves are just that tall. He stares up at her and she raises an eyebrow. “What?” she asks him.

“Why are you so tall?” he asks her, she smiles and then laughs softly.

“My father was a tree” she answers, Frodo chuckles and nods. “Actually my father was rather short” she admits, he raises an eyebrow. “My mother was tall, but I still ended up taller than even her.....” she shrugs. “Maybe she put something in my milk when I was a's the magic”

“Magic that makes you tall?” Frodo asks her, she shrugs.

“There's magic for everything else” she answers, they share a look and he nods.

“I wish I had magic” Frodo admits, Asha gives him a soft look.

“Everyone has magic, Frodo” she assures him. “It just manifests differently...” he looks down thoughtful. “For someone, it could be actual magic, for others, it could, or singing, or sewing, or hunting.........but everyone has magic, just a different kind of magic” 


Chapter Text

Frodo and Asha remain in the garden after their talk, he finds comfort in her presence, the ring is even silenced around her. Maybe it sees a greater power in her. Frodo definitely feels a power in her. Like it vibrates under her skin all the time. He knows she has magic, but he knows this power is something else. It's that power that puts him at ease.

"Will you show me more magic?" Frodo asks her, she smiles at him.

"What would you like to see?" she counters, he swings his legs a little and shrugs. "How about...a conjuration spell?" she asks him, he frowns at her, she takes a breath and holds out her hand in front of her, she rolls her fingers and her wrist and conjures her familiar into the garden. Frodo lets out a small laugh seeing the ghostly wolf appear. The wolf howls and approaches them, Frodo grabs onto Asha's arm in slight fear. "Do not worry, young hobbit" she teases lightly. "It will not harm you unless commanded, it's safe" she touches his hand on her arm, reassuring him.

"Can I touch it?" Frodo whispers, Asha nods. Frodo holds out his hand towards the wolf who steps closer to him before setting its snout into Frodo's palm. He chuckles, happier now, relaxed. "You're amazing," Frodo tells Asha. "I've never seen anything like this before"

"Of course not" Asha agrees and leans closer to him. "There is only one of me" he laughs and nods in agreement. The wolf suddenly disappears and Frodo frowns. "Nothing is meant to last forever," Asha tells him, he looks to her.

"There you are, Frodo, my boy" Bilbo states as he, on shaky legs, walks into the gardens, Frodo smiles warmly at the older hobbit. "I heard you were awake"

"I was just coming to find you" Frodo assures Bilbo as Frodo stands from the bench. "I was just...thanking Asha" Frodo motions to her, Bilbo glances at her, and then seems to freeze. He's staring at her, Asha is uncomfortable with the attention. She is used to being stared at, she's spent the last year being stared at it, but his gaze is unnerving.

"Bilbo" Elrond states from behind the hobbit. Bilbo turns to look at him. "A word" Bilbo nods and glances back at Asha before following Elrond. Asha and Frodo share a look, the elf shrugs back.


Legolas is the last into the study where Elrond, Bilbo, Gandalf, and Glóin are already gathered and seated around a table in the center of the room. Legolas realizes that these are the people who once fought together against Smaug and Azog and his army. Elrond motions for Legolas to take a seat at the table, which he does.

"I assume this has to do with Asha" Gandalf states, Legolas leans up slightly.

"Asha's here?" he asks, Gandalf nods. "Why wasn't I told?" Legolas adds, already moving to his feet. "I have to see her"

"Not just yet" Elrond scolds, Legolas pauses. "Sit down..." Legolas raises an eyebrow but does take his seat again. "This is why I called you all here, we are the ones that spent time with her the last time she was here"

"So why can't I go and see her?" Legolas asks her.

"Because our past is her future....this Asha, is not the one we knew" Elrond points out. "And she cannot know how her future unfolds...she cannot know the things we all spoke of with her"

"So you are asking us to lie to her?" Legolas asks. "To our friend?"

"She's not our friend" Elrond answers. "I am sorry, but this Asha is not our friend, not...our version of her, not yet anyway" he turns and grabs a scroll from the shelf behind him. "I didn't understand it at the time, but I do now" Elrond sets the scroll on the table. "She left a letter, telling me that the next time I'd see her, she wouldn't know who I was...I brushed it off until I saw her, and she....had no idea, and she's younger, you can see it in her eyes, in her face, there are...scars missing" Elrond explains, and he means both physical and mental scars. "I don't know how it works for her, but it's clear that her ability to cross worlds isn't time adjacent"

"She goes where she is needed" Gandalf agrees. "When she is needed"

"None of us can interfere" Elrond points out. "We cannot tell her how her future turns out because it will then change her future....we all know what she has done, the people she has saved, if we change that...."

"They all die" Legolas realizes.

"Possibly" Elrond offers in correction. "There is no saying how this will affect her, but would you risk it?" Legolas lets out a breath, he already knows his answer to that question.

"No" Legolas answers. "No, I would not" Bilbo sighs a little because he was just as excited as Legolas, the prospect of seeing Asha again. Now he's just deflated knowing that he can't treat her as if he knows her, they can't talk about Thorin or Smaug or his life since.

"Then....this is our burden to bear" Elrond states as Legolas pulls Asha's letter closer. "We must keep her on her path, to keep her who she is"


Asha wanders around, exploring Rivendell. Every single detail about this entire village is thought through and leaves the whole place with a deep aura of wonder and love. She is in awe of it all. Skyrim was so....functional. Everything built with a purpose, everything built for war or worship, nothing was ever built simply because it would create something beautiful. She finds herself in some room filled with paintings and statues. Asha looks to the face of the statue before her, beautifully crafted, but it's not the figure that is interesting, it's what it is holding. A tray. And on that try is pieces of a broken sword. Why would they display a broken sword like this, and not repair it or replace it, the room itself is...she can't explain it, heavy she supposes, darker than the rest of Rivendell, she holds up her hand and casts a small magelight spell in her palm before moving to the painting on the wall across from the sword that shows it being wielded, wielded broken, she holds the light closer to the picture. There is a noise behind her and Asha spins seeking it out. A human male lingers behind her and his face, illuminated by the magelight, is rather spooky, enough to spook the young elf. She gasps, surprised, the spell in her hand slipping away, plunging the room into darkness. They both linger there, awkwardly.

“Can you...” he starts and then clears his throat. Asha holds up her hand and the magelight illuminates in her palm. “Thank you. I...didn't mean to startle you”

“No, I know” she assures him. “I thought I was alone in here, obviously I wasn't paying too close an attention to my surroundings” she lifts the light slightly before throwing it upward, allowing the spell to hold in the air between them. His eyes linger on the light before lowering back to look at her. “Which I should have been was one of the first things my mother ever taught me....” she blushes slightly as he watches her, she is aware that she is no rambling. He takes pity on her, holds out his hand towards her, she glances at it and then takes his hand.

“Boromir” He introduces.

“Asha” she offers back, he smiles at her, her skin soft under his fingers.

“Are you here for the council meeting?” he asks her, she shrugs.

“I came here to heal someone...I guess my task is done” She answers. “Unless they ask more of me....” he nods a little. “I suppose I will be leaving soon” she adds quieter. She doesn't particularly want to leave, she finds Rivendell is growing on her. These people are growing on her.