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Nautiscarader's Smutember and Kinktober 2019

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A small attic room in an inn between Astrub and Bonta was suddenly filled with a harmonising, carnal scream, followed by a soft "thud" as two women fell to their bed, breathing shared air for a long moment, until their lips mashed. Even though Simone was used to intense orgasms, she wasn't expected for Julie to take initiative this time, and that made her cross her legs around the Ecaflipette's back even tighter.

Julie cleaned her fogged glasses (she kept them on just because of Simone's plea) and looked at her radiant, horny girlfriend, whose chest was still moving up and down, inviting her to curl and cuddle against her breasts, much to Simone's delight.

- Does kitty want some milk...? - she teased her, scratching her ear, getting a mixture of moan and purr in return.
- I prefer cream...

And she began placing soft kisses down her belly, until she reached Simone's lower lips, still twitching and covering the bedsheets with translucent, milky juices. Keeping with her slightly dominant mood, she waited a moment, allowing Simone's excitement to build up, before she lapped first droplet of her girlfriend's cum up, generating more moans from her.

- Stay still, or I will have to use claws - she murmured, sucking on her folds, as she pressed her paws against her thighs, which helped the cause a little.
- Oh, I've been dreaming about this... - Simone moaned, her voice cracking mid-sentence, as she felt another climax already on the horizon.

Julie's petite nose brushed her clit every now and then, and as if that wasn't enough, her crafty tail coiled around her and sneaked up between her bum, sliding up and down her ass, sending more sparks every time it met her other hole. But it was Julie's tongue, fingers and occasionally teeth that drove Simone crazy. Soon, the Osamodas was writhing again, trashing against Ecaflipette's face, as more of Simone's juices flow down to continue the vicious cycle.

But Ecaflipette evidently thought she had enough, as she moved up and took her girlfriend in her arms to cuddle up properly, though not before she allowed her to taste herself on her lips, while their arms chain their tired bodies together in a sticky, but warmth embrace.

- Enjoying the night?
- I wish all of them would look like this one... - Julie whispered
- They will - Simone kissed her again.

They didn't expect the first day of their journey to end with a passionate love-making. It was only when the innkeeper offered them a room with one bed that the two knew their weeks long abstinence would break under its own weight.

- I wish we could just travel al the time and make love in all the inns around World of Twelve... - Julie spoke dreamily, hugging on Simone's chest
- We gotta have money for that, though, and we'll find it Bonta - Simone countered. - An hey, then we will have our own nest.
- You think we'll find jobs?
- Oh, sure. - Simone snorted - People need maids and hairdressers all the time...
- Hmh, I know one person who needs a haircut...

It took Simone a while to understand Julie's comment, before she dragged her finger across her hairy lower lips, causing her thighs and pointy tail to jolt in panic.

- I thought you liked it?
- Just like I like you in a maid outfit...

Simone pressed her head against the pillow they were sharing and was about to fall into a shallow slumber, when Simone's sudden movement caused her to open eyes.

- Simone?
- Well, speaking of *stuff*...

She reached for an ornament, gold-encrusted chest she was carrying with the entire journey. The rest of her baggage was under their bed, but this one, precious box she kept as close to her as possible.

- Look what Luis gave us.

At first, Julie's eyes widened, concentrating on various golden bits and elements, but then her gaze lay upon a familiar-shaped object hidden well beneath the mountain of treasures.

- Is... is that-!
- Yes, it is.

Simone smirked and took the U-shaped double dildo, smirking as the suddenly shy Ecaflipette marvelled at its length.

- Where-? How-? Does Monsieur Crepin know about this?
- I don't think he would know what that was anyway. And besides, it was a present from Luis. - she shrugged.
- It's... it's not a Shushu, is it?

Julie reached her hand and touched the sleek, rubbery object, and shrieked in panic when it moved under her fingertips, much to Simone's amusement.

- D-Don't do that!
- Sorry, I couldn't help.

She leaned and kissed her forehead in apology.

- But you know, there are toys with Shushus in them. Some folks do like this stuff...

Simone wagged her tail in the air, watching as Julie subconsciously moves her paws to catch the arrow-shaped end.

- Do they? But isn't like...
- Yeah, having a threesome. - Simone answered nonchalantly - Ooor... the Shushu can possess one person, and then the fun begins.

Julie grumbled under her breath.

- Nah, I want you, no extras. - she whispered, placing a soft kiss on her shoulder.
- Wanna try it?
- N-Now?! - Julie sat up - A-And what if they hear us. You know how I react to... to those toys...
- Well, they can very well throw us out, we're paying for one night anyway.

Julie hesitated for a while, and only when she moved her head up, and Simone noticed a frisky gleam in her eye, she knew it was time for a payback.

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- Ch-Chat!

Marinette's voice filled her room, as her lover's tongue lapped at her exposed folds, making her cries mix with the slow music that seeped from the speakers plugged to her phone. Chat Noir's guttural purrs and groans only added the base to the carnal symphony, generated by his steady caresses.

With a strong grip on her thighs, Chat dived between her legs, making sure to cover each inch of her wet sex, as well as all nearby places that made her jitter from excitement. Adrien gladly explored more and more of her body, mapping it as meticulously as he could, making sure to remember which areas resulted in Marinette's voice cracking the most.

- Chat!

His ears twitched, as he suddenly realised his lover's plea had a note of annoyance, and he perched up from her sex to meet her smiling face.

- Is there something wrong, purrincess?
- No, no, kitty...

She dug her fingers into his hair, and pulled him towards her, while he peppered her exposed chest, circling his cat tongue around her nipples, which made her arch her back. Chat used that opportunity to sneak her arms underneath her and slide his body onto hers in a single, graceful move. She opened her mouth when she felt him brush her folds, and subconsciously closed her legs behind his back, while his lips pressed against hers.

While she couldn't argue that the long and passionate kiss was more than pleasing, she still had one issue on her mind she wanted to address, and she broke the intimate connection with her half-naked lover.

- Chat... I've been meaning to ask you... - she shied away for a moment - You know that now we don't have to worry about my parents, right?
- I do. - he smiled with a charming, cocky grin - Just your roommate that would looove to get a scoop on Chat Noir's love life.
- Don't worry about her, Alya's with her boyfriend. - she cupped his face - But... You know you can get a little... rougher, right?

Chat raised his eyebrows, as he leaned up over Marinette's naked body.

- Is my purrincess ready for it?
- Maybe the princess doesn't want to be a princess anymore...

Marinette spread her arms and wriggled on her bed, twisting her body in a seductive, hypnotising, snake-like move that only made Adrien's mouth water. Marinette arched her body and turned around, exposing her naked bum to the superhero sitting in the legs of her bed and wriggled her cheeks, hoping beyond belief to feel Chat's hands on them.

Instead, she felt his lips again, placing delicate, butterfly kisses all over it, and she let out an impatient groan, pushing her back higher, until she had to pull back, knowing that making love in such position would cause more problems than pleasure.

She let out a yelp, when Chat dragged his claw against her skin, that got covered in goosebumps almost immediately. Her groans turned into wails and chirps, and the lack of visual contact only made her shiver in anticipation.

- Does my princess want that...? - Chat's deep, but sweet voice rang somewhere behind her head - Does my princess want to be... punished...?
- Oh, yes! - Marinette cried without thinking.

This was a fantasy she has had on her mind for quite some time, and could never verbalise it, but as soon as Chat spoke those words, her reply escaped her mouth before she had chance to tone it down. She turned around and Met Chat's slightly surprised eyes, though as soon as he saw the flirtatious spark in hers, Chat grinned and stroked her bum again.

- Well, as you wish, princess.
- Don't hesitate, Chat...

Marinette mentally prepared herself for the pain she could feel in her nether regions, but instead, she shrieked, when she was thrown into a different world. Her ears were filled with a strong and lout guitar riff, her vision became a blur for a moment, and when she landed on her back again, her arms were pushed up and propped against the long heating pipe in the corner of her small room.

She looked up and spotted Chat's leathery tail, that on so many occasions was an intricate part of her fantasies, tied around her wrists, immobilising her and leaving on the mercy of her lover. When Chat finished fiddling with the playlist on her phone, he walked on all fours towards her, his pose and look in his eyes emanating with hunger.

Though she couldn't move, Chat made sure to put the mountain of pillows into the corner as well, making sure her half-sitting position was more than comfortable. And Marinette very quickly learned why. His claws dug into thighs, and she unceremoniously pushed her twitching legs up and onto his shoulders, before he leaned onto her and plunged himself deep inside her without any warning.

Marinette let out a cry that was silenced with his mouth immediately and for a moment, she was forced to breathe the hot breaths Chat was expelling from his mouth, as he panted with each forceful push. She didn't even mind the rubbery, alien feel of the condom, as the ferocity with which her lover filled her made up for it tenfold. As he pressed her legs against her body in near-vertical fashion, he was able to stimulate parts of her sex he never previously has, making Marinette let out wail after wail.

- Is... Is this what you wanted? - he whispered, leaning onto her.
- Yes! - she cried in response, wishing she could close her arms or legs around him, the frustration of her position only adding another wave of shiver onto her skin.

Adrien moved his hips in sync of the aggressive music that filled her room, mixing with her cries and moans, and the sight of his usually shy girlfriend writhing and coiling under his forceful moves made him lose himself in the passion that only fuelled itself. He was used to making slow, passionate love to her, especially when she was still in high school, and lived with her parents, though he could definitely see why her new, student's life made her crave for something different.

For a second, he wondered how Jagged Stone would react knowing the designer of his clothes and CD covers was making love to his music, but Marinette' rising voice quickly put that random thought out of his mind. The blue-haired girl was babbling, as her mind was slowly going blank, and Adrien could only recognise his mangled name between cries and wails. Though he preferred keeping his grip on her legs, he sneaked his right hand between thier pressed bodies, and as his fingers crawled to her sex, Marinette's voice grew in volume again, culminating when his clawed finger brushed her clit.

Without taking eyes from his lover, Chat let her left leg fall to the bed, though she curled it around his bum almost immediately, exerting at least a fraction of dominance, and gaining some security to contain her oncoming orgasm. Though Chat wished he could dedicate more time to her jewel, he knew this time a more direct approach is necessary; mashing his fingers against in a circling motion, he made Marinette throw her head back, or at least af far as she could, given her position. Through her words, he could finally recognise clear signs of her peak, and he doubled his efforts, wanting to finish simultaneously.

Her free leg suddenly bucked his ass, and her whole, petite frame writhed and spasmed around him coating his lower costume, as well as her own bed with copious amount of her juices in an exploding orgasm that set her on fire, and continued to burn as she suddenly couldn't dissipate the raw energy, with her hands still locked. As her body writhed in her temporary shackles, Marinette suddenly felt a different kind of warmth on her body. The discarded condom fell next to her, while Chat's orgasm continued to pour and stain her abdomen, as his his hips bucked in animalistic, subconscious motion, marking her as his for a solid minute.

- Sorry about the mess, princess - Chat addressed her - That wasn't too rough, was it?

Before hearing her answer, Chat undid the buckle of his belt and took Marinette's hand in his own, placing a gentle kiss on each of her wrists.

- No, it wasn't, Chaton. - she cupped his face and kissed him - It was great.
- I didn't want to punish you too hard, Marinette... - Chat dragged his hand across her bum and gave it a light spank - Mostly because, well, I'm not sure how hard should I be.
- Aww, that's so sweet. I'll need to ask Alya, she and her boyfriend are a bit into it. Maybe she can teach you a thing of two?
- I think that would destroy the whole "journalistic integrity", wouldn't it?

Chat raised his brow and gave Marinette a pack of tissues to clean herself up.

- She knows we're a thing and yet, no word on Ladyblog about that. - Marinette smirked - Imagine, so many girls heartbroken...

Marinette leaned and closer her arms around Chat, bringing him down onto her bed, once again crashing her lips against his.

- Does my purrincess want me to be rough again? - Chat asked, stroking her waist.
- Mhm-hm - she shook her head - I want all the cuddles in the world now.
- I shall not hesitate...



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- Are you still with nose in your books, Dip?

Tambry's sarcastic voice reached Dipper a few moments before her lips touched his neck, causing him to shiver in his chair, as the warmth spread through his back. He turned around and gave his girlfriend a kiss, before she rested her head on his shoulder, staring into the papers on the desk. A moment later, another pleasant weight occupied his other side, when Wendy mimicked her friend's move.

- Whatchu reading?

Dipper sighed.

- I'm trying to compile notes on the villas. Ford never encountered them, or at least wasn't interested in them, but they do appear in so many mythologies, all over the world.
- Have you found anything in that thing we brought from Europe? - Tambry asked, leaning further.
- Yeah, that's the one I'm transcribing.

Dipper took the pile of notes, filled with line after line of indecipherable text.

- Except, it really has nothing about them, aside from appearance. Like, what about that powder or sap they produce? Nothing!

Defeated, Dipper raised his hands in the air and slumped over his chair.

- Well...

A sudden, sly voice reached his ears from both sides, and next thing he knew two pairs of hands were pushing him up and out of his seat, just to trap him between the two hungry women.

- If those texts don't say anything...
- Why don't we conduct some experiments ourselves? - Wendy finished, sneaking her hands underneath his shirt, while Tambry worked on his belt.
- I mean, it's not like we've used it every other night for the past two months...
- Y-yeah... - Dipper stuttered.

As the three began moving towards their bedroom, much to Tambry and Wendy's delight, though the women has caught on to the tone in his voice as he replied to them.

- Come on, Dipper, we don't think you *need* this... - Wendy kissed him - We know you are perfectly suitable to have fun with us both...
- ...but it's so much better with it! - Tambry exclaimed and pulled Dipper into a heated kiss, giving Wendy opportunity to topple him to the bed.

As Wendy worked on him, Dipper's nose was filled with the familiar, flowery fragrance that burned from the incense next to their bed. Tambry corked the bottle, still more than half-full, and the powerful aphrodisiac rushed through his lungs, bringing the familiar excitement that was only strengthened by the sight of two marvellous, naked women towering over him.

- First of all, the sap makes you... discover more about yourself... - Wendy spoke, pressing her lips to Tambry's locking her childhood friend in a tight, sensual embrace strengthened by their arms curled around their waists.

Two months ago, Dipper, Tambry and Wendy encountered the villas, and since that faithful day their life as changed forever, as the magic not only strengthened the bonds between the three, it made them realise some they weren't aware of. Deeply hidden feelings the three had for each other bloomed and by the end of the night, the two became three, exploring their sexuality in the way they only dreamt of in the most carnal fantasises.

And as Dipper looked at Wendy and Tambry exchanging soft kisses, he still couldn't believe that this dream has became his reality.

Using the girls' moment of weakness, he sneaked his arms around Wendy's bum and brought her over his face, tasting first drops of her liquid heat, while Tambry continued her caresses, moving to the lumberjane's freckled breasts. However, Tambry had more than one lover to please, and as Wendy occupied Dipper's mouth, she positioned herself above his cock, letting her weight gently push him up her equally soaking pussy.

Tambry let out a faint groan, which Wendy used to take advantage of the situation; now she was the one buried between Tambry's breasts, licking and kissing her body, as she gently rocked in place, inviting more and more of Dipper inside her. Wendy's hips moved across Dipper's face, but his grip quickly put her in place, just so their boyfriend could actually caress Wendy's alluring, enticing sex. Wendy let out a gasp when Dipper took her lips into his mouth, suckling on them gently, while his fingers brushed her clit and opening, already overflowing.

A moment later, the two women kissed again, moaning into each other's mouth, as the sexual machine they created sped up. Wendy's hips trembled under Dipper's gentle treatment, and the strong red-head had to collapse under the delicate pecks and nibbles that turned into full on penetration when Dipper introduced his tongue inside her. Wendy's new position gave her, however chance to help her friend; as Tambry bounced up and down on Dipper's cock, Wendy's tongue lapped across their joined sexes, simultaneously tasting both Dipper and Tambry and causing both of them to moan.

Her hand cupped his testicles, feeling the tension and heat boiling inside them, and she knew there was only one way to make their first orgasm concurrent. Her position gave her chance to feel both Dipper's erratic writhing, as well as Tambry's impatient pushes, and as a result, when Wendy felt her waves of pleasure radiate through her body she kissed Tambry's clit, sucking on it, while her finger sneaked between Dipper's buttocks just to give him an extra bit of stimulation as well.

Wendy revelled when she heard moans and cries of both his lovers coming at the same time, and her eyes widened, as she watched Tambry's and Dipper's abdomens tremble while their orgasms shook their bodies. She only had to wait a bit longer for a hefty proof of that when Tambry rode last few waves of her orgasms and lifted her tired body up, showing a hefty stream of Dipper's cum flowing out of her used pussy, which Wendy gladly tasted, moving brtween Tambry's sex and Dipper's cock.

- Second observation - she spoke, her voice quivering - Dipper is able to give us much, much more of him...
- I trust your words, Wen - Tambry wheezed - But yeah, this is a big *dipper* of cum...
- Hey, I sometimes feel I need safety goggles too - Dipper spoke, crawling from between Wendy's legs, licking off her equally hefty orgasm that covered his face.

The women burst into laughter, watching Dipper using tissue after tissue. Though when the last one cleaned his face, they could see his lips curled into a devilish smirk.

- Oh, you may laugh, but here comes observation number three!

Wendy cried, as her world was suddenly turned upside down and she found herself surrounded by her two lovers: Tambry at her head, Dipper between her thighs.

- I'm still hard. - Dipper smiled.
- Come on, Dip, fill her up!

Wendy let out a shriek when she felt Tambry grabbing her legs and lifting them up, exposing her pussy and asshole. She looked up at the upside-down smirk on Tambry's face, and a moment later at Dipper's enamoured face, as he gladly filled Tambry's wish, slipping his cock inside her twitching pussy.

At some point, while Dipper continued ploughing through Wendy, Tambry decided she could use a bit of her sweet tongue work again, and temporarily shielded her eyes from her chestnut-hair lover, instead showing her stripes of her purple bush, decorated with globs of white. And a moment later, Tambry was quivering again, when Wendy licked her, hoping to return the delicate favour Dipper gave her a few minutes before.

One of her lovers, thoughtfully moved a a pillow underneath her bottom, making Dipper's frantic bucking more pleasurable, as he was now able to hilt himself further into her cushioned sex, leaning over the female tandem, exchanging quick, fevered kisses with Tambry at the same time.

Just like Wendy before her, it was Tambry who was at the verge of her orgasm first, after her already stimulated lips and sex was licked almost-clean by Wendy's hungry tongue and mouth. And it was the red-head's oral skills that made Tambry cry her name and collapse to the side, just in time to give Wendy chance to see beads of sweat appearing on Dipper's birthmark.

- Do-do it, dude! - Wendy gasped, feeling her own orgasm incoming as well.

With Wendy in her immobilised position, Dipper pushed himself deep within her with each thrust, watching as her legs on his shoulder flailed with each one. But it was Tambry's fingers that sneaked between their sweaty bodies, closing both around his cock and Wendy's clit that pushed them both to their peaks. Dipper cried Wendy's name, and Wendy let out a groan that was supposed to be directed as both of her lovers, but in turn created a jumbled mess of their names instead. And any subsequent moans he produced was less and less coherent, as pleasure tore body apart with each portion of Dipper's cum he shot deep inside her. His animalistic position gave him the chance to release his energy and act as dominantly as he could, with Wendy in a rare, submissive pose.

The three students remained silent for quite a while, breathing erratically, before they jumped in to exchange heated kiss after kiss, once again depraving each other of aphrodisiac-rich air. Wendy gladly returned to a bit less passive position, and with Tambry's help, they toppled Dipper to his back, rolling back and forth on their spacious bed.

- You know what? - Dipper suddenly spoke amidst giggling and kissing - I think I have found another effect of the sap.
- What's that?
- I, er... I don't have the need for a bathroom break after... each time...

Wendy and Tambry became silent for a split of a second, before the three burst into laughter, and continued exploring each other's heated, still twitching bodies that lead them to round after round of love making. Tambry demanded Dipper giving her a "refill", accusing Wendy of eating her out clean, while Wendy desperately wanted to conquer Dipper Amazon-style as a revenge for the way he claimed her. And in the end, they both got what they wanted, several times over, until last drop of villa's sap evaporated and the three fell to the bed defeated and sapped of their energy, but revelling with deepest and most rewarding of pleasures.

- So, how was that for a research? - Wendy asked, curling up on Dipper's chest, watching as it rises and falls.
- Well... - Dipper took a deep breath after Tambry deprived him of it with a long kiss - It certainly was... bountiful.

The girls snickered, nuzzling against his chest.

- Though, of course, we need to verify it. - Tambry spoke with knowing tone.
- Oh yes, all if this could have been be a fluke... Thirty to forty-five days in a row - Wendy spoke sarcastically, rolling her eyes.
- I do wonder why the villas have chosen us, though. - Dipper sighed dreamily, bringing his two girlfriends closer to himself, listening to their purrs and slowed breathing - I mean, why would those creatures that want to preserve life and nature give us magical potion that makes us all hornier, make sex so much more pleasurable and allow us to last for such a long ti-

The peaceful bubble of tranquillity of their post-coitus was broken, when at the same moment the realisation has dawned on the three lovers with a subtlety of bucket of ice cold water being dropped on their heads. The girls opened their eyes wide and sat up, exchanging worried, knowing looks, and trying to find explanation.

- I-I'm on the pill, though - Tambry stuttered
- And I have patches... - Wendy added.

But the two sets of double vertical lines on their pregnancy tests proved them both wrong.

There was of course, one other effect of the magical aphrodisiac neither of the three lovers, nor authors of ancient texts on Dipper's desk were aware of, it. Wendy and Tambry's periods were absent not due to the modern contraceptives they thought were working, but thanks to their wombs suddenly becoming fertile again with villas' magic... Though of course, it was Dipper, supplying them each with a multiple creampies of his supernaturally-potent seed nearly every night that put the final, hefty puzzle in place.

And yet, despite the shocking news that struck them in the middle of the night, the three returned to bed knowing things will be alright. A bit different, much more difficult, but Wendy, Dipper and Tambry exchanged goodnight kisses as usual, and fell asleep, knowing that no magic pushed them to do that.


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Amanda wasn't sure what to do. Her hand was just inches away from knocking on their friend's room, when her ears picked up a tone she didn't expected to hear. Well, at least not now, when all four of them were meant to study together for their finals.

Another one of Melissa's deep moan filled the room on the other side, reverberating through the door and putting goosebumps all over Amanda's skin. She shouldn't be there. Maybe she was too early? Conflicting thoughts paralysed her, as her flight instinct rivalled a very dirty, primal part of her mind that lured her in, and that part became only more active, when she heard Zack's voice.

- Does it feel good?
- Oh, it does...

Melissa's replied with languorous, salacious moan that nearly made Amanda drop her books to the corridor floor. She tried very hard not to imagine what was happening behind the door, but of course, if you try to not think about pink elephants, suddenly your mind is filled with them parading to the jumpy tune.

Still, they were her friends, Amanda repeated to herself. She closed her eyes, hoping it would help, but in turn, she only remembered all the knowing looks the two exchanged every time they danced, or when they hang our with her and Milo. For some reason, the tension between the two was the most obvious then...

On the other hand, she knew she was on time, and as a result it was them who had the audacity to do it. True, they were at Melissa's house, and Zack being her boyfriend meant there was a non-zero chance they haven done it already anyway, but...

Amanda's internal dialogue was interrupted, when Melissa's grunts and wails turned into proper words, ones she did not want to hear.

- Zack, be gentle, please?
- I wouldn't do it any other way, my fair lady.

For a moment the two were silent, and only when Amanda heard their lips smacking in a prolonged, wet kiss, she realised what the two were doing. And then, as she expected, Melissa' voice broke another octave.

- Oh, yes! - she screamed - That hit the stuff... don't stop, Zack!
- Not... gonna...

His grunt only made her knees weaker, but at the same time, she finally knew she has to stop. It was immoral, dishonest and borderline illegal towards their friends who put so much trust in them. She turned around and she was about to take a step forward, when her foot met with something round, squishy, and friend-shaped.

- Diogee! - Amanda whispered, and put a finger to her mouth - You're not supposed to be here!

"Neither should you", he seemed to be saying, turning his head left and right, eyeing her with his usual, wide-eyed, absent gaze. Amanda made a quick "shoo" motion with her hands, but a thought occurred to her: if Diogee was here, then surely it mean that...

- Hi, Amanda! Zack's here already?

Milo's voice made Amanda jump in place, landing in his arms, in one incredibly fortuitous accident.

- Milo! - Amanda spoke in the hushed voice - We... we can't... We have to study with them later.
- But why? - Milo asked and, to Amanda's horror, reached for the door. - I'm not late, am I? I made sure to set all fifteen clocks.
- No, you don't get it... - she was quicker and closed her hand on the knob.

Amanda could hear the soft moans coming from behind the door. Door they were now both pushing on, as she suddenly realised.

The large, white, wooden rectangle slowly moved in one way it was not designed to, as it fell to the floor, causing all four high school seniors to yelp, though for entirely different reasons. Amanda was quick to cover Milo's eyes with her palms and she herself hid behind him, and only Melissa's concerned voice made her question her behaviour.

- Eh, what are you guys doing?

There were only three options: Zack and Melissa were either incredibly open about their intimacy, or very inexperienced, as they only lasted a few minutes at best, or...

They were doing nothing nefarious at all.

Amanda opened her eyes and as she slowly adapted to the light, she realised she hasn't caught their friends in flagrante. For once, they were not naked; Melissa was sitting in her office chair, surrounded by several pillows, and Zack was behind it, with his hands on her shoulders. The only odd thing were their facial expressions they now wore.

- Ah, you see... - Amanda began - I... I'm not-I was here-and-I thought-...
- Amanda, can I see what's going on?
- What? Oh!

Amanda pulled her hands away from Milo's face, restoring his sight. He blinked, looked around, and joined Zack and Melissa in a bewildered stare focused at Amanda.

- I just - she continued her stuttered explanation - I was here early, and I o-overheard you...
- How could you have overheard having a massage? - Zack raised his brow/

Only now, Melissa's eyes widened and she covered her mouth as she snorted, and her face became a bit redder.

- Er, Zack, I think she means my reactions to your massage...
- What? All that "ooos" and "aahs"? What did you think we were-Oh.

Silence fell between the four young adults and one canine, until Melissa broke the awkward tension.

- Yeah, I think I can see why you would think that my massage wasn't... it... I mean, in our defence, Zack is really good at it.
- ...cause-cause you said "be gentle", and-and-and I couldn't un-hear it... - Amanda kept apologising profusely.
- Relax, Amanda. - Milo put arm over her, giggling - It was just a silly misunderstanding...
- Yeah. And besides, Melissa likes it rough.

At Zack's proclamation, three mouths and one snout opened wide, and they remained as such until Zack understood his mistake, and he made everything to let his blunder go by.

- Shall-shall we study now?

Zack asked with a squeaky voice, knowing that at least now he made sure that neither of them would dare to talk about it, as suddenly the history of English literature became a very interesting topic.


Chapter Text

There were a lot of stories passed around the castle about now-adult prince Callum, and his two life companions. And one didn't have to look far to see where they came from: with Callum openly loving both Claudia, the crown mage and Rayla, the Moonshadow elf attaché that brought peace to their land, some gossips were very easier to made than others.

But even the most extreme of them weren't even close to what really happened in their bedroom after the doors were locked and magically protected. Ever since the three embraced their relationship, they were discovering more and more ways to pleasure themselves each night, thanks to their ingenuity and teamwork. Rayla's acrobatic skills, combined with Callum's and Claudia's magic created a volatile combination that made all three achieve their peaks in completely unpredictable ways.

Callum was still breathing heavily, trying to regain consciousness after his first mind-blowing orgasm of the night that came from an incredibly startling experiment done by Claudia, even by her standards. And now, minutes after he finished, he had to stare down to confirm it was real.

And when he looked at his two, half-limp cocks, he knew it was.

Claudia has always been dancing around the limits of black magic, and even though Callum tried not to bring too much of it into their chambers, he couldn't complain about this usage of it. The voluptuous brunette used parts of a dead snake to infuse Callum with parts of his anatomy he wasn't even aware of, and as a result, the two women no longer had to rival each other when pleasuring their boyfriend orally.

With globs of Callum's cum still in their mouths, Claudia and Rayla were trapped in a tight embrace, kissing each other senselessly, their arms and legs closed around each other's backs. But lying on their sides had of course one more purpose: their wet pussies were pressed together, giving Callum the stimulating sight he needed, and once he got up from the chair and walked towards the bed, his double manhood was hard again.

- May I interrupt you, ladies? - he asked, brushing Claudia's and Rayla's thighs, which resulted in both girls giggling and shivering.
- Well, if you have to... - Claudia replied with a pretence, mocking tone.
- Aye, we were having fun. What can *you* offer?

While they were teasing him, Rayla and Claudia sneaked their hands between their joined bodies and spread their pussies, already feeling tips of his cock against their entrances, whimpering slightly in anticipation. Up until now, Callum had to make choices: he usually penetrated one of them, while the other received oral treatment, or had to be satisfied with his finger work. However, Callum loved the most slipping his cock between their mashed pussies, stimulating both of them at the same time, while their delicate hands did the rest.

Tonight, however, he didn't have to choose. Rayla and Claudia moaned in anticipation of his intrusion, and shrieked when instead of his hard cocks, they both felt something different caressing their most intimate places.

- Callum! What the heck? - Rayla verbalised her anger when Callum kneeled in front of her and tasted her by sneaking his tongue into her hole.
- What? I gotta make sure you are ready...

Having only one tongue, Claudia had to be left with his fingers dancing around her puffy lips, but soon she also felt Callum's mouth kissing and sucking on her folds when he changed his target, now much to the protest to the Moonshadow elf that just a moment ago was so angry at him.

For a few minutes, Callum teased the two, caressing and worshipping their overflowing sexes, savouring their different, potent tastes and differences between them. Claudia's pussy was puffier, and the brunette left just a bit of her bush down there for him, as opposed to the cleanly shaved Rayla. But his play and fascination didn't last long, when Rayla and Claudia grabbed his shoulders at the same time and pulled him up, locking his torso with their arms, while mischievous, impatient grins spread over their faces.

- Come on, Callum, we gotta test my new spell...

Claudia single command worked like a charm itself, as a second later, the two women were moaning into each other's mouths again, enjoying the same treatment of Callum filling them with his cocks. Callum himself threw his head back, as the double dose pleasure once again overwhelmed him temporarily. The feeling of two sets of warm, wet walls around him created another conflict of stimuli; Rayla was a bit tighter, maybe due to her different anatomy, and as a result, Callum sometimes felt as he was making love to two Moonshadow elves, or two of his childhood friends, as the experiences mixed with each other with each thrust, and combined to create a completely new phenomenon.

For the girls, the experience was also relatively new; while Rayla and Claudia sometimes used elongated objects from the latter's collection to compensate lack of their boyfriend, nothing could truly replace Callum, and now, as he was able to pleasure both of them in truly equal and fair way, the two could concentrate on each other, adding a bit of finesse to their love-making. With their lips busy, their fingers danced around each other's pussy and clit, often sneaking to caress Callum's as well and cup the new, odd part of his body that were giving them so much enjoyment. Claudia was also keen on peppering Rayla's chest with kisses, while the Moonshadow elf moaned as her tongue danced around her nipples, quivering in sync with Callum's thrusts.

The young prince had to give twice as much energy, pleasuring his women, and he did not hesitate; the alluring, enticing sight of the two, joined in a carnal, erotic embrace only gave him energy to continue his frantic, frenzied bucking, revelling in the sight, smell and feel around him. The smacking sounds of his hips meeting theirs filled the chamber with alluring, erotic noises that mixed with the moans and groans of the three that only rose in volume and frequency.

But just like his double blowjob, twice the amount of pussy around him made him ready to burst in much shorter time, and when the girls were only half-way through their caresses, they were alerted with Callum's roaring voice, which sounded a bit like an apology, and a bit like mangled bits of their names smashed together, not unlike their bodies.

Two streams of Callum's thick cum flooded their pussies in fast, powerful jets, much to the girls' delight, supplying them with the soothing and exciting warmth they were after. And just like the unexpectedly hefty orgasm with which he filled their mouths, this one was equally voluminous, lasting for entire minute, giving girls time to praise Callum for his virility, though in this case, it might have been magically altered. Claudia and Rayla sneaked their hands between their bodies, and lifted their legs to watch as his cocks pulse with each dose of cum, and the feeling of his double manhood twitching under their fingertips was an oddly satisfying, carnal pleasure.

And when Callum fell to his back after he felt he has just emptied himself into their wombs, he was rewarded with the truly amazing sight. Rayla and Claudia reached their hands to each other's pussies and spread their lips, watching as Callum's eyes widen with each second of their lustful performance. The same hefty dollops of cum Callum rewarded his girlfriends with were now steadily trickling down their tights, marking them truly as his with his viscous, creamy seed. Claudia didn't mind taking a bit of it between her fingers and tasted it, making long, satisfied moans while she revelled in the potent, musky taste, and even Rayla, who wasn't that keen on that mimicked her, her face still turning into grimace afterwards when she had to swallow it.

- That... that was beyond amazing. - sighed Callum - Freaking phem... phemno... amazing again...

He babbled and fell to his back, but he was promptly alerted by their annoyed voices not a second later.

- Oh, sure, typical male. - Rayla scoffed him - He puts his thing in us, does a few grunts and he's done asleep already.
- Yeah, you sure you haven't forgotten about us, Callum? - Claudia added in equally mocking tone.
- Okay, but... but...

And before he could verbalise his apology, the women were straddling him, each positioned above one of his cocks. Their hands sneaked around his tools, but it was the sticky feeling of his seed dripping steadily from their already used pussies onto his heads that brought him back for one more ride.

- Don't worry, Callum, we're gonna do the work this time.
- You mean, like most other times? - Rayla snickered, impaling herself on his cock, and letting a deep moan of satisfaction.
- Oh come on, give our puppy a break! - Claudia cupped his cheek - He is the first man, or elf, probably, to make love to two ladies that way! It's a major breakthrough in... uh, love-making? Courtship? I'm-I'm not sure, honestly...
- Well, I know one person who's gonna be broken through and through...

And with Rayla's snarky remark, the girls began pushing their bodies up and down in alternating, see-saw-like fashion, allowing Callum to feel the warmth of their pussies coiling around him every time. And with his cum from the previous orgasm acting like a lubricant, slowly overflowing from their holes, Callum knew he will need a lot more willpower to not disappoint his ladies from now on, but the thought of filling his girls again at the same time with his virile seed and seeing them achieve simultaneous orgasms was more than rewarding.

Chapter Text

If there was anything one could say about Pacifica Northwest, it was that she could definitely make an entrance. As she walked towards her spacious bed, she made sure to sway her hips, so that her fishnet stockings, as well as her black corset and matching gloves were fully visible in the dimmed light that made her seductive body even more alluring.

The heiress of the Northwests watched as her lover writhed in place in anticipation, while the distance between her and Mabel diminished with each step she took. Finally, when she lay her hand on Mabel's shoulders, the naked woman shivered and melted under her touch, spreading all over the bed, or as amuch as she could given her restraints. Pacifica used that moment of weakness to straddle her, rendering Mabel even more vulnerable.

With her lips curled into a sly smirk, Pacifica began moving forward, leaving a gentle trace of her juices dripping from the cut in her black panties across Mabel's body. As she got closer, Mabel tried getting out of the shackles with which she was cuffed to the bed, but she was unable to do so. Pacifica grabbed her wrist, the mere touch of her making her hyperactive lover surrender.

- Now, then... - she spoke slowly - Were were we?

Pacifica reached to remove gag from Mabel's mouth, and before Mabel could reply, Pacifica pushed her wet sex over her mouth, pressing her weight against Mabel's face. At once, she felt her tongue lapping at the liquid heat she has spread over Mabel's body already, producing more with each lick. Pacifica wished she could set Mabel free, as her surprisingly strong hands would keep Pscifica's hips in place, but alas, she wanted to be in control this evening.

Looking down at her mesmerised girlfriend, Pacifica grabbed the bed frame and pushed forward and down, exerting more pressure on her disarmed lover. She could hear her muffled moans and cries, which only stimulated her sex, allowing the room to be filled with mostly her satisfied, deep purrs.

Her jittery moves became stronger and braver with each second of her dominance. Underneath her, Mabel Pines revelled in the smell and scent that overwhelmed and filled her senses completely, and that combined with the figure of Pacifica towering over her made her body twist and writhe with the orgasm she wasn't able to achieve, as Pacifica seemed to have no intentions of returning the favour in any way.

As her whimpering grew in strength and volume, so did Pacifica's rapid thrusts against Mabel's face and nose, which brushed her delicate, enlarged clit every time she pushed forward. Finally, Pacifica had enough, let go of the shaking, wooden bedframe and dug her fingers into Mabel's hair, stabilising her moves by tying them to her girlfriend. Their eyes met, and Mabel knew what her girlfriend was gonna do now.

Only now, Pacifica's ride really has begun; she was relentless with making sure every inch of Mabel's face will be covered n her juices and marked as hers, and as Mabel's mouth worked tirelessly to produce more of it, Pacifica wasn't stopping. Mabel's tongue lapped at her folds, occasionally she took them between her lips, sucking, or nibbling on them, and Pacifica looked how her fingers, usually so skilled and versatile in love-making hang useless in the shackles in front of her.

Suddenly, Mabel's cries grew, and Pacifica allowed her lover a tiny moment of break, but only to hear what her subject wanted to say.

- Paz! - Mabel gasped for air, crying her name - Paz, please...

Her legs twitched and quaked, and Pacifica didn't have to sneak her hand between them to know that a single flick of her fingers would set the fire burning in her loins. She smiled and pressed her wet sex against her face again, feeling her own climax incoming.

- Say my name properly...
- Pmhmahm!
- What's that? I didn't... I didn't he-hear...

Pacifica gasped for air, and mashed her clit with her fingers, while her sex moved in equally circular, jerky motion against Mabel's face.

- Pmhmhma! - Mabel mumbled, her tongue making random parts of her sex spark with pleasure.
- Say it! Say it again!

Pacifica moved her arm to her back, trying to land between Mabel's legs, just in time for their orgasms to be concurrent. She moved her hips up, giving Mabel one more chance to breathe.

- Pa...Pacifica Pines!

Mabel cried when Pacifica's fingertip brushed her clit, predictably sending Mabel into a fit of shakes, as the energy she's gathered exploded all over her body. But it was the name Mabel spoke that made Pacifica fall to her back, though not before she'd spray her orgasm over Mabel's face and breasts. Pacifica writhed and quaked, trying not to hit Mabel with her legs, and only after a solid minute, once she recovered from her orgasm she was able to sit up and look at the mess she made.

But instead, she only found Mabel, with a giddy smile all over her face, covered in translucent, shinning cum, reflecting rays of light from the chandelier above them. Pacifica leaned and made their lips meet, while she worked on undoing the handcuffs, and a moment later Mabel's hands were around her back, rolling the two back and forth.

The two stopped, staring into each other's enamoured eyes, seeing the familiar, frisky glimmer. The enchanted, magical silence was broken when Pacifica spoke.

- For the record, I still think "Mabel Northwest" sounds better.
- Maybe you can convince me, then?

And in a split of a second, Mabel was on her, her wrists in her hands, this time being tied to the bedframe with multicoloured shoelaces.


Chapter Text

Through the crowded roads of Zootopia, a massive police SUV cut through the traffic at the maximum legal speed, turning tight corners - with the blinkers on, of course - and making sure to stop at every red light. Judy Hopps gripped the steering wheel tightly, watching for the moment the light above her would change to green. She didn't even flinch when the acceleration pushed her partner into his seat. As he stared at his determined girlfriend, Nick glanced at the small religious symbol dangling next to the air freshener, and thought it might not be a bad time to start praying again.

As they drove across the city, blood was still boiling in Judy's veins, and she was silently cursing the person they were about to visit for splitting this beautiful night in two. Just half an hour ago, she was in Nick's arms, in their flat.

*Their* flat, for the first time. They have eaten a fancy dinner, they have danced, they have kissed.

And finally, the two decided it was time to test their bed.

Judy strained their budget a bit and bought a set of white lingerie, and with each blur of white she spotted on passer-bys, she remembered intricate pieces of her attire flying into the air, as Nick disrobed her. He made long licks with his tongue and placed more butterfly kisses along her thighs than there were actual butterflies in the Rainforest District. He worshipped her breasts, fondled her bum, making sure not to touch her wet, dripping sex, leaving it for last.

When she took over and pinned him to the bed, her good heart forced her to make a final mistake, and instead of impaling herself onto his rock hard cock straight away, she repaid him with her mouth. Kissing his red-brown chest, she ventured down, savouring the musky scent of her predator that only grew in intensity as her knees bent and bent more. She would be lying if she said she wasn't drooling when his cock was finally on her eyes level, and if she wanted to act restraint this evening, it was all lost when she took the first lick of precum.

Back and forth, Judy Hopps loved her fox's cock, coating with copious amount of saliva with her kisses, before she took him down, first into her mouth, and then her throat, never taking eyes from her lover towering over her. She kept her paws on his; though she loved when Nick was rough using her mouth, especially pulling her ears, tonight she wanted it to be purely her effort. She bobbed her head back and forth, revelling in the overwhelming smell and scent of her mate, and her lips curled into a smirk as she watched Nick's face being torn with grimace after grimace.

When he started shouting her name and flailing his legs, she pressed her paws around his knot, and experienced the warmth poured into her mouth in long, hefty streams. Obediently, she drank his salty, potent orgasm, complementing the delicate, light dinner they ate, and as her mouth, tongue and lips worked more and more of it from him, she wished for nothing more than to get drunk on it.

Two minutes later, Judy took first breath of fresh air with her mouth, and she was immediately pulled from the floor into Nick's arms, and her body was once again peppered with trail of uncoordinated kisses while Nick mumbled her name still going through his hefty orgasm that made his body quiver. His aggressive, masculine scent was mixed with the fresh, lavender smell of the new, white sheets, and that alone made Judy light-headed.

She closed her eyes, hoping it would make his caresses even more overwhelming; her body twitched with each new kiss that got Nick closer to the heat between her legs. She was sure that even the slightest of brushes of his paw, nay, one strand of his fur could set her on fire, and at this point, she wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Them, out of nowhere, she heard the familiar, buzzing noise, and she was surprised that Nick wanted to use a vibrator for this, but then a second buzzing noise chimed in, this time with a distinctive ringtone.

Fifteen minutes later, they were in the car, driving to a place of some midnight robbery, which turned out to be nothing more than a forgetful old lady who hasn't locked her own shop.

When Judy walked back to their police car, she was exhausted after half an hour of talking to a senile woman who kept asking them if they wanted more cookies. She slumped over her seat, and closed her eyes, wishing their car could magically fly them back home.

She opened her eyes at once when she felt Nick's paws around her, as he brought her into his arms and locked her into a heated kiss. But as the kiss progressed, and his fingers became more and more brave, Judy realised what he was doing. Their eyes met, and she recognised the gleam in his eyes that she knew so well.

- Say one word, and I'll stop...

She opened her mouth, but didn't say anything. As she got comfortable in his laps, she let his paw slide into her pants, just as she started undoing his shirt to once again smell and taste him. Without breaking her kiss, he lifted her to slide her trousers down, and when he lowered her, Judy was finally given what she has been thinking of the whole night. His warmth, length and girth filled her completely in one, single, forceful move. She no longer care for long, languorous love-making, she wanted to be rutted, fucked and knotted, even if they would last just twenty seconds.

Though Nick grabbed her thighs, Judy moved on her own, bouncing up and down on the vulpine cock, that tore her apart with each thrust. The anger and resentment that filled her only fuelled her passion, though it was slowly being replaced by the carnal wanton and the promise of fulfilment already building up in her loins. For once, she was the victim, robbed of this evening she has planned for days, and she wasn't going to let the opportunity go away.

The two panted, filling the inside of their car with more and more of the hot air they exhaled, wondering if their vehicle rocked with them. Judy's moans were combined with Nick's snarling, as they both got closer and closer to their peaks. With each push, Judy could feel the bulbous knot brushing her clit and folds for a fraction of second longer, and she tightened her grip around Nick's neck, as she prepared for when it will fill her completely. She braced herself, waiting for the familiar feeling of stretching, followed by indescribable torrent of pleasure that would fill her, together with the flood of his warm, potent cum.

And then, she heard knocking, and the two stopped, frozen in panic. They looked to their right, and met the eyes of the old porcupine lady, holding a paper bag in her hand.

- I forgot to ask you: do you want cookies?

Chapter Text

Isabella wasn't sure if what was happening to her was real, or was it just an effect of blood slowly draining from her brain, making her light-headed and drift into her fantasy. But as the world around her kept spinning, she decided to not overthink it and embraced it, clutching Phineas' body even tighter, much to his simultaneous confusion and enjoyment.

Just a few hours ago, she was helping her boyfriend build something truly monumental for their annual end of the Summer celebration, which this year took a form of a giant ferris wheel, swinging each cabin in more than one direction, essentially giving everyone a chance to experience how it must feel to be a candidate for a pilot or an astronaut, by putting them in a massive centrifuge.

She hopped in with Phineas, put the seatbelts on, and a moment later she was spinning around, as the enormous device began rotating its long arms, and the backyard was filled with screams of twenty other students also enjoying the test ride. Despite the humongous force and velocity achieved by the capsules, Isabella didn't feel nauseous at all, despite the fact that the horizon very rarely was seen as a horizontal construct through the windows of their cabin. Her heart was racing, and as if the thrill of the attraction wasn't enough, she felt Phineas' hand on hers, his fingers intertwining with hers. She looked at him and leaned in for a kiss.

But no sooner than their lips brushed, something has happened that made the entire machine jump in place with a loud, ominous rumble. Phineas' opened his eyes wide, and after a few seconds of nervous looking around, he came to a terrifying conclusion.

- Uh, change of plans, we're going for a flight! - he spoke to the microphone.

From an outsider's point of view, it must have been an imposing sight, to see the swirling mess of metal rising up into the air, like a huge gyroscope operating just with its momentum, and then moving in the air currents, with no sight of slowing down. For the passengers, however, it took them a moment to realise they have detached from the mast and they were now sailing through the air, left on the weather's mercy.

- Phineas! - Isabella cried, leaping from her seat - Can't-Can't we do anything?
- I... I don't think so. - he looked around. - We need to lose the speed, but then we're gonna start falling down.

He pulled the lever in front of him, and before it reached its apex, he gave her final warning.

- Hold on, this might not be as comfortable as I thought.

But instead of the satisfying "click" of her belt, Isabella leapt into his arms, clutching him tightly, with her arms wrapped around his neck.

- I-Isabella!
- Ssh - she put his mind at ease - This is the safest place for me...

She cupped his face and pressed her lips to his, letting him feel the vibrations of the capsule through her body, immersing him with the pleasure he didn't expect to feel today. And then, Isabella closed the safety belt behind her back, locking the two together.

- Gotta stay extra safe.

She giggled and let Phineas push the lever, as her kiss deepened. She felt the sudden shaking and quaking around her, and with each, she dug deeper into him, pressing her body against his, locking the two in the most intimate of embraces. Once he had no control of the device, Phineas' hand found its way to her back, adding another level of security.

But his hands roaming over her back paled in comparison to what she felt between her legs. As the force has pushed her petite frame into the seat, and, consequently, into Phineas, it became impossible not to notice that even in this dire situation he was still a man.

And from the feel of it, she was a very lucky woman.

Isabella's eyes opened and she met Phineas', equally wide and filled with the mixture of guilt and excitation he couldn't quite contain. Isabella had only one cure for that, and it was more kisses. But this time, they were hungrier and more ravenous than before. She wished she could close her legs around his torso, and instead, she did that to the chair he was in, still getting enough stimulation she was seeking.

Phineas finally responded with a few more riskier moves of his hands and fingers that now danced around her waist and bum, a territory he hasn't been permitted to so far, and yet, he heard no objections from Isabella about his intrusions. Her hair flowed up and down, back and forth, as the machine kept rotating, soaring down into the ground, and with each second of their downfall, Isabella placed more and more bets loving her boyfriend, knowing she might very well have no other chances to do so.

She moved up and down against him, moaning into his mouth, though their intimate kiss broke off soon as Phineas was forced to groan as well, joining his girlfriend in the carnal music they were creating. Though their bodies were pushed towards each other with the centrifugal force, physics couldn't rival Isabella's passion that drove her into him. Unabashedly, disregarding all norms, she was thrusting her body, feeling his length through his jeans, and hoping he can experience as much stimuli as she was. His reddened face told her he definitely felt her breasts being pressed against his chest and when he broke their kiss off again, just to leave a mark on her cleavage, Isabella cried his name, pushing his face deep into her bosom.

They were still falling, and with that, Isabella felt she was flying, high into the air, wrapped around her boyfriend, and as she was about to pass out, she let it go, and allowed the flame building in her loins to consume her. Her back arched, she trashed against Phineas so hard, the safety belt unclipped, and as they flew up, she was finally able to close her legs behind him, just as she felt his hips began jerking uncontrollably, and he started babbling her name.

Their lips pressed against each other, in the longest, happiest and dirtiest kiss they have ever exchanged, as the pleasure radiated not just through their individual bodies, but seemed to overlap and spread through each other's, mixing and strengthening, as the two writhed against each other.

Isabella closed her eyes, waiting for the sweet release of... something, when she heard croaky voice of Phineas, speaking, or rather wheezing into the microphone again.

- Pre...preparing for landing... We... we hope you enjoyed our little controlled tu...turbulence....

He pushed a button and braced Isabella, as their joined bodies slowly fell to the roof and then to the floor, their limbs still tangled in a messy knot. It took Isabella a while to understand that they were not dead, and that they have not been plummeting to their death the whole time. The machine was slowly stopping, and soon, the metallic arms folded down, and twenty capsules were gently laid onto the ground, still in the backyard of Phineas' house.

- Did... did you like it? - Phineas asked, his face still torn with a mixture of bewilderment and shock, though his lips were starting to curl into a smile.
- Yes. - Isabella spoke - I definitely liked it.
- But do you-do you mean...
- Yes.

And she kissed him again, pulling him into a heated, passionate kiss, now feeling more than ever the familiar stickiness that so far she only associated with private intimate moments of her bedroom, decorated with pictures of Phineas. Their serene moment was suddenly interrupted by a an angry shriek from outside.

- PHINEAS! Were is he-Oh for crying out loud, get a room, you two!
- Candace, they are eighteen... - Stacey spoke, wobbling behind her impatient friend - And well, it's not like they couldn't have done that earlier...
- I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA DIE! - Candace screamed - I wrote half of my last will with emojis! - she shoved her phone up her brother's face.
- Easy, easy Candace. Let the two breathe...

Stacey smiled at the two and let her frustrated friend out. Phineas blinked, as only now realised that for the last minute or so he was lying on top of Isabella, and he jumped back, breathing nervously. Isabella sat up and gave him another soothing kiss, brushing his dishevelled hair, and the two stared deep into their eyes, watching as their face redden while the memories of the past few minutes flood them in a silent moment of intimacy. This one, however, was also interrupted by Candace's loud voice, echoing from other side of the yard.


Chapter Text

Sun shining through the window dancing on Evangelyne's eyelids woke her up, but it were her other senses that made her leave the realm of dreams. The many journeys forced the members of the Brotherhood of Tofu sleep in so many uncomfortable places, so being able to stretch and let her back rest on a real bed in the Sadida palace was a truly relaxing experience.

Then, slowly, she felt her muscles, aching in the enjoyable, exhilarating way, like after a day of good training or hiking. She stretched, and as she breathed the air in, she recognised the familiar, flowery aroma of her old chambers, mixed with a new, unique smell she only discovered last night.

And then, finally, she heard a loud snore that made her open eyes and flinch.

She turned to her side and saw Tristepin, lying next to her, spread on his, or rather her bedsheets, sleeping as innocently as if the last night never happened. And yet, there was no doubt it has. For once, Evangelyne had just the slightest problem of moving, as the pain in her bum reminded her of her boyfriend's strength. Another evidence was the stickyness she felt between her legs as well as on her side of the bed. Lack of clothes was another evidence, but it was the unmistakable, musky, aggressive and alluring scent of sex that brought so many memories to Evangelyne's mind.

She lay next to her lover again, avoiding the mythical "wet spot", and watched as his muscular chest rose up and down, and couldn't help but smile, looking at her precious Iop. She wasn't a romantic type, and she never really imagined how their first time would look like. Statistically, she thought it would happen in their tent, in the middle of some monster-infested cave, or some other gruesome place. But for once, she was wrong, and the reality has definitely outdone the expectations.

As he looked at him, it was impossible to ignore another part of his body Eva tried to not pay attention to, perhaps out of decency and modesty. But as Tristepin's cock twitched gently with each snore, the Cra could no longer pretend and stared at the massive manhood that made so many memories last night. Her sister told her some stories about Iops and how well-endowed they are, and up until now, Eva thought her free-spirited sister was joking. Eva caught herself drooling slightly, and sat up; trying not to wake him up, Eva gently crawled to Tristepin's crotch, and carefully straddled him, pressing his length against her abdomen.

When his purple, glistening head reached past her navel, Evangelyne shivered. There was no way she took him all the way down last night.

And yet, she remembered being in that very position, feeling his balls against her folds as she bravely pushed down, wanting to get as much of him as she could. Just a few weeks ago he was gone, then he miraculously came back, and with each thrust, Eva wanted nothing more than to feel him, as a final proof that he was real. When she was underneath him, and had her legs pressed against her chest, in simultaneously forceful and considerate, animalistic position, she knew there was only one person able to pleasure her that way. And no amount of morning coffee would be able to wash the very distinctive taste and smell of his out of her mouth, after his first, very unexpected orgasm that made Evangelyne temporarily depraved of air, substituting it with a tangy and potent aroma of his cum flooding her mouth.

From her room's window, she could see the statue erected in his memory, and the small glade where they were bickering yesterday. She didn't know back then that she will be making love to him not twelve hours later.

Without thinking, she began moving up and down against him, gently caressing his rod, and she only realised that, when Tristepin let out a tiny, impatient groan. Eva didn't stop, and instead, she went on, feeling droplets of his precum leaving a wet trace on her abdomen. With each bounce, she was higher and higher up, until finally, she rose on her knees enough to crawl above him, and when his tip brushed her wet opening, Tristepin opened his eyes wide. Evangelyn curled her lips into a sly, seductive smile and welcomed him.

- Morning, Pinpi-

Suddenly, Evangelyne shrieked, at the same moment Tristepin cried and jolted into the air, tossing her to the ground. Only when he landed, he realised what has he done, and rushed to help her.

- Oh my Iop, sorry, sorry Eva! Are you okay?

Evangelyne groaned, massaging her head, that was soon covered with wet, sloppy kisses.

- That's-that's enough, Pinpin.

She smiled, and cupped his face, hiding the grimace of discontent, as she tried understanding his behaviour. She stared into his puppy-dog, compassionate eyes and slowly brought her lips to his, wanting to feel the same heated and hungry kisses as last night, but instead he remained motionless, as if he was his own statue.

- What's wrong?
- Er, I, I don't know. - he scratched his head.
- Didn't you like last night? - she raised her brow.
- I, uh, I did...

He swallowed loudly.

- So, are we now, like, married, or something? Are we gonna do it every day? Cos I-I don't know what should I do now.

Eva chuckled.

- Well, there are a few more steps to that... - she grinned, tracing shapes against his chest - I suppose we are no longer just boyfriend a girlfriend... And, well, maybe we can do it every night.

She grabbed him and straddled him again, looking into his widened, glimmering eyes.

- Question is, do you want to? You seemed pretty knowledgeable last night.

A vaguely positive-sounding moan escaped his lips, followed by his vigorous nodding. Evangelyne smiled, and once again pressed her lips against his, this time getting the reply she wanted. His arms closed behind her back, and as she pushed her down, for a moment Eva thought she was making love to a statue.

She cried his name, simultaneously giving him a quick reassurance she was okay; she tightened her grip around him, as she slid down onto him for the third time in her life. Perhaps it was the time of the day, but watching him in the daylight, and not bathed in the mysterious, romantic moonlight, made him look even more real, and at the same time gave Evangelyne even more strength to continue.

Once again, as their cries and moans mixed, Evangelyne bounced up and down, feeling Tristepin's hands on her bum, helping her move vertically, and it was his help that made him fill her completely. Her wet lips touched his crotch again, and she couldn't help but cry, as her body shivered and her thighs twitched in anticipation. She curled her toes and twisted her legs into slightly more comfortable position, while her boyfriend took over, sliding her body up and down on his mast, covered in their mixed juices that only helped the cause.

Evangelyne watched as his boyfriend slowly becomes a blur with each plunge, and threw her head back, once again letting emotions control her. She was flailing her legs, unable to contain the pleasure and the feeling of her whole body being stretched and complemented by his hot cock, and it was that thought that finally pushed her over the edge.

She was babbling, moaning his name mixed with various praises and words of encouragement, as she knew what was going to happen soon. And sure enough, when Tristepin roared her name, she was unapologetically slammed onto him one more time, and the fire burned through her again, when the warmth spread through her insides in the form of another flood of cum that fountained out of his tip, painted her thoroughly white, and began leaking out just a few seconds later, as there simply wasn't enough space inside her, even though her twitching walls milked him of more and more.

Each spurt of his seed made her shiver again, and by the time he emptied his balls, Evangelyne was a quivering mess, clinging to him in a desperate, but caring embrace. And only when their bodies stopped twitching, the two looked into each other's eyes and kissed, savouring the soothing taste.

- Uh, Eva?

Tristepin's sudden voice broke the intimate moment, but Eva was more than happy to assist him.

- Is it always gonna be so messy?

Evangelyne looked between their joined bodies, afraid to slide him out, as she wasn't sure if the leafy, royal blankets could be cleaned of their joined fluids.

- Yeah, I suppose so. Just have to get used to it.

She smiled and leaned for another kiss, hoping it would hep her clean her mind of another set of pressing thoughts. As if on command, he did so, and the two began rolling back and forth on the floor, forgetting about any consequences only one of the two were aware of, knowing they will have much more time ahead to deal with them.







Chapter Text

Sitting at one end of the elongated table, Yugo felt overwhelmed, but not due to many meals prepared by his father. None of the smells coming from the exquisite breakfast could stifle the one scent he's had on his mind ever sine the start of this morning. She caught just a delicate whiff of it when he passed Amalia on the stairs, and as their eyes met, and she saw his surprised stare, she knew nothing would be able to get it out of his mind soon.

The two lovers exchanged quick looks from across the table, hoping other members of their party haven't noticed their slightly odd behaviour, though compared to his nervousness, Amalia acted quite nonchalantly, only occasionally sending Yugo sly smiles.

He tried thinking of something else, but as he was munching on one of his crepes, the delicious, golden syrup began pouring from the insides of the rolled pancake, and its thin, folded layers quickly brought Yugo back onto his track. He swallowed loudly, looked back and Amalia, and saw a frisky smile on her face, just as she pressed her fork against her dish, flooding her plate with the same, sweet fluids in even more copious amount.

Never before Yugo wanted for breakfast to end sooner.

The not-so-young Eliatrope had to suffer ten more minutes, until the meal was over, and the whole extended brotherhood of Tofu was ready to go back on their journeys after their short pit-stop in Emelka. Yugo, used to his job as a cook and a waiter, began taking dirty plates, but he was surprised to see Amalia doing the same; however, her silent, knowing look told him it was a deliberate choice on the princess' part. They tried their might to act inconspicuously, and only when they were alone, they embraced each other in a long, ravenous kiss.

Yugo didn't have to jump as high to perform it, as he used to hen he was younger; he was still shorter than her, but the years have granted him just a few inches that made him look quite handsome. Her mouth, however, wasn't his aim; his arms closed around her waist, and he quickly ventured down, just where his nose was leading him to.

- Ami... - he whimpered, when he smelled her again, this time also feeling her perfumes, mixing with the still present, buttery aroma from the breakfast.
- We can't... Yugo... - Amalia chirped, and contradicting herself, she pushed his head further down. - Just be... quick...
- Ami, can-can I...?
- No. - Amalia cut him off quickly, seeing the disappointment in his puppy eyes - Not today, I'm afraid.

She smiled.

- Don't worry, I'll make up to you for it.

Amalia let out a tiny yelp when she felt his strong hands pushed her up and laid her on the table that just a moment ago was filled with plates and dishes. Yugo spread her legs, and unabashedly dived with his tongue between her folds, soaking with the succulent, sweet juice that has overtaken his mind. Ever since he first made love to her, Yugo was surprised to find that her sex was overflowing with honey-sweet nectar, that, despite its viscosity, only helped his sexual endeavours.

And of course, it guaranteed that Yugo would be a frequent visitor between her legs.

Feeling the pressure of time, Yugo worked fast, licking, sucking, and nibbling on her folds and lips, gathering as much of the tasty juice as she could. He still wished he could make love to her, but even with her warning, the copious amount of her fluids would have told him it would be a bad time for Yugo to get trapped in the honey-pot of her sex, as it was more than prepared for that. Her pussy lured him with an enticing, strong, carnal fragrance, that made Yugo dizzy, and nearly made him break his spirit. As a a result, he realised there was only one way to combat the liquid heat, and it was to drink all of it.

But Amalia wasn't lying either when she told Yugo won't be dissatisfied, and he knew exactly what to do; while one of his hands kept a strong grip on her thigh, the other made a quick, circular motion in the air, before turning back to keeping her legs spread. Amalia was about to cry, and just in time, Yugo's cock appeared in front oh her, out of the blue portal, so she could close her lips around his hard pecker. Her moan vibrated through his organ, making Yugo jump in place, but that didn't stop the Eliatrope from continuing his meal. He used his fingers to penetrate his girlfriend, watching as she writhed and quaked on the table, and could only imagine how loud could she be, if her mouth was free.

Pleasure raging through her didn't mean Amalia would forget about her promise. She bobbed her head back and forth, fondling Yugo's length and his balls dangling in front of her. Yugo's unusual height meant they couldn't perform 69 very well, but with a bit of his magic, even that position became doable. But it wasn't just Yugo's skills that made Amalia cry and moan; as she took more of him into her mouth, her tastebuds exploded with familiar, masculine, aggressive smell and taste, combined with a sweet and fruity tang she was looking for the most. After living with her in the Sadida Kingdom, the vegetarian diet has changed the taste of his cum, much to Amalia's delight. She now understood how she must taste to him, and secretly, she was craving him as much as she wanted her.

Amalia tried keeping vaguely sitting position, but under Yugo's caresses, she lost balance, spreading her body on the table, as if she herself was Yugo's sumptuous dish. Yugo continued eating her out, while his cock moved up and down, pushing deeper into her mouth, as if he was hovering above her head, face-fucking her. Smell, taste and pleasure made Amalia light-headed, and thanking Sadida she was already lying, she gave in, crying Yugo's name through muffled moans. Her explosive orgasm covered his face in the sap-like substance Yugo gladly licked off, his fingers in her pussy getting coated with each second, as her hips quaked and shook. Yugo leaned in and let some of the ticker juice pour out straight onto his tongue, before he flicked it against her slit and her clit, leaving her as a twitching, sticky mess.

Only when she has finished, Yugo looked up from between her legs, saw the widened eyes of her lover, and understood her intentions at once. He withdrew his cock from the portal, jumped up on the table, and a second later, he really was straddling her, fulfilling her wish of nothing getting in between the two, even his magic. Drooling, Amalia greedily got hold of his twitching cock, closed her lips around him, and flicked her tongue around his head, while her eyes met his, gracing him with her carnal, hungry stare. And it was that element that pushed Yugo over the edge; he needed just a few more pushes, before he gripped the edge of the table and bucked his hips, feeding first of many streams of his cum into Amalia's mouth. Her eyes bulged, as the explosion of dominant, sweet and salty taste filled her mouth, while the thickness of his seed guaranteed that it will linger in her for hours, as Yugo continued to paint her palate white. One by one, Amalia gulped down Yugo's orgasm, filling her belly with a carnal and erotic drink. She savoured each and every drop of the potent, life-giving batter, watching as Yugo's face was torn with grimace after grimace, until only a giddy, blissful smile was left, just when he finished emptying his balls into her mouth.

- We gotta clean ourselves up. - she spoke, with a slightly croaked voice, when she let go off him.
- Y-yeah... - Yugo said and collapsed onto the table, breathing rapidly.

For a quick moment, the two lovers looked at each other's tired, but content faces, before Yugo leapt into her arms again, allowing themselves to indulge in a few more glorious seconds of intimacy.


- Ogrest's chaos, where were you two?

Eva fumed at Amalia and Yugo, who rushed out of the house solid ten minutes later after the others left.

- I was helping Yugo! - Amalia scoffed - So many dishes to clean...
- You two could've helped us pack all their stuff at the dragoturkeys - Eva countered, raising her brow.
- Well looks like you guys did the job on your own.

The princess shrugged, watching as Tristepin and his teenage kids put last bag on the animals and into the carriage.

- And besides, Yugo's breakfast was sooo good I had to take a second helping. - she smiled, giving him a wink.
- Eh, Ami... - he walked towards her, hiding his red face from Eva and her family - I, uh, I have some leftovers if you get hungry on the road...
- Oh, I will.

She leaned and their lips met, allowing their tastes and smells to mix into a unique and exhilarating concoction.

Chapter Text

When Iris suggested having sex in the woods, this was not what Ash was expecting. Ever since the now-adult couple became intimate with each other, Ash quickly discovered that the dragon tamer had particular proclivity for making love not in the comfort of their home, but in the wild, and he had to say, it was a tempting proposition, especially if the place she'd choose was not entirely uninhabited.

However, Iris seemed to be just a bit too reckless in her endeavour to satisfy her kink.

Ash was thankful Iris was gripping not just him, but the tree trunk behind his back, as she rode his cock, sending her angelic moans throughout the forest, or rather its treetops. The branch they were sitting on was thick and sturdy, but at the same time, it was gently wobbling in sync with Iris' furious moves, as she made Ash's rod appear and disappear inside her wet pussy. His eyes was fixated at her and her bouncing breasts, mostly because he dared not to look down. Iris was a skilled tree climber, and from that place, they could see quite a lot of the White Forest beneath them, including some folks looking for a rare Pokémon, though from their perspective they all looked like small colourful dots.

As if to react to his anxiety, Iris pressed her chest against Ash, burying his face between her modest, but perky breasts. This was indeed what Ash needed, as his tongue lapped at once at one of her nipples, making Iris' cry a prolonged wail that scared a flock of nearby Unfeazant. While her hands secured the two, his roamed her ass and thighs, adding just a bit of force to her own bounces. Their lips met again in a long, soothing kiss, which only sped up Ash's frantic bucking.

With each push, her needy sex covered his cock completely, hitting the deepest parts of her, and making her let out a quick, high-pitched yelp. it was evident, however, that Iris was taking much more pleasure from this dangerous style of love-making than Ash, and much sooner than he thought he'd hear that, iris began babbling, mixing various praises and some warnings to her lover.

- A-A-ash! G-ggonna-cccuumm...

Before Ash could prepare himself for it, Iris shrieked, clinging to his body, while hers, adrenaline-filled one began convulsing in his arms. She shoved her lips against his, trying to contain some of her screams, and was glad to feel Ash was helping her dissipate her orgasm that way. But Iris had one more surprise for him. As her body was still quivering from her climax, she slid off Ash's cock, much to his surprise and disappointment, only to perform what could only be described as somersault on the now-very-thin looking branch, and a moment later, she presented him with her soaking, wet pussy and her ass. She turned her head back, closed her arms around the wobbly branch, and cried out her request.

- Do me Lillipup style, now!

For a moment, Ash hesitated, but the encouraging, alluring wiggling, combined with the orgasm in his loins he was depraved of took over his common sense. He grabbed her ass and buried himself deep in her pussy again, alerting the forest of their presence once again, when Iris let out another prolonged wail. Ash tried remembering if he has ever been in a more careless and dangerous situation; but with each inch of his cock pushed inside her wet, warmth pussy, he was becoming blissful again, and the short cries of his lover only deepened the effect. He leaned over her, pushing himself further down her pussy, and as he did so, he looked to his side. Ash wasn't exactly afraid of heights; he was afraid of falling down. But the enchanted moans of his lover, chanting his name over and over with rising volume made him overcome his worries, or at least file them under "read later".

Instinctively, he gripped the petite frame of his girlfriend, and marvelled at her naked body and ass, wriggling in front of or underneath him. He even let go of her thighs and sneaked his arms underneath her, just so he could cup her breasts, and provide some extra protection for them from the branch's bark.

- We... we look like two Slakoths now! - Iris babbled, feeling her lover's cock reach once again deepest parts of her pussy in steady, powerful moves.
- Y-Yeah!

Ash really had nothing more to add, as he was too absorbed trying to reach his climax he could already feel burning through his hips before his biggest concern would materialise. His pushes were shorter, but stronger, and there was no mistake: their branch was wobbling up and down with much higher frequency.

- A-Ash!
- Iris!

His voice, though lower than when the two first met, cracked as Ash cried his lover's name at the same time as he shot first jet of cum deep inside her waiting pussy. Iris's arms and legs closed tighter around the branch, though as her second climax tore her apart, she had to make conscious effort to not let her bliss overwhelm her. With each portion of Ash's warm, sticky cum, it was more and more difficult, though, especially when Ash's hefty orgasm began sipping from her used pussy, as Ash retreated and slumped back onto the tree, marvelling at the sight of his creampied lover in front of him. One last rope of cum covered her ass, landing between her buttcheeks, marking the end of their risky love-making.

It took a a moment for Ash to recover from their love-making, though he wasn't surprised to see that his girlfriend didn't look tired at all, as she quickly jumped, quite literally, back into his laps. She turned around with grace and kissed him, giving him another sight of her pussy, leaking his cum as she sat in front of him. She threw her head back and basked in the cool, refreshing wind of the forest around them, before she decided to go back to his laps and press her lips to Ash in a long, soothing kiss. From her position, she could see the White Treehollow, the massive tree-turned-tower filled with battling trainers, and wondered if any of them have noticed them.

- Geez, Iris... - Ash wheezed clinging to the branch beneath him - That was intense.
- Of course it was, I told you! And you were a big scaredy Purrloin.

She leaned for another kiss, just as an ominous "crack" filled their ears. Ash grabbed her waist, just before the branch broke in half, somewhere in the place which he was rutting her just a few minutes ago.

- Well, okay, maybe next time we can do it on the ground.

Chapter Text

In the darkness of the vast chamber, Spike could only see the ominous, glowing blue eyes of the powerful mare straddling him, though as his eyes got used to the ambiance, he realised his position more and more. The magical chains around his ankles and wrists prevented his spread body from moving, and even his tail, usually so versatile, couldn't help him much, especially with magic engulfing the whole bed he was tied to.

The once-alabaster mare smiled, as she leaned her muzzle towards Spike, breathing in the smoke coming from his nostrils. Her golden armour, though decorated with gemstones, looked airy and light; her hair, already stunning and vast looked as if they were floating in the mist that surrounded them, making her look like she was floating... and Spike wouldn't be surprised if it was true.

- Ah, you're finally awake...

Nightmare Rarity laughed and straddled him, pressing her flanks against his members. At first, Spike thought she did it nonchalantly, but as her bottom moved back and forth, he understood his capturer had more intricate plans for him.

- Rarity! - Spike cried - Snap out of it! Please...
- Don't worry, Spike. Rarity is doing exactly what she wants...

The monstrous unicorn got comfortable in Spike's laps, her magic lifting the scales that hid his massive, dragon cocks. Spike watched her face, and the moment her eyes lay upon his double phallus, they glowed with carnal, unearthly glimmer. A moment later Spike felt the familiar tingling as magic engulfed his cocks and she began stroking them, in turn. She let out a deep, half-menacing giggle, when Spike let out a moan, and she responded with one of her own when she felt underneath her hoof his drakehood becoming more and more sturdy. Her soaking wet folds pressed against his double phallus, and she began moving back and forth, while continuing her speech.

- You see, dear little Rarity was having nightmares again... Of you abandoning her, in favour of another...
- Wha-what? - Spike stuttered, unable to think straight - I-I'd never...!
- Oh, but there were so many scenarios she was imagining... You were so close with Princess Ember, and that little dragoness from the school...
- Ember and Smo-Smolder are just my friends!

Spike protested, straining his muscles, while his body writhed and quaked under Rarity's caresses. The pleasure became mind-numbing; Rarity slid herself on his cocks, covered in the natural lubricant, her voice vibrating as she encountered ridges and veins along her long road that stimulated her, though her voice was still as commanding as before.

- And of course there are so many mares you could have chosen... that was the most painful...
- I only love her!
- Well, you know that... - Nightmare Rarity replied, standing up suddenly - But Rarity wants to make sure of it...

Spike realised what she has done so too late. In one, sudden move, Rarity, or rather the collective monster controlling her, slammed her flanks on his cocks, engulfing him completely with her pussy. Spike roared, letting bright green flame from his jaw, as the warmth, wetness, and familiar, yet alien tightness surrounded him. Rarity only allowed one of his monstrous cock inside her pussy, while his other would stimulate her clit, or slide between her buttcheeks, resulting in a messy finish... On certain occasions, when she was feeling dirtier, she allowed Spike to penetrate both of her holes... And never before has she impaled herself on both of them, already stretching her delicate walls beyond belief.

As Spike roared her name, he remembered their first night as lovers, when she was afraid Spike might not even be able to fit one of his drakehoods inside her, let alone two. And he remembered her tears, not of pain, but happiness, when she found out he could slip inside her perfectly, joining their bodies for the first of many, many times.

- And I know you have been having those nightmares as well... How many stallions, or mares could she have chosen... Maybe she would one day leave you...? But there is one sure way to prevent that....

He wondered if this was what Rarity wanted, or was it something the monster controlling her done to her. And slowly, his mind was becoming blank, overwhelmed with pleasure, as Rarity moved up and down, letting loud, eerie, carnal cries each time her lower lips touched his scales.

- Come on, yes, Spike! You shall become my liege... My slave... My... Sire...!

Spike's eyes widened, and a moment later, he was met with her sparkling, blue gaze, as Rarity pressed her golden, spiky ornamental hoofshoes against scales on his chest, and she assumed even more direct position. Her hips moved up and down, coating his joined cocks with steadily increasing amount of juices. He was about to say something, and protest, but only low, lecherous moans escaped his jaws, much to Nightmare Rarity's pleasure. She briefly considered releasing one of his cocks to tease him further, but her mission was far, far more important.

- Join me, Spike! We shall rule together! Me, you... and... the children of the night!

Rarity threw her head back, her demonic laughter combined with the orgasm that shook through her body, making her front- and hindlegs weak. If her tightness before has amazed Spike, then her walls gripping on his cock drove him to the point of madness. He wasn't sure if it was his love for her or the animalistic desire that seeped into his mind, but Spike roared her name again, and unable to control his body, gave into the madness, jerking his hips on his own for the first time this night.

Two hefty streams of his seed shot up, flooding Rarity's already crowded pussy in an instant with his virile cum that soon had to leak outside under pressure, but not before setting Rarity's orgasm anew. On his rock hard, double cocks, Rarity was flailing like a hoof-puppet, babbling something that sounded like a combination of cries, mangled bits of Spike's name and magical spells, and it certainly looked like she was under one, writhing and moaning. Rarity rocked her hips for what seemed like hours, her orgasm leading to his in a vicious cycle, milking him for his seed, but their carnal, otherworldly journey found its end with an unlikely sound.

- A-Auch!
- Spikey? - Nightmare Rarity squealed in an unnaturally high voice.

Rarity stopped and opened her eyes, as she heard her drakefriend's distressed voice.

- No, it's... it's alright. - Spike wheezed, still catching breath from his climax that tore through his body. - It's that... that scale on my arm...

In a blink of an eye, Rarity lit the lights, transforming the halls of Nightmare Moon into their regular bedroom, and with another spell, undid the chains around Spike's wrist, seeing the problem at once. With the metal that trapped his loose scale gone, Spike let out a sigh of relief, though he was met with Rarity's concerned face.

- I told you you should go and have a hooficure, Spikey! - she spoke, her voice slowly becoming the one of her own - They do claws now too, ever since Smolder told them how...

She leaned closer and placed a kiss at the place where crooked scale was, and then on his jaw, inviting his draconic tongue deep into her mouth. His free hands closed around her torso, covered in glamorous, golden nightgown, as the two basked in the afterglow for a few, long minutes.

- Good thing it didn't happen when we were in the heat of the action.

Rarity giggled in response, her eyes slowly turning into her usual colour with every blink.

- Also... wow. - Spike was still breathing heavily, gathering thoughts that rushed through his head - I... I didn't expect you would...
- Take both of your boys? - Rarity leaned on his chest, letting another deep moan - Well, I thought I need to make this evening special for my dear Spikey-Wikey.

She cupped his snout again, and kissed him, her cheeks reddening, which became even more pronounced on her usual, white coat.

- And you were magnificent as well... - she sighed.
- I didn't do that much, Rarity...
- Oh, yes, you ha-have....

She cried out, when she moved in place, feeling his cocks, though limp, still filling her to the brim. This, combined with his copious orgasm seeping from her well-used opening, resulted in a series of purrs that reverberated in Spike's chest and his belly, as Rarity got comfortable on it.

- Where did you get all those spells from? - Spike asked, stroking her mane.
- Oh, you know...
- Don't tell me you asked Twilight. - Spike let out a groan. - Magical make-up, spell to turn ribbons into chains, the lights, the fog... she's so gonna know it was for kinky stuff...
- I told her it's for Nightmare Night... - Rarity spoke softly.
- Which is in like half a year!

Spike groaned and hid his face in his hands.

- Now I won't be able to look at her for weeks...
- Hey!

Spike opened his eyes and found Rarity's muzzle once again pressed against his.

- If I want to give my Spikey a night he won't forget, then it's my business.

She gently stomped her hoof against his chest, which resulted in him showing her his mouth and lead into another kiss.

- And did you enjoy my show? - Rarity leaned and fluttered her eyelids.
- Oh, definitely. - he stroked her mane - So, does that mean Nightmare Rarity has won?
- Well...

Rarity moved her hoof in circles against his chest, keeping him in the dark. The two liked role-playing, and ever since the two enjoyed their session as Power-Ponies, Rarity dreamt of a bit more sinistr scenario, and of course the episode of her life seemed perfect to use as a base for that scenario.

- Maybe. I mean, you have certainly... infused her with your essence... - she enunciated those words, looking at his giddy smile - But maybe there is a way to snap Rarity from the curse?
- Last time I saved you with the power of my love... So maybe this time...

Rarity cried when she was suddenly pressed to the bed by his massive body that now towered over her. Spike withdrew his cocks, much to her delight, as her delicate lips were stimulated again. Spike's cocks were now inches from her face, dripping thick globs of cum onto her otherwise pristine coat, and Rarity found it very hard to keep her mouth shut and not salivate at the prospect of Spike dominating her and fucking the monsters out of her.




Chapter Text

The door to Roxanne's house was opened with a loud thud, as she and her boyfriend came crashing through it, their bodies already entwined in a long, passionate kiss that started somewhere between the bus stop and the porch. The two twirled in an uncoordinated dance, until Roxanne suddenly broke the kiss and shushed her impatient boyfriend, placing a finger over his mouth.

- Mom? Dad?

She asked loudly, and only after solid five seconds of silence, the two resumed their giggling, as their feet moved them towards the stairs. They haven't even took the first step up, before their hormones took over, and Max pressed her against the wall, giving her the first true taste of what was going to happen. Their legs locked, and their hands began roaming their backs, undoing some of their pieces of clothing, while their lips and tongue worked hard to keep them as excited as possible, though the fact that they had the whole house to themselves was enticing enough. Even though Max's place was usually empty too, there was something even more daring to do it at Roxanne's, as there usually was at least one adult ready to interrupt their slightly more innocent caresses.

- How-How much time do we have...? - Max asked, catching breath after another fiery kiss.
- At least until eight - she smiled - But if you are going to keep at this pace, we'll be done in five minutes...

With that, the two began moving up, one step at a time, still kissing and fondling their bodies through their remaining clothes. The landing, half-way through their journey up, was when Max caught a glimpse of her naked body for the first time today, and ever since she told him her parents would be out for the day, he thought about nothing else throughout his classes. Just when she thought they would reach her room soon, Roxanne shrieked when she felt Max kissing her belly, and venturing down, while he loosened her shorts.

- Ma-Ma-Max! Not-not here, you horny puppy!
- Why not? - he asked, looking up into her gleaming eyes - We can pretend it's our house, can't we?

Max's words put Roxanne's mind at ease, simultaneously making her raging hormones even more active. He was right; for the next six hours the house was theirs, and the thought that they could dow whatever they want suddenly thrilled Roxanne to bits. But her mind was soon overcome with pleasure, when Max pulled down her shorts and pants, exposing her glistening, soaking pussy, and he eagerly dived between her legs, putting one over his shoulder, while Roxanne grabbed the rails for stability.

She threw her head back, and put hand over her mouth, when Max lapped his tongue alongside her slit, gathering first droplets of her juices that kept making her wet ever since her parents told her about their trip today. More muffled moans reached Max's ears, as he loved Roxanne's pussy, and at some point, the horny teenager gently grabbed her arm and moved it away from her mouth.

- I want to hear you, Roxanne.

He spoke with a smoky, hot voice and kissed her, giving her the taste of her sex. And when he returned between her legs, he was beyond satisfied when he heard her loud and clear, openly praising him and crying his name. Roxanne was trashing against Max's face, the combination of her being naked outside her room, the cold, metal rail pressing against her bum, as well as the warmth of Max's tongue and his tight grip on her thighs and legs created a powerful concoction of emotions that soon took over her, and the red-head was shouting his name, filling the empty house with her moaning, breaking voice.

- Ma-Maxie!

She pressed her hand against his head, while her legs began flailing, and only thanks to Max's support she didn't fall to the floor. Her walls spasmed against his face, coating her boyfriend's nose and lips with copious amounts of her translucent cum, shining like a glaze when he looked at her.

- Are you alright, up there? - he asked, cockily, swiping some of the fluids with the arm of his hoodie.
- Yeah... Yeah I am - she wheezed.

And before she could react, she shrieked, as her world spun around again, this time when Max locked his arms underneath her back and legs, and soon began carrying her up the stairs, bridal-style. Leaving trail of their clothes behind them.

- Max...
- I know.

He smiled and leaned in for another kiss, just as they reached the upper floor and stood in front of her room.

- Shall I?
- Oh yes, please!

She giggled, and a moment later saw how Max kicks the door to her room, filling their eyes with the pleasant, pinkish interior, though their sight naturally gravitated towards her single bed. Bed which Roxanne felt behind her back just a second later, as she suddenly found herself diving into her comfy mattress, being pressed against it by her boyfriend's near-naked body.

- I couldn't wait, Roxanne - he spoke once again with the salacious, smoky voice that turned quite normal when he leaned back from another kiss - Plus, er, I don't think I'm strong enough to carry you that long.
- That's okay, Maxie.

It was time for Roxanne to show her impatience, as she pulled her boyfriend towards herself, and her fingers quickly began working on his trousers, last piece of their clothing still present. Though it felt clumsy, the two went on, and soon, his buckle made the satisfying, metallic noise when it landed on the floor, and Roxanne was able to see her boyfriend in all of his naked glory. Her hand automatically moved towards his cock she felt ever since he pressed her against the wall, but only now she could see and feel how ready he was for her.

Her eyes widened and she couldn't help but let out a squeal as she watched Max get comfortable between her legs again, but this time pressing them against her body, while her back fell into the small mountain of pillows at one end of her bed.

His swollen head was just against her entrance, when he suddenly backed, breaking the slow kiss he himself initiated.

- Wait, I got'em in my backpack downstairs. Be right back.

But hasn't moved an inch, as Roxanne's arms, and what surprised him, legs, closed behind him back at once, making him wide-eyed again.

- Ro-Roxanne?
- Maxie, I... - she hesitated for a moment, as crimson filled fer cheeks - I want to-to try it raw today.

She said, toying with her hair, and watched as Max's face is torn with a mix of unbridled happiness and sudden concern, as he comprehended her words.

- But wait, are you-
- It's safe, I'm sure. - she quickly pecked him.
- Cos you know, I'm all in for playing the house, but I don't want to fill it too soon...

Roxanne giggled and cupped his face, bringing his lips to hers again.

- Don't worry, not gonna happen, at least today.

And when she closed her eyes, she felt him everywhere around her. His mouth on hers, his body against her breasts, his hands on her thighs, her legs on his shoulders, and finally, him inside her. She let out a moan that escaped her room through the still opened door, an unprecedented sight for them.

Max's voice quivered as her inviting warmth and wetness he only experienced with his fingers, mouth and tongue now overwhelmed him, and he pushed forward, making Roxanne sink slightly into her comfy rest, while she let out impatient moans and whines.

- Roxie, it's so-so good...
- I know. - she kissed him again, locking her arms behind his neck.
- It's-it's just I don't know how long-
- Doesn't matter. - she cut off him quickly - As long it's you, I don't mind.

With the newly gained confidence, Max flexed his feet against the bedding, and pushed himself forward, receiving the first, truly carnal scream from his girlfriend. Roxanne was as giddy as Max, and without the alien texture of latex, she felt as if they were making love for the first time again, her mind suddenly going back to the unforgettable last Summer. Even though she knew it was impossible, she felt as if lack of condom made him bigger, though that might be just due to her very intimate position they were locked in.

His began thrusting, at first in slow and precise motion, though as more and more of his nerves were set on fire as each square inch of his cock was now experiencing her raw pussy, Max's moves became impatient and uncoordinated, which only helped, as it fuelled them both. Roxanne's voice shook with each push, and the sight of her legs flailing above his head in rhythm of his lunges was an exhilarating, erotic sight. Every now and then their lips would meet in short kisses that only sparked more of the passion and made them, or rather him, move faster. Locked between his body and her pillows, Roxanne couldn't do much, except encourage him with her sweet voice suddenly dripping with lust.

- Keep... keep going, Maxie! C-cum inside!

Feeling her orgasm incoming, she moved her hand between their bodies, and she was surprised to find his there as well. Their eyes met, and at once she understood their shared goal. Max knew there was no way he was going to last longer than her, not with the heavenly feel of her wet pussy around him. But he wasn't going to leave her hanging, and with a bit of help from his thumb massaging her clit, he was going to make her cry his name again. Roxanne's body jerked when he touched her, and even though the position couldn't have been comfortable for it, he continued circling her delicate button with intensity matching his thrusts.

And just like he thought, they lasted only a few more minutes, as Roxanne's room suddenly was filled with their mixed and shared cries, combined with the slight creaking of her bed.

Max let out a wail when he came, but it was Roxanne who outdone him, locking her arms as well her legs behind him, as she pulled him towards her, allowing his cock to fill her completely. And even though she was more than happy for his gallant behaviour, Max was worried for nothing. The sheer feeling of Max's warm, thick cum shooting into her pussy and filling it with long, steady ropes was enough to push her over the edge and make her cry his name again and again.

As he kept spilling his seed inside her, she kept seeping words into his ear, though by now, they sounded like babbling, mangled parts of his name and various praises, though with her orgasm sapping energy out of her, it became softer and and softer, until it turned into gentle moans and purrs, coinciding with his slightly heaver breathing.

The two tired lovers looked at each other, seeing the familiar, frisky gleam in each other's eyes and kissed, wordlessly thanking each other, as neither of them could verbalise their feelings. Their kiss was broken again, but this time by Roxanne, when she felt Max move back.

- Wait, wait, I want to show you this...

Roxanne kept her hand around her quivering leg, in the almost-vertical position, waited until his cock was fully pulled out, and then used her fingers to spread her lips. For a split of a second, she thought it wouldn't work, but then, their eyes widened when first thick, milky glob of his seed poured from her used pussy, her still twitching walls helping move his cum back. She looked up, seeing Max's enamoured face, as he watched almost two weeks of celibacy pouring out of her pussy in a deliciously slow, erotic show.

- See? That's all yours... - she cooed - Or rather...

She brought her hand his cum was slowly spilling onto to her lips, tasting his salty and aggressive seed. Her tongue flickered across her fingers, trying to clean up all the sticky strands between them, though at some point, roxanne lost all pretense and sucked on them, making sure to get all oh him. If Max was flabbergasted at the sight of her creampie, his eyes popped out of his skull when he saw her lick off his cum, one bit at a time, never looking away, repaying him for the eye contact he maintained with her when he ate her out before.

- That-that was-was...
- I know.

Roxanne stuck out her tongue and gave him a quick kiss, much to his surprise, as he was able to taste his musk himself for the first time.

- Where-how did you...?
- Stacey. - she quickly replied, her face becoming crimson again - She-She mentioned how Bobby likes to do it with her, and I thought I'd try...

She looked away, as her innocent face was quickly filled with a sly grin.

- Well... I have to thank her for that. - Max wheezed - You think she'll fit in here?
- Don't think about it, you horny puppy. - Roxanne barked back playfully.
- What? You're keeping that Powerline poster up, we all know you'd like his power rod...

Max pointed to the wall behind him, and Roxanne opened her mouth in a would-be agitated expression. A moment later, she was on him again, playfully fighting, though her single bed prevented them from rolling back and forth as she'd like to.

- You know what I want to do now? - she suddenly asked stopping their pretend bickering.
- N-No?
- I've always wanted to try the shower. - she said eagerly, smiling wide - And, think about it, you can be as messy, as you want... Plus, I do need to freshen up after your gift.

She leaned in and kissed his astonished face, before she leapt from her bed and began walking to her door, one her slightly wobbly legs, completely unabashed about her nudity.

- And then I-I want to try the kitchen. Dunno why, it-it just feels right...
- Roxanne, I think you put a bit too much confidence in my-my, uh, abilities... - Max spoke, watching as she stepped in place.
- No, I don't. - she reached and grabbed his cock and gave it a gentle squeeze that made him harder in a split of a second, as he was able to feel some of his own stickiness still on her palm. - And besides, we'll have lunch in between, I have some tacos. Come on, I can't wait!

And with that, she disappeared into the corridor again, her wriggling bum being the last thing Max saw. For a few seconds, Max looked at the empty door frame, amazed how the superficially modest girl like Roxanne could hide so many layers of carnal desires deep inside her, and how lucky he is to be the only one to discover it.

With a enamoured sigh, he looked at the clock on her night table. They still had five and a half hours ahead of them.

He's gonna need those tacos.

Chapter Text

The room at the Hotel Richissime was filled with constant, slurping and smacking noises, as two lovers continued their long embrace, their bodies still shaking after their first shared orgasm. Though it was night, the room was only partially covered in darkness, illuminated by distant light of the Prism Tower and many neons of Lumiose city, giving extra vibe to Misty's red and Ash's black hair that just a moment ago was just one messy blur to both of them.

Misty broke the kiss and sat up, looking at her lover. He was staring back at her with the same, big brown eyes she remembered so well, and in his physique he still had something of the younger boy she first met more than ten years ago. Though she couldn't say he was muscular, Misty naturally leaned and gave his hairless chest a kiss, serving as a subtle thank you for the night he has just given her. Twelve hours ago she didn't even have him on her mind; six hours ago he was still a friend, and now the famous trainer was toying with her hair with one hand, and stroking her quivering thighs with the other.

- We should have done that years ago. - she spoke between her kisses, breaking the intimate silence.
- Y-yeah...

Ash replied, trying to comb her hair into vaguely presentable form. Though he liked her ponytail, and he couldn't forget the long, flowing mane she had as she played a mermaid, he had to admit, the shorter hair looked good on her, specially from his perspective, when she rode him, bouncing up and down, mesmerising him with that sight.

- Though I have to admit, I expected you'd be a bit more clueless...
- Huh? What's that supposed to mean? - he raised his brow, meeting her frisky smile.
- Well... - Misty lifted her leg up, shivering as his cock slid from her wet sex and lay between their sandwiched bodies - I thought that training Pokémon would take all your free time and you wouldn't have any left for ladies...

She kissed his chest and moved down, slowly racing her way towards his crotch.

- But it seems someone has trained you quite well too... and I just would like to know who was that lucky girl that have taught you so much.

Misty continued peppering Ash's chest, sneaking her snarky remarks between her kisses.

- Was it May? I have to admit, I was slightly jealous when I first saw her... Or maybe Dawn? We both know she was wearing that short skirt in snowy Sinnoh just for you...

She looked up, saw Ash's flabbergasted face, gave him time to answer, and when he only let out a weak guttural noise as an answer, she continued.

- Hm, it might have been Iris... She's a Unovan champion, I'm sure you two have a lot in common to talk about now, maybe she was the one to give you some pointers... Or was it Serena? You two were close... and you know what they talk about Kalosian girls and their love-making...

She finally reached his crotch, took his cock in his hand, slid off the condom, and gave him a prolonged lick, tasting for the first time his salty, musky cum that stuck to his twitching rod. He was babbling something, though Misty wasn't sure if he was trying to refute her claim or was losing it thanks to her tongue.

- Though I bet you did on Alola. All those beaches, oceans and sun, that carefree lifestyle... - she kissed his head. - And you've met so many girls there... Maybe it was even a group effort?
- M-Misty!

The Cerulean City gym leader gasped when she felt his hands on her arms and next thing she knew, she was underneath him, looking into his brown eyes inches away from hers.

- Less talking about them, let's focus on us.

Last thing she expected after Ash Ketchum was to be suave, but when he spoke these words, her arms and legs automatically closed behind his back, and her lips joined his in a long kiss that trapped the cry that escaped her mouth when Ash pushed himself against her for the second time. The fact that Ash knew how to make love was somewhat of a surprise to her, but the prospect of him dominating her was impossible to imagine. And yet, his right hand gripped her leg and pressed it against her body, allowing him to lean and keep his thrusts steady, never breaking the intimate connection with her. Writhing with impatience, Misty reached her hand between their bodies to see what takes Ash so long, and only then realised that his clumsy moves consisted mostly of unwrapping a second condom with just one hand. She smiled and with her help, they quickly defeated the wrapper, and Misty gladly pumped him once more through the fabric, before he dived inside her, making her curl her toes again. Their lips met in short, hungry kisses, while the two young lovers tried to simultaneously tame and hasten each other's body, wrapped around each other in tangled mess of limbs. her hair became messy again, and so has his, when Misty clutched to his shag in desperation to bring him closer to her.

As Misty took the imitative the first time, the feisty, tomboyish gym leader thought she would naturally want to take over again, and yet, as Ash's cock reached deeper and deeper into her, she seemed to be melting in his arms and her bed, gladly allowing her lover to pound her, mewling soft noises into his ear when he leaned over her completely, resting her head on his shoulder. While it wasn't the finesse love-making she experienced before, it was undeniably effective, as the naturalistic rutting quickly brought her on to the route towards her second orgasm, and judging by his quickened breath, he wasn't far from his either. She arched her back and dug her nails into his back, trying to cross her legs behind him, though with one wobbling above his shoulder it became rather difficult. And so, Misty had to rely on her voice, crying his name to release the energy building up in her loins, as she trashed underneath him, while he slipped his arm underneath her, and for a moment, the two thought they were floating above the bed.

But they soon crashed, when Ash buried himself inside her and screamed her name into the pillow, pumping spurt after spurt of his virile, warm cum into the condom, surrounded by the equally warm and wet walls, milking him of his seed. The two trashed in uncontrollable, confusing motion two or three times, until the two stopped, and only their chests moved up and down in near-synchronised fashion.

Ash and Misty stared into each other's eyes for a solid minute, while their bodies cooled down from their orgasmic high, before their lips joined again, mixing their tastes and aromas, while their hands tried to untie their complicated, loving knot. With his delicious weight on her, and the soothing hardness of his inside her, Misty closed her eyes and let their shared heart-beat lull her into satisfied slumber.

But then Ash cleared his throat and whispered inside her ear.

- Actually... It-it was Melody, you know.

It took Misty a moment to process his words, but when she did, her calm, compassionate eyes opened wide and she shot him with a paralysing glare so powerful he nearly fell off the bed, but Misty quickly toppled him back underneath her.

- ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! - she roared - That floozy from Shamouti Island?!
- Well-we-we... - Ash stuttered, watching as his lover rises above him, boiling with anger
- And you dare tell me this after you've given me the most amazing night of my life?!
- Well, you-you started it!

Ash stuttered, cowering with fear that suddenly evaporated, at least partially, when she kissed him again, while she positioned herself against him.

- Well, then I'm definitely gonna finish it.

Misty she grabbed his naked, sticky cock and impaled herself back on it, trashing her hips against his in a frantic, frenzied fashion, rivalling his, never taking eyes away from her lover. Driven by love, lust, and old grudge, Misty knew was that she wasn't going to let herself become just another badge Ash has collected. And the fact that for the rest of the night they didn't use condoms only helped her cause.

Chapter Text

- Do you trust me, my lady?
- I would, but that sly smile tells me you're up to something no good...
- Moi? - Chat spoke, leaning on his baton - How could you, my love...
- Oh, I just have three years of experience dating an alley cat...

Marinette countered and cupped her boyfriend's face, pretending to give him a kiss and ducking away at the last moment. In return, his hand, as well as his tail wrapped around her waist, and next thing she knew, she was in his arms, exchanging long as hungry kiss. Her dates with Chat Noir were always full of surprises, big and small, and it was their banter that set up a mood for their randez-vous. Their kiss deepened, and soon Chat's lips were on her neck and shoulders, while his clawed hands twirled her in place, for once not trying to disrobe her in an instant. His gentle, but unyielding touches made Marinette melt in his arms, and she could only verbalise her opinion by moaning into the night, hoping no one around was there to hear them.

- Chat...

His hands cupped her breasts, while hers danced on his thighs, and she nearly cried out when he let go of her, interrupting their foreplay.

- Chat!
- I asked you, do you trust me, Ladybug? - he whispered into her ear in a low, salacious tone that made her shiver.
- I... I do, but...
- Then close your eyes.

Marinette looked at him, and it was his charming smile, mixing with the sly grin that made her follow his order. A moment later she felt something soft around her eyes and being tied behind her head.

- Ah, so I trust you, but you don't trust me, is that right, Kitty?
- Sorry, Bugaboo, but I need to make sure you have other senses sharpened...

He nuzzled on her shoulders, sending more sparks across her body, which made her twist and writhe in his arms. She turned around, her lips yearning to meet his, and her hands sneaked around him, wanting nothing more to have him as close to her as possible. She could feel his breath on her lips, but instead of a kiss, she received another command.

- Good thing you're so handsy, bugaboo. Hold on to me.

Marinette closed her arms around his neck, felt his on her thighs, and when she lost contact with the ground, her legs crossed behind his back, in an automatic, instinctive response. Wind rushed around her, and judging by his moves, he was using his baton to propel them through the air, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. For the first few seconds, she vaguely knew where they were going, but after a solid minute of travelling through the air, constantly switching directions, even her experience in traversing the city has failed her, and she was on Chat Noir's mercy.

- Please tell me where's not gonna break into someone's house... You can't be that horny, kitty.
- We never broke anywhere, my lady - he retorted - That room at the hotel wasn't technically finished...

She couldn't see him, but practically saw his smug grin as he remembered the very questionable place he chose for making love for the first time around a year ago.

- Prepare for landing, my lady.

She gripped him tighter, and as her leg slid between his, she could feel him, rock hard, through his costume, and she couldn't lie, she was more than excited for the prospect of the mystery date. A moment later, she touched the cold, flat surface underneath her feet, and the warm air around her, filled with noises of the busy city. Though her blindfolds were quite thick, it was impossible to miss lights of the city peeking through, here or there.

- Chat... are... are we gonna do it here? - she asked, turning around to follow his scent
- And I ask again: do you trust me?

Marinette hesitated. She brushed his chest, feeling him reciprocating her moves on her thighs, teasing her.

- Say "No", and we'll go and have ice cream or something.
- I do.

Ladybug got onto her tippy-toes and found his lips, sealing the deal. His arms closed around her again, ad she felt the familiar pressing sensation of his claw slicing her costume. Only she could make it do so, and as Chat's kiss deepened, Marinette fresh air tingled with her back, getting underneath her costume, as it slowly lost its integrity. Her hand sneaked between his legs, desperately trying to feel him again, but at that point, Chat swiftly turned her around, and grabbed her arms twisting them behind her back.

- Ah-ah-ah, bad bugaboo...

She knew what was gonna come now, the familiar texture of leather closed around her wrists as Chat tied her with his tail, simultaneously bringing her to her knees. She expected to feel the cold surface again, but instead found something thick and fluffy.

- Mhm, I see you came prepared.
- Well, last thing I'd like is for my Lady to get uncomfortable...
- You have tied my hands, though... - she smirked, trying to locate Chat, dancing around her.
- Yes, but last time you were begging me to do so...

His kisses, as well as precise, surgical moves of his hands continued, and soon her costume was no more, lying in pieces around her. Her skin was covered in goosebumps, but not due to the change in temperature; with her sight gone, Marinette found it really difficult to track down Chat, who seemed to be everywhere around her, kissing, nibbling and caressing various bits of her body, making her writhe in place in anticipation. She wished he could touch her sex, but her lover deliberately missed that one place, which resulted in tiny, impatient moans escaping her lips.

- Cha...Chat!
- I'm here, my lady... - he spoke, tracing various shapes across her belly and her breasts.
- Chat, don't... don't toy with me...
- Oof, bad choice of words, Ladybug.

He stopped and stood up, as Marinette heard his footsteps in front of her. She didn't need sight or sound to know what his tone meant, her smell told her what form of punishment he has chosen. She eagerly opened her mouth, and a moment later, she tasted his aggressive, potent taste on her tongue. She closed her lips around his cock, making slow, forward moves, wishing she could use her hands. But instead, she made sure to coat his length with copious amounts of saliva with each flick of her tongue, especially when he was retracting, giving Marinette chance to worship his tip. As she took him deeper and deeper with each push, she let moan after moan, knowing that her throat vibrating was the cause of his voice breaking above her. If she could, she'd smile, knowing she was bringing her lover to his edge much faster than he'd like to. Groans and grunts filled the air around her, mentally preparing Marinette for his explosive orgasm, but there was something else she hasn't heard until now.


Though Parisian streets were rarely empty, even at this time of night, Marinette could definitely hear distinctive, raised, excited voices, coming from around her, as well as - to her astonishment - familiar clicking noises of cameras. She let go of Chat, coughed and was about to raise her concerns, when he asked her again.

- Do you trust me...?

Marinette swallowed her saliva, mixed with a few drops of salty, musky precum, as she questioned herself again. There definitely were people somewhere around her, and while she couldn't deny that making love outside was somewhat of Chat's kink, she didn't think he'd offer the crowd themselves as a show.

- I... I do.
- Good.

In an instant, he was behind her, and the cock that a moment ago was in her mouth finally touched her sex, making her let out a stifled cry that soon turned into a groan, when she realised that Chat was just sliding his cock back and forth against her wet folds.

- Cha-Cha-Chat!
- Careful, bugaboo, someone might hear you...

Marinette was brought once again to reality. The noises not only haven't died down, they intensified now that Chat was taking her from behind, and she could only wonder if that was a coincidence. His hands danced on her belly, sneaking to her clit, while he refused to enter her, despite her quivering legs and arching back, silently begging him to do so.

Chat was toying with her, with his lips, his fingers and his cock, denying Marinette her sweet release of her climax, bringing her as close to her edge as possible, and then swiftly retreating, and she could actually hear him giggle whenever her lips would quiver when she let out another desperate groan.

And then, in the midst of his love torture, she heard her name being spoken from down below.

- Ladybug!

Her blood froze when she understood she was seen, and she turned around, trying to meet Chat's face, who once again asked her the same question.

- Do you trust me?
- I do, Chat, but...
- It's Ladybug and Chat Noir!

Another new voice reached her ears, followed by several cheers and more ominous "clicks", all the while Chat hasn't ceased his movements a single bit; in fact, they became more and more furious, as he panted into her ear, his hips bucking into hers. His grip on her belly became tighter, he could feel her shivering underneath his touch, as she continued to mewl his name, her mind swirling into the madness, torn by contradicting emotions. She felt a gust of wind moving up, and she realised they must be on the edge of some building, and that the crowd below must watch them completely unobstructed. She wanted to get out, and yet, some very carnal part of her brain told her to stay in place and let Chat continue his twisted caresses.

- Cum... cum for me, bugaboo...

Chat Noir whispered, and as she opened her mouth, she felt him, inside her, hilting as deep as he could in a single, powerful, move that made her body twist as her climax overcome her. She surrendered herself to the bliss, forgetting about the onlookers and the consequences. In fact, she revelled in the fact that she was making love, unabashedly, in front of them, and that just a moment ago she was gladly sucking Chat Noir's cock for the small crowd. Her body quivered, and she shuddered, crying Chat Noir's name that died when the crowd erupted into cheers, and her vision was filled with white light.

As she fell to the blanket on the rooftop, quivering and writhing in her post-orgasmic fleeting moment of pleasure, it took Ladybug a while to realise that there was still light coming from her side. She moved her arms and at once, Chat's hands uncuffed her, releasing her from his tail. His gentle hands cupped her face, bringing her lips to his in a long, consolatory kiss. Somewhere down below, people were still cheering and clapping, which only made her more-light-headed.

- Chat... please tell me you didn't rut me in front of these... these people...
- See for yourself.

Marinette grabbed the blindfold and slid it off, her eyes taking a while to accommodate to the new surroundings. They were on a rooftop, as they suspected, but nowhere near its edge. They were drowned in shadows, Chat's green eyes being the only bright elements in nearby. To her side, there was a wall, or rather something that looked like one, surrounded by odd, white light coming from behind it, and Marinette had to blink a few times to realise what the construction really was.

- It's a billboard!
- Yup. And I suggest we put on some clothes to see what's on it.

Marinette jumped in place and quickly put on the costume that stitched itself for the superhero of creation, while Chat only had to zip his suit up to look presentable.

With some hesitation, Marinette leaned from behind the illuminated billboard and was at once met with more cheers, this time completely honest, and as Chat Noir walked next to her, she followed him, waving to the crowd underneath. She turned to her side and looked at the giant poster, seeing the familiar, black-and-red motif...

- "Ladybug and Chat Noir the movie"? Another one? - she turned towards Chat.
- Er, this one is a remake, I think. Or a reboot. Honestly, I've lost track.

She looked at the actor and actress playing them, trapped in a romantic embrace, and suddenly, she giggled, as she understood the irony of the situation.

- If only they knew what they were cheering to...
- Yeah. - she lightly punched him in his chest - So, you thought it would be cool to have us make love behind the advertisement for our own movie, knowing full well I'd think we're being watched?
- Well... - Chat took a few steps back, as Ladybug's piercing gaze shot through him - That did sound like a good idea...

Suddenly, his foot met with the roof's edge, and he lost balance, and the crowd gasped, but it was Ladybug's yo-yo that closed around his torso bringing him back to the upright position, and straight into Ladybug's arms.

- Trust me, it was. - she smiled and kissed him, much to the crowd's enjoyment.

Chapter Text

Flying in the rain was one of the many difficulties a dragon rider had to be prepared for, but as the raindrops bombarded their faces, Astrid was glad that Hiccup who was riding Toothless, as she wasn't so sure she'd be able to maintain that relatively balanced flight. Wind, water and lightning seemed to be against the three, as they continue to fly above the stormy sea, often just a few feet above the raging waves.

- We gotta land!

Though she was clinging onto Hiccup, she could barely hear him with the wind blowing around the two, and only the sudden jerky move of his shoulder attracted her attention to the lonely, pillar-shaped island on the horizon. As the three approached it, it showed a multitude of holes and caves, making it look even less structurally stable than it was when they saw it for the first time. Toothless flew around it for good five minutes, before they spotted a cave large enough and finally landed in one of the upper grottos, forfeiting the largest one at the base in favour of not drowning when the high tide would arrive.

But even though they were now on relatively dry land, they were not letting their guard down. Astrid reached for Hiccup's flaming sword and lit it, brushing Toothless' head so his purple blast would help them not only light the cave, but also potentially alert them of any creatures that made the complicated system of caves their home. Half an hour later, they were still soaked and cold, but at least they were reasonably sure they won't be interrupted by any inhabitants of the caves. One more flight to the rocky beach later, the two humans and one dragon were coiling around a provisional campfire, from a few pieces of wood that weren't completely wet or rotten.

- We're not gonna go the Dragon's Edge any time soon... - Hiccup stated leaning towards the cave's entrance and cowled when a spray of water hit his face.
- Nope. - Astrid spoke, trying to get comfortable on Toothless' harness that doubled as makeshift pillows.

She leaned onto his shoulder, listening to the monotonous sound of rain outside, that soon was mixed with the familiar, scratching noise of pencil against paper.

- Surprised that didn't get wet. - Astrid murmured, watching her boyfriend draw more pages of his map.
- Just some more layers of leather...

Though his book was interesting, he couldn't help but throw quick glances at Astrid, undoing her soaked clothes to lay them around their makeshift campfire. Some of her leathery harness stayed on, though as the minutes went by, he found it harder and harder to concentrate. Without much sun to do any measuring, Hiccup's work quickly became pointless anyway, and soon the two curled against Toothless's warm body, talking and giggling, while they enjoyed their shared embrace.

- So that's why Tuffnut never wants to take care of the young threadtails. - Hiccup snorted - I understand why he never told us about this accident.
- And you understand completely why Ruffnut told me.

She giggled and closed her arms around his neck, bringing her lips against his in a long kiss.

- Just make sure you don't make the same mistake.
- Hey, I always wear pads all around my body. - Hiccup protested - If he doesn't want to have all working parts, that's his problem, but I don't think Gobber would be able to fix *that* as easily as a leg.
- I don't know...

Astrid grabbed his shoulders and slid herself against him, covering his body, watching as his eyes grow wide. Her leg slipped between his and stayed there for quite a while.

- Sometimes it feel as if Gobber gave you an extra piece of metal...
- Woah, Astrid. - Hiccup looked back at his snoring dragon - Now?
- I feel I should be offended that your first choice of entertainment was a book, frankly.

She smirked, tracing her hands across his chest.

- Let's-let's go further down the cave, you know how-
- Yeah, yeah, I don't like if Stormfly's around as well.

The two left the snoring dragon and ran down the cave, leaving the distant light of the campfire behind them. But as soon as they found a relatively flat spot, they no longer needed it, as their hands and mouths gave them enough information about their bodies that quickly became covered in less and less pieces of clothing. Already half-naked Astrid had much more difficult task, as it was Hiccup, who designed his own suit, full of buckles and finicky parts difficult to disassemble. It was no wonder he usually was the first to make a move, and when she was still doing his shoulder pads, his mouth was already between her naked breasts.

- Hiccup!

Astrid moaned, just as a distant thunder rolled and shone light at the two for a split of second, revealing their twisted position and hungry sensual stares. Their remaining clothes, especially Hiccup's, created a much needed barrier between the rough ground, and it was Astrid who brought her boyfriend to the ground, from his already kneeling position. The lack of light gave the two an extra layer of intimacy, as they could only vaguely know what will be their partner's choice of moves. Astrid's mouth dealt the last of strings tying Hiccup's pants, and a moment later he felt her hot breath around his cock, tingling with the few droplets already present on his head.

- As I said... hot metal... - Astrid whispered into his ear, wrapping her hand around his cock and giving it a few strokes.

His kiss silenced her moan when his fingers found their way to her sex, wet not just from the torrential rain outside, and only now he realised why Astrid was so keen on getting back to the Edge even in such terrible weather. he slipped his finger inside, while Astrid continued to spill her voice into his mouth, but after just a few minutes of gentle caresses, she forcibly pulled him out.

- Sorry, Hiccup, I need something more substantial. Every sword needs a sheath...

Hiccup didn't need her warning, as just a moment later he felt her wetness around his head and then around him, when the feisty warrior impaled herself on him, once again filling the cave with needy, primal moans.

- You alright? - she babbled, as she got comfortable in his laps.
- Couldn't be better milady. - he replied - Well, I suppose I can, but...
- I was asking if feel any rocks that might prick your bum, cos it's gonna be bumpy flight...

And just as she promised, Astrid pressed her hands against Hiccup's chest, rising up and down on him in short, but not at all shallow moves. Another thunder tore the skies, and a series of lightnings showed Hiccup his aggressive partner in a series of flashing images, making his cock seem to appear and disappear inside her completely. The needy Viking soon leaned on his body, allowing his hands to help with the thrusts, while her mouth looked for much soothing kisses that could cool her down.

But in turn, that only made them more ravenous and impatient, despite the amount of time they had. He wished he could roll her underneath him, but with the cramped space, he knew he'd have to get a bit creative. And soon, Astrid shrieked when she was pulled upright again, into a half-sitting position, giving her chance to close her legs behind Hiccup's back. His arms and hips worked in sync now, moving her body back and forth, as they both tried to reach their peaks in the uncomfortable, and yet romantic spot.

She could feel his quickened breath on her neck, as he tried to say something, though only mangled parts of words kept reaching her ears.

- Astrid, I'm gonna...!

In a split of a second, Astrid's short nails dug into his neck, as she brought his lips to hers, ceasing his warning.

Suddenly, the cave was filled with deafening noises, and the two lovers went blind. The thunder that struck a tree on the cliff was only partially responsible for it, as Astrid and Hiccup contributed equally to it, crying each other's name into their hungry mouths. Hiccup bucked his hips in disorganised, erratic manner, as he tried containing the writhing, wriggling body of Astrid underneath him. With each pulse of his cum filling her, Astrid seemed to be climaxing anew, milking for his essence, demanding more with each, weakening thrust.

Hiccup ultimately lost his battle as Astrid rolled their joined bodies to their side, and climbed on top of him, only to impale herself onto his cock one last time and then collapse on his naked chest, unable to move.

- How long will this storm last? - Hiccup looked back, at the sky outside their cave, dark either from the clouds, or the lack of sun that has set.
- I don't know. - Astrid replied. - But I don't think we need to go the edge anymore, so it can last as long as it wants to...

Their eyes met again a long, knowing stare, before Hiccup's hands grabbed her thighs in a futile attempt to restore his dominant position, but Astrid has already pinned him to the sand and began her ride anew.

With each thunder that tore the sky, the storm seemed to be getting more and more severe, and with each lightning, the two were in a different position, locked in a constant battle of dominance, illuminated every few seconds. Just when the two felt they were too heated up, the cold wind cooled them down, readying for another round of love-making. And as the two went on, genuinely wondering if they themselves were providing rhythm for the rampaging weather outside, as for a few moments, thunders seemed to coincide with Astrid's bounces or Hiccup's thrusts.

As if to prove this, as soon as the tired lovers collapsed, feeling properly exhausted and drained of energy, the storm began to die down, and first rays of moonlight peeked through the dark clouds, filling the cave with soothing, pleasant light. When Hiccup rolled to his side, completely spent, Astrid was gonna fall asleep as well, but she felt the familiar, tingling, and somewhat unpleasant sensation between her thighs. She reached for the ripped wrappings and spread her legs, watching as Hiccup's cum slowly drips from her twitching lips in thick, languorous globs. The once-dry piece of cloth quickly became damp, as orgasm after orgasm of her boyfriend was sipping into it, proving his virility and passion, as if Astrid needed that.

- You are so damn lucky it wasn't my time of the month. - Astrid spoke.
- What did you sa-Ah!

Hiccup jumped to his feet when the sticky, damp piece of cloth was put on his face, and he ran to the cave's entrance to wash it off, hoping he won't wake Toothles up.

- Now you know how I feel...

Astrid listened to her boyfriend gasping from air and muttering complaints, and almost subconsciously, she reached between her legs, dipper her finger in the pool of milky warmth and brought it to her lips, enjoying the familiar, musky taste and smell of her boyfriend, whose real warmth next to her soon brought her to sleep.



Chapter Text

They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and in that moment, Milo Murphy realised this was true. Amanda's kisses got hungrier with each second, and with each piece of their clothes that got undone. The shy and usually restrained college student turned into a insatiable beast that straddled him and kept pressing his body into the mattress, and with that force exerted on him, Milo had to surrender, especially when his girlfriend started moving her hips back and forth against his crotch. Her hair flowed with each of her subtle, and yet decisive move, her lips - whenever she wasn't kissing Milo - were curled into a sultry, sexy smile that only deepened as the two got progressively more naked.

Soon, Milo Murphy was met with her breasts, bouncing in sync and when he buried his face between her enticing bosom, his mind became blissfully blank, and he started remembering how he found himself in that situation.


For Danville's standards, it was a rather regular day, so far interrupted only by the rampaging sloths that after twenty years have reached a semi-busy intersection, and as a result were finally noticed. A group of old friends watched police trying to contain the incredibly slowly spreading pandemonium, wondering how come no one has tried doing anything before.

- I think they simply had more stuff to do. - Melissa spoke, sipping her pumpkin latte
- For the last two decades?! - Zack countered - That thing was a thing when we were born!
- Yeah, but they had more pressing matters. Like... making sure that coffee shops have pumpkin spice every year.
- My mom has been trying to deal with that for years. - Amanda spoke - That's what happens when you don't plan ahead.
- Speaking of...

Melissa leaned back from the fence and sneaked her arm around Zack's neck, watching as his lips curl into a giddy smile.

- I think it's time for us. You guys have fun.

As Melissa, turned around, she winked, making Amanada's face turn as red as her friend's hair, something that piqued Milo's interest.

- Cold? I got something for it in my backpack...
- No, it's not, Milo, you're sweet... - she leaned and gave him a kiss - Though I think I might have a fever...

Her arms closed behind his neck and the next moment her lips were on his, joined in a long, sensual kiss. The cold, September afternoon gave them an extra excuse for deepening their hug and share their warmth, and Milo did not object when he felt Amanda's arm sneak underneath his coat to further bring their bodies together in an intimate, yet strong pull.

- A-Amanda?
- Milo, I've been checking our timetables... and... I found a window of opportunity tonight.

Milo stared into her brown eyes, noticing a familiar, frisky gleam he's been wishing to see again for quite some time, and as her hands moved on his back, he received more and more signs of what was to come.

- To-tonight?
- Yes, Milo. Should be just enough time for something to eat and...

She shied away, as Milo was still staring at her with his widened eyes.

- Well... I got a surprise, let's just say.

Amanda looked up again, and this time her boyfriend's face was not filled with astonishment, but content and excitement, and his wide smile couldn't have been a better early present.

- Oh, that is... that sounds cool. When should I be ready?
- Actually, I was thinking... right now. We-we still have enough time to deal with any... complications...

Amanda leaned and their lips met again, sending electrifying, shocking signals down their bodies to bundles of nerves that needed them most now. Their hearts beat faster, as their prolonged their kiss, locked in a tight, romantic embrace. And then the two shrieked when they both felt they lost balance.

The fence they were pushing against gave up, and next thing they knew they were dangling from the bridge, clutching to the last two planks of the railing.

- Don't worry, I think I have something...

Milo spoke and waved his backpack, watching as various things fall from it, one by one, but Amanda was faster: she dug her hand in and made a large, yellow raft fell down and started inflating itself.

- Jump!

Milo followed her words at once, and the two young adults found themselves falling into the makeshift boat that now floated on the calm river, in a vaguely correct direction towards their homes. Amanda, however, was less than thrilled.

- Oh, no, we're gonna be late! At least five minutes!
- Don't worry, Amanda - Milo replied, using a tick to steer - I've got this...

A small, hissing sound reached their ears, and the next moment, the inflatable raft, now with a hole in it, sped up, bouncing from one bank to the other, until the compressed air ran out, and their only mode of transportation suddenly lost buoyancy. That, however, was not the biggest problem.

Suddenly, the current of the river became more and more rapid, as the two got closer to the entrance to the canal, that by all rational means should be secured. Milo grabbed Amanda's hand, but it was her who reached into his backpack again, procuring a long rope that soon found its way around their torsos. with one precise move, she threw the other end, tied in a hoop op, and the two were able to walk to the dry land.

- Well, that's one way to start a date - Milo spoke, using a portable hair-dryer to heat their soaked bodies up.

She replied with a smile, grabbed his hand, gave him another peck and pulled him back onto the street level, leaving the hairdryer to fall into the river. The two ran, giggling on the way, until Amanda pinned him against the wall of a nearby building, shielding themselves from any onlookers, and cupped his face, meeting his widened eyes.

- I just can't wait, Milo... - she whispered in a conspiratorial, smoky voice, before her lips met his in a quick, ravenous kiss.

A kiss that was interrupted by a series of very loud crashes just next to them. One by one, several lampposts, construction cranes and at least one brick tower fell to the ground, cluttering the street they were about to cross.

- Oh, wow, I didn't know there was that much work being done in our town. - Milo spoke - Though then again, I might be responsible for that...
- Oh, come on! - Amanda cursed, grabbed Milo's hand and against common sense rushed towards the labyrinthine mess that covered her street.

She jumped, she crawled, and she ducked, manoeuvring around swinging pieces of metal, engines on fire and streams of water from the nearby broken fire hydrants, dragging Milo behind her. Every now and then she heard him suggest using things from his backpack, but Amanda knew it would only postpone their date, and the burning sensation in her forced her to keep moving. Calamity followed them closely, but Amanda was unyielding, bravely crossing each new obstacle, until she finally landed on the doormat to her house, and opened the door to the empty house.

- Come in, Milo!

She didn't have to say it, as a giant raccoon just missed the two, smashing against the door that closed in its face.

- So, Amanda, what's the surpri-

Another kiss cut him off, and he was once again pulled, this time up the stairs, by Amanda's strong grip on his sweater. Despite her haste, only when she broke the kiss, she realised they weren't going up at all, and instead they were sliding the long carpet underneath their feet. Amanda let out a roar, grabbed her boyfriend and unapologetically carried him up, jumping two or three steps at a time, until she finally reached her room.

With their lips still joined in a long, wet kiss, the two crashed onto her bed, and only now, as Amanda began undoing buttons of her blouse, Milo's eyes went wide.

- Oh! Oh, er, you-you meant-
- Yes, Milo. - she leaned and whispered, looking him straight into his eyes - Let's make love.

She pushed him against her pillows, her hands already digging into his clothes, undoing each layer with her skilled, impatient fingers.

- Actually, let's not "make love"... let's rut! - she spoke, licking her lips as Milo's shirt fell to the floor revealed his flat chest.
- Er, wait, Amanda, I got the condoms in-
- No condoms. - she suddenly spoke, her hands fumbling with his belt.
- No-No? What about-
- I got patches. - Amanda replied, grabbing Milo's legs and pushing them up, so she could slid his jeans off
- And if it peels off?
- I got pills too. - she said, making equally complicated-looking acrobatic move which left her in just panties, exposing her naked chest.
- And what if...
- Then I got more plan-B pills. - she spoke - And if that fails...

Amanda stopped, cupped his face and hovered against his crotch, her wet sex inches from his.

- The we'll think of names.

She grabbed his boxers, and in one decisive move, she ripped them, revealing his cock that soon disappeared into her soaking wet pussy in a single slide. Amanda let out a might roar and securing her hands against his chest she kept bouncing up and down, watching as her chestnut-haired lover's face is torn with grimace of pleasure. Milo's mind was torn with conflicting thoughts, especially as he was experiencing making love to without protection, and the sheer change in amount of stimuli made him lose himself inside her, which was exactly what Amanda was looking for.

His hands wandered to her thighs and waist, and even though Milo was performing admirably, it was Amanda, who made most of the job. Her frantic, impatient bounces filled her with Milo's cock each time, stimulating her wet, needy sex. With each dive, her yearning only increased, and though she found some solace in his lips, she knew the burning sensation can only last so long until she'd be consumed by their shared passion. Still, she wanted to make the most of it: she changed the pace, delaying their orgasms, and listened as her room is filled with needy moans of her boyfriend, as she only allows him a fraction of an inch inside her, literally edging him by sliding her folds against his head.

But the truth was, she needed the release as much as he did, and the very next time she slammed her body against his, she pushed them both closer to their shared peak. Amanda leaned against Milo, looked into his eyes and kissed him, just as she felt her pussy twitch, and her hips quiver. The very next moment, the blissful pleasure that spread through her body was accompanied by jets of warmth spilling inside her that otherwise might have caused her to panic, but in her desperate state, she counted her blessings and used each spurt of seed to prolong her climax, revelling in the fact that they shared their love and joined their bodies.

Their love-making lasted maybe ten minutes tops, but when Amanda collapsed onto Miio's chest, feeling jets of his cum fill her, she was as overjoyed, as if they weren't late and made love for hours. She wanted to treat Milo with a dinner, a new set of lingerie she bought for him, and exquisite, long foreplay she mentally was prepared herself for for the last two days, reading extensive posts on-line.

And yet, when she added her boyfriend to the equations, the meticulous plan crumbled, just like she has under the orgasm that wrecked her body. But Amanda wasn't sad. As she revelled and basked in the afterglow, she simply knew her dream date will take place at a different time.

She kissed Milo and rested her head on his chest, listening to his increased heartbeat, ready to fall into a deep slumber.

And then she spotted the same raccoon from outside, wearing her new, pink lingerie and jumped to her feet, ready to fight for it.

Chapter Text

In moments like these, Isabella was wondering if she was dreaming or not. Even though her visits to the fabled Phineasland became less and less frequent nowadays, as she was in college, she never abandoned the place, filled with fantasies that became progressively more and adventurous and risqué, as the years went by.

But this was not a dream, and that thought alone would made her giggle, if she wasn't already quivering.

Lying on the bed in her room, with arms and legs wrapped around her skinny lover, Isabella stared into the eyes of Phineas Flynn, watching as his face is torn with a grimace, every time his hips push himself forward, diving deep into her warm sex, welcoming his length. Six months has passed since the two exchanged a much overdue kiss, and three more until they've finished crash course on dating, moving onto much more advanced lessons in love, and as usual, Isabella marvelled at how quick learner Phineas was.

With her legs locked behind his back, giving him subtle and gentle, yet constant kicks, he could only hasten his moves, trying to maintain balance and let his lover reach her orgasm first. Isabella's petite body writhed underneath him, her arms flailing around whenever she wasn't clinging to him. Her hungry lips merged with his every few seconds in ravenous, quick kisses that broke the rhythm of his moves, temporarily depraving him of much needed air.

Her voice, so sweet and delicate now sounded raw and carnal, as she moaned his name, trashing from side to side, reacting to his lunges. Phineas kept his arms around her thighs, pressing them against her body, allowing his dives to be deeper than usual, which evidently worked, as witch each inch he travelled, Isabella's voice grew and grew, until it crescendoed as an aria dedicated to Phineas' virility, when she grabbed him and pushed him towards her, spilling rest of her praises into his mouth.

She looked into his tired eyes, and just as Phineas was about to proclaim his love for her, her eyes widened, and she spoke words Phineas did not expect to hear.

- Phineas! Pull out!

At once, Isabella freed him from the prison of her legs, and the panicking student followed her orders, laving the wet embrace of her twitching sex behind.

- I-Isa-Isabella...!

He stuttered in short, needy moans, but as soon as his swollen, glistening tip was out, Isabella was on it, sliding between his legs, and welcoming his length between her lips, experiencing the taste and smell of the pulsing member for the first time. And it wasn't her tongue, curling around his head, licking gently his slit and drops of pre-cum, or her skilled, smooth hands caressing his balls, but her sly, salacious, piercing gaze that brought Phineas to his edge, flooding Isabella's mouth with first stream of his cum.

Cum that soon covered her face, and hair, as Isabella pulled him out again, letting next ropes of cum claim and mark her in the most unabashed and animalistic way. Her body twitched every time the gooey, sticky, warm glob lands on her, her impatient legs reminded her that she was still living through her orgasm.

One portion at a time, Phineas emptied himself onto his once-radiant looking girlfriend, now revelling in the sight of Isabella's face hidden udner thick layer of his seed, and he once again found himself unable to say anything more coherent. Fortunately, Isabella was there for him.

- Can you pha-pass me the towel?

Isabella asked, while a glob of cum dripped into her mouth, only to be swallowed with ease by the charming, smiling young woman. Phineas granted her request, and watched as most of the proof of his masculinity disappears in the cloth, though he was also sure that Isabella was leaving some of it for his pleasure.

- Heh, sorry, Isabella. I-I guess I didn't know I had that in me. But it's been a while... - he chuckled - Er, I thought it was a safe day for you, otherwise I got the condoms...
- Oh, it was. - she replied quickly, licking off one strand of cum sticking to her fingers - I just... wanted to do that.

Phineas raised brow.

- Really? - he smirked - I guess I started dating a girl with interesting fantasies.

He leaned, cupped her cheeks and gave her a kiss, tasting himself on her lips that only deepened their erotic, immoral embrace.

- Oh, you think that was interesting?

Isabella smiled and once again brought his cock to her mouth, lapping at the few drops of cum that lingered on it. Her cheeks were brimming with crimson, and in her eyes Phineas could see the gleam of friskiness he has seen every time they made love.

- I just thought for a moment that, you know, you haven't told me you loved me for like three or four years, and I was wondering...

Despite cleaning herself, she closed her fingers around his cock, and gave it a few more pumps, stroking it, letting a few final drops of his cum cover her skin.

- would it have looked like if you've been saving... all that time.

Phineas blinked, and his eyes opened wide as the meaning Isabella's words got to him. Her eyes were still affixed at him, and she let out a deep purring sound when she felt her lover's cock grow in her palm, thanks to both her caresses and her words.

- Well... I-I didn't think of that...

Phineas stuttered, but at the same time pushed forward, letting his tip press against her glossy lips.

- But now you've said it, I can't get it out of my mind.

Isabella smiled, and welcomed him again between her lips, this time hoping his stay would be far longer and far more bountiful. And as Phineas began moving his hips gently to push himself deeper into her mouth, Isabella wondered if she was gonna pull him out this time, or even if she was gonna be in charge to make that decision...l

Chapter Text

Yori didn't think that this would mark the end of her one-month stay in America, and from the look on Ron Stoppable's and Kim Possible's faces neither did they, though as all three of them were drunk on pleasure rushing through their bodies, it was more than difficult to read emotions from their grimaced expressions.

From her position, she could see the faces of both of her now-lovers; Ron's was torn with passionate grimace as he kept a steady grip on Kim Possible's ass, plunging his cock inside her, while her puppy eyes drilled a hole in Yori's soul, as Kim looked from between her legs, licking and kissing her pussy. And as she stared at the mesmerised sight of her lovers, Yori tried remembering how did it all begin, though with her mind slowly being overcome with bliss it was progressively more difficult with each lap of Kim Possible's tongue.

Just one hour ago they were just friends... or rather one friend and one couple. Gathered in Kim and Ron's rented flat, on the eve of her trip home, they started reminiscing about their missions they have been on in the past weeks. Yori became a fine addition to team Possible, mixing her martial arts techniques with combination of improvised moves she claims she has learned from Ron himself, though he certainly didn't remember teaching her them. Yori's bags for tomorrow's flight were packed, but she wasn't going to leave her friends empty-handed, presenting them a porcelain vial of excellent sake she brought from her home. And then they started going down the memory lane again, listing all the dangerous times they have saved each other, and how lucky each of them was to have the other two by their side.

Yori didn't remember who kissed whom first. Was it Kim and Ron, throwing knowing looks at her, as they waltzed towards their bedroom, waving a finger at her to join them? Was it her, tasting the alcohol on Kim's lips while Ron gasped? Or maybe it was Ron, admitting he still had feelings for her, which didn't surprise Kim at all? She didn't know, and frankly, she didn't care. As Kim possible ate her out, keeping strong grip on her spread legs, Yori was able to only let the pleasure consume her, especially when the horny red-head began using her fingers to dive between her soaking folds and sitimulate deep points of her sex.

In a single moment, their loving machine has changed shape; Kim dragged Yori closer to them, sandwiching her between them, letting Ron's hard cock stimulate Yori's lips and folds as well, as he kept plunging into Kim. But it was her hands, mashing against her clit that made Yori's body spasm and quake, though their lovers made sure to prevent her from trashing to hard, and keep the explosive orgasm between them. Yori was flailing, babbling something in her native tongue, as her body was spasming and arching, and soon she cried Kim and Ron's name, just as Ron Stoppable toppled their joined bodies and hilted himself one last time inside Kim Possible, filling her with jets of cum that soon overflowed her pussy and coated Yori's sex as well.

Ron's hips were still moving on their own two minutes later, when Kim and Yori stopped climaxing, sharing their pleasure in a long, soothing kiss, while their arms caressed their curvy, scrumptious backs and thighs. A moment later, the two superheroines realised a lack of their third lover, and looked up at Ron, watching in astonishment at the mesmerising scene unfolding in front of his hazed eyes. They giggled, which only made Ron more nervous, at least before their mouths were joined again, this time with his cock between them.

Yori licked globs of cum clinging to Ron Stoppable's cock, cleaning him of the aggressive, tasty treat. Kim was much more direct, closing her lips around his head, making first bold move that instantly made him hard again despite his recent orgasm. Their room was suddenly filled with unabashedly salacious, carnal, slurping noises as two women worshipped their boyfriend's cock, which became much easier when they toppled him to his back with the gentlest of pushes. His mast quickly became centre of attention for the ladies, who changed their approach to caressing it every few seconds. They touched, pumped, kissed and licked him, culminating with their mouth joining once more to cover his twitching, purple head.

Kim and Yori exchanged knowing looks, listening to Ron's moans that only increased in volume; they kept their arms on his chest and legs feeling his twitches, wondering when he'll meet his limits. The answer came in front of a fountain of cum that erupted into the air a minute of so later, when their tongues lapped around his slit at the same time, finally opening the floodgates. But the girls were insatiable, and only a single rope of cum escaped their watch, coating their hair and faces, while the rest flooded their joined mouths, flowing between one to another in a series of cum-swapping kisses that grew in length as they milked Ron of his thick, milky seed.

Yori pressed her mouth against Kim's, tasting the unique, erotic mixture of her own juices, Ron's cum and the alcohol still present on them, and just like she expected, it put Kim into sense of false security, just long enough so she could be pushed to her back again. When Kim opened her eyes wide, unsure what was going on, she was met with faces of her lovers, caressing her naked body. Ron, whose legs were more than wobbly after girls drank his cum, fell between her breasts, and while Yori at first joined him in kissing Kim Possible's other breast, she quickly ventured down, settling between her legs and facing her previously creampied pussy.

Still driven by her hunger for Ron's virility, Yori made sure to lick her girlfriend clean, and with Ron's help above, suddenly Kim Possible was trapped, knowing well she was on their lovers' mercy. Ron not only caressed her breasts, but his sneaky, crafty hands fondled her ass and clit, while Yori dedicated herself to lapping mixed Kim's and Ron's juices, while she explored Kim's pussy. The brave and dominant Kim Possible found herself under the assault of two mouths and four hands, a battle she had no intention of losing. And soon enough, she was screaming as well, thanks to the joined efforts of her friends that tirelessly worshipped her body.

But Kim wasn't gonna let Yori win, and as quickly as she pushed her down before, she dragged Yori onto her twitching body, twisting her around mid-air. Even though her arms still shaky from her recent climax, she secured the ninja onto her, spreading her legs, presenting her soaking pussy to Ron, who in the past quarter of an hour or so has recovered from the explosion of pleasure that was the double blowjob. In a single move, he dived between Yori's lips, letting her experience his cock for the first time, stretching her walls in a manner Kim Possible's fingers nor tongue could ever do.

Kim kept a tight grip on her, sneaking kisses on her breasts or shoulders, marvelling at the moans spilling from Yori's mouth as Ron kept thrusting in her. With her pussy already overflowing with her juices, he had no motivation to hinder his tempo, and kept hilting himself balls deep inside her every time, using her legs as a leverage, just to make sure her pussy would be filled to the brim each time. Yori wasn't sure if it was his natural state, the alcohol in his veins of his mystical monkey power supplying him with strength, but the result was the same: his hips worked at a furious rate; he was rutting her with the force equal or greater even when he was ploughing through Kim Possible before, and the thought that she has pushed him so far alone was enough to make Yori reach her peak again.

- Kim...! Yori...!
- Ron!

The two women cried at the same time, carried by the avalanche of passion that tore through their bodies. A moment later, several things happened at the same time. Kim's arms closed around Yori, bringing her into a kiss; Yori's hands dug between Kim's legs and her frantic mashing resulted in her thighs closing around her now-soaking digits; and finally, Ron roared a mighty yell, as he came deep inside Yori's pussy, filling her with torrential wave of warmth and virility could taste on Kim's lips.

The three students spasmed, writhed and twisted as their shared climax rolled through them, seemingly making random muscles spasm, as the tangled mass of limbs tried to dissipate the energy that was constantly trying to get out of their interconnected, three-bodies system. Mangled bits of their names, each cried from two different mouths filled the air with series indistinguishable moans and wails, until after few minutes, they died down, leaving only the faint, whirring noise of AC.

As Ron collapsed on his two lovers, he was pulled into a slow, heated three-way kiss, breathing shared air from their recent orgasm, and the room once more echoed with salacious, constant smacking noises of their lips trying to pleasure two other sets at the same time. Ron's virile cum was still warm in girls' pussies, and Yori was still milking him for all he was worth with her twitching walls, that overflowed as well, joining their bodies with the erotic glue they enjoyed smearing as long as it meant they would feel each other against them.

Suddenly, they all stopped, exchanged nervous looks and smiled. In the infinitesimally short moment, stretched to what felt like eternity, the three shared their understanding and deep love they didn't know they had in that quantity, and with one more kiss, the three became one, ready to drift off to a deep slumber.

That is, at least, when Yori wriggled out of Ron's embrace, dragged her finger across her pussy, gathered thick globs of cum that spilled from it, brought it to her lips, and asked her two mesmerised lovers one question.

- Round two?

The three giggled, and launched their mouths at each other, filling the small bedroom with more erotic noises and creaking of the bed. Back in the kitchen, Rufus was trying to ignore the sounds of the love-making, collecting plates from their supper to load them into the dishwasher, knowing well that from now on they'll need to prepare one more plate for each meal.

Chapter Text

Wendy Corduroy has never been that much into jewellery, aside some plastic stuff made by Mabel when they were still teenagers, and cases like this one showed why. One moment she was accepting the golden ring with a green gem stone from her kneeling boyfriend, and then the very next moment her eyes turned yellow and gold, her legs and arms grew thick, and she rose another feet above Dipper, as her body stretched, ripping her clothes apart, showing fur that suddenly covered her body.

At first, Dipper thought he might be able to do something, and reached valiantly for the hand, but the claws on her fingers have grown so thick, he wouldn't be able to pull the ring back anyway. He met her eyes, though automatically his sight moved to the salivating snout showing the full jacket of fangs, and an ominous, deep snarling filled the chambers of the castle they were in.

Next second, Dipper was down again, pressed against the cold, stone floor by the werewolf Wendy has turned into, feeling her hot, ragged breath near his neck. He stared at her with his widened yes, whispering pleas towards his changed girlfriend, and he was almost ready to feel her teeth sinking into his body, when he felt something much different.

A warm, wet, rough *something* has came in contact with his cheek, and when Dipper opened his eyes, he saw Wendy licking him, wearing a sly smirk on her face, or rather what would have been her face. The more Dipper stared at the monster straddling him, the more familiar details he was noticing; the fur on her brown cheeks was coloured differently where her freckles would have been. Her eyes were still green, though much darker, and her auburn mane looked like a much bushier version of her natural hair.

But of course, it was that cool smile she was granting him that truly calmed his nerves, even though her claws and teeth were still inches away from his body.

- W-Wendy? Can-can you understand me?

Instead of responding, Wendy leaned her snout, licking his face affectionately, and what sounded very much like "Dipper" escaped her jaws in a deep, snarling, and carnal tone. She sniffed him and just like before, her eyes flashed golden, as she ventured down Dipper's body.

- W-Wendy?!

He screamed and wanted to scoot back, but her heavy paw put on his chest prevented him from moving even an inch. Though he certainly couldn't call himself out of shape, there was only so much he could do, presented with a predator's paw near his heart. To his confusion, and horror, Wendy continued to sniff him, and then, as she moved past his shirt, she stopped. In a blink of an eye, her teeth flashed again, Dipper yelped, and then, he felt a strong pull when Wendy sank her teeth not in his flesh, but in his clothes, ripping them off with almost surgical precision, leaving him near-naked.

Their eyes met again, as she walked towards him, and it took Dipper a painfully long moment to realise what his girlfriend was up to. Only when he felt something warm and slick dripping onto his naked crotch, he understood what position he has found himself in. Wendy leaned over him, her smiling snout inches away from his face, and she whispered a single word - "Heat" - before she pressed her wolfish lips against his.

At first, Dipper didn't know how to react to this. For a second, he felt as if he was cheating on Wendy with someone - or something - else, but as she continued to kiss him, he started to recognise familiar patterns and behaviours her human part must have exerted on her animal body. As her caresses continued, though, one thing evidently didn't change upon her transformation, and it was her libido. A single touch of her dripping wet sex was enough to make Dipper hard, but also to ring more than a few bells that made him break their odd, odd kiss.

- W-Wait, Wendy. - he spoke, catching breath - Let me-let me put the condom on...

He reached for the backpack, but the same moment the multicoloured stripe of condoms were out, her paw pinned them to the wall behind him, one claw in each of the once-useful rubbers. Wendy snarled, before turning towards flabbergasted Dipper again, and looked deep into his eyes. Though she has changed, he could find the same passion and friskiness he has seen so many times ever since they started dating, and another, tiny lick of her tongue almost made him hear her voice saying "It's gonna be cool, dude" in his mind.

And with that simple act, Dipper cupped her snout and kissed her, receiving a satisfying growl in return, as Wendy unceremoniously slammed herself onto his cock. If until now Dipper thought that his girlfriend was heated and feverish in bed, then he has seen nothing yet. Her half-human, half-wolfish body bounced up and down on his cock, sheathing him completely every time, coating his crotch with her warm juices that only proved her fertile, animalistic state. Dipper expected her to prefer the doggy-style, but her paws once again found their way to his chest, pressing him against the floor that suddenly brought much needed cold to cool his body. And just the real Wendy, her werewolf self gladly skipped any foreplay, already getting into the main course, already knowing she will be taking second helpings.

Timidly, Dipper brought his hands to her enlarged hips, and even though he tried responding to her frantic, fervid moves with the work of his hips, it was obvious that Wendy was in complete control. Nevertheless, his action had consequences, resulting in softer whimpering between her snarls and growls, whenever his fingers would move to her ass, and skin around her waggling tail that was evidently very sensitive. As Wendy pressed her body against Dipper, his nostrils were filled with the peculiar, raw and exciting smell that would have made his blood boil and made him go frenzy if he wasn't immobilised by Wendy's much stronger body. She was working for both of them, slamming her hips mercilessly, howling Dipper's name to echo in the corridors of the castle.

Under the overwhelming pleasure, Dipper could only arch back, letting parts of Wendy's name escape his lips, as he got closer to his oncoming orgasm. He wasn't sure if she was anywhere near close to hers, but there was nothing he could do, as Wendy hilted him deep inside her pussy each time, her walls closing tightly around him. His mind was still conflicted; he knew it was Wendy, but at the same time, he felt it was just slightly wrong, preventing him from reaching his peak. But then, she howled again, and though no words in any human language were spoken, Dipper somehow understood her message completely. She needed him, her yearning speaking through her animalistic cries, and that single thought, filled with a powerful, erotic intent was what brought Dipper over his edge.

He came much faster than he thought he would, screaming Wendy's name, at the same time as she howled his in a deafening, sonorous cry that would have put chills on his skin, if he wasn't getting torn with his orgasm already. As her walls closed around him, Dipper sprayed his cum deep inside her pussy in multiple, short streams, watching as Wendy's body jerks with each one, and then slumps over his, until he could only hear soft whimpering and tiny mewls coming from the animal he made love to.

- We-Wendy?

He asked again, dragging the long mane from over her eyes. When she looked at him, he saw the content, hazed stare that so often welcomed him in the mornings, and without thinking about, he cupped her snout and kissed her.

- Dipper... - she said in a lower, but still sweet voice, never moving away from his chest, or letting go of his cock, still supplying her with his cum.
- O-okay. Maybe now I'll be able to-

Dipper reached for her paw, seeing the golden ring on her finger, now at least visible from underneath the fur. But as he tried pulling it up, Wendy jerked almost in pain, and snarled at him, leaving the back to square one.

- Dipper, my... my heat... - she growled, with an impatient, carnal tone, and she arched her body again, assuming the same position as before.

Her lover looked into her eyes, piercing him through with the same passion and wanton as before, and understood what she meant. But this time, he wasn't gonna sit idly. Smiling, Dipper Pines grabbed her front legs and gathering all the remaining strength he had, he rolled her to her back, falling between her even stronger hind legs that closed behind him.

- Sorry, Wendy. I guess I'll have to cure you myself.

He reached for his backpack, took the bottle of water and drank it, hoping it might at least keep him going and stay hydrated in the difficult situation he just got himself into. He pressed his lips against her snout, and flexing his legs, he pushed himself gently inside her. He kept a tight grip on her legs, flailing and quivering as she tried to roll him back to his side, but with each thrust oh his hips, her growls became less and less angry, and she accepted Dipper's dominant position with a series of mewls and whimpers. With sweat on his brow, Dipper tamed the beast, getting lost in her heat that surrounded him, wishing he could dive between her human breasts that now were nowhere to be seen. But it seemed that nuzzling against her chest worked equally well, as Wendy closed her front legs behind his back, pressing his body against her, allowing the two to exchange more and more kisses. He also sneaked his hand between their sweaty bodies, and as soon as he reached her pussy, Wendy roared, her woldless plea nagging Dipper to continue his caresses. As much as he'd love to claim her with his cock alone, there was no way he'd be able to do that.

When Dipper came again, filling his girlfriend with more of his cum, he watched as the orgasm tore her apart and changed her further more: her hair covering her body was getting progressively shorter, her claws shrunk a bit, and when she opened her mouth, he heard what sounded almost like human speech.

- Dipper! I... love you!
- Love you too, Wendy. - he grabbed her paw, intertwining his fingers with her claws, and let out a sigh when he felt the ring still wouldn't budge - And don't worry, I'm gonna help you... I hope so, at least.

He met her warm smile, leaned over her again, and as the night went by, Dipper tried his might, collectively bringing Wendy to three more orgasms, each one making her less and less like a wolfess in heat and more like the red-head he knew and loved. His pushes got progressively weaker though, and it came as no surprise than at some point Wendy has once again tackled him to the ground, her own strength making Dipper spurt the very last portion of his seed deep inside her wet sex. And when it happened, she kissed him with her lips, cupped his cheeks with her fingers, and spoke in the cool, calmed voice he wished to hear for the last hour or so.

- Dude, that was... amazing.

She took the ring and slid it off her finger, watching as the gem on it shines with the last spark of its energy. She was all over him again, kissing him and repaying him for the seemingly countless orgasms that turned her back human, and watched his content face and the giddy grin that covered his face.

- O-Okay, Wendy that... yeah, that was pretty cool.
- Beyond cool, dude. - Wendy giggled, listening to his increased heartbeat as she lay on his chest. - And I cannot lie, it was...kinda fun to be a werewolf.
- Oh, yeah, I'm sure furniture in our new house will love it to. - Dipper replied sarcastically, taking the ring with him. - You're not- You don't want to be a wolf again, do you?

His eyes widened as Wendy burst into laughter, knowing well her boyfriend has hit his limit. She took the ring from his and kissed him, diving her tongue into his mouth in an exhilarating, but also ominous move.

- Of course not - she spoke, breaking the kiss - But I'd love to see you as one.

And before Dipper could do anything, he felt the metal ring being slid onto his finger, and felt each and every bone and muscle of his body move, as if dragged by some invisible force. Wendy stepped aside, and watched as her boyfriend rises over her, and then stands up on his hind legs... and another pair of front ones.

She opened her mouth, but it was Dipper, who noticed something different about his body first.

- We-Wendy! I'm not a werewolf. I'm a centaur, I think.
- Oh, you're much better.

Naked Wendy stepped towards him, reached towards his head, and a single touch of her fingers was enough to stimulate Dipper, when Wendy began caressing the protrusions on his head.

- Nice antlers, Deerper. - she spoke, giggling under her breath - Very impressive. Though not as impressive as this...

A moment later, Dipper's deer body jolted again, when he felt a familiar, delicate touch on his cock as Wendy closed her hand around it. he let out a short yelp and waddled in place, until Wendy took the bedding from their backpacks and spread them over the same place where Dipper claimed her several times already. She got on all fours and lifted her ass up, wriggling her bum invitingly.

- W-wendy... I-I don't know if I can...

Dipper sighed, and despite his commons sense he stepped forward, smelling a familiar scent of fertility as before. Wendy reached her hand and spread her pussy, granting him the image of her creampied pussy, leaking hefty globs of cum from their previous orgasms of the night.

- Yes, you can, Dipper. - Wendy countered at once - Besides, that wolf me might have been cured of her heat, but I'm certainly still hungry for more...

Wendy didn't have to wait long for the efforts of her honeyed words, as her boyfriend stepped towards her and hilted himself balls-deep into her pussy, letting another, this time completely human roar fill the corridors of the castle. And as Deerper continued to plough into her with newly found energy and confidence, Wendy looked at the only other ring on her hand, then the sliced condoms still sticking to the walls, and she wondered if their night won't result in a premature wedding gift for her mate. But then Deeper grabbed her ass, and suddenly, she all of her worries were gone.

Chapter Text

- I have to admit, I've always wanted to do that...

Marinette's lips curled into a sly smile as she leaned over her partially tied boyfriend, pressing her lips to his in the first of many ravenous kisses. Their tongues met and mingled, but it was her teeth that became the most pronounced part of their caresses. Marinette gently gave her lover the chance to feel what he'll be receiving this night, as she broke the kiss and moved to coat rest of his body with her hungry mouth, occasionally grazing his skin with her fangs.

Adrien felt her breath around his ears and neck, and revelled in her seductive giggling as she marvelled at the goosebumps she was covering his skin with. With almost no touch, he was already bringing his blood to boil, and she knew that if she continues, the pay-off will be only greater. her fingers danced across his costume, trying to detect the shape of his body from underneath the latex, and she smiled when she felt his chest twitching under subtle, delicate caresses.

- P-Please... - Adrien whimpered, trying to wriggle out of his constraints - You-uou know how-how to do it...
- Oh, I do.

Marinette replied, leaning once against against him, her leg sneaking between his thighs just to feel how much he was looking forward to it. It came as no surprise that her presence near his crotch sent shivers up his body and made him quiver.

- I'm just wondering where should I start...

Marinette looked down and traced her finger across his chest, dipping the very tip of her claw in his polka-dot costume, performing the very first cut of the night.

Lady Noire watched as her captive gasped and shivered, while she dragged her finger further, manoeuvring around the spots on Mister Bug's costume. And with each inch she traversed, she felt it as well, remembering when Chat did the same to her, circling her breasts and thighs with his skilled fingers. She often wondered how on earth did he know how to to that, to press just the right dots and trace just the right curve around her body that made her costume split.

But as she explored his body, she realised it came to her as naturally as walking or jumping; she just had a hunch, an intuition she never felt before when she was wearing the Ladybug miraculous. Bur as the superheroine of destruction, the idea to undo the crafty, magical protection seemed like child's play, though she knew that her powers wouldn't do anything if her partner hasn't allowed her to.

From underneath the red-and-black material, Marinette could see the twitching, naked body of her lover, being uncovered in pieces, to prolong and deepen her own appetite, especially as she came closer and closer to his crotch. But just as she licked her lips, she felt a sudden, sharp pull, when her claw found a sudden, impenetrable barrier, preventing her from undoing the one piece of Mister Bug's costume she wanted to get rid the most.

She looked up, and met his cocky smile, looking so odd surrounded by her usual outfit.

- Sorry, my dear kitty, but you're gonna have to use something better than your claws if you want to get to the main prize.
- Oh, you think you are in position of power, don't you?

Lady Noire stood up, meeting Adrien's face and his slightly worried look. She leaned against him, his lips automatically puckered up, but he took a sudden gasp when he felt her tight grip on his manhood. He looked her in the eyes, and saw that she hasn't lost an ounce of confidence, and his taunting speech if anything has strengthened her.

- I can still make you cum... - she whispered - I can make you cry and beg for your release, Bugaboy...
- L-Lady...

Adrien whimpered, and his body arched and legs twisted as Lady Noire moved her open palm up and down his shaft, clearly visible on the vibrant, red costume.

- And only when I allow you to, you would be able to cum buckets...
- My Lady, please! - Adrien cried, trashing his body against the metal railing he was tied to with his own yo-yo.
- Come on, Mister Bug, tell me what do you want. - she taunted him - I've been through this many times, I know what's on your mind.
- Y-Your m-mouth! - Adrien stuttered - U-use your mouth, please...

A sudden gleam appeared in Marinette's eyes as she heard the words cried by her lover, and with utmost satisfaction she began executing her plan. She once again ducked down, and without taking her seductive eyes from her lover, she pressed her opened mouth to the place in the material where her claw couldn't perform her surgical cut. Adrien's hips twitched in feverish, frantic motion when her hot breath tingled with his naked skin underneath, and he watched as she gripped the piece of fabric with her teeth, effortlessly pulling it further apart.

Inch by inch,, keeping his material in her mouth, Lady Noir ripped Adrien's costume apart, and as she did so, she couldn't quite keep her gaze affixed at her handsome lover, when a much more impressive sight was being uncovered in front of her. Suddenly, when Marinette unveiled enough of his naked crotch, his cock sprung up, almost making Marinette flinch, and she let go of the torn piece of costume she held in her mouth. She let out a deep purr of satisfaction and looked up again, watching as Mister Bug's face is being torn with impatience, while her lips were just inches away from his swollen head.

- P-Please... - Adrien stuttered again, and this time, his lover seemed to have found some sympathy for him.

A moment later, the Parisian night was filled with a loud, deep moan when Marinette closed her mouth around Mister Bug's shaft, savouring the familiar, yet somehow different, tasty, salty flavour in her mouth. Her tongue lapped the first droplets of pre-cum that gathered on his head, and she spent the next minute or so meticulously licking his length, back and forth, trying to sample as much of him as possible, preparing him for the next stage. She debated herself whether to indulge in his fantasy or not.

Above her head, Adrien was letting short groan after groan, and tried his might to not jerk his hips too much, but under Lady Noire's carnal caresses it was near impossible. She kept her clawed hands on his thighs and underbelly, as she bobbed her head back and forth, swallowing and inch more of his cock with each push. Every now and then she looked up, maintaining eye contact with him, acknowledging her seemingly submissive position, even though clearly he was on her mercy.

As minutes went by, his skin was set aflame, and every nerve bundle alongside his cock was firing every second or so as Marinette moved her head, covering him with her lips and her tongue, coiled around him. But then, as she finally reached his base, and experienced his entire cock in her mouth and throat, she winked him, and when she began retreating, a new serenade of moans and cries started spilling from his lips when Marinette introduced a new element of surprise by grazing him gently with her teeth.

Careful not to cause any discomfort, Marinette made sure to have her tongue ready, but as the wails coming from Mister Bug's mouth were nothing short of ecstatic, she decided to give her lover a bit rougher treatment when she pushed forward. The results were instantaneous.

- Y-yes! Lady-Lady Noir, please-I'm not gonna last much-much longer!

And indeed, the amount of pleasure and stimulation he received pushed him forward much faster than he expected. Marinette's lips were just around his tip when Mister Bug cried and jerked his hips, spewing first, huge glob of cum directly onto her tongue, filling her mouth almost completely in one go. Marinette opened her eyes wide and let some of the air come through her mouth, while next dollops of cum continued to pour into her mouth. One by one she swallowed the ever increasing amount of salty, musky, aggressive seed being delivered as Marinette dealt with more and more of it, letting deep, guttural sounds of satisfaction all the way through while her belly became progressively more filled.

Finally, after solid two or three minutes of his climax, Lady Noire let go of him and used the dangling bit of cloth that was his costume to wipe the remaining globs of cum that somehow escaped the tight seal of her lips. She stood up, meeting Mister Bug's eyes, and pressed her lips to his, giving him the first cummy kiss of the night.

Then, she raised her arms and with two precise moves of her claws, she dealt with the rest of his costume. The pieces stayed in their places for a while, but then fell to the roof of the building as if they were leaves, leaving Adrien Agreste completely naked and on his lover's mercy.

- Well, now the fun begins...

Marinette leaned in for another kiss, but then Mister Bug's strong arms grabbed Marinette and pressed her against the same metallic barrier he was tied to. Marinette for a moment pondered how has he escaped his prison, but then he wiggled is wrists again, and she understood her claws cut not just the clothes, but his yo-yo's strings as well.

Not bound any more, Adrien continued his ravenous kiss, and she melted in his arms, while he pressed his naked body against her, and as a result she soon found herself on her knees again, but this time she was nowhere near being in control. Mister Bug's cock was again in front of her, and despite his climax a few minutes ago he was already hard again.

- Now, be a good kitty and have a treat... - he cooed, prompting Lady Noir to cooperate
- Don't worry, I don't bite - she lied and once again welcomed the pungent, musky smell in her mouth.

Chapter Text

As a psychologist, Marco Diaz wasn't exactly used to making home visits, but in the recent months, he had to end his work an hour earlier to make sure he'd be able to make all the stops along the way. And he had quite a few of them...

The canvas of reality was set aflame and torn apart when marco used his dimensional scissors, stepping into the familiar, stone chambers of Mewni's royal castle. He looked around the seemingly empty bedroom, until a raised voice attracted his attention.

- Marco! - Star shrieked, as she stepped outside her screen - I thought you were gonna be later, I'm-I'm not ready...
- Well, managed to sneak out earlier. - he smiled and opened her arms, welcoming his partially clothed girlfriend.

Their lips met in a long, ravenous kiss, and their arms automatically gravitated towards their backs; Marco had to make just a few moves to undo the last pieces of her royal attire, while Star pressed her hands against his bottom and used her magic to puff the clothes away. She let out a giggling purr when her naked body met with his, and she was able to smell the familiar cologne and enjoy the muscles on his chest.

- How was the day for you? - Marco asked, kneeling down, peppering breasts of the Mewnian princess.
- Oh, nothing unusual. - she toyed with his hair - Just some problems with monsters and Mewmans, but nothing serious.
- They still don't like it?
- Some don't... - Star sighed, and Marco at once closed his lips around her nipple, hoping to ease some of the problems of his magical friend.

It's been good ten years since Queen Eclipsa brought peace between the monsters and Mewmans, with the help of Star, Moon, and the rest of their entourage, and while Mewni could claim was mostly at peace, there were a lot of smaller problems that cannot be solved even with magic. And as Star was instrumental in bringing down Mina, she was usually the unconventional diplomat to to the job.

But now, she was just a woman moaning under Marco's caresses that slowly ventured down. And nothing encapsulated Star's ability to be the bridge between two worlds than her enlarged belly that Marco was worshipping right now. tired of standing up, the two hopped onto her spacious bed, giving Marco chance to cover the entirety of her baby bump with kisses, naturally gravitating to the most delicate and arousing part of her body that attracted Marco with its enticing smell the moment Star spread her legs.

- And... and how was the magical... high... commission... session? - Marco asked, sneaking a kiss between words that made Star shiver with anticipation. - Have you.... seen... Hekapoo?
- Why don't you... ask.. ask herself?

Marco rose from between Star's legs, and he didn't have to look back to feel the fiery presence behind him, when Hekapoo cupped his face and tilted his head back.

- Hey, there, Muscles.
- Hey, there, H-Poo. - he replied, placing a kiss on her hot lips.

Star scooted aside, leaving place for the third visitor that soon got rid of her clothes with a quick fire spell and lay beside Star, giving her swollen breasts a quick massage to accompany Marco's efforts.

- I thought I was gonna visit each of you separately. - Marco raised his brow and continued licking Star's puffy pussy, keeping a tight grip on her quivering legs. - Like the usual?
- Yeah, but where's fun in that?

A third voice reached Marco's ears when Jackie and Janna walked out of the bathroom, their robes being the only barrier between him and their naked bodies. Star, though her mind was quickly becoming a bliss, touched her bed that grew in width, giving the two human girls place to rest their tired bodies.

- Is Kelly gonna visit too? - Marco asked, trying to divide his attention between Star and Jackie now, sneaking his hand between her legs.
- It wouldn't be a complete set without me!

Kelly replied with a slightly croaked voice, arriving through another portal. She waved her wolf Jorby goodbye, and let the portal close behind herself. Compared to the other four, she was the oddest one, clad in a suit of armour that disappeared when her vast hair covered her body and sheathed anything that could prevented access to her naked body.

- Don't tell me you forgot, Diaz... - Jackie gave Kelly a hand and made the green-haired girl comfortable right next to Marco, already salivating at the sight of his muscles.
- Forgot? - Marco asked, emerging from between Hekapoo's breasts.
- It's been exactly four months... - Kelly answered, stroking her equally swollen belly.
- ...since we got here, in this very room... - Janna continued, placing delicate butterfly kisses across Jackie's belly.
- ...and we got very, very horny... - Star added, taking his hand to put it on Janna's stomach.
- ...and then you bred us.

Hekapoo finished, in a low, and smoky voice, before she pushed his face against her enlarged tummy, eagerly waiting for his caresses. Marco blinked, watching sly smiles on his five girlfriends, and he couldn't believe that it has been nearly half a year already. Many things have happened ever since that fateful night when Marco Diaz engaged in a marathon of love-making that would have been near-perfect night of indulgence if not for a tiny detail that Star forgot to cast her protective spell on herself and the others, ensuring that the seed Marco has flooded them with will find a very fertile ground.

It wasn't easy coming to realisation that he will be a father five times over, but if there was something Marco could be sure of was that with enough help they would be able to overcome any problem. He worked five times harder, but each of his girlfriends offered a supportive hand towards the others, sometimes quite literally crossing boundaries of their dimensions. Marco couldn't choose one of the women he loved, and so each day he made his trips, making sure each of the mother of his children had everything they needed. and of course, in many cases, what the needed the most, was Marco himself, proven by their ravenous stares and handsy gestures.

Kelly was the first to grab Marco's cock; she fixed her glasses and began licking him, tasting first drops of salty, raw cum. Jackie and Janna followed their friend, and soon three mouths and six hands caressed Marco's tool, while his hands and most importantly, lips, were had to be split between Star and Hekapoo. For once, Star didn't have to feel inferior to the other gals, as her blessed state made her breasts a bit more prominent, though compared to Hekapoo she was still smaller. But for Marco size didn't matter, as he happily kissed, licked and nuzzled their very sensitive racks. With each hand between their thighs, Marco synchronised moves of his fingers, trying to give the lady on each of his side the same treatment, and judging by the amount of juices flowing from their pussies, he was on the right way.

With their pregnant bellies, Kelly, Jackie and Janna found it a bit more difficult to maneuver around, opting to just lay next to each other and pass Marco's cock between the three, letting each hungry woman get a taste of their lover, only occasionally meeting in between and giving him the triple presentation. Marco's moan,s coming from between Star's and Hekapoo's bodies only slowed their roulette, as they knew the reward was going to feel much better if they let their man suffer just a bit longer.

Marco Diaz was more than busy, however. Once his fingers proved to be not enough, his face was occupied by Star, who unceremoniously pushed herself against his lips, bringing her wet sex to his mouth. Fortunately, she didn't have to rely on help of others or strength of her legs to hover above him; she became coated in yellow light and soon afterwards, she was simply flying above him, feeling nothing of the extra weight she was carrying, giving Marco even better access to her pussy.

From his position Marco had the chance to observe her big, sensitive belly, and each touch of his invoked a deep and primal, almost religious feeling of ecstasy and pride. Even though he knew about it for the last five months, remembering that it was his child that grew in his girlfriends' bellies, made him double his efforts each time. He licked, he sucked, he nibbled, and soon he was tasting Star Butterfly's magic she was cumming with, and each lick of the thick, glittering juice tasted deliciously. But the butterfly was soon pushed over, and her delicate legs were replaced by heated thighs of Hekapoo that demanded very much the same from the lover that made the unthinkable and got her pregnant.

But before he had the chance to satisfy her, Marco had to let urges escape his body. Marco's legs writhed and quaked, while the other three girls continued their triple blowjob. They could all feel the tension in his balls they caressed, and each tasted his cock for just a split of a second, wondering which one of them would be granted with his explosive orgasm. As he pressed his lips against Hekapoo's pussy, Marco Diaz lost it, and his hips jerked, sending a fountain of cum into the air that soon found its way to coat one very lucky girl.

- K-Kelly? - Marco Diaz asked, breathing heavily and looked from behind Hekapoo's body.

Just as he suspected, her hair were now only partially green, split with a hefty streak of white in between. Kelly smiled, took off her glasses and licked one end of the long, thick rope of cum, swallowing each and every single drop.

- Alright, Diaz, go on. - Hekapoo nagged him,and with that attitude in mind, he continued.

As the night went by, he made sure that reach of his girlfriends would be satisfied that way. After he brought Hekapoo to her orgasm, Jackie took over, while Janna climbed onto him and let his cock slide inside her. In the past months Marco read a metric ton of books, both from his and other worlds, about pregnancy and about risks making love to a pregnant lady can be. But given the fact that Kelly has juct came back from her training, and Hekapoo was still riding a dragoncycle, he concluded there could be very little wrong his cock can do to them.

The other ladies took care of each other; Hekapoo and Star were engaged in a heated 69, while Kelly sneaked herself behind Janna, supplying Marco's cock and her pussy extra tongue work neither of them expected. Hekapoo preferred to be taken from behind, taking her by the horns giving her the memories of the night during which Marco has pumped her full of his virile seed, and she was more than glad to cheer Marco with her dirty mouth, telling him to fill her again and again. Star took Marco into the air, her six hands providing enough security to his adult, bulky body that allowed him to buckle him inside her, as if he was lying on her comfy bed. The others had to catch the two, though when Star was torn by her orgasm and her wings gave up. She as just a foot above their bed, though. Jackie liked doggy-style too, but insisted Marco would keep his hands on her belly, holding not one, but two future Diazes, and Marco was more than happy to grant her her wish, kissing her throughout their slow love-making. Janna and Kelly came up with a plan to be taken at the same time, and even though Marco had only once cock, they found a way to achieve their goal, closing their puffy sexes tightly around his stiff mast, and letting Marco's hips do all the work, pushing up and down between them. This technique proved more than satisfying as Star quickly added her hands to they mix, caressing the cock's head that showed up from between them, and with her help, their pregnant bellies were soon covered by the same sticky substance they were once full of and changed them forever.

Each of the women had their turn, enjoying Marco Diaz the way they wanted, and Marco gladly let them, though with each climax he lived through and each portion of his seed he filled their pussies with he got more and more tired, even by his standards. And so, by the end of the night he was merely supplying his girlfriends with hugs, kisses and body warmth, while his body rested from being torn by orgasm after orgasm. As Marco Diaz looked around, he oly saw content, happy faces of his ladies, all either chatting, or exchanging soft kisses with each other, leaking copious amount of his seed.

He crawled from one of them to another, placing a single kiss on their swollen bellies, receiving often equally tender caresses back. Janna spilled the beans that she has found quite a nice piece of dimension with enough time and space to build a house there, and the five talked, imagining how life under one roof could have looked like, giving Marco Diaz a breather. Their discussion was abruptly cut by a loud snore from Marco Diaz that found himself a nice spot to fall sleep, spread against Jackie's body, using her breasts as a pillow.

He dreamt about life with the women he loved and their children he loved even more. He knew he still had around five months until they'd arrive, and he could be sure two things: that he'll make their lives as good as possible, and that night like this one certainly won't be the last.

Chapter Text

- Y-You know, Eva, I-I didn't have that on my mind...
- Oh, really?

Evangelyne's lips curled into a knowing, lecherous smile, as she watched her boyfriend's face being filled with an odd tint of fear he hasn't experienced properly yet. By now, Tristepin thought he would be all over Eva, pretending he has just rescued her, and she in return would be offering her virginity to the knight in shining armour that was strong and brave enough to defeat all the monsters to get to her.

He did not expect being chained to their bed.

Of course their night has started like he imagined; he was that knight, and she was that damsel, lying on her bed, waiting for him, dressed in a stunning, white dress that made their bedroom shine with reflected, angelic light. Tristepin kneeled in front of her, cupped her face and placed a single, kiss on her lips that woke her up at once.

- My knight! - she spoke, with an odd, sweet note in her voice - You are here!
- I most certainly am, my fair Evangelyne. May I?

Pinpin took her hand and, as she nodded, placed another, soft kiss, looking into her deep, green, sparkling eyes. He only now realised she changed her hair slightly, truly making her look like a different person he could fall in love all over again.

- May I know your name?
- Sir Tristepin de Percedal, but you are free to call me Tristepin. Or Pinpin, if you want. Or Sadlygrove, or Dally, I go by many names.
- Maybe in a few weeks, when we know ourselves better. - she giggled, and her her face immediately straightened - But, are you certain you have defeated all the monsters?
- I sure am, my love.

He nodded and placed another kiss, this time on her wrist.

- The Minotours?
- I certainly sent them on a trip.

Another kiss made it to her lower arm.

- The Gorgons of the Zolla?
- I cheesed them out.

One made its way to her upper arm.

- The Basilisk and Oreganoisk?
- I powdered them up for good.

Evangelyne shivered when he kissed her shoulder, once before the strap of her dress, and second time passed it.

- But what about-
- The puzzle? Solved it. Turned out I had to just press the plates with pictures of carriages on them.
- Oh, my!

Evangelyne closed her arms around his neck and pulled him onto her, locking him in a deep, deep kiss, that robbed them of their breaths. He sneaked his ands underneath her, listening to her moans she was seeping into his mouth, while hers dealt with undoing what they counted as armour.

She suddenly broke their kiss and stared into his loving eyes, before shying away, as blush crept up on her cheeks.

- My brave knight... Tristepin... There is no shred of doubt you are the strongest. and most courageous... And you certainly know your way around women...

She swallowed, pretending her excitement and fear.

- I'm sure you know what will happen now, don't you?

Tristepin looked down, noticing her naked leg sneaking up from her cut dress, exposing her beautiful skin.

- I... I do, Evangelyne. - he spoke - But only if you are ready for it.
- Oh, I am! - she replied at once - I've been waiting far too long...

Tristepin sat up, tossed his cape to the ground, and kissed her again, this time with definite intent on moving down. And as his kisses trailed to her still clothed chest, he fumbled with his trousers, and when he looked up at her, her eyes widened, closed, and then opened again with curious spark, when she saw he was just in his boxers.

- Tristepin... Pinpin... - she whispered, spreading her arms and legs - I am yours.

Evangelyne let out a loud moan when she felt him all over her; his arms made it underneath her again, as she arched her back in an automatic, subconscious move. His kisses continued but this time, they were not soft and subtle, but ravenous and hungry. He looked up when he was about to pull her dress down, and only when she nodded impatiently, he did so, revealing a stunning lack of any bra on the fair Cra. Evangelyne cried again when two things happened at once; his lips closed around her nipple, while his hand pushed her dress down, sneaking to her thighs, fondling with what he thought would be her panties.

He looked at her with confusion, seeing a faint, frisky gleam in her eyes.

- Mhay wai?
- Yes, yes you may.

She replied to him, still shaking from the caresses of his tongue, and waited until his fingers would reach her sex. Tristepin moved between her breasts, kissing each of her mounds with the same respect, but the moment his fingers made it to her crotch, Eva's body writhed, and she let out a cry as her anticipation reached its peak, and in turn, nearly made her reach hers. But it was the feeling of his strong, skilled digits on her pussy that made Evangelyne truly lose herself in the pleasure, writhing underneath her lover, hastening his moves.

Tristepin continued peppering her chest, moving down her flat belly, guided by the heat and enticing smell, until he was presented with her immaculate pussy, glistening from the overflowing juices he has managed to produce so far with nothing but his kisses and touches.

- My-My brave knight - Evangelyne spoke breathlessly - Take it, my flower, as a reward for your bravery...
- I shall do that.

He sat up once more, and pulled down his pants, listening to Evangelyne's sudden pretence gasp, so theatrical she put her hands over her mouth.

- My knight, it-it is huge! - Evangelyne cried, feeling a deep, deep pang of satisfaction that she didn't have to rehearse and fake that line.
- Er, I think so, yes.
- But-but why haven't you started with it? Showing me your majestic manhood would have made me swoon for you at once!
- Yeah, but you gotta start with a foreplay, don't you?

She dived between her legs and unceremoniously closed his lips around her swollen clit, before moving his tongue up and down her lower lips. The effect was instantaneous; her legs quaked and writhed, and only thanks to his strong grip on them, her thighs hasn't crushed his head. Evangelyne was babbling something, letting cry after cry, moaning what sounded like his name, while he kept his duty, licking as much of the odd, and icky but pleasant nectar that kept flowing out of her pussy. Though his moves were not very varied, it didn't matter to Evangelyne; she arched her back again, and roaring his name crashed back onto the bed, coating his face with her juices in an exploding orgasm she did not expect that soon.

And just when he was about to emerge from between her legs, he heard her voice again, though not tired, or croaked, but filled with odd note of confidence.

- You are right, my knight. You started it, and I'll end it.

Next thing he knew, Tristepin was lying on his back, his head in the legs of the bed, his arms sprawled, her breasts bouncing above his face like apis begging to be taken and eaten, but the two metallic clicks above his head told him something was not right.

- E-Eva?!
- Oh, thank you, brave Tristepin, for proving your worth.

She spoke menacingly, as she straddled him, and turned around. For a split of a second, she graced him with the sight of her soaked pussy, mesmerising him just long enough so he wouldn't react to another pair of cuffs around his ankles.

- E-Eva! - he loudly protested when his love faced him again. - Wha-what's going on?
- Don't you see, my *brave knight*? - she stressed her last words - You have fallen into my trap. Damsel in distress, locked in a tower, surrounded by monsters, blah, blah, blah...

She laughed maniacally, exposing her teeth that suddenly looked more than ominous.

- I lure men like you here, just to test them. So many "knights" and "warriors" breeze through the enemies, just to get to their "reward", the walking, talking pussy they just shove their cocks in...

Eva spoke with disgust, looking at Pinpin's frightened face, and then at his cock that despite the situation never stopped being hard

- But you, you have done something better, you *asked* and *thought* and...

She crawled towards him, up to his cock, hearing his needy, wanting moans and the disappointment when she crawled past him, hovering against his face.

- ...and you kissed. - she whispered, pressing her lips against his face in a less-than delicate fashion. - And that certainly is a trait I definitely want you to pass on.

Eva brushed her fingers against her flat belly.

- Shwdlnt Ai be fweee thwm?
- No, you shouldn't, I never said that freedom is the reward. - Eva spoke, brushing the cold metal around his wrists. - I vowed to only choose the man who would be able to satisfy me in a way I want, and only to him I'd grant the privilege of giving me his seed... But please, keep-keep talking, it-it makes it so much better...

She threw her head back as her hips began moving back and forth, and she listened to the muffled, surprised moans that kept spilling from Tristepin's lips, directly into her needy pussy. She wasn't sure if the Iop was saying anything, moaning, or begging for mercy, but whatever he was doing, it was undeniably effective. His tongue joined the party some time later, forcing the Cra to change her position slightly, just so she could experience the raw, wild muscle of his she was riding.

And there she was again, writhing and wailing as she trashed furiously against his face, her hands pulling his bushy hair like reins, just to make her ride more bumpy. Evangelyne roared again, the walls of their house trembling as Pinpin's name echoed between the walls when she flooded his mouth with her cum again and slumped to her side, giving him the chance to breathe.

- Ma-may I ask... - Pinpin raised his voice, gaining Evangelyne's attention - Er, what-what happened to those who did-did not pass?
- Excellent question - Eva replied, her chest still moving rapidly after her explosive orgasm.

She reached underneath their bed and produced what at first looked like a plunger, but as Eva pressed it against her crotch, pointing the end of the strap-on towards Tristepin, he understood perfectly what it was, and coiled his body away from it, as much as his constraints allowed him to.

- Don't worry, my brave knight, you won't have to suffer that fate...

Eva tossed the arguably the weirdest present her sister could have given her for their new house, leaned over Tristepin, cupped his face and kissed him.

- You see, there is a bit of truth in my act... I am a virgin, and you will be the lucky man to end this...

Tristepin was shocked again when instead of a kiss, Evangelyne positioned herself above his cock and, giving him one, last, frisky look, she impaled herself onto him, sheathing his thick, Iopish manhood inside herself in one go, and let their voices cry in unison. She arched her body, threw her head back, and when he met her eyes again, they were almost aflame, burning with desire Tristepin frankly wasn't prepared for, though he reacted to her moves valiantly. Her hips trashed against his body, her athletic legs making sure her opening would traverse the entire length of his cock, from the massive, plentiful balls to the very tip that every second or so was nearly kissing her womb.

She looked at the stunned, flabbergasted face of her lover and leaned, giving him one more, soothing kiss, as she rammed herself up and down on his cock, almost as if she really hasn't been with a man, and two weeks of abstinence certainly felt that way. She could feel his hips twitching, the muscles of her pussy tightened around his pulsing veins and the slight creaking of the wood around the places she cuffed him told her that her show was most effective. Evangelyne cupped his face, kissed him and looked him straight in the eyes, as she asked another question, in a breathless, carnal, needy voice.

- One more thing... Something men are most afraid of... not the monsters... or traps... so here comes the final test...

She put her hands against his chest, securing her position, as her hips worked even faster, spiralling them towards their climaxes.

- Are you ready for... commitment?
- Yes!
- Then fill me up, Pinpin!

She cried his name one last time before she slammed her hips against his one more time, and was rewarded with the fountain of soothing warmth shooting deep into her sex, flooding not just her pussy, but maybe even her womb, as the tight seal of her lower lips prevented a single drop of his seed from escaping her. Tristepin was crashing underneath her, babbling her name, while his body continued serving her, as she milked him for more and more cum that would have undoubtedly make her pregnant again, had it not been for the potions she's been constantly on for the past two years.

Despite her vigour, the marathon of love-making sapped Evangelyne's strength out of her, and the powerful Cra soon slumped on Tristepin's chest, peppering it with series of hungry kisses while their bodies slowly rocked their orgasms out, until they were near still, and their bedroom was filled with just their synchronised breaths.

- E-Eva? My fair Cra? - Tristepin asked her suddenly, making her ears twitch.
- Mhm?
- Er, what exactly is "commitment"?

Eva looked at him, dragged the strand of hair from his face and kissed him, very glad she has found his knight, knowing their role-play has definitely ended.

Chapter Text

Nights like these were always the most difficult. Ochaco lay on her side, looking at Izuku's profile, who in turn stared absent-mindedly at the ceiling, trying to find solace in the dark-blue paint. Ochaco sighed and crawled towards him, sneaking her arm around his chest.

- It's not our fault, you know that...
- It could have been. - he mumbled. - We could have done something.
- There were seven other pro-heroes there Deku. - she whispered - How many more do you need?

She waited for an answer she already new.

- At least one more.

She tried her best to steer his mind away from the catastrophe that was the takeover of the Katanomi Plaza, and even though the media was praising them and her old friends from UA for their marvellous, coordinated work, her boyfriend's thoughts were still with the few people they couldn't saved, and no rational argument would get through him. She thought that a whole day off would be enough to forget, but she's been with him long enough to know he needed more drastic measures.

Ochaco moved away her blanket, sat up on their bed, and casually took her top off, before she levitated just a few inches into the air to do the same with her panties, and threw them to the ground. She didn't have to look behind her to know she got his attention, but she acted as if the October night was as hot as those in August. She then crawled on top of him, and lay on her boyfriend's chest, looking into his eyes with a stone-cold face.

- O-Ochaco?! - Izuku mumbled - What-what are you doing-?
- Nothing - she answered truthfully.

For a whole minute, she hasn't moved her muscled, moving just with Izuku's chest rising up and down in, predictably, increased tempo. She watched Izuku's restless face, torn with grimaces as his thoughts practically wanted to escape through his forehead. Another minute has passed since she felt *him*, but hasn't given the opportunity to ruin her stoic expression, instead, prolonging her torture by doing the worst thing she could: nothing.

- O-Ochaco...
- We can't always win, Deku.
- I know, but we should-
- We should always try, yes. - she ended the same argument she heard from him countless times - But we can either keep sulking about it, or move on.

She cupped his face and placed a quick kiss on his lips.

- Because I could have lost you. And you could have lost me. But we are here now, and that's what counts.

Ochaco said sternly, and lifted herself up, pressing her hands against his chest, giving Deku chance to see her breasts in the moonlight seeping from their window.

- We all have duties as superheroes, and today, we have fulfilled them. And, as your girlfriend, it is my duty to make sure nothing worries you.
- Ochaco...
- And it is your duty as my boyfriend to do the same to me. - she smiled. - So, Deku? What are you going to do?

Another long moment of silence has passed before Izuku opened his mouth.

- Can I...?
- I'm all yours, Deku.

She smiled, leaned in for a kiss and let her boyfriend take her whenever he needed to. Their long kiss was interrupted prematurely by her shriek when Izuku flipped her over, nesting his body between her legs and his face in her bosom, but it was the relief she was finally himself that made Ochaco cry his name, though of course his mouth around her nipples have helped. She lifted her legs and curled her toes just to slid them into Izuku's boxers, freeing him of his undergarments in one, quick move so skilled and masterful Izuku had to pause his caresses to see how was he half-naked already. Ochaco replied with a would-be-innocent smile and closed her legs and arms around his back.

- Go on, Deku.

Her voice, though soft, was filled with underline passion and need, and the illusion broke as soon as Izuku filled her with his cock, sheathing himself in her in one go, giving her no time to react. She howled, arching her body, and watching as her legs flailed now that they rested on Izuku's shoulders. There was no long foreplay, but then again, she didn't need one. All she wanted was him, everywhere around and inside her, and so far, he was fulfilling that unspoken promise perfectly.

She watched as the concern and uncertainty on his face gives way to determination and intent, and the more he was immersed in her, the louder she was, encouraging him to keep doing what he was best at. Helping people. because if anything, Ochaco was in dire need of release, and he was her only hope of salvation.

- Kee-ep go-ing De-eku! - she chanted, kissing him on his cheeks whenever she could - Kee-ee-ep fu-ucking me-ee!

Ochaco tried moving a few inches above their bed, but whenever she did so, another powerful slam from Deku pinned her to the soft mattress, reminding her it was the number one hero that was rutting her, and though it wasn't his desired message, reminded her of her place. There was time for frivolous lingerie, music, or complicated positions she learned from Mina or Momo, and then there was just sex, with nothing else added to it, and in that moment, Ochaco knew she got exactly what she wanted.

- O-Ochaco, I'm-I'm close! - he growled, receiving another kiss from his girlfriend.
- I-inside! - she cried at once, watching his eyes widening.
- But-but-
- I don't care, Deku! - she dug her nails into his back, securing his position between her legs - Fill me up with you-your cum!

She kissed him again.

- Let's... let's make... - she paused - Some new memories!

Her words, filled with unabashedly open and carnal intent did it for him, and before Ochaco could finish pleading, he already delivered his promise, flooding her with a powerful gush of his cum that brought the much needed, soothing warmth inside her, and brought her to her climax. A second stream only strengthened it, making her cry his name again, and when she felt the sticky, thick seed flowing out of her pussy, she came for the third time, this time letting the pleasure overwhelm her.

A moment later she felt wind in her hair and the two lovers crashed onto the bed, the slight pain and discomfort sobering them up for good.

- A-Are you okay? - he asked, breathlessly.
- Y-yeah, Im fine. - she wheezed.
- That... that must have been like a foot and a half into the air.

Izuku looked up as if to see if Ochaco's quirk made any trace of itself.

- Yeah. Only you can do it. - she smiled and kissed him - Couldn't have done that with my fingers...
- O-ochaco! - his face, though covered in half-shadows, reddened upon hearing her words.
- What? - she put on a frisky smile - Every time I've got a free day, I keep thinking when you'll be home... And I keep imagining you inside me...
- D-Don't say that...

He shied away, but his face was cupped by her hands and brought to her at once.

- Than make me.

And with another kiss, the two were on it again, forgetting one painful memory at a time. Ochaco knew she wouldn't be able to completely erase the guilt he was feeling, but she was gonna try being a drug he could be taking whenever he needed.



Chapter Text

The citizens of Jump City, though used to the supernatural occurrences happening in their town, spoke with fear about the old, abandoned palace located deep in the murky park that had its glorious days long behind it. Those who were brave enough to venture into it mentioned cries, screams and growls that made them paralysed with terror and fear, just before every ounce of common sense told them to run away. People suspected monsters, demons, witches or some other inhuman activity and usually stayed away from it, especially at night.

And Beast Boy and Raven could only thank them for it.

For the two not-so-teen Titans their raging hormones became a problem over the years, especially when their animalistic and primal needs happen to occur at the same time. While Beast Boy could keep some of his nature under control, the difficult to predict, nearly chaotic moves of the dimensional spheres put Raven at risk of falling into her magical heat at any moment, and though it usually happened only few times per year, even their regular love-making could become dangerously explosive when the two were lost in each other.

Raven rose into the air, surrounded by pitch black, ominous aura that made the multitude of candles absorb light instead of producing it, and with her, she brought her lover to her lips. Beast Boy didn't object to it; he loved when she was in control, or at least as much in it as her demonic nature could allow her to. With a single spell uttered in a deep, unearthly voice, Raven burned Beast Boy's clothes he bought just a few hours earlier, knowing he shouldn't grow attached to them.

A moment later he was slammed across the comfortable, 19th-century bed that up until their last rendez-vous still had its fourposts. Raven looked at him with a wicked, but subtle smile on her face and spoke in deep, sultry voice.

- Let's make some noises in the night...

Though the candlelight was darkened, beast Boy could still see them flicker in a long rope of her translucent liquid heat between her thighs that hovered just inches above his cock. He let out a soft whimpering, feeling her lower lips brush his head, and then an impatient noise when she flew forward, pressing her crotch against his face.

- I'm gonna make the noises, but you'll be responsible for them.

Raven was fully aware what she got herself into. As soon as she spoke these words, she felt Beast Boy's tongue invade her in a sudden and aggressive move, that made her back arch and legs quiver. He sometimes for long, delicate foreplay, but evidently, this wasn't his night. His tongue-work was rough, almost as the texture it sometimes acquired whenever Beast Boy became a large cat or dog. Though her boyfriend wasn't as strong as he'd wish to be, his grip on her thighs immobilised her in the air, and soon brought her even closer to this face.

he was now licking her alongside her slit, ending just fraction of an inch before her jewel, a deliberate move she could tell Beast Boy enjoyed performing, when their eyes met. The mischievous smirk on his face announced loud and clear she might be on top, but she wasn't gonna control the situation. And so, when Beast Boy missed her swollen clit for the tenth or so time in a row, she let out an impatient, angry moan and changed her tactics, breaking from Beast Boy's grip and slamming herself down onto his cock in a sudden move that filled the room with a powerful, carnal wail.

Raven let out a name that sounded vaguely like like his, and stayed for a moment enjoying the feeling of utter fullness provided by his cock. Only after a while she began moving, rocking her body up and down, exerting just enough pressure on her lover to remind him that she was back in charge. She didn't get rid of her cape, and there was a reason: Beast Boy liked nothing more to see her characteristic piese of superheroine attire flowing in the air as she rode him, moved not only by their frantic moves but also the mystic wind of energy surrounding the two.

Raven arched her body, throwing her head back and forth, trying to contain her approaching demonic orgasm under the thick layer of moves and moans, but deep down she knew it was inevitable. She needed her fix, and Beast Boy was there to provide it for her. Much to her lover's surprise, her eyes glowed, and next thing he knew, Raven was all over him, bouncing her hips up and down, whispering what sounded, like mixture of moans and spells, and no matter which one was it, it worked.

Beast Boy opened his eyes wide, feeling the sudden surge of pleasure that spiked throughout his body, bringing him inches from his own release, and only when Raven leaned and cried his name into his ear, he let it go, spasming himself deep inside her twitching pussy. Something crashed around them; he wasn't sure if it was a thunder, a chandelier that fell or a piece or reality that was torn when Raven came, convulsing on top of his body, letting flash after flash of dark purple aura around them, milking Beast Boy for his seed with each one. His howls could not rival hers, shrieking and ear-piercing, as Raven could not contain herself. Beast Boy would gladly blame it on her demonic nature, but he made love to her before when she was not in her magical heat, and knew this was normal for her.

It took the empath a solid minute to come down from her orgasmic bliss, until she found slace in her lover's lips, kissing him senslessly, while their bodies cooled down, twitching occasionally.

- Told you I can make the spooky ambiance.
- Oh yeah? - Beast Boy replied -I bet I can make it more scary.

And before she could reply to that, she felt him grow. her eyes bulged and as she fell to her back, she watched as the stickfigure of her boyfriend transforms and grows into something much hairier, taller, heavier and much, much more well endowed. Byt the time his cock left her pussy, he looked too big for her to be able to take him back. She looked up, and noticed the wolfish grin on his monstrous face, resembling something of a bull mixed with a tiger. Raven was impressed by his abilities, as he found a way to no longer be bound by shapes of animals that do exists, and that made their rendez-vous even more intriguing than before.

Raven' hunger and admiration for his beast-hood was a fatals mistake she understood only when she heard snarling coming from above her head. Next thing she knew his strong, clawed hands brought her inches away from his thick cock, almost smashing it against her face. Raven's eyes glowed and she opened her mouth, about to cast an incantation.

- Azarath, Me-MHM!

It was too late. In the moment of her indecisiveness, Beast Boy unapologetically grabbed her and the rest of the spell was drowned in her incoherent mumblings, when his massive cock entered her mouth. Raven was quite glad her gag reflex wasn't that prominent, as the massive penis reached far into her throat causing her eyes to bulge, and not just from the overwhelming, spunky smell.

Deep down she knew that Beast Boy wouldn't hurt her, which made him, in his animal form, using her mouth like a second pussy so damn enticing. Raven tried doing something, but with her mouth occupied by the large, green rod, and her mind being slowly overcome by animalistic desire and bliss, she couldn't bring herself to resist the rough treatment from Beast Boy, slowly succumbing to the pleasure and heat of the moment. Her hands, however, were not idle at all. One was caressing, if one could call that, enormous testicles her chin met every few seconds when Beast Boy rammed himself as deep inside her mouth as he possibly could; the other performed what she wished she could have experienced with beast Boy in this form, though her fingers were poor substitute for the monstrous cock or claws. His previous release slowly seeped out of her, and the gooey, sticky feeling only intensified her desire for more, knowing she should be careul what she wishes for...

At some point, she pressed her hand against her throat, feeling the cock's head moving up and down, an it was that thought of being completely filled with him that nearly brought her to her second climax. The little air she was breathing in came with a powerful, raw, aggressive musk that only drove her wild, and made her more light-headed. In her moment of utter submission, she reached her peak, her cry muffled with his cock in her mouth, and Raven came to the conclusion it would be so bad if it lasted forever.

With her eyes hazed, Raven looked up, and saw the very familiar, giddy smile on the beast's face, which made her regain her senses at once, knowing she had miliseconds to take one last breath of air. A moment later, the walls of the mansion shook when Beast Boy roared, emptying his balls down Raven's throat, pumping what felt like litres of warm, musky cum into her belly. Despite his previous orgasm, his second one felt even more copious, and with her nose pressed against his crotch and balls, Raven could do very little to stop the monstrous orgasm tearing her, and as her lover continued to rock her.

The whole minute of cum continuously flooding into her felt like eternity to Raven, and with her manipulation of space and time, she wouldn't be surprised if Beast Boy was using her for that amount. When he was pulling out, he was still not done; he painted her mouth full of his salty seed she was sure would leave an aftertaste for days, and once she was free of him, and could at least take a breathe of air, the last few ropes of seed plastered her face, adding a splash of white to her dark hair.

- Oh, you little-! - Raven cried, coughing some leftover cum - Now you've done it.

Suddenly, the minotaur-like beast shrank, transforming back to skinny, shy, young man, who looked at his girlfriend, floating in the air above him. If Beast Boy thought that his changed appearance would make his angry girlfriend change her mind, he was sorely mistaken.

- Oh, cra-

Several dark tentacles exploded from Raven's body and got hold of beast-Boy's legs and arms, immobilising him mid air. He was once again inside her, but now, he couldn't do much; she was the one moving him like a puppet master, desperate to seek the solace of release she was deprived of, and for once, Beast Boy was okay with that. But as they got closer together, and Beast Boy saw the desperation in his lover's eyes, he found the strength to fight the power that overwhelmed him. Though Raven was trying to spread his limbs, he flexed his muscles, and soon she wasn't just riding him mid air; his hips moved on their own, and they were making love.

Their lips met, and with that, her magic simultaneously weakened and strengthened, paving a straight road to their climax. Though Raven was still trying to utter her mantras, there was one spell that made them reach their peaks, and it was Beast Boy, who said it.

- Raven I- I LOVE YOU!

Their lips crashed at the same time as their bodies were torn with simultaneous orgasms. Something exploded around them, and Beast Boy could only hypothesise what kind of magic was it, if he wasn't busy clinging to Raven's body, trying to shout her name as much as he could, while his hips worked overtime, bringing more and more of his essence into her. Their joined, levitating bodies were encased in ball of colours, changing and pulsing each time they moaned, syncing to either Raven's twitching legs and thighs, or Beast Boy's thrusts. With each blink, her eyes became less and less otherworldly red, until finally, Raven looked at her boyfriend with the same, loving stare he knew so well, and the two fell to the bed, embraced in a tight kiss.

it took the two a moment to untangle their legs and clean their mess, or at least as much as they could, given Raven's magical strength and Beast Boy's animalistic vigour.

- Eh, sorry about it, Rae - Bast Boy scratched his head, giving her a whole roll of toilet paper she took with her magic.
- Sometimes I wonder if you do that on purpose to see what I will do to you in return...

Raven answered briskly, cleaning the remains of his load from her breasts and the two massive creampies seeping from her used pussy. Though she shot him with a piercing gaze, the moment she saw him shying away, she took him into her arms and peppered his face with ferocious kisses. Her battle with his virility was a lost one, though, and she had to cast a spell to contain his warm orgasm inside her for now.

- Uh, Rae, are you...
- Yeah, on the spell. - she replied - Thank you for asking after you've done it. It's a good thing I'm keeping the track of it, otherwise people would be talking about a whole litter of werewolves living here...
- Eh-he...

Beast Boy let out a stifled laughter, before Raven pressed him against her naked breasts, their synchronised breathing lulling them both into sleep, just as the sun began to rise outside.

Chapter Text

Amalia didn't know where she was. Last thing she remembered was that she was walking down one of the eternally long corridors of the dimension the found themselves in, and then... then she was here. In equally empty, sterile place with white, marble white walls that somehow felt even emptier.

- Hello? - she asked, listening to her own echo. - Hello?
- Amalia?

A familiar, yet slightly odd voice reached her from behind one of the columns she now realised were in the room as well. And from behind it stepped...

A man.

A man she has seen in a hazed illusion a few days ago, and whose image ever since has burned itself in Amalia's memory. He was in his regal, blue robes, that made him look even more mature, though it was his face that only partially resembled his joyful, young self she remembered. yugo the Eliatrope stepped towards her, staring at her with widened eyes, and when she smiled at him, the two ran towards each other, finally glad they found another living person in the labyrinthine maze of the gods' dimension.

But despite their happiness, as they were about to embrace each other, a sudden pang in their chests reminded them of the painful memories from when they were left alone last time. He remembered her crying, she remembered his words that pierced her like a spear. They both remembered the kiss, however.

And with that, they decided to remember one more.

Though tears flowed down her cheeks, she continued pressing her lips against his, letting her anger and frustration, as well as love and passion speak through their wordless discussion. She cupped his face, feeling a strong, defined jawline, not of a teenager, but adult she was looking for. And when Yugo moved his fingers through her hair, she suddenly realised they were long and flowing, unlike the short ones she had when she entered the chamber.

- You look... great. - Yugo spoke, and Amalia was pleased to hear the same, familiar, joyful, young tone in his voice, that nonetheless reverberated in a much lower tone now.
- Thank-thank you.

Yugo reached his hand to her head once more, and only when she felt him fix her mother's crown on her head, she became aware of its presence.

They sat on a bench that overlooked the Royal gardens they were now in. She allowed him to lay his head on her shoulder, and in return she did the same when they were watching the young Eliatropes playing with Baltazar. She gladly let him lead the dance, and she giggled when she had to correct his steps, just as he gave her tips when they were covered in flour, making pastries with a very finicky dough.

And then, they were in each other's arms again, but neither crown, nor the cape was anywhere present. Her legs closed around his back, and for the first time she felt the delicious weight of him against her body.

- Yugo... - she asked, staring into his widened eyes, filled with mixture of longing and uncertainty - This... this is not real, isn't it?
- I... I don't know. - he answered, his voice still rough after his throat became sore when he saw her naked body for the first time. - I, uh, I think this is the Twelfth Heaven.
- Like the expression?
- Yeah...

The two stared at each other, pondering what to do next, and it was Amalia, who closed her arms behind his neck and brought his face close to hers.

- Let's see if it's as good as they tell it is.

Their lips met again, though the next moment they had to break the kiss when cries and moans escaped their throats, combined with erratic, hastened breathing. If Amalia wasn't feeling light-headed before, then now, with their bodies rocking together, she was properly dizzy, drunk on love, simultaneously wanting it to last forever and end as quickly as possible.

And it did both. Their shared moment of fulfilment came at once, after dozen of years they've spent immersed in each other, and when the two tired, old lovers looked at each other, they finally found peace and understanding.

When Amalia opened her eyes again, the door to the chambers opened and she tripped, lost her balance and nearly fell face first onto the hard floor, letting out a very unprincess-like curseword.

- Amalia?

At once, she turned around, meeting her younger friend in the other pair of doors between the next set of columns. For a while, the two looked at each other, trying to wordlessly communicate with each other, as their memories were suddenly flooded with more and more memories that made them both shy away.

- Did-did you...?

Yugo nodded.

- And you've seen it too...?
- Oh yes, definitely.

The two sat on the floor, and only the painful, ear-splitting silence of the empty corridor made them open their mouths again.

- Ami, I- - Yugo started - I don't know if that's how it's gonna be...
- I know. - she replied, fiddling with her short hair - I don't know either.

Another set of doors opened, and they were surprised to see Evangelyne, Tristepin and their kids walk out, though a moment later, they all appeared to be one blur of colours when Tristepin took them all in his arms, one real and one magical, and hugged them, spinning around and laughing.

- Well, at least he's no longer feeling guilty. - Amalia smiled.
- You looked like that when I proposed to you back there. - Yugo added, noticing Evangelyne's bright, exuberant face.
- Huh? - Amalia turned at once towards Yugo - Proposed?
- Er, yeah. After we dated, like, for years - he raised his brow - We've... we've had the same visions, right?

Amalia blinked.

- M-Maybe. Wait, did we-In your version- did we-

She tried to conceal meaning of her words, but the few finger gestures she made told Yugo much, much more than he wanted to know, and his face turned red of even deeper shade than Tristepin's hair.

- N-no! Amalia, we never-we didn't-
- Are you suggesting it was MY dream? - she got onto her feet and fumed at him - That dirty, raunchy... Ew!

From the side, Tristepin and Evangelyne watched as the two bickered, trying to explain each other's point of view, and find out who was responsible for which memory.

- They're gonna be like that forever, won't they? - Pinpin asked, as he took his newborn son into his arms.
- Yeah, looks like it. - Eva nodded and kissed him.

Chapter Text

Jeremy knew Candace was a hopeless romantic, and so the sight of a trails of rose petals on the floor didn't surprise him that much. He put his suitcase on the ground, and already imagining his wife waiting for him, he followed the scent. The petals lead him through the corridor, up to the stairs, and then... into the kitchen. Jeremy peeked inside it, noticed a small bunch of petals near the refrigerator that then circled the table from the other side and lead him to the stair once more.

"She must have gotten hungry", he thought.

As he walked up, he undid his tie and buttons on his shirt, his eyes followed the multicoloured petals, a different one on each step. Red, blue, purple, yellow, red, yellow, yellow, yellow... he stumbled when the next few steps had none of the clues, and a somewhat odd-looking, white one on the next one, witch just a few coloured dots on them.

"Sorry, honey, we ran out of cyan cartridge", said the note pinned to the wall.

Fortunately, he was nearly there. Their bedroom was just ahead of him, and when he opened the door, he could practically smell her perfumes and see her alluring, naked body. He did not expect to see her tangled in long, pink ribbons.

- Jeremy! - Candace exclaimed, trying to rotate her immobilised body - I'm so glad you're early.
- For more than one reason, I think... - he smiled and approached their bed - You need a hand?
- Yes, please.

He helped her get out her, admittedly, sexy predicament; under layers of ribbons, he saw her pink lingerie, trying to hide her body, and between each ribbon he untangled, he placed a gentle kiss on the exposed skin, covering her in goosebumps.

- Jeremy... - she moaned, feeling his hands roam her not quite free yet body - I was meaning to put on some music... and I was gonna tie myself up as a present, and...
- You are my biggest present. - he smiled and kissed her - I couldn't have asked for a better one than a beautiful, successful wife like you.

He cupped her cheeks and placed another kiss he broke after a few seconds, when a mischievous thought came to his head.

- Jeremy?
- Do you trust me? - he asked
- Well, yes, obviously, but what-
- Then just follow my moves.

Jeremy took the long string of ribbons and watching as her eyes widen, he pushed her against the pillow, and just as he was unwinding her, he put some around his body as well. Not soon after he got out of his clothes, he was partially tied as well, but only when he started rolling their joined bodies back and forth, Candace understood his intentions. She closed her newly freed arms and legs behind his back, peppering his face and neck with kisses, waiting for his pants to finally come loose.

And when she slid them off - with some difficulty as her arms and his legs were now tied on a leash, she could finally let her evening plans come true. She gasped when she felt his tip brush against her opening, and properly moaned when he dived between her breasts, sucking on her nipples. He nibbled, licked and kissed, but only when she pulled a bunch of ribbons towards her, his dived inside her, filling her in one, clumsy move.

From now one, the two started working on their puppeteering; their moves, though chaotic, were synchronised. Candace flailed her legs, one of which now on his shoulder, and the other one stuck sideways, reacting to each and every of his shallow, but continuous pushes. Their lips met in quick, short pecks, leaving them hungry for more, though it was partially the restraints they put on themselves they would have to blame. Like a oddly constructed machine, the two moved in unison, reacting to each other's shifts and changes, their fates bound together.

Unsurprisingly, they came together, sealing their lips and letting their shared breaths collide and mingle with each other. Their frantic bucking ceased and was replaced with short, shivering quakes, as they rode their orgasms out. The two looked into each other's eyes and smiled, experiencing the odd moment of clarity.

- Sorry I made it a mess... - Candace whispered
- You're my mess and that's what counts.

He kissed her and was about to pull out when he found himself quite unable to do so. Candace tried shifting her legs, but only could move half a foot or so, before the oddly strong tape prevented her from moving. When their eyes met again, they were filled not with hazed content of the post-orgasmic bliss, but uncertainty and worry. They automatically looked to Candace's night-stand and with some difficulties reached their arms to grab her phone.

- *So, let me get this right...* - Stacy sighed - *You want me to break into your house, follow a trail of paper shreds up, with my eyes closed...*
- Only until you turn to see our bedroom! - Candace interrupted
- *...and then follow your instructions how to untie you from the industrial-strong ribbons you two tied themselves up with?*

Stacey waited for a pleading "uh-uh", sighed again and spoke to the phone again.

- Okay, but only if you let me borrow this, I have an idea for a date with Coltrane.








Chapter Text

Callum opened his eyes, trying to remember what happened ever since he lost his consciousness. He was in castle, their castle - he recognised the style of stonework, as well as the decorations. The bed underneath his back was soft and smelled of lavender, and only when his eyes noticed the desk with various magical paraphernalia on it, he knew where he was.

- Claudia? - he asked, and on the next turn of his head, he saw her, walking to his bed and sitting on its edge.
- Hey there, sport. - feeling better?
- What... what happened? - Callum asked, looking into her calm, loving green eyes.
- Got a bit reckless with your magic, I'm afraid. Glad we were able to catch you, but you need to rest.

She smiled and brought her hand to his head, fiddling with his hair. Callum's leg jerked when his body came in contact with hers, and Claudia giggled when she saw the perplexed and astonished look on her friend's face.

- I healed you the best I could, but I think I could do one more thing to calm you.
- W-W-What do you- me-mean? - Callum stuttered.
- Well... - she stood up and walked to the other end of the bed - Some theories say that humans feel bad, because they have too much fluids in their body and it exerts too much pressure. Like bad blood, hence leeches.
- You-you're not going to...!
- Nah, don't worry - Claudia laughed - Those theories are old. But...

She kneeled in front of him and cat-walked towards him, never taking eyes from him.

- I think you do have too much fluids in one part of your body.

he eyes suddenly darted down, and as Callum followed, he realised that his body has reacted to the her alluring, sensual moves. Claudia licked her lips, pushed the blanket away, revealing Callum's pants, and, most importantly what they were hiding.

- Cla-Claudia! - he wailed, when her fingers brushed his cock, sending shivers all across his body.
- Are you telling me you don't want this? - she asked in a would be sweet voice, her breath already tingling with droplets of precum on his cock.

Words got stuck in Callum's throat, and as he was unable to speak, Claudia continued her caresses, stroking his manhood up and down, much to Callum's delight. And just when his brain caught up with him and he wanted to say something somewhat coherent, he lost it against when her lips closed around his tip, bringing a whole new level of pleasure he couldn't even imagine. Her velvety, wet, warm mouth took care of him, enveloping him with delicate, heavenly texture that contrasted with her impatient tongue that licked his head over and over, trying to get as much of his salty precum as possible.

Claudia dived down, taking him further into her mouth, and her chambers were filled with his prolonged, high-pitched moan, as the mage continued her mouth work. Up and down, back and forth, Claudia presented a completely new world of sensations Callum so far couldn't even fathom, and with the amount of pleasure overwhelming him, he lost it, bucking his hips not a minute after Claudia started, sending ropes of his cum into her mouth and throat. But the magic only began here: his lover not only was not disgusted by it, but she continued sucking him, taking each droplet of his cum and swallowing it down, until his orgasm ceased and Claudia proudly presented him her empty mouth, with just one glob of cum sticking to her lips.

Callum's chest moved up and own, as he looked at his old crush in the lewd, alluring pose, and just as he was about to climax again, just from the sight of her alone, he understood something.

- Claudia... this... this is some kind of dream, isn't it?
- Mhm. - the black-haired mage nodded, licking one last glob of his cum from her lips.

She leaned over him, letting Callum ogle her breasts in their glory before she met his face.

- I'm afraid you were hit pretty hard, I had to make sure you'll rest and have lots of dreams.

Claudia stood up from her submissive position, giving Callum an unobstructed view of her black lingerie that now covered her stunning body.

- And you know what that means, right?
- I-I can finally tell you how I feel about you?
- Yes... - she smiled - And...

She moved even further forward, nearly pressing her bosom to his face, as she leaned over his shoulder to whisper last part of her sentence into his ear.

- can cum inside me. No consequences.

Next thing Callum knew, he was surrounded once more by overwhelming, warm wetness, but this time only a hundred times tighter and more welcoming, when Claudia moved aside a strip of her thing panties, revealed her pussy and slid herself on his cock, while her lips met his, letting him taste and hear her passion all at once. She bounced her hips slowly at first, staring into the mesmerised eyes of Callum, who was still only half-aware of what was going around him. His hands gravitated to her thighs, and Claudia let out a prolonged moan when she felt him finally taking some initiative, though it was diminished when she pressed her hands against his now-bare chest and increased the speed of her bucking.

Callum threw his head back into the pillow and for a glorious, long moment let the pleasure take over his mind and senses, all currently occupied by sensations made by his busty crush. And in that moment of blissful indulgence, Callum suddenly realised something, and sat up, interrupting his dream partner's ravaging, much to Claudia's surprise.

- Callum? Is something wrong?
- No. - he cupped her face - It's just... if it's a dream, I-I want to make it a bit better.

He pulled her into a kiss, and when their lips parted, they were no longer in the chamber where he was taken. They were outside, lying on the grassy hill that overlooked the Moon nexus, and in the moonlight, Claudia looked exactly as radiant as on their first, failed date. But now, together with her sparkling, green eyes, the light reflected also from her naked skin, peeking from underneath her erotic lingerie, and as much as Callum wanted to remain gallant, he looked down, which made her giggle.

- Come on, Callum, this is a dream, I'm not judging... and even if it wasn't, I wouldn't be...

Their lips met again, and the mage was swiftly pushed to the soft grass, as this time it was Callum that came on top. He grabbed her leg and pushed it up, giving him better access to her sex, that once more made him dizzy from the smell and taste, as his nose got closer and closer to her.

Claudia let out a deep wail when his tongue flicked and lapped against her lips, performing long, meticulous licks, savouring the odd taste of the juices that flowed from her pussy. Callum didn't know how she tasted, but knew he loved it, and the only way of getting more of it, was getting deeper inside her. Once his tongue and fingers joined the play, his older crush was writhing and quaking under his caresses, shouting his name every few seconds, while she flailed her hands and legs in impatience, feeling her oncoming orgasm.

It felt as he was hitting every note perfectly, mostly because he did. He was in control of the scenario that unfurled in front of him, and last thing he wanted was to leave his partner without experiencing what he had just a few moment ago. And when it hit her, at the precise moment Callum wanted to, he was greeted with the sight of dreams, as Claudia arched her body and screamed his name into the air, just before she dragged him up and brought their lips together again, hoping their kiss would help her calm down.

- Ca...Callum, where... where did you learn this?
- I... must have just heard about it, from, uh, other men...
- Men... - she spoke in a low, smoky voice - Yes, you have... certainly... grown...

She sneaked her hand between his legs, and closed her fingers around his cock that in the span of last few seconds grew twice in size and girth, much to her delight. She stroked him, letting out soft gasps and moans, but her play was soon interrupted by Callum's dominance. he grabbed her legs and pushed them against her body, while his naked, muscular chest pressed against her naked bosom.

- Tell me, what do you want now, Claudia? - he asked in a much huskier and lower voice, unlike the high pitched one in which he screamed her name when Claudia took him down her throat.
- Take me! - Claudia gasped, and cupped his face, covered in meticulously trimmed beard - Make me yours, Callum!

Callum was taught to never disappoint a lady, and he gladly fulfilled her wish, sheathing his cock inside her pussy in one, swift motion, watching as her eyes widen with each deep thrust of his hips. His position allowed him to effortlessly smash his hips against her sex, and reach as far as he could into her needy pussy. Her overflowing juices, created during his prolonged caresses certainly helped in maintaining the speed he wanted to achieve.

Lost in the pleasure, he never looked away from her, and when Claudia closed her arms behind his neck and brought his face against her, they kisses again, and Callum could feel her voice, vibrating now in his throat, cracking each time he hilted himself inside her.

As Callum's frantic bucking continued, her eyes rolled up, but Callum was far from being done with her. Next thing they knew, they were in the air, flying, gods only know how, and what he was pressing their bodies against as he rammed himself inside her, but Claudia saw nothing wrong with this scenario, especially with his arms behind her back, giving her the important feeling of security. Electricity enveloped them, and with each thunder and lightning that stroke around them, they could feel the vibrating, buzzing electricity rushing through their bodies, making them squirm and writhe.

Claudia was the only one who was surprised, though. As Callum wielded his magic, he made sure the flow of energy stimulated his partner's nerves, bringing her just to the very edge of her climax. And when she was about to cry his name again, they started plummeting to the ground, and just before they hit the earth, Claudia's eyes opened wide when she saw what Callum has become. She was now in dragon's arms, with dragon's lips against hers, and, most importantly, with a dragon's cock in her pussy.

Wordlessly, Callum asked her again what she wants, and this time, Claudia did not hesitate to speak her mind.

- Fuck me! Rut me! Breed me, Callum!

And as she was pressed against her bed again, Callum did just that, flooding her pussy with the same streams of seed that has filled her mouth and belly before. He was human again, but his behaviour was more than animalistic. The handsome man that claimed her was working overtime, bringing her to climax after climax with each portion of his cum he pumped into her, and Claudia could only counter it by screaming his name over and over...



- How long do you think she's gonna sleep? - Callum asked Rayla, switching the compress on Claudia's forehead
- Dunno. I hope I didn't give her too much of that thing. - Rayla countered, once again, checking the notes in her journal. - Nope, just two drops in a glass of water. That should've cured her.
- Uh, I think it did, actually...

Callum put his hand against her forehead. She still had a fever, but in the last two hours or so, her behaviour has somewhat changed. She was still twitching and coiling, but now, instead of a grimace of pain, she had a wide grin plastered all over her face.







Chapter Text

Sitting on her bed with her legs crossed, Raven closed her eyes and attuned herself to the movements of the spheres, gently floating into the air. Her dark room allowed her the comfort necessary to achieve such mental state, and thanks to her astute mind and training, there was very little that could have disturbed her.

Unfortunately, that very little happened to occupy the room next to her.

When Raven felt the sudden, overwhelming spike of emotions, she lost her balance and fell to her bed, flailing her legs and arms, like a spinning top thrown out of its perfect rhythm. It took her a moment to realise what was the cause of the interruption, when another burst of positive, glowing energy reached her through the walls, confirming her worries. As a trained empath, Raven could easily detect the emotions of her friend on the opposite side of the wall, despite its thickness, strengthened by various materials meant to stop sound or vibrations penetrating it (and truth to be told, Raven and Beast Boy were partially responsible for that addition).

But Raven didn't need superhearing or x-ray vision to know what was going on the other side. Her hyper-active friend, Starfire, glowed like a bright light in the darkness, and in her state, it was a flame so vivid and colourful Raven was worried it might become a wildfire soon. A much more subdued source of energy appeared in the form of her boyfriend, and she was sure the spike of energy occurred exactly when Starfire began undoing her clothes. Raven has seen the pattern before, and knew it was only a matter of time until their desire would explode, and the only reason why it hasn't yet was because the two were probably talking about something. And though she wanted to go back to her meditation, Raven wondered what they were talking about...

- Robin... - Starfire asked timidly, undoing buttons of her shirt - Shall we engage in another play of the roles?
- A roleplay? - Robin approached towards her and placed a single kiss on her now-exposed shoulder, while his hand brushed her thigh. - I'm all ears.
- No, you're not. You're all you. - Starfire spoke - Or is that one of verbal phrases?
- Yes, yes, it is Starfire. - Robin chuckled. - So, what was that roleplay idea?

As if a trumpet was blown right next to her ear, Raven jolted in place at the same time as Starfire leaned and whispered her idea into Robin's ears. Their auras mixed and pulsed with a new kind of desire she hasn't felt with them so far, only strengthening her curiosity. And whether she wanted to or not, she has become a witness of some colourful spectacles of emotions in her room, and reluctantly understood that there was no point in trying to go back to her meditation.

- And? - Starfire asked, blinking - Does my idea possess enough kink?
- Yeah, I'd say so... - Robin gulped, and took a step back - Ready when you are...

Starfire cleared her throat and floated a few inches above the ground, watching as Robin's face is torn with a pretence grimace.

- Greetings, human - she spoke in a stoic, and near-regal tone. - I am Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, and I seek your help.
- An... an alien! From another world! - Robin spoke, watching as Starfire twirls around in mid-air.
- That is true. I am a magical princess from another dimension.

She bowed and moved her arms, drawing a flaming arc above her head.

- I have come here to seek help of your people, for you see, my planet is dying.

She floated towards him and cupped his face, staring into his eyes as she gathered strength to fully articulate the naughty idea that has been sitting on her mind for quite some time.

- I, and many others, are in a dire need of a mate. Wars have diminished our supplies of men, and so, we were sent to other worlds to find... the most suitable of them...

Raven felt how their foreplay changed when Starfire's voice became more and more salacious, and without becoming fully aware of it, Raven's hand gravitated towards her sex, and she began mashing her pussy and clit first through her fabric, and then directly, as her fingers slipped underneath her costume.

- W-wait! - Robin protested - Does- does that mean that I-
- If you'd be chosen, you'd travel to my planet to help us reach numbers from before the war. But I need first to test you if you are worthy of becoming the saviour of my kind.

She undid the security locks of her costume, and one by one the blue-purple armor fell to the floor, increasing Robin's pulse witch each piece. On the other side of the wall, Raven wondered what the two were doing; she deduced they must still be in the foreplay stage, but with each second, their energies glowed more and more brightly, until suddenly, a flash appeared in her mind, at the same time as last piece of Starfire's costume fell to the floor and she was dragged into Robin's laps.

Their lips met in a hungry, ravenous kiss that lasted only a few seconds, as Starfire broke it looking deep into Robin's genuinely confused eyes.

- Robin of Earth! Is this necessary for procreating?
- We call it "love" - he added, placing another kiss on her exposed bosom - Don't you have that?
- I feel my people will have a lot to learn from you...

Starfire smiled and allowed Robin to overtake her, pushing her to the bed, while his kisses slowly ventured down, alongside her voluptuous breasts, flat belly and down her long legs, deliberately missing her wet sex. He looked up, hearing an annoyed gasp from her, and he only returned a cocky smile, while his arms kept her legs from impatient flailing. He stared for a moment at her radiant face, enveloped with the red halo of her hair, before he dived between her legs, listening to the sweet music of her moans produced when his tongue met with her lips.

Rave could feel the same spikes of energy, and could almost see Starfire's back arching and her levitating in the air as Robin caressed her. She ditched all the pretence and threw aside her cape, and relaxed on the bed, raising her legs to get her hands better access to her wet sex. She drained the emotions, fed on them, and she came close to her orgasm at the same time as Starfire coated Robin's face with her juices, after his lengthy set of licks and kisses.

- Is... is this what happens before mating? - Starfire asked, continuing her naive play.
- Sometimes, if a man cares about his woman...
- I think I made a good decision, then...

She reached her arms and pulled Robin towards her, tasting herself on his lips, as her boyfriend got comfortable between her legs. His hands gravitated towards her hips, and with no effort, he gently pushed them against her body, slowly puling her behind up, until Starfire caught onto the idea and helped him maintain the highly erotic position.

- Ready?
- I certainly am. - she nodded.

With her legs locked underneath her arms, Robin had the perfect view of her pussy, adorned with a small bush of fiery, red hair. He grabbed her thighs again, and staring into her widened eyes, he hilted himself in, slow at first, and then, as Starfire's voice grew, faster, until she was babbling, begging him to speed up. With a quick grunt he fulfilled her promise, and next thing she knew, he was balls deep inside her, feeling her body twitch and quiver as her nerves were suddenly set on fire with the rapid thrust.

But Robin did not respond to that, knowing well her raised voice was nothing to be concerned. Soon her cries turned into moans and wails, encouraging him to continue his noble quest, her voice breaking and quivering as her body rocked under Robin's constant, rhythmic thrusts.

- Ro-Robin! Please do not-not stop the mating!
- I'm not... gonna.

Robin flexed his feet and leaned over her, pressed his lips against hers as his hips mercilessly pounded her, diving his cock in and out. And behind the wall, Raven was spasming and writhing, inches away from her own orgasm. She felt the animalistic, primal intent they both had, and genuinely wasn't sure if the two were just role-playing, was they just taunting each-other, or if they really wanted to do this.

And it was that new emotion that drove Raven over the edge, making her slam her hips against the bed, at the same time as Robin collapsed onto Starfire, his cock filling the condom with burst after burst of his seed, while her walls clenched around him, milking him for more. Her moans became a continuous wail, and if she wasn't so tired, she'd gladly levitate them into the air.

- Robin... You truly are the best choice I have...
- Are all women on your planet as beautiful as you? - he asked, when he caught his breath, and started toying with her hair.
- Some... some are...
- Then how about we do it like this: you get to keep me, and we'll get some other folks for the rest. Deal?
- I agree, Robin! You shall be my personal mate!

The two giggled, and rolled back and forth on Starfire's bed, basking in the powerful orgasm they just went through, completely oblivious that just a few feet away they have pleasured their friend. Raven stared at the ceiling, her chest still moving erratically up and down, while her thoughts raced her mind slower and slower.

On one hand, she knew it was wrong, and she shouldn't have spied on them; on the other, the pure, unabashed intent that emanated from the emotions, was very, very real, even if it was a made-up scenario. But the worst thing was, she desperately needed to live through it again, perhaps this time with someone who would be up to the task...

As if on command, the door to her room opened, and beast Boy walked in, with two packagaes of Chinese food.

-Hey, they Rae, brought you-Woah!

He flinched when he saw her lying half-naked on her bed, with her glistening sex relfecting the lttle light her room produced.

- Uh, is something wrong?

But before he say anything more, two dark magical tentacles brought him to her, and soon Raven didn't need her magic to keep him by his side. She rolled him to his back, straddled him, and unapologetically tore his suit apart, revealing his naked body underneath it.

- I'd take what they were having.
- They? - Beast Boy asked, curious at her behaviour.
- I'll explain later.

And with thatt, Raven began moving her hips up and down, coating his cock with the copious amount of her juices that only helped her reach her cause.

Chapter Text

The door to the elongated hall of Princess Bubblegum's castle opened wide, giving the banana guards little time to react to Finn the Human sprinting through it, if the guards could do anything to begin.

- PB, you called?

Finn jumped and eagerly bowed before his ladyfriend, receiving a soft giggle in return. Even though Finn could no longer be called a boy, he never lost his juvenile charm, making his gentlemanly behaviour even cuter to the ruler of the Candy kingdom.

- Why, yes, Finn. I take you are well rested, for I have a very difficult taskfor you, should you accept it.
- Of course!

He stood up straight and followed her, as they walked down the long corridor of her strangely empty castle.

- Finn, I have been studying the Annals of Ooo, specifically records of old heroes and heroines.
- Like Billy? Or the Bacon Lady, riding the winged roasted hogs?
- Genau. - she nodded. - Of course, some of the harrowing adventures they have been through pale in comparison to what you've been through.

She turned towards Finn, gracing him with a gentle smile, and noticed a blush on his cheek. The faintest of squeals escaped his mouth when she praised him and his bravery.

- ...and I have stumbled across one record that... Well, you might also want to challenge, at least...

For a second, Finn was sure that this time he saw her cheeks turning crimson, but couldn't guess why. However, when Princess Bubblegum opened the tall doors to her chambers, his mind became preoccupied with something much, much different.

The floor was covered in multicoloured pillows, on which sat a few of his ladyfriends, which wouldn't be an uncommon sight, if not for the fact that they were all naked.

Finn marvelled at the stunning sight of the exposed bodies of Marceline, Flame Princess, Huntress Wizard, two Water Nymphs, which looked radiant, almost as if they were glowing with some eerie light. When Finn let out a audible gasp, their eyes turned towards him, though from the carnal look they shared, they were already expecting him.

- PB! What is go-

Finn let out another girlish scream when he turned towards Princess Bubblegum, and saw that she has joined the others by dropping her dress to the ground, which evidently was the only thing she was wearing. This time, a chorus of giggling reached Finn's ears, which didn't calm him down one bit. He jumped when he felt Princess Bubblegum's hand on his shoulder, curling around his neck.

- Legends of old say that one hero impregnated fifty women in a single night - so even just a tenth of that shouldn't be a problem for you, right, Finn?

Princess Bubblegum smirked, showing him an old tome with a highly detailed drawing of a bulky, brawny man, at least ten feet tall, surrounded by a crowd of naked women of all shapes and sizes, all clinging to his body, tired, and visibly messy. He looked back and forth at the drawing and PB's smirk, trying to figure out if her proposition was a joke, or a very odd psychological experiment.

- Yowza, PB, a-are you for real?
- As if you haven't thought of that before.

A sudden voice reached him from behind, and when Finn turned his head, his lips met with Marceline's, floating upside down, who pulled him into a deep, hungry kiss. Her long, twisted tongue entered his mouth, sending goosebumps all over his body, and if he wasn't aroused already, he would be dying to get rid of his pants.

- We are more than certain, Finn. - PB replied, cupping his face and pulling him towards her - There is no greater hero of Ooo out there than you, and each one of us would be proud to... carry your legacy, Finn. But there is more than that. - her face frowned - Humans are endangered species, critically. I estimate, that even with the current scientific progress and help of the Minerva bots, you could be gone in the next two hundred years, especially if you all migrate back to Ooo. However...

PB smiled.

- Your genes could be stronger, if mixed with other species. Candy people, wizards, elementals... You can create a new generation of humans, immune to so many of Ooo's natural problems! - she grabbed Finn's arms, smile widening on her lips.
- W-Wait - Finn interrupted - How... how can you be sure it will work?
- Oh, we brainboxed it. - Huntress Wizard explained - Well, I always knew we can have a baby, and PB did some science of her own to help the others...
- But your collection of herbs to stimulate our vastly different bodies was instrumental, Huntress Wizard - Princess Bubblegum addressed her - The point is, Finn, that now we can be sure that your seed will hit a very fertile ground in all of us. - she smiled - The question is, are *you* up to the task?

With another turn of his head, Finn realised he was now surrounded. Sly, but warm smiles on the rest of his girlfriends' faces only confirmed Princess Bubblegum's motives, and gave Finn very little to ponder.

- Ladies... It... It... It would be my honour!

Finn shouted, breaking his voice, and in a moment's notice, six pairs of hands reached for his clothes, each trying to disrobe him. Marceline grabbed his hat and yanked it off his head, revealing the long, golden locks of his that brought several gasps from those ladies, or at least those, whose lips were currently not occupied with kissing Finn's now-naked body.

To say that he was feeling light-headed would be an understatement; fortunately for Finn, his girlfriends were there for him, leading him onto the mountain of pillows they were sitting on before, and when he was no longer forced to stay upright, he gladly fell onto the cushioned floor, marvelling at the sight of naked women surrounding him.

- Well, Finn, which one of us would be the first?

Flame Princess' question flabbergasted Finn again, as he frantically looked around him, savouring the sight and beauty that filled his vision.

- L-Ladies, I... I don't want to choose...
- Don't worry, Finn. - Huntress Wizard approached him from the side. - We will all get our turns, don't worry about the order...

She cupped his face and pulled him into third kiss of the day. Huntress pressed her hand onto his chest, hoping to straddle him, but at the same moment, she felt the world around her spin when Finn grabbed her and pressed her to the pillowed floor.

- Alright, I guess you'll be the first, then!

The shock on HW's face turned into a giddy smile when she realised her position, eagerly spreading her legs for him. But Finn was one step ahead in this area as well; he gripped her thighs with his hands and pressed her legs against her naked torso, exposing her pussy, already glistening from her sweet-smelling juices.

- Best position for mating, isn't it?
- Oh, yes! - Huntress wizard eagerly replied, her voice dripping with lust. - Come on, Finn, breed me!

With her permission, Finn gladly jumped over her, hearing gasps and comments from other ladies watching their carnal play. Huntress expected to feel Finn's cock inside her, but surprisingly, she felt something much, much softer.

- F-Finn! - she gasped when his tongue parted her lips, coated with sap-like juices - You-You were-
- I know, HW. - Finn leaned from between her legs - But I can't have all the fun myself.
- Finn...

Huntress cooed and threw her head back, letting early sparks of pleasure engulf her body, as Finn's tongue lapped at her folds.

- I didn't expect anything less from you, Finn.

Flame Princess leaned over his shoulder, sneaked a kiss onto his cheek, and just for a bit of fun, dragged a finger across Huntress' sex, making her jolt from the sudden change of temperature. As Finn licked Huntress to the brink of her orgasm, he couldn't help but notice the commotion around him. The remaining ladies were not idle, and quickly began keeping their bodies ready and horny, in a series of kisses and progressively braver caresses, though from the amount of steam coming from between Water Nymphs and Flaming Princess, they were a bit more active than Marceline and PB.

But Finn had other things to concentrate on, and when he heard a loud cry of Huntress wizard and felt his hair being tucked on, he stopped his gentle oral treatment.

- F-Finn - Huntress babbled - I want... I want...
- ...together, I know.

Finn kissed her, and covered her body with his, placing her legs on his shoulders, as he assumed the erotic position Huntress loved. Huntress screamed when Finn's hips dived his cock between her folds, and deep into her pussy, filling her in a single thrust. She grabbed his shoulders in an irrational fear he might go away, bringing him even closer to her. She felt his hot breath on her face and neck, as he huffed each time he filled her with his cock, spreading her fraction of an inch more with each push.

Denise the Water Nymph took a break from kissing Flame Princess' breasts to take a look at Finn's hipswork and marvel at the speed at which he pounded Huntress Wizard. Her legs flailed above her head, as Finn dived deeper and deeper into her needy hole, and the remaining girls awed at the ferocity of his love-making that produced puddle of fluids seeping from Huntress's pussy already, knowing they would share the same fate.

- Fi-Finn! - Huntress cried suddenly, announcing to Finn what he already knew.

He leaned, kissed her and lifted himself just enough to become sure-footed in the unstable mountain of pillows underneath him. His voice grew and grew, until it crescendoed at the same time as Huntress' body rocked with her climax, coating his cock with her juices, and her walls began milking Finn of the first, fresh batch of his cum. His last few pushes were nothing short of impressive; he made sure to withdraw his cock nearly completely and then dive back again, balls-deep inside her. And with each push, the other girls saw his cock being covered in more and more cum, though the leftovers was nothing compared to what he was leaving Huntress with.

With each shot of his virile, creamy seed, she was quivering anew, gasping for breath she was losing with each cry, and the longer Finn bred her, the more she succumbed to the pleasure that overwhelmed her. Her usually stoic and calm demeanour was gone, and she was a babbling mess, begging Finn for more of his cum, a request he was gladly fulfilling, sending his spunk down her pussy and with a bit of luck, straight into her womb.

With the last drop of his seed intended for her, came also a kiss, the longest and sweetest so far, and when it was time for him to retreat, Huntress felt the pang of loneliness, though it was soothed by a familiar warmth of a fresh creampie trying to escape from her used hole. And while she let a drop of gooey, thick cum flash between her lips for Finn's pleasure, she made sure to quickly put her leafy panties on, to prevent too much spillage, though she was sure this amount was more than necessary to impregnate her.

She was about to jump back into action and taste some of the leftovers on Finn's cock, but Flame Princess was faster, her lips were already around his head, licking off globs of cum sticking to it.

- Phoebe! - Finn howled - Give...give me a mo-Auch!
- Sorry, Finn, that looked so tasty, I won't wait ...
- And you don't have to either - Huntress addressed Finn, handing him a familiar looking bottle - Want a sip?

Finn knew what was inside it; Huntress was well-versed in alchemy, and her aphrodisiac has helped him get through nights with her on more than one occasion. With six women around, however, and the clear intent they had for him, he was strangely invigorated already, signified by Flame Princess sudden moan, as she felt his cock grow in her mouth.

- I-I think I'm fine, HW. But I might need it later.

Finn moaned again, as Flame princess' tongue lapped around his head and caress the delicate slit that just a moment ago was the fire-hose flooding Huntress Wizard. The magical warmth of her body was enough to make his fluids boil, and Finn had to truly restrain himself from wasting precious portion of his cum to gush it down Flame Princess' throat like he has done many times before.

Fortunately, she knew it as well, and a few moments later, she let go of his cock, jumped into his laps, and closed her arms and legs around him, coating him with the heat he loved. Long gone were the times when Finn needed to wrap himself in tinfoil to even kiss the fire elemental, though he didn't mind if his girlfriend became a bit more fiery in bed, bringing just a little pain to make colder nights interesting.

This time, however, the flames were nothing but soothing, giving him more and more energy to move their joined bodies up and down, while her lips caressed his. Finn's hands landed on her thick thighs, that now engulfed his cock, allowing the gravity to make sure that he will fill her completely with each push.

Finn nearly giggled when he broke the kiss to dive between Flame Princess ample breasts, listening to her rising moans, a result of both his caresses and his cock being rammed up her pussy. But Finn's tongue circling around her orange nipples definitely made a difference; the princess of the FIre Kingdom threw her head back, nearly bringing their joined bodies into vertical position. And a moment later, Finn's stronger push put an end to Flame Princess dream of dominating him, and she found herself underneath the hero of Ooo, on the mercy of him and his hips.

Finn flexed his legs and arms again, securing himself against the woman he was making love to, and a moment before her climax hit her, he roared her name, spilling his cum inside her pussy, feeling the scorching hot walls around her closing to make sure not a drop would be lost, ensuring he has just placed a hefty bun in her warm oven. It was a testament to Finn's prowess as a lover that even fire elemental burned when his molten spunk filled her, setting each and every nerve bud, making Flame Princess orgasm again and again.

Flame Princess' fingertips burned a bit of skin on Finn's back as she clang onto him, but the hero of Ooo didn't stop in his quest; his pushed himself back and forth, and only when Flame Princess' fiery heels kicked him in the butt, he yanked himself out of her, straight into the arms of soothing water nymphs that engulfed him in healing water at once.

Finn's quick escape was a marvel on its own, as it left a hefty trail of his cum, leading from Flame Princess' overflowing pussy, right into the water nymphs that quickly wiped it from the floor, absorbing it into their bodies.

- Woah, you can do that?
- We're water elementals, Finn. - Eloise reminded him - We're practically half-fluid already.
- And we wouldn't mind getting a bit of yours, now, Finn...

Two gorgeous women kissed Finn, their watery bodies seemingly mixing and flowing through each other, as they tried assuming forms that would help Finn procreate with them. Ultimately, they became humanoid again, but enveloped his cock with much more pressure than either Flame Princess of Huntress could, seemingly caressing each square inch of his manhood. But it was the way their bodies worked that marvelled Finn the most; instead of moving up and down, the water Nymph riding him just spun the water around him, creating the most pleasant of water vortxes he ever felt, dragging him rapidly into an orgasm of intensity he hasn't felt before.

- You should have visited us more often, neighbour...

The other Nymph giggled and let out a shriek when Finn's hand travelled between her legs, and he pushed her up, so that she could straddle his face. Licking a water elemental turned out to be, predictably, as wet as possible, but even Finn didn't expect that she would literally dissolve in his hands upon her explosive climax, reconstituting around him just so he could take her next, seeing how both Finn and Denise's voices grew in volume and their orgasm approached. Finn came first, and Denise literally sucked his seed into her body, in a near-continued motion, and only PB's reprimand told her to stop and leave some for others.

And just when Finn thought he has witnessed the most erotic sight of his life, Denise has surprised him once more. She cupped his face and directed his sight to their naked, blue bellies, and as they slowly became translucent, Finn suddenly saw the copious loads he has just filled them with, spreading inside her, slowly seeping into her womb, as he poured more and more of his spunk inside her. He knew conception didn't happen immediately, but in this case, he was able to see how his milky sperm flew up and filled her fertile hydroponic body, and if he had better eyesight he might have even observed the moment of conception itself.

There were only two women left, and Finn wouldn't dare to separate the pair already embraced in a heated kiss. Marceline let out a shriek when she felt Finn's tongue between her legs, and when she broke the kiss with PB, she cried as well, when Finn's fingers began dancing around her puffy, gummy lips. With Marceline levitating above the two, a perfect triangle was formed, especially when Princess Bubblegum quickly grew tired of Finn's caresses, and demanded something more substantial by locking her legs behind his back, unceremoniously shoving him inside her in one, quick move.

At the same time, Marceline, opted to switch her lovers and utilise Bonnibel's opened mouth, through which moans and wails were seeping through to stimulate her, while she could motivate their boyfriend, looking straight into his eyes as he rawed her girlfriend.

- Come on, Finn... - she moaned, watching the his blonde pubic hair hitting the pink flesh of Princess Bubblegum - You've... you've been wanting to do this for a long time, haven't you?

Her smoky hot, languorous voice hit a very primal part of Finn's brain, especially when she moaned, pressing her hips into PB's face, responding to her rather aggressive licks. But it was true, PB was Finn's first crush, and though it has taken him years to figure out where exactly his affection lies, there was an undeniable satisfaction knowing that she wanted it as well.

- Finn! - Marceline cried, levitating in the air just enough so he could watch PB's tongue in her pussy - Do-Do it! Knock her up!

In a strange turn of events, Finn's climax coincided not with PB's, but Marceline, whose demonic nature seeped out of her in a body-writhing shriek just as Finn sent a stream of his cum inside the princess of the Candy Kingdom, dotting her pubes with a few random streaks when he pulled out.

- Fi...Finn...

PB gasped a breathless "thank you", with a noticeable impatient note in her voice, which quickly turned into an astonishment when still failing body of Marceline pushed Finn back, and the vampire Queen spread her pussy and butt for him, while her long tongue already mingled with PB's clit, forcing her legs to shake in anticipation.

- Don't worry, Finn, I'm not gonna drink too much of you.

She turned back, looking PB's straight in the eyes and closed her vampiric fangs around her pussy, draining her of her colour, and tasting the salty glaze that perfectly balanced the flavour. Her tongue and mouth were pushed further into Bubblegum's creampied pussy when Finn sheathed himself inside Marceline, experiencing the alien, yet odd welcoming vampiric pussy. With the sight of her ass bouncing up and down, and Princess Bubblegum's legs and arms flailing under Marceline's caresses, Finn had to restrain himself from coming too soon.

His hands sneaked underneath his lover, and he toyed with her breasts, leaning onto her half-levitating body that despite lack of security, reacted to every one of Finn's aggressive moves. For a while he wasn't sure if the dominant girl enjoyed his delicate caresses, but as Marceline let go of PB's pussy, a deep, melodious wail escaped her lips, and Finn noticed a familiar tune.

- You a-a-a-a-are my best friends... in the world...
- Fi-Finn! - Princess Bubblegum cried - Ficken... Fuck her!

She threw her head back into the pillow, as Marceline let out last note of her song and dived her teeth and tongue into her, and as Princess Bubblegum was torn with her climax, so was Finn, cumming a second time in just under fifteen minutes, flooding the surprisingly warm canals of Marceline with his hot, virile spunk, and was most pleased when he heard her voice quiver and crack when she felt a third or fourth rope filling her to the brim.

The same tongue that tasted Bubblegum's pussy was now exploring Finn's mouth in a ravenous, but content kiss, and a moment later Princess Bubblegum herself joined them, pressing her still creampied pussy against Finn's twitching cock.

Finn collapsed onto the ground after he broke the prolonged three-way kiss, and when he got up, after an impossible to describe time, he was met with a sight that filled his chest with pride. Six naked, tired women lay on the floor, moaning and exchanging kisses with each other that filled the vast chambers with erotic, slurping and smacking noises. But it was his cum, leaking from their used pussies, adding dots of white to the multicoloured floor that made his head light and knees wobbly again.

- Well, Finn... - Princess Bubblegum wheezed, breaking kiss from Marceline - I think you have done it. You have challenged the age old record...

Finn was about to say something, when noticed the peculiar tone in which PB spoke these words, and when he saw the familiar smirk on her face, he knew she had something else on her mind.

- Would you like to... break it?

And before Finn could respond, she snapped her fingers, and the doors to her chambers opened under the vast pressure of the crowd on the other side. Finn's legs gave up, and he fell to the floor, right into Huntress Wizard's arms.

At least three dozen other women, most of which Finn knew, looked at him expectedly, with the same carnal smiles and hungry stares. Princesses, monsters, wizards, humanoid or not, surrounded Finn, and the lack of any clothes on their varied bodies meant only one thing.

- Uh, HW? - Finn turned around - Do you still have that, uh, that potion of yours?

Huntress Wizard smiled.

- Drink up, big boy, you're gonna need it. - she handed him and open bottle and kissed his cheek.

Finn grabbed the bottle and gulped a third of its content. He didn't have to look down, the collective gasp of women around him told him it worked. The crowd of new girls stared at his hard cock, awaiting Finn's move.

- So, which one of you would like to be the first, ladies?


There seemed to be no end in the depravity that followed. The swarm of eager, horny and dangerously fertile women approached Finn, and only thanks to his restraint, and the futon Marceline help float to the centre of the room, he has managed to control them. One by one, each women was loved, caressed, fucked, and ultimately bred on it by Finn the human, fulfilling the prophecy and making sure his legacy would live on.

Finn took it as a sworn duty to give each stunning lady the time and effort they deserved, and was rewarded by the multitude of creative ways the women wanted to be knocked up in. Some gladly took Finn's dominant initiative and preferred being mate pressed, but some wanted to be on top and squeeze his juices into their wombs riding him. Several proposed teaming up, like the water nymphs before, and if Finn had his arms free, he gladly caressed two extra girls while he pounded his baby batter into the third one.

Quite a few of the women, as Finn has noticed, were human; he has recognised some familiar faces from the village that arose around the wreck of the ship on which his mother has travelled, and he was more than pleased when a brunette and blonde took him at the same time. They whispered into his ear that Minervabot told them they were at the peak of their ovulation period, which meant they would be gladly fulfilling PB's wish without any magical help necessary, guaranteeing him to father their children and preserve his species. And of course, there was Susan, who at first overwhelmed Finn, but when his lips closed around her nipples and dived between her massive rack, she was easily defeated and bred, though Finn had some troubles toppling her muscular body.

Several girls took more than once turn, but Finn didn't mind giving some of his new girlfriends more of his cum, as long as others would get it again as well. Breakfast Princess not only dipped her fingers inside her creampied pussy and brought his creamy cum to her lips, but demanded a refill straight away, which Finn gladly did, pouring more warm, energy-filled shots inside her.

While Finn flooded the many women of Ooo with gallons of his seed, he replenished his strength as well as his fluids with Huntress' potion. Five bottles were drained in the first two hours, and HW had to sadly leave the castle to bring more, making her miss out her second round she so desperately wanted, as well as the general free love-making she was a part of. Finn repaid her by grabbing her by her antlers and taking her doggystyle next, much to her delight.

While Huntreess Wizard gladly allowed to be bred in such submissive position, Jungle Princess was the first to turn the tables, taking Finn Amazonian style, which a few more adventurous girls also adopted as their style of getting knocked up. Princess Business rode Finn, while writing a legal contract between the two, noting how many times Finn has kissed her, or bucked his hips, while Doctor Princess would accurately predict time of conception, before she jumped onto him, begging him for his samples.

The soft moans that once filled the castle now turned into an orgiastic wails; not only from the women that orgasmed under Finn's delicate caresses, rough rutting or the prospect of being impregnated, but also those that made out or had sex with others, forming new, unlikely partnerships. And yet, he kept going, fuelled not just by the magical potion, but also clear intent he shared with all the gals around him. And it was perhaps that goal that manifested each time a voice cried "Breed me!" or "Do me again!", coming from dozen of women holding their legs up in the air, that made him keep going.

But at some point, the many voices died down, leaving only a few moans and groans amongst them, as well as soft, smacking and slurping sounds of kisses being exchanged between many pairs. When the first rays of the nesxt morning's sun shone into Finn's eyes, he was tired beyond imagination, but also filled with nothing but content and fulfilment.

The floor, once a mosaic of pillows, was now covered in twitching, sweaty and sticky bodies of the women he has bred, each leaking at least three creampies of his seed, from his very rough calculations. Some of them already looked pregnant, from the amount of spunk he has poured into them. And even though Finn could marvel at that sight for hours, he was looking for the one familiar shade of pink, and he found it in Marceline's arms, and with her head between Princess Bubblegum's legs, tasting both hers and his cum again.

- PB... - he wheezed - Do... do you think it worked?

Princess Bubblegum turned around and smiled.

- See for yourself.

And she handed him the Annals of Ooo, opened on the same page as before. At first he wasn't sure why, but then, to his amazement, he spotted Huntress Wizard's antlers in the drawn crowd of bred women. Then massive Canyon and Susan leaning in the background, then Marceline floating and leaking cum, and as his eyes followed, he saw himself in the centre of the sea of women surrounding him. He wasn't as muscular as the man previously in the picture - in fact, he looked exactly like himself, which told him that his predecessor's image wasn't an artistic exaggeration - but he was sure that the women around him looked much happier and more satisfied than the ones depicted before, and that alone was no small feat.

- It... It changed some hour ago. - PB continued - I guess that's when you hit number 51... or well, at least when your sperm hit an egg number 51.
- That stuff of yours made it happen faster, didn't it?
- Oh, yes. It could have taken days, and I wanted for the book to be updated as soon as possible with Finn's achievement! You have Huntress to thank for her potions...
- And what is Finn's record now? - Marceline asked, flying around Finn, bringing his tired lips to hers again.
- Fifty-six! - she announced, as she checked the book - No, wait, fifty-seven. I guess some are still being counted... Finn?

But Finn the Human didn't hear that. His loud snoring filled the room, as he fell into the deepest of well-deserved slumbers. A huge, wide grin was plastered on his face, as he knew he has just entered the history of Ooo with a punch... or rather a knock.


- Jake, I'm leaving!
- Okie-dokie, bro! - Jake replied from the kitchen, flipping a stack of pancakes into his bag - Whose turn is today? Ocean Princess?
- Nope, Huntress, I think.

Finn replied, stroking his beard, and checked the calendar on the wall, just to be sure. Half an hour of jog later, he was at Huntress' house, where she met him with a heated kiss, but it was two other ones he was looking forward to the most.

- Hey, guys!

Two small, blonde-haired boys waddled towards him and eagerly jumped into his arms, giving him a smooch each.

- Did you get any new swords, daddy?
- Look! Mommy made us bows!
- Cool!

Finn opened his mouth wide and carried his sons to the spacious room of Huntress' hut.

- And I have something for you, guys!

He took an enormous bag and produced two shiny helmets, and put them on their small heads, making sure not to bump into the stubs of their antlers, though the holes he made fit them perfectly.

- Looks like they will grow into quite the warriors - Huntress Wizard gave Finn another kiss.
- Yeah... Oh, and I have lots of presents for you, what do you want?
- I don't know... - Huntress leaned and lay her head on his shoulder - Maybe a girl this time?

Finn flinched and looked at Huntress sly smirk, that turned into a smile as she watched his reply get stuck in his throat. She kissed him whispered a few more encouraging words into his ear, bringing him back to his senses. Finn tied his bag of holding, containing all the presents for his kids, and followed Huntress Wizard to watch their boys playing with sticks.

Contrary to what he might have thought three years ago, becoming a father to more than 50 children wasn't that difficult.

Being a dad, however, was the greatest adventure of his life.





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The spacious bedroom of the Sato mansion was filled with series of harmonising moans as Korra and Asami writhed in place under the assault of caresses from their partners. It wouldn't be the first time such even took place; the love in the team Avatar flowed freely like the magic of the elements, and occasionally, the two couples would swap partners for a night, especially if they knew they had something prepared for them.

And today, the amazing probending brothers wanted nothing more than to worship their women's asses. Bolin was especially fond of it, and it was a rare chance for Korra to receive his amazing treatment instead of Asami. She couldn't however say she was at loss in this transaction; Mako's tongue, while not as skilled as Bolin, was sending spark after spark of excitement all throughout her body, as he ventured into areas he usually didn't explore.

Of course, one missing flavour came in when Korra's and Asami's lips connected, and for quite a while the two breathed in the same air and cried with the same voice, as their boyfriends kissed their posteriors, taking care of their delicate buttholes and giving them occasional, playful spanks in contrast. Korra and Asami looked back at their boys, meeting their frisky smiles and hungry eyes, while their twisted bodies still shivered with each kiss of their lips and moves of their fingers, caressing their holes.

Bolin, once again, was a bit more prepared, much to Korra's enjoyment. What just a minute ago was a heavy, stone paperweight with very definite and scary-looking edges, under his earthbending fingers became an oblong, curved shape that came closer and closer to Korra's lower lips and asshole. She braced herself and just before the cold, smooth rock would enter one of her holes, she met with Asami's curiously sly smile, and for a moment, she didn't know what could that mean.

And then, the Avatar flailed her legs when the alien object filled her from both sides, twisting and changing shape under the earthbender's touch. The stone dildo he was making on the spot seemed to adapt to the contracting walls of Avatar's sex and ass, and the fact that Bolin could do it so quickly was a feat on its own. But it was hips lips and tongue, nibbling, licking and kissing her clit and the erogenous zone around her sex that completed the experience. With one of her legs high in the air, Bolin had practically unrestricted access to her posterior and crotch, and he was using all of his talents to make sure not a single square inch was left without care.

On the other side of the bed, lying in almost mirrored position, Asami was receiving a much rougher, but not unpleasant treatment; Mako's fingers danced around her butthole and sex, and with each pass, his fingertips became hotter and hotter, bringing a surprising pangs of heat in the least expected places. But it was the tiny jolts of electricity Mako was producing that shocked - quite literally - the businesswoman he was taking care of. Though she's seen lightningbenders in action, she was surprised how precise his sparks could be, stimulating just the right part of her body, and making her muscles twitch on command, asserting his dominance over her.

At some point, the girls' reached their hands to each other, and their fingers intertwined, as their boys' caresses grew in intensity. Smacking, slapping and slurping noises filled the spacious bedroom, as Bolin and Mako worshipped their bottoms, bringing Korra and Asami closer and closer to their peaks, with each move of their fingers and lips, delicate or not. The women found it difficult to contain their oncoming orgasms, and though they would often cry into reach other's mouths, this time they decided to serenade their swapped boyfriends with nothing that could tamper with their voices.

Korra came first, under Bolin's double dildo, simultaneously rock hard and flexible like clay, flooding his mouth with her juices. Asami wasn't far behind, and when Mako pressed two of his fingers against her clit, she knew what he was about to do. The next moment, Asami Sato arched her back and nearly jumped into the air, when a very precise jolt shocked through her body, starting from her jewel. She grabbed Korra and pressed her lips against hers, sharing the mind-blowing experience that just a few moments ago made her see the stars.

She found her solace in Korra, just as her body was torn with her climax, and the two let each other seep their moans into their mouths, while their boyfriends took care of their lower bodies. For a solid while, the two breathed in the synchronised motion, and when they let go of each other, their faces were crimson red, and their erratic breathing were the proof of their men's prowess as lovers.

And then, in a single moment, their eyes went wide, as two pairs of strong arms grabbed their waists and pulled them from their privileged position into a much more animalistic one forcing them onto all fours. Before Korra or Asami could react, two loud, simultaneous slaps echoed and reverberated throughout the chamber, breaking the tranquillity. Korra and Asami let out a shriek that turned into a long wail when two spanks were complemented with Mako and Bolin sheathing themselves into them in a single move.

Korra's cry was even more surprised as she felt something cold and slippery around het butthole just before Bolin's cock tore her asshole apart that just a minute ago was so loved by him. Asami was less surprised, but still pleased when Mako's cock slipped inside her pussy, but the strength with which he implaed himself inside her, made her cry with equally loud voice. From their opposite positions, Korra and Asami could see the looks on the other boy's face, and when their eyes met, they knew that the foreplay was over.

There wss nothing left of boys' gallant and charming behaviour. At some point, Bolin even grabbed Korra's arms and pulled them behind her back, using them as reins as he fucked her ass, and not short after that, his brother mimicked his moves, bending Asami into even more submissive pose, of which she certainly did not oppose. The rich entrepreneur was being rutted, as Mako shoved his cock deep inside her, making her bounce back and forth with each and every move of his, and soon, Korra's body began flailing in the same way around Bolin's cock, leaving the two girls completely on their boys' mercy.

- Bolin...!
- Ma-Mako!

Two more loud slaps echoed in the room, as the boys kept their promises, reminding their girlfriends of their positions.

- Please! - The two begged, feeling the thrill of submission in her veins, and only when they mewled those words, the boys obliged.

Bolin was the first to lose his grip; his body shuddered and his voice quivered, as he shot jets of his cum deep inside Korra's ass, supplying her with the steady flow of his thick cream, that, predictably, soon overflowed her hole. Mako's orgasm was quicker, as he shot short pulses of his seed deep into Asami's pussy, watching as the warmth of his spunk makes the heiress writhe and squirm with each portion, letting the nastiest and loudest moans escape her mouth.

With their hands free, the girls were able to put one last piece of the puzzle together, and they eagerly reached to caress each other's clits, though for once, their boys were faster, bringing them to orgasm with their skilled fingers. Asami howled first, when a quick, joined rub of Mako and Korra made her shiver, and Bolin himself was able to bring the Avatar to tears when he hilted inside her one last time, while his massive balls, slapping against her delicate button, combined with his stronger fingertips brought her to her peak.

The two women writhed and quaked for a few moments, seemingly infinite, as their orgasms rocked their bodies, and when their lips met again, it almost felt as if their climaxes joined and mixed like two water currents, creating more and more waves witch each pass.

And as unexpectedly as the spanks, came the kisses, covering the inflamed areas of their delicate bottoms. Bolin and Mako peppered their tired girlfriends' bodies with kisses, simultaneously watching with pride the two creampies seeping from their used holes, and a moment later, they were rewarded with sounds of Asami's and Korra's lips being pressed together in a series of long, salacious kisses and moans. Each kiss of their boyfriend made them shiver, as it brought the soothing feeling to their tender parts that just a moment ago were so roughly used. Their fingers danced around their pussies and buttholes, circling around their most delicate places.

- Are you alright, girls? - Mako asked rising from between Asami's thighs - I hope we weren't too rough...
- Trust us, if you were, you'd know it.

Korra replied, and a moment later Bolin jumped in place as a small water whip drawn from the fountain smacked him in the ass.

- Feel free to continue kissing us, though, we love when you guys are on your knees. - Asami moaned.
- Yeah, kissing is all fine and dandy, but I think each of you boys forgot one place to visit... - Korra added and looked at their lovers.
- I think you're right.

Bolin smirked as he passed the lube to Mako.






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Hidden by the shadows, two figures danced between many chimneys and TV antennas on a flat rooftop of a modern building, contrasting with many old-fashioned, slanted ones, at least a hundred years old older than them. Ladybug let out a giggle, when she escaped Chat Noir's hug, playfully doging his hands, only letting his almost-alive leather tail wrap itself around her waist, as he pulled her into a heated kiss. As they stepped into moonlight, Marinette looked at the glowing, lovable eyes of her partner, reading deeply what he had on his mind.

Though he was gentle, his grip on her waist spoke of dominance, and she felt that the first time a few hours ago, when the two were giving interview, and Chat let his hand slip a bit too close to her, which prompted the journalist to ask a few questions about their relationship Marinette had to dodge. However, now, under the veil of the night, she was a bt more forgiving, and let her lover release the pent-up wanton he couldn't quite show to the public.

- Do you want everyone to see us, kitty...? - Marinette cooed, and cupped his face, feeling his body press her against the chimney
- Ladybug, I was ready to take you right there, in front of all those cameras... - he growled, giving her neck another ravenous bite.
- Mhm, that would have boosted the rating.

Marinette moaned, and let her lover continue exploring her body, peppering her neck and shoulder with more forceful, but not unpleasant kisses. This was not the first time they did it outside - their job, if one could call that - prevented their secret identities to be shared, and thus, the two experimented with renting rooms at the hotels, or finding some reasonable secluded places to let their urges.

As Chat's claws dug into her costume, slicing it to give him better access to her body, Marinette had to admit she was in conflict: she knew someone could be watching them, the nearby buildings weren't that faraway, and some of their inhabitants were not asleep, the flickering lights gave it away. And of course, even in the dark ones, there could have been some onlookers, just waiting for moments like these...

In an instant, Marinette dug her fingers into Chat's back, as his hand moved between her legs, giving her the first, but powerful taste of his intentions. And when he pressed her body against the bricks, and his hands clawed into her ass, lifting her up, she felt him properly, their eyes met, and suddenly, Ladybug's mind was free of any worries.

Next thing she knew, his lips were on his, and pieces of her costume were flying off to the rooftop underneath them, as more and more of her body was covered by her magical outfit. In contrast, she only managed to clutch to his bell, slowly dragging it down, and by the time she reached his crotch, her hands dived into his costume, searching for the warmth and hardness she felt before. She let out a tiny yelp when her fingers closed around his length, and she took him out, hoping the slightly cooler air will be warmed in a few seconds by her body.

And then she yelped again when Chat almost tossed her into the air, and caught her, throwing her legs onto his shoulders, properly trapping her between the wall and his half-naked body. Ladybug looked into Adrien's eyes, surprised by his sudden move, but still enthralled and excited by what was about to come. Though it was difficult, she closed her arms around his neck (as well as her legs high in the air) and pulled him into a heated kiss, just as his tip spread her wet lips.

- I've been saving up for this moment, Bugaboo... - he whispered, making first, shallow moves, watching as Ladybug's face is torn with grimace after grimace.
- Mhm, I can imagine...

She replied with a dreamy voice and let her lover do his job. Though her position might have looked uncomfortable, she wouldn't like to be anywhere else than her and now. Chat's muscular body exerted not only pressure onto her, but also a powerful aura of dominance, multiplied by the grimace on his face and the low, carnal grunts he made with each push and pull, as he dived inside her.

With her body immobilised, Marinette only had her mouth to return the pleasure Chat was giving her, and she returned the favour with multitude of kisses, both gentle and hungry, as well as soft mewls and moans she spilled into Chat's ear, wordlessly encouraging him to keep rutting her.

And her cheers certainly worked, as with each passing second, Chat's hips moved in a more forceful and faster manner, making her body not just slide up and down, but to quake and writhe, as the world around her bounced every time Chat's cock filled her to the brim. Marinette looked around, her past worries coming back, but in a different, odd, conflicting way.

She wanted the Parisians to see them. Just like hours ago, she was proud of Chat, and she wanted the world to know that, to hear her scream his name, and see how she melts in his arms and crumbles as he wrecks her. her eyes scanned the skyline, and just as she was about to be pushed to another high by her boyfriend's thrust, she realised her wish has been fulfilled.

On the rooftop opposite them, Marinette saw an unmistakable silhouette of Rena Rouge, and as the moonlight shone on her face, she could see Alya's widened stare, mesmerised and shocked by what she was seeing. Their eyes met, and for a short fleeting moment, Marinette's voice died down, her moan stuck in her throat, until Chat forced it out of her with another increase in speed of his hips.

- Ch-Chat! - Marinette screamed, her voice echoing around the quarter.
- My lady... you are noisy tonight... People will hear you...

For a moment, Marinette wondered if this was Chat's plan all along. But then she remembered the confusion and astonishment on Rena's face, and as she looked back, she realised the vulpine superheroine has moved. She as now sitting on the roof, and this time, she was no longer surprised by the sight.

She was smiling.

A wide, foxy grin was plastered all over Alya's face, as she wordlessly told Ladybug that she has been right all along. Marinette hasn't discussed her private life with her, though of course, her keen senses might have given her more than a few clues about her and Chat, and in that moment, she realised that Alya knew it all along. And there was only one way to one-up her: give her exactly what she wanted.

- Fa-Faster, Chat! - she suddenly whimpered, clutching to his back, her legs flailing under his barrage of thrusts.
- Even more, my lady? - he huffed - I'm-I'm close...
- Me-Me too!

She kissed him, and quickly broke the intimate connection, just to see Alya's reaction. Rena Rouge leaned onto the slanted rooftop, watching the two, and it was the uninterrupted connection between her and Marinette that pushed the latter to the edge of her orgasm. Her voice broke, as she cried into the night, and she threw her head back, cushioned by Chat's hand, just as he spilled his groans, proclaiming his oncoming climax.

In the warm, Parisian night, not two, but three superheroes came and wailed: Marinette clutched Chat's neck as her pussy began spasming around him, and she screamed his name with a somewhat weak, breathless voice; Adrien roared into the skies when he plunged himself into Ladybug one more time, filling her to the brim with first portion of his warm seed, and Alya, though she tried remain composed, clamped her legs around her hand, keeping her other one over her mouth when the sight of her friends climaxing drove to her own peak.

Though their orgasms lasted just one, short, magical moment, its consequences lingered for much, much longer. Marinette wasn't sure how many time Chat dived into her already: was it twice, three times, ten times? Marinette let their bodies solve that problem, and enjoy the spastic, uncontrolled movements of Chat's hips that drove her wild every few seconds or so, as he filled her with more and more of his spunk, letting a new wave of her orgasm come back with each push.

Despite his strength, Chat's knees were giving up, and while Marinette was still sandwiched between him and the wall, she was slowly sliding down, making her twisted position even more bizarre to any potential onlooker.

As Chat's moves ceased, and she slumped onto the cold rooftop, a sudden feeling of something warm and sticky made Marinette realise that Chat's orgasm has been seeping from her well-used opening for a couple of minutes now. She felt it before, leaking a bit with every lunge of her lover, bringing more of his seed into her while simultaneously pushing the previous dose out, but only now, once Chat pulled out, Marinette was able to see how voluminous it was, proving that Chat wasn't lying when he said he's been saving himself up for her.

- You know, Chat, it's a good thing I'm the one taking care of our progeny, or rather lack thereof. - she raised her eyebrow, scolding him, though Chat's wide smirk made it clear her complaint was taken as a complement of his virility.
- I like to think that they simply don't make condoms my size. - Chat quickly retorted, once again locking his lips with hers, purring when Ladybug's hand found its way onto his half-limp cock again.

He pushed her towards the wall again, though much gentler now, letting her choose the position this time, not to make love, but to cuddle, at least for a while. Marinette settled on leaning her head on his shoulder, allowing Chat to pepper hers with kisses. Her costume was slowly healing itself from Chat's claws, protecting her from the coldness of the wall behind her, and, at least temporarily, sealing Chat's creampie inside her, warming her insides once again. But the real reason Marinette chose that pose was to catch a sight of Rena again, and when she was able to do so, she realised that their onlooker has disappeared.

Marinette shifted her sight from one rooftop to another, looking for those so-very-inconspicuous long ears of hers, but couldn't find them anywhere. Though, as she suspected, her mind might still have been hazed by the orgasmic explosion of hormones, not to mention that for the superheroine of illusion hiding wasn't exactly a problem.

- So, do you think anyone has spotted us? - Chat asked, catching Marinette off-guard.
- Huh? Oh, uh, maybe. I don't know.

She spoke, remembering suddenly that Rena was only one of their potential spectators, and anyone in the now-dark rooms could have been watching them have sex in the middle of the night.

- If so, I hope we gave them great show. - Chat huffed
- You did great, kitty. - Marinette answered sincerely, cupping his face and pulling him into another kiss.
- How about we continue it somewhere more private, my lady, hm?

Chat's question interrupted Marinette again, prompting her to cease looking at the Parisian rooftops, and instead directing her attention to her lover's green, caring eyes. Before she knew it, Chat stood up and she soared into the air, when he grabbed her by her legs and waist, bridal-style.

- Yes, kitty, let's go somewhere else... - Marinette spoke softly, giving him one more kiss, and clutched his neck, as Chat took them to one of his many secret spots where they could spend the rest of the night free of any prying eyes.

Less than twenty meters from them, Alya breathed heavily, as she recovered both from her orgasm, and from the fall she has taken. As her climax rolled through her body, she lost control of her balance and slid onto a nearby balcony, fortunately, without alerting its owner.

As she composed herself, her heart was still beating wildly, and she slid the lid of her magical flute. The small screen inside showed, in loop, the holy grail of guerilla superhero journalism: Ladybug and Chat Noir making unabashedly wild love in a public place. Scratch that, they were fucking, rutting each other senselessly! Their fans have long accepted that the two were doing it, and even the most casual of viewers had to admit that the way the two hugged, looked at each other, and (as of recently) kissed was filled with erotic electricity, though no one was able to find the proof... Until now.

Alya watched Chat's hips pound mercilessly into Ladybug, clutching her lover in the most unimaginable, carnal way, re-living their ravaging, and her own orgasm as well. She still couldn't believe watching them has managed to drive her to an orgasm so powerful it could rival the one her boyfriend could give her... But the answer was obvious: she was also full of pride and excitement about perhaps, the most important journalistic piece she has managed to produce.

The video was shaky, mostly due to her own masturbation, but that was nothing compared to some wild shots she has managed to stabilise before. She might need to edit the audio, she thought. Though she tried to keep her voice down, some of her mewls might have been caught by the microphone.

And as she watched Chat delve deeper into his lover, Ladybug looked at her from the screen, and that sight alone almost made Alya drop her flute. At the same time as Chat on the screen filled Ladybug with his seed, a massive flood of guilt sweep over her, so powerful she closed the lid in shame, and she had lean onto the slanted rooftop, almost as if the tiles under her feet disappeared.

No, she couldn't do that to her, to them. Ladybug trusted her, and so did Chat, and she couldn't break that bond. Yes, they have pretty much did that so that someone *could* spot them, Alya reasoned with herself, and while the "Ladybug and Chat Noir's Erotic Exhibitionistic Escapade" headline practically wrote itself in her head, the young journalist had a hunch her idol would prefer if someone else leaked those news, instead of her trusted ally.

And as she argued with herself, her ears twitched when she heard Ladybug's soft voice again. She peeked from the slanted rooftop she was resting on, only to see Chat's backside, now mostly covered again, and ladybug in her arms, walking slowly into the shadows.

- Yes, kitty, let's go somewhere else...

Alya smirked. She might have another chance. As silently as possible, she jumped to the nearest rooftop, hiding behind the chimney, trying to circle the exhausted couple, her heart beating faster in excitement again. Because if Ladybug and Chat Noir were willing to show that animalistic sex to the world, then what will they do with each other when they would think one one is watching them?

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There has been many moments when Yugo had to prove his worth and manliness. He has defeated countless opponents, saved the World of Twelve numerous times, and in the end, he has entered the legends as a great warrior. And yet, right now he thought he was facing his most difficult opponent yet.

Amalia's bedchamber in her palace, built inside a giant tree already looked like a botanical garden, but her magic made it look even more like it. Thanks to her magic, several, thick tentacles sprouted from the wooden beams, and coiled around the needy princess' body, lifting her into the air, and spread her legs, just as she commanded them to do so. The lascivious look on her face taunted Yugo, and it was that cocky smirk, combined with her lustful voice that kept him going.

Amalia had a simple task: to make him defeat not just one, but a whole plantation of her animated vines in the strangest contest of virility one could have imagined. Yugo kept his hands on her thighs, bucking his hips, penetrating her overflowing pussy, reaching as deep as he could muster, while his rival, a thick, green tentacle invaded her other hole, making Amalia quake and jitter with every intrusion. Her eyes were rolled up, she stuck her tongue out, and overall, she looked as un-princesslike as possible.

And the worst thing was, that despite his efforts, Yugo was losing.

Though his brow was covered in sweat, and he was thrusting in and out with greater and greater force, it was her magical vines that brought her to an orgasm already, and from the looks of it, she was on an edge of another one. Amalia whimpered, letting only mangled bits of words escape her mouth, and much to Yugo's disappointment, she wasn't crying his name to praise him.

- You... Yugo... Are you... gonna lose to a... a plant? - she taunted him, looking into his tired, but determined eyes - Maybe I don't need my personal boyfriend anymore?

She turned to her right, grabbed one of the thick vines and much to Yugo's surprise, she licked the bulb on its end, before she unabashedly took it inside her mouth. The thick vine at once began sliding in and out, making Amalia's moans and groans muffled, though since they didn't lose any of its volume, it only meant she was crying her lungs out.

A storm of thoughts was raging in Yugo's mind. Before they became intimate with each other, Yugo fantasised about Amalia caressing herself with her magical plants, and hed' be surprised if there was someone attracted to a Sadida that hasn't had similar impure thoughts. But he never thought he'd have to rival them!

And in the meantime, Amalia's eyes bulged when the vine in her mouth reached her throat, properly face-fucking her. Suddenly, Yugo noticed several bulges travelling fast alongside the thick plant, and he didn't have to think twice what it was. The first portion of the plant's seed filled Amalia's stomach, second covered her tongue and mouth on the way out, while the third painted her face with green and sticky, sap-like juice, much to Amalia's delight.

- Mhm, this one tastes... swe-et! - she cried, when another portion of the sap filled her ass, for the second time this evening.

And then, he felt a third vine creeping up around his cock, and just as it was about to push him from it, Yugo had it enough. In a literal blink of an eye, caused by the natural make-up Amalia was now wearing, Yugo's behaviour changed. Amalia had just a second to react to it, but before she knew it, she was pulled from her plant-throne, her vines ripped from its course with a precise portal that cut them in half. Yugo's body shimmered and became an almost blur, as his thrusts kept going faster and faster. But it wasn't the strength and speed alone that surprised Amalia.

She gasped when she felt the now-dead vine being pulled from her behind by someone, and replaced by that someone's cock. She met Yugo's face, and it was time for him to wear a slightly cocky smile as he put his plan into motion. But the time Amalia opened her mouth for the third time, her mouth was occupied by a third cock of equally blurry and equally incorporeal Yugo, fucking the same mouth that just a moment ago humiliated him. And only then, when she was confronted with impossibility of the sight in front of her, Amalia understood.

Yugo was teleporting himself from one position to the other, faster than her eye could have noticed it, appearing in three different places at once, filling each of her holes in equal speed and ferocity. The Yugo behind her kept her body up, the one in front gripped her legs to be opened, while the one levitating above her took care of her face.

And confronted with not one, but three of her lovers, Amalia had no chance but to give up. When she let out her moan, muffled by Yugo's cock in her mouth, he knew she was crying his name, and let himself and his two doubles lose themselves inside her. Three streams of his thick cream flooded her orifices, at least two setting her explosive orgasms that rocked her body, and she was sure that if his seed painting her face white could set off a third one, she was sure it would have.

When Amalia felt the lack of Yugo behind her, she knew it was over, and she gently slumped to the soft bedding, her body still twitching from a mind-breaking surge of pleasure she honestly didn't expect. She scooped some of his cum from her face, just so she could see her boyfriend, lying tired and spent on her belly, taking one deep breath after another.

he looked up, and teir eyes met, just as he reached his hand to the thin blanket so she could clean herself up.

- So, who's winner now? - Yugo wheezed, with a weak and tired voice.
- You have, Yugo, there is no doubt about that.

Amalia replied with a soft, calm voice, before she pulled him up and pressed her clean lips against his, linking them in a long, soothing kiss.

- I'm-I'm sorry, Yugo, for putting you through this. - she admitted.
- That's... that's okay, I... I think. At least I know now I can do that.
- Wait, so... that was something new? - Amalia suddenly came back to her senses, watching as Yugo's face fills with crimson. She knew he was still training, of course, and she has seen many of his moves utilising various elements of Eliatrope magic, but never this one.
- yeah, I, uh, I didn't know if that would have worked... so... yeah.
- And you decided to test it out in our bedroom? - she raised her voice
- Hey, you started. - Yugo countered - Though I don't think I'll be able to do much more, Ami...
- Hm, let me be the judge of that.

For a moment, Yugo didn't know what she meant, and only when something slick and thick entered his ass, he realised why Amalia's hand was glowing green. Before he knew, her vine massaged his prostate, and suddenly, the Eliatrope king felt as if he hasn't pleasure his princess even once this night.

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Ever since their first kiss a few years ago, Roxanne loved when Max would grab her gently by her waist and lift her up, just as he did so she could sit on her porch's rail. There was something gallant and gentlemanly with how he did so, looking loving into her eyes as he put her high above him, proclaiming his love for her.

But of course, sometimes that move served much more earthly needs.

Roxanne had to keep biting on the hem of her shirt to prevent moans spilling from her lips gain too much volume. On one hand, she knew they should stop, her father was downstairs, and while he was no longer outright spying on them, he wasn't a fool. He knew what can happen if you put two teenagers in a room, and in this case, he was very much right. But at the same time, as Max's lips moved closer and closer to her sex, Roxanne's legs automatically moved wider, pushing the notes and books lying on her desk she was lifted on a few minutes ago. There was an undeniable thrill to their naughty frolicking, and it was that extra rush of adrenaline that kept them going, blissfully forgetting about any possible consequences.

Max started his caresses on her thighs, placing gentle, soft, butterfly kisses on their underside, switching from right to left in a deliberate manner, circling her wet sex, and enjoying taking care of her twitching body. With each kiss, her voice quivered, in an anticipation of what was to come. Every time his jaw moved across her pussy, she felt his breath tingling with the droplets of her liquid heat, and she had to physically restrain herself from just grabbing the edge of his hoodie and pushing his face against her dripping sex.

It didn't help that her area around her lips was very sensitive, borderline ticklish, and the strong grip Max kept on her spread legs made her almost immobilised, preventing her from dissipating the jolts of energy from her twitching muscles, forcing her to redirect it through her mouth. With each inch he has moved forward, she wanted to sing praises towards his skill, but she couldn't, and knowing that in just a few moments she'd be howling made her impatience only strengthen her experience.

When Max's finger brushed her slit to push the strip of her panties aside, Roxanne nearly wailed, causing Max to cease his moves for a moment, and making the two hold their breaths, listening for any sounds of her father's footsteps. But the sound of the football game from TV downstairs was as monotone as before, and thus, Max resumed his caresses, gently sliding his finger up and down her slit. His arm curled around her left thigh, giving him an even better reception of her quivering body.

But of course, it was his mouth Roxanne was waiting for, and when his lips closed around one of her puffy folds, she threw her head back, resting it against her chemistry textbook. Max suckled on her sex, licking her fold up and down, while his mouth and fingers toyed with the one on the other side. Roxanne's legs flailed behind Max's head, hoping she won't accidentally kick him, though the prospect of her closing her thighs around him to ensure his tongue would dive inside her was still an idea somewhere deep in Roxanne's mind.

With her back arched, and her chest moving up and and down as her breathing became more and more erratic, Roxanne awaited the sweet intrusion, and when Max slid his tongue inside her, her body twisted and she let out a prolonged moan, muffled by her lifted shirt. He started slowly, licking just the very edge of her canal, but soon his appetite has grown, as he lapped more of her sweet juices overflowing her pussy. Roxanne propped herself up, and as she looked down, Max looked up, and the sight of his loving eyes made her melt again, especially when a low rumbling of his voice reverberated against her delicate skin, sending her once again into convulsions.

- You want to scream, don't you? - he teased her, licking the area around her clit - Get really noisy?
- Y-yes... - she muttered, as her toes curled in a final attempt to postpone her orgasm.

Max continued his caresses, his breath warming up her sex, somehow contrasting with the heat she was already feeling. And just when she thought Max would dare to continue his hasty moves and bring her to her edge, he retracted, and a quick cry of impatience escaped Roxanne's lips, only to be silenced by another breathless moan when he came back twofold. His tongue pushed inside her pussy, while his nose toyed with her clit. His huge snout he was often so ashamed about now came as his greatest strength, and just when he was about to back away again, Roxanne decided she had enough of it.

She closed her thighs around his head, pushing him exactly to the place whe she wanted to. Her hands kept his head at bay, and with her supervision, Max continued his caresses in the way she wanted to. Once again, her room was filled with quiet, needy moans that with each minute got progressively louder, though the shirt, wet from her saliva was silencing most of them.

Roxanne was jittery, twitching and quaking as Max's tongue, mouth and fingers loved her sex. One one hand, she loved when he experimented and switched his styles, on the other, she wanted nothing more than to become undone, especially as she has almost reached her once already...

And the final flick of his tongue against a particularity sensitive spot inside her has done it. Roxanne had to actively put hand over her mouth, screaming Max's name as her body trashed against him, flooding him with her sweet juices he kept lapping up. He was saying something, but in her heated stated, Roxanne couldn't understand him - and with her body against his mouth she wouldn't be able to either. Instead, his voice only prolonged her explosive orgasm, as the vibrations kept her going; she imagines he was spilling some sweet or naughty phrases like he used to, and the thought alone made her body squirm for a minute longer.

When Roxanne's body stopped quaking and her breathing returned to a bit relaxed state, Roxanne sat up, and looked around at the state of her once-pristine desk. Her notes, predictably, have been pushed to the floor, either by her flailing legs, or arms. A small tubular box for her pencils and pens has also toppled, and several books on her shelf behind her have fallen to their side in a domino-like fashion when she nudged one of them.

And amongst the mess, sat her boyfriend, still kissing and nibbling at her wet sex, looking at her with his big, goofy eyes she came to love so much. His face was reddened and glistening around his lips from her orgasm, and a wide, cocky smile summed up their experience perfectly.

- Max...

Roxanne propped herself up, but once again, it was Max who did the job, lifting her from her desk and sliding her in his laps, so their lips can meet. It was time for her tongue to do some work, licking and tasting herself on his mouth in a long, heated kiss, while her legs and arms closed behind his back, thanking him for the magnificent work he has done.

- Did my Roxanne like that study break? - Max asked, peppering her neck with kisses.
- Oh, yes, she did... - Roxanne replied with a steamy, sensual moan.

As Max gently massaged her back, Roxanne got more and more comfortable in his laps, feeling him through his jeans, and absent-mindedly reached her hands to his crotch, undoing his fly.

- Does she want more? - he asked, when their eyes met again.
- Oh, yes, daddy!

She cried, and her body shivered again, captivated by his proposition, spoken in a husky voice.

- Roxanne? Is everything okay?

A sudden, new voice interrupted the two, and only now, when they heard incoming, heavy footsteps of Roxanne's father, the two horny teenagers understood they only had a few seconds to cover their wrongdoings.







Chapter Text

One of the first thing Sokka learned when he was a boy in the Southern Water tribe was that the warrior should never rest, and always keep his senses keen and muscles ready. And fortunately, with a girlfriend like Suki, he could train both. As long as they were both together, sparring sessions with the Kyoshi warrior became a daily thing for the couple, allowing them to practice and learn new techniques, though usually it was Sokka who was the student.

Sokka wondered sometimes if Suki didn't have any airbending skills; the moves of her bladed fans could take him out of balance in no time, despite his muscular posture, trained by years of combat, both conventional and not. Despite that, Sokka did his best and equipped with a shield with polar bear dog fur and a practice sword, heavy enough to act as a substitute of the substitute of his space sword, he parried the oncoming attacks, one by one, taking a foot towards the center of their training ring.

And then, she was gone.

In a split of a second Sokka took to hide and emerge from his shield, his girlfriend was gone, nowhere in his field of vision, and only a sudden gust of wind told him where she was. And unfortunately for her, it was a rather sunny day, giving Sokka extra chance to guess her position by her shadow on the ground. 

Suki shrieked when she felt Sokka's arms close around her ankles, as she was soaring above him, in a near-perfect jump that nonetheless was cut in half, as she was now dangling upside-down in front of her boyfriend, her fans lying next to his weapons.   

 - Well, well, looks like I can catch something bigger than a dragon koi.
 - Yeah, but you still dropped your sword - Suki countered at once, watching as his smirk widens
 - Maybe, but if capture if the priority, I have just immobilised a Kyoshi warrior.
 - Immobilised? - Suki snorted. - You forgot something.
 - And what is that?
 - You're a guy.
Before Sokka could do anything, he felt a sudden grip on a very, very delicate part of his body, as Suki pressed her face against his crotch, giving him just a split-second tip.

 - Don't let me go. - she spoke, undoing the bindings of his trousers. - Actually, lift me higher.
 - As you wish.
It was time for her to let out a confused moan, as She felt Sokka's reply, spoken in low and husky tone, reverberated against her equally sensitive skin that became exposed when her long dress Sokka so often made fun of fell down, showing her green panties. Suki cursed silently her boyfriend, who, having the advantage of being the right side up, was able to eat her out already, while she still had to fumble with his pants. Her legs, leaning onto his shoulders, twitched when she felt his tongue touching her slit, and when he lapped the first droplets of her liquid heat that has built up during their practice.

Though she hated to admit it, watching Sokka fight was incredibly arousing. It wasn't a coincidence that she would often damage the arms of his shirts on purpose, just so she could see his muscles bulging, she would later see when they were in bed, or better, in the hot springs, relaxing. And right now, those same muscles kept her from falling heads down onto the stone floor, and Sokka's will was about to be put through a rather difficult test. 

Suki watched as his knees got visibly wobbly, when her lips touched the head of his cock, making him shudder in anticipation. Oral wasn't exactly her forte, but fortunately for her, men weren't exactly complicated mechanisms.  She grabbed his torso, giving herself a better assecuration, and steadily took him into her mouth, bobbing her head back and forth in quick,, shallow moves. She smelled in the musky, sweaty aroma that gave her the needed kick to keep loving her boyfriend. Slow, post-workout sex was secretly her favourite, and was a soothing dessert after straining their muscles, though for the first time she felt she was doing much more work during it.

Working under the pressure of time - after all, their muscles were getting tired, and hanging upside-down wasn't the ideal position - he kissed, licked and swallowed more of his impressive length, letting quick, needy moans vibrate alongside it. Sokka wasn't idle - though his fingers was occupied, he used his tongue to maximise his efficiency, licking her puffy lips as a warming exercise, only to curl and dive it into her tunnel, hoping her quivering thighs won't crush his head. Suki wouldn't admit it, but she was on a verge of orgasm already; perhaps because of her light-headedness, or from the simple fact that Sokka pressing his face against her sex gave him chance to stimulate the entirety of her, and for once, his appetite proved to be the most useful. Thought it wasn't the most comfortable, his strong grip on her thighs helped him ascertain his dominance, and soon Suki was quivering, her legs flailing above and behind his head. 

At he same time, she couldn't notice his cock twitching, and just before she let out her final moan, she let go of him and experienced a peculiar sensation of a stream of thick sperm seemingly defying gravity which sadly resulted in the ropes splashing against against her face and hair. And a moment later, the world around her tumbled, just as Sokka fell to his back, unable to withstand the force of his climax. Despite that, he didn't let go of her, and a painful landing later, the two messy lovers lay on the ground, and Suki was the first to turn around, afraid of her boyfriend's health.
 - Sokka? Sokka!
 - Yeah... I'm fine... I think. - he mumbled - Felt worse after training with you. 

the two looked at each other's messy faces, though hers looked a bit worse than his, aside from one bruise on his cheek. She giggled and a moment later, Sokka joined her, giving her a ripped piece of his shirt to clean up.

 - Okay, that wasn't the smartest move. - she admitted
 - Well, it would confuse the opponent. But I think a kick in the nuts would do more harm than a blowjob.
 - Yeah, and the position... isn't ideal for us. 

Sokka was about to answer, when the tone of her would-be-casual remark ignited a familiar feeling.

 - Wait, when you said "us"... - he hid his face in his palm and groaned - Please don't tell me it's something you learned from Katara...
 - Well... - she shied away - All I'm saying is that if you have someone who can fly in the air, or can make others float...
 - No. Nope, nope, nope. - Sokka interrupted her, waving his hands in denial - I don't want to hear anything about my sister and Aang doing anything other than hand-holding. Kissing was a major oogie, but that...
She shivered in disgust. Suki giggled and placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

 - You didn't complain last time we experimented, did you?
 - That was something theirs too?! 


Chapter Text

It was an open secret amongst those who knew them, that there was a heated rivalry between Finn's girlfriends, and nothing encompassed that as the way in which Huntress Wizard and Flame Princess fought for his cock. Two mouth moved along his penis, creating a storm of sensations that made Finn squeal and moan with each pass. 

Huntress' lips were soft and delicate, and the saliva trace she left on his manhood was cool and refreshing. In contrast, Phoebe's hot breath brought an off warmth that simultaneously soothed and electrified him. At some point, when he was younger, Finn wouldn't have thought that sex with a fire elemental would be so injury-free, but ever since they've became intimate, Finn learned how to withstand the fire that burned for him inside and outside Flame Princess. 

On the other hand, Huntress Wizard worshipped his sign of virility, a proof of his manliness that stood out amongst the heroes of Ooo. her hands cupped his testicles, ad her lips often wandered underside his cock to leave a kiss or two on them, almost feeling the seed churning inside, waiting to be spilled inside their yearning pussy.

But of course, a question would arise, which one would be the first? As they moved back and forth along his cock, Huntress and Flame princess exchanged focused looks, waiting for the moment to strike. And it was Huntress' excellent skills as well, a huntress, that made her a winner. Her lips closed first around Finn's head, making the treehouse erupt with his high-pitched moan. Huntress took a deep breath, letting Finn's smell and taste fill her mouth and nostrils, savouring the aggressive and musky, yet pleasant aroma that only doubled in intensity when her tongue lapped the first drop of pre-cum.

Flame Princess wasn't gonna give up that easily. Her hand coiled around Finn's testicles, sending the same exhilarating sparks across much more delicate skin, and watched as his body jitters in place from the new, exciting experience that contrasted with Huntress' slow moves. She bobbed her head back and forth, coating Finn's cock with more and more of his saliva that only made her job easier, making sure to end each pass with extra work around his delicate, swollen head, receiving more of his salty precum as a reward. 

With each minute, Huntress would take an inch more of her lover inside her,, until she let out a tiny grunt where Finn's mushroom-head cock reached into her throat at the same moment as her lips touched his base and could feel the residual heat from Flame Princess' caresses. Huntress looked up, and the sheer sight of her frisky, devoted eyes on her face pressed against his crotch nearly made Finn erupt, if it wasn't for Flame Princess, who cupped his face and pulled him into a forceful kiss while his hand toyed with her equally hot pussy, leaking scorching hot juices of her own. 

At the sight, Huntress retracted, giving Finn's head one final twist of her tongue, lapping all the salty, musky stuff that managed to build up, and as she was about to reach for Finn's other hand, Phoebe used that moment to take back what she felt it belonged to her. She pushed Huntress aside and trapped Finn between her bosom, making the saliva Huntress left evaporate in an instant, before she began moving her rack up down, listening to Finn's angelic moans sang in his vibrating, cracking voice. 

Flame Princess kept pushing her hands against her breasts, to make sure Finn would experience maximum tightness, hoping she would be blessed with a fountain of cum that would cover her breasts. Each time she pushed her body down, she made sure to lick Finn's swollen cock, or take him into her mouth, perhaps just to check, thanks to his twitches how close he was. The voluptuous trap Finn was inn brought him the heat and friction that otherwise might have cause lesser men to erupt in an instant, but Finn was not an ordinary one. 

He clenched his fists and tensed his muscles, pushing his climax further and further away, much to Flame Princess' annoyance. But that only meant she'd try harder, and soon her breasts were jiggling around his cock, and its end found a permanent stay in FP's mouth, her warm tongue stimulating his already heated skin. To his side, Huntress peppered Finn's chest and neck with her kisses, listening to his groans that started as deep and guttural and often ended cried in muffled, high-pitched voice they knew so well. 

After a particularly loud one that coincided with Finn's arms and legs flailing, Huntress and Phoebe's eyes met, and the two lovers knew what was gonna happen soon. before Finn could react, he was once again caressed by two tongues, two pairs of lips and four hands, combining the two contrasting methods into one, diverse experience. But it was the kiss the two girls shared, with their lips still wrapped around his head that pushed the human to the limit.

Crying what sounded like combined names of his lovers, Finn's hips jerked and a torrential stream of thick seed seared forward, controlled by Flame Princess' and Huntress' joined hands. With this effort, the vast stream hit their mouths, pressed together, though for different reasons. While Huntress took her share and meticulously swallowed it, getting ecstatic from the virility of his seed she could taste, Phoebe let Finn paint her face, hair and breasts with white streaks.

One by one, each rope of Finn's fluids was distributed evenly between the two, and only after half a minute of near-continues climax, Finn's cock got progressively more and more flaccid. The two hungry ladies followed the trail of his cum and stuck their tongues out to catch the few last drops of his sperm, and eagerly swallowed them, before their lips joined in a perverted, erotic kiss. 

 - Oh... Oh Glob...

Finn muttered watching as Huntress reaches to clean Phoebe's breasts from Finn's cum, and when the women realised their boyfriend didn't pass out, they turned towards him, both with the friskiest of smiles.

 - So, how was it, Finn? - Phoebe asked - Got what you wanted?
 - And gave, don't forget he gave us quite a lot - Huntress added.

Finn fell to his back, his chest moving up and down as his erratic breathing continued, and he nodded, letting only some air out of his lungs as a reply. He was sure he will get a moment to regain his senses, but not a second later, the two women straddled him, and his nostrils were filled with sweet and tangy smell of their sexes, mixing to create a unique and stimulating aroma that filled his mind just as their crotches obscured his vision.

 - I think it's time we turn the tables. - Flame Princess joked, before her lips met with Huntress' and the two began moving their pressed hips against Finn's face, much to the enjoyment of all three.

Yes, acting as rivals drove Finn wild, but joining the forces to bring him to his knees was much more satisfying.

Chapter Text

Judy first noticed it when she was sitting in her office, filing paperwork. That's the part of cops' life movies never focus on - how much filing there is, compared to shooting and saying one-liners. Her ears perked up, though it was her nose that picked up and enticing, savoury smell, that reminded her very much of home and her mother's kitchen. It didn't take her long to locate the source: a package of sweets that Nick brought into the precinct. 

 - You trying to butter us up, fox? - McHorn grumbled at the newest cadet.
 - Butter you up? Moi? - Nick replied, pointing to McHorn's belly with one paw, while the other one, pressed against Clawhauser's face, successfully prevented him from taking all of the cherry cones at once.
When he noticed Judy, he gallantly moved the box towards her, granting her a charming smile. She took one of the freshly baked sweets and let out a soft moan of approval, giving him a thumbs-up. But then her face changed. Though the aroma of the delicacy was certainly pleasant, it was something else that brought her attention, though she couldn't quite put her paw on it. She took a few more on the road, and while she was nibbling on them throughout her shift, she tried detecting the missing flavour, but up to no avail.

 - If you like'em so much, I can be asked on a date, and interrogated for the location of that bakery. - Nick's voice suddenly interrupted her already stirred thoughts, as he looked at her small desk from over the screen.
 - If you think it will make your life easier, then you can stop it now. - she countered. - I'm not gonna give you you any head-starts tomorrow, you know.
 - Even for one last cone?
Nick opened his paw, hiding, as he promised, one last sweet, Judy reluctantly took, as if she was afraid it was drugged. But then, as she moved it to her mouth, she smelled it again, the sweet, but savoury smell, reminding her of salty caramel, she once ate a very fancy dinner. When she took the next bite, the taste was gone, and she was about to as Nick about it, but the fox has just closed the office doors behind him. Judy shrugged, as she knew she will have time to ask him tomorrow.

The second time happened the very next day. Some time ago, Judy was asked to temporarily take cadets through their morning PE classes, as Major Friedkin's pregnancy forced her to stop straining her body, and she paw-picked Judy as the best candidate. During her stay at the academy she got used to the peculiar, aggressive smell of showers, both before and after classes; she didn't judge, as she was sweating herself every morning as well. And it was when she was walking alongside the closed entrance to the male showers that she caught a whiff of the same smell.

At first, she thought that one of the guys used a shower gel with the same ingredient, but once she smelled it again, she realised she was wrong. The aroma has changed, yet it evoked the same feeling she remembered from yesterday. She looked around, as she just realised how she must have looked to others, though fortunately, the only other officer was at the far end. She breathed in again, and this time the scent was mixing with the unmistakable musky smell she expected in such a place, though it wasn't as repulsive and sharp as she might have thought. 

She turned around, and she yelped when the door of the lockers corridor nearly hit her in the face, though she managed to jump back just in time. 

 - Woah, careful, teach'. - Nick spoke, his eyes widened. - Hang on, what were you doing in here...?
 - Not what you are thinking, Nick - she replied. 
Her nose twitched, detecting the pleasant whiff again. If her "shower gel" theory was correct, then it must have been Nick.

 - Blueberries? - she asked, throwing a shot in the dark. She knew it was his favourite. 

Nick raised his brow.

 - Is that a proposition, a new nickname, or a safe word?
 - Stop it, Nick. - she snorted - Never thought you'd be the one to use one of those fruit-smelling shower products. 
 - Oh, please, Judy. We all know perfectly well how this world works. Girls get the shampoos like "Delicate Raspberry Ensemble" or "Fairy Pineapple Wind" - he spoke enunciating each word - And we, males, get "The Storm of Testosterone" or "The Whirlpool of Death". That's how nature works. 
Judy laughed, walking alongside the corridor, forgetting for a moment about her curious discovery. 

For the next few months, Judy kept finding traces of the mysterious smell, to the point she even went to a spice shop in one of the Zootopia districts, in vain hope maybe they can help her, but the elusive smell kept changing, as if it was deliberately toying with her. And the answer came from the most unexpected of places.

 - Oh, how I missed this. - Major Friedkin cheered, sipping a glass of cognac she was given as a present when she returned.
 - Well, we knew you've got the taste. - Judy spoke.
 - And thank you for taking up my duties, I have already heard the boys hate the mornings, which means you've done damn good job.
She replied with a would-be-polite smile, and looked around, finding an argument to leave the conversation she was kinda robbed in.

 - Say, where's-where's your husband? I think I haven't congratulated him yet.
 - Oh, he's there, showing pictures of our cubs. 

Judy followed her paw, and she took a moment to realise that the she was pointing at rather short, chubby brown bear with huge glasses, happily giggling with Clawhauser at his smartphone. 

 - Oh, right. 
 - I know what you mean. - Friedkin started - How come me and him would ever get together, right?
 - Actually, that's not what I-
 - It's the scent, I tell you.
Judy's ears perked up at once, she turned her head at once and even pressed her paw at the polar bear's massive arm, preventing another drink from delaying her answer.

 - Scent? - she asked, standing up on her chair, ignoring how the very unusual pose she was in mus look like - What do you mean?
 - Well, you know. - she replied jovially - The scent of destiny, tigers from the East came up with this, I think. It's the smell of your mate, that only you can detect, you know. The one true love, and whatnot. Not real, but I like it as explanation. Certainly beats "I met him online." 

She continued talking, never realising Judy was no longer holding her hostage, and that the bunny was back on her chair, lost in her thoughts, as if she just received some grave news. And then, before she looked up, she already knew who joined Clawhauser and Friedkin's husband. She took a deep breath, and once again, she was back on the trail leading her up to the red fox laughing on the other side of the room. 

 - Oh cheese and crackers. - Judy whispered, and grabbed the bottle of cognac, taking a healthy gulp. 

She tried to rationalise it over the next day. That it was unlikely, far-fetched, and that they were simply biologically incompatible, but the more she thought about it, the more it made sense. And Judy would have remained in her state of deep confusion if not for the robbery.   

Four police cars surrounded the bank in the cold Tundratown, and Judy, together with Nick went inside. The two split up, trying to cover all sides of the spacious hall, and she signed at the other two teams to do the same. She threaded carefully around the pieces of broken glass from the shoot-out. She looked around, trying to see the position of her colleagues, but from her side, she couldn't see anything without giving herself away due to the low screens separating the cubicles. With a gun ready in her paws, she was abut to lean from behind one of them, when she heard Nick's terrified voice.

 - Judy! Duck!

Without hesitation, she followed him, and next moment, her ears were filled with deafening noise of the bullet that shot the material above her head. Two more shots followed, the last from the police gun, which ended the harrowing mission.  

Though it wasn't him who shot the robber, and he wasn't injured, Nick was offered a blanket and a warm cup of tea just like Judy and the hostages, while the medical services worked in the aftermath of the robbery. Judy curled against Nick, smelling the raspberry tea in a plastic cup, taking one calming breath after another, counting her blessings. 

 - Thank you, Nick. - she spoke softly - I'm gonna mention you in the report.
 - I'm glad you'll be the one writing it. - he chuckled - I wouldn't know where to start...
 - "Officer Hopps was saved thanks to the keen eye of the brave Officer Wilde, who..." - Judy started mockingly, but was quickly interrupted.
 - Nose, not eyes. 
 - Huh?
 - I smelled you. I think. - he took another sip - I just knew you were behind that screen. 
For a moment, Judy didn't hear the commotion around her, as she looked into her partner's eyes, torn with conflicting emotions that seemed to have been on his mind for some time. 

 - I-I mean, I'm not sayin' you smell bad, or anything, it's just-

Nick corrected himself, but was promptly cut off by Judy's lips pressed against his, tasting far more than the cheap raspberry tea on them. 

With each piece of clothing torn from his body, Judy was closer and closer to the not-so-mysterious smell that was driving her crazy. Now that she knew exactly where it came from, and what it meant, she had no excuse not to utilise their day off, and kept digging, until she finally saw his red fur. Nick's paws took a much gentler job at removing her clothes, to the point she was outraged that his much bigger claws weren't turning her naked faster.

 - Can't-can't you smell it? - she asked, drawing sharp breathes, as she nuzzled against his now-naked chest.
 - Oh, trust me, Carrots, I can... 
He growled, and lifted her off the floor, just to throw her onto her bed, before he dived between her legs, and her small apartment was filled with a carnal, hungry scream. Though she would love the feeling of Nick's tongue on her pussy, she wanted to smell him once more, and she desperately dragged him up, just so the musk from his chest can fill up her nostrils, and make her body shiver from the enticing, mind-bending aroma. 

 - Careful, fluff, or you're gonna take me all of at once.
 - I wouldn't mind that. 

She looked up at him, saw the confused look on his face that turned into a wide grin as she moved down, trailing his chest with kisses, until her face was at the level of his boxers, and his raging erection. The moment she pulled them down, an aggressive, but captivating smell hit her, but it couldn't even compare to what happened when she took him in her mouth. The salty, tangy, wild smell now combined with his potent taste exploded inside her, overfilling her senses with every version of the sensations she kept experiencing for the past months. And just when she was ready to bob her head up and down, she felt Nick's paws on her shoulder and thighs, and she protested when he pulled her from him.

 - H-Hey! - she let out a cry of desperation, that quickly turned into a moan of satisfaction when she realised Nick was turning her around.
 - Sorry, Carrots, but I have a flavour I've been dying to taste as well.

Though she couldn't see his face now, the feeling of his long tongue against her pussy made it up for it, and she let him know about it with another moan that reverberated against his soft skin of his cock, as she took him deeper down her throat. With her lust-driven mind, she didn't care that this differed radically from what her first time could look like, or that she acted like a nymphomaniac floozy; she only knew she had to smell him again. 

And she received far more than she bargained for, when after a few minutes of her tongue-work, Nick cried her name against her overflowing sex, and her mouth was filled with a hefty, thick stream of the most delicious and erotic drink Judy could have imagined, and as if her life depended on it, she made sure that not a single drop of it would escape her lips. She gulped it down, her body shivering with each rope of cum that got into her belly, and only when she drained Nick of his first orgasm, she let a cry herself, giving Nick chance to taste the smell he was craving as well. His tongue lapped against her pussy, diving inside for more and more, and the spasming walls of her sex kept gladly producing more for the thirsty fox that revelled in the aroma his nose was pressed against it. 

This time, despite her quivering thighs, Judy turned herself around, and their lips met again, exchanging the wide palette of sweet, salty, bitter and sour tastes they produced for each other. And then they parted, Judy spoke her mind.

 - Mark me as yours, fox. 

She dreamt nothing more of smelling him on her, not just tonight, but the rest of her life, and with a grin on his face, Nick toppled her to her back and gladly began fulfilling her wish. Time after time, Nick claimed her as his, and though he was hesitant a few times, Judy encouraged him, with a few strong words, or a strong kick of her legs closed behind his back, to paint both her insides and her fur with his spunk. The warm air of her room only helped their scents mix, and by the time they fell asleep, neither of them could differentiate theirs, and the two fell asleep, light-headed from abundance of the new aroma they've spent hours producing. 

When Judy woke up, the memories of last night began filling her memories, causing her whole body to shudder, as the pleasant muscle pain reminded her of the many climaxes she lived through. She took a deep breath, realising it was once again, the smell that brought her from the land of dreams. She looked to the side, hoping to find her mate, but met only an empty dent in the messy bedsheets. She turned around, and her worries were gone, when she saw him just in his boxers, leaning against the doorway to her kitchen. 

Apparently, mating smelled like morning coffee now.


Chapter Text

They say that a moment after an orgasm, one can achieve the state of ultimate clarity of mind, and right now, Zack knew what that meant. His hips slowed down, sending last spurts of his thick warmth inside Melissa's body, while his girlfriend let out softer and softer mewls with each one, arching her body as her orgasm permeated throughout her body, forcing her to thrash underneath him.  

Zack blinked, looking at the angelic, blissful face of his lover. Her curly hair looked even move dishevelled, a proof that the past half an hour wasn't just a dream, though it has certainly seemed like this. They came back from the party just a little bit drunk, and from dance number five Melissa was giving him more than subtle signs that the she had enough courtship rituals, and she is ready for what comes after the mating dance. 

She started undoing his shirt in the elevator, not caring if they'll run into other students on their floor, though fortunately, they did not. They crashed onto his bed, and though at first they acted clumsily, they quickly picked up the pace, especially after Melissa took the package of condoms from Zack and threw it aside, speaking a line that made him sink inside her in an instant.

 - Take me raw tonight, baby.
Raw. Zack blinked again. Something wasn't right. Melissa's soft, needy moans echoed in his head, and as he looked at her, he remembered the words that made him lose himself inside her, again and again.

  - Yes, Zack! Give me... give me every drop...
He could almost feel her feet gently kicking his back, simultaneously locking him in the position she needed him in, and prompting him to cum. 

Drops of cold sweat appeared on Zack's forehead, and it took him another minute to realise why. And then he felt it, the un-familiar stickyness he was afraid of, and he looked between their sweaty bodies, as he pulled out of her. He gasped when the first glob of his cum bubbled from Melissa's used, twitching pussy, to which his girlfriend replied only with another tired, content moan.

Zack looked back at her smiling face with one of pure terror and stuttered the only thought he had on his mind.

 - Mel....Melissa! I... I came inside!

The red-head closed her arms around his neck and brought his shivering lips to hers.
 - Mhm, yes you did. - she let out a lecherous moan - More than once from what I can feel. And trust me, what you can see is just a tip of your creamy iceberg...
Zack looked once again between their bodies, watching as a small river of cum flows from her opening. He wasn't sure what was worse, the sheer volume of it, or the nonchalance Melissa was taking this danger in.

 - Melissa, what-what's gonna happen now?
 - Mhm, I think we both passed high school biology, we know what will. - she brought him to her lips again - The usual procedure is for a man to completely freak out, you are doing great sweetie - she added - And then, well...

She moved her arm towards her underbelly, guiding Zack's together with her, pressing it against her heated body.

 - I might start looking for a bit bigger dresses from now on... - she kissed him - I might already pick a bigger size, cos there is no way only one of your boys will find his girl here.

Melissa moved his hand up, and watched as his eyes get bigger and bigger, as he sobered up. She then put her hand back at her entrance and took a handful of his cum between her fingers and licked it off, short-circuiting his brain again.

 - Mhm, there's so much of it... - she moaned, sliding her finger in and out - It really would be shame if it all go to waste...
 - W-Wait, I-I know what to-do do! - Zack suddenly screamed and jumped back, almost falling from his bed, and sprinted to the only other room of his small student dorm.
 - Don't worry, I got it here. -  Melissa reached for the paper towels and cleaned up the hefty mess her boyfriend left her. - Actually, if you're in the bathroom, bring me my blue satchel, I want to make sure I took... the... the... 
Hearing Zack's bare footsteps Melissa looked back and for a split of her heart stopped. Her mind was evidently slower too, as it took her a moment to realise why her boyfriend was on one knee next to his bed, and why the thing he was holding in his hand looked nothing like her prescriptions. 

 - ...pills.

His eyes widened when she finished her sentence, and for a long while neither of the two naked young adults could utter a word, looking at themselves, petrified in their undignified poses.

 - Z-Zack? - Melissa's voice quivered and she felt a tear in her eye.
 - Melissa? - he stuttered - You're... you're not...
 - Of course not, silly. - Melissa laughed, wiping the river of tears that flowed on her cheeks. - I-I'd never... Zack, is that what I think it is? - she pointed to the box with golden ring inside it.
 - Uh, y-yeah...

Zack scratched his head and stood up, sitting on the edge of the bed. he felt that a second longer on the cold floor would make him collapse.
 - We, we basically thought...
 - We?
 - Me and Milo. We came up with the plan, that you know, if something does come up, and-and we screw things with protection, cos you, know, stuff happens with us... a lot - he raised his brow - We-we wanted to be sure that you and Amanda won't be left and...
He shied away and looked back at her, and nearly dropped the ring when Melissa erupted into laughter, throwing her arms around his neck, peppering him with kisses. 

 - Oh, my beautiful idiot. Beautiful medical student idiot. - I wouldn't let you cum inside me without protection. And even if we had an accident, it's not irreversible... Though, then again, with you, it might very well be...

She looked between her legs, where a veritable pool of white, thick substance has poured from her twitching pussy, surprising even her.

 - But still, that was very thoughtful and romantic of you. - she kissed him - Shall we continue?

Melissa stretched out her hand, prompting Zack to go back to his original plan. He kneeled again, cleared his throat and asked with a quivering voice.

 - So, Melissa Chase, would-would you do me the honour and... be my wife?
 - Yes, yes I will - she replied, her cheeks burning with heat. - Though maybe after college?

She let Zack put on the ring with a rectangular, green stone, then she grabbed him and pulled him into her arms, kissing him senselessly, as they rolled back and forth. She let him win, and as if their misunderstanding never happened the two landed almost precisely where they finished, carefully avoiding the dreadful wet spot Zack has created. 
 - So... so you're not gonna get pregnant...
 - Not right now. -she smiled - Though you say this as if you were disappointed...
 - N-no! - he stammered and tried to stand up, but her arms and legs have already locked him in place.
Melissa leaned her head onto his shoulder and whispered into his ear, feeling his cock already springing back to life with each word.
 - Admit, it, Zack, you would like that... - she cooed - You've been imagining me begging you to fill me with your seed...
 - Melissa...
 - Ssh, Zack.
She cupped his face, and only when she saw a faint smile on his lips she continued.

 - Okay, so... it's five years from now, we're engaged, we've finished our studies, and we've decided it's time to make the family a bit bigger...
 - Do we have the money?
 - Oh, yes, we do. - she giggled - Enough for twins, or maybe triplets... The questions is...
She brought his trembling face against hers.

 - you have it in you?

Melissa shrieked, as instead of a reply, she was pulled into the air, and the very next second she felt her pussy being spread open when Zack impaled her onto his cock, and began swinging her back and forth. She automatically tightened her grip on him, letting only soft mewls escape her lips whenever he would hilt himself completely inside her. She was quite frankly stunned where he could gather the strength for it, after this evening,but at the moment, her mind was too filled with lust to overthink it. The cum from his previous orgasm acted as a lube, making his dives even smoother, stimulating each inch of her pussy many times more than she'd imagine, driving her to pleasure almost immediately.

 - Za-Zack! - she cried, watching as his face gets torn with grimace after grimace - Keep-keep going, baby!
 - Tell me... - he wheezed - Tell me what you want...
Melissa clutched his head and brought her lips to his in a long and ravenous kiss, but as if that wasn't enough, she clarified it when they parted, looking directly into his eyes.

 - I want every single drop of your virile cum in my-my pussy... - she whispered - A-Actually, send it to-to my womb... I'm so fertile right now... I so ne-need you...

She shrieked again when Zack gently tossed her into the air, to put her legs onto his shoulders. They both knew he won't gonna last long, and Melissa had a perfect way to bring him to his climax she was craving.

 - Zack, baby... Let's have one!
Melissa cried when she felt her boyfriend collapse on top of her. Free of his impressive, but tiresome position, and with her legs pressed against her body, his final few pushes were certainly the deepest, and when he finally cried her name, Melissa replied with his, hoping her walls will milk him of each drop of his cum shooting in long, thick ropes directly down her pussy and into her womb. Her legs flailed above his body each time a new portion of his cream filled her, and Melissa almost felt that with each hefty dose her orgasm starts anew, making her babble incoherent, mangled bits of words that would have created lewd and carnal taunts to keep Zack cumming, if her mind was not overwhelmed by pleasure.
And just like before, it took the tired lovers a few minutes to regain their senses, and with their lips pressed against each other, that moment was prolonged until Zack had to assure himself again.

 - Okay, so, that was a roleplay too, right?
 - Yes. I'm hundred percent safe. - she nodded - I've got a magical ring now, and I can now do stuff like that.
She pointed her ring finger against him and playfully pushed him, making him move his body around.

 - I wonder if I get the allergy to colour yellow, like in the comics...
 - I'm gonna get some clean sheets. - Zack spoke, giving her hand a kiss.
 - Wait, wait. - she reached and grabbed his phone - Let's document this...

With her legs already high up, she just had to wait for her used pussy to twitch one more time, and a steady trickle of cum oozed from it, making more and more mess, proving Zack's virility and love for her. Melissa reached between her legs, looked at the phone in Zack's trembling hands and brought a handful of his seed to her lips, slowly licking it, hoping the lighting has captured the entirety of her lewd show she has put on.

 - Now you have something to look at when we don't see each other for a whole day. - she smiled, letting her legs down - And hey, if something does go wrong, now we have technically the first picture of our...
 - Melissa!

Zack cried, before Melissa jumped up and kissed him again, silencing his worries.  


Chapter Text

 - I don't know, Marceline...
Princess Bubblegum looked into the air, watching as different pieces of clothing levitates behind her. Though fashion wasn't Marceline's forte, she gladly helped her girlfriend dress up for all the important meetings and occasions, and with her invisibility she could act as a perfect mannequin, so Bonnie could see two or three dresses at once, without being distracted. 

Her usual, pink attire, or one its variations bored her, and so she kept on trying the blue, white and purple dresses; she then tried to put on her business suit together with her royal cape, but neither of the outfits she tried spoke with her. She was feeling guilty that she has robbed her girlfriend into the admittedly, tedious process, though so far, she hasn't heard one grunt of impatience from her.

She was about to ask for another change, when something grabbed her by her waist, and she felt the familiar gentle pain of Marceline's teeth sinking into her neck.

 - I'm bored, Bonnie...
Seemingly by their own will, her clothes were undoing themselves, one by one, until the princes of the Candy kingdom was left just in her panties and bra, trying to wriggle out of her girlfriend's arm lock. She couldn't say she didn't enjoy it, but the pressure of time certainly meant she'd have less time for her duties if she allows any fooling around. 

But then, Marceline's tongue licked her collarbone, and just like that, Princess Bubblegum melted in the vampiress' arms, allowing her hands to disrobe her completely. With her invisible body, Bonnie didn't know where Marceline will strike next, though as there were only two pieces of attire left, she had pretty good idea. 

And yet, Marceline found a way to put a spin on their shenanigans, quite literally. Next thing Bubblegum knew, she was hanging upside-down, her long hair flowing down as Marceline's hands pulled her into the air. The vampire queen became visible again, and though she was seeing her face upside-down, Bonnie could see a wide, mischievous grin plastered all over her face.

 - H-hey! What's the big idea?
 - Bonnie. - Marceline addressed her - You are tired and tense. trust me, I felt your back. 

She gently three her into the air and caught her mid-flight, meeting her half-terrified face.

 - You need to relax, and since I know squat about fashion, I sure as heck can help you with that.

She cupped her face and brought her lips to his, joining them in a long, soothing kiss. For the longest of moments, Bonnibel's dressing room was filled with soft, sensual smacks and slurps, as the two were immersed in a deep, passionate kiss that only progressed in its intensity, especially when Marceline introduced her tongue to the fix, that mingled with Bonnie's in a constant struggle of dominance. With one arm around her waist, Marceline used the other one to remove pieces of Bonnie's attire she hasn't removed herself, and soon, the two naked ladies, connected in a tight embrace levitated in the air, their bodies pressed against each other, craving more of their intimacy.

And just when Princess Bubblegum felt she was safe in her girlfriend's arms, the world around her shifted again when Marceline turned her around,, her intentions clear as day a moment later. Keeping a steady grip on her feet, she pressed her crotch against Bonnie's, entwining their legs together.

 - Ma-Marcie!
 - Don't worry, PB, let me have this...

Marceline smiled, watching as expression on Bonnie's face changes from astonishment, to annoyance, and then into a bliss when she felt Marceline's sex brushing against her own, generating more and more juices with each second. her unnatural position only made the experience more bizarre, but after a few minutes of whimpering and impatient moans, Marceline realised her position was a bit too extravagant. 

She helped Bonnie flew over her sofa and gently lay her on the soft pillows, ready for her to take the initiative. And the second she landed, Bonie indeed grabbed her, and brought Marceline close to herself, as much as their crossed legs allowed. 

The two lovers shared a short, intimate moment, as they looked into each other's eyes. A smirk on Bonnie's face prepared Marceline for her next move, and the vampire queen threw her head back when Bonnibel began mashing her pussy against Marceline's, dictating the tempo and repaying her girlfriend. Their lips met again, as Bonnie took Marceline into her arms and traversed down her chest, as much as their twisted position allowed. 

Marceline couldn't even levitate above the bed, her girlfriend was exerting too much force against her, ut that only made the experience stronger. Their hands moved from each other's waists to hips, sending shivers down their spines, prolonging the twitching their bodies went through. The two lovers arched their backs, assuming a bit relaxed position, more ideal for scissoring, simultaneously preparing for their inevitable climaxes.

Marceline came first, her body thrashing against her pillows, and she dragged Bonnie with her, soaking her pussy with her juices, hoping her puffy lips do the same. And indeed, the princess let out a stifled cry, biting her lip when her body was torn with the pleasure. Keeping their legs crossed, the two wriggled like a centipede, trying to dissipate the pleasure raging through their bodies, until after a solid minute, the two came back to their senses, and Marceline was the one to fly into Bonnie's arms, kissing her senselessly. 

With Marceline around her, Princess Bubblegum wanted nothing more to gently fall asleep, and let the bliss once again consume her.

But then, the sudden knocking on the door woke her up, and as she heard Peppermint Butler's voice, she suddenly remembered what they were doing.

 - The dinner!
 - The outfit!
The two jumped to their feet, and Marceline flew around the room, collecting as many pieces of clothing as possible. 

 - Quickly, Marcie, I need those.
 - You sure about that...?
 - Positive. - she smiled and kissed her - I trust you completely. 

 - PB looks... odd. 
Jake nudged Finn, prompting him to look at the entrance, through which Princess Bubblegum walked, wearing the weirdest combination of clothes he has ever seen, and that said a lot. She was wearing pink boots, red skirt, with jeans underneath it, a yellow jacket and what was supposed to be a hat, but looked more like an overgrown lid. 

 - Woah, you're right. Kinda looks like she put all of that last minute. - Finn spoke, drinking hi punch - Maybe she forgot and had to do something else?
Jake raised his brow, and as he looked at the peculiar scene, he noticed Marceline, floating right behind her. One look at her face told him that indeed, PB was doing someone else.  

Chapter Text

Though Hekapoo loved when Marco visited her in her dimension, it was even more fun when she stepped into his, especially when she wasn't supposed to. 

 - Ssh! My mom-a-and my dad, they don't know...
 - Don't worry. - Hekapoo kissed him, speaking in low, smoky voice - They will not hear you. 
Before Marco could understand what she meant by this, he was pushed to the bed he was sleeping in just a few minute before, and nearly gave them away as Hekapoo waddled, positioning herself above his mouth, and looked into his surprised face. She lifted her dress, and Marco's eyes naturally gravitated to her crotch, dragged also by the enticing smell, mixed with just a hint of burning. 

She wasn't wearing any pants, or if she was wearing them, they are now ash. He looked up, at her half-closed, seductive eyes, swallowed loudly, and allowed his mistress to push herself onto him. 
  - I can't promise I won't be loud, though.
Hekapoo watched as Marco's eyes pop out of his skull, and before he could protest, she muffled him with her thick thighs and her wet sex, letting out a soft moan when his complaints became the prelude of his excellent tonguework. Keeping eyes on him she watched as her boyfriend comes to his senses, overwhelmed by heat, taste and smell of her, and felt the first deliberate kiss he placed against her puffy lips. 

She shivered, her grip on Marco's bedframe tightening, hoping she won't set his belongings on fire, as she very well remembered that Marco Diaz was able to make her that desperate for release. She opted for sticking to his hair, ruffling it and caressing his neck and shoulders, while his mouth did the rest. Occasionally, his grunts and what almost surely were love confessions reverberated against her sex, making her voice quiver. 

Hekapoo loved Marco when he was his buffed, hunky version of himself from her dimension, but it was the skinny stick-figure from his world she adored. Of course, he was strong, his hands on her thighs exerted enough pressure to convince her that if she wasn't so determined to ride his face, he'd be able to easily topple her to her back and claim her. 

But if anything, Marco Diaz was a considerate boyfriend, dedicating as much time to pleasuring her, as to having her pleasure him. His kisses he peppered her with turned into gentle nibbling as he took her folds into his lips, sucking and licking them, before dragging his tongue across her folds. He listened to the moans she was making, trying to keep her promise of not alerting his parents. he could feel the building excitement in her loins though, her quivering thighs being the best example of it. 

Marco reached between her legs and spread her pussy with his fingers, allowing him to dive his tongue deeper into her sex, and received first gush of her juices as a welcoming present. One gulp later, he wa ready to continue journey into her love canal, hoping he can reach a few places on its edge he knew would drive Hekapoo crazy. 

And all this time, Hekapoo was trying not to trash against him, but perhaps due to his deliberate actions, or just lack of luck, he was dragging her just to the bring of her orgasm, and then diverting his route when she was just inches of screaming. Her impatient moans reached their peak when his nose just brushed against her clit, and then disappeared beneath it, never to come back.

At that point, she had enough of it. She grabbed his hair, and unceremoniously pressed her wet, dripping sex against his face, and with the first thrust forward came the pleasure she was seeking, when his perky, cute nose brushed her bundle of nerves again. She let out a soft moan, her eyes rolled back, and she thrust again, feeling Marco's mouth and tongue against her sex. But she didn't want precise, delicate caresses, she wanted to rut him, and she was not holding back. 

His bedframe started to creak under her hastened moves, and with this, came also her louder, though still muffled moans Hekapoo tried to keep to herself. their eyes met, and Hekapoo suddenly found a new spark of confidence in him, though she didn't know what t meant. And the very next second her hand flew to her mouth as a scream erupted from her mouth, when the tip of Marco's tongue brushed her clit and circled around it, throwing her off the rhythm, and back into Marco's domain. Giving upl she let Marco finish his job, though her hips twitched impatiently, ready to break out of her restraints at any minute.

His mouth closed around her hot jewel, kissing, licking and nibbling at it, while his lips also dived to her pussy, this time accompanied by his fingers, stretching her sex. Hekapoo let out quick yelps, when his fingers would brush some delicate part of her sex. She was in desperation; she knew the place he was seeking was there, but she herself couldn't quite locate it. 

And when Marco did it, Hekapoo lost it, and she collapsed against him, pushing hers sex against his face with even more force than before, hoping to feel for a second that one magical moment of connection he had with the tiny spot deep in her sex. She was panting, howling and babbling, not caring if Marco's folks have heard their noises. All she wanted was her sweet release, and when it happened again, she came again, flooding Marco's mouth with more of her scorching juices, before she fell to her back, taking one deep breath after another, while her body shivered.

It took her a while to get up, and when she did so, Marco was cleaning himself from the copious present she gave him, his cocky smile still present on his face.

 - Was that enough for your midnight snack? 
 - Yeah, I think so. Thanks, Marco, I'm gonna visit you soon again. 
She leaned and kissed him, tasting herself on his lips, and when she got, she hopped through her portal, waving her enamoured boyfriend goodbye.

She walked to her castle, hang her scissors next to her forge, and she was about to lay down to rest, when someone took her and pressed her against the warm stone she used as a bed. her eyes narrowed, and when she regained her senses, she felt two hands on her horns and a very familiar shape against her mouth, and a smile on her intruder's face.

Marco Diaz looked at his captured lover and he didn't even have to say anything for her to open her mouth to let his cock slide between her lips, filling her down to her throat, when he pulled her head a bit higher, thanks to his grip on her horns. 

 - Payback time... 
Marco smiled, pulled out and rammed himself into her mouth, overwhelming her with the aggressive, musky smell and taste of his. Though from the size of his balls, and the tension on them, Hekapoo had a feeling she won't be able to get rid of his aftertaste for days...  


Chapter Text

Rayla never knew what other women saw in dresses. Sure, they looked nice, and Moonshadow elves have mastered the techniques of making elaborate pieces of clothing that looked like they had night sky woven into them, but from practicality standpoint, nothing beat her usual clothes, that, unlike the dress she was wearing, had pockets.

And yet, per Lujanne's suggestion, she wore one, and she had to admit, she would have looked odd in her assassin outfit amongst human and elven diplomats from the entire continent, all in elegant outfits. Though it has been a good few months since peace between elves and humans has been established, she still felt kinda odd. After all, she was walking trough the busy hall of the Katolis castle. After all, it has been just a few years since she was sent here with a much more malevolent mission, and now, as one of the ambassadors, her job was to ensure incidents like this one would never occur.

She took a sip of wine from her glass, and scrunched her face at the odd, odd taste. But if there was anything that could have taken her mind off her duties, it was the appearance of her boyfriend. 

Callum walked through the door to the spacious ballroom, wearing stylish, blue regal outfits, decorated with just hints of silver and gold, fit for the king's brother. Years have definitely made him handsome, and though she insisted he would look even more attractive with a beard, he kept on keeping his chin clean shaven, which made him resemble a bit his teenage self Rayla has met all those years ago. 

And as quickly as the smile appeared on her face, it vanished when she spotted two other noblewoman ogling him and giggling at something that she was almost sure wasn't funny at all. She gulped the rest of the weak wine, grabbed the hem of her dress and was about to storm towards them, when a familiar voice caught her attention.

 - Bait says that if you keep doing it, everyone will know you're jealous - Ezran brushed Bait's head - When I was spending too much time with Zym, he used get all purple. Just like you now!
 - Ah'm not jealous! - Rayla barked back at her younger friend, trying not to gain too much attention.
 - Hm, you're right, you're more cranberry. - Ezran corrected himself - And besides, Bait learned that you can't force someone into disliking someone else by jumping on a head and pretending to make a nest of that person's hair.
 - Oh, yeah?
She spun around and walked towards her boyfriend, hoping her heels she was wearing won't make her collapse mid-way. She must have looked comically silly, as her presence was noticed by the two women way before she addressed Callum. 

 - Uh, Rayla? - he turned around - Is there something wrong?
 - Thare  is a, pressing matter, mah prince - she bowed her head gently, stressing her words with a half-mocking manner at the same time - If ye just follow me.

Callum put his goblet away and followed Rayla, taking her arm, as they moved away from the crowd, then into the side corridor, and finally to the adjacent chamber. Callum was about to ask what was the reason of Rayla's sudden interruption, before he felt the texture and coldness of the wall on his back, when she pushed him against the wall, her lips hungrily claiming his as hers. His hands automatically gravitated towards her waist, and she replied to them with a soft moan spilled into his mouth. 

With their eyes closed, the two enjoyed a rare moment of peace, with the noises of the party only a distant murmur, until Rayla was the first to break their intimate connection, and Callum was surprised to find her cocky grin gone, replaced with a much subdued grimace.

 - Ah'm-Ah'm sorry, Callum.
 - S-Sorry? - he stuttered, catching breath - For-For what? Pushing me against the wall? I can't say I didn't like it...
 - Nooo, it's about me.

She automatically pressed her hands against the creases on his shirt she created when she pushed herself against him.

 - Ah guess... Ezran was right, and Ah got a bit... cranberry. 

Callum blinked.

 - Okay, I'm going to assume it would have made more sense if I knew the context... But... Does that have anything with Lady Camilla and her sister?

Rayla responded by shying away and lying her head on his shoulder. Callum kissed her neck, his hands travelling around her back, covered in the delicate material.

 - Rayla, honey... I know I didn't really have that much time for you in the past weeks.
 - Month, at least - she chuckled.
 - But you know this-this gala is important for not just us, it's for Ezran and the-
 - Ah knooow. - she replied, sneaking another kiss at his cheek. - But Ah saw ye with these two, and Ah just...
 - Maybe you drank too much wine? - he smiled.
 - Even if Ah did, that thing is nothing compared to the moonberry moonshine. 

She cupped his cheeks again and kissed him again, this time letting her legs sneak from underneath her dress and between his legs, much to his surprise and her satisfaction. Callum tried to protest, but then her knee brushed him, and only a small, weak yelp escaped his mouth, which brought a wide smile to Rayla's lips. 

 - Yer such a babe, Callum.
 - Ra-Rayla, we-we can't...
 - It's yer castle, Callum, we can.
She kissed him again, and as their intimate connection lasted, Callum's mind was stormed with conflicting thoughts that slowly were overwhelmed by the pleasure and warmth building up in his loins. For the past weeks he was too busy to give her proper attention, trying to organise the massive event, and at some point, the pressure had to find the way to escape. 

His hand moved from her waist to her butt, and Rayla let out a small moan into his mouth, dragging him across the small room, as if the two were dancing like the rest of couples on the other side of the wall. But unlike them, they had a clear destination, a sofa, that under normal circumstances would be too small for them, but right now was the only horizontal surface they could find. 

Callum broke the kiss, taking one deep breath after another, and buried his face between her partially exposed breasts, slowly sliding her dress down, just so she could worship her body properly.

 - Fah-Finally - Rayla sighed - Hated that dress...
 - I loved you in it... - Callum replied, sneaking a few more kisses. 
 - Well... maybe Ah will keep it on...

Just as she thought, so she has done. She lifted the edge of her dress and jumped into his laps, crossing her legs behind his back as their kiss deepened. Callum started undoing his elegant shirt, but four fingers but Rayla's hand prevented him from doing that.

 - Leave it on, Ah like you in't.
 - But... people will know....
 - Ah knoo'. 
She smiled and pulled him into a deeper hug, while her other hand fidgeted with the only piece of his attire that needed undoing. Four hands slid his pants in record-fast time, and very soon, Callum let out a stifled yelp when her four fingers entwined his cock, giving him first few encouraging pumps. 

Callum let out a soft moan that sounded very much like her name, and fell between her breasts again, keeping a strong grip on her thighs, to spread her legs. He was afraid that any time soon he might hear noise of her dress being ripped apart, but as he got closer to her searing heat, he cared less and less. When he finally dived in, he forgot about everything: their clothes, the guests, the politics. Only thing that matter was his radiant girlfriend, thrashing and squirming underneath his body, as he filled her more and more.

They both knew they were not gonna last long, their duties made their abstinence quite painful to endure, so any chance of contact was suddenly filling a hole of burning sensations inside both of them. They kept their prolonged kiss, reinstating it every time one of had to breathe or let out some deep wordless moan, somehow conveying perfectly their feeling for each other. Under Callum's constant bucking, Rayla's shoes fell from her flailing legs to the floor some time ago, and the moonshadow elf was able to hasten her boyfriend by kicking his bum bare-feet without worrying she might cause harm to his delicate, royal tushy.

Rayla almost alerted the entire palace when Callum instead of kissing her nose, aimed for her horn, licking the delicate skin around the base that made her arch her body in an instant, and nearly scream his name, if she hadn't bitten into his shirt, leaving a rather obvious, wet mark. Her grip on his shoulders tightened, and listening to his ragged breathing on her shoulders, Rayla mentally prepared herself for his climax, assuming she could think straight anymore.

 - Ra-Rayla!
 - Insaide! - she yelped, answering his question, before he could articulate it.
 - But-
 - Ah said, insaide!

She locked her legs tighter, in an irrational fear of losing him, and let her next words drive his to his climax.

 - We're- we're supposed to be joining our countries, am Ah right?
Rayla didn't care if her scream echoed around the palace, she didn't care if Callum's very girlish scream made people think there's a parrot baboon on the loose, or whether Calum's copious orgasm, result of three or four weeks of saving up, overfilling her pussy will stain her precious dress. And there was no mistake - her sharp nails have definitely damaged his regal blue shirt. All she needed was his presence against her, and right now, as he was slowly recovering from her orgasm, the delicious, soothing weight of him atop her was all she desired.

 - Pe-People will notice we've been gone... - Callum muttered, placing soft, needy kisses at her neck.
 - Yeah, dinnae care. - she replied in a tired, sleepy voice. - Can't the world hold its horses for a few more hours?
 - Hm, maybe. - Callum replied, peppering her exposed shoulders - At the very least we should get changed.
 - So... you like me in those blasted dresses? - Rayla asked, turning her head towards her lover that took a long glance a the wrinkled one she was wearing.
 - I love you in those. Though if you don't, I can totally get it.
Rayla let out a stifled sigh and cuddled against his chest.

 - Yeah, Ah dunno. Definitely gonna ditch the heels and all the fancy trinkets, though. Don't suit me.

Callum smiled in response, looking into the full moon reflecting in her tired eyes. He had a hunch that by the end of the night one particular ring will suit her nicely. 

Chapter Text

Melissa was more than glad she decided to spent money for this one night at the hotel. She didn't want risk doing it in her, or Zack's house, and since the two were nowhere near financial stability to rent a flat, this was the cheapest option. And of course, it tied nicely to the theme of their night...

Exactly one year ago, on a trip with Milo and Amanda, the two stayed at a motel in mountains, and thanks to their friend's *unique* aura, the damn thing nearly collapsed, forcing the backpackers to move to a much more expensive newlyweds suites, as the cheaper rooms were flooded with water and, curiously, tomato sauce. 

This might have been a nice coincidence, but it was strengthened by the fact that the guest were forced to eat an unusual combination of food, as the kitchen was flooded as well, which lead Melissa to the discovery of particularly stimulating salad. And then, Zack was loving her, for the first time, first clumsily, then, after their fifth time, like a pro. 

And tonight, she wanted to thank him for it.

Melissa walked from the bathroom, and watched as Zack's eyes widen when he noticed her. His mouth opened and he stood up, watching as she walked slowly through their room. Her auburn hair mixed well with the red-and-black lingerie she was wearing, she spent hours in the only sex-shop in Danville, conveniently hidden behind the facade of family-friendly "Modest Clothes For Not Immoral Purposes" shop. But she found the perfect set: it gave away just enough to make Zack stand up - in more than way - but it covered those few precious places she knew he'd like to uncover.

She walked around the room, keeping her eye on her enamoured boyfriend wearing the giddiest, goofiest smiles on his face, as she turned and twisted around, presenting her present from all sides.

 - Like what you see, Underwood?

"I love it, Melissa. You look like the most beautiful of goddesses that I wish to worship!" was what he wanted to say. But instead, only some form of guttural, gurgling came out of his mouth.

 - Uh-uh!
Melissa smiled and changed her direction, walking towards him. He was standing, but the sheer presence of her made his knees weaker, and with a gentle push of her finger, she toppled him to his back. His hands shot to her, but then, a second present came in place in form of a black, latex whip Melissa gently punished Zack with.

 - Au! - Zack jumped in place - What was that for?
 - No hands. Only your mouth. - she smiled, repeating the procedure with his left hand. This time, a gentle brush was necessary for him to retract.
Zack raised his brow and moved his mouth towards her body, covered in the frivolous, fancy patterns that truly made her look like a piece of art. He smelled her perfume, and watched as the skin underneath his lips gets covered in goosebumps when he lay the first kiss on her belly, sneaking between two strips of material. Melissa let out a tiny, breathless gasp, followed by much longer moan, as he travelled not down, as she thought he would, but around. One by one, he visited every gap in the meticulously made corset, placing his kisses there. 

Once he got to her far left side, he looked up at her, and noticed the cocky smile on her face, understanding her comment at once. In order to turn her around he'd need to use something different than hands, and so, Melissa gasped when she felt his teeth graze gently her skin a moment later when he bit her expensive piece of clothing and pulled her around, to which she obliged at once.

Her back and bottom looked even more scrumptious, and Zack truly wished he could get out of the spell Melissa has put on him, but with his hands underneath his butt, he continued his journey, kissing her rump and the especially delicate place around her waist he knew he will have to take extra care of. Even before his tongue got there, she shivered, feeling his hot breath on her extra sensitive skin, and when Zack's lips made it there, her body she shook and trembled, as Zack continued caressing her giggly spot.

 - Za-ack! - she moaned impatiently - That's-That's not what I me-meant!
 - Well, to bad you gave me that order... - he replied, peppering her waist with more kisses.
Suddenly, Melissa had enough and with a sharp turn, he was facing her breasts again, as well as the determined look on her face, once he looked up. before he knew it, he was pushed to his back, and his lingerie-clad girlfriend waddled above him, until she rested her body against his face.

The note of desperation in her moans gave Zack chance to think of the plan. His lips brushed her wet panties, making Melissa throw her head back, and that was the moment Zack counter-attacked. Melissa shrieked when the world around her spun, feeling his strong grip on her waist, and next thing she knew, she was underneath him.

 - You cheated!
 - Better report me to the game master, or something.
 - Dork. - she smiled, and let him do his work.
he continued his kisses, this time using his hands to undo the intricate parts of her outfit, one by one. he deliberately kissed around her wet sex, though, which resulted in Melissa trashing her body against him, wishing he got to the main course soon. He decided to leave her fishnets on as well as her gloves, but he gladly removed the corset, allowing him to gain the access to her breasts, between which he dived immediately, peppering them with quick, aggressive kisses. 

Melissa whimpered when she felt his length brush her sex, her legs almost automatically locking behind his back in an attempt to hasten his moves. 

 - Zaaack... - she whined, bringing his face against hers - Please...
 - Look who's the impatient now... - he smiled, before he cupped her face and kissed her - Alright, let me get the-

But Melissa's legs closed tighter around his rump, together with her fingers digging in his shoulders. He raised his brow, and Melissa responded with one phrase that made his blood boil.

 - Raw me, Zack. 
 - You-you sure?
Melissa sighed.

 - Which part of "Raw me" you did not understa-
And then, she shrieked again, when her boyfriend followed her order precisely. Her panties were pushed aside and his cock entered her welcoming warmth, giving Zack chance to experience her wetness for the first time without any artificial material around it. he let out a weak, high-pitched moan of utter bliss, before he got used to the new sensation and began moving back and forth, while Melissa spilled sweet words into his ear.

 - You've been a very good boy, Zack... I thought you deserved a-a reward...

She cried when she felt him hilting himself inside her. Though she tried to remain calm and restraint, this was also the first time she felt him without a condom, and the difference was staggering. In a sense, she felt they were making love for the first time again, but this time properly. 

At some point, Melissa stopped pretending and let the pleasure overwhelm her; her words were no longer carefully crafted taunts or praises, but random, mangled bits and pieces of phrases that showed up on the shore of her stream of consciousness, while Zack pounded her mercilessly. They both knew that with the new layer of sensations they won't last as long as they'd like to, but neither of them cared. And soon Melissa was begging him, answering the question he had on his mind.

 - In-Inside, Zack!
 - You-you sure?
 - Yes!

Zack grabbed her ass, still covered in her fancy lingerie, which helped him stabilise his grip, lifted her ass up just a notch, and slammed himself one more time, watching as Melissa's fingers mash her clit, hoping to reach their edge at the same time. And when the two collapsed, their voices joined in a tired, but content cry as Zack emptied himself into her pussy, that spasmed around his cock, milking him for the seed it never got before.

More kisses followed, as Melissa thanked her boyfriend for his efforts in the only way imaginable. Her legs flailed a bit, his body twitched, and after solid five minutes, the two returned to their senses, and joined each other in a long, sensual kiss. Melissa gently pushed him away, prompting him to pull out, and as he did so, a few droplets of his cum fell onto the black and red panties, adding a new, literal splash of colour to the mix.

 - I'd say it looks good on me, don't you think?
 - That was bloody amazing, Mel. I want you to wear these all the time. - he kissed her breasts that until recently were covered by the corset.
 - You have to thank Vanessa, then.
 - Vanessa? - Zack raised his brow - Professor Time's daughter, you mean?
 - Mhm - Melissa nodded, closing her arms around his back, bringing his face even closer to hers - She helped me pick these... Turns out she's quite kinky.
 - Well, then. - Zack raise his brow - Maybe we can invite her for the next anniversary, if she's so well-oriented in those matters?
 - In your dreams, Underwood - Melissa retorted quickly, without missing a beat.
 - Well, now she will be in my dreams with you...
 - Oh, you little~! - Melissa's eye twitched and she aimed her hand at his face, though with her reflexes dulled from the orgasm, she was able to just punch him lightly in the shoulder, not that she wanted to do anything harder.

The two lovers soon tumbled back and forth on the bed, Melissa ultimately winning, as she pinned him to the bed. But this time, he also heard a metallic click above his head, and realised that his wrists were locked to the bedframe. She straddled him, smirked and once more, she waddled towards him, this time his cum steadily spilling from her used hole along his chest, until she was against his face. 

 - So, one more time, Zack, only mouth from now on. - she spoke salaciously, with a whip in one hand, and a copy of "Domination for Dummies" in other. 

Chapter Text

 - No, ma'm, this is not a coupon from our shop...
Ron sighed after he was finally done explaining to an old lady that her parking ticket did not entitle her to a free bucket of ice cream. He took the tag attacher and was about to do another isle of new products at Smarty Mart, when a familiar voice brought him back from the his mindless duties.

 - Excuse me? Can you help us?
Ron turned around, and to his surprise, he saw Yori and Kim walking hand to hand, their faces beaming with frisky smiles. 

 - Kim? Yori? Hey, what are you-
 - Good morning, *sir* - Kim's words cut off Ron's, making him confused for just a moment - We're planning to have a date with our boyfriend tonight...
 - ...and we will need some help. - Yori added, fluttering her eyelashes.
 - O-Oh. - Ron smiled - I think I know what's going on...
Ron cleared his throat, fixed the Smarty tie he was wearing and gently bowed.

 - After me, ladies. What do you need first? Our company has everything you need.
 - Well, we were thinking of some fancy dinner first. - Kim spoke, turning to the freezers
 - Something extravagant we could start the night with...
 - Ah, so a frozen pizza probably won't do... - Ron chuckled.
 - No... do you have oysters? Or scallops?
Kim raised her brow, leaning against the sturdy freezer.

 - I've hear they work wonders...
 - Oh, they do, Kim! - Yori added at once - And we definitely want him to keep going for hours, don't we?

The two turned towards Ron, who took a second to thaw from the salacious tone of their voices and turned to the correct compartment.

 - He-here they are.
 - Perfect! Now for some veggies...
 - I already have one, Kim. Ginseng. 

Kim and Ron turned around and watched as Yori gently drags her finger up and down the long, beige root. 

 - There is a reason this looks like what it looks like...
 - By your logic, asparagus then. - Kim added, grabbing the bunch.
 - They are a bit... Thin compared to... you know what...
 - Oh, no, I didn't mean the thickness, I was thinking about the shape of the... heads... - she slid her finger around the bulbous end of the elongated vegetable.
Ron gulped again, watching as his girlfriends discuss their private matters out in the public. True, the shop wasn't as packed as usual, but still, there were people around.

 - Ah, uh, ladies, is-is there anything else you need help with?
 - Oh, yes, we need some cleaning products.

The two walked past Ron, knowing for sure he'll follow them, trying to look inconspicuous enough, until they arrived at the correct isle.

 - Mouthwash? - Yori's voice reached Ron. - Are we out of it?
 - Well, we might as well buy more. - Kim replied - You know what happens when I drink too much of his *stuff*...
She stressed the last word, giving Ron a flirtatious look. 

 - I mean, there's so much of it every time, flying everywhere, so we have to lick it off... 
 - I thought you loved that taste. - Yori continued, observing as Ron cleaned the same tile third time in a row with his mop.
 - Oh, I do, I do love drinking it! - Kim exclaimed, making sure Ron would hear her praises.
Somewhere behind it the plastic mop fell to the floor, almost with the person that used it as a support.

 - I love drinking it, especially when it's still warm, fresh from the tap, if you know what I mean... - she leaned on the counter, singing her praises - It's so thick... and creamy... And the smell and flavour is so.. rich and enticing... But the after-taste is just a bit icky. 
 - I don't mind it all - Yori spoke - It's a bit spicy, thanks to his diet, and I like that taste. And anyway, maybe we can have a bit of fun with it? 

She walked around Ron, dragging Kim with her.

 - Come on, let's go to the kitchen section. I've seen some fancy glasses, maybe our boyfriend can pour it into it first and then we can drink from it! 

Ron let out a stifled, weak meep, and was glad there was a counter underneath his bottom he could rest on, as the fantasy girls pulled him into made him weak in his knees. His duties forced him to abandon his girlfriends for a while, but his eyes scanned the isles, as much as he could, at least, looking for another "accidental" meeting. And it didn't surprise him that the superheroine and a ninja found him first, approaching him from behind.

 - Excuse me, do you think you could help us here again...?
Kim's would-be sweet voice reached Ron, and it took him a moment to realise that she and Yori were in the lingerie isle, each stretching a pair of lacy panties.

 - Sir, do you think those would look good on us?

She placed the openwork panties first against her jeans, and then Yori's dress, watching as Ron's grip on the mop tightens with each second of their frivolous display.

 - I... I can't... now... 
 - Well of course you can't, sir. - Yori continued  with the same pretend tone - We just wanted to ask if you think we'd look good in those.

She closed her arm around his shoulder, whispering last words into his ear. 

 - We want our boyfriend to have very special night... - Kim added, leaning onto his other side.

Kim's tongue came in contact with his earlobe, but it was the loud, ringing sound coming through the speakers that made Ron jump in place, as she was now called to another isle.   

 - I, I go-gotta go. - he stuttered
 - Don't worry, sir, we're gonna make the decision ourselves. 
She replied with a sultry voice, and when Ron turned around, last thing he saw was her and Yori's smirk as the two closed the curtains and disappeared in the changing booth. Ron wished the rumors about hidden cameras were true, though as he walked away, he could imagine what was happening behind the thin sheet of material.

Ten minutes later, Ron was at the registry, when he saw them again, this time with a basket full of products. The two "ladies" waved at him again and began putting the products onto the conveyor. And as they moved past the scanner, they painted a vivid image of what will be awaiting for him once he'll come back home from work.

 - Wait a minute, we forgot about something. - Yori suddenly spoke and reached towards the metal rack, grabbing a square package in her hand. 
 - Well, of course. - Kim took it from her, shooting Ron with a sly smirk - How could we... But those are "small".
 - Oh, you're right. Medium? Large? No... Extra large...? - she enunciated each word, taunting Ron.
 - There must be something bigger...
The two "browsed" the condom section, watching as Ron's erratic, increased breathing reaches its apex. After a few excruciatingly long seconds, the two reached once again to Ron, this time with a would-be sad voice.

 - Well, gee, it looks like this fine establishment doesn't have condoms his size.
 - That's a shame - continued Yori - I guess we'll have to... postpone our night with him.

For a second, Ron stopped breathing, gulped and remained motionless in a state of disbelief, as blood simultaneously boiled and froze in his veins at that revelation, unsure if they were joking or not. He opened his mouth, about to stutter a word or two, when Kim suddenly countered.

 - Well... - she gently grabbed Yori's hand - We can still have plenty of fun ourselves.
She took the cucumber and let their joined, entwined fingers slide back and forth.  
 - You're right, we don't need him...
Yori cupped Kim's face and placed a long kiss on her lips, as her arms encircled her girlfriend's waist. Ron was fighting the urge to stand up from his seat and cry in protest, but Kim once again interrupted Yori. 
 - No, it won't be the same without him... - she put on a pouty face - He's been such a wonderful boyfriend, working so hard, helping people... 
 - Fo-For just a bit more than the-the minimal wage! - Ron stuttered, rising his hand.
 - But what about the protection? - Yori asked, making a pretend gesture with her fingers.
The two turned at the same time towards Ron, blazing him with their seductive, sly smiles.

 - I think we can take some risk... After all, where's fun in that?
 - And anyway, remember how he loved it when we called him "daddy"? It suited him...
This was too much. From his half-standing position, Ron slumped over his chair, letting a deep, comforting sigh. Kim and Yori giggled and watched as cold and hot sweat rushed through him, when he moved rest of the items towards their basket, unsure if fat-free yogurts and pack of dried basil will have any part in tonight's date. At this point, anything was possible. 

 - Thank you, sir, for helping us with our date tonight. - Kim's puppy eyes made Ron temporarily speechless again.
 - Our boyfriend will be very grateful. Shame he ends his shift at five...
 - Yeah, but who says we can't have fun on our own before that?
Ron watched as his two girlfriends walked out of The Smarty Mart, holding hands, though Yori's sneaked hers a few times to Kim's bum. He then looked at the clock above the entrance. 

It was 10:02 AM.  

Chapter Text

The small, cozy house on the outskirts of Pallet Town was filled with short, impatient moans, as Misty let her boyfriend indulge in a fantasy he didn't know he have. Her hand moved up and down, gently tugging on his cock, while her lips danced on his shoulders, peppering it with kisses, while her lips seeped sweet words into his ear.

Earlier that day, a fan asked her after her show in Cerulean if it was true that she was dating the Alolan champion, and after a while Misty began talking answering more and more questions of Ash's past. And then, a mischievous idea was planted in her head, and she needed to execute it as soon as possible.

They've made love in front of a mirror before - in fact, she quite liked it, especially when they assumed some position that didn't give them opportunity to look at each other, but this one was a bit different. The two could see their reflections in the glass in front of them, but it was the contents of the cabinet behind the transparent doors that added to the erotic experience. 

The vast collection of Ash's shiny badges, smaller and bigger trophies, as well as golden Battle Frontier symbols filled the Pallet Town trainer with pride and satisfaction that resonated with each praise Misty sang into his ear, while her fingers moved alongside his stiff manhood.

 - 'That's right', I said, 'I'm dating that famous Pokémon master'... - she whispered, placing gentle kisses on his jawline - And I told her how you take me every night...
 - M-Misty... - Ash whispered, tightening his grip on the edge of their bed, her other arm preventing him from flipping her over.
 - I told everyone that your cock is a long as that golden cup there... - she pointed to the phallic trophy from Orange Islands - And that your balls are as big as the Pokéball on it...
 - You-You didn't....
 - Maybe I did, maybe I didn't... - she cooed, feeling as his muscles twitch under her slow, meticulous caresses - But only I know the truth...

Ash let out a prolonged moan, giving Misty a signal to change her tactics. She moved from their bed, and at first, Ash thought she was going to get to her knees to love him orally, but the water trainer had a much more mischievous plan on her mind. Without taking a break from stroking his cock, she reached to the glass cabinet and took the same cup she was talking about, opened its Pokéball lid, and brought it to his twitching head. Ash yelped when he felt the cold, metal rim of the trophy, contrasted with her warm breath, tingling with droplets on his sensitive skin. 

He dared not to look at her, mostly because he knew that the moment he'll see her viridian eyes, and the devilish smirk on her face, he'll have no way but to cum. But of course, he couldn't shut off his other senses.

 - I told them exactly like it is, Ashy... That each night you go down me as if you were a hungry Lickylicky...
 - M-Misty!
 - ...and then you turn into a Blastoise and you Hydro Pump me full of your cum...

She moved her lips closer to his head, just so he could feel the vibrations of her voice on his cock.

 - ...and you act like a Smeargle, painting me with the rest once you pull out... 
 - M-M-Misty! - Ash's legs quivered, while she stroked him faster and faster, pointing his to the angled cup.
 - ...and that one day we're gonna have enough kids for each of your badges!
Ash opened his eyes, and as his eyes fell onto the row of the very collection Misty was talking about, he couldn't withstand the vivid image she was painting in his mind. he let out a prolonged, weak roar of defeat, and came, almost yanking the cup from between his legs, but Misty's grip was far stronger. Rope after rope of cum filled the golden chalice, while Ash fell to his back and let out sharp, fast moans, each progressively weaker, with each stream of his cum.

She took her time to make sure she has emptied him, and waited until he would regain his senses enough to sat up, and when he did so, she brought the trophy to her lips, watching his reaction with one eye, as she tilted the cup. When the musky liquid reached her lips, she let out a sigh that quickly turned into a guttural moan, when she tasted it and began swallowing the strong and aggressive, but tasty essence. From his position he couldn't see how much, or how little was in there, but it didn't stop Misty from putting on a sensual, depraved show. She spend long minutes emptying the cup into her mouth, watching as his eyes widen, and she gulped down the last oh his drop, she took a satisfying breath of fresh air, and licked her lips tasting one last glob of his seed.

Misty smiled and looked down, glad to see that her performance had exactly the result she was expecting; his limp cock was hard again and once she put the cup to the floor, she was ready to claim him as hers. But when she turned around, Ash grabbed her and pinned her to the bed, spreading her legs and heading straight to her exposed folds.

 - So, that's how I start every night, huh? - he smirked, smelling the enticing aroma of her perfume mixed with the carnal fragrance of her sex.
 - That's what I-I told them... - she gasped, her voice quivering when she felt his hot breath on her lower lips. - A-Ash!
 - But did you tell them that Ash Ketchum has the sexiest...
He closed his mouth around her folds, sucking it between his lips, feeling as her legs quiver.

 - ...nastiest...
He licked her folds along her slit, tickling the skin around her clit.

 - ...the most mischievous...

Misty's reply, if there was one, was drowned in her moan when Ash stuck his tongue inside her, lapping the nectar that already began overflowing from her love canal. Though she was stronger than him, he easily got hold of her thighs that quiverend and jolted around his head, while he ate her out. The sleek Cerulean mermaid arched her body several times, in the anticipation of her climax, and it was the next set of words, reverberating against her delicate skin that brought her to the edge.

 - ...and prettiest girlfriend in the world? 

She let out a stifled moan and dug her fingers into his ruffled hair, flooding his mouth with more of her juices her walls produced. She understood how he must have felt a few minutes ago when he was pushed to the edge, especially as she laid in the same, warm spot he landed in. And just like him before, it took her a minute to gather her strength, before she scooted back to the center of the bed and spread her legs invitingly. 

 - Come'ere and let's start working on that first badge.    

Chapter Text

place your bets, will I finish this in this decade?


Callum didn't understand why "mooning" meant what it meant until he started dating Rayla. The two youngsters quite quickly moved from needing two blankets to just one, and the human mage learned that his elven girlfriend was horny in more than one way. Another thing he had to accustom to was that as a Moonshadow elf, her libido was tied to the lunar cycle, and it wasn't a coincidence that Rayla was felt a bit more frivolous when the Moon was full.

Callum looked back and forth at the giant, shining face of the Moon in the sky and the much closer and much more appetising shining skin of Rayla's bum, proudly protruding to be at the perfect height for Callum to caress it.

- Enjoyin' th' view? - she asked, wiggling her bum, much to the prince's enjoyment.
- Most definitely, my lady. - he replied with curtsey. - But I much prefer the sound, not the sight...

Rayla let out a soft mewl when she felt the touch of his hand on her asscheeks, stroking her alabaster skin. She could feel his hands trembling slightly - after all, they were both new to this, and Callum evidently was still nervous about them wandering on the field of intimacy, even though they have crossed the border several times already. And just like with kissing, she needed to give him a bit of encouragement in form of pressing her behind against his crotch, hoping this will hasten his decision.


But Callum wasn't the only one trembling. When she felt his cock slide between her cheeks, Rayla's voice quivered and broke, and the fierce warrior nearly collapsed to the ground from the mere thought of having him inside her. A wish that fortunately was fulfilled a few seconds later. Callum slid inside her with much caution, trying to enjoy the overwhelming warmth and wetness surrounding him, while his girlfriend's voice proclaimed all the feelings he had in much more vulgar and open, though incoherent manner.

In his position, Callum was able to gain an upper hand, slowing down his moves just to make his girlfriend moan for more. If she could see the smirk on his face, she'd know what to expect, but without that clue, she was on his mercy, at least not until she unabashedly slammed her back against his crotch, ramming herself onto his cock at once.

At the same time, she felt his grip tightening on her waist, and with the first jiggle of her backside, he started his thrusts. The glade around them echoed with Rayla's wild cry that encouraged the young prince to continue his shallow plunges. And though Rayla thoroughly enjoyed those, there was something she was missing, and as her boyfriend continued his duties, the Moonshadow elf battled herself in her mind whether to vocalise her idea.

And then, he hilted himself inside her brushing a particularly sensitive spot inside her, and in one moment she made the decision. After all, her ancestors probably have cursed her already for mingling with a human, so in for a dinar, in for a dukat.

- Ca-Callum! Grab my horns!
- W-What?!

Callum took a second to process her plea, moaned in a breathless, needy voice. She turned her head sharply and repeated it, staring directly into his widened eyes.

- My horns, Callum! Grab'em!

She arched her back, bringing her head closer to him, waiting for her boyfriend to resume his actions. But against her better judgement, his hips ceased buckling against her bum, and she turned around one more.

- Callum, what's wrong?
- It's... it's just... - he shied away - Won't this hu-hurt you?
- No, silly. - she smiled - Trust me, it would take a lot to break'em.

She reached and dragged her hand against his naked chest.

- An' besides... don't some human girls like when men pull their hair?

Rayla giggled when she saw his face redden, as the sudden realisation about her kinks hit Callum. She gave him one last wink, and when she turned away, she was glad to feel his hands in his hair. A moment of hesitation later, his fingers entwined around her horns, and with a steady push, he dived between her folds again, and as her body was about to reply by swooning forward, she felt the delicious force pulling her gently backwards, and she let out a prolonged, deep wail.

This was what Rayla's been wanting to feel: though she was usually the one to be on top, the knowledge it was Callum pulling the strings now made her shiver with anticipation. In her blissful stupor, she didn't expect he'd hilt inside and brush her sensitive spot again, which only made her buckle against him once more. She cried again, and as soon as she felt Callum's grip loosening, she came quickly to reassure him of her state.

- Noo! Keep it up, Callum! I'm fine!
- You-you sure?
- I'm more than fine, Callum, I can take it...

Callum grabbed her again and this time, he didn't wait for her. With his hands on her horns, he pushed himself inside, and as Rayla started working with her hips, he found the rhythm they both have been looking for. With each lunge, the Moonshadow elf was letting a soft mewl or moan, creating the carnal melody that filled the night's air. And very quickly, the usually timid Callum found a new desire, deep in his soul, to dominate and control her, and his new position gave him more than few options to indulge in this feeling.

Rayla almost protested again when he let go of her left horn, but then wailed when she felt his left hand came in contact with her ass. She didn't feel pain, but as soon as her voice returned to normal, she told Callum about it, in the only way she was able to think right now.

- Yes! Yes, Callum, please, do it again!
- Is that... is that what you want? - he asked, stopping himself from slapping her ass again.
- Yes... - she moaned - Please, human, conquer me...

Her cry echoed around them again, and though Callum knew he wasn't causing her pain, he stopped, going back to using her horns as reins.

- Sorry, love, I guess I have to learn how to do it as well... - he huffed, leaning above her, and sneaking a kiss on her exposed neck.
- You dinnea have to say sorry... - she gasped - Just... keep doing what you're doing!

She was clearly at the edge of her climax, and though some part of Callum wanted to hear her beg him again, he knew better not to inflict her wrath on. He grabbed her horns once more and with a sweat on his brow, resumed his duties, already feeling her pussy tightening around him.

When Rayla came, she dragged him with her, causing the two youngsters to collapse onto each other, feeling their bodies twitch one against the other, while their orgasms seeped through their twitching legs, hips and arms. Despite his mind being overwhelmed by the pleasure, Callum remained conscious enough to ask her of one important question, though she answered with a kiss before he could even formulae it.  

- Yes, I'm fine, Callum. - she wheezed, cupping his face.
- I... You know I had to ask, right?
- I kno'...

She turned around and cuddled against him, enjoying his warmth, both outside and seeping from inside her onto the blanket underneath them.

- You know, I never... I never thought you'd like to...
- What? - Rayla interrupted - Get pulled by the horns?

Callum nodded.

- Well... Maybe not many elves would do 'at...

She started, shying away from him, and he was about to hasten with some form of apology, when she turned back to him, granting him a wide, giddy smile.

- ...but then again, we're not a very usual couple, are we?

Callum smiled and, having learned his lesson, replied with a kiss.