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Immortal of the Burial Mounds

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There was a folk-tale about one immortal cultivator. He was the one who sealed Burial Mounds so that the demons and evil spirits that live there wouldn't see the sun of the new day ever again.


But for him to successfully seal all the evil beings in Burial Mounds, he had to seal himself with them. They are torturing and tearing his soul and body apart even to this day. He has no way to escape.


Because of his selfless sacrifice, the humans were able to keep living, cultivating and dealing with corpses of their caliber. Because of this, whole world knows the name Yiling Patriarch. He was and still is worshiped by many. Unfortunately, his real name was not passed to the next generations and was forgotten forever.


Everyone knows that there is no way to escape the terror in Burial Mounds, the same terror he is suffering now. No one ever dared approaching this cursed place.


Of course, except for the mighty Wen Clan who wants to rule and to rebuild the world into an image of its own. What they did not know when they went to the Burial Mounds to find the source of new power - of the demonic cultivation - and all the resentful energy in this world was, that they will wake up one and only - very pissed off - immortal from old legends.

Who may or may not be one of the most beautiful things in this world one could ever seen. 


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Blood. Everywhere was blood. There were dead bodies lying in the deserted soils of Burial Mounds. Some of them were new, some of them already started to decay. But most of them were already only bones. The Wens have started their plan. Fighting demons, corpses and vengeful spirits. Trying to gain the power of resentful energy, of all the resentment of the past. They reached the ruins of some ancient temple. Really. The irony. The place with the most resentment in this world was once a holy place in the service of God himself. Humans belief is broken easier than their hatred it seems.



Wen Ruohan - the sect leader of QishanWen Sect - sent them here to look for only one thing which can grant him power no one ever dreamt of.  Wen Xu together with his searching party looked everywhere in the temple. They saw old talismans, spells, cultivating tool and many others. None of them known to the world. They never saw something like that. But these things were not what they came here for. The wanted to find that one thing that can control the resentful energy. The Stygian Tiger Seal. So they searched. And searched and searched. Until they found the hidden chamber.



Inside was a beautiful lake where the flowers and lotuses bloomed. Probably the only life in this whole Godforsaken place. And in the middle of said lake was one little islet with nothing but flowers and one  crystal clear glass coffin with a body of a man dressed in black robes with red outlines and red belt. He has long black hair with two braids on both sides of his head, bound together with red ribbon. He has tall and muscular figure, but at the same time, he was quite slender (feminine). His exquisite facial features were like a pure God! And there it was.



In his hands in dead grip, he held the Stygian Tiger Seal, black bamboo dizi with red tassel and beautiful black sword with gold outlines. Without a doubt sword with its own spirit, same as the ones cultivators are using.



When the first ones from their searching party snapped out of shock from such a blissful sight, it brought back even the party leader Wen Xu. In his long life, he truly has never seen such a beauty. He must be his. No matter what.
"We will bring the body, together with the seal back with us to Nightless City. Father will be pleased with this new addition to his harem." said Wen Xu.



Who were they to defy him? One wrong word and they would all be dead together with their families. They already felt sorry for this little beauty. Everyone knows that the ones who serve the direct Wen blood never end well. They become broken toys. Lifeless bodies. Almost like if their entire soul had been sucked out and they were left with nothing. Such a pity really.



They left Burial Mounds and went to the Nightless City. What the did not know was, that the moment they moved the body of said beautiful man out of the temple, together with Stygian Tiger Seal, black bamboo dizi and the sword (They cloud not take them away from him even if they tried. The man was holding these tree objects as if his life depended on them.) the seal which had been separating Burial Mounds and the world of living had been broken and the barrier  is slowly, but surely fading into nothingness.


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He woke up in unfamiliar room with red ceiling and white curtains with red sun emblem. He woke up in bed. In a actual, really comfortable bed with white sheets. Not in some freaking glass coffin where he was sleeping for who know how long. 



It was quite nice to woke up so comfortably and not by the screaming of the undead without any chance to chase them away and make them FINALLY shut the fuck up. For very simple reason. If he would get out of that coffin of his, he woul be immediately hunted by the new resentful energy and ghosts in Burial Mounds that do not obey him... YET! Like he said. He did not know how long he was sleeping this time, but he is sure it was long enough. Last time he woke up, he found out he was asleep for almost 230 years.



But that is not so important right now as this little problem he is facing right now. And that be said.......... Where in the actual fuck is he. This is not hell. He is sure about that. He has already been there. Hell is really overestimated if you ask him. Nothing much to see down there.

Where is he? And most importantly... Why is he here? The panic is starting to get to him. Because if he is here (and he is sure he is not in Burial Mounds anymore) that means his seal which he had been keeping up for centuries is crumbling down. If not already faded. Not only panic, but also anger (more like pure FURY!) is now in his heart.



Suddenly, the door opened and in came a tall man with long black hair, symbol on his forehead, deep brown (in light of candles almost red) eyes. Wei Ying has to give him... He was handsome. And he also had a very strong golden core. A powerful cultivator. SO WHAT IF HE IS POWERFUL?! How can this mortal just ignore everything and bring him to..........His bed? Okey. That sounds weird. Really weird. But whatever. He is PISSED OFF!!! Did he not make it clear enough that no matter what no one who is still alive can come inside the Burial Mounds?



Why are humans always so stubbornly curious?! Well... He can't really judge their curiousity. He was just like that before he knew better. Always curious, he was everywhere he wanted to and never took anything they were saying to his heart. He never let anyone help him, because he did not want to burden them. He sometimes wonders... If he had let them help him, what would change?



But that does not matter now. Who is this man? And the three younger mens behind him? And that... Concubine? Well, she would fit the term of concubine with how her robes are shoving half of her boobs. And how she is clinging to the arm of the youngest of them. Shameless. Disgusting. Repulsive.


"Who are you, young masters?" Wei Ying asked with as much polite voice as he could manage.


"My name is Wen RuoHan. Sect leader of QishanWen Sect. These are my two sons, Wen Xu and Wen Chao. And this is Wen ZhuLiu. It's such a pleasure to finally be able to meet and talk to you, Yiling Patriarch."  The men in middle (the handsome one) said.


"QishanWen Sect?" No. Never heard of it.


"You have been asleep for thousands of years, of course you wouldn't know what..."


"Are you Wen Mao's descendants?" Wei Ying cut that Wen Chao off. He already does not like him. With the way he is looking at him. Like he was his superior. Like if he wanted to eat him. Eyes full of dark lust. And not only him. Everyone of them. Expect for that slut. She, on the other hand looked like she wanted HIM to eat HER. No! Absolutely not! Not happening. Thank you very much. He  did not sink so low. He is already disgusted by her and he is not even looking at her anymore. No way in hell will he EVER touch her. He will not even breath the same air as her.  Absolutely not.


"How did you know?" Asked Wen Mao.


"Who do you think taught Wen Mao how tho cultivate his own golden core. Who do you think forged his sword?"


"So you really are immortal?" Asked, like the biggest idiot in this world (he probably is) Wen Chao.


"What do you think? So... Why am I here?"


"You are here because we need your powers." answered Wen Xu.


"Yes I have heard a lot of that. Trust me. You do not want my help." said Wei Ying as he stood up from (that really comfortable) bed and started walking towards to door. He walked past them and was about to find the way out of here, when he realised.... His sword, seal and flute are gone. He stopped and turned to him. They all had smirks on their faces and looking at him as hunter looking at its pray. Expect that Wen ZhuLiu. He is the only one who is not disgusting for him. Well, at least now. Who knows what will happen in the future. He is quite sure he will see them again.


"Looking for your toys, little beauty?"


"Okay. Look here little boy... What was your name again? Just so you know I, Wei WuXian, am at least thousands of years older than you. So I suggest you to watch your mouth." The once silver-grey eyes were now deep, dark crimson like the blood itself, full of resentful energy. The danger was practically screaming at the poor Wen Clan members. All of them felt the killing intent.


"The last warning. My temper is not so good that you can just joke on me you little peasants. Trust me when I say, I wouldn't think twice before killing all of you. You better be careful. I do not give second chances. Count yourselves lucky. The next time we meet, you should hope we won't be enemies anymore." He was not screaming. He did not take a step backward or forward. But his voice was intimidating enough for the Wens to understand, why this is the man, who was able to seal the Burial Mounds and reach immortality.



Spiritual energy he was emitting made the air heavy and they were feeling as if they were drowning. None of them could make a single move. They were sure they can find a way how to control resentful energy with the Stygian Tiger Seal. So what if the first five attempts failed. They will find a way!



Unfortunately, all of them were pulled out of their thoughts about how well it was that they hid the sword, flute and seal, when they heard a whistle. Only three notes, and all three objects were in the Yiling Patriarch's hands. And with only one look from the said Patriarch, they were all sure, that they will never anger him again.


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It was a month since he woke up in the WenClan territory. He wanted to see how much has this world changed since the last time he was here. The last time... It was when he was teaching the little kids cultivation. When he was helping them form their own golden cores and making their spiritual swords. 



There were four of them... Wen Mao, Baoshan Sanren, Lan An and that Butcher-boy..... Nie... Something. No. He can never remember that name. A fond smile formed on his face as he let out a soft giggle. He will always treasure the memories of these happy days.



Especially the fierce personality of the Nie-boy, and how he always yelled at him when he forgot his name... once again. How Lan An was always listening to whatever he said, no matter how ridiculous Wei Ying was being, with the look that said he treasured everything he said and did like the most precious treasure. Or how Baoshan Sanren always did something that drove him crazy. But who can be mad at her with that ridiculously pretty face of her's and such kind heart? Also... he can't really blame her for her mischievous personality. He is the same after all... maybe worse.



These kids really made him so happy and proud when they finally reached the point where they spread their wings and left to find the world they did not know yet. Of course, he was also sad for he was once again left all alone, but nonetheless so proud of them.



He knew they would be just fine. They were, after all, his students. If they could withstand him, they can do anything. Seriously. Sometimes, even he wants to slap himself.



As he was walking, he did not notice that he was standing at the base of mountain in front of a really looooong white stairs... Which led to the top of the said mountain.... In the clouds...
Suddenly, one of his memories came back to him...


'He was like this, standing  at the base of mountain in front of a really looooong white stairs... Which led to the top of the mountain, to the white clouds. On the top of said mountain was burned, small and old temple.
Silently, he walked straight ahead and searched for anyone alive. There were a lot of dead, burned bodies. Whole place was smelling like burned meat and blood.

He  bite back down his lunch and was glad he left the little girl no older than 6 years old at the stairs playing with rabbits who seems to live in this mountain, like they owned it. He found that poor girl half dead, beaten and starved at the streets of Yiling. In tattered and dirty clothes, she was so thin that they were falling off of her, even though they were smaller than her own size. Truly, some people were just so cruel. How could they let a little girl end up like that.

He was glad he found her, because when he brought her to an inn and treated her wounds..... Let's just say, one minute later and she would die. It took almost all of his spiritual energy to heal her, wake her up, and make sure she would be save until he came back with food and water.

The next week both of them couldn't get out of bed for how tired they were. She told him her name, what happend and thanked him with tears running down her adorable little pink cheeks. Such a lovely girl. Why would her parents tried to get rid of her is beyond him.
Suddenly, he was pulled out from his daydreaming when he heard a soft sobs. Immediately, he ran in the direction where the sobs are coming from. There he found a little boy in once white robes, now all dirty from mud and blood.

He had long, black hair and his eyes were like molten gold. He was kneeling in front of a body of dead nun, who looked much  like him. "His mother..." Wei Ying thought with bitter feeling in his chest.

"My sweet child... I am so sorry for your loss. How long have you been here? When did this tragedy happened?"

"F-For almost three days..." The little boy answered in between his sobs. New tears rolled down his cheeks. Wei Ying wiped the tears and mud that covered his face with his own sleeve.

"What is your name, my child?"

"Lan An. And who are you mister?"

"My name is Wei Ying, courtesy name WuXian. If you don't mind me asking, what happened here?"

"Ba-Bandits..." Oh my. Some people really are just cruel.

"I am really sorry I couldn't come earlier. I am so sorry. Can you forgive this little old me?"

"N-Not mister's fault..."

"Let's go and bury these unfortunate souls."

"M-Mister would do that for us?"

"But of course. Or else how are they going to rest in peace with our lord?" Saying this, Wei Ying pulled out the most sincere and sympathetic smile he could. It was in that moment Lan An finally stopped crying and made a small smile, and nodded his head. Together they buried 34 bodies that day. And because this temple was his home, his family and everything he ever knew, and this everything was now lost, Lan An choose to go with this kind mister explore the world.
When they reached the end of the stairs, they found little girl playing with bunnies. The two of them quickly became friends. They were almost inseparable for the rest of their lives. Almost...'





"Can I help you with something, young master?" Wei Ying looked behind him and saw an older man with hard face looking at him as if he offended his whole family only with his existence.


"Can this elder tell me, where am I? I am travelling and it seems I now lost my way."


"This is Cloud Recesses. Here are studying the disciples of GusuLan Cultivation Sect. And this certainly is not a place for some commoner like you. Please leave this place before you bring shame on our name."


"This elder is surely misunderstanding something. I am not just some commoner. And I would suggest you take that words back."


"Hmph! Like I would believe you. Just leave and never come here again!"


"Lan-laoshi. You have disrespected at least 20 of sect's rules. Go reflect on your actions."


"You again? You think just because you have married sect leader QuingHeng-Jun, you can act as if you are above us you little slut?! Dream on!" With that said the elder took his leave with red face from both, anger and embarrassement, for no man can be as beautiful as the man clad in black robes he just met. With one look all of his teachings and self-restraint was whipped out of his mind.



He still can not believe the thoughts that came to his mind when he first saw him. He wanted to... Better not think about it. His beauty is a crime. A sin which should not exist on this earth.


"This servant greets Madam Lan and is eternally grateful for her help with solving this... situation." Wei Ying bowed to the beautiful lady in front of him and smiled at her. Said lady was still in disbelief from the sight in front of her.



She only saw the back of this man and she could already tell he was handsome. But when he turned around and  looked and smiled at her... She was sure this beautiful man in front of her is God himself. And she could fall in love with him and that beautiful smile of his... If only her heart wasn't secretly in the hands of her husband.


"There is no need for that, young master. Please forgive our sect for the disrespect that Lan-laoshi showed to you."


"Do not worry Madam. It wasn't the first time someone wasn't really friendly with me." His smile never leaving his face.


"Please come with me and have a tea as a compensation. You must be tired from the long journey." Madam Lan said with kind smile worth the Lan Sect matriarch.


"This young man can't see why not. I humbly accept your offer." 


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"Oh my, young master Wei surely is very polite, isn't he? I wonder what a wonderful parents you must have had for their son to be this impressive. I hope my little childrens will one day be just as much of a gentleman as you are, young master Wei."


"Oh please, stop with the formalities Madam Lan. I am really not used to them. I am just a humble man, travelling on my own. I don't deserve the title of young master. My birth name is Wei Ying. My given, courtesy, name is WuXian. I am asking you to just call me Wei Ying. No formalities needed."


"Alright. Wei Ying it is then."


"Madam, you really have beautiful house. The gentians are blooming just as beautifully here. Although, their dark colour is a little contrast to the white walls and clouds of Cloud Recesses." Wei Ying said with a small smile on his face. Then, memory of Lan An came back to him, and his eyes and smile became melancholic.


"The whole Cloud Recesses is beautiful. Just like it was so many years ago..."
The little change in his eyes and smile, unfortunately, did not go unnoticed by Madam Lan. But she chose not to comment on it. She knew it must have been something painful, for Wei Ying to suddenly became so silent.



From the short time they were together, Madam Lan came to realization, that Wei Ying is one big ball of a sunshine. He is always talking about anything and everything. Always shoving all of his emotions. Nothing like the stick-in-the-muds men of this sect. Yet... What he just said was quite concerning. 'Just like it was so many years ago.' What does that mean? Wasn't this the first time he is in Cloud Recesses? He even asked that old geez -ehem- Lan Elder where he was. He said that he was lost...


"Madam Lan, are you all right? You seemed to be daydreaming just now. Or maybe it is nausea? The baby is all right, right?" Madam Lan was pulled out of her daydreaming by the worried and fussing Wei WuXian himself. It was quite amusing, she must say.


"A-Ahah... Yes I am all right. I was just thinking about something. Please do not worry yourself about me. Let's just enjoy our tea, shall we?"


"Of course." And the smile, that rivals the Sun itself is back. Madam Lan was sure she became blind that very moment. Suddenly, there were little footsteps and there came little boy, not older than five years old. He had brown eyes like his mother and dark hair.


"Ah. Mother, you have a guest?"


"A guest?" From behind the boy, came tall man with dark black hair long just above his hips. On his head was white ribbon with flying silvery blue clouds, just like the boy and Madame Lan has.


"My lady...?"





Wei Ying really is an idiot, isn't he? A man and a woman, sitting alone in secluded house, away from the eyes of every human being in this world. How does this look for someone who just came? So he really isn't surprised when the tall man, now Sect Leader QuingHeng-Jun, glares holes in his soul, and tries to kill him with just that look alone. Killing is prohibited in Cloud Recesses, after all.


"And who are you?" Wei Ying stood up and with practiced ease bows perfectly in front of said man.


"This one's name is Wei Ying, courtesy WuXian. Wei WuXian greets Sect Leader Lan and would like to assure him that nothing happened between this servant and your wife. We were just drinking tea and telling each other stories from our life. I must say, Sect Leader, you truly have an amazing wife. This one hopes, sect leader will not mistreat her."


"I would never mistreat her. But how can I trust you? You said so yourself that my wife is amazing." Wei Ying just knew it. Of course Lan An's descendants would inherit his jealousy and possessiveness over the people they love. Not that it is a big issue. It was one of the things he loved about Lan An the most.


"Oh, you can be sure I would never lay an ill finger on your wife, QuingHeng-Jun. For I am not interested in women." With that said, both Wei Ying and madam Lan looked at each other, smiled and giggled together at the face Sect leader Lan was making. Truly hilarious.



It always amused Wei Ying to tease Lan An. Good to know all his descendants have the same hilarious reactions. Lans are just so fun to tease. And of course madam Lan knew about him being a cut-sleeve. They had been talking for almost three hours, after all. And it is not like Wei Ying is actually hiding it anyway. He doesn't care who knows about it.


"My Lady...?"


"Of course I knew he is a cut-sleeve, dear husband."


"Papa, mama?" Suddenly, everyone was looking at the little boy like they all just remembered his presence.


"Yes, A-Huan?" Asked Madam Lan with all the mothers love in this world. Wei Ying almost cried at that. Almost.


"What is a cut-sleeve?"


"You don't have to know just..." Started QuingHeng-Jun, but madam Lan beated him to it .


"It is someone, a boy who likes another boy. Or a girl who likes another girl."


"Likes like in romantic way?"


"Aaaah. What a smart boy you have, Madam Lan. What is your name little one. How old are you?"


"My name is Lan Huan. I am four years old. And how old is master Wei?"


"Now, wouldn't you want to know...?" With smile on his face, Wei Ying rises his hand and ruins the perfectly arranged hair of little A-Huan. No child should be so proper. Dirty kid, happy kid. He knows. He raised four of them. From the behind he could hear the soft giggles of Madam Lan.



Together they went inside of the house and talked... Well... Mostly Wei Ying. But he get to know the little adorable A-Huan and all he can say about that boy is, that he is absolutely gorgeous. Some time passed and before they even realised it, the sky turned darker.


"Well, it is late. I should probably get going. Thank you for letting me enjoy this day in Cloud Recesses, Sect Leader, Madam Lan. Thank you for playing with me, A-Huan." Wei Ying just had to pinch those pink cheeks one more time, which made A-Huan pout and gape at him. Wei Ying just smiled in response. In that time, he already had stolen the hearts of both, Madam Lan and Sect Leader QuingHeng-Jun. It was also QuingHeng-Jun who stopped him when he was about to leave.


"Young master Wei-"


"Just Wei Ying please."


"Wei Ying" a kind smile slid across the face of Sect Leader.


"Why don't you stay in Cloud Recesses a while? You said you are traveling so  I assume you do not have a place to stay."


"That is very kind of you, Sect Leader, but I don't wish to be a burden"


"Bud big brother is not burden! If he stays, he can play with A-Huan and A-Huan can show him around. Cloud Recesses is beautiful. Big brother will love it! I am sure of it!"


"A-Huan, not so loud."


"Sorry father." Although he apologized, with smile on his face it didn't seem he was sorry one bit. Lan Huan has to work on that.


"But what he said is true. You won't be a burden. While I am busy with sect, you can amuse my bored wife and son, don't you agree?" Who would have thought that the righteous Sect Leader Lan can by a sly fox? Wei Ying just couldn't hold back his boisterous laughter.


"Then I will stay as long as I can. I still have some businesses outside in the world. Fortunately, it is not urgent."



And with that, Wei Ying was led to his temporary room by sect leader himself and his son. Many people, including elders noticed his presence, but no one said anything. Gossiping is prohibited, after all. But there was one though everyone had in their minds.








'A man as beautiful as this black robbed guest will no one of them see ever again.'


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Thank you very much for letting me stay and showing me the way to my room, QuingHeng-Jun, A-Huan." Wei Ying said with smile on his face. It was already dark outside. The sun was long gone from the sky when they reached their planned destination.


"And I hope that A-Huan will show me around the WHOLE Cloud Recesses tomorrow."


"Yes. Of course, big brother!" Lan Huan said with so much enthusiasm, that you could be blinded by that. 'This little child will be the death of me, I swear.' Certain immortal thought.


"But only after you are done with your studies, okey?"


"Okey..." And Wei Ying almost felt bad when he saw the little shining eyes lost some of their light. Almost. Instead he grinned and ruined (once again) perfectly arranged hair.


"Well then... Good night A-Huan, QuingHeng-Jun."


"Likewise, Wei WuXian."


"Good night." With a wave of his hand Wei Ying send the pair of father and son back to their rooms. He himself immediately ran back to Madam Lan. He just wished he would be quick enough.
'Don't you think I didn't noticed you, you old geezer!'


Wei Ying was really surprised to say at least. No... He was furious! He wasn't gone for even 5 minutes and that old bastard had already managed to hurt Madam Lan. Fortunately, it was only a scratch. Nothing serious. But it will leave a scar on her face and arm. And the gods really must be on his side today, for not long after he cut that elder's hand off, QuingHeng-Jun and other Lan disciples (unfortunately also A-Huan. A child should not see something like this.) came and it seems like everyone of them already knew what was happening...


"Honoured teacher.... How could you...?" Asked QuingHeng-Jun with broken voice and tears in the corners of his dark-gold eyes. He was hugging his scared and crying wife close to his chest. All this time, he thought his teacher would always support him. He trusted him more than the woman he loved... the woman he loves and because of that, because he did not listen to his wife's warnings and pleas, their marriage is ruined. Just like his heart, which is aching so much he could not even think clearly.




Self-loathing and pain, the memories of the pain he caused his wife... it all came back to him. They should have talked more. Should have cleared all the misunderstanding between them.




Now he can see it clearly. He can see the love in the dark brown eyes of his beloved. But that does not matter now. They can talk later. Right now...


"Lan Wang." There was a pause in QuingHeng-Jun's voice as his eyes turned deadly cold, his voice dripping with venom.


"You are expelled from Cloud Recesses for violating rules, hurting and attempting to murder a member from direct blood Lan Clan. You also can not longer associate with our sect by name you were given. You are stripped of all your rights as Lan Elder and also of the name Lan. From now on you will go by your old name - Xiao Wang."


"Wait! Sect leader, you can't possibly-"


"Drag him out and never let him come back. You are all dismissed."



All the disciples left the room with two of them dragging Elder Lan away. Sect Leader's orders were absolute. When they were all out of sight, Madam Lan let out a loud scream and collapsed on the floor. Lan Huan, QuingHeng-Jun and Wei Ying looked at her with worry in their faces.


"My Lady?!"







Then, Wei Ying realised what is happening. He carried her to her bed.


"QuingHeng-Jun go call the physicians!"
"Why, what is happening Wei Ying?!"


"Baby is happening!! Now GO!!!"


After hearing that QuingHeng-Jun went to call for physicians without further ado. He also called for someone to take his son back to his room.



The baby was born. Whole Cloud Recesses knew this when they heard the crying of a newborn baby in the silent and cold night wind.


"Wei Ying, do you want to hold him?"


"I- Are you sure?"


"Of course." The happy smile on Madam Lan's face was warming the heart of all the people in the room. And when Wei WuXian smiled, they were positive they just became blind from the bright light around both of them. The two of them truly possessed a destructive power when they were together.



On the other side of room the Sect Leader was talking to the head physician, who were helping his wife deliver his second son - Lan Zhan in this world.


"Sect Leader Lan. Forgive me for speaking frankly but although the baby was delivered safely, mother's body took some damage. It is not life threating, but I worry that Madam Lan will be very weak in the body for the rest of her life. She also won't be able to bear another child."


"How is that possible? My Lady has always been in good condition. When she was with Lan Huan, her delivery was more dangerous than this one."


"I am afraid that Madam Lan has been poisoned. Most of the poison is from the wound on the face and arm from Elde- from Xiao Wang. But not only that. Her body has been poisoned much earlier and frequently with tiny bits of poison. That's also why she gave birth early. The poison was supposed to kill the child together with her. It would have, if she had not taken antidote today, before she was hurt."


"I think my Lady should know this."


After the head physician told Madam Lan and Wei Ying what he told Sect Leader Lan, there was only one think on the their faces. 


"Antidote? What antidote?"


"Have Madam not taken it?" Now, that was surprising for the physician.


"Not that I am aware."


"Maybe someone put it in your tea?" Wei Ying asked truly confused.


"But who would know about this and not tell me or anyone else anything?"


Wei Ying "Now, that is the right question. Who might want for you to be happy more than anything to the extent of not telling you something like this, for they probably didn't wish to make you worry more than you already are with all the responsibility as Sect Leader?"


"The only person I can think of... is my younger brother, Lan Qiren."


"No that is not possible. Your brother hates me, husband. He wouldn't help me."


"You are not right my Lady. My brother doesn't hate you. He just... Couldn't understand why I would be willing to go against elders for a commoner."


"He has yet to fall in love, as I see."


"Hahahahaha. You are absolutely right Wei Ying."



And the night had ended with all four of them laughing, and with new addition to Lan Clan cradled in Wei Ying's arms.


Chapter Text

Wei Ying stayed in Cloud Recesses for another month after the... incident. The time he was in Cloud Recesses was very amusing for everyone, well... maybe expect QuingHeng-Jun. The reason is simple. 




His newborn son hates him. On the contrast, he absolutely loves Wei Ying, a stranger. The ugly jealousy he felt when he first met this black robbed cultivator is back. Although, thanks to him his wife is alive and his marriage is once again (for the first time in history) a happy one he can't help it but be jealous.




And the worst part is that apparently, he is the only one who feels this way for his wife and first born son are always wearing that beautiful (sometimes annoying) smile on their faces.  No one seems to question the fact that Lan Zhan is always crying when Wei Ying isn't near him.




The only time he lets anyone else hold him without Wei Ying being right by his side and without crying is when he is being fed by his mother. But expect for that, no one can hold him without Wei Ying by his side. Absolutely no one! But why is he the only one who is angry (and sad at the same time) about this fact?




And what is worse, you don't even get to hold him when he is sleeping for his little Lan Zhan seems to have a natural instinct that tells him when someone is near to take him away from Wei Ying's arms. He immediately wakes up and starts crying. QuingHeng-Jun tried this once and he is still regreting it because after that, his little Lan Zhan wouldn't evan want to be with him in the same room. Again, he would start crying and snuggling closer to Wei Ying when he sees (senses) him.




This cold treatment from his son lasted for one WHOLE week. The most painful week in QuingHeng-Jun's life. He still can feel the tears in his eyes when he remembers these dark days. It is as if Lan Zhan was (and still is) saying: 'No mother, no father, no brother, no uncle! Only Wei Ying is worthy of holding me.'
And this fact frustrates QuingHeng-Jun.




But Wei Ying is more than happy to hold Lan Zhan in his arms. Of course he is. His new son is just too adorable. Even his own brother, Lan Qiren loves him even though Lan Zhan is probably the loudest child Cloud Recesses ever had.




The first week after Wei Ying left, because he had some urgent business, was a living hell. Lan Zhan just wouldn't settle down. He would still have tears in his eyes, but at least he isn't crying anymore.




Well... He is but not as loud as before, so no whole Cloud Recesses can hear him. But still loud enough to make the people in the room deaf for hours.




Fortunately, on the second week it seems he came to conclusion that his Xian-gege isn't coming back anytime soon. He stopped crying and everyone got their oh so long wanted sleep.




Meanwhile, Wei Ying was still on his journey. When he was in Cloud Recesses, he heard of an immortal cultivator who is living secluded life in the Celestial Mountain. Her name is Baoshan Sanren.




He can only hope this is the same girl he once raised as his own daughter. Who else better explain things to him than his own daughter? He can't wait to see her. To ask her how she reached immortality. If she is now the same as him or.... No. That is not possible. They made it clear he is and forever be will the only one in this world with this bloody curse called immortality.




Immortality isn't gift from the heavens like everybody think. It is a curse. You can do nothing but watch as everything and everyone you loved and knew are fading away into nothingness. He loved, and he lost. And all he wish for now, is the sweet old death. The eternal sleep. Not to be disturbed.




Yet he can't have even that. He can not die. All he can do is continue living (if you can call it that) and roaming this earth. As if it wasn't enough, the heavens seems to really dispise him for he could tell. How could he not?




They once again gave him the man he loved the most back. The only one who shoved him kindness like his mother did when he was still mortal. When he was young and naïve... Only for him to watch (now named) Lan Zhan grow up, find the one he 'love' and grow old with her and die. Once again, all this in front of his eyes while he could do nothing but smile and assure him, he is all right.




Like he did back then, when Lan An found his loved one. He wanted to be happy for him. He really did. He tried with his heart not to break at that moment. But he could not feel anything else but sorrow, his heart full of hatred and filled with dread. For he was once again left alone. All alone in this cruel world.




The last straw was when he found out about that bi---woman being pregnant with Lan An's child. That was also the year, when he sealed the Burial Mounds for the second time. This time though, it required him as the final sacrifice. He didn't mind back then. There was nothing left for him in this world anyway when the only one he loved left him alone.




At that time only Baoshan Sanren knew... She was the only one who knew about his hidden love. And deep down he thinks... he knows... that she knew even about that... about what he did when he was mortal. About the sin that he can never atone from. About his curse of immortality.




But he stubbornly rejects this idea. There was no one expect for him who can read the runes that the humans used when he was still mortal. No one but him and he did not teach his mother language to anyone. There can not be anyone but him. Because if there was... than that means she really knew about everything... And that would mean the end of their friendship. For if anyone were to know about that... Who would accept him?




The only left hope in him is that if she really did know, why didn't she turned her back on him? He can't help but be a bit anxious about this meeting. And what is worse... When he looks around him, he sees that he is already standing at the base of the Celestial Mountain. This is where he taught his kids how to properly cultivate their own golden cores. Good and sweet old times...


Chapter Text

Wei Ying made his way up to the top of Celestial Mountain. Who would have thought that he would meet a young boy around 10 years sitting in front of a ancient temple? Definitely not him. And he definitely wasn't expecting for said boy to point a sword at his throat.



"Who are you. How did you get here?"



"There there, young lad. No need to point this dangerous thing at me, right? I bear no ill intentions. Haha..." If a look could kill, he would be dead. This boy is looking at him like he is ready to kill him anytime. And Wei Ying can't help it but feel the cold sweat on his back. For such a young lad, this youth is really serious.



"Answer my questions, intruder."



"That is so disrespectful. Didn't Baoshan Sanren teach you how you should act with your elders?" There was not anger in his voice. Only a teasing tone, which bewildered him.  This man has a short pointed at his throat and he is... laughting? Not only that he is not even a bit surprised or scared. He just... doesn't care... What... Who is he?
'I have never seen someone like this man...'



"Answer my questions!"



"Only if you put the sword aside." Wei Ying said, still with a smile on his face. The boy wasn't taught to kill living creatures. He only did this to scare this man away like every other did. Yet this man didn't even flinch when the tip of his sword touched his throat... The boy put his sword back in sheath.



"Name's Wei Ying. Courtesy WuXian. I'm here to find my daughter, Baoshan Sanren. As for how did I get here... I was the one who showed her this place. Of course I know how to get here."



"Liar, Baoshan Sanren doesn't have parents anymore."



"I only came back to life recently."



"What? Are you dump? How could I possibly believe in something so ridiculous?"



"But it is the truth. What else am I supposed to tell you?" This man is ridiculous. He can't sence any lies from him. That means he really is telling the truth... But how is that possible?



"Stop making fun of me."



"At least tell me your name."



"Why should I?"



"Because I already told you mine...?"



"... Xiao XingChen."



"Nice to meet you A-Chen. If you really don't believe me, why don't you go and ask Baoshan Sanren yourself is she knows me? I will wait here until you come back." After a minute of silence, where Xiao XingChen was pondering over the idea he finally said.






"I promise I will wait here."



And with that said and the reasuring smile Wei Ying gave him, little Xiao XingChen left to find his master.



"Kids these days...." A fond smile found its way on Wei Ying's face.



"Master Baoshan Sanren? May I talk to you?"



"Of course. What is it, A-Chen?"



"A man came... He claims to be your parent... And he said he was the one who showed you this place. He said he is named Wei Ying, courtesy WuXian."



"Does he..." There was a moment of hesitation in her voice. A pause as if she couldn't believe what she was hearing. And of course she couldn't believe it. The man who saved her, who raised her, who loved her as his own... He died in front of her eyes. There is no way he would be back! This has to be some kind of sick joke.





But she couldn't help the hope that was blooming in her chest and the tears that stated falling from her eyes. All the children started panicking. This is the first time they saw their master crying. The did not know what to do. And they were especially lost when she smiled. The smile they never saw on her. It was the smile of relief, of love but also of something precious she lost with the tears still streaming down her face.



"Does he have black hair?"



"Yes, master."



"A beautiful silver eyes like the brightest moon?"






"Does he look... When he smile, does he look happy or sad?" At this, Xiao XingChen hasitated. He did not pay so much attention to the man. But now when he thinks about it... His smile really looked like he was smiling, even though he was suffering inside. What coul a person as beautiful as that man possibly hide behind such a sad eyes and forced smile?



"He... He looked sad. Sad, but beautiful nonethless."



All the disciples in the room let out a quiet gasp when they heard their master said in a whisper "Father...". The next thing they saw, was their master running out of the old building to the entrance of the mountain.


Chapter Text

When Baoshan Sanren saw him, she thought she was hallucinating. 'He hasn't changed at all...'
In the next moment they were hugging each other with enough strength to break bones. Fortunately that didn't happened.


"H-How are you.. How? I saw you d-die that d-day. W-We thought th-that we lost you forever. Whe-Where have you been? All these years... Centuries... I..."

"You were alone. I know. I know it hurts. I know you were lonely. No matter how many children you saved from the harsh street life... You were always lonely. Because you knew one day they will grow older than you. And than they will die. I understand. I know that feeling very well. You don't have to say anything anymore. I am so sorry for leaving you all alone. You and the others too. I hope you can forgive this little old me for letting you suffer just as much as I had."


As they were speaking and crying, they didn't notice the little crowd (containing of toddlers, children, teenagers, middle aged and elders) that started to gather in a circle around them. All the present could only look on hopelessly with wide eyes. So much that you would think their eye-balls will dropp out from their eye caps any moment. This is the first time seeing their master cry like a little helpless girl who finally found her father (mother) after getting lost in the crowd for two minutes. Truly you don't see this everyday. And they are not imbeciles. They were and still are the students of one and only Baoshan Sanren. From their sort conversation, the people could already tell... This beautiful being in front of them is also immortal like their master. And he seems to be even older than her... Wait... How old is Baoshan Sanren anyway? How come no one ever asked? Well... I guess a lady's age is her own secret, that's why.




After the heartwarming hugs, tears and words, Wei Ying together with Baoshan Sanren and her disciples made their way back to the old building. Once they were inside with served tea, the questions came.


"Wei Ying... I want to... How are you here? How are you... Alive?"


"I am immortal. I thought you already knew that."


"Of course I knew. So am I. But I know that if a spiritual sword is pierced through my heart or my head is cut off, I would without a doubt die. And yet... Here you are... Alive as if it never happened. How?"


"I am sure you know the answer to that. You killed a demon, didn't you? That is why your golden core was able to give you immortality."


After a short pause, where Baoshan Sanren seemed to be thinking abou the right words to say, she finally spoke again.


"Yes , I killed a demon. Yet I am not immortal like you. I can die. There are many ways to kill me. The way you died... or at least we thought you died... Is one of them. So... How are you still alive?"


"That you already know, right? You were at Burial Mounds. And you read the old runes and scrolls."


"Yes... I was there... And I... I... I'm so sorry you had to go through something like that. I am so sorry I didn't realised just how much you were suffering. I wish I could have helped you. How... How...." Baoshan Sanren kneeled in front of her old master with new wave of tears streaming down her face. She was apologizing for something that wasn't her fault. For something she had no power over. There was nothing she could do. And Wei Ying wasn't that type of human who could stand this. Quickly he came to her, helped her stand up from her kneeling position and hugger her. He hugged her tight, but gently at the same time. Just like father (MOTHER!) would do. Not that he knew that feeling of being hugged by your father.


"Shhhhh.... It is alright. There was nothing you could do. Heck, you weren't even born at that time. Hahahaha. So stop apologising. I was gone for so long. We should catch up with the time we lost. What changed when I was gone? Expect for you becoming this beautiful? Hahahahaha."


"Wei Ying! You really never change! Stop saying things like that!"


"Why? It is true after all."


"Wei Ying!" Only boisterous laughter was her answer.




Wei Ying stayed with Baoshan Sanren in Celestial Mountain a long time. More precisely he stayed with her and her disciples for 5 years.


In those 5 years he began teaching the little ones. Especially Xiao XingChen for this little boy was the very first one to gather courage and ask him directly. And he can't be more proud of him. That bay was making progress almost at the same pace as Lan An.


But he couldn't stay here forever. Although everyone was convincing him he should stay forever (literally, with Baoshan Sanren) he could not. He was a free spirit after all. Not one to be caged forever. And Baoshan Sanren knew this, that is why she didn't try to stop him when she saw him descending her... their Celestial Mountain.


Wei Ying couldn't be happier. He was back for like... What? 6 years? And he was already blessed to meet so many interesting and kind people. There was no war, no conflicts, just peace. But he couldn't shake the feeling that it wouldn't stay peaceful for long. Not with the Wens being the ones who wanted him back. Who wanted his power...


Chapter Text

The next time Wei Ying appeared at the entrance of Cloud Recesses, Lan Zhan was already 9 years old. In those four years of Wei Ying's journey which began when he left Celestial Mountain, he had been in the Unclean Realm. 





He was also invited in Qinghe Nie Sect as a guest because apparently, he saved their second young master from drowning. Later, he met two brothers together. The only resemblance in these two is the same colour of their eyes. No. Seriously  he still can not believe these two are brothers... One of them - the older one - resembled that Butcher-boy Wei Ying used to know... No. He still can't remember his name. (Somewhere in the background an angry man with saber by his waist  is shouting his name in the land of death.)




This older brother's name is Nie MingJue, apparently. The younger one is Nie HuaiSang - the one he saved. All his stay there, Nie HuaiSang was clinging to him like his life depended on it. Wei Ying didn't mind. Really. He loved (and ALWAYS WILL love) children.




But... But! Seriously?! This boy was too much. He would always be glued to him. If not to him, then to his older brother. All his stay there he hadn't seen the younger boy alone. He always with him or with his brother. What a weird kid...



But enough of that. Right now, he is back in Cloud Recesses... And he has no idea why... His legs juts brought him here... So what now? Well... He came all the way here, so might as well see his friends again, right? Right! And that brings us to present.




Wei Ying is now seated at a low table with Madam Lan and QuingHeng-Jun. Lan Huan and Lan Zhan nowhere in sight. What a pity. He was excited to meet that adorable pair of brothers. The best pair of brothers in this world. No doubt in that! So with tea served the conversation between the three of them began and maybe, just maybe, Wei Ying and Madam Lan cried a little when they finally met after 9 years.




But only maybe! They made QuingHeng-Jun swear to secrecy about that... So no one needs to know. It was really peacefull time for them. Until Lan Qiren showed up with two excited boys. One of them with big smile plastered on his face with cry of 'Xian-gege!' and the other one with utter confusion in his emotionless face. And Wei Ying could only cry in the back of his head when he saw, that his sweet little baby Lan Zhan turned out to be just as emotionless as he always has been... 'Just like Lan An... Why. Oh Gods, why?!' But he guess that is also one of the things he loved about him the most......




He was only lucky that he knew how to read him by now... But he can not exactly say his desperate thoughts out loud. So he did the only thing he could. He smiled with the biggest and most sincere smile he could master and gave Lan Huan the hug this cute boy SOOOO deserved! The parents of the two child only smiled and melted at the scene before them (Wei Ying was just too beautiful when si smiled sincerely for once), while Lan Qiren only mumbled something about 'not proper greeting', 'no loud noises' and 'running is prohibited'. But if you look closely, you could see that he was also happy seeing Wei WuXian save and sound.





When the grumpy uncle and emotionless Lan Zhan came to them, Lan Just took it to himself to introduce his Xian-gege to his Didi.




"A-Zhan! A-Zhan! This is Wei Ying, Wei WuXian. The one I have been telling you about! He is finally back! Wei Ying! Look how big A-Zhan has gotten!"




"My my. Truly a big young man now aren't we, A-Zhan? You may not remember me... Silly me. Of course you don't. You were only a little baby, recently born when we met. It's nice to meet you again." He said and offered his hand to the little boy in front of him for him to take and shake it.




Everyone expected Lan Zhan to run away and hide in his mother's skirt (figuratively) because that is what he always did when someone outside their little family tried to befriend him. But to their surprise, Lan Zhan did not do that this time. Actually, he did the exact opposite. He threw himself at Wei Ying and hugged him around his neck as tight as his little 9 years old hands could. Lan Qiren may, or may not have fainted.


Chapter Text

You could see QuingHeng-Jun walking alone with a sour expression walking in corridors of Cloud Recesses these days. No one knew what was the reason behind that black cloud of despair on his head. Their sect leader clearly had something bothering him, but no one dared approach him. He was their sect leader after all... 


But it wasn't long before everyone found out the reason behind this... situation their sect leader was in. Wei WuXian came back. Which means their second young master won't even look at anyone else.... Once again.

"What now? What to do now that my son (again) loves Wei Ying more them me... I am his father for god's sake!!! This just isn't fair!"

Or at least that is what she thought was going on inside her husband's head. They are currently sitting in front of her cottage drinking tea, while their sons are... Somewhere. Wherever Wei Ying is. She couldn't help the little smile when she looked at her husband. What was this silly behaviour? He was a sect leader, right? And he is acting like it. The only time she could see him sulking like little child was now. When Wei Ying was in Cloud Recesses. When their sons (both of them. But Lan Zhan slightly more. Which is why Lan XiChen is teasing him constantly) were much more interested in that mysterious rogue cultivator then in their studies or even their parents.

She should be depressed just like her husband is. She wish she could feel exactly like him. She really does. But it's just impossible for her. She can't help it when A-Xian is just so CUTE! She doesn't know when it started. But she started to think of him as her own son. And she knows her husband feels the same way about him. It's just that Lan's are naturally possessive and jealous beings. It's silly. Really. But it is also one of the things she came to love about this man sitting in front of her.

It's odd though... She remembers Wei Ying saying the same thing today when he came to greet her. That possessiveness
and silly jealousy is one of the things he loved about Lans. But didn't he say when they first met that he wasn't in Cloud Recesses before? He told  Xiao Wang (Elder Lan if you remember him) that he was lost when they first met, did he not? No. She is sure he did. Also...

'The whole Cloud Recesses is beautiful. Just like it was so many years ago...'

Were his words when they were drinking tea together. It was nine years ago when he 'first' came to Cloud Recesses. Come to think of it... It really was nine years since they last saw each other but Wei Ying hadn't changed at all. He didn't grow older either. He still looks like 20 years old, good looking man. Now, how is that possible? Even if he is a powerful cultivator, after 9 years he should at least show some changes in his appearance. Right? Everyone did.

Even her husband and it was world wide knowledge, that Lans are aging even slower then other cultivators. What? Also the thing he said... And his eyes which looks like they are holding the knowledge of many years, no... centuries. Far from what a 20 years old boy's eyes should look like...  The far away look in his eyes...
Melancholic smile...
As if he was remembering something he would rather forget forever...

Then, it was as if thread snapped in front of her eyes.... The thread snapped with a loud noise, and the next thing she knew was the worried look and voice of her husband, as tears started running down her cheeks.  Only when her husband finally, FINALLY hugged her close to his chest with his strong arms, was she able to utter the truth... The three words that she couldn't even imagine she would ever say. For she never even imagined she would meet someone like Wei Ying.

"My lady, what is wrong. What happend? Why the tears?"

Silent whisper, so silent even she had problem to hear it left her lips.

"...he is immortal..."

"I'm sorry. What was it my lady? I didn't hear you."



"He is immortal."

"What? What are you saying my love?"

"It's Wei Ying. Our Wei Ying... He is immortal......."

There was a long silence where QuingHeng-Jun was taking in the information.

"How... Where did this came from?"

"Don't tell me you didn't notice. How he sometimes says some words which aren't used anymore but were commonly used like... 2 000 years ago.
Or how he says that he is glad there are not conflicts in this time.
Or how he said he was not in Cloud Recesses before, but could come back to my cottage AT NIGHT without anyone showing him around the first day he was here. He sawed me from Xiao Wang that time.
Or how he sometimes smiles with so much sadness in his eyes I have the urge to cry for him for he clearly can't cry anymore. It doesn't matter how much he is trying to pretend he is alright. You can see it all clearly in his eyes. You can see how much he is suffering. Why didn't we noticed earlier?"

By the time she was done with her speech, she was already crying openly, not caring about the choking sobs leaving her lips.

"I did notice. I also noticed the way he is looking at Lan Zhan. Like he knew him from the very start. Or how he was able to read him even better then A-Huan. And A-Huan is better at reading Lan Zhan then both of us combinated."

"Hahahah. Yes that too..."

Her crying has subsided in her husband's arms. And then after 2 minutes or so she stopped completely.

"Thank you, husband."

"There is nothing you should be thanking me for, my love."

"But my love...?"

"Yes, husband?"

"You see, reach immortality is the dream of every cultivator. The only one who is known to be immortal is Baoshan Sanren and Yiling Patriarch. But both of them were not present in this world for such a long time, right?"

"Yes. That is true."

"If it's true, than why deos Wei Ying look like he wished he was never here. Like he hated being immortal. Should he be... I don't know... Happy that he was able to reach the very peak of Cultivation itself?"

"I don't know, husband. It is true that we cultivators have always been told, that immortality is gift from Gods. That it is the peak of cultivation. But when I see Wei Ying I just can't help it an think that... What if that's not true. Just imagine it.
If you were immortal... You would have family, friends, people and places you knew... They would all be lost in time.
And you would just be there, watching as the world is moving on while.... You can't.
When I think about it... When I think that this is what A-Xian is feeling, what he is living... I can't help it but cry for him. For there is nothing else that I could do to make him feel better. Only be here for him while I still can."

"Don't worry dear. Now that you told me all this... I feel the same way. We can do nothing for him expect listen to his worries. He is our future son-in-law after all. "

"Hahahaha. Husband you know what?"

"What is it my love?"

"I was thinking the same thing. We can't let our future son-in-law suffer all alone, right?"

"Of course. We will be here for him when his husband won't. Although... I doubt A-Zhan will let him out of his sight for more than five minutes..."

Loud laughter of man and woman was coming from the Gentians Cottage that day.

Somewhere in Cloud Recesses, Lan Qiren... "Loud noise is prohibited....... Why am I even trying.....?"


Chapter Text

While Wei Ying was enjoying his time in Cloud Recesses, time seems to be going too fast for his liking. It was like yesterday when he came back after 9 years. But now.... It was time for the guest disciples to come and learn in Cloud Recesses. Lan Zhan is already 15 years old... Wei Ying still can't believe it. With every passing year, Lan Zhan looks more and more like what he looked like when Wei Ying was still normal.


When he wasn't immortal.


When Lan Zhan stole his heart.


When he trusted him enough with his and his mother's life.



When Wei Ying was still innocent and naïve.


That time... It was Lan Zhan who stole his heart, who cherished it... only to stab it from behind and tear it to tiny peaces later.


Wei Ying should hate him, curse him, despise him...


And yet...


He can't help it but fall in love with him over and over again.


It doesn't matter which life or what circumstances are around them. Wei Ying can do nothing but fall in love with this stone-faced man.



Now that he is thinking about it... Wei Ying is completely gay for this man, but this man only. He never felt anything towards any other man nor woman... Is there a sexual orientation called 'Lan Zhan'? Because that would definitely be Wei Ying's category...




'What the hell? Just what is wrong with me?' is the only thing Wei Ying can think of. He doesn't even realised it, and he is already standing with Madam Lan, QuingHeng-Jun and their two sons - Lan Huan and Lan Zhan in front of the Cloud Recesses entrance. There are some elders and disciples, together with Lan Qiren here too. Well... What a grand welcome? No one can find any mistake in this... Not even that stingy Jin sect Leader - Jin GuangShan with his peacock son and disciples clothed in yellow, almost looking like their clothes are made from gold.



Everyone knows that the Jin sect is the wealthiest among all of them. They are even wealthier than QuishanWen sect which is the biggest one. But do they really need to show off their money even in their clothes? Their clothes have too many unnecessary ornaments and jewelry. Even while walking the trinkets keep making jingle noise.



Wei Ying had to resist the urge to facepalm. The one who is making their uniforms is total idiot... Cultivators should be able to hide and move freely in any situation. How can you possibly be inconspicuous when you look like walking golden statue? Never mind. Let's not get worked up about something so trivial.



"I welcome Jin Sect Leader Jin GuangShan and his disciples to Cloud Recesses. I hope you will be able to learn everything you came here for in the short time of your stay. Our disciples will lead you to your rooms. Will sect leader stay as well?" QuingHeng-Jun said with the practiced ease of Sect Leader Lan. Always dignified and poised - a true Lan.




"Me, my son and my disciples sincerely thank Sect Leader Lan for his hospitality. Everyone knows that teacher Lan Qiren will explain everything and anything they will need in their lives. We can only be grateful to you and the time you will be spending on them. As for your last question... Unfortunately I have some urgent business back in LanLing. Koi Tower has been busy these days." Jin GuangShan said, as he opened his fan and covered his face. The thought of staying in this 'Rule Sect' more than necessary is a living nightmare for him. If it would be him, he would not even let his son go, but his fierce demon-wife insisted. Saying that their son needs to make friends or something like that.



"Oh, I see. Than Me and my sect wish the LanLing Jin Sect Leader a safe journey." The Lan disciples showed the Jin Sect their rooms. Same thing happened with Qinghe Nie Sect, YunMeng Jiang Sect and Quishan Wen Sect. Sect leader Jiang and Nie, unlike Sect leader Jin, accepted the invitation and went with their disciples to their rooms.



Wei Ying was quite surprised to see the Wen Sect come as well. And he was not alone. The others was just as surprised as he was. But what surprised him the most was Wen Chao and Wen ZhuLiu. What were they doing here? They were not 15 years old... But at the same time... Since he was saw them when these idiots woke him up from his long sleep they hadn't changed at all.


"Time-stopping spell..."


"Have you said anything, A-Xian? I'm sorry. I didn't hear you."


"A-Ahah... It's nothing Madam Lan. I am just really surprised that the Wen Sect accepted their invitation."


"So am I. No one was expecting this... But what can we do about it now...?" 



"Yes... You are right." 'They stole some of my research books from Burial Mounds. The time-stopping spell is not known to the public. I also never ment to let others know about it... I was too careless to let them have it. I wonder what else did they found... Well, as long as they don't have the Stygian Tiger Seal or my ChenQing  everything should be alright...'


"We welcome you to our Lan Sect. I hope you will be pleased with your stay here."


"Well said, QuingHeng-Jun. Hahahaha!"



'This brat has no shame! Does he even realise that he is talking to a Sect leader, in front of Sect Elders, IN THEIR OWN FUCKING SECT?!' Wei Ying is absolutely dumbfounded! Just how cocky is this brat?! Should he scare him a little? So that Wen Chao won't be behaving like brat anymore? That sounds like a good idea... Yes. Let's do just that. Slowly, Wei Ying took a step forward, the elders and disciples moving to make a room for him. Soon, he was standing slightly behind QuingHeng-Jun, beside Lan Zhan and Lan Huan. 





"Indeed! Yes! Very well said, Sect Leader Lan. And long time no see, Wen Chao, Wen ZhuLiu. How have you been? Good, I hope."
The look of hidden fear not only on Wen Chao's but also in Wen ZhuLiu's eyes was very pleasing. And not only for Wei Ying and Lan Sect. A certain Wen Maiden and her younger brother were astonished about this. Maybe this man... Maybe he will be able to help them.




"You... You are..." everyone could see how Wen Chao and Wen ZhuLiu swallowed and started to sweat. Wen ZhuLiu even put his hand on his sword's hilt getting ready to attack, if needed.



"What are you doing here... Wei Yi...... Young master Wei WuXian?"  The bow from Wen Chao was absolutely unsuspected... Some of the Wen disciples even openly gaped at their young master from shock. Wen Qing could not hold back the smirk anymore. Such a pity the others didn't see this.


Chapter Text

It was nice and sunny day, the clouds nowhere to be seen. On this beautiful day, the guest disciples were already in Orchid room and listening to the teachings of teacher Lan Qiren. No one dared to utter a single word... of course expect for Wen Chao... But if you don't want a war with Wen Sect, you will stay silent. Lan Qiren knew this all too well. So did the disciples. But that doesn't mean they are absolutely okey with it.

For example, certain YunMengJiang Sect heir was having a really hard time trying to control his anger. You can thank his mother's genes for that.

In these situations, Jiang Cheng really wished he would have (at least a really teeny-tiny bit of) that divine patience his sister and father were blessed with.

Fortunately, none of the present had to put up with that Wen Dog any longer. Wei Ying came into the class, as if he owns the world yet no one seems to mind. Wen Chao went silent almost instantly. He is now sitting there, sweating and looking scared as if he was a child who was waiting for his parents to scold him for something he did although he knew he shouldn't have done.

'Interesting.... this is new.' Everyone thought looking at the scene, expect for the Wen Disciples. They already experienced their own shocked state the first day when they came to the Cloud Recesses. Wen Qing couldn't help the smile on her face. You could see the happiness radiating form her. Literally. The aura of divine sunshine and blooming flowers was overwhelming. Jiang Cheng almost smiled too. Almost. But everyone could see how the scorn from his face disappeared. Same with teacher Lan Qiren.

"Wei WuXian. What brings you here?"

"Wei WuXian greets teacher Lan Qiren. I was sent here by Sect Leader Lan to deliver this massage to you." Wei Ying said as he pulled out a letter and handed it to Lan Qiren.

After carefully reading the letter Lan Qiren announced.
"Today's class is dismissed."
He stood up and left. Well that was.... Unexpected. But who are they to complain? They have a day off after all.... All the disciples left the room all faces with grateful expressions directed to Wei WuXian.


The message was delivered to everyone in Cloud Recesses that Lan Qiren has left for urgent business the very next day. That means one week free from classes. Nie HuaiSang almost fainted from the bliss he was experiencing. Who would have thought he was such a lucky person? Not only he has free-week, Wei-qianbei is here! He can ask that superhuman to help him with his studies. Maybe, he can finally pass this year and never return here again. [Good luck with that, HuaiSang!👊]


As for Wei Ying... He has been staring at the wall of ruler at the entrance of the Cloud Recesses for an hour right now. It almost looks like he was looking at something behind it. Something that is no longer here and he is searching for it. At least that is what it looks like for Lan Zhan and Lan Huan.

"Wei Ying has been acting strange these days, hasn't he?


"Are you perhaps worried, Didi?" Said Lan XiChen with almost uncharacteristic smirk across his face. Well... Uncharacteristic only for those who don't know him. So... For anyone expect for Wei Ying, Lan Zhan and their mother and father. Really. He is not such a saint as everyone is saying.


"Wait, really? You just accept it? You don't try to rebut it?"

"No, why? Brother is right. He is also worried."

"Well that is true but I thought you would be more defensive about this matter. Like you were before."

"I was young and didn't know better."

"You are saying it like you are 60 years old right now. It was literally 2 years ago when you almost killed me for saying that you like Wei Ying."

"Don't like."



"Than love?"


"My little brother is growing so fast..."
Thought Lan XiChen .

"What the hell are you doing spying my future son-in-law?"



Across the Cloud Recesses could be heard a high-pitched scream of Lan XiChen. Lan Zhan almost had an heart attack thanks to his crazy mother. Wei Ying could just stare at them, finally woken up from his day-dream completely lost about what just happened. Madam Lan was dying from laughter once she saw their faces and reactions.


Chapter Text

Nie HuaiSang and all the students in the Cloud Recesses were currently cursing all the gods one can possibly come up with. Of course they were! Everyone wanted Wei Ying to teach them. Especially now that the tests are coming. But no... The fucking waterborne abyss just had to happened! And Wei Ying just had to be the one to go with them! Awesome. Looks like this year not only Nie HuaiSang will fail his tests... Well the waterborne abyss wouldn't be so much of a problem, if only Wei Ying hadn't been injured while trying to save Su She... That bastard.


Thanks to him their beloved teacher and lifesaver is sleeping right now (at 11 am) and injured and they have to study all alone. Awesome, Su She. Thank you very much. Nie HuaiSang already has a plan how to kill you and we will be happy to help him, don't you worry. Wei Ying might have saved you but your end is nearing, rest assured.


Thanks to this a lot of people are starting to act cold towards Su She and he is starting to hate that lofty Wei WuXian!! How come everyone adores him so much?! He is just a rogue cultivator! He has no right to be here in Cloud Recesses! Even Su She only get to be here thanks to his father's influence and that bastard rogue cultivator Wei Ying is here like he has all the rights in the world. Who decided that! He does not even belong to a sect! He is just a lowlife!



(You can see how much of a hypocrite Su S he is, because he also looked up to Wei Ying like... 5 minutes ago.)



Well... What can be done? Seems like they will be staying in Cloud Recesses one more year.
Or not...
Seems like Wei Ying finally regained his consciousness.



It was one week after the waterborne abyss incident that Wei Ying finally woke up. The Lan Family was worried more that everyone else. Wei Ying was with them from the moment Lan Zhan was born after all. He even helped change Lan Zhan's diapers once.



How can the parents not be worried when he helped raise their sons?



How can QuingHeng-Jun and Lan XiChen (many thinks he can't remember something that happened so long ago. But he remembers it clearly. The fear of losing his beloved crazy mother and baby brother. He remembers. And he will never forget!) not be worried when this reckless idiot saved his wife and child before said child was even born?



How can the brothers not be worried when he was with them as their friend since they can even remember?



How can Lan Zhan not be worried when he was in love with this beautiful man before him?



How can Madam Lan not be worried when it was Wei Ying who managed to bring her out of that dark world. He brought light in that house of gentians on the backside of this bloody (not so much anymore) mountain. He was her first friend who did not turn his back on her just because she was... Well... Loud. But everyone is loud compared to Lans so... How can she not be worried? The tears just won't stop. She is so glad he is awake. She was so worried. She can see the relief in the eyes of her husband and sons. Soon enough, they are all hugging the freshly awoken immortal. It was very inappropriate. But they didn't care about that right now. They are just so happy nothing serious happend to him.


Especially Lan Zhan who wasn't able to sleep well this past days. He was worried sick!






Wei Ying was currently sitting on a bench looking at the young cultivators practicing their sword skills. This was his favourite time of the day. It was really interesting seeing the techniques he  thought once upon a time to his children being performed right in front of him by someone else. Someone he didn't know. It was also interesting watching the new sword forms. The ones he didn't know. Some of them were very useful and beautiful. Some of them... They seemed unimportant to him. But what can he say? He is old. Ancient even... Well... Now he wants to cry... He is not that old right? He is... BUT HE DOESN'T FEEL THAT OLD! THAT'S WHAT MATTERS!! HIS FEELINGS, NOT HIS AGE!!!




"Master Wei WuXian!"
Wei Ying heard the young disciples calling him and not long after 3 disciples were already standing in front of him with big hopeful shiny eyes. Aaah... Today's youngsters... They are all so full of life... Wait... Now he is even talking like old man!!!!.... What had become of him?! Gods... Help him...!!!



"Yes? What can I do for you?"



"Aaah... Master Wei WuXian always talks so formally and calmly. Like some royalty. He is also very kind and considerate. Are we, lowly peasants, even worth his help?"

Was the collective thought of the three disciples.



"Will you spar with us?"



"You are very skilled with sword, right?"



"You have to be! You know so much about sword's styles and techniques."



"Yes! Master Wei is also very clever and educated."



"Yes, master! He is right! I once saw you making your own talismans. Unfortunately I didn't see the formula so I couldn't know what they were for.... Such a pity."



"Wait. So you were spying on me? Oh my... I can't believe it. I thought that GusuLan Sect disciples wouldn't fall so low... This teacher is very disappointed in you..."



"No! No! No! We were not_"



The hasty explaining about the disciples innocence was interrupted by the Wei Ying's boisterous laugh.
Aaah... Such a fun it was to tease these cute little ducklings.
And who is he to not educate them in any way possible? He can't possibly turn down their offer for a friendly spar, right? Right! :)


Chapter Text

That day, every single disciple in Cloud Recesses came to a life-changing realization. Never spar with Wei Ying, courtesy name WuXian, ever again! They could not get up from bad whole day after their 'friendly and educating spar' as Wei Ying called it. Not fair... How can one person be so powerful when he was only swinging his sword? He was not even using his full power the whole time! He only fought more seriously against Lan WangJi! But still... Not his full power! Just how is that possible?! Lan WangJi is the strongest young master in their class. He is the perfect example of a perfect cultivator. Well sure they knew Wei Ying was powerful but to this extent? How did he obtain such power? Can they be like that too? Not even their fathers (the sect leaders) were that strong. The young masters from 5 greatest clans said so too. Well... they can complain as much as they want. It won't save them from a very angry Lan Qiren the next day in the class. 'What to do now?' was the collective thought of every disciple lying on their beds in theirs rooms. They were so screwed up...








After the agonizing lecturing from Lan Qiren and their punishment, the disciples continued their lives as normal. Expect they never challenged Wei Ying into anything else. There was one incident... They came to a realization that Wei Ying loved spicy food. So they challenged him (well, more like Jiang Cheng) into eating spicy food contest. Let's just say, Jiang Cheng couldn't talk properly for the next two days. Bless his soul... and tongue. He needs it. Well... Moving on... Guess who is going to supervise their punishment? None other that Wei Ying of curse. It's his punishment for acting like a little kid and letting himself being pulled along with that 'ridiculous training'. Or so Lan Qiren said.








Lan Zhan could not believe it would be possible for him to fall even deeper for Wei Ying. Yet, it happend. Will this endless love ever end? He doubt that. It really seems endless to him. Every little movement, every blink from his beautiful silvermoon eyes, the way Wei Ying's eyelashes are so long and beautiful they cast a small shadow on his full cheeks. The way those full, pink lips speak every word with that melodic voice of his. Lan WangJi loves it all. He loves the way Wei Ying Adam's apple bobs as he talks, swallow or eat... He loves all about him. His beautiful face. His feminine, but also muscular body. The way his hips and ass wiggle with every step he takes... He did not even realise he was just shamelessly staring and daydreaming in front of his brother. No less looking at Wei Ying's beautiful, full and round ass...



"Ehem... A-Zhan. You should stop staring now, don't you think?"



'Wait... When did mother came?'



"She came long ago. And she... We both had seen enough of your... Interest in Wei Ying." curse this mind-reading brother of his.



"Yes we have."



Said Lan Zhan's mother with sparkling eyes and wide and toothy
smile on her face.
'This is not good. She is up to something.' Both brothers thought.



"I believe it's time for your punishment, right A-Zhan? Go to your Wei Ying and make mother proud!" Said madam Lan






"Not you too little brother! Don't be shameless like mother!"








Well... That went... Well. As well as punishment supervised by Wei Ying could...


Chapter Text

You can't blame Lan Qiren and QuingHeng-Jun for being in a bad mood. They just got the message saying, that Wen disciples are to return to the Quishan immediately. That alone would be a really good and enjoyable news. If only not for the news, that Wei Ying is once again leaving the sect to find the treasure on the end of the rainbow...  No one knows where he keeps disappearing. They tried to ask him. They really did. Not only once. But he never answered. This time they asked him as well. But this time his answer was different. Normally he would just tease them, say something ridiculous with that shiny smile of his and the next moment, he was gone. This time though, they were all sitting together with Wei Ying and Madam Lan, enjoying their tea, when Wei Ying said he is leaving (again). They asked where to (well... Madam Lan did). But this time there was no ridiculous story about finding unicorns, fighting dragons or anything like that. This time... He told them where he was going. He smiled and said: "To the Burial Mounds."


They were terrified. They were scared something would happen to their future son-in-law. They tried to pressure him not to go there. That god-forsaken place full of resentful energy. Full of sorrow and despair. There was a barrier for a reason there. The immortal one put the barrier there to keep the creatures of the dark of of this world. Why on Earth would Wei Ying go there? What is there to see? They asked. And they were left with no answer.


No matter how much they tried Wei Ying wouldn't give them an answer. He wouldn't back off. He is going to the Burial Mounds. And that's final. That's also why they are so worried. Who knows what is awaiting there.






The disciples were pleasantly surprised when they learned that the Wens are  leaving. They were ready to start celebrating. Expect just as they were happy a moment ago - something just had to ruin the happy and excited mood - they were miserable now. Right after the news about the Wens came the news about their senior Wei. What on earth is going on that everybody is leaving?!


When the news about Wei Ying's departure came out of Lan Qiren's mouth, the air in the Orchid Room seemed to gradually decrease. Suddenly it was very cold and not because of everyone's ruined mood but because of certain Second Young Master of the Lan Clan. Lan WangJi seemed even more scary and frightening right now. Even though his expressionless face did not change at all. No one knew what angered Lan WangJi this time. No one broke any rules, right?


But the look in Lan Zhan's eyes could be described as pure worry for the love of his life and not an anger. The disciples did not realise it, fortunately for Lan Zhan.






Wei Ying made his way to the Burial Mounds. What he came upon once he got there was something he did not expect. The barrier was completely gone. He knew it would disappear completely one day. But he did not think it would be this soon.


Guess he needs to start making a new one. This is one of the reasons why he did not want anyone going to this place as they please. Once the barrier is used, you can never use the same one again. The same barrier won't be able to trap the resentful ghosts and spirits again. So right now... He has to come up with completely new barrier. Once again... How many of them did he already did? He is really getting tired of this. (Kidding. He was tired long time ago. But gods seems like they doesn't want to give him any rest.)


So to work we go. We have a barrier to make before these monsters realise that they are actually free to roam this world once again. And that certain person (if you can still call him that) with them. Wei Ying is more than sure he never wants to see his face again. And so he will do this world a favour by not letting him out to taint anyone's heart again.