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Nautiscarader's Smutember and Kinktober 2019

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If there was anything one could say about Pacifica Northwest, it was that she could definitely make an entrance. As she walked towards her spacious bed, she made sure to sway her hips, so that her fishnet stockings, as well as her black corset and matching gloves were fully visible in the dimmed light that made her seductive body even more alluring.

The heiress of the Northwests watched as her lover writhed in place in anticipation, while the distance between her and Mabel diminished with each step she took. Finally, when she lay her hand on Mabel's shoulders, the naked woman shivered and melted under her touch, spreading all over the bed, or as amuch as she could given her restraints. Pacifica used that moment of weakness to straddle her, rendering Mabel even more vulnerable.

With her lips curled into a sly smirk, Pacifica began moving forward, leaving a gentle trace of her juices dripping from the cut in her black panties across Mabel's body. As she got closer, Mabel tried getting out of the shackles with which she was cuffed to the bed, but she was unable to do so. Pacifica grabbed her wrist, the mere touch of her making her hyperactive lover surrender.

- Now, then... - she spoke slowly - Were were we?

Pacifica reached to remove gag from Mabel's mouth, and before Mabel could reply, Pacifica pushed her wet sex over her mouth, pressing her weight against Mabel's face. At once, she felt her tongue lapping at the liquid heat she has spread over Mabel's body already, producing more with each lick. Pacifica wished she could set Mabel free, as her surprisingly strong hands would keep Pscifica's hips in place, but alas, she wanted to be in control this evening.

Looking down at her mesmerised girlfriend, Pacifica grabbed the bed frame and pushed forward and down, exerting more pressure on her disarmed lover. She could hear her muffled moans and cries, which only stimulated her sex, allowing the room to be filled with mostly her satisfied, deep purrs.

Her jittery moves became stronger and braver with each second of her dominance. Underneath her, Mabel Pines revelled in the smell and scent that overwhelmed and filled her senses completely, and that combined with the figure of Pacifica towering over her made her body twist and writhe with the orgasm she wasn't able to achieve, as Pacifica seemed to have no intentions of returning the favour in any way.

As her whimpering grew in strength and volume, so did Pacifica's rapid thrusts against Mabel's face and nose, which brushed her delicate, enlarged clit every time she pushed forward. Finally, Pacifica had enough, let go of the shaking, wooden bedframe and dug her fingers into Mabel's hair, stabilising her moves by tying them to her girlfriend. Their eyes met, and Mabel knew what her girlfriend was gonna do now.

Only now, Pacifica's ride really has begun; she was relentless with making sure every inch of Mabel's face will be covered n her juices and marked as hers, and as Mabel's mouth worked tirelessly to produce more of it, Pacifica wasn't stopping. Mabel's tongue lapped at her folds, occasionally she took them between her lips, sucking, or nibbling on them, and Pacifica looked how her fingers, usually so skilled and versatile in love-making hang useless in the shackles in front of her.

Suddenly, Mabel's cries grew, and Pacifica allowed her lover a tiny moment of break, but only to hear what her subject wanted to say.

- Paz! - Mabel gasped for air, crying her name - Paz, please...

Her legs twitched and quaked, and Pacifica didn't have to sneak her hand between them to know that a single flick of her fingers would set the fire burning in her loins. She smiled and pressed her wet sex against her face again, feeling her own climax incoming.

- Say my name properly...
- Pmhmahm!
- What's that? I didn't... I didn't he-hear...

Pacifica gasped for air, and mashed her clit with her fingers, while her sex moved in equally circular, jerky motion against Mabel's face.

- Pmhmhma! - Mabel mumbled, her tongue making random parts of her sex spark with pleasure.
- Say it! Say it again!

Pacifica moved her arm to her back, trying to land between Mabel's legs, just in time for their orgasms to be concurrent. She moved her hips up, giving Mabel one more chance to breathe.

- Pa...Pacifica Pines!

Mabel cried when Pacifica's fingertip brushed her clit, predictably sending Mabel into a fit of shakes, as the energy she's gathered exploded all over her body. But it was the name Mabel spoke that made Pacifica fall to her back, though not before she'd spray her orgasm over Mabel's face and breasts. Pacifica writhed and quaked, trying not to hit Mabel with her legs, and only after a solid minute, once she recovered from her orgasm she was able to sit up and look at the mess she made.

But instead, she only found Mabel, with a giddy smile all over her face, covered in translucent, shinning cum, reflecting rays of light from the chandelier above them. Pacifica leaned and made their lips meet, while she worked on undoing the handcuffs, and a moment later Mabel's hands were around her back, rolling the two back and forth.

The two stopped, staring into each other's enamoured eyes, seeing the familiar, frisky glimmer. The enchanted, magical silence was broken when Pacifica spoke.

- For the record, I still think "Mabel Northwest" sounds better.
- Maybe you can convince me, then?

And in a split of a second, Mabel was on her, her wrists in her hands, this time being tied to the bedframe with multicoloured shoelaces.