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Nautiscarader's Smutember and Kinktober 2019

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In moments like these, Isabella was wondering if she was dreaming or not. Even though her visits to the fabled Phineasland became less and less frequent nowadays, as she was in college, she never abandoned the place, filled with fantasies that became progressively more and adventurous and risqué, as the years went by.

But this was not a dream, and that thought alone would made her giggle, if she wasn't already quivering.

Lying on the bed in her room, with arms and legs wrapped around her skinny lover, Isabella stared into the eyes of Phineas Flynn, watching as his face is torn with a grimace, every time his hips push himself forward, diving deep into her warm sex, welcoming his length. Six months has passed since the two exchanged a much overdue kiss, and three more until they've finished crash course on dating, moving onto much more advanced lessons in love, and as usual, Isabella marvelled at how quick learner Phineas was.

With her legs locked behind his back, giving him subtle and gentle, yet constant kicks, he could only hasten his moves, trying to maintain balance and let his lover reach her orgasm first. Isabella's petite body writhed underneath him, her arms flailing around whenever she wasn't clinging to him. Her hungry lips merged with his every few seconds in ravenous, quick kisses that broke the rhythm of his moves, temporarily depraving him of much needed air.

Her voice, so sweet and delicate now sounded raw and carnal, as she moaned his name, trashing from side to side, reacting to his lunges. Phineas kept his arms around her thighs, pressing them against her body, allowing his dives to be deeper than usual, which evidently worked, as witch each inch he travelled, Isabella's voice grew and grew, until it crescendoed as an aria dedicated to Phineas' virility, when she grabbed him and pushed him towards her, spilling rest of her praises into his mouth.

She looked into his tired eyes, and just as Phineas was about to proclaim his love for her, her eyes widened, and she spoke words Phineas did not expect to hear.

- Phineas! Pull out!

At once, Isabella freed him from the prison of her legs, and the panicking student followed her orders, laving the wet embrace of her twitching sex behind.

- I-Isa-Isabella...!

He stuttered in short, needy moans, but as soon as his swollen, glistening tip was out, Isabella was on it, sliding between his legs, and welcoming his length between her lips, experiencing the taste and smell of the pulsing member for the first time. And it wasn't her tongue, curling around his head, licking gently his slit and drops of pre-cum, or her skilled, smooth hands caressing his balls, but her sly, salacious, piercing gaze that brought Phineas to his edge, flooding Isabella's mouth with first stream of his cum.

Cum that soon covered her face, and hair, as Isabella pulled him out again, letting next ropes of cum claim and mark her in the most unabashed and animalistic way. Her body twitched every time the gooey, sticky, warm glob lands on her, her impatient legs reminded her that she was still living through her orgasm.

One portion at a time, Phineas emptied himself onto his once-radiant looking girlfriend, now revelling in the sight of Isabella's face hidden udner thick layer of his seed, and he once again found himself unable to say anything more coherent. Fortunately, Isabella was there for him.

- Can you pha-pass me the towel?

Isabella asked, while a glob of cum dripped into her mouth, only to be swallowed with ease by the charming, smiling young woman. Phineas granted her request, and watched as most of the proof of his masculinity disappears in the cloth, though he was also sure that Isabella was leaving some of it for his pleasure.

- Heh, sorry, Isabella. I-I guess I didn't know I had that in me. But it's been a while... - he chuckled - Er, I thought it was a safe day for you, otherwise I got the condoms...
- Oh, it was. - she replied quickly, licking off one strand of cum sticking to her fingers - I just... wanted to do that.

Phineas raised brow.

- Really? - he smirked - I guess I started dating a girl with interesting fantasies.

He leaned, cupped her cheeks and gave her a kiss, tasting himself on her lips that only deepened their erotic, immoral embrace.

- Oh, you think that was interesting?

Isabella smiled and once again brought his cock to her mouth, lapping at the few drops of cum that lingered on it. Her cheeks were brimming with crimson, and in her eyes Phineas could see the gleam of friskiness he has seen every time they made love.

- I just thought for a moment that, you know, you haven't told me you loved me for like three or four years, and I was wondering...

Despite cleaning herself, she closed her fingers around his cock, and gave it a few more pumps, stroking it, letting a few final drops of his cum cover her skin.

- would it have looked like if you've been saving... all that time.

Phineas blinked, and his eyes opened wide as the meaning Isabella's words got to him. Her eyes were still affixed at him, and she let out a deep purring sound when she felt her lover's cock grow in her palm, thanks to both her caresses and her words.

- Well... I-I didn't think of that...

Phineas stuttered, but at the same time pushed forward, letting his tip press against her glossy lips.

- But now you've said it, I can't get it out of my mind.

Isabella smiled, and welcomed him again between her lips, this time hoping his stay would be far longer and far more bountiful. And as Phineas began moving his hips gently to push himself deeper into her mouth, Isabella wondered if she was gonna pull him out this time, or even if she was gonna be in charge to make that decision...l