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Symbol of Peace: Raijin

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Izuku awoke to pressure on his legs and the smell of smoke in the air. He tried to get up only to find his legs pinned underneath a chunk of concrete. He looked around to find something to help lift it off. Spotting a section of metal pipe to his left he grabs it and lifts the beam enough to shift his legs past. They’re sore but seemingly not broken, that's good. Standing up and coughing he takes stock of his situation. What was he doing before he woke up? Thinking back, he had taken a plane back to Japan from I-Island to show his mom ...MOM! He was visiting mom! Looking around he didn’t see her or anything identifiable. Frantically digging through the debris he looks for his mother. Until a shockwave sends him flying through a partially standing wall.

He struggles as he tries to regain his breath. He can hear screaming and collapsing buildings out into the distance. Scanning his immediate area he doesn’t see anyone only destruction on a scale relative to a natural disaster. Until another shockwave sends him to the ground again. Unfortunately, he flies across something sharp and is cut along his right abdomen. He whines at the pain of the cut. It feels so much worse than anything he’s gone through over the years.

Finding the strength to get back up one more time, he takes a deep breath and shouts “MOM!” Listening through faint screams and distant buildings crumble he doesn’t hear a reply.

“MOM!” he shouts again. Before he can even listen for a response another more powerful shockwave sends him flying across the wreckage of what was once his mothers' apartment complex. Slamming into something knocks the wind out of him again while an object just off to his side crashes into the ground hard enough to send more debris flying in all directions.

Catching his breath he takes the time to look at what stopped him from flying to the next prefecture. A tree. A tree halted his flight. Wheezing trying to catch his breath he winces realizing the crash must have broken a couple of his ribs.

‘Lucky.’ he thinks. At the speed he was going, it could have been worse. It takes a moment to realize what tree this is. It’s the Black pine his mom loves to sit under. A couple of its branches are on fire, some are completely gone and debris is scattered through its truck. She taught Izuku how to read underneath this tree. The sound of rumble falling around the impact crater diverts his attention. Walking as fast as he can gripping his ribs and cut he crawls up to the edge of the crater only find.

“ALL MIGHT!” he shouts. There laying in the center of the crater is the No. 1 hero
himself. As Izuku starts to climb down to the hero it becomes clear that he’s heavily injured. Giving All Might a once over he becomes aware of the extent of his injuries. Cuts litter his body, portions of his suit are gone, puncture wounds are around his more muscled areas. Blood is already starting to pool beneath him. The sheer amount of injuries that Izuku can see would be fatal for a lesser man.

Making sure not to touch him Izuku tries to talk to him. “All Might. All Might wake up! ALL MIGHT!” At this point, it’s all he can do to not start shaking the hero when he hears a cough and a hack.

Slowly propping himself up All Might winces at his multitude of injuries. Taking a quick look around he takes stock of his situation. “Young Midoriya?” he starts before coughing again blood spraying on his hand. “Young Midoriya what are you doing here?!” he quickly asks Izuku.

“I’m not sure, the last thing I remember is having dinner with my mom then waking up to all of this!” gesturing to the surrounding area. Fires rage across destroyed buildings. Listening to distant screams and yells as sirens filter into the noise. For a brief moment, All Might looks disheartened to hear the news. Quickly finding his resolve he tries to stand with the help of Izuku.

“All Might what is going on? Who are you fighting that’s able to do this to you?!” Izuku gestures to All Might’s battle-worn torso

Izuku can see the moment that something clicks for All Might. His smile nearly disappears as he yells “Young Midoriya, you need to leave the area immediately!”

“What? NO! I need to find my mom first, I won’t just leave her somewhere in all of this!” Midoriya gestures to the wreckage surrounded them.

“Midoriya I understand your reason, but you need to leave. NOW!” Before Midoriya can’t supply another reply he feels his body immediately lock in place. Glancing to All Might he sees the hero quickly adjust himself in front of Midoriya, shielding him from whatever this ‘aura’ is.

“There you are.” it says. Izuku is frozen. Whoever, what-ever just spoke has completely locked his body in place. He's certain it isn’t quirk related either. The voice is so full of malice with just a hint of playfulness, Izuku notes. Being the hero fanboy he is he’s watched his fair share of hero fights, and not one villain has ever scared him as badly as this.

Finding new a new source of strength Izuku turns around to face the voice. What he sees is rather...underwhelming. Messy black hair tops his head with a sharp jaw-line that runs down to a pointed chin. His eyes are a pale blue. Then there’s his smile. If All Might’s smile is to announce that “I am Here”, this smile is to assure you that all hope is lost. To top it all off he’s wearing a suit like he just came out of a meeting to fight the Symbol of Peace. He stands atop a steel beam overlooking the two. Izuku notices that he doesn’t even look like he's trying to balance on top of it.

‘Equilibrium quirk maybe? Or some sort of magnetism quirk. That would explain the building collapses…’ he thinks. But his train of thought is cut short when the man speaks.

“Good-bye, Symbol of Peace” the being states. He raises a hand up and points it toward Izuku and All Might and black lightning gathers around it. Izuku can feel the moment the attack is about to be unleashed. Every single one of his hairs' stands on end and the faint smell of ozone drifts into his nose when suddenly….

Izuku raises up out of bed gasping for air. Looking around his bedroom for any sign of that man. Finding none he holds his chest near where his cut once was and now has faded.

“It’s just the nightmare again. You’re okay Izuku, you’re okay.” He says to himself. Reaching over to check his phone the sudden light has him blinking away to get his eyes readjusted. Once his sight returns to him reads the time.

“3:47 in the morning, really? I couldn’t have woken up a little later?” Lying back down for a moment he tries to fall asleep again. Only to find he can’t.

‘Well, I guess I can get a head start working out.’ Getting up to use the bathroom he rinses his face off with cold water. Looking at the mirror he finds a young man in his early 20’s staring back at him. Bright green eyes framed with freckles underneath them. His forest green hair still standing in all directions. A couple of little scars dot around his face, years of bullying evident. Taking a deep breath again he goes back into his bedroom and changes into his running attire.

Heading down his apartment stairs he does some stretching before taking off through the streets. Barely anyone is out this time of the morning. With good reason too, Izuku is jealous but shrugs it off. It’s far from the first time he’s had that nightmare, and it certainly won’t be the last. After that train of thought, Izuku just enjoys the quietness of the city. In a few hours, it will be bustling with life.

Checking his phone he finds he’s been running for about an hour so he makes his way back to his apartment to prepare his lesson plans for the week. He looks to his phone and makes a timer, he bets he can cut about 10 minutes off of his time back.

Izuku was able to trim 15 minutes off the time to get back. Smiling he looks to his apartment building. At the lowest level is a cafe run by a sweet senior couple. He was lucky to meet both of them when he came back from the island. A couple of discussions later he found out they had the shop with an apartment above their shop and offered it to him and of course, he said yes. Especially since he can walk to work in the mornings. Unlock his door he heads up the stairs arriving in the living room of his apartment. The kitchen, dining room, and living room are all open together much like his childhood home. He goes down the hallway and hits the shower.

After a great cold shower, yes Izuku takes cold showers, sue him. Instead of his usual dress slacks and buttoned-down shirt he settles for a vintage ‘All Might’ tank top and a pair of gym shorts. He proceeds to the kitchen to start boiling water for tea. Once he sets the kettle on the stove he pours his rice into the steamer to start his natto. A few short minutes later his natto and tea are prepared he settles at his dining room table with his laptop. He starts to see that all he needs to finish is the third years’ assignment for the week. Taking a sip of Oolong tea he focuses on ‘Advanced quirk mechanics’ for them. Nezu is sure to drop in on the classes so he makes sure to brush it up a bit more than he usually would.

As he finalizes the last assignment he flips on the television to the news and takes his dishware to the sink and washes them. Listening in to the news he hears an unfortunate, but not uncommon, theme. Villain activity is on the rise despite the efforts of the Hero Commission and the No. 1 hero claims. It’s been slowly rising since All Might’s death. The death of All Might lit a torch for the criminal underbelly around the globe. Now it seems like they just keep coming. Endeavor is a good hero, but he isn’t an All Might. People don’t rally behind them like they did All Might. And until they do, Izuku isn’t sure that the world can come together again. As Izuku finishes his thoughts, the anchors then move on to a different subject.

“Last night around 10 pm the vigilante known as Raijin, was spotted capturing a villain with a speed quirk, with connections to a suspected drug dealer in quirk enhancing drugs. With us is Dr. Okita, a specialist dealing in quirk studies. Doctor, what can you tell us about Raijin?”

The camera pans to a portly man with a balding head as he clears his throat. “Well to start off we don’t have much data to analyze, to begin with, I'm afraid. He has a tendency not to show up in footage and when he does its brief. However, with this latest footage, we see him not only keep up with the villain but was able to overpower him as well, leading me to suggest that his quirk is a powerful enhancer quirk.”

“But Doctor, we have confirmed reports of Raijin using electricity during his attacks as well. Which has lead to his name.”

“Ah well, I was about to get to that. If we take a look at Endeavors' youngest son we can see that.”

He finishes putting away the dishes and shuts off his television. Shutting off his laptop he hears his phone ding. Going back to his room he picks up his cellphone and sees an interesting series of messages from his co-workers.

Midoriya ole’ pal, friend, compadre how's about helping me out with something, huh?

‘Foxy Grandma’
Midoriya don’t listen to him. He is an adult and pro hero and has the obligation to make his own lesson plan’

‘Hizashi I know you have many duties but this seems a bit irresponsible for you.

WHAAAAT?! I had a busy weekend!

‘You were off all weekend and stayed in bed.

‘Oof called out by the husband’

“Reverse vore man”
‘I’ll call Chiyo and see if she can send some burn cream for you.”

Meme - “I cannot believe you’ve done this”

‘Shrug emoji’

“Foxy Grandma”

“Small Might”
‘What is it what want me to help you with Hizashi?’

‘I may or may not have made a lesson plan for this week and I was hoping you could make me one while I’m at the radio station..?’

Izuku calmly set his phone down for a moment. Walking back into the kitchen, he opened a cupboard and retrieved a bottle of sake. He stared at it for a long moment before deciding against it. Heading back to his room and picking up his phone he sees that the conversation has basically descended into a roast for the hero that is Present Mic. Sighing he makes his decision and replies.

“Small Might”
‘Fine I’ll do it.’

He sees the multitude of typing messages on the screen. Before they can be sent however he tacks on something else.

“Small Might”
‘On one condition, however’

‘What is it..?’

“Small Might”
‘A favor. To call on at any time, anywhere I need. Nothing extreme or embarrassing to both parties.’

“Foxy Grandma”
‘You’re better off making your own lesson plans, Hizashi.’

‘I really don’t have much of a choice at this point though…. Ugh fine, Deal’

The chat then proceeds to turn into another roasting session for Hizashi as Izuku boots up his computer and starts crafting the lessons.

A few hours later he’s sent off an email to Hizashi with the finished product. And after many thanks from him, Izuku hears a knock at the door. Heading down he opens the door to find an elderly woman in her mid-fifties with a moth quirk. Her eyes are much like an insect except they're a beautiful shade of blue. In addition to her eyes, she has two fluffy antennae atop her golden hair as well. She was even kind enough to tell him she had wings, but never went into detail about them.

“Hello Midoriya dear how are you doing today?” she asks him as she heads up the stairs to the kitchen with the drinks she has.

“I'm doing fine Serizawa-san, how are you?” he asks her in return. However, she turns around and looks him in the eyes with knowing that he’s lying.

“You want to try that again, honey?”

“I didn’t sleep well last night…”

She looks at him for a while before dropping her gaze back to the coffees on the counter. “I figured as much. We saw your lights on before we even got into the shop this morning. You need to take better care of yourself hun.” she says as she hands him a cup of coffee.

Taking it gladly he responds “I know but I can’t really control what I dream.”

“So it was the nightmare again?”

“ It’s always the nightmare.”

“I could give you some of my sleep powder if you need it.” She offers.

“No, it’s fine. I appreciate the offer though Mrs. Serizawa,” he responds.

“Well I can’t force you to take it, but please don’t hesitate to ask if you need something. After all, knowing when to ask for help isn’t a weakness.”

“It shows your true strength, I know.” Izuku finishes.

Mrs. Serizawa nods happily as she makes her way down the stairs. As she reaches the door she leaves a small leather pouch on a small table. Closing the door Izuku picks up the pouch and finds shimmering dust-like substance. ‘Mrs. Serizawas’ quirk is incredible.’ he thinks. Taking the pouch back up the stairs he glances at the clock reading it at ‘6:17’. Looking outside he can see the sun setting for the day. He nods to himself and he walks to his locked room. Unlocking the door he steps into the familiar room one wall covered in hero merchandise. All Might takes up the majority, and some new and older heroes sprinkled in-between for good measure. As well as a calculated lack of the current No. 1 hero, Endeavor merchandise. The other side is an enlarged map of Japan, prefectures sectioned off with cities, railways, roadways, and other infrastructure marked.

On the final wall is a metal wardrobe. Izuku goes over to it and takes out another key to unlock it. Unlocking it and stowing away the key he opens the door to reveal a costume. The base color is black with dark green accents in the shape of lighting trickling down from its neck all the way to the boots. A red belt with circular pouches with three circling teardrop shapes on them. On his back are two ivory white Eskrima sticks with blue lightning all around them. He puts on his costume and gets to work on his boots. The inner layer is red while the outer layer is a metallic black with matching straps. No laces, they just kept coming untied so he opted for straps. He really needs to call Dave and tell him how great this version feels. Izuku thinks he really nailed it this time.

Standing back up he finishes his costumes final piece, the helm. Mimicking the traditional gods’ likeness the helm covers his skull, leaving only his eyes exposed. The face mask is a breathable material that is solid black and a large showing of teeth. Incisors are curled outward to match. After giving himself a nod of approval he climbs out to the fire escape and jumps up and onto the roof. Landing with a thud, he takes stock of his surroundings. Night has fully descended now. Taking a deep breath he kneels over and summons his quirks. Dark clouds begin to form and thunder starts to roll as lightning pulses throughout the sky. At that same moment, Izuku thrusts up and into the air in a near flying state.

He can feel the electricity in the air at his command. Feeling the powers of a passed down quirk and his own fueling each other to greater heights. Opening his eyes a crack of thunder shakes the very sky. Eyes instead of their normal green are now filled with multi-colored electricity sparking out into the air. A hidden smile forms. Because after all, ‘The people in this world who can smile are always the strongest.’

Leaping off into the storm lightning lights up the night, as thunder shakes the sky.

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Thunder rattles a warehouse sending small items and tools to the floor. The occupants of the building suddenly look up and around to find the source of the thunder, as a flash of lightning lights up the night and thunder shakes the warehouse to its very foundations.

“I thought it wasn’t supposed to rain tonight, so where the hell did this storm come from?” a thug asks another.

“Ah, you can’t trust meteorologists. Weather does as it pleases it could be clear and dry one minute and the next it’s pouring rain.”

“That’s not what I mean, Flux! I think this is a quirk!”

“Bullshit, Mudlark. Who has power over the weather?’ Flux questions Mudlark.

“Well I think..”


Both thugs turn around as well as the rest of the warehouse follows suit. Standing on an elevated platform is a rather muscularly built woman with a spiked mohawk staring down at the two of them.

“You wanna share what the hell is so important that you stopped moving those packages?’ the woman asks sternly as her gaze is locked on Mudlark.

Looking to Flux for help he sees that Flux isn’t going to help him as the woman is slowly losing her patience. He swallows and answers her. “N-no, Blitz. It was just a s-stupid idea..” before he can finish Flux has appeared where she once stood. Turning to where he was beside him he finds Blitz staring down at him.

“No, no this talk seemed important. What was it you were saying? That this storm was a quirk, hmm? And that you had an idea on whose quirk it actually is?” Blitz is practically radiating annoyance at this point. “Go ahead finish your idea.” she gestures for him to continue.

Shakingly he continues his train of thought. “I-i just think that t-this could be Raijin’s doing is all…” Not a second goes by as his statement is finished that a crack of lightning rattles the building. As the lights flicker to stay on Mudlark can see the worried glances on not only Flux but the rest of his crew. At meeting Blitz's eyes he can see the slow appearance of anger.

“Let me get this straight, you think that this thunderstorm is caused by the countries’ most wanted vigilante?” Mudlark nods once and Blitz continues. “And what? You think that he created this storm to do what exactly? Bust us?” Before Mudlark can answer Flux is standing in front of him as Blitz appears back on the platform. “Let’s get a few things straight, our buyers don’t even know where our HQ is set up so why would he?” Blitz asks her men. “Second and final thing. Even if he did show up why should we be worried? I ain’t never lost a fight and I sure as shit ain’t gonna lose one to that masked asshole anytime soon!” Her crew cheers as she hops down from her platform as she looks to Flux and Mudlark she adds on her statement. “So if I were you, I wouldn’t worry about some two-bit vigilante. Once she finishes her sentence a crack of thunder shuts off the power for a second or two before flickering back on.

Blitz looks to her men as their once rallying faces have started to morph into ones of shock. And as she is about to question them when a voice calls from behind her.

“If I were you, I'd still be worrying about this ‘two-bit vigilante’, Blitz.” the voice says.

Turning to face the voice Blitz is met with a towering figure clad in dark green and black. As the costume flashes with etched lightning, pulsing throughout. She can’t see the face due to the helmet and mask but the multicolored eyes pulsing with energy make it clear enough on who this is.

‘Crap, Mudlark was right.’ She thinks to herself.

“Raijin.” Blitz states “What do we owe the pleasure of Japan’s most wanted vigilante paying us a visit?”

Never breaking what she suspects is eye contact he responds. “Your group here has caused a great deal of trouble recently and I’m here to make sure it ends tonight. As well as making sure that the rest of those drugs are released to the proper authorities.” as he points to the nearly loaded truck.

“Well see that’s where we are gonna have a problem, this batch has already been paid for and I never miss a delivery so what do you propose?”

“You turn yourselves in, and the drugs get confiscated to the authorities.”

Snapping her fingers the thugs surround the two of them as she replies “I have a better idea. How about we beat the shit out of you and get some real respect, what do you say boys?”

“YEAH!” they all cheer and whoop around Raijin.

Sighing Raijin gives them one last chance. “You don't have to do this, you could just walk out that door and turn yourself in. No fighting, no pain, just a peaceful resolution. No?” He takes a quick look around at the unmoving forms of the thugs around him and Blitz. “I figured as much, but I thought I would ask just in case. Let's get started.” Leaping off toward Blitz he notices she breaks eye contact with him as she disappears and a thug takes her place. He starts to throw a light punch to test what his quirk might be.

As the punch strikes the thugs’ head he sees his fist to start to sink into him. ‘Shock Absorption’ Raijin concludes as he adjusts his tactic. As he drives his fist deeper he channels electricity from his core to his shoulder and down his arm to his fist. He can see the moment that the thug registers the shock as his expression morphs from one of confidence to literal shock. Flying off of his fist the thug lands on the hard concrete floor and slides all the way to the far wall. Standing back up straight he takes a moment to lock back onto Blitz. Finding her in the circle alongside two of her men. ‘Teleportation quirk maybe?’ he thinks to himself. Launching himself towards her, she again looks past him and disappears. Only to be met with yet another one of her thugs readying an attack.

“Let him have it, Mudlark!” Blitz yells. As a column of mud shoots out of Mudlarks’ hands.

‘Well, that's where he got his name from at least.’ Raijin thinks as he quickly jumps up and over Mudlark and grabs Mudlarks’ arm and uses it to spray the surrounding crew. Mudlark realizes what he’s being controlled to do and deactivates his quirk. While in the same instance Raijin gives him a quick shock knocking Mudlark unconscious. As the crew starts to shake off the mud, Raijin notices that Blitz has once again traded places with another one of her crew. Sighing, he places his hand down on the mud and wills electricity to shock the large group in one go. The shock appears more than any of them can handle and pass out.

Getting back up Raijin nods to himself, “Only one to go.”

“And it’s the baddest bitch here!” Raijin whips around to face Blitz as a staff slams across his face. Stumbling back he places a hand on his head as he sends a bolt of lightning to the staff, but it doesn’t seem to affect Blitz. “Heh, it’s insulated carbon fiber asshole! Y’know for all your hype you actually aren’t all that strong!”

‘Blitz is monologuing, this will give me a few moments to form a plan.’ Raijin mumbles as Blitz continues. “In all honesty, all of these men aren’t worth the yen I pay them” As she gestures to the unconscious thugs lying across the floor. “But when I beat you I’ll finally be able to hire some real muscle and be on my way to a much better setup. Where no over-hyped vigilantes can fucking interrupt my business!”

“You sound pretty confident that you’ll beat me, Blitz.” Raijin supplies dropping into a fighting stance.

“It’s the safest bet I’ve ever made, Sparky.” As she levels her staff at him.

Raijin takes that statement as a start and rushes Blitz. Throwing another kick leveled at her just before making contact however she disappears and he is thrust forward and the staff hits across his midsection. Sliding holding his side he gets back up and rushes her again this time throwing a punch, receiving the same outcome as he dodges a swipe from her staff.

‘So that's her play, I attack and just before it lands she swaps places with me and counters me. Her attacks with the staff aren’t powerful but for an extended period of time, they could be troublesome.’ Raijin mumbles as he dodges another strike.

Unbeknownst to Blitz, a hidden smile is formed behind a smiling mask.

“What don’t tell me you’re getting tired already, Raijin?” Blitz teases.

“No, not really.” he responds rushing one more time.

“You’ve already tried this, Asshole! But sure, let me have another round at beating your ass!” Blitz yells as she stands waiting for his strike. And that is what Raijin is counting on. Purposely telegraphing his next punch he can feel the moment Blitz uses her quirk. As he starts to have what he suspects are his molecules being swapped, he plants a foot and starts to pivot.

Blitz has a smile on her face. She’s going toe to toe with the country’s most wanted vigilante. The man so many of her associates have been terrified of is being beaten by her. Buying that staff off of Giran was definitely a smart choice. Seeing just how easy it was for Raijin to dispatch her entire crew in a few seconds was shocking. But seeing is how she’s handing his ass to him she isn’t worried much. Watching him run towards her is frosting on the cake. ‘I heard he was a superior fighter.’ she thinks ‘Ah well no-one lives up to their hype I guess...except ME’ adding on to her thoughts. She readies her staff to lay into Raijin as she feels the swap nearing complete. Once it finishes though she is startled. Raijin is already in motion as he appears in her vision and before she can counter she blacks out.


The feeling of having a body comes back to him at a rapid pace. ‘Her quirk is truly incredible, I’ll have to make sure l log it into my notebook afterwards’ Raijin mumbles. Feeling his legs come back he decides to initiate his counter. ‘10 percent should do’ he assumes his stance as he readies a silent Texas Smash. Throwing his now appearing hips into motion his body and arms shortly follow as he starts to send his left arm into Blitz’s position. Her face confirms his suspicions about her quirk. ‘So she has to adjust herself during the swap as well, interesting. She must have built up quite the reflexes then.’ However, the changing of her face from confident to shock confirms with Raijin that her reflexes aren’t as fast as him as his Smash connects sending her flying into the box truck, tipping it up onto two wheels before slamming back down to the floor. Blitz follows suit and lands hard on the ground unconscious as her staff rolls up to Raijin.

“This is quite the support item. To negate both the sheer voltage and heat of my lightning, this will need some further testing. Perhaps I could even find a lead to its creator. For now, I need to wrap everyone up.” Raijin mumbles to himself. Finding a large roll of rope he proceeds to wrap the thugs up and add a Blindfold to Blitz so she can’t teleport away.

Getting out an old-timey pager from a pocket he sends his message to the police station of the night. Throwing his device on the ground and crushing it with a boot he heads over to the table where they were packing the drugs. Coming up to an unmarked box he reaches in a carefully frees a vial from its styrofoam holder. Twisting off the lid he takes a whiff of the dark substance.

“Trigger.” He caps the vial and wraps it in a small cloth before securing it in another pouch. Looking around to see if anything is amiss he sees the thugs and Blitz tied up still unconscious, the staff is fastened on his back. He goes to the truck and lifts up the hood he places a finger on the battery and summons his lightning to it until it explodes. Slamming the hood back down he goes over to where the unlatched skylight is and leaps up through it. Landing on the metal roof he scans for good vantage points and notices a tall warehouse to perch on. Taking another leap he soars over a few smaller buildings before landing gracefully on the warehouses' roof. As he listens to the far off sirens he feels a presence coming up the buildings’ wall.

Without turning around he greets his new company “Lovely evening we’re having, Crawler.” Turning around he sees the hero standing up after sliding up the building. Wearing his classic costume consisting of modified gloves and boots and tight pants to maximize movement. To top it all off, he still has the All Might hoodie he used to wear as a fellow vigilante.

“If you think thunderstorms equate to a ‘lovely evening’.” Crawler retorts

“I do actually.”

“Of course you do” Crawler sounds exasperated as he holds his hand to his face.

“What are you doing here, Crawler? This isn’t Team Idaten’s operating area.”

“No, it isn’t.” Crawler confirms “With all of the recent dealings here though the police and Idaten thought it would be best if they sent me to do some recon” He walks over to the ledge with Raijin and gestures at the police entering the building below. “But it seems it wasn’t necessary.”

“I apologize for that, but this gang has been on my radar for a while, and since I caught their runner last night I thought it would be best to strike before they moved to a new location.”

“It’s fine, it seems it worked out anyway.” Crawler says as he waves off Raijin's apology. Standing on the roof watching the police load up the thugs and a very pissed Blitz into a prisoner transport as well as loading the drugs onto a separate truck, Raijin notices a very irritated Vlad King overseeing the operation. As they watch for a few more minutes Crawler finally speaks up.

“Have you given any more thought in making the move to a licensed pro hero?” Crawler asks.

Raijin sighs. This isn’t the first time this conversation has come up, and won’t be the last. “As I’ve said before, I can do more as a vigilante than a pro.”

“And the fact that Endeavor absolutely despises you as well…”

Chuckling Raijin adds on “Yes that too. In all seriousness, it wouldn’t be as easy for mas it was for you and Pop. No offense but you two weren’t as big as I am currently.”

“No offense taken and yeah I would have to agree with you. Pop and I were really lucky that we had already helped quite a few influential pros. It also helped that Endeavor hadn’t been the No. 1 for long either.”

“Agreed, ever since I defeated Toxic Chainsaw he really began expressing cracking down on vigilantism. The only one I know of that still really do it often is myself and Kitsune.” Watching the police finish up their operation and as Vlad King scans the area they leave the building with two officers staying to stand guard.

“Speaking of have you heard anything from her?” Crawler asks.

“She’s been investigating Trigger trafficking in a few different prefectures and has a few leads. I need to get going it’s been good talking to you, Crawler. Say hi to Pop for me. ”

“Hopefully the next time we have a talk it’ll be inside and you’re licensed, and I will. See ya Raijin.” Crawler says as Raijin leaps off the roof to the crack of thunder.

Soaring through the sky he thinks about Kitsune. ‘She’s been gone for a few months now. It’s not a real pressing matter but it is a bit odd. She’ll usually call in to let me know she’s okay.` Raijin thinks. Before he can continue his thoughts he hears the faintest plea for help. Raijin has never been one to turn away from someone in need. Adjusting his trajectory with a simple flick of his finger sends him rocketing towards the call for help.

Landing softly in an alley he sees a figure partially undressed over another nearly fully undressed.

“We’re gonna have a lot of fun tonight, beautiful. By the time I'm done with you, you’ll be begging not to leave me.” A very unpleasant voice says.

“PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP!” a young woman's voice calls out before it’s quickly silenced.

“Uh, Uh, Uhh.. we don’t want anyone interrupting our ‘special time’” the gruff voice says. “Now shall we get started?” He adds.

Raijin is already hovering over him as he taps his shoulder. “What?! Who the fu?!” the voice starts to say before he is backhanded across the face into the side of the alley with enough force to shake the building and knock him unconscious with a few broken bones..

Raijin goes over the man and takes out a roll of electrical tape to tie him up. After he’s done he looks over to the young woman. She looks like she’s old enough to be in high school. Having Black hair buzz cut on one side while the other side is flowing and yellow eyes look in shock at him. As he approaches he sees she's just down to her bra and panties. Her pants are bunch up at her ankles and her shirt and jacket are lying deeper in the alley. Retrieving her shirt and jacket he comes up to her and offers the items.

“Hi, I'm sorry I couldn't be here sooner. Are you okay, Miss?” Raijin asks the girl as he looks away as she puts her clothes back on slowly. ‘She’s in shock, I need to make sure I approach this very carefully. Telegraphed movements and permission to touch.’ Raijin thinks.

“Miss can you tell me your name?’ he asks

“A-Akara Ling” Ling responds as she steals a glance to her attacker.

“I wouldn’t worry about him, I hit him good and hard. He’ll be out for a while.” Raijin states. He wakes Ling takes a shaky breath as her eyes stay on the man before moving to Raijin.

“Y-you heard me?”

“I did and I came as quick as I could.” Raijin responds to her question. “Now I know you just went through something traumatic but can you tell me if you sustained any injuries?”

“U-uh just some scrapes and cuts.”

Pulling down his mask to let her see his smile as he chuckles. “There is no need for that, Raijin is fine. Now I do have medical supplies with me if you would give me permission to treat them or we can call an ambulance if that is more comfortable for you.”

“I think I’ll wait for the ambulance, Raijin.”

“Right do you have your cell phone nearby? Go to the street and call the police and ask for an ambulance, I'll move this guy so the police can have him.”

“R-right” Ling says as she goes over to where the rapist threw her purse. Dialing emergency service as she makes her way to the street. Raijin pulls up the guy's pants and throws him over his shoulder carrying him out to the street. Finding a nearby sign he wraps more tape around him to make sure if he does wake up he isn’t going anywhere. He makes his way to a bench where Ling is sitting.

“Did you contact the police?” Raijin asks

“They are on their way here now.”

“Would you like me to stay with you until they arrive?”

“Would you?” she asks in a small voice.

Giving her his best smile he replies “Of course.” sitting down on the bench it groans under his weight as Ling lets out a quick giggle.

“What were you doing out this late anyway? Tomorrow is a school day. That is if you don’t mind me asking.”

Looking to the ground she takes a deep breath before answering. “I had an argument with my parents. Shouting and yells happened and I stormed out to get away from them. Before I knew it, I was in a shady part of town and before I could call a taxi, that guy” She gestures to her would-be rapist “attacked me and then you showed up.”

Gathering the information Raijin asks another question. “What was the fight about?”

Pondering whether to have this conversation with a total stranger she relents and goes on. “I told them what my aspirations are, and that I wouldn't follow the path that they laid out for me. My mom really didn’t take it well. Dad looked conflicted but before he could say anything mom went on a tear and started a shouting match with me.”

“What did you want to do that upset your parents?”

She looks around on the ground for a little before taking a breath “I-im a lesbian.”

“That’s not really an uncommon thing.”

“No it isn’t, but due to the nature of my partners’ quirk, my parents are very against our partnership.”

“What’s your partner's quirk?”

“Succubus.” she states

A train of thoughts suddenly hits Raijin. “So they think your partner's quirk is causing a superficial love towards your partner?”

“Yes! I’ve told them that’s not how her quirk works and they just won’t listen to me.”

Taking a moment Raijin chooses his next words carefully. He’s in a delicate situation, he could easily help her as he could send her down the wrong path. Looking inside of himself he finds words of advice from another time. “Ling just talk to them. I mean really talk to them, with your partner. Let her explain her quirk and show them how deep your connection goes. Be sure and keep in mind how they see it.” Taking a breath he continues. “You’re their daughter, they’ve been on your side since before you were even born. I’m sure if it really came down to it, they would sacrifice themselves for you. As they see it currently, they see it as their daughter potentially being used. They just don’t want to see their daughter get hurt.”

Raijin looks over to Ling as she thinks about what he says as he starts to overthink it himself. `Oh god, what have I done! I’ve never been in a stable relationship in my life and I'm giving this girl advice on it she hates it I know she is!’ Before he can continue to internally panic, Ling speaks up.

“What if..what if they don’t accept it even after we explain it to them?” she asks him almost desperately.

“This isn’t going to what you want to hear, but you won’t know until it happens. I know that isn’t very assuring but it’s the truth. You’ll worry yourself to death thinking of what can be. All you have to do is take a leap of faith.”

A calm silence takes over after Raijin's speech. Both of them sitting on the bench as they listen to the distant rolling thunder. It seems to be calming her from her situation. What seems to be only a few minutes the police cruiser and ambulance sirens are in earshot. Raijin offers her a farewell as he preps to leap off into the night but is caught in a hug.

“Thank you, so much” Ling says between tears.

Raijin reciprocates the hug. “There’s no need to thank me, but do remember one thing.” She looks up into his multicolored eyes as he continues. “Remember to always keep smiling.” He says to her before leaping off and onto a nearby roof.

He watches as shes tended to and as her attacker is taken into custody and her statement is recorded. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop as he follows the cruiser she's in as she's brought to what is her home. Watching through her living room window he sees Ling get wrapped in an emotional hug with her parents as another figure appears from another room. By the looks of her horns, wings, and a tail this must be her partner. He watches as Ling wraps her partner in an embrace. As they separate, they hold hands and sit at the dining room table starting to talk. After a few minutes, everyone seems to start smiling and crying.

‘It went well it seems’ Raijin thinks. He’s about to leave as Ling seemingly makes eye-contact with him and gives him a brilliant smile. The sky rumbles in approval as the vigilante retires for the night with an equally brilliant smile of his own.


Midoriya is adjusting his tie as he heads for the teacher's office, but before he even makes it into the office he hears some rather loud ranting. ‘Mic maybe?’ he mumbles ‘No, the voice is too deep. Vlad King?’ He remembers that Vlad King was the hero on sight for the drug bust last night as he reaches the door. Taking a breath and making himself look indifferent he twists the handle and enters the room. He is immediately met with Vlad’s loud shouting as he makes his way to his desk.

“I swear if I have to clean up another one of Raijin's messes I'm going to lose it!” Vlad King practically yells.

“It couldn’t have been that bad, Vlad.” Present Mic says.

“They were literally covered in mud and most of them literally pissed themselves!” Vlad exclaims.

This catches the rest of the offices’ attention. Most are staring at him slack-jawed. The more exuberant teachers (mainly Mic and Midnight) are struggling to hold in their laughter. It’s Cementoss that breaks the near-silence.

“How exactly did they lose control of their bodily functions?” he asks with partial awe.

Vlad takes a deep breath before explaining. “One of the criminals had an emitter quirk that shot out a torrent of mud. Somehow Raijin got him to spray a majority of the other criminals and used his electricity to shock them into unconsciousness. The thing is he must have not adjusted his output well and ended up shocking a little more out of them.” He drops into his chair at his desk as Present Mic, Midnight, Thirteen, and even Ectoplasm start laughing in various degrees. Snipe, Aizawa, Cementoss, and Powerloader are in degrees of annoyance in Erasers' case to wide-eyed interest in Cementoss’s case.

“I can see why you may have developed a ‘dislike’ of Raijin.” Snipe adds in.

“Dislike? DISLIKE?! Dislike is putting it lightly! The day he’s finally caught I spend that entire day in the bar celebrating.”

“That seems excessive, Kan.” Thirteen quietly adds

“Yeah, at least we don’t ever have to actually deal with Raijin. You only have to clean up after him. I’ve stopped counting how many times I've had to fight and clean up after Kitsune.” Midnight sighs out. “She leaves a hell of a mess and usually fights whoever comes to try and apprehend her. For her own enjoyment, I’ll add! Raijin, however, keeps things tidy for the most part and is long gone after his exploits.”

“The fact remains that both of them are vigilantes and both are acting against the law” Ectoplasm states.

“Raijin and Kitsune take both respect and authority away from heroes and the law. The public sees these two and assumes that anyone with a decent quirk and can fight can get dressed up and go out to do vigilante justice. When all they are actually doing is sending themselves to an early grave.” Vlad adds.

“But you can’t count out any of the deeds they have done, more so with Raijin. From all of the public testimonies of his exploits, he could rival Endeavor as the No. 1 hero.” Snipe adds.

“Aizawa you dealt with Crawler and Pop-Step before they were licensed, what are your thoughts on Kitsune and Raijin?” Mic suddenly asks.

Midoriya and the rest of the teachers look to the wall behind Aizawa's desk at the yellow sleeping bag all zipped up. Watching as the zipper descends to show his face. He looks around and catches everyone's eye. Sighing he sits up and starts to shed his shell and rise to a standing position. Rolling up his sleeping bag he heads over to the coffee machine before he starts.

“Well for starters they dealt with small scale things, robberies, thugs, and drug deals. Occasionally getting themselves into the deeper portion of the criminal underworld. Whereas Raijin and Kitsune often deal with the smaller incidents as wells as large scale events.” He starts as he carefully pours himself a cup. Picking up he takes a swig, humming in response before taking a seat next to his husband. Before he can add Cementoss chimes in.

“That’s true, remember when he created a small tornado to evacuate a collapsing skyscraper.”

“Or the time he defeated a giant rampaging robot and used its body to help stabilize a bridge on the brink of collapse as well.” Thirteen adds.

“Those are good examples, but even last night after his drug bust he saved a teenager from being sexually assaulted.” Aizawa adds. Offering his cup to Mic for a drink he declines but steals a kiss on the cheek. This only brings an obvious lying annoyed facade on Aizawa. “The fact remains Raijin has set himself up much like our previous Symbol of Peace. He has shown time and time again that no matter how big or small the incident, he will respond as much as he can.”

“That detail hasn’t escaped Endeavor though.” Snipe offers.

“No it hasn’t and I suspect that is the reason why he and the Hero Commission have suspended the willing transfers of vigilantes to licensed pros. Crawler and Pop-Step never competed directly with Endeavor, but Raijin has demonstrated time and time again that he has the capabilities and the willingness to assist where-ever he can help and more. Just like All Might.”

“Sounds like your a fan, Sho” Mic says next to him.

“You asked for my opinion, and I gave it. Simple as that.” Aizawa retorts.

Midnight leans over and whispers in Midoriya’s ear and uses a mocking voice “It’s the logical thing to do.” she says as they both start giggling and Aizawa sends them a glare as they start giggling harder.

Vlad huffs and looks to Midoriya. “What about you, Midoriya? You’re the only one here both without a quirk and a Hero license. What is your take on vigilantes?”

The whole room is now locked on him awaiting his answer, but before he can give his opinion the door to the teacher's office is slid open. Spinning his chair around he’s greeting with a small creature resembling a cross between a mouse, a bear, and a dog.

“Principal Nezu, how are you today?” Midoriya asks as the principal crawls up his leg and perches on Midoriya’s shoulder.

“I'm doing well, Midoriya! How are the rest of you doing this fine morning?” Nezu asks the group. He received various replies ranging from ‘great’ to ‘been better’ and left it at that. “Well if that's all I believe everyone should head to your homeroom now. The bell should ring in a few minutes. Midoriya a moment if you would.” Nezu asks. Midoriya sits back down in his chair with Nezu still on his shoulder. “The board and I have decided to add a new teacher, like you, but for the Support and Business course students.”

“Really? Do you have any prospects for the position?” Midoriya asks, curious.

“Yes, in fact, we already have someone lined up for the position.” Midoriya’s eyes widen as the bell for homeroom rings. “Ah I should let you go, we’ll talk later Midoriya.” Nezu says as he climbs off of Midoriya.

Heading to his first class Midoriya is left in thought. ‘A new teacher? Well, that means I won’t be teased as the newest teacher anymore or hopefully the youngest. That would be nice. Would it be too much to ask if they’re able to take the teasing from Nemuri.’

“Not likely.”

Midoriya is startled out of his muttering by Nemuri standing in front of him, hip cocked and a smile on her face.

“I was mumbling again, wasn’t I?” Midoriya says as he covers his face with his hands.

“It seems you still need to work on that habit of yours.” she says as she presses her finger to his chest.

“Y-yeah, I-i guess so.” He manages to stutter out. As Nemuri starts to laugh.

“It’s way too easy to tease you Midoriya!” she laughs out as he makes a face. “They’re a little drowsy in there so if you could liven them up for the rest of us.”

“I’ll do my best.” he says giving a smile.

“You always do, Midoriya.” Nemuri says as she pats his shoulder as she walks off to her first class.

Taking a breath he slides the door open and walks to the desk while greeting his students. “Good morning, Class.”

“Good morning, Midoriya-sensei.” is the monotoned response.

Stopping in his place, he turns around to look at his class. Sweeping across the class he’s met with varying degrees of proto-sleep. Midoriya understands, after all, he’s been in their seats before. Nodding he plugs in his laptop to the projector as some of the class perks up. Bringing up a video he shows it the class. It shows Hawks flying and waving to a few civilians not really paying attention as he slams into a window. He slowly slides off the window and falls to the ground below. Laughter billows out from the students as he shuts his laptop.

“Now let's try that greeting again. Good morning, Class.” he says.

“Good morning, Midoriya-sensei!” they respond with excitement.

“That’s more like it! Now let's get started on Advanced Quirk Development.”


Finishing his lecture brings out a stack of papers from his backpack. Gesturing for the Class representative to come up and pass out those papers he begins to explain.

“Alright, three years ago I gave all of you an assignment. One of your Principal’s favorite moral dilemmas.” As he talks he sees the mammalian principal sneaking his way into the back of the room with a tablet in his hand. He takes a seat to listen in on the end of the lecture. “The Trolley problem: through the lens of quirks. In my hand, I have your past answers. What I want you to work on over the weekend in the same question, but I want you to take your past three years of learning, internships, and personal beliefs and apply them to this problem. Once you turn them in I will give them back out to you alongside your first answers to look at how much you’ve changed.”

The students all start murmuring to each other but before it can get rowdy, Midoriya grabs their attention again. “Think of this as one last look at yourself before you’re official pro heroes. You may or may not have something to strive towards.” Glancing at the clock, he decides to end class and exits the room with Nezu in tow.

“I do so love that problem, I feel as if I could discuss that topic for hours.” Nezu says as he climbs up Midoriya once again.

“We have talked about for hours, multiple times if I'm not mistaken, Sir.”

“Indeed we have! Each time has yielded different results if I remember correctly.” Nezu chuckles on Midoriya’s shoulder. “ I hope to have that very same conversation with your new teaching partner once they arrive here the coming school year.”

“Starting that early? They must be ready and willing to work here.”

“Of course she is. She reminds me much of you in that regard.”

“Really? I suppose it’s not impossible... Wait. She?” Midorya asks.

“Yes, Midoriya. She.” Nezu confirms as he hands him a tablet he’s been holding.

Midoriya looks at the file on screen as he locks on the newest addition to U.A. faculty. His eyes widen at recognition of who his new teaching partner is. Who he will spend nights coordinating projects and paper grading will be. Actually, it’s a relief as his eyes light up in excitement.


Chapter Text

Finishing his duties, Midoriya leaves U.A. in a dead sprint back to his apartment. Running past the front of the cafe ignoring the strange looks from inside he unlocks his door and jumps the entirety of the stairs. Throwing his bag onto the couch he runs to unlock his office and flipping open his laptop he calls his best friend. He knows she’s probably working on something still but she usually keeps her laptop close. It rings for what he thinks is an eternity until he hears the accept chime.

“Izuku, how are...” she begins, until.

“MEL! When were you going to tell me that you were going to be teaching at UA?! I mean how did you even hear about it? How did you convince the Board to allow you to leave I-Island? Are they going to let you take your unfinished projects with you to complete here? Or do you have to complete them before coming over?”


“When will you actually arrive in Japan? Nezu said you would be starting next school year, but you’ll need to look for a place to live beforehand.”


“Then we need to get acclimated to the area and train schedules. They’re very different compared to I-Island’s public transportation. Then there is..”



“You were mumbling again.” Melissa says kindly.

“S-sorry, I’m just really excited…” Midoriya says embarrassed, quickly becoming red-faced.

“I figured as much.” she takes a deep breath “To answer ALL of your questions, Nezu contacted me a few months ago stating that he was in the process of creating a position similar to yours but for support and business courses. Since we were both top of our respective classes at the Academy I was his first call. Once we discussed all the details that prevented me to leave the Island he began to talk to the Board and Dad at the Academy for my transfer to UA.”

Watching her answer all of the questions he takes in her appearance. She hasn’t changed all that much since their time at I-Island. If anything she’s grown even more beautiful since he left. Even wearing her grease-stained blue jumpsuit, oil across her face, and sweat dripping off of her brow she was as close to an actual angel as Midoriya could imagine. He shakes his head as he feels his face heating up.

“Izuku, are you okay? Your cheeks are getting red.” Melissa asks. Concern starting to appear across her face.

“Yeah, yeah I'm fine I just had an embarrassing memory pop up on me.” Midoriya quickly replies.

“Ah, gotcha.” She giggles at him. “Anyway, we came up with a resolution. If I complete all of the projects that I have a hand in before winter ends, I’ll be able to leave the Island to start at UA the following spring.” Melissa states.

“Oh, so how many projects are you apart of?” Midoriya asks her.


“A-and, how many d-do you have left?”

Looking at her wrist to wear a watch sits “Well as of 5 minutes ago, zero.” She says with a growing smile.

“That’s great Mel! You’ve always been so dedicated to your projects, and with how quickly you completed these I can’t wait to see what that dedication will do for the Support and Business courses at UA!” Midoriya exclaims.

“Thank you, Izuku. That’s very kind of you to say. I can't wait either, I just hope I can’t live up to the image that you have of me.” Melissa says

“You always have, Mel.” Midoriya says with a blinding smile. For a moment Midoriya can see Melissa start to blush but she quickly turns away and drinks some water before turning back to him.

“That just leaves me to sort out the logistics of moving. Finding an apartment, shipping my effects, furniture..”

“You are obviously moving in with me.”

“Are you sure, Izuku?”

“Melissa, I have waited for years for the day where we could actually live together in the same apartment. We would just need to get you a few pieces of furniture and whatever you would want to bring from the island. The apartment is only a short walk away from UA’s campus anyway too.”

“I don’t know, Izuku,” Melissa says tapping her chin and looking like she’s in thought “It’s enticing but I’ not convinced.”

Midoriya smirks knowing he has an ace up his sleeve “My apartment is above a coffee shop.” he says casually.

“If you would send me your address, I can start sending my equipment and affects.” Melissa quickly says.

“When do you think you’ll move in?”

“I still will need to complete an exit debriefing beforehand, but in the meantime, I’ll start packing my stuff. I would think sometime in early Autumn. Thank you for this, Midoriya.” Melissa says with the lightest of blushes he can see through the oil stains.

“You don’t have to thank me, Melissa.” Midoriya says while rubbing his neck also sporting a blush.

“Yes I do, and I always will. I’ll talk to you later Izuku. I love you!”

“Bye Mel and I love you too.” Midoriya says as he waves at her before the feed cuts out.

Taking a deep breath he leans back in his chair and looks to his clock. Noting that he should get started on dinner he heads to the kitchen to get started.

Midway through cooking his desired dish his phone dings with a message. Setting his dish down and picking up the phone he sees that its from Mrs. Serizawa

‘Moth Mom’
Are you okay, Midoriya? You were running very quickly and you usually drop in and say hi.

Yeah sorry about that, I got word that my partner is going to be teaching with me and I may have been a tad over excited.

On another note would it be alright if they could move in with me?

‘Moth Mom’
Of course Midoriya, we don’t mind. Especially if they’re as nice as you.

She is much more kind than I am!

‘Moth Mom’
But I expect to meet her! I need to know what a young Midoriya was like! The stories she could tell!”

Uh... Ihavetoeatdinnergottagobye!

Midoriya places his phone down as Mrs.Serizawa sends a number of laughing emoji to him. That brings a smile to his face. Picking up his meal and flips on the television only to see more of the same. The crime rate is rising steadily despite the number of licensed heroes around. ‘The quantity of heroes have been rising but the quality stagnated since Endeavors rise to No. 1.’ Midoriya mumbles to himself as he takes another bite. Watching various reports he decides to stay low for the night. Taking his dish to the sink he washes it and the pan he used and puts them away. Heading into his room he lays on his bed as he thinks back to when he first met Melissa.


It was early March as Midoriya was walking with his mother to the airport gate. He had been accepted into I-island Academy only a few months prior. One of the top support schools in the world where dozens of world-renowned scientists and engineers graduated from and lived. Midoriya’s mother was ecstatic when they got the news. Midoriya however, honored that he was accepted into the academy, reminded him that he gave up on his dream. All he ever wanted to do was be like All Might, but it seems that life itself was against him. That some quirkless kid could never be a hero, no matter what action he took, projects he worked on, or hobbies he had. So he applied somewhere that he could put his vast quirk based knowledge to at least some use, and the Academy gladly accepted him.

“Izuku, honey are you okay?” his mom asked. Looking to her he could see the growing unease in her eyes. It had only been them since his dad left, leaving only a monthly amount of funds in his place.

“Y-yeah mom, I’m fine.” Putting on a fake smile, he hoped she would buy it. After years of being bullied and outright shunned, Inko knew better.

“Izuku I know that this isn’t what you wanted. What you really wanted, but this is a great opportunity for you! You can put all of your knowledge to great use, and still be around heroes!” she tried to comfort him, but it only seemed to increase his sadness.

“I know Mom, it-it just hurts.” He gazed over to the windows to see that clouds started to form. Funny the weather woman didn’t say rain was on the forecast today.

“You should board before the weather grounds you. Text me when you land please?”

“Of course, Mom.”

“I love you, Izuku” she whispers as she hugs him. Eyes starting to fill with tears.

“I love you too, Mom.” he replies as he reciprocates the hug. Separating Inko looks at her boy, eyes that used to be filled with hope and awe, now are slowly dimming. And nothing she seem to do can stop that dimming. She hopes so hard that I-Island can fix that. Fix the mistake that she and so many others made. Dissuading someone that just wanted to help.

She waves as he makes his way through that gate, and watches his plane takes off into the sky. Inko dabs a few more tears away from her eyes as she starts her walk out of the airport. Deciding to pick up some ice cream on the way home, because tonight all she is going to do is cry.


After a long seven-hour flight, Izuku arrives at the I-island airport. Sending a quick text to his mother saying that he landing safely he proceeds on. Navigating the corridors to baggage claim he finds his duffle and starts walking towards the exit as he comes down an escalator he spots a girl that couldn’t be much older than himself. Long, flowing blonde hair frames beautiful aqua eyes behind a thin pair of glasses. Wearing a pink waistcoat over a white shirt with a plaid bow. Grey capri pants and brown boots adorn her legs with socks that match her bow.

However the thing that catches his eye is the sign in her hands. At her stomach is a sign that reads not only in English but Japanese is ‘Izuku Midoriya’ with the correct kanji for his name. Granted it technically wasn’t the correct order, but it was the effort someone actually put into it for him.

Her eyes scan along the escalator and as they land on Midoriya she brightens up. Likely she was given a description of him. Green hair and plain looking doesn’t really get mistaken even in this day and age. Quickly looking down to his feet so he avert her gaze he gets off the escalator and cautiously makes his way to her. Raising his head back up he sees that she is making her way to him as well. Rolling up the sign she comes up to him and asks him a question.

“You wouldn’t happen to be Izuku Midoriya, would you?” she asks calmly with a smile.

Midoriya slowly manages to make eye contact with her. She’s eagerly waiting for his response. He takes a steadying breath and answers her. “Y-yes, I’m M-midoriya.” he replies bowing immediately afterwards. He can hear her giggle as he does so. Rising back up he looks at her shoulders shaking as a hand covers her mouth.

“Sorry, sorry but you don’t have to bow Izuku. We can just shake hands instead, I’m Melissa.” she says as she extends her hand for a shake.

Suffice to say Midoriya is stunned, but he takes her hand and realizes she has a very, very firm grip. As they finish their greetings he finally realizes something. “Izuku?!”

Melissa’s eyebrow raises up until she realizes her mistake. “Sorry! Forgive me I forgot that it is customary for the Japanese to use their last name. I can use Midoriya if it makes you feel more comfortable.” she offers.

“If you don’t mind. For now at least.” Midoriya says with a slight grin. She smiles back and nods her head.

“Sounds good! Anyway, I'm here to get you situated to the Island and the Academy. If you have any questions or concerns just ask! Follow me and I’ll take you to your dorm facility. We should get going though, it seems like it’s going to rain.” Melissa says as she looks outside before continuing. “It’s strange, it was clear as could be this morning. Oh well, c’mon Midoriya!”

Midoriya follows her out of the airport and into a tram that takes them around the island. He asks her question upon question and she answers them as enthusiastically as he asks them, never getting tired or agitated at him. ‘Different’ he thinks, only a handful of people would allow him to ask so many before telling him to stop. She doesn’t stop there too. Sometimes she’ll add in another piece of uncommon knowledge or even a personal experience related to the question. For a brief moment Midoriya feels like accepting this scholarship wasn’t a bad thing after all, but it was only for a moment.

The duo get off the tram at the Academy’s stop, Melissa finds a hover cart for Midoriya to move his bags around. ‘I really need to do physical training.’ He mutters hopefully quiet enough so that Melissa can’t hear but the way she looks at him at that moment says otherwise. The distant sound of thunder shakes them out of their thoughts.

“Looks like the storm is closing in, let’s get you to your dorm room and settled in. Afterwards I’ll treat you to dinner.” Melissa says suddenly.

“O-okay then.” Midoriya replies.

They enter the building and go to the automated reception desk. They create Midoriya’s badge for the dorm and academy buildings. Afterwards they take the elevator to Midoriya’s floor, which happens to be on the 7th and top floor. Melissa hands Midoriya his badge to scan at the door lock. Opening the door he walks into his new home. Inside is spacious, about the size of his living room back home and with more windows. Windows that give an incredible view of the vast ocean and I-Island itself. If it wasn’t darks skies and rough waters out. The dorm has a half bath, a kitchenette, closet, desk and bed. Midoriya grabs his duffle bag off of the hovercart and sets it on his bed and his backpack at his desk. He looks to Melissa as she starts to speak.

“Remember to keep that key card with you at all times. You do not want to lose it, trust me.” Midoriya nods repeatedly as she continues. “I’ll give you about an hour and a half to unpack and I will be back to pick you up for dinner, sound good?” she asks with a smile.

Midoriya tries to smile back, but it fails him as he answers her. “O-okay, Melissa. See you in a hour-and-a half.” he says with a twinge of sadness. Melissa stops for a moment to look at him with concern before slowly closing the door and leaving him alone. Collapsing on his bed next to his duffle bag he closes his eyes and tries to rest, but no matter what he can’t seem to get Melissa out of his head. The way she brightened up and smiled at him coming down the stairs. The enthusiasm at which she answered his questions about the island, and sharing personal memories that were so important to her so willingly to him. The way her golden hair flowed like a waterfall of liquid gold, and eyes as blue as the Pacific itself. She was beyond anything Midoriya had seen in Japan.

He could actually feel the heat coming from his blushing. Rubbing his cheeks he takes a deep breath to steady himself. ‘You just got here and you have a crush on someone you barely know.’ he thinks. Taking another breath he gets up from the bed and unzips his duffle bag. Hangers, clothes, towels, and bed sheets are inside. As he starts to hang up his clothes he finds the boxes he mailed in with more of his stuff is inside the closet. Setting that box on his desk he finds his dishware, utensils, and other miscellaneous items. Finally he opens his backpack and the first thing he grabs is his Silver Age All Might action figure. He grasps its arm and wiggles it, looking at its smiling face. Reminding him of his once longtime dream. He sets the figure down and drops his head. Rain starts to beat against the window as he sighs in defeat. No-one ever believed some quirkless nobody could be a hero. No heroes, not his ‘friends’, and not even his mother. Taking a look at his clock he sees about a little over an hour has passed since Melissa left, so he decides he should take a shower and get cleaned up.


Hearing a knock on his door he goes and opens it to find Melissa. Except she isn’t wearing what she had on before, instead she’s wearing a striped two piece romper. With a white base and pale pink stripes running vertically around the outfit. Her hair is fixed like it was when they met but has a wavy look to it. She also must be wearing contacts because she’s not wearing her glasses. Overall Midoriya is rendered speechless and must have a funny face because Melissa giggles at him.

“Is it a bit much?” she asks him with a smile as she twirls around. He can see that she’s also wearing heeled sandals as well. “I’m usually more of a fan of dresses and skirts but I seen this and wanted to give a try.

Midoriya kindly snaps his jaw shut and swallows, despite his mouth being dry now. “Y-you look i-incredible, Melissa.” If it’s even possible her smile lights up even brighter.

“Thank you!” she responds with that same smile. Now however his own outfit is in question. He looks down at himself. His navy polo and khaki shorts aren’t so bad, but his boots are severely out of place. Bright red stands out in about every outfit and his anxiousness starts to question himself. He must have been muttering because Melissa chimes in.

“I think you look very nice as well. Especially your boots. Catches the eye.” She winks at him. He blushes and smiles down at his boots. “Are you ready?” she asks and he nods in confirmation. “Do you have your card?” he holds it up to her. “Then let's go! I have a place in mind I think you’ll really like.” The rain hasn’t died down but that isn’t stopping Melissa. Midoriya wishes he could be like her.

The place Melissa had in mind was actually a 1950’s esque burger joint. As they ate Melissa talked about what classes are like what the teachers expect out of the students. What her own experience was like. Once she mentioned her dad, David Shield, Midoriya was bursting at the seams with questions but held his tongue. He didn’t really want to bombard her with more questions than necessary. She seems to actually like him and he doesn’t ruin his chance at a new friend.

As they continue eating Midoriya notices Melissa looking at him with an unrecognizable expression. Then she asks what Midoriya thinks are targeted questions. Ranging from his friends from school and early years to his parents and family. He gives hollow answers that seems to satisfy her, but he knows that from the short time he’s known her she is incredibly smart. Before he can’t try and offer to pay his half of the meal she takes the check and pays for the full thing. As they leave she tell Midoriya that she wants to take him somewhere special. Holding the umbrella above them Melissa guides him down alleys and streets until they’re next to the artificial coast of the island. After a few more minutes of walking they arrive at a small section of beach. There is a bench with a roof overlooking the ocean which instead of calm blue waters are rough and grey matching the sky. Melissa sits down on one side of the bench and pats the seat next to her for him to join. He does and so they sit watching the rain pour and the ocean crash into the island. After a few more minutes Melissa speaks up.

“You’re not happy, are you?” she asks still looking out into the distance. “Since the moment you landed at the airport you’ve tried to hide your sadness behind hollow smiles. You would ask me so many questions so I wouldn’t be able to ask you any in return.” she continues. “When we were having dinner I asked you about your friends and family. But you never went any deeper in describing any memories with them. You were even hesitant to talk about your mother.” turning to him as she finishes her sentence. “So please will you be honest with me? What’s wrong, Izuku?”

He looks at her with teary eyes. Emerald meets Aqua, he takes a shaky breath and begins. Begins with his dream of wanting to help people, like his idol, and the day it cracked when he was declared quirkless. After that no one wanted to associate themselves with someone quirkless. Even his mother didn’t believe in his dream. After years of ridicule, doubt, and ‘give it up’ from everyone he met, his will finally broke and he gave up. He applied to I-island to try and get away from it all, and maybe make a difference with his knowledgeability on quirks.

“All I ever wanted was to help people..” Midoriya says.

“Because no one ever helped you.” Melissa finished with tears in her eyes and hands over her mouth. She lunges to him and wraps him up in a tight hug, as he starts to cry. Thunder starts shaking the sky above them, but it doesn’t deter them from the embrace. After a few more minutes of the hug they seperate. Both with red eyes look at each other.

“You know Midoriya, I’m quirkless too. Melissa says. Midoriya’s head lifts up to look at Melissa with an astonished look. “It’s not as rare of a thing like in Japan but it’s still uncommon. But I had someone tell me that it doesn’t take superpowers to be a hero and I’d like to help you find that thing that can make you someone’s hero too. If you’d like…”

Midoriya tears up again as he rushes Melissa for a hug. “I’d like that.” he says barely above a whisper. They separate once again this time with Midoriya sporting a smile, a real smile.

“Oh look! The storm is breaking up!” Melissa states looking out over the ocean. As Midoriya turns he see that the storm is breaking up to show a stunning sunset over the ocean. A million drops of sunlight reflecting off of the now calming ocean. Turning to Melissa he gives her a smile as big as the one she gave him at the dorm.

“Thank you.”


Opening his eyes Midoriya realizes that his still in his living room with the television still on. He must have fallen asleep. Grabbing his phone he checks the time.

“1:48 in the morning, and I feel amazing.” he says to himself getting up off of the couch he turns the television off and heading to his office to put on his suit. “It’s a good night for a patrol.” he says suiting up. Getting onto the roof, he takes a deep breath and leaps into the clouds above feeling as great as he did that day with Melissa.


Landing in what he thinks is Miyagi prefecture he heads towards the banking districts when he sense’s a familiar presence behind him.

“Mmm, now there is something I’ve missed. Young, strapping vigilantes standing on rooftops wearing form fitting suits.” the voice says. Raijin turns around and sees a feminine figure wearing all black except for the white kitsune mask with purple highlights and a black mouth border.

“You were only gone two weeks, Kitsune.” Raijin states.

“Two weeks away from you, my hero.” she says as she mock faints in front of Raijin knowing that he’ll catch her.

“I see that you haven’t lost your flair for dramatics in those two weeks.”

“Would you like me if I wasn’t like this?” she asks as she feels his biceps.

“I’d argue yes I would.” Raijin retorts as he sets her down on her feet. He doesn’t need to see her face to see her pout.

“You’re no fun.”

“Would you like me if I wasn’t like this?” he asks he back.

She waits for a moment then states “NOPE!” with a burst of enthusiasm.

He rolls his head as she giggles away. “So what did you find out on your trip?”

“That someone here has been ordering enough supplies and ingredients to supply Japan with enough Trigger to decimate a dozen prefectures.”

“Now that you mention it a while back I apprehended a drug trafficking group that was supplying Trigger to someone. I wasn’t able to get who they were moving it for or to whom it was going to.”

“That complicates things.”

“When has it ever been easy?”

“Fair point. By the way, what are you doing out so early anyway? You have to teach tomorrow don’t you?”

“I fell asleep after dinner and woke up about an hour ago.”

“Yeah, but you’re standing taller and I can feel the smile you have underneath the mask. It must have been a good dream, was it about me?” she says stroking his chest purring the last of the sentence out.

Putting her arm down to her side Raijin lifts up Kitsune and sets her an arms length away. Crossing her arms she quickly whips around to put her back to him as she ‘pouts’.

“It was an old memory and even better news.” he says as his smile widen beneath his mask. Glancing down to the street he sees a group of thugs picking the lock to a bank. He summons the skies to form a building storm. Turning to Kitsune, who is still ‘pouting’, he extends his arm to her as she looks at his outstretched hand. “But that is beside the point. So my dear Kitsune, may have this dance?” as he finishes the question offering a hand as a roll of distant thunder spreads across the sky.

Kitsune looks over the ledge to look at the gang entering the bank. Taking Raijins hand she pulls him close and into a dancing stance as she speaks “I thought you would never ask,” Signalling Raijin to tip them over the roof and descends to the street below. Thunder roaring in the sky.


The altercation couldn’t have lasted more than five minutes before Raijin and Kitsune had all of the perpetrators tied up and bound for the police. Both of them leaping back up to the roof where they were watching the police take the gang into custody in silence.

“I’ll see what I can come up with on the Trigger leads.” Kitsune finally says

“And I will see if I can come up with anything on all of these recent disappearances. There has to be a common thread around them. I'm just not sure what it could be.” Raijin adds on.

“Do you think there could be a connection between the disappearance and the Trigger influx?”

“I doubt it, but I won’t rule it out.” Getting up from where he was sitting he spins getting his bearings to Mustafu. “Need a lift?” he asks Kitsune.

“Thank you for the offer, but I’ll be fine. See you around, Raijin.” she says as she bounds across rooftops.

“Bye, Kitsune.” he says to her rapidly disappearing back. He looks into the distance to see in his mind a smiling blonde face and Aqua blue eyes. “I can’t wait to see you, Mel.”

Chapter Text

Over the following weeks, Melissa finalized her withdrawal from I-Island. While also sending Izuku her personal belongings to him to put in her new room. He also received deliveries of new furniture at the apartment for her clothes. Izuku takes the liberty to set up the furniture for her but leaves her personal effects for her to organize. He also receives a specialized 3-D printer from her with a note stating ‘For personal projects’. Shrugging he carries the machine up the stairs and into the office leaving once again the set up for Melissa. Especially considering the machine probably costs a small fortune. After another week or so he receives a call from Melissa saying that she’ll be flying out that weekend to move in. Izuku practically vibrates with excitement as he says to her that he’ll come to get her from the airport.

Which is where he finds himself in the early afternoon at Narita International Airport. He waits patiently outside of the baggage claim for Melissa to arrive. As a wave of people come down the stairs and escalators he looks at all of the visible quirk mutations and speculates their ability. But his hobby is quickly drowned out as his mind wanders back to Melissa. He knows what she looks like thanks to their frequent video calls. But a chill rolls up his spine when he thinks of seeing her in person. ‘What was that about?’ he asks himself. Melissa is his best friend and has been since their high school days. The two started dating the year before Iuku left for Japan. They know everything about each other. She was the first person he told about One for All too. Of course, he knows she’s beautiful and with intelligence to match if not go beyond. She’s unbelievably kind to everyone, and she has such grace with everything she does. Izuku is truly lucky to have Melissa as his partner in this day. Because no matter what, she has always been his...

“IZUKU!” a voice yells through the building.

He looks up to where the voice came from. He can feel the smile form as he makes eye contact. She’s wearing black sweatpants and a grey hoodie. With canvas sneakers that match her hoodie. Her golden blonde hair is done in a messy bun on the top of her head and her aqua blue eyes are framed with her glasses. Overall, he was right, she has only become more beautiful since the last time he saw her.

She practically runs down the escalator, drops her duffle bag and backpack before taking a running leap into him. An old greeting for her uncle now reforged for him. He only hopes he is doing this justice too. But that isn't important. What is important is that he picks her up as high as he can and spins her around. The sound of her laughter practically melts any annoyance away from the people she trampled on her way down to meet him. Finally the kiss, long and slow. Stretching out the moment as long as they possibly can.

After they can feel the crowd staring at them they separate and he slowly puts Melissa down and goes to get her luggage for her. She tries to get at least a bag from him to no avail. She huffs at him before they both laugh.

“It’s so good to see you Izuku! It’s been far too long since we kissed.” she says laughing

“It really has, but we both know that the island is pretty against its staff leaving too” Izuku adds.

“Well, you’re not wrong.” Melissa tacks on.

Walking to the train station they engage in small talk. Mainly about projects that Melissa was working on that she can talk about and funny occurrences that Izuku had seen.

‘This is nice’ Izuku thinks as he watches Melissa explain with grand hand gestures about a colleague's project that happened to have a bit of a malfunction that ended covering the entire lab in pink fire retardant.

All too quickly the train arrives at their stop in Musatafu. Getting off the train and once again preventing Melissa from carrying her luggage he shows her the parts of town that the pass to get to the apartment. From shops that specialize in teas to a hero merchandise store that Izuku has to defend himself and assure Melissa that he doesn’t spend that much money at.

Finally, they come to a small two-story brick building with large windows on the bottom floor with a large sign that reads ‘Kaiju Koffee’ above the doors. This is also where two people are locking those very doors.

One of which resembles the hero Godzillo, Melissa notes, with large dorsal plates rising out of their back and a large tail swishing lazily about. The other has two large feathered antennae atop their head and beautiful blonde hair that seemingly reflects light like a prism. They’re wearing a long robe that resembles moth wings. The sound of their approach has her antennae twitching to send her to look at the duo approaching. Which is how Melissa sees that her eyes are a sky blue but are much like an insect. She quickly turns around and tugs the other person which causes them to turn and look. Melissa notes that his eyes are interesting too. Their pupils are a crimson red and the surrounding sclera is a dull yellow. The moth-like person is tugging on the Godzillo look-alike arm in excitement. Before Melissa can ask about them, the moth quirk user yells out to them.

“Midoriya!” she yells

Izuku adjusts her backpack and waves back saying “Mrs. Serizawa, closing up shop?”

“Yes, but this now takes precedence! Is this your girlfriend?! Goji come here!” Mrs. Serizawa says excitedly to ‘Goji’.

The man strides towards them and Melissa can see that scales cover the sides of his face and his neck going down his shirt. Also that whenever he exhales a puff of blue smoke comes out as well.

“Mm” he rumbles out. Melissa can literally feel her insides vibrate with the sound.

“Yes she is, Melissa this is Mr. and Mrs. Serizawa, my - our landlords. Serizawa's’ this is Melissa.” Izuku gestures to her.

Mrs. Serizawa calmly floats around them taking in Melissa’s appearance and Mr. Serizawa watches as if this is a normal occurrence.

“Oh Midoriya, she is even more beautiful than you described her to be!” she says.

Melissa can feel a blush form on her cheeks as Midoriya sputters to make some sort of defense. Mr. Serizawa has a slight grin as he puts a hand on his wife.

“We have to go Miwa,” he says with a slight chuckle.

“Oh right! As much as I would love to talk we have to go. Hopefully, Midoriya can get over his flustered state and let us talk more.” she says to Melissa.

Melissa giggle as Izuku tries to hide in his arms as she replies “Yes, I would love that.”

The Serizawa's’ wave and walk down the street with the Mrs. being carried piggyback style on Mr.

“I like them.” Melissa says to Izuku.

“They have to be some of the nicest people I've had the honor of knowing,” Izuku says as he watches them. “Anyway let's get you inside to get settled.”

They walk around the side of the building down an alley till they come to a door. Izuku takes out a key ring and selects a key with a dinosaur on it and unlocks the door. Walking in is a small area where shoes are lined up and slippers are. Taking off her shoes and placing the slippers she follows Izuku up the stairs where she sees a living room, dining room, and kitchen hybrid. The kitchen has a breakfast bar and the living room stretches past that, where a couch in front of the railing for the stairs and a chair in front of two windows finishing off with a coffee table in the center and a tv on the wall in front of the couch.

“C'mon I’ll show you our room and you can get settled in while I make dinner.” Izuku says to her. She nods and follows him down the hall to the first door on the left. He opens it up and she sees all of the furniture she ordered assemble and set in good spots.

“I took the liberty of setting up your furniture but I didn’t put away your clothes and effects. Oh, your printer is in the office across the hall.” Setting down her bags on the bed he goes to the door and turns to her.

“Take your time and let me know if you need anything, I’ll get dinner started for us.” he says with a smile.

“Thank you, Izuku” Melissa says returning the smile.

His smile grows and he walks out of the room. She takes a moment to take a breath before getting started unpacking. First, she starts with her clothes. She sorts out her underwear and socks in one drawer. Workout clothing in the second. Shorts follow in the third drawer and pajamas in the next. Finally, she unloads her greased stained clothing in the last drawer. On top, she sets her mother's jewelry box on top of the dresser. Her make-up bag follows suit. Toiletries she sets on the bed and takes out her dress clothes and hangs them up in the second closet of the bedroom. Cutting open a box she retrieves her photos. Two albums one of year childhood years, the other of years at the Academy. She sets them under her nightstand, and goes back to pick two framed one up she examines them for any damages. The first photo is of her and her father. She is in her graduation cap and gown and him in his usual attire. The other is of her and Izuku, the day he asked her out. He was so nervous she was afraid he would pass out, but he stayed strong and made it through. the kiss before this photo was taken made it all the sweeter. Smiling, she places the photos on her nightstand. Melissa then looks over to Izuku's nightstand and sees he has a similar setup, but on one of him and his mother, one of him, All Might, herself, and her dad, and lastly of her and Izuku. Its the day he graduated the Acadamy, full honors and top of his class. She smiles at that memory too.

Once she has everything in the proper area she exits the room and goes back into the kitchen where she finds Izuku wearing an apron stirring a pot. He turns to her and smiles.

“Hey Mel, finish unpacking?” he asks

“Yeah, thanks again for assembling the furniture.”

He waves off her thanks “It’s not a big deal. If you want to grab a seat dinner is almost ready.”

She goes behind the bar and sits down as a plate is placed in front of her. ‘Chicken Alfredo’ she thinks. It smells heavenly and she thinks it’ll taste as good as it looks. Izuku is still on the kitchen side of the bar about to dig in himself.

They sit in silence as they eat. Melissa was wrong as well, the dish is better than it looks, and she unashamedly asks for seconds which Izuku obliges. After inhaling a restaurant-worthy meal she goes and plops down on the couch as Izuku washes the dishes.

“Hey Izuku.”


“How did you meet the Serizawas’ and get this place?” she asks him.

“It’s not really that amazing but it was after my interview for my position at UA. I was stressed beyond belief and I just wanted to clear my head. I happened to stumble upon the shop. I went in to get some tea and I met the Serizawas’. Miwa noticed I was stressed and offered to talk to me about it. I told her that I was just interviewed for a teaching position at UA. It was then that she told me not to worry and that she told him that the world often finds the best people to fill the right position. Not two seconds later I get an email from Nezu saying he would like me to start the next semester.

He takes a breath before starting again. “After a brief celebration, I realized that I needed a place to stay. That’s when Goji suggested the loft above the shop. Miwa was quick to offer it but told me it needed work. I went up and surveyed what needed to be done. I agreed to fix it up and I did. After it finished they also offered to lower the rent price if I would help out when they needed me for occasional chore with the shop. So here we are only a walk away from UA’s campus.”

“Wow” Melissa says dumbfounded at Izuku’s good fortune.

“Yeah.” he says as he walks up to her finished with the dishes.

Getting up she walks up to him and looks him in the eye and says “Well then show me your office.”

He nods and gestures for her to follow him. He leads her down the hallway and goes to the first door on the right. He takes his keyring out and uses a simple black key to unlock the door. He walks in and Melissa follows him in. Walking in she sees her printer in the center of the room yet to be hooked up. A metal wardrobe and hero merchandise (largely of All Might, Melissa sees) adorns the left wall and on the right is a map of Japan taking up the entire wall. There are red circles and black x’s across the map. ‘Magnetic’ she thinks. Behind her printer is a large desk with dual monitors and an impressive CPU to boot.

“Wow Izuku, this is an impressive setup you have here.” she says while she looks at the computer.

“Kinda has to be for what I do.” he responds.

“Wouldn’t have to be if they would let you get licensed.”

“It’s a bit late for that, the current Number One is highly against my efforts.”

“Endeavor is not, and never will be All Might. I wish he would realize that.” Melissa spats out.

“Can anyone really be him though?” Izuku asks looking at the map on the wall.

“You. You can, and you can be more. He entrusted you with the ability to do so.” she says stepping closer to him.

“Having his quirk and having his ideals are two different things,” Izuku answers back

“I'm not talking about One for All or his ideals. I’m talking about you. I’m talking about your ideals that All Might was able to see. The very ideals that led him to believe that you would be a better hero than he himself was. That one day those very ideals, fuelled by not only your strength but the strength of those before you. The ones that believe one day that their hopes, their dreams, their wishes would come true. So yes I do believe that you can be more. More than what you think you are, more than what Endeavor strives to be, and more than All Might wanted to be. Because I know you, and I know that you will stop at nothing until the world can rest well-knowing everything will be okay.” she says pressing against his back as she wraps her arms around him.

She can hear the quiet sobs he tries to hold back and the warm sensation of tears on her arms. He places a hand over hers and mutters a quiet “Thank you.”

He quickly turns around in her arms and reciprocates the hug. ‘It feels nice’ she thinks. Her hands are pressed on his back and she can feel his hard-worked physique through the shirt. He worked so hard to be able to use One for All to the fullest of his abilities. Shaking her head she focuses back to Izu she can see that his eyes are puffy and he has that adorable blush across his cheeks.

Melissa takes in his appearance at the moment. Despite the growing redness on his cheeks, she can still make out all of his freckles especially the ones that make up his diamonds. His unruly mop of green hair is still, well, unruly and could use a new cut. She already has one in mind for him. She knows he isn’t as tall as her Uncle Might was but he is trying his best and what she gauges is at 6’5”. He even feels tall next to her and even she stands at a lofty 5'10’’. His physique speaks for himself, really. He looks like a modern interpretation of the perfect male. Every muscle and group of muscles could be shown and could probably press a small car if his growth rates have steadied out since their Academy days. Overall, he is an absolute catch in her book. She looks up to his eyes and they lean into a deep kiss. Long and full of emotion, neither one wanting to separate. Once they break away Melissa can see that he has a full face blush. ‘Some things never change.’ she thinks

“Izuku, let me see your costume,” she asks suddenly

His eyes go wide and quickly turns away from her as he starts muttering about his design choices.

“Izuku?” she questions.

“In the wardrobe behind you.” A finger points behind her as his back is still to her

She looks at the wardrobe and starts walking to it. Opening it up she finds…


“I know what your thinking Mel, but it’s not that bad.”


“Everyone started calling me Raijin and I thought it fit the motif they set up for me.” he tries to defend himself.

“IZUKU,” Melissa states one more time.

“It was my first time designing my own costume!”

Tossing the costume, no, thing onto her printer. “Obviously I failed in teaching you how to design a super-suit because this” she gestures to the object in question giving Izuku a look of pure exasperation. At least he had the decency to look ashamed.

“You have known me and my father for years and not once did you call us for advice on this. What's with the Escrima sticks as well. You literally control the weather and the stockpiled power of eight generations worth of heroes what would you need a martial arts weapon for. Don't answer that.” she states as he once again tries to defend his actions.

“The answer is you don’t. The whole thing basically needs to be scrapped. I will design and make you a new super suit. One befitting of a most wanted vigilante with connects to black-market support gear. Deal? Deal.” Melissa says to him before he could argue. She puts on her best ‘there is no other option for you' face.

He sighs in defeat before extending his hand for a shake. “Deal.”

“Also I’m destroying this” gesturing to his ‘suit’.

He nods, knowing that this is something he cannot get out of.

The opening of the fridge grabs their attention. Izuku quickly gestures her to stay quiet as he makes his way through the doorway and down the hall.

Melissa quickly grabs the Escrima sticks and prepares herself for a potential fight. Waiting for a few more seconds she hears Izuku call out.

“Melissa it’s okay you can come out. It’s actually someone I’d like for you to meet.” He says.

Putting the weapons down she heads down the hall into the kitchen where Izuku was leaning on the bar and talking to someone. When she crosses the threshold Melissa sees who Izuku is talking to. The person is wearing a skin-tight black suit and black combat boots. There isn’t a shiny piece on their suit. The only thing actually noticeable on them is their mask. It’s a white fox mask with pink highlights on the inner ears sticking up, two diamond above the eyebrows, and below her eyes. There is a gold dagger stretching down from the top to between the eyes of the mask. A simple black line is an indication of the mouth.

“Melissa this is Kitsune. Kitsune this is Melissa.”

Chapter Text

“I can’t believe you're cheating on me!” Kitsune yells.

Melissa watches as Izuku is accused by the vigilante he has told her about. Thinking back it looks like Izuku really wasn’t exaggerating when he said that Kitsune was one for theatrics. However, Kitsune has been a dependable ally for him and his alter ego. Someone to talk to and bond with him while she was on the island. Honestly, she’s a little jealous of Kitsune for being able to spend so much time with Izuku. She shakes her head and disples the thoughts. She trusts Izuku enough on matters such as these, especially when it comes to the promise he made. She walks up to where Kitsune is still teasing her boyfriend and extends her hand.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Kitsune. Izuku has told me much about you.” Melissa smiles at the mask. The hollow eyes are off-putting but she holds the smile until…

“So you have the gall to tell this woman about me but, tell me nothing about her?!” Kitsune exclaims.

“Izuku is that true?” Melissa concernedly asks him.

Izuku’s hand moves to in front of his eyes as he sighs.“No, she just trying to make trouble where there isn’t any.”

“Is it working?” Kitsune asks in a sobbing voice.

“No.” the look on Izuku’s face is absolutely priceless. He looks as done as that one time where a few novice inventors at the academy when they set fire to an extinguisher.

Kitsune brushes it off and takes Melissa’s hand and shakes it. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Melissa. Izuku talks about you often. He really didn’t do you justice describing you though,” she says as she walks around her. Melissa fights a blush as she feels she’s being checked out. Kitsune tiptoes and whispers, quite loudly. “She’s hot.”

Izuku comes to his and her defense. “I said she was beautiful, like a literal angel. Isn't saying that the same thing?”

“Meh, doesn’t matter” Kitsune quickly drops the subject.

“What are you doing here anyway? You’re not really one for house calls unless you're really bored.” Izuku states.

“Fine party pooper. I tailed you both from the airport and wanted to meet your GF. Also,” she begins as she slides a small pack to her front and opens it up to reveal a manilla folder and gives it to him. “Here are more that have disappeared in the last two months. The faster you can piece together the why the faster we can find the who.”

“I know, I know! I can’t find any correlation between them at all.”

Kitsune looks down for a moment before picking her head up and looks to Melissa. “Well, maybe a new set of eyes will shed new light on the investigation. That is if you want a part of this, Ms. Shield.”

“Please, Melissa is fine and I’ll do what I can.” Melissa can see Izuku smile at her comment.

“Good, I’m off. I’ll be in touch, oh, and welcome to Japan, Melissa.” Kitsune says before climbing out the window.

Izuku follows her to the window and as she crouches through Melissa speaks up. “Wait! I didn’t catch your real name though.”

Kitsune looks at her and then to Izuku, tilting her head towards the blond and jumps out the window. Izuku casually slides it closed and locks it. He walks back over to her and begins.

“Don’t worry she’s a bit private, but once you get to know her and help her she’ll reveal who she is to you. Be warned though, it won’t be through direct means.”

“How so then?”

“Well when she ‘revealed’ to me, it was as a collector of hero memorabilia. I was looking for a rare figurine at the time and she bumped into me at a store. We talked over some related topics, and about a month of this kind of correspondence I pieced it together that she was Kitsune. So be on the lookout for that in the future.”

“You have basically all of the modern pro heroes figurines here or in storage at the island. What hero could you possibly want that would warrant that level of searching?”

He looks into the distance and smiles. Looks down to her and gestures for her to follow him. She does so and he leads her back into the ‘Hobby room’. He points at the wall with the gear. Beside the wardrobe is a set of three shelves. The top one just above his head is figurines of the many versions of All Might's suits and casual wear. Melissa smiles at Izuku’s adoration of her Uncle Might. The next level at his chest is the set of modern pros, Top 10 here and Japan and a few others from around the world. Lastly, is the shelf at his waist stocked with what Melissa puts together as heroes from the past. Izuku bends down and plucks one from the shelf and holds it out to her. Melissa takes a moment and looks at the figurine.

Firstly it’s a heroine, so bonus points for ‘Zu not being sexist when it comes to his love of heroes. She’s wearing a black jumpsuit that matches her hair and eyes, oddly enough. Her hair is pulled into a messy bun. The hero has two capes, a white one billowing from her shoulder attached by a golden chain and cuffs. A red one at her waist connected by a red belt with a buckle that looks like a rising sun. She has matching golden boots and gloves. Finally, it comes down to her most striking feature, her smile. Unlike All Mights who used his to show the masses that they didn’t need to be afraid, her's feels more like the rising sun. As it grows, you can feel the warmth slowly build inside until it fully rises to its when It feels as if you can be the strongest.

“Oh my god. It’s Nana. Just like you described her in those visions!” Melissa quickly pieces it together. She hands back Nana to Izuku and he carefully places her back in front of all the old pros.

“Kitsune helped me find her. The last of 100 ever made. No one knew of her now and I wasn’t going to let her memory and her sacrifices die just like that,” His face contorts of that back to his training of his own quirk and One for All. “She deserved better. This was the least I could do for her.”

“Something tells me she would be proud of you regardless, just like someone else I knew.” Melissa says looking up the line of smiling Symbol of Peaces.

Izuku looks at all of the All Might’s and takes a breath, snapping his fingers. “Right, before I forget,” he picks up the folder from the computer desk and hands it to her. “Kitsune and I have been working two fronts. Recent missing persons and Trigger manufacturing/distribution. We believe they are connected in some way but are unsure as to how or why,” He continues. “When you have the time just look over them and be warned, some of them are children. Just be ready when you do so, Mel.” Izuku states before walking out and into their bedroom.

Melissa sets the folders back down onto the desk in pursuit of her boyfriend. She shuts the door and locks it before going to the bedroom. She walks in to find that Izuku is just in his briefs and is changing into his pajamas. Walking over to him she wraps her arms around his chest and puts her face to his shoulders. She takes a deep inhale and a slow exhale earning a shiver from him in response.

“Before I jump into the rabbit hole with you and all of this I want to partake in a particular activity that we haven’t been able to do in far too long.” She says while snaking a hand down to his underwear and past the band. Melissa feels her man’s breath hitch and stutters out.

“It h-has been a fairly l-long time since we did anything intimate, h-hasn’t it?” he twitches and stutters answering her, bringing a smile to her face as she plays with him. She makes sure she has a strong hold on his member before pulling him around to face her. Now she can see his face doing it’s best impression of a stoplight, and succeeding.

“Yes it has,” she says in her best sultry tone. “Now show me just how much all this illegal hero-ing has improved your stamina. Sound good?”

She answered by being swept off her feet and being kissed. Wrapping her legs around his torso while he moves his hands to her ass and squeezes. Eliciting a moan through the kiss. Once they separate he wastes no time in stripping her of her shirt and bra and looks to her and says.

“Sounds very good.” and he walks them to the bed.


Taking another breath she finds her water bottle beside her nightstand and takes a long drink before staring at Izuku, who to her ire, isn’t even breathing hard. But is smiling at her past his own water bottle. Caping it and setting it down he begins to speak.

“So how was that? Surely I satisfied the unrelenting curiosity of Melissa Shield.” He says in a very grandeur voice.

Huffing she replies. “Yes, it has been very productive and informative. Two hours and thirty-five minutes is acceptable.”

He laughs airy and deep. ‘God, I missed that too.’ she thinks as he catches his breath.

“How do you feel? You came quite a few times and each seemed pretty strong.” he has the audacity to say to her.

“Three-times is only one more past the amount you came, Izuku. And they weren’t that strong.” she says through a fake smirk. All three felt like she would pass out before Izuku started on her again. It was wonderful.

“Well if you like I can practice on your some time to make sure you get the best feeling out of it.” he retorts. The look on his face is conflicting. Honestly, she can’t tell if he is trying to be a tease or is actually trying to help her. Knowing him it’s an actual offer to do better. One that she is more than willing to take him up on.

“Since your offering I’ll show you how I like it. It’s been a while, so it’s okay if you forgot,” she gets off the bed and walks past him dragging a finger across his chiseled jawline. “Let’s shower I’d rather not go to bed sweaty.” she finishes. Walking to the bathroom she adds a little more sway in her hips as she goes. Looking back to him and his slacked jaw she throws a glance and motions her finger to ‘come along’. Izuku is quick to follow, to her delight.


The following day Izuku spends showing her around Mustafu. The different shops, areas of interest and even some of the local pros. They shied away from UA since she would be going there and getting a tour the following day. Melissa even had the opportunity to watch a villain fight against and up and coming hero with a gigantification quirk.

Melissa didn’t watch the fight but the way Izuku commentated on it. He went on about how the heroine should be more careful. The destructive effects of her attacks could cause. Even ways that she could better utilize her quirk. She loved listening to him when he got like this. His mumble when they were at the academy were so cute. Eventually progressing to the point where he got a newly created degree in Quirk Studies. He was so driven in things he loved whether it be watching how those quirks work or their evolution over time.

Above all that though was his determination on keeping the promise he made to All Might after his death. The training he put himself through to control not only his own newfound quirk but the one that All Might bestowed upon him: One for All. A quirk that could be passed down and stockpiled power from user to user. It increased the holder's own quirk and gave them increased strength. But as she and Izuku found out that’s not all it did. As Izuku increased the amount of power he could handle the quirk revealed that it actually stockpiled the previous holder's quirks as well. Subtracting the base quirk of One for All and Izuku’s own, the total amount would be seven additional quirks. Learning that her Uncle Might was quirkless too had a strong impact on her too. Even without a quirk of his own, he became the Symbol of Peace, so what was stopping her from becoming someone amazing too.

A thought pops into her head as they pass by a designer clothing store.

“Izuku, I have a few questions for you.” she begins

“I’ll answer them to the best of my knowledge, Melissa.”

“They’re of the more secret variety.” she whispers

He simply nods and takes them back home. Weaving through streets and alleys using the shortest possible route. It shows his knowledge of the area, the knowledge he’s gained through years of running, jumping, and fighting through the district. Even the occasional random person they encounter or unfortunately shoot her a provocative comment or catcall is quickly shot down. Izuku has mastered the art of an intimidating stare. After that, they aren’t so much of a problem. Finally, they arrive back at the cafe, wave a quick hello to the Serizawa’s, and heads up the stairs into the apartment. He takes the time to go through the entire apartment and makes sure everything is locked and hidden from view from the outside. Once that is done he brings her to sit on the stool at the island of the kitchen.

“You already know of the previous quirks that developed before I moved back here. However, when I started my cause the last quirk of One for All appeared during a fight. Luckily I was able to get a hold on it and finish the skirmish. Once I got home I had the vision explaining which holder had it and its base information.” Izuku let her soak in that bit of information before continuing.

“The sixth holder told me his quirk was called Light Body. It allows me to shift my body into light particles and allows movement in that form as well.”

Melissa interjects “Are you saying you can move at the speed of light?”

“For the most part yeah. It’s useful for travel especially since it merges well with my quirk as well.”

“The lightning?” she asks.

“Yes, summoning light allows for me to travel alongside the lightning and makes for a rather spectacular entry and exit into skirmishes or situations.”

“Can you transport any items or people with you?”

“Unfortunately not currently I can only transport myself, but with some training, I’m sure I could take a group alongside me. As long as there is light around.”

“That’s interesting, what’s it feel like?”

“The first few times were pretty disorientating but I’ve gotten used to it. Describing it is difficult. It’s like your entire body disappears but your consciousness stays and you have full control of where you want to go but it’s so fast, almost too fast to comprehend.”

“Incredible, that’s incredible Izuku! You can actually travel at the speed of light AND fast enough to react and control where you want to go.”

He laughs, a blush coming across his cheeks. “Thanks, Mel. Hey but enough of that you can read my notes if you want later. I’ll get started on dinner you can open up the blinds if you’d like and relax on the couch. Afterall your first day is tomorrow!”

After opening the blinds she goes and retrieves her tablet and opens a file on it. A sketch appears and she looks at the measurements. Nodding, she goes and opens her designing app and opens up a predesigned file labeled: Raijin 2.0. Smiling she looks to Izuku. He is doing a small dance to music on the radio as he cooks dinner.

‘Just wait Izuku, I’ll make you see the hero I see every time I look at you.’ she thinks.