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Nautiscarader's Smutember and Kinktober 2019

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- Ch-Chat!

Marinette's voice filled her room, as her lover's tongue lapped at her exposed folds, making her cries mix with the slow music that seeped from the speakers plugged to her phone. Chat Noir's guttural purrs and groans only added the base to the carnal symphony, generated by his steady caresses.

With a strong grip on her thighs, Chat dived between her legs, making sure to cover each inch of her wet sex, as well as all nearby places that made her jitter from excitement. Adrien gladly explored more and more of her body, mapping it as meticulously as he could, making sure to remember which areas resulted in Marinette's voice cracking the most.

- Chat!

His ears twitched, as he suddenly realised his lover's plea had a note of annoyance, and he perched up from her sex to meet her smiling face.

- Is there something wrong, purrincess?
- No, no, kitty...

She dug her fingers into his hair, and pulled him towards her, while he peppered her exposed chest, circling his cat tongue around her nipples, which made her arch her back. Chat used that opportunity to sneak her arms underneath her and slide his body onto hers in a single, graceful move. She opened her mouth when she felt him brush her folds, and subconsciously closed her legs behind his back, while his lips pressed against hers.

While she couldn't argue that the long and passionate kiss was more than pleasing, she still had one issue on her mind she wanted to address, and she broke the intimate connection with her half-naked lover.

- Chat... I've been meaning to ask you... - she shied away for a moment - You know that now we don't have to worry about my parents, right?
- I do. - he smiled with a charming, cocky grin - Just your roommate that would looove to get a scoop on Chat Noir's love life.
- Don't worry about her, Alya's with her boyfriend. - she cupped his face - But... You know you can get a little... rougher, right?

Chat raised his eyebrows, as he leaned up over Marinette's naked body.

- Is my purrincess ready for it?
- Maybe the princess doesn't want to be a princess anymore...

Marinette spread her arms and wriggled on her bed, twisting her body in a seductive, hypnotising, snake-like move that only made Adrien's mouth water. Marinette arched her body and turned around, exposing her naked bum to the superhero sitting in the legs of her bed and wriggled her cheeks, hoping beyond belief to feel Chat's hands on them.

Instead, she felt his lips again, placing delicate, butterfly kisses all over it, and she let out an impatient groan, pushing her back higher, until she had to pull back, knowing that making love in such position would cause more problems than pleasure.

She let out a yelp, when Chat dragged his claw against her skin, that got covered in goosebumps almost immediately. Her groans turned into wails and chirps, and the lack of visual contact only made her shiver in anticipation.

- Does my princess want that...? - Chat's deep, but sweet voice rang somewhere behind her head - Does my princess want to be... punished...?
- Oh, yes! - Marinette cried without thinking.

This was a fantasy she has had on her mind for quite some time, and could never verbalise it, but as soon as Chat spoke those words, her reply escaped her mouth before she had chance to tone it down. She turned around and Met Chat's slightly surprised eyes, though as soon as he saw the flirtatious spark in hers, Chat grinned and stroked her bum again.

- Well, as you wish, princess.
- Don't hesitate, Chat...

Marinette mentally prepared herself for the pain she could feel in her nether regions, but instead, she shrieked, when she was thrown into a different world. Her ears were filled with a strong and lout guitar riff, her vision became a blur for a moment, and when she landed on her back again, her arms were pushed up and propped against the long heating pipe in the corner of her small room.

She looked up and spotted Chat's leathery tail, that on so many occasions was an intricate part of her fantasies, tied around her wrists, immobilising her and leaving on the mercy of her lover. When Chat finished fiddling with the playlist on her phone, he walked on all fours towards her, his pose and look in his eyes emanating with hunger.

Though she couldn't move, Chat made sure to put the mountain of pillows into the corner as well, making sure her half-sitting position was more than comfortable. And Marinette very quickly learned why. His claws dug into thighs, and she unceremoniously pushed her twitching legs up and onto his shoulders, before he leaned onto her and plunged himself deep inside her without any warning.

Marinette let out a cry that was silenced with his mouth immediately and for a moment, she was forced to breathe the hot breaths Chat was expelling from his mouth, as he panted with each forceful push. She didn't even mind the rubbery, alien feel of the condom, as the ferocity with which her lover filled her made up for it tenfold. As he pressed her legs against her body in near-vertical fashion, he was able to stimulate parts of her sex he never previously has, making Marinette let out wail after wail.

- Is... Is this what you wanted? - he whispered, leaning onto her.
- Yes! - she cried in response, wishing she could close her arms or legs around him, the frustration of her position only adding another wave of shiver onto her skin.

Adrien moved his hips in sync of the aggressive music that filled her room, mixing with her cries and moans, and the sight of his usually shy girlfriend writhing and coiling under his forceful moves made him lose himself in the passion that only fuelled itself. He was used to making slow, passionate love to her, especially when she was still in high school, and lived with her parents, though he could definitely see why her new, student's life made her crave for something different.

For a second, he wondered how Jagged Stone would react knowing the designer of his clothes and CD covers was making love to his music, but Marinette' rising voice quickly put that random thought out of his mind. The blue-haired girl was babbling, as her mind was slowly going blank, and Adrien could only recognise his mangled name between cries and wails. Though he preferred keeping his grip on her legs, he sneaked his right hand between thier pressed bodies, and as his fingers crawled to her sex, Marinette's voice grew in volume again, culminating when his clawed finger brushed her clit.

Without taking eyes from his lover, Chat let her left leg fall to the bed, though she curled it around his bum almost immediately, exerting at least a fraction of dominance, and gaining some security to contain her oncoming orgasm. Though Chat wished he could dedicate more time to her jewel, he knew this time a more direct approach is necessary; mashing his fingers against in a circling motion, he made Marinette throw her head back, or at least af far as she could, given her position. Through her words, he could finally recognise clear signs of her peak, and he doubled his efforts, wanting to finish simultaneously.

Her free leg suddenly bucked his ass, and her whole, petite frame writhed and spasmed around him coating his lower costume, as well as her own bed with copious amount of her juices in an exploding orgasm that set her on fire, and continued to burn as she suddenly couldn't dissipate the raw energy, with her hands still locked. As her body writhed in her temporary shackles, Marinette suddenly felt a different kind of warmth on her body. The discarded condom fell next to her, while Chat's orgasm continued to pour and stain her abdomen, as his his hips bucked in animalistic, subconscious motion, marking her as his for a solid minute.

- Sorry about the mess, princess - Chat addressed her - That wasn't too rough, was it?

Before hearing her answer, Chat undid the buckle of his belt and took Marinette's hand in his own, placing a gentle kiss on each of her wrists.

- No, it wasn't, Chaton. - she cupped his face and kissed him - It was great.
- I didn't want to punish you too hard, Marinette... - Chat dragged his hand across her bum and gave it a light spank - Mostly because, well, I'm not sure how hard should I be.
- Aww, that's so sweet. I'll need to ask Alya, she and her boyfriend are a bit into it. Maybe she can teach you a thing of two?
- I think that would destroy the whole "journalistic integrity", wouldn't it?

Chat raised his brow and gave Marinette a pack of tissues to clean herself up.

- She knows we're a thing and yet, no word on Ladyblog about that. - Marinette smirked - Imagine, so many girls heartbroken...

Marinette leaned and closer her arms around Chat, bringing him down onto her bed, once again crashing her lips against his.

- Does my purrincess want me to be rough again? - Chat asked, stroking her waist.
- Mhm-hm - she shook her head - I want all the cuddles in the world now.
- I shall not hesitate...