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Nautiscarader's Smutember and Kinktober 2019

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Callum opened his eyes, trying to remember what happened ever since he lost his consciousness. He was in castle, their castle - he recognised the style of stonework, as well as the decorations. The bed underneath his back was soft and smelled of lavender, and only when his eyes noticed the desk with various magical paraphernalia on it, he knew where he was.

- Claudia? - he asked, and on the next turn of his head, he saw her, walking to his bed and sitting on its edge.
- Hey there, sport. - feeling better?
- What... what happened? - Callum asked, looking into her calm, loving green eyes.
- Got a bit reckless with your magic, I'm afraid. Glad we were able to catch you, but you need to rest.

She smiled and brought her hand to his head, fiddling with his hair. Callum's leg jerked when his body came in contact with hers, and Claudia giggled when she saw the perplexed and astonished look on her friend's face.

- I healed you the best I could, but I think I could do one more thing to calm you.
- W-W-What do you- me-mean? - Callum stuttered.
- Well... - she stood up and walked to the other end of the bed - Some theories say that humans feel bad, because they have too much fluids in their body and it exerts too much pressure. Like bad blood, hence leeches.
- You-you're not going to...!
- Nah, don't worry - Claudia laughed - Those theories are old. But...

She kneeled in front of him and cat-walked towards him, never taking eyes from him.

- I think you do have too much fluids in one part of your body.

he eyes suddenly darted down, and as Callum followed, he realised that his body has reacted to the her alluring, sensual moves. Claudia licked her lips, pushed the blanket away, revealing Callum's pants, and, most importantly what they were hiding.

- Cla-Claudia! - he wailed, when her fingers brushed his cock, sending shivers all across his body.
- Are you telling me you don't want this? - she asked in a would be sweet voice, her breath already tingling with droplets of precum on his cock.

Words got stuck in Callum's throat, and as he was unable to speak, Claudia continued her caresses, stroking his manhood up and down, much to Callum's delight. And just when his brain caught up with him and he wanted to say something somewhat coherent, he lost it against when her lips closed around his tip, bringing a whole new level of pleasure he couldn't even imagine. Her velvety, wet, warm mouth took care of him, enveloping him with delicate, heavenly texture that contrasted with her impatient tongue that licked his head over and over, trying to get as much of his salty precum as possible.

Claudia dived down, taking him further into her mouth, and her chambers were filled with his prolonged, high-pitched moan, as the mage continued her mouth work. Up and down, back and forth, Claudia presented a completely new world of sensations Callum so far couldn't even fathom, and with the amount of pleasure overwhelming him, he lost it, bucking his hips not a minute after Claudia started, sending ropes of his cum into her mouth and throat. But the magic only began here: his lover not only was not disgusted by it, but she continued sucking him, taking each droplet of his cum and swallowing it down, until his orgasm ceased and Claudia proudly presented him her empty mouth, with just one glob of cum sticking to her lips.

Callum's chest moved up and own, as he looked at his old crush in the lewd, alluring pose, and just as he was about to climax again, just from the sight of her alone, he understood something.

- Claudia... this... this is some kind of dream, isn't it?
- Mhm. - the black-haired mage nodded, licking one last glob of his cum from her lips.

She leaned over him, letting Callum ogle her breasts in their glory before she met his face.

- I'm afraid you were hit pretty hard, I had to make sure you'll rest and have lots of dreams.

Claudia stood up from her submissive position, giving Callum an unobstructed view of her black lingerie that now covered her stunning body.

- And you know what that means, right?
- I-I can finally tell you how I feel about you?
- Yes... - she smiled - And...

She moved even further forward, nearly pressing her bosom to his face, as she leaned over his shoulder to whisper last part of her sentence into his ear.

- can cum inside me. No consequences.

Next thing Callum knew, he was surrounded once more by overwhelming, warm wetness, but this time only a hundred times tighter and more welcoming, when Claudia moved aside a strip of her thing panties, revealed her pussy and slid herself on his cock, while her lips met his, letting him taste and hear her passion all at once. She bounced her hips slowly at first, staring into the mesmerised eyes of Callum, who was still only half-aware of what was going around him. His hands gravitated to her thighs, and Claudia let out a prolonged moan when she felt him finally taking some initiative, though it was diminished when she pressed her hands against his now-bare chest and increased the speed of her bucking.

Callum threw his head back into the pillow and for a glorious, long moment let the pleasure take over his mind and senses, all currently occupied by sensations made by his busty crush. And in that moment of blissful indulgence, Callum suddenly realised something, and sat up, interrupting his dream partner's ravaging, much to Claudia's surprise.

- Callum? Is something wrong?
- No. - he cupped her face - It's just... if it's a dream, I-I want to make it a bit better.

He pulled her into a kiss, and when their lips parted, they were no longer in the chamber where he was taken. They were outside, lying on the grassy hill that overlooked the Moon nexus, and in the moonlight, Claudia looked exactly as radiant as on their first, failed date. But now, together with her sparkling, green eyes, the light reflected also from her naked skin, peeking from underneath her erotic lingerie, and as much as Callum wanted to remain gallant, he looked down, which made her giggle.

- Come on, Callum, this is a dream, I'm not judging... and even if it wasn't, I wouldn't be...

Their lips met again, and the mage was swiftly pushed to the soft grass, as this time it was Callum that came on top. He grabbed her leg and pushed it up, giving him better access to her sex, that once more made him dizzy from the smell and taste, as his nose got closer and closer to her.

Claudia let out a deep wail when his tongue flicked and lapped against her lips, performing long, meticulous licks, savouring the odd taste of the juices that flowed from her pussy. Callum didn't know how she tasted, but knew he loved it, and the only way of getting more of it, was getting deeper inside her. Once his tongue and fingers joined the play, his older crush was writhing and quaking under his caresses, shouting his name every few seconds, while she flailed her hands and legs in impatience, feeling her oncoming orgasm.

It felt as he was hitting every note perfectly, mostly because he did. He was in control of the scenario that unfurled in front of him, and last thing he wanted was to leave his partner without experiencing what he had just a few moment ago. And when it hit her, at the precise moment Callum wanted to, he was greeted with the sight of dreams, as Claudia arched her body and screamed his name into the air, just before she dragged him up and brought their lips together again, hoping their kiss would help her calm down.

- Ca...Callum, where... where did you learn this?
- I... must have just heard about it, from, uh, other men...
- Men... - she spoke in a low, smoky voice - Yes, you have... certainly... grown...

She sneaked her hand between his legs, and closed her fingers around his cock that in the span of last few seconds grew twice in size and girth, much to her delight. She stroked him, letting out soft gasps and moans, but her play was soon interrupted by Callum's dominance. he grabbed her legs and pushed them against her body, while his naked, muscular chest pressed against her naked bosom.

- Tell me, what do you want now, Claudia? - he asked in a much huskier and lower voice, unlike the high pitched one in which he screamed her name when Claudia took him down her throat.
- Take me! - Claudia gasped, and cupped his face, covered in meticulously trimmed beard - Make me yours, Callum!

Callum was taught to never disappoint a lady, and he gladly fulfilled her wish, sheathing his cock inside her pussy in one, swift motion, watching as her eyes widen with each deep thrust of his hips. His position allowed him to effortlessly smash his hips against her sex, and reach as far as he could into her needy pussy. Her overflowing juices, created during his prolonged caresses certainly helped in maintaining the speed he wanted to achieve.

Lost in the pleasure, he never looked away from her, and when Claudia closed her arms behind his neck and brought his face against her, they kisses again, and Callum could feel her voice, vibrating now in his throat, cracking each time he hilted himself inside her.

As Callum's frantic bucking continued, her eyes rolled up, but Callum was far from being done with her. Next thing they knew, they were in the air, flying, gods only know how, and what he was pressing their bodies against as he rammed himself inside her, but Claudia saw nothing wrong with this scenario, especially with his arms behind her back, giving her the important feeling of security. Electricity enveloped them, and with each thunder and lightning that stroke around them, they could feel the vibrating, buzzing electricity rushing through their bodies, making them squirm and writhe.

Claudia was the only one who was surprised, though. As Callum wielded his magic, he made sure the flow of energy stimulated his partner's nerves, bringing her just to the very edge of her climax. And when she was about to cry his name again, they started plummeting to the ground, and just before they hit the earth, Claudia's eyes opened wide when she saw what Callum has become. She was now in dragon's arms, with dragon's lips against hers, and, most importantly, with a dragon's cock in her pussy.

Wordlessly, Callum asked her again what she wants, and this time, Claudia did not hesitate to speak her mind.

- Fuck me! Rut me! Breed me, Callum!

And as she was pressed against her bed again, Callum did just that, flooding her pussy with the same streams of seed that has filled her mouth and belly before. He was human again, but his behaviour was more than animalistic. The handsome man that claimed her was working overtime, bringing her to climax after climax with each portion of his cum he pumped into her, and Claudia could only counter it by screaming his name over and over...



- How long do you think she's gonna sleep? - Callum asked Rayla, switching the compress on Claudia's forehead
- Dunno. I hope I didn't give her too much of that thing. - Rayla countered, once again, checking the notes in her journal. - Nope, just two drops in a glass of water. That should've cured her.
- Uh, I think it did, actually...

Callum put his hand against her forehead. She still had a fever, but in the last two hours or so, her behaviour has somewhat changed. She was still twitching and coiling, but now, instead of a grimace of pain, she had a wide grin plastered all over her face.