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No Homo, Full Bromo

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“I just wanted to say one thing before I go, and I know none of you knew I had something prepared but I just needed to get this off my chest.” Bakugou spoke into the mic at the school assembly, sending a look to the staff. He inhaled slowly and regarded the school. 

“I’m gay.”


Bakugou anticipated this. How else would an entire school react when they just found out their loud and very much rude valedictorian with so much potential had turned out to be gay? Something frowned upon by mostly everyone in that school. 

“I know most of you don’t agree or understand but I just wanted to tell you all. Not that it was any of your business but now we can hate each other mutually… and also to point out the fact that a gay guy has better grades than all of you.” He grinned smugly. “How does my entire ass taste?” 

Then the students erupted. 

Bakugou laughed as the teachers rushed up to take the mic away and send him off. 

What did he care? After years and years of holding that secret in, Bakugou finally came out to everyone. He wasn’t ashamed, angry, or nervous of their views. In fact, they fueled the fire in him to keep being himself and become better than everyone. Who gave a fuck if they shot nasty looks his way or murmured about him in prayer group. They could kiss his ass, and his grade sheet reading straight A’s. 

Bakugou walked past the bleachers, ignoring everyone cheering and melodramatic complaints. He knew they wouldn’t act on anything. One too many times had Bakugou proven he didn’t take rumors or talking shit.

 Streamers filled the air as his peers threw shit his way. The usual. Privileged thumb suckers who thought everything was supposed to be cookie cutter and their way. Pathetic. 

As he stepped over a wad of paper, something red caught his eye. Bakugou glanced over to the right and locked eyes with Kirishima Eijirou. The star quarterback of their shit school with colleges lined up for him. Standing a towering 6’1 to Bakugou’s 5’7, pure bulking muscle and the sweetest attitude to ever be gifted a jock. He also just so happened to have been Bakugou’s gay awakening. 

Kirishima just stared, expression blank as he walked past. No wave, not bright smile. Completely void of emotion. Bakugou scoffed and faced towards his destination. Go figure. Even the nice ones are prejudice. 

He kicked the door open and left the gymnasium behind as he walked back to do his class work in the library. There were better places to be than in a room full of people who you hated and hated you back. What’s the point of even sitting around a room so loud, Bakugou’s hearing aids went off. 

The library was just fine.

So that’s where he went. Ignoring the small prick of bitterness knowing his crush was homophobic too, or at least didn’t want to associate. 

He knew the risks. Bakugou calculated. In a few years, this place would be far behind. Just a stepping stone for his goals. What’s wrong with being who he was now, and dealing with their opinions to know what to expect later? Nothing. Nothing because Bakugou could handle it. Even if he hated everyone and had no friends. He could do this on his own. Bakugou didn’t expect someone to just waltz up, white horsed knight and say ‘Hey. I support you.’ Was fucking stupid to expect. Not in a school like this where the hierarchy deemed straight as law. 

Fuck the law, and fuck them. 

Bakugou took out his key and stepped into the library, stepping inside and exhaling. Yeah fuck them. 

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The school cafeteria was loud, but the library was closed in the middle of the school day so Bakugou was forced to sit amongst everyone. 

As expected, they had started shooting him double sided glances. Stopping hushed conversations as he walked by. The worst of the looks were the apologetic ones. Pissed Bakugou off, as if he needed pity for being comfortable and knowing what he liked. 

He turned down the volume on his hearing aids and ate an apple, not really hungry and admittedly without a lunch from forgetting it at home. The hag would have a field day when he got back. 

Everyone crowded the large room, running around and jumping over each other like maggots. Throwing food, swearing, flirting or fighting. You name it, they were doing it and fuckin’ loudly. Bakugou despised this period the most. Too many fucking people to bother him. Not enough headspace to think. Bakugou chewed in the apple and read over the engraved words on the table.

“Yo, is this seat taken?” 

Bakugou might of missed the question if his volume was lower. He looked up from the table to see the Kirishima Eijirou standing across from him and pointing to the seat. 

His heart rate picked up at the sight of his pretty red hair encased face. 

“Does it look like it is?” Bakugou motioned around his empty table. 

Kirishima laughed, muscular shoulders bouncing under his hoodie. “Guess not, I’ll take that as an okay to sit down though. Thanks!” He took the seat and leaned on the table and rubbed the back of his neck. “I was at the assembly yesterday, and I heard you say you were gay..” 

Bakugou’s heart plummeted. Great, just what he needed. His crush coming over and telling him just how horrible and vile being gay was. His eyes hardened in preparation for the disrespect and hate against him. 

Kirishima leaned his arms on the table and clasped his hands together before holding one out. “And I just wanted to say that it was really manly of you to stand up there and just be yourself, ya know?” 

Huh? Bakugou gaped. 

Kirishima grinned and shrugged, “Being yourself and being proud is what’s up, so it was real cool. Real cool- but I’m not gay. I’m not gay, I’m just saying that you’re pretty manly for speaking out like that.” He laughed again. 

Bakugou stared for a moment before he shook his head, “Thanks.” 

The redhead nodded and leaned back, “No problem, Dude! But uh.. I was just wondering if you ever wanted to hang out sometime, that’d be real cool.” 

Bakugou was pretty sure he stopped working. 

The mass of muscle leaned in again, brow furrowed. “But I’m not gay though, ya know? I’m just trying to open up and make more friends- but again, ya know? No judgment though! Hanging out would be cool.” Red eyes waited expectantly for an answer. 

Bakugou had to take a moment to pick his jaw off the table. Did his crush just ask to hang out? The big time jock of the school, Mr. Muscles, sir smiles a lot, the most popular guy in this shitty place? Yeah, he was going to need a second. 

Slowly, Kirishima’s face shifted to a self conscious expression. “You don’t have to hang out, it’s chill if you just wanna keep to ya’ self. Ain’t no judgment! Just do you, for real!” 

Say something! Bakugou was panicking to get words out because he most certainly did not want to be left alone right now. SPEAK! 

“I’ll just leave. Sorry, Dude-“

“THIS FRIDAY!” Bakugou blurted out. 

Kirishima halted, mid rise from his seat. 

Bakugou slowly slid a hand over his own mouth for screaming so loud. 

“Friday? For real? You don’t mind hanging out?” 

Bakugou shook his head, not trusting himself with words at the moment. 

Kirishima lit up and drummed on the table, “Cool! Alright, well I’ll leave you to enjoy the rest of your lunch, Dude. See you Friday then!” With a tiny wave, he walked away and took Bakugou’s chill with it. 

He stared at the table and covered his eyes. Holy fucking SHIT! What an idiot. He was going to hang out with Kirishima on Friday. He was seeing his fucking crush on Friday. Just them. Fuck fuck fuck! Bakugou was beginning to spiral into a gay panic. 

They were going to converse, talk and ‘chill’. I NEED AIR.

Bakugou shot up out of the seat and raced off through the cafe doors. 

After a stumbling run, he threw himself into a stall. He pulled his hair and hyperventilated. 

Fuck fuck fuck, I’m breathing too hard. 

With forced concentration, Bakugou calmed himself enough to think clearly. 

This was okay, seeing him on Friday would be fine. Nothing weird or stressful about it. Kirishima had been clear that he wasn’t against being gay which lifted a weight off Bakugou’s chest, plus he wanted to be friends. That could be done. 

Then another thing hit. 

I don’t like friends. He frowned. 

Oh fucking whatever, it’s just one time. 

Kirishima probably wouldn’t even show up. 

Yeah. Bakugou nodded, reassuring himself. He won’t remember by tomorrow.


Bakugou walked down the sidewalk, taking his usual route home. 

The whole ordeal about being asked to hang out was put out in the back of his mind. Not given a second thought. 

He kicked a rock and tugged the backpack strap higher. “Tch.” No reason to panic over bull that isn’t even important. 

“Oi! Bakugou!” 

Bakugou halted. Standing very still as that honey rough voice called for him again. 

Footsteps grew louder until Kirishima stood in front of him, panting slightly. “Sorry- sorry I was trying to catch you from Science but you walk really fast.” 

Bakugou scoffed, “I’ve got places to be.” Relax. Re-fucking-lax. 

Kirishima chuckled and crossed his arms, “Anyway, I realized when we decided on Friday that I didn’t even get your number. How dumb was that? I’m supposed to hang out with ya’ but I don’t even know where ya place is.” 

Had he heard him right? “My number?” Bakugou asked just to be sure. 

“Yeah!” He dug into his pocket and pulled out a phone. “So we can talk and whatever.” Kirishima shrugged and held the device out. 

Bakugou hesitated for a moment before reaching forward slowly with his brow furrowed. “Alright..” 

He typed in his number as Kirishima hovered over him. With a grunt, Bakugou handed it back. 

Kirishima pocketed it and stepped back, “Aight, cool! Gotta catch my bus, see ya!”

Bakugou nodded slowly and Kirishima took off back to the bus line. When he was out of sight, Bakugou took a deep inhale and continued walking. 

Holding in another episode of gay panic until he got in his room and screamed loudly. He hadn’t forgotten. In fact, Kirishima had been dead serious. 

Bakugou cooled down and stared at the phone, reading the message over and over again. 


[Unknown Number]: Hey, Dude!! It’s Kirishima, thanks for agreeing to hang out. See you then:) 


Bakugou Katsuki was not okay.  

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After 30 minutes of straight up gobsmacked gaping at the message from big man on campus. Bakugou had officially ended on the notion that, ‘I’m ignoring him’ would be the best course of action.

Great way to handle having your crush text you right? Right. 

Bakugou strolled past everyone in the halls. His sweater hugged his form nicely. He may be a nerd with better grades than half of Japan’s young kids but he never skimped on the gym. Bakugou stood 5’7 of pure muscle, his chest was bigger than half the girls in that shit place with an even slimmer cut waist. His arms weren’t huge compared to half the others but he was built enough to chuck some bastard off a bleacher last month so he was strong. 

Eyes stayed on him. The way he liked it. Stay hating you ugly bitches. Bakugou held his head higher. He’d be damned if they got to him. Each and everyone of them could continue to have closed minds and not expand their views. In the end Bakugo would stay on top and they’d have nothing better to do besides hate for the rest of their lives. 

He stepped in class and sunk into his seat. Social studies wasn’t his favorite but it was his best grade next to math. 

Mr. Hizashi slid into his class, shades on and blonde hair in a disastrous banana shaped cone. “Gooooood morning students! Are we ready to leeeeeaarn!?”

Bakugou cringed and covered his ears, Mr. Hizashi was extremely loud and happy this morning. The class nodded collectively and they began. 

Mr. Hizashi spun around, “I hope your Friday is going great so far, but don’t fret because we have a rad lesson planned today!” 

Bakugou froze. Did he just say Friday? He shook his head and pulled his phone, turning the damned thing on to show the date and.. Friday. 

Eyes widened, Bakugou slumped far in his chair and covered his mouth with a fist. 

It’s Friday. 

Today is fucking Friday.  

Like an idiot, Bakugou had blurted out the first day of the week without thinking and realizing yesterday had been Thursday . He hadn’t even told the hag about Kirishima. HE HADN’T EVEN PREPARED HIMSELF. 

Was he breathing heavy again? Bakugou was pretty sure he was breathing heavy. 

Shit fuck SHIT. 

What was he going to do? He can’t just cancel, no he’d throttle himself. Kirishima Eijirou would come over or his poor little gay heart will fall into cardiac arrest. But seeing him will give me cardiac arrest. 

Bakugou squeezed his eyes tight and sighed. 

Guess I’ll motherfucking die then. 

They had no plan. He didn’t even get to clean his room. Would Kirishima ask to walk home with him today? Go on the bus then come over later? 

Bakugou bounced his foot frantically. 

What would the hag think? She’d fucking skin me when she found out I wasn’t lying about bringing a guy over. Damn it. Would they go out? Stay in? 

Could Bakugou even handle being in a room with him for more than a few seconds without jumping the guy? 

He groaned and pulled his hair. It’s alright. I can control my dick. I can. Control. My dick. I can control it! 

So the plan ‘I’m ignoring him’ went completely out the window and ran the fuck away. There would be no ignoring him now. No days for Bakugou to mentally prepare, no time to backout. Stuck. Bakugou was stuck. 

Shiiit.” He breathed out lowly. 

You know what? Everything would work out. All he needed to do was collect himself and be the biggest asshole known to man. That would hide his impending crush and constant blue balls. Yeah. Great plan. 

The rest of social studies flew by and so did all the piece of cake classes until the dreaded lunch came around. 

Bakugou tried to eat in the office, but they sent him off because saying ‘How does my entire ass taste’ is apparently deeply frowned upon, then he went to the nurse and faked being sick but they didn’t believe him because ‘Bakugou, you haven’t been sick since 6th grade’, and eating in the bathroom was a little too far. So. No choice but to brave the wilderness and sit down at his secluded table at the back of the cafeteria where everyone could see him and he could see everyone else. 

He inhaled slowly then pushed the doors open and beelined to his table. Now, he wasn’t acting this way because of the students and their dislike towards him. Nah, Bakugou’s hated them since learning how to speak. What he’s worked up and spooked about was the fact that in the cafeteria? You were fair game. Meaning, Kirishima Eijirou was in the same room as him. No teachers to silence conversations, to send him back to his seat, no help. Bakugou Katsuki was out in the open and he hoped to all the gods that the star quarterback wasn’t hoping to talk some more. Bakugou probably wouldn’t be able to handle it. 

With a clank, Bakugou’s lunchbox popped open. Yes, it was an All Might Limited Edition metal lunchbox. Don’t judge him. The thing had enough dents in it from the many heads that got a little too close to his rage filled outbursts. He’d probably assault again if the time came. 

Bakugou pulled out a peach and started eating slowly. Eyes glued to his table, not daring glance around even though he was seriously aching to. Just to see whether Kirishima noticed him or not. Definitely not to stare and count how many coiled muscles he could see on his back.

Though, that’s wouldn’t be too bad. 

After a few minutes of internal battle, Bakugou looked up. His eyes swept over the lunchroom until they landed on the familiar red silky hair. He wore it down during school, only spiking it up into a monstrosity mountain for games. It was a ritual or some shit, who fucking know but Kirishima looked hell of a lot better with it down. 

Bakugou glanced to his table mates. 

A girl with pink box braids, a lot of eye shadow, lip gloss and melanin skin sat next to him, pushing his shoulder and shaking her head. On her other side sat a guy with straight black hair and large forearms. Bakugou recognized the wide receiver Sero Hanta. Another sat to the right of Kirishima with short cropped golden hair and a black bolt tattoo under his ear. That one was Denki Kaminari, an idiot in class but the best Running Back in all of Japan.  Then, across from them all, sat another mountain of pure muscle known as Tetsutetsu. The school's very own linebacker. He was huge, smiley, hot and a practical twin to Kirishima. They had been best friends since diapers, same build, teeth, bright eyes. 

Truth be told, they both had been Bakugou’s gay awkending. He just had more of a liking to the pretty redhead. 

They all sat together and laughed like the amazing family they were. Beautiful eyes, great careers planned, hands that could kill- no he was just talking about Kirishima. 

God. What I’d do to have him choke me. 

Then he recoiled when realization hit of what he just thought. 

You idiot. 

Kirishima hadn’t noticed him, which was the original point of looking. So now Bakugou could go back to staring at his lovely table. 

Only a few hours until school ended and they saw each other. Could Bakugou wait that long? Could he even handle seeing him? 

I’m such a mess. Let the floor swallow me whole. 

That was okay, as long as Bakugou got the gay panic out now. Everyone would be smooth sailing from then on.




A knock resonated through the house. Bakugou stumbled down the stairs, almost face planting. Is he here early? He’s here early. Why is he here early? 


Bakugou sent a strangled look towards his mom's voice, not really all there to send a retort. 

He walked towards the front door. 

Okay. Be cool, just relax. Inhale. Exhale. An asshole. Be. An asshole. 

He swung the door open to reveal Kirishima Eijirou standing on his doorstep with the widest grin ever gracing the earth. “Hey!” 

Bakugou nodded with a grunt in greeting. No words. None. 

Kirishima clasped his hands together again, Bakugou might of thought he was nervous if the guy didn’t seem so relaxed. Hair up in a bun, nice jeans and- is that a new shirt? Bakugou did a double take. 

“So.. can I come in?” Kirishima asked. 

Bakugou’s eyes shot up from his crisp tight shirt. “Huh?- oh, yeah. Come in.” 

He stepped back, giving Kirishima room to enter. 

When he did, Bakugou immediately regretted it. 

“Is that him, Katsuki!?” Mitsuki asked as she turned the corner. Eyes gleaming in mischief, “Why, isn’t he good looking! Nice job kid, I’ll be having grandbabies in no time!” 

Bakugou’s cheeks flared and he snarled, “MA! Not only is that impossible , that is uncalled for!” 

Kirishima was a sputtering mess next to him, shifting constantly. “Ma-ma’am, um- I- I’m not.. ya know, I’m not- um..” 

Mitsuki’s eyes widened and she glanced to Bakugou. He glared back. She sighed, “I see. No worries, Kid. I’m Mitsuki.” 

Kirishima seemed to relax, “I’m Kirishima Eijirou, Ma’am. Your place looks amazing by the way! Thank you for allowing me in your home!” 

Mitsuki waved him off, “Eh, was nothing. You should see the backyard. Almost as big as a football field. ” 

Kirishima’s eyes widened. 

Bakugou’s narrowed. What are you playing at. 

The redhead lit up, “Really? Man. Me and my friends have been looking for a place to practice after school hours. If me and Bakugou become friends, maybe we can all hang out here.” 

Oh. That’s what her plan was. Conniving witch. Bakugou shook with embarrassment and anger. He just wanted today over quickly. 

“ALRIGHT!” Bakugou cut in loudly, successfully shutting them both up. “Me and him have hanging out to do, so say goodbye and let’s go Kirishima.” 

Mitsuki only smirked. “Okay, Kiddo. Be safe up in your room, it can be dangerous.” 


Kirishima waved goodbye, “Thanks again!” And followed Bakugou up the stairs. 

Each step he was cursing his mother out for trying to be a sneaky fuck and set them up. 

Not on my watch. 

He kicked his bedroom door open and presented it with a sweep of his hand. 

Kirishima smiled and stepped inside. He turned about the place, eyes gleaming. “Cool! Your room is so neat and clean compared to my other friends. Man are they slobs.” 

Bakugou gave a tight chuckle and stood by the door. He didn’t know what they would be doing. 

Kirishima continued looking around until he landed on Bakugou’s comic book collection. “Oh, Dude! You like comics?” 

“Well, Yeah obviously. There’s a whole stack right there and a bunch of posters on my walls.” Bakugou pointed out with a quirked brow. 

Kirishima nodded, looking back at him. “That’s real cool! I don’t read comics much, ya know? But I can tell you really like em, pretty manly!”

Bakugou swallowed and looked away. Stay calm. Stay. Calm. “Mhm. Thanks.” He strained out finally. 

Kirishima crossed the room and flattened the shirt. Bakugou looked it over again. No, it had to be new. He’d never seen him in that red sweater before. 

Kirishima noticed him staring, “What's wrong?” 

Bakugou froze. ABORT MISSION. ABORT. MISSION. He looked away again and shrugged, “That shirt new?”

“Oh, this? Nah nah nah, I um.” Bakugou watched Kirishima narrate with his hands. “This was just in the back of my closet.” 

Bakugou frowned, “I’ve never seen you wear it, are you sure it isn’t new?” 

Kirishima waved him off, “No no! I just never wear it to school, ya know? Not really my style haha.” 

Bakugou’s brow furrowed. “It looks extremely close to your style.” 

Pink flushed over Kirishima’s cheeks, “Well- ya I guess- I um..”

He’s really cute when he’s lying. 

Bakugou rolled his eyes as he continued to sputter. Or attempting to. 

“Why? Do you like it?” 

Bakugou’s eyes shot wide back into Kirishima’s expectant and slightly hopefully gaze. What do I say? Yes. No. Take me, I’m yours? 

He was panicking once again, so what does Bakugou’s mouth do? Spit shit out. 

“Yeah! It really brings out your eyes and your muscles!” 

Fuck. Me. 

Kirishima stared for a moment. 

Bakugou cringed, Let me die here and now. I deserve it. Fuck, you idiot. Your eyes and your MUSCLES? WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINK-

Kirishima giggled, literally giggled. 

Fuck I’m gay. 

“Thats Cool, I appreciate that! My friends don’t usually compliment my style and how it works with my better features so I genuinely thank you, Dude! Your honesty is real manly!” 

Bakugou must not have heard him right because that was clearly a flirt. Did Kirishima not understand he just slipped? Is he saving my dignity? Bakugou didn’t have any left. No use in trying for salvation. 

Then. Kirishima patted Bakugou’s shoulder. 

I’m going to give him 5 seconds to remove his hand before I LOSE IT.

He giggled again, “So what were ya up to before I came out here?” 

Bakugou eyed his hand, “Science project.” 

“Science project? When did we get assigned one?” Kirishima looked puzzled. 

The hand was still there, Bakugou could feel it searing his skin. “That’s because it’s for extra credit. I finished this months extra work so I got bored.” 

“Bored!?” Kirishima choked. “Tch. Man, this is why I need to be friends with you. You’re so smart! All my others friends are dumb as hell.” 

Did he mean it in the way Bakugou thought. “You want to be friends so I can help your grade?” He accused with venom. Bakugou pulled away, stepping out of his reach. 

Now Kirishima was in panic mode. He shook his head frantically and waved his hands, “No! No no no! No that’s not what I meant! You’re just real smart and I admire that so much- I don’t want to be friends so you can help my grade! I’m serious!” 

Bakugou studied his face, searching for deception but there was none. He sighed, “Sorry for assuming you were just trying to be a two-faced bitch. S’usually what people use me for, which is why I hate everyone and chose to have no friends.” 

Kirishima shoulders relaxed, “For real? That’s messed up. I’m sorry people did that, just know I totally like you for you, Dude!” Then he realized what he said and back pedaled. “I’m not gay though- it was in a non gay way! I’m just saying I like how YOU are as a friend! Ya know?” 

Wow. That was a trip. Bakugou squinted, “You do know I never once assumed you were gay, right? I literally never thought that.” I wished it though. “So you can relax with the whole reminding me bullshit and reassuring me.” 

Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck and turned away, “Sorry... So um, what do you want to do? Whatever is cool, aight? It’s your pick.” 

Bakugou looked him over before sighing and heading out back downstairs. “Fine. But you asked for it.” 

“Where are we going?” Kirishima ran after him. 

Bakugou had an idea and he knew Kirishima would enjoy it. It was safe and wouldn’t leave them alone behind closed doors. He walked towards the game room in the house and turned the lights on, “Video games. I’m going to wreck you and send you crying back to your mommy begging for your dignity.” 

Red eyebrows shot high, “Is that so?”

Bakugou grinned challengingly and handed a controller over. “Fuck yeah. What? Think you’re better or something?” 

“Dude. I know I’m better.” Kirishima took it and dropped down on the couch. 

Yeah. Now Bakugou was fired up. Kirishima was going to wish he declined that offer because Bakugou never lost a game in his life. Even to his mom who was admittedly the best at his games. 

“You’re on then, Shitty Hair.” 

A scoff, “Bring it, Blasty.”

Chapter Text

Kirishima had in fact beaten him. 

Multiple times. 

Each game they played. 

Bakugou was furious and cussed Kirishima out for a good three minutes until Mitsuki threatened to get a muzzle if he didn’t stop bitching so he decided pouting would be the next best thing. 

However, pouting didn’t last long when Kirishima gave a false sympathetic frown and patted his head saying rather snidely, “It’s okay, Bakugou. Better luck next time.” 

He swatted his hand away and flipped the redhead off, “Ah, fuck you.”

After the video game phenomenon, Mitsuki called them for dinner and they ate in challenged banter throughout the entire meal. Never letting up on the ball busting and playful digs. Then Kirishima had the grand idea to spend the rest of the night reading comics in Bakugou’s room. So they retreated upstairs and splayed out on his queen sized mattress with the pile of comics between them. Kirishima asked questions here and there, allowing Bakugou to flaunt his knowledge to the boy. 

Slowly, the day ended and Kirishima had to leave. 

“Thank you for letting me into your home again, Mrs. Bakugou! The food was great again as well!” 

Mitsuki smiled kindly and said, “It's not a problem, Kid. Come back anytime.” before excusing herself with a pointed look to her son. 

Bakugou scowled after her. Plotting wicked woman. 

Kirishima cleared his throat, bringing Bakugou’s attention over. 

The redhead smiled and tugged on the hem of his shirt. “I should get going, so… I’ll see you around?” 

For a moment Bakugou panicked because was he trying to schedule another meetup so soon? Was Bakugou’s schedule even open? Then he registered Kirishima meant school. Fuckin’ idiot. “Tch. Yeah, duh.” 

With that Kirishima nodded with a small laugh, “Cool Cool. Aight, see ya!”

Then he was gone.

“So. Are you going to let that poor boy keep thinking he’s straight or tell him the truth?” Mitsuki asked from behind. 

Bakugou frowned, “Huh?” 

Mitsuki smirked, “Brat, that boy is the furthest thing from straight. He may think he is, but honestly the way he’s been eyeing you all night says otherwise.” 

“Are you crazy? Kirishima is so straight. I mean straight as my fucking grades. Don’t try and get my hopes up, Hag.” Bakugou snapped and stormed up the stairs. Hell if she was going to give him false hope. What did she know? Kirishima Eijirou, gay? Nah. I’d fuckin’ wish. It’s just make believe. Obviously, if he says he’s straight and acts like it then it must be so. 

Fucking try to say he’s not straight just to make my life worse. 

Bakugou was gayer than gay as it fucking was for that guy, no need for extra torture. No point in entertaining the idea anyway. Kirishima had not given any indication. No matter how many times his hand brushed over Bakugou’s, or those red eyes were caught on him, or how easily being close came. It would not be counted towards being anything besides straight. He’s probably a real boundaryless guy. Which is fine by me. His hag was just trying to get a rise out of him, get under his skin like always. Well it didn’t fucking work. 

Bakugou had actually started to enjoy his company over the hours spent together and it wasn’t just his dick talking. 

There was a lot to learn about Kirishima and he could really be a bitchass at some points but all in all…… I like being around him. 

So maybe, just maybe… Bakugou would allow another hang out if it came about. 

He closed his door and smiled giddily. Fuck he’s so cute. Kirishima’s smile and bubbly laugh was enough to fill Bakugou’s cup until he died. What I’d give for him to be like that around me all the damn time. 

Too much. 

Bakugou got undressed as he ran through everything that happened and fell back onto his mattress with the biggest grin ever. 

Fuck, he’s amazing. 

Kirishima was lucky he’s straight otherwise Bakugou wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off. 

His phone buzzed and Bakugou shot up off the bed for it. 

[Hot Stuff]: I had fun tonight, Dude! Thanks for having me over, you’re pretty badass ;)

Bakugou grinned again. 

He thinks I’m badass. 

Monday couldn’t come fast enough. 


Over the weekend Bakugou and Kirishima texted back and forth whenever they could. Both boys were busy either doing work, or going to practice. 


[Hot Stuff]: Morning! What ya up 2?

[Me]: Figuring out where you learned how to spell. 

[Hot Stuff]: That’s pretty mean, Bakugou TnT!!!

[Me]: Whatever big baby. I’m at the gym again like I said I’d be yesterday. Honestly, do you ever retain anything?

[Hot Stuff]: Maann. You are being so cruel today, Dude. What’s wrong? Did someone say the periodic table wrong? 

[Me]: Oh fuck off 

[Hot Stuff]: Haha 

[Me]: I’m going to ignore you now. Bye

[Hot Stuff]: Talk to you later 

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*Blasty *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

[Me]: You’re insufferable


Now Monday came around and Bakugou was really looking forward to possibly seeing the boy around school. They shared a few classes together anyway so that was inevitable, but the halls and lunch was where he really wanted to see him. 

Bakugou sat in home room and waited for class to begin, same old same old. Although, something was off. Hanging in the air. 

He glanced next to him and saw two girls whispering into a seniors ear. His frizzy dyed blue hair encased his deeply in need of lotion and chapstick mug.


That bastard pretty much ran the school from the underground. While the jocks thought they had full rein, he was always pulling the strings. Getting people drugs, out of trouble, new phones, kicked out, suspended, beat up. Biggest bully and yet he was a fucking twig. Bakugou could snap that bitch in half with a pinky. 

Shigaraki held eye contact with him even after the girls left. He smiled evilly, as if he knew something Bakugou had. Which was unsettling. There was a lot of shit that Bakugou knew that couldn’t become anyone else’s business. 

Shigaraki smirked and mouthed a word that had sent rage through Bakugou’s veins for years. It had shattered then rebuilt him. Made Bakugou confused of who he was. It was disgusting and degrading. 


Bakugou’s eyes narrowed to slits before he faced the board. He could deal with that little fuck later. Right now his grade depended on the class. 

Fucking assholes. 

Shigaraki continued watching Bakugou, tapping his pen on the desk slowly. Deciding what to do with the information he had gotten. You’re done for, Kid. 



“Everyone change and head out to the field! Since its game week, we aren’t doing anything besides free time out there!” Their PE teacher shouted from the hallway so everyone could hear him. 

Bakugou huffed a sigh, that meant people would be fucking around and causing problems. 

Whatever. Just means I can finish my work for Science. 

He opened his locker and took out his tennis shoes in place of his usual boots. Bakugou sat on the bench to change shoes as the rest of the boys filed out. Leaving him alone. Well, almost. 

Someone stood behind him, casting a shadow. 

Bakugou slowed down his task but didn’t stop, “I’m going to give you three seconds to get off my back before I punch your teeth down your throat.” 

“Oh? Your boyfriend doesn’t beat up people for you? That’s a shame.” 

That voice. 

Bakugou stood to face Shigaraki. The lean boy towered over him, long arms crossed over his chest. 

“What boyfriend?” Bakugou asked, brow furrowed. He had a sickening feeling of who that asshole meant. 

Shigaraki chuckled and leaned closer, “Don't try to play dumb, Kid. I know about you and muscle head out there. Heard you two were hookin’ up on Friday.” 

Hooking up? Bakugou scoffed, stepping into his face not afraid to assert dominance. “Are you a fucking idiot? You think I’d hook up with him?” He sneered. “Thought you were smarter than that, Shigaraki.” 

The blue haired guy scowled, “Don’t get smart. Rumor is you let the star quarterback have his way with you. Said you were great.” 

A wave of nausea mixed with fury turned Bakugou’s stomach. Did Kirishima start a rumor? Did that bastard only come over just to say I let him sleep with me? 

“Fucking asshole. You’d be smart to not start rumors you don’t know shit about. We didn’t do shit besides hang out but that isn’t your business anyway.” Bakugou spat. 

A disgusting smile crept onto the seniors face. Without warning he slammed a hand on the locker behind Bakugou’s head and boxed him in. He leaned close, “Listen, Kid. I don’t care whether you spread your legs or not. Word around school is word around school. I hear the news, and I spread it around for money. Makes sense? Usually, I don’t keep my nose in business when it comes past me. But you? You’ve caused me some problems throughout my business and I ain’t too happy about that.”

Bakugou recoiled only to hit the locker. 

I admire your tanaze for coming out to everyone but I gotta say. It was pretty stupid. There are a lot of guys who would kill to have a ‘hangout’ session, as you call it.” 

Bakugou paled. 

Shigaraki looked him over before sighing, “Now, that ain’t my specialty, but it is someone else’s. He ain’t too fond of fags in a nice way, you get it? Alright. Well, it was nice talking with you.” He stood upright and tapped Bakugou’s cheek. “We’ll be in touch.” Then left. 

Bakugou stayed in place even after the door slid shut. 


He pulled off the wall, inhaling quickly. Did Kirishima seriously fucking start a rumor? How could Bakugou been so stupid to believe he’d be any different? Understanding of who he was? He’s just a fucking homophobic asshole. It almost hurt to think about it.  

Dropping down onto the bench, Bakugou tossed his shoes in the locker and pulled his hair. How fucking stupid could I get? Of course that’s what the motive was. There had been one the whole time but Bakugou couldn’t place it. Now it made sense. 

I’m just some useless quick lay. Some conquest. Bakugou grit his teeth. Some fucking fag he wanted to get his hands on to embarrass. The worst part was they hadn’t even done anything. They did nothing but yet he spread a fucking rumor. 

Bakugou stood and slammed the locker shut, leaving the locker room to head for the field. 

I fucking should have known.

Chapter Text

Bakugou pushed past everyone standing around aimlessly in front of the field. He just wanted to fucking sit on the top bleacher of the football field and do his damn work. Away from all those assholes that still couldn’t figure out a place to stick their noses. 

God, Bakugou couldn’t wait to get away. 

He shoved through the mass of students, finally into the open field. Bakugou exhaled slowly and stormed across. Maybe he was a little too worked up at the moment, but how else were you supposed to act after that shit? Kirishima was lucky Bakugou didn’t walk over and punch his pretty face in. 

Rage and disgust riddled him shaking, too caught up to hear the loud “Look Out!” before someone was falling into him. 

Bakugou stumbled, dropping all his books in the dew soaked grass. Papers flying out and scattered. 

“Oh shit! I’m so sorry-..“

He whirled around just about ready to wring the assholes neck.



The blond stopped when the bright smiling redhead stood before him.


Bakugou clenched his jaw, “What the fuck do you want?” Here to laugh about your fucking rumor? 

Kirishima didn’t seem to notice his attitude change at all, “I’m really sorry about bumping into you, T threw the ball a little further than we planned.” He rubbed the back of his neck, exposed bicep flexing. 

Bakugou forced his attention back on Kirishima’s face. Fuck! Stop checking him out. 

“I didn’t know you were in this class, never seen you around.” 

Bakugou scoffed and turned back to pick up his abused work. “I wouldn’t expect you to. Too busy with your nose in a huddle or some girls’ tits anyway.” 

There was a startled noise behind him that Bakugou would rather not believe came from such a huge guy like Kirishima.

“O-oh, haha yeah! Tits! Always in em, ya know?” 

Bakugou stopped and turned around slowly, brow creased. Did this idiot really just say that?

Kirishima’s smile dropped, “B-But you don’t- you like um… you… you like-“

“Dick, Kirishima. I like dick.” Bakugou deadpanned and stared the 6’1 jock dead in his eyes. 

A hot blush crashed down across those high cheekbones and now Kirishima was speechless except for that startled noise again. 

Bakugou scoffed and went back to picking up his papers. Dumbass, bastard. 

Bakugou turned back to face Kirishima, arms crossed over his collected books. “Why are you still standing here?”

The taller boy jerked back into reality and cleared his throat, “I just wanted to thank you again for Friday. Was real cool hanging out with you.”

Bakugou’s gaze hardened. 

“I had fun with you!” 

Bet you fucking did. 

Kirishima beamed with a shrug, “We should really do it again sometime!” 

Again? Bakugou recoiled as if the suggestion had struck him hard. Just so you can say I let you do it again? Really? “No. I don’t fucking think so, I’m not giving you another chance to say I spread my legs for you so easily like one of your other bitches.” 

Kirishima’s face contorted to confusion, “Wha-“

Bakugou shoved him back, “Why don’t you fuck off and leave me alone? Yeah?” 

Kirishima’s eyes widened. 

“Go fucking hang out with someone else and spread rumors about them instead, you asshole!” Bakugou spat with so much venom, Kirishima took a step back. Fuck him. How dare he have the audacity to even suggest hanging out again? Even after what he said. 

“What are you talking about?” Kirishima stepped forward, brow creased. 

Is he fucking serious? Bakugou hunched his shoulders in anger and stepped into his face, “The fuck am I talking about!? Don’t act so fucking innocent, Prick! I knew there were assholes out here but I didn’t think you’d stoop low enough to spread rumors about ‘us’! ” 

“Ru-rumors?” Kirishima choked out, shaking his head in confusion. “Bakugou, where did that come from?” 

Was he really going to deny it? God I can’t stand you. Bakugou opened his mouth to curse him out when blue caught his eye. 

Shigaraki leaned against the field goal with a wide smirk. When Bakugou looked his way, the senior waved. 


Bakugou stepped back. I can’t make it look like anything. “Just stay away from me, Kirishima. It’s bad enough you lied about what we did on Friday but then you ask to hang out again? You’re sick.” 

Kirishima stepped forward, hand reaching for him. “Bakugou, I didn’t-“

“Stop.” Making distance, Bakugou backed up. “Get away from me. You’re just as bad as the rest of those homophobic assholes.” 

Kirishima stopped dead, hurt clear across his face. 

Bakugou shook his head, tears stinging his eyes. Why the fuck was he even going to cry over this? Because I let myself slip up once and this is what I get. “I really hate you. We aren’t friends, go back to where you belong.” Then Bakugou turned away for the bleachers. Ignoring Kirishima’s calls as he hugged his books tighter. 

There should be no reason for Bakugou to cry over him, to cry over what was said. Reason to be angry? Hell yeah. Bakugou had every right to be pissed off but sad? Betrayed? No. No, Bakugou didn’t think so. 

Sure, Kirishima Eijirou had been his crush for a good two years and counting. The guy seemed sweeter than candy and nicer than a puppy. Bakugou had felt safe when he came to like the boy. Then, it blew up like a bomb. It could have been worse. That at least was true. Kirishima could have taunted him, actually tried some shit on friday. Acting oblivious is just as bad though. 

Bakugou got to the top of the bleachers and looked down to see the tiny figure of Kirishima shaking his head walking back to the huddle of players. 

He sighed out and dropped on a bench, planning to busy himself with work. 

Fuck him. Fuck him. Fuckhim fuckhim fuckhim. Wind ruffled his hair, today was already sucking ass. 

Bakugou glanced to the field goal but Shigaraki was nowhere in sight. 

I’m fucked.


Bakugou avoided lunch all together, deciding with hiding out in a janitor's closet until the bell rang and he could slip away. Knowing full well if he stepped foot into there, Kirishima would be on him to ask questions. 

Act like an innocent bastard again. 

The rest of Monday went by in a blur, a rushed and stressful blur. Bakugou left out the back door and took the forest path home, not wanting to see the quarterback. By tomorrow shit would hit the fan and there was nothing Bakugou could do besides go home and mentally prepare. 

Not like my life wasn’t hard enough to start with. 



By Thursday, Bakugou had officially lost his shit.


[Assfuck Missed Calls(50)]

[Assfuck]: Bakugou answer me

[Assfuck]: Bakugou please 

[Assfuck]: Just answer so we can talk. Tell me what happened, please. 

[Assfuck]: Bakugou just tell me what you meant by rumors

[Assfuck]: What rumors did I start? I didn’t say shit to anyone about our hangout

[Assfuck]: Well I did, but only to Mina but she keeps secrets like she keeps blackmail 

[Assfuck]: Wait shit 

[Assfuck]: Not blackmail on you

[Assfuck]: That came out wrong!!

[Assfuck]: Dude, please

[Assfuck]: Bakugou answer, please. I don’t know what happened but I’m sorry


Bakugou growled at the messages and chucked his phone clear across the room. Kirishima hadn’t stopped bother him since Monday. Always looking for him in the halls, lurking during lunch, asking to move seats in class. It took every ounce of Bakugou’s commitment to successfully avoid him. For some reason, the redhead just couldn’t take a hint. 

Then the little asshole Shigaraki had been appearing more as of late. Showing up in Bakugou’s line of sight, only for him to blink and the senior disappear. In his peripheral, then glance over and there will be nothing. Or casting a shadow, but for there to be an empty hallway once he turned around. Bakugou knew the tactic was supposed to scare him, that much was clear. All it did, however, was chip away at the patience bar deep inside Bakugou’s head. If anything, his tactic was just putting him on edge.

The rumor spread like a disease, plaguing everyone’s mouth to carry out and share it with others. Taunting looks and suggestive smiles had been flashed his way on Tuesday. Comments and leers by Wednesday. 

Bakugou walked down the halls constantly on defense against everyone. Every question was the same, nothing different besides the wording. 

“So you came out just to get wrecked?”

“So you went right for the quarterback?” 

“How was he?”

“Did you beg?”

“Do you offer anymore hangout sessions?”

“You busy Friday?”

In all of that, Bakugou still held onto the truth that they never did anything. In all of it, Kirishima still never seemed to get the same treatment. Never got comments, or if he did they must be of congratulations because that smile never faltered. 

Not unless he looked my way. 

Nothing. Bakugou wanted nothing to do with him anymore. There had been a slight chance for a possible friendship to grow. I even said I liked his company. But no, that was crushed and scorned. 

Leave it to Bakugou to become his own undoing. Letting himself get feelings and open up just slight to anyone with a pretty smile, gorgeous eyes and sculpted muscles. 

That was the reward he got for it. 

A bad reputation and soon to be mark on his record if guys didn’t stop trying to corner him around the school. Asking for favors and getting a little too friendly with their advances. 

Bakugou knew that was the cost of coming out, he still didn’t regret it. Though, Bakugou would definitely regret not standing up to the next asshole who tried to pass a comment. 

Bakugou strode down the halls, head still high held. No sign of fear or tainting in himself, they couldn’t get that far. 

The looks persisted, the comments thrown about at his expense. Laughter, sneers, taunts, jabs, digs. Bakugou just kept walking. Walking to his destination, then the next, and then on until he arrived home. Just to do it all again. 

Maybe they were acting out because Bakugou hadn’t lashed out yet, fought someone or cursed anyone out. Shame on him then. In time. Not yet. The anger was building up, everyday added to it. 


Lunch already passed again, he spent that in the nurses bathroom under the pretense of being sick from the cafeteria food despite always bringing a home lunch. 

Kirishima had been nowhere in sight all day, not even in class. 

Bakugou slipped down a back hall to take the long way to his English class when someone grabbed his arm. He tensed, expecting another one of those assholes only to find a different asshole. 

Kirishima looked stressed, wound up. 

“Bakugou, we need to talk.” 

Which Bakugou found hilarious, because what was there to talk about? The next time Kirishima could come over just to sound like a lucky guy? How much his status had gone up since? 

There was nothing to be said. 

“No we do not. I told you to stay the hell away from me!”

Kirishima only grew more stressed, groaning in frustration and running a huge hand through his messy hair. 

“Yeah, you did. But this is important- Bakugou you need to listen and hear what I am trying to tell you.” 

Bakugou huffed a scornful laugh and stepped back. 

Not happening. Go talk about it to your friends, I’m sure their dying to get another take on your so fortunate night.”

Kirishima tugged in his hair, then pleaded desperately. 

“Bakugou, please. Just listen to what I have to say-“

“I hope you enjoyed ruining my life. Did you at least say I was good? You must have, with how many guys have been coming up to me and asking for favors.”

Kirishima stopped mid pull on his hair and tilted his head to the side with a frown. 


Bakugou laughed, bet he didn’t know that. 

“Ever since your little story, everyone has been hot on my ass for a ‘hangout session’. I almost fought a senior for getting a little too hands-on but what do you care? It’s not like it matters-“

“Who were they?” 

Bakugou crossed his arms, “What-”

Kirishima stepped in so close, his cologne hit the back of Bakugou’s throat. 

Give me their names.” He demanded low. 

That’s when Bakugou’s knees decided would be a grand time to become weak. Fucking traitors. 

Names. Did he even know names? 

I don’t know their names but I know two were from the soccer team, captain and his best friend. Little fucks. Then the others were literally from your team. Now, why does it fucking matter?” What was his problem all of a sudden with it?

Kirishima’s normal sunshine gaze darkened and Bakugou felt the hall grow colder. The redhead loomed for a moment before sighing and stepped back. “I’ll see you later.” And left. 

Bakugou watched him go before flipping him the bird and heading back off to English. 

Like hell you will. 






Bakugou jumped the stairs and slid down the railing. “YEAH YEAH! I HEARD IT!” 

Who was there? The hag hadn’t said anything about guest and the old man was on a business trip for another week. Who the fuck? 

Bakugou opened the door to come face to face with a visibly restless Kirishima. 

“What the fuck!?” Bakugou shouted. 

Kirishima seemed to relax once he looked at the shorter boy, “Can I come in?” 

“Came you come-“ Bakugou had to take a second to really grasp the reality that such a stupid question had been asked. “Are you fucking serious?! Can you come in!?”

“Yeah.” Kirishima confirmed simply. 

“No you cannot! I told you to stay the hell away from me and showing up at my house is not doing that!” Bakugou yelled, jabbing a finger into his toned chest. 

Kirishima stepped back and nodded, “I know but I really need to talk to you and.. fuck! ” He ran a hand through his hair and Bakugou caught sight of the torn and bruised knuckles. “I just really need to talk to you . Tell you what actually happened because-“

“What happened to your hand?” Bakugou grabbed his hand and inspected the knuckles. They were an angry red with purple and yellow around them. 


Bakugou glanced up. 

Kirishima sighed and hung his head, “After you told me about the guys that tried to make a pass, I kinda got pissed off so I found them and lost my cool.” 

That took the blond by surprise. He stared at the boy. He did that for me? 

Kirishima kept his head lowered, not daring to look Bakugou in the eyes. 

Bakugou let his eyes fall back to the large hand in his. They dwarfed them by a good inch, but Bakugou’s were far more calloused. 

Why did he do that? 

Could that mean...

“Tch.” Bakugou stepped back into the house, letting the hand fall. “Come in, Dumbass. You’ve got explaining to do, and you’re icing that hand.” 

Kirishima lifted his head quickly, eyes gleaming with hope. “Of course, thanks.” 

Bakugou’s said nothing more, leaving the door open for Kirishima to handle. 

I better not regret this.

Chapter Text

What was he doing? 

Bakugou didn’t know what came over him, what pushover part of his mind caved to those big eyes. 

He turned it over in his head while he dug through the bathroom cabinets for the first aid kit. Opening drawers, moving items around. 

It’s here somewhere.” He said mostly to himself, but Kirishima heard it. 

The redhead sat on the toilet seat, injured hands resting on his lap as he watched Bakugou tear through everything. He hadn’t uttered a word since entering the house besides a quick hello to Mitsuki. Then silence.

After another look in every area, Bakugou grunted and left the bathroom to search in another place. He stomped across the hall and opened the closet, moving baskets of shampoo and shit around until he finally found the white case with a red cross on its cover. 


Kirishima was sitting in his bathroom, in his house, waiting to be tended to by Bakugou. Even after all the rumors went around and had put a large target on his back. Now, Bakugou wasn’t going to ignore the slight detail that he was tending to injuries made in his honor, but there would be no thanks given. 

When he entered the bathroom again, Kirishima hadn’t moved an inch. Eyes trained on the floor in front of him like some dog that had been scolded. 

Bakugou grunted and dropped the box onto the counter and opened it. He’d need to check the hand closer now that they were in the light. Just in case the knuckles were split as well. 

He deserved split knuckles for all the shit I’ve been through. 

Bakugou stepped between Kirishima’s long legs, taking a moment to regard how thick his thighs were compared to Bakugou’s own before holding a hand out. “Hand.” 

Kirishima lifted his gaze up Bakugou slowly until it reached a steeled crimson stare. Slowly, he offered his hand up into Bakugou’s. 

The smaller man huffed and brought it harshly up to his eyes. Inspecting the colored and raw flesh. 

Kirishima’s knuckles were in tough shape: purple and yellow bruises encased his first two knuckles then speckled the rest, blood smeared over them but Bakugou couldn’t tell if it was his or someone else’s. They weren’t broken, that much was clear. 

Lucky bastard. 

“Wash your hands.” Bakugou commanded, giving Kirishima enough space to reach the sink. He stayed quiet and for that Bakugou was thankful. Right now, nothing needed to be said. 

Kirishima dried his hands off and plopped back down on the toilet. In their position, Bakugou was about eye level to the quarterback, making him feel even tinier near him. 

Fuck, that should not be so hot.

Bakugou stood between his knees, leaning over him to grab cotton swabs and bacitracin. 

Why had Kirishima even done all that? 

The blond held his hand out again and Kirishima obeyed the silent command. Watching him become consumed in his task. 

The hand had tiny cuts over the knuckles. That’s not so bad. A little dot of bacitracin was applied around his hand. Slowly he started to smear it all over. 

Kirishima pulled away slightly when Bakugou pressed hard. 

“Stop moving!” Bakugou scolded, gripping him firmer. 

Kirishima frowned but obeyed. 

Bakugou continued his work. 

What was the correlation between everything? Where had it originated? 


The first initial contact had been from Shigaraki, and he was known to stir shit up. 

Could that bastard have started it all? 

It was a possibility, but where had he even heard about their hang out? That’s where Kirishima would come in. If he actually had told people false stories, then that would explain Shigaraki’s report. However, would someone that didn’t really see Bakugou with value, go head and beat up people that made passes to him? Treated him just the way Kirishima ‘said’ he liked to be? The way he ‘let’ people treat him? 

No. That’s where something doesn’t add up. 

Unless Kirishima was a possessive asshole that only wanted Bakugou to himself for a sick power move. That was a possibility but he hadn’t seemed that way. 

Just protective. 


Bakugou let the hand drop once more.

“Ice time,” He mumbled and put all the supplies away. 

Kirishima followed close behind, all the way down the stairs and into the kitchen. Bakugou rummaged through the freezer for a soft ice pack and wrapped it in a towel. 

He turned back to Kirishima, grabbing his hand again and placing the ice pack on top. 

The redhead hissed and tried to yank his hand back, “He-Hey, that hurts!” 

Bakugou lifted the ice with a quirked brow, “When you bruise your knuckles, you’re suppose to apply cold pressure for 15-20 minutes to reduce swelling. It’s going to fuckin’ hurt.” 

Kirishima pouted but didn’t put his hand back, “Yeah, but you don’t have to try and make it worse.”

God, what a baby. Bakugou cocked his head to the side with a sigh, “Fine. I’ll be gentle so you don’t cry, now give me your hand.” 

Kirishima hesitated before holding his hand out again. Bakugou took it back and followed through, holding the ice against his knuckles gently. 

They stood in that kitchen for another five minutes. Bakugou’s brow was bunched together in a scowl while he thought, eyes distant. Kirishima watched him, eyes looking him over slowly. Pain in his hand long forgotten.

That huge hand warmed Bakugou’s. 

He really was massive. 

It tightened the hold on him slightly. 

Bakugou almost jump.

Crimson eyes lifted up, meeting ruby. 

Why did you do it? 

He’d find out in a minute. 

Bakugou stepped back, put the ice pack away. Without a word, he walked up to his room. Already knowing Kirishima was right behind. 

When had it all gone wrong? 

Oh don’t act confused and in disarray. You know damn well when. 

It started from agreeing to even hang out with the big oaf. Falling victim to his smile and kind guy act. Classic shit Bakugou should have picked up like some hound dog on a case. Though, what can you do when there is a nice plate of meat in the way and all you wanna do is dig in? 

Shit is hard to move past. 

But so was having rumors spread about you and becoming a bigger slut by word of mouth in that High School’s history. 

I might actually punch him in the face. 

It was tempting. 

Bakugou stepped to the side, Kirishima continued in the room and stood by his dresser. The shorter male shut the door and made a show of slowly walking to the bed and sitting on its edge. Leaning back on his hands like he was about to scold the quarterback into oblivion. He might as well. 

Kirishima shifted with nerves, chewing on his plush lip and frowned. 

Bakugou decided, with disdain, that such an expression didn’t suit his features at all. 

“I’m listening.” He hummed coldly. 

Kirishima nodded and stepped towards him, “Bakugo, I-“ The blond perked a brow at his advances so Kirishima stayed in place, hands clenched by his side. 

“I know it looks horrible, and really bad on my part.”

Oh extremely.

“And I probably seem like some scumbag that only wanted to ‘hang out’ with you because I wanted to embarrass you,”

The biggest. 

“Or because I just wanted to use you to gain popularity or come off better than anyone else to have been able to get the gay kid in school to sleep with me.” 

Bakugou frowned. Well. I did not think of that one. 

Kirishima’s expression was disgusted before snapping rapidly to distress. “But that is a bunch of bullshit. I mean, what kind of person would even do that?” 

Bakugou shrugged, “I don’t know, Kirishima. What kind?” 

Kirishima scowled at the floor, “Some worthless piece of shit that doesn’t understand what a virtue it is to hang out with you. A kind of person that deserved to get punched in the face over and over and taken to the hospital for a broken nose and fractured jaw or whatever.” He raised his bruised hand haphazardly and let it drop. 

A swell of something twitched in Bakugou’s chest at that. A virtue? Kirishima plain and simple said his company was a virtue. But was it still just pretty words? And he sent someone to the fucking hospital? 

Kirishima wasn’t done though, not by a long shot. The redhead began pacing his room, teeth gritted in anger. “People that spread rumors always pissed me off. Even in middle school when I was… but then, I wasn’t able to do shit. Now I can. And I did. I punched those assholes in the face but it’s not enough- I know it’s not enough.” He stopped and faced the blond. “It’s not enough because you still don’t believe me. It’s true, isn’t it?” 

There was a part of him that did not believe nor want to of what the quarterback was saying. It was the same part that preferred being alone and riding solo. Then the other half that was absolutely swooning and swaying to the words leaving those pretty lips and knowing what he had done. Whether or not they would come to an agreement would be hard. Bakugou was still scorned from it all. 

He huffed coldly, “What do you think? Of course I’m upset still. I was harassed verbally and physically. They didn’t get as far as they hoped but it was still far enough. I don’t know what you were thinking, telling people about our hang out. You know the school is a homophobic garbage clusterfuck. Why? And the worst part is it got to fucking Shigaraki, of all people.” 

Shigaraki could go fuck himself. 

“I’m sorry, did you say Shigaraki?” Kirishima asked low. In the same tone when he asked for those bastards names in the hall. 

Bakugou set him with a calculating narrowed stare. “Were you not listening? God, must I repeat my-“

Kirishima took a step closer, “Don't be like that, Bakugou. Just tell me what he said.” 

The blond snapped his head back and stood up, “You can’t tell me what to not be like! I can act however I want!” But his retort didn’t waver Kirishima’s angered expression. 

He looked just about ready to snap.  

Bakugou would be lying if he said it didn’t make him twitch, interested. 

Finally he rolled his eyes and dropped back on the bed, “The day I told you to ‘go fuck yourself, piece of utter shit ’ in the field-“

“You never said that.”

“Was the day Shigaraki snuck up on me in the locker room. Passed a comment on my ‘boyfriend’, and had me right in his hand. Pretty much, the asshole said word around the school was that we hooked up on Friday and that I…”

Bakugou looked away.

“I.. let you have your way with me.. I told him he was fucking stupid and that we didn’t nor was it any of his damn business. Then he threatened me and left. Bastard touched my face like we were close.” 

Kirishima was silent. 

Bakugou scowled at his hands, “I was pissed off. I felt disgusting and so- so fucking- fuck, I just felt horrible.” Crimson eyes lifted to settle on Kirishima’s back.

“I just couldn’t, I can’t understand how what or why. I just fucking can’t grasp it at all, put it in perspective, Kirishima. Explain what the fuck was your reason for all of that.” 

Kirishima stayed silent, turned away. His head shook slowly. 

Is he ignoring me? 

“Can you? Is that even a possibility?” 


Bakugou was starting to become angry. “Or am I going to stay in dark as some quarterbacks open hole to fuck into!?” 

The more Kirishima stayed silent the more he grew desperate for a response. Bakugou stood and stepped towards him,  “Am I that useless and meaningless that you can even look at me!?” 

Angry tears pricked his eyes. 

Fucking bastard! 

“Who did you tell!? Did you tell Shigaraki directly!?”

Bakugou clenched his fists. All resolve snapped.

“Did you not expect this!? What the FUCK! What am I, Kirishima!? Was I good!? You never answered that! Never said how amazing I was, never teased me so I knew what I had to look forward to when someone else came knocking at my door or sat at my fucking table!” 

He gripped Kirishima’s shirt and tugged, “HUH!?” 

That was when Kirishima turned around, tears streaming down his face. 

Bakugou faltered, own angry expression losing steam at the sight of how utterly ruined the taller boy looked. 

Kirishima inhaled slowly, clearing his throat and looked off. “I.. um.” 

Slowly, Bakugou saw his shoulders begin to shake. 

What did- 

“I got to go.”   

Bakugou stared. “What?” 

Kirishima pulled out of his grip, “I’m sorry, I just-.. I gotta go.” He took off out the door. 

Leaving Bakugou standing in the middle of his room alone, without an actual explanation, crying, and utterly fucking lost. 

He heard the front door open and close before fully looking at himself in the mirror and throwing a hand over his mouth to stifle the sobs. 

Bakugou turned away, a high pitched whine leaving him. 

What the FUCK? 

Fuck, why can’t this just be over? What did I fucking do for this? 

The loss of something he never really had seeped into his lungs and slowly Bakugou couldn’t breathe. Beginning to choke on his own air. 

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. 

And just like that, Bakugou officially was alone.

Chapter Text

I’m alone. 

That’s all Bakugou could think about as he traveled down the halls of the school. Books in hand, head still held high. 

He was alone and there was nothing to do about it. 

Nothing could ever change that, sure he had his mom and on occasions a cousin or two that stopped by and shared his competitive nature but they didn’t count. That was family, and Bakugou was not necessarily family oriented. 

Not to the degree that someone would need to not have friends. 

It’s better this way. 

That’s what he told himself every second that a stab of pain coursed through him whenever he walked by anything that reminded him of Kirishima. Bakugou was still pissed off, but now he was hurt. 

They were supposed to sit down and talk but Kirishima ran out, never gave an explanation as to why so Bakugou could get clear headspace on it. Not once saying where it came from. Only came in to say he punched a few guys in his honor, got patched up, preached about how horrible spreading rumors were, then cried and left. 

You see the confusion? 

How was Bakugou supposed to move on, forgive and maybe forget if that idiot didn’t even tell him enough? 

What was he supposed to do? Fill in the lines? Fuck no. 

It’s better this way.  

Yeah. It was. But saying it was better that way wasn’t Bakugou’s way of being sad and just succumbing to the circumstances. He agreed that it was better, preferred it that way. Alone. Focused. Unbothered. 

However, unbothered wouldn’t do because he was still getting leered on at school but nothing Bakugou couldn’t handle. 

Then again. 

Deep in the back of his mind. Buried down for obvious reasons, Bakugou did want to be friends. 

He really wanted to. 

But he was in the dark still, there was no room for forgiveness. So, if Bakugou had come to find out that the rumors did stem from him. Well, that would be embarrassing. 

The point was, fuck Kirishima Eijirou. 


He expected many things to continue or start up since the rumors. It was high school after all. 

Though, what Bakugou hadn’t expected was to be flanked by a bunch of tall and muscular idiots. 

It started late that week, after some asshole actually did get their hands on Bakugou. 

It wasn’t anything shocking, they grabbed his wrist. 

Bakugou gave him a bruised jaw and a hearing problem for a week but what happened after was the shocking part. Behind him, stood familiar people. 

Now, it took some time to realize who they were because Bakugou couldn’t go around remembering everyone’s name. That would take up too much space. But halfway into Tuesday, it clicked. 

And Bakugou was pissed. 

He glanced over his shoulder at the very obvious Tetsutetsu that was stopped to read a bulletin, waiting while Bakugou grabbed his chemistry book. 

The linebacker had been tailing him since setting foot on campus. 

Bakugou noticed right away, it’s hard not to see a tall mass of muscle following you down every hall and every angles. 

Bakugou didn’t know what the fuck was up. 

He slammed his locker shut and continued walking down the hall, glancing over his shoulder once. 

Tetsutetsu was following slowly, head facing somewhere else. Seeming distracted. 

Bakugou scoffed. Idiot. 

Without looking back again, Bakugou stomped to class and sat inside. 

It’s fine. They will stop by tomorrow, it is probably for only a day. 

Something deep in his head uncurled and gave the horrible notion of, ‘They want to try what Kirishima claimed to have done’. Bakugou shivered. Hell if he would let that happen. 

So, at the end of the day he slipped out the back door and took the forest path home. 

No one followed him. 

They didn’t stop.

In fact, even more seemed to correlate around Bakugou as the week progressed.  

Flanking him on the way to class, lurking around his lunch table. 

It was putting him so on edge that he snapped his favorite pencil in the middle of finishing an essay when one walked right by the table. 

Not to mention Kirishima was actively avoiding him, sitting in the back of class, literally turning right around and going down a different hall when they caught sight of each other. Even then, Kirishima sat on the complete opposite side of the lunchroom or just didn’t show at all. 

That probably hurt the worst. 

Kirishima couldn’t even look Bakugou in his eyes without something guarded flashing through and making him duck away or pretend he hadn’t even seen the blond. 

Bakugou grit his teeth and turned away, too prideful and scorned to try and fix anything. It wasn’t his damn job to fix anything actually. 

Fuck that. 

Kirishima would need to be the one, he owed Bakugou an explanation anyway. 

Not to mention an explanation as to why half the football team and a very pink oriented girl had been trailing him for a week and a half. 

Shit was getting out of hand. 

Normally, Bakugou could ignore it or lose them. 

Each usually followed individually or as a tag team. 

What really got under his skin was the fact that all the homophobic assholes never passed comments or gave Bakugou looks when they were around. It was like their mere presence warded all the fuckers of the school away. Not Bakugou’s fists, not his threats, not his yells. 


The fucking shadows of those assholes was what sent them running or had them shutting their mouths. 


The last straw had been on Thursday, after lunch. 

Bakugou had study hall after so he could take his damn time to class. He knew they were following him well before they made themselves known, well before he glanced back to have his assumptions confirmed. 

They had gotten bolder each day, not caring to stay back or ‘pretend’ to stay hidden. Shame on his part for not telling them to fuck off sooner. Though, that would change in a moment. 

Bakugou wanted answers. He wanted them now. 

Quickly he took a sharp turn down a hall he knew would be empty and hid behind a wall, waiting. 

On que, that girl and Kaminari passed him. Looking around as if confused at how he disappeared out of thin air. 

Absolute idiots. 

He stepped out and grunted, grabbing their attention. “Alright. The jig is fuckin’ up. Tell me what the fuck you want so I can hurry up and beat the shit out of you both.”

The girl glanced to Kaminari, blowing a large bubble and let it pop. “Honey, you wouldn’t be able to hurt us.” 

Kaminari shrugged, “Well, I don’t know about that, Mina. He did throw Monoma off the bleachers a months ago.”

Bakugou scoffed and puffed his chest out.  


Truth be told, Bakugou was shorter than all of Kirishima’s friends. He couldn’t help if they were on stilts and he was vertically challenged. But Bakugou would be damned if he let that stop him from being able to bench them easy. 

“Listen, Dumb-Dumb Bubble Gum Bitch. I don’t give a shit. I want to know why the fuck you two and half the football team have been on my ass lately. You want test answers? A clue? Want to fucking harass me too, then get in line.” 

Kaminari huffed a laugh and shook his head easily, “Dude, no. We don’t want any of that. We only follow you because Kir—“ then he shut his mouth quickly and paled. 

Bakugou narrowed his eyes and stepped closer, head tilted. “Because?” 

Mina shifted on her heels and swayed, “You just looked lonely, Hun. Wanted to know if you needed any—“

“Don’t lie to me. I’m not valedictorian for no fuckin reason. Spill.” Bakugou cut her off and snarled. Arms crossed. 

He would get answers. 

Mina sighed and nodded to Kaminari, pulling on her pink leather jacket. Kaminari leaned off the wall, “Kirishima put everyone on the job.”

Bakugou’s eyes went wide. 


Kaminari made a vague hand motion. “About a week ago he came to us distressed and told us to keep an eye on you. To watch over you and make sure, as he said ‘No assholes try anything again’.”

Then Mina shrugged. “We were hesitant at first but then we came around.”

Bakugou’s mind was swirling. 

Kirishima had them follow me around? 

And if that wasn’t enough information, 

Because he didn’t want anyone to bother me again?

What the fuck was his deal? Couldn’t he just face Bakugou like a man and say what all of that was about? Without hiring people to do something so-so-


Fuck Kirishima. 

Bakugou lowered his voice. “Why?” 

“Why what, Dude?” 

“Why did he make you do it? Why make his friends follow me around? Why try and keep me unbothered? Why the fuck is he doing all of this for me? After what he did.”

Mina watched him for a moment before sympathy and understanding crossed her face. She sighed, “He hasn’t told you, has he?” 

Well wasn’t that great news. More vague messages. 

Bakugou clenched his fists, “Obviously fucking not!” 

Mina nodded, “Kirishima feels horrible for everything. He feels real guilty about it all.”

The blond scoffed, “As he fucking should. He caused me so much fucking grief—“

“He didn’t do it.” Mina cut in. 

Bakugou frowned, “What? What do you mean he didn’t do it? Who the fuck else could have known about Friday?“

Kaminari put his hands in both pockets. “We don’t know where it came from but Kirishima has been getting shit for it too. Finally snapped and put some of our guys and a few soccer kids in the hospital. Coach vouched so he wouldn’t get suspended. Lucky if you ask me should talk to him.”

Talk to him? 

“Really?” Bakugou stared them down. Why should he be the one to reach out? “Is that honestly the suggestion you are going to give me?” 

Both of them nodded slowly. 


Bakugou groaned and pulled on his hair, “Well that’s great, super job with the pep talks. You guys are no fuckin’ help at all.” He laughed then, “Talk to him? I’m sorry, it’s just fucking stupid. I’m not going to go to that bastard just to make a fool of myself for believing someone in this shit school wasn’t an asshole with ill intentions for me. But I guess even he can’t be perfect—“

Mina leaned close, bubble popping inches from his face. Bakugou pulled him head back, she looked pissed. “Listen. I don’t know what happened between you two but Kirishima is the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. He wouldn’t hurt a damn fly even if it held a gun to his head. So whatever conception you have of him in your head is wrong. Kirishima would never spread rumors about someone he… of anyone.” Her golden eyeshadow stare narrowed “He won't go to you on his own. Kirishima doesn’t want to push your boundaries and make anything worse. Bless his soul. So. You want answers? You want things fixed? Go talk to him. He has practice after school this entire week for the game.” 

She stood back up and looked to Kaminari and nodded her head. They walked past him towards the entrance of the hall. 

“Do or don’t. Now it’s all in your hands. Either way, whatever happens is ultimately both of your faults. Lack of communication is tricky.” 

Bakugou glared at the carpeted floor. Jaw gritted in frustration. 

The bell rang. 

“You’re late. We will be back to walk you to your next class. I’m sure you can make it there just fine for now.” Kaminari spoke up. 

Then their footsteps grew softer until Bakugou was left in silence. 


Now what? 

Did Bakugou go and talk to him after school at his damn practice or leave it be? 

The rumors would subside soon, it could be waited out. 

But that wasn’t the pressing matter. 


That’s the one thing Bakugou wanted. Where had it all come from, why had Shigaraki jumped on it so eagerly, why had Kirishima been crying, why was he avoiding him now, why send his friends out, why? Why for Bakugou? 

What the fuck was happening right under his nose? 

Am I missing something? I’m missing something. 

Fuck. What is it? 

Bakugou couldn’t decide. Why would he even think about stepping close to the redhead? It would only look bad. 

But I… 


I want to.. 

He lifted his head up and went to turn around when there was a hand on his shoulder. 

Bakugou went rigid as someone leaned close to his ear and exhaled slowly. 

Another hand snaked around his waist. 

He trembled softly, heart rate spiking. 

Finally. You’re alone.”

The blond’s eyes shot wide. 


Chapter Text

Nausea curled in the pit of Bakugou’s stomach as the guy purred into his ear. 

I was almost afraid we wouldn’t be able to talk again.”

The hand squeezed tighter. “But now I’ve got you all to myself.” He said with a hint of cheer in his voice. 

It almost sent Bakugou’s lunch up his throat. 

How could he seriously be happy about it all? 

And he’s fucking touching me. 

Bakugou tried to lean away, teeth gritted in disgust and slow bubbling rage. “I don’t think you know just how dangerous what you’re doing it.” 

“Oh? Do humor me, Bakugou.”

Fucking asshole. 

No. Bakugou was done with holding back and pulling punches. “I didn’t do something before and I paid for it. But now? I’m not making that mistake again.” Bakugou set his feet, grabbed both hands and pulled over his shoulder. “DIE!” 

Shigaraki went hurtling into the air and landed on his back with a strangled cry. Coughing and gasping for air. 

“You-.. fuck! You-bastard!” 

Bakugou stalked forward and stood over him, eyes blazing. “I’ve just about had it with your fuckin’ antics! Leave me the hell alone or I’m going to end up getting us both kicked out of school. Me for jail and you because I put your scum ass in the grave.” 

He was seething. That senior had been giving him grief for far too long, god there was so many things Bakugou would love to do but it wouldn’t make a difference. 

He kicked his shoulder, “The next time you fucking bother me, come near me, dare even breathe around my general area and I will destroy you. DO YOU HEAR ME!?” 

Shigaraki coughed and glared. 

Bakugou nodded, “Good. Now excuse me, I’m fuckin’ late.” Turned on his platform booted heal and headed to study hall. 

Fuck Shigaraki. It was just one right after the other lately once again. 

Bakugou couldn’t catch a break. 

He better not bother me again or I will break his chap lip covered teeth. 

The blond slammed the study hall door open and took his seat.

So much filling his mind that in the end, Bakugou just stared at his desk with half assed focus. 

Then those assholes want me to go and talk to Kirishima after school at his practice? 

Hah. Wasn’t that just peachy. 

Bakugou not only had to swallow his own pride and step out of comfort zones to go see him, but also hear him out and not jump at the quarterback's throat. 

All were very hard to accomplish. 

The blond pulled on his hair softly, a tick he did whenever too many things clouded his head. 

What would he do? 

Going to talk with Kirishima could bring so much light to everything and possibly fix their on hold friendship. It could give Bakugou the chance to see just how badly Kirishima meant his sorry. Just what he was thinking, sending his friends around Bakugou. 

It could be the complete turning point. 

Bakugou’s eyes widened. 

Kirishima and him could actually be able to work it out and get to the bottom of everything. 

Then it’s settled. 

Bakugou packed up to head for his next class. 

I’m not doing it. 

Chapter Text

Bakugou sat at his empty table and ate the premade lunch without so much as a glance towards Kirishima’s table. 

Go see him my ass. Yeah. Fuck. No. 

Thanks to a very long talk with his mother, Bakugou was riding a new high of fuck Kirishima Eijirou. Both concluding that words weren’t disputable compared to actions. So you better bet he was not going to give Kirishima a chance, using his pain as a means to turn away. 

The guard dogs have been sticking to their jobs pretty well, Bakugou couldn’t even shake them. Impressive… almost. Now however, they were nowhere in sight. Home free, now I can enjoy my food alone. 

So he thought. 

People sat down at the table. 

Bakugou went rigid and looked around to see all of Kirishima’s little bodyguards smiling his way. The blond groaned, “Can I fuckin’ help you? Ya lost?” 

Tetsutetsu shook his head with a toothy grin, “No, Little Dude.” 

Little dude? 

Kaminari leaned towards him and snooped around the lunchbox, “We noticed you never went to the field yesterday, even though we suggested it.” 

Bakugou snapped the lid closed and glared. “I didn’t go because your asshole friend hasn’t done anything for me to count as worthy to go and fix things. Shigaraki came back and harassed me too, no thanks to your shit escorting. Thanks for that by the way.” 

“Don’t worry about that.” Mina said calmly. 

A little too calmly. 

Bakugou eyed her suspiciously, “Why?” 

She set him with another knowing look, “Kirishima feels like crap about it. You’re just being a stubborn little shit for not going and talking it out, Mr. Smartypants. He is doing his half and cleaning up shit that wasn’t even his fault. Yeah, you were getting harassed but if you actually went and talked to him? You would have such a clearer headspace.” 

Bakugou gaped as she laid into him. 

“Honestly, you both are so hopeless.”

Stubborn? I don’t need to go and fix anything that never should have been started in the first place. Bakugou just wanted it to simmer down, to forget everything and move on like they never even talked. 

But Kirishima was making it real fucking hard. 

Why can’t I just be left alone? Bakugou sighed and crossed his arms. “What the fuck has he been doing? Because I can’t even see a—“

The cafeteria door slammed open and Shigaraki was shoved through it onto the floor. Kirishima following behind. 

Bakugou watched in confusion as the quarterback practically dragged the senior to the middle of the lunch room and held him up. 

“Excuse me everyone!” He shouted. “Shigaraki here has something to say!” 

What the fuck is he doing? 

The senior held his mouth closed and glared up at him but Kirishima wasn’t having that. Pull his face up and glared right back. Rage filling his ruby eyes. The redhead whispered something to him, causing Shigaraki to give in. 

“Bakugou and Kirishima never hooked up. I made it all up because..” 

Kirishima shook him. 

“Because I’m a loser bastard that has nothing better to do besides spread rumors about others.” He drawled through grit teeth.  

Bakugou watched it unfold, something twisting in the pit of his stomach. Kirishima just publicly humiliated Shigaraki and had him confess. 

For me. 

No. No that couldn’t be true.

“He’s been trying to find out who caused it, and then Shigaraki slipped. Kirishima would never spread rumors about someone.” Mina almost whispered. 

Bakugou tensed, Kirishima had done it for him. To clear his name and take the target away. 

That asshole. 

“Go see him after school at practice. Talk.” Tetsutetsu added softly. 

Bakugou clenched his fists, glaring at Kirishima. Finding even more anger once their eyes locked. You little fucking shit. 

Abruptly, he stood up and stormed out of the lunchroom without even looking Kirishima’s way. 

So the fuck wanted to play hero and do something so nice and righteous? Something so white knight like? Well fuck him. Fuck him and how genuine and cared for that made Bakugou feel. 

Fuck him and those feelings. 

Bakugou stomped all the way to wait outside hisi next class, pent up on something coursing through him. 

“He gets me so- so fucking-..”



Usually, Bakugou kept to himself. Usually, Bakugou didn’t stress. Usually, he could control himself around people and fend them off with his highwalls and rude comments. However, his usual apparently didn’t mean shit to Kirishima Eijirou. With his bright smile, pretty eyes, perfect hair, and fucking drop dead sexy body. Bakugou was foaming at the mouth. Though, he’d never admit it, he’d claim to be well controlled and was immune to protein shakes on legs. It was the exact reason he flaunted his control and walked extra close to the football team practice. Why  would someone with no self control do that? Crazy.

Bakugou wasn’t there for any other reason besides observing how well trimmed the grass was. Not there because his legs had carried him there for some unknown reason. 

Who was he kidding? 

What am I doing here? 

Bakugou groaned and turned to walk away when a honey gravel voice called. Making his legs wobble. 


God he missed his voice. 


Kirishima came around and stood in front of him, “You- you’re here.” 

Bakugou looked him over slowly, tan skin glistening and every muscle just as prominent. Red hair styled up in a half bun. 

You are so fucking delicious. 

“Yeah. I noticed.” 

The redhead looked away nervously and twisted gloved hands together. Wanting to speak so Bakugou let it happen, intrigued to hear what the boy would come up with. 

“I ran out on you before when we were supposed to talk. That was pretty cowardly, and not me at all.” 

It was more confusing. 

“I felt even worse as soon as I left, wanted to go back but I couldn’t..”


“I didn’t know how to fix it.”

You left me lost. 

“I didn’t know what to give you.”

I needed comfort. Reassurance. 

Kirishima rubbed his face roughly, “I needed to figure out who was hurting you because everything that happened was shit you didn't need. You deserve more than that.”

Bakugou’s scowl diminished once again at the claim. Sending him adrift. He kept saying that without the knowledge of just how weightless it made Bakugou feel. It almost hurt. 

Still did. 

“You hurt me anyway. Even if you ‘didn’t’ start the rumor.” Bakugou stayed emotionlessly. Masking real feelings. Kirishima nodded, eyes dim. “Then you couldn't even look my way. Avoided me. Made me feel like shit.” 

Kirishima winced. 

Bakugou shook his head and laughed, “So you go and pull that Shigaraki shit? What the hell was that about!?” 

“I found out that he had actually started it because he saw me walking down your street. I needed him to admit it publicly otherwise everything would have gone on forever… thought you’d be thankful.” 

Bakugou’s eyes narrowed, “Thankful? Thankful!?” 

He was more than thankful, fucking felt indebted now. Kirishima had done something no one would ever of for Bakugou. Thankful couldn’t even fucking cut it. 

The blond laughed again, tight and short. “You’re a pain in my ass, you know that?” 

Kirishima frowned. Bakugou kept speaking. 

“I never wanted friends, never thought I needed them before. One man show, me only. Then you show up at my fucking table and ask to hang out. Then I allow it and here we are, Kirishima. Then you expect us to be okay?”

“I never expected us to be okay after that.” Kirishima corrected. 


“I would never expect you to welcome me as a friend with open arms after the shit I brought to you even if it wasn’t my fault.” 

Bakugou shook his head, “I still think it was.”

Kirishima stood still and looked over the shorter boy before nodding, expression turning upset. “That’s not fair—“

“Not fair!?”

“It’s not fair because I never wanted any of that to happen—“

“Well that makes two of us, but it fucking did!”

Kirishima clenched his jaw, “I know it did and I went out of my way to fix it because that was a whole dramatic problem that should never have happened and you saying you still believe it’s my fault is in a way fair but not completely because I never caused it.”

“But you—“

Kirishima cut him off, voice raised. “Our problems came from Shigaraki, Bakugou! It didn’t come from you, and it did not come from me! You putting blame on me is just as good and warranted if I placed it on you!”

He sighed then, eyes closed.

“Yes. Okay? You were harassed because of it and the bastard used my name as a means to cause more problems but you weren’t the only one affected. Maybe not as badly, I wouldn’t discount your experiences but I got shit for it too. Each time they asked questions about you or ‘congratulated’ me I felt disgusting. Ashamed that they and you thought I really said that about your body. I wouldn’t just use you for my own gratification. You honestly deserve better than that.”

Bakugou glared at him, mouth clamped shut. 

There is was. 

The conversation they should of had back at his house but was deprived. All the truth and it was spilling out onto the blond. Kirishima was laying it all out, pointing to each fact and making it known. The worst part was that Bakugou believed him. He knew that Kirishima wasn’t at fault, that blaming him still was far from fair and if he was going to place blame then he should be prepared to get blamed as well. 

But that was fair. 

Bakugou was to blame, because he allowed them to hang out but it wasn’t the same. 

Bakugou watched him closely, still shocked into silence at his words. They struck him down from his podium and made him see clearly. 

He’s not to blame. 

Bakugou grit his teeth and looked down, exhaling slowly. 

Fucking fuck…

“Why did you?” 

The blond snapped his head up, “Why did I what?” 

Kirishima stepped a little closer, testing limits. “Why did you agree- to us hanging out I mean. You said that you never really wanted friends and made it clear hanging out wasn’t something you just randomly did. What I’m asking is, why me?” 

Well shit. 

Bakugou blanched. “I um..”

Because I have a huge crush on you since 6th grade and I went into a SEVERE gay panic? 

He stammered for an explanation that wouldn’t blow his secret but still be the truth. “There.. there was just something about you. Thought you’d be less annoying, it’s kinda true.” 

Kirishima’s eyes widened before he grinned wide. 

Shit, too bright. 

“That’s cool. Thank you haha, you aren’t as angry either!” 

The air was slightly lighter but Bakugou wasn’t pleased just yet. 

He kicked the ground, pulling up grass. “How did you get that chapped bastard to admit it?”

“I threatened to undermine his entire trade business, rat out him and his friends to the school board. He’d go to jail for sure.” Kirishima was grinning wildly, “And maybe I tossed him around a few times before bringing him to the cafeteria.” 

That got a low chuckle from Bakugou. “That’s actually funny. Wish I could of seen it.” Weight had been lifted from the conversation and now he could breathe easier. Kirishima never started the rumors, he doesn’t think so low of Bakugou and he even went out of his way to clear their name. 

Maybe you aren’t so bad. 

He still was a large idiot but Bakugou could let that slide. 

“You would have laughed.” 

Bakugou snorted, “Ya know, I actually did get a word in edge wise to him yesterday.” 

“What do you mean?” Red brow perked. 

Bakugou made a vague hand motion, “When your friends- oh and by the way, your little body guard party was pretty stupid.. but sweet.” 

Kirishima blushed and looked down quickly. 

“When your friends left, Shigaraki found me and I don’t know what his goal was but it probably wasn’t good. I flipped him over my shoulder and threatened to kill him. Then I left.” 

Ruby eyes darkened, “He what?” 

Is he getting upset over it again? 

Kirishima was really proving to be protective as fuck. It’s kinda nice.. 

Bakugou pushed his chest lightly, relishing in the muscle under the palm. “Woah there, Killer. Don’t sweat it, alright? We both put our piece in and it’s over.” 

Kirishima’s scowl lightened to one of hope, “It is?” 

Finally, things were resolved. 

“Yeah. It is.” Bakugou smiled slightly. 

Kirishima lit up like a damn glow stick and pulled Bakugou into a tight hug, the blond squeaked. “I’m so glad! Man, now we can be on good terms and- oh shit, I’m sorry!” Kirishima released him, and Bakugou stumbled. 

A little dazed. 

I was pressed into his PECS. 

“I didn’t even ask to hug you—“

“Tch.” Bakugou sneered, “Relax. It’s fine, just don’t ever do it again.” 

“Promise!” Kirishima gave a thumbs up and peered off to his team. “I should really get back before Gang Orca notices I’m gone.” 

A little fleck of disappointment made Bakugou suppress a frown, “Yeah, stop slacking off.”

Kirishima laughed loudly, “Oh I get how it is.” Then he chewed his bottom lip. “See you around..?”

Would he? Was Bakugou going to try and be friends again? 

God fucking hell the fuck yes. Yes you will see the around. 

Bakugou started walking away, “We will see.” 

Glad he was facing away otherwise the smile that his lips broke out into wouldn’t of been hidden when Kirishima called to him happily. 

“See you, Blasty! Study hard and use that big brain!” 

Bakugou bit his lip, walking with a little more pep.


Chapter Text

Bakugou closed the door behind him and took a step towards the stairs when his mother's voice called out loudly. 

“Not so fast, Mr!”

He looked her way as she turned the corner, eyes narrowed. “What happened today?” 

“Huh?” Playing dumb. 

Mitsuki Bakugou wasn’t a fool however. She laughed, “Don’t act coy, Brat. What happened between you and your man squeeze? I can see the hearts in your eyes” 

Ma-man squeeze? Bakugou couldn’t fight back the furious blush, “Ma! It’s not like that! He’s—“

“Straight?” Mitsuki smirked. 

Bakugou frowned. 

She rolled her eyes and sighed almost in pity, “How long are you both going to lie to each other?” 

“What are you talking about?” 

“Honey, that boy is far from straight. Maybe not gay, but he likes you a lot.” 

Bakugou stared her down and scoffed, “Would you stop getting my hopes up!? It’s annoying and I’m getting tired of you just messing with—“

“Oh shut up.” Mitsuki snapped and pointed a dirty wash rag his way with eyes slitted. “It’s bad enough I even have to tell you about what should be clear as day but since I’m feeling nice and I love you, I’ll offer some help.”

He scowled but stayed silent, slightly intrigued on what she had seen. 

“First, for a slow start. You come out at a school assembly and the first person to talk to you is him. He doesn’t say anything to bring you down on your choices, he actually said it was cool and ‘manly’. Then proceeds to say continually he isn’t gay. Which is skeptical.” 

Well, yeah. That had been weird and out of context because Bakugou never once assumed he was gay. 

“You guys hang out, and he can’t keep his eyes off you. Each glance was boring holes but you were too busy to notice. The poor kid couldn’t even go a few seconds without having to brush against you or complimenting you.” 

That was also true…


Mitsuki leaned against the wall, “Then the whole rumor shit goes down and he gets defensive of you. Beats up the bitches that touched you and came here to ask if you were okay and tried to talk.” 

“But he left—“

Mitsuki perked a brow, “He was in tears. Couldn’t even say bye to me properly and when I asked what happened he mumbled about ‘messing up’ and ‘losing something important’.”

Something important? 

“Think about it, Katsuki. Use that big brain and connect the dots. He either likes you or is the best friend you could ever get. Either way, he’s a keeper, Kid.” 

Bakugou had gone pale. 

Wait no, no he couldn’t- 

He took off up the stairs and slammed the door. Beginning to pace rapidly and mumble. 

No. No he isn’t gay. That hag is just playing with me.”

But all the evidence pointed to his long time desire and wish. 

She could be right..

He’s just really nice..

Then again, Kirishima had done far more than a normal friend would have. He’s even talked to Bakugou different. 

I’m just gay and thirsty. Making up false accusations.

But then he went and defended me. Was super sweet and said I deserved better.. 

For fucks sake, Kirishima blushed around him.

No. No no. He does not like me. He. Does not. Like me.

But fuck. BUT FUCK. When Kirishima came over he had constantly brushed against him and complimented a lot, eyes soft. Bakugou brushed it off but now that he was remembering with intent? 

Holy shit. 

He stopped, eyes going wide and stared at the floor. 


‘Losing something important’. 

Bakugou stammered for a minute before the gay panic exploded out into a loud yell that rocked the house. 


Bakugou turned around and pulled his hair, heart soaring. 

“Told you!” His mother called from down the stairs. 

He laughed short, head spinning. 

How stupid could he be? It should have been obvious. 

He’s gay.

And likes Bakugou. 

Wait, then why is he pretending? 

If what his mother said was true then Kirishima might be hiding in fear of rejection or just not know. 

That idiot. 


Next day came around and Bakugou had something to figure out. There was a jarring question to answer and there was only one person to answer it. 

If there was one way to know if someone was gay and attracted to you in Bakugou’s book, you’d need to stand out. What better way to stand out and present yourself than a foolproof eye catching outfit? 

Bakugou in himself was already eye catching, hands down but he needed that extra mile. To slather icing on the cake. So. He wore his best soft boy outfit. Now, per say it wasn’t exactly ‘soft boy’ but that’s what his cousin called it and she was big on fashion in the industry.  So her word was good. 

Bakugou went into school wearing a red sweater with blue and white stripes, rolled up jeans and black converse with the accompany of his round black glasses. In truth, his ever present scowl defeated the whole soft purpose but it was just enough to make him look… what was the word?


If Kirishima kept his cool then Bakugou would know his mother was crazy but nobody could resist the look. It’s impossible. 

Bakugou walked to class ten minutes before the bell, knowing full well the quarterback would be there. He sat second row from the front, the only one in class besides him. 


The redhead was in his letterman like all the other football players in preparation for the football game that Saturday. Hair half up. 

You’re so hot. It’s unfair. 

Alright, all Bakugou needed to do was breath, sway his hips, bat his lashes, give a witty comment about his ‘shitty’ hair and wait for the results. 

Kirishima caught sight of him. 

Plan is a go.

Bakugou strode in, hips swaying just right and glanced to him. 

“Hey, Bakugou—“

The blond dropped down in the seat in front of him and turned around slowly, leaning on the desk and sighed. Eyes rolling slowly. “What is it, Shitty hair?” 

Kirishima stilled, “H-huh?” 

Bakugou leaned a little closer and bat his eyes, “You called me, didn’t you? What do you want?” 

Sure enough. 

Kirishima’s eyes flicked over him quickly, red dusting his high cheekbones and he gaped. “I- I-“ he swallowed. “I didn’t know you were in this class!” 

Bakugou froze. 


Kirishima laughed nervously and looked away, “Hmm?” 

Bakugou’s facade crashed to the floor and he squinted at that utter idiot. Did he just panic and make a fool of himself? 

Case closed. Gay activity. 

Bakugou suppressed a fists bump. 

Fuck yeah! 

“You. Kirishima, are an idiot.” 

Kirishima laughed nervously again, glancing back only to blush harder. “I like your o-outfit.” 

“You do?” 

“Mhm!” Of course you do.

Bakugou scoffed, turning away to hide his own blush. “Whatever.” 

“But ya know, I’m not gay. Was just um, just giving you a manly compliment. Cause I’m not gay.” 

Bakugou shook his head and opened his science notebook, “Sure, Kirishima. Alright.” 

He may have sounded cool and annoyed but inside, Bakugou was screaming into the abyss about the fact that Kirishima had a crush on him and proved it to be true. Not to mention he liked the outfit. 

“I told you.” Mitsuki said over his shoulder while making food. 

Bakugou waved her off dramatically, sipping on a Capri sun. “It was ridiculous, Ma! The old hip sway eye bat worked like a charm. He blushed like crazy and got so flustered he made a fool of himself.”

Mitsuki chuckled, “That always works, it’s how I got your father. Only needed to bat my lashes twice before I had em.” 

“He was always a sucker for you anyway.” 

“Yes, tell me something I don’t know. Now tell me what else happened.” 

Bakugou took a long sip and groaned, “Then he goes and says he liked my outfit which almost threw me into fucking cardiac arrest and then he said ‘I’m not gay’, ya know? Like a liar.”

Mitsuku barked a laugh. “Well, What are you going to do now?” 

Bakugou shrugged, “Fawn, swoon, strangle him, cry, die inside. Honestly, the possibilities are endless.” 

“That’s nice, Sweetie. Set the table.” 

Bakugou got up and began setting the table, his father would be coming home that night. 

What are you supposed to do when you find out your crush likes you back but is in critical denial?   

You cry a little and get that bitch to admit it.. 

He froze, eyes widening. Well there you go. Looks like he knew what to do. 

Eijirou Kirishima, by god I’m going to make you fall in love with me. 

Chapter Text

You must think you’re so slick, fucking smooth as shit. Well I got news for ya, hot stuff. You ain’t. 

Bakugou stared at Kirishima while he benched the weight equivalent of two Bakugou’s, without so much as an arm quiver. He just kept pressing and pressing and pressing and pressing while Tetsutetsu spotted. 

The linebacker wasn’t even trying to spot, like they both knew Kirishima was able to lift with ease. 

If you’re so fucking good at benching that weight, why aren’t you adding? 

Yeah, that thought only made Bakugou more mad. 

What was the point? What was the reason? Why was he just going and going without trying to challenge himself? Bakugou couldn’t grasp it while he gaped at the bicep popping with each push. It was almost unfair how much his stomach turned from it. 

Damn, fucking giant mountain of hot—

“You’re staring.” 

Bakugou jumped. Mina smiled next to him, putting her weights back on the rack where he stood. 

“Am not .” He growled, turning away from the quarterback and picked up his own weights. Mina smirked, and crossed her arms. “Oh really? Then why is there a little drool running down your chin?” 

Bakugou shot her a glare after actually checking in the weight room mirror in front of him. “Fuck you.” 

She watched Kirishima and laughed at his expense. “You aren’t very subtle by the way. Just thought I’d let you know before lover boy noticed.” 

The blond began doing bicep curls, “How kind, but I wasn’t looking so it wouldn’t matter.” He scowled, “And he isn’t ‘lover boy’.”

Mina glanced his way before nodding, “Of course, my bad.” 

Bakugou continued curling in silence, eyes drifting up to the mirror and watched Tetsutetsu add an extra 20 to each side. The blond paled. 


“Isn’t he so strong?”

Bakugou startled again, dropping the weight to the floor with a clank. Everyone in the weight looked at him. “Fuck off, mind your business!” They turned away and Bakugou picked the weight up, “Would you stop!?” 

Mina regarded him innocently, “Stop what? Flustering you? I’m afraid it’s honestly too easy, Hon.” 

Bakugou glowered viciously, “No. Stop talking about him like I like him, and stop talking about him in general.” 


“Why!?” Bakugou sputtered, eyes squinting. “Because it’s annoying.” 

But he just fell into her trap, his poor soul. “Because you secretly have a huge crush on him and can’t even hold it in?” Mina asked, popping another bubble from her gum. 

Bakugou stared hard, she got him. She won and she knew it in her smirk. Fucking asshole. 

But he would hold onto that bit of truth until he died. 


Mina perked a brow. 

“Hardly.” He asserted and continued his reps, cheeks still rosy. If Mina was going to expose him like that, how as Bakugou supposed to expose Kirishima’s crush on him? 

Trick question. He couldn’t.

She needs to get off my back or I’m the one getting fucked. 

Bakugou paused. 

…….. okay I didn’t mean it like that but ya know—

Mina turned her head to Kirishima, eyes gleaming with mischief. 

It practically rolled off her.

“Hey, Ei, Su!” 

Bakugou tensed, eyes glancing up to her. “What are you doing?” 

“Helping? Thank me later.”

I most certainly will—

The two large football players turned to her with a smile. 


“What's up?”

Mina glanced to Bakugou before facing them with an overly wide grin, “Switch with me. I’ll bench with Denki and you two can come over here.” 

Bakugou went rigid. 

Oh, so that was her plan. 

Fucking ABORT. I’m out. 

Bakugou turned to leave quickly but Mina grabbed his tank top and pulled back, looping an arm around his head. “Bakugou is even here too!” 

Said Bakugou’s eyes went wide and shot over to the two boys. Tetsutetsu smirked at Mina, seeming to get what was going on and nudged the grinning redhead. “Come on, Dude. Let’s go.” 

“Sure!” Kirishima shot up quickly and came over, standing in front of Mina. He looked down at the rigid blond, “Hi, Bakugou!”

Speak speak speak speak speak. 


Fuck, why am I freaking out when I should have the upper hand!?

Kirishima glanced to the weight in his hand, “What's your routine?” 

Bakugou swallowed hard, and stole himself. “I have a few for different levels of intensity, why?” 

Let me die. Let. Me. DIE. 

However, that was not allowed.  

“Alright. I’ll just pick up with you, is that cool or…?” Kirishima perked a brow in question, standing next to the smirking Tetsutetsu. He was mimicking Mina’s face and Bakugou wanted to punch them both. 

I’ll deal with you later AFTER I get dick. FUCK OFF. 

Okay, calm and collected. Collected and about to expose him. He was going to expose Kirishima and make him fall in love which couldn’t be hard. 

“Sure,” He smirked and nudged him. “Try and keep up.” 

It got an amused laugh from the quarterback, “Keep up? Bak, I’m like twice your size and I think I can bench you. You’re going to need to keep up.” 

The blond glowered with a blush, “Shut the fuck up, I’d still kick your ass in a fight.” 

Kirishima leaned down to his level with a smirk, and Bakugou’s breath hitched. 

“Is that something you’d bet on?” 

Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck- WHY IS HE SO CLOSE!? 

But he wasn’t no chump, he could take a challenge any day so you better believe he bared his teeth with set shoulders and took that up like a Bakugou. 

“Damn right, but are you willing to bet on it?” 

They stared each other down, grinning in challenge before Kirishima’s lips broke into a huge smile. It confused Bakugou long enough to distract him for the redhead to ruffle his hair, “Maybe sometime later, but let’s just focus on that routine you’re going to show me. Yeah?” 

Touching me. He touched me. Kirishima Eijirou touched mE—  

Bakugou became momentarily fried on the spot as Kirishima brushed against him to grab 50 pounds weights. 

50? Ya know what? I can graduate married right? Is that something I can do? Because it might jus happen fuckin Hell. 

Expose Kirishima? Yeah, Bakugou was going to do it while exposing himself apparently. 

Fuck it, everyone knows I’m gay.  

Chapter Text

Expose Kirishima was the plan and it was a full on go. 

Bakugou was ready, he was so pumped and ready to have that tall gorgeous idiot fall hard head over heels for him. It was fool proof and Bakugou was no fool. The initial plan was simple, just get himself involved more into Kirishima’s life and assert flirtatious interactions. The rest would unfold on its own. 

Bakugou walked into lunch later than usual on purpose, wanting to make sure the quarterback and his friends were already seated before heading in. He glanced to their table, Kirishima sat across from everyone with an open seat next to him. 


Bakugou strutted right over, catching Mina's attention and dropped into the seat next to Kirishima. The table went silent, Bakugou busied himself with opening his lunchbox and taking his lunch out. He glanced around nonchalantly, perking a brow. 

“Was this seat taken?” 

Tetsutetsu shook his head, sharing a look with everyone else. “No.” 

Kaminari leaned over from the other side of Kirishima, “Never expected a smarty pants like you to sit here.” 

Bakugou snorted, letting his gaze rise up to Kirishima. The quarterback was staring back before grinning wide, “Welcome to our table!” 

Too bright. 

Bakugou smirked, biting into an apple. “Looks pretty lame to me.”

Mina chuckled, “Didn’t you sit here?” 

Bakugou shrugged, knee knocking into Kirishima’s. “Yeah? What about it?” She shook her head in disbelief, going back to her conversation with the other boys and Bakugou went back to his food. Letting his knee occasionally rub against the redheads. 

Kirishima was very still, eating stiffly and glancing over from time to time. Bakugou just waited patiently, leaning against his hand and tilting his head here and there. Really putting on a show for the guy, working down his own heart in the process. 

He’s watching, you better not be embarrassing or else! 

“Was your table taken?” 

Bakugou faced Kirishima and shook his head, “Nah. Wanted to see what the big fuss was about with sitting here.” 

The quarterback man an ‘o’ with his mouth and looked around the table. “It’s not really special, I guess not necessarily. We kinda joke around too much but everyone that sits here is really rowdy.” 

Bakugou listened to him talk, trying to seem uninterested but probably failing. 

Hold it together. 

“Rowdy? You?” 

Kirishima laughed, leaning towards him. “Yeah, I’ve gotten called rowdy a few times. Weird, huh?” His eyes flashed, forgetting the food on his tray altogether. Bakugou grinned and rolled his eyes, “Extremely. You’re harmless, a softy.” 

“Maybe to some, but I definitely kick ass.” Kirishima smashed his fists together and Bakugou’s heart stuttered. 

Yeah, you’re definitely a force to fuck with. Kirishima had sent two kids to the hospital and threw Shigaraki the crusty dusty dinosaur around like he weighed nothing. The guy could do damage. 

“Could’ve fooled me.” 

Bakugou went back to eating, watching Kirishima put back his food with ease from the corner of his eye. The quarterback hadn’t been flustered at all nor was paying enough attention and he was feeling a little bold. 

Oh, I have a great idea. 

Bakugou placed his food down and leaned into Kirishima, looking down at his food while invading space on purpose. Kirishima instantly stilled. Bakugou lifted his hopeful eyes up, making their size difference obvious. 

“What did you get for lunch?” 

He knew what it was. 

Kirishima floundered, looking to the food on his spoon then the plate before stuttering. “Um, rice- rice and some other stuff I—.“

Bakugou lit up with interest, “Can I try some?” 

Kirishima looked between him and the food again before nodding. “Sure, go ahead!” 

You’re so screwed. 

“Just grab a spoon from the counter and—.“

The blond pulled Kirishima’s hand to him and wrapped his mouth around the spoon. He looked back up to Kirishima with a lidded gaze and leaned back slowly.  

Bakugou licked his lips. “It’s good.” Humming for finality. 

Kirishima had gone pale then red, nodding quickly. “Mhm! No problem!”

Bakugou sat back in his seat and continued eating, feeling pleased with how flustered the quarterback was after. 

So, he’s fucking hot from that view. Good to know, not like I hadn’t assumed that before. 

He lifted his attention to the rest of the gaping table and scowled, “What!?” 

Mina smirked, Kaminari tried not to laugh and Tetsutetsu was shaking his head. 

Stay mad. That’s not even the half of what I’m going to put him through, Kirishima is going to be falling about when I’m through. Just. You. Wait. 


Bakugou ended up going to every practice after school. Showing up in the empty bleachers, the sidelines, ‘just passing by’. You name it. 

Each time that big oaf caught sight of him, he was a fumbling and cheery mess. Dropping passes, tripping over his own feet, forgetting to catch the ball while staring after Bakugou and getting hit in the face. 

Bakugou snorted out laughter at his clumsiness, biting his lip with the effort to not really give away how much he was swooning too. Kirishima was just such an adorable doofus. 

Pain in my ass. 

Kirishima was clearly trying to impress him, picking up his friends and running with them on his back or doing back flips while on the line. Waving constantly to Bakugou and just exerting too much energy. The blond couldn’t help but roll his eyes and fawn, sighing with amusement each time he grinned his way or glanced over to see if he saw his performances or great catches. It was pointless, Bakugou couldn’t take his eyes off him. Nothing would have pulled his attention away in that moment, nothing probably ever would. 

Bakugou was smitten, a pining fool. 

I’m fucked. I’m so fucking screwed. 

He had it bad and Kirishima wasn’t helping, but hey. Who was Bakugou to complain? 

Kirishima jogged over after they took a break for water, sweating but smiling with excitement. 


Bakugou regarded him over his iced coffee, “Evening.” 

Kirishima jabbed a thumb to the field with a perked brow, “You staying for the whole thing?” 

Bakugou shrugged, “Might. Depends on if you give me something worth watching.” He smirked, teasing and enticing Kirishima to counter back. 

The quarterback barked a laugh, “Is that how it is? Can’t stay just because I’m awesome? That’s kinda shallow, Blasty.” 

Such a cute asshole, shut up before I kiss you- kill you. I meant kill. 

Bakugou scoffed, “Shallow? High standard. Why? Think your performance doesn’t speak enough?” 

The kid stepped into his space, looming over Bakugou and crossed his arms with a teasing sneer. “I think my performance can speak for itself in more than one way.” 

Bakugou stared, sucking down his coffee harshly. 

Nope. I meant kiss. I definitely meant kiss. 

“Kirishima! Breaks over, get back here!” 

The redhead peered to his coach then back with a grin so wide it forced his eyes closed. “Well, got to go!” 

Bakugou nodded, sipping on his drink, walking past him and smacked his ass. “Yup, go get em tiger.” 

Kirishima made a noise and Bakugou walked off, waving a hand in the air. “Later, Shitty-Hair.” 

The redhead only gave an even louder noise of shock and Bakugou smirked all the way home. 

I touched his ass. I TOUCHED HIS ASS. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck- AND IT JIGGLED. 


Bakugou slammed his head against the steering wheel for the tenth time on the ride home. 

I’m going to crash my car and it’s his fault. I need to breathe, Lord I’m dying, spare me. 

Bakugou screamed out into the emptiness of his car at a red light. “IT FUCKING JIGGLED!” And screamed again before glancing over to see some random guy watching him. 


Then the light turned green and he drove off, “Nosy bastard.”

That had successfully fucked up his mind and sent him reeling. He was on cloud nine all night, his mother couldn’t stop teasing with the help of his father. When had he grown enough ball to actually touch him?


Don’t know, don’t care. Want to do it again, will do it again.

Bakugou screamed into nothingness once more before going to bed that night. \

The plan was the best he had ever came up with.

Chapter Text

With great coaxing from his mother, Bakugou invited Kirishima over to hang out again for the third time since everything went down. He was a little reluctant to be the one to suggest it but his ma was right.

“Katsuki, have I taught you nothing? Get him on your own turf.”

So Bakugou was going to woo him on his own motherfucking turf. Going to swoop in like the damn badass bitch he was and steal that beautiful man’s heart and refuse to give it back. How hard could that be? Kirishima was too gay for his own good anyway, practically falling out of his damn seat with excitement when Bakugou offered up his Thursday night to him. 

Peace of cake.

Kirishima knocked on the door but Bakugou was already tearing it open in anticipation to see the best guy ever.

He smiled down, dressed in casual clothes, holding a bouquet of flowers…?

“Hey, sorry I’m late! I stopped—.”

“The fuck are those?” Bakugou pointed to the bundle of red and white flowers under his arm accusingly. Slightly interested yet skeptical.

Kirishima held them up, “I stopped at a flower shop and saw these, aren’t they pretty?”

Well, yes and no.. 

No mostly because Bakugou wasn’t fond of flowers as a gift. But hell yes because they were from Kirishima. The blond shrugged, reaching for them. “Thanks.” 

But Kirishima pulled them back with a laugh, “These aren’t for you, Bakugou.”

No-not for me? 

Bakugou frowned, “Who the fuck—.”

“Is that Kirishima?” His mother asked with way too much joy as she turned the corner with a wide smile that Bakugou would forever be suspicious over.

“Ma, who else would be here?”

She sent him a wave of dismissal and ushered the kid in. Kirishima laughed, stepping over the threshold and took his shoes off, moving the flowers into a different hand to stabilize himself. They caught his mother’s eye and she hummed, “Those are pretty, Kirishima.”

The redhead startled. “Huh?” then looked to the flowers and grinned. “These are actually for you.”

Mitsuki gasped comically, glancing to her son before taking them. “For me?”

For her!?

Now Bakugou was straight up offended. 

Kirishima nodded, grinning with pride. “Yes, Ma’am. It’s a thank you for letting me in your house and for all the trouble I may have caused your family.” 

He looked off in a hint of shame but held the smile up. 

Now Bakugou was just straight up swooning.

Little shit being so gentlemen like and thoughtful, fucking getting flowers for my ma as an apology and looking all happy and sad. Little SHIT! 

Then again.

Wait. It caused me trouble too, where the fuck are my flowers?

Mitsuki smiled happily, pulling the boy in for a hug. “You’re such a sweet kid, thank you. It’s a miracle Bakugou hasn’t ruined you yet.”

“Hey!” Bakugou snapped.

I’m working on it. 

Kirishima barked a laugh and regarded Bakugou with the softest expression he had ever been given. “Nah. Bakugou is great, he’s actually an amazing influence.”

Bakugou blushed wildly, not knowing what to do, so he just held Kirishima’s gaze until Mitsuki chuckled with the intention to pull their attention away.

“So I’ve been told,” she ruffled his hair and sent a wink for just Bakugou. “Take good care of him.”

Then she was gone. 

The comment hadn’t done over his head and he blushed harder, looking to Kirishima to gauge his reaction but the redhead was still smiling. 

“I will.”

Yeah. Bakugou spent the next 30 minutes overthinking, over analyzing, and screeching in his own head. 

He will?

His Ma meant it in a completely opposite way of just innocent friendship. She meant relationship and he just decided to smile with a million suns and say he would?

Would he?

Had he meant it in that way?

Bakugou was going to hope and pray until he only knew how to say that one wish and that wish would be for Kirishima to have meant it the same way Mitsuki had. God only knew how fast Bakugou would drop dead or burst from the seams if his longtime crush just came forward and pledged to care for him forever. 

No, fuck that. Bakugou would faint if Kirishima simply breathed a certain way in his direction. 

The boy held that much power.

Maybe Bakugou should be a little put off or wary of that but it went both ways. Bakugou was able to make the redhead speechless and blush hard just as easy. Not only that, Bakugou trusted him. Had no doubts that Kirishima wouldn’t take advantage of him.

That was empowering.

“You play football, Kirishima?” Bakugou’s dad asked as he came into the kitchen after just getting back from work. Mitsuki gave him a kiss and Kirishima nodded with even more pride. 

“Yes, Sir! Since middle school and hopefully after high school.”

Bakugou sat next to Kirishima at the island counter, and watched him talk.

Masaru turned around and gauged with him, letting Mitsuki take his work bag and jacket with a smile. “Big plans. Do you have a college picked out?”

They are giving him the boyfriend questionnaire, I can't believe this. 

However, Bakugou was just as interested and Kirishima seemed more than happy to answer.

“Yes, Sir. I’m looking into UAU as of right now.”

Masaru lit up, “That was my college oh so long ago.”

Kirishima gaped, “No way! What did you go for?”

“Initially? Football just like you. But what I came out with? A degree in chemical engineering.”

“What made you change?” Kirishima leaned on the counter and Bakugou smirked at how involved he was in the conversation with his old man. 

His dad shrugged, looking after Mitsuki. “For one, his mother really is great at persuading people. Got me to fall in love with her—”

“Fuck yeah I did!”

“But she never once asked for me to quit my dream.” he let his smiling old eyes fall on Bakugou. “We ended up being pregnant with Katsuki and I stepped up, going into my second choice of a job to provide for us. I don’t regret it at all, not once.”

Bakugou’s lips cracked into a small smirk. 

What a sap.

“Wow,” Kirishima exhaled. “That is so manly, Sir.”

Masaru shrugged, “It’s what you have to do sometimes. But enough of me, what is your second choice?”

“It’s really different from what I’m going for, but if I were to not continue football then I always wanted to be a Fire Fighter.”

“Fire Fighter?” Masaru sounded impressed.

Bakugou gaped,  Fire Fighter?

Of course that big softy would want to save people and be a hero.

Bakugou was falling even harder, imagining him in the uniform with a bunch of brats running around with thank you cards and him just smiling bright with some cheesy too good catch phrase. 

I’m falling, am I still falling? Sources say yes.

God, the image of him even bigger with more muscle and the uniform on but for different reasons that wouldn’t involve kids?

I’m also still very much gay and wishing.

“Yep! Being a hero was my biggest dream as a kid.”

I can’t stand you.

Masaru regarded his son’s unavoidable heart eyes and chuckled a sigh, “Football is just as good of a dream. We thought Katsuki might even play with how competitive and tough he is but studies took president and listening to coaches never sat well.”

Ain’t that the truth.

“Besides, I don’t think he could really play. Never joined in with his cousins during family gatherings and never wanted to play with me.”

Bakugou scowled with offense, “How dare you! I can fuckin’ play football, just never wanted to.”

Kirishima inhaled through grit teeth, “Mm, I don't know, Blasty. Your dad might be right.”

Offense increased by 100%

Bakugou glared, “Is that a challenge?”

“Don’t know, you itching to lose?” Kirishima smirked and leaned closer with the hint of a tease. And yeah, Bakugou’s whole body was racing with excitement. 

“Bring it.”

“Alright, that end and that end are the End Zones.” Kirishima pointed to each end of Bakugou’s yard with a football Masaru handed to them from the garage. Bakugou was standing on the other side with his dad while his mom stood with Kirishima. Apparently everyone knew how to play and wanted to join in on the fun. But that was whatever, his Ma was just as competitive as him. 

“You ready to lose, Kid?” She asked him with a smirk. Bakugou scoffed, mimicking her. “To you? Not on your life.”

Masaru came up on the other side of Bakugou, “I don’t know, Sweetheart. Today might be the day you finally lose to me.”

Mitsuki only laughed.

Bakugou let his attention fall away from his bantering parents to Kirishima. He smiled his way, tossing the football up in the air and catching it.

‘You’re going down,’ he mouthed.

Bakugou rolled his eyes, ‘Fuck you.’

“Let’s start the game!”



Bakugou held the football to the ground between him and Kirishima with his father behind him.

“Hope you are good with losing, Red.”

Kirishima never dropped the smile, “Don’t underestimate me, Bak.”

Bakugou actually knew very little about football, the real workings of it and certain positions but he listened enough of what his father used to say during annual football nights so the basics were there. Kirishima, his pops and definitely his mom were at an advantage but they lacked in one thing.


Bakugou snapped it to his dad and tore off down the end zone with Kirishima close behind.

They weren’t Katsuki Bakugou.

Masaru threw the football down the yard after them. Bakugou could hear Kirishima gaining on him thanks to practice and longer legs but Bakugou was smaller and quicker. He reached his hands out for the ball, sneering in triumph when he caught it but gave a yelp in surprise when Kirishima’s entire body slammed into him. They hit the ground and Bakugou gasped, still clutching the ball with his entire being.

Kirishima lifted up and looked over him quickly, “Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

Bakugou grunted a scoff, “M’fine, Asshole. You tackled me.”

Kirishima’s concern melted away to smugness and he leaned down closer, “I told you not to underestimate me, Bakugou. But you’re pretty damn fast, almost lost ya.”

“Runs in the family,” Bakugou glared. Then realized the position they were in and became hyper aware of Kirishima laying between his legs and blushed quickly. 


Kirishima frowned in confusion before realizing and scrambled away quickly with his own blush, offering a hand. “You still good?”

Bakugou took it and stood. “Mhm.”

More than okay actually, Hot Stuff. Thanks for that.

“If you’re done chatting, I have a shithead to prove wrong!” Mitsuki shouted with his dad in a headlock.

“MA!” He barked back and Kirishima whistled.

“You’re a lot like her.”

Bakugou huffed, brushing off grass. “You have no idea.”

They kept playing for the rest of the night until it got too dark to see even with the back lights on. Bakugou scored a few touchdowns and tackles, making Kirishima eat his words when his team won but earned a bunch of bruises from his Ma and Kirishima combined. His family was intense when it came to competition, never backing down until injury prevailed winner or hard facts stopped the battle. 

In their case, score count and time won out.

Kirishima laughed, bumping into Bakugou as they walked back into the house. “You’re family is so much fun, Dude!” They were both sweaty and covered in grass stains but all satisfied.

Bakugou knocked back against him even though he couldn’t reach his shoulder. “They’re alright.”

“I can’t believe your mom floored you like that, no hesitation,” Kirishima laughed again.

Bakugou rubbed his bruised shoulder with a frown, “Yeah, she’s intense. The hag.”

He felt happy with their time hanging out, getting along and engaging in competition. Bakugou liked how challenging Kirishima got, but he never once stopped making sure Bakugou was okay after each tackle. The consideration was sweet, he wouldn’t deny holding his hand a little longer than necessary whenever it was offered but Kirishima never pulled back either. 

“When do you have to be home, Kirishima?” Mitsuki asked while serving food. 

The redhead checked his phone, “My mom never gave a set time but I probably shouldn’t stay too late.” 

It was already 9:42, way past Bakugou’s bedtime. Mitsuki nodded, grabbing a large container from a cabinet and poured some of the food into it. “Then don’t worry at all. You can head home, I’ll even send some food with you.” 

Kirishima waved his hands, “No, Mrs. Bakugou. You don’t have to, you’ve been kind enough already!” But the container was already being placed into his hands, “Don’t worry about it, Kid. It’s a thank you from us as well.” 

Kirishima took it with a nod, glancing to Bakugou’s and the blond led the way towards the front door. Heart thumping and head swimming. Kirishima was just too pure for his own good. It was quizzical with how well he fit in with Bakugou’s family, connecting with everyone and being super kind. They might have been skeptical of it all being an act but Kirishima was far too genuine. 

Today was good, I had fun with him. 

Bakugou opened the front door, letting Kirishima out and closed it behind them. The redhead stared at him with a soft smile, “I had fun today.” 

“Me too.” 

When are you going to just admit that you like me?

Bakugou stepped towards him, face void of emotion. Taking another until he was in Kirishima’s personal space. 

It’s so obvious that you do. 

Kirishima stilled, watching his every move intensely with dilated eyes. 

You can’t seriously deny that it’s obvious that I like you. 

Bakugou inhaled slowly, staring up at him and punched his shoulder lightly. 

“See you tomorrow.” 

Kirishima broke from his spell and grinned, “Yeah!” He stepped away and went off. 

“Sleep well, Blasty!”

“You’re not my boss.”

Kirishima’s chuckle filled the night air, surrounding Bakugou and took his air with it. 

Why won’t you just admit you like me too?

Chapter Text

Project in class on a Friday? 

Bakugou was not happy, muttering and mumbling complaints throughout the beginning of the explanation then he paid a little more attention when the word ‘partnering’ left his teacher’s lips. Partners? Well, then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. But could they choose or were they chosen for them? 

I better be able to pick my own partner. 

His teacher finished explaining and to his bliss, announced they could pick their partners. Bakugou was already spinning in his seat towards the quarterback that sat behind him. He seemed surprised by his quick movement, “Want to be my partner?” 

Bakugou nodded, mouth closing with a small tug on his shirt. Kirishima had beaten him to it which was even better. That meant he was hoping anyway. 

After everyone had their partners picked, the teacher passed out the assignment which wasn’t hard at all. Bakugou could have done it in his sleep. 

“Science exercises?” Kirishima sighed, reading down the questions before laughing to himself. “These aren’t actually bad, could be worse.” 

Bakugou scoffed with eyes on his paper, already onto the second question. “Hardly. These are baby level, if you couldn’t do em then I’d second guess our partnership.” 

Kirishima made an offended noise, “Sometimes I question why I put up with this bullying, I may need counseling now.” This guy. Bakugou laughed, shaking his head and moved onto the third question. 

“Wait- are you already onto the third one!?” Kirishima pulled the paper out from under him and looked it over with brows creased. 

Bakugou scowled, leaning for it but the quarterback moved out of reach. “Yes, it’s because I’m focusing and not talking. Now, give it back!” He reached for it again but only ended up waving his hand around in the air like a toddler. Kirishima started writing down answers, “Hold up. I’m catching up then we can work on it together.” They were partners so copying answers wasn’t necessarily cheating but Bakugou only shook his head in disappointment when Kirishima handed the paper back.  


Bakugou shook his head slower, eyes closing as he took the paper back. “So, so lazy.” 

Kirishima huffed, scribbling on his paper. “Whatever you say, Short stack.”

Short...stack..? SHORT STACK?

A rumbling growl traveled from his throat and he poked Kirishima between the eyes. “Do you want to die!? HUH?”

The boy rubbed the red mark with a frown, “No, but you are shorter than me, Bak. It’s facts.” 

Short jokes always got Bakugou ramped up to throw down. So what? He was short compared to mostly everyone in that school but damn, why did they have to bring it up?

Death wish.

Bakugou exhaled with a dangerous glare, “And your death is impending, that’s facts.” Then he pulled his paper closer and saw Kirishima’s scribbled attempt to draw him with smoke coming out of his ears, sharp teeth and ‘Die’ all around him. The illustration was accurate without a doubt him but Bakugou was more upset with how much he would cherish that drawing. 

“I can’t stand you.” Bakugou glared harder, earning a laugh from the annoying boy. “That’s it! I’m getting a new partner.”

He stood up and started moving out of his seat.

“No! Wait!” Kirishima reached for him between bouts of laughter. “Come back, Blasty!”



“You stayed for the whole practice!” Kirishima cheered, meeting Bakugou halfway on the field while the rest of his team went inside. 

“Mhm.” He decided that watching Kirishima play with a leather egg for half an hour was a better use of his time than heading home and getting stuck in school traffic. Besides, the view was always amazing. 

Kirishima pulled on his jersey, strands of red sticking to his sweat drenched forehead. Breathing heavy even after a long cool down, face red. Bakugou looked him over slowly, taking in his tight football pants that would from the point on hold a special place in his heart for being so graciously tight in all the right places. 

What I would give to pull those down with my teeth—

“You should come to my game.”

Bakugou stopped in his thoughts, attention snapping fast to the quarterback. 

Go to his game?

Inviting someone to watch the game was what people did if they liked each other, right? Was Bakugou reading into that too much? Probably not with the way Kirishima had lost his confident smile with Bakugou’s prolonged silence.

No way- no. Kirishima Eijirou did NOT just invite me to his football game.

Bakugou took a moment to breathe through his excitement, extremely ecstatic. But, you know. He couldn’t just squeal with excitement like he was in his head or jump around like an idiot- no.

….. He had to play it cool.

 Bakugou hummed, “I have a test on Monday I should probably study for.” 

Yeah, a test that I was prepared for three days ago and would just be re-studying the same shit over again. Honestly, if I were him then I’d call bullshit because I never wait till the weekend to study.

But Kirishima wasn’t calling him on it. Instead, he deflated just enough to notice and he waved Bakugou off. “Then you should study. Your classes are really important, I wouldn’t want to stop you.”

You big kicked stupid puppy. I’m playing hard to get, come get me. 

Bakugou nodded with a tiny smile.

I’m right here! 

God, Kirishima was so lucky Bakugou was a sucker for those puppy dog eyes otherwise this would have been a mess.

I seriously got to spoon feed this guy hints. Bakugou stepped into his space and pulled on the string of his pants for a long moment before looking up at his blushing face. “If I were to even go, I’d probably just stop by for an hour. But I hate how crowded the stands are and they make my hearing aids go off.”

Kirishima shook his head, regaining his composure almost instantly. “Oh, don't worry about that. You can stand by me!” 

I can stand by who-what?


Kirishima turned halfway towards the field, almost knocking Bakugou over with their proximity and placed a large hand on the small of his back to steady him. Bakugou tensed, suppressing an embarrassing noise.

HE’S TOUCHING ME. HE. IS- Fuck I'm going to pass out, or faint, maybe even have a heart attack. THE POINT is that his hand can fucking wrap around half my waist. 

Images of Kirishima holding Bakugou by the waist with both hands and have his fingers touching completely destroyed his dick. Yeah, god he was dying on the field. 

Please, be good to me. Oh still my fucking beating heart and rising dick. Lay still. PLEASE.

Kirishima pointed to somewhere while Bakugou half listened. “There is a little spot by the benches for our team where photographers sometimes sit in between shots. You could sit there.”

“And what? Be your own personal cheerleader?” It was supposed to be a snarky remark with a sneer sent up to the redhead but he ate it up with enthusiasm.

“Yeah!” Kirishima beamed. “You’d be a great cheerleader, for the best player after all. You can even wear my jersey number!”


Now Bakugou had just turned into a sputtering mess with a wild blush rising up to the tips of his ears. “Your- huh? How?”

Before he could even think, Kirishima started taking off his shirt. Jostling the boy with his movements and giving a little slip of skin when his undershirt rode up and Bakugou would deny making a small helpless noise at the abs he saw.

Fuck me, please. Fuck me, fuck me, fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme.

“Here!” The jersey was pushed into his chest with a blushing grin. “This is just my practice jersey, my game one is in the locker room.”

Meanwhile, Bakugou couldn’t stop gaping down at it. A jersey was like a clear sign of something, of anything


Shit was serious, Bakugou shouldn’t still be able to stand with the reality of it.

I have decided to marry him. Does it matter if he isn’t aware? No, but he will thank me later. 

He clenched his hand around it, “S’sweaty.”

“I was practicing, Bak. It probably smells even worse,” Kirishima chuckled. Bakugou rolled his eyes but still held his focus to the shirt. There were so many things to do with it, so fucking many and he couldn’t decide which one to start with. Actually, no. He was going to wash it first without a doubt.

Kirishima shifted before him, hands rubbing together then he brushed one against Bakugou’s arm. Sending goosebumps across his skin, crimson lifted to ruby. 

You’re so pretty.

“You don’t have to come, you don’t even have to wear it. It’s just….” Kirishima frowned, looking for the right word then smiled. “Just in case.”

 “Just in case,” Bakugou echoed. Stepping away to leave and Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck with a giddy grin. 

“See you around, Blasty.”

“Yeah, see ya.”

“At the game?” Kirishima asked with brows raised in hope. 

Bakugou scoffed, “In your dreams.”

Kirishima shook his head and looked off. “If I’m lucky.”

Slick little shit.

A middle finger was all that was gifted before Bakugou turned on his heel and walked feverishly to his car with a crazy stupid grin and squeals of joy. He dropped into the car, tossed the jersey and screamed until his lungs hurt and laughter took him over.


Bakugou was losing it with laughter, tears pricking with how hard they were. Was that a normal reaction to getting your crush’s jersey? Was that usual? Should he be gripping the jersey close to his chest and laughing hysterically?

Yes? No?

I probably look fucking crazy.

“Fuck if I care, they should have known by now.”

Bakugou pulled out of the parking lot and rolled his windows down, “I’M GETTING THAT ASS, MARK MY WORDS!” Laughing all the way home, and grinning like an idiot while the smelly article ran through the wash. His entire mood increased by a million percent that night, and if Bakugou slept in the over sized shirt that night, no one would know. 

Not a single soul.